Obama’s Wars Are a Desperate Attempt to Save the Dollar: “Global Hegemony Under Attack”

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 58 comments

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    Why are Americans today in so much peril? It all boils down to currency, and specifically role of the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. Up until this point, the world’s oil has been traded for dollars, and petrodollars, in turn, rule the world.

    But the control is ultimately in the hands of private bankers who operate the Federal Reserve and other banking institutions. Every dollar issued is a debt of equal value, owed by the American people, who are in bondage to this form of currency. The country is drowning in debt while the dollar is in its final days. Millions face economic disaster.

    How much longer until the whole system comes crashing down?

    Elijah Johnson interviews Mike Rivero, of WhatReallyHappened.com about the unhinging of the U.S. dollar and the rise of global currency competition.

    Rivero gives an excellent summation of how we got to this point – where the American empire is based upon the U.S. dollar reserve status and perpetual warfare, in order to satiate the international bankers. It is perhaps essential viewing.

    Via FinanceandLiberty.com:

    You can watch part 1 of the interview, Insiders in Gov’t “Lie, Cheat & Kill” for Power & Wealth at this link.

    Here is a partial transcript of Rivero’s revealing hidden history:

    “The U.S. economy is in serious, serious trouble. And that is really the ultimate root of all the warmongering that is going on.

    The fact of the matter is that when you have a nation that is enslaved to a private central bank through the public currency. It is a system that is naturally unstable and eventually crashes no matter what they do.

    And this nation was started with a public currency managed as a public utility. The government created the money, spent it into circulation, it flowed through commerce without accruing any interest and was taxed back in the same amount to balance the books and close the cycle. And that is what made the very young America such an economic powerhouse.

    But of course, the private central bankers are adamantly globally opposed to any nation providing its own money and insists that all public currency be loaned into circulation at interest on their printing presses and on their computers. And 100 years a corrupt Congress and corrupt president sold America back into the slavery of the exact same predatory banking system we fought the revolution to break free of. And it has been continuing up to this point. By design this system produces more debt than money with which to pay the debt until the debt overwhelms the system. And that’s where we are right now.

    Compounding that is the fact that the U.S. has turned away from its manufacturing prowess. Manufacturing has been declining over the last 30 years, both in quality and in quantity, and because of the disastrous experiment with genetically modified organisms, most countries around the world no longer want to buy our agricultural produce. And the U.S. is desperately trying to reverse that with conditions that are in the Trans-Atlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but whether they’re going to get these ratified or not remains to be seen.

    So, going back to the end of World War II, you need to understand that before World War II, the British pound sterling was the global trade and banking currency. Because back then, when accounts where still being settled with boxes of paper notes, if not outright bullion, having a single global recognized currency did actually make sense.

    Now these days, in the age of instantaneous global financial transactions, a single global currency is an obsolete idea. But Roosevelt’s price to Winston Churchill to bring the United States into the war against Nazi Germany through the backdoor of Japan was that the British pound sterling would surrender its role as the global currency and allow the U.S. dollar to take over. So as World War II was winding down, all of the major financial powers on Earth met at this luxury resort in New Hampshire called Bretton Woods, and they hammered out the Bretton Woods agreement that made the U.S. dollar the recognized global currency for cross border trading and banking, off of which the United States makes a profit because they notes are loaned out for commerce or very favorable trade deals where these other countries are bringing us manufactured goods and agricultural produce in exchange for stacks of ink and paper. And it was a very sweet deal. And it was part of the reason the U.S. was so prosperous in the post-war years, along with the fact that we still had our manufacturing base and Europe had lost most of theirs.

    But as we got lazy on all this money pouring in, Wall Street decided they didn’t need to bother manufacturing anything and it was offshored or simply abandoned to the point where now Wall Street and Washington D.C. are dependent on maintaining Bretton Woods and its offspring the petro dollar. This requirement that all the resource-rich areas would trade those resources only for the U.S. dollar. And that’s a rule that is enforced with U.S. weapons of war.

    A good example would be 2002. Saddam Hussein got permission from the United Nations to sell Iraq’s oil for the Euro. Tony Blair and George Bush met in Crawford, Texas and planned the Iraq War, which happened one year later. Go on in, lynch Saddam Hussein, put Iraq’s oil on the world market, only for the U.S. dollar.

    Same thing happened over in Libya. Everything was fine. Gaddafi was building up the place; very high standard of living. Then Gaddafi kicks out their private central bank; he sets up a state central bank in a value-based currency, the gold Dinar, and then declares that Libya’s oil is for sale on the world market, but only for the gold Dinar. So the U.S. goes into Libya, makes a total mess of the place, kills Gaddafi. The gold for the gold Dinar has vanished. Nobody knows who got that, and Libya’s oil is back for sale on the world market only for the U.S. dollar.

    And it is this attempt to drag the world back to U.S. dollar hegemony that is underlying all these wars of aggression. And because the Russian ruble and the Chinese yuan are now seen by most countries as more attractive than the U.S. dollar, that’s why the U.S. is trying to pick fights with China and Russia. This is literally a war between our paper currency and their paper currency. And for that war, the money junkies are willing to sacrifice millions and millions and millions of other people’s children.”

    There’s a lot there, but it all boils down to a few basic elements, starting with the issuance of currency controlled by a private entity independent of government.

    The United States is rotting. Economically, its people have been brought down a few pegs, and the middle class has been destroyed, and times ahead look ominous. Politically, the power has shifted to the few operating behind the curtain, and the votes and protests of the people are ineffective. Socially, the masses have been dumbed-down and turned against each other. Corruption and deception are metered out by a media narrative to keep everyone in line for as long as possible and the song and dance goes on, even as most end up worse off with each new cycle.

    But the game is changing on the global scene. Backing and investments have shifted from West to East to new powers.

    Now, there are tectonic shifts in world order, and the U.S. dollar is dying. Despite the enormous consequences this will have for the prosperity (or lack thereof) of every American, the people are being told very little about what is happening. Instead, the wars wage on with absurd pretexts in order to desperately attempt to keep the game going just a bit longer.

    After that, all hell will break loose, because the stock market investors and pensioners and yuppies and sycophants and welfare dependents, along with all the average workers will be faced with the raw and degrading fact that their entire life has been built on an illusion. None of the structures and institutions which govern and employ us have been sound or solvent.

    Already, presidents, politicians and agency heads have been leaving their successors and partners holding the bag on a scandalous chain reaction of crises and mismanagement meltdowns which are passed on from generation to generation. The system is based around the fascist idea of privatizing profits and dumping the losses on the public taxpayers. The system is designed to collapse, but until then, to be looted from.

    Rivero notes how badly history has been kept hidden from the population, who are thoroughly indoctrinated and made to believe lies about world affairs.

    “Americans are the most lied to people on the face of the earth. It’s time to fire the liars,” Rivero concludes.


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      1. sorry for going off topic AGAIN

        but this story was too interesting not to share

        The White House is prepping for a single weather event that could cost $2 trillion in damage


        “Though a doomsday scenario like this hasn’t happened yet, experts estimated in 2008 that a single monster solar surge could cause up to $2 trillion in economic damage.

        That’s almost 10 times the cost of any single natural disaster in recorded history. And NASA predicts there is a 12% chance we’ll get hit in the next decade.”

        of particular note is the use of the word “prepping” in the title of the article

        • You actually believe what NASA says? They just want moar money to keep producing crappy CGI images of “things in space”.

          • and recruiting mooslims

            • Just got back from Kroeger, they’re having some great sales this week. I traded my soon-to-be worthless FRN’s for a variety of canned goods that have way out “best by” dates on ’em.

            • Mooslems in Space!

              • Is that anything like “Pigs in Space” (Muppet Show)?

      2. Obama’s War? No these are not the baboon’s war. These are his master Zionist wars. The good thing is in each war their asses are being kicked.

      3. From The Common Sense Show, kind of puts thing into perspective.

        At the beginning of the of the Syria/Iran crisis, all of the world’s nations used the dollar as the world’s reserve currency except for IRAN and SYRIA. So long as the world used the dollar as a prerequisite to purchase oil, the nations of the world would always prove to be subservient to the United States and its “Petrodollar”. The Federal Reserve dollar has been the world’s reserve currency since 1944. It provides the only backing for the dollar. Without the dollar being on World Reserve currency status, the dollar would hyper-inflate and crash in a very short amount of time. The lives of average Americans would be over as they have known it.

        There have been past attempts to abandon the practice of purchasing Iraqi oil without first going through the Federal Reserve to purchase the Petrodollar. In the early 1990’s, France and Germany attempted to use the Euro to “quietly purchase” oil from Iraq. Iraq was invaded by the United States. When history repeated itself, Iraq was invaded again, and Saddam Hussein was executed. When Libya did not play ball with the Central banks over much of the same issue, it was invaded and Gadhafi was executed. Going back in history, Abraham Lincoln was executed for similar reasons. When JFK printed silver certificates in an attempt to bypass the Federal Reserve, he was also executed. Putin is standing tall in opposition to this trend. At the end of the day, he too, will be executed or assassinated once he has fulfilled his purpose.

        While growing weary of paying higher prices for oil in order to prop up the Petrodollar, Russia, under Putin, led a bold charge away from the world reserve status of the dollar. Iran and Syria began to sell its oil for gold. India, Brazil, South Africa and most of all, China joined the revolution against the dollar and the BRICS were formed. The US postured to invade Iran under the pretense that Iran was developing nuclear weapons. Russia and China both threatened to nuke the United States and Obama backed down. All of this adds up to the death of the dollar and ultimately, World War III.

        These events have resulted in Putin taking away the moral high ground from the United States and have paralyzed US military policy in the Middle East. As a result, the dollar now has a date with destiny. Putin’s actions are leaving the Federal Reserve without backing for the dollar. With a $19 trillion dollar deficit, a $240 trillion dollar unfunded and mandated liabilities (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, etc.) and a whopping $1.5 quadrillion dollar credit swap derivatives debt, the dollar, after losing much of its former Petrodollar status, is the on the verge of collapse and it could happen any day.

      4. This is the best article on here for some time.

        • Justice

          “This is the best article on here for some time.”

          Second That…….

        • The “Silver Certificates” / JFK is not accurate. Silver Certificates have been around for decades previous.

          JFK wasn’t “playing ball” on many fronts, continuing Vietnam, peace with the Soviets, basically putting a thumb in the eye of MIC.

        • Justice’
          Agreed wholeheartedly As far as I can tell the most accurate description of the whole mess or at least our role in it in the Middle East. It’s about dollars for oil. If only more of the articles were so informative.

      5. Freaking peices of paper with dead presidents on it…

        • All except Benjamin Franklin, he was never a president.. Maybe he had monogram knee pads?? lol

          • Correct…

            Franklin and Jefferson are my favorites.

            Funny how both were stoned and drunk when they came up with the ideas our country based ideas for establishment. Probably…

            Who knows for sure….

            • Errrr. What about Alexander Hamilton?

              • Shoulda said founding fathers…

              • He was a scumbag banker.

                • Bingo…!!!

                  a.) ..real name = ..Alexander Levine (a Rothchild proxy)!!

      6. Mac – very nice article you posted up. This is one of those “must reads” to everyone who is unaware of how our Government/Petro-Dollar along with the Bretton-Woods Agreement has had a strong influence globally.

        Michael Rivero has always had a way of expressing truth in a manner that even Simple Jack could understand and make sense of it all. Still … in a way, it amazes me how some people can jump on the bandwagon of what our Government deems as an enemy.

        Places like Iran, China, Russia, Iraq, Libya, ..etc.
        If people think these people are enemies to the United States, then maybe these same people should take the time and investigate it for themselves to figure out why that is. Chances are, it has nothing to do with what the Media portrays, but has everything to do with other nations denying the US Dollar and using their own currency instead.

        The Article itself paints the portrait very explicitly.

        • I agree: this is the best piece for ages. Hits the nail on the head.

          I was recently at a party with many active CIA: all very disillusioned. They know things are going sour fast.

          The orders have been to bring down the ME and Europe to keep the dollar on top (needed for NWO agencies such as UN etc.) but that is hard to stomach: Europe still has lots of decent white people (not to mention some of the most beautiful women on the planet, along with Asia) and we are now destroying everything they have built.

          And for what? To sell people GMO shit Big Macs, chemical tacos from Taco Bell, weapons, and debt, lots and lots of debt.

      7. The American people are going to have to be forced to Pay Attention. A lot longer than a sound bite and forget the, It’s Not In My Back Yard” so it doesn’t pertain to me, attitude. As the world changes, people are not going to be able to deny what is going on around them. The soft world of Soccer Moms and “One Day at a Time’ T.V. soap opera’s will be moved further down the essentials list.
        Something on the order of being Bitch Slapped is needed to wake us up. Then the dumb bastards will not know what to do. I don’t have any confidence in our country.
        I just don’t see it.

      8. OUTSTANDING article; that’s spot on. Sadly; MAYBE 1 in 100 Americans are even slightly aware of the contents in it. When I watch the O’Reilly Show; a guy named Jesse Waters does a segment called; ” Watters World ” He would ask questions to everyday Americans on the street. One question he asked on one show was; ” What Country Did The United States Break Away From In Its War For Independence?” It was awhile ago; but the majority of Americans asked that question DID NOT KNOW. We ARE in trouble.

      9. They should take away the man’s Nobel Peace Prize with the turmoil this president is creating .

        • The “Nobel Peace Prize” has become a damn sick joke.
          It has lost any of it’s credibility the day Obama received this honor.

          Friendly reminder: Obama received this prestige reward before taking over the duty of being the President.

          A person being rewarded for the things he said, and not have any follow through with his humanitarian rhetoric deserves such a high honor?

          That would be like if I lived to be 110 years old, and for some odd reason I didn’t shit myself on a particular day. Do I qualify as a candidate for the Noble Peace Prize?

          I think so, because I’m sure I worked really hard for that one day, not to shit myself. I achieved something, at such an old age that is very difficult and hard to control.

          I would deny the Noble Peace Prize –
          Give me a Budweiser, a Marlboro, and a pair of 20 year old something hard set of C-cup titties ツ

        • He did not earn the peace prize in the first place. POS POTUS all part of the NWO that’s taking the world by storm. A mojor collapse is coming and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it!

      10. Libya’s and the Ukraine’s gold went the same route. Through the western central banks to suppress the gold price. Thus sacrificed to Asia to keep the illusion going a little longer. Its over there! They sacrifice our gold because there will be no “after” if they don’t get their new global order. There will be no “reset” they do not control. Seems we can’t change our boots while we’re walking. Seems like we have forgotten a lot of things. Reports say that the average American only has about $1000 dollars of savings. It won’t be long now, they almost have all the marbles. “Won’t need no gold in a mad max radiated wasteland, might as well use it to further the plunder while we can”.

      11. Gee… where’s Cyndy Sheehan and the leftist press when you need them?

        Can we all break into singing John Lennon’s “All we are saying, is give peace a chance” or “no more war, war is over.”

        Didn’t think so. This is from the socialist root that, according the Oxford Univ. Press’ The Black Book of Communism, **murdered** around 100 million people last century

      12. … and speaking of which, ACRU Senior Fellow Robert Knight said, citing the late Joseph Sobran, September 13, 2015 in The Washington Times.

        “It makes no difference that socialism’s actual record is terribly bloody; socialism is forever judged by its promises and supposed possibilities, while capitalism is judged by its worst cases.”

        Socialism begins with a profound misreading of human nature —- that we are naturally “good” and just need ever more government to help us evolve toward perfection on earth. It ends with coercion, and lots of it.

        Now you know why socialism always ends up violent.

        • Everything being done in the US is corporatist evolving to a totalitarian facist state. The US has never been and never will be socialist. So called US thinkers that describe socialism in the manner they do are following a propgandised agenda and/or are ignorant. Take your pick.

      13. In a mad max radiated waste land there will be no bankers in fact there will not be a lot of
        Politicians, one percents, alas food water amo,you get the drift…..

        • Anon – I once read a quote where someone said that the only thing standing in that Mad Max land will be cockroaches and banksters. But then, I repeat myself!

      14. Saving the Dollar? Well he sure as hell isn’t doing for the common man!!!! WE are only $19,000,000,000.00 in the whole. and he want’s to pushing it up even more!!!!!

        • Sgt. Dale – it matters none no more if they raise the limit.
          It was game over when we reached the 10 Trillion Mark.
          Mathematically, it is not possible to repay this debt.
          Our Politicians have sold this country down the river and then some.

          Anymore, it’s just Numbers – and these numbers mean absolutely nothing to me, because of how they generated them.

          Illegally, and the ponzi scheme that they created. I will take no part of their “fixing” the problem.

          The Banking Cartels can repay it themselves in the form of blow jobs and hand jobs if need to be. They created the mess, American Taxpayers need not to partake in their scam.

        • 19. Trillion. Seconds is six hundred thousand years . Game Over?

          • LW..>>

            Wait a minute, sir!

            ..we’re obligated to halt / pause for the magical 6 million number to roll around..

            ..’tis a religious thingy, don’t you know!!!


            Btw..kudos, pal…very good post!!!

        • You need to add three more zeroes to show nineteen trillion, you only show nineteen billion.

      15. Nobel Peace Prize please! This decision to award was obviously set up, there goes your credibility Committee to Award.

        • Aljamo – Evidently it is so easy to achieve the Nobel Peace Prize these days, that a caveman can do it!

          • I guess it means all the other Nobel peace prize winners were corrupt scum also? Satans greatest weapon is the lie. Gold. They can’t get enough of that yellow stuff.

      16. Mac you are sticking your neck out pretty far . Look what happen to the others . They can sprinkle something on your door mat and thirty days later you have terminal liver cancer. The ones worth saving already know what’s going on. Is now the time to get in their face. We don’t want to get picked off one at a time. The collapse is inevitable . Nothing can stop it. It might be our window of opertunity. Don’t want to lose you before the window opens.

        • Thanks LW — all of us are sticking our necks out. We are all…. enemies of the state now.

      17. Off Topic

        The FBI announced today that Oct. 2015 was the 6th record month in a row for gun purchase background checks.

        The Lord is my Shepherd

        • Shepherd??

          Good for you TH (truly)!!!

          ..but in my case..he’s my spotter..the real Christian men / women here, will understand.

        • The number of guns sold doesn’t necessarily reflect new gun owners.

          I own multiple guns but am only one owner and have been since I was 12. If I buy a new one it doesn’t mean another person has a gun, it means I have one more gun in my collection.


        Just remeber what economist V told us a while back, and then but that together with every piece of info, and see the grand scale of the main Event. I had my scientist listen to the interview on V, when V called out the June 2015 date. So V is calling out the same month told to me. You see guys, my sciencetist buddy is telling that V is right on the money, and that it going to be alot worst than that. People who need to leave the city and bug out and need to if you can, leave the city and get out to your location asap. I am not in a position to do that right now, but i will be leaving. If i am trapped here, then unfortunately i will be in the citywide shtf conflicts when the dred lock, and latino insurgency commeses. When i look at the physical appearances of regular people not in the know, and they are not preppers, i have to laugh.

        The F….ke..d list:

        Non prepper/techo City serfs:

        Food supply and prepps-zero
        bug location-zero
        have a group-zero
        physical appearance-fat, out of shape or too skinny and lanky looking.
        Women-looking for men with money, no food or water nor prepps.-zero.
        Starbuck book readers: totally laughable and completely f..ked.



        Unward to the SHTF EVENT HORIZON.

        • Study your back roads HCKS. There are so many grid farm roads past the Grand Parkway that could get you out past Navasota or out towards San Marcos if you were bugging out. I used to go out driving those roads when I lived over there. My kids used them to ride motorbikes together to avoid the traffic on 290 and I-10. One thing I like about the San Marcos Area for bol is the springs…

      19. Well, if ” scientist friend” says so, I guess it MUST be true!

      20. Almost everyone has some water in the place they live.. But, few will know where it’s at, even when it’s right in front of their face.. It’s called a 40 gallon hot water tank.. Turn off the gas, let it cool off, open the pressure relief valve, then crack open the spigot at the bottom of the tank. You may have to filter out the mineral sediments, but it’s drinkable.. And it’s 40 gallons.. Sadly, most of the sheeple won’t even know it’s there..

      21. So, “Obama’s Wars Are a Desperate Attempt to Save the Dollar”? I think not.
        If it wasn’t for the interventionist foreign policy, militarism, wars, etc., the dollar wouldn’t be in trouble in the first place.
        The “U.S. government” has squandered everything of value in its pursuit of world domination and control.
        The wars are a desperate attempt to forcibly impose the Satanic New World Order, before the empire implodes.

      22. It is a false belief that war fixes bad economies. It doesn’t. All war is, is a distraction.

        What fixed the US economy and ended the Great Depression was the discovery of Texas oil at big top. Cheap energy fueled a recovery and the post war industrial revolution.

        All war does is perhaps fuel excuses to wipe out debt.

        Never the less war always seems to be the fix of last resort.

        If Obama wanted to fix the economy he would have not have single handily doubled the debt, insuring a total crash.

      23. hope the dollar fails sure I will lose out but been broke lived that way growing up know how to struggle gracefully. Losing $ is not shtf losing the ability to make $ is.

      24. Money from Oil is not flowing into americans pockets, far from it and the taxes they put on gas is used to keep your pockets empty.

        The fall in living standards is due to bankers, foriegn jewish bankers who seized control of americia by using bribes and blackmail and it is they who stopped new building from being built that push rents and property prices up so you have to work like a slave to keep your head above water as the bankers make off like bandits with the interest they charge you on the loans.

        Forget building parks or hospitals as all your taxes are needed for the war effort even if no one is attacking the USA but the slave wages paid to debt slaves to buy property are too high for the corporations and this is why the bankers are now paying bribes to politicians to allow more slaves in from abroad to push wages down even more.

        Bombing Russia (if you dare) won’t put money back into your pockets but dealing with the banker puppets at might just do the job and that won’t happen by voting for the lefthand or righthand puppet but be warned they have some “Race War” games in mind for you all.

      25. The dollar is NOT dying. Why make these silly comments? You might HOPE it is dying but it’s going to new highs every day of the week.
        If you want to be taken seriously, don’t insult us with pejorative crap. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

        • This rise of the $US is called a short squeeze and you can view an explanation of it here:

          Fear the strength of the US dollar

          Published on Mar 2, 2015

          Christine Hughes, President and Chief Investment Strategist of OtterWood Capital, explains why the strength of the US dollar is something to worry about.

          11:47 min

      26. I wonder if this is all about destroying the euro? It’s the dollars biggest competition.

      27. It seems we are watching things escalate. It’s knocking at the door? Thank God for the advance warning. We’re prepped and ready thanks to his warning . I guess we are all true believers. We took the warning seriously. So I guess we are the chosen?

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