Obamacare is now the Obama Tax

by | Jun 28, 2012 | Headline News | 422 comments

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    It’s official. President George Bush’s Supreme Court appointee Chief Justice John Roberts has sided with the liberal-leaning members of the court and upheld the key provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    While the government can’t force Americans to buy any particular good or service, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision essentially says that your failure to purchase health care will require a tax penalty, thus leaving you with no other option if you want to avoid being taxed.

    As bad as this is, a long-time White House Insider doesn’t necessarily see this is a complete loss for individual responsibility and liberty, but rather, a motivator that will catalyze opposition to Obama’s reelection hopes:

    And the initial reports I’m getting are telling me there was a lot more clever going on inside that decision than the initial reaction will indicate. It’s the Obama Tax now.  And states were given an out.  The entire law is a big ass convoluted mess and the ruling has reinforced that fact.  Obama will have to defend something he doesn’t understand, and Romney can now sit back and just repeat over and over again “repeal-repeal-repeal”.

    You can call bullsh-t on me here and I’ll understand if you do but I’m telling you right up this ruling today is GOOD NEWS.  Politically,  as a motivator, it’s great news.  Watch contributions toward Republicans jump up even more than they already were.  Watch the Obama White House have to face very hard questions over the Obamacare tax issue.  Watch states rise up to challenge the administration using the weapon the Supreme Court placed in their hands to do so. Watch the Tea Party come back stronger and more powerful than ever.

    The giant has woken up.  Country needed a hard kick in the ass to remind us what is at stake in November.  Now we are truly ready to fight.

    Source: The Ulsterman Report

    A large percentage of Americans were already up in arms about the prospect of being forced to purchase health care. Now that it’s clear that what is happening is another government mandated tax, we suspect a massive outcry leading into the election.

    We are not, however, convinced that a President Romney administration would act to end Obamacare if they are victorious in November, though his campaign is already calling for repeal.


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        • That is hilarious!

          Thanks for the comic relief, I needed that!

          • How’s this for comic relief? I met with two clients today. I do their tax work. They both own small business. One employs 58 people and the other employs 74 people. Both of them told me that in 2014 (when the provision is activated that requires employers of 50 or more people to offer a health care plan) they are going to fire 9 people and 25 people respectively. Be assured that unemployment will SKYROCKET in 2014. Go ahead, write it down. It will come to pass.

            • Oh yeah! It’s a subject that hasn’t been talked about a lot yet. But it will!

              The massive amounts of layoffs that are about to happen prior to the implementation of this law, the firings and the absolute FREEZE in hiring. So if you have a job now, you better keep it!

            • They may be saying that now, but when that time comes, if their business is good will they really lay off people and cut their volume back?

            • It’s easy to say those things now. When 2014 comes they will make their business decisions based on economic and business conditions at that time.

            • This site isn’t functioning properly. Twice I tried to comment on the post by tnmedved and my comments were attached to other posts.

            • My boss got out, in April. We are all on Welfare and Unemployment and those who work are paying for it. Rising costs and this facing him: He just quit the fight.

            • This is a reply to denmeg. Yes, they will cut their volumes back. You have to understand that not everyone makes money off of volume. It’s all about margins. The employers I am speaking of are not following the wal-mart model where their profits come from small margins at a high volume. These are service providers where the profit is driven by large margins. The watch word for these businesses is not volume, it’s the size of the margin. They just need to retool their efficiencies.

            • Denmeg: It appears that you haven’t been paying attention. I’ve seen a number of reports from NBC to Fox, and the small business owners have all said about the same thing. Some will lay folks off to get under the limit and others have said that they will drop health insurance altogether because the fine is a lot less than the new premiums will be. The end result will be more folks having to go to the government for a subsidy to help them buy insurance. Now should the government decide to increase the fines to equal the premiums, then these small businesses could fire everyone and rehire them as independent contractors who would have to buy their own insurance. These same businesses could soften the blow by paying them a little more and giving them access to their accounting/payroll software, but the bottom line is that these small businesses could getaway without paying the premiums, and there would be no fines either since they no longer had employees. And it’s not like the workers can move around in such a soft job market, they’ll have to take what they can get or go unemployeed. There’s a way around any system and this one is no different.

          • Romney wont do shit to repeal it… Fuck man…he pretty much CREATED it.

            • If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is NOT a damn TURKEY people!

              How can anyone believe or for God’s sake repeat anything coming out of BO mouth?

              Why does everyone act so suprised that the court has just ruled it’s a tax? It has always been a tax. The Prez knew it was a tax, the people knew it was a tax…HELL…even little ole me knew it was a tax.

            • Inon: doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t. Christian Scientists don’t go to doctors and therefore have no use for medical insurance. Adults can’t be forced to go against their beliefs, so a lot of folks may be joining a new church soon.

          • Never mind getting Health Insurance…. get Food Insurance instead. You’re gonna need it. Check out http://www.SRMarketplace.com The time to prepare is NOW! We are stocking up on food storage to prepare for what is surely to come.

          • @Gregory8 You’re right about small business laying off to get under the limit and/or paying the fine. I talk to small business owners every day as I’m an insurance agent for corporate benefits. This is what we hear straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

            However, they can’t just lay everyone off and hire them back as 1099 independent contractors. The IRS has specific definitions of what constitutes a 1099 job function and most jobs don’t fit into those definitions. I work with HR attorneys on behalf of my clients, a few of which had some problems with 1099 classifications.

            • I agree, Livin. Another thing that will happen is that the people who run small businesses and are nearing retirement are likely to see this as an opportunity to get out of business altogether, rather than deal with all this crap.

            • Hey, LivinintheOC, in the late nineties i was working for a Fortune “10” company. We were doing contract work for another Fortune “10” company which had laid off 30% of the workers in the area we had contracted to work. My company in turn was using contracts with other specializing “Temp Agency” companies to get workers that were “contract workers” so NO ONE had to pay for benefits, and everyone could get around the issues of being prohibited from laying off American workers and hiring cheap foreign workers to replace them.

        • I hate commies!

          • I think ALL senators,judges,congress(people), should have their home addresses, and SECOND home addresses, PUBLISHED on the web.
            Id like the SS try to protect that…
            550 Bil in medicare cuts
            550 Bil in NEW taxes on the poor
            Doctors fleeing the practices
            My hospital wont even talk to you if you dont have PRIVATE insurance, and I like it that way…NO scumbags,or bums hanging around the waiting room,No exposure to disease carrying illegals.
            Kinda like it should be….NOW, the rest of you, go get in line at the FREE clinic…bring a mask

            • Arizona Fred: Can private hospitals refuse service? If so, that would be a way around a lot of BS. I know that some doctors are doing consierge service, charging more money w/o insurance but you get immediate access. I worked with a couple that did this with their son’s pediatrician. There will be so many ways to game the system it’s not even funny. There are already a number people who don’t have, or won’t use their SSAN, so they do day work for cash. They and others who don’t want to be marked and tracked by the government will simply work under the radar with sympathetic doctors willing to do service for service. Hell, it’s been happening especially amongst younger people who have no insurance but have the desired skills that medical folks need from plumbing, to hair, and auto repairs. Both parties get the services and good they need. The only folks left out of these transactions are the middlemen (IRS and Social Security). Government seems to create more problems that it fixes, but it also brings out the creativity of the American people. Those already in business but struggling will go to one of the many fly-by-night insurance companies that will pop into existance for the sole purpose of providing the most rudimentary coverage for very little cash like the discount auto insurance companies. And when the cut rate insurance doesn’t cover something major or necessary, the taxpayer will still get stuck with the bill through the hospitals. This is going to be a mounumental screwup with IRS agents chasing folks around who game the system.

            • You hit it…Its not a system. Its a game….Most have already figured out HOW to play and its only two days old.
              PLAY THE GAME, until they move the goal posts.
              Work for cash, pay cash,EVEN to your doctor.
              Its amazing how low your bill goes if you offer cash.

              The euro is toast,the stock market driving to new highs….The part you dont want to miss is,GOLD/SILVER.

              If things are so great, why the $50.00 move??think about it

          • and I hate fascists. Fascism = when Big Government shakes hands with Big Business, and the middle class gets crushed in their grip. Case in point: ObamCare, which is fascism applied to medicine. We now face a situation where a trillion dollar government tells us we MUST buy a product from a billion dollar corporation, and if we don’t, they’ll sic the IRS on us.

            That’s why I don’t call them “liberals” anymore: every Kool Aid chuggin’ one of ’em is an ObamaNazi

            stand strong until freedom dawns

            • That is over simplifying things a bit. Worse case scenario, if you don’t buy insurance (which you probably already have and is a non-issue for yourself), then you will be taxed $95. But if you prefer being uninsured and paying for others who are uninsured then fight your fight. But consider how things work now…an indigent person walks into an ER and can’t pay the bill. That cost gets absorbed by those who actually have insurance. Our rates go up to pay for these expenses. Well now, those costs will be absorbed by all individuals. Thinks of how much cheaper things will be when everyone is paying for them. Also be proud that your country takes care of it’s own. Damn right!

            • I agree good sir.

            • So the 4th of july will soon be upon us, but we shall now know it as “dependance day” and the country can call Obama “daddy” and that horse he calls a wife “momma” be sure to send your shit, piss and puke to them for clean up.

            • *dependence (damn public indoctrination camps)

            • @
              Yea, the insurance companies will increase costs to cover those not paying. However; the “BIG” picture is those not paying will have their debt written off as an “un-collectible” debt and eventually that debt will be tacked on to the national deficit. It’s all in part, as another action to further add to the bankruptcy of the Federal Government. The more people without jobs, the more people adding to the deficit. The bigger the deficit, the closer we come to bankruptcy as a nation, and that will lead to the collapse/chaos/NWO. That’s the plan for TPTB. Even more reason for people to prepare for the worst. Keep prepping and don’t let your guard down!

            • ObamaNazi is catchy wording, I must admit, but my thought is that this is a mutated form of Marxism with some facist attributes. I refer to this whole group as “lefto-communists”. Believe me… the shoe fits!

              I’m also thinking about what comes next. Could it be that the L-C’s in DC will soon be thinking, “Hey, the Chevy Volt is not selling very well. How about we require people earning more than $100k a year to buy one?”. Sound far-fetched? Not really. US law is based on both legislation and precedent and the US Supreme Court just set one helluva bad precedent with Obamacare. They can call it a tax all they want but the bottom line is that it is coercion – the exercise of naked force upon the citizens.

        • That would be funny, but I’m bracing for the massive paycheck cut that’s going to come when every heath insurance company in the country jacks their premiums into orbit before 2014 hits.

          • I hate how many don’t realize how those bastards lobby our “representatives” to be able to screw us with impunity. That’s what pisses me off the most. Being forced to deal with crooks. This gov’t isn’t the only enemy, not by a long shot.

            I think they believe they’ve finally got the serfs where they want them. How do they not know what happens when you back dangerous things into a corner.

            • “How do they not know what happens when you back dangerous things into a corner.”

              My guess is that they do not know this for four reasons. First, they have always had a cushy life, free from struggle so are suffering from a bad case of normalcy bias. Second, they do not see us as “dangerous”. Many of us are placated with government handouts and reality TV… the bread and circuses of modern times. Third, they work hard to instill enough apathy into the serfs so that we will never rise up. Fourth, a lot of these so-called leaders were never particularly good students and history was not one of their favorite subjects.

            • Didn’t you hear? Multiple surveys last year indicated that 40% of American businesses were planning to drop healthcare benefits because the fines(taxes) would be much cheaper than the new coverage was expected to become.

          • My pay will remain the same regardless because it is not earned through the corp franchise.

            It would suck to be reliant on receiving portions of what you earn that is made accessible to you only after others have decided what you need to do with the rest of it, or whether they can steal it.

            How long are you people willing to keep paying these exorbitant costs to maintain your own slavery?

            • I am curious what it is that you do for a living that allows you to be free and independent from any taxes while the rest of us “slaves” have to pay income tax. Or are you just full of shit?

            • Indy, I sell products through several web sites and build web sites for local businesses. Everything I do is above the board. All business is conducted under Natural Law, none under license or franchise.

              Learning to make money on your own is the best prepping skill you can have. In fact, you can never be free so long as you punch the corps time clock.

            • I figure it this way:

              * not all of us are web designers or go about hawking wares online. Some of us have skillsets that can gain a lot more money – money that can (for now) be used towards preps, improving post-collapse skills, and better weaponry.

              * Meanwhile, I noticed something: For your website(s), you obviously have to have at least a hosting provider, domain registrar(s), ISP, card/credit processing service, and a credit/debit card (as the former services rarely if ever take cash or barter). You’re not as pure as you claim to be, buddy. 😉

              * I got what I negotiated for. If I don’t like it, I can find another organization willing to do business that is more to my liking.

              * Protip: Use everything that is around you and available to increase your chances of post-collapse survival. Use it to maximum advantage. This includes the corporations.

            • I concur with Gods Creation. I have a job where I am a wage slave and the gov’t takes a bite out of everything I earn. However, I also have side businesses where I sell some goods on the internet as well as offering my professional skills off hours (i.e., I do the same thing off the clock for private clients as I do for my day job. This would work for everyone with a trade. Plumber, doctor, mechanic, lawyer, etc.). As long as no one 1099’s you as an independent contractor at the end of the day, how’s the gov’t going to take a bite?

            • Gods Creation,

              Way to go. I’m happy for you. However, if you are smart enough to make money selling things online then you must realize that God doesn’t lead us all down the same path. I own and run two flooring stores. I make a good living. I do pay taxes. That does not make me a slave. In fact in some peoples minds that would make me a patriot. I have 19 employees that depend on me as well as there families. So shutting it down to prove a point is not an option for me.

              Does the government waste our tax dollars? Yes. Do I wish I could keep more of my hard earned money? Hell yes! If you give a homeless man money for dinner and he spends it on booze does that mean that you should turn your back on the next person in need that comes along? No. That is between them and God. Just like what I do in life is between He and I.

              My children have to grow up in this country. I would like to leave it in better shape than I found it. I know it is probably a pipe dream but I do still love my country even though I do not love my government.

              So I will continue to pay taxes and try to do what I can to make this country a little bit better for my children.

            • OQ says

              * Meanwhile, I noticed something: For your website(s), you obviously have to have at least a hosting provider, domain registrar(s), ISP, card/credit processing service, and a credit/debit card (as the former services rarely if ever take cash or barter). You’re not as pure as you claim to be, buddy.

              You can get all of those things without a slave number, and that is all that is taxed and tracked by the owners of those numbers.

              It is solely up to me to determine my tax status. And it is solely you responsibility to determine yours. So long as you are content at private law and paying fees to exist and function, that is the right decision for you.

              It doesn’t matter what you do to create the “income”. Many skills are marketable. You will not be free until you can do it without using license or corp privilege.

              If you can’t do it now, then how will you do it after the collapse when it is REQUIRED?

              Live your life in the way that best benefits you and your situation. But you will not be free under private law, or protected under Natural Law, if you choose to work for a corporation.

            • I LOVE YOU GUYS!

            • @ Gods Creation,

              I still havent heard you explain how we should remove ourselves from the system. I’m confused. You admit that you do pay taxes-Correct? So what is it that you do that makes your situation better than others that post on this forum? Do you not have a social security number? If not how did you accomplish that? I am not trying to be a jerk. I really am just curious. I would like for you to educate me on how to do this so that more of us can free ourselves from the system. You keep saying we all need to quit being slaves to the system but I don’t here any concrete ways to do it. Please be specific.

            • @ Indiana Jones
              Paying your taxes does not make the country, it does not make you a “patriot” or anything near that nature, please wake up. Please?

            • @Peter

              I don’t think that “paying taxes” makes me a patriot. I do think that I better serve those around me by running my business the best I can to create work for them and myself. If I could do it without paying taxes that would be great but I cannot risk the welfare of all the families that have helped me create this business. All I’m trying to say is it would be great if some of you people on here would quit throwing the word slave around just because someone doesn’t have the same circumstances as you.

          • Odd Questioner, you mean your premiums havent gone up already. From 2010-2011 my premiums went up 15%, from 2011-2012 they went up another 15%. I will hate to see what 2012-2013 will look like. My question to everyone, when you add 30 million people to a system and don’t have programs in place to add any more providers, what is going to happen?

            • “My question to everyone, when you add 30 million people to a system and don’t have programs in place to add any more providers, what is going to happen?”

              Now this is an astute question. In fact, it is one that I have been asking ever since the so-called health care reform debate came up in 2007. Sure, the government can wave a pen and create the Obamacare system. What do they wave to create the 30,000 or so new doctors who will be needed by 30 million new health care recipients? Hmmm?

            • The answer to this is actually very simple.
              The whole thing is “slight-of-hand” misdirection.
              The ultimate goal of the “revolution” being perpetrated by Barry and his gang is to have everyone dependent on government with him as King.
              As penalties rise, killing off private enterprise (including insurance companies) and money becomes more scarce and worthless, government will control more and more.
              The irony is that Barry and his gang really think they’re in charge and will remain there.
              They don’t realize they are only being used by the real power elite and will be discarded when the end game is played.
              Ask Ben Bernanke. He has been much more subdued ever since he admitted in public that the Fed causes the 1929 market crash (Milton Friedman’s birthday party).

              Watch…The Money Masters… on YouTube and you will see.

            • MC – Mine went up 45% this year, from $100 per week to $145, next year is looking even worse!!!

          • and its all simple supply and demand: when they force us to buy something, the demand goes up, and they can gouge us with rate hikes as far as the eye can see. Seriously John Q Public, what the fuck are YOU gonna do about it: write your Congressman?

            If they pass a law that says we all have to eat at McDonalds 7 days a week, Big Macs aint gonna be cheap.

            • And I would still be eating fresh fish available for free in a lake near you.

              For every “law”, God has provided you a way around it in His Law.

            • Esp. if the same CONgress that passes the laws just bought a few thousand shares of McDonalds..

          • Bob,
            The tax is not 95 dollars but $2095 or two percent of gross income come whichever is greater. So if you make only forty grand you get hit with a tax of 2095 but if you make a hundred thousand you still pay only 2095. What a screw job. This law will collapse the health care system and anyone over sixty five had better get a will made up because the plan is to deny care and get rid of you. However illegals and Muzzies get everything for free. You would think that one of the numbnuts Stupid party members would have based their protest on the equal protection clause and the favoring one religion over others. Anyone thinking that the Stupid Party will do anything to repeal this better sober up. Because they won’t.

          • Insurance premium increases have gone wild.

            How’s this for a price increase?

            2009 – $193

            2012 – $329

        • I’ve read your blog with great apprehension previously, but now it is confirmed: your full of shit!!

        • Obama has great rhythm! Seriously, this is a sad day for America and our freedoms. Those in the Supreme Court who voted for Abamacare and Obama himself need to be locked up or killed for treason. They did not uphold the constitution. We must stop this insanity now.

      1. This sucks!

      2. We are in trouble…

        • They are in trouble.


      3. Let us ALL do what these brave Governors are doing…

        www. washingtonexaminer. com/gop-governors-vow-to-ignore-obamacare/article/2500862

        I’m telling you… this is not going to end well. We will be in a full-out CIVIL WAR II/REVOLUTION by the end of 2013.

          • infowars.com/13-reasons-why-the-revolution-might-start-with-obamacare/

            • JayJay and V: Really, a revolution or civil war? A lot of hot talk from a lot of folks who are nothing more than armchair generals who type away on their computer from the comfort of their centrally heated/AC homes with cable/satallite tv and a full frige. Who are you kidding? You’ve all got way too much to lose. No one’s going to march on D.C. or do anything that would take them out of their comfort zone and risk losing everything like the founders did. But hey, don’t give up your hopes of a shooting contest. The entire system is so bloated that it can’t print enough money to cover all of its debts. Our system will collapse, it’s just a matter of when. And when it does the police and military will be too busy protecting the elite, and the lines of transportation and communication to come to anyone’s rescue. In a word : it will be YOYO time=You’re Own Your Own. Then you can take out your frustration on the local thugs and gangs that will surely want what you’ve got. Got enough ammo?

          • I just hope that when everyone sees that Mitt Romney is just as bad a president as he was a Govenor and that he is just as bad for freedom as the last many, many presidents, republicans AND Democrats have been; I just hope that all of you wake up and realize the game you have been duped into. THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T FIX YOUR PROBLEM! STOP EXPECTING THEM TO! WAKE UP!

            But then I am here posting in frustration on a puny website with no hope nor voice. These posts are all the same there are none with the courage to arise.

            • Patience Doc Loch. Even if one was to go with courage, I believe you wouldnt be second to follow. As the first many will be on their own, and will be classified as domestic terrorists, and freedom hating crazies. It will take more than courage to be that person. As far as a small site, size never matters, its what it represents that counts. I always figure if I’m not in the majority, I’m closer to being on the mark than most, which is why I believe democracy on such a scale as a country is only asking for its ass to be handed to it (as it has)

        • Ummm that would mean that it does end well…Cuz that is the only way we get this country back

          • LOL!

            Point taken….

            • It only ends well if we win.

        • we are already at war: TPTB have been kicking the shit out of us for years now. Now what we need to do is to fight back, and to show them the same level of mercy they have shown to us. Lets give them the same courtesy we get at the DMV, the same compassion we get from the IRS and the same fair play we get from the EPA.

          stand strong until freedom dawns

          • SON of SAM you forgot some thing,what will your poor old dog eat if wal-mart is closed,YOU do know they will feed your kids to their dogs in they FEMA camps,you might want to think about that……..

            • I lay in food supplies. Do you lay in food supplies? Of course we got food for the dog; I, unlike the soul-less POS in Wall Street-Washington-Hollywood (the real axis of evil, btw) have a heart and a conscience. For shame, sir! for you to even think I’d let our dog go hungry

              stand strong until freedom dawns

          • IM buyin a New Harley.

            • waste of MONEY LOLZ

          • “TPTB have been kicking the shit out of us for years now.”

            Well, good. Unlike them, we should be relatively shit-free by now.



        • When the elderly start being denied care while some illegal alien scumbag gets everthing they need maybe, just maybe people will get concerned. That will of course depend on what games are on TV or what sales are being held at the Mall. This countrys people deserve everytghing that is coming their way. All those guys that died for nothing defending this nation. makes me sick.

      4. Time to take back the Senate & White House!! May God help us all if we don’t get it right in November!!!

        • While I applaud your disdain for what has happened… I must ask with all due respect…
          do you REALLY think that matters any longer? I promise you, this election means nothing! Obama is King! He is Supreme Ruler. This Supreme Court decision put that last nail in whatever republic we had left. You vote, my vote, his vote, her vote MATTERS NOT!

          Jeff Davis is correct, as will many others be when they chime in… NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE IT BACK!!!

          • Unfortunately, I don’t think an 2012 election will happen. If Obama can thumb his nose at an entire nation and trample our Constitution, what would stop him from suspending the election? Heads up folks.

            • Any minute now the resident RAMBOS will be posting about how they will engage regular Army troops who have done multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and kick their asses. Sure they will. I have spent alot of time at Pendelton and those boys know what they are doing. We better hope they stay on our side.

            • John W,

              Wrong, once again. Brother, when are you going to get one comment right?

              Fact is, no true Patriot will take on the military (unless first fired upon). That is NOT what will happen by and large though. What WILL happen is the Oath Keepers and the true Patriots within the military will not only have our sixes, they will be THE force TPTB and their serfs and serfites will have to deal with.

              C’mon man, get with the program…

        • God help you if you think it matters.

          • I think you meant if “voting” matters, right Gods Creation? I think folks may be thinking you meant that God won’t help.

            So I gave ya a thumb’s up, cause I think you meant voters doesn’t matter…

        • This needs to wake up the Tea Party. They gave us a majority in the House that really did stop a lot of the crap Obama would have shoved down our throat; God no they aren’t perfect but its a start.

          We need the Tea Party to rise up bigger then 2010, knock OWS on its arse and throw the liberals out of the Senate and Obama out of the White House. We won’t be happy with Romney, a Republican Senate or House but at least we’ll have a chance.

          Left unchecked this entitlement and tax could easily throw us over the Greek edge – and you know what I mean. I know most of you think we are there already – this is a lead 5 gallon bucket tied to our legs we have to cut the cord.

          • what is amazing is that none of you knows what the hell you are talking about.You didnt even read the article. You arent discussing the health care law at all. You are just blathering about meaningless threats.
            The new law, means easier access to health care for you. It means less cost, to you. Its not socialist at all. Canada has the best socialized healthcare and they have had it since 1950’s . It must work. We need medicare for all. I cannot buy a health ins. policy. But I would buy a medicare policy.

            • @md, since this bill has become law, I have seen my health isurance cost rise, my deductible is through the roof, I do not have co-pay insurance. What I have through my employer is what they could afford and that is bare minimum insurance.

              Next question is if Canada has such a great healthcare system why is it that so many of them who have to have major surgeries are coming here to the states to have it done? Why, I’ll tel you why – for one is they do not have to sit on a waiting list for 6 months to have the surgey.

              I’m sorry that you are unable to get healthcare for whatever reason, but there are people out there that can go to work get healthcare from that employer, earn a living, but no they choose to live off Uncle Sam and my tax dollars and expect me to pay of them.

            • this is going to prove unhealthy for the Democrats, we will eventually WIN…Taxes can be repealed..now we take the House, Senate and The WH…Lets Roll!!!@

            • You must have never lived in Canada or the UK. In both countries, everyone that can afford to comes to the USA for healthcare. My son-in-law in the UK was kept in agony for over six months waiting for gallstone surgery that would have been done here the same day as the diagnosis was made. Why do you think the survival rates for major problems are so much higher here than in the socialized medicine countries? The worst part of obamacare is that muslims get it all for free and the unions are given a pass while we will be taxed into poverty.

            • maindawg,

              Oy vey!!!

              Is that why Canadians by the 1000’s come HERE for their health care? What kind of crap are you spewing? How about keeping the discussion FACTUAL and forget your liberal LIES and keep them to yourself!

            • Hey maindawg, are you f*&$^%g high? what are you doing on this blog ? You must be the Asshole thumbs down troll.

            • Did you read the health care law? Do you understand supply and demand? Do you know what socialism is? Are you blind to the fact that the healthcare system in Canada sucks big time, so much so that many Canadians have to come here for decent timely healthcare? Do you know that Obamacare is driving many doctors to quit? How will that make access to healthcare easier? Do you realize that having fewer healthcare options will raise the costs? Do you realize that requiring more people to buy insurance will cause the price of insurance to rise? Why else do you think the insurance companies didn’t fight the law? If you cannot buy a health insurance policy, can you afford to pay the penalty? You cannot even punctuate or capitalize properly. You don’t even know what blathering means. Most of the above comments make perfect sense (blathering means talking nonsense). You have an amazing lack of knowledge.

              The only way to make health insurance cheaper to cut down on what the insurance pays for. People now expect health insurance to pay for regular checkups, routine procedures, medicine, etc. If all that was cut out, so that insurance only paid for major items, it would be much cheaper. If auto insurance worked this way, people would be expecting insurance to pay for gas, oil, tuneups, tires, and other maintenance. Compare those expenses with what you currently pay for auto insurance, and you will see that if those expenses were covered, the price of auto insurance would have to more than double.

              The cheapest safe option would be to have only catastrophic health insurance, but the law won’t allow me that choice.

            • Well dawg I live in a bordering state with Canada and most of those Canucks come here and pay cash for their medical care. Every single one of them states rationed health care sucks! Long waits and inferior care. Just like what’s in store for us.

            • Maindawg, Obamacare is a Marxist tactic to control citizens through medical “opportunity”.

              I read the original Bill, then the enormous Bill that followed before it was passed. I have copies of both on my hard drive.

              It is obvious that YOU have not read the Bill. If you had, you would know just how devastating Obamacare will be. One small example: there are very large sums of taxpayer money that will build community medical facilities in urban zones and that some of these medical facilities will perform abortions. These medical facilities can be created within a public school — the Feds want to provide “full medical access” to everyone. Is that the real reason or is it to provide free abortions to all those kids who get pregnant and want to abort their unborn baby? With the Federal Government, cost and morality matter not.

              If Obamacare is so “just”, why is there a religious exclusion built into Obamacare? And why can Amish and Muslims be allowed the freedom to not participate but Catholics cannot?

              Every Canadian I know worries about their medical system — it is overburdened and has a poor delivery system, especially with serious illness/disease. Actually, the Canucks are worried now. They won’t be able to come to the US for their serious medical problems any longer.

            • maindawg why don’d you be the first one to let them put your parents to death under the new law,or maybe your to stupid to read it………….

        • Does this suprise anybody, coming from a Bush appointee? Souter was the same way. I love to hear about Bush and his right ring extremist cabal. I keep wondering where he keeps them.

      5. This is no longer my country. I will do everything I can to bring the Marxist government in Washington down.

        Why do you own guns if not for moments like these. If not NOW, when?, if not YOU, who?

        I will resist this with every drop of blood in my body, so help me God!

        • EXACTLY Jeff!

          So now I must ask right along with you…

          Can we now become united? Or is this NOT the “line in the sand” for you yet?????

          This is for all those who have waited, a righteous matter and we MUST fight it. How? Let your imagination soar!

          • That should have read…

            This is for all those who have waited, this is now a righteous matter……..

            • Just shutup.

        • Keep a list!

        • While many of the sentiments expressed here are noble, do you all really think that a public forum is the place to promote violent resistance?

          There are other ways, safer ways, to unite and to implement whatever plans you may have. Announcing yourself and your intentions on a site that is not even password protected could put your entire families at risk.

          In a football game, you don’t announce what play your going to run before you ever take to the field. And when you discuss your intended move, you do it in a huddle.

          Discretion is the better part of valor.

          • Hang em all

          • Are you afraid? I am not! Let them come after me. I am done hiding behind anything other than an anonymous handle. I use NO IP hider crap or anything of the sort. So YES Daisy, in a word… I do think this is the exact right place.

            Thanks for playing…

            • No, V, I’m not afraid. I just don’t want to see others get sucked into your rhetoric and get into trouble. There’s a time and a place for these conversations. Your response to my advice for caution tells me all I need to know.

            • I tell you what lady… when I see you lecture ALL others, including your buddies on here that I’m sure you have, on their “rhetoric” that “suck” others into their thinking and possibly into “trouble”, I will think about stopping.

              Until then, if you have nothing to say to me that is actually constructive or kind, then please don’t respond to ANY of my posts.

              I know that THIS will offend you, and some others, but I really don’t give a flying crap. Here it is…
              YOU are not the PC Monitor or the Opinion Police, especially since you don’t even LIVE in the USA. YOU are evidently a woman who is a busybody who doesn’t know when to STFU. So let me help you… STFU!!!

          • I wonder how many of the Rambos that post on here are really ATF trying to get someone to do something stupid. Anyone who thinks that privately held firearms will be effective against regular troopers is nuts. They know squad tactics, work as a team and you will be dead so fast that it will not even be funny.

            • John W,

              So, you seem sure that the Corps will follow illegal orders made against the people here in CONUS. Please do enlighten us what makes you think so.

            • Blah ,blah,blah…you seem to think were all just a bunch of pussies who dont have a clue about fighting…stuff it!..some of us have been some places,seen some thing and done some things that would make most “troopers” shake like babies….liberty was never won by being stupid…and it was never won by sissies crying about how big and bad the enemy is or is percieved to be…we havent forgot how to fight…your attitude is why liberty gets lost…sad!

          • @daisey- I have gone to your blog a few times since I have been back on line, you have not posted a new post since the 11th. You takin a break?

            • Hi, Kev ~ Yep – I’m always really busy outside this time of year, and have had houseguests for a while – I’ll be back to it shortly, though! Thanks for asking! 🙂


          • Daisy, I really don’t like you. Haven’t for a long time. You stike me as a busybody, who can’t keep her nose out of other people’s business.

            I’ve also noticed that whenever there is trouble between two people on this site, you always chime in, usually with a stupid comment.

            I really sorry that we didn’t ask your permission to before we wrote our posts, sorry. LOL

            In the future, you really need to keep reminding us all that you own this site, O.K.

            Hey, I’m the one putting MY ASS on the line by writing what I write, not you. I was going to send out written invites to The Revolution but I ran out of stamps, and the mail being what it is, oh well. MYOB

            • Jeff,

              LOL!!! I didn’t even read your post until after I wrote mine above!

              HAHAHA!!! Great minds think alike I suppose!

              MOLON LABE!

            • Where is Daisy living? Has she ever been an American citizen? Just wondering. I like to see postings from all English speaking peoples but don’t really want to see foreigners telling US citizens how to speak our minds. Just sayin’, since my ancestors spilled their blood for our independence and freedom. Speaking of Independence, we should all celebrate the fact that, as of now, we still have the ability to purchase and carry our firearms and Bibles. Amen!

            • don’t tread,

              I could not have said it better myself. I was starting to think there were only a couple of us here that “got” it.

              Have a good evening!

            • don’t tread,

              BTW, Daisy is from Canada, and Burt is from the UK.

              And I know this won’t win me any “brownie” points from those two, like a really care, but … yup … you got it don’t tread. One is from a land of largely French origin (and we Americans know just how much those people have appreciated us), and the other is from the land our ancestors fled and eventually fought against and kicked their ‘royal’ butts!

              So your assessment of “foreigners” telling we Americans how to speak our minds, is spot on!

              God speed don’t tread…
              fide et armis!

            • @ V
              Thks,for responding and God speed to you also. I am of the old school and don’t take kindly to outsiders passing judgment. Having said that; I do understand, as God’s children, we are all in this together. I don’t have a problem with Daisy or Burt; and Burt, living in my ancestrial homeland, has a good understanding of just what is going on. I like knowing where people are from and if they are still living in the area they were born in. It just kinda helps in feeling/figuring them out to see if they are sincere or just full of crap. Having traveled the USA for the past 18 years I get a pretty good sense of how people are, based upon the area of the country they are from. It’s easier to make that connection or separation when communicating via a chat forum.

            • Don’t Tread ~

              I’m an American citizen who married a Canadian. That is why I’m living in another country. Although I live up here legally, I am a “landed immigrant” not a citizen. I have maintained my American citizenship, voted until I stopped believing in voting, and cross the border on a regular basis.

              A custody decree is the reason that I have remained in Canada. While I love my country, I’m certain that you can understand, I love my children more. I fully intend to move back to my home when my children are finished with school, but for now, I’m here, in another country – and a very lovely and welcoming one. I feel blessed to have this as my second home.

              Thank you for asking, DT. 🙂


      6. Next is the chip to hold u hostage for your registered firearms…

        • Registered firearms? What are those?

          • Those are firearms owned by slaves.

            • Weapons on loan to slaves

            • I stand corrected Cowboy

        • Taxing ammo will be next; after all taxes are now legal for congress to adopt even if it takes away our rights.

          • obligatory “had a gun, but accidentally dropped it in the lake, sorry”. /s

            • I have been seeing similar comments on other sites. There must be a nationwide epidemic of “dropsy.”

            • You’re crazy if you think cutsie stories like that are going to cut any ice.

        • I can’t figure out where to put a chip on a homemade shotgun. ; )

          • I tried laying a Pringles on the slide once, had to wipe off some crumbs after I was done tho.

        • You better have a few that no one knows about. Learn to shut up and not show off. If you bought them legally the last few years then you are screwed as they know you have them. Not that they will do you any good anyway.

      7. we are truely phucked

        • @Anononymous

          Live on your knees, or die on your feet!

          • “No son of bitch ever won a war by dying for his country; he won by making the other guy die for HIS country” — General Patton

            “Just as Caesar had his Brutus and Charles the First his Cromwell, so should some good American stand up for his country” — Patrick Henry

            stand strong until freedom dawns

            • SonOfSam
              I assume that’s Uncle Sam. Let’s open up a can of woop-ass! 1 million NRA members got to count for something!

            • Hi Jeff,

              close, but actually its a reference to Sam Adams, the original American patriot. He was organizing for American independence when his cousin John was still in law school and Ben Franklin was still a member of the Royal Society of Arts & Sciences. Remember the original tea party in Boston? Who do you think organized those guys, and had been doing so for years? My hero Sam Adams, thats who!

              I do the “Son of” thing to tweak the clueless… I even have a patch which shows a smiling dog on it — my dog — with the phrase “Sons of Sam” and “wat up, dog?”

              If you’re gonna be a patriot, do it with some style, dammit

            • SonOfSam,

              Why don’t you add your website in your leave reply field? It’s a pretty good site.

              Just thought I’d encourage ya…
              fide et armis!

      8. This is for everyone that still believes voting matters. This for everyone who is still duped into believing you are free. Free when they say you are free.

        • I am not free when someone else says so, nor am I am slave to those who claim to be able to make the call for me.

          I don’t care what the corporate court says, supreme or otherwise. No forced insurance and no tax for me. The new tax is no more Lawful than the old ones.

          If you think this new “law” and ruling applies to you, then by all means do as your master requires of you.

          • Just how do you suggest all the “slaves” out there do that? Should they quit there job? Should they quit caring for there families? I’m really not trying to be a smartass or anything. I really am curious as to how a person with a job and a couple kids is supposed to just tell Uncle Sam to go fuck hisself because they aren’t going to pay taxes anymore. It sounds great in theory but I’m having problems with the particulars of it.

            Maybe you should write a little article explaining to us how folks on here can do this while still raising a family and holding some kind of job.

            • Learn how to build web sites or products (or something else of value) and sell them for yourself. How hard is that?

              If you have a job, work part time at home to replace the income. When you replace enough of it, all it takes is the balls to go it alone and work at it full time.

              You DO NOT need approval to do it. You just quit whining about it and get to work. Before you know it, you have a new stream of profits, then another, then another. All safe from the parasites out to take it before you get it.

              Then one day you will wake up and realize you are free from your chains and on nobodies clock. The way God intended you to be.

            • 2nd Amendment. It says “I’m not paying my taxes” much better than a disgruntled letter

          • fuck the tax!

          • GC:

            I tried working on the side and had 1099s turned in on me, so I had to pay income tax. Should I refuse work and starve?

            • GC is full of sheite. If your customer is not also dealing under the table, they will refuse to hire you even as a contractor without your providing a slave ID# for a 1099. It can be done, but you better be careful to not leave a paper trail. If a 1099 exists, it will be followed up.

              If USA experiences a meltdown like some here expect, web design will not be a growth industry.

            • LS, having a 1099 turned in does not require you to pay a tax. It requires that you correct it IF you used a SSN. If no SSN is on the 1099 , the IRS can do nothing with it. It is YOU SIGNING A TAX RETURN that creates the tax you pay.

              Obarry, I have never had anyone refuse to do business with me because of a tax number. I did have one guy who wanted a SSN to do a 1099. I told him all he needed to do was send in the 1099 WITHOUT an SSN and he would be covered. The web site is still there, and he has since had me do update work on it.

              Working without an SSN, or entering into private contracts with businesses, is much easier to do than overcoming the fear instilled in you by those who profit from your use of their property through ignorance.

              Unfortunately for most, they never overcome the fear of the Paper Tiger. FEAR is the only weapon they have, and it only works if you buy into it.

              It all comes down to whose Law you live by. The Almighty God of Nature has provided Ten Laws for Men to live by, along with the often forgotten 11th Commandment that no one should add to or take away from the first 10.

              The choice of law is yours, as is the choice to fear the corp. One leads to peace in your soul, the other to a life of tormented slavery that no one readily admits to, especially the master and the slave.

              Learn who you are and where your power comes from. Learn what the corp is. The choice will be simple once you know the facts.

              SEDM.org is a great place to start.

          • I agree, GODs creation…. I also think that we should we be learning to buy off each other, barter and use silver, junk silver, whatever. To the extent that we DONT use “Benny bucks” fiat currency, the more we can free ourselves from TPTB. Is it a perfect 100% solution? No. Should we wait around for the perfect solution to arise? HELL NO!

            Indiana Jones, I think that you are letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. There are lots of ways that we can lessen our dependence on TPTB… I think that once upon a time we called it “declaring our independence”. Yes, I seem to recall reading some stuff about that.

      9. The noose is tightening around our necks. If this isn’t a clear and present danger, I don’t know what is.

      10. how will this affect the average person ?


        there are tens of millions of people with no health insurance
        60% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills
        we spend a substantially larger portion of our GDP on health care
        than do other developed nations

        if the Repubs do manage to overturn this
        what if anything will replace it ???

        something HAS to be done about health care in this country
        we are already spending ourselves into oblivion
        it is literally a house of cards
        that is going to collapse if nothing is done

        • Satori, I completely agree – something must be done.

          Centralizing and socializing health care is a horrible option. We need only look at former East Bloc countries for examples on where this will lead us.

          While I am not expert in the commerce clause or health care, I think some level of deregulation so that insurance companies can compete across state lines is in order. That, and perhaps price equilibrium for medical care.

          If I pay with cash it’s one price. Health insurance is another. Medicaid/Medicare, still another.

          While I shy away from government regulation for just about everything, if these hospitals want to compete, part of their (already required) government licensure should perhaps include a (dare I say) mandate to overtly display prices for ALL services they provide so that the public can view them…

          With respect to drugs — the same issues exist. Americans pay more for meds than anyone. Same med from the same manufacturer in, say, Canada, may be significantly less than here. Perhaps allow us to purchase meds via the internet from other countries (It is no illegal to import this way, from what I understand)… Again, market price discovery may work here.

          The other issue skyrocketing our healthcare costs are services provided to illegal aliens who pay no taxes… This is a significant amount of money, and we can be assured that our costs are going up because of it. I am not saying we should turn someone away if they need emergency care — but control of immigration would be in order…

          Additionally, another problem we face is breakthrough therapies and treatments – some from the alternative or integrated medicine realm – that are not being given a chance in mainstream medicine… Perhaps letting patients make their own decisions instead of being forced into them by doctors, and allowing insurance coverage for these novel therapies, would benefit the system in the long term… Truly curing disease should be the goal — not just treatment.

          Really, the system is extremely complex, so I don’t purport to have all (or any) of the answers… But it’s definitely not working as it stands now – and I am confident that Obamacare as it stands now will be an unmitigated disaster for the US healthcare system over the next decade or two.

          There is most certainly a solution that allows Americans to keep the liberty they hold so dear, while providing effective and affordable healthcare to the masses.

          The real problem is likely that tens of billions of dollars at play, lobbyists and drug companies looking out for their profits, politicians wanting to remain in power — the average Joe be damned.

          • Mac I agree with all that you say, but there is no money in a cure for things. The money comes in the medications that prolong but do not cure. No ones goal is to cure things like cancer or AIDS when they can make billions more by prolonging someones life with a drug.

            • Agree… and therein lies one of the key problems with the whole system… If we cure something with a $1000 treatment, the hospitals and prescription drug companies lose hundreds of thousands for long term care that is no longer needed…

              It’s a mess i tell you!

            • For example:

              Everytime you see or hear a commercial for an insurance company, ask yourself “Who is paying for that?”

              If you think it’s the insurance company……..

              Think Again

            • If a cure for cancer was available tomorrow, the American Cancer Society would try to get it suppressed and outlawed.

            • @
              The American Cancer Society is a fraudulent organization. Their connections with TPTB are deep. Have you read the “conspiracy” theory of how they have inadvertantly been part of the killing of innocents, to suppress the truth, that the cure for cancer was discovered and could be available to everyone in the 1970’s?

            • Obarry, too late. There is/are a cure for cancer and it/they are suppressed and outlawed. Google “Run From The Cure.”
              Cannabis is just one cure suppressed. There are others. That is why the UN Agenda 21 will outlaw supplements. Vitamins, Minerals and any cure that Nature provides us with will be outlawed. You will be forced to obtain a prescription from a doctor just to buy vitamin-C.
              No, this is not an advertisement for legalizing weed. (Though I would gladly pitch in for one.}
              Medicine is not about curing anything anymore. It is about profitting from treatment. Hopefully, to them, long term treatment.

          • “””The real problem is likely that tens of billions of dollars at play,”””

            The real problem is the SOURCE of that “money” and what it allows those who control it to do. Healthcare reform will not take place until after government reformation which destroys the bankster crime monopoly.

          • Also price of prescriptions: $20 with insurance, $7 cash. There just need to be some guidelines, not forced down our throats.

          • Perhaps allow us to purchase meds via the internet from other countries (It is no illegal to import this way, from what I understand)…

            Hello??? My neighbors next door, the fraud supporters, that I don’t speak to unless a must…their doctor advised them to go to Canada online for their meds.
            They did.

          • Oh, you mean the treatments like chemo that 3 of 4 doctors will not take and refuse to let their families take??
            That useless treatment??


          • Well said Mac!

            As a 17-year former government employee, the one thing that I can state emphatically is that government involvement rarely, if ever, improves anything. This is not one of the rare occasions when improvement will be seen!

          • Nowhere in this entire fiasco of the Obamacarescheme is a mention of the word tort reform. One of the major reasons we pay the prices we do for medical services is a direct result of medical malpractice insurance. The average Joe on the street doesn’t have a clue as to what doctors have to pay to insure themselves against lawsuits…and this country is the most litigious in the world.

            The fees of different states vary dramatically for this insurance. Nevada and Florida have some of the most extreme rates.

            As of 2009, a general practioner can pay $10,000 annual premium. OB/GYN’s can pay $17-$55,000 annually. General surgeons $22,000-$34,000 a year. The m/p insurance in Miami for a neurosurgeon is $237,000 a year. An OB/GYN in Nevada can run anywhere from $85,000 to $142,000.
            Don’t know for sure, but I would imagine drug companies can be sued as well, so there goes the prescription costs in this country. I don’t think there is a doctor in Canada in any high end specialty that pays over $25-30,000 a year for malpractice insurance….and Canada keeps these suits in check, doesn’t eliminate them, but they are in check.

            If you investigate Britain, Germany, France, etc. you will find that physician lawsuits are dramatically reduced from what we have here. In this country, this is the elephant in the examining room, and nobody addresses it.

          • Like usual Mac, great write up!

            fide et armis!

        • There’s a real simple solution: get the government OUT of health care! THEY are the ones who push the price of it up, then come forward to “help” us. Good GOD — its like those damned viruses you get from the Internet: the asshole that puts it on your computer wants you pay to download his “solution” How’s about leave me the hell alone?

          • contrary to popular belief

            a pretty strong case can be made that the .gov is
            actually keeping costs down
            I say this because I work in healthcare
            and let me tell you
            docs HATE Medicare and especially Medicaid
            because reimbursement rates are so much lower than private insurance
            recently one of our surgeons went on quite a rant
            and threatened to quit
            because he was paid so poorly for a procedure by Medicaid

            • @Santori;
              How’s about this.
              Get maybe 40 doctors together and form a consortium; they all work in the same building. Clients come in and join a HC plan where as they as long as they are in good health pay the plan, say for giggles, $600 a month. The moment a client falls sick they don’t pay any more premiums that month or until they get well. The incentive, doctors to get you well as fast as possible to get the premiums rolling back in and the client incentive to stay well to keep his premiums down. The result; the client pays the doctors for his wellness not his sickness.

            • Ah, Satori!

              And thus, costs in every non-Medicare/Medicaid category get artificially inflated to compensate for the money not being collected from Medicare/aid… leading to higher health costs all around.

            • How long is it going to be before doctors are REQUIRED to take Medicare/Medicaid patients?

            • @Obarry
              As I understand it, Obamacare requires all medical professionals to join the new “Medical Workers Union”.

        • Satori,

          If the medical expenses are so out of control that we need a new massive tax to address the costs, it means that medical expenses are only a symptom of the larger problem. That problem being someone or something is making and keeping the population sick either for profit or environmental reasons.

          No healthy population should experience exploding astronomically high medical costs unless something within the environment has gone terribly wrong on a global scale. If we don’t figure out what is making people sick and fix it, we can pay 100% of our paychecks to health insurance and the medical problems will only get progressively worst.

          Obamacare addresses the symptom, not the root problem.

          • Better yet…start with a health plan XXXX dollars a month for a family (rates per famliy member of course) and with each year, the less insurance costs for yoiur care, the premium is decreased.
            At least give an incentive to get and stay healthy.

        • Of all people Dan Quayle offered the best health care solution I ever heard, and he modeled after one Ronald Reagan imposed as Governor of CA.

          When Reagan was governor he demanded that every public university in the State U. system adopt a teachers program. Within 10 years we had a “flood” of teachers in this state. Mind you they work hard at minimizing their work effort but their wages have not seriously climbed in 25 years thanks to Reagan’s flooding the market place with teachers.

          Quayle suggested we do the same with health care. We need to make public universities crank out doctors, particularly nurses and nurses assistants in droves to flood the market with less expensive workers. Wages are the biggest element of health care! Plus with more people in the field and lower costs more people could afford insurance.

          • Won’t stop big pharma’s greed.

            • How many times have you heard “It’s OK, my insurance is paying for it”?

          • As a state certified nurses assistant I make less than eight bucks an hour. How much less do you think I should make??

            • You hit that nail right on the head Ed! Seems Jim may not correctly understand the free market. To have any program like what he suggests is simply another one that must be ran and operated by some bureaucrat somewhere. No thank you, too many of those parasites around now.

              fide et armis!

        • Do you not understand that the cause of the extremely high healthcare rates is the law signed by Bill Clinton requiring
          hospitals to treat illegals for free? The high cost of healthcare and high unemployment could both be resolved by deporting 30 million illegals and 12 million muslims (mostly terrorists) and changing the stupid laws requiring us to pay their bills.

        • So let’s make it even worse. That’s your plan? This law will not solve anything. had they been serious about health care there would have been a provision limiting mal practice awards. There is not because the trial lawyers did not want it. Uninformed people like you are why we keep getting hosed.

        • Satori: I agree. Something has to be done. O’bummer Care isn’t the answer because it creates 150 new offices and agencies. I hope Romney will repeal it after the election.

          Can you imagine how that parasite will spread and fester over time?

          On the other hand, Americans must recognize that Big Pharma, the AMA, Insurance companies, and the lawyers are the ones that profit, and profit handsomely, from the current system.

          Therefore they do not want the system to change and it is why they pay shills like Hannity to undermine the idea of socialized medicine and crank up their propaganda machines (LSM)to ridicule even the idea of “socialized medicine”.

          In truth the cost would likely remain the same but be spread over a larger user base. The difference is that the obscene profits that those who currently benefit financially from the current system would see their margins shrink.

          So what? Americans are going to pay the cost one way or the other. WE may as well get some fucking health care out of the expense.

          For God’s sake, it WE are going to have socialized banking in this country … and WE do … ie nationalizing the GB losses and making them whole to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, why not socialized medicine?

          Only the wealthy can afford the current system. And only the wealthy get real health care.

          The curious should take a look at Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador for example, if not Canada and France, of how the population of those countries get great health and dental care under a single payer system.

          Good health care in Panama costs the equivalent of $100 USD per month for a Panamanian.

          Colombia and other SA countries also have a government, single payer system and it appears to do wonders for the smiles of the population, not to mention the boob jobs for the babes. Yes, boob jobs are paid for under these government programs.

          If the wealthy (and Congress) want better health care for themselves, let them pay out of pocket for it!

      11. Did you feel it? Did you like it? You, the middleclass just bought and paid for healthcare for everybody. There’s not going to be a tax on the middleclass, wanna bet? Justus Roberts just made it really clear, it is indeed a “tax.” The rich aren’t going to feel this and the chronically/professionally unemployed/Obama supporters are going to get it for free, we get to pay for it. We have been absolutely “lied” too on this shit for three and a half years.
        This is a sad day for Americans. This is just the beginning. They know how to do it now. Just call it a Tax. We will find a new tax on anything that anybody feels is bad for us. Soda, bags of sugar, bags of flour, non-organic produce, gas vehicles, where the hell could it stop? This bills passing (Obamacare) has just opened a door to our futures. It has enabled a Government to get so deep in our lives and freedoms we may never get it out; I believe this was in the Grand plan all along. As a matter of fact, I’m sure of it.

        • Not ONE SINGLE DOLLAR of your taxes go to pay for these boondoggles. Your taxes are simply interest on the use of corp paper and nothing more. This is another tax required because the amount of debt has increased.

          The banksters need additional interest and they decided to collect it under the guise of health care insurance. After all, a good slave pays their own health care insurance for their master.

          • For once I agree with GC…this is NOT about healthcare for the ‘chronically/professionally unemployed/Obama supporters’; they are already being served with our tax dollars.
            This is about enhancing more revenue for a government that can not live within its means and is stealing more from us.

            • serviced, not served.

      12. Pay the Sheriff Of Nottingham or go to jail. Or take to the greenwood forest….

        • I already quit paying, still looking for the forest.

        • True enough. Debtors prisons have been back in vogue for a decade. The courts will deny it, but I know what I see and I believe my lying eyes.

      13. That’s pretty scary. They’re going to deny care left and right. The only way you’ll know for sure that you’ll be covered is to have some politically correct disease like AIDS.

        My father-in-law’s heart stopped when he was in his 70s. The doctors got it going again and he lived another 10 years. You can forget being resuscitated after the age of 65 once obamacare is fully implemented.

      14. Divided we cannot stand. This has been his greatest ambition from day one of this administration. Virtually every event leading up to today has been constructed to divide us. It’s a sad day, and this won’t end well.

        • Ah, but will this theft with an unconstitutional provision not bring us together for the sake of saving our sovereignty??
          We all know what this is now…we will unite.TPTB have not succeeded..they may have pooped in their nest. This touches millions in so many ways–employees/employers/doctors…lots
          St. Louis military patrols’ mission is pretty clear now.

      15. I don’t consider myself the brightest bulb in the chandelier but I thought the Constitutional limits to the federal governments power were VERY clear. How could ANY judge(s) not throw this out is beyond me.

        Corruption and agenda – it could not be more clear in my mind.

        • Like I said on a previous post on the last story….

          This CAN NOT stand!!!

          Roberts? Who threatened him? What did they threaten him with? How much did this ‘decision’ cost the Obamanation handlers?

        • I’m no lawyer, but it seems this is an overreaching law that stands on the precedent of previous overreaching laws. Our laws seem to be like a tree that has grown crookedly, no longer moving in any direction that resembles its origins.

          It truly is time for a reset of some kind. I don’t think this will be the spark, but it surely is a huge handful of tinder. If my measure of Obama is anywhere near the mark, he will do something desperate in the coming months if he senses he may lose the election. He is an end justifies the means type of guy. No ethics or character issues to interfere with his power lust.

      16. Today is the first day of the Second American Civil War. Be bold, be brave, stand your ground, this tyranny will not stand! We are a free people, not government owned slaves!

        If there are groups of Patriots and Wolverines out there I’m begging you to start the dance now, today.

        May God bless the people of America and my God dam the Government in Washington D.C.!

        • Call me a puss… call me whatever any of you want…

          But, thanks Jeff Davis. That actually brought a tear to my eyes. I am Patriotic through and through, that’s how I was raised. I stole my Dad’s saying, that, “if you prick me I bleed red, white and blue.” However, those colors seem to mean less to me today. What matters is our God-given rights that have all but been sold to the highest bidder. I hate the way I feel, I hate that we are faced with this decision now, even though I knew it was coming. Yet I was hoping beyond hope that I was wrong.

          Thanks for a great, honorable and succinct Call to Arms!

          • Stupid people who red thumbed that need to line up with the tyrants for target practice!

            • V, the red thumbs are already lined up: they’re on their knees before their masters like the slave drone bi-atches they truly are.

              “Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” — Thomas Paine

            • Indeed!

              Thank you…

            • They are already lined up, but not for target practice. They are paid government shills. Probably on the Homies budget.

            • Thats a great idea, we’ll call them red thumbs. I really never have understood why people are here to just thumb down everything. Be nice to see who they are. Ten bucks says they have no food in their pantry and are probably at a McDonalds where they have free internet. Oh well….three thumbs up to all you guys and gals.

          • V

            See my note to jeff

            Take care

            • If you’re referring to me… nope, sorry!

              I’m as Patriotic as anyone. If you don’t think so, ask Mac. If not, I won’t lose sleep over it.

              If you want to accuse, have proof dear ole Burt! If not, why not just keep it to yourself?

            • V ~ Something about the “ask Mac” brings to mind another poster that was here formerly – Southern Boy. Is that why your syntax is familiar?

            • Daisy,

              Not following you I guess. But I have tried to build as many relations with like-minded people as I can. Time is short as you know. So I try to send Mac as many stories as I can, as well as some other sites.

              Is Mac a secret or something? I see his posts here all the time. Am I missing something?

            • Burt: If I thought armed resistance was the answer to American ills, I would lock and load and start taking out Globalists…. one by one.

              That isn’t the answer.

              It would accomplish nothing except give the PTB the excuse they want to try and disarm Americans.

              The answer to American ills is political; backed by 90 million American gun owners who organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, vote, and actively participate in a NEW political party composed of Patriots.

              This is the great fear of the Globalists, dual citizens, and small faction that controls the American government by compromising both political parties at the national level.

              WE must engage OUR employees or they will enslave US.

        • Jeff

          Maybe it is because I am female, maybe it is because I am foreign, or maybe it is because I am insightful, who knows, but there seems to be one or two relative new comers on here who are constantly calling for others to start an uprising without any indiction they are willing to get involved themselves.

          If lists do exist I would watch what you say, I truly believe there are two people on here who are inciting others to say and do things that on an open forum such as this this should not be said.

          I think these people are not genuine forum users, I believe they are from an agency within the US that has an interest in gathering information regarding individuals that use these forums.

          Take care

          • Boogie man here…. BOOOOO! Are ya skeered yet?

            Good Lord!!!!!

            • V ~ there’s no need to be rude to Burt.

              If you are genuinely on the same side, I would think you might applaud a voice of reason and common sense. We all have to remember the monitoring that is going on these days. While this should not frighten us, we should use our awareness of this spying to keep ourselves safely out of the FEMA camps.

              Keep in mind, you are somewhat of a newcomer, and while I have no idea of your intentions, you certainly come across as rather gung ho in the revolution department. You may just be fervently patriotic, and I sincerely hope that is the case. But it’s patently offensive when you act like a lady is being ignorant by advising caution on the widely compromised internet..

              @Burt ~ Great post and something we should all keep in mind. 🙂

            • No Daisy, I don’t agree.

              If anyone wants to accuse, do it. Don’t beat around the bush. I have said nothing that should have anyone question me or my motives.

              If the dear lady, as yourself, can’t take the internet, then by all means don’t use it. Be cautious, yes. To accuse newcomers is not only paranoid, it’s exactly what some of us here are talking about. How in the world can we unite if all we do is throw around blame. Those who constantly do that are who I am suspicious of to be honest. Why? Because that is the exact modus operandi of the wonder PTB.

              Also, my intentions, while they truly should be none of your concern, are these:
              1) Freedom (to remain a free man)
              2) Liberty (by any cost)
              3) Rights (those given freely by God, not you or any man!)

              And, since it seems from your site you advertise you are a Canuck, I understand why you may not get why I, and others, are so up in arms! Honestly, I question others who AREN’T up in arms about all the crap happening!!!

              So, if you or Burt have any VALID concern, or I have said anything that would tag me as anything other than a Patriot, feel free to bring it up. If not… just read my posts, get to see who I am, and what I believe. If you don’t like those things, by all means that’s your right. But DO NOT accuse or try to slander me, for you do not know me. Got it???

          • Burt, How do I know that you don’t work for MI6?

            Yes, I’m a super secret F.B.I. agent working to make people do stuff so we can put them into Fema camps and sell their organs to rich Chinese, NOT

            Burt, I’m just a guy who has watched his country go down the crapper in the last 10+ years, who has had enough!
            I believe that we have a very small window for action, O.K. Dear?

            • Jeff

              You don’t Jeff. None of us know anything about each other , this generally is not a bad thing but I hear on here constantly about lists being drawn up etc. if that’s the case maybe it is prudent to be careful.

              As for me working for MI6, it would be way more exciting than a hospital I would think, I would apply but I am a bit too far past my sell by date lol. The attraction of course would be that I would be allowed a gun, something which over here would be a definite plus.

              Take care

          • Whether you are foregin depends upon where you are standing at the moment. Us umurikuns r foren’rs in most of the world.

      17. Why was Obama Health Care important?

        Was it because the Health Insurance lobby is going to decrease their $$$$$ for re-election?

        This should be repealed.
        – – – – – – –
        The ruling by the Supreme Court that it is okay to lie about military decorations you have been awarded since it come under the freedom in the Second Amendment.

        That also should be repealed

        • I long ago “repealed” my consent to be governed,fight em any way you can and do it with joy!

      18. Come on! This has nothing to do with left-right, dim-repug, marxist-capitalist. If you believe that you have fallen for what the puppetmasters tell you on TV and radio. This healthcare law will make the health insurance companies very rich. Every law and bill passed has korporate special interests behind it. Until we throw ALL the bums and of DC and elect candidates who will not accept special interest money, this is what you will get. The two party system is really the one party called “The Party of Special Interests”.

        Until we reject the repug vs dimwit game things will never change.

      19. There is no joy in mudville. Our country is lost. The government will now be able to say who gets care and how much and what kind. If you are defective and cost too much in health care, they can simply stop. This is how Hitler started; he convinced the people that the disabled were only a burden on society, so we may as well eliminate them. You will now have some clerk in an office across the country or perhaps in China or India making your medical decisions for you. It will be cost based only, get ready, and make this part of your preps.
        I feel a sense of despair, but decided to take action. I am actively going to get this clown out of OUR HOUSE.
        Please everyone, I know Romey is not the best for the job, but he is not OBAMA.
        Take part in this system and vote and work on the campaign. We have to stick together to get him out, do it as your life depends on it.

      20. And this was in response to “time to take the Whitehouse back”. WE never had the WH.

      21. ok, tried this 3 times this morning and when I try to submit it kicks me off. SCOTUS are no more than poitical hacks, The first 3 of our four boxes have failed. We are nearly down to the last box. THe soap box didnt work, they wuldt listen, the ballot box didnt work either, its been hijacked, the jury box now has failed and that leaves us only the cartridge box….

      22. Thanks to the Obama, the lefties in Congress and the Supreme Court, I will now have another expense I can’t afford to pay. This will cause me to no longer be able to pay my mortgage and lose my home. I am so fed up right now that I want to find another country to live in because it seems that this one is no longer worth fighting for. I have other feelings too, but given the nature of the police state, I feel that posting them online may not be the best thing I can do for my health…

        • NO!!!!!!

          You and ALL of us MUST REFUSE to pay it! Only then will we not only starve the beast, we will UNITE in a common cause. DON’T think of it as a tax you can’t afford, think of it as your ticket to REBEL and help STOP the tyranny!

          • You are too funny. Just how are you going to refuse? Maybe if you don’t work, have no assets or maybe are homeless sure you can refuse. Money in the bank, paycheck, retirement accout? They will take it all. A simple legal action will cost you ten grand to reply to and they have limitless money. A digital world makes resistance almost impossible, an account can be emptied with the click of a mouse. maybe you should just admit that we really Have no options at the present time. Ever donated money to a candidate or cause you cared about? If not then you don’t really care or understand how things work. When you want whores to do something you have to pay them, that especially applies to congress critters.

            • Are you serious JW?

              C’mon man… surely you are not so “owned” by the gov’t that you don’t see a way “to refuse”?

              It will be a tax within the payroll taxes from what they have assumed so far. If so, have you ever heard of “exempt”? This is only ONE way to get around it. Another is to NOT allow direct deposit and always adjust your dependents so that they take very little to NO extra taxes out. Then, at the end of that year, REFUSE to pay the “Penalty Tax” that this decision has now put upon us. It takes guts and an “I don’t give a s^*t” attitude, but it is done every day. Will they come after you? Probably. And? Are you so afraid of TPTB that you can’t figure out a way to shield yourself from this unconstitutional tax? If so, I feel very sorry for you!

            • Say there John W, how’s about this for an idea: we all take as many exemptions as possible, then arrange to pay our back taxes off at $50 a month. Is this a perfect situation? No… but it beats knuckling under giving them everything up front, then sitting on the sidelines jeering at people instead of coming up with solutions of your own

        • @Winston

          Don’t keep this inside, let her rip! If they come for you, they come for me and millions more.

          If they want a war with the American people, by all means, let them start one! Shit, they already have, haven’t they?

          • I never said I will not work to overturn it and seek proper justice against this. All I said is that what I think and may plan in the future should not be posted online lest I give them a heads up. This is why I rarely ever post here anymore. All I am doing is preaching to the choir and providing intelligence to the enemy.

            • I’ve noticed that you have posted less. Allow me to ask you this, “You don’t think that all uf us are on some Government List already?”.

              If WE become too afraid to stoke the fire, it will go out. Hey, I’ve got a family, home, $$ in the bank and I don’t want to loose anything either.

              It’s a now or never situation, at least that is how I see it.

            • @jeff-Amen brother!! I might be on a list, oh well.

              @government/politicians= you are on MILLIONS of peoples lists.

              but you know this, we smell your fear in NDAA!!!

            • Please explain… “proper justice”.

            • Also Winston,

              We outnumber them!!!

              TPTB must be afraid of us! Not we afraid of them. At this point unfortunately there are more of us who are evidently afraid of them.

              I believe that is why Jeff, kevin, myself and others simply do what we do, say what we say. The “light bulb” has come on for us and we (at least some of us) know that we must have the mentality of those who believe… Shepherds We Shall Be!

            • @Jaeff Davis: Oh, I am certain I have made some watch lists. I would say most, if not all of us have. However, that is why I fell that speaking on this sort of thing online is quite futile. It’s also why most of my comments have always been measured, logical responses rather than emotional pleas.

              As to what I will do about it, I am actually uncertain as of yet. Part of me wants to hope that a sweeping Republican victory in November will eliminate Obamacare before it’s implementation, but part of me thinks this is just wishful thinking. I also fear what Obama will do both if re-elected or during the lame duck session if he loses.

              The problem is that right now we are experiencing a soft tyranny, one that is irritating but livable. I feel that so long as it is a soft tyranny there will not be enough will among the people to take drastic action. Thus, the only ones who would actually do anything drastic are a very small minority that are easy to suppress. It will take a hard tyranny before the will exists among a large enough segment of the populace that any real, drastic action will take place. If that time ever comes, that is the time to take action. Otherwise, you will just end up being part of some small group that gets taken out by government forces before it can actually do anything meaningful.

              Remember that sites like this cater to a fringe minority of people that either takes the time to see what is going on, or that has a wider paranoid bent. Most average people are unaware of the nature of the times we live in because they are distracted by their circuses. Be very careful about miscalculating the will of the average American. Right now, most of them do not want any drastic changes in the status quo and any fight waged will be waged not just against the government, but against public opinion as well.

            • Winston,

              You probably won’t answer this one either, but…

              Are you listening to Mark Levin? We are waaaaaay past soft tyranny. That’s just PC verbiage. Tyranny is tyranny. Soft tyranny in pre-Revolutionary War I suppose must have meant anything under a 3% tax then, right? What the heck do we have now?

              No sir, tyranny is:
              1) unrestricted government
              2) a form of government in which there is a self appointed ruler who believes in absolute power and dominance through threat of punishment and/or violence

              Which of these are not taking place?

              No, tyranny is here… and there’s nothing soft about it.

            • @ “V”: While I did steal that little bit of verbiage from Levin, I have my own definitions. For me, the hard tyranny will come when the camps open and people start getting trucked to them, guns are being confiscated as the law of the land, elections are suspended and we get an unelected dictator (as opposed to the elected one we currently have). Now this is not to say that I think we are not about to turn that page in our history, just that it hasn’t happened to the extent necessary to make a large enough minority to rise up and physically fight it. I think when that time comes it will probably already be too late. Again, my primary argument is not with whether this is a hard or soft tyranny but how it is perceived by the public and how that affects the probability of success. Plus, I would also argue that organizing needs to be done outside of electronic media, lest you give a heads up to whatever agency may be listening. Heck, for all we know, any one of us could be a government shill that is working this blog in order to incite action that the government can then quash and call a victory in the war on terror.

              The difference between the two of us may well be that I tend to think mostly in logical terms while you see things in a greater emotional context. Therefore, I can detach myself from things a bit and try to assemble the bigger picture in order to get context and see what the chances are for success. This is not to say I am somehow superior to anyone for it. Indeed, I may miss many things because of my way of thinking and experiencing the world. However, I still think my points are valid enough that they warrant careful consideration.

            • @Winston,
              Your understanding of this is well beyond mine.

              Allow me to ask you one question, if I may. When you are about to be attacked, is it better to spoil the attack first, or wait until the forces of evil have done their worse, and them try to come up with some sort of response, with whatever resources you have left.

              Marxist’s have been taking control of population for the past 100 years almost. Marxist parties controls 1/3 of the world’s population as I write this.

              Have you ever seem the movie “The Patriot”. The main guy in the film refuses to go to war at first. It’s only until the Red Coats kill one of his, that he takes action.

              Is that all of you are waiting for? For Christ Sake, before Barry adds another few million to the 100 million already killed by Communism, DO SOMETHING!

            • Winston,

              You said, “For me, the hard tyranny will come when the camps open and people start getting trucked to them, guns are being confiscated as the law of the land, elections are suspended and we get an unelected dictator”

              With all due respect, since your opinion is a valid as anyone’s, I must respond.

              If this is your definition of “Hard Tyranny”, then I think maybe you’ve been duped into believing that. Ask any Jew who went through the Concentration Camps and see if they believe tyranny happened before the camps opened, or after?

              The fact is, if you or I, or anyone else waits until the tyrants have accomplished everything you said in your quote I used, then it’s over! Apathy and blindness of truth would win the day. If our Founding Fathers would have waited until the time you define as “hard tyranny”, I can guarantee you that you nor I would be here today. At least not as an American citizen.

              No, Jeff is right. Do SOMETHING before that time, if not… those who do nothing also deserve nothing in return. Freedom is NOT free.

              Have a good evening…

      23. it is good news for us to tear the liberals much harder now with more people fired up. but if this law does not get put out we are in trouble. this black idiot has wrecked us to the point we are in confusion and need to make sure his ass is gone in november. this better not be a grand scheme to get more money out of all of us.

      24. The passage of Obamacare isn’t just about healthcare.

        It is about the destruction of the American capitalist economic system, ultimately. The destruction of the private side of the medical industry and enslavement of medical professionals in a national health care system is just a “happy” benefit for these people.

        This bill is THE largest tax increase in the history of the planet, period. It is the Obama Tax Increase. It also comes with a ginormous amount of fines/regulations/penalties, mainly on small businesses.

        Small businesses will be faced with crushing healthcare costs, as well as fines/penalties/regulations, forcing them either to drop coverage, drop employees or go out of business. The ripple effect of nobody paying taxes or buying stuff causes further contraction of small businessed and the economy in general.

        This creates an accelerating death spiral for our already mortally wounded economy. The fed.gov responds the only way it knows how: by increasing the taxes/fines/regulations/penatlites.

        And so it goes.

        We Are Greece.

        • WE ARE los estados unidas!!!!!

          • @kevin
            May we return to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

          • ‘Unidos’ baboso!

          • Martial Law soon..HR 645

            Red list= Those who voted against Obama and his agendas

            Blue list= Those who voted for Obama, but against some of the agendas

            Yellow list= Those who voted all of the above

            De Oppreso Liber= Us, we’ll be lucky if it gets past elections. I need to clean my weapon and relax and make peace with God again, I’m going to be forced to be very bad soon when the SHTF..

        • Today we have officially become a socialist country! If you think the fires in colorado are bad,wait until the match is lit for revolutionary freedom.The whole country will burn!I’ve lost my job,my house,everything,the only thing I have to lose is my life.BRING IT ON!!!!

          • God speed Rebel, God speed!

          • When a man has lost everything, he has nothing left to lose.

        • Precisely. Obamacare was never about health care. It was always just another income stream. Another side street to kick the can before it hits the wall. They never intend to pay a nickle in coverage but the taxes will kick in well before they have to concede.
          We are toast.

      25. You seriously want to start a revolution over THIS?! This is nothing more than partisan BS. Why didn’t you pick the Patriot Act or NDAA, at least those were real intrusions into our liberty. So don’t buy health insurance and pay the “tax” for not having it. Use the services that will be provided and play the game. The penalty is only $95 or 1% of income whichever is greater and you only have to pay it if you get caught or need services. You guys should pick real battles that are an affront to all of our liberties, not play the left/right game.

        • OptOut,

          No one in their right mind wants to start a Revolution. However, you have a choice, become property of the Washington D.C. marxist government, or be a free person.

          If you felt that the Patriot Act or NDAA was worth it, why didn’t you stand and fight them?

          • What is coming will not qualify as a “revolution”…it will be, by design…THE NEXT CIVIL WAR. A “setup”, years in the making, that is about to become reality. Connect ALL THE DOTS, and CIVIL WAR/CLASS WAR is the ONLY picture that can emerge as YOU connect those “dots”. The ONLY WAY FOR A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT/SYSTEM to deal with that scenario: Well, MARTIAL LAW OF COURSE! Presto/Change-o: The Constitution is GONE-O!

            From a “constitutional framework”, STATES are supreme. That was the “founding intention”. Of course, when the “White House, Congress, and the supremely F*cked-up court have PROVEN TO YOU/ME that this ancient piece of “toilet paper”(CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS)is meaningless…lock-n-load and initially keep your head low.

            THE BIG PICTURE ramifications of this “anti-constitutional FART are soon to be “smelled from sea-to-shining-sea”.

            • @yental,

              And you know this all how?

            • @ Jeff, I do ALOT of research, PAY ATTENTION, and spend MUCH time connecting the “DOTS”. SKIPPING the Lame-stream-media bullsh*t helps as well. Been “on this” since 2005, and offer no apology for “opinions” hard fought for during that timeline.

              “Knowing” is still a subjective analysis. “KNOWING” comes with due diligence over many years. How long have YOU questioned the “official narrative” and pursued “your own” path? I expect “no-one” to accept “my” opinion without personal research.

              Problem is simple: Most are not willing to invest the time or analysis. THEY want the “big mac” with fries in two minutes or less.

        • OptOut…

          You’re just kidding, right? You have to be. No one in their right mind who really considers themselves a Patriot and a Free Man would say what you just said.

          “Pay the ‘tax'”? Really? Jeff Davis has it right! Do you want to be a free person, or not? No one can pay the tax because it’s cheaper than the alternative, or out of fear of the unknown. Revisit history my good man. Should our forefathers not have fought to stop a 3% tax? Should they have rolled over and taken the easy way out? I for one say NO!!!

          And that 1% tax you speak of, is only for 2014. It goes up to 2% in 2015 and then 3% in 2016! In the latter stage of this cycle that equates to $3000 per $100,000.00. I for one will NOT pay it!!

        • IRS enforcement is limited as of now in this bill. There is no lien or attachment power in the bill that I could find. They can seize refunds to pay your fine, but not bank accounts or property. The tax will go up to 3% of your income in the 3rd year.

          That said, the IRS will get more enforcement powers somewhere along the line. Bureaucrats will hold onto their power with their last breath.

          After I left LA after the 92 riots, I vowed to never feed the system again. My income, taxes and bank accounts are as minimal as I can keep them. Most of my assets physical and portable. It is the only solution. Shrug, walk away and stop feeding the beast with your blood and treasure.

        • Actually it is 2095 or two percent. That is the final amount after 2014. The 95 was just to keep the sheep quiet.

        • That’s only the first year. It goes up alot each year and then still every year increased based on inflation. Has your salary, wages or benefits been going up each year ? I thought not.

      26. Okay, so this will motivate people to vote? Vote for who, Romney? This just keeps everyone jumping from side to side in the same idiotic paradigm. Romney is no better and will bring continued fascism, war, and favoratism of the corporate global elite? If he did work to repeal the law as he claims, you can bet their would be some benefit or hidden deal to still enrich the insurance companies at the people’s expense. We badly need a real third party that will not serve global corporatist elites.

        • @Jimmy

          We badly need an open revolution, the time for a 3rd. party has passed.

      27. This coming election is the time when people will riot in the streets, masses of people for both sides will clash and there will be blood. Martial law will prevail and it will look like something out of Syria. This is what they have been wanting, preparing for and this is what I believe,will occur. They have divided this country so completely that their plan to control with fear and intimidation will happen. November is the month of change, that is when the SHTF. Prepare to stay home and be safe, what will follow I don’t know but it will not be good. This is what my gut and mind is telling me. At this point in time anything can happen, especially with the rage and anger this freedom stripping decision has unleashed. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        • @Ohcumgache,

          Please understand that I respect the hell out of you, but…..

          If you are old enough to fight for your freedom and can do so without physical restriction and don’t…you sir are a coward!

          • Jeff Davis,

            I never stated that I would not fight for my freedom and I am certainly old enough to bare arms. During the elections, it is not the time to abandon your family and join the insanity on the streets. When and if they come to my home, I will be there to defend my Family, my home, my animals, my neighbors and whoever else I can. I have no qualms about owning firearms, I have a few. I also have no qualms about using them if forced to. I am not afraid of speaking my mind and I am not afraid of death, given the opportunity, I would join forces for the good of this country, but not in the middle of a street during an out of control riot, while my Family is home wondering my fate and theirs without me. They are my first priority. I do not equate that with being a coward.

            • Nor would I my friend, but it’s not only single men who go to war either.

              Nor would I join a “street fight” as you called it. But history has a few examples where people should have acted but didn’t. They then paid dearly for their lack of action. see: Jews 1930’s Germany.

              Given what our President and his ilk have done within the past few weeks, can you really say that we are not in danger, if we don’t act now?

          • Jeff,

            The time to act was long ago, now it will be a knee jerk reaction to a decision that was based on lies, control and deceit. I agree that all able bodied men should come to the forefront and fight for freedom. You must stop misconstruing my words, I did not say we are not in danger if we don’t act now. I will do my part by stocking food, sharing what I have with who I can, fighting anyone who tries to take away my guns or home. Taking a stand is the first step and being prepared to fight for it is next. What is it that you think one should do right now? I would respectfully like to know your opinion.

            • There is nothing short of DEATH that will keep me home in November, if I have to Shoot my way to the Polls or Back..Folks its TIME!

            • @Ohcumgache
              I believe that there are moments in history that call for action. You are a prepper. Trust me, I’ve read you posts often, and admire both your heart and cool head.

              Although I have also stockpiled supplies, I’ve done so knowing from my service in Viet Nam, and later Central America, that we would be forced to fight against Marxism here at home. I guess I’m not your average, run and hide guy.

              In my military mind, I know that the only hope for this country to remain free is for like minded Americans to start a counter-revolution to the one which is taking place in D.C.

              We have a very small window for this to happen but I hope that this event will start enough people down this war path back to freedom.

      28. @Hope

        The capitalist system was destroyed long ago. As soon as the fedgov strarteed regulating EVERYTHING uder the commerce clause capitalism was gone. Yes this is another step in the wrong direction but there are ways of fighting it. Don’t pay. As “V” said strave the beast, its the only tool we have left until the awkward period is over.

      29. Whether you are for or against this law you need to be concerned that the law passed NOT as a tax. So you have just been taxed without proper representation and the supreme court essentially just taxed you without having the power to do so. This should scare the hell out of everyone. If it went back to another vote and passed as a tax then I would have to accept it(somewhat). What happened today was illegal and unconstitutional.
        and is another reason he needs to go or be impeached or in prison right next to Eric Holder

        • Same with the supreme just-us-es!

          • agree..all of them involved, and all that agreed to this

      30. small Buiz will die in this country if this stays as a law..any company over 50 will have to step up..so either they hold back and dont take more work to hire more people..or they fold due to the strain this will put on the smaller companies and start ups..yeah just what we need while we are neck deep in a depression

        • Here are the first 111 exempt companies, out of 1372!!!

          1.Protocol Marketing Group
          3.Star Tek
          4.Adventist Care Centers
          5.B.E.S.T of NY
          6.Boskovich Farms, Inc
          7.Gallegos Corp
          8.Jeffords Steel and Engineering
          9.O.K. Industries
          10.Service Employees Benefit Fund
          11.Sun Pacific Farming Coop
          12.UFCW Allied Trade Health & Welfare Trust
          13.HCR Manor Care
          14.IBEW No.915
          15.Integra BMS for Culp, Inc.
          16.New England Health Care
          17.Aegis Insurance
          18.Alliance One Tobacco
          19.Asbestos Workers Local 53 Welfare Fund
          20.Assurant Health (2nd Application)
          21.Captain Elliot’s Party Boats
          22.Carlson Restaurants
          23.CH Guenther & Son
          24.CKM Industries dba Miller Environmental
          26.Darden Restaurants
          27.Duarte Nursery
          28.Employees Security Fund
          29.Florida Trowel Trades
          30.Ingles Markets
          32.O’Reilly Auto Parts
          33.Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 123 Welfare Fund
          34.Sun Belt
          35.UFCW Local 227
          36.Uncle Julio’s
          37.United Group
          38.US Imaging
          39.Vino Farms
          42.Alaska Seafood
          43.American Fidelity
          46.Gowan Company
          48.Macayo Restaurants
          49.Periodical Services
          51.Universal Forest Products
          52.UFCW Maximus Local 455
          54.GuideStone Financial Resources
          55.Local 25 SEIU
          56.MAUSER Corp.
          57.Preferred Care, Inc.
          58.Ruby Tuesday
          59.The Dixie Group, Inc.
          60.UFCW Local 1262
          61.Whelan Security Company
          62.AMF Bowling Worldwide
          63.Assisted Living Concepts
          64.Case & Associates
          65.GPM Investments
          66.Grace Living Centers
          68.Swift Spinning
          69.Belmont Village
          70.Caliber Services
          71.Cracker Barrel
          72.DISH Network
          73.Groendyke Transport, Inc
          74.Pocono Medical Center
          75.Regis Corporation
          76.The Pictsweet Co.
          77.Diversified Interiors
          78.Local 802 Musicians Health Fund
          79.Medical Card System
          80.The Buccaneer
          82.Greater Metropolitan Hotel
          83.Local 17 Hospitality Benefit Fund
          86.Harden Healthcare
          87.Health and Welfare Benefit System
          88.Health Connector
          90.Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc.
          91.Transport Workers
          92.UFT Welfare Fund
          96.Baptist Retirement
          97.BCS Insurance
          99.Fowler Packing Co.
          100.Guy C. Lee Mfg.
          102.Jack in the Box
          103.Maritime Association
          104.Maverick County
          105.Metro Paving Fund
          108.QK/DRD (Denny’s)
          109.Reliance Standard

          • Some are disguises.

            Uft welfare fund is United federation of teachers.

        • @VRF
          That’s what Commies do, kill small business and inflate currency.

          • yup..and at the rates our medical entities charge this will run this country right off the cliff faster than a brand new Bugatti.

            case and point..small example..I had a local dentist look at one of my teeth that I chipped a few years back..said it would be around 700 to 1000$ to fix..

            I am married to a gal from south america( she is a US citizen by our system ) so I get down that way often
            I had that tooth fixed, my other teeth cleaned all for less then 40$

            Now this is going to give doctors nothing but a free leash to charge the shit out of this system even more then they already do, It will no doubt increase the welfare debt
            just stab the gas pedal to the abyss and wait for the light of the on coming train at the end of your ride folks..if this TAX stayes..it will bankrupt this country faster than the banksters and current theifs in charge

            • I’ve been thinking along those lines, too. One reason medical costs in this country are so high is that payments are made by insurance companies and the government. More money pumped into the medical system pushes up prices. As the fed pushes more money into the medical system the result will be similiar to what happened with skyrocketing tuition costs. And the federal system is BROKE. The increased taxes won’t even cover the interest on the debt, let alone the cost of covering so many.

              Also, as Mac said, we are already paying for medical care for illegals, and that will increase. I remember my wife being in a private hospital in Texas. Lots of patients and their families spoke no English. Some probably had insurance, but I am sure my insurance was covering the cost of care for my wife and for an illegal down the hall. Just another invisible tax imposed on us by the fed’s unwillingness to fulfill it’s constitutional duties. How can run national healthcare when they can’t/won’t defend our borders and enforce immigration law?

        • It would be crazy to think the 50 employee limit will not get lowered or eliminated. Too easy to circumvent. Start new companies yearly.

      31. Sadly, with the majority of money in electronic form you could have these payments auto-deducted. You can’t starve a beast that controls the food.

        • I see your point.

          Yet, I’m sorry. If it means that I must simply give in and give up because we are now controlled by computers, I won’t!

          Even if it means “disappearing”, then that is what I will choose. I WILL REMAIN A FREE MAN! I will NOT serve man, or “Beast”.

        • Too late. A friend is on social security disability. She was admitted to a hospital. The fed accessed her account, saw she had a $5,000 balance, and cleared out the account to offset the medical costs. Only a fool leaves more money than necessary in a bank.

          • agree, and along those lines , people who have money in the bank, now have a dam good reason to get it all out.

            bank run anyone? could this also bring on this action by the public? even in a small scale of awake or waking up people?

            • I do not go into banks much(hardly at all), but I have seen 3 people take out large amounts.(not in the merchant line either)

              Also, a teller told me of a guy who has been getting $10,000 in those presidential dollars at a time (twice), I see that as someone preparing for a devaulation(because they should’nt recall the coins)

              I know everybody always talks about nickels, and the melt value of the dollars are $.02, but as a precaution it might be wise to get atleast a couple hundred in those dollars, and stash them away, hell they can be spent pretty easily if you need to.

              I recomend this (coinage for devauluation)

              $5- zinc pennies
              $5- pre-81 coppers
              $200-prez dollars

              $380 total,due to the 100 bill being the largest bill in circulation, if they ever end up knocking off 2 zero’s= $38,000. The worst that can happen is you have a mini-savings account.

        • yep, they will just add it to deductions.


          Its ONLY $14, doesnt seem like much, and its not.

          The issue is not the money, being FORCED to do this is(and the doc’s that are going ti quite, and the no medical treatment thing)

      32. As grand a scale as most folks seem to think Democrats being removed from office and Republicans replacing them will make everything all better in the world.

        Please take the time to educate yourself thoroughly on how we came to experience this critical juncture. There is a bigger picture when you enlighten yourself.

        Soon after, it is not just the bark from the tree you will see. You will take small steps back and see the red wood. Then step back further and see the forest in which it lives. Further expanding your horizon you will see that forest is part of something greater as well, and so on.

        The problem is that the forest is on fire started by international bankers and that big red wood is about to topple over and crush everything in its reach…and it is all by design.

      33. The SELECTION in November will not change a damn thing!! Romney helped write obamacare so the idea of him repealing it is all political mumbo jumbo. Romney only has the interests of the banks at heart. Willard and Barry have the same agenda of being the puppets to the controlling elite.

      34. Roberts has been compromised and violated his Constitutional oath.

        All patriots and freedom lovers are absolved from any mandate of slavery.

        Historic precedent says bloodshed is now inevitable.

        Prepare accordingly.

        Buy guns, ammo, supplies now.

        • Ghost,

          You sir, are correct.

          May God bless us, and have mercy on their souls!

      35. they think they are in financial trouble now…just wait , this should be the kiss of debt to them

      36. Yeah, this sucks to the highest degree. Here’s my reality: On one side we have the would-be king with his new tax. On the other, we have the corporate shill whose friends will price you totally and completely out of health care, if you’re not already.

        None of this will work. Yeah, it’s time.

      37. i suggest everyone read the turner diaries and hunter.
        these two books will really open your mind to what we are capable of.

      38. WORD OF THE DAY


        A : A middle class tax

        B : A few controlling the many

        C : A flesh eating rim shot disease that slowly eats it’s Darwin host where demise is unavoidable

        HOW TO AVOID

        A : Move

        B : Purchase lead

        C : Wear female condom

      39. Checked with my local “sporting goods” store. Since this morning they’ve sold 10 AR-15’s and over a dozen AK’s.

        My buddy who works there says that ammo is going fast, along with mags and handguns.

      40. If everyone would just simply refuse to pay for any of this unconstitutional garbage it would die very quickly…parasites die when the host has been removed.

        • Well, in theory, yes. We MUST refuse to pay, without doubt.

          In reality however, no. The decision this morning gave the IRS almost supernatural powers! Read up on it, it’s very telling what TPTB are truly planning for us.

      41. The precident has been set. ANYTHING can now be required by calling it a tax.
        Why can I not weep for what my country has become?
        I fear the death spiral is now unavoidable.
        Stay safe

        • @Jeepboy
          Also my thoughts. How about a $2,000 tax on each gun you own. Maybe a 25% tax of silver or gold. $100 a box tax on ammo. $1,000 if you have a garden.

          After all, gun shot wounds costs the Empire’s healthcare system money!

      42. Buy ammo now!

      43. OT: Part One: “Eyewitness to History, Edited by John Carey: The Siege of Jerusalem, AD 70 by Josephus”. Jerusalem fell, after siege, to a Roman army under Titus. Josephus was a Jew who had gone over to the Romans: Throughout the city people were dying of hunger in large numbers, and enduring indescribable sufferings. In every house the merest hint of food sparked violence, and close relatives fell to blows, snatching from one another the pitiful supports of life. No respect was paid even to the dying; the ruffians (anti-Roman zealots) searched them, in case they were concealing food somewhere in their clothes, or just pretending to be near death. Gaping with hunger, like mad dogs, lawless gangs went staggering and reeling through the streets, battering upon the doors like drunkards, and so bewildered that they broke into the same house two or three times in an hour. Need drove the starving to gnaw at anything. Refuse which even animals would reject was collected and turned into food. In the end they were eating belts and shoes, and the leather stripped off their shields. Tufts of withered grass were devoured, and sold in little bundles for four drachmas.

        • Yes, women also ate their own childern as well.
          How about giving us some history of Valley Forge, the Battle of the Bulge, or the seige of Batan. Places where American’s fought for their Freedom!

      44. “The giant has woken up. Country needed a hard kick in the ass to remind us what is at stake in November. Now we are truly ready to fight.” Sadly, I have to disagree. The American people have forgotten how to fight, and even if they could, they wouldn’t know what to fight for. Are they fighting for constitutional government? No – they don’t even know what’s in the constitution. All the American people know is, they think they’re getting more “stuff,” and some rich guy is paying for it. I’ve lost faith. Today, I begin researching an exit strategy. I’m looking for a freedom-loving country not dominated by whining moochers.

        • Neverland?

        • there aree no more freedom loving countries left america was the last hope…

          • No there is one left.


            That doesnt help us.

            OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!

            • kevin,

              Do you have an email? Don’t freak… just a question…

      45. I would have to say this is a defining moment in our history. It feels that way, at least. I thought it would take something like the banning of guns or shutting down the internet to kick start the revolution or second civil war but now I’m wondering if this doesn’t do the trick.

        Like someone mentioned, the monster has been awakened. I was on the fence about voting this November because I feel like Mittens is just another bought and paid for puppet but now I will for sure vote. Mittens says he will repeal it and if he wins and does not repeal it then all hell will break loose. Beyond a shadow of doubt. How many times are we going to be lied to and just take it.

        I feel like this country is about to errupt big time. Look for a false flag type event…maybe the Olympics.

        They were smart about writing this thing…put the IRS in charge of enforcement. Another forced tax. I’m one of the healthy ones who hasn’t used more than $1000 in health care over the last 20 years.

        I’m sick of paying for others. Sorry, I do have compassion for the less fortunate but I have paid and paid over the last 20+ years. Not only in the form of unused health care but also in income taxes.

        I have no kids, no businesses, no mortgage to write off. I use the 1040EZ since 1988 because I get no deductions or write offs. Paying close to 30% in combined Fed & State taxes. Married couple with kids and mortgage pay 0-7%.

        I have paid $200K+ more in taxes even though I am only 1 foot print and they are 4. Paid $100K+ in healthcare that I don’t use. I HAVE PAID MY FAIR SHARE AND I AM DONE!!!

        I refuse to get healthcare anymore & I refuse to get another high paying job! Why should I? This is now my form of rebellion…cut off my share of the money going into the coffers. Writing letters, emails, phone calls don’t work. Voting doesn’t work. Tea Party elected ones got co-opted. Sooooo, no more money from me.

        I’m prepped and kinda know where those guns that I lost in the boating accident are. Ya know, I think they might have been in waterproof dunnage bags when the boat capsized.

        I’m done. Let’s get it started. No more lies.

        • +10 Kindle, good post.

        • There will be many John Galts like Kindle–exactly what the PTB want…there is no easy answer..their objective is to destroy this nation so all are dependent and bring in One World Order/Govt.

      46. I’m thinking of adding line item to all client invoices that is for my increased costs due to this tax, and associated increases. If enough businesses did that and didn’t let this become just another invisible tax, people might notice. I wonder if this was how social security came to pass and if there was similar disgust by the productive class?

      47. screw not paying the pentalty tax…..what millions of Americans need to do is all stand together and not pay ANY more taxes. Don’t even file……they can’t lock everyone up

        • They can take everything you have, including your domicile and anything hidden there. If they find nothing, they can accuse you, w/manufactured intel, if necessary, of anything up to and including kiddie porn. They can harass everyone you know: audits forever & for everything. You can be committed for mental illness. You and your family and friends can be targets of Swatting. Screw with this bunch and they don’t care as long as they get even.

          They can lock everyone up. It is called martial law/police state and it comes w/suspension of all legality as we know it. So, how many people will participate, knowing their entire lives and that of everyone they know can be destroyed? You’ll not even be a hero. You will cease to exist, even if you aren’t incarcerated or killed under one or another pretext.

          We still have state nullification, repeal and the vote at all levels. Not that I have any illusions about freedom of speech or elections.

          Talk with anyone who experienced the former USSR. They would rather condemn everyone to a miserable existence than ever give up power. I grew up w/Warsaw survivors and in the 50s, had classmates whose parents had escaped Hungary. My own ancestors fled the Tsar. There is nowhere left to run.

          It took 70 years for the USSR to fall of its own weight. Things move faster, now, but OTOH, we, the people, have no allies except Israel, if we still have them after the masterful PR job that has been done on that front.

          You can keep your income below poverty level and accept a subsidy for the mandated insurance. If you hate Romney, who has pledged to repeal this on Day One, you can hold your nose and vote for him. Beyond that, we are all screwed.

        • They don’t have to lock us up, just seize our houses, cars, assets, auction the property, transfer the houses to HUD for Section 8 allotments, and spend our bank accounts. Don’t even think for a moment this administration or any other wouldn’t like to buy 10 million votes with 10 million free houses.

      48. The Siege of Jerusalem, AD 70 Part 2 by Josephus: Among the residents of the region beyond Jordan was a woman called Mary….She was well off, and of good family, and had fled to Jerusalem with her relatives, where she became involved with the siege….(her property and food were stolen)….Famine gnawed at her vitals, and the fire of rage was even fiercer than famine. So, driven by fury and want, she commited a crime against nature. Seizing her child, an infant at the breast, she cried, “My poor baby, why should I keep you alive in this world of war and famine: Even if we live till the Romans come, they will make slaves of us; and anyway, hunger will get us before slavery does; adn the rebels are crueller than both. Come, be food for me, and an avenging fury to the rebels, and a tale of horror to the world to complete the monstrous agony of the Jews.” With these words she killed her son, roasted the body, swallowed half of it, and stored the rest in a safe place. But the rebels were on to her at once, smelling roast meat, and threatening to kill her instantly if she did not produce it. She assured them she had saved them a share, and revealed the remains of her child. Seized with horror and stupefaction, they stood paralysed at the sight. But she said, “This is my own child, and my own handiwork. Eat, for I have eaten already. Do not show yourselves weaker than a woman, or more pitiful than a mother. But if you have pious scruples, and shrink from human sacrifice, then what I have eaten can count as your share, and I will eat what is left as well.” At that they slunk away, trembling, not daring to eat, though they were reluctant to yield even this food to the mother. The whole city soon rang with the abomination. When people heard of it, they shuddered, as though they had done it themselves.

      49. I have often wondered why it wouldn’t work for 3 to 4 million of us to all go to DC all at once and take it over. Why would that not work? There’s only a little over 3 million in all of the military.

        • Let’s go, names a date. Don’t forget your sporting goods.

          • Too bad it is too close to the 4th. That would have been ideal.

            Is there a site that anyone knows about that is geared toward this? I will search one out. But if there isn’t, is there anyone here who is a web master?

            • i will build it for you .

              plan on a NATION WIDE washington dc FREEMEN AMERICAN PATRIOT ARMED march july 4th 2013 TO THE VERY GATES OF THE WHITE HOUSE .


            • Cool! Ya know I may have misjudged you.

      50. need 3%, which is 9 million some. But with today’s technology, beter pad those numbers by at least half more

      51. The little people will get NOTHING and like it.

      52. i am so outraged i’m at a loss for words…

      53. Think This is bad?…Wait till ya get a load of the soon comming laws called…”Noahide” or “Noahchide” laws!!

        Ever since aprox mid-1970’s era us.congress&senate has continued to pass yearly “Resolutions”(and GW bush jr. Signed into Fed us code Law! aprox 2004(?)) only it is hidden under…”National Education Day”!..It Honors now dead Orthodox Jewish Talmudic Rabi Shneerson who many/most othrodox jews recognize as “Their” Messiah.

        He and They say that way prior to the “Moses era” 10-commandments that God gave Noah 7-basic laws for ALL Mankind on earth(xcept Jews who have the “Talmude” as THEIR law etc!) so ONLY All worlds gentiles Must obey the “Noahide laws” ALL Jews are exempt!

        These 7-main laws then got “Morphed” into aprox 66 More variations of same noah laws. EVERY law offence carries the DEATH Penalty BY BEHEADING!!!!!!!..But! No such “Noahchide” laws ever have existed or been proven! Except of course in the fertile minds of Rabi Shneerson and fellow “Orthodox-jews”

        The Number One First law listed is…”No Idol/false Gods”…This Includes The Christian beliefe in Jesus Christ and Christianity itself!!….Beheadings for beliefe in Jesus etc!

        I fully expect some here will already lable me as an “AntisemiteNaziwhowantstokillsixmillionmorejews”! Specially them “Jewdeo-Zio-Christians” similar to them what follows various Pastors such as “Haggee” “Falwell” or “Robertson” et al….That is ok cause I Am a Christian Believer and I Do search out what our True Lord Christ said to do IE: “Know the TRUTH”

        Before you lable anyone who writes the truth, as This is, please first go do some search-reading about them “Noah” laws which are as Phoney as a three dollar bill, Yet our esteemed us congress stated in all them resolutions and NOW us code fed law ON the books, that “Americas Foundation was Founded upon the Oldest laws known to the world which are the NOAHCIDE LAWS!!!”

        Not founded on us const/bill of rights etc!…All under the Guise of a day to honor Rabi Shneerson and called “National Education Day”

        Then consider all the ways americas laws/courts/public offices&elected officals have been Systematically changed from a “Constutional Republic” into what more resembles a “Talmudic” based Everything! From All Media/Govnt/Banking/Hollywood/Unions/Universities/etc etc etc. One & One Half of a Percent of americas population(jews) now has hijacked 99% Total control of nearly everything what matters in all of Society-entertainment-banks-GOVNT! etc.

        Like I said Before condemning me with cheep names designed to curtail “Facts & Truth” which is fully Documented at various web sites(some web sites Are also True Christian based also)is stupid & childish(like libs who cannot admit when wrong)

        I do Not cater to PC and will Laugh if called any sort of “Raysisss” or “Anti-semite” etc. Because besides “Knowing Truth” Our Lord Jesus also said “Speak Truth” and “Reprove(expose)& Rebuke!(call a spade a spade/expose evil etc).

        Therefore…Facts are Not “Rayssisss” And Truth based upon Facts is NOT “Antisemitic” nor is it “Hatefull speech”….I hope you research this stuf cause once put into fed us code laws it won’t be long before This is to occure probobly eh. PS. I didn’t include various web site links as I read here a couple yrs now and notice many complain their messg or replys get lost etc when adding links etc…You all know easy ways to search for info on this though I am certain.

        PSS: Ever notice if it pertains to “Jesus/Christians/Christmass” it Violates “Wall of Seperation”?….Then WHY don’t it likewise Violate that SAME wall seperation when although ZERO xmass stuff is allowed on ANY Public property…YET every Hanakua a NINTY-ONE FOOT Tall “Minorah” is placed upon the WHITEHOUSE-Front Lawn!!!…Xmass/Jesus=Bad sheeple! BUT 91ft Tall “Minorah(devils pitchfork as some calls it)=Good for Jews=100% A-OK!!!

        • That is nonsense. A few Lubavitchers belong to their cult. The are not representative of the Orthodox any more than the snake handlers are representative of Charismatics.

          This is the sort of derangement that allows Americans to ignore that, of all the people in the world, the Israelis, who, BTW, are mostly secular and laugh at the Scheersons, have the most reason to fight totalitarians. And they have the means. Believe me, the Lubavitchers have some money, but they are crooks and do not have any power, anywhere, except among their own ignorant followers. Many of them are in jail.

          You demean this site.

          And the pitchfork has 3 tines, not 8.

      54. @everyone-WANT TO SEE OBAMA CARE




      55. oh $hit-

        Intense M5.2 quake hits Fukushima — Centered just miles from plant.

        • Really? I better go and check this out….

        • I see no news on it. Can you give a link?

          • Thanks Satori!

            So it was 16 hrs ago. I thought that if a 5.0 or greater hit that area, the reactors would be toast and we’d have disaster on our hands. I wonder why that hasn’t happened yet with so many 5.0 or greater lately?

            • V

              Probably because the world is being lied to regarding the whole situation. Do you remember Chernobyl ? It happened at a time when news was real, less tampered with. It was covered for so long, all the issues, the nuances of the situation covered in depth, we knew of every puff of smoke that came out of the place. Fukushima is different in my opinion, it went quiet, news wise far too fast, so little news comes out of there.i believe the situation is being under reported to the nth degree quite deliberately.

              Take care

      56. Anyone else buying ammo today? 😀

      57. MsCreant: Obama is a puppet with someone else’s hand up his ass working his mouth.

      58. whether you favor it or not
        “Obama care” does have some positive aspects


        “Minimum standards for health insurance policies are to be established and annual and lifetime coverage caps will be banned”

        “Co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles are to be eliminated for select health care insurance benefits considered to be part of an “essential benefits package”[35] for Level A or Level B preventive care.[36][37]”

        “Guaranteed issue and partial community rating will require insurers to offer the same premium to all applicants of the same age and geographical location without regard to most pre-existing conditions (excluding tobacco use).[19][20][21]”

        this is what most people object to
        “A shared responsibility requirement, commonly called an individual mandate,[22][23] requires that all persons not covered by an employer sponsored health plan, Medicaid, Medicare or other public insurance programs, purchase and comply with an approved private insurance policy or pay a penalty, unless the applicable individual is a member of a recognized religious sect exempted by the Internal Revenue Service, or waived in cases of financial hardship.[24]’

        ie. if you dont have insurance you have to purchase it or pay a penalty

      59. The Emperor: In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society which I assure you will last for ten thousand years.

        Padmé: So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.

        Need I say more?

      60. Pelosi: “Victory for every American”


        We’ll see……

      61. Today the Supreme Court dealt a huge blow to the American Citizens.

        They have ruled & set a precedent that says Congress can tax you for ANYTHING and force you to buy ANYTHING and force you to do ANYTHING.

        It’s more than obamacare – which can be repealed by future Congresses and Adminisrations.

        The problem is the Precedent it set. I can’t take it anymore.

        • You are correct. The Supremes just handed unlimited power to the central government. This power was not granted by the constitution or by the people.

        • Mr. B, Absolutely! The precedence set today is the biggest problem. Obamacare can be repealed. But if I won’t buy that infamous broccoli that Justice Scalia referred to, I could be taxed on it. The ability to carry out Federal mandates through taxation means they can control citizen behavior through the IRS now. This is Pandora’s Box.

      62. They have truely shut the lid on the coffin. THE U S A is DEAD. The grave is being dug now and the funeral will be the First Tue., of Nov. I say we have a big wake party in D.C. and throw them all out. Don’t look for election’s in Nov. though, Big O will declare himself Supreme Ruler of all the America’s. This is nothing more than Chi town rule, pass it or die. We need to shut this place down July 1 no buying, selling, driving nothing till things change. But I also know I’m live in a pipe dream. Good Luck to all the PATROIT’s and their families, I wish the BEST for YOU.

      63. Stay healthy my friends. Screw the government!!!

      64. ….time to secede from the UNITED STATES CORP…

        ….Do Not Consent…..

        ….nullify….nullify….nullify…nuff said…BA.

      65. My grandfather told me many years ago:

        “If the government offers you something sweet, you can count on it being poisoned.”

        Folks, the time for Tea Parties is over. Time to start giving some really short haircuts.

      66. Remember Obama castigating the Supreme Court in person during the State of the Union speech.
        I think Roberts just got even.

      67. If the federal government wants this law implemented then let them implement it. The States should give them absolutely ZERO assistance in anything they do. Refuse to work with their agents in any capacity, from wild life management to narcotics interdiction.

      68. Even if obamacare is repealed – the damage has been done, a mortal wound has been dealt to us all – as the legal precedent has now been set – any government mandate is now legal, period, end of story, as long as you add a tax to the mandate. [what kind of mandates you think those self serving folks in DC can come up with? plenty I tell you, none of it good]

      69. A Question for “Gods Country” guy…I’ve ben reading this site for aprox. 2yrs now, and probobly have read most all of your replys/posts. IE” “I just recomend tell em all I Waive them bennifits” etc etc…Heres what I would like to read as Your reply to This post please.

        When you say “I do not comply with the CORP” and screw all the licences or permits etc etc…HOW many times have YOU Personally actually put your method to the proverbial Test so to speak?

        Do you Drive-carryccw guns-use a vehicle-Own property? etc etc???…And do You do all of it WITHOUT Any type Driver lic?..Car lic.Plates & Registrations etc?

        Also:…Did you simply view or pay to attend a seminar that teaches to obtain a “LLC” corp type buis. Then place all items into LLC ownership to avoid the USA-Corp etc?

        If yes to a LLC? corp type scheme do not you need Name self or sombody else as “LLC-Owner”?(which will show the usa copr Who You are right?)

        I knew a few Biker type guys back when I lived in Detroit(born/raised/lived in Detroit 43 yrs, moved 16+yrs ago to UP-North mich now! Saw this melt-down comming Long ago folks began prepping back in 1995!)Anyways as a Biker type since age 14yrs old I got to know quite alot of other HD riders and MC-Clubs etc and several of them also spoke of nearly xact same as You do here.

        Sadly every single one ended up in Prison!!..Be it for CCW&No Lic valid to carry a gun—No lic plates on bikes or cars–No file of fed tax forms etc.

        Seems each time they tried that “Officer! I am a REAL human Man and therefore I simply WAIVE them Bennifits Bye Bye!” The Cops didn’t care!…Arrested/charged/convicted!

        Aprox 15 yrs ago after “WACO Events” I recall several men called selves “Montanas FREEMEN” group or militia or whatever(?) who also as I recall spoke of basically xact same type resistance as “I Waive Bennifits from the…CORP” then tried to issue their Own warrents and as I believe You spoke of variuos “LIENS on Judges/polititions-Bonds” to force Fed Judges and state or fed pols to Obey the Montana “Freemen Org”,s “Natural Law-Not a us corp” Type schemes etc.

        After another long standoff with Fed FBI et al in winter at some “ranch/farmstead” the “Freemen” who rejected the fed us corp agendas etc also ended up in FED Prisons for aprox 10 to 20 yrs!! I think a coupe got LIFE in fed prison for various “Bond-Liens” type actions deemed by fed judges as Attempted murder!

        I am writeing from distant memory so all the facts or details may be not xact here but are close enough I believe.

        So Please, again I ask Please describe at least a couple True Real events which You Personally tried what you say and how did it all turn out?

        And also don’t simply say to reasearch this stuff as I want Real Life xample from Your own xperiences NOT some “Theorys” as yet Un-tested in real world ok.

        Don’t take my questions as anything other than My(and perhaps Others too) Sincere desire to know how it has worked so well for you for so long?

        This may also be connected to Your methods? I do not know perhaps you can also comment on this as well ok?

        I saw a Video online aprox 6 mo ago and went to the website of video. It was some men from a few States like Idaho? Wyoming? And maybe it was also My state of MICH?…Can’t recall now but anyways, the men in video and at web site stated they kinda “Got themselves Elected” as Proper we the people NON us corp State reps and Senators etc!! One even says hes the New Govner!

        They go on to state(this is the Mich site I think?) they Mailed Certifed return mail Proof etc. Various letters to the UN! Over 114(?) Other countries parliments etc to Inform all concerned that from Now on Americas States hase NEW Elected by the People leadership(which is these guys of course! Screw the Corp and all that).

        They even say the got very favorable replies back along with Promiced GOLD Bullion in ammounts of like $18-Billion! which will be sent to assist the new “leaders” in america to finish a full takeover and return to a NON-Corp type america etc.

        Not certain if they are in fed prisons as yet?…Aint heard no more on it?

        I really am curious though as to Your actual real world waive bennifits attempts and outcomes so please seriously answer this. Thank you very kindly…..

        • Ah, shut up NinaO!

        • This guy is either-

          A-taking bong rips



          Lets see, C is not the answer.

          I’ll go with A.



      71. In November DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR INCUMBENT…vote for the underdog…CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN…

        • @dan-with all the blatant election fraud in the republican primaries, I think the time for voting is over.

          The fake deligate slates passed out in many states?

          The counting in secret (of the votes)?

          The 100’s of schills bused into the several states cacauses with fake id’s.

          The bullshit in- Alaska,washington,oregon,nevada,arizona,texas,lousiana,iowa,main and on and on and on?

          Gengrintch’s landslide in the state that is 100% electronic voting and zilch in most other states.(the results released 1 minute after the polls closed)

          Ron Paul filling ALL speaking venues to 120%, and all the others 5%, paying people to carry signs that support them.

          Romney people passing out signs and then collecting them back(Pauls people make their own)

          The media completely ignoring ron paul, and saying over, and over and over- “romney the front runner” BEFORE the process even started.

          I could go on, and on, and on.

          This system of fraud did not just form in 4 years, this is how its been operated for decades.

          Clinton, the come back kid remember? BULL$HIT!!

          Barbera boxer declared the winner in CA when she was loosing(you should have seen the stupid look on those broadcasters face when 1 of them said-“waite,________ has more votes) VIDEO pulled from youtube(I can’t find it anymore)

          My favorite was when sheehan was running against polosi, her offices were ramsacked, computers stolen,supporters audited, and cindy s was called in for jury duty the week of the election. hahahaha!!!

          • Forgot, I would not be surprised if just the govenors of the federal reserve are the only voters who’s votes count in our “american style of democracy” (isn’t that what they call it?)

      72. My wife called me today crying. This decision has really signaled the end of the USA. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. “The beatings will continue until morale improves”.

      73. Did you hear about the new book coming out on John Roberts?

        It’s called, “The Douche Bag that Kicked over the Hornets Nest”.

        Hang the mother!

      74. The more they plunder and control us, the more pain we will experience. This drives more of the citizenry into a revolution mindset; the numbers grow until we become more than these thugs in government can handle, and then it hits the fan. The revolution point arrives when for enough of the population the pain and suffering from going along with the system exceeds the pain and suffering that revolution brings.

        Washington, DC and many of the State capitols are beyond repair and can not be reformed. The politicians in control represent those who bribe them, not the average person. Voting has become an empty gesture with any choice bringing more of the same-o, same-o.

        There are three opposing forces. (1)The fascists who use government to rig the economy in the favor of big business at the expense of the majority; (2)The communists/socialists who want to take the wealth of those who earn it and use it for themselves; and (2)The freedom loving remnant who want to be free to take care of themselves and don’t want government screwing them for the benefit of groups 1 and 2. These will be the battle lines as the violence erupts into something no seen since the last Civil War, and we start killing each other until one side prevails. It will be guerrilla warfare, not big armies fighting in the fields, and there will be no safe place. Know your friends and enemies.

      75. Isn’t it ironic that conservatives who have been complaining for years about activist judges overturning legislation are now upset that, when they wanted an activist judge, did not get one?

        • We did get an activist judge. He did not rule on the law, he ruled on his legacy. What was not a tax became a tax when Roberts re-wrote the law. That’s activism.

      76. Now that the Supreme Court has defined Obamacare as a tax, Romney will have one more of Obams’s broken promises to point to. Obama vowed to not raise taxes on the middle class, yet that’s exactly what happened in this with his healthcare mandate.

      77. It’s time for violent resistance. Obama and those elected officials who voted for Obamacare should be executed for breaking their oaths and treason.

      78. Blue H2o: Heres what you called “Nonsence”

        Now let’s go back in time to the reign of Bush I, when Congress passed, and Bush signed, Joint House Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14. In House Joint Resolution 104, the birthday of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, March 26, 1991, was designated as “Education Day, USA.” You may have noticed that in 2002, the Rebbe’s birthday was on March 25, not March 26. More of that later. Here is JHR 104, Public Law 102-14

        I will post a Following comment With a Link incase it takes awhile to clear and post here…Then you can Read it and see you are wrong it is Not nonsence and neither is the lubivitchers meerely a few fools etc

        Thay as of 2004 I believe it was had OVER 2600 Organized institutions worldwide! With Millions of followers etc and Millions in yearly costs etc. Perhaps Factual Truth hurts? But only if you got something to hide right.

        Face facts america is and has been totally jewrun/controlled since 1913 fed resv act.(90%= of all Bolshevik kommies like Trotsky aka Lev Bronstien(jew) INVENTED communisim and Jacob Shiff(goldman & Sacks) Financed russian revolt with 20 Millin in GOLD given to trotsky in New York where he was Requiting other jews to go assist the slaughter of over 100Million WHITE Christians begining in 1918! Documented TRue Facts like it or not. Now they run americka!

        • @angloM- you said-

          “Face facts america is and has been totally jewrun/controlled since 1913 fed resv act.(90%= of all Bolshevik kommies like Trotsky aka Lev Bronstien(jew) INVENTED communisim”

          Now THATS what I put in my pipe and smoke.

          Take a hit america!!

          @trotsky-Burn in hell you bastard!!!!!
          @woodrow wilson-Thanks for selling out you bastard!!!!!

          I KNOW!!


      79. Heres a Link to that law…

        Just a small insignificant cult like operation?

        For contemporary Lubavitchers, the most admired is late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the “Lubavitcher Rebbe,” or simply “the Rebbe.” (Jewish people call a rabbi with whom they have a close and personal relationship their “Rebbe.” Since I feel as though I have a close and personal relationship with him — having read much about him — and since I am not Jewish, I will use the Americanized form of the word and call Rabbi Schneerson “the Reeb.” )

        Some Lubavitchers consider the Reeb their Messiah and await for him to return from the dead; other say that the Messiah is really the Jewish people themselves. If all that is beginning to sound weird and fringy, realize that the Lubavitchers do not confine themselves to Brooklyn, New York. They have immediate and constant access to the President of the United States: George Bush’s Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, a Reform Jew, works the Lubavitcher mission.

        The most prominent backer of the Lubavitchers on Capitol Hill is Senator Joseph Lieberman (D.Conn.), an Orthodox Jew, and the former candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States. The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), has commended Chabad Lubavitch “ideals” in a Senate floor statement. Jewish members of Congress regularly attend seminars conducted by a Washington DC Lubavitcher rabbi. The Assistant Secretary of Defense, Paul D. Wolfowitz, the Comptroller of the US Department of Defense, Dov Zakheim (an ordained Orthodox rabbi), and Stuart Eizenstat, former Deputy Treasury Secretary, are all Lubavitcher groupies

        And All are Foaming at Mouth to enact “Noahide” laws against christian/gentile america in their JWO scheemes eh!

      80. As they say, a lot of heat but not much light. Many of these comments display gross ignorance about the Constitution, its place in a Constitutional Democracy, and so on. One way in which I obviously differ from the majority of you is that I see reasonable access to health care as a primary good, that is, as something that every individual regardless of his or her particular conception of the good or life plans has a compelling interest in securing. I am not sure why one would think that the interests secured by access to adequate health care are somehow different than those secured by the provision of a wide range of public goods, from roads, to police, to schools, to military defense. In that case, the only relevant question is how should access be provided. To be sure, rational people can disagree about that. Many of you prefer, I imagine, that all public goods be provided by voluntary means: pay for how much military or schools you think you need. But of course, there is the general free rider problem in these cases and the natural thought is that it is better to provide such goods in a collectivist way through taxation. One as it were can not opt out of being taxed; it is mandatory — save the exit option which is always available.

        So there is nothing foreign to the American way of life in being committed to the idea of certain costs being imposed to put in place schemes for allocating or distributing fundamentally important resources.

        Now when it comes to health, the structural problem is not the free rider as much as adverse selection. An insurance pooling device simply won’t work in this case without healthy people being forced to opt in: in much the same way that a third party auto insurance program won’t work effectively without the requirement that safe drivers be included.

        So there is nothing anti-American about the very idea of certain conduct being mandated on the threat of penalty: and not just in order to insure that one’s actions are not harmful to others, but sometimes to insure that one’s actions provide benefits to others. Not all benefits of course; but primary goods.

        That said, I understand how folks of different points of view can believe different things about what it is about health care that we should be concerned to improve or maximize: some think access, others think excellence, and yet others might think the goal should be to minimize cost. A natural view is that one is seeking to optimize on a set of plausible goals on the proviso of certain degrees of access for everyone with regard to the care of certain health related issues. That is, it does us no good just to optimize as if all these goals were equally important: access to minimal care, given the importance good health plays in each our lives must be given a certain priority over the other goals — not to their exclusion of course.

        That said, the only relevant question is how best to secure the requisite degree of access to health care for all Americans in ways that preserve other of the values that are extremely important to our way of life. I do not think that freedom from mandatory action or from prohibitions or from taxation is central to the american way of life. Rather, having the wherewithall to live a life of one’s own making: a life that reflects choice not chance — a life that reflects who we are and not what happens to us — is. I am puzzled by the views expressed here for their lack of sensitivity to what is distinctive of the American experience, which is about freedom and responsibility, both of which presuppose a level of access to resources that render the concepts more than merely slogans and empty ideas, rather than substantive ideals.

        Sensible people can disagree about whether the Affordable Health Plan Bill constitutes the best way to achieve perfectly sensible goals. But it is not anti-American. it is not anti-freedom loving — on any plausible conception of the kind of freedom worth having. I worked years ago on a previous attempt to provide health care for Americans that failed to win adequate support. I have come to favor more market oriented solutions than I once did. That said, however, I think there is much to be said for the current law; and much to admire in the Supreme Court’s ruling today.

        I cannot predict the political ramifications of the decision. I can only hope that whatever the political climate may be, thoughtful Americans fully appreciate the place and importance of sound health in lives of each of us — individually and collectively. And hiding behind a rather naive view of the state’s power to mandate compliance or to require individuals to act for the collective good serves neither the proponents of nor the detractors of the current law well.

        We all pay for the costs of care of the poor and needy as is, but we do so when the costs are highest — ex post; and we do so in a way that lacks the features appropriate to reducing costs but reducing health risks. And we do it without the benefit of being able to express our commitment to the importance to all of adequate access to affordable care.

        • @JC

          Written like a good socialist.

          Why don’t you go live in Europe? I’m sure you’d feel much more at home there.

          You have no understanding of the Constitution or even the concept of individual liberty itself.

        • Try again, only this time start with an accurate description. This country was designed to be a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not a constitutional democracy.

          If YOU don’t understand the difference……do more research. States rights were always intended to supercede a centralized, “federal government”.

        • JC. The same people on this blog constantly give thumbs down to any reasonable comment on important issues such as this health care bill.
          Like it or not EVERYONE will need EXPENSIVE treatment at some point .All the tough talk doesnt hide the fact that most of us will get heart disease,diabetes, cancer and a hundred other problems that no one can afford.
          WISE UP and pay for something worthwhile. Or go to the ER when your really sick. That makes alot of sense

      81. Lets look at some possible reasons why Roberts voted the way he did.
        1. He honestly felt that he had the responsibility to be totally impartial and simply be a judge without any ties to anything, just vote for it because it got through based on loopholes.
        2. He is getting some sort of personal guarantee for him and his family when all hell breaks loose.
        3. He is trying to get romney to have more supporters through the anger of it passing. Problem with this is the fear factor of those that actually want it and will lose it if romney is elected. Plus romney in regards to healthcare is nothing but a white obama (BO), as his healthcare system in Mass. was not much different.
        4. He is not as conservative as people think he is, other conservative judges have become quite different from the perception of whom they were suppose to be like.
        5. Roberts just didn’t want the court to be viewed as completely one sided on every issue, and could not make the case for striking it down.

        I am not a mind reader though, who knows what goes through anyone’s thoughts in washington.

        All this does now is set up all sorts of problems for everyone. With health care being so closely watched now, so are rights eventually to self treatment and refusal of medical “services”. What was that article a few days ago about medical radio frequency tags put into people?

        Affordable is a pipe dream because now it mandates that people must have insurance. Costs will now skyrocket as, just like medicare fraud, crooked so call medical professionals and their admistration will milk the system. I guess at least in other countries like Australia, New Zealand, England, Scandinavian countries the health care system is not bankrupting those countries, other social issues are. I don’t know though because I don’t live there, as some of the people that visit this site from other countries could maybe clue me in on this in their country.

        Not to worry though, because it is so likely that the U.S. economy and likely the world economy will be flattened by then and unable to sustain anything. I am being sarcastic about this of course as the seriousness of the world is nothing to laugh about.

        Just goes to prove that NOTHING is secure with any elected or appointed official, and given the correct circumstances can vote or do anything, and sometimes the case be pursuaded as almost everyone has a price. Doesn’t matter now WHY, it only matter that the country has once again taken a path towards self destruction.

        • I will vote for # 3…been thinking this all morning.

          • @JayJay….

            I vote #2 and #4.

            Roberts is just “another brick in the wall”.

        • 6. Roberts understood a mechanism known as ‘taxation’ could provide the vehicle to implement Obamacare.

          7. Roberts is a sly fox with an ulterior motive to get-even with the embarrassment Obama created at his State of the Union address. Roberts declared Obamacare to be Constitutional with the mandate forced through taxation, and now he will watch Obama crumple before the Election as Obama has to dig his way out of the enormous tax increase in the near future.

          • @Zoltanne….

            So Roberts threw the Constitution under the bus for the sake of getting even with Obama?

            If that’s the case, then he is an even bigger fool, and far more dangerous, than if he did it out of personal conviction.

            Roberts has a sacred duty to interpret the Constitution and apply it……not use his office as a personal whipping post for political games.

            This Republic is dying. And it’s because it is filled with ignorant, stupid men who either cannot comprehend basic English and understand what the Constitution says….or evil men who know what it says and consider it to be just so much toilet paper with which to wipe their assess.

            In either case…..we are screwed until we take it back.

        • @be informed…

          How about…..Roberts is just another educated idiot who can’t understand that government compelling someone to purchase goods or services is foreign to the concept of individual liberty as conceived by the authors of the very Constitution he is sworn to uphold.

          With this ruling, what CAN’T the government compel you to buy?

          How about Solar panels for your home? According to the logic of some, if everyone had solar panels, there would less energy consumption…ergo….less global warming.

          If you don’t purchase solar panels for your home, then you pay a fine every year until you do.

          How about that?

          With this ruling, the government can just as easily force you to do that, as they can force you to purchase health insurance.

          Liberty died yesterday.

          If you think we can go hat-in-hand to this criminal gang in Washington D.C. and get it back, you are living in La-La Land.

      82. Brian: I am Not Nina-o but feel free to still kiss my butt if you don’t like my Fair question of “Gods Country” guys method/system of waive bennifits etc. Perhaps you should allow Him to answer it eh!

        If it is my Other Valid info IE: Noahide laws(I gave a link to verify) Maybe you need educate self about various “Khazar” jews who acording to several “Enclopedia Jewdaica” editions ammount to as high as 95% of todays jews worldwide etc. Then try a few Other truth based web sites, instead of all the same crapola we ALL been taught on most everything we now know is alot of bs-lies to keep us as dumbed down sheeples huh.

        Ok I said my words and wont keep circular arguments going with anyone who refuses to first seek True factual info prior to spewing what they usally will call “hatefull” if it disagrees etc. Thanks for shepherding and answering for Gods country to my questions, but I wil perfere HIS replys.

      83. now my dreams of getting another hot-rod shop to build cars agaian are all down the toilet 🙁 this really sucks ! 500 billion in tax hikes !!??? geeze

      84. Remember for every “Patriot”, there are a dozen Sheeple.
        Unfortunately they vote in order to get more free shit!
        This does not bode well…

        On the bright side…I can’t wait till the Gov tells me I gotta buy a new gun…

      85. Maindog….you do not know what ur talking about when it comes canadas healthcare.I lived there..there are many many problems with it..first of all if u think its okay to be told what doctor to go to, what time and when , without voicing ur opioion, then having a chunk taken out of ur paycheck to pay for the same service as you to the lazy asses because they dont want to work.then yeah…i guess this will be good for you.not to mention the time waiting inbetween that for a phone call from a ddoctor saying when and if he wants to take you…..wake up people!!!!!!!

      86. I have been on cobra payments. For my health. Insurance. For 14 months the first 3 months. Were at $332 a month. Then in Oct. 2011 it went to 674 a month what we need is a public option that everyone pays a small amount every month. Like any other bill. It would lessen financial burden on employers and every one who files income tax would be able to get medical dental presciption and coverage just like welfare recipients and congress … they might be the same group…. WE NEED A PUBLIC OPTION. This will reduce costs for everyone.

      87. I agree with most of the comments on this issue. I think the door has been shut of freedom and the cellar doors or Tyranny are fully opened.

        Just because there is light at the bottom of the stairs do not be fooled that the light is warm.

        TPB have laid the gauntlet down and drew the line. We will now engage and step over the line. Or at least some will..

        That being said – I reccomend everyone read the opinion. PDF is located here:


        I read alot between the lines and wonder if Roberts is letting us know that the End Game is upon us and the time is now and the only way was to vote against his conscience and expose the very decisions will we need to refer to in the future.

        Very intersting read…

        “Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

        • Let this open eyes that still remain shut. Many, many people felt that Justice Roberts’ vote was a sure thing. When it comes down to food and survival will you bet your neighbor, family or friend is a “sure thing”.

          “Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep, it starts when you’re always afraid, step out of line, the man comes and takes you away, its time we stop children whats that sound, everybody look whats going down”…..
          Buffalo Springfield.

          • It’s the age of reason for the anarchist
            It’s a change of venue for the lobbyist
            It’s a dream of justice buried in the grist

            It’s a secret briefing based on need to know
            It’s a condescending rationale from command control
            Feel the sense of wonder at the overthrow

            It’s a rite of passage through a hurricane
            Through a rolling thunder through a screaming rain

            Make a destination
            Of the greater truth
            Make ’em hang their heads and eat their words
            When you find the proof
            This is all you’re given
            It’s your only move

            It’s a rite of passage for the everyman
            To a higher ground
            To a brighter light
            To a promised land
            You can feel the power
            Of the master’s hand

            It’s a rite of passage
            Bob seger

      88. News Date: August 17th 2025
        In a stunning decision today the Supreme Court upheld the President’s controversial ” American safety and public wellbeing Act”
        Where in all US citizens will be required by law to receive a microchip implant to allow for the monitoring, and ensuring the safety
        and well being of all US citizens. Refusal to obey the law and provisions of said Act will result in fines and penalty’s administered
        by the newly enacted Department, Safety United Corps, or SUC and the IRS.
        The Justices upheld the new Law by the precedent of the 2012 American affordable health care act, and Constitutional under the 16th amendment.
        The President called it ” A victory for all Americans”
        Several Congressmen and Senators have denied allegations that they have been influenced by Corporate Lobbying to support the Bill, and any stock investments
        they have made in Corporations that will supply the chip is purely coincidental.

        In other news, the DHS launched several well coordinated drone strikes on seccessionist militants in Idaho,Utah and Montana today, it is believed
        that several seccessionist were killed and 27 civilians that were in the locations at the time.

        Riots continued for the 8th straight day in the cities of Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta, the rioters are rioting over the lack of food and Goverment services,
        in what is described as the worse rioting seen in US history, in a related story, over 200 people have been arrested for shooting at looters.

        From the hill today a new Bill has been introduced by Congressman Iwana Kontrul, the Bill ” American safer Sex Act” will introduce new laws curtailing the
        rampant sex occuring in the Country by making it a crime for anyone to participate in a unsafe sex act that may result in pregnancy, however there are several
        provisions excluding certain groups including gays, minorities and immigrants, the Bill is expected to pass the House and Senate and the President is also expected
        to sign it into law.

        the news will continue after these commercials, and be sure to watch our new reality show America ” So you want to Roman orgy with the Elite”

        • I like your comment , how very true this could be if we keep putting these nucken futs, fruit cakes in office .I think they are on some kind of power trip drug .

      89. Robert Welch was right.

        • You are absolutly right ! This is going to be worse if these same people stay in for years and years . It is not going to be pretty . If i could obtain enough money i would get out of the US . WHERE WOULD I GO ? THAT IS THE BIG QUESTION .

      90. This is the country everyone flocks to, the last free Republic. No amount of money would make me leave the United States. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. I’d much rather be shot facing my attacker, than in the back fleeing.
        @Gloria, no disrespect meant, I’m a DAR and my feelings for America run deep.

        I don’t have ins, but I’ve always had excess to health care. When I need a doctor, I go to one and am responsible for the bill. But that’s the difference between me and gov dependent lil sis who had a 20k foot surgery (that she didn’t need cause I have the same thing), but the point is, she feels entitled and it’s free so why not!!!
        And older sis allowed her daughters to become teenage moms-now there’s 10 people on the dole because of her mentality. (Oboy,my lil birds know better)grrrr
        And to think, we earn our 60k the blue collar way and they’re the one’s living off our sweat. Grrrrrrr

      91. Had enough of this criminal gang that calls itself a government?

        The founders of this country are spinning in their graves.

        What kind of mental gymnastics can justify forcing an individual to enter into a contract to buy something?

        The Supreme Court are a bunch of pin-headed fools.

      92. Has every one forgotten the Constition ?
        all you nice people need to go read it again!!!!
        then get the towl out and dry youre ears,
        because youre all wet back there.

      93. anyone who honestly believes that mitt “the original individual mandate man” romney will repeal the very law he designed and signed into law in taxachussettes is either on drugs or just plain stupid… what he WILL DO, however, is use the tension over this idiotic “decision” by those cretins to pull in support from the disgruntled undecideds, talking around the bush about what he “will do about the mess” but in the end he will leave it stand just as it is… the issue has now, in fact, become a matter for the individual states to deal with and refuse to mandate any of it… but who will be the first to step into the crosshairs of holder and his legal machinations..??

      94. How much is the obama tax? Here is a paste, link going through spam.

        How Much?

        The minimum amount — per person — will be $695 once the tax is fully phased in. But it will be less to start. The minimum penalty per person will start at $95 in 2014, the first year that the law will require individuals to obtain coverage. And it will rise to $325 the following year.

        Starting in 2017, the minimum tax per person will RISE each year with INFLATION. And for children 18 and under, the minimum per-person tax is half of that for adults

        • @kevin….

          Perhaps a tax revolt is in order.

        • Wow – it doesn’t sound that high until you multiply it by a family of 4, or 6, or however many people you have in the family. Do I understand correctly, Kev, that this tax is not based on personal income?

          • @daisy- their is a max amount for family, but as they need more money they will raise that amount(with inflation just like with the personal amount.

            side note. People change their names all the time around here, it really doesnt bother me. When people impersonate another, thats what I do not like.

            All that should be tooken care of when Mac finishes the new setup.

            @V&daisy-What ever you do, never meet each other in person, you all dislike each other enough to fall for each other! 🙂

            PS-tried to draw a humongous heart for you all, didnt look good!!

            @walt- its been in order for a long time(as you probably allready know)

      95. obammy says- blahblahblahblahblahblahblah!!

        Ron Paul says-

        I strongly disagree with today’s decision by the Supreme Court, but I am not surprised. The Court has a dismal record when it comes to protecting liberty against unconstitutional excesses by Congress.

        “Today we should remember that virtually everything government does is a ‘mandate.’ The issue is not whether Congress can compel commerce by forcing you to buy insurance, or simply compel you to pay a tax if you don’t. The issue is that this compulsion implies the use of government force against those who refuse.

      96. Printz v. United States (95-1478), 521 U.S. 898 (1997)

        Get a local who has a backbone and their head screwed on straight elected Sheriff. Then make sure they understand this ruling, which says that a state or local official cannot be compelled to enforce federal laws and regulations. As Sheriff they can exercise tremendous power regarding federal LE authorities’ operations within their jurisdiction.

        This is a start.

        By the way, did y’all know that only 30% of the people in the U.S. own “registered guns”, but there are about 275,000,000 of them (registered guns) in the U.S. My family owns more pre-registered guns than registered guns, and they are all in perfect working condition.

      97. Just in Michigan alone…One friken state !

        With the Affordable Care Act left intact, as many as a half-million more of Michigan’s poor residents will get the government-funded insurance Medicaid in 2014. That’s an influx of another 500,000 Michiganders on top of the 1.9 million already in the program.

        pasted from a local Detroit paper

      98. By the way, that Printz v. United States (95-1478), 521 U.S. 898 (1997) ruling also applies to state legislators, Governors, members of State boards and commissions, police, etc.

        I’m just sayin’

      99. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is the best thing that can happen….
        Maybe… Just maybe an attack on the 2nd would be the catalist that we need……..

      100. In the face of tyranny, never retreat, never surrender.

      101. We Now Have the Largest Tax Increase in the History of the World

        “Between the Arizona and Obamacare decisions, America is a very different concept than it was just a week ago. In the United States of America, you either purchase what central authorities tell you to purchase or they will punish you with taxes.”

        “In America, states are not allowed to fully protect their citizens from the slow-motion invasion across their borders. The Feds opted out of the program in Arizona. States are powerless.”

        “And don’t forget Obama just granted de facto amnesty to over one million illegal aliens.”


      102. Dennis Prager, a man that I respect and admire said yesterday that, “America is in the mist of a non-violent Civil War”.

        Rush today opened his show by saying, “The SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare gives the Washington Government total and complete power to expand into any areas of our life”. He went on to say, “I’m sick over what this fraud means”.

        Mao said that “Political Power comes from the barrel of a gun”. This is all that Marxists understand.

        Until we have the guts to use our guns to enforce the will of 70% of the American People and stop this fraud, we are nothing but “Paper Tigers”. Which is what the Red Chinese call Americans behind our backs.

      103. Justice Roberts perhaps let his well known loyalty to the Chatolic/vatican agenda influence his vast turn to the Leftist side. I recall that the aprox 2200 usa-bishops council(in russian, council means..Soviet)That the bishops basically Own& control aprox 600+ usa hospitals!

        They made a huge deal in full support of obomacare due to severe loss of $$$ due to their also vast supporting of Illeagles, specially the Mexican variety. Then due to Clintons mandate of nobody denied at hosp.emerg. centers etc, all 600 hospitals were being bankrupted.

        Truth is the Chatolic org and vatican et al is in the Top 2-3 supporters of Both obomacare(till then found out of them abortion mandates that is!) and especially Open Borders for any/all looking for free rides on Our backs.

        Recall just a day or so Prior to full demacrats vote to pass obomacare(withOUT even a single repub vote for it!), that Nancy(the true Genius!!) Peelosi took a fast flight on her(OUR) massive $180 Million dollar custom 757 Jet(best jet pentagon had cause nancy complaigned she needed More room/seats for her Large family to tag along on various fun flights daily! Even had 18 Personal servants besides the full flight crew!)

        Anyways recall how she all a sudden without any warning flew to the…Vatican for a Quick meeting with the POPE Hisself!…How is That possible when even a us Prez usally must make Long range appointments to see the Pope?

        Nancy just phones vatican and what?…”Oh Sure mam! Come over Now Today! we can chit-chat about Your votes(as speaker of house) for Obomacare to Pay Our 600 Illeagles infested hospitals!!

        Nancy may have also wanted to do a super-duper confession with The Boss Hisself for screwing All US Citizens and the US Const….just a guess mind ya.

        DISCLAIMER: for any who would call me a hater or Catholic basher etc…Wrong!…I was born & Raised as one, but quit once I understood the massive sellout at least far back as vaticanII and various other spineless acts etc.

        Guess I am now a Non-denominational type christian.

        Oh for that Intelectual guy JC was it(very Pro obbomacare decision etc.) You called all here “Grossly Ignorant” about proper role of us const…THEN you wrote “How it operates in a const DEMOCRACY”!!….Mr. Intelectual guy…America has NEVER been a “Democracy” but rather a “Constitutional REPUBLIC”!! and One Main job of Fed govnt in DC= Gaurentee all the STATES(thats all 50) each to have a “Republican” form of govnt.

        • I am catholic myself. You can say what ever you want about catholics, Its when you say ANYTHING that does not support jews or isreali actions is when the haters show.

          Oh god forbid you speak of the destruction of western culture and whites by the barbarian hordes.

          Racist you are, an anti-semite they say.

          PS- you know polosi spent $100,000 on JUST alcohol in ONE YEAR on that plane of hers (I wread the pdf, only the best was ordered) What a piece of trash that polosi, she has used her position(and vote fraud to stay there)to amass millions, and then scams the tax payers(slaves),having us pay for her life style. NO amount of repenting will save her soul!

          I remember polosi going to the vatican, I remember I said to myself-


      104. To Kevin:..Are you aware that Trotsky(Lev Bronstien=jew))One of worlds most infamous Murderous tyrants, has a Great Grandson?…Yep and his name is non other than…David Axelrod!!! Recall him?…Ex-Klintonite-Kommie…Then one of TWO Duel citizen(usa & Isreali citizenships)(the Other duel citizen is Rham Emanual!!) who Both were Kommie Obammys TOP advisors till last year when Emanual got elected(selected) as Mayor of Obammys main homeys crib location of chicago!

        Also Both Axelrod and Rham emanual did their civic duty and Joined the ARMY! exept they Both joined for a two year duty in the IDF!!(Isreali army!)…I read there is even a Video online shows axelrod in full uniform with an AR15/M16 Fireing upon Helpless Kids and Old folks in Palesteen (probobly defending isreal from dangerous children?) I wonder if Davy asked if they were Christians or didn’t care weather Muslims or Christians?…To Kommies like them trotsky clans each group makes Fine target practice I rekon!

        • Nice to see yet another poster who understands how much our country has been co-opted by the Israeli Zionists.

      105. Don’t worry. If you can’t secure a waiver against the tax/fee that will be “illegally” cast/imposed against you because you don’t have insurance and because of financial restraints you are experiencing; just claim your religion prohibits you from participating in such activities because your religion (like the muslims) sees it as “gambling” to participate/pay into a system that you may or may not ever use. Most Americans already subscribe to this religion. It is called ” The Church of Whatever is working now.” Use it like the muslim/americans do. They were already determined to be exempt from the law from the get-go!

        • As Amish and Mennonites…no insurance; it is considered gambling; they take care of their own.

      106. Stop being a bunch of babies! Up in Canada we pay for it too and there is nothing wrong with it. We can get free medical help as often as we need. Far better than being without it! You will all realize this in the future.

        • Greg that’s bullshit, my spouse was a nurse in Miami for years and treated patients from Canada all the time who came down to get some good U.S. medical care!

        • What we do realize mr.canadian greg, is that the O-dummer care laws are primarily an infringement upon our constituitional rights. The medical part of it is just a front to cover up the control and takeover of every aspect of our lives. It separates the honest and hardworking people from the freeloaders. It takes insurance fraud and kickbacks to a new level. It diminishes the type of medical care everone deserves. Only the wealthy will get the first class medical treatments. We will all realize this in the future, that we are “not” far better than being without it.

      107. A WW2 veteran of the battle of the bulge recently told me something that while i already new it to be true i was a little suprised to hear a 90 year old man say it.
        ” The State is insane”

      108. “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it” – Mark Twain

        • Pure brilliance!

      109. Oh, SURE Romney will repeal it!

        SUUURE he will.

        Trust him!

        Just like Obama was going to repeal the Patriot Act and close Guantanimo, remember? HAHA!

        They got their hand in your pocken now, suckers. Think any of them will take it back out?


      110. Thank You JRS….Heres more info on Justice Roberts which I aint as yet been able to confirm 100%(but I do think it is factual).

        Let’s not forget that Justice Sotomayor has been exposed as a cryto-Jew.

        All 4 Jewish justices voted against the US Constitution in favor of Obamacare along with Justice Roberts whose mother’s maiden name just happens to be Podrasky.

        If you do a search on the Podrasky surname, you will find others who just happen to be Jewish.

        Keep in mind that unlike most if not all worlds “Other” races etc who consider a Childs Fathers name and heritage along with proof of nation of birth status etc. Which is based upon long standing international And “Natural/common” laws…..The Jews base it all in Mothers identity/race etc…Only if Mom is a full jew is a son or daughter allowed into Isreal or into any other racial motivated jew type stuf..Sooooo…”IF” Roberts mommy is a member of the “Tribe”?….Perhaps he is same as so many others who claim conversion to Chatolic or other Christian denomonation, yet in their Head & Hearts ALWAYS remain a jew.

        I think My two posibilities in This and prior posting above, make far more sense than some here with wild ideas of Roberts sent patriots a messg codded to revolt or did it to Get Back at obbammy politically etc eh.

        Finally once again we see a small group barely 1& 1/2 of One percent of population of 310 Million citizens has as Least 4 and perhaps 5 out of a total of 9 us supremes seats and for life terms!!!

        Just another wild and fancifull “Coincidence”? I rekon it is same as so many more areas of the USA in all forms of control of all what matters and makes up what we call a “Society/Culture” and Who influences it’s Govnt/Media/And more than I need describe I rekon!

        Anyone else note how Liberals promote “Multi-cultural-Divirsity-tolerance,(It, as they tell it, is where we get our Strenghts!!!) And yet ONLY in EVERY White(also aka western world) Nations like ours is it being implemented. Ever see Hords of latinos or Blacks flooding into say Japan? China?Africa?Mexico? Nope! 200+ countries as per the UN, and yet ONLY into Our White majority(also mainly Christian majoritys) countries has this been forced on us.

        Ever heard of the ONGOING(since Klinton sprang Mandella from prison to take over Africa with total Kommyizm) that Whites in South Africa are being GENOCIDED!!…By Crazed Subhuman Animal canabalistic Blacks there?…WHY aint you heard of That stuf on ANY news outlets?…

        Think Africa aint also ran by same banksters tribe as a usa is?…If the Whites There did that to Black jungle tribal folks do you think it would be aired on MSM 24/7 Forever?!!

        I want WhiteFolks Here in America (and worldwide also) Placed on every Endagered Species list every Fuckin tree hugger liberals/Kommies has!…And Placed on TOP of them Lists as WE ARE number one endagered species Planetwide.

        Ok gotta go buy More ammo now I guess…I now realize reason they put 1000 rnds in a case size of ammo…Cause there is so damn Many enemys stirred up against us folks eh.

      111. Every time someone says “We’ll remember in November,” I give up. Massive vote fraud has been going on for decades. Electronic voting machines are rigged. There is no hope of getting the incumbents out short of a recall.

      112. Per Dean haskins on anothe blog:
        Obamacare was originated in the Senate, not the House.
        Roberts, by calling the mandate a tax, gave a means to have the bill declared unconstitutional; ALL bills raising revenue MUST originate in the House of Representatives, not the Senate like Obamacare.

        • @JayJay….

          They don’t use the Constitution for anything else but to wipe their backsides, what makes you think they’ll honor that little speedbump?

          • I am as depressed as the next guy–I refuse to believe this is what God wants for our country..I know, worse things have happened..the holocaust, et al; but there WAS an intervention..
            His part we can not do; our part He will not do.
            This gives me hope; gets me through the day.

            • People, esp. my neighbor, asks why cancer, sickness, hard times with no job, accidents, hardships in general??
              To remind us??
              He is in control; without sickness, death, hardships…there would be utopia.
              That is not what He wants. He could have that any time or created a perfect world with little puppets as us. He needs us to prove our love, our dedication, our compassion.
              He’s not gonna give us EVERYTHING..remember ole free will??
              He wants us to fight for what He gave us; life, liberty, pursuit of happiness–and ‘hope’ ssurely must be present before a ‘fight’, no????

      113. i ran errands the day this was announces. i was at home by 10 to make sure i was glued to the television. i actually cried when the ruling was announced as i know my children and everyone elses across this nation was sold into slavery. no vote will matter as i do not believe the creator of obummer care (rotney) will repeal anything. he is crying it out to get votes that do not really matter anyway.i am prepared as i can be and compared to most poorly i may say. but i am trying, my family lost our healthcare 2 years ago because of my hubby being laid off and when he was rehired it was at a pay cut and the cost of health insurance almost doubled from the previuose 2 years when he had it with the company. we were praying it would not pass cuz we were close to being able to afford it again hahaha. barely makin ends meet anymore to think we always had health ins even me years ago as a single parent and now we think of it almost as last on the list. neeed housing electric food and we live in no mans land so need a car so must have ins yadda yadda yadda. just a sad day for america this 4th of july shall be a sad one as we here will not look at the birth but the death of america as it once was….. the truth no longer lives it died a long time ago and took our great country with it. 4th of july now will be a memory of it once was and what was meant to be

      114. “The Supreme Court left President Obama with two choices: the federal individual mandate in Obamacare is either a constitutional tax or an unconstitutional penalty,” Henneberg said. “Governor Romney thinks it is an unconstitutional penalty. What is President Obama’s position: is his federal mandate unconstitutional or is it a tax?”

        • @
          They don’t care what it’s called as long as they (TPTB) get the desired results from their mandates/legislation/laws. It’s no secret that “Big Pharmas and Health Insurance Companies” put/puts billions into the back pockets of the politicians via their lobbyists. Any activity allowed by the O-damn-a-care plan runs up the costs of medical insurance rates. ex; the so called “slacker mandate” allowing children up to age 26 to stay on parents coverage, even if not living at home. The stats don’t lie; for every 1% increase in Medical Coverage there are two to three hundred thousand jobs lost across the USA. So, you see, TPTB get their cake and eat it too.

      115. obama change you can be leavin.!!!

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