Obama: “We Are in the Midst of a Huge Recovery”

by | Oct 16, 2012 | Headline News | 271 comments

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    Today we are fortunate enough to be provided with an economic analysis from an unlikely source. She may not be a trained economist or nutritionist, but given that she knows what our children should be eating for school lunches you better bet she knows what a healthy economy looks like too!

    The First Lady joined WPGC ‘s Pablo and Free in Washington D.C. for a radio interview this week and discussed her view that the US economy is well into recovery territory and only getting stronger.

    After inheriting one of the worst recessions in history, Mrs. Obama makes it a point to tout her husband’s hand in bringing America back from the brink.

    Michelle Obama: “I mean, we are seeing right now that we are in the midst of a huge recovery. Right?  Because of what this president has done.

    Pablo and Free: “Yes.”

    Michelle Obama: “Pulled this economy from the brink of collapse when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. Now were gaining every… throughout most of his presidency, we’ve been adding jobs to this economy because of what he’s been doing. The stock market has doubled. Housing prices are rising. Foreclosure rates are lowering. But in the face of that, you still have people trying to convince us that things aren’t better.

    Pablo and Free: “Uh huh.”

    Michelle Obama:: “And that just doesn’t make sense. Now, Barack of all people knows that we still have a long way to go to completely rebuild the economy. But we’re headed in the right direction. And when you see all of that truth, it’s hard to understand why are people blocking this? Why are people talking about not raising taxes on wealthy people? Why is it that people don’t want to fight to make sure that veterans have job opportunities?”

    Pablo and Free: “They just like to talk, Mrs. Obama.”

    Michelle Obama:: “Yeah. Yeah.”

    Excerpts from CNS News

    What we like, Mrs. Obama, is to talk to facts:

    Technically, we’ve actually been losing jobs in this economy. Officially about 500,000 since the President took office. But if we’re looking from inside the bubble at the Bureau of Labor and Statistics unemployment rate dropping under 8% we can see where Mrs. Obama has gotten confused. She probably doesn’t realize that three Americans leave the labor force for each one that joins it, which skews the statistic by reducing the number of actual people officially available for work vs. the number currently working. In actuality, not enough jobs have been created to offset the millions that have been lost during the last four years and the unemployment rate, if calculated the way it was during the Great Depression, would be around 23%.

    House prices may be rising, but they’re not alone. Under the President’s direction the country has printed more money in the last four years than during any other period in history. This massive inflation of our monetary supply has led to price increases across the board – for all consumer goods. We understand that it’s easy to be unaware of grocery store consumer price increases when you never have to do your own shopping and have a seven figure yearly budget for your own personal culinary team.

    The other side effect of this multi-trillion dollar monetary infusion is a rising stock market. Yes, it’s doubled, and the top 10% of income earners in this country should be happy, because they own some two-thirds of all stocks in America. All the while, American workers struggle with salary cuts and minimum-wage jobs just to make ends meet. Very few average Americans have gained anything as a result of rising stock prices. As noted above, all we’ve really gotten is price increases for key commodities like food, gas, water, and electricity.

    And while Ms. Obama may cite stocks price increases and a lower official unemployment rate as signs of a huge recovery, what she may not have realized is that during this time period the stock market wasn’t the only metric that has doubled.

    Food stamp participation has too! Nearly 50 million Americans are now receiving nutritional food assistance, with an additional 50 million dependent on government distributions each month to pay their rent, utilities, health care and other expenses. In addition to these 100 million Americans living in or near the edge of poverty, a recent report reveals that, even though the Obama’s may be experiencing a huge recovery and economic boom complete with world sightseeing vacations, golf excursions and state dinners, the wealth of Americans has decreased 40% during Obama’s reign.

    Yes, this President has done a heck of a job.

    Thanks for trying Mrs. Obama, but we’re not buying it.


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      1. From the size of her ass i think she needs to start eating those reduced lunch sizes that she forces on the kids.

        • I agree, she needs to lose weight. She is more overweight than many older americans. she needs to shut it and learn what respect really is to people. she is just as 2 faced as ger phoney husband. rainyday that was funny. We should force her to stop eating chicken. kenya still has a picture of barry on the back of a milk-carton.

          • Chicken??? I thought is was Lobster and Caviar!!! At least that was what she ate before the last debate while Mitt and his family had peanut butter and jelly samiches.
            I also love how the lamestream media talks about Ann Romney and her expensive clothes while good ol Michelle is wearing way more expensive stuff but OH WAIT she get’s it free from all the designers trying to get thier nose up The Dear Leaders butt. If we knew all of what is actually going on behind the doors I think BAarack would be found out to be the crookedest perz ever!!

            • This is probably their flyer to see if she can get the lame stream media on the Michelle for Mayor campaign. Mayor is code word for president of course.

          • The Recovery?

            ”overall employment level, which is 143 million people today, compared with 146 million people in 2007.”


            • They have gotten where they are by lieing so why is anyone surprised that they are still doing it? They are con artists and have plenty of money backing their lies. In a different situation they would be called out on their lies but in politics these days it is all considered “normal”.
              The american people have allowed this to continue. If we voted out liars then politicians would stop lieing. But we don’t vote them out so they see that as a green light to get worse.

        • That’s not her ass, it’s her face. They just look the same and both spew nothing but shit.

          • lol, thats funny too.

          • good one

          • obummer is right…concerning her ass…I didn’t build that.

            • “Esther, you’re so ugly I could stick your face in dough and make gorilla cookies”

              – Fred Sanford

            • Ony One thing comes to my mind when I see a Picture like Her with the glass of wine. Four words…

              “PLANET OF THE APES”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka the Movie…

          • Classic. Got to remember that one.

          • OH! I have milk coming out of my nose!!!

            • Net RANGER-too bad it doesn’t come out of your pee wee dick!!!!!

          • Yes her voice may change but her breath still smells the same.

          • GODS CREATION- Why is your underwear always stained with your shit? You need to stop using those corn husks!!!!!

            • Steve, how would you know about my underwear? OTOH, that explains the tickle I felt on my ass last night. As Fat Bastard would probably say, I hope you liked my brand. You must have. Seems I am missing a pair of my Fruit of the Looms this morning.

          • I don’t think you have to talk about anybody this way . You sure aren’t God’s creation with that kind of talk.

        • Can you say nutri system??

        • Well said Mac. This woman is a moron.

          • Not a moron..Just PURE EVIL. Her and her Lying husband are Determined to destroy what these United States represent and were meant to be. Lying is part of their M.O. because they know that, as long as they are passing out welfare checks to the dumbest and laziest voters, they’ll believe whatever the Obama’s (or Sotero’s or whatever his name is today) tell them. PURE EVIL

        • I like big butts i can not lie. other guy’s can’t deny.

          i wish i knew the words to the song. but you get the point. are we looking at the same picture? from the pictures i have seen she is one of the prettier first lady’s. anyways i know i would tap it in a heart beat.

          • You want quanity over quality? Lens crafter has an on going special; 2 for 1.

          • Maybe to Stevie Wonder.

          • I think I just threw up a little in my mouth…

          • @ omega-mulattoknight

            Damn…you’re a sick pig.
            One look at the bitch you lust after would produce instant ‘erectile-dysfunction’ in real men. Sex with Michelle Obama is classified as bestiality.
            You’re in need of serious psychiatric help.
            Failing that, stick with your goats.

          • Another,,,,Coal Burner……

        • was just wondering the stats on the nearly 50 million ppl you were talkign about Mac?
          How many are diabled?
          How many are Disabled vets?
          How many are seniors?
          How many are ppl who work but are underemployeed?
          How many are the wellfare mommas?
          How many are children of underemployeed parents?
          How many are scammers?
          Also in that 23% calculation did we take the total population of the great depression in the united states vs the population in the united states today?
          “a recent report reveals” what report? whos report? where is the report?
          Just like to make sure im getting the whole complete story 🙂

          • AL, the report is cited via hyperlink within that article (I was referring specifically to the 40% collapse of Americans’ wealth).

            With respect to those 100 million people receiving one type of government disbursement or another, yes, it includes people from ALL of the categories you mentioned. I believe this information can be garnered from the BLS and Census — they have extremely detailed info on this kind of stuff that you can look into.

            The 100 million figure itself is directly from the US census: http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/more-than-100-million-americans-are-on-welfare

            The 100 million people at or near poverty is a different statistic (I am sure there is cross-over), and is sourced via the US Census: https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/shock-100-million-americans-in-poverty-or-right-on-the-edge_11212011

            The 23% calculation for unemployment is based on John Williams’ (ShadoStats.com) SGS number defined as follows:

            “The seasonally-adjusted SGS Alternate Unemployment Rate reflects current unemployment reporting methodology adjusted for SGS-estimated long-term discouraged workers, who were defined out of official existence in 1994. That estimate is added to the BLS estimate of U-6 unemployment, which includes short-term discouraged workers.”

            It is my understanding that up until 1994 we calculated unemployment about the same way as the Great Depression.

            Seriously, as crazy as these numbers are, I am not making them up!!


            Thanks for reading and have a great day all!


            • see he does not pull posts 🙂 he left mine and I was grilling him 🙂

              • LOL!

                The only thing that is “censored” on this site are posts that make threats against others… but i am reconsidering that policy because it is now apparently OK to threaten to assassinate political candidates…. http://www.infowars.com/threats-to-assassinate-romney-explode-after-debate/

                Also, from time to time if there is some random racist post that pops up and has no bearing on the conversation we pull those as well. I just don’t feel like those add any benefit to the discussion if it is totally unrelated to the topic at hand.

                Otherwise, I am happy to stand right in the line of fire 🙂

                The goal here is to spread solid info far and wide, and if the claims in my posts come under fire for being wrong, inaccurate , etc. then I am all for it.

                That needs to happen in a free society. That MUST happen in a free society.

            • Book’em Mac, oops: Dano!

      2. we will be once your deadbeat ass is out of office. it wont be perfect but hopefully the republicans have a year or 2 to get us out of this or it will be all over. I know many of you think we have only a few weeks and thought obama would of inforced martial law before the elections and don’t think it will happen, still hasn’t. I do think we are running out of time, less than 2 years but still think we are ok thru christmas. you can thumbs down me, i dont care, id like to hear what you have to say and respect your thoughts. dont care for rommeny either but what he does in the first few weeks will show us either he is going to do what he says or more lies just like obama.

        • When it come to the economic collapse it has all ready started and will take years to play out. Now I am going to agree this election will have rioting in the BIG cities.

          I do not think it will grow except in LA. Tactically LA has the only weather to continue an uprising of the SNAPers. Now come early spring then the masses will start coming out again. During the winter months the problems will be from small groups at malls and “Wal-marts”. And street crimes.

          Winter for prepping can be your friend. Unprepared persons can not (meaning they are to lazy) move. This is a proven strategy. If some how it can be contained or it does not effect the SNAPers it will last though Winter weather in each area.

          Even if Romney wins his policy will not take affect until Feb 2013 at the soonest. So the money will still flow to the SNAPers til then.

          Now add Iran Israel Syria into the picture and that will affect time lines if it effect the SNAPers card itself. Electric Warfare Etc.

          Add one more wrench which I am amaze it has not happen. The true lone wolf. Pot shot at the Potus or Family. Rifle shot into a Black Protect march. Maybe from a Black man Won’t matter. A blank gang take s White child does ??? and the it turn out to be the last straw. Then all bets are off and I am closing the bunker door.

          Clint in many of your posts it does sound like you believe the economic collapse has not started yet. Clarify please.

          I would like to add if one of you dumb f think it would be cool to take a shot. FU he is still the President Of the United States. The office is the office. You can disagree with the man. But don’t fuck with the President of The United States. If he is proved illegal then deal with than. But I say again the Office of the President of the United States will be defended. And you know who I am talking to.

          • goodbye fagbookpage

            • very mature

            • Rev now leave my follower alone. Iwill need him to carry my bags.

          • Take a shot at 0bummer and have biden as president??? No effin way! Biden has always been his insurance policy.

            • That point has always had merit.

        • You want to see some change? Vote Ron Paul 2012

          • Mike,

            No do not vote Ron Paul. He is not even the Liberitarian nominee. Vote Gary Johnson. He shares all of the same beliefs that once made Ron Paul great and he does not have the ball and chain (Rand) tied around his ankle holding him down. I am a huge Ron Paul fan myself Mike but it just does not make sense to pencil him in instead of GJ IMO.

            • You do realize that by voting for a third party you are enabling Obama to get a bigger piece of the vote? That’s foolishness

            • @ Anon, I will vote for someone I believe in. Period. Yes Obama is terrible, but Romknees is just as bad. That same splitting the vote garbage has been used for years to keep the conformists who are thinking about a change tied to the two party system. I refuse to choose between bad and worse. That is not democracy, it is a sham that is slowly and efficiently stripping away our sovereignty. If you want to see real, positive change, you cannot continue to support the two party system. It is what has gotten us in this mess. Voting for a Dem or Rep is like trying to dig your way out of a hole.

      3. 20 percent of the employees at the company I work for just took a 20 percent cut in pay, and another 10 percent were reduced to part time. We tried to negotiate a 7 percent reduction across the board to no avail.

        It’s not getting better, it’s getting bitter.



        November Charlie ya’ll…..stay frosty…BA.

        • They just came thru my company and laid off twenty (out of about 400) yesterday. I heard from one of the mangers close to the execs say its only the tip of the iceberg.

          E-mail came out the other day about enrollment period for next years benefits. One line right in the middle, stated: “The landscape for health care is changing and the costs will be increasing”. I thought obamacare was going to reduce costs?

          Rotating food stores the other day, thought something didn’t look right. Pasta sauce I’ve been buying 4 for $5 (25oz, remember when the jars were 32oz) are now 24oz. Beef (good quality)is $6 a pound.

          Gas is averaging close to $4 and more in some areas.

          The only reason it doesn’t look as bad as the great depression is instead of soup lines they have EBT cards.

          Oh yeah, things are so much better than four years ago for the gov’t dependent that don’t have to work for their benefits, food and housing.

          • We need the lines back so all can see it with their own eyes.

            • You would not be able to see that far…… Here is an old post of mine..

              If you gave 2′ of standing room to each of the 46,905,708 as of Sept. 17 2012 food stamp recipients ( per US debt clock) and then divided it by the 5280′ per mile your soup line would be 18,105 miles long. Given the earth is 3,959 miles around on average the soup line would go around the earth 4.57 times. This is just for the U.S. EBT recipients. California to New York is 2413 miles if you average flight distance. This would make the line go back and forth 7.34 times. New York to Chicago 716 miles and your line would go back and forth 25.28 times. Given the width of the normal interstate 12′ wide per lane this would take a 2 lane highway with gravel edges from Chicago to New York City to create a soup line to feed all the hungry people here in the U.S. Wait! I meant just people recorded on the government site as in need of EBT. Keep in mind there are 3 meals a day. Now if we need to make a line within reason, lets say 1000′ long so people wouldn’t have to wait so long. You would need… well I could go on and on. I think we all understand the gravity of the situation. However the question is asked at the end of the article about how long we can keep this up before the system snaps.
              (get it! SNAP)I’m thinking someone with the inside edge needs to answer this one. Sorry for the long post.

            • @ disector284

              Last time I got out my tape measure the circumference of the earth was 24,901 miles… but I like the rest of your post.

          • BA and arco…Just my 2 cents on our employment situation here.In the last 5 years Armstrong World Industries has closed all it’s cabinetry plants but ours. About a week ago they sold their cabinet division to a Private Equity firm. No raises for at least a year in the agreement. If what is said about private equity firms is true, I’m thinking this will be the last year for this factory. 750 employees out of a job.

            • tulley’s coffee in seattle just filed bankruptcy and is closing stores……yeyp, economy looks great.

          • My company’s health insurance plan has gone up over 60% in the last 2 years, 45% just this year alone. Thanks 0bummer.

        • I work in the computer industry supporting multiple companies and several have gone through or are in the process of downsizing. We support all kinds of companies from medical to internet backbone technology.

          If this is a recovery, I’d hate to see her idea of ‘Good times’.

          • Timothy, I do IT for a large K12 school corp. plus some freelance work. I also work with a local startup club. The IT industry is doing pretty well. Our costs leverage productivity consequently, my chosen career path is doing great, however, the rest of the economy is not. Teachers and administrators are notorious to simply believe what they are told and I find that the majority of the school corp people are simply burying their heads in the sand. They refuse to see what is going on. The free and reduced is skyrocketing and people are being evicted at a rate much higher than it used to be (I’ve been there over 10 years). I feel so bad for so many while also feeling glad that things are going well for me.

            Many people are having to cut back. Some have to cut WAY back. Some just a little. Some have worn through the safety net and fallen out on the ground. Don’t forget to help those you can with good advice or even cash if necessary. But, also, remember that sometimes helping isn’t helping.

            • My local school district sent out a flyer complaining about not getting a budget increase and how this was going to harm the kids. I felt like writing back and asking why they should get more money when there have been drastic cuts to health care and people with mental health problems and disabilities are facing regular severe cut backs. Education gets around 50% of the state budget as it is. I’m sure they’d take 100% if they could

        • Yeah but Moochelle gets to fly around on Air Farce One. That should make up for you loss of pay.

          • She gets to fly around on any jet, including AF1.

        • YES, BA, this country is in distress.
          Nice image.

        • BA,

          What kind of business or industry are you in?

        • Yes that’s the way it should be flying right now. Distress!

        • “Is reinflating financial bubbles and pumping up corporate profits Obama’s idea of recovery?”

          “Obama might talk about spreading the wealth around, but the aggregate effect of the policies pursued during his administration have squarely benefited large corporations and the financial sector, and not the middle class or small business.”

          “The money isn’t trickling down, and small businesses and the middle class are more in debt than they were before the crisis started. Income inequality is soaring. The financial sector is richer than ever.”

          “American infrastructure is still crumbling. Housing starts are still deeply depressed, even as homelessness rises. And of course, employment is still deeply, deeply depressed.”


      4. it all depends on what area you are in

        things around here are actually fairly stable

        main problem is wages are not keeping up with inflation

        skyrocketing gas and food prices are the main problem

        • your right, they didnt let many contractors go that work for the government but they did take away many bonuses and lower base pay. so this is hitting everyone and satori is right, the new SS increase was 19 bucks a month, that is a joke. inflation is going to hit everyone hard. Soon more business is going to go out of business unless they lower prices, nobody will be able to afford things or have money to buy extra or even food. unless gas comes down its going to be over soon. I’m not economist but you can put 2 and 2 together and figure this out. If romney wins i want to see if he really keeps the taxes for the middleclass still in the 20 percent bracket and not to the 30 percent bracket.

          • I helped a frends tenent shut down his machine shop today. He had more than 100 employees 4 years ago and has slowly bled them all off. He laid off the last ones a week ago and finished the last job by himself. He is lucky that he has no debt on the equipment and he saved money over the years. He paid the lease up for 2 years and is moving to somewhere in Montana.

            • Now that’s sad. It’s hard if not impossible to train a new machinist. These are Mentor intensive skills. I know a lot of machine work is computer contolled, but the operator needs to understand how the process works to set-up the machine. These jobs won’t come back.
              Perhaps I’m behind the tech curve on this, but closing machine shops really depresses me.

            • I agree with Rick, when machine shops shut down it bodes very bad for all of us. Machine shops are where ideas come to life, machine shops are also a symbol of independence, not being dependent on a foreign entity to manufacture our hardware with vastly inferior quality. These closures are a bellweather on how bad the economy really is, we can only pray that Romney wins and we government off of everybodys back!

            • Machining is one skill I wished I had learned earlier in life, along with welding.

            • We have had two machine shops shut down around here in just the past 6 months. The one around the corner held an auction a week ago to sell all of their equipment. I spoke with the owner who I’m distantly related to and he said the regulations just absolutely killed them along with the new insurance requirements(he had more than 50 employees). It was shut it down or go bankrupt. Liberals just seem to not get it or don’t want to admit that the policies of this admin. may look good on paper(to some) but in the real world they kill jobs. Depressing!

            • If he has a machine shop he should move to to North Dakota and do speciality work for the oil industry. Believe me they always need something fabricated and need it YESTERDAY. The good news is with deep pockets they’re willing to pay.

        • WAIT ONE MINUTE!!!!!! Gas and Food prices are not included in the guvment inflatiion numbers!!!!!

          • I hope this is something you just learned. If so you are not as awake as you think you are. What was the ate they changed the formula.

          • shhhhhh! you trying to start a panic.

          • Thats right Bob!

            And the small 1-2% increase in SS payments will actually bump up the economy 1%. That is what they will report on. However the 2-4% inflation will eat that up. See Bob this is just one small trick they do to make things appear better. This is nothing new and all administations have used this.

          • Machining is boring, it gets a bit better when you go into CnC. They are closing some shops, need to look into how those shops are ran and how much competition they have. Machining jobs in South East Michigan have picked up since 2009. Between 2006 and 2009 there ere massive lay offs and a crippling effect that layed waste to alot of the tooling shops for the automotive industry. Big ass companies like Collins and aikmen, and leer to just name a couple. We lost alot of our competition over that period. Since 2009 we have been pumping out 65+ hour work weeks most of the time. with ppl just now this year getting consecutive 8 hour days and some saturdays off. Yeah romney had our back so much he said screw michigan ( detroit does not even hold half the automotive industry. It is MICHIGAN not detroit.)

            • Wasn’t Michigan the home of his dad “Rambler Romney”?

            • yeah JRS romney is from here.

      5. To anyone stuffed to the gills on taxpayer-funded shrimp. champagne and canapes, the world seems like a beautiful place and problem-free.

        • Excellent point, id love to have them come harvest pumpkins for a few hours and earn an HONEST wage,
          ALL these politicians suck, start buyin yer gadsden flags and multicam gear boys, weve got a country to take back!

        • What about our private jets…

          I’m confused. Who gets to pick out the color of ties for the debate?

          • @ DF

            Listen up dipshit, Daisy’s real father passed away recently & your crass cheap shots, especially per you’re wretched chosen ‘posting handle’ are beneath the accepted social norm.
            So knock it the fuck off, asshole! Change your handle.
            Go back to being Rich99, ok!

      6. Well hay, look, under this administration apes talk.

      7. This debate is going to be interesting, Cant stand obama and dont care for romney but we need the liberal gone, hes more dangerous for us in the short and long term. Obama is going to really turn this on romney and say “what is your plan romney and then talk about romney and spin it on him. I think thats the only thing he’s got. Is it be-informed who is the geology major? He’s been on here for years!! there was an earthquake in the lower right corner of Maine today hit. I think it was portland maine if Im correct.

        • The way I look at it, we’re hosed either way. But if I’m getting hosed, I’d rather be hosed by an american than a muslim from kenya.

          • Te statement sucks but it is so true. I would prefer the feel around from an American too.

          • He is not a Muslim from Kenya. You people will believe everything you read without ever asking yourselves if it is actually true. Why don’t you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, the unbiased picture, the picture that sees all angles, all lies, all truths. It is a great place. If you were here, you wouldn’t be voting in any election or supporting either of these candidates. It is a waste of your time and energy.

            • Regardless where his mother was when he slid out of the womb, half of his genes ARE from Keyna. He’s said himself that he’s a Muslim, that’s on tape. Need I go on?

            • Stay there. Your village needs you.

            • At this point in the game, whether he is from Kenya or the moon, he is the sitting POTUS, whether he is there by hook or by crook does not dismiss the fact that he IS a Muslim sympathizer, to such a degree that he never comes to grips publicly with the hatred and barbarism of radical Islam. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to witness the rioting mobs in the middle east, what they have done, what they are doing, and what they will continue to do as they have done for centuries. Their numbers are not few, by any stretch of the imagination. For this man, the ‘reigning’ president to publicly pronounce that “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” says it all. Define slander BO…free speech?…The John Q. Publics refuse to look through the masks of this man, and his minions, Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett. Those wise enough to research the backgrounds of these three pseudo musketeers, know their agenda. All three of them need to be relieved of their thrones.

          • arco, never thought of it that way. But, I agree. At least Mitt might have a little more compassion on his fellow Americans whereas Barack doesn’t give a rats behind about anything but himself.

            • Um old coach no ones genes are from here….. besides the native americans.

        • I bet you think Obama is responsible for that earthquake too. You people need to wakeup get out of denial and admit the truth.The republicans serving in congress these last 2 years have voted NO to any and everything that just might help this country.Don’t you see the stupidity the rest of see when you are blaming Obama alone for everthing that is wrong? I would really like to see everyone on here stop the political slams,accusations and maybe put our heads and ideas together,share ideas on how to better prepare for what faces us all.

          • Thank you for making my point that both of these parties need to fuckin’ GO!

            Dam brats every last one of them, spoiled rotten full of themselfs useless pieces of human waste, an embarassment to the entier world, time to clean house

            dont even fool yourself that this two party system has anything in it for you, all it is a two headed beast of the same ilk, and has absolutly no reguard for any one but themselfs

            to me all of these assholes have proven to me that they have no right to represent me, or this country., and therefore need to pack it all in, and get the hell out of the way.

            Rule the government by the people and our constitution , screw the donkey with the elephant,and quit being so divided

          • “I bet you think Obama is responsible for that earthquake too.”

            Your debating needs work.

            • fagbook page. do you have some kind of mental problem? mac, why are we allowing this twit to keep posting. his posts are what i would describe as libelous .please remove this vile piece of trash. fag book, if i ever identify your pissing sorry ass, i am going to see that justice is done. youre a piece of fucking trash.

            • Justice for what and I have no issue with my “real name being out” It all ready is. And since I can see you I would think with all this big talk you make you should see me. I do not put tape on my keyboard camera like some do.

          • A what made you think those plans would work. Maybe they did us a favor deadlocking everything.

            • I agree facebook, If oblama still had a supermajority in congress like he did in the first 2 years we would have already went over the cliff. Because of the current congress at least I have had 2 years to prepare for our eventual total demise.

          • Obama has ruled by EO. When Pelosi was speaker she did not allow a single bill by a Republican to come to the House floor. They passed the Obama care bill in the dead of night with no one even knowing what is in it. So you are a moron for supporting that.

          • No, the earthquake was Bush’s fault. Don’t you follow politics at all?

          • Mayday, mayday -Obot alert!!!

          • Moman, you got 29 thumbs down because people often don’t read past that first sentence.

            Its like team sports. The rival team is BAD BAD BAD even if the coach and the star players of YOUR team are pedophiles and the rival team’s bunch are saints. Believe me, once Mitt gets in (I’ll vote for him…) you’ll see use slamming him for his stupid mistakes. The best thing to do is don’t pick teams because those saints on your own team are hiding a bus load of skeletons in the closet.

            Politics is all about this: They all lie cheat and steal. Then, they attempt to redirect your focus on the other guy’s lies, cheating and theft. The best at that are the ones who get elected. The ones that don’t lie cheat and steal never had a chance, it doesn’t matter if they are Mormon born in Mexico or muslim born in Kenya.

          • You are mis-remembering.

            Obama’s self-appointed econ team, Simpson-Bowles, produced a deficit plan that Obama refused.

            Obama’s own budget was voted down by every (D).

            And Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Majority Leader, is the most divisive Congressional leader since, well, since Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Both have been instrumental in divisive politics. And Reid has roadblocked almost every piece of legislation. How can Congress proceed when they are blocked?

      8. Let them eat Ding-Dongs.

        • Save the twinkie for us.

        • How fresh are the Ding-Dongs?

          • Would it matter.

      9. Recovery..?


        from a long hangover and just come to our senses that we’re screwed in every which way..

        will this bullshit ever end???



        we have round 2 of the greatest bread and circus show ever televised..

        and in opposing corners we’ll the get the same bullshit from either side how they’ll “transform this country into a once again great nation”

        oh phleeeaasse

        make it all go away..

        buying more rounds this week

        preparing more meals..

        anyone with 1/2 a brain can see what’s coming after this farce of an election..


        • Why would this get a thumbs down??? jeesh.

          • Trolls with a grudge…..accept your fate. Love your Red Thumbs.

        • I felt it, 20 miles from my house, not much of a shake, but the last one here that I felt was 25 years ago.

      10. Politics been a joke on us for the last 100 years.

      11. i’d vote for the guy that say’s “listen, this whole system is not working out and we’re gonna have to blow it up. those who aren’t self entitled and are willing to work everything they want will have a tough time but will have a better chance of making it….as for the leeches of society…well F them… who’s with me?”

        that guy gets my vote. unfortunately, both sides are lying their F*cking asses off and there are idiots out there who still think one or the other is actually telling the truth or “has a better chance at getting us out of this mess”

          • of course. the truth has no place when it comes to who will be running the table….

          • Mac, this is sickening. Why cant another candidate speak at these debates. I am so sick and tired of these idiots thinking they own this country and we are just their slaves. How long are we gonna have to take this?

            • If we could get enough people to stand together we could eject these jerks tomorrow,

            • @ Jim. Do you know why a third party can’t speak and present their ideas at a debate for the American people to all see? Because the two party system is locked into total censorship of anyone that threatens this membership with new fresh ideas. This is why anyone that feels that either of these two idiots from the exclusive two party system is going to make anything any better is going to be very sadly disappointed and despaired. Too bad because there are a lot of good people out there looking for hope, and that is something that this two party debacle will not give. They only censor someone not in their two party club. SICKENING example of the last days of the shredding on the constitution’s most basic principles; freedom of speech.

            • We are forced to work with the system we’ve got. Like it or not, we are restricted. If we don’t like it, are we really going to quit, take our ball, and go home? If we become quitters, what do we gain? Isn’t that what TPTB want out of us?

              Look, the (D) Party has essentially been hijacked by the Progressives and Commies. The (R) Party has now been infiltrated by the Tea Party. Each of those sub-groups, whether right or wrong, know that they must work within the established system to change it.

              Egads, if those who walked before us took a quitting attitude, we would be servants under British rule. But our Founders had courage and they had will. Have we become so weak and so lost that we will give up?

            • I can just feel the love. Group hug?

            • jim we are going to take this until we find that 1 person who will stand up that others will follow. Right now we got ppl who will stand up but they are standing alone, so our fears of us standing up are supported by this fact which keeps us on our computers sitting down and typing instead of standing up for ourselves. It will be way too late for us to stand up when everyone finaly gets on the same page, because by that time we will all be eating mre’s in fema camps. If ppl are right and they are going to martial law us and stick us in fema camps when is the time to stand up? After they put us in the camps already?
              No One is standing up. No One is united. Everyone will suffer.

        • Unfortunately, and you ALL know it’s true, in order for ANY candidate to win an election in this country, they have to bullshit and be all things to as many people as possible.
          3rd party candidates don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, currently. The most they could acomplish is to influence the vote, I.E.”take votes away from one candidate or another”.
          Don’t get mad at me for stating the truth.
          Given the TWO ONLY VIABLE candidates, I’ll go for Romney.
          Even though my state is automatic Democrat for president, Congress and local can be a choice. I’ll vote.

          • Rick:) You are correct.

            How soon we forget.

            Ross Perot made the ushering in of Bill Clinton possible. As noble an effort as Perot made, it split the conservative vote.

            • JoJo,

              How quickly you forget….Ross Perot was in a dead heat leading up to the election before TPTB put an end to his campaign.

              You cannot continue to support the 2 party system and hope for change at the same time. There is no difference between the Red and Blues. The whole “splitting the vote” arguement is more garb from the system. That arguement has been getting smart individuals like yourself to shy away from third parties for years. Making you choose between bad and worse IS NOT democracy. It is a stunningly simple tactic to get you to fall inside their box.

              I think it was BI(correct me if I am wrong) who said that every president on Mt. Rushmoore was at one time a third party candidate. That choice is what once made America great. Now there is no choice, just an illusion of one.

            • Ross Perot received 22% of the popular vote and 0 (zero) electoral votes. Therein lies the real problem of a third party candidate.

      12. That’s right. A jobless recovery. Businesses don’t need us anymore. The problem is, who’s going to buy their products when not enough people can support the economy. This is why they can’t fix the economy. You have to fix the jobs problem first, and they can’t do it!

        It’s Called “Death By Technology” by Dan Thomas

        • You have a point there. Henry Ford, (one of the people the Left loves to hate) paid his workers a living wage so they could afford to buy his cars.

          BUT – Fast-forward 70 years or so, and the UAW has gained its’ people much more than a living wage, FOR WHICH THEY DON’T DO ANY WORK. Ditto many of the other unionized manufacturers that used to be my clients. So management comes to my company and its’ like for automation equipment that will the work that the UAW (et.al.) workers fail to do. If there’s a reason why automation is replacing workers, that’s it in a nutshell. Been there, seen that, burned the T-shirt in disgust. Retired early, bugged out, hope I live long enough to see the gene pool to cleanse itself.

          • Forgot to mention another factor:

            Obamacare has employers scared stiff about hiring anyone. Costs are already headed skyward, and will go ballistic in 2014 if it’s not repealed. Not only dollar costs, but “compliance” costs. Nobody knows how this thing is going to be administered, because the law isn’t spelled out. A bunch of bureaucrats in a bunker will determine the law, according to the whim of the day, who gave the most money to which politicians, and whether they are digesting the caviar they ate at lunch. One thing business cannot abide is uncertainty, and this monster is uncertainty at its’ worst.

            • And unions are exempt!!!

      13. She probably means she’s spent a few million dollars of your money recovering all her furniture.

        • Gotsta love those monkey bars on the south lawn!

      14. Last time it was Hope and Change.
        Now it is Forward.

        Forward Hell…
        We’re still in Reverse!

        Y’all Beware!

        • And no one is looking in the mirror either.

      15. getting better?….BULLSHIT!

      16. I am really worried.. There is a really good chance Obama could be Pres. for four more years.
        and appoint at least four supreme court Justices. How scary is that..makes me feel sick.

        • That should be one of the biggest concerned. With out a level Supreme court their is no chance to save anything with the way it has morph to power.

          • Absolutely correct, Facebook Page. But that’s just a silly little side-issue that the 3rd party types don’t want to acknowledge. The number of people who have decided they won’t vote ‘on principal’ will be a vote against the Constitution and a vote for judicial activism. Ironic that ‘not voting’ is really a vote for the incumbent, Obama.

            • Actually, given I voted for hope & change after Bush and his oil loving corporate greed filled backers put this country so far in debt I could not imagin another 4-8 years of it. I am in MI and if the auto industry was not bailed out I can tell you our state would be dead. That being said, I do not and will not support either candidate this time. Yes because of principle but also because I refuse to allow the banksters that own both candidates to divide my country by pretending to give me a choice. If you think for a minute Mitt is on your side your drinking the red coolaide. If you think Obama is your saving grace, you drank the blue coolaide. I refuse to play this game any linger because I know it doesn’t matter because they are loyal to wall street not main street no matter what garbage comes out of their mouths. Both pander to whomever they are speaking to. So my 3 rd party vote actually takes a vote away from Obama because I would NEVER vote for douche bag 1 & 2 aka Mitt and Paul. It really HIDA both ways.

            • And your so-called, self-realized principled stance is spoken as a resident in an enormously failed state known as Michigan. Michigan’s failures have been ongoing for decades. Before you could blame Bush, before you could blame Obama, where were your lofty politics and your finger-pointing?

              Michigan is the #2 state-blight of America. Michigan has been taking Federal/taxpayer money for decades — the auto bailout was a biggie but NOT the first Michigan bailout.

              Michigan is also the Muslim capital of the US. Ever wonder why they’re there?

              Pop quiz:
              2 + 2 + ______ ?

      17. Obama: “We Are in the Midst of a Huge Recovery”

        “unt vee hav new secret vepons zat vill save za reich , vee vill be victorious !”

        the propaganda broadcast the german civilians were listening to as they watched the Russians raise the red flag over berlin ………….same shit .

      18. i can’t Believe what i am seeing and HEARING these days. i feel like i’ve entered the twilight zone or something.. WTF???

      19. Double talking jive!!!

      20. Puck the CIA WHITE HOUSE TRAITOR Puppets …

        First off she is a “illegal fraud puppet” dis-barred trained monkey first lady … the GLOBAL GENOCIDAL MURDEROUS arkansas drug dealing mafia TAG-TEAM OF KILLARY AND KILL clUntons – CFR COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS (illuminati) SPONSORED political mafia still run the white house and wash dc … VALERIE JARRET cia puppet prez obamas VERY REAL white house COMMIE IRANIAN PSYCHIATRIST is the real MUSLIM puppet prez of the ussa !!!


        The CIA Kenyan BORN commie muslim Fraud bI-sEXUAL Obama’s are being kicked out of Washington D.C. FOR PISSIN OFF DA’ ZOG JOOO’S .

        NEO-CON ROMNEY AND HIS PRETTY BOY v.p. puppy are the new Puppet favorites for the ZOG PTB !!!

        WHICH MEANS … WE ARE ALL SCREWED !!! Even more …



        BUY your preps NOW !!!

        AFTER NOV. 6TH 2012 !!!


        A WAR AGAINST “YOU” !!!






          Most of the fault lie with us. We allow this to happen. So accept the blame.

          And the force that will cause it are even outside of the CIA’s control. You are spouting what they want you to spout to your radical followers.

          O up date the vedios you are posting many have been proven inpossoiable and you loss creditabbly because of it. Take the time and fine some new ones. Except the girls keep them coming.

          • @FBP … piss off Dimtard!!!

            • What the hell Some agrees and you are still just as stupid. Why even come out to play if you can never be happy. You piece of shit.

          • mac , please start a spider enabled chat where we can control and boot these nitwits like they do to us.

          • Honestly I will agree with FBP on one part it is our fault.
            If you disagree and feel we are not to blame, explain to the group here reading, What have we done to try and fix, stop, change, or even slow down this situation?

      21. This free-loading first wench has no business touting such lies. She has lived well at the expense of the working public, and produced nothing of value.

        • “Let them eat cake”

      22. God came to me and told me to believe in Obama. I still do. Things will get better, we just have to expect them to.

        • This is not me.

      23. We ARE in a huge recovery, we’re recovering from prosperity and moving towards cataclysm, that’s all.
        What’s the big deal? In a Marxist state everyone is equal, they’re all poor.

        Troll’n,troll’n, troll’n, keep those posts a’roll’n

        • Everyone except the ruling elite! They are rich and look down their noses at the poor little equal people!

          • @Kula

            Come on, it’s really hard being a Dictator. Starving your countymen, building “camps”, maybe an odd invasion of a neighbor’s country now and then.

            Plus you have to tolerate all those litle “equal” serfs, yuck!

        • Rev have you received your order I have this going to be fun.

          • @ Facebook,
            Didn’t you get the top secret memo from HQ? WE are not supposed to be seen together commrade. With the help of people like Eeeder, and others, we’ve convinced these stupid American’s that the Zionist’s are to blame for all of their problems, Bohahaha! (Sorry I have to laugh like that every so often)

            Weird how the same old slogans that we used to take over Russia still work today. Like Obama’s use of “Forward” which was Lennin’s idea, or “We are the 99%” which in Russian was tranlated as “Bolshevik”.

            Now for our next step, “Steal all of their Halloween candy and blame it on The Jews and Christians! Booohahaha!

            • @Facebook
              Besides, we are supposed to be the same person, so it looks weird if we speak to ourself.

      24. The country must be doing great, Obama spends most of his time campaigning. Have you ever seen a president campaign so hard for re-election? If a president has done a good job, he shouldn’t have to work so hard for re-election.

        • One lim-tard here.

      25. Again, i cant wait till the dollar is worth nothing, all the secret service and bogus numbers wont change where we are headed, and it cant come soon enough, so glad these people have been able to travel all over the world on our dime, makes me even less interested in expanding my business or pushing to make a profit, bouncing along the margin is where i will be thanks.

      26. I used the mute button more than ever before when BO started talkin during the debate.

        Y’all Beware! Four years of lies is enough!

        • That is very ignorant of you I am sorry to say. I support neither Romney nor Obama, but I at least hear what they have to say. An intelligent and rational person will try to remove bias from the decision and will listen to both parties equally. Would you want jurors at your court hearings to act in a similar fashion? Absolutely not.

          • We’ve heard it all already. It’s the most mendacious rubbish we’ve ever heard from any politician in our lifetimes. Except, let’s see, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Chavez, Kirchner, Mugabe. . . . .

            • Exactly!!! Besides if I want to hear nothing but lies, I’ll just give my first wife a call….

            • Then make sure to mute Romney as well. In fact, turn off the tele, because he will be no different than Obama..

      27. “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.” – Thomas Jefferson

        • I need to say this. God need to be kept out of this (Politic). It has cause just as much trouble as the liberal who wants to take all from us.

          Religion is a persons choice Government is to work for the people. That is why it was set to be separate. I have no problem when a “God Fearing Man” is elected as long as he remember as the president, he answer to man first. He as a man answers to his God. Huge difference.

          This was not meant as a beat down. But the religion card is being played to much lately.

          And Religion and Faith are two different things also. And I have come to believe they are father apart then in anytime in history of man.

          • Facebook Page, References to God abound in all of our Founding documents. While the Progressives have wanted to remove our documents, or re-write/re-interpret them (or render them too old to abide by), We The People must insist that they not be ridiculed, minimized, or destroyed or we, as a Nation, will destroy what little moral compass we still have.

            • Notice again i said there is a difference between religion and faithor one’s belief

      28. The “all this over a damn flag” video sealed her impression on me. She is a communist just like her “husband”.

      29. Honestly folks… Does anything this fat-assed elitist bitch say or do still suprise you? We are being led (indentured servitude) by people that not only could care less if we all live or die but would probably find the world a better place altogether without ones such as us. ‘Sides that… Bitch got the IQ of a dorito anyways.

        • Hey Nargon, all you said still applies to the next family that moves in.

        • Only one lim-tard there too.

      30. Mrs Obama: The reality is that America has moved into the second leg down per plan by the GB’s. Your husband will be ousted and “outed”.

        Get used to paying for your own vacations.Your gravy train is over!

        With any luck, Americans will band together and sue your husband for fraud when he can no longer hide behind his office. Life in prison without possibility of parole would be a reasonable punishment for his crimes. As his accomplice, you should be jailed too.

        The Romney/Ryan Administration will implement sweeping changes in the first 100 days; including deregulation of small businesses, opening up oil & gas leases, and dividing the too big too fail banks back into retail and investment banking.

        These Changes will begin to bite by summer 2013. A new, can do attitude will emerge in America again after the American military responds in self defense to an Iranian attack on American bases in the Persian Gulf and crushes the IRG.

        By 2016 America will have recovered economically, the personal liberties of its people restored, and the energy of its entrepenuers released.

        Thank you Mitt Romney (in advance).

        • I truly hope that is not a pipe dream but I fear it is.

        • Sure hope you’re right DK. Not sure that I share your optimism, but I definitely share the hope.

          • Walt: You NEVER share my optimism, but watch out! It’s communicable! 🙂

        • Thats quite a change of position for you DK. Have you given up on electing Patriots and 3rd party candidates? Inquiring minds would like to know. You seemed pretty passionate about it a few months back, sometimes even questioning the sanity of posters who supported a Romney candidacy. I too will vote for Romney because I think a 3rd party vote is a vote for Obama. But I honestly don’t have the hope that you do. FYI, I voted for Paul in the primary.

          • I think that a vote for a third party is a vote for a third party and not just for a protest vote against the other two. IF this world is still around come 2016, either one of these losers that wins is not going to be able to save this country from falling into the abyss. This country like most countries have completely failing infrastructures and economies that are dying. It is not just a nationwide issue, it is a worldwide problem.

            Realistically each election someone gives complete false hope to those that are willing to feel that things can change, and each time the country gets weaker and weaker. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. It is nice to have optimism, but the figures don’t add up. BO is going to grow the debt until it pops, and rombot will cause the country to go right back to where it was in 2008, a complete stock crash and mega depression. These tried methods DON’T work with either party, they are complete failures.

            IF the country survives until 2016, whomever royally f’s the country is going to f their party completely. IF a third party gets enough of the popular vote in 2012 they will be a huge factor in 2016. I put that magic number at 10%. Most people are such conformists that they might just fall right back towards the other 2 party system. However if enough people do become fed up, someone like Gary Johnson or someone else that actually cares about the people could sneak in as a true leader. It is my personal view that someone from either of the two parties will absolutely not save the country and if anything just accelerate it right into a solid rock mass. This is why I feel that a third party vote is hardly wasted, and actually extremely valuable in a state already determining whom gets the electoral vote. The more popular vote for a third party, the higher the percentage the more chance for true change in 2016 if the country is still around.

          • HSL: No I haven’t abandoned the idea of a NEW Patriot’s party who’s membership is based upon gun ownership and Constitutional Law (except for gold as money).

            That is years away. And as a general rule I don’t support third party candidates for POTUS; just Congress. That’s unproductive.

            In this election Romney is the man who can turn the country around because he understands the ins and outs of the American Economy.

            O’bummer still doesn’t have a clue about money & markets, or jobs and the economy after four years in office.

            Mitt is also a decent man, honorable, and with integrity. He and his wife have created a successful family, a successful business, and they have served their community and their church at every level.

            Good men are hard to find, and fewer still are willing to put themselves on the line to run for POTUS. Usually and more often than not, a politician running for office is a scumbag or becomes one shortly there after.

            Mitt and his family are a good example of what is best in America and worthy of OUR support. Leadership is always best by example. He and his wife walk the talk and are people WE should try to emulate.

            Ryan however has been eating the Beltway Brunch and drinking the Kool Aid inside 495 for far too long. Fortunately he will never be President, but he is talented and he can be helpful implementing Mitt’s objective’s.

            • Lol @ “Romney is the man who can turn the country around because he understands the ins and outs of the American Economy”

              That is great campaign work. Romney should pay you for that. Or does he already?

        • durango kidd

          I can’t tell when your serious or just trying to be funny.

        • You don’t sound like DK.

      31. 4.6 mag quake in MAINE……..be informed….you:re analysis would be great….. :>)

        • @ badpuppydog. I am glad you brought that up because I was just going to comment on what is happening. There have been dozens of different locations for moderate earthquakes over 50. What I feel is happening is that all these locations are picking up the stress levels of the plates that are building up to something quite large. I have noticed the Dominican Republic, Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands lighting up and this is an area that is so primed to break. All of these earthquakes around the world mean that the entire planet is going to be affected by what is coming. For the whole planet to ring like a gong it must be around 7.5 or so or larger.

          The Maine area actually has had some decent size earthquakes, as this area can experience a 6.0-6.5. The area in Quebec, Canada around the St. Lawrence seaway actually has one of the highest potential for intensity in Canada. Some say it could approach a 8.0 here. My college professor told the class this once, whereever you have mountains, especially ones that have not been worn down severely, you have the potential for a devastating earthquake. Mountains are there because of uplift, and uplift means earthquakes.

          If you look at the old USGS site that simply lists the recent for the last 7 days of earthquakes, from a geologist’s point of view the amount of moderate earthquakes in different locations is breathtaking. You very seldom get this extreme number of earthquakes in so many different locations. On the real time earthquake map it just jumps out at you. The one area that I have noticed no earthquake activity on is the Philippine plate on the eastern section of it where the Marianas trench is. That is a bit worrisome, it means it is very locked.

          That polar earthquake of 6.4 indicated that almost 90% of the time that when this specific area is hit, a nig earthquake follows within 15 days. This was Oct.9, so until Oct.24 the planet is in danger from this. The 5.3 lead to a 6.7 in New Guniea within 9 days. That area had a 90.3% rate and sure enough the earthquake came. The most likely areas to watch are from the Soloman Islands to Tahiti. I am kind of gravitating towards a whopper around the Kermadec Islands to maybe even New Zealand. The north island there is active recently. It would be horrible if Christchurch got hit again, like Mother Nature was finishing them off.

          I do give this warning to everyone in the New Madrid area. WHEN the eastern section of the Caribbean fault snaps, this area goes hand in hand with the New Madrid, and the chances of experiencing a great earthquake will go up significantly. Same holds true WHEN the central portion of the San Andreas breaks. 1811-1812 when the New madrid had three 8.0+, the central portion of the San Andreas broke AND the southeastern portion of the Caribbean plate broke where Caracas, Venezuela is now. I don’t believe that this was a coincidence one bit.

      32. Obama Romney or whatever mouthpiece is speaking the truth can only be found if you rearrange their wording. In the end I think of the statement from President Lincoln.

        “You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

        Reality in the end becomes too obvious to ignore.

      33. Kind of reminds me of Fidel Castro in which during the years after the USSR broke up and Cuba did not get much help anymore from the Soviets, and the beef supplies were low he decided on something while he himself ate quite well like MO does like what rainyday says about the size of her rear end. Castro decided to supplement the ground meat with earthworms and other grubs. While he ate good the people ate ground up bugs. This is the type of hypocracy that these fearless leaders do to their own people. While there is actually more nutrition in bugs than ground beef is besides the point, Castro should have been eating this also. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

        Talking about bugs, actually the highest nutrition of any insect are termites. I guess roasted they might taste like peanuts or something. The way things are going in the world we all may have to start eating like lizards to survive one day. I have seen survivorman do it before, so eating insects to survive can be done. I think the key to getting someone to eat it is to either not think about it or make a chili or casserole out of it or something. Insects are something that will likely always be available and can prevent starvation. Something else to think about to add to the list of what we can eat if and when our supplies start running low or out.

        • When you economically compete unhindered with the third (developing) world for labor you end up adopting elements of their diet. As they rise they switch from insects to cheeseburgers and as we decline we move in the opposite direction.

          Anyone have any good worm recipes?

      34. All you need to do is spray paint her ass blue and she could stand in during a production of Lion King.

      35. Hey Mac, good job speaking truth. Good will to you.

        • Thanks for visiting and thank you for your kind words Led!

      36. 4.0 quake in Maine. @BI?

        • lol

        • @BI. Nevermind, saw your reply above. When Mac gets user based thread chats going you need to have a thread for your quake analysis! Thank you!

          • @ Norse Prepper. It happened again, I mention no activity on the Philippine plate, then a few minutes later there is an earthquake on what I was talking about. 6.0 on the Philippine plate, but the western section, not the eastern part of it. This is yet another earthquake at another location. It just isn’t going to stop until a very big earthquake hits.

            • Be informed,

              Do you have any thoughts on what caused the 4.6 earth quake in Maine last night? I live in New Hampshire and I have to say that this was not a usual little shaking of some glasses but more like a huge boom. It felt like there was a gas explosion under the house, we thought it was the furnace exploding. I have been through a couple of earth quakes in California and even one here, but never anything like this. Are we now prone to more of the same?

            • @ Honey Boo Boo. Every place on the planet is capable of a moderate earthquake. As long as the plates continue to be in motion and colliding with each other, the energy from this can be transferred anywhere, even in the middle of a plate away from the plate boundaries. This area has a 2% chance of having 16% the force of gravity, which translates to about a 5.7-5.8. The area though is capable of a 6.0-6.5. The reason that so many people felt this is because the rock under the New England area is much older than the oceanic crust such in california. Older rock is colder and denser and this density causes much more vibration, this earthquakes here are felt much further and longer.

              A 6.0 here would be like have a 6.7-7.0 in california. A 4.0 is like having a high 4 in california. Actually 4 pointers are quite common all over the planet away from plate boundaries. A 5.5+ here would be unusual.

        • @ Norse Prepper. Check out all the other earthquakes in different locations on USGS site, something quite big is coming soon to an earthquake prone area. I still place my bet on the south seas area.

        • @ Norse Prepper:

          yes there was a quake up here… i & my wife experienced it… lasted about a minute maybe less for us… the center was reportedly near the little town Hollis or Hollis Center

          • I was at my son’s football practice, we all felt it. Nothing big, but really rare for this area.

      37. I sent my cousin the link to Mac Slavo’s site last week of a video he made of what he have coming here and in a sense already have here in America. He decided, after watching it, to expand upon it and sent me this email below tonight. Glad I played a small role in inspiring him to do this and very proud of him. My cousin BTW, played a large role in fully waking me up to the matrix. Here is his email:

        Hey Dude,

        Here is a video I have been working on the last 2 days. The one you had me watched sparked the idea to expand on it….SO this is what I came up with


        YouTube – Videos from this email

      38. Corn did shitie/ western WA/ 1000+ CROWS FLYING SUNSET when I got home tonight. Indian nation relationship will forage.

      39. why is increased housing prices a good thing? even many of you commenting have let the media convince you that higher housing prices is a good thing.

        ponder this for a moment

        a house is merely a box with that you keep your stuff in and lay your head in.

        yeah it has a few more luxuries then the caves our ancestors slept in but at what cost?

        a water bill for contaminated liquid. a light bill when energy is abundant and free. a cable bill to watch propaganda. a phone bill which is not needed.. lets not forget sewer and garbage.. there are way better ways to deal with these then chemicals and landfills..

        oh and lets not forget to insure that crap that you really don’t need. Allstate which insured most on the gulf coast during Katrina did not pay most people because they had hurricane ins. and the damage was caused by wind… wind from hurricane Katrina.. which few had wind ins.

        so lets all run out and finance a box you keep your stuff in for 30 years at the cut rate price of $100,000.00 and up. Which by the time the bank is done with you turns into double or triple that.

        yeah it makes a lot of sense to want higher housing prices…

        screw the housing market, let it crash as it’s the biggest scam going…

        • Gokill, The insurance with specific perils like hurricane or flood are always a separate policy or in the case of hurricane can be a rider on a standard policy, depending on the state. Insurance companies won’t pay home owners for hurricane damage if there is FLOOD damage. Flood is a peril unlike any other and it’s never covered in a basic home policy. The wind or wind-driven rain is part of a typical home owners policy w/ basic coverage. It’s the flood damage that allows the insurance companies like Allstate to wiggle out of paying a settlement. If someone has flood damage and they have no flood coverage, the only way a homeowner might collect $-damages is through FEMA in the case of Federally-declared disasters like Katrina. The taxpayers pay for the flood damage then. So if people aren’t prepared, taxpayers pick up the tab for these people who didn’t get the proper insurance.

          Insurance companies stopped paying for floods years ago. It’s picked up by the NFIP which is government insurance and there is no competition. It’s pretty expensive and it’s not part of a standard home owner’s policy. SOUND FAMILIAR (ie Obamacare/health insurance)?

      40. yup , we are in the midst of a recovery and thats why my company cut all overtime for the first time ever !!
        I have to agree with obama there

        • Ditto, we all got moved to a salaried position, bonuses have been taken away (we got bonuses instead of raises for exactly that reason) and we’re laying off people in high CoL states and hiring them in low CoL states for the same jobs.

          But it IS getting better for the 1%, their wealth has continued to grow. So her statements aren’t wrong. They’re just not about u.s.

      41. Recovery?

        Since Obama became President:

        Household income: $4,500 less
        Personal wealth: 30% less
        Gasoline: more than 100% increase
        New Debt: $5.4 Trillion more (now more than $16 Trillion)
        Obamacare: $2.6 Trillion forecast for future debt
        Mortgaged Homes: 5.4 Million in Foreclosure or financial crisis
        New Obama Taxes: $1.9 Trillion more
        Medicare: $716 Billion cut
        Govt Welfare: 47 Million Americans now on the SNAP “food stamp program”
        Govt Welfare in general: 165 Million Americans receive govt entitlements/assistance as “dependents”
        Unemployment: 23 Million
        Overall employment: reduced to 143 Million
        Global Competitiveness: dropped to #7, dropping each year Obama has been in office

        Keep stacking, double your prep efforts when possible. These figures will not balance in our favor.

      42. Sewage Handling

        Special High Intensive Training

        In normal times you just flush and the problem takes care of itself. Since you’re reading this, I must assume the times may not be normal and you have to take care of the problem yourself. We’ll talk about household sewage or domestic sewage, not storm drains or industrial waste which is also sewage.

        Domestic sewage is composed of about 99% water and 1% solids. This translates to about 1 cup of solid matter you really need to deal with per 5 gallon flush. If your retreat/homestead is structured properly, the gray water from the bathing/laundry/ food preparation area will be diverted and not a problem. What you do is to have the plumbing for the gray water lines diverted into a separate header which goes into a storage tank that you can then use as plant/ grass water. Be advised, should you use the gray water for watering food crops for yourself or the livestock you may have, any biological pathogens which are in that water could be transferred to you or your stock. Many times the gray water has enough soaps and disinfectants in it that storing it in a surge volume prior to dispersing it will render most of the pathogens harmless. Also, exposing it to sunlight and aeration accelerates the breakdown of the bacteria. Black water which comes from the toilets should be considered and handled as a biohazard. In interesting times the expedient way of dealing with it is to bury it. AKA the out house. Or you could follow the time honored tradition of burning it. Burning fecal matter is unpleasant to say the least. The other option is bagging it and storing it until such time as you can deal with it. There are camping enzymes which you can put into the porta potty which break down the waste into “stuff” which is not quite waste.

        In interesting times you must handle all sewage spills as a biological attack and treat them as you would any virulent disease carrier. That means having cleaning agents as well as protective clothing and spill containment and removal equipment on hand. People who have had to clean up from a flood or violent storm (hurricane or tornado) know just which type of gear . Rubber gloves, goggles, face masks, scrub buckets and brushes for equipment. Bleach, strong soap, pine tar cleaners for disinfectants. These are the minimum. In interesting times with this type of pathogen carrying media, getting a scratch could be a death warrant.

        So as a minimum figure on having:

        2 pair of rubber gloves/person
        1 pair of splash goggles/ person
        6 gallons of bleach per 2 people/ year. (dry bleach lasts longer and makes up on demand)
        2 scrub brushes/ person
        1 scrub bucket/ person
        1 gallon or 2 kg strong disinfectant soap/2 people

        • To Everyone: I posted this here because it deal’s with you know SHIT. Just like what is called our GOVERNMENT!

      43. She forgot to mention /. Under her husbands watch- the USA
        – lost its vital credit rating
        – lost billions or $$ of tax payers $$ to green energy crooks that fleeced the tax payer for nothing more than developing a empty box of tech – they delivered nothing and then filed bankruptcy
        – no infrastructure rebuiding was ever set in motion( this would have put many to work) and we really need to replace many roads and bridges in this country – NOW!
        – The Banks!! He made them too big to fail.. With our $$$!! Then to add insult to injury- the banks kept the $ and invested it in ways that the Tax payer wasn’t able to access it to open a new business, remodel their home, Etc
        – China and Russia- our mortal enemies!! He sold T-bonds to – and basically sold them our country to them.. For pennies on the $$
        – the army- we went from the bad ass MFs on the block to a nudist colony – he stripped our army of its real power
        – war on terrorism – why even bother to fight? They are easily all located and work in Washington DC and live in the big White House in the center of town!!
        – he has made our country a “Big Brother state” – CCtV are in place – and Homeland Security is set to enforce the New World Order that is now is ready to be implemented.. Under obbumers 2nd term.

        “We the people” need to act with the only power we have – OUR VOTE!

        Vote for Mitt.. At least he will make us a few bucks before the real titanic (USA) goes under!!

        We have no other choice.. It’s feast or famine.. I’ve had enough of famine!!

      44. its kind of funny to hear this not too far away from the elections, who else watched the presidential debates, how much more bullshit can you see in one place

      45. It won’t matter which “clown” we end up with – they both work for the Circus.

        And, the Circus considers all of it’s paying customers derisively described since the beginning of circuses, as “MARKS “..

        quote from Zerohedge

        • I think the US Bank Of America will be our future flag

          We pledge to it every time we wake up and go out and spend $..

      46. No company has embodied Washington’s hope for an American-built electric vehicle business like A123 Systems. The Massachusetts-based company was supposed to become the leading home-grown supplier of lithium-ion batteries for automakers in the United States and around the world — fueled in part by a $249 million grant from the Obama administration. Today, A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy, saying much of its assets would be sold after losing $857 million over the past several years

        Huge Recovery eh?

        try dismal failure

        • And now A123 is being bought out by a chinese company!!!

      47. times up benji. too bad you couldnt have been more decisive. goodbye.

        • You are still a

          • yes fagbook? what is it that i am still? speak up boy.

            • Iwill let all your peeps fill in the blank.

        • I love the smell of red thumbs in the morning, they smell like victory!

          • you like that, huh rev? do you get extra payouts or something for getting red thumbs? lol, the idea is to try, impossible as it is , to get us all to agree with your zionist drivel. my opinion is you arre failing miserably. so rev, what prominant figure do you think is going to quit suddenly with no real explanation next?

            • Almost every statement that contains the word, “zionist,” is drivel.

            • I keep telling you, I’m not a Zionist, I’m a Presbyterian!

              Special note to agent WD40, code named “Facebook”, can’t do lunch today, “Mr. Big” is in town and we’re getting ready for “Operation Pumkin Smash” in two weeks.

              Let me know how things go in Jerusalem for you when you get back, O.K.?

              Agent 10W30, over

          • Rev where should we go for lunch. Iheard of a new place down on main that just opened. Plus it is your turn to pay,

            • Crap I sentthat on thehot line not the inter office message board my bag. Iguess I will have to go into the bosses office again.

      48. Okay everyone, i was away from my computer for 2 days. This country won’t see any kind of recovery until after SHTF, the system completely dies, and we start this country all over again. There is no reforming the current system; zero, zip, nada. In post-SHTF, all the heffers and hogs out here are going to lose more than weight. We who have prepped to any degree have the best chances for survival. When the dust settles and the smoke clears, the preppers will be proven to have been right all along. All of the nonpreppers will find out the hard way how foolish they have been. I picked up a copy of “One Second After” by William Forstchen yesterday. I’ve only made to Chapter 3 so far; it’s tough to put it down. best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

      49. It is interesting how many of you are still easily swept up in the whole right vs left, red vs blue, liberal vs conservative way of thinking when it comes to economic activity.

        There has been no recovery under Obama and once Mitt is president we will continue to see no recovery.

        Economic recovery means a return to growth. Growth means an increase in the amount of resources consumed.

        Good luck with that. You humans have already hit the peak in your sweet light crude production. Now you’re pulling the expensive to produce and expensive to refine oil out of the ground and you’re wondering why the price of gasoline is high?

        Expensive oil = expensive gasoline. Easy math. Despite how simple this concept is, both presidential candidates completely miss this link.

        Vote for whichever one you wish…the US is still going to collapse under its own foolish patterns of fossil fuel consumption.

        Plant a garden.

        • We are like yeast in a petri dish. Eat all the sugar and die.

      50. I work for a real estate company and, as much as I hate to say it, if it weren’t for foreclosures, we couldn’t stay in business! Housing prices aren’t going up around here! We still have too many foreclosures for that to happen. And it’s a good thing since mortgages are nearly impossible to get anymore. The feds are shoveling $40B/month into the banks and then paying them as much, if not more than, they could get by lending the money back out!
        Grocery prices are through the roof – but I don’t think they look at that when they figure how the economy is doing.
        Gas prices are ridiculous, too! Oil goes down $5, gas goes down 5 cents/ oil goes up $5, gas goes up 50 cents. I just don’t understand it.

      51. “If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.”
        -Henry Kissinger, Former U.S. Secretary of State

        Sky-high Electric Bills Courtesy of Obama EPA’s War on Coal

        “VERY LITTLE mention in the media about the 65 coal fired power plants being shut down in the US this year, and another 100 to shut down in the months to follow.”

        “About 9% reduction in the amount of electricity generated by coal. Obama told us he would bankrupt any new coal fired plants wanting to come online.”


        The other side’s opinion:

        and who this organization supports (says it all):

        “The Energy Information Administration has compiled a report that suggests US households should expect their energy bills to be higher this winter due to the forecast of colder temperatures than normal, especially in the Northeast, which will lead to a higher demand.”

        “The report said that households with heating oil systems should expect to see their winter fuel bill, from October 1st to March 31st, rise by 19 percent, whereas those houses with natural gas will pay an extra 15 percent.”

        “80 percent of US households that rely on the more expensive option of heating oil are situated in the northeast where the coldest weather is forecast.

        This has led the EIA to predict that those households will spend an average of $407 more on heating oil this winter than in the past.”


        • David, it’s simple really:

          Fed QE Episodes

          • PICTURES of inflation…I like it.

        • This does not mean that our housing market or demand is healthy.

          Millions of homes remain in the shadow inventory with millions more facing default and foreclosure right now.

          They can build all they want.. The chinese built an entire city that is completely empty…

          I have regularly driven by the same strip malls (newly built) for the last three years and they have yet to acquire tenants… This is in different cities and different US regions…

          Just because they are building doesn’t mean those construction starts won’t go bankrupt.

          My view is that these new starts are simply future mortgage loan defaults that will eventually be purchased by the Federal Reserve as toxic Mortgage Backed Securities (I think they own a couple TRILLION worth of those now)…

          That’s my 2 cents…

          • The demographics for housing are over. Period. Business Insider did an expose of the 41 page assumptions of the Case Shiller Index a couple months back.

            The bottom line was that it is flawed and unable to predict the impact of an imminent second wave of foreclosures and that early buyers might find themselves in the same predicament that the seller of their home were in: submerged and underwater.

            Speculators trying to capitalize on the green shoots of a housing recovery will be caught in this Second Wave and WAR which will cause a second collapse in the real estate market.

        • David: Builders are idiots. This should be evident by the designs they produce.If they are not borrowing money for new construction they are not generating any cash flow.

          That’s the name of that tune.

      52. *By Jonathan Karl, Avery Miller, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham*

        Think Congress does not have much to show for itself this year? Think again. A new report from Senator Tom Coburn’s office highlights dozens of examples of government waste in 2012. Included for the first time on this list: Congress. The very people looking into government waste find they themselves are wasteful. Coburn’s report estimates $132 million of taxpayers’ money was wasted on “the most unproductive and unpopular Congress in modern history.”

        “The waste is unbelievable,” says Coburn. “We’re bankrupt, this country is bankrupt, and people just don’t want to admit it.”

        Loopholes are part of the problem. The National Football League, for example, pulled in more than $9 billion last year, yet is technically a “non-profit” organization, costing the federal government tens of millions of dollars every year in lost revenue.

        “We have some of the biggest corporations in America paying no taxes whatsoever, you know something is wrong with the code,” says the Republican senator.

        Millions of dollars have also been spent on questionable items, like $325,000 on a squirrel robot, realistic enough to fool a rattlesnake, and developed with a National Science Foundation grant; $40,000 to produce a video game where players can virtually enjoy a pond in Massachusetts; and $516,000 to create a video game called “Prom Week,” which simulates the interaction of teenagers surrounding the biggest social night in high school.

        The spending approaches intergalactic proportions — sort of. NASA has no plans for a manned mission to Mars, but is spending nearly a $1 million a year researching what kind of food astronauts could eat if they ever get there.

        “What was once a great country has been mortgaged and bankrupted by the egos and ethics of career politicians,” says Coburn, who adds the only way to change the system is to vote out all the incumbents.

        “If you want to change the trajectory of our country, if you want to get rid of the hundreds of billions of dollars of waste every year, you have to change who is there.”

      53. This clown is so full of shit, no wonder he is brown!

      54. @BI. There was a smaller earthquake in western North Dakota last week. The state is filled with strong people with a good work ethic though so don’t worry, they will rebuild. It should only take a few minutes to pick up the tipped over plastic chairs and that should about do it. 🙂

      55. @ Norse Prepper. If you have a globe take a tape measure from western North Dakota and follow it south, as the North American plate is moving north by northwest. The tape measure if held flat to the globe it will pass right through the Virgin Islands where all this activity is going on. I don’t think this is just a coincidence. The energy from the Caribbean plate getting ready to snap is being transferred to all sorts of spots away from the plate. Interesting isn’t this?

        • @ B.I.

          Just out of curiosity, per the North Dakota & Virgin Islands vertical alignment thing…what does this portend for the Yellowstone Caldera?
          Have you given the possibility of a sudden erruption any consideration?

          Surely continental plate movement dynamics, in such close proximity to Yellowstone, are bound to have an accelerating influence on possible volcanic activity in that region.
          Whatcha think?

          • @ Anton Hacki. Absolutely, just look at the swarm of earthquakes at the Yellowstone western side of the caldera on the 15th, this last Monday. Actually this had me a bit concerned because I am within the 500 mile blast radius that is suppose to kill everyone when Yellowstone blows its top. I still feel that the National Geographic special on Yellowstone going off is probably going to be what does it, an earthquake large enough to rip open a fissure to start the chain reaction of the whole thing blowing. That 1959 7.0 earthquake in Montana has many people concerned for just this reason. To tell you the truth I worry about a large earthquake in the Wasatch mountain range in Utah causing enough energy being directed towards those faults closer by to Yellowstone that could go off.

      56. Sales tax receipts in California are down 40% in the last year. Disaster is just around the nearest corner. Don’t forget to duck.

      57. Their ‘recovery’ is all INFLATION numbers. Period.
        Just went to Sams Club; Milk $10/Gal…!
        :-0 AAHH!
        (But that means our GDP went UP, and our ‘consumer confidence’ did too… see?

        I am distressed about the loss of machine shops. This is travesty of untold proportions that will come back to haunt us. ‘They’ are slowly destroying America, under the radar.

        Folks… wake up. The Head of Gold runs the show, on the two legs of rich mans ideologies, and we ARE divided as ten toes of iron and clay. The legs CANNOT say anything about the money not flowing… they cannot say anything about the banks not lending… or them parking their money in the FED making a risk free income… or anything the HFTRobots that are running Wall St.
        Wall st, is NOT the economy, one day you will wake up and see the truth and the truth shall set you free…

        Today’s ‘money’, is not real, it is debt. Every dollar created sends you into deeper debt. It was set up this way to give The System of Babylon total ownership in the end. It is a game designed for the House to win. ‘They’ OWN the right to print ‘money’, and you ‘rent’ it from them. This system was invented in Babylon, called The Rule of Gold; He who has the gold, makes the rules.

        The only way out is to starve the Beast, to go Galt en mass, give them the middle finger salute and to understand that wealth is not measured on paper with false numbers of false money that simply increases the debt in order to pay the interest to the ‘owners’ of the money. Wealth is measured in lives, loves and lands, skills, and things of value. A barter currency is doable, we have the technology. We can go “into the wilderness, on the wings of an eagle”; gold eagles, silver eagles, barter currency ‘eagles’ using one time codes.

        Mac could do it… if he wanted to change the focus from these ‘discussions’ and talking about it, to actually getting together and doing it.

        • Piper, check out smelting plants..I read they are almost non-existent here.

          • Those started going away in the 1970’s…
            When the dollar was taken off the gold standard, and inflation made it hard to do business. Easier to just close up shop and go elsewhere.
            Then the “great sucking sound” of Ross Perot, ie GATT & NAFTA… Ross was right.

            Tariffs protected our economy, but the rich guys had over 10,000 tariffs removed from the books, thus, Wall mart was born.

            You CANNOT have an ECONOMY based on CONSUMPTION ONLY.
            Especially based on ‘funny money’. (That is getting funnier with every day.)
            PERIOD. End of sentence.

            Wait until the Chinese and their new allies finish isolating us, ‘they’, the pols, will blame China for all the troubles, and we are so stupid we lap it up like dogs.

            WE, OUR PEOPLE, the rich guys who owned all the plants that were sent over seas, are the CULPRITs.

            Without production, you got squat.
            But, at the same time, you can’t just go consuming the Earth’s resources simply to pile up stacks of green paper, by selling the ‘American Dream’, and sucking people down the immoral rabbit hole of materialism.

            It is too far gone, and people don’t have a clue about whats ‘wrong’. China is not a ‘currency manipulator’, the US IS! China is simply protecting China and her people, like… like we used to…

            • Piper Michael…..What is this “one time code” you speak of?

            • One time pad code, held in confidence by a ‘trusted party’= anonymous confirmation of a ‘barter note’ or ‘real bill’.

      58. Comment on job creation in this “recovery”

        President Obama spoke of being president in the past tense during last night’s second presidential debate with Mitt Romney:

        “The way we’re going to create jobs here is not just changing our tax code, but also to double our exports.

        And we are on pace to double our exports, one of the commitments I made when I was president. That’s creating tens of thousands of jobs all across the country.”


      59. “Huge recovery” = “Horse Manure” !

        • Semper Fi.
          Ex Vietnam vet here too, Phu Bai(8th RRFS->7th Udorn)

          No not horse manure my old Vietnam buddy…

          Donkey manure + Elephant manure = Up to our eyeballs.

      60. The Democratic Party of Today:
        Romans 1:21
        (Democrats do not want God mentioned in the party platform and are actively removing God from society) 21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools
        (They worship the state, SOCIALISM and the Earth, HUMANISM) 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.
        (If it feels good do it, no right and wrong) 24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie
        (They worship the Earth, Radical Environmentalist) and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.
        (They support and encourage Homosexuality)
        26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

        (Their thinking is backwards and unGodly, they lie right to your face)
        28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.
        Of course this can apply to all of us, but look at the Democrat party; this is a pretty good description from the word of God about what they are peddling.

      61. Here’s an original song about this economy

        http://www.youtube (Dot) com/watch?v=LX8MqoNkbWI&feature=youtu.be

        Don’t worry, I’m not changing careers to become a singer

      62. RE-POST:::::Sorry WAY off topic, but am I alone in my thoughts. I would like some solid input from descent white Americans.

        Today, I was verbally harassed by 2 Black guys at a gas station, because I would not give them money as I exited the facility.

        I don’t have a problem with black people.

        My problem is the sub-division of their kind. A kind that is known as the N word.

        My dislike for them stems to the fact that a lot of black people I’ve encountered in life are nothing but rude, ignorant and lazy.

        Having served during DS/DS in 2000-2001, I was the only white NCO in the entire platoon…No Joke.

        Thank god I had rank (E-7)

        I could tell you stories of how, as a group, they acted, but it truly would play into the stereotype most whites whom have never worked among this group would have.

        They have harassed, bullied, taunted whites, because we are white and we OWE them something.

        What did I do to deserve this? Absolutely nothing.

        I’ve done nothing wrong to black people.

        I treat all races like I treat mine.

        But for n-ggers I’m done.

        Even Chris Rock hates them!!!

        I didn’t always have hatred for n-ggers.

        My hatred is influenced by the constant bullsh*t whites have had to endure from that kind.

        That is why I can’t stand them.

        Piss on me, I’ll piss on you.

        Oh by the way, as you call me honky and insult me, don’t forget who gave you your freedom.

        My ancestors fought hard for your freedom.

        And in return? No thank you’s,it’s just gimme mo stuff!!

        Am I off base..

        Please opine if you have any thoughts..

        Oh yeah…And this is why you don’t leave little white girls home alone in the south.

        It’s so sad…But reality is a BITCH!!


        • Whites are going to have to get their heads out of their asses and acknowlege reality.

      63. I Noticed the POS Prez Freudian Slip, Also one of the Questioners From the Audience, Addresed Mitt as President Romney? Maybe things are really going to Change, and this is God way of letting it Slip Out!

        We can Hope

        Semper Fi

        • Like 0’romney is gonna be any different and if you truly believe that then you are a foolish person……..if O’romney were really going to straighten america out he would IMMEDIATELY do away with NDAA …..BUT…….HE WONT !!!
          If O’romney REALLY wanted to fix america he would get rid of the FED ……BUT…….HE WONT ….nor did he even really mention it…….BUT ……..we can only hope O’romney wins right???????

      64. Oh thanks Mrs.Oboma. I can see that I am mistaken. Rising Gas prices,rising food prices, The realistate market in the crapper, business failing right and left and the list goes on and on. To be inlightened is so great, but you know something, I don,t believe you or those other butt heads in Washington.

      65. That poster of him is scary enough , but her ! wholly crap !!!!

      66. That’s DIScovery, not REcovery.

      67. I do believe… this country is edging closer and closer towards the abyss. Just don’t look down…

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