OK, You Survived… But What If You Have Been Captured?

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition.

    captured2 captured

    If we are all planning for a SHTF situation, we must plan for the worst case scenario.  This begs the question of what would you do if you were captured?  Another word synonymous with that is “interred,” at the rate the regime is moving.  There are plenty of books out there about POW’s and this article will cover the basics that you need to help give you an edge.  I strongly recommend reading books by Jeremiah Denton or Col. James “Nick” Rowe, especially the latter’s “Five Years to Freedom,” an end-all be-all book chronicling his captivity by the Viet Cong during the war, both available via Amazon.com.

    There are a few truisms you must understand going in (to this article, not into captivity, may God forbid it).  So many American citizens are not exposed to hardships that they are not capable of dealing with them when a disaster does occur.  Keep in mind the saying of my old First Sergeant from the 82nd Airborne Division for this article as well:

                How you train in peace is how you’ll fight in war.

    The most important thing you can do is condition your mind to believe there is a possibility that you can be captured or interred.  This seems as if it’s a small task; however, it is not.  Many times in life we know about something that can happen; however, since the probability of it happening is low we “reverse-condition” our minds to not accept that (although improbable) it is not impossible.  The event surfaces, and it is so outside of our conditioned paradigm, our routine behavior that we will not truly accept it.

    Secondly (and as we already introduced the concept), even if the event is accepted, a person may not have prepared for it because people just don’t prepare for theimprobable.  Let’s face it, folks.  Who really saw that the country was going to be where it is right now twenty-five years ago?  Life is punctuated by “emoticons,” where a dramatic event occurs that may change everyone’s perception of things.  Time, however, has a way of dulling conscious efforts.

    In this case, I ask you a question that may summarize the position/stance you need to follow: Are you going to wait until an entire division of foreign paratroopers are falling from the sky into your backyard before you prepare?  The answer (I’m sure for most of you) is a resounding “No,” because you are here, reading this site.  You are already thinking “outside of the box.”

    You need to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility that you can be taken captive/interred in a camp.

    Let’s go through some things to remember, first with a foreign army of occupation, and then a totalitarian dictatorship (domestic tyranny).


    1. With your initial capture, you must give them a reason not to kill you – You’re a prisoner, and they are soldiers from a foreign land. You have to give them a reason not to lead you into a ditch.  Do you have any special skills?  Are you a doctor, or are you a professional in the sciences?  They may even be asking if you have a skilled trade for a work camp.  You better have one, or you had better improvise and make them believe you have one.

    Another method:  the ½ now, ½ later routine.  This entails giving them some kind of valuables with the promise of much more if you’re released.  Once again, you better have the rest of it stashed somewhere.  Then you must give them enough, but not too much, or they will assume they have enough and they don’t care about getting any more.  This method is tricky and can backfire on you if you’re not careful.

    1. Never be in the front of the line or the back of the line – Always be the “grey man,” the one who does not stick out in the crowd.  When they take “extras” for a detail (almost always a bad detail) they usually snag the people in the front or in the back of the line.
    1. Do not look the (capturing) soldiers in the eye or take a “challenging” position – They’ll kill you, plain and simple. Are you going to be taken?  You had your chance to be Johnny J. Rambo.  Now you need to be Edmund Dantes from Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo.”  Now you need to be smart…to stay alive.  No challenges, no fights, and give them an impression:you’re a valuable American prisoner that can be used, and you’recooperativeThat is the impression you need to make on them…to make it past the initial capture/initial screening of prisoners.


    This is where everything will come into play.  You will need to look for opportunities to escape, opportunities to find weapons, and chances to find hiding spots.  You’ll need to learn how to hustle, how to be sharp.  You need to keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut…unless you need it.

    The subject is very big, so I encourage you to read.  “The Gulag Archipelago,” I & II by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch, by him as well.  The man spent a long time in the gulags of the USSR, and while “One Day..” is fictitious, only the character and storyline is…the rest is of the author’s personal experience.

    Other things that will help you beforehand are linguistic skills/language(s).  Really, JJ may sound far-fetched suggesting to study some Russian or Mandarin Chinese.  But wouldn’t it be nice to know a few phrases that might single you out from the herd?  Say they need three laborers and there are 300 people there.  If you are the only one who knows basic greetings and expressions in Russian?  Well, they only need two other laborers, now.  Guess where the other 297 are going?  Language is a weapon to be used offensively or defensively.  By being skilled and having some language skills, you may be able to save your family, as a trade-off.


    Once again, Solzhenitsyn is the guy to read (the aforementioned works).  Here you will not have as much leeway as with the foreigners.  These guys are going to know when you’re “blowing smoke,” so the best thing to do when captured is to win them over as you are planning an escape. The escape thing is such a great concept.  The only flaw is when they have your family.  It is then that you have to think of the trade-off and the consequences of such actions.  We will follow this article up with a subsequent one on escape.

    Weapons:  Weapons that you beg, borrow, steal, or improvise will land you in the hole or worse.  You still need to acquire them or to make them.  Tin can lids, silverware, hardware, scrap metal.  Rope, nylon line, electrical cords.  Wooden dowels, branches, chair-rungs.  All of these things mentioned are your “supplies,” to make improvised knives, shivs, shanks, clubs, garrotes.  Make ‘em and stash ‘em, but find your stashing spot before you make the weapon.  Anything that can make fire (matches, lighter, flints) has weapons potential. You’re only limited by your imagination: lack of using it.

    Supplies:  You’ll always need supplies; however, you cannot escape if you cannot sustain yourself outside the camp.  Extra blankets, extra food, extra clothing, and anything that can help you is what you need.  Canned goods, a compass, a flashlight…all of these things can be acquired, if you know how to hustle.

    Allies:  I guarantee you are not getting out of sing-sing alone.  There are too many eyes watching you all of the time, and guess what?  Do you have a neighbor who is a jerk?  Let’s assume the DHS picked him up with you in the neighborhood roundup in downtown Sacramento, and he’s a flaming lib. Well, what do you think that neighbor is going to do when he sees you making for the wire with a pair of bolt cutters?  He’s going to pick up his “good citizen” award from “the Peacekeepers.”  Make allies, but make sure they are for real.  Vet ‘em, because your life depends on it.

    When you go in, you better have some gold or silver or other valuables that you can squirrel away or stash.  Read the true story “Papillon” by Henri Charriere about how the counterfeiter he guarded (on Devil’s Island) had a stash of cash, in a plan.  I encourage you to research the word “plan” in French prisoner-slang to find what it means.

    Best advice of all: do not be taken.  If you are to be taken, however, these are a few of the things you can do to help you maximize your chances of success.  A good strategy is nothing until it is successfully executed.  Increase your chances of success, and “game” all of it in your mind, as well as train yourself and your family for the possibility.  Although it is improbable, it is not impossible, but if you want probability of success should it happen, you must believe it to be possible and prepare ahead of time.  Have a great day, and may you be successful in all that you do.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition.com.

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      1. Not going to be taken prisoner.

        • I’m with you, Brother !

          • I’m gonna die on my terms if this ever happens and am truly f u c k e d. Gotta way to do it in my pocket always. Last resort though because frankly I want to live, but people like me will be tortured and killed in the camps as we will not be made slaves.

              • exactly, i’m too fuckin old to even consider being captured..
                I’m content with knowing that i took my weight or better with me to the great hunting ground …… and won’t have to worry about a future dealin with obamacare ….

              • jes^s FriGgn Christo….I’ve just figured out why my commensts aren’t being posted …. duh !….. it’s my &%%67 language !
                I had no idea this was a child sensitive site ?

                i can’t *%^&n beleieve it ?

          • That makes three. If I have anything to do with heads up of being captured and am still packing, they will see blood and brains.

            I am not playing along as this article says to do. You set yourself up for more misery and possibly torture if you are taken alive. Stupid teaching will get stupid people in hot water and keep them there.

            • Suit yourself. I’m going to survive, and live to fight another day.

        • Exactly right Slingshot –

          Sorry, but this article is directed to those who are willing to quit/give up and submit to an enemy. To assimilate in a cooperative manner by any means necessary to “survive”.

          People of this nature are known to be Traitors/Pussies and all of us here know that America is chuck full of these types of people who will roll over without a fight.

          As is, I have a hard enough time trusting anybody. Something tells me that I will feel the same way when a SHTF scenario occurs.

          Be a Traditional American, and fight for what is right.
          Things are worth dying for and praying for another day of breathing air in a prison camp is not living.

          If such an event was to arise.
          The people who get captured have a 50/50 chance of survival, but something tells me statistically that only 10-15% of the people may be worthy for the cause of slave duties.

          • FTW, I have to agree with you and everyone else who say being taken captive is NOT an option. There’s no TRUE GUARANTEE OF SURVIVAL in surrendering and being taken alive by any enemy. I’m the same as you; too old and too hardline to care. Better to die standing up fighting than to beg for mercy on my knees. Reminds me of that line from the original Red Dawn movie from the scene where prisoners were liberated: Liberated prisoner; “We’re all going to die.” Jeb Eckert, “Then die standing up.”

            • Well, I got several very trustworthy friends: John Browning, Sam Colt and Mr. Smith and Wesson all of whom agree with me that we aren’t in the mood to be captured. And IMHO There isn’t a chance in hell that ANY outside forces can do anything inside the US. I don’t know what the coastal liberals will tolerate? But A. Lincoln said: “If we are united, not all the armies, of all the world can by force of arms take a drink from the Ohio”. Well I’m not united; they can have NYNY and SF CA. But beyond thAT THEY GET A RIFLE UP THEIR BUTT IF THEY TRY TO DO ANYTHING.

              • Paranoid, members of my ‘ventilation team’ consist of Ruger, Universal, and Mossberg. They all agree that I won’t get taken alive by anyone.

          • You sound like one of those Nazis who were preparing a last ditch effort to defend a bombed out Berlin at the end of WW2, and shooting “traitors” who were wise enough to know the battle was lost.

            I’ve never had a chance to marry and have kids. If I survive, then countless millions of future people will have me to thank for using my brain instead of reacting like an over-emotional chimp.

            You go ahead and be billy bad ass if and when you’re surrounded with no hope of survival. I will do what it takes to carry on the fight. When you’re dead you’re of no future use to anyone.

        • Same here. Won’t be taken prisoner. Not gonna happen. I refuse to even consider it.

          There are no rules here. I expect no quarter, and will give none.

          Death to tyrants.

          • I’m reminded of the words of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell….”I am never out of the fight.”

          • “Not gonna happen. I refuse to even consider it.”

            You seem to have missed the point of the article. Sometimes shit happens that you never would have predicted.

        • There are many ways one can get captured without surrendering. If you are on the run and you become seriously ill. You are running with a loved one and they get injured, do you leave them? You are exhausted and tuck yourself into a hiding place to sleep but as luck has it you are awoken to a boot kick to your kidney. You are concentrating intently on a survival task like building a fire and someone gets a jump on you. Make a mental plan for any eventuality.

          • sean, please, don’t interrupt the fantasy parade, they get cranky about things like that.

            • Isn’t “soft power” as it’s being deployed today, really another way of saying “COERCION”? I see the U.S. more often than not, just pushing their weight around, because we have the largest standing army in the world. We’ve also proven, to the horror of the civilized world, how easily we’ll bomb small countries into the stone age to get what we want.

              And in further consideration of the vast amount of intel/dirt we’ve amassed on probably all the world leaders and key figures, for decades, one might go one step further, and more accurately call it what it really is – BLACKMAIL. EXTORTION.

              I don’t see this NWO arrangement ever ending, until someone takes our dual-citizen, bought-and-paid-for ‘govt’ down a few notches. I think if WE, The People won’t do it, someone else will.

              We may have the largest most deadly army in the world, but that won’t count for nothing when we have to face THE WHOLE WORLD. It will happen. Wait and see. It’s already started.

              The civilized world will retire the bully on the block. And personally, I hope our own allies do it. After all, what use would there be for the UN, NATO and the CFR, if the only member left is the U.S.?

              What if the rest of the world JUST SAYS NO?

        • Amen! I will kill any and every person, animal or robot that attempts it and I will also kill their families as well.

          I have far far far too much military training to ever be taken alive and it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

        • exactly, i’m too fuckin old to even consider being captured..
          I’m content with knowing that i took my weight or better with me to the great hunting ground …… and won’t have to worry about a future dealin with obamacare ….

        • jes^s FriGgn Christo….I’ve just figured out why my commensts aren’t being posted …. duh !….. it’s my &%%67 language !
          I had no idea this was a child sensitive site ?

          i can’t *%^&n beleieve it ?

      2. How you train in peace is how you fight in war.
        I did not train to surrender or get captured.
        Let me die in a big pile of brass.

        • OFF TOPIC: there is a good article over at survivalblog.com about fish antibiotics. Good info to have.

          • Thanks Genius. That’s the kind of article I’d like to see on this site instead of the constant fear-porn we see too often.

      3. I think I would try to slowly gain my captor’s trust by doing his taxes, all the while tunneling out of my cell with a rock hammer, and depositing the excess debris onto the prison yard by carrying it out in my pants, so as not to attract attention, then when my master plan was almost complete, I would send my captors fraudulent books and evidence of crimes to the proper authorities and I would steal his shoes and climb through my tunnel and through the sewage drain in a thunderstorm.

        • ” the proper authorities ” are who put you there .. time to revise that plan

        • Shawshank Redemption FTW!

          • The FEMA redemption lol.

          • The FEMA redemption lol.

      4. One of the biggest issues/risks that people will have to get their minds around is being sold out. Many POWs were not captured by enemy forces, but by local civilians and sold to the enemy forces. Just like in a foreign country, there are many citizens in this country who will sell you out to the authorities or even an invading force for their own gain. If your neighbors know you have guns or preps, they may rat you out for a few dollars or extra rations. This means your risk of being taken prisoner is even higher than most people realize. This is the main reason I no longer talk to people about what I have or even why they should prep. If things go south and you don’t share with them, they will sell you out to whom ever. OPSEC!

        • JAS… these are the people that will die first. No one likes a stool pigeon. One thing I can’t stand is a sneak. I will insure that if seen once they won’t be seen again.

          • Wojo, spot on. Snitches can have ‘accidents’ just like anyone else.

          • dam good points

        • And you can bet that Homeland Security is going to print a list of everyone who has a CCP, has had a background check for any guns, or has bought ammo via credit cards. They will be coming for you and they will be armed with more men and more firepower than you. If they catch you at home, you will be captured or killed. If you have a family they will likely be arrested on the street and you can decide to go with them to the camp, or to fight it out and die. If you have your family with you in the house and decide to fight, then they can watch you die – before the house is stormed and everyone inside is shot. Once they started the round up, you better not be home when they come a-knockin and anything you still want to keep for later better not be anyplace where they can find it.

          • Where do you live? That list includes everyone and their dog out here, in the west. Unarmed, includes anyone with fewer than 4 guns. TPTB don’t have enough people to disarm the anti gun people out here. (Anti gun includes those who think you shouldn’t bring more than one to the dinner table)

      5. Sobering thoughts on a topic that’s been increasingly weighing on my mind as I consider my wife and 13-y.o. son’s near future!

        One SMALL correction to this article: The term is “interNed,” not “interRed.” Internment is imprisonment; interment is burial of the dead. Not that we shouldn’t realistically expect the one to follow the other speedily for those who resist reeducation …

        • maybe they intended to use that word on purpose .. thinking no one would catch it
          you know how they like to play with the true meaning of words lately

      6. they gonna have to dig thru brass to find my dead body..thats if its dead..lol feeling lucky?

        • EOTS – pretty much the way I feel about it too. Besides, the chances of escaping will not be good. The chances of a group of comrades coming to the rescue to break you out is not going to happen either.

          If a person wants a chance of survival, they will have better success fighting outside the walls, then inside.
          The probability of these prisoners general makeup are going to be Liberal like-minded people and the “free shit army” douche bags.

          I don’t like to be around them now, I certainly would not want to be around those parasite groups if I gave in and waved the white flag.

          The unfortunate other group will be young children who don’t know better, as difficult as it would be and pending on circumstances. This would be the only group I would try and set free if an opportunity came into play.

          • FTW, part of the game is trying to avoid capture at all costs. No white flag for me under any circumstances. Avoiding capture and staying out of ANYONE’s prison is your best chance of survival, period. I definitely don’t want to be around libturds, period, under any circumstances.

            • FTW, BTW even if any libturds read this article, they’ll never be able to comprehend what’s being said here.

              • Braveheart – lol, no doubt about it. To them, our language to them is in “Code” and they are unable to crack it. The reality of our language is made up of “common sense and choosing to live out side of the box”.

                Not a difficult task, but amazingly enough … some people make it difficult to understand, because they simply lack the tools that are in their brain.

      7. Not going to the camp. I don’t need to go into detail. I just simply won’t be going.

      8. this sounds like a “how to be a coward” article. if taken captive, resist, escape. end of new article.

      9. LOL this article is hilarious. Not for us here for sure. It should be for sheeple. We will be killed not captured. If on the outside chance we are, expect torture to talk then death. There are far to many people for slave labor, for them to mess with a person who has already demonstrated the fact that we are fighters.

        Ok, so maybe we are picked up in a sweep at the mall or off the street. Same end, we will make our stand there and die, so oh well my brothers and sisters… gotta die from something.

        • Simon Belmont – Just by the Heading, I thought this was going to be a satire piece. Because lets be honest here, any frequent person who visits this site – this “surrender” and how to “serve your master” in a prison camp is just not our thing.

          If I want to assimilate, be obedient and tolerant of others and check others privilege through the powers of political correctness. I would be doing that now … but I do none of those things that I listed now, and I won’t be doing them down the road either.

          • You are so right! I read the headline and thought it would have some escape/evasion tips. I wasn’t even bright enough to think it would be satire. Yeah we are not the right audience for this crap.

          • As long as the Propane in my grill holds out I’ll SERVE my master. Long Pig

        • “We will be killed not captured.”

          Tough talk from behind a keyboard.

      10. Whether it be Tom, Dick or Ali, I plan on taking ’em out with me.

        NO SURENDER.

      11. If and I like to think its an IF your captured as an irregular in any scenario in this article short of you having some unique intrinsic value for your incarcerator your dead. You might be used as slave labor, or kept alive for spare body parts, but in the end your history.

        Weapons banned in “civilized” warfare, like nerve gas, would be used upon irregulars with no hesitation. To sum up, “The gloves would come off”, as restraints upon their use would have no teeth in enforcement. Who would enforce rules of war when the very enforcer uses it?

      12. The article reminds how serious things can really be once your ass ends up in that situation. Me for one will be shot at the ditch. But one thing is a certain, when foreighn soldiers come to my land, i know its terrain and have mastered the so called terrain. When i capture a russian, or chinese soldier, i am going to rip his guts out, chopp him up to pieces and feed him to wild hogs and possible burn him alive. For some on this site, this may sound a bit extreme. You only think its extreme until you have seen what they enemy does to women and children. Nanking showed us what the japs did, and will do again. Japs are most sex crazed sicko people, i have ever seen. Chinese soliders are the most deprived men on the planet because the average chinese male 18-30 has never had any type of female contact. So the chinese in my opinion will be worst than the russians once they get the go to attack the American people. These chi-com males who are in the military are raping and torturing young women from universities all over china, and when ever the young women critize the communist government, she is then taken to the military to rape endlessly, then her organs cut out of her while she is alive and harvested. IF You think this is made up stuff, do a search, its all real.

        Their government throws these women into prisons with thousands of men to gang banged till they are dead. All of what i have mentioned is happening in China, Chinese nationals i know in person have also told me of these horrors.

        And as for you rude muscular chinese males running around Houston, practicing with you AK 47’s at American Shooting range and at other locations in Houston, since its been concerning the other American shooters. We are watching you and if you turn those weapons on people like me and rape the women. We will shoot and kill your phuckers once once you pull that off. And we are watching each others back at the range when your down there also. So watch you f…king selves since you all practice with AK’s.

        When the chinese general told one person what was planned, that person then got the info to Hawk, Survive to Thrive On stevequayle.com, when Hawk told us that the General says these exact words. When the chinese come to take you family, the men and boys will get two shots to the head and the wife, daugher, sisters, and girls will be handed to the chinese soldiers to do as they please to them.. Your general didn;t educate you too much, you are going to learn a few things in my side of town, if you ever pull that sh…t here.

        Well you chi-com phucks, come to my city and state and try that, YOUR ASS WILL BE RIDDED WITH 5.56/2.23/308, .50 cAL, ETC. And i write my post with pride and confidence, beacause this world is going to hell and i am not afraid to express my believes.



        • A foreign power could not make it to the US. Submarines alone would decimate the shipping. Nuclear weapons also stop invasions in their tracks.

          Neither China nor Russia are coming here.

          The US has the potential if not probability of “Balkenizing” along social / geographic / economic lines. The Founding Fathers created, “The United States Of America”; key words States and United. The globalist desire at one world government necessitates one complete government over each nation before merging them together. Americans are not prone to accept, “One size fits all”. The 10th Amendment will be in the contested issue in the next decade like the Second was in the previous two. Both Fracking and Food production is shifting the economic might to the more rural and hence traditional bastions of, “American Values”. North Dakota has little in common with California. This economic shift I believe blind sighted the globalists.

          • “A foreign power could not make it to the US. Submarines alone would decimate the shipping. Nuclear weapons also stop invasions in their tracks. ”


            You are a fool.

            The US WILL be invaded, and conquered too…all your tough talk notwithstanding. The hot air coming out of your mouth does not change reality. Your arrogance will destroy you and a good number of truly innocent people too. Enjoy your mass grave.

      13. If they come for (just) you they will come to your house (at any hour) or to your job. Likely they will not search too many other places unless you leave clues or carry a cell phone.

        If they sweep the streets, they will still find you if you are home, or if you show yourself to any patrols.

        If you get caught out in the open with your wife and six year old daughter, are you going to drop your rifle, or fight it out?

        • As Sun Tsu says: “In death ground: FIGHT”

        • If caught in the open every one in my family will fight. even the six year olds will be fighting. The seminole women killed their own babies so they could fight. and the government forces did not remove them from the everglades. I would put a bullet into the heads of my loved ones before I would allow them to be captives to be raped tortured and murdered. Look at what happened to the native americans who became captives of the so called civilized Christians.

      14. If you allow yourself to be taken, you’ve already lost!
        NEVER, EVER allow yourself to be taken.
        “Death Before Dishonor.”
        The only excuse would be that you are physically disabled, and absolutely helpless. And that in itself would be a death sentence.

      15. No cause for alarm, Dave Hodges and scientist friend will ” git” all them bad guys befur they gets here, then we all goes fer the big hayride on Niburu!

      16. After dealing with the public school system for the young part of my life, I’m going to spend the REST of it in the same place on steroids?

        Thank you, I’ll pass.

        The first time taught me well enough. And those people actually had to at least pretend to play by some kind of rules. They pretended badly, but that’s kind of how I get it about this. I’m trying to imagine the same dumb 100 IQ assholes power tripping with NO rules.

        I will. Very much. Pass.

        (Oh the things they did would get people sent to prison these days, I’m not even kidding).

        Boom bits of me everywhere… pretty much…

      17. “A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once.”

        • And a smart guy shoots the SOB that’s giving him problems.

      18. Jeremiah…
        A great movie to watch that touches on some of your points is “Escape from Sobibor” it can be viewed free on YouTube.
        Most of us here possess in their hearts the passionate belief in Freedom and Liberty and will never be captured or interned…we Live Free or Die…

        Talon 1776

      19. This man seems to be thinking like a soldier (that’s what he was). Wars end, POWs go home sometimes. He seems to think everyone WANTS to live theough such a thing.

        I, and many my age, do not. A short, brutal, fight and then the end.

        Even if you do get wounded and captured, as soon as you can, fight and make them kill you. Backstab the nearest guard, attack the warden of the prison camp with ruthless abandon and then good home to be with the LORD.

        • You got that right!

          I’ve live my whole life on my terms and won’t go out begging for one more tomorrow.

          When they start this shit, I hope they understand the can of whupass that will be opened!!

        • “Even if you do get wounded and captured, as soon as you can, fight and make them kill you.”

          Please do so. You will increase MY chances of surviving. Let me know when you’re ready to stage your foolish stunt, so I can be hopping the fence while they’re distracted.

      20. The last bullet I have will be for me . Period. I aint going out begging on my knees.

        • LAST Bullet? In close to 60 years of shooting I have NEVER run out of ammo. And I never will! Had I been with Custer we’ed still be shooting. If you can even consider the possibility of being out; get more NOW! Heck I’ve got a stack of 24# solid shot cannon balls from the war of 1812, just in case. Just remember 10,000 is none; 20,000 is a start

      21. Ever wish “Grey State” as made? Well coming to Amazon Prime and I saw a promo on AMC.
        “The man in the High Castle”
        What if the Japanese and Nazi’s won WWII…

      22. Big time yawner, most of you have zip to worry about. They don’t want OLD people, they can’t work for very long and cost to much to feed and house. If you’re a young girl on the other hand, yes, you’ve got lots to worry about but the majority of readers here have little to fear, they’ll just shoot you instead, much easier for them that way.

      23. I have no intention of being taken prisoner. My only goal in this scenario is to make sure I take out as many of them as possible before they get me. It’s basic guerrilla warfare. Liberty is worth dieing for.

      24. For those that can receive it, here is a good, very true History Lesson. Joseph Stalin’s son was captured by the Germans during the early stages of WW2. Later, Adolph Hitler’s nephew was captured by the Russians. Hitler proposed a deal: My nephew, for your son, since both are POWs, certainly we can work something out. Stalin’s Reply: “There are no Russian POWs. We have either heroes or traitors in our uniforms. It takes a brave man to be a coward in my army.” Stalin’s son died in one of Hitler’s POW prisons in 1943. Stalin never acknowledged the existence of his son after he surrendered, although the young man had fought very bravely and effectively before running out of ammo and being surrounded. Moral of the story: You are going to die anyway, so why not go out the honorable way, instead of dying behind bars, whimpering for glass of water and a few morsels of food. Thanks for your time.

      25. Those would will be work camps at best. Slave labor. So… I think I will pass on that if possible. Like a carjacking, it’s better to face the music in the parking lot than let the bad guys drive you to the end of the road. Just don’t see an invasion here like that. EMP or bio warfare maybe. Maybe even a dirty bomb or nukes… hope not. Not an invasion. The scope of that is too large for North America and the geography here is a lot different than Europe.

      26. Anyone could be captured under the right circumstances, IMO that is what this article is saying. Here is just one of DOZENS of possible scenarios; What if forces shot a mortar at you position rendering you unconscious . You awaken in enemy hands ,what then. Survival and escape that’s what. I am not aiming to go to a camp either, but some consideration of how I would handle myself should the worst case scenario occurred seems prudent to me. That said DONT GET CAUGHT appears to be the best option and the one I aiming for.

      27. People get so melodramatic. What if you just got thrown in jail for a while. Could be just a mistaken identity or whatever.

        I practice being alone, being in the dark, cutting myself off from the modern world. Sometimes I don’t eat. Going without water is too dangerous but just for a few hours. I have learned to sit for hours with a clear mind. If you find yourself in a situation, most of the time people are psychologically unprepared. No one is ever prepared to have their freedoms violated, but a positive and constructive attitude that is not threatening will probably get you through whatever comes your way. Avoiding trouble in the first place. And picking your fights. I have seen tough guys fold when times are critical, and gentle shy types rise to the occasion.

      28. Something missed here but is critical to preparing for capture is sex. God help you if you are captured by Muslim men. As men in the military are always warned and prepared for, you will be male raped and male gang raped if captured by Muslim men. It is how they roll. Women and especially young girls and boys will also experience this.

        This is probably one of the most disturbing and difficult things to overcome when captured. Being yelled at and slapped about comes nothing close to being violently raped – over and over again. The psychological and physical damage is immense. The most difficult decision you will have to make is whether to go along with it or whether to end it there. Probably the best advice is to never get captured, ever.

      29. A few comments on JJ’s article. 1. JJ is retired SF. This is not put out to pasture like in the civilian world. He can be called back up depending on age and his MOS. 2. The SPECOPS family stays in contact and not just in a social status. He is still getting updates and SITREPS from his brothers. I read critical comments regarding his article on SPETZNAZ a while back. Do you think he put article titles in a hat and pulled that one out? He is feeding you folks intel in bite size pieces hoping the lights come on. 3. SERE school was established to aid all branches of the military to survive capture by enemy forces. Highly trained snake eaters have been captured and held as POW’s. It can happen even to the best. 4. I doubt no ones resolve on this site that says they will go down fighting but Murphy can change the rules in a split second. He is passing on knowledge that he acquired from training not personal opinions. Take his articles for what they are, intel and training classes. That’s the mission of SF.

        • Exactly. In the late 70’s, I was assigned in Tehran, Iran. We had no uniforms, no dog tags and no ID. The only advice we were given before leaving for Iran was to not be caught. I left to return home in late October, 1979, just days before they took the embassy and held our citizens captive for 444 days. Everyone I know went into conflict saying “I will never be taken”, but shit happens. You get shot out of the air or knocked out by incoming mortar and wake up with your arms tied around a bamboo pole, being dragged through the jungle. The “I will never be taken” attitude disappears and the training kicks in and all thoughts become “how do I escape?” While I don’t think any foreign enemy will ever succeed in attacking us here, I do not put it past our own government to try to arbitrarily lock up their own citizens. Too many laws have been passed in the recent past that gives them the reasons and rights to do so. I don’t think this is coincidence. I would expect them to launch a flash/bang grenade into a house and storm it in the middle of the night. Hell they are not above doing this today for a minor infraction

      30. WOLVERINES!!!

      31. As I was taught to do in ‘nam- reverse the situation, examine your enemy, understand the terrain you will fight in, define your outs and fallbacks, etc…

        When I examine all the possible SHTF situations we are going to have the one fixed initial impediment that always stands out in each SHTF scenario is that big urban metro areas are ticking time bombs. Large amounts of manpower are going to be needed to contain urban insurgency, maintain law and order and try to restore supply lines.

        Unless we are each caught up in sweep actions in the SHTF urban landscape to restore order I do not see an initial action putting us into camps and detainment if we stay inactive in our houses (or sneak out the back door to a rural area). Unless we have total imbeciles in command in a SHTF situation you initially want people to stay calm in their homes where they are less likely to cause trouble.

        It is only after order is restored that an attempt will be made to secure hot zones sector by sector by taking firearms from each abode or interning people seen as a threat. This will only be undertaken by commands if they expect losses of personnel in such an operation to be minimized. Commands are always focused on control of the population and do not want to be made nurse maids for millions of people. FEMA camps are worst case scenarios to keep mass displaced peoples in-line if urban landscapes become war zones. They are not the first choice of commands.

        Foreign armies in America – good luck with that idea. I would love to see how a foreign army would take control of Chicago, Detroit or L.A. without a serious loss of life. So how would the Russians or Chinese do it? Would the Chinese launch a million ships and try to come across the pacific undetected? Or would the Russians fly tens of thousands over the North Pole? That sounds more like a shooting gallery to me.

        So I see chances of internment much lower on the list of SHTF problems…

      32. Take as many of them and the Quislings and traitors with you when you go down…Never surrender, never give up. You beat them if you siurvive and can escape to live another day to plan their downfall, plus if you are “interred”, remember as much of the layout and operations that you can so you can pass it on to others for future ops.

        Grey Man is the way to go, you want to push the attention to anyone who is anti-freedom in the camps and simps who become DHS /prison camp pets…Karma if you will…



        Lets have a discussion. you have readers that read this site and it comments. Posters like us, we have balls and we have breached the envelope. We will kill and we will fight and dont give a rats ass if fusion centers know wher i live. You people start war with me and phuck with me you got it. You and you goverment are criminals who make laws to make us look like the criminals. Your phucking with fire. A bad family member threatend her and i paid him a visit and he nearly sh..t hi pants and started to shake. Luckily for him, he was compliant. I told the bad boy, that i will break one arm and one leg, that thats they cost if he every tries to hurt her again. Phucker came it her with a knife and tried to stab her. Boy, this was a bad move. Civilian pussies like this are easy to deal with, soldiers and invading armies, i deal with that one more horrific severe level.

        My new girlfriend likes the fact that i have balls and see the peoples fear in their eyes, when they see me, she is turned on my power. My power is positive, not be use in a bad way. I am man of the people for the people and by the people.

        I will fight to the death, I will kill the soldiers when they attack my city. This is a phucking promise. I don’t write crap and not back up my mouth. You f…ks want war, come to my city. If anyone think that i plan on getting captured to be male ass raped by muslims must not know me very well. When i do catch a muslims jihadist, he will pay a heavy especially if ammmo is running out. because now i have to carve him up slowing and dig out hise eyes with my knife and then cut off his balls. The more problems you create in the gun battle that the administration and the UN, when they attack us, the more likely that you are going to get shot fast.

        Any soldiers who are American who turn against the people and attack us, make sure that you sons of bitches dont get captured, because if you do, you will pay a very horrific price.

        Listerine, Lastoria and his Amy boys. You types, you better be carefull. I saw how you all are massing shi.. loads of equipment all over Houston. Heard you all are ouT there telling the new recruits aT bootcamp that they are being trained to take the American peoples guns, and they you must shoot them and their families if they refused. You didn’t think that this info would get around to us did you.


        When i am running up and down ladders in my office adjusting florescent bulbs, DURING THE JH15 Occupation as you position the military equipment for the Mexican Amy and Cuban miitary, since the vibration from the shinook hellicopters that are passing over my area day and night, and you put my ass to work, adjusting my light bulbs, you better take note that this crap can get a mans attention.

        Traitors, when captured, i am going rip and tear you to phucking pieces, and dispose of you. You know who you are, the ones that told one marine that he cant wait to start to fight people in subdivions and how cool it is to take on the people, how you cant wait. Glad you excited, make sure you and you buddies dont come here in my town and fu…k with us. As for you drug dealing cartel MS13 tatooed up face, f..ks. Monsters, rapist and killers like you will get your asses shot uo horrifically at point blank range and guts ripped out. Think this is just talk. Talk to boys from east Texas buying up all the knives. You think its for skinning deer. The boys have no f…king teeth, and cant even chew and is buying up ammo, and investing in fire power and cant even buy himself a pair teeth. You want to mess with East Texans. Like PO patriot told me one time, Knock you socks off.



        Traitors, your are PHUCKING DEAD A PHUCK.

        • Don’t worry. You’ll get all the horrific death and violence you can handle before it’s over with. And then when everything you know and love has been destroyed by the ensuing bloodbath, God will judge you according to your deeds.

      34. I hope all you red-meatin’ he-men swearing that you’ll never be captured and will die killing the sombeeches comin’ for you don’t have families. If so, what if they are taken before you? Are you just gonna just calmly ‘cut your losses’ and abandon them to get along behind the wire as best they can, or are you going to follow them in and protect them with everything that you have?

        • Oh, I forgot to mention another choice in avoiding going into the camp to try to keep your family alive behind the wire. That choice is the “Masada” alternative. That is the choice that the Jews made when the Roman army besiged their final bastion and threatened to take them all into slavery. The decision was made that each man would slit the throat of his own wife and children. After that was done, a small group began doing the same to the remaining male defenders. Once all had been slain, the remaining men killed one another. When the Romans finally broke through the wall there was only one woman and two children left alive.
          So, my advice is that when things turn even a little bit “shakey” and there might be even a small chance of you being captured, by all means be sure and murder your loved ones as quickly as possible before they become a burden to your “Rambo” dreams.

      35. Live Free or Die. I am emotionally, mentally and spiritually prepared to die and meet Jesus. Yes, that does take preparation so people must start thinking and role playing through that. I will not be jailed. Now or ever. By any police or government authority. I know those are fight words and the enemy is bigger than I am but I also know that I will die some day, some way, any way and I know that my King is awaiting me. I will bend a knee to NO ONE but Him.
        IF by chance, they overwhelm me and take me to a camp, then it will just be a matter of time before I take whatever enemy I can out with me. That will always be the goal. Never conform.

      36. Bring on the dogs of war, lock and loaded.I will never surrender and will fire at any fu&* that says otherwise.
        Oh and traitors(cowards)and rats will die first.

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