Oceania, ‘Tis For Thee: The World of ‘1984’ Forming Now

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    “Oceania” was a nation described in George Orwell’s “1984” as being comprised of Britain (called “Airstrip One,”) and the United States. There were two other superpowers, namely Eurasia and Eastasia. Other lands rich in resources were contested over, such as Africa and assumingly South America…lands never kept by any of three Super-states for any significant period. The “flux” in conquests was exactly what the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) of our time would have termed “necessary” to justify large expenditures: War as the focal purpose, rather than the exceptional event.

    We see a parallel in today’s world with huge defense budgets and troop deployments keeping the contracts on the move and siphoning off a considerable amount of national revenues to keep the patriotic war machines moving…respective of each nation. The psychology: keep the population agitated and on a continual war-footing, using a “threat” (either real, created, or imagined) to accomplish this.

    You are witnessing the final alignment of those spheres of influence that are almost identical to the novel that Orwell wrote. Look at the situation with the alleged Russian poisoning of an intelligence operative and his daughter in Britain. The United States showed “solidarity” with Great Britain by expelling 60 Russian diplomats and closed the Russian consulate in Seattle, Washington. Russia countered by ordering the expulsion of an equal amount of American embassy personnel.

    Yet the interesting fact is that the other nations who followed suit in the “humanitarian crusade” of the alleged Russian poisoning of former FSB agent Skripal and his daughter? The poisoning may have been done by the British, not the Russians. The U.S. State Department has made several statements to the tune that the Russians do not “see eye to eye with us or share our values of freedom and democracy.”

    Really, now…in the surveillance state that inexorably draws to its conclusion with the country losing its rights while being monitored in every activity…what “values” do we have anymore?

    I’m not characterizing the entire populace of the United States…but our government, that holds most of the “forms” that the country was founded upon without any true leadership, statesmanship, or representation of the American people. I’m characterizing much of the population…flitting from one reality show to the next dose of Hollywood propaganda and paradigm shift labeled as “movies” and only loyal to the country as long as the handouts (labeled “entitlements”) keep flowing.

    The formation of the Super-states…each with their spheres of influence in the novel…that formation is taking place now. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, and Romania have expelled Russian diplomats in-line with the U.S. actions. All those nations are heavily-invested in NATO militarily, with tremendous amounts received of American money, materials, and troops. Poland is purchasing U.S. missile and anti-missile systems. Romania already has a U.S. missile base.

    Ukraine expelled Russian diplomats. Ukraine is a vassal state of the United States and the IMF. Most of the European nations such as the Netherlands (The Hague is there, go figure), Germany, France, Britain, Spain…followed suit. The battle right now is to see who will align with the U.S.-British Western hegemony [Oceania] against Russia and her allies (such as Iran, Syria, etc.) [Eurasia] with China being the “top banana” in the Orient [Eastasia]. The English-speaking countries will head the U.S.-British conglomerate…also including Canada and Australia…the former having participated in the expulsion.

    It’s even deeper than the geographical and political distinctions paralleling “1984” when you examine it further. Little by little, as the U.S. becomes more repressive, more controlling, with a “nationalistic” bent driving the framework, the citizenry is becoming isolated. After World War I the United States pursued an isolationist policy, and the policy was reflected in the mindset of the citizens. This current isolation is one that is forced.

    Oh, we’re building a wall to keep out the illegal aliens? Possibly, but look how late in the game it is. Look at how illegal incursions have taken place without any true resistance for more than a century unchecked and unabated.  Why? To satisfy the U.S. corporations’ demands for cheap labor that could be off the books…and the government that turned a blind eye to it because of the taxable revenues made from the corporations. The taxes were paid, and kickbacks were undoubtedly delivered to government officials who managed to look the other way when faced with 100 illegal aliens working in the fields in front of their eyes. Everyone looked away, the corporations made profits, and everyone was happy.

    The main reason to build the wall will not be to prevent illegal aliens from coming into the U.S., but to appear to prevent illegal aliens from coming in. That will be the main reason…subtly swathed in the name of the sacred “interests of national security” phrase we’ve all come to know and love. All the construction will be subject, of course, to taxation, kickbacks, and contracts to keep the flow of taxpayer monies moving out of their pockets and savings accounts into the hands of the rich and powerful. There is also another reason…purposed and insidious they wish the wall.

    A wall will work in the opposite direction as well: to keep the taxpayer-serfs in.

    Slowly but surely, a forced isolation policy is being pursued, and more: the ones traveling will be pursuing a government agenda in their endeavors and it will be limited to those with capital and wealth. We’re seeing it already: the new laws (Don’t you just love that? New laws?) that restrict those with a certain amount owed in taxes, in child support, or whatever…keep them in the country. How about that? The firms and corporations, and their employees…with the “trusted traveler” status…basically a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. Trusted to keep paying the taxes and conform to the existing social, political, and religious order…to be a “nark” on behalf of the government.

    To be the “guy with the watch” in the movie “They Live,” selling out to the aliens.

    All your communications are monitored: every e-mail, every telephone call. Talk to your friends in Moscow from college, and you’ll come up on a watch list. Talk to anyone outside of the U.S. and it’s a guarantee that you’ll be recorded and monitored. The new “Cloud Act” that slid surreptitiously between the thighs of the Omnibus $1.3 trillion spending bill (really…$1.3 trillion, can you imagine all the kickbacks on that one?). The harmless-sounding Cloud Act…giving foreign nations the ability to carry out U.S. government directives “in cooperation,” or “in partnership” …to surveil and monitor U.S. citizens and bypass the U.S. Constitution.

    Marbury vs. Madison is extinct.  Go ahead and take them to court, protest, and write to your Congressman or Senator (accomplishing nothing except identifying and marginalizing yourself). Your suit, your protests, and your letters will go nowhere…and eventually they’ll break you…and you’ll go somewhere…in the middle of nowhere…indefinitely (synonymous with forever). The need for a chargeable offense to arrest you is gone, along with the 4th Amendment…now you just need to be a “suspicious person” and be placed “under investigation.”

    All of this is crafted to make the populations poorer, keep them monitored, and prevent them from interacting with one another as before. Limit their freedom of movement and therefore limit their freedom. This is happening in the other two “spheres of influence” as well. China has a Draconian police state where cameras and stoolies monitor and report every move of the people. China is the “model” (in the words of Kissinger and other globalist-Communists). The police in this country are becoming as the ones in China, with a capitalist agenda: To protect and serve the taxable, corporate entities, and oppress the common taxpayer.

    This is the end-state desired by the creators of the Global Governance. They follow Milton’s words to a tee: “It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.” They will have three spheres, just as in the novel “1984,” and keep the flames of ethnic difference fanned just enough to make War not an eventuality, but a managed, controllable event. War translates into industrial output, use of supplies and materials, and largesse that ends up “boomeranging” and turning into raises and bonuses for politicians (look at Congress “voting” themselves raises and bonuses in the Omnibus bill while simultaneously increasing the “defense” budget).

    War enables favors, contracts, and immunity for oligarchs. A self-sustaining war machine that keeps the three spheres of influence at each other’s throats…while “managing” the people and tying them up in a never-ending loop of consumption, production, impoverishment, debt, and always directed by patriotic fervor.

    In the end, the world will not notice its enslavement, because the generations capable of creative thought and reason will have been replaced by a stultified, obedient mass of humanity only capable of acting in a manner predetermined by the rulers. The world of “1984” is forming today. The Gulags are just around the corner. They’ll have “occupants” as soon as the time is right. Not at gunpoint. The people will enter the camps of their own accord, enslaved with the baits of entitlements and material conveniences. The world of “1984” was written about years ago, but it is upon us, now, and before we know it, we will be in it.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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      1. This is the antichrist beast system being put into place. Much worse than anything out of 1984.

        • You bible thumpers are full of crap. Every generation of you actually believe that you are living in the end times spoken in revelations. and for the last 2000 years you all have wrong.

          • Stick your old finger up your old butt, take it out and smell it, Old Fart.

            • Oh Geri, now where is that damn emp? Oh there it is, I see it

          • “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.”

          • But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

      2. Let’s find out just how stupid Americans really are. The news is reporting that 10,000 Hondurans are marching from Central America to the Texas border to seek asylum. Hmmm. That’s 1000 miles of walking without food or water or shelter, through a dangerous country (Mexico). If you believe the walking part you qualify as an idiotic American. They are being bused to locations near the Texas border by American corporations that provide social services for profit. These corporations get paid by the head. The faster these “charities” can get more refugees here the more money they make off the taxpayers. Billions are at stake. Your tax dollars. Your country. If you’re not angry, you ain’t paying attention.

        • I hear/read that the Caravan is headed for US border of California, not Texas.

          For obvious reasons.

          • I’ve seen diagrams where Texas AND California are targets, but California makes more sense, because Texans actually can use their guns.

      3. “They are being bused to locations near the Texas border by American corporations that provide social services for profit.”

        Well buddy, that’s news to me and I live here. You’re gonna have to provide more info than that. How about a corp. name and profile? A link to a news report? Something….

        • GEO corporation, formerly Wackenhut corporation. And a number of other charities. Reports include co-operation with US Chamber of Commerce. The CEO of US CofC is Tom Donohue. He spends 100’s of millions on congress every year to prevent immigration enforcement. Did you miss the last event reported by the MSM that 100,000 children marched unescorted from Central America to Texas? About a year or so ago? They didn’t walk.

          • Him:

            When people from South America come here, the first thing on the minds of many of the men is to try out some white girls. The pregnancy is not always that beneficial to white girls who generally find themselves alone raising a child. When the children become adults they are not accepted as Hispanic. Often don’t speak Spanish. And their white mothers are sometimes considered little more than trash.

            I wish people would wake up. These corporations make enormous profits. And the suffering they cause is horrific. This is a crime. It is genocide. It may lead to civil war. What then? Is it fair to the children? No.


            • Like I told my kids. You are not allowed to date non whites…period. you do and they will dissappear for good.

              • If she brings one home, take him out to the rose garden, hand him a shovel, and tell him to dig. When he asks why he is digging, tell him it’s his grave. That always works.

      4. “In the end, the world will not notice its enslavement, because the generations capable of creative thought and reason will have been replaced by a stultified, obedient mass of humanity only capable of acting in a manner predetermined by the rulers.” …That’s been the case for quite some time now.

        • Then all tech and infrastructure will freeze up. The (((parasites))) cannot live without normally functioning hosts )))White males(((.

      5. Does anybody remember the story about illegals being housed in a vacant country club? Maybe 2 years ago? GEO corporation is also a real estate investment trust. They had a vacant country club, so they double dipped. They got paid to provide social services and collected rent. What a country.

      6. The book 1984 was remarkably prophetic.
        The author was aware that most people
        are selfish, simpleton idiots
        (we call them Democrats).
        However the idea of perpetual 3GW
        war is weak, as our wars are now so
        destructive. I don’t see an end
        to the “MIC” however.

        • Relik: Your are correct Sir! I was just talking to some friends and family yesterday about how damn dumb and simple and lazy and weak so many of the people in this country have become over the past 20 years or so and this has been done absolutely on purpose folks!! I am very concerned about what is a coming right around the proverbial corner – be ready, it will happen quickly!!!!

        • 1984 was neither “prophetic” or “prescient.” It was Eric Blair’s fictional account of a very real plan he was made privy to while a member of the Fabian Socialist.

          The Fabians were a Rothschild front group of British intelligentsia. At some point, a representative of that house explained the Rothschild’s long term plan to the Fabians. After suffering a severe dose of reality, Blair put the plan to paper as 1984.

          There is some sort of cosmic law, perhaps in the form of overweening arrogance, that Jews must tell the goyim their future plans. However, this would be suicidal, so the relevance of this information invariably comes in the form of fictional literary accounts and movies like Minority Report, Terminator, Blade Runner etc, Sources dismissed by the unwashed masses as fantastic fantasy.

      7. Maybe (I’ll admit, ‘most likely’) I’m bat-sh*t crazy; but, I don’t think there is any way to stop what’s coming. I’m no prophet who can read the tea leaves or follow the concept of some Divine plan in the works. Sure, I believe. But my thought is that if there is a God, he gave us live, minds and hopefully the guts to fight for the right things. And hey ya’ll, isn’t saving our country one of those ‘right things’? We need a night of torches and pitchforks and get rid of all those entitled idiots in Washington D.C. who think they have some rights better than our’s. We need to drive out the foreign invaders in our land. Keep that thought going. Next, no one gets something for nothing more than drawing breath. You have a kid – work and feed the kid. There’s plenty enough to do here in the United States, let’s get to getting busy and do what we all know needs to be done. It all starts with a pebble rolling down the hill gang to start an avalanche.

        • Heartless, I’ve got something waiting for the NWO.

      8. I don’t know if anyone is watching, but our entire government is being replaced with jeus and they are going to run this country broke giving Israel what ever it wants. We are in deep shit, and the end of this country is not far off.

        • USA ended in 1913.

      9. Yes, I’ve been thinking of this! The elites have us under control like in the book “1984” with screens in every home, observing the workers. They provide us with cheap cell phones, in which they monitor our every word (both verbal and written!), watch us, if desired, and photograph our fingerprints as we scroll the “smart” screen up and down.

        Furthermore, we are so entranced by these f… little screens (like a f… drug addict!), we have no time to rebel!! As they take more and more from us– our God-given rights, the jobs, you’lls pay checks. And the “news” (rubbish) they put on TV- (perhaps “bullshit” is a better word!) just like in the book, “1984” where they turn Truth on its head! “Black is white and white is black” and the horrible thing is, most people don’t even realize its propaganda!

        They’ve done a dern good job of destroying our country– I will give them credit for that! (I guess their next step– after figuring out how to get our guns– will to simply eliminate most of us!)

      10. “Until they become conscious, they won’t rebel; and until they rebel, they won’t become conscious.”

        We DESPERATELY need to become conscious!! first, we need to stop letting them control us! Get rid of the devices. If you want to stop drinking, make sure you keep all liquor out of the house! if you want to stop smoking, simply, keep throwing the shit away, over and over until you stop buying it. If you want to stop playing their games, which is destroying our freedom, get rid of the phone and buy something simpler.

      11. I don’t see how the American people could be divided anymore than presently. That’s the deep rut sticking point. Division is carefully manipulated to keep the entire sham going. Human life has lost much of its value just in the past 50 years as intended.

      12. Anonymous…you mean a couple of tin cans and some string.

      13. If you do use the string and the two tin cans to make a homemade phone, check the string periodically for another string running off of it. It leads to an NSA man listening in on a tin-can of his own.

        • That extra string actually leads to a Middle Eastern country with a blue and white flag.

      14. That part about the wall keeping us in is EXACTLY the reason Comacho, er, Trump, the Mussolini of our time, is wanting the wall built! I honestly don’t understand why so many folks do not see this!

      15. Can a free people afford to give up rights for alleged security. The people of Europe have largely given up firearms ownership and now free speech is being killed along with freedom of thought A student repeated the true crime statistics in Sweden in class and a mob of moslems formed to silence him and to chase him out of school. He was suspended later. Thou shall not speak the truth unless appoved by authority

      16. The vitriol between believers and non-believers, in the word of Christ, is such silly bickering. Belief is just that. Those who believe are no less or more credible than non-believers. A valid and coherent discussion or debate, should not negate the validity of opinion based on religious grounds

        It would be best if we could all agree that we want all people to live in peace and prosper, regardless how we achieve that end. I’m just for loving people but don’t have a problem with disagreement at the end of the day. Humility is a virtue AND a strength. Embrace humility

        We’re all best served by not letting the scumbag powers that be divide us. We’re all here for the same reason, except for the disruptive trolls that throw chum into our waters to cause division.


      17. It all comes down to people being controlled through outside factors, and not from within.

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