Obama Declares War On ‘Extremism’ – Are You An ‘Extremist’ According To His Definition?

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    The following article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder, founder of The Economic Collapse Blog and author of The Beginning of the End.

    extremism-campsDo you know what an “extremist” is?  In the wake of the horrible terror attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in France, Barack Obama is speaking very boldly about the need to win the war against “extremists”, and he has announced plans to host a major global summit on “extremism” next month.  And on the surface that sounds great.  But precisely how are we supposed to determine whether someone is an “extremist” or not?  What criteria should we use?  As you will see below, your definition of an “extremist” may be far, far different from the definition that Barack Obama is using.  When you do a Google search, you will find that an “extremist” is defined as “a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action.”  According to Wikipedia, “extremism” is “an ideology (particularly in politics or religion), considered to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of a society or to violate common moral standards.  Extremism can take many forms, including political, religious and economic.”  Please notice that neither of those definitions uses the word violence.  In this day and age, you can be considered an “extremist” simply based on what you believe, and as you will see later in this article there are now tens of millions of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” and “potential terrorists” according to official U.S. government documents.

    When you use the word “extremist”, you may have in your mind a picture of ISIS fighters or the terrorists from the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

    But for elitists such as Barack Obama, the word “extremist” has a much broader meaning.  In recent years, it has become a code word for those that do not have an “enlightened” view of the world.  If your views on politics, religion or social issues are extremely different from the liberal, progressive views of “the mainstream” (as defined by the mainstream media and by “mainstream” politicians such as Barack Obama), then they consider you to be an extremist.

    Early in the presidency of George W. Bush, we were told that Islamic terrorists were the enemy.  And so most of the country got behind the idea of the War on Terrorism.  But over the years that has morphed into a War on Extremism.  In fact, the Obama administration has gone so far as to remove almost all references to Islam from government terror training materials

    Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole confirmed on Wednesday that the Obama administration was pulling back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive.

    “I recently directed all components of the Department of Justice to re-evaluate their training efforts in a range of areas, from community outreach to national security,” Cole told a panel at the George Washington University law school.

    Now, much of the focus in law enforcement training materials is on “domestic extremists”.  We are being told that “domestic extremism” is just as great a threat to our national security as terror groups overseas are.

    But exactly who are these “domestic extremists”?

    Well, the truth is that you may be one of them.

    I want to share with you a list that I have shared in a couple of previous articles.  It is a list of 72 types of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” or “potential terrorists” in official U.S. government documents.  This list will really give you a good idea of what Barack Obama means when he uses the word “extremist”.  Each of these 72 items is linked, so if you would like to go see the original source document for yourself, just click on the link.  As you can see, this list potentially includes most of the country…

    1. Those that talk about “individual liberties”

    2. Those that advocate for states’ rights

    3. Those that want “to make the world a better place”

    4. “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule”

    5. Those that are interested in “defeating the Communists”

    6. Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations”

    7. Anyone that holds a “political ideology that considers the state to be unnecessary, harmful,or undesirable”

    8. Anyone that possesses an “intolerance toward other religions”

    9. Those that “take action to fight against the exploitation of the environment and/or animals”

    10. “Anti-Gay”

    11. “Anti-Immigrant”

    12. “Anti-Muslim”

    13. “The Patriot Movement”

    14. “Opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians”

    15. Members of the Family Research Council

    16. Members of the American Family Association

    17. Those that believe that Mexico, Canada and the United States “are secretly planning to merge into a European Union-like entity that will be known as the ‘North American Union’”

    18. Members of the American Border Patrol/American Patrol

    19. Members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform

    20. Members of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition

    21. Members of the Christian Action Network

    22. Anyone that is “opposed to the New World Order”

    23. Anyone that is engaged in “conspiracy theorizing”

    24. Anyone that is opposed to Agenda 21

    25. Anyone that is concerned about FEMA camps

    26. Anyone that “fears impending gun control or weapons confiscations”

    27. The militia movement

    28. The sovereign citizen movement

    29. Those that “don’t think they should have to pay taxes”

    30. Anyone that “complains about bias”

    31. Anyone that “believes in government conspiracies to the point of paranoia”

    32. Anyone that “is frustrated with mainstream ideologies”

    33. Anyone that “visits extremist websites/blogs”

    34. Anyone that “establishes website/blog to display extremist views”

    35. Anyone that “attends rallies for extremist causes”

    36. Anyone that “exhibits extreme religious intolerance”

    37. Anyone that “is personally connected with a grievance”

    38. Anyone that “suddenly acquires weapons”

    39. Anyone that “organizes protests inspired by extremist ideology”

    40. “Militia or unorganized militia”

    41. “General right-wing extremist”

    42. Citizens that have “bumper stickers” that are patriotic or anti-U.N.

    43. Those that refer to an “Army of God”

    44. Those that are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”

    45. Those that are “anti-global”

    46. Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”

    47. Those that are “reverent of individual liberty”

    48. Those that “believe in conspiracy theories”

    49. Those that have “a belief that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack”

    50. Those that possess “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism”

    51. Those that would “impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”

    52. Those that would “insert religion into the political sphere”

    53. Anyone that would “seek to politicize religion”

    54. Those that have “supported political movements for autonomy”

    55. Anyone that is “anti-abortion”

    56. Anyone that is “anti-Catholic”

    57. Anyone that is “anti-nuclear”

    58. “Rightwing extremists”

    59. “Returning veterans”

    60. Those concerned about “illegal immigration”

    61. Those that “believe in the right to bear arms”

    62. Anyone that is engaged in “ammunition stockpiling”

    63. Anyone that exhibits “fear of Communist regimes”

    64. “Anti-abortion activists”

    65. Those that are against illegal immigration

    66. Those that talk about “the New World Order” in a “derogatory” manner

    67. Those that have a negative view of the United Nations

    68. Those that are opposed “to the collection of federal income taxes”

    69. Those that supported former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr

    70. Those that display the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”)

    71. Those that believe in “end times” prophecies

    72. Evangelical Christians

    Do you fit into any of those categories?

    Personally, I fit into a couple dozen of them.

    That is why alarm bells should go off whenever Barack Obama speaks of the need to crack down on “extremism”.

    If Barack Obama wants to denounce Islamic terror, he should do so.  But because of his extreme political correctness, he goes out of his way to avoid any connection between Islam and terror.  Instead, he speaks of the need to recognize “Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings” and he insists that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    Meanwhile, our liberties and freedoms are being eroded a little bit more with each passing day.  In the name of fighting “terrorism” or “extremism”, our government is constructing a Big Brother police state control grid all around us.  I like the way that Ron Paul described what is happening to us just the other day

    If Americans were honest with themselves they would acknowledge that the Republic is no more. We now live in a police state. If we do not recognize and resist this development, freedom and prosperity for all Americans will continue to deteriorate. All liberties in America today are under siege.

    It didn’t happen overnight. It took many years of neglect for our liberties to be given away so casually for a promise of security from the politicians. The tragic part is that the more security was promised — physical and economic — the less liberty was protected.

    With cradle-to-grave welfare protecting all citizens from any mistakes and a perpetual global war on terrorism, which a majority of Americans were convinced was absolutely necessary for our survival, our security and prosperity has been sacrificed.

    It was all based on lies and ignorance. Many came to believe that their best interests were served by giving up a little freedom now and then to gain a better life.

    The trap was set. At the beginning of a cycle that systematically undermines liberty with delusions of easy prosperity, the change may actually seem to be beneficial to a few. But to me that’s like excusing embezzlement as a road to leisure and wealth — eventually payment and punishment always come due. One cannot escape the fact that a society’s wealth cannot be sustained or increased without work and productive effort. Yes, some criminal elements can benefit for a while, but reality always sets in.

    Reality is now setting in for America and for that matter for most of the world. The piper will get his due even if “the children” have to suffer. The deception of promising “success” has lasted for quite a while. It was accomplished by ever-increasing taxes, deficits, borrowing, and printing press money. In the meantime the policing powers of the federal government were systematically and significantly expanded. No one cared much, as there seemed to be enough “gravy” for the rich, the poor, the politicians, and the bureaucrats.

    The country that our forefathers founded is dying.

    Now, individuals and organizations that attempt to restore the values that our founders once believed in so strongly are regarded as dangerous “extremists” that need to be watched carefully.

    Sadly, most Americans don’t even realize what is happening to this nation.  As long as they are fed a constant diet of mindless entertainment, most Americans are perfectly content to let “the experts” do their thinking for them.

    We are steamrolling toward oblivion, and most of the country is dead asleep.

    So is there any hope for us?  Feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. As I am a believer in true freedom I am a extremist.I am also a extremist in some folks eyes here as I do not care about ones religion/sexuality/ethnicity/financial standing ect.In my book you are either good folks or a douche bag,and both comes in all forms.

        • There is a glaring omission in that list.

          73. Those who know central banking and fiat currencies are an evil that stalk the land.

          • Sounds like Hobama is ready to declare war on himself. he is, after all, the most extreme of the extremists.

            As for me, I accepted long ago that war was not going to be declared against me, but already had been declared. It is only turning from a state of mixed war to a hot war.

            • I can only hope it heats to a boil now so I can fight it and my children won’t.

              • Q: What is the difference between Jihadist Barbie doll and divorced Jihadist Barbie doll?

                A: Divorced Jihadist Barbie doll comes with her stuff and all of Uncle Sam’s stuff too!

                • The crazed mulatto has ratcheted it up about 6 notches. Hes positioning things right to the tipping point.

                  Im ready.

                  • @Calgagus

                    “The crazed mulatto” controls nothing!!!

                    He is a place holder for a bunch of old (Jewish) white guys!

                    The ignorance of Boobus Americanus is simply stunning!!!

                    • YMWR…….Your comment just woke up the tribe in TeAviv.

                  • The war on extremists is the same as
                    the war on poverty — unwinnable …..

                    • The President needs to go to the Oval Office and smoke a blunt.

                    • I hear he has been to the oval orfice many times.

                      Probably drew on a few of the soft spliffs too.

                    • The president needs to go let moochell shit on his face!

                    • Opps. My bad. I meant sit on his face.

                    • Mac,

                      9 comments in and we are already 6 or 7 lines over to the right and unable to reply anymore.

                      By 2016, if we are all still here, may we please have a more user friendly posting/reading format….pretty please?

                      One that goes in a straight line and the posts show in the chronological order in which they are posted. And when someone wants to reply to a specific post/poster, they just hit a “reply with quote” button. If they just want to post in general to the thread or article, they hit the 2nd button, “reply.” All posts show in a linear chronological order. Three buttons, “reply with quote” “reply” and “edit.”

                  • Obama Declares War On ‘Americans’ – Are You An ‘American’ According To His Definition?

                    There. Fixed the title of this article.

                    • Nobama, if that African virus feels froggy, let him go ahead and jump. The f#$%er will lose big time.

                    • Nancy Pelosi to Appoint Muslim to House Intelligence Committee

                      ht tp://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/nancy-pelosi-andre-carson-muslim-house/2015/01/13/id/618397/

              • Looks like the Libs are mainly targeting Conservatives (Just looking at the first 36):

                1. Those that talk about “individual liberties” – That’s a conservative.

                2. Those that advocate for states’ rights – That’s a conservative.

                4. “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule” – Conservative

                5. Those that are interested in “defeating the Communists” – Conservative

                6. Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations” – Conservative

                13. “The Patriot Movement” – Conservative

                15. Members of the Family Research Council – Conservative

                16. Members of the American Family Association – Conservative

                18. Members of the American Border Patrol/American Patrol – Conservative

                20. Members of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition – Conservative

                21. Members of the Christian Action Network – Conservative

                22. Anyone that is “opposed to the New World Order” – Conservative

                24. Anyone that is opposed to Agenda 21 – Conservative

                25. Anyone that is concerned about FEMA camps – Conservative

                26. Anyone that “fears impending gun control or weapons confiscations” – Definitely conservative

                27. The militia movement – Conservative

                28. The sovereign citizen movement – Conservative

                • 40. “Militia or unorganized militia” – Conservative

                  41. “General right-wing extremist” – C’mon.

                  42. Citizens that have “bumper stickers” that are patriotic or anti-U.N. – Conservative.

                  44. Those that are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)” – Conservative

                  45. Those that are “anti-global” – Conservative

                  46. Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority” – Conservative

                  47. Those that are “reverent of individual liberty” – Conservative. Tea Party Conservative

                  50. Those that possess “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism” – Prepper Conservative

                  52. Those that would “insert religion into the political sphere” – Atheism/Secularism is arguably a religion.

                  55. Anyone that is “anti-abortion” – Clearly Conservative

                  58. “Rightwing extremists” – Ted Cruz?

                  59. “Returning veterans” – Why are they extremists?

                  60. Those concerned about “illegal immigration” – Conservative

                  61. Those that “believe in the right to bear arms” – Conservative

                  63. Anyone that exhibits “fear of Communist regimes” – Conservative

                  64. “Anti-abortion activists” – Clearly Conservative

                  65. Those that are against illegal immigration – Conservative

                  66. Those that talk about “the New World Order” in a “derogatory” manner – Conservative

                  67. Those that have a negative view of the United Nations – Conservative

                  71. Those that believe in “end times” prophecies – Biblical Conservatives

                  72. Evangelical Christians – Some/Most are conservative. Others are Vichy Lib Sellouts.

                  • Your version of “conservative” is the modern day version, which was hijacked by progressive anti constitutionalists.

                    Conservatism, true conservatism was hijacked and changed to mean new meanings…..it doesn’t exist any more.

                    That’s why the likes of you have nothing to worry about, your not an extremist at all. I and several others here on the other hand need to be concerned and prepared.

                    • There I went and done it again, I broke one of my own pet peeves. Change “progressive anti-constitutionalists” with EVIL

            • GC, good to see your still kickin’. Cheers.

          • #3 would include most liberals always trying to make the world a better place with bigger government and more government regulations

            #9 would include the entire membership of most environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club, World Wildlife Federation, Friends of the Earth, etc., Al Gore’s organization.

            This is a good article by Michael, and pretty much includes every US citizen in one way or another. HMMMMM, how will that be solved.

            • If none of the 72 on the list apply to me, I believe you would have to consider me dead.

            • The list includes everyone. Its by design for total control. The useful idiots will find out soon.

          • YMWW: “There is a glaring omission in that list.”

            Yes. Obola himself and anyone who voted for Obola. Those are the extremists who need to be re-educated.

            • FreeSlave says:

              “Yes. Obola himself and anyone who voted for Obola. Those are the extremists who need to be re-educated.”



              Dig up Pol Pot FS and get on with it!

              • YMWW, I believe Obola and company should be “put out of their misery.”

                • Not out of their misery, out of OUR misery.

                  • Nobama, how about THEIRS AND OUR BOTH? That’s what I should’ve said.

              • 😉


          • You could also include two more:

            Anyone who adheres to Mormon food stockpiling and preparedness;

            Anyone who believes NATO is subjugated to the United States.

        • Warchild, I also believe in freedom and an extremist according to DHS’ BS criteria. Nothing the African virus or anyone else in government does is legitimate. Let the f#$%ers bring it on. They will lose.


          • Anon, I can’t dispute what you said.

          • Anonymous what provoked the thought? Had the same, just out of the blue.

            • YUP. i was having the same thought as well, also we need to remeber the big O is not smart enough to be doing all this stuff, he is just a puppet, soooo the question is ???? are they going to let him stay in command ? by declaring martial law by creating some sort of chaos? ORRRRR, is HE going to be brought down and made a martyr and they will still declare martial law because of it? either way something BIG is coming and will happen this year. i am tired of all this crap just bring it on , so we can kick some BUTT and get it over and start new again!!

              • Looking back, it is no surprise to me that the two most scapegoated liars of the bush admin were black: Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice.

                • Sixpack, I’m surprised they’ve let Obama play his role for THIS long. At some point, the curtain will close on that part of the show.

                  • @ renegade : I always thought obumer would be our last president. I am starting to belive different. Marco, Jeb, or Romney is going to win the nomination. Billary will win for the libs. Don’t shoot the messanger, Billary is going to win. obumer has started the ball rolling, just wait and see what billary does. She will be the one that makes us outlaws. When they outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them. She will be the most anti gun person, ever to hold office, in the world. I keep saying that it will be this year for TSHTF, but I could be wrong. We still have a couple pesoes left to give.

              • Come on people, I’m not being racist here. These are FACTS already in evidence. Considering that the elites desire to destroy most of the population of the planet to suit themselves, how can anyone think, with a straight face, that those old, white eugenicists are NOT racists?

                ‘Splain that to me…

                • Of the 1,645 people who made it to the 2014 FORBES list of the World’s Billionaires, 9 of them are black, up from 7 a year ago.

                  ht tp://www.forbes.com/sites/mfonobongnsehe/2014/03/04/the-black-billionaires-2014/

                  And notice these billionaires are on the LOW end of the scale…

                  • Also notice where their wealth comes from, and remember the oil disaster today…they must be bleeding money as we speak. No so, the white elites who own the banks. I see these black billionaires as only TEMPORARY.

                  • Oil disaster today?? What are you talking about a disaster today?

                    And the real rich, the true elites didn’t even get mentioned on that list.

                  • Billionaire black people don’t care about other black people.

          • We the people waking up requires an acknowledgement of God and turning back to Him. That is thee only way for healing and for the land to be blessed again. What “we the people” looks like in numbers, I have no idea?

          • The real issue is how many will comprise “we” vs how many remain welfare statists. I don’t currently have as much ammunition as there are people on welfare, but I’m working on it.

            • You don’t need to buy all of the ammo. Pick the spoils off of the corpses.

      2. Than it appears he is at war with himself and the founding of this country ,, are we going to sit back and allow it? seems so.. and thats what they are banking on.. the total population doesnt seem to give a shit , and by that they win

        • i can agree that most people dont give a sh1t…but i also believe that most people are cowards and fear losing the materialistic world they’ve become enslaved to.

          i wont claim to be a coward or afraid…but whats the point when all there is, is all talk and no action?

          anyone who talks big(and there’s a lot on this site/net) and says they won’t take any sh1t are just lying to themselves, because we’re all controlled.

          i may not approve of violent extremists, especially muslims, but i’ll give them this…they ain’t just talk. they dont just flap their lips with a little sign above their heads and bleeding hearts…they take action.

          now if only those who protest about wanting their freedoms could do the same, i’d respect them and join them as well, rather than view them as gutless cowards…until then, i really won’t “give a sh1t”…it’s not like i can do it alone. neither is it worth dying for people who just want to talk and take no action…so there’s no point really, i’d just die in vain.

          • Small acts of civil disobedience and resistence add up, life can go on as normal, but maybe according to our own new definition of what is normal,,,

              • Too bad you have to ask permission and register to get one 🙁

                • BJ,seek permission to keep things a little less noisy?A look on the net will show one many quality ways to not annoy the neighbors!You need to keep things suppressed really not worrying about laws anymore.

                  • Only info I have found out there is on gun sites full of sheeple boot lickers that have atf approved silencer and permission

            • if you believe so…

              but as you stated, life goes on as normal. as in… nothing actually changes.

              people cry for changes, but arent willing to do more than complain for it.

              i’m not saying things need to get violent to acquire change, but more “extreme” measures are sometimes needed to bring it about, and above all, strength…which is something that’s in short supply these days.

              • Karmageddon

                Please enlighten me on the “more extreme measures”.

                • enlighten your own damned self.

                  • Karmageddon

                    Your just bitching like the rest of us. How many people have thrown in with you? Do you train together? Well I have tried to put a group together and it does not happen like you want it.

                    So you have to wait and see what happens.

                    Try and pick 7 other people with you. Put together a simple squad that can function in the field.

                    • won’t happen how i want it?

                      exactly what do you think it is that i want? because, no where did i mention what that was, nor is it relevant to what was being discussed…

                      and pick 7 people? what would that accomplish lol…

                      at the right times, picking the right words to fuel and inspire the masses accomplishes a lot more than picking a few people…i know that from experience. no training required.

              • I’d like to think that there are many who are still better off with the current situation limping along a while longer than a hot war with the feds and UN. I know that there are so many things currently that disgust me about our government that I just want to scream.
                That being said I’m steadily improving my family’s position daily and am hoping it can all limp along for at least two more years while I keep improving the farm.

                So while I hate most every government employee, save Ron Paul, I don’t want to get in a shooting war just yet as I’m better off the way things are. Take away my wife, a child, or my farm, and all bets are off.

                As an example, I just got another dairy cow today. She’s pregnant with her second calf and due in February; a really beautiful jersey. The longer I can improve my farm the better my chances are. Direct conflict is not in my best interests . . . yet.

          • Karmageddon,

            Point well taken.

          • Hope you know how correct you are. This country has become chuck full of self absorbed, don’t give a fuck about anything except indulging in “whatever feels good” pieces of shit, no matter who is injured including their children. At best they become armchair patriots as they cower in place watching the kardashies and the new NFL liberal propaganda. Hell even if you do take action, the armchair patriots will critique and criticize your actions from the comfort of their couch. No your right, I’ll never do it again. I’m not dying for a POS armchair patriot cowering in place judging me while watching the golden globes.

            • the truth is right in front of us, but most people would rather fantasize than confront that truth, because the reality of it is depressing as fvck.

              we use to be proud people, helping and worked hard and fought for what we had and knew what freedom meant…but then we were given too much comfort that we became dependent of these comforts. comforts that are used against us to keep us controlled….

              i truly respect those who serve, but i pity them for having to fight and die for the MANY that don’t deserve what they sacrifice. i would have served at one time, and i’m sorry, but not anymore…”we the people” no longer exist.

              • I did serve, but I was actually referring to Bunkerville.

                • thanks for your service, but i wasn’t really referring to anything particular, just as a whole.

              • Karmageddon

                Had to slide down a bit.

                On the Pick 7. I had read about it at another site where you pick seven others to train along with. Covering the basics like First Aid, Camping, Marksmanship etc.
                Well the excuses and never getting us all together because of whatever it never came about. I thought that if I had do defend something I would at least have someone else with some skills to increase our chances of survival. To me Extreme measures is violence.
                Inspiration. I have used that in the past, but it only carries so far. Sooner or later you have to get your hands dirty.

                • hmmm. at first i might have figured you to be a sarcastic troll, so forgive me for being a little sharp with you…

                  and that also semi-covers one point i was trying to make(what will that accomplish?). unless you can have others as dedicated as you would like to be, it can nearly be impossible to rely on others.

                  another reason why it’s pointless(at the moment), is because there’s no reason to prepare like this. nor do people take it seriously, have the motivation, focus, need, mentality, time, etc etc…

                  all i can suggest, is for you to prepare yourself the best you can, in the event that those skills could be required. be confident, be strong and believe in yourself and that type of influence will be contagious. at the right time, you’ll make a difference if you want to…

                  as for extremism, violence is the ultimate direct solution that will no doubt get people hurt and killed for any cause… but consider the types of extremes our so call “elites” use for their causes…all of which are mainly…indirect… think about it.

                  • Karmageddon

                    We are on the same page. You are right. Who can you depend on? Dedication to learn and do what is needed.
                    My Plan was not taken seriously either.

                    When it all goes to hell maybe I am the Arm Chair General because I am the only one.

                    As with people here, and the Keyboard Commando’s, you never know.

                    • if you want to rely on others, the only thing you can truly rely on is for them to be themselves…and that in itself is something you can take advantage of to what ever extreme is needed to aid your cause.

                      and if you’re not “that kind of guy”(to take advantage of, or manipulate for your cause(s)), just let some of your friends, family, acquaintances, those you trust, know that if shtf, that you can band together to help each other, because you’ll be ready.


                    • I have a wife I can rely on, as well as 1 buddy, 1 brother, and 1 brother in law. Finding any more than that these days is so tough.

          • Like Chris Dorner.

            • i got a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more chris dorners in the times ahead.

              • Me too. And the media will demonize every one of them.

        • You will be surprised as to how many ‘like minded’ friends you have. Seems all they are waiting for is the one big motivator/false flag to get them to rise up. Unfortunately, King Obama knows that and will keep his efforts small and steady. We, the people, need a leader who can rise up and unite us as one. you perhaps?

          • probably not me Hipshot

            Im abrasive
            I say shit on purpose to piss people off
            I hate politics , Lawyers Judges prosecutors and cops
            I hate stupidity
            the list is endless and completely off the reservation .. seriously old school , dont take well to being questioned on why i do what i do or how i feel about anything

            I probably do have a lot of people that are “like me” but thats because I am what a true American used to be .. yes we still exist , but were being subjugated on a regular basis , and also key holed into the extremest , and tin hat wearing crowd and most dont take us seriously

            I have also gotten to the point to where i really dont give a fuck what anyone thinks of me or what kind of person I am
            I am very secure in who and what I am , and this government and the fools following it surely dont represent me , and Im tired and Old and have no patience for dealing with all the losers in “power”

            hell I dont even have patience sometimes for those that even realize WTF is going on in this country ..

            Lone Wolf ..dinners ready

            • Enemy, I’m right there with you.

            • You may be a lone wolf however you are certainly not alone in your views and idea of the new metrosexual American. Fuckin’ A, the computer spell check even excepted metrofuckingsexual yet did not recognize fuckin’ A. How far we have fallen.

            • You just described me to a T, made me laugh. I read your post to my wife and asked her what she thought. I didn’t tell her that it wasn’t my post, she couldn’t tell…LoL

            • I hate any one who compromises any of there priciples for any reason ,i hate men that have no balls ,that begin there sentences with “my wife wouldnt let me”!!!!!,they should have been born with a split tail ,stand up and say what you mean and mean what you say ,fuck the fall out

            • Enemy Im part of the same club as you. The term is Curmudgeon. Ill never be part of any club or group. Im mostly service to self. If I take care of me and mine and others do the same where is the problem?

          • We don’t need a “leader”. We need a “leading principle” that will unite us. We need a universal IDEA so profound and so solid that it cannot be repressed.

            You can kill a movement and a leader, but you can’t kill an idea.

            You can kill free men, but you can’t kill freedom.

            • Sure, the idea is already out there though. It’s called “liberty” and has been around for a while. The problem is that most of our fat, stupid, lazy, dependent, countrymen would rather have bread and circuses than liberty. Unless that changes we’re doomed, no matter who the leader is.

        • Complacency is the mother of defeat.Satan is winning by default.

      3. Well, only 47 apply to me, so I guess some people might consider me a tad on the ‘extremist’ side.

        • 52 for me.

          If you’re not a kool-aid drinking fool, you’re on the list, simple as that.

          That I’m on the list for so many things, tells me that I’m on the right side of truth; I consider it a badge of honor.

          “F” obungler, that fraudulent POS.

      4. Extremism:

        Domestically it is those beliefs held and taught to the overwhelming majority of Americans 50 years ago.

        • and in some households still taught

        • Extremism is like WMD in Iraq. WMD was implied to be a nuclear bomb. Finding no evidence of one it then morphed to Biological and then Chemical as facilities to manufacture them could be anything in a nation with a petroleum chemical industry. In essence the definition changed to apply to the circumstances.

          Extremism is being sold to the general public as some Islamic Fundamentalist that can’t wait to go to Allah and take as many non believers out in the process. In application, in the US ,its becoming anyone having what were traditional core beliefs.

        • I am definitely a true extremist….wife tells me all the time.

          I find myself in good company because Jesus was an extremist and so were the revolutionists. I just decided that to keep calling them “founding fathers” might be an insult to God and propping them up above Him.

      5. This is the new front to legalize the arrest of anyone they see a threat to the Banksters Kabala Establishment Empire. And the Sheeples will be ok with it.

        • ENKI…

          2015 is the Year of the Sheep. In honor of this significant year..many lamb chops will soon be available.

          Live Free or Die..savory

          • Hey we just butchered our sheep (5 of them) for the first time. Wow do lamb chops taste good. Try this recipe:

            2 tbsp olive oil
            1 tbsp rosemary
            1 tbsp thyme
            2 teasp salt (we used sea salt)
            4 minced garlic cloves
            Stir, coat chops on all sides, and let marinate for 30 minutes.
            Pre-heat oven to 325
            In cast iron skillet sear each side for 3 minutes then transfer to oven for 20 minutes.
            We experimented with a little red wine added too and that seems to work. YMMV.

            • That sounds delicious.

              I can’t remember what YMMV means?

              • your mileage may vary.

      6. I may not be aligned with all 72 categories but just because they said so I am ALIGNED WITH ALL OF THEM. What the F&^%* you are going to do about it.

        • Stolz, I’m right there with you. Let the African virus and company bring it on. We can clean out their clocks.

        • Just don’t get polluted down at the pub and walk home. You might get breitbarted.

          • PO’d, I don’t walk anywhere and I don’t even go to pubs.

      7. Preppers who wear tin foil hats: IDIOTS.

        Preppers who wear tin foil hats with a properly attached ground wire: GENIUS.

        Don’t know much about extremism though. Just sayin.

        • you mean I have to ground the damn thing?! well, that explains why I’m nuts (according to the wife.)

      8. Dam!
        Out of that list of 72, there are only 2 that don’t apply to me.
        I guess I’m on the RED list.
        Did they mention the red list in those 72 items?

      9. Hey! They forgot ‘liberal extremist, Demoncrat/repukecans, and don’t forget our all time favorite, warmonger extremist.

        Just what we need. Another ‘policy’ war to end all wars.

        Lets see, War on drugs = more drugs on the street. War on poverty = more poverty than ever before recorded. War on obesity = more fat unhealthy people. All I can see coming out of a war on ‘extremism’ must result in more extremist on the street.

        Wow! And I did that without a calculator.

      10. Well then……

        Molon Labe motherfvckers!!

        • AMEN!

      11. What if I have a bumper sticker that says “My DOG is smarter than the President”…its in the shape of a paw print

        • Where can we get one of those bumper stickers?

          • You know on the back of some soccer mom’s van window how they show decal stick figures of their suppose family members (and sometimes pets)? Well the other day I pulled up behind a SUV with only one stick figure and above it said,”Village Idiot- Obama”. I tooted the horn and gave the thumbs up and the person looked into the rv mirror and waved. Got a chuckle outta me.

            • That sounds like a sticker we all need to have.

            • Good one PO”dP.

              I want one of the stickers you speak of, soccer mom with family of six stairstep kids, and they are all pissing on a single stick figure, on his knees.

              The wording goes… This is what we think of Obama!

              I want to put it on the back window of my 4WD pick-up truck, right under the ‘easy rider rifle rack’, with my Hawken T/C rifle in the rack.

              Freedom of speech and my right to bear my firearm.
              Screw the nwo.

          • Sold at Shlomoh’s 2nd hand store for 666-Shekel’s Per.

        • my bumper sticker says Obama sucks you would be amaze at the amount of people that come up and ask me where I got it also islame sucks mohammed was a child diddler and loved to get buggered up the arse

      12. It is not the definition that bothers me as much as abusive twisting and application of the definition that bothers me.

        • swinging richard

          As I said, “In essence the definition changed to apply to the circumstances.”

          Its all part of the Josef Goebbels / 1984 playbook. Interestingly if the majority of the population was asked, they would say that Josef Goebbels was a famous artist and 1984 was the year that man first walked on the moon.

      13. Herr Holder and the Obamafurher, have obviously “decided” that anyone who opposes THEIR ideology, are enemies. So be it. I consider myself in good company. Screw Herr Holder and the Obamafurher.
        Long live the Republic of the United States of America and may we ALWAYS remember our founding fathers sacrifices.

        • TPS, you are in the right kind of company. Who the f#$% cares what the African virus and his supporters think?

        • You’re insulting my German ancestors by comparing Holder and Obama to them. I assure you that neither would’ve been welcome in the nazi party.

      14. I am a free man! My fate is my own, I’ll not be dragged into a future that doesn’t protect my individual freedom and God given rights.

        To those that would try I say “Good luck”

      15. this should not only apply to cops but to anyone in a public paid position

        ht tp://libertycrier.com/ops-worried-citizens-engage-new-form-crowd-funded-direct-action-police-state/

      16. ok,guilty….where do I turn myself in? did you say Buchenwald?

        • Ravenwood.

      17. Guilty on all 72 counts.
        Warning to the Fed or TPTB. I will not go softly into the night. I WILL BY THE GRACE OF GOD STAND AND FIGHT!
        If you plan a fontal assault you had better bring body bags. You will need them. You see I will not play by your rules. If you don’t get me and you hurt one of mine. I will hurt all of yours. NOT A THREAT BUT A PROMISE!

        I can see the righting on the wall it is all a plan. So you folks had better get ready because if the mooslime and chief is in office until Jan. 2017 we are F$%KED!
        Keep prepping


        • This year feels quite different Sarge. I think we will finally find out the truth very soon. By-the-way its not “if”, Ocommie IS the last President. Sorry.

        • Sarge, Braveheart says the same things. Let them bring it on. I will also fight and ill not quietly into the night. I never play by anyone else’s rules, anyway. “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” AIM SMALL MISS SMALL Braveheart

          • Brave Heart and Sarge, I have made my peace with God, and at the age and time of my life, I pray that I die in a Pile of Hot Empty Brass, these traitors and Fools are going to pay a Heavy price for their Mission, We are all Leaders when it comes to defending the Constitution and Liberty…Carry On…

            Semper Fi

        • How can you possibly tell your bosses you will not follow their rules and threaten to send them off in body bags and then go out and expect anyone to follow the rules you enforce if THEY don’t agree with those rules?

          Would you kidnap and cage someone for a threat like this to you?

          Would you consider it a “terroristic threat”?

          • He wouldn’t. It’s nothing but hot air because it’s too damn easy on the internet. If keyboards were machine guns and words were bullets, he’d be Rambo, Chuck Norris, and Shwarzenegger all rolled up in one.

            • FMH

              You know that he would not for sure? Very quick to judge those here.

              All Right. I confess. I am not going to do a Damn thing to help the country out of this malaise.
              You can all do it.

              Already been convicted, so it doesn’t matter. Hahaha!

              • Slingshot,

                At least it can be said you’re an honest man.

          • JRS
            I will give you one example;
            If I’m told that we are going to start taking guns from people because the UN said we had to. I would tell my boss to pound sand and quit. So you know that they know I have guns and they would be at my door to take mine.
            So I will fight and die standing up, not on my knees begging for mercy.
            All the laws on the book today are Constitutional, (I don’t agree with them all, and I don’t enforce them all. like seat belts) they have all gone to the State and the Federal Supreme court.
            When they violate the Constitution is were I draw the line.



              • I see Sybil woke up early today.

              • Acid, how are you feeling today? I think the Sarge made a typo error in his post. I believe 95% of the laws are BS and violate the constitution.

                • Your concern for my health is touching, old bastard. I know you love me somewhere deep inside BWAHAHAHAHA.

                  • Acid, I’m not even being mean-spirited this time. I know we’ve had our differences but I also know you believe in freedom like the rest of us. BTW, good choice on the Gatorade. Gatorade is part of my preps. Get well so you can be at your best for the fight that’s coming. From an “old bastard” that really means it. I already know who my real enemies are and that’s who I’m preparing to fight, NOT anyone on this site.

            • Uh huh, spoken with the conviction of somebody who truly knows, deep down but will NEVER admit to it that the odds of that exact thing happening are slim and none, and slim just took the last train out of town. Nothing but pipe dreams and hot air.

            • Sgt.
              I hope you can keep them occupied. While I slip in and get them from the flanks….
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

            • Gee, Sarge, you got a lot of research to do. Marbury vs. Madison, 1803, unconstitutional? “A law repugnant to the Constitution is null and void”.

              Concealed carry laws are unconstitutional as are the police that enforce those unconstitutional laws.

              Everything regarding gun laws is repugnant. And everything ocommieo does is repugnant, so lets load another hundred rounds and muster on Bunker Hill.

              Semper Fi

              • Dog,we want to be on Breeds Hill!A bit higher ground and were the patriots had most of the folks.I know this growing up outside of Boston and had family way back when farm the area including a part of hill till the battle and Brits still controlling Boston had em decide to leave,not sure if they picked up a gun in the war but destroy my property and sure as hell would,or find a even better way to fight,we all may have to make that decision in this life.

            • Sgt. Dale.

              All the laws on the book today are Unconstitutional

              There, fixed your typo.

            • By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
              January 13, 2015
              NewsWithViews dot com

              Do you want your Constitutional Republic back? If so, this article provides you with information that will help you achieve that objective. It won’t come through Constitutional Conventions, Conventions of the States, or memorizing the Constitution and going to court with constitutional arguments in a court system the jurisdiction for which functions under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Maritime Law.

              Your Constitutions (national and state) have been put in hibernation and are brought out like the good silver… only when needed to make an impression or to be used in self defense for crimes committed against the people by those in government who are supposed to serve us.
              Some questions for you:

              1. Are you aware that the United States is incorporated? No, this article isn’t about Strawmen or your name being in CAPITAL letters on all legal documents like your birth certificate, driver’s license, Social Security Card, Passport, etc. There is the United States of America and there is the United States of America, Inc. There is a good reason for what happened and it does not involve the bankruptcy of this nation.

              2. Are you aware that the state in which you live is incorporated? All 50 states are incorporated. Read on and I’ll provide you with absolute evidence… not opinion, but evidence.

              3. Are you aware that your county is incorporated?

              4. Are you aware that your city (or township) is incorporated? (Most of us are aware of city incorporations.)

              5. Are you aware that most departments within your city and county are incorporated? Yes, I mean the Sheriff’s Department, the Police Department, the City and County and State Courts (even your State Supreme Court), the Public Library, the Public Works Department, the Department of Education and the County Clerk? Almost every department in your city and county is incorporated. I must admit, this disclosure surprised me more than the others. Even more interesting, most people who staff these departments – including county commissioners, sheriffs, librarians, police chiefs, and other department heads – appear, as I was, unaware of the corporate status of their “departments.”

              6. Are you aware that corporations are run under the jurisdiction of Statutory Law, not Constitutional or Common Law? Are you aware that Articles of Incorporation based on the policies and regulations in place in all 50 States are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code and/or Maritime Law which are the basis of Statutory Law?

              In other words, when wearing their corporate hats (which is whenever it is to their advantage to do so), our federal, state, county, and city governments and the departments contained within them must comply with the policies of the Uniform Commercial Code, not with the Constitution of the United States or your State Constitution. The courts, too, are incorporated. No wonder we see so little Constitutional or Common Law in our courts! No wonder administrative law judges can make the law up as a trial proceeds (or so it appears to those thinking the jurisdiction under which courts function is Constitutional or Common Law)!

              This information should answer the questions of many Americans who wander around shaking their heads trying to figure out why our courts are making the insane, unconstitutional decisions that spew out of them like the Devil’s bad breath. The Courts are incorporated and comply with the requirements of Statutory Law based on the policies and procedures dictated by the Uniform Commercial Code or Maritime Law, not the United States Constitution or your State’s Constitution.

              People look at their small town police departments being equipped as if they are General Patton in the 1940’s powering his way through Germany and wonder why Humvees and SWAT teams are needed to protect them. Who – or what – are they really protecting?

              And it goes beyond our police departments and sheriffs’ offices to our courts and schools and property taxes… and everything else.

              FULL/REST of Article can be Read at newswithviews website noted above in This posting.

              ps: Be Certain to check out Her Credentials and personal Bio listed at end of and Below article…Shes a Very smart woman and has Prior articles at same website this one is at. She prior wrote a several part article on Leo Wanta who is the man Reagan secretly apointed back during his Prez admin days to set up aprox 150 individual corps and buisness’ and at a certain piont in time to Sell them All off and place the entire proceeds/profits into a Trust Fund For “we the people” to be used in the future(like Now or 2008 ) to Bail Out the USA Citizens when the entire systems structures crash(like GW crash of 2008 etc did)…Well Leo Wanta did that and did it so well that after aprox 20+ yrs he sold it all off and ammassed a fortune of $27.5 TRILLION in Cash!

              Then later when Leo tried to Withdraw that cash or some of it to begin assisting the american people etc…The State of wisconsin did a huge Bogus false state-income tax scam to Jail Leo! for his “failure” to Pay around $100 in back state tax which he did pay and had reciepts for paying it etc!

              Bottom line is Leo was held under totally False tax fileing charges for several Years so CITI Bank and various polititions could scam it to STEAL that money!

              Acording to this womens well documented research it appears that Hillery was the very first person to, while still acting as first lady to klintons prez admin, Steal aprox $250,000 to fund her soon run for NY Senator election campaign…She stole Much more later also if I recall the article right…

              Leo Wantas fully documented many Corp’s/Buisness’s all 100% legit, sold finally for the almost exact same amount we was told got spent to do Bankster Bail Outs in 2008!

              Leo made and entrusted for we the people $27 and 1/2 TRILLION total…Bank Bails outs including euro banks too ended up totalling…aprox $27 Trillion!

              And barely anybodys ever heard of Leo Wanta’s amazeing story and false Imprisonment where if I recall correct hes still In prison due to wisconsin state govnt and fed govnt scam opps against him so they can steal it all and Stifle or silence all knowledge of he and that massive cash…A Great read article series by Marilyn Barnewall a Must Read!….Check her newswithviews article archives for leo wanta story and Reagans connection etc.

              pss: Leo wanta was also prior an US Ambasador several times to different nations, held several Other key top positions and was secretly Reagans Main go to guy and Top “unofficial” aide…

              What if Leos multi Trillions got stolen to bail out Banksters in 2008 so the Fed res didn’t need print more cash and flood market to cause Hyper Inflation, since the bail out Leo-Cash already was long ago printed before stolen eh?! Read the entire series articles and see what You think of it all it really is an intriguing story.

          • The lying sarge thinks the only unconstitutional thing a ceo can do is come take guns. And even then I bet he has an official opinion on who “deserves” guns, who doesn’t and what “kind” of guns.

            AND I’d bet a months wages that he is lying adn will do what he is told to anyway once Jim tells him to.

            • BJ, hell YES he’d do what he was told to do, all that pseudo Rambo bullshit makes for good publicity when you know the odds of ANYTHING like that happening are nil and you want to pump up the hometown fans with a load of heroic bullshit. Nothing more than hot air and pipe dreams.

        • Here you and I agree sgt. Where we might disagree is that I see all government employees to be the enemy. Sad but true, if you work for the enemy I must consider you my enemy. Until you government leeches stop taking my money to pay your salaries you are my enemy. Even if you are a teacher at a government school, a clerk at the courthouse, or deliver the mail.

          If you are a government employee, or contractor, you steal my money just the same as the welfare parasites.

          • It always has and always will boil down to the Making Producers versus the Taking Parasites. All government and all its employees are taking parasites who produce nothing.

      18. Obama is going to have an anti extremism in February but nowhere is Islam mentioned. Everything mentioned has to do with so called home grown extremism. go figure!

        • Jim in Va… Just wait… new Feb. edition would be:

          Anyone who thinks ISIS were created by the Saudi’s Petro Dollar, Trained and armed by Mossad and their puppets in CIA to act as savages in order to protect the Zionist owned Central Banks.

          God help us with March edition.

        • Obama is a douche bag (sorry for offending good douchebags everywhere)
          The policies of people like he and the rest of these government assholes are evident in every big city, decaying former industrial region, and the healthcare system that is coming unglued more and more by the minute.
          OUR biggest problem is government, and the greed associated with those in power, it needs to go back to its origins.

          • ” it needs to go back to its origins. ”
            Won’t happen now without blood Kula.

        • Jim – terrorism is used for foreign whoever, listen to Obama spew his crap .
          When he talks about extremism , its code word for the white middle class taxpayer who would be anti-big government .
          So the “extremism summit” has nothing to do with “terrorist” and everything to do with bustin the chops of folks who want a smaller government boot print on our necks .

          James Madison has a great quote that fits well, I think i will look for it.

          • “Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties or his possessions.”
            – “The accumulation of power, (is the) definition of tyranny.”
            – “The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted.”
            – “The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.”
            – “Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.”

            “It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.”
            – “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and it’s issuance.”
            – James Madison

            • Thanks TONTO , I had other things take over my time.

          • Hammerhead, that is correct. It applies to EVERYONE who is opposed to overgrown and out-of-control government. So the African virus thinks he can come and bust our chops, eh? Let those commie scum bring it and we’ll see who’s left standing when the smoke clears.

      19. “Extremist” is anyone that is not a Liberal. A genetically defined condition. If you were born without the gene, DRD4, you are an “Extremist”. Simple as that.

        • If you are white, christian, and don’t have a cultural/ethnocidal death wish you are at the top of their list.

      20. I dont give a crap what the government and their stooges think, they can ALL go fuck themselves!

        • Hey Kula, do you want to tell us how you really feel?

          • Its getting ridiculous,
            EVERYTHING that almost my entire generation was brought up to value or believe in is being thrown out the window in favor of this over PC dependent garbage.
            My Dad and his buds must be rolling over in their graves!
            I see no point AT ALL to succumb to this garbage on ANY level,
            Its time for a reset and reality check,
            OT but related
            Our local hospitals are in trouble financially,
            These stupid socialist idiots are so blind they cant see that their failed and failing policies are EXACTLY the reason why the system is falling farther and farther into the red,
            Their answer, in a nutshell is to take from those who can pay in order to pay for those who wont or cant, never mind looking at the truth that the feds and their welfare programs are why they are in such a mess, oh no lets never admit that,,,, that would admit that we (the government bureaucrats) are a bunch of FUCKING IDIOTS!

            • yes yes Kula ..but they are “special idiots”

            • Kula, one hospital in our area already closed down back in Nov. due to bankruptcy. Agree totally.

            • Kulafarmer.

              Not filling these sandbags for the fun of it!
              Doctor, Doctor.
              OooooW. Help me get the Prepping Monkey off my back.

            • We could easily afford “welfare” programs, if we stopped funding other nations, stopped funding regime changes and stopped funding terrorists abroad. Wee would have HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars, more than we need, to fund our social programs…but we just can’t do both.

              If I had to choose between funding war and death, and funding our welfare programs, sorry, but I’d prefer to not fund death.

              • It is immoral to seize money from the person who earned it and give it to someone who didn’t. I don’t care what the reason is it’s still wrong.

                • Absolutely, but with solvency and financial stability also comes compassion and generosity. in other words, most people would be more inclined to help the truly needy, if we weren’t so drained ourselves. The govt has put us into an “us or them” status.

                  I know if I was better off, I’d be more likely to CHOOSE to give to the needy. I DO believe that children, the disabled and elderly should not just be left to die. Adults who are able to work, are on their own, but it is also “wrong” to watch people who no longer can care for themselves, die.

                  This group also includes disabled vets who fought for whatever they thought they were fighting for at the time.

                  Selfishness is also a SIN, for all of you Bible readers like me. If you disagree, then you never followed the teachings of Jesus.

                  There has to be a red line somewhere. This is it for me.

                  • I encourage charity. Sometimes people hit hard times and need some help. I also believe that the giver gets more benefit from charity than the receiver, just try it.

                    That being said I cannot agree with anyone who uses the police power of government to take from those who earned it to give to those who didn’t. That’s not charity, it’s stealing.

        • Kulafarmer, same here with braveheart. Anyone who targets me does so at their own peril.

      21. I have No. 70 tattooed on my forearm with Liberty or Death across the top.

        • I know a biker guy that has a large size SIX-Pointed Star tatooed on his Ass cheek.

      22. If you are here on this site and reading this… then chances are you are an extremist…

        If you are Pro-Christian, Conservative, Pro-Gun and Pro-US military you are the enemy and a threat to this admin.
        This group probably entails at least 60% of the US population Why does this admin feel threatened…??? Because we stand in their way of a takeover of the US….

        It seems this Marxist administration that openly supports the muslim brotherhood is the real enemy…

      23. I think we crossed the ridiculous line a long time ago. The time to fight this was also a long time ago. We are prepping for what? For others to have what we have when the SHTF?

        For the police and military to kick in my door – 3 flash bangs and 2 rounds of tear gas through the door and it is over for me and mine who tried so hard to prepare while others did not?

        For the reality of what the new form of government has put in place while we slept?

        I know I do not have the “smart mentality” that some of the newer members of this site as has been pointed out but it would appear that prepping at this point may be a fruitless task that we may never get to enjoy.

        Perhaps in the end it will be the skills we have developed while prepping that will carry us through.


        • BIGB , Prepping aint a fruitless task , you always need to put alittle aside for the real rough times .
          I for one worry more about an EMP or grid down situation.
          So thats what i prepare for.
          As for your “stuff” , dont put it all in one place, hell the space in your walls between interior rooms is a great place to store long term storage foods and such.
          Outta sight ouuta mind .
          And never put it all in one place.
          Dont let the doom and gloom take ya down with it.

        • speaking for myself, I do not think it is fruitless BigB. I have tried very hard to set up a system of food storage that is economical and practical. My extra food is all food that we normally eat. It took a couple hundred dollars and alot of thought on our part to start up, but now it works like a well wound clock. We love to camp so many of our other “preps” we have and use naturally. In the event of a grid down situation, we would be fine for a long while. Long enough I hope, to figure out how to get/grow what we don’t have now. Fortunately my immediate family has a lot of the skills and knowledge needed to carry on. My brother, who is responsible for enlightening me to prepping (so give up on your love ones!) lost his job last year and thanks to his “preps” the impact has been minimal. I don’t think we prep only for the country or world’s “big one”. It can be just our own personal “big one”.

        • Im “prepping” mostly because there is a bigger chance of something happening and me still being alive and needing to survive than there is of government thugs smashing my door down to take said supplies.
          Definitely possible, but then so is a huge storm and no power or commerce for a few months afterwards, or perhaps some other crazy disaster that destroys the infrastructure but leaves the people still very much alive.
          It has proven beneficial more than once for me, so will stay the course.

      24. Ann Coulter Monday argued that President Barack Obama’s proposal of free community college “is a way of brushing under the rug the failure of all the grade schools.”

        Coulter speculated that Obama is now “coming up with the most absurd proposals to throw at the Republican Congress.” Coulter said this is “a fantastic opportunity” for the GOP to have “tobacco-style company hearings” where they ask college presidents why they’re making $2 million a year while tuition has gone up 10 times in the past 20 years.

        Coulter charged the government with hawking education in the same way that banks hawked home loans.

        “The education industry is an industry like any other – it is like the tobacco industry, it is like the energy industry. But this is the only one where the government is promoting a bubble,” she said.

        Big F-ing Bubble folks .. ready?

        • Coulter is right: if I see another dirtbag professor justify tuition rises, I will scream. Do they even realise what young women do to get the money to pay that tuition? Caveat emptor mo-fos.

        • They should also ask the university leaders to explain why the budget for the various sports programs are generally double that of all other areas of the schools budget,
          UH has been cutting back all academics and the football team has had 0 cuts, BS
          I could give a rats ass about football, academics is the purpose you go to a university.

      25. Well,it is my understanding a belief in freedom is neither political, religious, or economical.

        Sounds like we’re still American.

        • Everyone except the thumbers living off the govt free bees.

      26. maybe we should all sue our states?

        The state created the victim zone by creating alleged “gun free zones” in which only the crazies and/or criminals have guns. Over and over people who want to kill large numbers go to the state created victim zones where they know they will not face any armed resistance. The schools and all the states should be sued for creating an area where people could not defend themselves, while at the same time failing to provide the security that they denied to the people in those gun free zones. Was it reasonably foreseeable? After all the attacks that have occurred in “gun free zones” it was absolutely foreseeable. If the state is going to take away a citizen’s right to defend him or herself, then the state MUST take on the responsibility to provide the security it has denied to the citizenry. If it does not, it should be held accountable and liable.

        time to get this party started

        • Enemy, you DO have the right to self-defense against evildoers which comes from God, NOT from any manmade government. Any law which says otherwise is null and void. I don’t follow any policy which could leave me 100% vulnerable to animals.

        • Of course here in Idaho our enhanced ccw covers even school zones and I can carry on a public school campus. Of course I carry anywhere I go whether it’s legal or not, it’s just kind of nice that here you can legally carry most anywhere. Open carry is legal pretty much anywhere even without a permit.

      27. If your home is mobile and your car is not, you might be a redneck


      28. Add #74. Those who think that the president is a commie

      29. I had an extreme bowel movement, does that make me a terrorist?

        • Femaregion1, I had one of those once and released it on a picture of Obama.

        • As long as you named it Barry, wiped your Feinstein and shook your Reid, you should be okay.

          • Maddog, LMFAO! I did do something similar at the time, so I believe it’s OK.

          • priceless 🙂

          • Mad
            You forgot flushed your Hellory!

      30. In this day and age, it’s extreme, when one is “awake”.

        • read 1984 a long time ago many of the people control laws
          in it are here. in the u.k. and the u.s.!!!! it is easy to
          wake up and smell the roses, much more difficult to wake up
          and see the diseased rotting carcass of a government in


          • Acid, truer words were never spoken.

          • Awesome. You didn’t even swear 🙂

      31. Here is an important argument against “background checks” as a precondition to receiving (or being denied) “government permission” to exercise a right. I’ve been posting this argument on every discussion board I can find, and I hope you will all forward it to your lists and either keep it on hand for when you encounter some doofus advocating background checks, or point me toward said doofus so I can present my argument to him (or her) directly.

        First, it is not beyond the pale to consider background checks not only the death of our right to keep and bear arms, it is also the death of our Bill of Rights. I’ll show you why.

        Second, do you know the difference between a “right” and a “privilege”? A right is something the citizen may exercise without government knowledge, consent, interference, or oversight. It is beyond the lawful reach of government at any level. A privilege, on the other hand, is something the citizen may do if government permits it, and if government permits it, government may revoke the permission at any time of its choosing, for any reason or no reason, and the citizen has nothing to say about it. (Nothing binding, anyway.) Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

        We have a Constitutional Bill of Rights. It’s not a bill of privileges, and it is not a bill of suggestions. Any claim that the Bill of Rights only restrains the federal government, or only applies to the States if the Supreme Court says so, is a – pardon my vernacular – a crock of crap. This kind of suggestion is borne of subversions introduced into our legal system before the ink was dry on the U.S. Constitution, and it is time we put a stop to them. Some of those subversions were introduced “innocently” (in a sense) because, while our founders were brilliant men, the people around them were used to a feudal structure and not a liberty structure – they didn’t know how to deal with it, and they made mistakes because liberty scared them. But truthfully, many, if not nearly all, were intentional subversions and actual insurrections against our Constitution and Bill of Rights because … well, the concept of citizen sovereignty over government is an abomination to certain very powerful people. It sticks in their craw. It is a direct attack on their core philosophy, and their core philosophy is that they are the rightful masters of humankind, and they intend to govern. They are narcissists, and they cannot abide the fact that ordinary people have the right and the capability to say “Up yours!” and make it stick with force of arms if necessary.

        Background checks:

        Do you know of any other right that that requires a citizen to undergo a compelled interrogation under penalty of perjury as a precondition to receiving (or being denied) permission to exercise it? Or a compelled search of his private papers and effects on government databases?
        Look at the Bill of rights: Is there any right listed there that requires government permission to exercise?
        Look at the U.S. Constitution: Is there any Article, Section, or Clause that authorizes government to issue or deny permission to exercise any of the Rights listed in the Bill of Rights?


        Fourth Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

        The purchase of a firearm is not probable cause of criminal conduct and the purchaser is a person. By what authority does the federal government compel an interrogation under penalty of perjury as a precondition to issuing or denying permission it does not have the authority to issue or deny?

        Important: Are you willing to waive your guaranteed right above against warrantless search and seizure in exchange for government permission to exercise a right government has no authority to require?

        Fifth Amendment in pertinent part: “No person shall … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; …”

        Compelling an interrogation under penalty of perjury – that’s a threat of criminal sanction – and a search as a precondition to issuing or denying permission to purchase a firearm is not due process and the purchaser is a person.

        Are you willing to give up your guaranteed right above to be secure from being deprived of your life, liberty, or property without due process in exchange for government permission to exercise a right government has no authority to require?

        Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

        Can you cite any Article, Section, or Clause of the U.S. Constitution authorizing the federal government to even license firearm dealers? How about any authority to violate the Fourth or Fifth Amendment as a precondition to allowing a citizen to exercise a fundamental Constitutionally-guaranteed right? Putting a finer Constitutional point on it, where is the authority delegated to the federal government to even take notice of a private citizen’s purchase of a firearm? Or to oversee, monitor, database, infringe upon the right, or interfere with the purchase or sale in any way?

        Second Amendment in pertinent part:* “… (T)he right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” (Period. Full-stop. End of story.)

        Subversive Constitutional insurrectionist Michael Bloomberg and a couple of his wealthy cronies like Bill Gates spent close to 10 million dollars suckering the citizens of Washington State into passing a voter initiative requiring that every transfer of a firearm, even a temporary one for purposes of inspection or training at a range, be preconditioned by a background check conducted through a firearm dealer. Does a State have the lawful power to violate the Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments, and impose an a priori restraint on the Second, just because a bunch of voter said so? (Hint: Read the prohibition clause of the Tenth Amendment.)

        No, States are prohibited that authority, and the voting majority doesn’t have the authority to overcome that prohibition. We do not live in a democracy, folks, we live in a Constitutional Republic in which no one, private citizens or government functionaries, have the lawful power to deprive anyone of their fundamental guaranteed rights.**

        Bloomberg and his cronies now have their sights set on Nevada, and Arizona, and Maine. Their success in Washington and in those other States will determine whether they destroy our Bill of Rights in the rest of the country or not.

        In conclusion, let me point out that background checks have never prevented the criminal misuse of firearms in the history of the planet, and they were never intended to. The backers of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 knew background checks would never accomplish that stated goal, but they knew it would eventually accomplish something very dear to their hearts: Rendering the Fourth, Fifth, Tenth, and ultimately the Second, Amendments irrelevant.

        If you have any desire to see America be restored to a nation founded and perpetuated on principles of personal liberty under the rule of law, do not, ever, vote for any law compelling a background check as a precondition to exercising any right, and let’s mount an effort to repeal the unconstitutional Brady handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993, and do away with government licensing of gun dealers and background checks. Then we can repeal the unconstitutional Gun Control Act of 1968 that made the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (and now Explosives) the most powerful gun control tyrants in the history of the planet.

        *I did not quote the preamble to the Second Amendment, which says “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, …” because the founders and the Supreme Court have both made it clear that while the preamble gives the reason for the right, the operative clause I quoted is not in any way limited by the preamble. The people have the right to keep and bear arms. (We also have a right to a Constitutional militia of the people, but that is a different, though closely-related, issue.)

        **States do have, under the Police Power, the authority to regulate the use of arms, i.e., where, when, under what safety rules, etc., but the Second Amendment prohibits exercise of any State power to infringe or interfere in any way with the right to keep and bear arms.

        Comments and discussion is welcome, and if you know of a website or individual or media outlet who needs this information, feel free to pass it on to them without alteration, and attributed to me as follows:

        You cannot arm slaves and expect them to remain slaves.
        Nor can you disarm a free people and expect them to remain free.

        Donald L. Cline
        [email protected]

        • Donald Cline, welcome aboard. I visited your site briefly and find it very interesting. will return for more. Again, welcome.

        • Well said sir.

      32. According to O’Bummrs doctrine; the Founding Fathers and ALL the signers of the Declaration of Independence; would be classified as ” Right Wing Extememists ” SERIOUSLY; who here is old enough to actually remember when the United States was the Good Guy on the worlds stage; and the country was relatively Normal and Stable? To see WHAT we have for a POTUS makes me want to puke. Not kidding.

        • Right there with you on that,
          It is actually mind boggling how screwy stuff is these days.

      33. PO’d Patriot, I’m also “po’d” myself today. Let the monkey-in-chief bring it on. They will lose big time.

      34. If you took all 72 points and attempted to put them into one single cogent paper you’d end up with a ridiculously long oppressive attempt at a paradox. This is why much of this language is being used separate and independent, with the goal of causing confusion, separation and ultimately chaos followed by what TPTB hope will be compliance.

        What I’d like to know is how they believe they’ll survive the chaos they deliberately foment in their push to make the world nothing but a prison?


          • Acid, it’s possible a lot of us will die, but those bunkers could become tombs for those elite POS.

      35. “Extremism”… Why doesn’t he just declare war on Patriotism. That would be more accurate.

        • It would seem he HAS declared war on patriotism.
          And anything else he considers uniquely American.

        • Lincoln did.

          • Amen. Lincoln was the worst president and should have been shot sooner.

      36. Call me what you will. I’m a FREEDOM LOVING AMERICAN PATROIT and DAMN PROUD of IT!!! So bring it on you chicken-shit bastard’s and we’ll see how many of you go home at the end of the day. Been there and done that, stood at the edge and look over, so don’t think I won’t bust a cap in your ass, and if you don’t think I will, well hope your ready to meet your maker, I AM!!!

        The end draws near. FILL YOUR HANDS YOU S-O-B’s!!!!

      37. I think the author is a right wing wacko. The links do not support the authors argument. The idea that the governent is out to get you is absurd. The people are and have alway been the government and will continue to be the government.

      38. “Anyone who is anti-Catholic” Hummm…

        That’s interesting. Later in the list mentions people who are pro christian? Not sure why they are saying one is ok and not the other? Unless we are making the assumption of the Catholic/ Communist party conspiracy?

      39. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said ” those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither”

        • T.D.
          I believe it was Franklin, but both are given credit for it. I just looked it up to make sure.

      40. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
        – Rahm Emanuel

        Obama is now pushing for more laws and control of the internet.

        Obama says hacks show need for cybersecurity law

        “President Barack Obama said Tuesday the cyber attacks against Sony and the Pentagon’s Central Command highlight the need for toughened laws on cybersecurity.

        Obama made the comment as the White House unveiled a proposal to revive cybersecurity legislation stalled over the past few years.”

        Yahoo dot com

      41. and the list keeps going. can’t believe ohura is not going for a czar type of position in the u.n. after he is out. if it did not involve 6 billion deaths i would prefer lights out by emp to ohura.

      42. Anyone see the newest CNN version of the getaway of the two brothers AFTER they killed all the Kommiebook characters?

        Just taking their time, reloading their guns, getting in their car, driving down an alley where they see a police car coming at them. They get out of their car, fire a few shots at the police car AND THEN THEY ARE ALLOWED TO PEACFULLY DRIVE BY THE SIDE OF THE POLICE CAR AND GO ON THEIR WAY with no shots fired at them when they are side by side.

        Something totally bs about this whole thing. Reported the brothers came out of the building firing at officers; but no reports of officers even being injured but the two brothers were shot dead. Odd…..if I knew I was going to die and I was a Jhadist I would do my best to take someone out with me.

        Seems CNN has troublemaking their stories and movies seem any where reasonable.


        • Sounds like you need to get out of the house more often and not spend all day in front of the tv and computer.

        • Its been a while POG. Hope all’s well.

        • The brothers were not killed at the time of this first shooting, which many say was very suspect. They died a couple days later in the warehouse stand off. BTW. the police commissioner who interview the families of the victims killed at the magazine office was found dead in his office. Another coincident? just kind of odd.

          • I think the police commissioner committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head – 5 times.

        • POG, Mossad is known to be smooth operators since they like to kill and it is a thrill for them from a tribal tradition.

          1- Two fully auto AK opens fires on a police car from what looks like a short distance. Driver puts in reverse trying to scape. Two masked men get into their cars very calmly and again looks like they open fire on the same car but the inspector Caruso doesn’t even get hurt.

          2- Before scape they pick up a shoe but leave their ID in the car. LOL.

          3- When ISIS killers go on killing rampages in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria etc.. they also use explosive belts against not armed civilian but with such operations they only use two AK’s. Give me a break.

          All we see two pictures of the terrorists….I want to see dead bodies showing the faces and the bullet holes.

          But the final conclusion is the central banks in Europe are in process of their new QE’s since the entire Europe is just …..ed just like us in the US. At this moment if anyone protests against the QE, then guess what? Country is in crisis, Terrorists are on the run and no time for protesting the Zionist owned central banks stealing from the regular Europeans.

      43. A list of 21st-century pieces of cr#p: are you one?

        1) Migrate to a country just to get on social benefits. Have no intention of ever working.

        2) Feel very indifferent about the government going into debt since you don’t care what happens to the country.

        3) Have a problem? Spend more money on it: that always makes things better.

        4) All your expenses are covered by social welfare but you decide to spend your days complaining about ‘whitey’ and the ‘West’ and plotting drug crimes and jihad.

        5) Have never bought a belt since you see no reason your pants should rise above your butt cheeks.

        6) Don’t got it? Then just steal it: God wants you to have it.

        7) Love the Pharrel ‘Happy’ song.

        8) Once created an ‘app’ to sort your peanuts by size.

        9) Love Seth Rogan films.

        10) Once fell in love with a picture of your penis. End of.

      44. just a heads up for those with hay fever problems

        Flonase nasal spray will be available OTC,over the counter
        in February

      45. Well boys and girls I’M AN AMERICAN FIRST, then an EXTREMIST….and DAMN PROUD OF IT….. That list covers me pretty well on my feelings about things!;-}
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N. Reb

      46. Doc.I.know was telling me today he’s positioned himself for a.period.of.severe deflation secondary to oil prices. He says the long hard times have arrived.

      47. I don’t fit into any of thee categories! I support my president in whatever he decides is best for America!
        Because I’m periodically surreptitiously photographed by the NSA while out in public or watching TV I’m constantly saying cheese. They know I wouldn’t harm a fly. PETA knows it too!

      48. “So is there any hope for us?”

        There’s hope for the small minority of people who are willing to do what it takes to fight against tyranny and fight against the illegal alien usurper such as Obama.

        Obama, I know your future and your future is eternity in hell. I am not going to submit to you or your father the devil, no matter what illegal regulations or laws you want enforced.

        Jesus Christ is Lord and in his time you and your father the devil will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Obama you have lost.

        • Ghost

          No Hope. We are all Arm Chair Generals.

      49. Heres a good one,
        This was on CNN (communist news network)

        “Alabama students were asked to bring canned goods for school security
        Cans or other heavy items could be used to fight school shooters
        It’s part of a larger school district plan to empower students”

        We really have some STUPID people in our once great country.

      50. Have you ever given thought that all this is just entertainment. Entertainment to fill in the time before whatever conjecture or speculative event arrives. A place to show off Bravado or to collect information that will never be used. A place to hear about the latest survival tools or method.
        It’s a hall of mirrors as we work ourselves through the maze.

      51. I don’t know 1 person who is not an extremist being judged by that criteria. Who cares extremists are not terrorists so we are safe folks carry on . I look at it like this my government is corrupt and going rogue and the administration needs to be removed from power and it will happen as soon as they loose their grip on society. people think it’s bad that the gov is failing I wish it would happen faster I wanna know how I can help . We need to restore the republic ASAP

        • Lol I know many people who aren’t extremist by that standard. It’s like that libtard who said they couldn’t understand how nixon won since they didn’t know anyone who voted for him.

          Trust me there are plenty of people in this country that read that list and said “you get them Mr. President.”

      52. Well, I’m ready to leave this Krapola and then enter into God’s New world! YHWH God’s New Kingdom!
        Let these BsT**rdz have the damn place!

        What goes around comes around,
        and believe me,… that YYWH GOD will in the END corner these Satan-Worshiping Nazi Blood Thirsty Traitorous Scum bags and they will get what is due to them!

      53. Since there has not been any survival info I will share some with you.

        Force Multipliers.

        Night Vision
        Night Gun Scope.
        Range Finder.
        Compound Bow.
        Cross Bow.
        Pellet Rifle or Pistol
        Multi tool
        Marine Flare gun.
        FR50 Radios
        Body armor.
        Parabolic Ear.

        • The parabolic ear reminded me of something I saw in a video. A lot of rural people still have the old 8-foot or 10-foot satellite dishes in their yards. If you have one, you can point it towards the nearest town, mount your wifi antenna at the focus, and connect to the free wifi offered by many restaurants (or to the nearest neighbor with an unsecured wifi).

          If you don’t think it will work, check out this site:

          ht tp://www.wifi-toys.com/wi-fi.php?a=articles&id=91

          Using two old satellite dishes, the guys in this article connected unamplified wifi over a distance of 125 miles.

          You should be able to find a free wifi within a few miles that you can connect to using a large dish. You can even use a DirecTV dish to get a neighbor’s wifi or help your cellphone get a signal.

      54. It’s an oppertunity to make freedom stronger than before we should all want it to fail if you don’t you are an extremist.

      55. 34. Anyone that “establishes website/blog to display extremist views”

        I haven’t done that one. Yet.

      56. What are somes thoughts here on the supposed 35 terrorist training camps in the usa that the fbi says they can’t touch?

        • They aren’t white obviously.

          • I was just wondering if some think it is true or propaganda to support and condition people for an upcoming false flag??

      57. Mr. Snyder is not very extreme if only 2 dozen items on the list apply to him. About 40 apply to me. Does that mean I’m almost twice as extreme as he is?

      58. israel did 9/11!

      59. The only ones I know NOT on his list are my dogs…

        Oops, I found #47. “Those that are reverent of individual liberty”.

        That applies to my most stubborn dog, Sheba who wants her own way.

      60. I guess this is the end of freedom of speech. Now we will be like the brain dead that got us in this mess to begin with.

      61. This is control of us. Next the brown shirts (I think they are already here). How many in this country? 350 million? We told them so.

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