Officials: Hundreds Of Troops Head To The Border To Stop Migrant Caravan

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    Hundreds of United States troops are set to make their way to the southern border to help the Department of Homeland Security and the National Guard stop a migrant caravan coming from Honduras. A U.S. official has said that roughly 800 soldiers will be sent to the area to offer “logistical support,” including providing tents and vehicles.

    According to Fox News, Defense Secretary James Mattis could sign the deployment orders as soon as today. This is in direct response to president Donald Trump’s threat to send troops to the border.

    There are currently 2,100 National Guard troops on the southern border assisting Homeland Security. Trump’s tweet earlier today said: “I am bringing out the military for this National Emergency. They will be stopped!”

    As of Thursday, the migrant caravan is still in southern Mexico, which is more than 1,000 miles away from the nearest entry point into the U.S. Its size is estimated to be around 7,000, but many of those currently walking are suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke.

    “They are going to walk as long as they can,” said caravan member Brian Colindres, “or as far as they can.”

    A majority of those walking say they are looking for a better life north of the border are fleeing poverty and violence in Honduras, where the caravan originated. They are exhausted and unaware of what will happen – but they remain optimistic in spite of the U.S. government’s opposition.

    According to CNBC, sickness and harassment are chipping away at the caravan already. Jose David Sarmientos Aguilar, a 16-year-old student from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, was one of at least 80 migrants waiting in the town square of Huixtla, where the rest of the caravan departed Wednesday morning, for four buses that would take them back to Honduras.  Sarmientos joined the march “without thinking about what could happen and the consequences it could bring,” he said. He said the death of a migrant who fell off a truck Monday and vague rumors of two migrants killed in Huixtla have also forced him to return. “There have been a lot of tragedies. It’s not necessary to go on losing more lives to reach there (the U.S.),” he said. “I am a little sick in the chest. I have a cough. And so instead of risking getter sicker and something happening to me, it’s better to go home.”

    But it’s unclear exactly how many have chosen to return home in comparison to how many have joined the caravan along the way.

    This caravan is ongoing and as such, the story is still developing. We will do out best to keep you updated as the migrants approach the border.


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      1. I sure hope Trump holds a hard line on this and doesn’t let any of these people in to the US. The fact that people can sneak into our country illegally and collect welfare benefits, free education, and free healthcare is just insane. When are good hard working people going to cry enough is enough and stop this insanity?

        • Jim,
          It will stop the day we get rid of Democrats in America.
          In other words it will never stop until SHTF and
          lots of city people die.

          • Cool! Bring it, ive had a good run, am cool with bedlam

            • there will be no need for blow hards with big talk about bedlam.

          • “It will stop the day we get rid of Democrats in America.”

            And retain the Neo_Cons?

        • You know what will solve the birth rate problem???????

          When discrimination laws are repealed and women are banned from voting forever.

          Women need to stay the hell home where they belong, cook for themselves so they lose about 50 lbs. from their disgusting piglike bodies and get a sex drive back, marry a blond man with a good job, spread their fucking legs and learn to enjoy waxing some big dick, have 4 blonde children apiece, raise them to be decent, and live happily ever after with a fucking white picket fence and a white family.

          In Europe the girls are fucking skinny like a woman is supposed to look but they all wear rings in their noses.

          And who in the hell decided letting black gorillas vote serve on juries and affirmative actioning their asses to jobs with responsibility would be a good fucking idea?

          I saw an ape in a pilots uniform and changed my flight.

          You can either have womens rights or you can have a nice country. You cant have both. Damned dipshit women destroy societies.

          Blonde women adopting African babies. Damned bitches need a slap in the face.

          • Absolutely concur!

          • In the early days of our country, voting was for landowners. Typically, a voter had to be a free, adult (over 21), male resident of his county, a member of the predominant religious group, and a “freeholder.” A freeholder owned land worth a certain amount of money. There were a few colonies where if a woman complied with the above strictures, she was permitted to vote. The underlying theme here is people who had a stake in their community were voters. Someone who was wealthy but owned no land, etc. could not vote.

            BTW, a mixed marriage back then was if a Catholic married a Protestant. Other unions weren’t even entertained as an idea.

          • Cave man wake up and realize you wouldn’t know how to even wipe your sorry ass if it wasn’t for a woman.

            • Woohoo

          • Just remember, what is happening to our people is the result of almost a century of psychological warfare, deep propaganda, and back-room manipulation.

            The average mentality of this country, and Western Civilization in general, is something like Stockholm Syndrome 2.0.

            The average leftist is a deeply torn individual, conditioned to hate themselves, and to love seeing their own people and the greatest civilization ever built, be destroyed. Many of them are convinced that is is justice to drag us all to a brain-dead hell with them. It is almost pitiable. Almost.

            The left has big plans for the waves of third-worlders they are sending here. Notice that many of them are military age males.

            And, I’d wager they are not stopped at the border…

            • @JustMe

              Absolutely right on the money. Good post.

              • Thanks Pam,

                Not a post I enjoyed writing, been watching this all unfold far too long…

                Take care, good luck.

          • Blunt but basically true, check Black Pigeon speaks about women and civilizations….

            • Black Pigeon has some interesting commentary. He pretty much cuts to the chase.

          • I saw an ape in a pilot’s uniform and stopped flying.

      2. So what are those 800 troops going to do?

        Get trampled to death by the 10,000 caravan people as they simply walk over them?

        If you think they will be allowed to open fire or fix bayonets and charge the hoard of migrants you need to think again, the troops are being put into jeopardy of their lives by being sent there where they won’t be allowed to defend themselves from a 10 to 1 assault they are supposedly going to stop.

        • As of today that number had grown to over 14,000. And, according to the Progressive Socialist Democrat “Open Border” MSM, there are two caravans forming up right behind this one.

        • They’re going to help take care of them; feed, clothe, and set up tent city.

      3. You guys watch. They will head to border to hand out blankets and water and a free bus ride to towns all across the land. And this time there is no sneaking, they will waltz their asses right on in.

        • “G”
          I’m, hoping you are wrong. Lat time this happened the Demorats where in charge.

        • They’re already “receiving” a caravan a month, according to an LA times article as many as 1200 per week at a location in El Paso. I heard on the radio they’re sending engineers and medical units. Probably to build them a bridge and a hospital.

      4. I just hope the rules of engagement for these troops are sensible enough to allow them to take SERIOUS action against the caravan and not just some stupid dog-and-pony show. This is something deadly serious.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          “I just hope the rules of engagement for these troops are sensible enough to allow them to take SERIOUS action against the caravan and not just some stupid dog-and-pony show.”

          Fire on unarmed civilians. Beat unarmed civilians. I guarantee that the public backlash will be so severe that the democrats will take Senate & the House. Bull Connors did that and it was counterproductive.

          Feed them, house them on the Mexican side of the border. Interview them, find the MS-13, various criminals and those who are not POLITICAL refugees. Take your time at it. Locate this “aid station” in an area that is very difficult to cross due to being remote. Quarantine the area no motor transport can pick them up. Like ants they’ll go to the food.

          There is a time to use but force and this damn sure isn’t the time.

          • Ya, talk about inviting the UN to set up camps in the homeland,,,,
            Amuzing to joke about blowing them all off with a Dillon, but in reality, there aint shit that any troops are going to do unless they are stringing razor wire and setting up field detention centers,,,

          • “K2”
            Why spend the money on these turd!!!

            Give them nothing and do what ever it takes short of bullets to stop them. If it take more military send it. No Water, no Food, no Blankets, no Medical. They will turn around and go back. As long as they aren’t in this country they have NO RIGHTS HERE.

            They are going to take too much away from my Kids and My Grandkids. THEY ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS THEY SHOULKD GET THIS BEFORE THESE TURDS!!!


            • “Why spend the money on these turd!!!”

              All of this is to effect the Mid Term Elections. You want to avoid a confrontation for now as it, “can and will be used against Trump in the Court Of Public Opinion”. The illegals will go to where the food and shelter is. Its a several week “holding pen”. In the scheme of things the cost is pocket change.

            • Sarge, good points. But even when they’re on our soil they don’t have any rights unless they go through the process to become US citizens. My late wife played by all the rules and became a US citizen. All of the foreigners I know who came here legally and played by all the rules are just as opposed to illegal immigration as we are. Something’s got to give somewhere on all this.

            • Most of the caravan is made up of hispanic males….
              I wonder how many MS13 types are included in the group…???

        • DR,
          Unless Martial law is declared or drugs are involved
          the active duty military can’t exercise police powers
          with weapons. One of the few Federal laws I totally
          agree with is Posse Comitatus.
          The Army and Air force( which is a spin off from the Army) is designed to break things, not be police.
          Posse Comitatus doesn’t apply to the Navy, Marines,
          or Coast guard, but I don’t think they will be involved
          much. I’ll worry when the government stations LHDs off the Gulf and California coasts

          • Posse Comitatus only applies to domestic law enforcement (i.e. police work).
            Protecting our border from invasion is one of the primary duties of the military.
            The one thing that must be decided before sending them to the border is: What are they willing to do?
            Unless they are willing to shoot people, there is no sense in sending them. They would only be set up for spectacular failure.

          • What about National Guard Reserves or state-sponsored militias? Seems like those troops could also be of great use in this situation.

      5. This is nothing but an invasion. They aren’t or maybe not armed now but they will be in a short period of time.

        They will be armed with a Vote, a Disease, and some day soon with weapons. Look at the European nations that let the hoards come into thieve countries. Now the have to deal with more problems than they ever imagined. I for one will not stand by and let this happen to my COUNTRY. For all you Patriots out there it is time to make a stand.

        Don’t let it happen Pres. Trump, or you will have a major war here. Please stop it in its tracks.

        I heard that the rules of engagement is fire if fired at. Let us hope this doesn’t happen. and If it does let or troops shot straight, Aim Small Miss Small.


        • SGT,
          The problem is these Mob people probably don’t have guns.
          They are just going to do a “Kent state” attack,
          the result of which, permanently divided America.
          I could care less that Mob attackers/rioters get shot,
          but a significant part of our population, that
          votes, are as dumb as rocks, would draw the wrong
          conclusions, and once again destroy more of
          our freedoms.

          • Bud, i hate to break it to ya, but the removal of our freedoms is exactly why the democraps are all on board with flooding these foreigners into the country,
            What was that again? Never let a crisis go to waste? Ya sounds familiar

          • “R”
            I feel the same way. they don’t have guns now but they will in a short period of time.

            As for the brain dead voters we see every election. You are correct.

            People need to understand that they won’t take anything away from me and you, but “THEY WILL TAKE IT AWAY FROM OUR CHILDERN AND GRANDCHILDREN”. I can’t stand for that, and I hope you won’t either. This like Medical, Education, Work.


            • Sgt,
              I qualified as a military Security policeman for shooting, it was required as I was avionics technician on world wide mobility.
              It required yearly qualification.
              I was never officially trained to shoot like that, but as a kid
              I learned to shoot right, left handed, and all sorts of
              weird positions to hunt things.
              I’m very sure I’m not unique and I’m sure armed nutcase Liberals don’t stand a chance against the “Silent minority”
              My Daughter killed a deer recently, my grandson is a bookworm, but I’m pretty sure he is as good a hunter as he is a fisherman.

          • Rellik, I also don’t give a shit about that caravan getting shot up. I don’t know how many of our own people have been victimized by illegal aliens. It’s got to stop at some point.

      6. I never thought I would see an American president tell a bunch of shitstain criminals to ” …go back to your country…”. Very encouraging and I may change my opinion of Trump…

      7. Maybe 800 troops are being sent to aid in ‘stopping’ 10,000 migrants for the obvious to happen?
        10,000 can easily run over 800 unarmed.

        Lots fighting this cause against invasion would want this to happen..
        Objective?? More conservatives showing up to vote.

      8. Is there anyone out there that can’t anticipate how the mainstream media will carry the story. Humanitarian crisis. People coming to America for a better life for themselves and their children. Fleeing dictatorship and corruption. Americans are all descendents of immigrants. You can almost write the stories now. Nausea time!

      9. GUARANTEED that viruses are hitching a ride on bacteria that is on top of fungus that are on some of these illegals. For the health and safety of the US public a camp must be set up on the Mexican side of the border. This will require $$$ so Hollywood needs to donate being it is the humanitarian thing to do.

      10. Forget the wall, just line the border with itchy trigger fingered troops and ammo. The caravan will be treated to ice cream and like celebrities.

      11. Hell just heard on Fox News that there is another bunch gathering to come in behind this first wave of invaders.

        Stop it now before we have to. Soap Box, Voting Box, Ammo Box, let us hope it doesn’t come to this.


      12. Send one of those AC-130 gunships over the caravan for a strafing pass. Any survivors will immediately have second thoughts and run away.

        • DR,
          A-10 works better.
          and there is a lot of them
          locally available.
          I worked on both aircraft.

          • Rellik, the A-10 works better? OK, I’ll support that one.

          • The spectre has ALOT more firepower. ALOT. It can absolutely destroy a football field size piece of ground in about 2 seconds

      13. No border, no country………

        • No country can make any claims of sovereignty without secure borders.

      14. The last caravan only 200 where allowed to apply for asylum and only three where granted it. I say water cannons. Hose them down if they try to cross the border. Then Give them blankets infested with fleas and lice and scabies. Place hives of killer bees at the remote trails that illegals use to enter illegally. Heck with a wall dig a moat filled with hungry gators and crocks.

        • There might be some sonic weapons or tear gas and other such deterrents that might be helpful as well.

        • Fill those water cannons with something like K-Y Jelly and they might be effective.

          Be fun to watch the results as well.

      15. Forget sending messages. We have enough psychopaths and sociopaths that would gladly, willingly, joyfully kill in the name of cold blood, the Rule of Law, and legal immigration.

        Bring in the drones, C-130 gunships, and plenty of napalm. A few fuel air MOABs will work just fine.

        However, this will never happen. Our fully-dysfunctional government is complicit in bringing these caravans into the country. They cannot say who is funding these caravans? Lying sacks of shit. Of course they know.

        • If the person(s) funding these caravans would put the same amount of money into fixing their own countries, maybe they’d have a country to be proud of.

          • You could say the exact same thing about the people of the United States.

            Instead of fixing California, people are fleeing the state for greener pastures. Eventually, you run out of greener pastures. What then?

            Look at New York State. The Cuomo Family Mafia have been in control of the state since the 1980s. That is tyranny. The state is owned by the Cuomos, owned by Michael Bloomberg, and run by the likes of the “New York Times.” Meanwhile, the state has been in non-stop decline for over 50-years.

            You don’t fix this kind of nonsense at the ballot box. You take up arms and cull the herd.

            • Yup,
              You burn it to the ground and start from scratch

              • Absolutely. The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time.

      16. People seem to forget who is ruling this world (Jesus). This is his world and he will do what is written in the Bible. Judgment is coming to to the U.S. because you (not me ) have taken him our of our government, our schools, our jobs, our homes, and at our dinner table ( and much more you can think of). He did not die and stay dead, He is here now and will live forever. So what you think you are getting away with sin in you lives,just remember God and Jesus is watching you and there will be judgment one day and we all will answer for what we have done in our lives down her on earth. If you think we live a long time and just think of having fun( up to 120 years old), just wait most of you will spend eternity in hell with with satin.

        • I like some of what you have to say. Your first sentence is wrong, the bible makes it very clear satan is ruling this world.

          Not hating on you by any means, just open that Bible up and keep reading please.

      17. I don’t know about you but if I was trying to sneak in I wouldn’t be in a freaking caravan.

      18. Say goodbye to the minimum wage. Trump can’t do anything to stop them. They know the wall is coming. Get in while you can !

      19. Even if nobody in the caravan gets violent/weapons (which is about 0% chance) paid operatives will insight the violence on behalf of the caravan and I think this is going to get ugly.

        This is a bought and paid for operation, it will make the right look bad! If I’m wrong it will be something else really big right before nov6.

      20. I always think follow the money. Ok this invading Mob is at present good for the Republicans. Mexico could have stopped them. But what they actually did was not let the busses be used to transport. It think Trump made money promises to Mexice to stall and hinder the Mob so they don’t reach the border until after the mid term elections. Those folks will not be able to reach the border if they are limited to the Shoe Sole express. All The Mexican officials need to do is arrest anyone paying the mob money providing food or providing them transportation. And confiscate the money ,food and vehicles. It would peter out in a few days. So I think it will be stalled until after November 6th. Then it will be stripped of the enabling assets. And to quote forrest Gump Just like that it will become a exidious in the opposite direction. Think about it stay in mexico walking no food or money in the heat. Or ride in a air cond bus back to the southern border. Remember Trump is a great deal maker and thinks long term. Chess to checkers. Trump is in all probability Happy and gleeful that this Mob happened. He will now get funding for the wall. He will now get the change in immigration Laws He wants. Donald Trump for all his faults is the Best President since Harry Truman.

      21. when people post tough comments about what to do I always wonder if the poster is a government person on contractor hired to entrap people

        • tough beans!

      22. The wildlings are coming! Wait they wanna hide behind our wall we haven’t built yet?

      23. Too many here think the Demoncraps want Freedom
        not war. WRONG they do NOT WANT FREEDOM, they
        want SOCIAL DICTATORSHIP. The senate demoncraps
        want NO BORDERS so they can dictate us into a ONE
        WORLD GOVMT. They are promising everything FREE to
        like a rat trap uses bait.

        Once Dems are voted into office
        they take the freebies away becase they (like CA) will have
        no money….once broken…..China, Russia, Saudi’s, and
        who knows, will sweep up the crmbs. They are here and waiting.

        How do you like living under Sharia-Law? Earning $1 a day if that??
        Having no benefits, no savings, no health care, nothing!! Can’t
        work, or won’t work where they tell you to work, you will die a long
        unpleasant death. They will use your childern for sex objects, marry them
        and take them from you at age 6 years for whatever they desire.

        Young people today have no idea…….they don’t read news or listen to
        truthful and factual news sites. They would not believe it even if it hit them up
        side the head.

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