Obama Pushes For Widespread Surveillance State: “At This Rate We’ll All Be In Cages… Either Electronic Or Literal”

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    On Friday, March 11, Obama was in Austin, TX attempting to make his case for an allowance of a “back door” for government to enter into mobile devices.  His plea is predicated on the government’s “need” to gain information for use against “war on terror” suspects, and also to find evidence to prosecute those attempting to bypass tax laws.  Obama used the phrase “we” to refer to those making the decision to utilize such back door venues.  The pronoun does not refer to “we the people,” but instead a nebulous “we” such as the TV series “the Outer Limits.”  His “we” wants to control the vertical, the horizontal, and everything in between.

    Obama said the following at the South by Southwest Festival on Friday:

    “The question we now have to ask is: If technologically it is possible to make an impenetrable device or system where the encryption is so strong that there is no key, there’s no door at all, then how do we apprehend the child pornographer, how do we solve or disrupt a terrorist plot?  What mechanisms do we have available to even do simple things like tax enforcement because if in fact you can’t crack that at all, government can’t get in, then everybody is walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket.”

    He uses “we” as if it applies to us, the American people.  That paragraph is very interesting.  Of course, none of it applies to him or any of the communists on his staff, present or former.  Where’s the “back door” request for Hillary Clinton’s e-mail accounts?  Where are the demands for all the data from the servers?  How about Hillary’s cell phones?  How about Obama’s cell phone records and e-mail account?  Yes, Obama, how do we solve or disrupt a terrorist plot such as the Fast and Furious operation that placed weapons into the hands of terrorists who killed a U.S. Border Patrol Agent?

    It is a simple equation: the laws are made by them for us to obey.

    Such is a truism we are forced to deal with as daily these criminals hide behind the badge of the color of law and inflict their illegal edicts onto those who have no legal remedy or financial wherewithal to defend themselves.  The end state has not happened in the U.S. but it is predictable, because it has happened with other societies.  History repeats itself.  It happened in the Soviet Union, as chronicled in the work “The Gulag Archipelago.”  It happened with the formation of Red China.  It happened in Nazi Germany.  It is happening here.

    They didn’t build a $50 billion data recording and storage facility in Ogden, Utah for nothing.  The emphasis on technological development is much the same as in “1984” by Orwell.  Improvements in technology do nothing to alleviate any of the burdens of poverty, overcrowding, food shortages, disease, or any of the things afflicting mankind.  The focus of technology is on developing new methods of surveillance, of data recording, and intrusion into people’s private lives.  All of this is anent control and dominion, plain and simple.

    Obama asks for “…mechanisms… to even do simple things like tax enforcement…” in such a nonchalant manner.

    Oh, what about how James Clapper declared Iran the foremost supporter of terrorism, and Obama was the one who enabled the Iranians to obtain $12 billion in taxpayer funds to continue funding terrorist operations?  What “mechanism” do the American people have to prevent such things?  Impeachment?  Elections?  Yeah, we see how well all of that has been working.

    Obama still has almost a year left to continue gutting and destroying the country. If elections even occur, what will change?  In the meantime, the Bill of Rights continues to be under assault and shredded.  At this rate we’ll all be in cages…either electronic or literal, as the U.S. turns into the Hotel California.  We’ll be prisoners here of our own device who can check out any time we like…but can never leave.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. More likely we are going to die

        • DustyFae,
          IF the NWO gets it way YUP, they want millions dead for population control. SO IF we the people don’t get a handle on our corrupt government SOON, it will come to pass!

          • Good luck with that…

            • Goodluck,
              YUP, probably WON’T happen BUT that is what NEEDS to happen!
              I’m in agreement with you.

            • It would just be easier for the Government to make a short list of who’s not on the list. Basically every American is a terrorist according to their criteria. F-them.


          • Apache54 – Their stated goal is 90% to 98% DEAD. That’s for the WORLD, not just America. Something people don’t even MENTION much anymore – and it SHOULD BE MENTIONED! – is that the so-called “elites” are batshit, bugf*** CRAZY! As things are, if they manage to keep the chemtrail project going the Earth is going to end up with a VERY toxic atmosphere for a long time, and a toxic hydrosphere (with the GIGATONS of nano-AL they’ve been dropping they really COULD render most, or at the least VERY , VERY MUCH of the Earth toxic! Yes, the Earth can cleanse itself, but not what we’d call very fast. What this come down to is that the soil we grown food in, the water we hydrate the plants and animals with, the air we breathe (and of course so do food animals), the food the animals eat, likely many of the meds they AND we use – ALL are contaminated with Chemtrail ingredients. The oceans WILL be radiologically contaminated and so will all the food fish – those that survive.

            I don’t know if the ethyl mercury in vaccines can combine in the body with the nano-aluminum, but if it CAN, well, the two are toxicologically synergistic. Also, not ALL GMO-contaminated (also meaning Roundup/glyphosate contaminated) foods are labeled as what they are. And while we’re informed that animals that eat GMO-contaminated feed pass along the damage GMOs can do to those who eat their flesh, we rarely read that along with GMOs, glyphosate is ALWAYS included. GMO plants CANNOT grow to maturity, or not salable maturity, without a LOT of Roundup. Another thing we don’t hear is that the soil those GMOs are grown in stays glyphosate-contaminated unless it’s DE-contaminated, and I have no idea if it’s ever done, ever BEEN done, or whether or not it even CAN BE done.

            I know it takes time for a contaminant to pass from an ocean in the Northern hemisphere to the Southern, but exactly HOW LONG it takes I haven’t a clue. Regardless, top predator fish between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii – tuna, specifically, has been tested at least several times – has been found to be too radioactive to eat. I imagine that the same goes for other top predator fish, and at least SOME ocean plants, filtering creatures like clams, oysters and such… Personally I’ve just ceased to eat seafood. I keep in mind that it’s impossible to be certain of much labeling of ANY foods, and I now that a certain amount (how much I don’t know) of labeling is going to be a)wrong, both by accident and on purpose, and b)a lot of foods the people eat, between grower or maker and the public there will be breakdowns of information and we’ll get the short end of the stick. Its pretty much a guarantee we’re ALL eating at least SOME GMOs in meat or plants, we’re all eating at least SOME glyphosate (a powerful carcinogen and one of the main ingredients of Agent Orange of Vietnam fame). The Chemtrail aircraft have dumped such INCREDIBLE amounts of their various substances (somewhere between 50 and 70 different substances are the estimates I’ve read) We can ALL be sure we’ve been poisoned that way to at least SOME extent, many if not most us to a great extent. There are ways to detox from much, maybe even most of it, but it’s difficult, often rather expensive, and without prior (usually expensive) testing there’s no way to know which ones we’re saturated with most, or worst. The only “comfort” I have to offer is that fact that SOMETHING is going to get all of us – eventually. Learn what you can and KEEP LEARNING! Take care of yourself as well as possible, and keep your emotions as positive as you can. That last suggestion is one of the most powerful things you can do to help yourself remain or become healthy! Help those you can help without harming yourself or who count on you, and God and Dame Fortune willing we’ll see each other on the other side of this mess!

            • Ian M,
              thanks for the advice, what we have noticed where we live is that skin cancers are becoming very common here among many age groups, at first it appeared to be mostly older folks but now the age group has dropped. we grow most of our own food and try NOT to eat anything from the oceans and any GMO, will be even harder to do if the “DARK BILL” passes today in the senate. and attitude is VERY important and that can be hard to keep up with all the negative things that is all you see and her anymore! life is changing fast and sure hard to stay positive about it, BUT have noticed that IF you keep a positive attitude you do feel better!
              stay safe!

              • apache54 – The skin cancers are due to the destruction of the ozone layer. It used to block off the majority of the most powerful and carcinogenic UV frequency, (UV B I think) which used to strike the earth only as about 5% of all the UV that did. Now that’s up to 70%! Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. I’m afraid I’ve become something of a troglodyte – I avoid direct daylight as much as I can and wear sunglasses – good ones! – in daytime. We can only do what we can do. It would help if my income was more than what SSDI and the VA pittance pay, but it is what it is, and I AM disabled. One foot in front of the other. We do what we can.

        • Just wait till warm weather and the Zita/zika wtf-ever mosquito bites you and your eyes roll back in your head. Now they have released the anti-mosquito mosquito just north of Florida. Can you see where this is going? There is more than likely a shot for this but then….you don’t rate cause you ain’t in the club. I can see it now folks rolling around in front yards of communities like some flea-bit coon hound……Gonna be terrible.

          • “Now they have released the anti-mosquito mosquito ”

            Yeah , and thats what i,m worried about .
            Nanobots , gen modified skeeters cant be a good thing.

          • Tell me none of these new, but ancient, virii are not man-made and that we are not stupid enough to be frigging with viruses that could eradicate the planet of humanity. (Earth would LOVE that).

            • Equorial – WE aren’t, but damn them ALL, THEY ARE! The “elites” are so mind-twisted they think they’re safe from all the crap they’ve released and that they have YET to release against us. At least SOME of what they do is going to make or be permanent alterations in the biosphere; there’s no getting around it. If ANY of the “elites” fail to make it into their hidey-holes there’s likely to be a new sport: “elite” hunting, likely ending in a slow dissection… They have NOT made themselves popular, and they may well have over-reached themselves. We’ll see. So many people are getting wise to what they’re doing and what they HAVE DONE, though, they may have bitten off more they can chew by now. All it would take is one group of their servants of one sort or another to fight their way through enough of that conditioning to realize what’s been done to them, and any “elites” within their reach are toast! We can always hope, at least. It’s still hard for me to believe that ANYONE could be so insane they’d all but annihilate the ecosphere that keeps them alive… As far as I know, no one has yet managed to create a synthetic ecosphere that doesn’t HAVE to be cleansed, and then have some outside influences taken in to complete it so it functions correctly again.

              Twisted hopes, maybe, but it’s still hope. As for us, it looks to me like they could push the button, throw the switches or whatever at any time. Some folks have already headed for the High Country – or wherever. A lot more are very close, and the only thing keeping those here is a dearth of last-minute supplies, money for them and such. I’d almost bet that a fast census would probably show some alarming holes in population density here and there already!

              As for stupid, I’m often reminded these days of this little statement: “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity!” (R.A. Heinlein) A short retrospective can give you all the verification of THAT you could possibly need, I’m afraid. Oh, and about those viruses you mentioned; are you aware of a nano-device supposedly implanted in us ALL which, when activated, simulates a massive case of the flu and pneumonia, but it can’t BE “cured” and is 98% fatal? Supposedly they’re still working on it because they really really want it to be 99% fatal! It’s that last bit of insanity that gives it that touch of verisimilitude.

              If humanity and civilization make it through this there’s going to be new favorite sport: “Elite” hunting! It will no doubt continue until we run out of the primary resource needed to play it. Players will be easily recognized by their fanatic single-mindedness in locating the targets. After all the insanity we’ve seen applied to EVERYTHING needed for a planet to continue to support life, after we’ve seen them sabotage country after country to feed their greed, and at this point they’ve about brought down civilization – we’re right on the edge – they HAVE actually proven one thing: The planet CANNOT afford to allow them to continue to exist! How to act on that, however, is still somewhat problematic, but someone is BOUND to hit on a good answer with nearly 7 BILLION people thinking about it…

          • At this point I wouldn’t accept ANY vaccine made for “we the people”. As far as I know the whole principle behind them doesn’t work anyway. It SURE doesn’t work using toxins like mercury in them!

          • At this point I wouldn’t accept ANY vaccine made for “we the people”. As far as I know the whole principle behind them doesn’t work anyway. It SURE doesn’t work using toxins like mercury in them!

        • Obama is being put on IGNORE by the American People. President Trump will Throw every executive order Obama wrote in the shitcan, Day 1 of his Presidency. And Obamacare will be defunded and dissolved shortly thereafter.

          I Voted for Donald J Trump today here in FL

          ~WWTI… As Jean=Claud Van Damme clearly stated, Trump is the Only Presidential Candidate that is Not a Globalist supporter. Which makes Trump the only choice for us,,… Unless you want to be a Worker Bee Slave for life in a FEMA Prison Camp, then vote for Hitlery.


          • WWTI

            Today I made a small periscope. Two and a half inch dia. mirrors and some PVC. One foot long tube. Got the mirrors from wife’s make up kits she saved from the trash can. Wife may have a touch of Hoarding. Do you think?


            • Sounds pretty cool.. Great idea.. You can use that behind your sandbag wall to observe the surroundings.. Just spray paint the scope camo colors.

              Which also leads to the fact that Americans throw out a lot of useful items that can be reused for other purposes. I have bins full of odds and ends and parts that have come in quite handy here at my BOL. Long bolts, springs, ropes, wire, metal plates, hinges, drawer knobs, screws odds and ends,etc… Kudos for re-purposing.


              • Yes Who, hooray for repurposing!

                Here’s one that I think I invented: when your latex dish washing gloves have sprung leaks and are no good for that anymore, make rubber bands out of them. You can cut big ones from the cuff, and little ones from the fingers, cut them as thin or as wide as you want. I think I got the idea from people using bicycle inner tubes to make “ranger bands”.

            • I’ll also add, that I took apart a hair drier the other day, that the switch seemed to be broken. It had a great little fan in it about 2″ wide, like a computer main frame uses. It must be a high volume fan, you know hair drier. I will put that sucker to use somehow, like an inline PVC ventilation tube with an internal fan and external switch. Threw it in the box with all the other junk for re-purposing. Electrical cords are always useful as well.


          • Do you really think so? Obama is being protected now by people in the Secret Service, the NSA and others who are part of the system – and THEY ALL KNOW he’s an enemy agent, they ALL KNOW he’s destroying America as America! So when Trump gets in, do you really think they won’t have a threat to hold over HIM? I’m sorry, but I really can’t consider that to be very likely. I think like all the rest of them, with VERY few exceptions (all now deceased), he’ll do what he’s ordered to do and finish trashing the country – if Obama doesn’t finish the job first! After all they’ve done, after all they’ve put into this, I can’t see the “elites” letting someone do ANY repairs or corrections – not at THIS point! If Trump made it necessary by refusing to cooperate, they’ve got the most advanced mind-programming techniques ever developed, and they’ll have all the time necessary to use them on him! Face it: we’ve – correction: THEY’VE – got our toes hanging over the edge of the cliff and both hands on our back at this point! They’re NOT just going to just turn and walk away because of one recalcitrant man!

        • Marco Rubio.

          “Another one bites the Dust”.

          Charlie Crist, where are you.

          • What the hell Happened?

            All the problems with the server go away or are the hackers too busy watching the voting results.

        • That’s certainly their goal, at least. If Obama is given this, however, then they may as well throw out the REST of the Constitution. They already have for all intents and purposes. This regime recognizes NO limits to it’s authority. If they DO get this authority, they will have just bypassed the Fourth Amendment – illegally. That’s what the NSA and others of the “alphabet agencies” have been doing regardless almost since Obama took office anyway. They recognize NO limits to their powers. Who needs a warrant – right? * sigh *

      2. We are all under surveillance in fact they caught me mooning them the other day…….. 🙂

        • There were reports from NASA that the moon was broke because a large crack was visible…….DAMN!

          • Notice how JJ shortened his Resume listed above by half, after I layed it out, how irrelevant his claims of expertise really were, a few articles back… See,… calling out BS’ers works..


            • making friends
              Show proof

          • Po’P

            Premiums were too high for Obamacare.

      3. We can get rid of abortions, but we’re gonna have to kill you (or at least half of you, just to keep the net effect the same).

        • Good point!

      4. Always makes me think of the Gene Hackman character in the movie with Will Smith “Enemy of the State” where Hackman tried to stay of the grid but ended up blowing up his building. WHY? Because you made a phone call, that’s why!

        • Was the reason for my screen name

          • I mooned a troll the other day and farted for extra effect.

        • “The more technology you use, the easier it is to keep tabs on you.” — Edward Lyle

      5. this doesn’t matter, technology will make you owned soon enough.

        your refrigerator will tell your doctor what you eat, your a/c will tell the epa your energy usage, your car will tell the local police if you are drowsy or under the influemce; this and more is going to happen.

        kids today that give up their freedoms for convenience are going to hate the future that is coming.

        • Living off the Grid and Paying Cash for my entire property, buildings, solar system, fridge, A/C etc. tells the government nothing how I live my life. There is a place to pay Cash for certain things. Yes Genius. Sure my property is recorded, and a small tax bill, and I do have to purchase license plates for my several utility trailers and vehicles like everybody else in my area has. Just find me in that 5 County Big Green swamp Area. It sure is pretty country up here. I went for a drive exploring this morning, after voting for Trump.

          Obama is a Lame Duck Psychopath.. Put on Ignore.


          • WWTI, Ya I know, mine too. You can only avoid so much. One good trick is to rent a mailbox and use the address of another mail drop so each maildrop has only the address of the other maildrop as backup (neither one is your real address). Just make sure one of them has a normal street address with no box# attached. Works for bank account, drivers license etc. Oh ya got me a bad assed accessory for my liberty tool I have been wanting today for cash! 😛

            • On a funnier note: Our new Kitty is in heat and she sticks her butt in the air and our german shepard comes over and licks it lol. They are learning to play together but when the cat is in heat it is hilarious lol.

              • Ha ha ha, the dog sticks her nose up the cats rear and licks and pushes her across the wood floor. You have to see it, it’s funny as heck! Then licks her head and body (dog is like 110 pounds and cat is like 1.2 pounds lol) 😛

            • Yep G, I use the PO Box as well. Don’t even have a mailbox at the entrance of my property, and I don’t use county trash pick up either. I run pretty much under all radar here. I also use an 800# and it forwards to my cell phone. The 800# applies to every account, credit card, etc. So nobody gets my cell number unless I call them or give it to them for texting. I can with a phone call transfer the forwarding of the 800# to any phone number I want. Only number on my business cards is that 800# and a Fax 800# to get faxes electronically forwarded to my email. So I print them if needed from my email. I also buy the generic burner phone and pay with cash. So that is pretty stealth and under the radar for common folks. And I don’t put any real in my phone of myself or photo selfies anyway, and tape of camera on the front phone. I don’t do video calling.

              RE: your pets, Looks like your dog enjoys a little pu$$y lickin now and then. lol I would get a dog out here but it would scare off the nature, turkeys and deer. Aka, My food supply buffet. Turkey Bow spring hunt begins Saturday. Turkey smoked with Hickory wood is Amazing and tasty.


              • Get a pup – you can teach it not to bark or chase without a command!

          • You may be hiding in a swamp in the middle of nowhere, but I can almost guarantee you that there are satellite photos of your place available to anyone that knows how to look for it on google earth.

            • Tex Prepper – Yep Google Mapped my property a month before I moved on it. So I have a several Year lead time before anything will show up on the satellite views for updates of my property. Its great, the timing.. Some of those Sat Maps are more than 5 yrs old. I am always looking at the entire miles of swamp and waterways, adjacent to my property for high ground or possible alternative bug out areas on those satellite maps. I can slide my kayak in the canal and stealthy paddle away silent in the night. I could If I wanted, paddle all the way out to the Gulf of Mexico from my 1000 Ft of water front property, miles inland and coast with the flow of the water out. The Swamp is a Great place to disappear.. Run all my electronics off of mini solar panels, use hammocks off the ground to sleep, and use lots of mosquito netting. I am all over it dude.


        • Your right LENA , but i think that eventually this tech stuff will work both ways .
          The government cant keep up , every new development requires more backdoor deals and bribes , its impossible for big gov to stay on top of this stuff and adapt with every new development.

          We the peeps are flexible and adapt faster that gov can slam doors .
          Nope , i am optimistic that tech can help keep us free just as easily as it can enslave us .
          Like anything , its up to us , and these kids are smart , i dont doubt for a minute they are more awake than you may think!

        • “kids today that give up their freedoms for convenience are going to hate the future that is coming.”

          I doubt it; I don’t think they’ll even notice. They don’t have a CLUE what D.C. really is, what their rights under the Constitution are or what this country is SUPPOSED to be. It’s old farts like me who’ve lived long enough to see just how drastic the changes have been, people who KNOW what the Constitution says our “rights” are who know what’s being taken away. Kids today can barely read, most of ’em, and what they read in school is more conditioning.

      6. There goes that French phucker O’bama talkin’ that oui shit again. Besides if you don’t think that most Americans haven’t been under watch and been listened in on until just recently, then line up and let them shoot you now.

      7. Those who demand to control us have no understanding of the human soul. They really think we will become good little robots who will always obey them. Tigers in cages pace constantly until they “go crazy” and attack their handlers or just die. In the tv movie, “Serenity”, set in the future, the all-knowing government put a “chemical” in the atmosphere to cause the people to be the government’s idea of “good” it worked on over 99% of the people. Those it worked on became so docile that they stopped caring if they ate or moved or breathed, and eventually died. Those it didn’t work on became insane, raping, torturing monsters, who eventually ate their victims. They were called “Reavers”. The government denied that they existed.

        Right now, the US and China are in a race to modify the human genome. China has already succeeded with dogs. They are stronger, bigger, smarter, and more obedient to their handlers.

        This is the future the PTB have for your grandchildren. Mine will not survive, for they will not submit, nor obey, and will be eliminated. Or “Reavers”.

        That is if their plans continue as they desire.

        • Well until we show them otherwise than that’s exactly what they think. And they’re thinking ‘frig your soul’.

          • PO’d, did you see my post yesterday? I wonder what Dr. Pepper shine would taste like lol. Let me know 😀

            • You got any kind of recipe? Thinkin’ about trying to do some Cotton Candy. One ‘ol gal I talked to said she had some Butterscotch somebody gave her to try. Said it tasted just like the candy.

              • PO’d, you can by flavorings/essences and add that to base shine for all kinds of flavors. I was just wondering if you made mash with Dr. Pepper and ran it what it would taste like lol. Use candy flavorings to make candy flavors or flavorings from the store (baking section) for things like peppermint or root beer. Sweeten to taste with sugar.

                • You might be able to add the Dr. Pepper to your thumper if you have one in-line. You can do that with fruit flavorings. It’ll come out clear but still retain the flavor.

      8. Thank God this S.O.B. only has 10 months left! If Obullshit had his way we would already be in cages or FEMA camps.

        My only hope is the next Prez. does the right things. If not I’m might just put the ballot box to one side, and get the other box!


        • Hey Sarge, that mixed mutt whelp can still do a lot of damage with that pen in that short period of time and congress ain’t gonna stop him. Hell, ‘Boehner deuce’ (Ryan) still is pissin’ his britches every time he can’t make a decision. Besides, they’re so paralyzed over Trump that they would never see their destruction coming. Just one huge pile of inept so called ‘leaders’. What a friggin’ hoot.

          • PO’d Patriot, that chimp can shove his pen and phone up his ass. I don’t care what they pass. Doesn’t mean I’m going to follow it.

            • You and couple hundred thousand other people, Braveheart! They actually believe they take this many people who’ve believed in freedom, honor, self-responsibility and so on and make us into the exact opposite of we KNOW to be right! I’ve had bullies try it in school bosses try it at work etc. (there’s ALWAYS someone who thinks he can control everyone around him, make them be who HE wants them to be! Doesn’t work very well, and when it works at ALL it isn’t for long. No, this ISN’T going to work out the way they want it to at all… I’ll bet there are a good half a million out here somewhere who’d risk their lives for a tanned leather Rothschild dartboard cover! They’ve made themselves unpopular beyond belief, together with the Rockefellers and bunch of others of similar ilk! They’re the ones who never seem to know when to stop pushing, and they keep at it until someone finally hands ’em that arm back from the fingernails on up in small little pieces in reverse order.

        • Sarge, there’s a good chance we’ll have to go to that ‘other box’ before the elections. I see a huge question mark hanging over the elections now. As always, Obama and Co. can go f#$% themselves.

          • What is this other “box” you keep referring to?Are we talking soap box/jury box/big ole box of Goldfish crackers,What damn box?!

            • Warchild, the CARTRIDGE box is what I meant. Ballot box is a wasted effort.

              • Uh Brave,your senility is showing!I was joking,that said,till trials no longer available jury nullification a great tool,do believe even the right to any trial much less”fair’ is going out the window,then,trial by fire.

                • Warchild, LMAO. That’s OK about the joking. However I do turn 59 tomorrow and damn I really feel it. But I’m still in good shape and can still hold my own.

                  • Braveheart – I’m 60 (DAMN! Last I remember I was 35, then *POOF!* I’m 60! Weird…), and disabled. Seven back operations, “Chronic Intractable Pain”. However… I was a martial artist from age 9, was a rock climber, and I can STILL do anything I NEED TO DO – once, at least! Weapons, especially edged weapons have always been a fascination of mine, too, together with recurve bow and arrow, crossbow, compound bow. I’ve had lots and lots of time, being disabled, to learn about anything that interested me, and I’ve always been interested in almost everything. I’ve also been a mushroom identifier for local hospitals (the central part of the state), an EMT 1A, a Paramedic Neonate Specialist, I’ve assisted with about 60-some deliveries (of babies), delivered 6 on my own (well, she helped), and one those kids was my own son…. aaaaaand, this could turn into a VERY long list… I’ve collected a lot of knowledge and skills over 60 years. I can also play almost anything with strings or keys, some brass and a bunch of other instruments that include percussion, I sing, write my own music… I like to cook… *sigh* Not looking forward to it, but some interesting times are coming up. Hopefully I’ll be able to handle at least SOME of it, and maybe help a few others into the bargain!

        • 10 months are 10 months too long
          Still can do way more damage , just look at the last 7.5 years to see what I’m talking about
          A shit ton of fucked up shit can happen in 10 months
          And the next one in will be just as bad or worse

      9. “His plea is predicated on the government’s “need” to gain information for use against “war on terror” suspects, ”

        The problem I see is who get’s to define the parameters of a terror suspect. Someone who owns a gun. Got a CC license. Late on your student loans. Posted iffy comments about Obummer on a blog somewhere. How do you define terrorist? I define it as someone who’s let 19MM illegals into the country and allowing them to wreck the place.
        I keep hearing Obummer make the statement, “it’s not who we are”. I have no idea who “we” is. Certainly not mainstream America. Maybe, Obummer is going to define terrorists as anyone who supports the USA? Anyone who doesn’t support the wholesale destruction of this country? At this point, Obummer and the whole left wing, socialist/communist, progressive movement has demonstrated beyond a doubt their judgement is at best questionable and more likely treasonous. Everything they do should be questioned and scrutinized to the degree they can’t take a breath without someone riding their %#.
        (Rant OFF)

        • RN
          Rant my friend RANT!!!
          Truer words where never spoken!!!

        • You just got on the “no fly” list , LMAO !


          • Ah yes, braveheart indulging in his favorite pastime again, ” monkey see”

            • Ah yes, anonymous still indulges in his favorite pastime of being a useless troll. How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

              • bravheart, I wouldn’t know what the weather in Tel Aviv is any more then the weather in Memphis, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see you love to parrot other posters thoughts.

        • An undocumented piece of filth has already killed and raped in this country
          So as far as Obama aiding and abetting rape and murder
          He’s guilty

        • Basically it’s going to be (almost is now) that a “terrorist” is anyone who disobeys the law, smarts off to an official.. Anyone a government official doesn’t like or who is useless (by their definition) to society will be called a terrorist. It’s too close to that now.

      10. Enough said: Time to act now not later when its all over but the cry’n.

      11. People say the population is waking up to the corruption, not fast enough to change anything. The more the people push back, the more the police state grows. Complete tyranny, they think they own us.

        • I kinda think folks are waking up plenty fast to what’s going on. The proof is what you will not find in the majority of gun-shops/FFL’s these days. Guns and ammo are in short supply, or it’s a problem around here that started up around three months ago. Owners say it’s the new folks getting permits, then guns, then take courses for carry-concealed. I love it.
          The government has gotten “too big for their own britches” …so the time has come to ‘trim things down’ accordingly, with deadly force.

      12. Don’t obama and hillary both have offshore banking accounts to avoid paying taxes. These are just like having a swiss bank account. We have the right to privacy and I;ll be damned to give this govt any more power. They have been misusing and lying to Americans for years and he, himself is a fraud. I will take my chances thank you , rather than condone anything he wants to do!!!! Apple hold to your guns!!!!

        • Apple will do no such thing
          Because the goons will make them an offer they can’t refuse

          And it’s already too late for Apple to stand their ground
          They caved a long time ago , all this crap is theater
          That horse left the barn a long time ago

      13. As far as just the devices
        If you want total distruction of just the device (smart phone)
        And anything on it
        20 seconds in a microwave will render everything destroyed
        Same with any hard drive CD floppy etc

        Just FYI

        • The easy way to destroy a CD is to lay it, label side down, on a sidewalk. The put one foot on it and rotate. That will totally destroy the data layer.

          • But that won’t work on a smart phone

            • Please try to keep up

              Also won’t work on a hard drive

              • In the machine shop we use a DEMAGNETIZERS to DEMAGNETIZE our tools, it will wipe a hard drive CLEAN. Or if you can find a degausser it works wonders on hard drives too.

                Magnetic data storage media

                Data is stored in the magnetic media, such as hard drives, floppy disks, and magnetic tape, by making very small areas called magnetic domains change their magnetic alignment to be in the direction of an applied magnetic field. This phenomenon occurs in much the same way a compass needle points in the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field. Degaussing, commonly called erasure, leaves the domains in random patterns with no preference to orientation, thereby rendering previous data unrecoverable. There are some domains whose magnetic alignment is not randomized after degaussing. The information these domains represent is commonly called magnetic remanence or remanent magnetization. Proper degaussing will ensure there is insufficient magnetic remanence to reconstruct the data.[2]

                Erasure via degaussing may be accomplished in two ways: in AC erasure, the medium is degaussed by applying an alternating field that is reduced in amplitude over time from an initial high value (i.e., AC powered); in DC erasure, the medium is saturated by applying a unidirectional field (i.e., DC powered or by employing a permanent magnet). A degausser is a device that can generate a magnetic field for degaussing magnetic storage media.[3]
                Irreversible damage to some media types

                Many forms of generic magnetic storage media can be reused after degaussing, including audio reel-to-reel tape, VHS videocassettes, and floppy disks. These older media types are simply a raw medium which are overwritten with fresh new patterns, created by fixed-alignment read/write heads.

                For certain forms of computer data storage, however, such as modern hard drives and some tape backup drives, degaussing renders the magnetic media completely unusable and damages the storage system. This is due to the devices having an infinitely variable read/write head positioning mechanism which relies on special servo control data (e.g. Gray Code) that is meant to be permanently embedded into the magnetic media. This servo data is written onto the media a single time at the factory using special-purpose servo writing hardware.

                The servo patterns are normally never overwritten by the device for any reason and are used to precisely position the read/write heads over data tracks on the media, to compensate for sudden jarring device movements, thermal expansion, or changes in orientation. Degaussing indiscriminately removes not only the stored data but also the servo control data, and without the servo data the device is no longer able to determine where data is to be read or written on the magnetic medium. The medium must be low-level formatted to become usable again; with modern hard drives, this is generally not possible without manufacturer-specific and often model-specific service equipment.

        • EOS, so does 10 minutes in a campfire lol.

          • Youbetcha
            Can I get fries and a steak with that?

            • Sure thing 😀

              • I’ll bring marshmallows to toast over that fire.

      14. “…how do we apprehend the child pornographer, how do we solve or disrupt a terrorist plot?”

        How about old-fashioned detective work?

        You don’t have to use an electronic device with unbreakable encryption. You can meet in person in a field, or write notes in unbreakable codes.

        His entire premise is false.

        • Agreed
          And as far as the two alleged “terrorists” that this phone belonged to
          They say they already have enough evidence on them
          So why would they even need this so called info from that device?
          They don’t
          It’s our devices they want the info from
          Because we’ve got them running scared

          As they should be

          • These are the actions of a scared beast

            And some of us know exactly why

        • “…how do we apprehend the child pornographer, how do we solve or disrupt a terrorist plot?”

          How about we don’t let them in this country and if they are here illegally, deport them ASAP. Obama has worked hard to promote true terrorism by allowing the free flow of illegals from many countries. He does not want the back door to catch them…he already knows who they are cause they work for him. He wants the back door to watch the real Patriots because he hates this country. He follows the maxim you have to tear it down before you can build it up. The problem is his view is based on his radical Muslim beliefs; he is not an American Patriot.

          Watch what your Senators and Congressmen will attempt to put through as law and sound off when needed.

        • Dopes that get caught with child porn usually use their cell phones and forget to turn off their GPS on their phones, which then a GEO-Tag is applied to each photo they take. Then these doped trade photos on the internet. Then the FBI goes on and right clicks the photo, and with a software the info of the GPS location is disclosed, they obtain a warrant and pick u the creep the next day. These creeps also go on sites like Facebook and look for families at the park photos, and use the same right click software to find out which park the kids like to visit and he sits in the chair drooling, looking for his next victim. Parents are Soooooooo Fuckin Stoopid that post photos on Face book and other social media sites of the photos at their homes or kids bedrooms and the GEO-Tag pinpoints with in a few yards the location of the photo or which bedroom the child sleep in. These parents are just asking to get hit. F-n Stupidity out there.. How many times have I said here, not to use facebook or turn off your WiFi and GPS on your cellphones? Dozens of times.


        • Dopes that get caught with child porn usually use their cell phones and forget to turn off their GPS on their phones, which then a GEO-Tag is applied to each photo they take. Then these doped trade photos on the internet. Then the FBI goes on and right clicks the photo, and with a software the info of the GPS location is disclosed, they obtain a warrant and pick u the creep the next day. These creeps also go on sites like Facebook and look for families at the park photos, and use the same right click software to find out which park the kids like to visit and he sits in the chair drooling, looking for his next victim. Parents are Soooooooo Fuckin Stoopid that post photos on Face book and other social media sites of the photos at their homes or kids bedrooms and the GEO-Tag pinpoints with in a few yards the location of the photo or which bedroom the child sleep in. These parents are just asking to get hit. F-n Stupidity out there.. How many times have I said here, not to use facebook or turn off your WiFi and GPS on your cellphones? Dozens of times.


      15. What going on woth Washington dc subways

        • God soldier
          not the party line, that’s for sure.

      16. I have wondered for a couple of years how to know when the SHTF for real. When this site goes, it’s all over. It is already bad enough that about a third of the time I try to access SHTF my computer does something screwy and I have to reboot. Almost any time I try to access something critical of the establishment on any site my computer can act up.

        • CD: Yep. I have reached a similar conclusion.

          • …you could always swear off from Windows forever, and move to Linux …Ubuntu is by far the most popular and ‘almost’ identical to Windows XP or Vista (not to mention you can configure any and all parts of your system). *You can also make a Fort Knox out of your computer, totally use proxies and other tricks (not available for windows), and simply appear to not be there, and impossible to figure out who you are or where ya came from.
            Or, you can stick with Windows and knowingly allow them to ‘cache’ every word you every type on the web. Windows 10 is “the worst” (even though it offers an ‘opt-out’, it DOES monitor everything you do no differently than the older OS’es did, once fully updated…
            Linux is ‘open-source’. Nothing is encoded therefore nothing can be hidden from view (not easily). You CAN, however, encrypt whatever you wish in such ways it would take “the best cryptographers” eons to break the algorithms. (Why use 256-bit when you can write code for 2048-bit encryption (got a few hundred years for decoding)? lol…
            Did I mention that everything for Linux is 100% free? So what makes for a nice, safe computer for today’s web? A simple 386 that came out about the time that floppies were going bye-bye. With a 2.6Ghz processor and just 2Megs of RAM (and a 40gig HD) will easily get you up and running with tons of room to spare, and with speed too …no need for antivirus, no need for firewalls (as long as you are ‘behind’ a modem/hardware firewall).

        • Canada became
          Dumbfuckistan when they didn’t tell the queen to go fuck herself and stayed armed

      17. Man one of these threads, I better post before my women catches me again, with everything is shtf.as I update the damn big our bag in her car, utilizing the Genius…bug our bag concept.. put me in a cage my ass.. they can try if they want..they will certainly die trying



        Bug out bags are useless if they go into water if it’s contents are not sealed.. yep I believe this fact of life. You have to keep your bullets day.

        • A simple heat sealer and mylar bags will keep yer powder dry. Cheap on ebay 🙂

          • Use Mylar bags, an old Iron and a flat metal strait edge to seal the bags. Just drop in a O2 moisture absorber packet before you seal it. Or you can get a Dozen of real .50 Cal AMMO Boxes for about $13 each. Put it right on your Credit Card… lol


            • You might want to rethink the use of the O2 absorber. I read that They are not a good idea to use when storing your powder. Per the experts Like Hodgdon, Winchester and IMR, they say that the O2 absorber will dry out all the solvents that are in gun powder, and by removing those solvents it speeds up the decomposition of the powder. So according to the them, that’s NOT a good thing if your planing for “long term storage”.

              They say the best way to store your powder is to leave it in the factory powder Containers, and if kept in a COOL, DRY location, OUT of direct sunlight, it will keep for years. Read about some old Hodgdon gun powder that a customer found. He contacted Hodgdon and asked them if they would test it for him to see if it was still usable, seeing as it was over 70 years old. It seems that Hodgdon bought tons, and tons of surplus gun powder such as BLC2 from our government that had been made for use during WW2, then repackaged it after the war for resale to reloaders. Well after sitting for all those years it still preformed to within 50 F.P.S. to brand new powder, and it had just been stored in it’s original packaging in a cool dry place.

      18. I don’t give a fuck about what the gov and their surveillance is doing. Gonna do what I want till I die how’d that be. They can watch me drop off the Cosbys and call me a racist. Still gonna hate the useless eating black lives freeloading idiots that feel I owe them for being a white man.

      19. https

        Makes some wonder why

      20. I suspect that people will be creating, “Electronics Free Zone” rooms where any conversation is guaranteed to be private as 1984 continues to unfold before our eyes and ears. Typewriters, carbon paper, film cameras, cassette recorders and the like will have a premium value.

        Two decades ago they laughed.
        Ten years ago they snickered
        Five years ago they looked with a blank face
        Today they listen

      21. Obama has put millions of 70 percentile lead poisoned minorities in positions of power in America.

        How is this ever going to end well?

      22. We watch yourself on Whats-App that is owned by Facebook.

        A young Lad near where i live recived a porn picture from a freind and so did 50 other people but the UK police said that a childs face could be seen in the background of the image and took the boys phone from him for a week.

        So some hooker from Tiwan is doing porn and her son runs past in the background and thats a reason to treat people en-mass as pedophiles is it now.

        This is an over reaction by our pig police and they should start doing the job they have been paid to do and not using weak excuses to seize phones and induce terror into peoples lives.

        I Note that “Labour” scum are happy to vote with the government on the new #IPBILL and then they tell the public that we have a democracy

      23. Slight correction…data center is in Bluffdale…50 miles from Ogden.

      24. Data center is in Bluffdale, 50 miles south of Ogden.

      25. The Constitution says WE THE PEOPLE are in charge.

        How is it then we elect people from the people to represent the people who then created the federal government to do this for them?

        How is it all of sudden they fancy us as plebes now?

      26. I think everyone should have a Swiss Bank Account if they want one. It is none of the governments business where I put my money.

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