Oil Tycoon Says Price Will Rise In 2015: “Could Shoot Right Back To $100 Per Barrel”

by | Jan 4, 2015 | Headline News | 146 comments

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    Oil may be at $50 a barrel today, but don’t expect that to last.

    According to industry insider and long-time investor Henry Aldorf, one small hiccup on the geo-political scene could send the price right back to where it was before, if not higher. With Vladimir Putin now appearing to be trapped as his economy and currency collapse, Aldorf says we really can’t predict what he may do.  Moreover, the global surplus in oil is just a million or two barrels out of a total of about 90 million barrels consumed daily. With many companies now being forced to close their operations because of costs and even some of the world’s larger producers looking at pausing projects, a supply crunch may be on the horizon in the very near future.

    The fall out, of course, will be higher prices for everyone.

    You never know what he’s going to do or how he’s going to react… If Putin does something in the middle east or does something in Libya that oil price could shoot right back to $100. Because that oversupply is not that thick.

    I think oil is going to be up [in 2015] because I think these low oil prices will have worked through the system. It means some of the shale producers in the U.S. will not produce… the very high cost ones will be lobbed off. I think demand is going to go up next year.

    Aldorf lives in Asia and is the  Chief Executive Officer of Terra Nova Energy. In an interview with Future Money Trends he shares his experience and insights on a variety of issues that will have direct consequences in the real world. Oil is the fuel that keeps the entire global economy firing. Wars are being fought over it. Entire countries are being destroyed over it. And every single individual on the planet is in one way or another affected by its price.

    (Watch at Future Money Trends)

    The guys who are at the higher marginal costs are all struggling… If you are not a low marginal cost producer you cannot play very well this oil game… You’ll have ups and downs and you’ll be shut down for some time and you have to wait until the next run in oil prices comes again and then you can’t produce… And you don’t want to be in that position.

    But plenty of companies in the United States and the rest of the world are. And with oil at around $50 at the time of this writing and perhaps going lower in the very near term if the Saudis are to be believed, we are going to see a shake out in the market. As producers go offline, and keep in mind that even some of the big oil producers out there are now contemplating shutting down operations because of costs, then supply is going to drop. This, as you may have guessed, is going to lead to rising oil prices, as it will be some time before the producers who went offline are able to acquire the funding necessary to get their operations back online.

    You didn’t really think they were going to let us enjoy cheaper gas, did you?



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      1. T. Boone said the same thing….

        • Howdy Eppe! Good to see ya!

          T. Boone knows his stuff to be sure. We can’t predict the future, but given recent history, oil is going to go up. End of story. It’s a guessing game insofar as time frame is concerned, though. $100 seems about the standard going rate and a few years ago there was even talk of $200.

          All it would take is a Black Swan in the middle east or elsewhere, and boom, within a matter of weeks we’re over $100.

          I like Henry Aldorf’s perspective in the video above because he is very level headed about it all.

          • Amen Mac, to have a crystal ball, even if it only told 24 hours ahead…
            Think about the possibilities…
            What if alternative energy was cost effective.
            Food production with no reins.
            And no more wars, where would we as a planet be now???
            I know, I am just dreaming…
            Thanks for all you have provided for us…

            • Obvious from the start – as soon as our “friends” the Saudis knock a few competitors out of the ring, the price goes back up. That IS the purpose of a price war, after all.

            • Alternative energy was FAST becoming cost effective at $100 oil. Just another reason for the take down.

              I think the Saudi’s will take the price down farther to shake out everyone they can and generate more demand while gas is at and below $2 a gallon. I like driving at $2 a gallon. How about you? Road trip!!!

              I think prices will rise a bit in late Spring without a black swan/Russian/terror attack on ME oil fields; which I believe would occur if the Saudi’s try to stretch this out too long.

              The Saudi’s are scheduled for a $40 billion a year deficit with $50 dollar oil this year and have $750 billion in the Bank; almost twice the currency reserves of Russia.

              If I were Putin the Saudi Ambassador would be in my office chatting with my Joint Chiefs with models of my missiles sitting on the table next to him. I would ‘plain to the Ambassador that the King has two choices: $100 oil by June 1st, or Paradise.

              In the Great Game you must wield the power you have or lose it. 🙁

              • DK, you are dead on, if we could develop a battery from a new source, like quartz crystal, say, and could hold energy better than lithium, what could be done?
                I would like to see a quartz battery the size of a basketball that could power a house.
                What a revolution in energy storage would change the landscape of ‘new’ energy for the future?
                I know, dreaming again, but what could happen if such was commonplace,and cheap.
                Nothing is new on this Earth,we just need to find old technologies that may have been there years before…

                • Actually that quartz crystal thing is in development as lasers (light) are used to carry information and store it in crystals; but DNA BIO chips can hold tonnes of more data per cell. Those Cloud warehouses could each be reduced to a roll of toilet paper size.

                  Think the 1000 sheet roll. 🙂

                  Graphene diodes in lithium ion batteries can increase their energy density SEVEN times. So a new Telsa will eventually have a 1500 mile range between charges, and in the not so distant future.

                  Other battery technologies are currently under investigation, but the one I mention above seems the best bet right now. The greater density effectively brings the cost down considerably. 🙂

                  • Eppe: Aren’t you glad you didn’t short the S&P 500? 🙂

                    • Durango. Its now time to short the S&P Check out these 3 charts especially this one: Third chart: NYSE margin debt index http://www.cnbc.com/id/101092137

                      Just look at the massive Margin Debt people are buying stocks on margin, and why the stock market is so high. When this pops it will be a massive sucking noise vacuum as wealth is demolished. Margin calls will create capitulation cascading the entire market. The margin debt is so high, higher than at any time. We knew what happened in 1987, 2001, 2008 and now 2015. The Government is out of arrows. The scalping is about to begin. Sharpen your Tomahawk!! btw/ I just ordered one, will come this week.

                    • WWHTI: I have no doubt that is what Soros has been thinking ….. since August.

                      “When this pops it will be a massive sucking noise vacuum as wealth is demolished.”

                      Yes, but “when” is the $64,000 question. Short too soon and you lose money. Too late and you lose money. Back in August I suggested another alternative: namely that the markets could “ratchet down” to more sustainable levels.

                      Right now that appears to me to be the case. 🙂

                • eppe

                  They’ll “allow” a new resource,or even old technologies, once they’ve exhausted their investments in petroleum….

                  and that could be quite a while I’m afraid..

                  At least we can dream…yes..agreed.


              • DK, I agree. When I first saw the gas prices going down in my area, I knew that somehow TPTB wouldn’t let us enjoy lower gas prices for long. I’m hearing now through a backdoor source that some oil wells in the US are already being shut down. I’m buying a few extra gas cans this week, fill them, and add Stabil to them. NOW is the time to do so while prices are still low.

              • Durango yes we will never see $100 oil again until maybe late 2016. Eppe is contradicting himself and clueless. Unless the cost to produce alternative enerfy is cheaper that oil oil will dominate. Saudis can take oil ro $10 if the want.

              • Surely the gang that trades at ICE will determine the market price of oil..as always…

                namely Goldman et al

                Here’s their intro…

                Powerful, Multi-asset Platform
                Since 2000, ICE has pioneered the development of electronically traded markets across a range of derivatives markets, bringing accessibility and transparency to customers around the globe. Focused on the evolving needs of market participants, ICE state-of-the-art, flexible trading platform allows new products and functionality to be added quickly, without requiring users to upgrade their own systems.

                The fastest execution of any trading platform, with an industry-leading sub-1 millisecond transaction time in ICE futures markets
                More than 99% of all transactions completed in less than 20 milliseconds during peak trading periods

                There you have it..the big boys trade back and forth in milliseconds..derivative based commodities.. namely petroleum.

                Enjoy the cheap oil while you can..

                Surely it will not last..especially when they decide its time to ramp up the price…


          • Mac, dont be so sure about T.Boone. He sure blew a quife on wind energy a few years back, what was it? He liquidated 825 big wind gens in favor of NatGas.

            • You are correct, Hammer, but that amount was minor in his wealth. He was just playing his game to see if it played out. But who really knows???

              • Eppe doesn’t know, first he says boony is right and now contradicts and says hammer is right boony is a loony. LMFAO..

            • To be truthful it should not matter much to most of us posters. I can easily remember almost 2 years ago several people hoping they had just 5-6 more months to get ready, we have had far more. I’m not ready for the total SHTF but I’m as ready for as bad as I wish to prep for. Very nearly everyone here has had all the time they could expect and more, if you are not ready now; WHEN? I for one say oh well; let it come.

              • Paranoid.

                Has been long in the tooth. Still many are unprepared and then figure in at what level they are at prepping.
                I consider the long wait a time to be used to update gear and material. New stuff is always coming on the market. More options to check out.

                It looks like SHTF has lower readership and posting.

                Sometimes you really get a nugget that makes your day.

                Who ever gave the tip about using “Fish Hooks”.

                Made my day cause, I would have never thought of that as a deterrent.

                So keep posting and reading. You never know.

          • Boone Pickins is 86 yrs old speculated on buying land for a wind farm, natural gas, is going on his 4th wife and the inventer of the Swift Boating lies to destroy John Kerry. Booney is really POd at this time as the Saudis are crushing his hedge fund in oil speculation. I think the only way Oil will go back up over $100 in the next few years will be all out WW3.

            • I will add, that most investors look like geniuses in a Bull market. Any clown with a face and a bank account can make money. The masters are those who can profit up and down. Right now I would be looking the stock high fliers to start shorting. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, the more money you make, especially speculative weak companies. Commodities will continue to fall. Including gold and silver. Silver will be a buy under $10 and even better at $8 coming up shortly. And its all going to be Manipulation bu the power players, just like why oil is dropping. Today OIL is opening up at $51. We may see the $40 range this week. T Boone Pickins will be put on suicide Watch.

              • I love how T Boone Pickens doesn’t know anything while at the same time, you give stock advice. That man could buy you a hundred million times over and still have money to fund colleges in his couch cushions…….but please, enlighten us more!!!!

          • Mac this guy in the video is not telling the truth or whole story. First of all Putin will NOT cut off gas to Europe this time. Last time was because Europe was not paying for the gas, it was not because Putin was a bad guy. How long do you keep giving your resources away when they are not getting paid for it. When you look at History, a snapshot does not tell the whole story. I put zero credibility in this video. And guess what his motives are? Begging for $100 oil again cause he is getting crushed. So he tries to blame Putin? LMFAO- Stupid is. I would be more looking at the US false flag to set up more hate for Putin to create a war to prop up oil prices. What do you think 9-11 was all about? OIL. And we have more psychopaths running the show, that will do anything to get their way. Look for WW3

            • Here is Proof why Putin Cut off Gas to Europe for 13 days in early 2009 for massive debt and Nonpayments.

              Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_Russia%E2%80%93Ukraine_gas_dispute

              The 2009 Russia–Ukraine gas dispute was a pricing dispute between Russia and Ukraine that occurred when Russian natural gas company Gazprom refused to conclude a supply contract for 2009 unless Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz paid its accumulating debts for previous gas supplies.[1] The dispute began in 2008 with a series of failed negotiations, and on January 1 Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine.[2] On January 7 the dispute turned to crisis when all Russian gas flows through Ukraine were halted for 13 days, completely cutting off supplies to Southeastern Europe, most of which depends on Russian gas, and partially to other European countries.[3]

              Large amounts of debt remained outstanding by year’s end in 2008. Naftogaz CEO Vladimir Trykolych said that Naftogaz owed $1.26–1.27 billion to RosUkrEnergo in total, but claimed that Naftogaz had no debt to Gazprom.[9] However on December 2, Naftogaz acknowledged that it owed $1 billion to Gazprom, and said it was having trouble making payments on time due to unexpected losses in 2008. Later in mid-December, Gazprom stated that a debt of $2.195 billion had accumulated. In response, Naftogaz made a payment of $800 million, and promised to pay another $200 million soon. Gazprom proposed to make an upfront transit payment at the 2008 rate in order to provide funds for the debt to be cleared, but Naftogaz rejected the offer.
              On December 19, Gazprom released a statement saying that no supply contract could be signed for 2009 because Ukraine said it would not make any more payments in 2008. This was denied by a Naftogaz spokesman. On the same day, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko’s spokesman on international energy security stated that Ukraine had paid for its October and September supplies, and that although it still had to pay for November’s supply before the end of 2008, no other payments would be due until the end of January.[3] On December 23, President Yushchenko said that part of the debt was restructured for January – February 2009, but Gazprom denied that there was any such agreement and said that it remained committed to cut supplies to Ukraine on January 1 if Ukraine did not pay its remaining $1.67 billion debt for gas supplies and an additional $450 million in fines.[1][10][11]

              **So for this first speaker Shill on the Video to come out and try to make Putin look like a Demon is a Flat out LIE!! The 2nd speaker is trying to Push investment in his Australian Oil co for drilling. This is a advertisement propaganda. PEOPLE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FACTS AND PROPAGANDA AND MIS-INFORMATION.

          • Checked on contracting Unleaded last week with the local coop and a 6 month contract was at $2.56 gallon delivered. Current local pump price is $1.84 and seems to be dropping every other day. We have been hedging and only buying $15-$20 at a time.

            • Its getting bad in the Hedge Funds – Another Guy commits suicide. Look for a lot of pump and dumpers on here getting crushed. They are looking for more suckers to buy their worthless stock they are dumping.

              • So buying some oil stocks now while they are cheaper, or watching and buying them when they go lower would be a bad idea?

                I have been looking at DMLP and HFC for a profit stockand a long term dividend.

              • Murdered by his son over money. Seems papa reduced his allowance by $200.

          • I was under the impression that this downturn in oil prices was a manipulation by the oil markets to drive ISIS out.

            ISIS monetized Syrian oil and was on fast track to capture the oil fields of Kirkuk. They sold oil at a discount and thus funded their operation. For all intensive purposes, they were a nation state with oil funding their existence.

            by driving the cost of global oil down, ISIS can’t make a buck as they can’t undercut global oil prices. Once they’re out of business, I’m sure oil prices will skyrocket in order to recoup lost revenues during this manipulated downturn.

            • Cellar, Although I would agree that was also to crush ISIS, and will, I think the main objective was to secure Saudi their Profits for years to come. And low Oil will clear out all the rest of the late comer speculators. South Dakota will soon be a Ghost Town, Over built and no taxes to support its last few years growth. I be you could buy a house really cheap up there right now. Ghost town.

              • Agreed. All I really know is that when they screw with the price of oil at these levels, it’s usually a means of last resort. Somethings got them rattled.

          • Time is short, if you live in a Dist. that has a Republican Rep. Please call, write or email them today and tell them to voted John Boehner “Out” as Speaker of the House. Trekker Out.

            • This is the most important message on this board today. Everyone needs to call their Congress person and convince them to dump Boehnert.
              We can make great strides if we can get Boehner replaced.

        • If the oil-gods can givith,
          the oil-gods can takith away.

          • Ha! Ain’t that the truth!

            Prices will… necessarily sky rocket.

            Some Harvard guy said that I think… 🙂

        • Elwood: It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses.

          Jake: Hit it.

          John Belushi
          (1949 – 1982) American comedian, actor & musician

          Same shit, new day.

        • Mr Aldorf as well as Boony Pickens are BOTH WRONG. As both are loosing their asses. The Saudis will crush the oil market throughout 2015 until WW3. Their Greed for total world oil dominance continues. Isee $30 barrel of oil by April. We are already seeing $2 gas 2 months ahead of what I predicted. Saudis are out to Crush the Banks as well that are over leveraged in Oil Speculation and lending. I agree with the Saudis, Crush them all. Saudis can bring the Market to $10 if they wanted. Fun fun

        • When are people going to wake up about fossil fuel that should have been obsolete 100 years ago when the much suppressed free over-unity energy was introduced by Tesla?
          How can anyone even think that fossil fuels the bane of human civilization and contributing to the ongoing destruction of our planet Earth via process of extraction, pollution and spillage can still be worth anything. IMO fossil fuels should be next to worthless and obsoleted by releasing suppressed alternate energy the federal and state crime syndicate has worked hard to obstruct.

      2. I read several other things that said it could go as low as 20. Also that it would stay low for a year or so…..

        Who the f&ck knows? Not a damn thing we can do about it anyhoo.

        • Wrong, you are RIGHT. These hedge funds that bet heavy on oil are loosing big time, so they send out there shills (like the story teller in the video) and Boon Pickins whining, to try and pump up the oil market. They think if they think it hard enough, that the tides will change. These shills will be crushed along with the Banks who lent the oil drillers massive amounts of money. I would surely guess that the Saudi’s will inflict a lot of pain for a long time to finally crush all their opponents and we could see $20 to $30 Oil. Just get out of the way and watch shill beggers get crushed. I laugh.. This is a Pump and Dump article. Seen it many times. Go with your own instincts and experience. The stock market is about to pop as well. Margin debt is the highest is has ever been, bigger than the tech bubble.

        • Someone will start a war before then.

      3. Enjoy it while you have it! This would be the time to travel.

        • Or, as one commentor recently wrote (apologies because I can’t seem to remember who), now is the time for preppers to stock up those reserve gas tanks and some fuel stabilizers (http://www.priproducts.com/preparedness.cfm ).

          Buy at lower prices, consumer at higher prices. It’s a strategy that has worked very well with long-term food storage since 2008.

          • Two excellent pieces of advice right here. Buy at todays prices, store for 1 year, and use when your budget gets tight for ANY reason, not jut the end of the world.

            Only someone who has had prepper fatigue and is already doing food rotations understands this!


            • Exactly right.
              We buy a year’s worth of propane every August, right at the bottom of the price curve. Regular as rain.

          • Did just that yesterday 20 more Gals of fresh Gas@ $2.12 gal. I am using up the rsst of the Staybil. Cause I am rotating that gas out faster. 2 Oz of Staybil per 5 Gals of Gas. Staybil is only good for 2 years once the container is opened. It should be bright red. If it turns more brown color it is no longer any good. I much much prefer PRI-G for gas and will last several yrs longer than Staybil. Once I use up the Staybil I have left I will not buy that ever again and stick to PRI-G.

        • Or, as one commentor recently wrote (apologies because I can’t seem to remember who), now is the time for preppers to stock up those reserve gas tanks and some fuel stabilizers (http://www.priproducts.com/preparedness.cfm ).

          Buy at lower prices, consumer at higher prices. It’s a strategy that has worked very well with long-term food storage since 2008.

          • Such good advice he said it twice!

          • That was me Slavo.

            Fuel prep!

            • PRI…. good stuff…..

            • I also listed PRI-G and D from Campingsurvival.com many times on here.

              Super Concentrated ? PRI-G is super concentrated, with a dose rate of 1:2,000. This means PRI-G is extremely cost effective to use, way better than Staybil. Get the most out of your gasoline for only pennies a gallon! PRI-G also has three-year shelf life.
              16 oz treats 256 gallons of gasoline Cost $21.27
              32 oz treats 512 gallons of gasoline Cost $31.93

              Also comes in the 5 Gallon buckets… lol If you have lots of Gas like some on here.. lol http://www.campingsurvival.com/ingrgafutr.html

          • Here- Want to see the BIGGEST HOAX LIE of them all OF 2012 Unraveled in this Video – SANDY HOOK KIDS CLAIMED TO BE DEAD ARE ALIVE AND WELL. OMG! SANDY HOOK KIDS ALIVE CLEAR EVIDENCE!!!

            The scam is that the photos released by LEO’s in 2012, of the supposed dead kids were 4 year old photos and tried to claim they were current, they same dead kids went to the Superbowl 2013. This Video goes over kid by kid in each photo, that these kids are all still alive and well.

            And guess who set this up? Obama and Holder to try to ban “assault type rifles.” And explains why the FBI reported NO deaths in that county in 2012, where the school was located. Talk about a huge Psy-Opps scam. Arm up people, these Psychopaths will stop at nothing to grab our guns.

      4. Even if the price does stay low the Feds and the State Gov. are talking about raising the tax on it. For the roads (Ha-Ha)
        Enjoy it while you can. Fill up you extra cans and put Sta-bil in it. Even if it breaks down a little it is better than not having any at all. If it won’t run you genie, it makes a good Molotov.

        • Sarge, be careful with such ideas like the Molotov. I have the same plan to get some MORE extra cans, fill them up, and add Stabil to them. The prices will go back up; only a question of when.

        • You got that right Sgt. Fire is a huge force multiplier. Probably why the Fed just hiring a disaster fire chemical hazmat specialist. LoL. I bet a lot of banks catch fire if they let the dollar die. See the new $100 bills?? The blue strip looks and feels like rubber plastic. Funny money.

        • Saw that on the news this morning that the feds are looking the raise the gas tax since it hadn’t been raised since ’92.

      5. …and thats why I’m tanking up. Looks like we’re on the bottom here. Hanging around $1.95. Gonna pull the trigger for 400 gallon soon.

        • Agreed. Now is the time to fill the barrel.


          Sta-Bil only lasts for 2 years after it is opened, so keep that in mind when deciding which size to buy. I got the 32 ounce and am only 1/2 way thru after 1 year. I even gave some away to my brother.

          Also, don’t care what you use, or if you use nothing at all. I have had 1 year old gas fire up on the first pull for lawn equipment and such.

          Bad gas still urn wonderfully for things like… yeah that.

          • That’s what everybody keeps saying, yet I have gas that is from 2011 and is fine and has NO STABIL in it.

            • Get the stuff without ethanol. Stores longer. That tidbit is from a supplier.

        • Yeah oil dropped almost 50% but gas sure didn’t!! Pisses me off! Gas should of hit around $1.65 here to be in step with oil price drop, we are still at almost $2

          • There is the cost of transporting, refining, labor (including Obama Care), etc which did not see their costs drop by 50%.

      6. Folks, enjoy it while you have it. It surely is no going to
        be this cheap for very much longer!

      7. My driving habits haven’t changed I fill 1 every week and a half since the price went down I save $10 a fill no big deal coffees for the week hardly stimulating anything it’s peanuts people don’t really care if I pay $10more we have done it before almost all automobiles run on gas so I’m gonna pay for the gas at what ever price they set. I will pay $10 a gallon if i need to . $2.30 a gal now it’s worth more than that IMHO it should be $5.00 gal really and that is still cheap the cars nowadays get almost 40 miles a gal . I don’t complain about the cost I adjust my driving habits and spending habits .cost too much to travel I won’t take a vacation. I won’t go to the store more than once a week anymore ,won’t buy coffees in the morning will take thermos and won’t eat out once a week with the family I will break out pans and cook meals . I don’t care if the economy collapses I know I won’t be the straw that breaks the camels back but I’m sure others will adjust accordingly as well so it’s up to the gov if they want an economy

      8. When is the best time to put sta bil In stored gas? Is it OK to put it in gas that has been sitting for awhile?

        • for any kind of fuel storage
          I strongly recommend Pri-D or Pri-G
          way better than Sta Bil unless your just storing for a couple of months

          • Hey! Just read the Pro-G reviews. Wow! Must be some good stuff. I’m going to have to start using that. I keep 100 gal on hand now in two barrels and swap it out every year. The south barrel needs drained now. I may drop some Pri-G into my 400 gal tank when I feel it to see what happens.

            Thanks for the tips.

            • The only thing that’s better about Pri-G is their propaganda. Pay their prices if you must, but they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

        • Stabil is expensive and doesnt last as long as pri-g.

          • I have used 3 year old gas treated with pri-g and it worked fine.

            • On a more important note… If you are looking for a great scope at a great price look here >> http://swfa.com/SWFA-SS-Classic-Riflescopes–C12502.aspx 300 bux will get you an awesome scope just be sure to get the quad plex reticle. Read the reviews, this is a great scope for a great deal and I stand by that too!

              • Oh and 1/10 milrad adjustment (if your using 1/4 moa adjustment your scope sucks) 😛

        • Immediately. As soon as you get home.

          Fuel Stabilizers are an anti-oxidant. Just like iron rusts, fuel “oxidizes” too. The sooner you add the stabilizer the better. It will not bring back bad gas either.

          Chemistry and stuff. I hate how this site tracks my every keystroke and can not keep up.

          • TS, NR, All,

            Thanks for the info. I really don’t have much experience with storing gasoline. Your insight is much appreciated.


      9. Gasoline in small tanks (2gal or less) will be stale in one year but will still start and run your engine. In 2 years it probably won’t run or if it does, it won’t run well at all. If its a gravity feed to the carb and you didn’t shut off the fuel or don’t have a shutoff, it will gum up and plug the carb in 5 years. Gumout required. Works most of the time but some of them never work again without disassembly. (I don’t know how many I’ve done but I used to be a professional small engine mechanic and some of the messes it can cause are horrific, in a carbeurator paradigm.)

        On large tanks, 10 gal and up, if they are FULL to the max and have very little air space (cuts down on condensation), shedded gas will be stale in 2 years but useable to 4 years. In 7 years it won’t eve BURN!!! Its crazy how that works.

        Its the thermal cycling that really messes with it. Thats why the small tanks kill the gas faster than the large tanks. The fuel is cooled / heated more quickly and the temp changes more sharply. The thermal mass of a large tank keeps the temp from swinging so wide so fast.

        Its the additives. As near as I can tell white gas (which is pure gasoline, no additives) is good for well over 10 years in metal cans. It degrades like diesel, which also has few additives and is good for about 10 years.

        I wonder if a guy could buy a bunch of white gas and a whole bunch of octane booster, blend as needed? Hmmm. Questions, questions…

        • NR
          Thanks for the Info.

        • My gas supply average price is high $3’s but I bought high octane with no alcohol. You can purchase it at gas stations near boating resorts. It’s stored in 5gal. metal Gerry cans. Also use the Sta-bil that is blue for marine use. I’ve heard this stores the best but like others are saying here this is a great time to freshen your stash.

        • Smart boaters put an inline water seperator filter inline with their fuel line since moisture collects in gas tanks. I suggest if you store large tanks of gas do the same. Moisture in gas is a killer. Look up fuel line water seperator filters.

        • Gotta clear this up.

          “White gas” is very low octane stuff. Not much good as a motor fuel, unless you’re burning it in a 1930’s flathead farmk tractor with a 5:1 compression ratio. No amount of “moose milk” additives can change that.

          White gas is not “pure gasoline”. There really ain’t any such stuff, since they are both mixtures of many different sizes of hydrogen/carbon molecules. White gas (also called naptha) has a higher proportion of heavy molecules, and is refined into high octane gasoline by cracking apart some of those bigger molecules into smaller, more volatile ones that burn faster, using a catalyst process. (Hence the term “cat cracker”)

          BTW what fuel stabilizers mainly do is to inhibit these smaller molecules from linking back up. Oxidation is only part of the gasoline instability problem. Evaporation of the light fractions is another issue. But gas stored in sealed drums will still “go bad” unless treated to prevent the formation of larger and larger molecules, (you might say reverting back to it’s precursor state). Bush fliers in Alaska discovered that to their sorrow in the 1930s.

          The molecular linkup problem is why claims that PRI-G will “restore old gas” are Bravo Sierra. That can’t be done without re-cracking the molecules, and that takes a refinery the size of six football fields.

      10. I’m hearing the molotovs old gas is still good I’m gonna fill a couple more cans just for that now good advise maybe look into a bulk tank.

      11. I’ll have to check what the propane price is doing. Might have to see if my propane guy will let me prebuy another 1000 gals.. Lasts forever. Would be the ultimate bartering item if tshtf.
        molon labe

        • Just bougt my own 1000 gal. tank, propane 1.69 a gallon. here in Wyoming. Trekker Out.

          • Any one see on the National News where the little town of Dubois in the Northwestern part of Wyoming had a fire that burned half of the old building in town. Neat little town, I think I may have been there once. Trekker Out.

      12. figures.. all my cans are filled and stabilized at something north of 3.25 a gallon. I paid 2.29 to fill up today. Guess I’ll start making withdrawals from the oUCH stash and replenish it with cheaper stock..

        • Well, at least you can “freshen up” on the cheap. But, I know what you’re saying. My 100 gal cache was at between 3.25 and 3.89. I held off as long as I could but it didn’t look like it was coming down and then the bottom fell right out of it.

          I may freshen both barrels up this time. One just never knows whats gonna happen.

          • Specially not with the lunatics in charge who are running things..

          • Yea, might feel bad now but if you keep it till it goes back up you won’t be out anything. In the meantime stock up as much as you can afford.
            molon labe

            • Maybe not “freshen” but expand? Yeah, well, thats where I’m headed.

        • I feel your pain, ouch… Same problem here. Guess it is time to fire up the old grain truck and drive it around…it won’t take long to use up that 100 gallons…

      13. If the price goes back up above a certain level, shale oil will make a comeback. I have heard break even for shale oil is 60 dollars a barrel.

      14. Mac; Problems with the web site? I and others I know all of a sudden are having a hard time getting on. Too much traffic,govt. messing with you,getting hacked? Hope everything is well or will be.

      15. Same here; page not found on and off all day. Something up? Also a few other sites the same. NSA at their best.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      16. Got 2 100 pound propane tanks for a space heater in my basement thinking about filling them they both empty heater was already in house when I bought it so I left it there it will easily heat the basement gotta check propane prices . Like it better than pellet stoves anyway . Lund some old rusty gas grill bottles in the woods someone dumped near my work they were empty took them and traded them in for fresh blue rhinos $ 20 a piece got emergency cooking gas

        • Watch out for carbon monoxide,
          Propane heaters in a basement are a bad combination of circumstances,
          A propane furnace is different than a salamander

      17. ACA question for anyone who knows. My health insurance benefits just started in Oct of 2014. Will I be fined for no insurance for me and family for January through September?

        • Yes

        • Im in sorta the same boat

          • I think you can go 3 years before they come after ya? Someone told me that you only have to file once every 3 years. I did that a few years back and had no problems. I think within 3 years TSWHTF…..LoL

        • From my understanding yes you will. The amount will be up to something like a maximum of $285 per family or 1% of your gross income. The question will still remain as to whether it is pro rated for having insurance the final quarter of the year.

      18. WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!! 🙁

        • YEAH,SOMEDAY!

          • About a week ago I saw Looney Booney Pickins on CNBC. He was a ranting and pissed off. Cause he is loosing his ass. He too tried to tell a lie li k e the Oil Market is going to be just fine. Pickens will be dead before he ever sees $100 oil again. He looked senile as Joe Kernan was goating him.

        • Some will die sooner

      19. Just because somebody is a billionaire doesn’t mean their right or telling the truth. This guy is just talking his book— just like T Bone does. Just like stock broker, gold and silver peddlers, real estate gurus and anybody else who has something to gain or lose.

        Oil booms and busts are legendary. We’ve had them before, and they ain’t pretty. And they are no different than real estate busts, Gold and silver busts, Dot com. busts, and stock market busts.

        The SHTF in the oil patch….. and the smart money has left the building.

      20. When odumbo took office I remember gas was $1.80 – $1.86 Now we are cheering for $2.50… What a joke it all is.

      21. No I didn’t. But you apparently did.

        OMG gasp all the oil field jobs are gonna be lost what will we doooooooooooooo?

        Riddle me this. What else can you run the majority of the cars in this country on, presently?


        Ever see a low priced monopoly? Me neither.

      22. ASYMETRICAL WARFARE, done of course on purpose, is what brought those oil prices down and what also caused the Russian Ruble to collapse in value by 50%.

        That same warfare will be used against us when those we attacked in turn attack our power grids and/or Wall Street’s stock market apparatus.

        A collapse of Wall Street will devalue our dollar significantly and cause a Bank holiday, or banks to close, period, as savings accounts and retirement assets/funds are seized “legally” to pay off trillions of dollars of U.S. debt.

        Imagine if the $500. in your savings account could only buy you $200. to $250. worth of goods, and eventually, hardly any goods (which is why you all prep) and which is why Russians are buying every thing they can before their Ruble is devalued even further.

        So here is my conclusion: do not look for oil prices to fall much further or even rise.

        Instead, look for demand to exceed supplies that were caused by reduced oil revenues (asymmetrical warfare). This could cause a worldwide oil crisis/heating crunch and help collapse the world economy, thus paving the way for the Mark of the Beast.

        Do you all see how evil (that which destroys) works?

        Follow the money.

        But in THIS case, if you “FOLLOW” the money, you will see that money is being “COLLAPSED”!

        You will ALSO see that the five and ten dollar bills in your wallets and pocketbooks are not actual money.

        Real money is silver or gold.

        There is no gold left in Fort Knox; if there was gold there, they’d approve an audit yesterday.

        President Kennedy said, “There is a conspiracy to enslave every man, woman, and child on our planet.” It had to do his wresting control back from the NONfederal reserve board and it became one of several reasons he was assassinated.

        After he died, silver coinage was worth more than the twenty-five cent quarters and fifty-cent half-dollars in circulation so the powers that be arranged for clad coinage: coins made instead with nickel and copper.

        If all the money you can save just comes from the decrease in oil prices, put that savings into silver coinage, like the American Eagle Silver Dollar and hide it off-site.

        2015 is the year of the Shemitah and other great evils are headed our way.

        Germany and now Saudi Arabia have recently set up bilateral currency agreements with Russia, and are now two more nations rejecting the world currency standard (= the American Dollar) along with Brazil, Russia, India, and China (the BRIC nations).

        The fall in the price in oil is an illusion, a deception, and a distraction to mask the true evils described above that started 51-years ago in Dallas, Texas, with the planned death of an American President who had the COURAGE to stand up to those who wanted to enslave us all.

        You can corroborate everything I’ve stated here by doing some research.

        The bottom line? Pray, prep, get right with God, and pray some more, because the human race is about to face a torrent of destructive forces never before unleashed in constellations of ‘perfect storms’ all designed by the king of lies to kill every single child of God.

        Close to 160,000 people die each day and when you add about 100,000 abortions a day, that number climbs to just under 300,000 a day, but that isn’t good enough for the king of lies.

        If the United States, and the rest of the world’s countries do not repent and STOP the deaths, including the abortions, then Almighty God will unleash such catastrophes upon the entire planet the living will envy the dead. The human race has broken its contract (relationship) with Almighty God and refuses to change its behavior, as evidenced by the abortions, the wars, countless sins of omission, and more.

        What would YOU do if YOU were our Divine Parent and YOUR children were running amuck and killing each other in so many different ways through racism, wars, abortions, GMOs, toxic vaccines, chem trails, and the list goes on and on?

        What would YOU do if YOU lost 300,000 children a day?

        Gosh, to lose even just ONE child can put a parent in his or her grave! So imagine the ANGER of Almighty God!

        We must pray the Rosary and turn to our Blessed Mother each and every day.

        And God will bestow his Unfathomable Mercy on those who turn away from sin, express sorrow and contrition, and who love their neighbor. Just as the Israelites did, we, too lose God’s protection to the degree that we sin, as individuals and as countries.

        But if we have Holy Love in our hearts, the world can be transformed and the dark forces of the king of lies and the antichrist mitigated before Christ returns to throw him and all evildoers into Hell for eternity.

        All you need is Holy Love.

        Get right with God. Now. Every day.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone Ranger. I did the research of everything you said. You are spot on until you got to the religious ranting. Go read Genesis 2:7. Abortion is not killing. If you believe the Bible it says that Not until God breaths air into the nostrils does it become a living being. Removing a fetus from a woom is not killing. Should a woman be forced to carry her rapists sperm and child raising it from a brutal rape?. I think NOT. Monsanto has killed more people with their Cancer causing GMOs than abortions. And if you are so concerned about controling other peoples personal choices, tell me how many of those crack babies have you adopted and paying their way through life??. You are the lone ranger right? Lol.

          • who, how is abortion NOT killing? You have said many a time that seeing is believing and that Science trumps religion any day, well the unborn child’s heart starts to beat anywhere from day 15 through day 21 after conception. So in essence, the heart starts to beat at a minimum 3 weeks after conception. this is right around the time the woman realizes her period is late. 99% of abortions occur AFTER the heart starts to beat. that is a Scientific proven fact. An abortion stops that beating heart. what is the definition of death? when the heart stops beating. Abortion = death. A death not brought on by natural means. A death brought on by another individual’s actions, this is defined as killing another human being. Abortion IS killing. It is interesting how you pull Bible quotes out when it suits your purposes. In the case of abortion Who, the truth is right there in front of you, proven by science and yet you are in denial of it. Blinded by lies I’d say.

            • T-town. I do not disagree with what you are saying, I am quoting and paraphrasing from the Bible and what it says. That’s the conflict. Genesis 2:7 says that it is not a living being until God Breaths air into the nostrils. That’s the Bible for ya. Genesis 2:7 Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and “man became a living being.” That is the Key, as I see it according to the bible it is not a living being until air is breathed in the nostrils. In My opinion, sperm and the egg are living specimens, and continue to evolve and grow.

              Here are all the Bible Versions:
              New International Version
              Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

              New Living Translation
              Then the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.

              English Standard Version
              then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.

              New American Standard Bible
              Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

              King James Bible
              And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

              Holman Christian Standard Bible
              Then the LORD God formed the man out of the dust from the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being.

              International Standard Version
              So the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground, breathed life into his lungs, and the man became a living being.

              NET Bible
              The LORD God formed the man from the soil of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

              GOD’S WORD® Translation
              Then the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the earth and blew the breath of life into his nostrils. The man became a living being.

              Jubilee Bible 2000
              And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

              King James 2000 Bible
              And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

              American King James Version
              And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

              American Standard Version
              And Jehovah God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

              Douay-Rheims Bible
              And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth: and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

              Darby Bible Translation
              And Jehovah Elohim formed Man, dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Man became a living soul.

              English Revised Version
              And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

              Webster’s Bible Translation
              And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

              World English Bible
              Yahweh God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

              Young’s Literal Translation
              And Jehovah God formeth the man — dust from the ground, and breatheth into his nostrils breath of life, and the man becometh a living creature.

              • If the writers of the Bible had any medical background or science or biology, or physiology skills back then, they would have realized Oxygenated red blood cells are carried into the fetus through the umbilical cord, to help the fetus grow and the heart beat. But they were ignorant of these facts obviously, and declared in not a living being until it breaths air. I wonder what the writers of the Bible would write today, now that all this new info like science, astronomy, and real explanations exist to tall their so called miracles. I bet they wold change their stories quite a bit.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt Luke (Gospel of) was a doctor.

                  please site chapter and verse where the Bible says:
                  “But they were ignorant of these facts obviously, and declared in not a living being until it breaths air.”

                  Actually I was under the impression that our president’s advisers give him that advice now-today, cause they are sooooooo much smarter.

                  Anywho, don’t under estimate the ancients. They were smart folk. Lots and lots of hands on experience. Wish i knew as much as they did. Would come in handy in stuff htf.

                • “Who” you are so cock-eyed. Those verses don’t indicate that the unborn child is not alive until he or she breathes air. They simply means God gave us life. God created us. Each verse talks of God breathing life into man, as in giving life. Funny, that you would use the bible to uphold your stance that abortion does not kill a living human being and then when I make the point that Science proves the unborn child is quite alive you try to turn it all around against the authors of the bible. Typical Who. onward.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                (this is what i get for reading the posts from the bottom up)

                Common sense now, common on, use your brain. The first man was not made the same way nor was he a baby in a uterus.

                And no umbilical cord either.

          • oh yea, I also love your response to the Lone Ranger asking how many crack babies he has adopted. what ever happened to your line about personal responsibility? Isn’t each person responsible for his/her own actions and the consequences of those actions? If an individual has sex, it is a biological fact that a pregnancy can result. Even cognitively delayed people get that connection. we don’t get to rewrite how nature works. You talk about how this poster or that poster is a hypocrite, good Lord man your views are the most hypocritical I’ve ever seen. Honestly, you have a lot of liberal trade marks. not really sure how or what you are, but I am sure I don’t believe ANYTHING you say.

            • T-town, Of course people should take self responsibility, but it is not my position to tell people to keep their unwanted fetus. I’d rather they get rid of it through Abortion. Why should you or I pay for these unwanted Crack babies, that will eventually end up in Prison at $75K a year. If the LR wants to save these crack babies, then he should step up to the plate and pay for it himself if he wants to preach that. btw / Abortion is legal and the law of the land for good reason, like in the case of Rape. I believe in personal choice.

              • So abortion is the law of the land and that makes it ok? Obama care is the law of the land so that must be ok too. slavery was at one time the law of the land, was that ok too?As far as aborting a child conceived in rape, why isn’t that child’s life worth just as much as the child conceived in the marriage bed? The child did nothing wrong, but he or she has no worth living? rape is violent. Abortion is violent, to the mother and most certainly to the child. all an abortion does in the case of rape is pass the violence on and the rapist wins again. You believe in personal choice? well so do I, and I believe that abortion is wrong. I will speak out loud and clear against it. I will NOT just sit by and let my tax dollars fund someone else’s “choice”. From previous posts you have been very critical of those on welfare and assistance. I guess it is their choice to live that way uh? Hypocrite.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Some of us have done exactly that, stepped up to the plate.

                My hubby and I gave 18 yrs of our life raising a child born out of wedlock and conceived under the influences of the drug culture.

                He’s not perfect, but he is a productive citizen of this land.
                He’s loved, and he knows it. And he took to heart the challenge to stop the cycle of children being born to children that he was born under (back 2 generations).

                Sometimes it just takes somebody to give a little guidance.

                I challenge you–instead of being a gripe all the time,
                DO SOMETHING POSITIVE about a situation that displeases you so much.

          • You don’t sicken me, “who”, your words do. They are vile, filled with lies, and disrespectful not just of me, but of everyone here whose mother chose NOT to abort them, as well as disrespectful toward all those who GOT aborted/murdered/killed UNjustifiably.

            And for someone who despises “religion”, you can sure ‘quote’ the Bible.

            Shakespeare said it best, “The devil can cite Scripture to prove HIS point.”

            You ain’t the devil, though, who, I know that.

            But what you so afraid of, who? What did you do in previous years or decades that is so horrible that you believe not even God could forgive you for?

            There is NOTHING that God cannot forgive you or anyone else for, if that person is truly repentant, contrite, remorseful.

            Once you believe that, your atheism will end and God will welcome you back as the child He so desperately wants to love (with your free will permission).

            – the Lone Ranger

        • Right on, LR!

          None of us know what God has in store for the rest of today, let alone 2-5 years from now. The important thing is to acknowledge Him as almighty God, and seek His wisdom, grace, and direction. He formed us. He knows how our synapses will fire, and how we will react to any given scenario. I believe he has led me to be prepared for the coming last days, tho I cannot imagine why He would choose me…

          Bottom line, I am sure that He will protect me and use me as long as He needs me here. No one here will survive the day God has chosen to be our last, no matter how prepped we are. That is why prepping needs to start with Gods word. Start with that, and all of the rest will fall into place…

          God Bless…

          • Hilldweller. Why Prep if God is going to save you anyway? Do you not have much faith?? And prep anyway, in case you need to try and save yourself? LOL… I think all you religious folks should just go all in, and not prep at all and put all your chips on your faith and the Bible cause Jesus is going to return and save you.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              I think you have a serious miss-understanding about

              Biblical Salvation.

              Biblical Salvation is a Person. His name is Jesus.

              Biblical salvation in not an event, as in being saved from some harmful action such as stuff htf.

              Salvation, Jesus, is no longer being in emnity (an enemy) of God.

            • here is a little story for you. A man named Jones loved the Lord and trusted that God will always take care of him. One day, the dam up the road from Jones was found to have a crack in it. The authorities sent out notices warning everyone and suggesting evacuation. Jones said,I’ll just stay right here, God will take care of me”. The sheriff came knocking on Jones’ door and told him he needed to leave right away, the dam’s wall was getting weaker and weaker. Jones said, “no, I’m staying right here, God will take care of me.” The dam’s crack started to leak and Jones’ home was left in the middile of a waterway. A neighbor went by in his boat and offered Jones a ride in his boat to dry ground. Jones said “no, God will take care of me”. Then the dam ruptured and Jones and his house were carried away. When Jones met God at the pearly gates, Jones asked God why He had not taken care of him and let him parish. God said, “you foolish man, who do you think led the authorities to the crack, who do you think sent the sheriff to warn you? who do you think gave your neighbor the idea to give you a ride to dry land? Three times I sent you warnings and three times you did not listen.” the moral of the story is; heed the warnings around you, there is a reason you see and hear them.

      23. I think it is a six-month take-down of anyone and everything that is in opposition to the petro-dollar. So that is Russia, Iran, etc. and all green energy players. Once the rivals are bankrupted and ruined, the next phase will kick in, where the oil price will go back up again and the dollar will also rise again. This will complete the ‘dollar-top’ strategy, re-positioning the US as the fulcrum of global economic/security hegemony.

        This was destabilized by the crisis, as Fed money flooded into the EMs, giving them too much confidence and arrogance. They now need to be taken down a peg or two and learn they are the bitch to the daddy.

        • Yep , Frank , its a power play .
          Kinda like a last ditch effort to prop up a dieing economic structure .

      24. Total gov dependence almost everyone’s on board you don’t know your kids are property of the state what’s it gonna take to get people to resist. We are like the frog boiling in the water slowly. When you wake one day and your life is completely different you can’t say you didn’t see it coming the writing is on the wall folks. I’ve stopped voting it’s not worth my time anymore my vote don’t count it seems. These morons in Washington and Hollywood have all the power and say. Just sit back and wait for the shoe to drop. I’m not even outraged by the news these days anymore it’s normal now . Talk radio seems like a bunch of complainers don’t bother with that no more. Sick of all the noise just like quiet . Must mean the storm is almost here.

        • Ass Hat.

          I know what you mean. Trying to be nice and explain how things could turn out and all you get is grief. Well, when the worm turns, no more Mr. Nice Guy. I did not prepare all the crap for another person to tell me how to do things.
          One thing I have learned from this site is, if you take shit from another person you are going to die. PERIOD!
          You might have the Kum By Ya moments but for sure you will have your “Come to Jesus” and it is not going to be pleasant.
          Hang in there, Ass Hat, for like the wheels of justice, the wheels of evil move just as slow.

      25. Hey Mac so much for the disclaimer about you’ll be recognized as good provider, been in moderation now for almost 12 hrs. Love the site so all here this maybe good-bye. And this not my only comment everyone is this way always have been. I’ve not changed anything you just can not be part of any discussion here on any article.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      26. Not for long, cost oil prices are costing jobs in the oil industry although the government will say, it is to under cut yhr Russians.

        Expect oil plus everything else to jump.

        can you say Hyper inflation—–Oh yes, Obama care will make its impact this year

        • Minimum wage hikes
          Fresh produce shortages
          New EPA regs

          This stuff will bite everyone

          Wait and see mode

      27. ********** BREAKING NEWS **********

        First Human Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus Infection Reported in Americas


        January 8, 2014 – Canada has reported the first case of human infection with avian influenza A (H5N1) virus ever detected in the Americas.

      28. This lower price for oil is just temporary. Once some of the competition is run out of business the price will probably go back up with a passion. Our “allies”, the Saudis, don’t like competition. With friends like them, who needs enemies?

      29. Yep 6 hours and my multiple posts still not posted, even a half dozen from yesterdays article still haven’t posted in 14 hours. Why would anybody be afraid of the truth? Same ol’ Sh!t Different Dumbed Down Day here at SHTF. I’m sure they will post after a few new articles are out there. This is getting very lame. I thought this was a free speech website?? Just open it up and let people have conversations. You can always delete posted comments after they post if they are considered spam. Of a Thumb Vote for suspected spam. Let the readers decide. Whatever.

      30. take a handful of Prozac and commence reading

        Forecast 2015 — Life in the Breakdown Lane


      31. OIL PRICES RISING???…here’s one guy who doesn’t think so…
        ht tp://www.cnbc.com/id/102308102



        “Japan is just the point of the global debt spear in a world gone mad. Total world debt, excluding financial firms, now exceeds $100 trillion. The worldwide banking syndicate has an additional $130 trillion of debt on their insolvent books. As if this wasn’t enough, there are over $700 trillion of derivatives of mass destruction layered on top in this pyramid of debt. Just five Too Big To Trust Wall Street banks control 95% of the $302 trillion U.S. derivatives market. The reason Jamie Dimon and the rest of the leaders of the Wall Street criminal syndicate commanded their politician puppets in Congress to reverse the Dodd Frank rule on separating derivatives trading from normal bank lending is because these high stakes gamblers want to shift their future losses onto the backs of middle class taxpayers – again. The bankers, with the full support of their captured Washington politicians, will abscond with the deposits of the people to pay for their system destroying risk taking, just as they did in 2008 by holding taxpayers hostage for a $700 billion bailout.”

      33. “Sea Foam” works great as a gas stabilizer.

        • Satori, no surprise there. That is the result of Chavez’s commie policies of giveaway program from the oil wealth AND propping up Cuba’s economy. Just when Venezuela’s economy is about to collapse and the Castro regime is in danger of economic collapse, all of a sudden the BOY in the WH throws out a financial life preserver to the Castros. And the tyranny in Cuba continues unabated. AND THE BEAT GOES ON……

      34. Well crude is sitting at 49.91 a barrel as I type this. Best fill up everything that can hold gas. I got my 500 gallon fuel oil tank filled with off road diesel and all 8 of my gasoline cans filled. May pick up a few more cans to fill as well. The gasoline I buy is hi-test which is ethanol free. Only one place in town has it. Little bit more cost but cheaper than getting carburetors replaced.

      35. Last line of the article: “You didn’t really think they were going to let us enjoy cheaper gas, did you?”

        Seriously, it’s not about people spending less to fill ‘er up. It’s about a vibrant energy sector that might see thousands of job losses with a devastating effect on other people who depend on oil-industry workers for their living as well. It’s NOT about people saving a few dollars at the pump. Try thinking about life without oil in all its forms. Look at the bigger picture instead of what’s in your wallet.

      36. S Palin is a hot piece of snatch! ride me baby!

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