Officers Who Shot Idaho Rancher in Bull Incident “Smug and Almost Celebratory”

by | Nov 11, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 101 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: We have a police problem in this country. Yes, the agenda driven media has harped on many cases recently to exploit the idea that this is a black community vs. police problem. But that is only part of the issue. The problems of immunity have given police hubris and god like powers to abuse the law and constitution.

    Here is a blatant case of above-the-law murder and wanton recklessness. In a detailed account, the family has called it a “senseless murder.” According to the account,  the cops were trigger happy, forceful and unapologetic about what happened, and yet the death of a man accused of no crime whatsoever happened for no good reason. It wasn’t a grey situation where Jack Yantis was a suspect or a threat. He was a rancher preparing to put down a hurt and unstable animal who was aiming his weapon at bull from point blank range. 

    The situation was escalated without due cause. It was a remote open range grazing area where the old man and his family raised his cattle; the car crash with the two-thousand pound bull was tragic, yet hardly consequential to what happened next. The police seemed to have no context for why Yantis was on the scene, but should have. The way they treated the family afterwards, and disregarded the dying man and the dying bull was inexcusable and had no justification. The roughing up of the family, which induced a panic heart attack in Yantis’ wife, was serious insult to injury. Will the body cams reveal the cruel indifference and aggressiveness of the police who only see red? Or is there more to the story? If the account of several eyewitnesses holds true, no amount of police “training” will ever solve this type of issue. Only an end to shielding the worst individuals on the force can change these patterns of abuse. This one is a real outrage.

    Here’s What Really Happened to the Idaho Rancher Who Was Killed By Police

    by Joshua Krause

    When the death of Idaho rancher Jack Yantis was first reported, the details surrounding his case were sparse. According to the police, one of his bulls had escaped his property before getting hit by a station wagon on Highway 95. The irate bull was charging at emergency responders and police officers, who were trying to help the injured passengers that were still in the car. So the police decided to contact Yantis, and asked him to take care of his animal.

    Yantis showed up to the scene with his rifle as Adams County deputies were preparing to put the bull down. An altercation ensued between Yantis and two deputies, who eventually shot him. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and his wife suffered a near fatal heart attack after hearing the news.

    That was the official timeline of events when this story first broke last week. However, that account neglects the fact that Jack’s wife and nephew witnessed the entire incident, and they’ve recently released a very different version of what happened.

    Rowdy Paradis, Yantis’ nephew, said that when he arrived at the scene of the accident he found the bull lying in the grass near the driveway of the ranch. Yantis told Paradis to get a rifle so he could put the bull out of its misery, but meanwhile the two deputies at the scene opened fire, wounding the bull but failing to kill it. When Yantis pointed his rifle at the bull’s head to end its suffering, Paradis said, a deputy grabbed him from behind, spun him around, and grabbed the rifle. The rifle may have gone off during the scuffle, and both deputies opened fire, killing Yantis.

    Yantis’ wife, Donna, who had a heart attack after witnessing the shooting, confirmed her nephew’s account in a video recorded at the hospital. After the shooting, she said, the deputies “threatened me and my nephew, Rowdy Paradis, threw us on the middle of Highway 95, searched us and handcuffed us, and wouldn’t let us go take care of Jack.” The deputies would not let anyone euthanize the bull either. “The bull ended up lying there for two hours,” Paradis said, “suffocating in his own lung blood because they shot him in the gut.”

    According to Jack’s wife, they didn’t do anything to help him as he lay dying in the grass. His nephew has gone on to say that the officers had a “smug and almost celebratory” attitude as they retrieved the rifle from his body.

    When this story first broke, it was frequently referred to as a “shootout,” and one of the deputies claimed that he was “grazed” by a bullet. One of the family friends who was present for the shooting has called that claim a lie, saying “there was no blood, no torn thread, no powder burn… nothing.” This was no shootout. It was as Jack’s daughter described it, “a senseless murder.”

    And as is typical in these cases, there may be no video evidence of the altercation. The dash cams for the squad cars were not turned on, and while the police have said that the officers were carrying body cameras, nobody knows if they captured the death of Jack Yantis. This story sounded pretty bad last week, but as more facts and testimonies are presented to the public, it just keeps getting worse.


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      1. That’s a lot of bull.

        • Nobama, I’m with you all the way on this one. I saw this article a couple of days ago at Steve Quayle’s site. This was a totally unjustifiable incident which wasn’t handled right after all. And today’s breed of cops wonder what the public has against them? Someone needs to ask, “What do cops have against the American people?” WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF YOUR CORRUPTION, YOUR DOUBLE STANDARDS, YOUR SLAVEMASTER AND THUGGISH ATTITUDES TOWARD US, YOUR PHYSICAL ABUSE, YOUR THEFT OF OUR PERSONAL PROPERTY IN THE NAME OF CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE YOUR UNJUSTIFIABLE PHYSICAL ATTACKS, UNJUSTIFIABLE SHOOTINGS, ETC. YOUR TIME IS COMING WHEN THE BALLOON GOES UP. For the good cops who never do any of those things, you will have nothing to fear from us. Those 2 who shot that rancher in cold blood had better be watching their sixes. “Accidents” still happen on occasion.

          • If there were any “good” cops, they would have been working to prosecute the bad ones instead of staying quiet and covering up for them.

            • There are ‘good cops’ out there, but they are often co-workers of clowns like these. Unlike big cities, most small towns have little more than a sheriff to investigate or prosecute ( no internal affairs department). Co-workers are not going to get any help investigating their colleagues. Whether you bump into the ‘good cop’ or the ‘bad cop’ is often just a matter of luck.

              The real moral here (paraphrasing the famous line) — is to NEVER pull out a gun when you are anywhere near a cop – unless you plan on using it on the cops! (And you should probably think that one through very carefully before you do)!

              • I agree with you that there are good police officers on the job,however there is a plan afoot to bring the public to be at odds with each other and the ones we are supposed to trust. These officers were probably influenced by something they do not understand or believe in. People with strong Faith and understanding of the Scriptures know what we are witnessing has been foretold and will continue. Put on the Armor of God and try to warn others that what has been foretold will be fulfilled to the letter, as always.

          • i agree braveheart….kudos to the GOOD cops in america…BOTH OF ‘EM!

            • If this report is true, these bastards need to FRY!!! 🙁

              • dk
                instead they will be given paid time off, then a cool nickname like “bam bam” or “bullseye” (get it) and then ultimately promoted.

                Well I’m Proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free……….

                Support the police….USA!!!!

                Lee Greenwood rocks!!! USA!!!! Woooooo!!!

            • Yes, I suspect in a county such as this, that justice will occur by the locals. It is always best if there is no soma to be found. I thought I was alone in my thoughts, yet the more I talk with others, the more common these thoughts are, the cure for satanism is the Pb cerebral suppository.

              • Rhonda

                What you or I call justice, fox news and all other msm’s and cop sucking politicians call “the war on police”. Kind of like the video I saw the other day with the squealing screeching lady pig who double tapped the UNARMED man in the back whilst tasing him. Of course he’s dead, it was on body camera (boy those things sure help) and she was cleared of any wrong doing. I can imagine what I would be doing if that were my father murdered by a lady and she is still walking up and down the street with her shiny lil gun and badge and taser. Black lives matter movement has separated a lot of the people who realize we are moving head on 100mph into a police state and they are being trained to treat and kill citizens as though we were insurgents in a foreign country, and there is VERY VERY little accountability for their actions. If there ever is a real war on police, you can bet it is a war they started a war fighting back against police aggression and oppression and you can damn well bet which side I will be on.

            • These MFers need to be exterminated and they will be. they may commit genocide against us, lock us away for good and assassinate good people like JFK, Putin or whoever… but what they are really dealing with is the Great Spirit and he will not allow their shit to go on forever… Indeed, it is all changing now. In Greece, MILLIONS were in the street yesterday/today, protesting Austerity and other shit by the bastards at the top. And the courts recently ruled here in the US that it is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL for the government to spy on us…. Putin finally got the nerve to confront the US and thanks to him, brought in the Light in the Mideast, to the chagrin of the corrupt US officials.. things ARE changing for the better. It is not a matter of us versus them (the “elite”); It is a matter of the Great Spirit versus them and so their crappy assed dinosaur days are numbered… the Light and Truth are coming through…

          • The elusive ‘Good cops’ will indeed suffer along with ‘bad’ cops. Cops seem to not care whether a victim is innocent, and don’t even give a thought to cops’ victims’ families. Sorry coppers, YOU started this.

          • fuckin A right. Literally a million people have bought “how to make a silencer” books and videos. wtf do the cops “think” we want silencers FOR, hmmm?

        • I lived close to there years ago and I knew Jack when he was a Treecutter.

          A lot of things dont make sense here.

          Where is the body cams and the dash cams.

          I know the sheriff there wears body cams
          They say that there is no dashcam footage because the cameras were off. The only way the cameras could be off is that the emergency lights were off. Now show me one accident at night where every light on every cop car wasent flashing.
          There were 2 sheriff there so there were 2 cruisers. Perhaps one was off but both? No way.
          Jack lived about 300 ft from the location of the accident. The bull was sitting on his driveway.
          He went to the bull on a ATV and parked right in front of it and someone else arrived on a skidsteer. Im sure they did not sneak up on the cops.
          The Sheriff dispatch called Jack while he was having dinner with his family, Knew it was his bull and asked him to take care of it. This is normal procedure. Cops hate to shoot livestock on the road. Too much paperwork and too much liability. All the data given out about the initial encounter was from the sheriff and completely biased against Jack.
          Some Cops here need to go to jail.

          • “Where is the body cams and the dash cams.”

            I read that these jack boots had BOTH and they were BOTH turned off. I take this as tacit admission that they were in fact on and recorded murder by jackboot.

            I fucking hate cops, and I loathe you stupid ass so-called limited govt conservatives that ignore this shit because you support the men in blue. But no, I do NOT agree with the black lives matter nutbags that cops need to be ambushed and murdered. Two wrongs…

            • Nunya, I understand your points but let’s take it easy here. My relatives got out of LE back in the 90s just when the militarization of their former profession was beginning. They knew what was coming and quit. They wouldn’t have any part of it. This was BEFORE 9/11 and the creation of DHS.

            • I’m sure all the cameras were off ‘inadvertently’.

          • Ed, You know i grew up being taught to respect police officers, that they were men of honor, that you could look up to and trust. I was also taught to have faith in our justice system, that people who were wronged, could get a fair shake from our criminal justice system. Boy have times changed, it seems that almost daily you read about crooked cops who are caught stealing, and lying, or even worse, they killed some innocent man or woman. Then they get off without being charged for any crime!!!

            Next we read about corrupt D.A.’s who withhold evidence during a trail, just so they can get a conviction. Then you read about shady judges getting caught taking bribes, or making deals with the D.A. to convict an innocent man so they can look tough on crime for an upcoming election.

            I see this family’s situation like this, not only are both deputies lying, but the Sheriff is lying too. Both squad car cameras turned off, along with both deputies body cameras being turned off too, no way, this is a cover up! The problem is this, in small towns the D.A., Sheriff, and Judge all know one another. Hell, they may even be related to one another.

            So they will all close ranks to protect these two deputies from ever seeing the inside of a court room. Now if this family thinks they are going to get a fair investigation using the local Sheriffs office, or the state police, their dreaming!!! You mark my words, even if the state police say they should be charged. When the local D.A. puts this in front of a Grand Jury it will come back as “No Bill” meaning no indictment for these two deputies, they get off scott free for killing this man.

            I hate to say it, but with the way things are now a days, if this family wants justice for Jack Yantis,they need to seek it themselves, old testament style!

            • What’s the fkn point of a national drive to put cameras on every cop, at a cost of millions to taxpayers, IF THEIR USE IS DISCRETIONARY? Those cops should be immediately fired for not having their cameras up and working and in focus. That too, should be the law.



          WHAT GOOD IS THAT?

          • It’s a mystery! Maybe if you think about it long and hard enough, you’ll figure it out.

          • So’s your mom but I do it anyway.

          • Some people have small equipmtent :). Noise is negative attention. Peace.

          • AE–I agree, but how is this news? If you buy a Harley, you have to add at least $10K to the price so you can buy a decent bike to ride while your Harley is down.

          • Maybe a Huffy might be more to your liking? Put a nice gel seat on it to cushion your sensitive lil tushy…

            If you can’t handle it, stay the fuck off of it – it’ll be safer for all of us.

            Live To Ride, Ride To Live

          • And look who’s talking about “FUCKING LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS”

            • Sixpack, good to see you back. AE deserves everything he gets, and MORE.






          • Ok that’s better. I’m with ya.

        • Becareful what wish for The Southern poverty law center now teaches our Police and deputies. i have talked to Sheriff Giddings on this. He has sent Sheriff Zollman a email stating that he do a good investigation and if there is room for doubt as to their innocence that those 2 deputies must face their accusers.
          Idaho Law enforcement must carry themselves above the teachings of a known Communist group called the Southern poverty Law center.

          • Quisno, welcome, and let me add ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE US need to totally disregard anything and everything coming from the SPLC. They are not a reliable source of information.

        • If their car and body cams were off and he were an “inner city youth” the coverage would be wall to wall 24/7.
          The victims color doesn’t further the agenda.

      2. shoot FIRST and ask questions NEVER!..that’s their official policy nowadays.

      3. its too bad that a lot of people havent figured this all out yet

        and im not just talking about this story

      4. What ever happened to serve and protect??

        • Oh yeah… serve lead and protect their own asses. Its got a whole new meaning these days.

        • It is certainly not to serve and protect we the people. It is meant to serve and protect themselves and their superiors.

        • the first AND last word for the cops now is SELF…..SELF-serving and protect your SELF.

      5. As a retired law enforcement officer, with 3 different departments; town, city, county, I am very familiar with the training and attitude of today’s cops. Believe me when I tell you that they do have a “Them against us” attitude. Everyone they encounter they are trained to treat as a suspected Terrorist.
        And “Civil Forfeiture” has made it much worse, because now every stop may now be financially beneficial to the local government, the Police Department, and the individual officer, who all split the proceeds.
        “You can get this back at the station”, is another line they are taught. Good Luck with that!
        Trust me when I tell you that today’s Cop is not your friend!

        • ChiefPontiac, you sound like one of the good ones. I have 2 retired deputies and 1 retired state trooper in my family who are ‘old school’ cops and totally reject what their chosen profession has turned into.

          • reject it enough to call it out?..on the record? like actually do something about it..or just “talk about it”.. sad to say I probably already know the answer

            you know where im heading with this Braveheart , and i know you will not take this as a personal attack , unlike some others

            • Almost all of my fammily were cops of some sort back many generations. The ones who were cops have either retired or just plain quit due to the politics of the job today. Today none are cops.

              • My younger cousin just became a cop and it’s sad and sickening to see the change in him already, and to make it worse that’s all we get to talk about now when he’s around. How he tased this person or punched that person, and of course anytime there is a controversial police story on the news he automatically supports the police without question. I find myself just having to walk away from the conversations these days. It gets so tiring

            • EOTS, I know you mean well and I’m know it’s NOT personal. I can’t go into any details but my relatives were sincerely and firmly against what has happened to their chosen profession. They refused to have any part of it. They became cops because they wanted to HELP people, NOT to hurt them. They were taught in the academy that cops aren’t supposed to be dirty; they’re supposed to have honesty and integrity. Those things aren’t taught in the academies anymore thanks to the feds since 9/11.

        • They keep that attitude up and eventually their fears about everyone they encounter will come true.

        • “Trust me when I tell you that today’s Cop is not your friend!”

          ChiefPontiac – that is absolutely correct, and thanks for being one of the good guys in Blue.
          Today’s cops are trained right out of the IDF Training Manual.

          There is a reason why the IDF and this newer wave of LEO have a lot of similarities between their style of lawless and recklessness.

          • FTW ,Anarchy is not the answer, Honor the true blue, sack the black blue. I personally know more true than black. That being said, The Israeli Defense people respond as needed to the muslim death cult threat.Our situation isn’t there yet, but soon will be.

            • 724

              How do you tell the difference? And I ask that honestly?

              The only good cop is a ________ cop.

              Who would like to fill in that blank for me. I’d like to know what is a good cop, or this true blue 724 is talking about. When you have a force/gang that sees themselves as absolutely loyal first and foremost to their gang, well then I guess when you have a war against one, you have a war against all. So everyone wearing a uniform is accountable and equal in my eyes. I’m sure a lot of good germans died in wwII, a lot of good japs died too, Do you get my point?

      6. To all badges out there and I mean all! YOU’RE DAY OF RECKONING FAST APPROACHES!!!!!!!!

        • evil flourishes when good men do nothing

          • that statement leaves me wondering…why haven’t the citizens surrounded the police department and prosecutors office…DEMANDING justice…..where are the pitchforks and torches in america these days…is there NO citizen to stand up to these jackals?…THIS is the gubmint our forefathers gave U.S. a second amendment for.

      7. I live in Idaho and know the area this happened–it isn’t much different than any ranching area in Idaho. Old time ranchers with family ties going back generations. This murder will be dealt with, hopefully legally prosecuted. If not, the local ranchers will not let one of their own be murdered and not go unanswered. Shit happens out in the open range—and then gets buried. I hope things work out peacefully, lawfully.

        • 100 acres and a backhoe…

        • I hear people saying stuff like that all the time.

          Nothing ever comes of it, except for what Negro’s occasionally do in the big cities.

        • mental, hopefully like they dealt with the wolves they released years ago. Disappear one at a time. Gee I wonder what happened….

        • Same here…. lots of open desert on Nevada! I pray for the ranchers wife & family… full support that this was murder and did not have to happen. May he get justice one way or another….

      8. The old farts have mostly retired. They were some good and a lot of asses, but they are history. The new breed of cops are young ones who grew up with working mothers, step mothers, and TV mothers (sex and violence and really stupid stupid stupid white people). Is it no wonder these screwed up law enforcement officers have no appreciation for the concept of ethics, the meaning and beauty of The Law, or respect for their fellow American citizens. Pity them for they too are victims in this warped culture that has been shoved down the throats of every one of us. If you love your self, your family, and your Country take the revolutionary stand of disconnecting from the matrix of TV and movies and disgusting “music”. Then we can discuss police misconduct. Otherwise we are just spinning our wheels and a bunch of hypocrites because it starts with brainwashing and ends in wonton death and destruction here and abroad.

      9. “So the police decided to contact Yantis, and asked him to take care of his animal.”

        And lets not forget why Mr. Yantis was there in the first place…

        The same group of murderers who shot him…
        are the ones that called him there.

        • yep.


        • I am from Idaho and believe me I know what a fuckin shithole orwiellian police state that place is! I left that nazi assed shithole 25 years ago and it was pretty bad then. The last time I was there was 13 years ago and god it was horrible! Everyone was bitching about all the cops all over the place and nailing people for every petty thing there was. We went and has a beer at a bar and within 1/2 block of leaving were stopped by the pigs! No reason at all and we weren’t drunk and didn’t do anything wrong AT ALL! They just watch and try and prey on anyone they can. After a good shakedown by the pig he let us go. This is the same for central Idaho as I have friends there that say the same thing. Stay away drom Idaho it is an orwiellian dream pig state dream come true!

          • I could go on for days with nazi cop stories from Idaho. And those were from years ago, I can’t even imagine what it is now.

            • Oh wait! There is one safe place from the pigs in Idaho! The 50 square mile chinese zone south of Boise. The only US law allowed there is the US Marshalls. I doubt the chinese cops are nearly as bad as the US/local pigs.

              • The Sinomech plan never went thru and the guy in Idaho who planned it was either fired or quit. I cant remember which.

              • And Rawles is always swearing up and down “The American Redoubt” is the place to be. Genius, I traveled through there back in 2000 and had some trouble there, but it’s another story for another time. Also, it’s too damn cold in the Pacific Northwest.

          • I have cousin in Idaho.
            We never had a problem.
            I even know who did
            the rock in Twin falls
            High school.

            Cops there are bad,
            but everyone knows
            where they live.

            • Oh ya twin falls, I came up on 93 one time and was pulled over just over the border for nothing, Cop said he couldn’t read my plate. What a load of shit. Shook me down for like 20 minutes and let me go. I had out of state plates was the only thing out of the norm. Fuck Idaho, fook twin falls and fook that whole south and central piece of nazi shit!

              • Drove thru South dakota, Wyoming and Utah thru a massive blizzard at about 20 MPH on the freeway going to California. The blizzard let up when I was getting into Arizona. Drove that 30 mile stretch thru arizona then into Nevada. Just as soon as I exited the mountains there at mesquite I was pulled over by a state trooper. ot a $240 ticket because all of the frozen mud and ice was blocking my plate. I went to court and the judge upheld the ticket.

          • 02, OOPS, I mean genius, how have you been? Shot the huge doe stealing the chicken scratch.

      11. It is a sad day in America, everyday a citizen is gunned down by a trigger happy cop.

        Sadly, there are too many of those trigger happy types, on an ego trip, that overshadow the good cops.

        Imprisonment for unjustifiable homicide done by a cop, is what is needed to help digress the current “macho” cop mindset.

        USSAG is crumbling from within.

        • PWTW, if enough of the bad ones started disappearing, maybe the rest of the bad ones will get the message and clean up their act. Considering how today’s breed are, they don’t really have a leg to stand on.

          • Exactly right Braveheart – I’m surprised that we don’t hear about so and so cop having an “accident” or committed “suicide” with 3 to the chest and 2 to the head routine.

            There is no story of this nature that I am aware of … but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if these stories started to become or soon to be more relevant.

            • FTW, I also believe that will start happening soon. What comes around goes around.

      12. I have a close family relative who went thru mil. police training in the Marines, two “tours” in Iraq, and now is having second thoughts about a career in LE.
        Trouble is, it’s hard to find a job if you’re a white twenty-something.

      13. Most retired cops I know wouldn’t touch the job today. Lousy pay,no respect and no backup from the politicians. ain’t what it used to be.

        • ” Lousy pay”?

          I retired from an Oil Refinery. The local cops made more than the operators in the refinery and that was the highest paid blue collar job anywhere. The officers were making $100+K year and I’ll tell you with lots of perks that weren’t on the record. Drive drunk; no problem. Speeding? Forgetaboutit. Buy breakfast even off duty, “Officer don’t worry about it”. Drinks in the bar, you guessed it, free. The Troopers were obnoxious and the bar owner started charging them. Retaliation; pull over everyone leaving that bar. Drinks resumed, “On the house”.

          Its worse in Philadelphia where every two decades the entire special narcotics detectives all go to jail for bribery and selling confiscated dope. Who catches them? The FBI as Internal Affairs is that say no evil, see no evil, hear no evil. There job is to limit “Department Embarrassment”.

          Serpico & American Gangster are not fiction movies.

          Corruption in the US is Institutionalized as money has long ago replaced morals.

        • Low pay my ass! The not too far big city near me pays the pigs 6 figures! They make more than fbi there.


        Stories and incidents like this make my phucking stomock sick. As usual, asshole stupid cops like that damage the reputation of good citizen type cops, who are constructive sensible thinkers. Had the cops let Yantis do his stuff, the cops and Yantis would have been friends from then on, everything would be cool. But no, these two assholes had to shoot the mans bull, then shoot Yantis, killing and murdering him in cold blood. This is why i believe that the wrong incident is going to trigger a revolutionary was in this country in the very near future. I cannot emphasize this enought to let cops understand that its not a good thing to keep killing, murdering citizens, that one day, if the citizens rise up, that they are coming for you guys. I would hate to see this happen in America.

        Maybe SGT Sarge can comment and give us a different perspective on this situation..Since Sarge will be in the 3-5,000,000 and will survive and may need to educate you dumb phucks who like killing citizens all over the coutry, to convince you all to stop the crap, straighen up and prep.

        Most cops are good people, but 25% of them seem to be on a power trip, that like to threaten and over power people. I am friends with a few cops and they tell me that people, most of them, they can tell are constantly uncomfortable in their presence publically, etc, and that it bothers them. Houston cops are not like that for the most part. The police stations and leadership under Governor Abbot and former Rick Perry straightened out the departments and worked within the law to protect its citizens, and have done a good job for the most part. You bad cops that are reading my post, i am sure you disagree since you are with the pope, Agenda 21, etc, support jihadist and have converted to islam. I highly recomend that you change your behavior, because i talk to scieintist and he knows whats coming. 850,000 cops and all the combinded police forces of this country per the prepper formula of

        Cops and the ELE formulat of Future SHTF.

        350,000,000/48 states=50-100,000/survivors per sate/end game prepper wars/3 yrs later=5,000 preppers, per sate and 3-5,000,000 total survirors.. not to forget to mention the stinking atmosphere of decaying and rotting dead bodies fouling up the air in all major cities as the ground water and bayou waters get contimated with bacteria from dead stinking bodies all over.

        That leaves 3 cops from the work force per state. No what will the preppers and crazies do when they spot you?

        Cops are already extinct and not in the equation of survival. The ones that are have Prepped such as Prepper cops, and other types of law enforcement.

        Since Ted Koppel visited the ina smi piss state of panic, and odered a bunch of preps for his children, and family. Must have been some of his cabalist overlords, telling him, Teddy boy, you better get ready, we are going to pull the plug, EMP the crap out of the US, then Kopple is now telling the company that a cyber Hack, is heading our way, must be the same time frame that ” Gusifer, the Romanian Hackder” who hacked into the emails of the elites, and read the communication with them talking about how they are ready to kill off the American people with some hack, EMP type of event. Kopple, and his so called hacker BS excuse, to get freeze dried food, and you can log on to the site to see him sorry ass photographed with company staff.


        We are preppers know whats coming. So bad cops who like to threathen, shoot citizens, etc, remember that when your a cop, all of the people in your area and subdivisions, know you are. And if you continue to threaten them in the calapse, shoot people on your street, etc during that time, the people are going to take action, and your not going to survive.


        According to him, most cops are phucked.

        One cop told me that 97% of the cops who are most of the police forces in the country do not prep, do not have a single extra stash of survival food. Luckily our cops here locally have been listening to us, and have formed prepper cop groups and have opened up friendships with red necks, veterans, etc and opened up dialogue to let citizens in the area know that its not necessary to liquidate them, that they are here to help control the caos during calapse, since they have seen the evidence that its coming.



        Yep, the country is phucked, this is ample evidence of it.

        • Well, I have to admit that if ” scientist” says this, then it’s got to be TRUE. What does plumber say? How about dentist? Has anyone heard from train engineer? Why aren’t these guys being asked what’s coming down the road? Is it true that Dave Hodges has a plan to push Niburu away from the Earth? Where is Alex Jones and how is he involved with the end? Can mikey Snyder make any money off it somehow? So many questions……

      15. Off topic(there is a surprise,Warchild off topic!)but wanted to say happy Veterans Day to all the current and retired vets out there,may the future hold more peace in the world though not holding me breath on that one.

        • It’s kind of sad that it took so long for someone to mention what day it is and the debt we owe. Thanks, Warchild.

          • I suppose in a way it is sad … but … to the Government, Veterans Day is not about “remembrance”. It’s about “glorifying” war.

            If our Government truly cares about past/present/future Veterans on a humanly, compassionate level. Then why do they still continue to shit on them habitually on a daily basis?

            The Government didn’t care for them then, and by their actions to this day, they still do not care about their well being now.
            I feel bad for those who have been duped/drafted into the lies and ended up being killed, maimed, and scared for life physically and mentally.

            Government and Trust, is like Oil and Water.
            The simply do not mix well together.

          • Justice

            While one admires bravery and sacrifice our military has been working for Wall Street not your protection.. Read, War Is A Racket by USMC MG Smedley Butler two time MOH Recipient.

            We owe a debt to the WWII vets. The last real war (and even that upon investigation had some suspect roots). Read “Trading With The Enemy”. Read about US Senator Prescott Bush.

            Sorry but every war after WWII had Wall Street Banksters wrote all over it. The VC weren’t coming to Los Angeles and neither were the North Koreans. Where are those “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” and what was the result? The destruction of the Iraq government and the continued use of the USD for the sale of oil. Same thing in Libya with both having a side note. Terrorists now have those countries but don’t fret the real mission is accomplished, “They will accept the USD as the only payment for their oil”.

            • K2, sad but true. Even before WW2 all wars were banker wars. If people want to commemorate this day then pray that the vets wake up and see what they have been duped into and warn others what the war racket really is. If you want to celebrate, then do it by offing a banker…

        • Happy Veterans Day!

          Semper Fi

          Gunny O

      16. americans allow the shit, so deal with it

      17. This is why people must use caution when dealing with law enforcement. They are not there to be your friend, they are there to collect or extort as much money and criminalize as many ordinary people as possible in conjunction with out of control corrupt courts and government.. Many who put on a gun and bage for the state are dangerous psychpaths who will kill your family for the supremacy of the state and do it with impunity.

        Police have been training under dhs and SPLC directives that everyone is a terrorist especially those pesky constitutionalists. Law enforcement is no longer the peace officers of the past that were there to protect people from the government they have been slowly incrementally transitioning into enforcers of the state that are there to protect the state from the people.

        This kind of behavior is going to continue and get much worse. The good guys are being weeded out and replaced with the psychpath who will follow orders.

        Times are changing, we have a completely out of control government and officers like the ones in this article are a product of that lawlessness.

        And may karma come back around in favor of the ranchers family.

      18. I hate cops, everyone of them. Blue line my ass. They all suck.

      19. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution did away with government’s so-called “police powers” and, instead, made the People their own, and only their own police–no one else’. Government police or military are a treasonous invasion and occupation against the sovereignty of the People’s free States. That’s why the People declare they have the right to keep and bear Arms. They will have to learn uncounterable tactics for their arms to be of any use for that purpose.

      20. Someone wanted Yantis’ ranch. Mark it down. If I was an AG…I’d look at these murderous’ pigs bank accounts…start there. Then I’d investigate the whole department for corruption.

      21. Where I disagree is with the premise of these “out of control” being a NEW problem – it’s not limited to the young guys coming on the force – it’s certainly can’t be tagged solely because military gear is available to them …. it boils to their individual mentality and morality – if you think that the badge gives you the right to do whatever you want – good chance you’ll get away it …. the blue for blue coverup & BS excuses are just UNBELIEVABLE ….

        We have a police abuse incident in Northern Illinois that probably no one hasn’t heard about …. the revelation is that the guy was out of control his entire 30 year police career – all covered up one after the next … if this was an isolated incident – it would be different – unfortunately it isn’t – it’s just added to a loooong list of incidents in the region ….

      22. The media spun Tarantino’s remarks as though he claimed all cops were murderers. What Tarantino actually said was, “When I see murder I cannot stand by, and I have to call the murdered the murdered and I have to call the murderers the murderers.” If police are offended by such a statement, and in fact treat it as a declaration of war, then this nation faces a very serious crisis with its law enforcement culture. Even the deeply conservative National Review defended Tarantino.

        Touchiness over the slightest criticism stems partly from the blue code, which prevents police from ratting on their brotherhood. It’s rather like the Mafia’s code of silence, omertá – except police are supposed to be public servants, not a secret, criminal society. And this protectionism runs all through the judicial system, from cops to prosecutors to judges. Police are rarely charged for on-duty killings and even more rarely convicted, even when there is damning video evidence as with Eric Garner and Tamir Rice.

        Instead of addressing their problems, police and their conservative supporters blame the public. They claim activists protesting police brutality encourage violence against police, which makes their job harder and leads to greater use of force. In actuality, 2015 is shaping up to be one of the safest years for police in decades.

        There is no war on cops in any direct, coordinated, physical or violent sense. The war is one of ideas – namely, the public’s idea that police should not use extraordinary force in situations that do not call for it, a new example of which seems to surface daily. Critics like to talk about cops acting above the law in these cases. What’s worse is when they act above public scrutiny.

      23. very simple solution to this after all leagal means have been exhausted. post their names, addresses, photos, names of wife and children, schools, friends, vehicle discriptions and personal phone numbers. the ranchers next of kin should each be mailed this info…flyers should be given out at everty grocery market, every gas station, left at the postoffice, discribing in detail the events of that night… this should go on for not less than three years continually. by then they will be divorced, heavy drinkers because of the guilt they will carry forever and will probably eat the barrel of the very weapon they used to take the husband
        and father from the family who worked for a living, not just cruised around thinking the look cool and are in charge of everybodys life…what idiots!!! bullied in school..

      24. Calm down everyone. These nice cops will get to investigate themselves and I’m sure we will be told they’ve followed department policy and they were both concerned about officer safety. Let’s look at the big picture here. When you accept a job that is inherently dangerous ( though not even in the top ten of dangerous jobs) your first concern in a job were an oath to defend and protect people is taken,should be your own safety.

        • Maybe Stg Dale has something to say about his trusted brother in arms, and his suckass sidekick Bravedummy will back him up with hot internet lead.

          • No, the old ” sarge” hides out when stories like this are published. He learned from past experience when he tried to defend murderous cops as simply ” defending” themselves from ” turds”. His ass was chewed like gum so much he never gets involved anymore. But, the braying jackass braveheart doesn’t have any brain power of his own so he relies on other posters to think for him, and dale is one of his good buddies.

            • sarge could be at a local high school gym.

      25. It’s the same ole same ole. Cop kills innocent man and everyone writes a letter the editor. If you want to stop this find the sheriffs involved and go to their house and kill their families and then do the same to the sheriff. Then it will stop and justice will be served. Other wise you are just a bunch of cheap talk.

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