Obama Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know… and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Headline News | 510 comments

bongino(Pictured: Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino with President Obama)

You may have your suspicions about what’s going on behind closed doors at the White House.

But according to one of President Obama’s former body guards it’s much worse than we can even imagine.

Dan Bongino has protected numerous Presidents over his career, including President Obama. He has been within ear-shot of many a discussion in the Oval Office, but up until this administration has stayed out of the lime light. Apparently, however, the activities of this administration are so abhorrent that he could no longer keep quiet.

Bongino is so upset with what he witnessed that he is now running for Congress because he feels it’s the only way to take America back from the sycophants who have made every effort to enrich themselves with money and power at the expense of the American people.

How bad is it?

We’re in a lot of trouble.

The President sees government – and I think it’s because of his lack of experience and maybe community organizing in the past – as this shiny new toy.

For all the disagreements I had with Clinton, Carter and Bush there were always limits… there was that line you just didn’t cross… We cross it seemingly every day. We’re lost in the scandals…

The Jamie Dimon shakedown at Chase… the HHS scandal.. Kathleen Sebelius shaking down the health care industry for money… the IRS… it’s to the point where these scandals in and of themselves would be huge back-breaking scandals [but] are just lost in the scandal fog of this administration…

It’s worse than people know… and I’m not trying to scare you either.

This is coming from someone who has stood next to Presidents for his entire career.

The implications are absolutely terrifying, especially considering how bad the publicly known scandals already are. Can you imagine what’s happening outside the view of Americans?

This is not about Republican or Democrat, it’s about liberty, pure and simple, and this administration has done more to damage our individual rights than any that has come before it.

Bongino expresses this succinctly when discussing the NSA scandal and the administration’s use of the information acquired by government snoops all over the country.

You give the government information and it will be abused. It is not a matter of if it’ll be abused, it’s only a matter of when…

When the line between the personal self and the public self… when that line is determined by the government that keeps your information in a trove for release any time they need it, how are you free?

..the bottom line is, having worked inside the government, it will be abused. It is only a matter of time.

We are all doing something wrong. The catch is not “if” we’re doing something wrong. It is “are your private wrongs impacting on my civil liberties?” If not, the government has no business in your life… it’s a red herring…

If you’re not doing something wrong? The question is only whether your private wrongs that have no effect on anyone else become exposed for the government’s benefit.

…It’s only a matter of time before someone slaps an email on your desk from fifteen years ago… and says ‘look what we got against you.’

Remember, when the key is held by someone else liberty means absolutely nothing. That personal and private self are being evaporated.

Make no mistake. They – and that especially includes this administration and/or agents acting under their directives and initiatives – will use everything they can against you when it suits them.

The prerogative has always been to destroy anything or anyone who threatens the establishment. We’ve seen it time and again with this, as well as past, White House administrations and Congressional membership.

Now, more than ever before, they will start targeting those who speak out against them and jeopardize their agenda.

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    1. Wolf359

      For all you 2-party system haters who throw away votes voting for 3rd party candidates instead of working in the republican party to change it from within by promoting constitutionalism and libertarianism you lost another election and gift wrapped a governorship to a big government marxist in Virginia.

      Cuccinelli and Sarvis who by the way was promoted and supported not only by demoncrats but by rhino vichy republicans in an attempt to stifle the tea party backed cuccinelli and install a big spending marxist like mcauliffe. Combined they had 53% of the vote to the marxists 47%.

      Would have easily won the election but instead Virginia will now see a new york and california style gun bans and free tax payer paid abortions for 12 yr olds.

      Get ready for 1 party rule for that is what is coming and by the time enough people realize the benfits of libertarianism it will be too late and nothing will be left.

      • slingshot


        The Republican Party is pathetic.

        • MEDIC98

          Yes, the GOP is pathetic. BUT, wolf is 110% correct! The dems now know how to beat the GOP with fewer numbers. We are doomed………

          • Hocus

            I believe that unless some great change happens the numbers aren’t there either. The GOP needs to be rebuilt.

            Oh you’ll get a backlash after Obama maybe, if things get real bad and some Republican Obama arises who promises to “work hand in hand with Congress”, which is a secret code that means I’ll go with the flow and change position moment to moment, see what works and see what they can get away with and spin the rest. Obama is an excellent example. He promised to slam shut Bush’s war chest and instead has been adding to it.

            Aside from a general angst among the young of all things political, and a case can be made that people on government assistance don’t want to rock the boat… fact is, there has been no real youthful conservative movement — until Ron Paul.

            What is the SINGLE GREATEST REASON that two generations and especially women have turned away from the GOP? I’ll have to take off the gloves here. It is the invasion of and the religious right and the moral turpentine they have poured on to the Constitution.

            ANYONE who attempts to restrict abortion rights or fight for these arbitrary gender-preference barriers that brand ‘gay’ people as unfit for anything — will from this day henceforward be outvoted, undermined and (in their old age) barely tolerated and perhaps, if they really put their foot in it — cut off entirely.

            That’s the way it is. It’s over, people.

            If the Republican Party is unable to un-package its moral turpentine from their policies of governance, you may as well set it alight and stick a fork in it.

            I am conservative but I could not in good conscience vote for a flaming anti-abortionist. It’s like voting to take away my daughter’s driving privileges.

            I supported Ron Paul because he was able to keep his personal views separate from his Constitutional vision of proper governance, a rare and honorable thing.

            We might lose the Republic because of the Religious Wrong folks who cannot untangle it from politics. That would piss me off fiercely.

            Some quotes from another Republican who had a clue, Barry Goldwater. The man also said and did some ugly things, but in his better moments he clearly had foreseen trends that would result in the MASS EXODUS of younger voters from the GOP.

            (and yes I know it’s really ‘moral turpitude’ 😉

            “A lot of so-called conservatives today don’t know what the word means. They think I’ve turned liberal because I believe a woman has a right to an abortion. That’s a decision that’s up to the pregnant woman, not up to the pope or some do-gooders or the religious right. It’s not a conservative issue at all.”

            “When you say ‘radical right’ today, I think of these moneymaking ventures by fellows like Pat Robertson and others who are trying to take the Republican party and make a religious organization out of it. If that ever happens, kiss politics goodbye.”

            “Every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the ass.”

            “Everyone knows that gays have served honorably in the military since at least the time of Julius Caesar. […] You don’t have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight.”

            [to the Republican establishment of the 90s] “Do not associate my name with anything you do. You are extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican party much more than the Democrats have.”

            • Pissed Off Granny


              It is obvious that the “moral turpentine” you are alluding to is the 10 Commandments.

              It is also obvious that the founders of this country believed in that “moral turpentine” when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

              The GOP has destroyed itself because it has jumped in bed with the rest of the evil PTB; who have left the 10 Commandments in the dust.

              You do not need your Libertarian party; you just need to vote mainstream Republican or Democrat to see your vision of what America should look like.

              Don’t give a crap what Goldwater had to say. He would be glad to join the Democratic party today. Everything he said is included in their beliefs and their party and at the national level I will include the Republican party. I think we all know we should be calling them by the correct name “The Progressive Party” aka communists.

              You don’t need to rebuild the Republican party at the national level;- hocus-pocus kazoom- most already support your platform.

              • wrong

                What would have happened if B Goldwater would have beaten Johnson…? Goldwater got the snot beat out of him back in 64. I lived in Missouri and my parents and all their friends voted for Goldwater. Our destiny was written long ago I believe.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  Wolf359 says:

                  “Get ready for 1 party rule for that is what is coming.”

                  We already have “1 party rule.” When are you people gonna figure that one out???

                  The false left right paradigm:

                  “A deliberate ploy to keep people conned into believing that there are more than one option for the governance of their nation by offering up a Left Wing party and a Right Wing party when both are owned and managed by the same nefarious interest groups and both carry on the same.”


                  Wake the F**K up people!

              • Redeemed


            • Anonymous

              So, it’s the right of your daughter to commit murder on an unborn child. I guess it’s alright then if your folks figure it’s best to post birth abort you now and not face murder charges.

              • Hocus

                My sisters and I recall fondly how Dad would occasionally say, “If only abortion was permitted up to the 18th year.” So death threats are natural for us and we use other methods for risk assessment. Our humor is not held captive to social correctness. Thanks for reminding me how much I love and honor my father and mother.

                • RICH98

                  And don’t forget you honor your daughter the slut also…

              • Anonymous

                You’re an idiot.

                • Anaon7

                  RICH98: Your insecurity about women is apparent, is it because your mom or former wife put out for the whole town? Wow, you are a sad little man.

              • Slick One

                Rather than being forced to support someones bastard ghetto welfare child for life, Id rather see an abortion.

              • Mark

                F*&k you anonymous! You don’t even have the balls to use your name. NOBODY should be forced to have children they don’t want. The world will be a better place if you were aborted.

                • Trip

                  If you don’t want a child, use protection and common sense. It’s that simple.

                • Ed

                  NO ONE is forced to have children. Children are the result of having sex. If you do not want a child, KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! Choices and actions create results. Period. “NO”- the 100% foolproof oral contraceptive. DUH!

            • kremlin

              unless we get rid of the ZIONIST Masonry who controls BOTH and ALL sides, we are sunk- totally and truly. All the rest is a stage show for the stupid goyim.
              All of the scandals unfolding now, began under prior administrations. the difference? now they are emphasized and promoted selectively to keep the POTUS in line.
              Obama is not playing ball vis a vis attacking Iran/Syria and so the jewish-controlled media will bring him down that way to benefit ISRAEL.
              the figureheads change, the string pullers remain the same. the common thread behind them for over a century is the Tribe we may not name…
              WAKE UP.

              • Pissed Off Granny


                Out of all the posts on shtf none seem to touch Masonry.
                Why would that be?

                • Them Guys

                  All of world Masonery lodges are ruled by the main HQ lodge of Bani’ Berith’ masons which only allows jewish masons as members. The rest of masonery is used to reqruit gentiles. It is akin to kommies and zionisim which are the same entity that is simply Talmudisim for goyim gentile non jews.

                • Dan Morgan

                  Here’s generally how it was described to me [paraphrasing]: ‘Its a pyramid exactly as the one you see on the back of the US$1 Note. At the very tip top are 13 individuals (perhaps a few less (9-11) but certainly no more). These thirteen head the thirteen wealthiest families in the world (Western world? basically Europe and United States). They are so wealthy that its pointless (and usually against their wishes) to note them in the yrly Forbes list, royalty, controlling members of the World Banking Cartel (Banksters), etc. This is the so-called Golden Council.

                  They own and control virtually all major corporations and banks in the western world (name it and you can trace all real ownership and control back to one of these) even several city-states (for instance the Zionists and Mossad are wholly owned subsidiaries, and ironically Iran was the only one telling us the truth about who directly committed 9-11, namely the Mossad, though it was ordered by the Golden Council, planned by MI6, condoned by CIA DarkSide, and known by a few in the Bush Administration (certainly Rumsfeld, maybe Cheney maybe not) who lined everything up for the US Gov’t and various members of the pyramid and helped stage it for the public to broadcast in the MSM)

                  Under these is the Council of Eagles, a larger group of the Golden Councils immediate agents. They speak for the members of the Golden Council directly to heads of state (presidents prime ministers) and other lower tier power brokers (Heads of Central Banks) (who the public generally regards as “World Leaders”, “Powerful People”, who are really in many cases just mangers for the Golden Council), (for example, I’ve heard that Kissinger and Brezenski are or have been such agents).

                  Then you have members the of order of secret societies, (for example Skull&Bones)(others you might see frolicking in Bohemian Grove) who are tapped for the so-called “World Leadership” and “Power Positions”. They are usually also members of other mid-tier clubs like the Trilateral Commission etc. and Europes versions of the same. These are kind of revolving doors for the managers who take the “powerful positions” (e.g. Sec. of State, Heads of Trade and Commerce etc.) in various National Capitals around the Western World.

                  Then you have groups like the Masonic Lodge etc. whose higher degree members sometimes reach the lower middle tier but are usually just the type tapped as VP at a large commercial bank or a bueracratic or corporate post somewhere. Most of the time the upper parts of the pyramid are opaque or invisible Masons (certainly mid level Masons and probably even the highest tier only know of but have no connection to the upper heirarchy).’

                  I could go on, but you get the gist.

            • Anonymous

              Hocus..Im a democrat and thats the best post in a long time

            • Tionico

              If you hold your daughter’s priviledge of driving as equal to her “right” to spread her legs for anyone she wants to allow, thus her “right” to kill the resulting child is tantamount to her right to her driving license, YOU are part of the problem. You carry on about your daughter’s right to breed, then terminate, at will, but nary a word aobut the basid right to LIFE of that child so conceived. Until YOU, and the rest of the republicanparty, value basic human rights (and yes, this DOES include the right of the not yet born to LIVE) how will you possibly build a rational case for perserving our rights to privacy, liberty, freedom from unlawful search, seizure, imprisonment, asset forfeiture, etc? They ALL stand or they ALL fall. YOU mightn’t see it, but that is the truth. And yes, it DOES matter.

              • Them Guys

                Tionico: the exact same goes for atheists folk. None has an answer when I ask them where did Your God given gun rights etc come from if there is no God? There are just Two entities that has the power to grant civil rights.

                God or the State. State govnt power is the highest power entity on earth, Below that of Godly Power.

                If atheists were to get their way, and every or most all of american citizens agree there is No God, it will take the kommie rat dem libs about TWO Minits at most to go Live TV to announce that every prior State given civil right to own guns has been disolved and NO longer exists.

                About at That precise moment is when most atheists will realize the Huge mistake they wished for. There is simply NO way around this issue. Either Yes rights came From God to Humans, and Yes God is real, or hes not and all rights were given to humans from their respective govnts period.

                So Far all the atheist libertarians I ever met get very angry when I mention that fact. None provide any good argument that disproves it though as they cannot.

                Very similar to what You said on abortion murder eh.

                • Mike W

                  Wrong. Morality does not require theism. Human rights exist because of those who fight for them. We could start a philosophical discussion about the basis for right and wrong but thats a whole different conversation. I would sum up my belief as this: Anything that interferes with the life or liberty of others is immoral.

                  Your example of gun rights is absurd! Where do you get the idea that my right to carry a firearm (which I exercise every day) comes from god? That’s an honest question, I’m curious how anyone would answer.

                  I agree that our 2nd amendment is under heavy attack, as well as the 1st and 4th. We have them not because “God said so” or more accurately “Man said God said so” but because WE THE PEOPLE said so in the bill of rights.

                  So answer me this: If it is our right because god says so then how does that go away simply because we stop believing in him? Doesn’t that mean that regardless of whether god is real or not those rights come from human power???

                  And let me clear up one misconception, what atheists want is not to make others believe what we do. We just don’t want to have your beliefs and the laws that stem from them forced upon us.

                • Reynaldo

                  Except that we don’t give God his/her/its power. But the only way the state has power is if we give that power to it. It is also within us to take that power away from the state. But we cannot take God’s power away.

              • Hocus

                Channeling Mother Theresa now are we? http://futiledemocracy.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/the-curse-of-mother-theresa/ Absolutes corrupt absolutely.

                It is not for me to “build a case” for anything. The case is Roe vs. Wade [1973] and it has been decided. I am satisfied with the current legal condition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_in_the_United_States#Current_legal_situation where ‘fetal viability outside the womb’ is the deciding factor and this womens’ right is all but assured into the second trimester.

                It is a balance between our respect for life and recognition of a woman’s right to decide her own destiny. Besides, more women support this position than do not. As a man, who am I to decide it for them?

                Ask the Pope if she thinks the church has contributed to patriarchal submission of women.

                What do my daughter’s legs have to do with it? Please explain.

                • Anaon7

                  Mike W: You are correct, one doesn’t need a deity to tell right from wrong. In fact, only a non-thinking person does because they are too weak-minded to and cowardly to make those decisions for themselves. They need to be told like little children how to think and act. It’s not even being moral when you’re simply ‘following orders’ dictated by someone else. That just makes a you a stupid Nazi who can’t or won’t think for yourself. You’re basically a mindless robot if you let others chose for you, and that is never moral, that’s childish irresponsible. I make my choices freely based on sound logic. I know that it’s wrong to harm others because I don’t like it when someone harms me. I don’t need to told by some invisible being the truth of these things I can see for myself. If we were to listen to religious fanatics we’d still be living in mud huts believing that some god causes storms, crop failures, and diseases because of some perceived misdeeds on our parts. Science tells us otherwise and we have seen these petty little tyrant gods shrink with every new scientific discovery on weather, health and other areas that improve life here on earth. 20% of Americans have admitted to being non-believers and that number has been growing along with scientific education. All of our modern conveniences and medicine were brought to us science, not religion. But hey, you believers, you can leave science behind and the next time your sick or injured and just pray and fast, if you believe hard enough things will be alright. The thumbs down always come from the uneducated who can never offer a cogent rebuttal.

              • RICH98

                Maybe he should have aborted his daughter.

                Now the only option is a chastity belt, or duct tape her knees shut.

            • TheGuy

              For the love of almighty Christ… your hypothetical “daughter” has 11 forms of birth control, PLUS the morning after pill, PLUS adoption no questions aksed, PLUS ABSOLUTELY NO FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITES TO THAT KID IF SHE DOESN’T WANT THEM. They’ll chase the Dad to the ends of the Earth and take all his paycheck.

              And you want to fight to include infanticide??

              Are you really that brainwashed?

              I mean… hey me too, man. Can I just go around fucking over anyone I want any time I want and get a free pass too?

              • sharonsj

                Have you forgotten that the Repubs are trying to outlaw all forms of conception too? Have you forgotten all the vaginal probe laws passed by states who still haven’t done anything about the lack of jobs? And the Republicans in the House wasted $50 million trying to repeal Obamacare 46 times while not doing anything about jobs either? What’s going to happen to all the kids you want born when they go looking for jobs and can’t find any?

                • Anonymous

                  Hey Sharon, get some new material or go back to pussynose mike snyders place ok?

                • TheGuy

                  I think you’re conflating the Republicans with the Catholics. I never heard of any Republican wanting to outlaw contraception. Neither would I, for that matter.

                  You’re not advocating for your hypothetical daughter’s right to drive.

                  You’re advocating for her right to drive DRUNK.

                  “My ancestors were oppressed… therefore I can do anything I want”?

                  Everyone’s ancestors were oppressed. It doesn’t work that way.

                  It’s a person you know. Don’t believe me, go have a look at what they look like at 4 weeks. Since when does any person have the right to commit murder? Not to mention the unilateral right to decide whether or not to do that…

                • TheGuy

                  I think you’re conflating the Republicans with the Catholics. I never heard of any Republican wanting to outlaw contraception. Neither would I for that matter.

                  You’re not advocating for your hypothetical daughter’s right to drive. You’re advocating for her right to drive DRUNK.

                  “My ancestors were oppressed so now I get to do anything I want”, is that it? Everyone’s ancestors were oppressed. It doesn’t work that way.

                  It’s a person you know. Go have a look at a 4 week old fetus if you don’t believe me. So now you have the right to commit murder… and on top of that, make the decision unilaterally? I don’t think so.

                  It’s about time someone started saying “no”. I’m giving your hypothetical daughter seatbelts, airbags, her own personal brethalyzer, and free car insurance… and she still wants a “get out of jail free” card when she commits manslaughter. Well, you know what? F*ck that.

                • TheGuy

                  I will, however, advocatefor your hypothetical daughter’s right to be a lesbian.

                  Because… frankly… no sane man is going to touch such an irresponsible… ahem “individual”… with such an almightily misplaced sense of entitlement.

                  Or to quote Princes Leia from Star Wars: “You came in that thing?! You’re braver than I thought…”

                • chaz

                  Please stop with the disinformation. I’m not a Repub in the least and never have been, but never have I heard anyone but on the farthest fringe of the Repub party say anything even remotely close to what you are alleging. And “vaginal probe laws”? Are you smoking crack or something?

                  As for repealing Obamacare, any amount of money up to the trillions it’s going to cost us would be worth the chance to repeal that awful piece of garbage that’s costing us the jobs you claim to value. People are getting pink slips today because of it, and the Republicans are the only ones trying to do anything about it and you’re blaming them for not doing anything about jobs? Do you have any idea how insane you sound?

                  The Repubs have deep, serious issues. Yes, I agree they’ve gotten themselves tripped up over hating on gays and other moral stuff (though I agree with them on abortion…anyone who does that barbaric act does not need to count me among their friends).

                  But it doesn’t really matter in the end, which is why I’m going to vote for a friend who’s running for congress in 2014 and won’t be voting in any other races, or any other elections after that. For all intents and purposes the Rs and Ds are exactly the same animal, and they’re going to do what they’re going to do regardless of what is right or what the people want. ObamaCare has never polled a majority of favorable citizens, and they’re forcing it on us.

                  It’s over. Prepare while you can, and pray if you’re of a mind to do that.

                • RICH98

                  Hey Sharon…the Republicans “wasted 50 million foghting Obamacare”?

                  How about the SIX HUNDRED FUCKING MILLION THE GOVT spent on a website to sign up for it that doesn’t work.

                  Forget a bout that part?

                • MXLord327

                  sharonsj – That is an outright lie perpetrated by the demoncrat party before last year’s election, and you should know that!

                • jbstein66

                  @sharonsj, there’s no group looking to outlaw birth control, unless you consider abortion to be birth control. Some would like to NOT require health to pay for birth control. Not paying for it is very different from outlawing. You can still buy, use and provide birth control; you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

                  Where does your $50 million dollars figure come from for trying to repeal the ACA?

                  You sound like you have separated from reality.

              • Hocus

                Why [abortion]? Because some men are assholes. Some men are creepy. Some men are not fit to be fathers. Some are cowards, some are lunatics. Some men just don’t work. As in, employment. Some undergo a personality change the moment the learn about a pregnancy that sends a ‘Twilight Zone’ shrieking alarm and paranoid shivers up a woman’s spine.

                Some men are noble and righteous and good providers and ready for fatherhood, but they had the misfortune to hook up with a woman who does not value these things (or him) and proceeds to get an abortion. Because some women are assholes.

                In all these cases… it works out beautifully. Because complete families and loved, cherished children are what matters. If God valued procreation above all else, He would instruct clever Christians to build test tube baby factories. (Disclaimer: I am not God!)

                I favor the right to abortion because some people are assholes.

                I have many more reasons, but that is the one I chose to share with you.

                • TheGuy

                  Some fetuses aren’t.

                  Many men are… I’ve experienced them… oh my have I ever.

                  Many women are as well… and I feel this is an oft unrecognized fact. I’ve met some gems that would have given the most assholish man a run for his money.

                  So what’s the kid? Does anyone know?

                  I’d be the first to admit there’s an element of genetics in this deal for the kid. On the other hand there are gobs of people looking to adopt. And last I checked, you don’t condemn a kid for something he/she didn’t do…

                • RICH98


                  Ok. I see now. Your daughter bangs asshole, unemployed creepy guys who are cowards and lunatics. Tell her to jus have them pull out and shoot on her face.

                  Sounds like she is searching for all the qualities daddy has.

                • Anaon7

                  RICH98: You bloated ignoramus; I don’t like abortion anymore than I like capital punishment, but on rare occasions it’s necessary. And in your case, I’d say it should be mandatory because you are a clear and present danger to all of those around you. If it were possible, I’d travel back in time and not only approve of your mother’s decision to abort you, I’d perform it myself.

              • RICH98

                THE GUY- well if your banging his daughter you KNOW you have a free pass.

            • nevermind/obe

              Your daughter can have her abortion if she wants; but taxpayers don’t have to pay for it or be responsible for her mental and moral condition. You as her parent are responsible to help her make decisions and help her pay for her own abortion.

            • Wolf359


              Where does the Bible say anything about abortion rights???

              You are a perfect example of a low information voter who is easily swayed by the mischaracterization and false narratives the Marxists use to scare people like you into ceding your naturally inherent rights for a the made up war on women.

              You are a disgrace.

              Most people are against abortion because they value life and abortions are the snuffing and KILLING of innocent life. It has nothing to do with religion but with high morality and ethical behavior which is something you lack.

              You compare the killing of innocent children to your daughters privilege of driving?

              You are so off the mark it is laughable. You truly do not have a clue. Its people like yourself who are the reasons this country is failing.

              Why don’t you read Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Henry and other Founding Fathers and educate yourself on morality, religion and how it influenced them and the ways they formed our country.

            • Dusty

              Hocus, how can you equate abortion to getting a driving license? You better rethink it, before you get before the throne of judgment. Abortion is killing babies, and will be a crime if this nation ever gets on the right track.

              • Hocus

                “You compare the killing of innocent children to your daughters privilege of driving?”

                “Hocus, how can you equate abortion to getting a driving license?”

                Quite easily. Since no one seems to get it, a reference to Saudi Arabia, an earthly paradise where a patriarchal religion has been permitted to impose its own laws as government, where women can drive if they acknowledge the possibility of being beaten as a consequence.

                To keep women from having abortions (they do and they will) tie ’em all up and put them in cages, why don’t you.

                Ironically, if you really want to outlaw abortion the first thing you need to do is take the vote away from women. Better get right on it.

                • Wolf359

                  Typical liberal response hocus. Just dodge the the question and run your mouth about something irrevelent.

            • mostevenings

              Clean up Washington….Vote for the Challenger

            • Leonard

              I hear gays are raping other men in the military at the moment. And “taking away your daughter’s driving privilege…”? No sir, just taking away her unprotected fucking privileges. If she’s not mature enough to avoid pregnancy, why the hell should I pay for her abortion? She can pay for it herself, or I’ll happily send her a coat hanger. A USED coat hanger…

            • Pocus Says

              You claim to be a conservative and compare the right to an abortion as the same as the right to a drivers licence? Thank goodness most “conservaties” would find this statement nuts if it was not so absured.

            • Joe in Oly

              You are not a conservative, so crawl back under the rock you have been hiding under.

          • Gonetoolong

            We were doomed 40 years ago. This is simply a cycle that has to play out for people to see that IT (the socialistic paradigm) doesn’t work. Reading it in history books won’t work. Figuring it out by analytics and logic won’t work. The sheeple must choose this path and feel/see/touch/smell that it doesn’t work. Let them come, truth is truth and will come out eventually. We just have to survive the period that it all unfolds. Hope to get America back through preservation.

            • JustMe

              They still won’t get it…

              • James in Arizona

                The Baby Boom generation of “true believers”, and perhaps Gen X, will never get it. Younger members of Generation Y likely will. One important factor in the Soviet Union’s fall was that by 1989 the “true believers” in hard-line Communism were largely dead.

                • jbstein66

                  I was born in 1966, leading edge of Gen X. Speaking on behalf of my small generational group, who are squeezed by the Boomers and the next much larger generational groups, WE DO GET IT. Collectively we’ve been talking about it for decades. The Boomers have the controlling voting block and have driven this bus off the road. Gen Y has been along for the ride and elected Obama, because it was cool and the thing to do, coordinating across campuses. Look at the demographics of voting blocks, you’ll see the staunchest conservative groups from Gen X.

          • SugarHoneyIceTea

            The Reuplican party has COMPLETELY lost it’s balls. All this Blather and propaganda from Barry O and where was the GOP??? Instead of calling him out and slamming his lies EVERY chance they got they are completely silent…Nothing….Cricket noises, that was it. They NEVER come out swinging! It is a party that has the attitude “go along to get along” NEVER fighting for what’s right. They’re done!!! I would love to see them come out and call the president for the Liar he is, but they NEVER will… NO guts at all.

            • TheGuy

              That’s what happens when you castrate your public opinion polls by front running Bush…

              Now they’re all gun shy…

              It’s over now… I get it… and they have to start doing something to stop this nonsense… but that’s why they have no balls…

            • Reynaldo

              It’s not because they don’t have balls, or attitude, it’s because both sides are working for the same puppet masters. Everything else they do is theater designed to distract the sheeple. Until enough people figure this this out to make a difference nothing is going to change. This started back in the 90s when the PTB realized they couldn’t lose if the started funding the campaigns of both sides and lobbying both sides.

          • HideAndWatch

            We were doomed before. You really still think there is a difference between the candidates offered up by the dems or republicrats? You see how Obama’s policies differ from Bush in what way? Explain it to me. Obama continues the Bush war policy and extends it even further. A democrat? They all read off the same teleprompter, my friend. They are all big-government, full-control or your life and finance socialists. Eventually, when there is no more to reach for or we complain to loudly, they will finally bare their teeth and we will see exactly what they have become.

            • AndyNY

              Totally agree! My liberal friends that blindly support the Democrat Party and my Conservative friends that blindly support the GOP (or at least think they just don’t get it) are fools. It’s already over.

          • Reynaldo

            They’re not beating the GOP. The left and the right are working for the same team. Yeah, they use emotional wedge issues to divide and conquer us by making it look like they are diamterically opposed. But on all the big stuff when it comes to spending money and shredding the Constitution they’re all in on it together. The big money interests actually bribe boths sides. That way they cannot lose. We are the ones who always lose and they laugh all the way to the bank about the stupid sheeple who think voting left or right really matters. Even the Tea Party is a trojan horse being funded by big money NWO people.

        • OutWest

          It was nice knowing you, Dan —

          any word you would like to leave

          me for your next of kin……

          • sixpack

            Of course, Mr. Bongino will end up having an accident or will end up going to prison before he takes a seat in congress, but his message is useful, in that he reaffirms what we already knew—OBUMMER MUST BE IMPEACHED.

            • sixpack

              Here’s what we can look forward to:


              Cops pull man over for doing a “california stop” then subjects him to numerous anal probes and procedures, only to come up empty-handed…

              • Wasp

                Sixpack say what! They did anal probes, and came up empty-handed!WASP

                • Wasp

                  Sorry sixpack, I thought I would make a humorous comment but after reading your article, it is something that makes me furious,WASP

                • sixpack

                  S’all right Wasp, I had the same thought when I first read the article. I have a hard time justifying this act, even if they had found something illegal, because THAT is the exact excuse they used to justify this in the first place—because there was one time when they did find something illegal, therefor, it must now be SOP, any time they want to.

                  Give an inch—lose a mile.

              • Slick One

                The police officers, doctors and judge involved should be forced to have the same thing done to them. The be fired from their respective professions never being allowed to pratice said professions again.
                This sounds like something NAZI Germany or the Communist Soviet Union would do.

                • Reynaldo

                  No, it sounds like The United States in 2013. This is what is going on today and it is only going to get worse. History has shown us too many examples of what comes next given what has already happened in this country and it is not a pretty picture. Imagine the SS, or Stazi, or Gestapo with the technology, unlimited budget, and free reign of our DHS today. We are about to live through our worst nightmares.

              • king krazy

                That would be the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

                • lonelonemum

                  With the homeless now being sent to FEMA camps, I’m not sure what other proof people need that dark times are now officially here.

                  SHTF is happening in real time.

                • TheGuy

                  Source for the homeless FEMA thing?

                  Always wondered wheere all those guys were disappearing to…

              • Brane Frees

                They did anal probes and came up empty-handed…

                No shit?

                • sixpack

                  But, they didn’t stop when they came up with nothing! They x-rayed him AND performed a full COLONOSCOPY, when everything else failed. Apparently, they knew they were in over their heads already (pun intended) so what could it hurt to go the extra mile…

                  The ONLY intelligent person in the article, was the first doctor who REFUSED to participate in the abuse. Someone should send that DR a fruit basket.

                • Reynaldo

                  Are we talking about an arrest here or an alien abduction?

                • MXLord327

                  Too funny Brane Frees!!!!

            • JayJay

              {{{Mr. Bongino will end up having an accident or will end up going to prison}}}

              And that is because there is no longer any need to bring in emails 15 years old.
              Hell, just a copier with cut and paste does a great job to keep all congress quiet.
              A 6 year old can do it.

              • Them Guys

                Sixpack: A Major reason we see so many abuses of persons otherwise law abiding etc is I think due to unlike muslims who are well known to seek revenge and even attack or kill an entire busload of folks simply as payback for a mohamad cartoon they dislike. It is also well known that christians, of which a vast majority of americans profess to be, are forbidden to seek revenge(revenge is MINE says the Lord etc), so it makes most avg citizens sitting duck targets of vile abusive JackBoot type cops, gangbangers, and polititions to screw over.

                Therefore perhaps we need a new alert system so whenever a christian is unduly harmed, and unable to seek or do revenge, another fellow christian within our alert systems, can arise to the occassion and do what the Lord most often uses humans to do. That being to Avenge the original abused christian folk!

                Example: My pal is a fellow christian in the alert system network, gets hurt by rogue jackboot cop, cannot do revenge to square things properly. Bingo! I or another christian fellow alert network member come to the rescue and does that “Lords revenge” work by doing a manhunt, and when found that jackboot rogue cop, gets taken care of but good!…Harmed innocent christian remains in good standing with God, I or another christian acting as Avenger, teaches jackboot a valuable lesson to never again screw with Any of Our alert netowrk, espeically when Our network out numbers that jackboots cop networks by a couple Thousand to his One.

                I just Love it when a plan comes together. A-Team.

                PS We shall require Hats and T-shirts for the alert netowrk members…Perhaps Black Hat and tshirt that has “AGENTS of the LORD” written on each. A type of Higher Command system than any state or fed govnt entity agency such as state cops or FBI/DHS.

                Agents of the Lord, Avenging wrongs daily as required.

                • sixpack

                  That T-shirt could just as easily say “Avenging Patriot” on it.

                  I agree that those bad cops who do pull this shit, do so because they know there’ll be no repercussions, directly or legally…but I think there should be, but it should come from other officers who won’t tolerate such behavior.

                  I know, there aren’t that many good ones out there lately, but they are there…and it only takes one or two.

                  Same idea within the military ranks.

                  If we had a similar system within the civilian ranks, they’d call it “vigilante” for sure, but just like “Patriot”, “vigilante” has been redefined from someone seeking justice to terrorist.

                  The sheeple can wait for the answer to that 911 call if they want to—me, I’m not always so patient.

                • MXLord327

                  There is a guy in New Hampshire right now fighting the state because they won’t allow him to get the vanity plate he wants for his car. It says COPS-LIE. I guess it is illegal to put the truth on a license plate in the “Live Free or Die” state now. Poor NH has officially been over-run by massholes!

            • Billybones III

              No He won’t! He just wants to get at that same trough the politicians have their noses in. There may still be a few bucks left for him.
              This guy’s about as noble and honorable as Assange and all the other ‘Whistle-blowers’ who dole out bits of info piece-meal.
              It’s all bout the money!

              • Smokey

                You need to prove that assertion.

              • sixpack

                All the money in the world won’t do you any good if you’re DEAD or in prison for life.

            • Anonymous

              OK Sixpack, and exactly WHO is going to impeach BO?

          • Po'd Patriot

            Got to meet Mr. Bongino last election when he ran for congress. He got my vote but didn’t make it. It was the last one I’ll ever cast. Let the Republicans and Democrats have this train wreck. The next thing I’ll ever cast will be lead.

          • KP89DC

            It appears there are still some that are within the “inner circle”, albeit indirectly, that see what is happening and are willing to not only speak up but are willing to go public and try to do something about it. Mr. Bongino is to be commended for his efforts and he and his family should be in our prayers as we all know there’s nothing TPTB won’t do to keep full control within their grasp… or at least attempt to keep it.

            I for one am tired of the prolonged slow death of our freedoms and country so let’s get the party started.

            Molon Labe

        • slingshot

          If these elections show no backlash from Obama’s lies, you can bet that the mid term elections don’t mean shit for change. More Democrats with no seat lost in house or senate.
          I say this is an early warning indicator of what is to come.

          • braveheart

            Slingshot, I’d be surprised if we make it that long. i’m not convinced there will be any mid-term elections. even if there are, they won’t mean squat. more of the same.

          • Lurker

            “I say this is an early warning indicator of what is to come.”

            The pendulum will continue to swing left until a significant number of democrat voters become repulsed. Since so may still still believe that the DNC is going in the correct direction, the USA is inline for a lot more pain.

            • MXLord327

              Definitely right Lurker, I could see the pendulum swinging leftward back around 2005, and figured it would have topped out by now and started returning, but it just keeps going! We are in for a world of hurt…..

        • durango kidd

          Its worse than pathetic, its criminal. But then there is the O’Bummer Totalitarianism as an alternative.

          Its a no brainer My Peeps! 🙂

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            The durango kidd says:

            “Its worse than pathetic, its criminal.”

            “Its a no brainer My Peeps!”

            So take the Kidds advice and vote for the other

            “Its a no brainer.”

            that’s “worse than pathetic.”

            • durango kidd

              Yo mama: Thanks for your support! 🙂

        • sclt422

          It is not just the Republican Party it is BOTH of them and the liberals in this country. My husband said years ago that the liberal will kill this country. Also being politically correct will not help. People are getting to thin skin in this country. Instead of voting for the party next time vote for the best one that can handle the job. We were fooled these last two times, but hopefully we wont again. I can truly say I didn’t vot the idiot in the White House now.

          • sixpack

            We’re all still aiming our anger too small. The politicians are ALL bought and paid for by the big banks and big corporations. True evil is a “top-down’ thing.

            You don’t kill the slaves, you go after their MASTER.

            • Reynaldo

              The socioeconomic world operates under a pyramid. We can go as high as the Rockerfellers, Rothchilds, et al, but there’s probably someone or something even above them. These are the people who pull the strings. The Rothchilds for instance hold something like 50% of the entire world’s wealth. They have doen this through debt slavery of all of us because we love debt. We simply love it. How great is it that we can have anything we want right now and don;t have to pay for it until later? Presidents are several layers down the pyramid. JFK found out the hard way you don’t mess with the levels above you.

        • Al Rad

          Yes, you are correct, both parties are so corrupted that there is no difference between them. They don’t care about any of us, only their cronies.

        • Shane

          Pathetic is better than dangerous which is what the Democrats have become.

      • Warchild

        Maybe if the repubs were not control freaks like the dems following puppet masters orders you would not need 3rd/4th/and 5th party candidates,the repub party sucks as bad as the dems,both parties with along with apathetic voters have brought us to where we are as a country now.

      • sensetti

        Very well said my friend, that’s the smartest comment I have seen on the web.

      • Walt Kowalski

        If voting could really change anything, it would be illegal.

        • durango kidd

          Walt that quote originated with an 18th century FOREIGNER from Germany (not unlike Kissinger) who was a socialist and anarchist according to her bio.

          Yeah, she was a woman living in America without the ability to vote, since a woman’s right to vote didn’t occur until the early 1900’s, and she died around 1868.

          Taken out of context I am sure, it was nothing more than SOUR GRAPES! LMAO!!! 🙂

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            The durango kidd says:

            “Walt that quote originated with an 18th century FOREIGNER from Germany…”

            “… she was a woman living in America without the ability to vote.”

            “… I am sure, it was nothing more than SOUR GRAPES! LMAO!!!”

            So says the Durango Fascist.

            “it was nothing more than SOUR GRAPES! LMAO!!!”

        • Shootit

          Emma Goldman?

          “Politics is the reflex of the business and industrial world.”

          • durango kidd

            What else is there? Art? Literature? LMAO! Artists and writers would starve without businessmen and industrialists.

            Politics is the responsibility of free men and women. And hey! You can quote me!!! 🙂

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              The durango kidd says:

              “What else is there? Art? Literature? LMAO! Artists and writers would starve without businessmen and industrialists.

              And people give this idiot “thumbs up” on his posts?


              • durango kidd

                Yo Mama: What would artists and writers eat today, since they, by and large, do not grow their own food?

                Its a businessman or woman that runs the art gallery where they sell their product. Or it is the publisher that buys the book and prints it as a business risk to make a profit.

                Try making a living in the summer on the weekend art fair circuit and see if you can keep head and ass together and raise a family. Even the best entrepreneurs among them have their own websites to market their arts, crafts, and music. Life is commerce and that is a fact.

                Sour grapes? Yes, and they apply to YOU!!!! How do you manage to get soooo many thumbs down? LMAO!!! 🙂

        • possee


          Agreed 101%..

          if voting has changed anything please inform me

          I had voted since the late 70’s and everything has declined substantially no matter whom was elected or in control at the time…the agenda never changes..it is all set in stone and adjusted accordingly..

          Those who even attempt to change the agenda are first given warning shots..or eliminated or marginalized to total ineffectiveness..

          Had family,now long deceased, involved with state dept and other nefarious agencies during the so called cold war….simply put by them at the time..

          “If the American citizens knew just 1% of what’s really happening there would be mass hysteria”

          ‘Everything is planned..nothing is by accident”

          They were right..


          • durango kidd

            Posse: I guess you were taking a nap when the VOTERS of Colorado repudiated the Gun Grabbers in office and recalled them. This is the perfect example of what an engaged, enraged electorate can do when they participate in the process.

            Engage, my peeps, or be enslaved by your EMPLOYEES!!! 🙂

            • Walt Kowalski

              One out of how many?

              So they throw us a bone now and then. Big deal.

              The reality is, for the past 40 years this country has moved relentlessly to the left. (Thank public education)

              The tide is inexorable and those who understand the principles upon which this country was founded are becoming fewer in number.

              And what the left cannot win legitimately, they steal….or use the courts to get their way.

              This country will not be turned around peacefully.

              And deep down inside…….you know that to be true.

              • durango kidd

                Walt: One is better than none. Its a start. The “Long March” begins with the first step! It shows the people what can be achieved by “organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote”.

                The Republic, OUR Freedoms,require OUR participation in the political process. Those who are not willingly to participate DESERVE to be crushed and enslaved by the NWO.

                Jews are less than 2% of the general population, yet prior to the election of a Muslim POTUS, they controlled American foreign policy.

                Gays are only 4% of the general population according to the PEW organization, yet they are changing federal law and societal norms to fit their orientation.

                ILLEGALS are not even American citizens, yet they are demanding rights they are not entitled to by law, sucking up benefits paid for by American citizens, and in general acting as if they are the owners of this nation, and getting everything they want.


                Because they participate as a “collective”, multiply their personal power and magnify their voice. To drop out, cop out, or otherwise do nothing, is just plain lazy. Lazy is defeated before it gets out of bed in the afternoon.

                I do not believe that political power in America comes from the barrel of a gun. I believe it comes from the pockets and wallets of Americans, organized and determined to emphasize Constitutional government.

                100 million American Gun Owners have the political and financial power to control the reigns of power in America until Jesus comes.

                Engage. 🙂

                • Walt Kowalski

                  You just don’t get it, do you?

            • Rusted Spur

              You are right but you didn’t finish the story. Did Colorado gun laws change after the recall? Nope. Walt is right they threw the people a bone to keep them participating in the game but not a big enough bone to change the rules.
              I don’t forsee them ever changing the laws now that they are on the books. They will get too used to getting those background check fees and won’t want to give that up.

        • Nina'os lil brother

          Sorry to disagree Walt ol buddy but…
          Only one ballot is left to be cast to make any
          Vote rule 308
          Cast a vote n stop yer bitchn folks

          • slingshot

            Vote rule 308.

            Sly. Real Sly. ;0)

          • Walt Kowalski

            Agree….but that’s not voting in the typical understanding of the word.

            But I do believe it will come down to that.

      • JustMe


        Sorry, but, the fix was in long before anyone here was even born.

        Your frustration is understandable, but ultimately, the same people own both “parties”. This is not something anyone likes to hear, but trace the controllers, pacs, etc, yourself.

        The “republican” party was sold out long ago. They do not care about you, or your freedom. They have handed the marxists every kind of power they crave. They care about their finances and positions of petty power, nothing more.

        “The only difference between the republican and democrat parties, is it will take the republicans a week longer to accept communism.” – Mike Reagan

        Your rino friends are doing their masters bidding, by ensuring a continual flood of illegal immigrants to provide a cheap labor pool, with some kind of odd delusion, the illegals will “vote republican”.

        Joeseph Stalin, and Nikita Kruschev are laughing in their graves…

        • Them Guys

          Repubs every election ignore the 2/3rd Majority white voters and chase their asinine dream that somehow if repubs just can cater to and promice enough perks to blacks and illeagle mexicans, then some majikal wand will get waved above the mass black hoards and mexican hoards to convince at least 1/2 of each, to abandon dems and vote for repubs and walla! It will be the final end to the dem party for all times.

          Karl Rove seems to believe that as well as promote it. He also supplies $350 Million each prez election to repubs so they pay him way closer atten than they pay that 2/3rds white voters.

          But at the days end BOTH parties are Dictated to and controled by AIPAC-ADL-300 More similar talmudic zio judiac orgs. Thats who really runs america now.

          Thats also who invented communisim. What Poster Justme “Hints” at, I say. Who fuly controls and runs and profits from their criminal mafia like enterprisings of America?..Its the jews stupid. Same as russia soviets was, same as england since 350 yrs ago is, and now its americas turn to be Raped-Pillaged-Robbed Blind-Culturally and societaly utterly Destroyed by Bolshevik zionist jewish communisim period.

          And 50+Million mostly white enangelical israel and jew Firsters, are going to make Certain that don’t ever change, due to their delusional disgusting displays of jew worship which so enables such Madness of evils to prevail upon the once European White Christian nation called America.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            When the red thumbers come out on ThemGuys posts there is never any rebuttal of what he has written; never any proof that what he has stated is wrong.

            Usually just a statement that he is a bigot, a racist, anything except a post that what is written is not true.
            Old communist ploy; if you can’t attack the message; then attack the messenger.

            I would like some red thumber to step up to the plate and show us what ThemGuys has posted is not true. No name calling; just an honest post showing what he has posted is NOT true.

            • Smokey

              ” No name calling…”, OK, let’s start with things like this, right out of his own post. “…their delusional disgusting displays of jew worship…”

              You want people to listen to what you have to say, say it without the ridiculous insane ranting.

            • Tactical

              POG, what you asked from red thumpers on every single truthful comments by Them Guys is impossible. The same goes for child abusers…..they never admit it and like to stay anonymous.

              • sixpack

                Most people don’t want to present “unpopular” ideas…I have much respect to them guys, because he isn’t afraid. I also think he often has a very valid point.

                Sticks and stones may break my bones, but red thumbs cannot deter me…and YES,

                I am a racist.
                I am a terrorist.
                I am mad as hell.

                I AM A PATRIOT, and patriotism isn’t very popular right now. SO WHAT?

                • Hunter

                  Welcome to the club, brother!

                  It gets hotter/more uncomfortable too!

                  Hang tough, ‘cuz there is ‘NO OTHER WAY’ out!


                • Tactical

                  1M to the power of 1M thumbs up Sizpack. The same goes to Them Guys.

            • Alex Chilton

              Visit http://www.stormfront.org for tons of facts that support the claims ThemGuys makes. Open your eyes sleepy people!

        • Wolf359

          Just Me,

          My frustration lies in the fact people will not unite and through changing the GOP with Constitutionalists and Libertarians they allow the Marxists to split the vote or disenfranchise many libertarians from even voting.

      • Dick

        Ok Wolf
        You bitch if we don’t vote for not being involved.
        But if someone goes and votes for the person they want they’re a dumbass.
        If people that want that third party to grow they have to support it.
        Two parties isn’t working.
        One party will be civil war.
        This is America folks, so vote to give your voice.
        Even if I can’t stand who you vote for at least you are involved.
        America does not need one kind of people thinking one way.


        • Anon7

          Dick: Oh how wonderful, I get to chose my own master, one of two pre-selected (big business) candidates. JustMe has it right, the system has been rigged for a very long time. Keep voting for Demopublicans or Republicrats and you still served a shit sandwich. But hey, maybe you can fries and a coke with that.

        • Jerry C

          When martial law is declared, voting will be a thing of the past… and o-bubba is about ready to make that happen – just as soon as he is told to ‘declare it’…

          • MXLord327

            He doesn’t need to declare martial law, people are begging the gov’t to take their freedoms away now!!!

        • GoodAmerican

          The repuke party changed the rules so that the primaries are nothing but a dog and pony show..the R party leaders choose who will “represent” the People now…they did this in response to the grass roots success of Dr. Ron Paul, who, if it wasnt for the the rnc and various other UnAmerican types, would have been the prez of the US right now.
          BOTH parties and the propaganda machine of the govt controlled main stream media work together to undermine our freedom and prosperity through the election process (black box machines, etc)..thats a fact.
          Wishing Peace, truth, justice, freedom, health and prosperity for US all, in-spite of those who control our govt.

        • Smokey

          Right now, we need to be less concerned with how we feel about things and more concerned with DEFEATING the left.

          We can splinter into five or six parties later, if that makes you feel good, but it’s going to be totally useless behavior until the LEFT IS DEFEATED in elections NOW.

          • JayJay

            Smokey–it’s waaaaay too late. Let God sort it out.
            Read Luke 21, Luke.

            • Billybones III

              Amen to that.
              When are these people going to realize that a 2, 3, 4, or more parties won’t change anything. A democratic republic has failed just like it did in France.
              Only a 1-party system will work –
              Jesus is coming back whether you-all like it or not!

          • 10% Off

            + 100 Smokey! It has to start somewhere. Not One More Inch is the popular battle cry. Stand behind what you say. By giving up, you’ve just given this Marxist regime an entire FOOT!

            • sixpack

              …and we only have ONE SPARE—just call me peg-leg…

          • Tactical

            Define LEFT please.

            • sixpack

              Today, “left” is pretty much everything that isn’t “right”.

        • Wolf359


          Do you not realize people like yourself fell exactly into the trap the democrats and establishment republicans set for you?

          The democrats paved the way and financed Sarvis into the election with support from the Vichy republicans. Their intent was to diminish the tea party’s influence and promote mcaullife a big government Marxist.

          You are either a dumbass or through sheer ignorance fail to acknowledge that FACT.

          Heres a term you should be familiar with because it applies to you. Low Information voter. The Marxists bank on you as they consolidate their power hold.

          America does not need one kind of people but America needs like mindedness. That is why our framers set up a 2 party system. So keep letting them play you until there is nothing left of this country. And when that happens don’t be surprised because all you need to do is look in the mirror and see the fool they see you as.

          Here is another term you should acquaint yourself with-balkanization.

          A constitutional Patriot and Progressive Marxist cannot compromise. That would be unadulterated socialism.

      • YH


        >>”Get ready for 1 party rule for that is what is coming…”<<

        The small minority of us who have studied George Washington's 1796 Farewell Address from beginning to end already know this. Washington gave VERY clear and specific warnings that a two party system would ultimately lead to a single party system; and from within that single party a single individual would rise to power and assume super dictatorial political power over the nation.

        The Marxist takeover of the U.S. is unfolding EXACTLY according to the script as it has for hundreds of years in virtually every other nation on earth. The only difference now is that it's America's turn in the chamber, the safety is off, and the hammer is cocked.

        Anything can happen from now going forward to trigger martial law and a complete government led shutdown of society as we know it. Stay prepared for anything.

        • Wolf359


          Exactly. They knew it then from studying history. The ever increasing encroachment of centralized power over a self governed form of government.

          It is our turn now as it will be another culture or civilization in the future.

      • Smokey

        Yep, the Libertarian Party candidate was funded by the left, splitting the vote. End result? Another state in the control of the Democrats.

        • AZClimber

          Well Smokey, maybe the GOP shoulda funded the Libertarian too.

          • Smokey

            And split their own vote? Think again.

        • Sgt. Dale

          This was the only way they could win!!!!

          • Them Guys

            Heres a few more wise words that sure hit home to any honest observers…….

            “Is not ours an age of mis-lived lives, of un-manned men? Why? Because Jesus Christ had disappeared. Wherever the people are true Christians, there are men to be found in great numbers. But everywhere and always, if Christianity wilts, the men wilt.

            “Look closely, they are no longer but shadows of men. Thus what you hear on all sides today? The world is dwindling away, for lack of men; the nations are perishing for scarcity of men, for the rareness of men.

            “I do believe there are no men where there is no character; there is no character where there are no principles, no doctrines, no principles, where there is no religious faith and consequently no religion of society.

            “Do what you will; only from God you will get men.” — Cardinal Pie, late 1800’s

            Communisim and its Twin sister, Femminazisim, have teamed together the past 40+ years in a full house, effort to dismantle, effiminize, Panzyize,sissify, and make fearfull men, especially White men. They have implemented PC, and total Fear of being called several vile names,the two most oft used are racist and antisemite, designed to create mass group Fear within the men of america so kommies and lib kommie bitchdyke lezbo women can assume the former manly reigns of power.

            From the above Cardinals late 1800’s quoted statement it seems this Unmanly problem pre-existed todays femanazi kommie Twin era’s efforts. Or perhaps it only just began to be noticed in his era, and co-opted by todays leftist kommies and feminazis and formed into their agenda to destroy america. Which of course any success at destruction of america must first begin with dismantleing White Men, before the efforts to fully destroy america as a whole nation. Once the main body of whites are destroyed the nation will have no solid base to stand on.

            I gather at this Late point nothing other than good ol’ fashioned Cowboy Frontier Justice, has any real chance at restoring america back to greatness and goodness again.

            There will be Zero such Justice untill white men are first restored to a Manly state of Men. That will require the assistance of also White Women folk, as no such current status of kommies + Feminazisim was possible without a majority of those women folk going along with much or most of the overall program of dismanteling of americans white men, in the false belife it will somehow lead to a “Liberation” of women.

            All most white women were liberated from was their Moneys, Brains, and Senses by those ever so crafty satanic devils we call lib feminists. Time for those women folk to Team with white men and rebuild that lost manly man. Thats if you desire cowboys capable of persuing true frontier Justice to restore our nation again.

            DISCLAIMER: Please Exclude most of the women folk we have posting and reading here. I honestly think that “Our” forum women folk here really represent the type of females that most of us boomer age guys had as Mothers and Aunts and Grandmothers, in that they seem to still possess most every of those finer much sought principals and awareness, which makes for the type women real men seek to make wives of. And the kind a guy takes home to meet his mother. If only america today had Many, Many More such women as we have at this site we all would sleep sounder.

            • JayJay

              Please Exclude most of the women folk we have posting and reading here. I honestly think that “Our” forum women folk here really represent the type of females that most of us boomer age guys had as Mothers and Aunts and Grandmothers, in that they seem to still possess most every of those finer much sought principals and awareness, which makes for the type women real men seek to make wives of.

              You’re damn straight!!! 😉

              • braveheart

                JayJay and Them Guys, AMEN to both of you. My late wife was that type of woman. never found another like her since. if I have to die alone, so be it. I won’t take a ‘bitch’ into my life. I won’t lower my standards.

              • Billybones III

                Wading through the extended rhetoric I rather like to think of myself as a citizen/voter.
                What has white/black got to do with anything? We’re a melting pot of nationalities – The USA is not a nation. The USA is many nations.
                Black/brown/red/yellow?/white. After the first generation of immigrant here, the newborn to any race is a citizen, as bona fide as a New England snob with family reaching back to the first ones off the boat.
                As long as we see people in this light, things won’t change.
                In scripture, we are all sinners – period.
                There is no grade or scale to this. As we are, God can’t even look at us. Prayers of a sinner are just wasted breath.
                The change is when we accept the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Then God can see and hear us. It’s just that simple.
                And for the rest, guns, bullets, tons of stored food etc. – why? When that runs out – and it will, you’ll be digging worms like the others – – because that’s all that will be left, (other than pride.)

                • sixpack

                  “What has white/black got to do with anything?”

                  Only one thing—it keeps us divided and ineffective. It instills fear and hatred, where there is no other reason for it.

                  Racism is helping the NWO win.

            • JustMe

              Step 1 to White Genocide…

      • VAPatriot

        @ Wolf

        I completely agree with you 100%. Being in NOVA you wouldn’t think there are that many communists, we have the NRA here, a lot of gun owners, etc. the problem is the democrats paid Sarvis to run as a Libertarian. So those dumbasses who simply vote based off of the letter next to the candidate instead of actually being informed have screwed us all. We will soon be NY and there’s nothing that can be done about it. I hate to say it, but because of all of the corruption in our election system, the only way out of this mess will eventually be war. I still vote for the same reason I go to church…I want to play it safe, hahaha.

        Anyways, it’s a very sad day for VA. I hope the economy collapses tomorrow so that we can clean the earth of communists.

        • NeoIsolationist

          I’m sorry. I disagree. It’s not that the Dem won at all. They manipulated that vote upward to make it look plausible b/c it was so close. Another example of fraud. Country is not going dem or Marxist. It’s the gamed/controlled voting regime which the corporatists manipulate. I would suggest Virginians know full well what’s going on. They have to contend with rigged voting machines AS WELL AS absentee ballot fraud due primarily to the 1993 motor voter law.

          Don’t despair your fellow citizens in VA.

        • AZClimber

          Voting by letter… you have to be kidding me. That’s exactly what the right has been doing for over a century. That’s why the Republican party has been infiltrated and diluted beyond recognition. That’s why that party is dying.
          For many elections the GOP benefited from 3p votes, most of us can’t stand it anymore. For so long now that you now think our votes belong to you. I don’t vote Republican on a ballot because I DONT VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS!!!

        • Wolf359

          I’m with ya VAPatriot. I live in the people’s republic of Massachusetts. I know where you are headed.

          • MXLord327

            You’re welcome up here in Maine Wolf, just don’t bring any of those Elizabeth Warren/Deval Patrick types with you!!!!

            • Wolf359

              I’m looking into a retreat there in mid central to west maine. Good to know there are like minded people up there. I spend most of my time along the liberal coast.

      • braveheart

        Wolf359, registered Republican and Democrat voters throw away their votes anyway on their respective candidates. All you get to choose from is the Republican crook or the Democratic crook. It was Josef Stalin who once said, “The people who cast their ballots decide nothing. It’s the ones who count the ballots who decide everything.” The ballot box has failed us too many times. Now it’s time for the cartridge box.

        • Wolf359


          That would be the final option. Something I prepare for but lament.

          • braveheart

            Wolf359, I also lament it. i’m not happy about a violent solution to our problems. I was hoping we could have Ron Paul in the White House and we could straighten out this country in a peaceful manner, but that’s not going to happen, so 2nd American Revolution is coming.

      • Faith of the fallen

        You have the soap box, ballot box and finally the ammo box at your disposal. Which one do we need to break out? I for one am getting tired of talking til I’m blue in the face and watching my votes not matter.

      • PrepShepherd

        I’ll agree that we are doomed now, VA was the last buffer state to hold out now they will have a huge buffer zone around them since they already have MD and WV… crazy don’t know what to think or do at this point cause this state will end up Commie……sucks. Taking Bets they will opt to change the flag since its agianst their agenda, they will prob say its racist to tyrants or some BS..

        • PrepShepherd

          To make it worst we have new renter neighbors, 5 young people ethier from my generation or younger and I don’t trust people from ethier (does that make me a bad person?). On top of that, the other neighbors place is a thieves Den. If I had the money I’d put up barb wire…then agian I have some old wire laying around I may just try! Urg! not looking forward to crash time only for the above mentioned, the rest I can handle as it pops up…

        • king krazy

          WV is a red state.

      • Man on the inside

        15-18 months… it is going down as I have said for a year…… People at work (check my name) are planning because they know…. Listen to this guy… there are thousands of us like him THAT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET YOUR ARSS IN GEAR…….

        • Man on the inside

          Ground, Grub, Guns, Gear, Gold, Groups!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kestrel

        You apparently paid no attention to the last presidential election. When the Rep party elite felt threatened by those working within the party they retroactively changed the rules. Their heavy handed tactics opened the eyes of those trying to work within the party apparatus to effect change. They learned that the real power rests in the hands of a few and the grass roots party members are just tools to be used…who’s voices are ignored. They were even willing to risk losing the election in order to maintain control of the party. Voting for the lessor of two evils feeds into this power structure and control mechanism.

      • AZClimber

        Sorry Wolf, can’t bait me with that. Maybe the Republicans should realize that libertarians aren’t in their party. What the reps used to be able to consider an ally in politics, well… you’re loosing us fast.

        • Them Guys

          From an article I read quite a few years ago, and I no longer recall which website it was at, it stated that the libertarians party was actually begun by 4 men from kalif. All 4 men were “kosherized” and all 4 were prior dems of kalif. They got fed up losing due to so many antigun type fellow dems partywide, so they figured to start a 3rd party of Libertarians, join forces to elect repubs and attempt to overtake the repub party from Within. Article said they were also very involved in politics and were the ones who most promoted Reagan as Prez. Reagan was a former dem also. It said they wanted to merge Both dems and repubs into a single libertarian party. (I think it was at newswithviews website by a regular writer there, not certain though now).

          I do not recall every issue from that article now but it had much more details, the 4 guys names and bio’s, and more info revolving around it all.

          I know many here are libertarians, I think also many never researched much beyond several issues they like about libertarians so they vote for that group. But one must admit that after 40-45 years of never doing much better than to convince aprox 1% to, 1.5% of Total usa votes to join and vote libertarian, well it is a Lost cause. All it does is assist dems to win by split repub/libertarian votes. It sure does seem that this repub+libertarian mixture within 1/2 or so of the current crop of repubs has done far more dammage than good.

          I think with so many libertartians promoting an anything and everything goes with One major rule. ALL is A OK as long as Nobody phys harms another person, that most voters will never agree to that idea. I can speak only from personal experience but I can say as fact that almost every libertarian I met since I first heard of them arpond 1999, that most all claimed to be Atheists. I agree thats their choice. But most folks aint atheists and it truly turns off and turns away many potential voters. I also think those I met, most anyways, while they say they are promoting “Liberty” if one thinks deeper on those issues, what they really are promoting is more like “Licence” and there is a vast difference.

          Licence goes with anything and everything goes mindset. If ever put to practice it will create total chaos, and issues such as leagalize all dope types etc may sound ok. But if such occures the current drug troubles will escalate far worse. America has far too many people who do not think properly, are unable to think with intelligence, and such promotions are a recipe for worse problems yet. I guess to me from what all those libertarians I met told me about, gave me an impression most were more like Utopians and very simlilar to the dems except they were progun etc. I may be wrong too but I just do not see that party ever doing much else but being vote spliters.

          Maybe Thats the true agenda those 4 men had that were from kalif dem party as all 4 were high up insiders of the dem party when they left dems and assisted reagan.

          Seems its a waste of time any longer to even discuss voteing with all we Know of the vote scams and swindles occureing everytime. Maybe Harsher methods are needed.

      • Don_in_Odessa

        NO! Instead of compromising and voting for the lessor of two evils as in a “Repuclican” or “Democrap”, why don’t you and your ilk do what is best for the country and vote for a Libertarian or Teaparty candidate. Working inside the two party system for the past 160 plus years has got us where we are now. It is past time to try something different.

        Why don’t you start trying to campaign for what is good for the country by advocating for more people to join us outside the two party system, instead of the status quo? Keep doing what you are doing and the only change you will see is the steady trend towards Fascism.

        • durango kidd

          DIO: While I agree that a Patriot Party is essential for a new direction in this country, the reality is that the two party system has cornered the marketplace and have divided the country up state by state, county by county, and precinct by precinct.

          The latest election in Virginia shows what happens when the RIGHT is divided. Until 100 million American Gun Owners get together and contribute $100 each, it will take a lot of time and effort for a Patriot Party to reach parity with either the Retards or Libtards.

          Until that day, INFILTRATION and ACTIVISM must be the order of the day, in both Parties. The biggest opportunity rests right now with the Tea Party. If they were not a REAL threat to the status quo, both wings of the NWO would not be trying so hard to marginalize them.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them, one Rule, Regulation, or Law at a time. 🙂

          • Don_in_Odessa

            “the reality is that the two party system has cornered the marketplace”

            No, the reality is that people believe that the two party system has cornered the marketplace. People have been brainwashed into believing that they have to vote either red or blue. When we stop believing the media and start voting for the right person for the job, when we stop worrying about “the other guys” winning. we will win back our country.

      • BuelahMan

        Anyone who still embraces either of the two parties is a moron.

      • Joe

        We already have one party rule

      • erv

        If people would stop voting for the Repubs and support the third party then the Dems will not win. I no longer vote for the party. The party abandoned me so I no longer support them.

      • Andy

        Oh, how cute! He still believes that there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats!

      • Bill

        You’re kidding, right? Still believing in any party, and thinking it or the system can be reformed, altered, or otherwise changed through the voting process extremely naive,and is exactly what they want. You need to come to grips with magnitude of this problem and change your thinking. There is absolutely no way you can tackle this thorough voting; the system has been compromised. Wake up – become a Patriot, and stop living in a fantasy world. Until you do, you and yours are doomed to a life of communist slavery.

      • had enuff

        Wolf, this is my first time posting on this site although I have read the comments and read these articles almost daily. With that being said I would like to stick my two cents in and comment on your post.First off the checks and balances that made our central federal government self policing are null and void.That included the voting process.Good case in point is the last presidential election that seen massive voting fraud across the nation.Some precincts showed 140% or more participation.Why on earth do you think the democrats huffed and puffed about the “hanging chads”? For one reason one one reason only.The electronic voting procedure is the easiest one to permit “stuffing” the ballot box. Both major parties made an agreement in the 80s not to peruse voter fraud.Kinda makes you why to ask why . Because both participate in this Peyton place drama and commit voter fraud.One fraudulent vote carries much more weight than a legit one. Once we voted in a certain way back in the 1770s and it wasn’t with a ballot……

        • JayJay

          All you post is true, had enuf.
          And let us add the manipulated voting machines of the last decade and the win goes to the highest bidder.
          I once pondered why the hacker didn’t pull a fast one and alter the chips on those machines.
          I guess they didn’t want to get ‘breitbarted’.

      • Barn Cat

        It’s too late to save America whether its politically or economically or spiritually.

        • SWFL

          I disagree. America is salvageable; just don’t expect government to be part of the solution.

        • Justice

          Respectfully I disagree. There are numerous patriots willing to do what it takes to restore America to it’s once great status. Time to take America back and restore the values that made this country great.

      • MX Mike

        Let’s see….. Republican and Democratic Parties. Sounds harmless in and of itself. Move a couple of letters around…. Republic and Democratic PIRATES! Damn…. it was there all along!

      • TwoPartyVotersSuck

        If you think either major party has America’s interest in mind keep hitting that Kool-Aid. Retards like you are part of the problem. Keep buying into the illusion that the two parties are different and they will keep winning.

      • Merree

        We already have one party rule. Republicrats.

        • Them Guys

          Merree is right, and AIPAC+ADL et al is who owns and controls it all. The main reason you hardly ever hear the word “Communisim” any longer is Not becuase as some folks claim that dems fear that word…Rather it is due to the fact that yesterdays communisim was Replaced by a new word for the exact same thing. ZIONISIM. Zionisim has replaced the word communisim, but all of its goals-agendas-methods-perpetrators-opperators-usa,controlers-and Profiteers, ALL still Remain full seated as of the Original bolshevik kommies from the very beginings.

          Communisim/zionisim is nothing but Talmudisim For Gentiles.

          If you doubt that? Go ask US Supremes Justices, Ruth Ginsburg and Antoin Scalia, Both whom have publically Admited that they turn to the jewish babylonian Talmud when decideing various court cases in their court. I always thought they were supposed to use the Bill of Rights and US Const when makeing decisions! Silly me eh!

          • GoodAmerican

            id give that factoid more than one vote UP, if i could.
            That sort of thinking, by a supposed American, is , well…UnAmerican as-can-be.

        • Lurker

          I thought it was the Demonthugs

      • P Henry 2013

        Not likely, the House of Delegates went strongly in the favor of Republicans, McAuliffe’s agenda is dead on arrival. He will be a do nothing Governor, just faodder for Hilary in 2016 to leverage the State of VA somehow.

      • David L Stanford

        It’s not about Republican ‘loyalty’; it’s about Liberty and Freedom, which we are rapidly losing. While both the Democrat AND Republican party continue to grasp for power,
        our country continues to slide into God-less-ness. We, as a nation, need to get back to our Founding Fathers Faith!

      • CapnD

        We don’t have two parties anymore. We have radical democrats and radical democrats lite. There are no real differences other than the morsels thrown out to the public to keep the masses arguing with each other while they complete their backroom deals to enrich themselves and the international banksters.

      • unknown suspect

        Tea Party to GOP- Piss off and get back in bed with your brother communists, the democrats.

      • Centurain

        Actually Wolf not a single Republican in the state house lost a seat so Mcauliffe will have to get things done over a conservative house. Stop talking out your ass as you obviously don’t live in VA. Those of us who voted 3rd party did so because the GOP switched from a general election for candidate to a conference and that is how we ended up with an establishment GOP sellout named Cuccinelli in the first place. If after all this time you still believe that voting can change Washington I don’t know what else to say. Governments never give back freedom, ever. When not in power Democrats pretend to be anti-war and when not in power Republicans pretend to be for small government. We all know the answer is not at the ballot box because freedom must be taken from oppressors.

        • Wolf359


          BY the way BO doesn’t have the House and yet through executive order and alphabet agency regulations he gets what he wants.

          How about you acknowledge you and every low information voter who got tricked by the democrats into voting for Sarvis to split the vote.

          Cuccinelli and Sarvis had 53% of the vote. More than enough to easily defeat fast terry.

          Keep up the good work of unwittingly being democratic party agents and sealing the fate of this country.

      • CWinOR

        the republicans are just as far gone as the democrats. might as well vote democrat and try to take back that party from the “progressives” (socialists) as to try to wrest power from the rino’s/neocons in the republican party. look at how Ted Cruz has been vilified, ostracized and almost crucified (sorry…started sounding alittle Jackson/Sharpton-like there!). no- the repukes have made it clear- no conservatives wanted. hell, even a good ‘ole blue dog democrat would be considered a right winger by today’s repuke establishment. you can vote for them all you want. me, I’ll save my gas and NOT go to the polling stations anymore. that’s all it is- a waste of gas.

      • Michael Pierone

        You mean we should get “involved” with the Republican Party, like Ron Paul did? Have our votes stolen, have the GOP leadership break their own rules to stop our peaceful revolution? Watch our people get thrown in jail and have their bones broken? Earn enough states to be nominated and have the rules changed out from under us, watch as the GOP steals our votes and refuses to count them?

        For anyone who has been paying attention the powers that be have made it crystal clear that no peaceful change will be allowed.

        Work within the utterly corrupt system to change it?

        How is that going to work? You’re kidding yourself. These people aren’t playing games. They have power, they want power, they don’t intend to lose the power, and they are willing to violate every rule to keep it.

        Meanwhile our media is keeping mum. They actually delight in our ability to SEE their shenanigans because they are certain we are powerless to change anything.

      • Mr. Jonz

        We already have one party rule, the Banker’s War Party. Sorry, but it’s fools like you who throw their vote away on Republocrats. Unlike you, I refuse to vote for criminals.
        Enjoy your oppression.

        • Rusted Spur

          No Mr Jonz: You have to try harder. Start locally, make changes there. You cannot disconnect yourself and look behind the curtain. Be a patriot and blame someone for splitting the vote, or be repub or be dem.
          You have to double down on the same behavior that regardless of which party controls screws its citizens.

          Ever wonder why the dems screamed about the patriot act but while they were in charge of everything in DC they quietly renewed it?
          With all the touting of success in Colorado, ever wonder why none of those gun laws have changed after the recall?

          sarc off

          • Mr. Jonz

            When did I say disconnect myself? I just said I refuse to support criminals. I’ve voted all third party since the mid-90’s. Blame someone for splitting the vote? Why? I blame people for voting for the same two proven crime syndicates over and over and wondering why nothing ever changes.

            I know why when the issues are important both the Dems and Repubs agree, because they all owned by the same interests. That why they have phony issues like abortion and gay rights, so the parties at least look a little different to the low information voters.

            • Rusted Spur

              I certainly wasn’t saying that about you in particular. I was just pointing out what everyone else is saying above and below. Sorry that I made it sound like I was directing it at you.
              When national elections fail them they are all about changing local elections. When that fails they feel betrayed so vote for third party or tea party. When they find our most of them are wolves in sheeps clothing they don’t know what to do.
              But everything is designed to keep them on the wheel. Keep them moving and make them think if they run faster on the wheel they will get somewhere. That doesn’t work, try reversing direction of the wheel. Once in a while let them have a piece of cheese to keep them on that damn wheel.

              Here is a question that everyone should be asking themselves.
              The people that want to keep status quo. The people that have the most to lose if the current system fails. Where will they be after a reset? What purpose will they have in society?
              There is always a reason for people to push to keep this system in place.

              • Mr. Jonz

                Sorry if I got a little snappy RS.

                I think everyone knows the status quo is impossible to maintain, it’s just a question of what form the reset takes and how do they guide it and maintain control. Arming up DHS is part of that. The reset will involve taking the remaining wealth and freedom from the people and enslaving them with another worthless currency.

                What purpose do these people have in society? I dunno. Maybe they function as a top predator.

      • 10% Off

        Wolf – my thoughts exactly when I saw the results. YES, the Repub party is a mess! We all agree on that. Durango Kidd says it often. Get engaged at the local level. Governor is considered local level. I live in Indiana. BHO’s first term turned IN blue for the first time in a long time because of a few counties. Everybody got their heads out of their asses in 2012 and turned it around. Until we can slow this train wreck down, it’s never going to change. We took our state back. It can be done!!

        The Demoncrats know so many in the R party have given up. You are all doing what you criticize the party for – you are giving in and not fighting! They know what pushes your buttons and you are allowing them to do it. VOTE THEM OUT! Don’t turn the other cheek and GIVE them the election. We will be a SOCIALIST country in 2 more elections if you don’t get your balls back and fight this!!

        If you choose not to vote, you don’t get to bitch about the results!

      • kremlin

        Glen Beck? The Mason liar?
        Wayne Madsen and James Bamford have been trying to expose all of this for YEARS- over a decade. The NSA scandal is not new. So why is their criminality being so pushed now? Because it benefits (and harms) WHO? Cui bono?
        PATRIOT ACT ring a bell? THAT is where it began in earnest, Obama is just another puppet continuance.
        Whatever party, makes no difference.
        Better begin looking at the ENTITY behind it all that is dictating the script for last DECADES. Obama, tho bad, is a peon. THEIR peon. Better address who THEY are, not their latest lightning rod.

      • kremlin

        NSA out of control began under BUSH with PATRIOT ACT and is the work of BOTH sides of Congress- but the agenda of ONE entity. Guess who.
        Obama Care was a Rockefeller mandate begun by Hillary Clinton in 1992, but she couldnt push it through. Nobody recall the scandalous manner in which David Rockefeller lambasted her for failing to get that part of The Plan into operation because society and lawmakers wouldnt go along?
        Focus on the REAL perps here, not the dummy they’ve set before you as intermediary & whipping boy to protect themselves from exposure and blowback.
        Who has REAL power in all of this? It aint the Pres- whether Bush 2, Clinton, Obama etc. Look and SEE!

      • Kevin

        Riiiight. So explain to me how voting is not consent to be abused by the decision of the other guy? I didn’t vote. My not voting makes me the only one with the right to complain about your stupidity in agreeing to allow your neighbor to have power over you. Well, not the only one. The vast majority of people on this continent do not vote. That means the minority always wins, whether it’s for this guy, that guy or the other guy. And the simpletons doing the voting and participating actively in political theater make it all possible. Go check yourself before blaming your neighbor for the monster you asked for.

      • Little r Republican

        We gave the Republicans the House in 2010, they have done squat since then. They have openly targeted other republicans that favor the constitution. We voted for Romney, en mass, when we really wanted Ron Paul. So go f*** yourself.

        I personally will never vote Republican or Democrat again. I AM DONE with the 1 Party Ruling elite, and will be focusing all my attentiion on my family and living in a state where libtards are hunted for sport.

        Maybe we will see each other after the coming crash. Good luck to you.

      • Abhorrrr

        They are already one party! Cant you see??

      • NotConvinced

        Wow are you way late. Just because they call themselves by different names, doesn’t mean they are actually different party’s! They are one and the same. As the Republitards started the confiscation of freedom, Obama has only continued the process they ALL want. It is about power and both party’s have it and we the people do NOT.

        We all need to vote 3rd party to send a message to the 2(one) party system that we are the boss, time to start listening.

        I hope you wake up soon…..

      • David

        ” free tax payer paid abortions for 12 yr olds”

        This is absolute BS – please cite a source for this.

      • CK

        Unfortunately for you the Founding Fathers would strongly disagree with your opinion as they allowed multiple Parties. In fact, they’d have probably challenged you to a duel for being so stupid and no doubt rid society of the burden of listening to your stupidid comments.

        • sixpack

          Maybe we need to stop voting for “parties” and start voting for PEOPLE. To hell with the party—what does the man/woman stand for?

          Instead of looking at the track record for the “party”, what has the PERSON running for office done for America, for THE PEOPLE?

          By voting for PARTIES, we have corporatized our own system, making it about parties and not individuals.

          just my opinion.

      • hambonemcgee

        If the Republicans were not part of the 2 party dictatorship, I would think you had a point. But you don’t.

      • Anonymous

        OMG will you grow up people and face reality, both parties are controlled by the same at the top, it’s all theater! The “administrations” change but the POLICIES NEVER do, wake up! Snap out of the left / right idiocy, they’re BOTH working toward the same goals, all while giving you a fake sense of control / choice.

        Look up the occult architecture of DC and ask yourself why! C’mon people stop thinking like child…

      • Leanne

        For all you sycophants who think that YOUR “side” of the Establishment is better than THEIR “side” and everyone that votes their conscience is somehow in the wrong…WAKE UP! If you think the RNC is any less ESTABLISHMENT than the DNC well, I guess you are the fool they want.

      • vigilannie

        In this particular election – the ‘wrench’ (3rd party) was thrown in by the liberals themselves – this 3rd party candidate was NOT a real candidate – research where his money came from. A 3rd party could work if there is a strong candidate and EVERYONE stood together for him/her.

      • Montgomery Scott

        @ ‘Wolf 359′:
        Silly little shill!
        Let’s see now, WHICH president presided over USAPATRIOT’, HMMM?!?
        WHAT party was HE from?
        Oh, we TRIED the ‘work within the party’ thingie. Worked really GREAT in ’08 and ’12. as a matter of fact, President PAUL just repealed the PATRIOT act…

        It’s NOT about partisanship. WHO or WHAT is CONTROLLING these democrats and republicans?
        A hint: ‘the creature from jeckyl island’…

      • Reynaldo

        Sorry, but that is just wrong. It is way too late to change the GOP from within by voting in more corporate shills. There’s way too much big money, big industry, military industrial complex type stuff behind the GOP to make a difference. You look at what Obama is doing, Bush started almost all of it and the ball was then handed off to Obama. The GOP and the Dems work for the same people and that is not you or me. But even more to the point – my vote for a 3rd party Libertarian is not taking votes away from the GOP. Your vote for the GOP is taking away votes for the 3rd-party Libertarian. They don’t want you to see it that way, and so it is never frmaed that way by the media and politicos.

      • Anonymous

        Rupublican and Libertarian are not synonymous, or even close. So there is no way to “rebuild” the Republican party into something more Libertarian.

        By saying that a 3rd party vote is a waste, YOU, and people like you, are the problem. We have a better chance of voting in a third party than “rebuilding” the Republican Party.

        George Washington warned of the dangers of a two-party systems….and here we are.

        Also, for all those who are trying to get religious law passed as civil law, there is this little thing called separation of church and state. Look it up. As a white woman, raised in a Christian household, nothing pisses me off more than Christians in this country acting as though they are the ONLY religion in this country. Guess what? This country was settled (after we took it from the natives) by those fleeing religious persecution. So if you have a problem, with a muslim, or jew, or hindu, you need to check yourself, because you do not count any more than they do.

        • MXLord327

          Wrong – There is nothing in the constitution about separation of church and state!!! This is a lie that has been perpetuated for years. There was much writing about it by the founding father’s, mostly about not letting gov’t interfere with people’s faith, but it was not ever written into the constitution. Do your homework a little better next time, and try to control your anger, it will kill you eventually!

      • Shery J

        There is so much noise pollution going on in the world. “Circus Distractus”. This country was destined toward a one world system from the very beginning. THAT is why the architects set up shop here…to do that very thing. It has taken 200+ years to bring this country to the same place the rest of the world is arriving. There is but one thing really going on in the midst of a trillion noisy details, all intended to lead millions of people down worrisome rabbit trails. That one thing is El Shaddai is bringing to fruition his end-game plan. Mock and scoff if you will, but all these things…and I do mean ALL…were prophesied thousands of years ago. And, right on schedule, they are ALL fitting together perfectly in what only appears to be absolute chaos. In the middle of a crumbling world and the lawless ones running amok, there is God Almighty [El Shaddai] in control of the final outcome. If you do not believe, please remember what you have been told this day. The day will come in the very near future when SciFi movies will look like cartoons and reality will slamdunk you to your knees. There is one name you should focus on and make peace with…and it has nothing to do with politics or religion, for he hated both. His name is Jesus. I hope you meet the lamb of God *now* rather than meeting the Lion Of Judah later. God bless you all…that is His dearest desire.

      • Youarewrong

        listen here dumbass! YOUR VOTES HAVE NEVER, I repeat NEVER counted to put ANYONE in office! That is a Fact! People bought into it and now you cant show them the light cause they are blinded by lies!

      • Ken

        Why not just change the Democratic party from within? That would make a lot more sense if one is determined to use this strategy.

      • robin

        While I have never been a third party voter since I want my vote to count, I am considering switching over to doing it. If everyone did it then we could actually have a government run for a purpose other than beating the other side while costing the taxpayers an extreme amount of money. If people could actually get together on one thing, then hopefully we could rebuild something else other than the democratic or republican party.

      • edo

        America will triumph again. When right is wrong. Morals is truth and Godly and money is not of our sovereign Lord and savior Jesus. Repent and believe in throne true God who created us. His timing is perfected.

      • americuh

        What a sad event for Virginia, and Cuccinelli did not appear to be a Rhino.
        As for the Republican party, if they want my vote in a national election again, they need to run something other than Obama light.

        • MXLord327

          I don’t follow VA politics very closely, but Cuccinelli looked to be one of the good guys. I KNOW McAwful is certainly not.

      • Jean

        Got to disagree, Wolf. The GOP is in the same party as the Dempublicans, I mean Reprocrats, I mean – it’s one party with two faces.

        Since I can’t vote them into a grave, I’ll vote for ANYTHING else.
        I’d suggest we vote AGAINST the Party, at the very least.

        And if we can hurt them somehow, I’m all for it.
        Family, friends, investments, it’s all good: Make the SOBs bleed.

        And I was a Republican not long ago…

      • 29a

        I don’t think a lot of people realize that the party system is undemocratic, a Candidate should represent the people that voted for them, not a party.


        You are right about the futility of the 3rd party vote, but if we could call a Constitutional Convention as Jefferson said we should do every 20 years; we should figure out what ewe need to do to make voting a tool of change.
        If you can’t influence the one party agenda, the answer is to make proportional voting possible…I know that Libertarians worry about Socialism, and big Govt, but right now, we have Corporate Government, and that is the definition of Fascism…

        The first step is to abolish the Electoral College, winner take all system.

        The next thing is to make the vote available to more people, more voting days, no contributions from Corporations or Unions, free TV air time for all candidates, short campaign season….

        then we have to design a system to count the votes that everyone can check…Google Satellite Voting anyone?

    2. apache54

      the question is NOT whether they are corrupt or not, the real question is what are we going to do about it?

      • Ugly

        Nothing. We will just vote democrat and take our entitlements.

        • On the Path

          Exactly, the sheeple just want their entitlements and at any cost to themselves and their future. This AP article about the slow grind down in Venezuela and the mentality of the people and policies are telling and in our future unless their is a miracle of some sorts.

          Quote from the end of the article, “Gonzalez says she adored Chavez for his anti-poverty programs, always voted for him and constantly applied for government benefits, though she never received any.” Now, she is faced with death because the government nanny state has ground to a halt and cannot provide life-saving healthcare. Ha, they thought they were going to get free healthcare and instead got the shaft.

          Don’t think we can count on the people waking up, they are under a delusion too powerful to break even when their very lives are at stake.

          Link to follow.

          • Ugly

            By entitlements, I am referring to all of them. They are the untouchables and that caters to the Great Give-Away party, known as Democrats.

            over 75% of Americans get an entitlement, not just 50% as some say. For instance, you have many, many large corporations that get tax relief stuff. You have corn farmers that get ethanol subsidies.

            You have big grocery chains that rely on their business and ebt cards. Mom and Pop stores don’t have a chance. You have some farm commodities that rely heavily on the school lunch programs and also WIC.

            The list goes on and on. I am sure I probably rely on an entitlement, I just don’t know it yet.

            It will be nearly impossible for anyone to win an election if your premise is to balance the budget, cut spending, and increase the rate of job growth. Those 3 variables will cut heavily into entitlements, thus that candidate loses.

            All we can do is vote our best and then get ready for it financially. The Walls will come crumbling down. We are in a meltdown and few can see that.

            • kremlin

              If you pay taxes into something your entire life- is that an entitlement you “stole”? Why dont you question the real entitlements- like military spending, bailouts to cover casino bank corruption and endless sinkhole wars for a FOREIGN nation that controls us surreptitiously and exploits us shamelessly?
              Like a bunch of the brain dead, TPTB have all the little Useless Eaters at the bottom eating each other alive- while they get off scotfree. lolol

      • JustMe

        “Give me convienience, or give me death” – The Dead Kennedys

        • KY Mom

          ObamaCare Map: How Much More Will Policies Cost in Your State?

          “Nationally, prices will rise by 41%. But in some states, it will be much worse. In a few, it will be better. There is an interactive map here. Place your cursor over your state. You will see what the typical policy cost pre-OC, and what it will cost after.”


          • YH

            KY Mom,

            You just know the progressive filth was going to structure Obamacare to punish their political enemies. Thanks.

            • unknown suspect

              Punishment goes both ways. Vote for the president? Like that obama sticker on your car? Enjoy the brick through the back windshield.

          • Nimrod Hunter

            Thanks, KY Mom. I navigated to the link on Forbes and sent it to a bunch of people, including young people in my family who recently went on with all this Sturm und Drang crap like “I know what it feels like not to be able to go to the Doctor! I am all for ACA!”
            Me: “How’s that 70% increase for men your age working out for you, huh?”

          • Peterson

            In other news…. Prices on Buckets of Chicken skyrocket to an all time high and Liberal Teachers are shocked that they are getting fucked also.

            Back to you Shit Hits The Fan….


            • anonymous

              In other news…

              Peterless continues his attacks and insults.

              Shtfplan readers are still waiting for him to share any useful information…

              • Peterson

                LOL…… I’m busy doing other shit, but don’t you worry I’ll get to it sometime soon here.

        • SWFL

          Ask not what your country can do for you, demand that it give you more for free.

        • Them Guys

          UGLY: Also consider that the voices we most often hear Loudly telling us we should be totally Against ANY form of revolt or revolutionary actions, are always guys like Rush-Hannity-Beck ET AL…Gee I wonder if They are so rich with $30-$50 Million per year incomes and book deals, and that a few like Rush has their Own private jet planes worth $80 Million, that they Fear a real revolt action as that will surely upset the usual, normal day to day lifestyles they are acumstomed to eh.

          What would occure in an all out take back america revolt, if say, Hannity or Beck tried to go out for a Spin in a brand new ferrari they just paid Cash for.

          What would them type guys do when Us types pay a nice visit to ask for Donations for Ammo etc? After all they too benifit if america gets fixed right?…Think ANY of them fat cat msm clowns Really desires “Changes” or “Fixes”? or will donate say $50 million between 3 or 4 of them guys I named so real Patriots can get needed ammo or supplies etc?….I sure do not. They all will HIDE and hide Deeply nowheres to be found till the smoke clears.

          Then quickly return to take center stage and infiltrate whatever patriot movement we have after we Win a revolt.

          So maybe its Not just low life entitlement folks whos the problem eh. Maybe even the very TOP Controled opposition operators like hannity, rush, beck,palin et al are too.

          They ALL sure are Loudly opposed to every talk or idea of real true mass revolt. Why is that.(because They got Theirs so fuck all who do not perhaps?!! By Jove! Thats IT!)

          • Ugly

            Them Guys.

            It is like when they compaign nd say they will tax the rich. That never happens because the rich are not stupid. They put their money in other funds such as Swiss Banks, tax deferred stocks, etc.

            It is the working We that get hit with taxes the most. And boy we will get hit hard againcoming 2014. I forsee that about 30% of my income in 2015 will be gone in one form or another as a tax, albeit property, food, ACA, and whatever.

            That is my reality and that is what I must prepare for.

            Too many others are preparing to take more from the Ugly’s of this world. That is why they vote the way they do. Their numbers are growing, while ours is shrinking.

            It might be time that we all register as democrats and then just vote on their party tickets.

            • Ugly

              When I say 30% gone in taxes, I was referring to 30% more than what is being taken out today. I believe if you add up all of your taxes you’ll find that most people in the $40,000 to $90,000 earning brackets are probably paying more than 50% today.

              Federal, State, FICA, and Medicare add up to at least 40%. Then you add another state tax for purchases of food or items, fuel tax, property tax if you own, and others.

              Not saying its all bad, just saying it adds up to 50% for most working folks.

              So another 30% on top of that will definitely hurt. That is what I am preparing for. It is those days coming soon.

          • hillbilly SC

            Them Guys,

            Oh shit brother… Now you done did it. 🙁

            You better watch your six, “Not so Much” is going to hunt you down and tongue whoop you. You just PISSED on his flag waving hero. You would have been better off if you just pulled on Superman’s cape. 🙂

            Hell… All I did was just say I don’t like Mr. Beck much. You would have thought I’d screwed his ol’ lady. 🙁

            Better be carefull from now on. If y’all see a shadow on your screen from behind. DUCK!!! 🙂

            That is one mean “Keyboard Commando” there. 😉

            Y’all play nice now. 🙂

            hillbilly SC

    3. Warchild

      Eh,nothing most folks paying any attention at all didn’t already know.I am a bit suspicious as Dan running for office potentially,perhaps he is just frustrated at what is happening to our country but may also just be frustrated not being in a seat of power winning a congressional race would give him,and would the power corrupt him,time will tell assuming there is time.

    4. maddog

      Anyone with half a brain already knew this. Just watching the top brass military purge proved this. The real scary thing is that if they don’t have any dirt, they’ll make it up or even better you come up missing. Keep praying for the reset, its the way forward to reclaim our freedom.

      • braveheart

        Maddog, until recently I was holding out against the reset because of the ramifications of it, but no more. I now agree with you and the others who promote that view. Let’s get the show on the road. It’s the only hope we have. Ron Paul was the only chance we had for PEACEFUL CHANGE, but now that’s gone forever. 2nd American Revolution aka ‘the reset’ is the only way to save this country now.

        • Newbee

          If Ron paul would have stood up and took a stand on Iran he might have had a chance insted of saying it none of our business if they build nukes he should have said let them build them and if they so much as point them at us or any of our allies we would make massive parking out of there country. I really think his foreign policy hurt him

          • Pissed Off Granny


            You bet your life his stand on Iran hurt him. No one will ever win a presidential election by standing against AIPAC and their continuous beating of the war drums.

            Another reason his foreign policy hurt him is because he thought we should stay out of wars and bring our kids home. No more fodder for the war machine means less money for the military industrial complex. Can’t have that, can we?

          • Tactical

            Newbee, most of the nuke stories are managed and planned by close cooperation between Ayatollah’s in IRAN , Zogs in Israel and our boys on the payrol of AIPAC in DC. 98% of the people in IRAN are against the satanic cult in charge of their country however Obama screwed them when 1.5 million of them demonstrated to over throw the Ayatollah’s about 5-6 years ago. Do some reading on this topic and you’ll find how close the satanic cults of Mooslems and Zogs including the Christian Zogs are. More conflict mean smote wars and more wars means more profit for the Military Industrial Complex.

        • maddog


          Like you I would have preferred the sheeple open their eyes and see the real damage happening around them. Unfortunately it seems most really are just fat, dumb, lazy and content to have their EBT cards and live life though Miley while drinking and smoking their dope. Just talk to a few in your area and you’ll see they are just like the ones in the Mark Dice video’s, they have no clue, and worse, they don’t care.

          • braveheart

            Maddog, I see them in my area on a daily basis. Yes, it’s so sad that they won’t wake up and that decision will cost them big time.

        • JayJay

          I’m in Kentucky.
          I fear for Rand Paul.
          TP will NOT let him be president; although it is already too late for this nation.
          There can not be a reset to undo all the unconstitutional deeds done.
          Rand Paul will get a cancer or die in a plane, etc.
          TP CAN arrange either.
          THAT is the problem in this nation. We don’t have heroes for that reason. They would rather breathe than die.

      • Canadian Vet

        Not to mention all the patronage appointments to key civil service positions. Even should Obama be impeached tomorrow morning and a snap election the next day yield all the results you could hope for in Congress, the Senate and the White House, you will still have all those politically-driven people to deal with.

        On paper, these civil servants and heads of departments should be 100% apolitical. They SHOULD receive their direction from Capitol Hill and/or the White House and implement them quickly and efficiently. But the truth is they will still take their orders from the Democrats and/or Obama himself. And they will drag their feet, “misunderstand” their redefined instructions or just downright refuse to do their jobs. That is until they retire (often with an obscene benefits package) or are fired (and that typically calls for an Act of God).

        I have seen it before, when the Liberals lost and the Conservatives won, ending about 15 years of Canada being a de facto one-party country. And it took years for thing to run somewhat smoothly.

        • Tactical

          CV….Obama or any president can be impeached but such won’t change a damn thing. The system is corrupt and the president(s) are just little puppet shows being changed from show to show. System needs to be impeached and reconstructed. BTW….new system should not make and select fake heroes who’s wife is a VP at Goldman Sachs.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            In case anyone questions who that Goldman Sachs employee is married to it is Ted Cruz.

            Anyone here want to tell me why Glen Beck does not know this.

            It took me 5 seconds to google it. Maybe Beck just doesn’t have the time?

            Beck has a great track record:
            and now Ted Cruz

            Time to consider what he is really doing. I will only give him credit for maybe causing people to start to dig deeper (a lot deeper than just what he spiels) into what is wrong with America and who is behind her demise. As long as he spouts his Israel first bs he will remain suspect.

            • Tactical

              POG, You said it so well.

        • GrandpaSpeaks

          I agree CanVet. Canada is not limited to a two party system and I like the idea that the math from an election can result in a minority government that can handcuff the government. Generally speaking that is not always a bad thing. Take our present situation for example. Imagine a handcuffed government having to put it on the line with an unscheduled election. This allows the Canadian politicians to introduce a no confidence motion, force an election and keep electing people till they get it right. Only then will they be rewarded with a majority mandate. That being said, the Canadian system desperately needs a little fine tuning like term limits, an elected and effective Senate and elected Judges but it seems a little more representative than our present system limited to only 2 gangs available to the highest bidder. The possibility of a handcuffed government is why we defeat all attempts towards a third party for after all, don’t rock the boat, it is sinking nicely.

          • Canadian Vet

            I can agree with a lot of your points. After 15 years of Jean Chrétien, last thing we need is another Prime Minister For Life. Granted Harper is a damn sight better but I’m really uncomfortable with the idea that one person can stay at the helm indefinitely.

            As for the Senate, it would take a full reboot to get rid of all the politically driven appointments. In theory they are apolitical but in the facts, they are all Liberal and Conservative appointees and unless thrown under a bus like Duffy (ok, probably deserved) or Brazeau they won’t bite the hand that fed them. Our Senate needs to be elected but only individuals, not parties. Each member should be independent to vote his do her conscience or the will of the people they represent. And they too need term limits. MP’s, not so much. They come and go fast enough as it is.

            And I am torn about electing our judges. I don’t think it would be a good idea because they would pander to their voter base or donors, much like politicians. Think about it. A Jamaican gangbanger In Toronto could easily get away with murder with a judge elected for the Jane and Finch area, as an example while the White Christian Canadian-born straight male who beats said gangbanger’s head in in self-defence would be lucky to ever breathe free air again. They need to be vetted and held accountable though, especially when issuing lenient sentences to hardened or dangerous criminals. An example I can think of right now is the fellow getting 15 months for lifting a box of poppies vs the child molester getting only 6 months.

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Does not the long arm of England really control your politics?

              • Canadian Vet

                Not by a long shot. We’ve had full independence since the Treaty of Westminster of 1931 and the “royal assent” for bills to pass us just a rubber stamp from the Governor General, which has some power on paper but in the facts is ceremonial.

                • Tactical

                  Canadian Vet…..Are you sure about your full independence from the UK and its Queen?

                • Canadian Vet

                  On paper, the Governor General is the rep for the Queen who is our head of state. However the Governor General is a largely ceremonial position with only very limited real power. Much like how the British Parliament and House of Lords run the show, not the Queen.

                  So yes. We attained internal self-governance in1867 with the Confederation and full international independence in 1931. Although we did pick up some provinces and territories over the years.

            • Smokey

              Rather than elect a judge, just ensure the power of recall, force them off the bench.

              Around here, we have prosecutors who are looking at getting elected to a judgeship, pandering to a voting base by literally persecuting people with the court system.

              So just let ’em get appointed, not elected, that way they have no constituency and can be removed in a short time, just takes one bad court decision to brass off the people. They learn who they work for pretty quickly that way.

              • Canadian Vet

                Our judges are appointed by the politicians but have no real accountability and can only be recalled by their political masters. So we have the worst of both worlds. A judiciary that panders to its political masters and immune from grassroots criticism.

    5. Joe S.

      This Secret Service agent will probably die in a car crash or helicopter crash in a few months. Seems to be their new favorite style of killing folks off.

      • Sunny

        Sadly I thought the same thing. What does that say about our trust and belief in our government today. It’s a perversion of what the founding fathers fought for. This shall not stand.

      • braveheart

        Joe S., sad to say, you may be right. Now the bodyguard needs bodyguards. Ain’t that rich? That man needs the support of the patriot community. He’s really gone out on a limb.

      • Paranoid

        You maybe right; but I’m not sure it matters now. It takes over a mile to stop a train, two miles to stop a big ship. This country is on track to hit the iceberg and I don’t think it can stop or turn in time. We have almost 60 million people on food stamps or disability, total of over 108 million on some type of welfare. Does anyone here think it can be stopped? If it works or not OBAMA care is going to cost Billions we don’t have. Interest rates can NEVER go up, but you know they will. I wish I knew when, but I See Only the problems getting worse no matter what we do. That’s why I prep. I don’t see a way out. do you.

        • braveheart

          Paranoid, a war is the only hope I see. YMWW and Clark are absolutely right about this system is beyond saving. We have to go beyond ‘cleaning house’. We have to ‘rehabilitate’ or ‘remodel’ the house, whatever you want to call it. Start over from scratch so we can rebuild this country into the kind of country that God intended for us to have. I see the system eventually falling under its own weight. I don’t see any way we could have years left, maybe 1 year at best and I’m being too generous with that estimate. I prep for the same reasons as you and everyone else here. Reset is coming, don’t know when, but it will come.

          • Outlaw

            “We have to go beyond ‘cleaning house’. We have to ‘rehabilitate’ or ‘remodel’ the house, whatever you want to call it.”

            Great analogy, and very true!

            • braveheart

              Howdy, Outlaw. If there was another Ron Paul out there to lead us, I would throw my support behind him, but unfortunately there’s not one.

              • Outlaw

                yup, I campaigned heavily for him myself, but not sure he could have saved us now. not really sure we need a leader anymore though, maybe we all need to be our own leaders…

                • braveheart

                  Outlaw, I believe we will end up being our own leaders. Tactical, you’re right about AIPAC; they’re a serious problem unless they can be destroyed. Gonetoolong, let the EBTs get cut off and we’ll have SHTF all over. I’m hoping we get through Grid EX next week without anything happening.

              • Tactical

                Braveheart brother……..I would give my life for someone like Ron Paul to get back the lost freedom BUT as long as AIPAC exist, Ron Paul(s) will be destroyed.

                • Them Guys

                  Tactical: Yes APIAC and all its 65,000 members are evil. However the grand total from ALL of the Over 300+ similar tribal jewish groups and orgs et al, has so many total members, they even also have One specific group org they offically call something like “The Jewish Organizations Presidents” org!!….Several Hunderd “presidents” who represent each of them 300 orgs and groups nationwide.

                  Plus in the EU just a few months ago at most, 120 jewish reps appointed Themselves as Reps for all the european jewish folks of all 27 eu states, and demanded and GOT their Own personal section of reps space within the EU main house of reps or whatever they call it.

                  So now 120 jewish reps are going to amass massive power that is For and About Just only issues that benifit jewish persons in all of the EU states combined!

                  Yet the total population of them in all 27 EU states cannot amount to even One single percent overall POP!

                  Anybody for a moment believe if say White men demanded the same set up to be only FOR whites or Christians would be granted exact same status in EU?

                  Not even in america is there any white Caucaus such as blacks, hispanics, and jewish folks has.

                  And as long as most folks here and in the EU consider such factual proof that every white nation IS being destroyed BY grand design, which design Stems from its orig ROOTS of the Talmud-Protocals of zion-Marx manifesto, all coincidentally written BY their tribal members aka the Master race jewish men who wrote all of those agendas. As long as most consider this info as simply Raveing and Ranting Insanely as someone here claimed of My info posted prior….What real Hope can exist for any Fixes for usa or eu nations?..NONE will ever exist. Those claims they make prove they cannot handle real Truth or Facts period.

                  If it were others or another religious group? Then thats what I’d post info on. But alas it is NOT anybody other than…Bolshevik Jewish Kommie Zionists period.

                  Maybe one day those naysayers will at least research the many vreses and links and videos etc etc I and a few others here has offered and then will awaken. I Pray they do.

                  Christ created only ONE real “Church” greedy and other type Men created the several Hundred Other “versions” of christian churches.

                  Christ also gave us all a coupld severe and very Serious warnings. #1 REV 2:9 aka “Imposter jews that are really the synagouge of Satan”- who calls Their churchs synagougues? Only They does.

                  The other two warnings from Christ were JOHN 8:44 “You are of your father the Devil, aka Satan” speaking of the pharisee rabbi jews and ALL past and current followers of them. And finally regarding the Many Falshood teaching pastors we see today, He warned us to Avoid like a Plague EVERY “Judiazer” preacher or teacher!

                  So How is it that a vast majority of so called christians today totally Ignore and Refute the very several Serious Warnings from who is supposed to be the Main Leadership of their christianity? He also told us they rejected MY message of Truth and so too will YOU truth tellers be rejected! And so it is eh! as proven by the naysayers Here.

          • Gonetoolong

            Until the masses of Americans feel similarly as we do, nothing will change. Any uprising will be downplayed, belittled, scoffed at by the news, then late night and finally your fellow citizens. Shit has to get so bad in this country before any true uprising occurs. Sad to say. The only thing keeping a lid on an uprising is the debt ceiling/money printing. If this were to stop, it’s katy bar the door. If we want uprising here, the insane federal spending is where it has to start. Otherwise, we will sit and bitch as we do because most Americans are apathetic and amoral. I wish I were wrong, but my fellow citizens continue to prove me right. Good luck.
            P.S. Christie is a turncoat asshat that will NEVER get my vote.

            • GoodAmerican

              yeah, thats all true..and we can “credit” the controlled media (zionist crapbags) for lying Us all into a informational coma..of course for their own and their buddies benifits…(they call it “social engineering”, the crap bags).

            • slingshot

              Charlie Crist is another flip flopper.

              Looks like Gonzo to me.

        • Walt Kowalski

          The Rubicon has been crossed.

          Face it. It’s over. America as we understand it and have known it….is done. (this is assuming that you are old enough to have lived in that America. If you are younger than 45, you don’t even know what I’m talking about. No insult intended…just a fact.)

          Time to escape the normalcy bias. Accept…and even embrace what is coming and prepare to face it. And accept the fact that the government of this country is no longer legitimate.

          We are at the same point that our founding fathers were at in 1775.

          • slingshot

            Walt K.

            Yes. How can they lose something they don’t have a clue as to what it is.
            To our children, Freedom is just a word. Will always be there.

            “This is America, You can’t do that!” American Citizen.
            “You got your Obama phone, didn’t you”. Storm Trooper.

          • braveheart

            Walt, the government lost all its legitimatacy under Abraham Lincoln. And, yes, I’m over 45 and remember the old America. I dread what’s coming to this land, but there’s no stopping it now.

            • Prepping in Port Orange

              Hey Braveheart…..I agree with your analysis, but, WE can trip them up and cause some agony to ‘them’. I’m making it my purpose……I will impede, annoy, harass and do what I can to make my voice heard. I’m ready for what’s coming……I pray that me and mine will survive!.

          • Newbee

            Walt, I’m 37 and your post didn’t offend me but not all us younger guys have that entitlement mentality. I was brought up by a usmc Vietnam Vet and both my grandfathers fought in ww2. I was brought up to be proud to be a American. That you work hard and play hard. And to be a leader not to wait for what I want to get it. For the most part people my age and younger make me sick. I have 2 young boys and I’m raising them with the same values I was raised with hoping they can make a difference in this world I just hope it not to late for them. If it’s to late then I have two good Farmers / Hunters / guards etc.

            • Walt Kowalski

              I wasn’t referring to having an entitlement mentality per se…

              I’m simply saying that anyone over the age of 45 really doesn’t have a frame of reference for understanding what this country used to be like.

              I grew up in the 60’s…and it was starting to really change even then. But the population as a whole had a pretty good grasp on things.

              Since then, the country has drifted further and further to the left…and is now on greased skids.

              This is not the country I grew up in.

              Did we have problems back then? Yes. Was everything perfect? No. I’m thinking specifically of issues of racial discrimination which was without doubt a problem. But we’ve gone beyond that I think, and for the better.

              But the population as a whole these days, is largely ignorant of the very basics that are necessary for people to grasp and understand for there to be a real Constitutional republic. Lip service is paid to it….but the Constitution is for all practical purposes…..dead. It is totally ignored by the folks in D.C. in particular.

              This is why I say that the United States as envisioned by our founders…….is dead. It no longer exists.

        • Them Guys

          While EBT cuts amount to aprox $5 Billion in cuts/Less for ebt folks….On NOV 2nd a Saturday no less! the us congress met and Agreed to GIVE the Rabid state of israhell ANOTHER $488-MILLION for TWO new missles and etc systems. Thats on Top of the already $3.1 BILLION for Israel Military aide cash they paid out.

          So to Recap: there is NO us moneys for EBT’s—NO moneys for Healthcare-ZERO Money for roads+bridges repairs etc…

          But the Congres has No problem in meeting officially on a Saturday to Ok MORE Hundreds of Millions for the rabid state of israel weapons agendas..Hmmmmmmm…Hmmmmmm.

          Also at a recent lavish Big $$$$$ Party for jewish billionaires and neocons such as Eric Cantor,(also kosher), the Top Funder of neocons party members, Mr Adelson(?sp) Multi Billionaire Nevada casino owner gave a nice speach demanding the us fed govnt drop NUKES on Iran and obliterate Iran totally.

          As expected, his Nuke Iran statement had Cantor as well as every jew present Aplauding wildly. Sources said that is to be expected, whenever so many Blood Thirsty folks from that synagougue of Satan are at attendance in any one location together. Nation Wrecking, War Mongers useing America to do it’s dirty work…Again!

          • Tactical

            Them Guys……. these species just don’t get it. Every single country on this planet are becoming aware of their role and in general the role of synagogue of Satan causing world side misery for the man kind. History shows the opportune moment will arrive and payback is a bitch. This PIG named Adelson needs to spend more time on his porn and prostitution empire in Vegas and to ruin the morality of the young generation in the US as they have been doing for so long.

      • Canadian Vet

        These Secret Service types, and the administrative aides have one thing in common. They hear everything and they are effectively invisible.

        That is until they blow the whistle. Gotta give it to Mr. Bongino, he’s got a nickel-plated brass pair all right to speak up like that. And I have no doubt they will try to discredit him at best or wipe him and his family and everyone he spoke to off the face of the Earth at the worst.

        And with Obama in charge, it wouldn’t surprise me if there would be a large body count as the fallout from this. Make no mistake, I am certain he would do things very loudly and very publicly, like a pair of Hellfire missiles from a Reaper going through Mr, Bongino’s bedroom windows.

        • Newbee

          And the msm will still kiss his ass…..

    6. Gods Creation

      Let them speak against me. It means I am doing something right.

    7. Daniel San

      Money,Greed,Power…..Government. They are All the same!

    8. Anonymous

      And it will only continue to get worse. The U.S. is in a state of depression, we’re in a fast decline. Even though I’m starting to see libs and sheep wake up, it’s too late. TSA will soon be armed and there’s mission creep everywhere. O’care will give way to a single payer system. More liberties as well as the economy will be eroded to the point we’re all waiting for a gov handout. Lastly, when the lights go out finally comes back on, there WILL be a black flag over the WH.

      Stay safe, Semper Fi.

      • Warchild

        A blag flag?,hmmm….,just put in washing machine and when soot/blood/dirt cleaned off will see the old yellow flag with rattler and the phrase”Don’t Tread on Me”

        • Them Guys

          Black Flag? I’d wager it will instead be a white + Blue flag with a SIX POINTED Star and Two blue lines at top and bottom to Match that Christmass season Minorah(devils pitch fork) that you shall Again see erected 95 feet tall ON the whitehouse lawn, while liberal jewish kommie fed judges decided to NOT allow for ANY typical Baby Jesus manger scene set up like they Always did prior to their Minorah(devils pitch fork) display.

          Seems a Manger scene display is too, too, religious for a govnt owned whitehouse lawn(even though it was OK for a hundred or two yrs prior)…Yet by some talmudic twist and spin of the meaning of the word “religious” one of Judasism Holiest Objects CAN be displayed at same govnt property.

          And many folks still think its “Muslims” controling americans govnt and feds etc?

          I am going to Pray continously for many roveing bands of Hooligans, to roam across america and upset as many such judiac religious displays located on fed or state properties as possible. Upset as in Destroyed completely.

      • Rhonda in Co

        Unfortunately you’re right. And I’m afraid of the future.

    9. braveheart

      OK, I have to get on a roll again. The BOY in the WH makes some of his predecessors look good. while none of them were boy scouts, at least some of them did set some limits to their shenanigans. Plus, none of them, except Bush Jr., had the tools of oppression and destruction that the monkey has. I can appreciate this former bodyguard risking his life and speaking out like this. But running for a seat in Congress won’t change anything. What he really needs to do is join us patriots who want to save this nation. I would support a coup against the monkey under the condition that the military would relinquish power after a certain amount of time and, most important, NO GUN CONFISCATION! He makes it clear everyday what kind of intentions he has toward the people and the nation, and we’re expected to just accept it? F#$% the monkey and the horse he rode in on. Even if he’d been American-born, I still don’t recognize anything he’s done as legitimate. Now I’m thinking like some of the other people here who believe it’s time to push the ‘reset’ button and get the show on the road. I don’t see any other hope for this land. Obama has got to go.

      • JustMe

        Hey Hey Ho Ho Berry Obummer has got to go…

        • sixpack

          feet first, if necessary…

      • sixpack


        • braveheart

          Sixpack, I wouldn’t even care how it’s done, just as long as he goes.

          • sixpack

            I’m not too picky about how I empty my trash either, as long as it ends up in the dumpster…

      • Kulafarmer

        They ALL need to go, and their little minions too.
        How much more of this crap do we need to tolerate?

        • Babycatcher55

          I’ve been wondering this for 5 years!

      • Professor Higgins

        Braveheart: How naïve you are with your little patriotic fantasy of ‘retaking’ America and becoming some new hero founding father type. Quaint but quite unrealistic due to factors you are probably incapable of understanding, but I will do my best to simplify for the edification of the others here. There have been plans in the works for a very long time to ‘corral’ North America into some federation with the rest of the civilized world (western Europe and Japan/ANZ). Canada was easy due to its small population and short history, but America is problematic due to its size, history, and diversity. As I’ve said before, many of your top citizens have been groomed for some time and have now taken up leadership positions in government, industry, and education. Their primary mission is to align America with the rest of the aforementioned countries if possible. If not, then America will be allowed to break up into smaller regions after a severe collapse which is underway and will serve either scenario. The first scenario allows the rest of the west to ‘come-to-the-rescue’ and keep America in one piece but radically realigned. If that is not possible, then it will be allow to descend into chaos for a while. Some of the regions such as the west coast and the greater north east and mid-Atlantic are already on board and will comply. While much of the center of America is so-called red, there are large pockets of blue. Together, with both coast covered, almost all imports and exports will be controlled by those sympathetic to realignment. Commerce, power, fuel, finances, and transportation will grind to a slow crawl in the resisting (red) states. There will be no need for armed intervention, so your Rambo fantasies will not be realized, at least not on a very large scale. People who are cold, hungry, sick, and tired will eventually ‘see the light’. It’s all been worked out some time ago and the statistical probability ( less than 5%) of your dream of a renewed America is, as we say in common parlance, “slim-to-none”. Sorry to burst your bubble but mathematics has proved it. Tah tah and pleasant dreams.

        • LSB

          That’s okay. We will at least have the satisfaction of trying. And, in my opinion, a very large portion of the peoples of character, left Europe many years ago. If there are a grouping of gutsy people left in this world, it is here in the United States of America.

        • braveheart

          Professor, your comments prove to me that you academics are totally out of touch with the real world. I have to presume you are of a privileged background and have lived a sheltered life. I believe you know absolutely nothing of the trials and tribulations that the common people of the world, your country included, experience on a daily basis. there are enough of us awake and aware of the overall NWO agenda to successfully challenge and defeat said agenda. I personally believe the 2nd scenario you outlined is more of a possibility. If we have to say farewell to those other sections where traitors dominate, then so be it. yes, there are centers of traitors in the middle of our country, but they can be overwhelmed. The NWO forces will not have the numbers required in order to subdue us. I do expect huge numbers of “UN peacekeepers” to appear on our streets and they may secure the urban areas, but they’ll never be able to subdue our rural areas. Geographically, it is impossible. Whichever UN members contribute troops for that purpose won’t be able to send their entire armies to our shores. Of course, they must keep a certain percentage of their troops at home to maintain “domestic tranquility”. We can make the foreign forces pay such a tremendous price they’ll regret the day they ever set foot on our soil. No, professor, my scenario is very possible, It can be done. you are the one who is in fantasyland. Ta-ta, old boy!

          • Professor Higgins

            Braveheart: As I said before, proactive violence is not part of the scenario you and your paranoid friends imagine. We will control the northern border (Canada), the entire west coast from Canada to Mexico and much of the east coast from Canada to the mid Atlantic now that we have Virginia. While the south east and gulf will be open that will be ‘taken care of’ in the same manner as in your Civil War, with a blockade. Besides, all but a few countries that would have traded with you will be helping us ‘tame you’ until you see the light and stand down peacefully. Mexico will be bought off and your trade routes there will be closed off as well. Oh, and there is a planned air cargo embargo. Again, most countries will cooperate and not allow cargo to go into the interior, only passengers. You will find some outlets for your goods on cargo flight out but those will be very few and far between. The plan is to just wear you down until you’re cold, tired, broke, and nearly starving. Any deployed forces will be to prevent smuggling goods across the Sierras/Cascades in the west, the Appalachians in the east, and Canada in the north. You see, as they say in your great crime dramas, “we’ve got you surrounded”. We don’t want violence and we will only us it as a defensive measure. We have calculated that it will take 3-5 years before it all collapses and you finally join the rest of us. The sad part is that many of you will suffer and die needlessly because in the end you will have either rejoined us, or we will have taken over because there will so few of you left to be a real threat. This second scenario is far more difficult for all involved. Most of you will have died out and we will have to ‘restart’ the interior. But even that has been calculated into the equation. There are many farmers and craftsmen from other countries that would be more than willing to take over the farms and factories of the dead resisters. America’s interior will look much as it did 150 years ago with foreigners arriving and spreading out all over. I know that you and many others here fancy yourselves as Wolverines in the first “Red Dawn”. That was a fun movie but very unrealistic. You won’t die a hero, you’ll just be dead. A valiant death, but in the end, pointless. All of you will just be forgotten because history is written by the victors. Tah tah old boy and pleasant dreams.

        • Them Guys

          Professors Utopian NWO (ZJwo=ziojew world order) Fantacy “IF” acomplished will be Certain to only last a meere 42 months. 1260 days@30 days per month.

          But Despair Not! For once the professor and all his zios and anglozionized pals use up rapidly that alotted 1260 days, of keeping their heads stufed up their master race ziojews asses, by Gods Grace and Fairplay attitudes, the professor and All his ziobolshevikjewishkommie pals are going to have All of Eternity to spend with their heads stuck up their master race ziojews ass, and may even be allowed the chance to shove their collective heads up Satans ass. For as The true father of all said ziokommies, the professor and all his zio NWO-ZJwo pals can be 100% certain Satan shall be present there and eagerly awaiting them to show up. Pleasant dreams, Tah Tah kommieboy.

          • braveheart

            Howdy, Them Guys. this is my first time responding to any of your posts. I agree with your analysis of the ‘professor’. I say he’s full of it, just like everyone else in the academic world. I’ve read all your previous posts with interest. What concerns me the most is the agenda the ‘professor’ and company are pursuing. I believe it can and will be defeated. braveheart

        • Walt Kowalski

          Enjoy the chains of your servitude professor.

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
          the tranquility of servitude
          better than the animating contest of freedom,
          go home from us in peace.
          We ask not your counsels or your arms.
          Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
          May your chains set lightly upon you,
          and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

          –Samuel Adams–

        • LSB

          PROFESSOR: Sending a little more your way…Been thinking of you today and I just have to tell you that you do remind me of a modern version of “Tokyo Rose”. Those silky words dripping from your lips are suppose to discourage Patriots?

          • Professor Higgins

            LSB: My, I am impressed with your historical acumen, and to a lesser degree, that of Walt Kowalski. But unlike Rose, I am much more than a paid ‘mouthpiece’. I am part of the advance column send years ago (decades actually) to get things started here and as I have said, we have succeeded in educating and placing many of your own citizens in key positions to make the necessary moves to bring it all to satisfactory conclusion. Given my mission and degree of responsibility, I am more akin to a colonel in the old OSS (Commando) during WWII working behind the lines. The only reason I am speaking out is that after all the years of living in America I have become terribly fond of the people here and I do not wish to see any unnecessary suffering. But you are a stubborn lot to be sure.

    10. Mike

      I have friends and coworkers that have said they have no problem with the N.S.A.’s surveillance program. They say they have nothing to hide. I try to explain that government can find something if they look hard enough. Just too many regulations and statutes that could be accidentally broken. Then if you have the wrong political beliefs or disagree with the wrong official they can come after you.
      I will just never understand why anyone would give up there freedom for security or food or anything. The people will regret there decisions regarding this.

      • sixpack

        Not to mention the fact that after they’ve “redefined” words and definitions, we don’t know what the hell they can do with whatever we’ve said so long ago, that we forgot about it by now.

        Has anyone kept a record of every online comment they ever made, a copy of every email sent or received, a recording of every phone call we’ve ever made?

        I didn’t think so, but the NSA surely has.

        Remember that email from some Nigerian dignitary you got a few years ago? Wasn’t he asking you, in effect, to help him launder his money?

        Have you ever said anything that could now be considered “anti-govt”? Are you SURE?


        We’d all do well to remember that fact.

        Keep your powder dry and your eyes open.

        • Kulafarmer

          These days almost EVERYTHING i turn to text is anti this government!
          At this point who cares!

          • sixpack

            Of course Kula, my angst was more aimed at the “I’m not doing anything illegal” crowd. You’ve got a brain and ain’t afraid to use it.

            • Them Guys

              Sixpack: Us type folks always speak Truth, and truth always equals Right. As in Opposite of wrong. So therefore as long as We remain right and correct and speak truth, we will NEVER be wrong regardless who says what or this or that.

              For Proof of such righteousness, simply observe the many red down thumbs I always recieve, as do You also whenever You post a reply that agrees with my posts! Red thumbs are the absolute best proof of posting Truth.

              Such red thumb types Hate truth, and vhemently so!

              • sixpack


        • SWFL

          It doesn’t matter what they find, or if they are really even looking. Now that everybody knows they are collecting information on everyone they can claim whatever they want and everyone will believe it.

    11. lastmanstanding

      I hope that what this man is sharing is absolutely true.

      I hope that every American hears his story.

      I hope that they act positively in some manner and take some initiative to find out what is going on in DC.

      I pray that he and his family are invincible to the evil that will be cast upon them by these rotten, lying satanic bastards.

      God be with you brother. Don’t know how you endured at that job thru all that deception.

      • braveheart

        Lastmanstanding, I think we can all go to the bank on what he says being true. We can’t put anything past the Obama regime.

    12. Wilson

      I saw this interview on Beck. It would be interesting to know what really goes on behind closed doors at “the people’s house”. On the other hand why is anyone surprised? Obama told us what he would do and wanted to do if elected president in the books he wrote. He said he would fundamentally change this country. This is really no different than Hitler telling us what he would do and wanted to do in “Mein Kampf”.

      • VRF

        the WH should be on CCTV for all of us to see every room 24-7

        hey they are up our asses that much , we should make it law that if we are to be on camera, they should be too

        yes..with sound!

        • SWFL

          As long as my screen has an ‘off” switch for dinner-time and at least one hour before bedtime.

        • gone under

          You want to watch Bath House Barry? And MooseShell I got a tool under my dress?

    13. Mike

      I live in Va. It is a sad night here. Virginia has turned into a liberal state due to Northern Virginia. What has happened to Americans brains. Over half the country should be running around saying if I only had a brain. Now my beloved state of Va should too.

      • Ancient Echoes

        What is happening to the peoples brains is the same thing that is happening to the star fish, a “mysterious’ disease is turning them into mush! What surprises me is that any of us here are surprised by anything that happens now.

      • VAPatriot

        @ Mike

        I’m with you brother. I live in NOVA and I can say that I didn’t see this coming. All of the libtards live in Arlington, Tyson’s and parts of Fairfax. Loudoun is mainly conservative, one of the only places in NOVA where you can shoot guns outside so as long as your 500 feet away from the nearest road. It is indeed a very sad day, I’m still in shock. It’s such a feeling of helplessness when the only system we can depend on with civility fails us. Like I told Wolf it’s best if we just collapse ASAP so we can begin reconstruction ASAP. It’s the only way out of this mess, there are too many powerful banks, corporations and brainwashed people. And because Obama is getting flanked by the media, you can bet your ass that there’s going to be some sort of convenient “National Emegency” so that he doesn’t have to answer the hard questions about Omonkeycare.

        Hang in there dude, our forefathers dealt with the same shit. We just need a reset.

        • Mike

          Va Patriot well said. I hate the pain that all of this is going to cause. I don’t want to see people suffer. At this point it has to happen though. I hope it happens while I am still young enough to help with the fight. I do not want my children or grandchildren to have to deal with this mess. I think it just might happen before Obummer leaves office. I am surprised it has not happened by now to be honest.
          Maybe I shall see you on the battlefield one day. Thanks for the words of encouragement. The patriots in VA need that tonight.

          • VAPatriot

            Thanks man. I completely agree. It’s unfortunate that our children will never get to experience the real America. I believe you’re correct, we are not too far from pure chaos. As we are all aware, it’s only going to take a small nudge in the right/wrong direction for all hell to break loose. The food stamp glitch was pretty sobering. I can almost assure you that you will see me on the battlefield, after all the tree of liberty is mighty thirsty and and the only remedy is more tyrant blood. (That’d be a lot funnier if Christopher Walken had said it). The months ahead will likely be treacherous, lets make sure we’re all focused and ready to go at a moments notice. I’m already making big changes…used to go to sleep with my .380 under my pillow, now I sleep with my AR. The bright side to that is that not only am I ready to roar but it keeps my pillow cool, and I like that.

            Have a good night man

            Seacrest Out

            • Mike

              You have a great night as well. I sleep with a kel tec ksg on my head board. I check this site and others to stay informed. This site also keeps us vigilante and alert. An added bonus is that I get to talk to other like minded individuals. Thank goodness for that. Helps keep me sane.
              Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!!

              • VAPatriot

                That is so badass!!! I want a KSG. Welp, time to get to bed. I’ve got to work a 10 hour day tomorrow so that the welfare recipients don’t have to. Looks like Pope Benedict might ordain me a saint for all of my charity.

        • DPS

          VA and Mike,

          I’m very sorry to see what has happened in your state. And about the only thing I can say to give you both any comfort is.
          Lines are being drawn in the sand all over this Great country by many. We all feel it why else would you see people buying up ammo and guns like they are? Everyday we are seeing this nation being ripped apart by design and the ones that have created that design will pay the price.
          You see you can only shit on Americans so much before they fight back and thats a fight they want until they get it.
          Like my dad use to tell me Boy watch out for the quiet men those are the ones that will whip some ass..


          • Mike

            Thanks DPS.
            You are correct. Lines are being drawn. Unfortunately I think there must be a fight at this point. I wish there was some other way but the takers now outnumber the workers.
            I stated earlier on here today that something is very wrong. You can just feel it in your gut. I think most people know it if they are honest about there feelings. I have always loved the state of VA. It is a beautiful state. In the rural areas people are still God fearing patriots. I see a time coming where we all must stand together. It has to happen and I hope we can all put this country back to the way our founders intended.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Mike there-in lies the problem. Yes, as you say the takers outnumber the workers, and many of the workers help elect the people that created the takers. So it makes it very hard for us to dig our way out of this hole, if you know what I mean. Trekker Out. Ain’t No Shovel Ready Jobs!

          • VAPatriot


            Thank you sir. That’s almost exactly what my dad told me earlier when I spoke with him. I wake up everyday wondering “will this be the last day of semi-normalcy”. And it’s not because I’m paranoid or crazy, this shit is really happening. My grandfather was a wide old WWII vet and he always told us that we’d be facing something like this. Anyways, thanks again for the kind words, it’s much appreciated.

        • Nopittypartyhere

          I have mountain land in VA. I may be rethinking my move there….

      • slingshot


        Explanation. Closet Yankee infestation.

      • Babycatcher55

        We left 9 years ago, and it wasn’t a moment too soon, but the rest of my family is still there. I dread what’s coming, for them.

      • YH

        Do not be surprised to discover that thousands of deceased Virginians came back to life for the sole purpose of voting in this election. Voter fraud is rampant everywhere. We need to get rid of electronic voting and go back actual punch cards that can be physically counted. I don’t need to know the election results by the 11PM news. I need to know that each voter card can be traced back to a living individual.

        • Smokey

          Up here in Washington, we had the Governor’s race decided by less than 200 votes a while back. The votes had been counted, the Republican was 2,000 votes ahead, and then suddenly, mirabile dictu, a Democratic poll worker found thousands of ballots in the trunk of her car.

          Naturally, it was from a democrat precinct that turned the numbers around.

          No judge would even dare say that improperly accounted for ballots should be thrown out. It was just blatant election theft and obvious to anyone.

          • YH


            If there is a deadline by which ALL ballots must be submitted then that law or rule must be upheld. Otherwise the entire electoral process is a complete farce and a sham!

            At this point I cannot see any difference between the U.S. and some tiny despotic Third-World “banana republic” nation. In both cases voting is only used to give the voters the impression that they actually have a choice or a say in the political process.

    14. Lost In The C.R.C

      well we have all the ingredients for the recipe, all we need now is the appropriate application of heat in the form of a catalyst (read major natural disaster, economic collapse, or other large scale crisis) and the fruit of Liberty will henceforth be ready to pick….I only hope that we don’t have a major dying off of the Liberty minded people, that leaves us with only the extremely evil Elite.

    15. Ugly

      Remember the ‘Thought Police’ of 1984?

      Sound waves travel. Energy can never be created nor destroyed, it can just change its form.

      Once you speak, you have created a sound wave. Now that sound wave normally diffuses into space, but can it be captured? Sure.

      You don’t need an iPhone, you just need to speak and then have a sophisticated receiver to capture those beautiful waves. The ‘waves’ that only the ‘Thought Police’ would love.


      I don’t like where this is going. But it is today’s reality.

      What bugs me the most is the amount of Americans that would or will vote for this exact same system.

      Be ware my friends, Big Brother really is watching you.

      Watch your step. Do not get out of line. Tattle tale. Who knows whom your friends are? When you walk, make sure that picture with the ‘eyes’ does not follow you.

      Are you glad that we have a Leader of the Free? World.

      • braveheart

        Ugly, the people who voted for all of this crap will pay dearly for their choices. The Thought Police can get f#$%ed!

        • Ugly


          Nobody knows how this will unfold. But some of us know that it will be pretty hard and most folks will catch on, but it will be too late. Finances will be our downfall.

          The problem is that 80% of the folks will blame the wrong people.

          Look at it now. The majority of blame is being placed at the GOP, specifically the Tea party.

          What people don’t realize and don’t even care is that no Law can be passed without passing through the Senate and signed by the President. The GOP does not have the power all by themselves to shut-down the Govt.

          Anyway. There is no doubt in my mind when fiscal problems happen, the blame will be placed on someone else.

          All we can do is work, pay bills, pay taxes, prepare, and see what happens. And also Be Happy. Sometimes this stuff can consume someone with fear. All you can do is play the game the best one can, and hopefully win.

      • lower40

        Hey big brother as soon as you arrive
        you got to get in touch with the people big brother
        get them on your side
        keep them satisfied

    16. slingshot

      Obama is a tyrant and one step away from a dictator.

      Promises that turn into Lies!

    17. jim in Va.

      Perhaps many of the counties in Va. should secede from the state,they get no representation against the blue counties in northern Va.

      • Warchild

        I would say the same of many states in that regard.

      • Mike

        Jim that is an excellent idea.

        • Them Guys

          Somebody said we must think Outside the box right.

          Okay let’s try a new twist for help. IE:

          Leter to: Dear Mr. Putin, have seen you on Live Tv news, RT tv. Publically stateing that you Vowed to come to the aide of not only Syrian Christians, but also to aide all, and any oppressed christians wherever they may reside.

          That is truely swell news Sir. So Please send to 50 million soon to be oppressed American christians.

          Lawyers, Guns, and Money! On behalf of My Fellow Patriots and christian folk in America, I thank you in advance Sir.

          Will await further directions as to what location your weapon and ammo drops shall occure at, and when.

          PS: Mr. Putin we realize that times are tough all over, therefore if it makes things any eaiser for You in assisting our dire needs, we can live without the “lawyers” part, and just rely upon as much Money, and as many Large size guns, and as many hundred tons of ammos you are able to air drop supply to us.

          pss: To avoid NSA-Snoopers, I recomend we commence in Code, perhaps the language of “Pig Latin” as I heard Z.O.G. controlers are Alergic to all Pork.

          Your Brother,and usa Christian pal, Them Guys

          Just need several Million additional co signers like a mass petition, and we will be off to the races boys!

    18. Gadabout

      Off topic, but I want to thank the poster who, a couple of days ago, told us about amaranth and Chef Brad’s Cooking With Grains show on BYI-TV. Just watched it tonight and I learned a lot. On Direct TV it’s channel 374 at 4pm EST.

      • Archivist

        You’re welcome. Chef Brad puts grains and beans in everything, even ice cream. And check out that Bosch mixer he uses. I think he sells them on his website.

    19. Tres

      Wake Up America you are being outbred by people who are having eight children by the time they’re 26 do the math you’re having two kids.. Obamanites have united against you. Until the real patriots of this country have had enough and stand up to this bully, this absurd administration and Marxist pig, there will only be a shadow remaining where the power of lady liberty once stood. We are almost there, frustrated beyond belief confused distraught and living in the only way there has ever been success in stopping tyranny, by beheading it from the top down. Obama must be exposed and removed from office, tried for his treasonous acts and pay the penalties he has earned. mind you he does not care because he believes he will get 40 virgins in heaven. he has accomplished his mission he hadduped the braindeaf uneducated moronic, welfare bastards into believing socialism is the answer to their prayers.

      • Gonetoolong

        I sense a little optimism in your words.
        I can say that it is at least a little refreshing to see:
        Cuccinelli was hung out to dry by the establishment RINO’s
        They gave him less than 1/3 of the funds they spent on the last gov election.
        Virginia is a huge government bastion that has hundreds of thousands of people that are either directly or indirectly employeed by the government. This should have been an easy contest for the taker party.
        Cuccinelli is a Tea Party member that is supposed to be the anti-christ acc. to the media now.

        HE IS ONLY DEFEATED BY 1%? HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? Think of how he would have done if his own party had backed him. The insanity continues, but there is a glimmer of hope.

      • PuppyPrepper

        OVomit isn’t exactly interested in virgins, female anyway. . .

      • glk

        The system is broken. You can elect candidates one after another forever, but nothing will change until the system is fixed. Getting rid of Obama will do little. And you make a huge mistake to assume that only people who think as you do are Patriots or real Americans. We are ALL Patriots; ALL real Americans. Except for the politicians. I don’t think they are even human.

    20. Ugly

      Ugly the Soundwave….

      You spoke. Shame on you. From that spoken word or words came sound-waves. Now, a sound-wave does not stay in spot, it travels. How far? Whom knows. But it does go much like a pebble in a lake. You drop a pebble in water and then watch the waves go away from its center.

      That center is You. The ‘waves’ are your precious spoken word.

      Those waves can be captured.

      Was SETI to listen to aliens, or to us?

      What other SETIs does the Govt have?

      If SETI was designed to listen to ‘waves’ millions of miles away, can it pick up you saying something just 100 miles away? By saying something, I do not mean iPhone, I am referring to just normal chat. You know, like with your barber, or just with a friend at the park.

      Street lights have sensors.

      Some of your townfolks may be the illuminati.

      Welcome to ‘1984’….

    21. Medic

      Are we all screwing ourselves by reading and posting on this website?

      • Ugly


        We are Americans. We don’t care what they think….

        • Mountain Trekker

          Not until they come knocking. Trekker Out. Speak Wisely!

          • Them Guys

            No! We Are putting the Fear of God into the small minds of every Satanic, Demonic, Evil Bastard Sons of Bitches, also known of as Crooked Kommie leadership and MSM’s folk.

            If one looks Very closely at their faces on the tv screen as they spew and rant more lies by design to us. One can see slight tell tale signs of such Abject Fear that prior to very recent times was never before present.

            Pay close attention and note the slight hesitations in speech patterns, the ever present beads of sweat emitted from their cranial upper portions, as well as tiny beads of cold sweat forming across their upper lip regions.

            A sure certain sign of abject Fear! And the More reply postings such as ours they read or are made aware of, the Greater their Fear of Us becomes.

            One must train themselves to spot these tell tale fear signs, as those who so Fear Us, are Very cagy, evil and demonic satanic types with many decades of double speak and experience in hiding that abject Fear, much like a hollywood actor.

            But nevertheless, their levels of abject Fear are definatly ramping up as each week passes. Soon that Fear shall lead some, perhaps many, to make serious mistakes. That shall lead to the Most Dire of consequences for those satanic evil human demonic’s.

            And best of all, their total numbers are likley to be at most 50,000 or so. That is the Snakes Head. That’s also the main important part containing 99% of the entire evil. Once done in…They all Lose. Big time lose.

            So Keep on Posting, and Speaking out Publically whenever, and wherever possible. Disregard all complaints that you or your message is offending anyone. It is just Proof your message is Hitting Home!

    22. the_isle

      Choose a place, time and target/s. Anyone who cares enough about bringing about change in the spirit of our country’s Founders show up ready to put up or shut up.

      If 100k Americans didn’t show up then all is lost and turn around go back home. If 100k did show up who knows?

      Who’s got the balls to show up instead of all this bravado bs people spew out on here and other sites like it?

      It’s gettin’ old and nobody had taken any action except for prepping which is a passive reactionary approach not an aggressive proactive one.

      • Mountain Trekker

        the-isle, remember the guy that was going to have the march on DC on the 4th of July and every one was going to carry there guns. And then the big trucker rally that was going to shut down everything last month for 3 days. Boy those events sure got the Governments attention. I don’t really think TPTB worry to much about all the paper tigers that comment on these sites. But they (NSA) just collect what we say. But one day there will be an event that gets their attention, we just don’t really know what the catalysis will be, and I don’t believe that we will be the ones to bring it into action. But when it starts it will be a chain reaction. Trekker Out.

    23. Ralphieboy

      Very sad to see my old home state of VA go down tonight. Last time I was home was getting hard to recognize the Old Dominion, with so many DC types having overwhelmed No Va all the way down to Charlottesville.

      So, Be Informed, the re- set is coming. Another few months, I expect an acceleration of the economic decline, even a collapse. How it plays out, have no idea. Day by day, I just keep on, doing my job, but after work, going over my preps, adding here, adding there, trying to think of things I might have missed. What gets me still is the shock and surprise people have with the consequences of Mr. O’s transformative change, like a doubling or more of insurance premiums, or loss of a good health plan. Shocked, Really? WTF did these morons think would happen? Am having a hard time grasping how the USA could go from electing Reagan to, 25 years later, putting this complete fraud in office. Guess when it all goes south, these 20 something morons will have to put the I-pads and video games away and find out what gravity is all about.

      • sixpack

        “WTF did these morons think would happen?”

        Answer: “I thought obamacare was a good idea, UNTIL I FOUND OUT I’D BE PAYING FOR IT”…

        Fucking clueless.

        • Them Guys

          Ralphiboy: After 50 years of electing Africans as mayors, of every major large city nationwide almost. Once again we see in typical liberal dem fashion, with so many Failures in so many african run cities everywheres, Liberal dems just Had to place the Dark jebus messiahman into the nations Highest level of control and power.

          This is typically what lib dems do to prove they are right. Even after 50 years abject constant failures, and total destruction of every major city in america, they think by placeing an african kommie at that highest level of control he is now going to prove libs were correct all along. It’s how liberal dems avoid ever admiting that everything they ever do fails.

          Clues to look for, for hobammys abject and dismal failure on a nationwide scale will be, massive nationwide Lootings-Riotings-and an ever present national Fire similar to Detroit or Chicago burning down in 1967-68 era, only on a vastly larger nationwide scale more like a rageing Forest Fire everywheres at once.

          Clue#2 will be when every MSM Liberal dem will begin to Blame whiteys and conservatives for it all.

          If anybody hears a Hobammy four times weekly speech on tv, and hobammy announces a New Plan to begin to distribute one free Gallon can of Gasoline, With, one Free pack of, Lights anywheres Kitchen Matches…

          Please imeadiatly Alert us all here, then head for cover and begin to peer into scope cross hairs, as certain action will be inevitable!

          • sixpack

            We all know TPTB are generally powerful, WHITE MEN. I find it interesting that the people they put into positions of power, only to throw them under the bus later, are black men and women.

            Think Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Obama, Emmanuel, Sebelius, all the people made out to be the biggest liars in politics, also end up being black and/or women…all fall guys for the elite.

            How long does the list have to be before we see the pattern?

      • Satori

        the Republicans took over my state in the last election

        don’t get yer hopes up

        new boss ???
        WORSE than the old boss

        jokes on us

        don’t forget
        we don’t live in a democracy
        we don’t live in a republic

        we live in a corporate oligarchy

      • Po'd Patriot

        Ralphieboy you’re right. I got a lot of family in Va. Every time I go west on 66 to 81 I now have to get out to Front Royal before I can relax a little. Sure is a changed landscape from when I was a kid.

      • InsanityISContagious

        What happened was a generation of school of liberalism-brainwashed kids grew up into voting adults…and Hollywood communists finally came out of the closet.

    24. John_Allen

      Sir, Mr. Former Secret Service Agent:

      All I know comes from Tom Clancy novels. You’ve lived it.

      The more you know that damages them, the more danger you are in. The inexplicable automobile accident. The against all evidence myocardial infraction. Thank you for speaking up, but watch out.

      If I were Ron Paul or Alex Jones … I’d be waiting for that 3 a.m. door crashing in. They’d have to have rounded up all the “star list” people before they considered me worth their trouble.

      But they could roll right over me any time they wanted to.

      Not telling you anything you don’t already know. Please be careful.

    25. aljamo

      Obama is nothing more than an intelligence agent himself. Is’nt his past hidden? He is just the latest con piling on the plan and covering up the crimes of those before and under him.

    26. Ya-Think?

      Remember, “Glen Beck loves you”.

    27. Ugly

      My Night with Area51 by Ugly….

      I was working in alfalfa fields in Nevada in 1973, not too far from Area 51. I was a young lad with long hair and drove a Chevy Luv (this was a few years before I bought my F150 with the 460). I was working in the Pioche area. In the alfalfa fields.

      It was Friday and about 2pm and we finished work early. I was tired of sleeping outside, and back in those days motels were not comfortable, so I decided to head back to Idaho and then come back to Nevada the following Monday.

      I left Pioche in my Chevy Luv and was enjoying the beauty of alfalfa fields and the mountains. I was young, single, and had long hair. It was a hot day, but nice. I wanted to see more of Nevada, so I went a different route that took you in the way of Winnemucca enroute to Jordans Pass, Oregon and onto Idaho.

      It was enjoyable. But as I was driving thru Nevada, I kept noticing that the hair on my arms kept raising, much like static electricity. I didn’t think much of it. I kept driving, but later my long hair was raising to the roof of the Luv, and then go back down. I thought maybe it was the powerlines. So I stopped and got out of my Chevy Luv and looked around. Things were ok, so off I went.

      (Back in those days Chevy Luvs had no air conditioner and only AM radio).

      In those days AM radio was terrible during the day, unless the station was local. I was trying to tune into AM670 which was in Boise, but too much static so I turned it off and waited until nightfall.

      The day began to wane away as I was passing the short section thru Oregon before I got to the Idaho border. Evening came and I tuned into AM670 and enjoyed listening to the oldies music (oldies was 1950s then).

      I tuned into AM 670. Later, I noticed the station would change on its own. And I would change it back. But then about 20 minutes later it would go from AM670 to AM1260.

      I didn’t think too much of it. I would just tune it back to AM 670.

      I was nearing Marsing, Idaho and passing a spot called Lizard Butte. That is when things started to get crazy. I was driving by Lizard Butte and the radio stations were sliding left and right, my hair was standing straight up. It was freaky. So I stopped the Chevy Luv again and got out to see and that is when I noticed a flying object just above the Luv.

      That is when I noticed that Lizard Butte was being used evening as a launching and take-off pad to and fro probably to 51?

      I jumped into my Luv and went full throttle to get out of that area. (Full throttle was about 58 mph). But one of the flying objects kept following me. We were going up and down the rolling hills when I noticed a farmers field that had some corn. I pulled into the service road area as the flying object was hovering over-head.

      I jumped out of the Chevy Luv and quickly crawled into the corn field. I noticed that the object was fixed onto the Chevy Luv.

      I slipped away and left the Chevy Luv in the farmers field. I never went back.

      I have never been to Lizard Butte by Marsing, Idaho since.

      • Hit the heart.

        Boy Ugly. What a movie like setting. I love you man!

      • Not so Much

        Cool story, but one minor quibble. The radios back then weren’t electronically tuned. The knobs were connected to the station tuner with (for lack of a better term) a rubber band. So it gives the story more of a paranormal feel than a Area 51/UFO feel.

        • Ugly

          @Not so much.

          True in parts. In old days, I did take apart an AM radio and it actually had the red dial attached more of a bolt and screw system, and not a band. When you turned the knob, the red dial would go up or down along the ‘bolt’ type attachment. A strong magnet could probably turn that–yes it would be paranormal. But wasn’t Roswell paranormal?

    28. Pine 4 Better Daze

      If there was ever a time for a coup d’etat in this country it is now! What we need is a ‘Braveheart’ (someone in-or-out-of the military, or one of the fired generals) to lead it…
      Our country is in grave danger and will not survive if something isn’t done, and soon!!
      The ‘limp-wrist’ Impostor-in-Chief in the White House will do everything in his power to destroy this country and bring it under the New World Order while turning the U.S. into a
      police state…
      The Oct. 30, 2013 America the Battlefield report, ‘Treason: The Disarmament of the United States and the Declaration of World Government” said this, “… (In a WND article),
      retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, claims it is part of Obama’s strategy to reduce the standing of the U.S. worldwide. “Obama is intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged,” he charged.’ …. ….
      “Barack Obama is disarming our nation in accordance with the UN Charter, He is purging top brass who are refusing to go along with privately-owned weapons confiscation programs under a martial law scenario…”
      “He (Obama) issued the stand-down order for re-inforcements in Benghazi.”
      This was on the following website (which may have been taken down..):
      AND, see these reports—
      ‘Obama Firing of Military Reminiscent of Stalin’s Purge’
      ‘The CIA Manchurian Candidate Groomed by Communists to Destroy America’

    29. disector284

      Okay then, Nobody wants to say it….I think Dan looks shady. Slicked back hair and squinty eyes. He knows what the others have gotten away with and knows the bounties of what he could get away with. This is clearly letting the fox into the henhouse. Critical thinking folks. Just stop for a second and think…..

    30. 21Bavo

      How anyone could put their life on the line to protect that POS is beyond me…..

    31. Be informed

      Every scandal in washington, every bit of meaningless rhetoric spoken in DC, BO, it all adds up to the people of the U.S. getting the shaft. They can talk about BO and his shiny new banana, to match a banana republic it is becoming. The end game is what those a holes consider ALL of us, pawns and very expendable. These so called representatives of the people are nothing but elected to control and screw everyone else over. Again, ALL of us. Black people need to wake up and see what BO is about. All people still asleep need to wake up and see that this government puts on the worse show and then hardly ever does anything right for anyone other themselves.

      No secret service has to tell anyone here on this site about what it is. We are going head first into a giant sinkhole, and most of the masses are helping to push each other right into it. Even the geophysical aspect of what is happening is ramping up. It is like the surrounding field of the planet is even upset with these politicians. This is of course a joke to reality, but the real joke is on anyone that feels that washington and these politicians are on their sides. What it is really like is like someone has taken and flushed the toilet on all of us. Very depressing, will be that much more depressing for all those that are in la-la land that don’t see that washington Dc is upchunking all over its self. All the while BO has that idiotic smile like some devil sitting on a head stone at some cemetery.

      • OutWest


        This is the first time I’ve really seen
        the SHTF crowd come together and agree
        there is no right or left paradigm.

        Heads or tails — still the same old coin.

        Wax on, wax off.

    32. Anonymous Patriot

      I’ve got one to share. My daughter broke her arm, and we had to take her to the ER last night. She’s never had to go the hospital for anything, so it was her first time.

      The receptionist who was putting her information into the computer asked what religious preferences we have, and I said “Christian”, and she said “I don’t know if you want to put that in here”. My husband and I looked at one another and he said, “Excuse me?” and she said “I’m sorry”, and she leaned toward us and kind of lowered her voice and said “It’s going into a huge database now, and you know how things are these days”.

      My husband said “Put Christian in your computer”.

    33. Old Vet

      My greatest fear is that many people still believe that the soap box and/or the ballot box still will put an end to this madness. If this election is any indication of the upcoming Mid-Terms, truly it is totally over. Wake up, it doesn’t matter who wins Democrat or Republican they are one in the same. Both will not allow any so called Third Party candidate to win. The tree of Liberty is crying to be watered, and the blood of Patriots must do just that, but the only way to reach the TREE is standing on the CARTRIDGE BOX now. Do I want this, HELL NO, but I’m willing to water the tree, are you? If you are not willing, that is your choice, but don’t sit in its SHADE after it’s been watered because you don’t deserve it! So after all; Perhaps Today Is A Good Day To DIE. I have my WATERING CAN IN MY HAND, DO YOU?
      Time is approaching fast, SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT.

      • Old Vet

        Sorry—– PATRIOTS—- for the misspell.


    34. Gadabout

      I think the only reason that impeachment hasn’t happened is because they fear race riots.

    35. jerrytbg

      Are some of you insane?

      There is no left right…the beast is an oligarchy!!!

      dog and pony….three ring circus… soap opera…

      just a few that come to mind to describe what we are witnessing and it blows me away how many people still by into this …wow.

      • Warchild

        Jerry,the phrase rat fuck also comes to mind,though since we are talking politicians insulting to rats!

        • jerrytbg


    36. Ted Kennedy

      Obi-Wan Kenobi, I will never come over to the dark side.

    37. Agent Provocateur

      The system cant be changed from inside. It’s like sending a virgin to reform a whorehouse .It must collapse -People should walk away from these rigged elections, money and systems. What do you think theses powerful elite would do if a major portion of the people withdrew all their money from the banks, stopped shopping in corp. megastore and stopped voting in there rigged elections ? They’d crap their pants is what! So walk away!

    38. CrabbeNebulae

      Sorry folks, I hate to burst all of your touchy feely kissy faced bubbles but this man is a bullshit artist, useful idiot, typical politician and Judas goat combined into one. He never said anything substantive. He spouted off a bunch of bullshit about stuff everybody already knows and capped it with a few scare monger statements like “We’re in a lot of trouble”, “it’s worse than people know” and used his “I was there, I know”, nonsense to prove to the sheeple he’s authentic and even threw in a little Jesus patronage to prove he’s one of the good guys. And… to blame Obama’s communist bent on “…his lack of experience and maybe community organizing in the past…” is totally disingenuous. Talk about bullshit!!!! He’s just another fake expert. Come back when you have something substantive to say. Bring out the emails, videos and tape recordings and let us hear the real damning and juicy stuff, otherwise just move along. Just saying.

      • JayJay

        AFTER he is elected–IF he did that now, he’d be ‘breitbarted’!! 😉

    39. Ted Kennedy

      Move me up to 1st Class. I will never smoke crack. Yea, but bacon tastes good. STELLA! Sebelius is feeling the hot seat. What ever! Want a medical gel cushion with Scotch Guard. Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining…

      • PuppyPrepper

        Are you speaking in code or something? Or off your meds?

        • Ted Kennedy

          That was your daily condensed news. Don’t you recognize it…

      • braveheart

        It’s the face of the Free Shit Army aka freeloaders.

    40. Kevin2

      At the very top its fascism. From there down its socialism / communism both both domestic and international. Globalism is “share the wealth” on a planetary scale.

    41. VRF

      Let um use it against me

      I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t think it

      fuck what they think about what I think.

      If asked if I said something or not, If I said it, I’d admit it, .. with pride!


    42. JRS

      Call it whatever you like. Whatever “ism” it is, it is always meant to take from you and give to another.

      They call it “taxation” and it’s a worldwide phenomenon. Legalized theft backed by violence for non cooperation.

      Central planned government is nothing more than organized crime. Any time you have a group of people ordering another around through a system of code and statute you end up with a system of coercion backed by the point of a gun.

      I have never had any use for government in all my years. The only thing they did was cause wars of aggression and forced me to comply with stupid insane “laws” to fund their petty, paper pushing, useless, non productive, self serving little schemes and projects of control.

      The inverted pyramid is top heavy and ready to tip into the dustbin of history. 4 million people with .gov security clearance? Why are they putting that gun in my ear and making me turn my pockets inside out for this?

      Most murcans believe this is how things should be. Freedom is something they believe they actually have. They do not. Instead, all we have is Big Military, Big Ag, Big Usury Finance, Big Oil, Big School, Big Law, Big EBT, Big Old People, Big Welfare…Big, Big, Big. Everyone has their pet “Big”. The only “little” left is the common man who ends up not knowing which way to turn to understand the clusterfuck of a world they live in and retreats to his bunker to his beer, corn chips and teevee.

    43. JRS

      Here’s a quote to ponder the truth of…

      “But whether the Constitution really be one thing or another, this much is certain…that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or it has been powerless to prevent it…”

      Lysander Spooner

    44. Surveyor

      Tres you made a disturbing statement which I fear is
      tre…at the birthrates of the moochers, this country
      will be lost in less than a generation, maybe 18 years.
      That’s if we don’t have the reset first. My best daydream
      is that the 500 retired military officers (the ones who
      made the NYT ad supporting Romney)Justice Scalia and Mike
      Lee figure out someway of removing obongo, purging the
      legislature and the administration, the EPA, TSA, HSA.
      They have to know where we are heading. Is the reason
      they are not acting because they are:
      waiting for the people?
      know a dollar crash/collapse is coming anyway?
      know something astronomical is coming?
      Hopefully we can get a couple of those fireworks that
      were in the climax of “The Stand” for our own Molon Labe
      tactics when needed. Rant out.

    45. slingshot

      Why does a person who voted in every election, resent voting again? I could answer this question on many levels. One answer is that people vote to satisfy their needs while others vote to preserve the values of this country. These two types of people will never see eye to eye or come to an agreement on how the country should be run. Many do not have the intellect to understand complicated situations that not only affect their lives but others too. Judgment has been critically altered in the formative years by institutional education by wolves in sheep’s clothing, enforced by legislative action and covertly installed, to remove the rights of the parents, in their children’s education within the public school system.
      We educate our children to be followers and not leaders. That we are all the same when we are not. To believe all what authorities say.
      How many question the unemployment numbers. The inflation number. Do Deficits matter? Does it matter when governments”LIE” and try to cover up the truth.
      What does that say to our younger generation when those who lead get away with crimes. No accountability!
      The two party system has failed and a third party comes too late to be of consequence to the preservation of our land.
      The deciding factors will be if people have a job. Have food on the table. Have a roof over their heads.
      They will care less about the Constitution and their rights. They will cry out to government to save them and no votes will be needed. Votes don’t matter when we sell our souls to the Devil!

      Be ready. Be Prepared.

      The real numbers don’t lie.

    46. Sgt. Dale

      Both Parties suck!!!! They are in it for the money. This is why we need term limits.

      Hell I don’t even know why I’m BITCHING about this. The fix has been in when JFK was killed. There is only one party. The Money Party. How much money they can get in their pockets is their platform.

      The End of a Great Nation is at hand. Be prepared for a New Dark Ages. If we look back at history you find when a great nation falls and a dark ages come about, the world comes out with a new Great nation and more that likely a better way of living.

      The only draw back this time is Nukes, and Most of the population lives in the city, they don’t know how to farm.

      My worry is that my Grand kids and great Grand kids will have to live through it. Hell I’m 60 I will see the beginning but not the end. Hell I will more than likely die fighting the NWO, but that is OK I will die STANDING up, and not on my knees!!!!!

      This Clown in the oval office should have been impeached long ago. But because he is 1/2 black they won’t go after him because they believe that there would be riots all over the nation. So their two wrongs make a right?
      We are screwed. The next person in office will be just as bad as this clown. They know that they can get away with it.



      • braveheart

        Sgt. Dale, good morning, sir, and I agree wholeheartedly. I’m also standing up fighting and there’s a good chance i’ll die standing up also. I’m not far behind you at 56. I may not see the end of all this either, but I’m going to go as far as I can. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

        • Sgt. Dale

          Well my brother I wish you guys lived near by. I would feel a lot BETTER!!!

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Sgt. Dale:

        Deep down in our gut, if we believe the Bible, I think a lot of us on this post see Revelation unfolding.

        That is what I believe. If that is so; the party has just begun; with a lot more HELL to follow.

        The devil and his minions are licking their chops, his people are being elected to set up his NWO and there is only a few more pieces of the puzzle to put in place.

        But, wait. The Lord says the devil and his followers get to have their BIGGEST party for a short time; and THEN Jesus has promised to come and ROUT THEM OUT.

        Each one of us has a choice which path we will follow; I read your posts and know you have chosen the correct one.

        WOE to the ones who choose to confuse us as to who the devils minions on this earth are.

        Keep posting Sgt…..you know the truth!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Amen my Sister. AMEN!!!!

        • braveheart

          Granny, revolution is coming. Only a question of when. TPTB will have hell to pay. Bank on it.

      • yental

        @ Sgt. Dale: Since the intended “Ron Paul” revolution party, I have consistently denounced the electoral system as it has, and currently exists. Many still “buy” the LIE OF DIFFERENCE. That is “their personal demon” to finally defeat and UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH of “politics” in AMERIKA.

        “The party, YOU reference HAS BEGUN”! The militias, constitutional military/Leo’s, and patriotic support groups are waiting on the “magic starting gun” before committing to the only WINNING STRATEGY at this point on “the timeline”.

        OFFENSE, OFFENSIVE, AND ENSURE THAT THE INITIAL ENGAGEMENT IS CATACLYSMIC TO TPTB. The initial TARGETS must send a clear and simple message that NO AMOUNT of MSM, STATE PROPAGANDA CAN SPIN to represent another interpretation.

        It can be done…but it had better be DAMN SOON! I have studied, pondered, and prayed. WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE by initiating the fight ahead of THEIR scheduled timeline agenda. THE INITIAL TARGETS “MUST” BE HIGHLY VISIBLE, AND SEND A DISTINCT MESSAGE! THEY have initiated a FIGHT FOR LIFE AND DOMINANCE that THEY cannot possibly win.


    47. Tucker

      I continue to be amazed by the utter stupidity and naivete shown by ‘conservatives’ and by so many of the traditional White European American founding stock when we see stories in the news like this one, decrying the social and cultural rot that is increasingly all-too common in this rapidly decomposing, third world alien infested turd dump of a once great nation.

      Let me explain the facts of modern day, post-traditional White America for those out there who are slow thinkers.

      These examples of cultural decay and rot are common place occurrences in all of the third world, non-European nations around the world. The acceptable standards of behavior that are in place today, in America – are not the same set of standards that existed 40 or 50 years ago and the reason for this is because of the fact that our hostile, evil, hate-filled, virulently anti-White ruling elites have deliberately and maliciously changed our immigration polices (1965) to flood this nation with millions of incompatible, indigestible, hostile and largely parasitic, non-European aliens from the third world.

      Behaviors by our political leaders that would have, having been exposed, lead to their removal from office and which would have lead to criminal prosecutions – 50 or 60 years ago, are now routinely ignored and treated as minor, insignificant scandals. This is clear evidence that America – under non-White leadership – and under non-white and anti-White influence – is now a third world banana republic.

      Yet, what baffles me most – is to still hear the traditional White conservatives whining and expressing ‘shock’ and ‘dismay’ and ‘disbelief’ over the flood of endless third-world, banana republic caliber of scandals that are exploding out of the US Government – as if these nitwits believe this corruption will somehow cease if their level of whining gets to a high enough level.

      News Flash for these White nitwits: It will not cease. It is going to get worse, so much worse that this nation is not going to be recognizable inside of 10 years. Third world people cannot create or maintain a first world caliber nation. That is why every nation on the planet that is dominated by, and under the control of third world people – is a poverty, misery, disease ridden and stricken failed hell hole. That is why third world garbage dumps are lead by corrupt, ruthless, criminally insane and brutal dictators who answer to no higher authority and who routinely wipe their asses on the rule of law. You know, exactly the way Obama has been doing – even worse so than did the cocaine brain damaged, 9-11 approving slab of hyena dung from Crawford, Texas did before him.

      So, here is my advice to these mostly White, 100 percent naive, childishly immature idiots who whine and complain about the collapse of morality among our non-white and self-hating White elites: get used to it. You numbskulls actively helped to bring about these conditions that you are all now crying about, morons.

      How? Simple. You idiots stood by and didn’t demand that our government stop importing millions of incompatible, indigestible third world aliens. Aliens, who once here, dilute our traditional White European American culture and who spend a life-time voting for Communist Democrats who have hated and worked to destroy the traditional America that we love and wished to preserve. That’s right. You traditional, White conservative numbskulls swallowed the Cultural Marxist poison of Communist originated egalitarianism and you idiots stupidly let yourselves believe that we could let the third world move into our native homelands and these third worlders would somehow morph into the kind of ‘traditional American’ that you consider yourselves to be.

      A very Big Mistake, nitwits. A fatal mistake. Kiss the old America that you loved goodbye.

      You helped destroy it, thanks to your racial cowardice.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        AMEN! Tucker

        • BillyBobJumpingFrog

          Please…..amen….You sound like an idiot when you say that.

          • braveheart

            BBJF, go back to your Obama Kool-Aid.

      • aljamo

        Tucker, I agree except many dims are against illegal immigration also. They feel the pain of joblessness poverty and suppressed wages with added illegal competition. I think “conservatives” are mostly against illegal entry to our country. The government knows the majority opinion is against illegal immigration from any country. It’s part of the divide and conquered plan.

    48. Unreconstructed Southron

      The truth is, it’s 10 times worse than any of us know.

      But the veil will be lifted soon.

    49. Kevin2

      Every so often we need to be reminded of our goal. I thought posting its definition was in order.


      The quality or state of being free: as

      A. The absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Did you ask The Homeland first if you could post that?

        • Kevin2

          Its funny because George Orwell wrote about history constantly being re-written. At some point Freedom will have to be formally re-defined abet slowly and carefully to maintain the illusion that its still there. The words will exist without substance.

          Its kinda like how the meaning of “Gay” in the song, “When Johnny comes marching home” has changed over time.

    50. slingshot

      The solution to this problem is determining when the masses finally figure out they have been duped. At what point they awaken to be able to fight against the machine and make a difference in the outcome of a civil war. Also how many will awaken and make a stand. I say Civil War for we are beyond politics making a difference.

      • Kevin2

        I disagree. The election primaries and the State Legislatures and Governors are where to start. The power elite are strong in high population political divisions like California and NY and the like which are commonly economic basket cases. Economic power is being transferring to the low population states that have indigenous wealth in food and energy. As Nancy Reagan said they need to, “Just say no”: We’re invoking the 10th Amendment and we don’t need your handouts, you need ours.

        If what we have dissolved TPTB would have a field day financially backing a successor government of their liking. From the ashes the Phoenix would rise one nasty beast.

    51. slingshot

      The Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by Indians and are fighting for their lives.

      The Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and asks, “What are we going to do when we run out of bullets, Tonto?”

      “What do you mean “we”, Paleface”, replies Tonto.

      • BigB

        I read today that the Lone Ranger was a black man. Look it up. My point is, of course he was.

        I am as a lot of you know, a Libertarian. I see no difference between Republicans or Democrats. I also see one of the greatest Libertarians victories of last nights VA race has been disgraced by a fellow Libertarian who was duped or maybe coerced in some way by the Democratic party.

        Want a bunch of crap.


        • slingshot


          There goes the neighborhood. I’m waiting to hear George Washington was a black man. ;0)

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Or another word might come to mind: COMPLICIT!

          • Them Guys

            I used to figure the main issue I rated who I’d vote for is are they solid progun? That was always the number one major issue for me. Regardless what party they were of.

            If I vote again for anybody at all, I will now begin to rate them by a whole new criteria and issue.

            Now the Main issue wil be did they go to, or Not go to israel, don a skull cap, bang their forehead and thrust their pelvis against that wailer wall of Shame?

            If they did go and do their dog and pony act as described, I refuse to vote for that person no matter how progun or whatever else they or others claim as reason I should vote for them.

            Anybody that goes to israel to prove loyalty and recieve full approval publically and in private sessions, surrounded by a dozen rabbis and another dozen israel elected or apointed officials in order to get good propaganda and praise from usa MSM tv news, is going to be loyal to Israel first, and america Last period.

            I call that being a Traitor. I want a Nationalistic White conservative man that cares for america like I was raised to do, and as we today see a great example in Putin in the way he puts Russia and russians first and foremost in all he says or does.

            I do not think we today have any more polititions that do Not pay hommage visits to israel and after being elected become, if not already, a israel firster.

            After 1900 yrs of crys and whinney tears of Oy Veh, everybody But us has their Own nation to call Home…Well what the fuck. After 1900 yrs they finally got what they cryed and whined(nobody can whine as they do eh) for. Ever since 1948! Thats 5 yrs Before I was born! The bastards have a nation to now call home.

            Yet over 1/2 of their total tribe is still in america. And the status of nation wrecking our nation as their tribes latest “Host” nation is wearing mighty thin.

            If all the very wealthy millionaires and billionaires of that tribe who live in the usa will finally go to that nation Home they so whined for, for 1900 yrs, they can certainly pay for israel themselves. And if they desire more wars and Bloodshed let Them do it, send Their sons or daughters to die for israel or jewish causes, and leave america alone already.

            That alone would solve 90+% of our current ongoing national woes and troubles. Then we can concentrate on civilizing those 3rd world monky types so prevelant in america today.

            Each of those two Tribes, africans and Khazars are a curse upon any nation. Both at once are resulting in certain national death of america.

    52. aljamo

      It is the system that is fouled up. Capitalism makes obscenely wealthy capitalists at the expense of everybody else. Capitalism is all about competition for ever increasing profits. It is a corrupted drive of insanity that is approaching the logical end. Capitalism robs our souls and the soul of the good of humanity. Only money matters. Capitalism is a stacked deck and the people hold losing hands. This long aged system of capitalism is what keeps us in our subserviant places. Americans have been brainwashed into believing capitalism is part of what makes us special and free. Be good Americans and go out and capitalize on others. who wants to be capitalized upon?

      • Gonetoolong

        Capitalism is fine when managed appropriately. The problem is that we are no longer living among true capitalism. Things are allowed to fail when they fail. This did not happen this last go round. If they were to have failed, then in real capitalism heads would have rolled and CEOs would never be seen again in the business world. Corruption entered into the picture as it does in any system in which humans are involved. It can be a fine system if principles are maintained and not twisted for the favor of the uber rich. Please let us know what your idea of a grand system would be.

    53. Tucker

      I continue to be amazed by the utter stupidity and naivete shown by ‘conservatives’ and by so many of the traditional White European American founding stock when we see stories in the news like this one, decrying the social and cultural rot that is increasingly all-too common in this rapidly decomposing, third world alien infested turd dump of a once great nation.

      Let me explain the facts of modern day, post-traditional White America for those out there who are slow thinkers.

      These examples of cultural decay and rot are common place occurrences in all of the third world, non-European nations around the world. The acceptable standards of behavior that are in place today, in America – are not the same set of standards that existed 40 or 50 years ago and the reason for this is because of the fact that our hostile, evil, hate-filled, virulently anti-White ruling elites have deliberately and maliciously changed our immigration polices (1965) to flood this nation with millions of incompatible, indigestible, hostile and largely parasitic, non-European aliens from the third world.

      Behaviors by our political leaders that would have, having been exposed, lead to their removal from office and which would have lead to criminal prosecutions – 50 or 60 years ago, are now routinely ignored and treated as minor, insignificant scandals. This is clear evidence that America – under non-White leadership – and under non-white and anti-White influence – is now a third world banana republic.

      Yet, what baffles me most – is to still hear the traditional White conservatives whining and expressing ‘shock’ and ‘dismay’ and ‘disbelief’ over the flood of endless third-world, banana republic caliber of scandals that are exploding out of the US Government – as if these nitwits believe this corruption will somehow cease if their level of whining gets to a high enough level.

      News Flash for these White nitwits: It will not cease. It is going to get worse, so much worse that this nation is not going to be recognizable inside of 10 years. Third world people cannot create or maintain a first world caliber nation. That is why every nation on the planet that is dominated by, and under the control of third world people – is a poverty, misery, disease ridden and stricken failed hell hole. That is why third world garbage dumps are lead by corrupt, ruthless, criminally insane and brutal dictators who answer to no higher authority and who routinely wipe their asses on the rule of law. You know, exactly the way Obama has been doing – even worse so than did the cocaine brain damaged, 9-11 approving slab of hyena dung from Crawford, Texas did before him.

      So, here is my advice to these mostly White, 100 percent naive, childishly immature idiots who whine and complain about the collapse of morality among our non-white and self-hating White elites: get used to it. You numbskulls actively helped to bring about these conditions that you are all now crying about, morons.

      How? Simple. You idiots stood by and didn’t demand that our government stop importing millions of incompatible, indigestible third world aliens. Aliens, who once here, dilute our traditional White European American culture and who spend a life-time voting for Communist Democrats who have hated and worked to destroy the traditional America that we love and wished to preserve. That’s right. You traditional, White conservative numbskulls swallowed the Cultural Marxist poison of Communist originated egalitarianism and you idiots stupidly let yourselves believe that we could let the third world move into our native homelands and these third worlders would somehow morph into the kind of ‘traditional American’ that you consider yourselves to be.

      A very Big Mistake, nitwits. A fatal mistake. Kiss the old America that you loved goodbye.

      You helped destroy it, thanks to your racial cowardice.

    54. ArmedPatriot

      When is this going to get cooked off? I’m ready as I’ll ever be. What makes the green grass grow? Blood makes the green grass grow.

      • BillyBobJumpingFrog

        OK…Lighten up RAMBO….

        I got to say to all of you “God” and “Jesus” folks, it is soooooooo old listening to you drone on and on….

        If you believe your religious crapola fine, this site is about idiots planning for the end of the world..ie Rambo wannabes..

        I tune in to find out what crazy TEOTWAWKI issue is currently freaking out the chicken little’s like armed pussy, I mean patriot.

        Nothing is worse than reading your silly rants about God this Jesus that and being saved Blah..Blah..Blah!!

        Just shuuuuuuut up already we get it “you believe”

        You wear me out….

        OK…..So please give me a date of when we will all meet this dreaded doom…


        • Pissed Off Granny


          Nothing is keeping your fingers from SCROLLING on down the page, FOOL!

          When you meet your end, I know my Rambo, Jesus, has a great memory. Your post may not have looked humorous to him.

        • Mountain Trekker

          BillyBob don’t know about the (we) but (you) will meet the dreaded doom… whenever your heart takes it’s last beat. You can count on that! Trekker Out.

        • braveheart

          BBJF, if you don’t like what you see here, you can always go somewhere else. and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    55. Heifer

      I saw a lady pull up in front of a grocery store yesterday and blow the horn. She’s a regular horn blower there…wanted the cashiers to come outside and get her grocery list. Young and big…too lazy to get out of her car. Her vote cancels mine, every time, I am sure. What are we supposed to do? How do we make a change? Why am I working 3 jobs? For this lazy heifer? I don’t know how you veterans can watch the downhill slide…it’s bad enough for the rest of us watching.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        I didn’t think Michelle did her own driving.

      • Emily

        @ Heifer ~ You’re gonna love this. I went to the post office. There was an African American female ahead of me. She had around 5 to 6 envelopes without stamps.
        She went to the post office clerk. She bought the stamps for all her envelopes. She than left. I HAD TO WAIT WHILE THE POST OFFICE CLERK TOOK HER STAMPS AND PLACED THEM ON THE WOMANS ENVELOPES SO THEY COULD BE MAILED. I just stood there in line and watched in disbelief and was flabbergasted. I betcha they would not have done so for me if I tried to pull that.

        • BillyBobJumpingFrog

          Do you hate blacks???

          They deserve a break, they were slaves..

          We owe them…

          So a whitey had to wait Wah..Wah..Wah!

          Lets pay the money you owe them for building this country.

          And yes we should open the borders…You are all for free markets….Let the market decide..

          • braveheart

            BBJF, NOBODY IS OWED ANYTHING BY ANYONE ELSE. I don’t have any problem treating them as equals under the law, but NOBODY IS ENTITLED TO SPECIAL TREATMENT! If you’re not happy with America, you have a whole world of other nations to choose from for your new home. BTW, go f#$% yourself, troll!

          • Jeff

            @BillyBobJumpingFrog. Correction sir, I don’t owe them (blacks) a damn thing. Nor do I give a damn about what happened to their ancestors. They along with every one else are equally dead. A War was fought to end slavery, and the constitution was amended as well. Yeah yeah, it was all soooo unfair. Get over it, life is unfair and bad things do happen to good people.
            There will ALWAYS be “racism” in this country. There are too many people who make money off it. And if they can’t find it, then they will invent it. Now we are being lectured with “white privilege”. Well piss off, I refuse to feel guilty for having been born white.
            Every one has the same number of hours in a day. What you do with your time is solely up to you. Every one has the means to improve and better themselves. Granted so have to work harder at it than others, but it can be done.
            We don’t have a free market in this country. What we do have now is fascism. The government now tries to determine which private companies do well or go bankrupt. The “market” can not decide, since the government involved and trying to micro-manage every detail.
            By the way, our borders are already wide open. And to compound the matter, those who come here illegally are being rewarded for breaking the law.

          • slingshot


            What about the Irish, German and Italians? I suppose they had nothing to do with the building of this country. They were never mistreated, were they?
            Fifty years of social engineering and the blacks
            are still screwing themselves into oblivion. I don’t owe them nothing! Their own racism subverts them.

            • slingshot

              Not to forget the Chinese and their contribution.

              • Them Guys

                Hey Billy Da Frog: Do the research, try Michael Hoffmans website or many Books, and Prof Kevin McDonald website and Books. Then you will find that it were the Irish WHITEYS who were the very first real Slaves in the us. Blacks never set foot on usa soil untill after the entire slavery system and markets were already set up and running, for quite awhile too, with white Irish slaves.

                Brought to america by the Same Khazar jewish slavers and banksters and slaver ship owners, captains and even entire jewish khazar ship crews that controlled usa slavery as well as all of the european slave nations.

                David Duke, phd in History, former GA state Rep, and very smart white man also has several swell Videos and articles that deal with and outline most every fact revolving around these slave issue facts as I wrote of here.

                Either do the research and educate self, or Remain a clueless foolish idiot ass as you currently seem to prove yourself to be so far.

                ps, in the usa civil war of agression against the southern white states, 630,000 Whites Died to Free aprox 3 million africans. Do the Math fool.

                Blacks never had it so swell as in america. If not for slavery blacks still be in african jungles most likly still savage cannibles also. Unless You ever owned a afrcian slave, or threw any jews into ovens(acording to Their hoax stories of ovens) then no need to retain such whitey guilt for being racist antisemite. Grow Up fool.

                • hillbilly SC

                  Them Guys,

                  Not trying to pee on your corn flakes…

                  Mr. Duke was a Louisiana rep. to the US house, not GA.

                  Everything else is spot on. 🙂

                  Think I’ll pop another beer now. 🙂

                  Y’all act like ya got some smarts. 😉

                  hillbilly SC

          • Emily

            @ BBJF ~Slavery ended around 300 years ago. I don’t owe them Jack. What that woman did was ignorant and rude.
            I also don’t owe them jack monetary-wise.
            As far as opening the boarders, to 30 million illegal aliens, you don’t have a freaking clue what that would do to this country. Free market, let the market decide. You definitely have a 2nd grade education if that. Do I hate blacks, when it comes to some of their ghetto, white trash, thou shall kiss my black ass because you white honkey bitch put my kind in slavery 300 years ago, you betcha I do. I am sick of watching some of the white folk cow down to the poor, oppressed, downtrodden blacks. With Affirmative Action, they have more rights than the whites do. I worked around them for many years, and with their cackling laughter, hanging together if there were 2 or more, talking loudly, with the fake nails, eyelashes, and wigs, and talking ebonics, no I am not impressed. I and the white folk deserve a break, from their bullshit.

          • Gonetoolong

            Great troll remarks Frog. Bravo. Got us stirred. I will only say that one day I feel that we will have to shoot and kill people such as yourself. Thanks to people like you, I can think back to your remarks and have absolutely no hesitation squeezing the trigger. Go figger.

    56. maudy fricket

      Every Libertarian I know is for total open borders. Just the same as the Globalists and Marxists. The demographic integrity of our country is already damaged beyond repair. It’s on schedule with the Marxist plan for destroying the West thru multiculturalism. Read Antonio Gramsci, the leader of the Italian Communist Party in the late 20’s and early 30’s. It was his plan. Need I remind you that we add about 40 million poor people thru immigration etc. every 10 years. Unsustainable. Time is not on our side. Elections are unreliable and too slow. What would save us then? Hmmmm. I think I know.

      • Socrates

        Actually it has been a long time goal of the Soviets for years and years. Was a key part of their operations and strategic planning. Anatoliy Golitsyn was a KGB defector who tried to ‘spill the beans’ about the Russians overt and covert motives and was the target of assassinations over 4 times. More on him and his books here:


      • thisTexan has had enough

        I think I know too maudy fricket! Let the games begin!

    57. maudy fricket

      Wall Street and the US Chamber of Commerce want open borders because they have embraced a horribly destructive business model, “growth equals profits”. Growth at all costs. The Marxists embrace open borders because the newcomers can easily be radicalized and used as troops against us. Go to their websites and see for yourselves. Libertarians like open borders, it seems, as a purely hypothetical scenario that they haven’t thought all the way thru. Idiots. We’re screwed.

    58. Big Red

      I used to believe that freedom (libertarian principles) was the end result of a truly advanced and civilized society but now I am starting to think that communism and freedom just come in a cyclical fashion and it forever will be that way.Eventually this country will become so bad there will be an uprising, we’ll be free again, but eventually we’ll be right back to where we started due to incremental communist approach, there’s nothing we can do about it. Might as well make the best of it.

    59. James Woroble Jr

      We have long ago crossed over the zenith of the tipping point as a healthy, ethical society and a productive economy. The natural historical cyclical process of decline is irreversible. Renewal and rebirth can now only occur after complete and utter destruction.

      Bongino, like all other politicians and policy wonks, lead the public to believe that the problem can be solved if only a few ‘tweaks’, or a lot of ‘tweaks’ can be made in either policy or leadership. When you reach this stage of social entropy, like the Titanic being ripped by an iceberg, no number of staff promotions or changes in leadership — no amount of mechanical innovations or patches will forestall the inevitable. For those who possess the knowledge of history and the wisdom of the ‘Tao’, there is only one course of action to be under consideration… SURVIVAL, AS IT ALL COMES DOWN AROUND YOU!

    60. De Oppresso Liber

      I think our government will unravel itself. Too stupid to right a sinking ship but good at convincing the American people they are righting the ship. My parents have no clue what QE is and don’t care. A lot of folks at work have no clue what QE is. I am a firm believer that if it sounds too good to be true then it is, and what can’t continue won’t. Nature, politics, economies will right themselves eventually. I just hope enough moral patriots exist in our United States of America to assist in restoring the constitution.

      The battle of Athens TN.


      • VRF

        Don’t feel bad my sister just lost her job and cant figure it out that the down sizing in the company she worked for is a direct reflection of whats going on with this economy and the stupid shit being played out in DC..
        funny thing is too, I found out she is an Obama supporter

        hows that for poetic justice? funny thing is she still don’t get it, she still supports the idiot. Some people you just cant reach

        I didn’t even try, I figure she wasn’t raised to think the way she is , so she can find out the hard way.. she wouldn’t get the I told you so anyways

    61. AnAngryJew

      I celebrated November the fifth by watching my favorite film, V For Vendetta.

      We aren’t far off from that future.

      • hillbilly SC


        Remember… Remember, the Fifth of November.

        Yes, I was walking around yesterday saying that.

        while I enjoyed the reference, I still gave you a shit load of thumbs down for your posts above.

        Sorry… Just what I believe.

        Y’all play nice. 🙂

        hillbilly SC

      • Mountain Trekker

        Satori, this will not happen until people that claim to be Conservatives stop contributing to the GOP, and only vote in the primaries for people that are true Tea Party Conservatives. Just because they have an(R) behind their name don’t make them Constitutionalist. The Republican Party hates true Conservatives as much as the Democrats do. In the Past election Todd Akin of Mo. was a prime example of that, he was a true Conservative and just because he made a slip in one of his speaches the Grand Old Party yanked their support and allowed that stinking Liberal McCaskill to retain her seat in the Senate. Trekker Out. The GOP Ain’t For Me!

    62. Anonymous

      Just more Illuminati propaganda designed to anger Americans into doing something stupid so they can impose martial law. Stop being led around by your noses, America.

    63. Will

      Its not because Obama was a “community organizer” (whatever that even means), its because he IS a CIA agent.

    64. Anonymous

      its over. all over

      • Unreconsructed Southron

        And it’s just beginning.

    65. Kman

      Its over. All over

    66. manich

      So many here saying the Repubs have lost their balls for not standing up to BO enough? Sorry, it goes back way before 2008. They should have stood up to Bush in 2002 if they wanted to protect the Constitution. The last honest president we had was a Republican, and it wasn’t Ronnie. It was Dwight.

    67. Be informed

      IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN, THE TIME TO GET PISSED OFF WITH ALL THE DECEIT THAT IS GOING ON EACH DAY. Today I bought the new BONUS sugar bag that now has 5 pounds in it instead of 4 pounds, just for the holidays. These asswipes lower the amount of sugar from 5 pounds to 4 pounds, then most people forget that it use to be 5 pounds. Then these toilet paper wads use it as some advertisment scheme that you are getting a bonus 25% for the holidays.

      This type of dissimulation is exactly why this country and the masses are going into the cess pit. We are all told exactly what these bastards want us to hear, see, and think. You have to be the ass of all heads to use such crap in selling anything. Each time this happens it destroys another brick of the foundation of America. It is bad enough that these liars say there is no price increase of an item that is reduced in the amount that you are getting. To bring back up the amount back to the original amount and sponsor this as some gift to the consumer is sick. By the way the price of the sugar went up 20 cents anyway. Mind games and manipulation of the truth, welcome to the new normal of America. Also the freefall and collapse and your local martial law after everything goes to the sewer completely.

      I know I should not be that pissed over a bag of sugar, but this really set me off to just how totally smoothed F’ed we are all in and how the idiot public fails to see how these companies, BO, and the government is totally pulling the wool over their eyes. USA Lusitania with a nice exploded torpedo in the side of the ship.

      • hillbilly SC


        Again brother… Breathe!!!

        Look, I had to point out to the mrs. that tuna used to be in 5 oz. tins. Today the SOB’s sell’em in 4 oz tins. 🙁

        The cost back about 5 years ago was .25 cents. Today your lucky to just pay a dollar for an oz. less.

        It sucks… I know that, but you won’t convince the ding dong mommy’s and hang dog daddy’s that shtf has happened while they typed their update on facebook. (Thank you Robert D. Raiford for that discription.) 🙂

        Please keep us up to date with the earthquake information. Some of us really look forward to know what is going on, brother.

        I remember… that you want to reach a wider group of people… Just don’t forget about us. 😉

        Enjoy your evening brother. 🙂

        hillbilly SC

      • Emily

        @ Be Informed ~ Let me add to your comment the TV and Radio Blackout on Fukushima in Japan.

    68. Jeff

      @Be Informed. Yeah I am angry too at all the BS that is going on. It is a way to hide inflation: keep the price the same, or increased just enough as not to draw too much attention to the fact that prices are going up, as the purchasing power of the dollar continues to fall. Just look at what has been done to a bar of soap or a container of coffee. You are getting less product. The bad news is that it will get much worse. We are going to see a day when certain items will become unaffordable.
      Lest I forget; thanks again for all you have done. I look forward to your posting here.

    69. Rich

      Hocus….Im a democrat, and thats one of the best posts in a long time.

    70. Old 333

      Security people running for office…the hot new trend?

      • Mountain Trekker

        Old333. Yeah, I think Edward Snowden should run for office. Now there’s a man that Took A Stand. Trekker Out.

    71. KY Mom

      “A floating island of debris three times the size of BRITAIN is heading for the California coastline sparking huge environmental concerns.

      Five millions tons of rubbish made up of devastated homes, boats, cars and businesses is making its way across the Pacific Ocean following the 2011 tsunami in Japan.”

      Drudge Report

      (direct link below)

    72. RickInOregon

      Off topic:

      This morning I got up early and ground some meat and then seasoned it for making some summer sausage. It has to age for a few days before stuffing a sausage skin and smoking. Later in the day I had to go into town and while sitting at our one stop light, the idea came to me to try and run some dried chanterelles that I had picked earlier this year through the meat grinder (I slice the mushroom up then dry them out in a dehydrator and also in front of the wood stove). It has worked great, the product is just right for flavoring up dishes. It’s not powder like a coffee grinder yet it’s still small in granular size. I’ll be mixing it in with some meat that I plan on running through the grinder for tonights meal of meat loaf.

      • hillbilly SC


        You da man!!!

        I don’t care if it is off-topic. I enjoy hearing what ya do on the homestead. I’ll have many more years to try and catch up to you.

        But, just like Jackie Clay’s fame. Someday I hope to be able to do the things you are doing today, brother.

        The ‘puter won’t let me give you a thumbs up, so here is 100 plus!!!.

        Please continue to keep us up to date with what works and won’t don’t brother.

        Y’all enjoy your night.

        hillbilly SC

        • Mountain Trekker

          hillbilly you right, RickInOregon sure does give us some interesting stuff. Rick keep that good stuff coming. That’s what I love about this site, we get a variety of thoughts and ideas, may not always agree, but that’s what makes things interesting. Trekker Out.

    73. Bill

      he has no power over the children of God, we have power ovdsr him to destroy what he sets out to do and we the saints pray to our father that he will remove this demon from public office and all he has brought in. we also pray our god sets obstacles in his way and exposes his evil doings, which he has. God is bringing the entire administration down to its knees and lays bare to those who resist his will.

      • Jeff

        The absolutely first thing that must be done is for all of the “christians” to get their act together: repent of their indevidual sins, then to clean up the “churches”. Then maybe things will get turned around.

        Just maybe antichrist is in office (and the rest of his ilk) and is able to do what he has been doing as a form of Devine punishment for our nations collective sins? Some thing to think about.

    74. Wtf?

      This article isn’t related to an external/internal divine deity…how did it come to this? From this post on, let us unanimously agree to leave religion out of the debate, and if you so adamantly choose to do so, please get the contact information from the individual you’re defending your religious premises from and take the conversation elsewhere. Everyone else who is choosing to counter the arguments from these radical religious persons. Please stop. You’re making it worse.

      Other than that, the blog post is interesting but I need a verifiable documents of the agent’s testimony against this and previous administrations.

      • Them Guys

        So Far just one other besides You has complained. When did You begin as Rule maker here?

      • thisTexan has had enough

        Banning God from so many places in this country is why we are in this mess! I will not comply with your request. Perhaps it is YOU who should take yourself elsewhere?

    75. Bro. Steve Winter

      Our great country and our blood bought freedoms are in grave danger because of ignorance and evil.  Way way too similar to Nazi Germany! Chicago gangland tactics in the Whitehouse! What low life scum and villainy the National Socialist Democrat party and their deceitful lapdog liberal media have put into power with their ignorance, voter fraud, and Islamosocialism! Far worse when they get such scum elected as RINOs!!

      It is not just the criminal traitor Barry Soetoro Obama who is to blame, but the other communist scum in the Democrat party and the RINOs Please be sure to SHARE this post about Hussein “Hitler Lite” Obama far and wide! People do not comprehend how truly wicked and dishonest he is!

      Anti-American, anti-christian, muslim serving, sleazy, criminal pervert traitor “Hitler Lite”in the Whitehouse! The website http://www.barrysoetoro.net now contains a link to a video where eye witness testimony is given regarding Hussein’s homosexuality, drug abuse, and some very serious questions about murder. This is for real! Fox news reporter Todd Starnes. Also read about documented voter fraud and much more!
      #obama #POTUS #crime #criminal #drugs #democrat #socialism #politics

      Share the truth about John “Hanoi Jane” Kerry another lying traitor. http://www.swiftvets.com

      Online Christian alternative to Facebook. http://biblefolk.com Biblical Christianity Acts 2:38 friendly
      #christian #community #social #socialnetworking #christianity #bible #biblical #fbooked #facebook

    76. Patriot One

      Look most of us have known it’s really bad for a long time. The question is when will it fall apart?
      I had the displeasure of shopping for a new car today and went to dealer row and looked at 6 different dealers from Acura to VW. In each cases I was the only customer in the dealership, so how are they paying the bills? I decided I could afford to buy a new car so I’m just going to do a major repair $2 to $4K on a 6 year old car.

      Back in 2007 I would just go drive some cars I liked, shop around online and call the dealer to bring me my new car. How times have changed! Also today not one sales representative could answer even the most basic of questions on the product they were selling.

      Are we just going to start having huge amount of business, mercantile and industrial bankruptcy’s? Everyone’s working, but no one is producing.

    77. Keith

      If religious dogma wasn’t part of the Republican Party platform you would not have problems getting moderate votes. I mean Christie is winning big in Nj. He doesn’t go around screaming about abortions and planned parenthood. But the evangelicals in your Party make it hard for sane rational people to want to vote for the Party of No

    78. sparky

      Typical Demoncat..

      Hail Hitler!!!!

    79. Wakeup people

      he is not saying nothing that most people dont know. He is allowed to come out and say these things. If he was sharing the REAL truth regarding whats going on behind the scenes im talking some REAL information he would be dead. He is a diversion to the real issues. I dont think most people can handle what the insiders are really doing behind the scenes.
      Just stay in prayer people. Only Jesus can stop this mess.

    80. Shery J

      I agree with the ‘Wake Up People’ comment. There is so much noise pollution going on in the world. “Circus Distractus”. This country was destined toward a one world system from the very beginning. THAT is why the architects set up shop here…to do that very thing. It has taken 200+ years to bring this country to the same place the rest of the world is arriving. There is but one thing really going on in the midst of a trillion noisy details, all intended to lead millions of people down worrisome rabbit trails. That one thing is El Shaddai is bringing to fruition his end-game plan. Mock and scoff if you will, but all these things…and I do mean ALL…were prophesied thousands of years ago. And, right on schedule, they are ALL fitting together perfectly in what only appears to be absolute chaos. In the middle of a crumbling world and the lawless ones running amok, there is God Almighty [El Shaddai] in control of the final outcome. If you do not believe, please remember what you have been told this day. The day will come in the very near future when SciFi movies will look like cartoons and reality will slamdunk you to your knees. There is one name you should focus on and make peace with…and it has nothing to do with politics or religion, for he hated both. His name is Jesus. I hope you meet the lamb of God *now* rather than meeting the Lion Of Judah later. God bless you all…that is His dearest desire.

    81. howdy-doody

      For me, it has been a ride through the various rabbit holes, and the final conclusion, that “it is over”. I’m way past the dem or republican thing. Folks, it just doesn’t make any difference anymore. We have gotten into the “woulda, coulda, shoulda”, frame of things. The boat has left the dock , kind of thing.
      No amount of voting this guy, or that guy into office, is going to make a difference. If someone did get into office, and was making a real difference, he would be eliminated soon enough.
      The powers that be, have a lock on the congress, and the senate, and the potus. We now wait for the reset, whatever that is going to entail. We have fallen off the cliff, and don’t know it yet, as we haven’t hit the ground yet. but it’s coming.
      The biggest thing that makes me so disgusted, is the constant lying by everyone. It just gets old. Our reps know it’s over, and they just continue to play the game, as if somehow, kicking the can down the road is going to somehow change things. We know it won’t.
      So get over this, “if we do this or that”, things could be different. We are on auto pilot to destruction. it has been the plan all along. It doesn’t make it right, it’s just the truth. good luck to all.

    82. Bob

      I am a bit confused. All arguments presented above are very intelligent, perhaps to intelligent. The way it looks to me is that you have a country that has close to or more than 50% of it population that are looking for something for nothing. You have a party (democratic)that is willing to give them what they want or pretend to give them what they want. In turn this one party will receive their votes. The other party now (republican)leans to the minority, unfortunately there are not enough votes to win. The give away party keeps recruiting new people every year, illegals for instance, promising them free this and that and making it legal for them to vote, thus swelling it’s membership. Anyway that’s what I see and much more.

    83. johnathan

      He’s being told what to say and when to say it. He’s is a trusted insider. He is speaking of chaos, Oh no he is saying look what’s going on, we need an answer to fix all of this. The old liberal plan order out of chaos. They create the problem and then offer a solution. He is a false flag. The answer is to re-seat the Constitutional governmen. Go to the Teamlaw site for more info.

    84. oleh zhomnir

      don’t worry everything is ok, and is going being planned by me; wanna know future developments ? in case of accepion my conditions finally then …

    85. olde toad

      Our population is way to fragmented in their beliefs and views to accept a unified understanding of who is pulling the strings, and their objectives.
      The media is providing the circus, and more than half the population is receiving the bread from those who appear to be in control.
      Most folks surely know that lobbyists are paying off our government to cooperate,(~$3.6B/yr.) and most will believe the bankers and corporate interests are the culprits.
      When the next big downshift in our standard of living occurs, the “leaders” will be offering up their scapegoats, pointing fingers, and the masses with their pitchforks are likely to follow. Sad, but highly probable. The masses are the majority, and they have been purposely indoctrinated, confused, and living in constant anxiety about what’s next.
      With respect for everyone, especially for those misguided masses, I would suggest you scroll back up to the comment by Dan Morgan, Nov 7 and read it twice, understand that the business and government players are the ones with strings attached, they are the actors on the media’s stage. No one ever talks about who pulls the strings, and how they have fleeced the wealth from the the developed nations (the west).
      Read Dan Morgan’s comment, to understand who is behind the curtain.
      The seeds of the problems we have today were planted a long time ago. We the people let this corruption of our system happen. Most of us never knew, and most will not be able to accept the truth, even after a collapse, so be prepared to live with a major currency “adjustment” that will continue on adjusting until its over.
      We are not alone in this. The world will suffer, especially the west. Sadly the masses are manipulated and too at odds with one another on too many topics, and too un-accepting of others to ever unite for a “common” cause.
      BTW the Fed celebrates their 100th year of controlling our currency in late December. So far they have extracted 98% of our currency’s value in that time. Hard to believe but its true. Do you know who owned the banks that formed the Fed?

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