Obama: Truth, Transparency, and Promises Be Damned

by | Apr 20, 2011 | Headline News | 33 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    What he said and what he promised are a far cry from what he’s actually done.

    Will America wake up from the deception in time?

    Presented without commentary:

    Hat tip: NC Renegade


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      1. obama needs to stop with the bs and the war

      2. I have more faith in chuckie-cheeze tokens being traded on fleabay for gold & Castro defecting to Miami on a floating 57 Chevy truck to pitch for the NY Yankees this season.

      3. “say anything”

      4. Comments…..  He’s just another one of the cloak wearing, dagger carrying players in this play.

      5. Comments…..ts tsk tsk

      6. Reminds me of how everyone including the Repubs tip-toed through the elections so as not to offend the ‘black guy’ and look bad themselves… lol… so the black guy won. Now, does that make us NOT racist? Of course not, they continue to play the beat up race card to their advantage.
        The puppet masters think they are leading us to a place of their choosing, on a good day. On a bad day, they realize the control is beyond their reach, as it always is.
        On the one hand, I want this to be a safe fall for all of us, but it does have to engulf the puppeteers and all their props and assistants. God’s Legions of Angels usually do surprise me with their ordering of the chaos of humanity. Let’s see! Be prepared!

      7. I was happy to see clips from sorces other than FOX, but it didn’t take this video to find out he’s full of s-h-it

      8. Same old same old!

      9. I am still waiting for the presidential election where I finally pull myself out of bed at 7:00AM on election day, after having spent a sleepless night still agonizing over who I am going to vote for; quite simply because both candidates are such fine, upstanding, and moral individuals of such great potential to do great things for our poor country. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON SUCKER!!!!

        Now we vote for the idiot that we feel is going to hurt us the least. I actually voted for Barkie Obungle because he looked me right straight in the eye and told me that the very first thing that he was going to do upon taking office was to end the stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our troops home. DIDN’T HAPPEN, NOW DID IT???

        We are now building roads, hospitals and schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan while our own country falls apart. How about we come home and take care of the United States of America first? Invite the world to go f–ck itself, quit inporting anything from abroad, make everything here again and mind our own business.

        I guess that I should quit taking LSD & X at the same time; I am obviously delusional.

      10. Obama’s new campaign slogans.

        “Obama.  Getting harder and harder to defend every single day.”

        “Obama.  Worst President Ever.”

        “Obama.  Jimmy Carter’s savior”

        “Obama.  The Nobel Peace Prize Winning war monger.”

        “Obama.  Spending more of your money to vacation, golf and make his friends wealthy.”

        “Obama.  Our Constitution is just a pesky document that gets in his way.”

      11. “Obama.  Our Constitution is just a pesky document that gets in his way.”
        Ok….you got that last one confused with Bush…..reported to have said “It’s JUST a GD piece of paper”.
        Truth be told, all presidents are puppets who dance to the strings being pulled by the real powers behind the curtain.  Blaming any particular one for doing what they are programmed to do is a waste of time.  So it voting for them.

      12. I wonder if Timmy Geithner himself writes this crap or his boss Mr. Purple Lips does.

        Reuters – 4/20/2011

        U.S. stocks climbed on Wednesday after solid earnings and outlooks from a trio of major technology companies renewed optimism about corporate profits and the economic recovery.

      13. PAUL/VENTURA 2012

      14. +100 mush…

        I might prefer Ventura/Paul , but Paul/Ventura would work too.

        Unfortunately, we’ll likely end up with Obama/Biden and Romney/????? … and nothing will change…

      15. Who would have ever thought less than 10 years after 911 the American people could be suckered into electing an Islamic terrorist as president?
        It is up to every INDIVIDUAL to leave the corporation on their own terms.  Or you can vote on which puppet you want to be a subject of and end up with foreign terrorist trying to control you with “law” and military force.
        I choose freedom.  My rights and my ability to protect them come from a higher power.  Failure to exercise them would be a disgrace to my creator.

      16. As for the video… I see videos like this about many elected officials – someone sends me the combined video clips of whoever it is (Dem or Repub), I snicker remembering there is no such thing as an honest “elected” political figure and move along.


        MadMarkie, I couldn’t agree with everything you said more, except maybe the LSD and X thing, if that’s what keeps you sane ( or controled delusions), stick with it 🙂

      17. @mushroom & @mac.  Do you think we will have an election in 2012?  I think there’s only a 50% chance of it.

        I think that the engineered economic crash that is coming will give us “Dictator Obama”.  Or at the very least he will decree the situation to be like war and refuse to step down for a while.  You know, to “save us”.  Or wose yet, we could be folded into some hideous world government situation. 

      18. Vader mode:
        I find your lack of faith in black jesus most disturbing!!!!!!
        Vader mode:

      19. I can hardly stand to look at Dumbo Ears and those lying purple lips of his! He is nothing but a globalist puppet and makes Bush look like a super hero.

        The only promise Im GLAD he didn’t keep was amnesty for the 20+ million illegal invader/squatters we have here. I’m sure thats coming down the pike soon, even tho 80% of Americans are against it. Would not put it past his puke to sign it in by Executive Order!

        If he does we can say bye bye to America and the borders that so many have spilled their blood to defend. The scary thing is since the border is wide effing open now, we will see increased cartel activity here in the states.

        Their latest scare tactic is skinning people alive. They’ve even gone so far as to leave the skin laying next to the body like a mask with no one wearing it. They have also taken to cutting off private parts and stuffing them in the victims mouth or their own cut off hands. I get the M3 Report (compilation of news stories and pictures from mexico and S. America translated to English) and I can tell you that things are WAY worse than what the MSM tells us up here. It’s enough to give one nightmares or at least lose sleep at night.

        Since he got into office, I feel like I’ve been in some weird parallel universe where up is down and black is white. It’s been at the point sometimes where for the first time in my life I’ve considered taking some sort of medication just to escape the constant anxiety. However that’s what the puppet masters want – they want us to get so confused and overwhelmed by their constant flim flam that we just aquiesce and Im stronger than that – at least for now.  🙁

      20. As bad as Obummer is, he will probably be reelected for a second term.

        Then you had really better watch out.

      21. Comments….. Im sure seeds will be worth more than gold real soon…

      22. The play goes on!  It doesn’t matter who is President!  They are not in control of anything!  The private corporation known as The Fed runs the show!  Unless and until that changes BOHICA!  Peace Out!  Good Luck!

      23. I have more faith/trust in Papa John to deliver a pizza than any scum bag politician’s promises.  Quit voting folks, on all levels of gov.  Crooks, cheats and liars; none to be trusted ever!  Yes, some are worse than others.  None work for a living either.

      24. Mark, do you sell these seeds?


      26. Comments…..obama is a liar.  every speech he makes and every interview he gives he can be heard telling lies and not answering direct questions. he is hiding his birth certificate. he is hiding his college transcripts..he has questionable friends. he is everything that my mama told me to avoid being acquainted with.

      27. Bush was the biggest liar, fraud and murderer. He did at least 3 things hitler did. 1)create the tsa, hitler had the gestapo, same thing, just more crude and the technology was not the same, but on the same page as the tsa nazis groping and illegally violating their citizens rights.2) Un patriotic act, hitler kept an eye on his citizens and violated rights just as bush did by creating the un patriotic act, effective took away our rights foreever, 3)Starting illegal wars based on lies, Afghanistan, iraq, Hitler went after, russia, Poland, france, england and the rest, all these make bush as close as one can be to hitler.

      28. Harry – time to get over it. yea bush was all you said plus more but he’s gone and now we have another dumb ass in the seat.  he’s all of bush plus a lot more.

      29. The space shuttle will have to wait to launch until me-shale lands.  The space shuttle will have to do a fly around until me-shale lands. 

      30. I feel sorry for any poor woman married to Harry (although if he HAS a wife, she is one tough gal). 

        I love obummer nuts. They are so much fun. Just mention the birth certificate thing and they go crazier than if you tell them you had sex with their girlfriend (or boyfriend, as the case may be). That said, he stands a good chance of reelection at this point because the republicrats do not seem to want the job and are happy to field a bunch of the same tired old faces (or is it feces?)

        I tell obummer freaks that Biden (or is it Bidet?) should resign and get a job as an air traffic controller.   

        Palin could do the job, but is probably not electable because she has been so beat up in the public eye. She may be the ideal person, because she would probably quit in two years like she did as governor. USA needs more public (pubic?) “servants” like her.

      31. Wake up Hairy, it’s 2011 & the man child is in office.

      32. Vote him out…impeach this fool….he is killing America and then he is off to the EU….wake up….the anti-christ is here and he is taxing and lying and taking our rights away little by little……

      33. He’s no more inconsistent than other politicians. It’s scary how much faith you people have in politicians.
        I did vote for him back in ’08 and he hasn’t done everything he promised, but isn’t that kinda expected? Although, he hasn’t been a complete let down. We’re taking baby steps to what I want him to have completed by now. Like gay marriage isn’t legalized, but the first step has been completed, challenging DOMA. Also, US still doesn’t have universal health care (we’re like the only developed country without it!). Makes no sense why we don’t have it. His health reform plan was a baby step.
        I guess what I’m saying is that he isn’t taking the strides he needs to. Especially with the war. We need to get the f**k out of Iraq! I hope he keeps funding this war and sending more troops so we can finally finish whatever we’re doing there… spreading democracy? yea ok.
        I’ll probably vote for him again tho. What I think is going on, is that he’s trying to get sh*t done, but its all very bureaucratic, and things take forever to get done in this country.

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