Obamus Caesar: “No Limits On the Power of the President if He Calls for a National Catastrophe”

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Headline News | 435 comments

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    “President Obama is prepared to take power and begin to rule from day one.”
    -Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President of the United States


    Should Congress and the President fail to come to an agreement on America’s debt ceiling we could well be facing a situation that leads Barack Obama to implement a last ditch strategy that would be nothing short of a complete takeover of the United States.

    So says former US Treasury Undersecretary Paul Craig Roberts, who knows a thing or two about finance, debt and the inner workings of our government :

    If the United States were to default, it would be the end of the US as a superpower.  No one in Washington wants to lose that kind of power, so I fully expect that at the last minute a deal will be reached.  Now, in the event that both sides play a game of ‘chicken’ to the very end, and we are down to the last hours, and fears of a default escalate dramatically, I think one of two things will happen….

    The first would be the Federal Reserve, on its own initiative, would simply lend the US Treasury whatever money it would need.  You have to remember that the Federal Reserve lent to US and European banks more than $16 trillion in order to enable them to avoid default, or outright failure.

    The second possibility would be that President Obama, because of laws that are already on the books, would have the power to declare a ‘national catastrophe’ and simply assume the leadership of the government.  This gets Congress and the courts out of the picture.  At that point there are no limits on the power of the President if he calls for a ‘national catastrophe.’

    This would mean that the President, on his own authority, could raise the debt ceiling.  So, either of those two events would happen if it looked like no deal was forthcoming from the Congress.  It could be that President Obama, or others in the Executive Branch, are planning to use this crisis to invoke that Executive Order.

    Of course.  It means that essentially the President would become a ‘Caesar.’  That would also mean that the Congress had become like the Roman Senate, which lost its power and simply became a collection of notable figureheads.  Generally when democratically regimes fail you end up with a Caesar, and a shutdown is of course the epitome of a democratic failure.

    So this would give President Obama all of the justification for exercising the Executive Order so that the President can rule independently of Congress and the courts.

    Listen to the Full Interview at King World News (via Steve Quayle)

    The important thing to understand is that President Barack Obama relishes the power. This is evidenced by his desperate need to monitor and command drone strikes from the White House himself. He likes the thrill of being the decision maker and holding the lives of others in his hands.

    He has already passed scores of executive orders, including restrictions on firearms accessories and ammunition, as well as provisions that would allow the U.S. government to take over all domestic resources, including the labor force, should a national catastrophe be declared.

    Make no mistake. They want total control.

    And they will let no crisis go to waste. For them, the debt ceiling negotiations reaching  a stalemate may well be the outcome they are looking for, because it will justify the administration’s invocation of Executive Order and rule by decree.

    The debt ceiling debate will likely have a resolution, just as it has twice in as many years under the Obama administration, but if it doesn’t you can fully expect the Executive Branch to take whatever action they deem necessary to “protect” the American people.

    If that means declaring a “national catastrophe” then that’s what they will do.


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        • Remove Obama = GOOD
          Military takes over = TBD
          I can see it restoring America Or the road to the military dictatorship…dpending on how many of his supporters have been placed in the high echelons of the Pentagon.

          • Yep. Never forget: if the military takes over, and you’re not in the military, then you are the “taken overees”, not the “take overers.” Be careful what you wish for.

            • A military coup would most likely be a disaster. I agree with you on that. Again, be careful what you wish for. I would prefer the federal government and all it’s associated functions go away.

              • I agree but there is no way to rid ourselves of these vermin without a military coup. It just isn’t possible. We will have to trust our military to do the right thing and hope that during the Coup most of Congress, the W.H. squatters and the U.S. Supreme Court are exterminated.

                • Not meaning to burst the military rescue bubble, BUT:

                  1. Considering Obama, as dictators do, just spent the last 5 years getting rid of military commanders that wouldn’t fire on US civilians, that outta be interesting.
                  2. And I must point out the high percentage/incidents of gang members infiltrating the military since Obama’s reign of terror.
                  3. NOT to mention the individual member makeup of the Army does not currently lend itself to said cause (Obama supporters).
                  4. NOT to mention that even domestic violence is much higher in military families than civilian families…and this is their own families.

                  I don’t think anybody should or could hold out any hope of rescue from that quarter.

                  • Insanity, I have to agree. While there might be a lot of INDIVIDUAL DEFECTIONS from the military, I don’t think the military as a whole will turn against Obama. For the most part, and barring any kind of miracle, we patriots will be on our own. braveheart

                  • I didn’t say it was a rescue! I merely said it would open the door.. to the possibility I should add

                • I am sorry but you are wrong, there are many of us out here who can and will teach you how to stand up for yourself, and prevail.

              • That is right, Military takeover means some amped-up Ollie North type takes over. Could go from worse to worser real quick. I don’t think there is a good answer that is reasonably realistic to happen at this point though.

              • If they DID do it. It would be due to some oath to the Constitution.

                • Sierra, I agree. If you look at the countries where the military have led coups, there is usually one or more of these things occurring:

                  1. Ideology (religious, political, etc.)

                  2. What is going on is SERIOUSLY adversely affecting them personally and/or their families’ welfare/finances or safety….but it has to be a lot of them being affected and it has to be as a direct result of whomever is currently the pres/dictator of said country and their edicts, or direct lack of leadership (such that the leader is a puppet leader and somebody else is actually calling the shots, for example, said country has a Valerie Jarrett).

                  3. They are getting paid/promised something major for their loyalty (think mercs, although they can change loyalty with the wind). AND…

                  4. There has to be a VERY dynamic personality leading the military behind whom they can rally….somebody they respect.

                  One thing too that people fail to take into consideration: LOGISTICS. How do you count on a military coup if MOST or ALL of your military forces are OVERSEAS? ahem…how do they get back home? None of these countries who staged coups have had the bulk of their military overseas.

                  So a military coup, as long as we are talking theoretical (and this whole conversation was theoretical in a “make-believe, what if arena”), would make NO SENSE.

            • Well, he’s had five and a half years of practice.
              Won’t be much of a transition now, will it.

                • Harry, is that your I.Q. (1) or number of white parents?

              • He’s had a whole life time of practice.

                • Thank you, Wrong — I stand corrected

                  This cockbite has me so po’d, sometimes
                  I can’t even think straight.

                  • I wish when I come to visit SHTF Plan I didn’t have to see his face. Mac, couldn’t your just find a picture of some baboon and use that?

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              You are sooooo right on this

            • Dunno – I’m thinking ‘Military vs. DHS’…

              • Funny you should write that….there are several books that describe just such a scenario for this country.

              • DHS has no Warships or F16s.

                Id say they would be toast in very short order against our Military.

                • Howdy, Rich98. I agree the military can make short work of DHS, but we still don’t know how this is going to turn out. In my mind, there’s a big question mark about the military’s position in all of this. Still prepping for the worst and hoping for the best. braveheart

                • Not sure if warships would really apply in this case – I guess you could get a carrier up the Mississippi some ways, but anything inside the borders should be land and air. I”m not sure f-16 is going to determine much; I’ll feel much better with a warthog or 100 on my side…

              • DHS is a house divided. About 1/3 of the DHS folks I know side with the administration and the other 2/3 will stand with the Constitution and the People if/when the time comes.

            • Read “Starship Troopers” by Robert Heinlen and remember that it is mandatory reading at military academies.

              • There is TREASON in high places all over DC evidenced by the NAU Secretariat Offices, sitting idle waiting for the NWO Commie takeover.

                100 million American gun owners hold the future of this Nation in their hands. Lock n load.

                Engage your employees before they enslave you. 🙂

                • LOL!

            • I am retired U.S. military. There are millions of us who love the U.S. Constitution just as much as all of you. More. So, all active duty forces will turn on their own citizens (you)? What’s going to happen to you that will not eventually happen to “them” as well?

              Do you honestly think that YOUR TROOPS haven’t figured that out already?

              • Let’s not be brash and automatically assume the worst. Let’s see what happens first.

                • ST, first, welcome aboard. Second, thank you for your service. Third, we have legitimate concerns over the current makeup of the military with gangbangers, Obama supporters, etc. Where do they stand in all of this? We are just not at all certain of what to expect from the military where the shooting begins. We’re certain that DHS will act against us, possibly with foreign troops for support. that’s a given. But where does the US military fit into all of this? That’s the million-dollar question. braveheart

              • Thank you for your service. I worked for the USMC for a number of years and understand all that’s involved. Knowing a number of former and currently serving members, it’s safe to say the base of the military understands the level of esteem the CinC holds for them and, if it comes to it, would perform in an appropriate manner…

              • S T,

                I expect that the military will be split in half, or better yet, 3/4 to the people and 1/4 for the Govt…. but I am constantly told I am wrong, and that most military will follow orders. Chapter 8 in Starship Troopers deals with the “failure of democracy”. Heinlen lays out the 60s and 70s pretty accurately when he wrote the book in 1959. I am Ex Military and Ex LEO, and almost all the folks I know are pro-constitution…. but the younger kids seem different somehow. Not all of them, but a lot of them. Enough to make the vets nervous. But I am with you, and I have to have faith in both military and LEO’s or I see no real hope for the future.

                Keep your powder dry,

              • True. These animals always feed on themselves.

              • S T- Yes, I honestly beleive out 18 year old BOYS have not figured that out yet. They were taught not to figure on their own in Boot Camp.

                Ever been on Parris Island? Guess not. The brainwashing going on there has no limits and none of em know whats happening…

                all they knew was OOH RAH!

                • I was there in 1975. I know what you are talking about.

              • I too am recently retired from the Army. I still have very close friends in leadership positions in the Army, ALL of the ones I know WILL NOT turn muzzles on American citizens, and wouldn’t allow their soldiers to do it either. The majority of them think/ believe like us. Just my dos peso’s!

              • S T…I believe they will leave all of our troops stranded right where they are…with no way home.

                God…please prove me wrong.

                • That’s one of the “benefits” of sending all the young able bodied men off to some foreign country. They won’t be here to rebel against the government!

                • LASTMAN,I talked to some american MERKS,they told me they knew that oboozo planed to leave them overseas,and they were working on a plan to get home without military help,THE rest of the MILITARY????I don’t know if their wise to the fact they’ll be left or not…………..

              • I pray there are many in the same camp as you. Thank you for your service.

                Until TSHTF we will not know where everyone stands.

                Pray for an awakening of epic proportions across the entire U.S. and globe.

                There is no where to run that is why it is called the new WORLD order!

                Stand firm in your principles folks its getting deep out there 🙂

                Peace and blessings….

            • In the meantime we just sit around and do nothing. One thing for sure in a military takeover, Obama and all his crap is gone and it will send shivers in the spines of the republicans. I would rather deal with the military.

          • I can see the USA looking like Syria with the government shelling its own cities and nobody really on the same page, refugees flowing out of urban centers and into mexico and canada,
            Just think about how divided congress is, then apply that to our population, its the same shit here at home or on capitol hill. NOBODY can find middle ground, at least not enough to matter.

          • This is the United States of America! We DO NOT DO coup d’état! We do orderly transitions of executive power in accordance with the Will of the People (aka Presidential Elections).

            Our military, in which I served 10 years, has a deeply ingrained respect for ‘civilian control’. It doesn’t matter how much I dislike whoever the current Commander-in-Chief may be he; represents the Will of the People (as defined by the constitution) and I am therefore REQUIRED to follow his orders as an OFFICER APPOINTED ABOVE ME. Put another way, as an old bosun told me: “at what point did you think your desire figured into this?”

            More to the point:
            1) I will not support any kind of military coup, ever, for any reason. We (the military) are under civilian control for a (several) damn good reason.
            2) I swore an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.
            3) If you want to subvert and or subvert the proper operation of our constitutional federal government, by any means (ie armed insurrection), I will “drop the hammer” on you without hesitation and without mercy.
            4) If the ‘less informed’ among us decide that a Representative republic does not fulfill their desires for ‘liberty’ and they decide to do something rash I can promise the following:
            4.1) Their actions meet the definition of ‘domestic enemies”
            4.2) I will reenlist
            4.3) we will identify the domestic enemies
            4.4) we will locate said enemies
            4.6) Duly elected representatives will continue to direct the federal government as directed by the constitution.

            • A middle finger SALUTE to you nosuchuseless.

            • You contradict yourself. What do you do IF the domestic enemy IS the President and his cadre of Muslims and Communists?

              • The problem here is that coming to your conclusion requires critical thought – something the public education system has effectively bred out of our youth…

            • nosuchuser,

              Where in this comment thread did anyone use the term “armed insurrection” other than you?

            • If you cannot see the real enemies of the Republic, then taking up with the enemy is your lot. Good luck with that.

            • Click click boom. Come get it buddy.

            • oMG how drammmmm-at-tic. Obviously you are another jewtroll trying to futilely sway the public. You are wayyyyyyyyy tooooo laaaaate. We ARE locked and loaded, and ready to kill….

            • Are you really that fucking stupid. Assholes like you voted for the traitor. Sounds like you need to do your homework. Bosun? you are former Navy talking like your Infantry, because I don’t figure you for a SEAL. Good luck J.O.

            • Oh how lovely, spoken as like a true patriot towards the defense of Authoritarian Rule. As like Senator Harry Reid when he stated ‘Forget Constituents, We Work for Government’.

            • Hey dufus,

              If you take your oath to defend the constitution seriously, then how can you take orders from a commander in chief that is acting like a dictator, disregarding the rule of law, attacking and subverting the constitution, and issuing unconstitutional orders and laws AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE??? Doesn’t that make him the domestic enemy? I’ll wait while you process this in your small zombie obamabot brain.

          • Mr. Obama is my Commander in Chief. The republican’s are right wing nut jobs made up of mostly racist.

          • I know I say it a lot but a military coup is unconstitutional as the supreme power always must reside with the civil power and the military must submit to that power…on the other hand a overthrow of the system by the people and for the people is constitutional and the military should back it up…I hate obuttho but Id fear a military coup(its not obutthos military…its ours!)…too hard to control…let the over throw up to freemen and the states!

        • I don’t whether to salute him

          or bow down to him

          or just keep giving him the finger

          Oh well…. why change anything now

          • “””Make no mistake. They want total control.”””

            Make no mistake, so long as I am alive there is AT LEAST one thing they will not control.

            I do not look to the corp for protection, and those who wish to force their protection on me will be in for a rude awakening as I protect myself from them.

            • This weekend in DC…

              The Million Vet March on the Memorials
              Sunday, Oct. 13, at 9 a.m. Eastern at the World War II memorial on the National Mall (the location where rangers under orders from the White House tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent vets from visiting in recent days.)

              ‘Truckers Ride for the Constitution’ plan DC protest

              Bikers Defend WW2 Memorial for Vets, Patriotic Act of Respect for Veterans
              Bikers said to return this weekend to escort the WW2 and Vietnam vets through the ‘barrycades’.

              • Ky Mom, We love you and God Bless.

                • Hope all goes well this weekend.

                  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
                  -Edmund Burke

                  Be safe and may God bless you!
                  KY Mom

                  • Many blessings to you as well and thank you for all the wonderful posts and links.

                    That is one of my favorite sayings next to “You reap what you sow!”

                    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” Goethe

              • Ride to Glory!

              • Now, where’s the citizen’s march to defend the former three marches?

              • If we can swing it, my family may ride up to DC for the WWII visit on Sunday. May just make it from what it looks like right now.

            • I would rather be dead than be another robot for this corrupt bunch of f(4ers.
              Dont really care anymore, im doing my own thing, used to try to tow the line but the corruption and waste and entitled masses unconstitutional laws and rulings,,,
              They can shove it, you want compliance, come n make me. Might get shot, i dont care.
              The lord is my savior i shall not want.

              • Do you see how perfect the Ordained Order is? By taking away just about everything Americans THOUGHT they would never lose they are making an army of those just like you…and me. At my age, I have nothing to lose…and a desire to give to future generations something of value; Freedom.

                Once you no longer care what they do-or say they’ll do-their end is approaching. This is why dedicated gurillas can beat for-hire soldiers. The soldier just wants to get home safely; the gurilla just wants to win at all costs.

                My humble suggestion to all: Make your peace with God if you so believe or with your own humanity if you don’t. Then resolve to NEVER let them win, NEVER let them live unmolested, NEVER let them stamp out FREEDOM. Not matter what it takes, even your life.

                Once you make that commitment, things settle down for you. You know why you’re here, now, in this time.

                You’re here to once again join the battle between Good and Evil that has to be fought again and again. We’ve older ones have enjoyed a lifetime of blessings, for the most part.

                Time to pay it forward.

          • correction – I don’t KNOW whether …..

            • Are we in the Fourth Turning?

              The authors predicted in 1996 that one of the indicators of modern America’s Fourth Turning will be:

              “An impasse over the federal budget reaches a stalemate. The president and Congress both refuse to back down, triggering a near-total government shutdown. The president declares emergency powers. Congress rescinds his authority. Dollar and bond prices plummet. The president threatens to stop Social Security checks. Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling. Default looms. Wall Street panics.”


              Thom Hartmann & Neil Howe: Are We in the Fourth Turning?

              • The fourth turning concept pre supposes a reset, to the first turning after a collapse, as has happened before, however this fourth turning will be the first that occurs in an era of declining energy resources not just a collapsing empires degraded fiat currency. This time we will go to a fifth turning, one where the reset sends us back into a type of pre-industrial society.

                • Perhaps…but only in as much and to the point that we don’t have a replacement energy source to oil readily available…even if peak oil were the case and I don’t buy into it) the genie of powered tools and a powered world is out of the bottle and mankind will figure out an answer…ingenuity wont pass away just because some big govicorps collapse!

          • OutWest, that’s simple, Just keep giving him the finger. I never bow down to any politician, period. braveheart

            • Mom….. He’s calling me names!

              What did he call you honey?

              He called me a Tea Bagger!

              Who called you a Tea Bagger?


              Honey… just give him the finger and I will have your father go talk to him after supper.

          • Thanks for posting the Bracken essay link, Night Breaker.

          • I really miss Belushi, they dont make em like that anymore!

        • Its a way to get that default… gone

          The only way to get out of that debt bubble is by default,

          WHY else would they have created the hide your ass bunker under the white house lawn!

          • There’s a bunker under the Mall, too, if I’m correct. There were huge bulldozers, front end loaders and earthmoving equipment of all kinds when we were there last Sept. the signs said they were renovating the grass. Yeah, riiiight. They had enough stuff out there to dig a tunnel to China. Hey, maybe that’s what it was for?!

            • Babycatcher55,
              So that’s where my friends went in the last TEAparty went? Under the mall!!!

            • Not an underground bunker, it is the secret underground FISA court.

          • Ison, Solar Flares, CME ?

        • 1776, 1861, 2013

          • Third time’s the charm.

        • Agent Provocateur,

          Are you referring to our military, militarized federal police, TSA, or foreign forces on U.S. soil? If our military gets involved I see a possible repeat of the Civil War occurring with the standing military divided into two parts. We.can already see the division taking place.

          • How did you like the bow, Mr. President???

        • Or perhaps the Congress might finally grow a pair. Oh, would that one of them had the guts to do as Cassius did to Julius Caesar: “Speak, hands, for me!”

          or to quote Patrick Henry:

          “Just as Caesar had his Brutus and Charles the First his Cromwell, so should good American stand up for his country”

        • Agent Provacateur-I have often dreamed of four patriotic Generals who are polishing their brass and getting their dress uniforms ready for an early morning trip to the White House to remove Obama in a military coup. Until I read the article you linked, I was afraid it was only a dream, but I have hope!

        • Maybe that explains the military showing up twice to recruit my son who is now out.

        • I admire the dramatic writing skill, but let’s not be so quick to assume that President Obama “relishes holding the lives of others in his hands.”

      1. We have always said in past year or so that there most likely will be no elections in 2016. But maybe the vote in 2014 is now in jeopardy.

        It is amazing just how fast this is progressing since 2009.

        • And it’ll seem slow compared to the future.

      2. The default crap is just a big theatrical game to redirect the focus of the Americans. This is being going on for decades and always in the last minutes the magical agreement takes place. The bigger news is the new Federal Reserve Chair CRAP. Why is it that only jews will run federal reserve? Jew out , Jew in.

        • Sure, blame the Jews like any “good” Nazi.

          • Kitty, you are just a stupid cat. Lose your tunnel vision and you may understand better. I am a Nazi? As an FYI this is my feeling toward the Nazis. F%$#@# the Nazi’s.

            • Yes, you sound like a Nazi or a Muslim. Too blinded by Satan to have any critical thinking skills.

              • LOL. You are just too stupid.

              • First I you labeled me as a Nazi, now in Muslim, what is next, a Buddhist, etc.. Now, take time and google “Rabbi Steven Pruzansky” He is the spiritual leader of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, New Jersey. read his letter to the AIPAC. You then may can see how this Rabbi tells his own people about the crimes and corruptions the Zionists are committing against mankind.

            • Hear hear!
              I say NO to the “master race”
              and I say NO to the “chosen people”

              its all the same goddammed lying swindle, all to justify murdering the “unchosen”.

              Or as my Uncle Breezy used to say: “all pigshit smells the same”

          • @ Barn Cat

            You are in deep denial of the evidence against the synagogue of Satan.

            You think the Rothschild bank consortium is run by Muslims?

            • The NWO is made up of people from a number of nations. But you’re blinded by your hatred of the Jews.

              • Sorry, Friend.

                My eyes are wide open and they see.

                In view of the well-documented facts, the whole “antisemitic” “hate Jews” trick has lost its mojo.

                I repeat my question. Do you think the Rothschild bank consortium is run by Muslims?

                After you answer that, do you think that Muslims are running the USA’s abortion industry, pornography, and war and homosexual lobbies?

              • Let’s use your REAL name cat: TRAITORJEWSHILLcat. Here and at other boards, you are 100% for the enemy. You have been outed as a TROLL. See YOU at the revolution when we get your ID, address, etc as we WILL for EVERY SINGLE GD TROLL. No trolls with die by gunfire. It will be muchhhhh slower 🙂 .

              • Not Jews – Zionists. I keep asking people to make the distinction as NOT every Jew believes in Zionism. In fact the very devout think it is an abomination of their faith.

                http://www.truetorahjews.org/ for info on the theological arguments against Zionism. True Jews have been silenced by the MSM, and forced to sit and watch as their faith is twisted and corrupted and they are blamed for the actions of the most wicked thing ever to infect humanity. I honestly feel sorry for them as to watch your faith being portrayed like this must be very painful for them.

                Just as the snake deceived in the Garden of Eden, so have many formerly honest faiths been corrupted by these monsters. In confusing Zionism, a purely political movement (or Satan worshipping depending on your pov)with Judaism the world risks making the same mistake as in WW2, where millions of innocents were sent to their deaths while the true perpetrators of the horrors got clean away to lie, steal and inflict their suffering upon humanity for another generation.

                In confusing the two, we allow the Corruption of the Christian Church into the mangled apology most easily recognised in the TV evangelical “support the Zionists” movement. I get so angry at the blatent corruption of Christ’s message I see around me. We also allow a single corrupt family in Saudi to corrupt Islam – ultimately resulting in acts like the horrors we witnessed in Kenya this past week.

                Infiltration and corruption is what these monsters specialise in. Look at the current administrations actions, and compare it to the ideals of the constitution.

                The same game is played over and over by the same group throughout history.

                1. Infiltrate and corrupt a societies power base. Fiat and central banking are ideal tools to assist with this phase.
                2. Divide and conquer the people so you can repeat 1 ad infinitum.
                3. Once the corruption reaches a tipping point. Unleash unlimited suffering upon the people and rejoice in their torment.

                • Zionism is a late development in Judaism (19th century) and was initially rejected by most religious “Jews,” but is now dogma for an overwhelming majority of self-identified “Jews.”

                  The banking and other conspiracies of the synagogue of Satan long preceded Zionism.

                  Because of its Master Race creed, loot and kill Gentiles, Judaism itself is to blame.

                  Too, if you really want to understand Judaism, it is essential to understand that what they mean by “Torah” is their “Oral Torah” (Torah she’beal peh) that eventually was committed to paper as the Talmud in the 3rd through 5th centuries AFTER Jesus Christ’s Incarnation and Crucifixion. Unless they are making a great show for Gentiles, religious “Jews” ridicule the Written Torah (Torah she bich tav), what we consider Old Testament, as inferior and fit only for children.

                  You must understand that “True Torah Jews” are not nice Old Testament people who stopped burning their children for Moloch and the Golden Calf, but people convinced that only they are human, that the rest of us should be looted and killed. The “True Torah Jews” are 100% believers in the Torah’s hate of Gentiles, of the Prophets, and of Jesus Christ Himself. Their “True” (Oral) Torah teaches “the best of the Gentiles should all be killed” and that Jesus Christ was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], a “mamzer” [bastard] conceived adulterously in “niddah” [“menstrual filth”] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a]. That “True” Torah states that the Sanhedrin justly executed Jesus because he was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b] who worshipped a brick [Sanhedrin 67a]. One more interesting point, their “True” Torah actually corroborates one point in the Gospel, the blame upon the Jews, because the “True” Torah boasts that the Sanhedrin overcame Roman opposition to the execution of Jesus [Sanhedrin 43a].

                  The whole public relations lie about Judaism, Judaism’s phony narrative about itself, depends entirely upon our goyische ignorance of the precise meaning of “Torah.” Once you understand that “Torah” is the Oral Torah that Jesus damned as voiding the commandments of God for the traditions of men” (Mark 7:9) you will truly begin to understand Judaism for what Jesus said it was and see religious Jews for exactly who Jesus said they are—“…the synagogue of Satan, those who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.”

                • @lone – whatttt? “ultimately resulting in acts like the horrors we witnessed in Kenya this past week.”

                  What “horrors?”

                  You’re not referring to the obviously FAKE kenyan “mall attack” are you? Everyone KNOWS that was another larry silverstein (911 monster) scumjew insurance-collecting HOAX. Further, israHELLL RUNS kenya.

                  Look at the pic of the big black dude, walking down as sidewalk, wearing the lily white adidas style clothes with gaping “holes'” in his back (right behind his heart) as the “blood” turns clear around the pathetically incompetent “wound.” Just like all the other HOAXES, NO ONE was injured or killed. WAKE UP!!!

            • Even if the Rothschilds are Jews it still doesn’t mean that all Jews are part of the NWO. In fact, more gentiles are part of it than Jews.

              • Straw man fallacy.

                I never said “all Jews,” only those who are cooperating with Satan. Evil behavior and wicked creeds are a matter of free will, not birth.

                Any goyim (Gentiles) who cooperate with Satan are also culpable.

                You have been here long enough to know all that and to have seen me clearly state:

                Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

                So… give your lame straw man fallacy a rest.

              • And not all jews are Zionists.

                • Yes Correct! Not all jews nor all blacks are evil or enemys. Unfortunatly its always that evil 98% of them that makes the Rest look bad.

                  A Huge Difference between jews vs zionists? What do the Jews themselves say of it?

                  Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

                  “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !!!

                  “The Jews are terribly afraid that the world will discover that their impersonation of Israel is nothing but a gigantic charade. Hence, this knowledge must be suppressed at all costs, even to the point of demonizing anyone who dares to bring up the subject. Yours truly has been so demonized by the Jews for the mere fact that I expose these truths about them, even though I mainly quote Jewish sources for this information.” ~ William Norman Saxon, in his booklet entitled “The Mask of Edom” !!!(Most jews are Khazars, aka edomites from Esau)

                  Barn Cat as a jew enabler is really supporting And Enableing Marxist Communists. Communisim IS an invention of Jewish talmudic origin, and with as many times I and several Other well informed folks here has often posted the 100% proof, and many actual Quoted statements BY jews and Rabbis that all Admit communisim is a Jewish invention, Based upon, Talmudic teachings, principals, and beliefs Period. Barn Cat and many others simply Refuse to accept Factual Truth.

                  Some are Sooooooo! Deluded with falsehoods preached by wolves in sheeps clothes Pastors today, that even if talmudic kommies do the Same in usa as they did in russia 1918, those so delusional folks will Remain stuborn and refuse to admit to these truths even while They are being tortured and murdered BY some rabbi or his talmudic jew murder squads, similar to the SIX-Hired/Paid Jewish Men that Murdered the Entire Russian Czar’s family!

                  Barn Cat types will always whine that just because ALL SIX murderers of the 7-Family members of russias Czar/King, to spark the russian revolution and the mass exterminations that Lasted almost 75 yrs afterwards, WERE All SIX JEWS that it is “Just a Coincidence”!

                  When You show barn cat Proof solid that of OVER 500+ top inner circle that Headed, Ran, Controled that revolt,and led to the SOVIET state of russia, only aprox 13 or less of that top 500+ were goyim gentiles, and all the rest were jewish…”oh that? Thats..Just…A..Coincidence”

                  When Just a coincidence Fails, as so often today calling folks jew hater or antisemite has also Lost its “MOJO” as JQP so nicely coins that phrase, Barn Cat types will Always revert Back to another jew original and call whatever documents and proofs provided a…FORGERY!

                  The top most often used, most Famous jewish “lines” always stated against we who speak truths are always..

                  #1-Call them antisemites

                  #2-Call them Jew haters!

                  #3-Claim “oh thats just a…Coincidence!”

                  #4-Last resort to stiffle truth/facts that Out jewish evils or wrongs,and although the smallest percentage of populations of every HOST nation they ever reside in, there has never been a shortage of such purly evil/wrongs invented and perpetrated against what jews Hate most…That being ALL gentile Non jews aka YOU Goyims!

                  #4 has always been: “Thats nuthin but a..FORGERY!”

                  The One main only thing jews and their enablers Never Ever do, is to Confront Factual Truths like some of us here present, with ANY counter facts, nor do jews or enablers Ever argue those Factual Truths. Who do you think Taught Liberals how to always switch topics, change the story, Create Strawmen, never ever admit that They are wrong.

                  Facts Are Facts. Right is Opposite of Wrong, and no amount of twisting or spinning truth like their Talmud teaches will Ever change that Reality.

                  Sol Alinsky, a Jew, and his lib kommie tactics as taught, and moral “relativity” crapola will Never change the Truth as Truth Stands upon Itself. All Else is Lies and more lies to back up the first orig lie.

                  And What did Jesus and Apostle John call them? READ JOHN 8;44..LIARS like their father satan.

                  All who support and/or Defend evilness, mass murderers, Liars, Thiefs,swindlers etc are AS guilty as those they so defend and support. To base such defense and support on so Flimsy of an excuse as “bless jews” like pastor teaches(Falsly) will never serve as any valid reason nor excuse, and in This life NO sane, knowledgable defender of Real Truth will Ever cut evil doers OR their Enablers Any Slack period.

                  And in the Next life, the Lord Jesus Christ also shall Never allow for nor accept any flacid faulty “bless jews no matter what wrongs they do” excuses period. He Himself said so many times in the New testement book of the New Covenant of Christianity. Which by the way has many “Openings” available for those jews wishing to Convert from talmudic Lies, To, Truth only found in the New Covenant of Christ. Its their move to accept the offer. It is written From such TURN AWAY! and included in that List of who’s to turn away from are UNbleievers. So like it or not…Unbelievers Includes jews who refuse to convert to christianity. Thats Gods Rules not mine. Go complain and Call God an antisemite if you disagree.

                • @tactical – and your point is what? We KNOW about the jews, don’t you?

              • So – barny kitty litter, do you buy your crack or cook it at home?

              • Barn Cat:

                I challenge you to name the “gentiles” who are the top conspirators of the NWO.

                The chickens are coming home to roost in ALL nations.

                Meyer Amschel Rothschild in 1790 stated “Let me issue and control a nations money and I care not who makes the laws”.

                He set out to control all nations banks and to date has succeeded with only about four nations and their banks now that his family does not own; and those we are being ask to make war on.

                The International Zionist Jew Banksters are the people we should be “gunning for” along with the “gentiles” who are their subordinate frontmen, allowing them to stay in the shadows while they ruin the world.

                I do not know how much the every day jew knows about these Zionists, I do know I haven’t seen any every day Jew anywhere in the MSM warning us what these Zionists plans are and saying they wont participate in the Zionists luciferian plans.

                So, if you are not a Jew, or are a Jew, or even a Zionist Jew, I wait patiently for your “gentile list”.

            • You should be concerned about your own salvation. At the judgment you won’t be able to hide behind the sins of others. Anybody who hates the Jews is an enemy of God.

              • Do you imagine for a moment that I don’t care about my own soul?

                I am doing my best to work out my own salvation “with fear and trembling.” Philippians 2:12

                And, your false accusations are as empty as they are tiresome.

                I hate no person.

                I hate sin (including my own sins) and I hate wicked genocidal creeds.

                “Hate the sin. Love the sinner.” Are you really too dense to understand that? Or are you just dishonest?

              • With Barn Cat’s insane standard, the only ones who “love” Jews are those who also love their usury, swindling, pornography, genocide, warmongering, abortion, homosexual activism, and Master Race Judaism.


                • cat is jew TROLLL. Done.

              • Does it matter who they are?Whatever kind of people the NWO, bankster, politicians, wanna be tyrants,are.They suck and are trying to screw us.Unless you think an ethnical cleansing will solve the problem ,who cares?

                • Every world class strategist advises that we know our enemies better than we know ourselves. It is important to understand the Master Race creed of Judaism to understand what drives the genocidal tribal banksters, swindlers, warmongers, and cultural termites.

                  For millennia the tribe of money-worshipping money-changers have used the same tricks over and over again to loot and destroy the nations in which they reside. It goes in cycles.

                  The parasites are driven out a nation.
                  The parasites find a new host.
                  The parasites inveigle themselves into positions of influence and then destroy the host.
                  The host finally awakens to what damage the parasites have wrought.
                  The host drives out the parasites.

                  Then the cycle begins anew.

                  The USA and much of the world are in the awakening phase. It behooves us to not fall for the same old tricks this time.

                  Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

              • Boy have the jews punked you dude, just like most Christians, except those who are finally awakening to the fact that they have been punked by scumbag jews for 2,000 years. jews murdered over 65,000,000 Christian in less than 20 years in the last century. lenin was a jew, marx – jew, trotsky – jew jew jew jew jew jew. etc. IF there is a god; it damn SURE ain’t a filthy jew.

                • I think it is important to distinguish the innocent from the guilty.

                  People are not to blame for the circumstances of their birth.

                  As adults, however, we are all responsible for what we do and believe.

              • Oh how lovely, Hate a Jew and one goes to hell, then where does that leave those that hate Jesus? Or, perhaps Jesus is still serving his sentence in hell for verbally condemning Jewry in Biblical times? Oh and, was Jesus an enemy of God?

          • I just lay the blame at the feet to which it belongs, no matter their creed.

            • Exactly the point—no exceptions.

          • @ barn cat. Yeh OK we WILL blame the scumbag jews. Got anyone else you can finger on this s**t since 1861 dude? It is jews. WAKE UP, or are you a jew!!!

        • Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

      3. Rome burned.

        • So he issues this executive order effectively making him a Cesar.
          I say this with a smirk on my face, “I’d love to see him do it”.
          It would solve a ton of problems. #1 gets him out of office. He’d be so history.
          With a stroke of a pen he would be instantaneously, an enemy of the state.
          Bring it on, let’s see whose right.

          • No doubt about it. Obama thinks he is the Black Jesus and the Savoir of the Second Coming. He is that Arrogant.

            • To put this above board and level. The dumb ass republicans have nobody that could beat him if he could run for a third term. Palin or McCain. Please, Bozo and Elmer Fudd would be better.

              • Ted Cruz the Canadian will lead the Republicans to defeat in 2016.

              • Forget the parties for a moment,,
                My money is on Ventura/Stern
                Would at least be new territory!

                • Kula:

                  I know who Ventura is; who is Stern?

                  You are not talking about Howard are you?

                  • It doesn’t matter. Howard Stern, Isaac Stern, all Jewish. I think that ticket might upset some people here. I know Howard Stern would be more entertaining than Biden.

                  • Yes, they are considering a run, i think it could be just what we need,

              • With the main stream media supporting him. No Republican or third party has a chance.

                They hide his flubs and make him look good.

                Any exposure is good. Especially when they hand you softball questions.

              • One thing I believe should be perfectly obvious to anyone is the fact that miclame is not a republican as in the sense of the word meaning to stand for the republic…and most aren’t…miclame is just a commie progressive with an R after his name …no different than the hairy reed with a D after his….

            • He might think he is the ‘new’ messiah, but his name is a numbers name and is spelled.

              Name = (3×2)(3×2)(3×2)

        • Beat me to it

      4. Mr. Obama IS the national catastrophe!

        • You took the words right out of mouth.

        • I would add an ” Inter” to your definition of catastrophe as well.

          • And replace the Mr with Comrade.

            • Just call him barry soetoro, cause that’s his real name!

              • His names are legion.

                • His name is dick head

          • Both the kommie jews and africans are Our Misfortune.

        • Wallimiyama, I’ll take it further and say the entire federal government is the national catastrophe. They have been ruining our country forever and have brought us to the verge of a national revolt. That is the only thing that can save us now. Let the monkey declare national emergency or whatever. Let the govt. totally turn against us. It will be game on. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Don’t insult monkeys like that.

          • Breaveheart;
            YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!

        • Let’s take that one step further. INTERnational catastrophe!

      5. If thats the plan, I think it will backfire.

        • “”If thats the plan, I think it will backfire.””

          So long as our guns don’t.

      6. His evil plan is shaking out just as he was instructed by whomever gives orders to Valerie Jarrett his handler. What do we do now?

        • Fear not, brinksmom.

          These Marxist fools do not know what they think they know. They have the very same self-perception that every two-bit criminal has…they think they are smarter than the cops and will never get caught. And that self-perception is based on having a sociopathic psyche which has gotten them as far as they have made it to date.

          They simply haven’t yet run up against real Americans who have the capacity and willingness to tell them “no.”
          And so, their sociopathic tendencies have reinforced all successes thus far, resulting in their willingness to take further risks…risks that are fundamentally unwise and entirely foolish. They then learn the hard way and the game is over.

          The game for them is in the final minutes of the final quarter.

          So no reason to fear them. There is nothing they can do to actually bring down this country. They can try, and may very well try, but succeed they will not.

          Putin’s creation has had his day in the sun but the daylight is dimming, and our nation is still standing. Putin can kick and stomp his stubby little legs all he wishes, but in the end he will be left sucking his thumb between his buck teeth and pounding sand.

          • Anonymous-I fear them not. I just wonder how to fight back. A few have no chance of victory and it will take many of us dedicated to take our country back.
            I already told my children I will die in the Revolution and if that is what it take, so be it. But I am taking some of the enemy with me!
            I would make a terrible “serf” and I refuse to comply.

          • Are you still fooled into believing this is a showdown between Marxism and Capitalism?

            Dig into the history of Communism. You will find that the same tribe that runs Monopoly Capitalism also ran Communism.

            Same tribe, same banksters.

            Jakob Schiff of the Kuhn Loeb Bank (now known as Chase Bank) was the “bag man” who funded the Judeo-Bolsheviks and their revolutions.

            • John Q:

              You are right on the money, as usual.

              • You are too kind. Thank you.

            • I always Thank the Lord for your insights and truthful comments. Now let the idiots to mark you and I and others as Nazi, Anti Semite..or whatever they want. Truth hurts and history doesn’t lie.

            • TY – 100% Right

          • Are you trying to blame Putin for the sheeple voting that half-n-half in the white house? You’ve got to be kidding.

            • …thanks, now I can never put half&half in the coffee again without that image… 😉

              • Sorry.

                • 🙂

          • @ Anonymous

            Have you read any Russian history or Putin’s biography? I have.

            He is not just another head of state in the NWO’s pocket. First and foremost, he is a Russian nationalist. Second, he loathes Oblunder.

            If you think he and Oblunder are on the same team you err.

            The wealthiest tenth of one percent of the US population, who selected and funded Oblunder, run him. Putin does not.

            • You have been misinformed.

              • Cite some reputable scholarship rather than an swampnoodle mouthing off on the internet.

                What background on Russia do you have?

          • Anon,

            What is the reference to Putin about? Does he have anything to do with running the monkey puppet? Does he run the lovely Jarret creature? As it appears, he is the ONLY leader in the entire Eurosphere who stands up for his ethnicity and the country representing that ethnicity. If you demonize such a stance, you must be here to divert attention away from another ethnicity whose fingerprints are all over the current mess, which they have been working on for centuries… so, are you ready for a wake up pill yet?

        • And again, notice how Mzzzzzz Jarrett suddenly “discovered” her Jewish roots a few months back. “master race” …chosen people”…its all the same horseshit ideology to justify being liars thieves and murderers

          • Wait until Jarrett discovers what her Jewish relatives teach about her.

            “…’the servitude of animalistic black Africans should be perpetual.’”
            Isaac Abarbanel, 15th-century Portuguese Talmudic theologian
            David Brion Davis, “Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World” (Oxford University Press, 2006), p. 55.

            “Some of the Turks and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.”
            The “Great Rambam,” Maimonides explaining who is not fit “to participate in the world to come,”
            Guide for the Perplexed, Book III, chapter 51 cited in Israel Shahak, Hebrew University Professor, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years. London: Pluto Press, 1997. p. 25.

            • For fun John, research how the Ethiopian Jews have been treated in Isreal. These are a people uncorrupted by the Khazars who follow the Torah, and have done done without causing wars etc for thousands of years. Their treatment at the hands of the Armenian usurpers has been shocking.

          • They all grow like a weed SOS.

      7. if this is the way they want it, then call me John Wilkes Booth

        • You’ll have to take a number there John- I called dibbs!

          • Cal and CW
            If any thing happens to him he will become a martyr. They will use it to declare marshall law, and make laws that will make harder for us in the middle class to survive.
            I now how you fell but this isn’t the way to handle it. You guys are PATRIOTS, not murders. There will come a day that I believe he will answer for his crimes. This clown is going to start a Civil War. Let use give him more rope to hang himself with!!!

            • Thanks there Sarge- but don’t overestimate me. On any given day- I’m 51% “Light Side” and 49% dark side. it takes less and less with every passing day to move that needle in the reverse direction.

              • CW
                Please stay in the light. The day will come that we in the light will have to take on Obullshits dark side army.
                I know that its hard. I’m going thru the same thing. I’m not a very nice person when I’m on the dark side. a couple of guy found out when they threated to rape and murder my family. They got the Haibius (hay be us) Thumpius (thump E Us) put on them. That is Latin for the
                S%^T kick out of them.

                Obullshit is not telling me that he is going to do this, but if he tries to become Caesar. His brown shirts (NSA DHS, TSA, IRS. Just to name a few. Just might try. Why else would they have 1.8 Billion round of ammo M4’s, and 2700 tanks.

                BEWARE OF THE DARK SIDE!

                • Everyone has a dark side. The trick is to draw what you need from it, without allowing it to consume you. Keep it chained, but give it more leash when you need to.

                  It’s called “instinct for survival”.

                • but the Darkside haz cookies! At least…that’s what’s in their brochure…

                  • sixpack — you’re getting sharper all the time

                    We’ll have to raise your rank to Twelvepack

                • Good afternoon Sarge,
                  Party like it’s March 14, 44 B.C. Ides of March. Remember Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus?

                  • Say
                    I thought it March 15Th but how cares. If he becomes Caesar it will happen to him to. Just think taht we may have Hillary following this clown in office. Oh crap.

                • Please correctly describe the 2,700 units as: COFFINS for the traitor occupants. Thx. Like they are gonna do something to take on 40,000,000 of us shooting, sabotaging, firebombing howling-with-unbrilded-RAGE Patriots in this nation, with even 27,000 coffins? Not quite. Glad they ordered even 2B rounds. Hmm, I wonder how many WE have – exponentially more.

            • Howdy, Sarge. I agree that assassination could backfire and kill our cause, but how much more rope does he need. once he gets the war started, that should be all the rope he needs. When feds and/or foreign troops start kicking in peoples’ doors, it will be game on. When anyone with weapons comes to my place, I’ll already know they’re there with bad intentions toward me and I will respond accordingly. I won’t tolerate anyone targeting me for no good reason. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Braveheart:
                Good question. I think he needs enough rode to hang him and all of his handlers, and anyone that has stood beside him.
                Braveheart I hope you have friends and family that will joy into the fight with you to save you and ours the right to be free. I know my friend that you would have an Ally in me if I lived near by.
                We don’t agree on everything but one thing I know is that you are a PATRIOT!!!!
                “Aim Small Miss Small”

                • Sarge, I’m not aware of anything we disagree on, so I’ll leave that where it’s at. I do have family in the mountains of north GA who will stand up and fight. If I can make it to the BOL in time, I’ll be right there with the right people. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • Well I broke down today and bought me a AR. I’ve always been an AK guy but after doing some 200 and 500 matches with my uncle; I was sold on the platform. I don’t have any credit cards but I was at wallyworld and seen a diamondback for $850. I did the 18 months no interest. I know it’s wally world but I really liked this model. It had an ATI adjustable stock with check rest, floating barrel handguard, and 2 mags.

                    Can’t wait to get a rear sight and try this thing out. I promised my wife this will be my last firearm purchase for a while. I still working on that crummy glock 19 gen 3 I bought in March. Been replacing parts trying to get reliable ejection. Hell this party might not last another 18 months.

                    GOD bless!

                  • Braveheart.
                    That’s a load off . Thank God you have them. Stay safe.
                    You did make a good point I can’t think of anything we have disagreed on. I disagree with myt Twin more than I disagree with you.
                    Aim Small Miss Small.

                • Must follow the money… That trail will lead you to his handlers. He is just the rattler at the end of the snake.

                  • Indy welcome to club, bought a Stag model 2 last weds. Also an AK man thought it might be best to have at least 1 that ammo and parts will be available if SHTF. Looks like the barrel might be getting hot a little faster than anticipated though.

                    My son is overseas serving this country, I’ll do my duty to defend this country at home. I will not beg, I will not bow and I damn sure ain’t going down without a fight.
                    The penis with ears in office can kiss my white country boy ass.

              • “Unintended Consequences” would give you a better idea of how to handle this. Though it’s just a work of fiction, it’s full of ideas of how to make this very low level and decentralized. When push comes to shove, it’ll be easier to fight as individuals. Each lining up their target, acting, and walking away. All targets were random, acted upon by people that were affected by their target’s actions or authority. Remember that IRS auditor that put you through hell 4 years ago? Or the EPA official that nixed building your house on the land you bought but now declared half of it as “wetlands”? What about the TSA agent that shook your ass down on that flight to go to your grandmother’s funeral? Random to the authorities but not to you.

                Just bringing up some “what ifs”…

            • MARTIAL law, as in MARTIAL arts.

          • Sic semper tyrannis is a Latin phrase meaning “thus, always, to tyrants.” The full quotation, Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis (literally : “Thus always I eradicate tyrants’ lives”), or “death to tyrants” or “down with the tyrant.” The phrase is often said to have originated with Marcus Junius Brutus during the assassination of Julius Caesar, but according to Plutarch, Brutus either did not have a chance to say anything, or if he did, no one heard what was said:
            “Caesar thus done to death, the senators, although Brutus came forward as if to say something about what had been done, would not wait to hear him, but burst out of doors and fled, thus filling the people with confusion and helpless fear…”[1]

            The phrase has been invoked historically in Europe and other parts of the world as an epithet or rallying cry against abuse of power. It is the official motto of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the city of Allentown, Pennsylvania. In the United States it is best known as the words John Wilkes Booth said that he shouted during his assassination of President Abraham Lincoln

            • Classical education bears great fruit—clear thinking from an ordered mind.

        • “Sic semper tyrannis!”?

        Don’t Fire Unless Fired Upon,
        But if they mean to have a WAR
        Let it begin here.”

        April 19, 1775 Captain Parker

        • “But rest assured…that whatever happens at first, we are certain to triumph at last, even if we had for arms only pitchforks and flint-lock muskets, for every bush and haystack will become an ambush and every barn a fortress. The history of nations proves that a gallant and free people, fighting for their independence and firesides, are invincible against even disciplined mercenaries, at a few dollars per month. What, then, must be the result when its enemies are little more than an armed rabble, gathered together hastily on a false pretence, and for an unholy purpose… None but the demented can doubt the issue.” P.G.T. Beauregard

          • The corrupt politicians in our country should heed the words of many historical figures, and they would do well to recognize the resolve of many Americans.

            I for one agree with D.H. Lawrence’s quote below, and I fear they underestimate US.

            “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted”

          • High sounding words coming from someone who was a less than mediocre military tactician and more of a self righteous, pouting, bumbling fool than someone whose words anyone could rely on. He bumbled on the battle field and he bumbled in industry. Beauregard was a typical small time politician whose only triumph in life was making money running the Louisiana lottery after the war. P. T. G. Beauregard is not someone whose philosophy I’d be interested in paying attention to. By and large he was a loser, just like all other pompous ass politicians. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just saying.

            • Read the book or see the movie “Gods and Generals” that is the story a far better leader of men.
              General Jackson went down in history as one of the finest leaders of armed men there ever was.
              Lead from the front.



              Semper Fi 8541

              • “When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard”.

                “Duty is ours. Consequences are God’s”.

                Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson.

              • Nathan Bedford Forrest, Mosby and yes, even the flamboyant JEB Stuart. My GG Grandfather rode with Mosby, and Imoden early on in the war. I have a photo of him in his Confederate ‘parade uniform’ in our family room. Another photo taken in 1902 of a reunion with fellow confederates, some in uniform and some not, on my office wall. His baby clothes trunk is on the floor of my office along with documentation of his service from the Virginia Daughters of the Confederacy.

                His Obituary reads: Jesse Taylor Funk….Dead. His many friends as well as his family were justly proud of his splendid record as a Confederate soldier. A comrade writes of him: “We are sorry to learn of the death of Jesse Funk. His memory will be green as long as we live and revere the old flag under which we fought and under the peerless leadership of Lee. No braver man, no more faithful soldier ever drew blade or rushed into the wild charge than Jesse. He fought under ‘ol ‘Extra Billy Smith’ in the 49th Virginia and in the calvary under Imoden, and whether on foot or horse was the same tried, faithful, and gallant soldier. A comrade drops a tear to his memory and pays this just tribute to a good citizen, a gallant soldier, and faithful friend”. R.B.B.

                • PO Pat

                  Whats up with the new MD laws that just went into effect? Are they doing confiscation? I thought I read people who have mental issues were getting a visit and the mags over 10 rounds were illegal? CRAZY

                  • IC, congrats on your new purchase. No, confiscation hasn’t started. Haven’t heard anything on the mental health excuse here like they’re experiencing in CA. Mag capacity is now at a ten round limit. There are lawsuits filed on all this nonsense but it’ll take some time to wind out in the courts.

                • A worthy and admirable ancestor you have there PoP!! My hat is off to him and all those like him…both past and present! 😉

            • No, in a nation of countless heroes, he didn’t rank among the very best. But he fought and risked his life for the cause, instead of just talking (or typing). Drop back by with your crabbiness when you’ve done half as much…in times that are ten times as bad.

              • I agree. He did step up and fight and risk his life for the cause. Normal living conditions in 1861 were ten times worse than the conditions Americans have to live under today. Volunteering to march off to war and slay your former friends, neighbors and kin makes it even worse and is a completely different issue. I don’t live in 1861 conditions today but have on several occasions during my life for short periods of time and I’m prepared to do the same again if I ever have to although I would not like it and I won’t be volunteering to march off and slay my neighbors because of some just or unjust cause and not just because I’m too old. However, I will mind my own business and wait for them to come slay me and then I will do whatever I have to, to defend myself, all the while understanding the futility of fighting armored vehicles and scores of thugscrum darth vaders with only my .308, my lowly 1911 and whatever wits I happen to have remaining. While Beauregard didn’t rank among the best, he most certainly was on the right side… just the wrong man for the job, not-with-standing his quote was a little too noble for the reality of the outcome he experienced. Just saying.

                • Aim at their necks. 308 + neck = CYA.

                • He didn’t “march off to slay his neighbors;” he volunteered to protect his weaker neighbors from the hirelings which marched off to invade his country.

            • Youre sadly misinformed and uneducated on the subject my friend…study!

            • Youre sadly misinformed and uneducated on the subject my friend…study!

        • Lordy I hope not; But if it comes down I’ll be out in the grass somewhere. To old and slow to fight and run, but my 25-06 will do.

      9. I digress, but I swear Valerie Jarrett looks like either a failed genetics experiment or one those aliens Muldur was always talking about…the kind that gives off that green gas that melts your flesh.

        • If me and Val were marooned on a deserted island, I would cut her throat and set her adrift to avoid the temptation………. anybody seen Wilson?

      10. if he does it…then it will be “game on”…..no other way about it…

        God help us all with this communist muslim butthole…

        • A black guy, a communist, a Muslim, and an illegal alien walk in to a bar.

          Bartender says “what can I get you Mr. President?

          • You left out fairy and sorry bowler.

          • Don’t quite your day job

      11. last I heard….apes are naturally violent.

      12. barry obaboon only has power if WE give it to him.

        This administration has lost all legitimacy.

        Resistance is the only path.

      13. I encourage everybody here to look into bitcoin as a backup currency system for international commerce. Simply as a means of exchange, it can replace the USD. If just a couple vendors and suppliers in the US took bitcoin as a currency, the US could default, and we already have a backup system in place.

        Just look into it and think of its possibilities as a backup financial system.

      14. I don’t believe the President has the political horse power to pull off such an outrageous plan. If one thinks that the US will loose super power status in the event of a default just let the current President essentially declare himself dictator. Whatever global legitimacy the US still possesses would evaporate overnight.

        • With the internet, it would evaporate in about 30 minutes.

      15. Mac,

        Thank you for all that you do keeping us informed of what is really up in D.C. You and others like you take a risk going against the current waves in the Gov. and the “media” and that is not lost on me. Thanks to you, we have a forum of like-minded individuals where we can share ideas and, more important, not feel that we are the ones who are crazy and out of step with reality. You are much appreciated, especially at times like these. Thank you.

        • Ditto that…

      16. Mac,

        Thank you for all that you do keeping us informed of what is really up in D.C. You and others like you take a risk going against the current waves in the Gov. and the “media” and that is not lost on me. Thanks to you, we have a forum of like-minded individuals where we can share ideas and, more important, not feel that we are the ones who are crazy and out of step with reality. You are much appreciated, especially at times like these. Thank you.

      17. Constitutionally we can not default. If Obumass Caesar and Lew decide not to pay the debt they will be impeached immediately. The government has enough revenue to pay the interest on the debt, but it would require a 25% shut down of government. We are currently at a 13% shutdown and I don’t feel a thing. Obumass Caesar needs to get it open in a hurry before everyone realizes we really don’t need this much government.

        With that said if Obumass Caesar throws an asteroid into the global financial pond it could cause a chain reaction that they may not be able to stop.

        Years ago when I said we needed to cut the size of government by 58% I was ridiculed on this site. Personally I wouldn’t miss more than half the government being shuttered and I believe it would improve the quality of life for most Americans.

        This is all propaganda, but the problem is most Americans no nothing more then what they are spoon fed by ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC. The networks are nothing more than the propaganda ministries of Dictators and Statist!!!

        • I want to go on record that I was not one of those who ridiculed you

          • That’s ok VRF I’ve spent a life time out in front while in the military, corporate America and as a business owner. When your out front people are going to take shots at you.

            I have a lot of nutty ideas and I attribute my success to them. Not because I come up with great ideas all the time, but because I fail more than most and learn from it.

            If you recall I also said to outlaw the EPA, IRS, DOE and Unions. It’s my opinion that self governance starts with self reliance.

            • Amen to that!

        • That would be true if we still had a Constitution. We don’t. The Republicans won’t impeach Obama no matter what he does. Either they don’t want to look like racists or they’re too gutless or they’re on the same side. Take your pick.

          • They’re all commies. More than 60 million commies voted for the head commie in each election. More than that follow him now. Commies love it.
            Stand by patriots, no safe port anywhere.

            • Correction: A minority of those legally eligible to vote elected him twice. The tipping point was provided through vote fraud, as has been exposed on a number of occasions and reported in the media. In addition, the accuracy of the voting machines has been questioned, as well as their proper functioning.

              The Marxist in the White House was re-elected only by a slim margin.

              Without these supporting factors, he never would have received a second term, by any margin.

              Task #2 after this Administration has made their final walk down the White House driveway will be to return the voting process to credibility, security, and accuracy. There will need to be proof of eligibility to vote provided by each and every person who wishes to vote, as stringent as that required to obtain a U.S. passport, and a return to the paper ballot.

          • The NSA has them all by the short-hairs. All they can do is squeal a little.

            • @ Sixpack..That is exactly what is going on with them and the SCOTUS. Plus they each get a billion deposited in thier bank account off shore.

              • …or at least they are promised to not have to go to prison for what they DO have stashed overseas… and as a bonus, their families get to live too.

      18. The whole government took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. They have all broken that oath. They have sold out the American people to foreign interests for their own enrichment. They will all suffer the consequences of their betrayal.

      19. There is no doubt that Valerie Jarrett is one of Obama’s handlers, ensuring he does as his masters direct.

        This is how dictators come to power. An “emergency” will be manufactured, then the president will declare a “national emergency” and fully usurp the powers of Congress and the Supreme Court to start his “reign.”

        If one looks to 12 USC sec 95, particularly 95b, one will find that Congress of 1933 gave the office of president dictatorial power. It reads as follows:

        “Current through Pub. L. 113-36. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)”

        The actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken, promulgated, made, or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury since March 4, 1933, pursuant to the authority conferred by section 95a of this title, are approved and confirmed.

        This has yet to be revoked.

        • I think a few million American Patriots are waiting for him to pull something like this.

          We might be vilified by the Lame Stream Media and the masses of sheeple. But I say. BRING IT ON!!!!

          The first American Revolution only had about 10% support initially. Most thought the fighting wouldn’t last more than six months.

          It got up to a third for the King and a Third were indifferent. Only took a third to win! Hurray for us!

        • With respect….it doesn’t matter,it isn’t valid, that the congress gives any unconstitutional powers to anyone…all political power rests with the people…now of course that doesn’t preclude the people being too dumb or disinterested to challenge such a usurpation of our liberty!

      20. The world didn’t end the last time the US defaulted. It won’t this time either.

        Scare tactics and Percy Platypus theater.

        Stand fast Tea Party.

        • That depends. They just might allow a default to destroy confidence in the dollar and Treasury bonds. You have to remember that at some point the government will be ready to take down the dollar and turn America into a third world country.

          • China, although having a Communist Government since the late 1940’s was not a communist country in It’s culture. The Marxists were having a difficult time controlling pockets of Christians and other counter revolutionary groups. So Mao collapsed their country through the “Cultural Revolution” of the late 1960’s. 80+ million people died.

            One of Queen Barry’s Czars, who I now believe is our delegate to the U.N., praised Mao for what he did.

            It is my belief that this is what is coming when the Government defaults on It’s debts.

          • youtube.com/watch?v=4hgA9j-4dB0&feature=em-share_video_user
            Listen to the first few minutes to this world bank whistleblower–she doesn’t mince words.

            Start at 1:45.

            We need more like her that do not sugar coat the events causing this takeover by the communist, the elite, the 300 club, the Hillary-McCain war mongers that are nation building for a One World Government.

      21. The tide of resistance is rising. More and more regular folks have had it with the politicians. Change is comming. The only thing saving the government’s ass now is the giving away of big money to the rich and small money to the dependants. Almost everyone knows the system has gotten so corrupt and sick that it will not recover. Unfortunately this degradation could go on for years, and some of us will need to include the transfer of our preps in our wills. God bless us all.

        • I’ve already willed my preps…everything I have, including the hard assets, goes to whomever takes care of my cat for the rest of his life. He comes with his own preps.

      22. The “Orange Man” versus “Blue Lips”

        Colorful little squabble they got going.

      23. Time’s up. You waiting for a starter gun to go off or something? Enacting continuation of goverment plans would be a formal declaration of war against the people. “Try to impeach me now, suckas”.

        • Then it’s not being impeached anymore–it’s being JFK’d.

      24. Just watched a SHTF film called 5 shells. Shows what you womens are in for. Better have plans to make yourselves look unattractive.

        • The Babes I care about will look however they damn well want to. The Gentlemen’s: Colt, Browning, and Smith may look unattractive to some. I care not one way or another about most people male or female. A good woman is neither soft nor stupid, just cuddly. Nothing like a good looking gal with a pair of 38’S and a 7mm

          • Si’

          • “Pair of 38’s” is what you call a double entendre.

          • My woman prefers a Bersa 380…but she does make up for it with her 44DDs. And the fact that when a pitbull tried to attack our dog, she grabbed the fucker and body slammed him against the concrete. Twice.

            Yowsa…. now I KNOW she’s part of GODs plan for me 🙂

            • Now, THATs a woman! I once took the horn off a goat who wouldn’t get in the trailer. Her name used to be Tiffany, but then it was Onehorn! Lol

            • Mine prefers a bow and has been winning tournaments since she was 12 against women and men. Good luck, because you will never hear her coming.

        • Eisen, call 1-800-EAT-SHIT.

          • So what, I told you off a few times and you dont love me anymore? Dont be such a baby.

            • Eisen, who the f#$% are you calling a baby, @hole? Come to my place if you want to really find out about me the HARD way! You’ll get to meet “Bertha”, who will be ready and waiting with 00 buck. Plus, what the f#$% made you think ANYBODY on this site fell in love with you? Whose fantasy world did you drop out of?

        • Eisenkreuz, I think a double-barreled shotgun aimed at the chest will definitely make me look VERY unattractive to anyone on the business end of it…

        • That won’t be a problem.

        • My womans, comes with a “mans” who will cheerfully execute any creature comin near her. Then I’ll cut their head off and leave it to rot on a stake ot front, so I can smile every time I see it. Any questions?

        • Re you saying Valerie Jarrett and Diane Fuckstien are the only two who will be safe? If you can call them women btw.

          • its not a question of their gender so much as their species

            • Hmmmm… “species”… Where did I read that?…. Oh, here:

              “The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy, by his source and his very essence, is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species.” Rabbi Saadya Grama, Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut (“Jewish Superiority and the Question of Exile”) 2003.

              “…Rabbi Menachem Mandel Schneerson, who headed the Chabad movement and wielded great influence in Israel as well [and proclaimed himself messiah], explained that ‘The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather we have a case of ‘let us differentiate’ between totally different species. This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of all nations of the world.'”
              Allan C. Brownfield, “It Is Time to Confront the Exclusionary Ethnocentrism,” Issues of the American Council for Judaism, Winter 2000

      25. A note to Mr. O:

        Have you not heard how it ended for Caesar?

        • Or Mussolini…or Hitler…or Charles…or Lincoln…or…Alexander…or…

          • Or King George?

            • …or Trayvon…..

              • “trayvon” was another jew msm hoax. There is NO “trayvon martin,” and never was one.

        • et tu, brute.

          • “speak, hands, for me!” — Cassius

            Ah… the benefits of a classical education, combined with the ability to grow one’s food and find center mass

        • Granny — if it gets too “hot” for him,
          he would just go out and blend in with
          the street gangbangers. No problemo.

      26. WASHINGTON (AP) — At least eight Democratic members of the House were among about 200 people arrested Tuesday after they blocked a main street near the Capitol during a massive rally seeking to push Republicans to hold a vote on a stalled immigration reform bill.

        Police would not identify those arrested. Representatives of the social policy organization Center for Community Change and The Associated Press witnessed the arrests of Reps. John Lewis, D-Ga.; Luis Gutiérrez, D-Ill.; Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz.; Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; Joseph Crowley and Charles Rangel, both D-N.Y.; Al Green, D-Texas; and Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill.,

        sorry again OT for this article

        but,, notice who got arrested “D”

        • Let’s hope they keep them in jail for a couple of months.

          Blocking a street is nothing, but isn’t a conspiracy rap fairly serious?

          • “Conspiracy” is what lazy DA’s usually come up with, when they can’t prove a REAL criminal count on it’s merits.

        • Arrested??
          Does no one here remember when the fraud as an Illinois senator went to help his cousin slay Christians in churches when he lost the election for prime minister in Kenya?
          All these pictures and articles have been scrubbed–not even found in the way back machine.

      27. This “Caesar” is just the tip of the iceberg. He is only part of the total manipulation of the American people. Check out this video and see how far down the rabbit hole it goes. http://guerillatics.com

        • Wolfgang:

          I just spent an hour listening to the website you posted.

          There are no words to describe how Luciferian people have plotted the take over of America and the world.

          The article is long; but well worth our attention. Thanks!

          • Granny,

            You make an important point that is completely lost on people who are so deeply invested in denying God and/or God’s Law.

            The over-arching conspiracy is Satan’s war against God, but there are many conspiracies that are simply “subsets” of Satan’s conspiracy. Naturally, much of the earthly “command and control” of those conspiracies is vested in “the synagogue of Satan, those who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.” Apocalyspe 3:9 & 2:9

            Satan and his allies are angry that they were dispossessed of their Heavenly thrones. They HATE that mere humans can gain Heaven and take what was once “theirs.” In their rage they will do everything they can to keep us from gaining Heaven. THAT is where the depopulation/enslavement/damnation agenda originated and the synagogue of Satan means to advance that Satanic agenda. Sin, death, and damnation. We have been duly warned.

      28. Someone want to get our Military on the phone and find out when they are going to do their duty and remove this treasonous regime from power?

        or are all of you his bitch too? just askin’..oh and just sayin’

        • Go to oathkeepers.org and you’ll see what they’ve got in the works (and you’re invited to join, too)! More specifically, check out a recent Youtube clip, “Stewart Rhodes Unveils Civilization Preservation Teams.” Rhodes is the founder of Oathkeepers.

      29. Obamas approval rating is at 37%..hummmm..why so high?

        • Cuz somebody voted 3 times.

          • Lol

        • because they forgot the “-” sign.

        • B/C it was calculated by the same jew shills who estimate the $16 TR debt. F-ing LIARS.. Meanwhile in other news, Charlie Mansons’ approval rating is 89% LMAO.

        • They missed the “-” next to it.

      30. If anybody hasn’t heard it yet , check out Dave Hodges on the Hagmann report from October 7th !!!!!! MUST LISTEN ……awesome info
        If what he says is true and it sounds logical then VERY SOON we are in for a world of hurt …..hell look at the civil disobedience from the government shutdown , the people are starting to rise up and that CANNOT be tolerated !!!!!!
        CHECK IT OUT

      31. In today’s America, I hate saying the old phrase–

        Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death.

        I think I know which one they have chosen.

        Be Ready.

      32. Could it be that agreeing to disagree has been the plan all along? If O and the rest of his cronies figured it out that by not negosiating and coming to terms to raise the debt limit the end result could be O in charge on his own. It may sound crazy but why not, they have done worse.

      33. Just a little background on the “Center of Community Change” that the Democrats got arrested for while attending their rally.

        Executive Director: Deepak Bhargava

        Born in India and immigrated to US when he was a child. Graduated Harvard summa cum laude

        Lives in DC with his partner Harry Hamburg

        He has sharpened the Centers focus on grass roots COMMUNITY ORGANIZING as a central strategy for SOCIAL JUSTICE

        He has provided intellectual leadership on a variety of issues including the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT in the US

        Sounds like to me he is in bed with another “community organizer” that is hoping to become Caesar. The “buzz words”
        in this article are used by the liberal, socialist, politicians doing everything they can to turn America into just another third world pit.

        If you live in any state where the politicians in this article are from you now know what evil they associate themselves with.

      34. why I cant get a job in Government

        Job interview:

        Government hiring agent: VRF, What is your greatest weakness?

        VRF: Honesty

        Government hiring agent: I don’t think honesty is a weakness

        VRF: I don’t really give a shit what you think!

        yep, you guessed it, I didn’t get the job

      35. Mac, You misspelled O-bomb-us.

      36. Obullshit thinks he is going to become Caesar. When he dose, one of his handlers will stab him in the back. For me it won’t be too soon. Then there will be another Turd taking his place, It is time to stand your ground and not let it happen,. What ever it takes!!!!!

        If he tries to become Caesar he will spark a Civil War or a military coup d’etat. All I can do is pray that we rebuild our Republic.

        I’m hoping that we do DEFAULT, and it shuts everything down. So we can rebuild the REPUBLIC!!

        Can you see the rest of the world going OH S$%t now were are we going to get the money to run our country. The US feeds money into too many countries to keep them afloat. If we stop sending the money over seas the US would not have a 17,000,000,000.00 def.

        Obullshit said “raising the credit limit doesn’t mean we will owe more money” What a load of BullS%^t. How do you think he got his name!!!!

        WHO WILL BAIL US OUT? NO ONE! These countries will collapse and then may be we can rebuild the world with out NWO running it. I’m hoping these clowns will be having a meeting at the Pearly Gates.

        “Aim Small ! Miss Small!”

        • Sgt, I don’t know whether you are a Christian/believe the Bible or not, but here goes.
          We know that the end times are getting close, because Jesus said that the generation which saw the return of Israel to its land would be the last generation of the age. When this age ends, the literal New World Order, headed by the Antichrist, will take over before the Second Coming of Christ and the age of his rule (the Millennium).
          The thing is, the Bible states that the Antichrist will be swept into power following a devastating time of trouble.
          I guess the point I’m trying to make is that following a worldwide collapse, there probably won’t be any rebuilding of our Republic because we will probably have entered the time of the true New World Order.
          I’m not trying to shout you down, just offering my two cents. I mourn for America like you do. Hopefully it’s not too late and we can see a revival of America’s greatness, but when I compare the Bible’s prophecies with the news headlines, it makes me think that something else may be on the horizon.

          • Sax:
            Yes I’m a Christian. What I believe is when God says its over its over.

            As far as what is happening now you can look back into history and find that Greece,Rome, and other empires fell the same way. They became depraived, with sex, drugs and money, and then they fell.

            As far a the Millennium is concerd I can’t find any where in the New Testemetn that states there is going to be a rapture and it will last 1,000 years. If it is there let me know and I’ll read up and study it.

            I want to believe that IF the good in this country stands up that God will give us a chance to rebuild. Gods will be done!!!

          • Sax:
            Yes I’m a Christian, and proud of it.
            I believe tath we won’t know when the end of time will come because Jesus stated that he didn’t even know. So when God says it over its over!
            So I believe that if the good in this country stands up that God will give us a chance to try again. That it is how I feel.
            God Bless!
            “Aim Small Miss Small”

      37. Ephesians 6: 13 “Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil days to come, and having done all to stand!”. NKJ

        As Christians we are all called to be warriors. To fight against our own sin nature, to stand against the immorality of this world, and to stand against a government when it leaves God’s will.

        Our Founding Fathers knew this and stood against English tyranny. It is now time for all Christians to stand against the Communist tyranny of Queen Barry.

        My God be with us in this fight!

      38. If Hussein Obama tries to unconstitutionally seize dictatorial powers, the military would be justified in removing him from office. Those in the military take an oath to defend the Constitution, not to defend the president.

        • Ocommie has been replacing the top brass for 5 years now. I would not bet on the military bosses to defend the Constitution. I would put money on the fact they took an oath to fallow Oshitbag.

      39. Read the above article at KWN last night and again this mourning. Also read the one below that had a little different take as to warnings issued by the Pentagon of what dinglefritz might do if he doesn’t get his way and throwing a hissy fit just ain’t enough. I like the take Dr. Roberts lists rather than the British article. They believe this will happen within a fortnight (two weeks).


      40. BO says, “I HAVE A DREAM”. That dream is to become the new Stalin. It seems like no matter what, eventually all countries end up with a tin horn dictator. No matter how well written the laws and protections are put into place, some rectum figures a way to loophole those laws and distort them and turn them to the dictator’s benefit. One disaster that is extreme enough would do it for BO. Terrorism could be it, and a natural disaster.

        I would like to discuss something that was discovered about the 9.0 Japan earthquake that lead to at one point a 124 foot tsunami. It was smaller upon hitting most of the coast, but still catastrophic. This could happen a little smaller on the Atlantic seaboard what happened to the fault off of Japan. It is called DYNAMIC OVERSHOOT.

        Mega thrust faults are when fault is thrust under another, normally the continental crust is the one that is submerged under the oceanic crust. This happened in Japan at a depth of many dozens of miles. However instead of a smooth type of tsunami, it shot up in size severely. What happened was the rock at the point of the fault broke and then the recoil of the rock actually upthrusted much more swallow rock strata more than double what it had deeper down. This upward movement caused a 165 foot rise in the sea fllor instead of the 65 foot rise from the fault portion deeper down. In other words you had the first up thrust that in turn caused an overload of energy that forced the swallower sea floor up even more so. Two movements in really what is one motion.

        Dynamic overshoot is often compared to an overload of a motor. Kind of like leaving the car’s accelerator as high as possible until the engine literlly blew. Dynamic overshoot can be more closely related to what happens when a large enough asteroid impacts the ground or even the water. You have a football field size asteroid hit the ground and leave a crater a mile or more across is an example of dynamic overshoot, such as Meteor Crater is Arizona. You literally have this recoil of energy that has to go somewhere. The sea floor absorbs this excessive energy and then releases it suddenly when the fault is severe enough to cause this. Also another example of this would be too much gunpowder into the casing of a round and you end up blowing out part of the gun’s chamber or barrel.

        Too much energy such as this is what happens when a fault has enough energy packed in that it travels to surrounding areas and causes a very sudden uplift of the sea floor or even on a continental crust. This can make the difference between a 20 foot tsunami and a 50 foot tsunami of larger at some distance. Japan off of Toyko has a triple fault system that breaks every 300-400 years all together rather than one individual fault going off. The last times this broke were 1707 and 1605.

        Alaska, Cascadia fault zone, most of western South America, Indonesia, some of New Guinea to the Kermadec Islands and Fiji, the Phillipine plate, the Caribbean plate and a few others has this capacity to have a dynamic overshoot and cause a fairly large tsunami over 1500 miles. The Atlantic coast line is a target for this to happen if enough of the Caribbean plate breaks and sends an overload of energy to the sea floor. The point of this rapid shallow sea floor rise is also dependent on depth. The deeper the water is over it, the more water there is for a tsunami to grow. This can be seen with very deep water asteroid impacts. Shallow water asteroid hits cause smaller tsunami waves. Deep water rocks falling into the ocean cause much higher tsunamis.

        The depth of the water, and of course the shape of the coastline will also determine the destruction of a tsunami. Shallow water off the coastline allows a tsunami to build much larger in size before impact. Cresent City, California is an example of water being channelled in and magnifying a tsunami. Cresent shape, hence the name, coastline is not good for tsunamis.

        There is much science that goes into earthquakes and tsunami destruction and something that could easily give BO the EXCUSE to fulfill BO’s dream, to be KING BO. A huge earthqwuake is coming, where exactly it will hit will determine if it causes any national emergency or not. One or two more percursor quakes should better show where it will hit.

        • Be informed — That’s Interesting

        • 3 words: new madrid fault . And it will be the kenyans’ fault. They’ve been fracking and loosening up the entire region to create a 9.0 for several years. Constant mysterious night time underground explosions reported on adjacent fault lines even hundreds of miles away.

      41. If it comes down to war. I hope it is the people and military vs. DHS and or the U.N. I couldn’t hate any two organizations more than those two!

      42. They will rue the day if Obama pulls a trick like this.

        They can’t be that stupid. Arrogant, yes, but not stupid.

        Maybe they believe what they tell us and think they can get away with it.

      43. Hi All: Thanks for all the interesting opinions stated on this site. Living north of the border one does not get a true feel of what is going on. My one daughter teaches south of Chicago and what she is being asked to do in the school (which is broke)makes me feel glad she has kept her Canadian passport current. She is always welcome back with her husband. While things here are far from perfect we at least can vote out our Prime Minister with a nonconfidence motion and call for a new election. For all our US cousins come for a visit and check us out we might be a good escape hatch.

      44. I may be little late to the party, but this shit (America going the tubes) is starting to screw with my sleep.

      45. To my fellow patriots at SHTFplan.com. This is probably more for myself than anyone. It is extremely obvious what the asshole-in-chief and his cohorts are doing. They are pushing individuals to their limits. When the close vet memorials to 90 yr old vets and then open the same area to amnesty proponents and shut down the amber alert system but leave up Muchelle Obummers fat fuck web site it is clear they want you pissed off to the point of taking extreme action. Please do not take the first shot. There will be plenty of time to correct these corrupt pieces of shit. We must wait for them to fire first. They will. These commie bastards have been waiting a long time to destroy this country and they know they will never get another chance. Be patient our time will come. In the mean time read “the forth turning”, your Bible and continue pepping. When the net goes down it is probably close to time to lock and load. Good luck to all.

        • Im not disagreeing with you

          but as far as the first shot..well bud they already been shooting a long dam time..the first shots been long ago fired,, were still waiting and sitting on our hands for whats already happened

          this government has killed many of us already

          • VFR

            Your right, I just believe it will need to be more obvious and cannot be denied. Sure would like to have a group to discuss issues in a bit more private setting. Sucks to set and bitch.

            A partner in arms

      46. At this stage in the game it doesn’t matter to me what he says. Just, Fuck You, Mr. President. Bring it on. You can include, Boxer, Feinstien, Pelosi. Biden, Reid Schumer.

        • Agree with all except “Mr. President”. This kenyan scumbag is legally as much the President as you or me.

      47. This is what Obama wants and planned for. He’s waiting for a major incident to happen,call for martial law and game over. Keep cool and let him hang himself!

        • Fuck his Martial law and the horse he screws

          • I mean no dissrespect to you Jim, but im not afraid of martial law by a corrupt, non citizen proven lier, illegal president..it will be just another illegal move by the muzzie in chief ..a fake and false president..I see his martial law and raise him a revolution

            bring it !

            • This is correct, at 37% approval rating, martial law will go over like the proverbial turd in a punch bowl.

      48. IF and only if the US military went along could Oblunder do this. If a large enough consensus of senior officers dissented he’d be viewing the world from a jail cell or a gallows.

        Unless his enforcers are on board by himself he could do nothing.

        I think large numbers of the military and .LE refusing is as likely as Oblunder becoming King for Life.

        What do you think?

        • Youre having a pipe dream. Worthless pigs will all do exactly as they are told. In the aftermath they will whine about just following orders. Thank god for dead soldiers. I am delighted to see that the shutdown is adversely affecting veterans, if it is even true. They sure get nicer after having a few limbs blown off, dont they?

          • Eisen, as I recall, it was Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg who said they were just following orders. that didn’t stop them from being convicted and thrown into prison. Some were even executed. You shut your stupid trap about our veterans if you can’t say anything good about them.

            • Fuck the veterans. It’s easy to obey the machine. To fight the system takes real courage.

              • Eisen, I dare you to say that to any veteran face to face and see what happens.

          • Eisen:

            Please explain your post. Thank God for dead soldiers?

            They sure get friendlier with a few limbs blown off?

            You are glad the shutdown is affecting veterans?

            • Granny, I understood Eisen’s post. He crossed a line with his comment so I challenged him on it. My grandpa, a WW2 vet, had a solution for people with GERMAN names.

              • Man are you shallow. wtfu and educate yourself before making an assinine comment like that.

                Alot of us here are of German ancestry.

                You never cease to amaze me.

                • Lastmanstanding, I’m not stereotyping any group. I understand there’s a lot of good people with German ancestry who had nothing to do with the Nazis. Eisen’s negative comments about our veterans were uncalled for. My feelings about Germans came from my WW2 vet grandpa who took part in the liberation of the Dachau extermin ation camp. What he found in that camp was too horrible for me to recount here. suffice to say the Nazis were barbaric and got what they deserved at the end of that war. They’re the ones who gave Germany such a horrible name and reputation. That’s something Germany is stuck with forever.

                  • Braveheart, although we are on the same team and I admire your posts, I have to take issue with this – there were NO Nazi “extermination camps.” Your Grandfather saw the hoax the jews set up.

                    Ever heard of the holoHOAX? FACT: Between 1900-1944 the scumjews said over 236, yes 236 + times, how EXACTLY 6,000,000 jews would die, had died, were killed, will be killed, are imperiled, ad nauseum, if the world does not help them. That is the classic jew CON. “We are the poor little jews – help US!” Yet THESE filthy SCUM ARE the PERPS 100% of the time.

                    They are like the serial killer who complains that Woman scratched them after they raped her and were strangling her. THAT is a precisely how a jew thinks and operates.

                  • Here something for you to think about…

                    I think that the Zionists created the holocost or wtfu want to call it to further create this modern day system.

                    I think they just purged their own people and called it a holocost. No different than what stalin, lenin, mao, pol pot, etc. using the Germans as the patsy to take suspicion away from themselves.

                    It was just another purge. Change the name to something else to gain simpathy instead of murder.

                    Why is George soros (a jew) spared by the nazis and now one of the most powerful men in the world. Not to mention alot of other fucks who are zionist scum.

                    Did you know that Hilter was a jew?

                    The Germans were used…those who pulled this shit need to go and I hope it is violent and painful.

                  • Funny how Bretton Woods and Isreal where created shortly after WW2.

                • The great Germans people were VICTIMS of filthy warmongering jewscum. Anyone who is half awake knows that. The insect jews started WW 1 and WW 2.

                  • Right on bro!!!

                    Didn’t see your comment til now.

              • Yeah, the same as yours blowhard hillbilly,give em’ all a blowjob.

          • Eisen: Seriously …… sometimes you make good comments and at times you make comments that destroys your good intention. Just what in the world are you saying? Thank God for dead soldiers? Even though our military industrial complex on one side and their blood sucking Zionists on other side make illegal wars causing the slaughters of women and children while arming the cannibal terrorists, I never wish anything bad to my brother and sisters who if lucky coming home without limbs…… Are you really happy that our criminal zionist based Government is not helping the family of the fallen? Are you human enough to take back what you posted. If you do, you are an honorable human. If you don’t then you need to deal with your own conscious.

        • John_Allen:

          Funny,I had just ask myself that question.

          If the handlers were to ever wrest control away from “America” would they keep 0 on the throne?

          My answer is absolutely not. They would not have to be in the shadows any more; so the manchurian baboon would be of no use to them at all.

          They have Hillary lurking in the background; and she has proven to be a very good comrade. She just might be the next “Caeseress”.

        • Have you noticed there has been an ongoing purge of the senior staff officers? Anyone who goes against obama is suddenly retired or fired. Those too good or too high to be RIF’d have accidents or are suddenly savaged in the media by tell-alls and if there is no dirt, then there are *allegations* that “demand immediate action” from CinC.

          Promotions are only awarded to those that TPTB have ascertained are blackmailable. Nothing on the officer and no way to make allegations? Go after close family, declare the target a “security risk”.

          We have a Praetorian Guard, not a meritocracy in our military.

          We have gang-bangers in the enlisted ranks, diversity recruits and gender minorities are being promoted up to NCO levels. Illegals are allowed to enlist to gain citizenship. When busloads of elderly tourists, many of them foreign visitors, are held inside a lodge at a National Park by armed Park Police in full military kit, just what do you think enlisted military will do if so ordered?

          • In the 1990’s good men spoke out about the purges of SpecOps troops, noting too how morality and independence of thought and action were no longer prized. Instead, blind obedience and amorality were prized. Seal Team 6 was noted to be the most advanced in such unprincipled blind obedience. Interesting now to note how Seal Team 6 was positioned in the supposed killing of Bin Laden. Interesting too how they were “rewarded” for their participation in that charade.

            Lies stacked upon lies like cords of wood—the new America.

          • yes blue,I feel the same, i have made this comment before..many times

        • As for me as a LEO. I will refuse any order that violates the Bill of Rights.
          I just found out that I’m on the hit list, becaue I’m a Cop. What I heard was that they are going to try and put the Public and LEO’s against each other, with the LEO’s winning then Military against LEO’s. with the LEO’s loosing. Then the m,ilitary dying out because of all the shots/vacines they have to take.

          • dale, wanna save your life while you can? Resign your post and join the People.

            • Man
              Its not about me but about you ,and yours. I have already joined the people. You are getting info from me and insight that you will not get anywhere else.

              When the SHTF I will scream like a little girl from the highest hill tops to let you know to Lock and Loud.

              We all have to go some time. When its my turn its my turn.

          • Sgt Dale,

            That is some deep stuff for thought there. Now I understand why LEO is getting all the expensive toys. Lock and load….. And BTW Martial Law means nothing to me.

      49. Long time trolled here 1st and last post b4 going black
        Please folks go back or Mac please repost JD marines comment from
        A way way back
        We are all pow’s now
        I tried to escape to the readoubt but all you idiots up there are
        Just bug splat…. I was in bonners ferry saw 3 drones said Phuck u
        Packed up my shit and came back to Cali … It’s actually safer than
        You heartlanders think… Besides this is my land I know every inch
        Have all preps, jack of many trades, only I am now a lone wolf..
        No pack I am on red list so fuck them
        0321 recon Usmc
        Combat vet
        Gun owning
        Prepped since y2k
        Seeks others
        I will not b posting again due to opsec leave contact info
        In comments or Mac please foward
        God bless and keep you all
        Be safe
        Stay alert
        It’s coming
        Help us Nina o kanoby you’re our only hope

        • Cali?
          the biggest Commie state next to NY and Ill.?


          Hey I wish you well, just confused over your choice of hell holes..I completely get the known terrain deal , so rock it if you got it., I guess i agree knowing your area is a big key in survival

          were all are red listed

          keep your head on a swivel

          Semper Fi


      50. Breaking news;
        Shots fired at FERAL courthouse in West VA…

        Shiela Jackson Lee, calls for the way to fix this shutdown is … MARTIAL LAW.

        “Go III.”
        Piper goes to make supper, and gets down the gun cleaning kits.

      51. Obama is only the biggest liar, defending the lies of the previous lying class. This quote appeared on Veterans Today. “It all comes down to 9-11. Everything that has happened has happened based on a lie. Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool. Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder. Everyone- everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test” -Visible

      52. There have been other Govt shutdowns before with no “seize ours” Fuckin egotistical bastard. Enough already. Bring it on. Fucker will be living underground like a Chicago rat in it’s hole.

      53. of related interest

        BBC: Bush’s Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America


        “In 1933, Marine Corps Maj.-Gen. Smedley Butler was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush the current President’s grandfather, who asked him to command a 500,000 strong rogue army of veterans that would help stage a coup to topple then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.”

        oh the things they skip over in high school history class !!!

        • Satori,
          You say that like it would have been a bad thing. FDR was the quintessential socialist progressive. He was the father of WELFARE as we know it. Too bad GGF Bush didn’t do it and succeed.

          • sorry
            I have to STRONGLY disagree

            flawed as our system may be

            I don’t want to live in a banana republic ruled by one
            dictator after another

            we are very fortunate our government is as stable as it is

          • To replace a progressive ass, with a NAZI dictator?
            One is just as bad as the other.
            Satori is right, and I believe Prescott Bush was a Nazi sympathizer… and didn’t he get in trouble with the Feds?

        • Yes indeed!

      54. Mac, I’m just wondering if I’ve been grounded from using my thumbs up an down. everything else on my end is working ok..Missing my thumbs Option..Thanks

        • Mac, nevermind, you know how your car run’s like crap till it gets too the garge, then makes a liar out of you..I Swear it hasnt worked for a week..

      55. Indy Colts.

        Glock problems. Might be ammo. Instead of parts. Also the grip of your hand might be off. Had one person with same problem when he shot. Others would pick up the pistol and be just fine.

        • I can’t hit crap with a glock…
          same target with a 1911… spot on.
          go figure…

        • There was a whole thread on that on another site, need to have a real firm and stiff grip something about the movement of the gun,
          I had a 19 had feed problems, was the follower in the mags, wouldnt feed JHP ammo, only ball.
          Got replacement followers from Glock and it worked fine,

        • Sling and Kula
          Good advise. I’m not a Glock fan I prefer H&K USP 45 and 1911’s.

          I once found that one of my Officers that I was training was having the same trouble with it ejecting when he was shooting it. When I shot it no trouble. It was in his week wristed grip. You might need to keep your wrist stif, but yoour hand and forarm relaxed. Make sure your Glock is unloaded and practice this for a while and then take it out and shoot it. On another one we had to take one right off of the guide spring under the barrel. Before you do this take it to a gunsmith and have it looked at.

          Indy way to go on the AR. I justt hope you don’t ever need to use it.
          “Aim Small Miss Small”

        • No offense slingshot but that is the typical glock guy answer. Its not the ammo or the shooter. I had a Louisville PD officer shoot it too. I’ve had the gun replaced and sent back to glock several times. They went to cheap MIM parts on the extractor/ejectors and the product isn’t what it used to be. It’s a known issue and glock refuses to address because people simply keep buying the guns.

          Just search BTF glock 19 and you’ll see the grips of many. I believe gaston married that 30 year old, kicked his family out of the business and know they are trying to save a nickel on cheap parts instead of the tool steel they used previously.

          Seems the gen 4’s have been corrected by the new 30274 ejector. I wish I would’ve known this and bought a M&P instead.

          • Oh and BTF= brass to face. Its not the grip of the ammo. Basically glock says they guns are made for nato +p ammo now so the only ammo I found that ejects correctly is the hott stuff. Most people have to tinker with a combination of RSA, ejectors, and aftermarket extractors like Apex or lonewolf. I’ll get it right or I’ll take a loss and make it someone else’s problem.

          • Indy Colts.

            Sad when you buy something and it gives you trouble.
            My friend brought a Walter P-88 and the brass would eject up and over your head. Sometimes it would drop down the front of your shirt or hit you in the face. The weapon was about $1000 when it first came out and I would not pay a plugged nickel for it.

      56. Idiots.

      57. BOHICA!

      58. George Carlin on voting

        I don’t vote. Because I believe if you vote, you have no right to complain.
        Yeah, people like to twist that around, I know.. they say “Well, if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.” But where’s the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent people, and they get into office and screw everything up, well, you are responsible for what they have done. You caused the problem, you voted them in, you have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote, who, in fact, did not even leave the house on election day, am in no way responsible for what these people have done, and have every right to complain as loud as I want about the mess you created that I had nothing to with. ~ George Carlin

      59. Off topic:

        I’ve been setting up some solar power. I’m at a point where I need to go from the inverter to the breaker panel. I have a sub panel that I have rigged for a generator, the generator is 220 and I’d like to run a similar plug from the inverter to the sub panel. the question is, how do I take two 110 outlets from the inverter and wire it to make it a 220 power chord? I know that there is is a 110 hot wire but what I don’t know is which one or how to double check to confirm that I have the right wires wired.

        • When it comes to 220V, a competent electrician can be life-saving.

        • RickInOregon

          Your inverter won’t work like that. Unlike AC 220 with 2 hot 110 legs and a common, they simple separate the max current internally into separate outlets. You will need to purchase a 220 volt output inverter. There are many on ebay for a good price. Look for ones sold in Europe, they use 220 v in there houses like we use 110, it reduces electrical usage by 50% obviously. Pay attention to input, many times in will be 24-48v but 12v ones are available.

          • maddog

            Electrical usage does not go down by 50% when the voltage is doubled. You get a slightly smaller I squared R loss because the amps are lowered but its insignificant in runs within a home. What they do gain is thinner wire to carry the same wattage.

            amps x volts = watts single phase

            amps x volts x 1.73 = watts three phase

            increase volts = decreased amps but the wattage (power) stays the same

            • RickInOregon

              John Q. Public’s advice is probably very good if you are not an electrician. I am an electrical contractor and a group leader for skilled trades in auto plants for 35 yrs and have seen to many accidents when knowledge is lacking. Be careful, just like the above math is wrong, its a good example of how easy it can be to screw up. One more bit of advice for what its worth, be sure your inverter is a pure wave and not the modified wave variation. Modified wave inverters will not start heavier loads, microwaves fail and you will get lines and static on TV’s and radio’s respectively. Good luck.

        • RickInOregon…
          DON’T DO IT…!
          Yes, I have electricians license…
          If the two 110’s are ‘in phase’, all you will make is a mess…
          I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of somebody doing this…
          220 is nothing more than two 110s, out of phase, and connected together at the neutral.
          BUT, keyword is; OUT OF PHASE.

          I’m not sure what would happen if you did that.
          But, if it is a 220 VAC device, I assure you, the two in phase 110 circuits wired together at the neutral to a 220 v socket or plug, would not make it ‘happy’…

          • It will do 2 of one things.

            1. It will give him an instant afro if he lives. or,
            2. The 110 to 220 will put him 6 feet under.

            Man. Have an electrician look at it. Sounds dangerous to me.

          • PS:
            Amended; there are probably some 220 devices that wouldn’t care… that use 220 and split them internally…
            Don’t know that I would take the chance unless I knew the internal wiring…

        • Rick any two 110, makes a 220, it has to be separate dedicated lines to get the full voltage and work properly. Be carefull 220 can kill ya dead ! You can use both hot black wires or use the neutral as a new hot wire also (1 nmh wire with 2 hot lines) be carefull and look it up from a rep. Source!

          • No, they don’t….
            They HAVE to be from two separate phases out of the utility transformer, 1 from each leg on the distribution panel… or, you’re f*d.
            (and your 220vac well motor will NOT be ‘happy’.)

        • I’d like to say thanks to everyones input, if I wasn’t already cautious and unsure I wouldn’t have posted. My sub panel is separated into two hemispheres with each one being 110, my well is 220 and so I have a 110 running from each hemisphere of the sub to the mains 220 breaker. I thought maybe that I could do the same with two separate 110s. I guess not and being that it’s in the voodoo magic area of electrical connectivity, I’ll hire a sparktrician. Again, thanks for all your input, it was valued.

          • oh and, I was looking at 220 inverters, what raised the cautious hair was that they were saying something about european connection. Not sure if it’s just the plug shape or if it’s something more involved and if the plug is something I could buy at our local hardware store.

            • Oh number two, anyone have a recommendation on an inverter that will go from 12 volt dc to 220 volt ac in the 2500 watt range?

              • If you want to keep the 120V inverter, buy a 120 to 240 volt transformer with then split the 240 volt and make sure each 120v leg is 180 degrees out of phase. I am not sure but most true sine inverters that have 240v output start at 4000 watts running (with a pretty high surge). If the inverter is fairly new and common(trace, zantrex who bought trace etc) you can buy another one and sister them with a module (some have it built in with a little dip switch setting) that will provide your 2 legs of 120V out of phase.

                • Europisson is 50 cycles. Wont work unless it has a switch option which I doubt.

              • RickInOregon

                If you like, drop a note to [email protected]. I’ll let you know how I’m set up. I no longer pay electric bill’s for several yrs now.

            • So far, ya done good by getting a sparkhandler…
              On a 220v inverter that claims it can handle Euro power requirements, it probably has a 50/60Hz setting… Ask.
              (Euro stuff is actually better, and at 50hz, they learned from our mistakes.(biointerference))

              Old electricians joke;
              You know that electrical appliances run on smoke right?

              Trust me, if you let the smoke out, it’ll never work again…

      60. Ms Jarrett…. obama has been a national catastrophe since he was sworn into office…. You have strategically under estimated the will of the silent majority and those on the right (the side of the Constitution….

      61. So, waste ’em and his Chink masters.

        Problem solved.

        • Too bad I don’t have either.

        • FYI dems and repubs are all ONE. A shadow criminal jew banking and insurance cabal has run this place since 1861. WAKE UP!!!!

        • OK we’ll hire scum like the bushjews [bushes ARE jews] and then we’ll be ok. Surrrrre. Hire? Huh? FYI there are NO elections, since they are all rigged, and have benn for decades. And do you really believe the 2 party scam? How ignorant are you?

      62. Obamanus Petulantus
        Almighty Caesar For Life
        The Spite House

        Dear American Helot:

        Good Article

        Arrogantly Yours,


      63. i forget…who removed caesar from power…and how did they do it again?

        • Good question. Like Nancy says. You’ll have to wait five more days until the ides of Octobris to find out…

          …Et tu Schume?

      64. As a military officer, I’ve had just about enough of Chicago style politics.

        • Had enough of the deep dish with extra pork? Time for a hand tossed?

      65. “Protect the American people?” Get rid of Valerie Jarrett. That’s a good start!

      66. Paul Craig Roberts basically is using communist scare tactics 🙁 to force Republicans to raise the debt ceiling and to fund the non-affordable healthcare + the death panel.

        PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS and PAT BUCHANAN are either the big bull shitters or just plain LIARS. Buchanan and Roberts constantly want to change history.

        I can’t believe that anyone would believe in Roberts or take his words seriously.
        Roberts is probably just putting down things that his masters want him to say or was provided to him, just like TROLL writers. 🙁

        Military chief Chuck Hagel (former AIPAC lobbyist) CALLS THE SHOTS, and that’s the way it is, dummy. And Democrat-controlled Senate can stop the U.S. president/Obama any time they want, got it ??? 🙂

        Safety, justice and happiness to all TRUE Americans. 🙂

        • Just like everything else either by hook or by crook. History has shown and if that doesn’t work, the non-stop killing and chaos happen to until things are the way they want it. Remember politicians have told us “Never waste a good crisis.”

          FDR said nothing in the government happens accidentally.
          It appears that it takes one to know one.

          Everything that has happened to this country and in the western countries and has , obviously had the shadow gov’t involved in it. Some articles talk about past events, at least since the 10th century.


          Boehner is pretty much no match with the ones who he is against and working with all the naive and inexperienced young Republicans.

          Boehner (R) is buying into the Tea baggers and Democrats (D) deal is THE SHORT-TERM DEBT DEAL. That’s a BIG MISTAKE just like what President Nixon did, 🙁 because he was misled by his advisor, Henry Kissinger. BOEHNER WILL LOOSE HIS LEVERAGE.


          Boehner is up against a large group of very aggressive dream-team lawyers and experienced usurers, and bankers’ main(ex)stream media. 🙁

          And if you can not be helpful, then please don’t use the masses or mislead them to go against him, Boehner. Think about it, you don’t want people to do bad things to you, and you certainly would not want to do this to others, if you are a TRUE human being. 🙂

      67. *calls* for a national catastrophe? I would say this fool has *been* a national catastrophe. And we’ve just gotten past the halfway point…

      68. Nah.. I don’t buy it. If it was that easy, this guy would’ve done it a long time ago.

        • It’s not that easy. That’s why it’s taken him all this time to get ready for it. (And the fact that he vacations and golfs every other day.)

          • well, there is that..

      69. If my history is correct Caeser was loved by many of the populace . It was the senate that got offend by his what seamed like a lack of attention to long boring A** licking speachs. Was this boredom, lack of respect or the “petit mal” We may never know. However I’m not here to praise Caesar, but to bury him.

        • Caesar was my ancestor, as my geneology extends back to his father where the records for Western civilization end. He was a brilliant general, but alas, did not chose his friends and colleagues wisely.

          Engage your enemies or be assassinated by them. 🙂

          • That, doesn’t surprise me dk.

      70. The way this whole process has been slowly manipulated into position so as to allow this “national catastrophe” to take place by design is truly amazing!

        This is being done to make Obama the last elected president of America. The GOP is complicit in allowing for the collapse of our Constitutional system and ALLOWING Obama to turn America into a kingdom of a single ruler. Democracy is being made into a failed experiment!

        So, what now?
        The excuse to kill the Constitution is in plce.
        The police state is in place.
        The constant surveillance is in place.
        The media control is in place.
        The wars are in place.
        The weak and inept Congress is in place.

        It’s be a slow and steady unwrapping since 9/11 to breakdown everything into a failed state.
        The Jewish control of America is complete.

      71. Get ready – the next play in this playbook could well be martial law. That would yield unbelievable results to the way of life America has grown used to. Bible Prophecy does not seem to address the once great leviathan nation of America so something must happen to it. What? Stay tuned.

      72. With a Muslim President..?

        • Sorry – this was a reply to:

          Game Over
          Comment ID: 2684507

      73. I hope the stupid mutha f’er actually tries something as stupid as the article suggests. There ain’t enough troops, cops, or whomever to arrest the number of patriots who will RIOT. Hahaha. Talk about a massive rout. Yeehaw!

        • The military has the weapons to crush any uprising. Hell the state police have the firepower to do it. Americans are a melting pot of nationalities who don’t even like each other. They would cower in the face of troops on the street. Both my brothers are in the military and would not hesitate to fire on civilians if given the order to do.

          • I respectfully disagree. To your last drop of blood if necessary.

      74. The Fed will bail out the US…we are talking about needed billions, not trillions like the Fed lent the banks to keep them from failing. Obama would have crosshairs on his back, along with most if not all of his administration, both civilian and military, within seconds of a power-grab. Remember, our society is armed…we don’t just ‘take it’ and adapt. THIS is what Gun Control in the United States is all about.

      75. The Senate would execute him in their chambers. Harry Reid would be the first one to thrust a sword into his gut.

        It’s one thing to support your prez because he’s in your party. It’s another thing altogether to be ruled by a dictator. The Senate loves it’s power too much to “kneel before Zod-bama.”


      76. Whether it’s

        Secret Socialist Democrat Order and the military taking over or
        Secret Fascist Neocon Order and the military taking over…its gonna be one of the 2… plain and simple.

        It will still amount to Tyranny either way ya cut it.
        Softkill or Hardkill Agenda 21 will continue.

        Welcome to the next phase.

      77. Uhhh, Congress and the courts have been out of the picture for some time – as well into his second term he laughs – no challenge to his fraudulent birth certificate; nor his stolen S.S.N. How naive Americans have become. This deal was done well before BO took office. He’s their man tho – the Dude to make it ALL come down.

      78. In the tradition of rulers who adopt new names and titles upon assuming the throne, I think that
        <<>> fits the bill. His seal and heralds should mention ‘Leader of all Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations’, ‘Commander of the Main Sewer Media’, ‘Divider in Chief’, ‘Conqueror of the Constitution’, ‘Implementer of Rules for Radicals’, ‘The Man who MAXED OUT the National Credit Card’,….

      79. As if there have been any limits to Dictator Obama’s powers since he’s been elected? If nobody has noticed, he’s absolutely ignored the rule of law since his election…

        • Sadly lawlessness is the law today it seems!

      80. This president IS a national catastrophe.

        • President? You think this kenyan insect is a president? OK, so am I. I am President Patriot Man.

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