Official Ruling Class Studies Prove COVID “Vaccines” Do Not Work

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Headline News

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    Official studies from ruling class sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are proving that the COVID-19 “vaccines” do not work; at least not in the way that the public was told that they do. These studies are raising the alarm of potential harm and injuries that could come from being injected with the mRNA technology. 

    The findings of these studies are disturbing at best and suggest that the slave class has been lied to about the shots from the beginning.  Vaccinated individuals may be at higher risk of contracting and spreading the alleged COVID-19 virus, according to three official sources.  They also suggest that the “vaccines” may increase susceptibility to infection.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    These revelations have serious implications for the still ongoing vaccination efforts and call into question the reasoning behind ever mandating the public to take these experimental injections. Once shown as ineffective and unsafe, it’s now clear that these shots were never about health or wellness.

    A shocking CDC study has shown that vaccinated individuals are more likely to contract and spread Covid-19 than unvaccinated individuals.

    1 Million COVID Vaccinated Have Died in England Compared to Just 61k Unvaccinated in 2 years

    Out of 469 cases studied among Massachusetts residents who attended public gatherings, a staggering 346 were among vaccinated individuals, with 74% of them experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and 1.2% being hospitalized. In contrast, the remaining 123 cases were among the unvaccinated population, with only 1 person being hospitalized (0.8%), and no deaths occurring in either group.

    The study also found that viral loads were very similar among the vaccinated and unvaccinated, indicating that both groups were equally infectious, according to a report by The Daily Exposé.

    Another study from Oxford University revealed that a Covid-19 vaccine can actually increase the likelihood of contracting and spreading the virus. This makes sense, considering some of the sociopaths in the ruling class have now claimed that the “vaccines” were not about preventing transmission anyway.

    Pfizer Executive Admits COVID “Vaccines” Were Not About Preventing Transmission

    So what were these shots about? If they don’t prevent death, and hospitalization, decrease viral load, and lessen the chances of transmission and infection, what good are they? We have some guesses:

    Pfizer Docs & Official Real-World Data Prove COVID Vaccines Already Causing Mass Depopulation


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