Odds of Coronavirus Becoming a Pandemic Jump 40% As The Virus Wipes $5 Trillion From Markets

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 6 comments

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    The odds of the coronavirus outbreak becoming a pandemic have jumped 40% recently. As nations struggle to contain this virus, it’s taking its toll on the markets too, wiping out $5 trillion.

    Cases of the new coronavirus disease are rising quickly outside China, and the odds of the outbreak turning into a pandemic have now doubled. The odds are up from 20% to 40%, according to a report from Moody’s Analytics. “Our previous assumption that the virus will be contained in China proved optimistic, and the odds of a pandemic are rising,” said the firm according to CNBC. 

    If this outbreak becomes the pandemic many are suspecting it will, the markets will take a further beating. Moody’s says that a global and U.S. recession is certain should the outbreak be labeled a pandemic.

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    “The economy was already fragile before the outbreak and vulnerable to anything that did not stick to script. COVID-19 is way off script,” the economists said. “COVID-19 came out of nowhere. It may be what economists call a black swan – a rare and inherently unforeseeable event with severe consequences,” they added.

     Coronavirus panic sent world share markets crashing again on Friday, compounding their worst week since the 2008 global financial crisis and bringing the wipeout in value terms to $5 trillion.

    The rout showed no signs of slowing as Europe’s main markets slumped 2-3 percent early on and the ongoing dive for safety sent yields on U.S. government bonds, seen as probably the securest asset in the world, to fresh record lows.

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    Your savings account is at an even bigger risk now too. Analysts are now wagering that the Federal Reserve will cut U.S. interest rates as soon as next month and other major central banks will follow to try and nurse economies through the troubles and stave off a global recession.

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      1. If it wouldn’t be the coronavirus, they would blame it on the weather. This is the longest period that the market has been in a secular bull market without a significant correction in my lifetime, coinciding with totally creative accounting gimmicks that are actually outright fraud.

        The NYSE will be shutting down supposedly because of the coronavirus and traders will be trading from home for a practice run. Why? Can everyone else work from home to protect themselves from the coronavirus if they choose to? So Bloomberg and CNBC will be interviewing traders from their homes to push their agendas? It’s been a long time since the media was not directly involved in the day to day operations of the NYSE. It will be interesting to find out how this works out, or doesn’t work out, since the markets cannot function without rumors.

        • Actually, the longest period without a major crash in my life other than the long bear market of the seventies. That is why it doesn’t make sense as an investment. There were three mutual funds in the seventies and now there are thousands. The deregulation keeps getting more severe which places investors at much higher risks. The numbers coming from business, government, and the Fed also keep getting more and more convoluted. The whole thing is such a farce now, that they do not even pretend to be credible anymore. Wall Street is a crime scene!

          • This is just Wall Street trying to lie its way out of its previous lies. The lying never ends on Wall Street, Capitol Hill, or the White House. How is it that mature adults are delusional enough to beleive that they can lie their way out of their problems?

            Afluenza seems to be more of a concern than influenza!

          • 1237 point Dow gain today. Problem solved! Corruption as usual will continue unabated Netty won.

      2. This site is quite a dedication with laser focus on the coroavirus. Mac Slavo must be the prolific coronavirus blogger on earth, with nearly hourly coronavirus updates since January.

        After the flu season ends, maybe a dedication to incidents and risks of spontaeneous combustion would fill the void of this niche market.

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        Oh , almost forgot. Your welcome folks.

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