Obama Bans Military Equipment for Local Police to Stop “Paramilitary-like Response to Riots”

by | May 18, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 122 comments

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    After militarizing police, Obama is putting law enforcement weapons under federal control.

    With the help of President Obama and key media figures, the plight of inner city blacks against police brutality has become a major source of divide in society, as high profile cases including Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and, of course, Trayvon Martin, have driven a narrative that has communities demanding police accountability and on watch for the next incident that could stir the pot.

    The country has witnessed riots in Baltimore and Ferguson and wide scale protest and civil disobedience movements growing in response to issues of police abuse and excessive force.

    As these cases stir reaction, police forces have countered with an increasingly militarized presence, using riot gear, tanks, sound weapons, gas canisters, rubber bullets and other ‘weapons of war’ to control crowds and use intimidation to instill order.

    Now, President Obama – who has been critical of police and eager to implement federal controls over local departments – is announcing a “ban” on the sale or transfer of many of these military items to local police units:

    President Obama has banned the sale of the most some kinds of military equipment to local law enforcement agencies in response to widespread criticism of a paramilitary-like response to riots in a St. Louis suburb last August.

    In doing so, Obama put his stamp on the recommendations of a multi-agency federal working group that recommended banning sales of some military equipment and providing more training, supervision and oversight of others.

    Banned will be tracked armored vehicles, bayonets, grenade launchers, camouflage uniforms and large caliber weapons. Other kinds of equipment will be available to most police departments as long as they meet national policing standards, track their use and receive approval from the federal government before selling or transferring it.

    The controversial MRAP armored vehicles will be “controlled” by not prohibited.

    The ban will coincide with Obama’s speech in Camden, New Jersey to announce initiatives to address the lack of transparency in police abuse cases, and ways to improve police-community relations – which have conveniently boiled over in a politically expedient way. President Obama’s decision is based upon the recommendations of a working group (PDF), an extension of his January 2015 Executive Order 13688, establishing Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition.

    Specific banned equipment includes:


    Tracked Armored Vehicles: Vehicles that provide ballistic protection to their occupants and utilize a tracked system instead of wheels for forward motion.
    Weaponized Aircraft, Vessels, and Vehicles of Any Kind: These items will be prohibited from purchase or transfer with weapons installed.
    Firearms of .50 ‐ Caliber or Higher
    Ammunition of .50 ‐ Caliber or Higher
    Grenade Launchers: Firearm or firearm accessory designed to launch small explosive projectiles.
    Bayonets: Large knives designed to be attached to the muzzle of a rifle/shotgun/long gun for the purposes of hand ‐ to ‐ hand combat.
    Camouflage Uniforms: Does not include woodland or desert patterns or solid color uniforms.

    While another long list of equipment will be “controlled” by federal oversight:

    Manned Aircraft, Fixed Wing: Powered aircraft with a crew aboard, such as airplanes, that use a fixed wing for lift.
    Manned Aircraft, Rotary Wing: Powered aircraft with a crew aboard, such as helicopters, that use a rotary wing for lift.
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A remotely piloted, powered aircraft without a crew aboard.
    Armored Vehicles, Wheeled: Any wheeled vehicle either purpose ‐ built or modified to provide ballistic protection to its occupants, such as a Mine ‐ Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle or an Armored Personnel Carrier. These vehicles are sometimes used by law enforcement personnel involved in dangerous operating conditions, including active shooter or similar high ‐ threat situations. These vehicles often have weapon ‐ firing ports.
    Tactical Vehicles, Wheeled: A vehicle purpose ‐ built to operate on ‐ and off ‐ road in support of military operations, such as a HMMWV (“Humvee”), 2.5 ‐ ton truck, 5 ‐ ton truck, or a vehicle with a breaching or entry apparatus attached. These vehicles are sometimes used by law enforcement in rough terrain or inclement weather for search and rescue operations, as well as other law enforcement functions.
    Command and Control Vehicles: Any wheeled vehicle either purpose ‐ built or modified to facilitate the operational control and direction of public safety units responding to an incident. Command and Control vehicles provide a variety of capabilities to the incident Commander, including, but not limited to, the provision for enhanced communications and other situational awareness capabilities.
    Specialized Firearms and Ammunition Under .50 ‐ Caliber (excludes firearms and ammunition for service ‐ issued weapons): Weapons and corresponding ammunition for specialized operations or assignment. This excludes service ‐ issued handguns, rifles, or shotguns that are issued or approved by the agency to be used during the course of regularly assigned duties.
    Explosives and Pyrotechnics: Includes “flash bangs” as well as explosive breaching tools often used by special operations units.
    Breaching Apparatus (e.g. battering ram or similar entry device): Tools designed to provide law enforcement rapid entry into a building or through a secured doorway. These tools may be mechanical in nature (a battering ram), ballistic (slugs), or explosive.
    Riot Batons (excluding service ‐ issued telescopic or fixed ‐ length straight batons): Non ‐ expandable baton of greater length (generally in excess of 24 inches) than service ‐ issued types and are intended to protect its wielder during melees by providing distance from assailants.
    Riot Helmets: Helmets designed to protect the wearer’s face and head from injury during melees from projectiles including rocks, bricks, liquids, etc. Riot helmets include a visor which protects the face.
    Riot Shields: Shields intended to protect wielders from their head to their knees in melees. Most are designed for the protection of the user from projectiles including rocks, bricks, and liquids. Some afford limited ballistic protection as well . Riot shields may also be used as an offensive weapon to push opponents.

    Self-Serving Agenda: Increasing Federal Control of Police in the Name of Civil Rights

    While this restriction on the militarization of police is surely a step in the right direction, it appears to be quite self-serving, as the sale of military-grade equipment and other new toys to local departments ramped up significantly under Obama’s two terms.

    As reporters noted a couple of years ago, this armored vehicles and weapons of war have been reaching American streets via military surplus programs, a policy that existed under previous presidents, but proliferated under the Obama Administration – making this latest announcement essentially the solution to his own crisis:

    “During the Obama administration, according to Pentagon data, police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft,” Apuzzo wrote.

    Also in that inventory of slightly-used or good-as-new goods are M-16 rifles, grenade launchers, silencers and more — all going to towns many Americans would be hard pressed to find on a map or globe.

    Since 2008, Apuzza reported, nearly 900 MRAPs and other armored vehicles have been handed out by the Pentagon to police agencies, as well as 533 aircraft, 93,763 machine guns and 180,718 magazines.


    Last year, an investigation by the Associated Press revealed that “a disproportionate share” of $4.2 billion in Pentagon property handed out by the Defense Department military surplus program since 1990 was “obtained by police and sheriff’s departments in rural areas with few officers and little crime.” (source)

    Many have taken the militarization of local police as a sign of the de facto War on Americans and other agencies, with battlefield weapons giving police often disproportionate and seemingly unnecessary force to deal with what is often low or moderate levels of crime.

    At its heart, local police departments are the ones clashing with inner city communities and mass protests; yet, their militant build up has been egged on by Homeland Security and other federal agencies over concerns about terrorism, etc., while Pentagon surplus programs for armored tanks and other equipment have made these arms cheap and nearly irresistible.

    That distinction will be missed by many, as police departments come under increased scrutiny – though for good reason – while the feds are casting themselves as saviors – for all the wrong reasons.

    It is more than clear from the working group that the intention is to place authority for law enforcement equipment in the hands of the federal government, essentially using the issue of militarized police as another entry point for intrusion from Washington into local jurisdictions.

    According to the document, the feds will be operating prohibited equipment lists, and requiring local agencies to make acquisitions and purchases through the federal government – after, of course, submitted detailed information and justifications for their actions. Many of the “banned” items will still be available to local police, with “special authorization and use limitations.”

    That same federal government will oversee mandatory police training on militarized equipment, along with training regarding the protection of civil rights in communities.

    While no one wants to live in a police state – and things have definitely gone too far already in some cases – it is worth keeping in mind who it is that is out of control. For every step too far that local police have taken, the feds are surely ahead of them by a mile.

    The New American writes:

    The federal government and the Obama administration are under fire for a variety of unconstitutional programs aimed at both militarizing and controlling local police and law enforcement, including supplying a vast array of sophisticated U.S. Defense Department “weapons of war” to city and county governments. Billions of dollars in military equipment has already been handed to municipal police departments and county sheriffs’ offices nationwide under the rapidly expanding federal schemes


    One of the biggest concerns expressed by opponents is the threat to the independence and local accountability of police represented by unconstitutional federal handouts — most of which come with “strings” attached.


    However, amid mounting outrage and concerns over what more than two thirds of U.S. voters say is an “out-of-control” federal government that is “threatening basic civil liberties,” the administration is stepping up its showering of military equipment on local law enforcement officials.

    There is a monster, and it has been created in Washington.


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      1. Window dressing. Closing the door after the horses got out.

        • Just when the Pentatgon 1033 program got going really well and was doing a great job militarizing our local municipalities, leave it up to that son of a bitch to stop something good!

          • Here is an interesting perspective…perhaps they are beginning to shut the door because some genius just figured out that local municipalities may be MOST DEFENSIVE of their local citizens in a SHTF scenario.

            In such a case, you would not want your opponent to be too heavily supplied if you wanted to roll in and Jade Helm the place (declare martial law, etc).

            Just a thought.

            • valid thought. VERY valid thought. what do local LE have in common with the average citizen? They and their families ARE the average citizens!

              • DING, DING, DING, DING! We have a winner.

                • He just used Local L. E. to store and maintain these weapons in staging areas. Now he’s telling them don’t bother using them because soon the foreign troops will be using against them along with us.

                  • YOU nailed it. Feds swoop in and take over local LE WHENEVER and WHEREEVER they want to. Might be a good idea to note where these staging areas are located?

        • Let us just get on with the war against the scumbag federales

        • This is Obamaspeak for the police departments have been federalized and don’t need ant more military equipment.

          • “Banned will be tracked armored vehicles, bayonets, grenade launchers, camouflage uniforms and large caliber weapons”

            Basically, nothing police departments use anyway.

            • Just a prepositioning of equipment which will now be under the feds control. Good move on the feds part.
              In other news I got my ZEN water filter and got it up and running. This thing is bad ass! Less than half of what a berkey cost and right up there with it in perfomance. Independent lab tests rate it as just slightly less than berkey which was #1 (before the filters fail completely). The zen also alkalizes and mineralizes the water with a 6 step filtration system. Much healthier water than berkey and no massive failure rate! 80 bux with free shipping on ebay and amazon. The best tabletop filter I have ever seen! Check it out… http://www.ebay.com/itm/ZEN-WATER-SYSTEMS-4-GALLON-COUNTERTOP-WATER-FILTER-PURIFIER-BPA-FREE-/221750972168?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item33a1634f08

              • “G”
                I just got off the phone with Zen water filter Company.
                I told him what I was looking for and he told me that their product is to used with Potable or well water. Not to be used unless the water is purified.
                You can call them yourself at 949-698-6333.

                • Sarge, thanks for the heads up, because I was going to order one.

                • Once again Genius is paid to tout some piece of junk that nobody needs. Brilliant.!

                  • Old Couch, Once again you show just how ignorant and stupid you are. I swear to god you have to be the dumbest imbicile I have ever seen! Just waiting to pounce on something I say because I am waaayyyyy smarter than you and stick your comments up your ass everytime! Don’t you ever tire of making a fool of yourself? TRY READING ALL COMMENTS before you reply asswipe. But then you don’t need my help to look stupid, you do it all by your dumb ass self lol, 🙂

                • Sarge, I was going to look into one of those myself. You mean they told you the water already has to be purified first before being put into the Zen? Now that’s a new one on me. I was going to get one before going back to the BOL and test some of the creek water in it.

                  • Brave, it should work fine with creek water. Read what I said. ALL FILTERS CLOG WITH DIRTY WATER. Just don’t use dirty water unless you have to. That is self explanitory, the zen is awesome as hell! Beats berkey and others hands down. How do you filter your tap water? The only thing they don’t have is a flouride filter. But berkey does as an additional unit and I have some BUT, They add aluminum to the water! Thats right, berkey flouride attachment filters add aluminum to the water. So, you can be dumbed down by flouride or aluminum your choice. Maybe use the flouride filters then dump that water into the zen. We don’t have flouride so I’m not worried about it.

                    • Genius, sorry about the misunderstanding, I had a brain fart. I’ve never filtered MUDDY water ever, not even with my old Katadyn and I won’t try it with my Sawyers either. The BOL sits on a 30-acre tract that borders on a year-round creek on one side. The water in that creek is always clear and never muddy. I’ll still look into the Zen.

              • Sarge, It is for purifying tap water, the reason its not for muddy water is because it is a ceramic filter which will clog easily with dirty water. Many tabletop filters are the same way including berkey. The same filter type are in aquarain and brittish berkefeld filters. If you need them for dirty water you should pre clean the sediment out or you will be cleaning the filters everytime you use it. Think about it, of course fine filtration filters will clog fast if you use shitty water to start with it’s just common sense.

              • Justice, read what I said above. ALL WATER FILTERS that are worth a shit at all will clog with crappy water it’s a no brainer. Thats what they are made for, stopping particles and contaminants.

            • “M”
              You are 100% correct!!!
              All the Department I know don’t use any of the things you mentioned. More Bull Shit form Obullshit! He is a POS.

              • At opposite ends of the “right-left” spectrum, Sheriff Arpaio and Mayor Bloomberg have and have deployed the big stuff. The control grid covers a lot of territory.

        • The Feds have been in the process of federalizing local police forces for decades. All is well as long as they use Military Materials to control the masses, but for heavens sake don’t use those materials to control black rioters, is what Obmama is saying. On the low tech side I was talking to a local deputy the other day and I said that looks like an M1A in your vehicle and he said, no thats an M14 that the Feds furnished the department, but he said the selector had been removed. Trekker Out. Support Your Local Police Force!

        • Couldn’t have said it better. After the fact they then shut off the supply.

          Window dressing for the great un-washed

        • LOL Yep! Window dressing indeed. A means to “calm down” those getting excited over JH15. “See folks, we’re not out to get ya!”

      2. The african virus is trying to blow smoke up our a$$es on this one. LE will still be able to get certain items but will now supposedly have to follow federal guidelines on their usage. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

        • SS, I don’t see the program being stopped. I would say at best some reduction in certain items they can get and federal guidelines for usage on the remaining items they’re still allowed to get. It’s hard for me to see militarization being stopped altogether. I see smoke and mirrors on this one.

          • BH,
            The regime never tells the truth! Whatever they say, it is always the opposite of the truth, the opposite of what they are saying. They have fooled a ton of low information voters this way. Their goal is to grow the federal Government, it’s power and it’s control.

            • laeagle, spot on. just more fed propaganda.

              • If Obama says something in a forest and no one’s around to hear it….is he still lying?

      3. They probably have enough equipment in place now.

      4. I still have my military drivers license for M48 and M60 tanks. I wonder if the feds are giving any of those away?

        • “P”
          You might find one. They are being used as target practice for the M1A tanks. Sorry.

        • Prophet.

          Count me in as gunner. If I can fit down the hatch. Hahahaha.

      5. I don’t see how this is a bad thing, I know many will complain just because its Obama, but decreasing the transfer of war toys to our local boys in blue is a very good idea. As far as the federal control goes, well police departments are little more than bureaucratically controlled enforcers as it is, I say dissolve them and go to duly elected sheriffs only. Btw, American citizens should have access to the same small arms as military and police, if citizens can’t have it , police shouldn’t have it (I’m not necessarily opposed to the TAX stamp for autos). just my opinion. And most these war toys will just end up going to DHS anyways….or maybe isis 😉

        • I understand where you’re coming from to an extent but federalizing local police is a much more dangerous slope than what exists today. There’s a video on YouTube where a marine lt colonel was addressing the public about “task organization” and how police forces across the nation were doing such. He touched base with prestaging of equipment and then having the troops fall in afterwards. If it were the FEDS that were originally staging equipment for use at a later date it would have thrown red flags left and right, but by having it staged by local police it kept many of the sheep blind to what was happening. It was very well played and a well thought out smoke and mirrors op to deceive the people. The only question now is who is the equipment staged for when it will be used. There are too many scenarios that could play out to know for certain.

      6. Everybody know he is on the side of the RIOT! Less order more chaos

      7. I believe O’salami is full of duck turds and whale piss.

      8. “Properly Supervised and Trained” by the DoInjustice of course, Comrades. The Nationalized Polezi is the “O”s Final Solution. DHS Troopers will get a Boost in Equipment, DHS “Officers” will command the subservient military units when the “Crisis” comes.
        Local Sheriffs will have to Obey or be Eliminated if “too close” to their people to see the bigger USSA picture.
        Reality is a Btch, but should be avoided as it may cause “discomfort”. Remember Sekurity=Comfort, Liberty=Discomfort, Feral Gov. is Your Gov.

        • “A”
          I’ve been told that DHS and a Local Police Department have almost come to blows in a couple of areas. I don’t know if this is true, but you can bet that I’m going to look into it.
          If I find something I’ll let you know.

      9. Eric Holders’ plan to keep violent black males out of jail is working real good in Chicago. 49 people shot this weekend in Chicago. And it’s not even summer yet! Baltimore has 37 killed in 30 days. Never give up your guns. Never be without a gun. They keep turning the animals loose on the rest of us.

        • If a person is truly concerned about their own well-being & life, then they should avoid any Metropolitan Area in this country. Signs should be posted for the clueless morons who dare enter the forbidden zone(s) “Hostile Territory – enter at your own risk”.

          As for Obama and Company, as stated above. This is nothing but smoke and mirrors, nothing will be done here to have certain items and articles being removed from Law Enforcement Agencies. Just more of the hoopla hope and change rhetoric and the gullible people will continue to buy into the drivel that Obama and pals are doing something useful —– not so fast!!!!! Not gonna happen!

        • “P”
          The new name for Shitcago is Chiraq. This is because there are more people shot and killed there than in Iraq.
          Remember new name CHIRAQ!!!!
          I think Chiraq is going up in smoke this summer!!!! No great loss. I wish it would leave the State Of Illinois.

        • Prophet, you are so right, we must NEVER give up your guns. We must fight to keep this right.

          In Maryland I had to jump though all kinds of hoops just to be able to buy a hand gun. Part of the process required me to be fingerprinted.

          Also, I just tried to but a ammo drum and found out they are illegal.

          Finally, when I was at the gun shop they said that it’s illegal to carry a Taser in Maryland. They don’t just want our guns they want us helpless/defenseless. In Australia, first they took their guns, then they outlawed Tasers and pepper spray. Their intent cannot be more clear!

          • Justice, I already carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere that are probably illegal but I don’t care. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense. Been doing this since the Clinton era. I’m not going to be helpless and at some thug’s mercy.

            • Thanks Braveheart, it’s something to really think about. I hate that they are making otherwise law abiding people into criminals just because they want to protect themselves.

              • Justice, same feelings here. Nothing this criminal government does has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. It’s gotten so bad that even in the schools they’re teaching the kids it’s wrong to stand up to a bully, that they would be better off being pushovers for anyone and everyone with bad intentions toward them. If I was a kid today I would get expelled and maybe even locked up for not going along with that BS. People can say what they want about my attitude but it’s the reason I’m still alive.

        • So who is worse a black slave thats can earn $10 and hour and won’t kiss the managers behind who riots/revolts or a whiteman that thinks he is free and can earn $14 an hour but is so stupid that its costing him $4 just to own a mud hut that he keeps telling people he owns.

          The rules of the game have changed and people are walking away from the table so just how bad does it need to get before you walk away too. How much stuffing will it take ?

          Yes, agree keep the guns but it’s your own government that you need to be watching unless you like jumping when told too by a 18 year old cop who could shot you in the back and says “He went for my gun” to get away with murder.

          “They keep turning the animals loose on the rest of us.”

          Is that the black ‘Apes’ or your white pig police officers you are talking about ?

          Blacks not working or going on the rampage might be costing me %5 of my income but the jewish bankers are costing me a lot more than that each day and you is falling for the propaganda from Hollywood, also owned in most by the same group of people.

        • As long as the blacks keep it in the Southside Shooting Gallery and just shoot/kill themselves – more ammo for those guys ….

          While the other cities are protesting up the ying yang because of bullshit police shooting – Chicago blacks can’t even get a pulse going …. more ammo for those guys ….

          Obammy, Jesse Sr and Rev Al are too smart to get involved with Chicago black violence …. keep shooting and keep them away …. more ammo for those guys ….

        • Can’t wait for the summer when it gets Hot, Hot, Hot.
          Gonna get Shot, Shot, Shot.

          Shootings in my city is rising.

          When it happens in my neighborhood, I going to call a Hippie.

          Oooh, showing my age. Hehehe.

      10. LE will need some of this stuff to keep the masses in order when the SHTF. Just another method of Obama stirring up things, and then changing his game.

        • “B”
          When The Shit Truly Hits The Fan. You are on your own. I hate to say. There will be no way for LOE’s to control it.
          Remember as you have read here there are some on this site that have stated they are going LEO hunting. Also you have to remember that former Military and Leo’s are the NWO Next on the list to be taken out, because when they do there will be little resistance.

      11. It seems as if everone has accepted Qbama as our supreme ruler, lie after lie, Constitutional right stripping without end ad nauseam. That both sides of the treasonous duopoly no longer represent the American people is accepted as a sign of the times with the insider terrorist threat hanging over the nation. This blatent liar fraud with no discernable past, sketchy and murky at best is obviously a illuminati plant. Look around, nobody wants to say anything against the tyranny. Be good little sheeple and go shopping.

      12. All the stage props are in place for the opening act, but if any replacements are needed they will get. So much going on right now and it looks like it’s going to get worst. 59 days and counting TILL???????

        That’s the time left to get as much of your preparations in order as you can.

        • “C”
          59 days I’ll be eating out of my garden. How is yours coming?

          • Just fine, will be enjoying fresh veggies also then. If nothing happens we just my be lucky for the extra time to get ready. Hey Sgt. I picked up a Kimber Solo Carry D C this is a very fine little carry 9mm.

            • “C”
              Great choice. My Nephew has one. He brought it out to let Old Uncle Dale shot it. Handled great, no miss fires, or hang ups and I put some real junk ammo in her.
              Very good Choice. Very easy to carry concealed.

              • Same amount of time before I go back to the BOL for a week, but things do have a way of getting changed on occasion. If it ramps up fast enough, I’ll be going sooner and it will be my bugout.

              • Sgt.: All my 1911’s are Kimbers, Sig. 238, and a CZ Compact 75D PCR. this one I do love a lot. Ever use mouse traps with 209 primers as trip wire defense?

          • What’s taking so long? You must be near 43 degrees north.

            Already got carrots, lettuce, spinach and herbs from the garden. The first tomatoes are almost the right size and should start turning red in another week or two. The potato plants are trying to make their 1st set of flowers. Should be on track to start harvesting potatoes end of July.

            Everything else is coming along just fine. At 41degrees north, I am about as far north as I care to go.

            • “L”
              You sound like you are in Gods Country.
              Illinois you don’t want to put out anything like Corn or tomatoes until after the 15Th. May because of Frost.
              Peas, Bean, Corn, Onions, Carrots, Potatoes, Garlic, Lettuce is all coming up now. I did plant some of my things around the 1St. of May. Still have sweet Potatoes to plant, Cabbage, Cucumbers. Squash. Cant wait, love getting dirt under my nails.
              How the Good Lord Smile on your Garden!!!

      13. Maybe they’re concerned that too much heavy firepower has gravitated to the smaller Police Departments that are not fully in the program and may not be be there when called upon. Sheriffs and the like across the US signed a letter opposing some of the Federal Gun laws being proposed. You think someone up the chain of command did not say, “Hay how reliable are these guys and holding that thought it might not be wise to give then tanks”.

        Just a thought.

        • “K2”
          I wrote my rant before I read yours. We are thinking the same thing.


          • Sarge and Kevin2, if that’s true about Sheriffs and other LEOs standing up against the federal agenda that gives me some hope. I also suspect they’re really holding back gear from depts. opposed to the federal agenda.

            • Braveheart

              “I also suspect they’re really holding back gear from depts. opposed to the federal agenda.”

              The Sheriffs were just example of a type. My reasoning is the same as yours. I’m sure Sgt. agrees too.

      14. Obama will not continue militarizing police, and Clinton did not have sex with that woman.

      15. Increasingly, certain cities in our country are becoming “NO GO ZONES” due to gangs attacking innocent people, due to looting and rioting, due to inter-gang warfare, due to the “knockout” attacks, due to any of a number of unpredictable and out-of-control incidents of violence. Ferguson/St. Louis, Fresno, Waco, Baltimore, New York, Hattiesburg, and Chicago all come to mind.

        The underclass has never had it so good. They have, in addition to food stamps and housing, free dairy products/cheese/cereal, free utilities, free spending cash, free mobile phones with free minutes and unlimited texting which increasingly are used to organize mob violence, and free debit cards to spend on tatoos/porn/lottery tickets, etc. I probably am missing something on that list of “free” benefits from the law abiding taxpayers of this country.

        It truly has reached the point of being beyond outrageous.

        You couldn’t pay me enough to visit St. Louis, New York, Chicago, or California to enjoy any of the tourist sights located there. It simply is not safe and there are not enough police to convince me that I and my family could remain safe from predators during our visit.

        So then what?

        We are supposed to stay in our homes, cowering in fear, never taking our families on a vacation and enjoying what this country has to offer?

        This current state of affairs is not “sustainable,” as the pinko commies like to say. And yes, they ARE pinko commies. And yes, there is such a thing as international communism. And yes, there are leading public figures in our country who are hardcore, dedicated communists, and who now only bother to pay mere lip service to denying their communist affiliation.

        The underclass are breeding like rabbits, with absolutely no thought given to taking personal responsibility for the cost of their offspring. Their situation most certainly is not “sustainable.” And they are the pawns of the communists.

        Communism is incompatible with America. Period.

        It cannot help but come to a head.

        • Anon, I couldn’t have said it better. Certain parts of my city have already been ‘no go zones’ for many years.

          • Most cities are like that and have been for decades. In Phila east of Broad St is pretty much ok. Might be rough in places but not too bad. South Philly is ok all in all and the North East good too. West Phila, Germantown and around the Zoo, well its a zoo. Camden NJ, just Broad street period. Not a block in either way and don’t stop too long on Broad St either. Camden makes Phila look safe.

            One advantage in Philadelphia is that Pa is good with issuing carry permits. NJ? Forgetaboutit.

            • So, if you don’t have a carry permit you’ll be shot by a perp who doesn’t have a carry permit. Is that it?

              Well, pilgrim, you better go live in the towns of Yale or Harvard where everybody is civilized and sports a law degree.

              You might grow up to be somebody important and an authority guarded by tax payer body guards armed with machine pistols and shit.

              Or, GOOD and pack your .45 at all times. Can’t shoot a .45? Get a shotgun.
              f ’em

              • Well I fled NJ about 25 years ago. Get caught with a gun w/o a carry permit and your in hand to hand combat in prison with street thugs on a 3 year mandatory sentence under the Graves Act. Use that gun in lawful self defense in the above and you’ll get no sympathy. Toss in some hollow point ammo and a high capacity clip. See you out of Rawlway or Trenton State in 10 years or so.

                Carrying a gun in communist China is similar. NJ is not socially and politically part of the USA.

                • I see why you left commie NJ, k2. Commie Christie is all in for gun control. Everything is illegal in commie NJ unless you’re a friend of fatso.

                  ‘Bout like the rest of the country, commies everywhere.

                  See NJ and die.

        • Hey dude
          Waco was white gang people killing each other, not innocents.
          Don’t even compare that to the White hatred driven cities you mentioned. I’ll take motorcycle gang criminals over black feral’s any day!

          I dislike militarization of the police, why does Hilo need a SWAT team with a MRAP? The only advantage to giving cops military gear is that is easier for us to steal it. I could really use a 50 cal aimed at a Belt road bridge if SHTF!

          Keep your head down and your powder dry.

          • Hey dude halfwit,

            Gang warfare is gang warfare. Innocents had to run for cover during the Waco incident.

            Evidently, you have never seen a real firefight.

            • From what I have read it was a turkey shoot for the Waco SWAT team. Not a “firefight”.

      16. CNN news :
        president Obama will declare martial law tomorrow at 5pm. Federal agencies will need coming to your door to collect your firearms and loved ones ………etc etc etc.
        even if it did come over the news in plain English we would still need sitting hoping it passes us by wake up its here. Time to organize and fight back.
        I haven’t written here in a while been busy prepping and relocating. Fly.d myself a quiet town in northern Canada decent job good little house and the best part is I’m surrounded by thousands of square miles of crown land all untouched forest southern edge of the boreal forest plenty of game fresh water and all kinds of lodge pole pine for building. Wow. Good luck to everyone out there and my offer for help still extends to all you hard ass patriots that would and will risk life and limb

      17. I’m going to try and explain why this is bad.
        #1 Local Police Department in the rural area and small towns, and there are some large cities, are not going to put up with The NWO and TPTB taking away the Rights of its people.
        #2 If these Small town Cops have this stuff they can fight back against any thing or anyone that comes after them.
        #3 If these small town Cops fight back this mean YOU will have help in fighting TPTB when they come to take away your right.
        #4 They have given enough equipment to some agencies that they have too much and they would be handing it out to people they trust, like Family and friends.
        #5 Obullshit has something up his sleeve, and he will IMHO is going to try and pull it off soon. Like a large riot where the police can’t handle it because they don’t have the equipment or parts for them to help put the riot down. Then he can Declare Martial Law.
        Next he will be banning part for the equipment.

        • Sarge, excellent post! My analysis, such that it is, is that if government does something it will be bad for me! 99% of the time that analysis proves correct.

        • Sgt. Dale

          To add some icing on the cake they’re gaining political points with it also.

          The part I read in another article about them coming up with a plan to get some of the equipment back will be interesting to see in implementation. NYC, you keep that stuff, same with the California State Police. Little Hill Kentucky, give your stuff back.

          The devil is in the details.

        • Sarge, I just love how you and I can be on the same page in the same book. My thoughts exactly. The african virus has the whole summer to pull something. Something is definitely coming. I can feel it.

          • “B.H”
            Now that is Scary!!!!!
            Just to let you know we got approved for a loan. Looks good now we have to pick one.

            • Sarge, you mean for land in TN? Congratulations. I’m starting to look at county auctions again after getting some other things done. Even if I don’t get something before SHTF I can still be with the kinfolk in GA.

        • Hey Sarge,

          I wish I could believe you.
          #1 I don’t talk to cops voluntarily, ever. They are so full of themselves and their powers, that they are the biggest threat to my health safety and welfare that exists where I live. They will protect their income stream, not our rights.
          #2 You might be right. At the rate they throw bullets down range they just might hit something. If it is a civilian, no biggie, they bleed out fast and our EMT times are horrible. Big area few people.
          #3 They will protect their income stream, not our rights.
          #4 Here you might be right. Just what the rest of us need a minority tribe ruling over the rest of us.
          #5 Obama has a plan and your race doesn’t factor into it.

          • Rellik:
            I’m got to disagree with you.
            I know several cops, from city to county to state, and some national guardsmen. The guardsmen told me that they were going to report for duty and then get lost in the chaos and go home to protect their families with their “military equipment”.
            The cops told me if TSHTF they will take care of family and friends first, them try to help others. Just like you or I would.
            Everyone of them, that I know are good old country folk that put their family and friend at the top of their priority chart.
            Of coarse you are going to have a few that will think they are the king of the world after TSHTF, but most will not.

            Try talking to a cop you will find out that they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you or me.
            Of coarse you will find a A$$ hole out there but in large they are no different than me or you.

            You might ask the SGT., but I think that there are one 1 cop to ever couple thousand people so how much damage do you think one cop can cause if the people are armed and willing to fight for what is theirs??

            That’s my two cents worth on your blog.

            By the way they are cooking something up. Do get ready!!!

            Bravehart, Sgt. could we be triplets from different mothers and fathers???? Great minds or is that mindless think a like????
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • NR, don’t know about being related, but I agree we have some great minds.

              • Braveheart:
                LOL. well I think it might be and age thing??
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • NR, I would say so since I’m as old school as old school can be.

          • We spend too much time on the Good Cop/Bad Cop issue. I have known a couple of State Troopers. A few local police and a DEA agent. All good people.

            Two different parameters. One before the collapse. Two, after the collapse. The police are subject to a Code of Conduct which is more than some civilians have in their lives. Even with the riots and disorders of todays news.
            They are still accountable to the code. However bad it is upheld.

            But put in a nationwide collapse and the rules/codes change. Don’t you think Law Enforcement understands this. As preppers we have out rules and whether they wear a uniform or not if they are coming for you. You will defend yourself or suffer the consequences. The act of dying is equal for both sides.

      18. This is all bad news !

        The more the state gets in peoples faces using a show of force the sooner people will start to see that something is wrong and take action instead of just talking.

        Tear gas is like red wine and water cannon is needed to baptise new converts agains the police state and NWO.

        Obama is just a puppet doing what he is told by the bankers and his replacement will stuff you just as often and just as hard so please lets stop talking about the puppet and go after the puppet masters.

      19. If it were white people rioting, O’butt Hole would give the police more weapons and give them permission to kill as many as possible.

      20. Hmmmmm, seems to fit right in to the overall plan,

        1. arm police with military equip, and train them to basicly consider everyone
        The enemy.

        2. Allow/ encourage them to get out of hand.

        3. Then people demand control of our parliamentary police force.

        4. Obama gives em what they want, puts fed restrictions on them, puts limitson use of equip, the sheep celebrate their victory.

        5. Economic collapse, meteor, emp, super volcano erruption, alien invasion, isis false flag or whatever insues. Police and first responders are found to be useless in major chaos.

        6. Then the sheep demand the military be used to supliment or replace police.

        7. Obama gladly complies, then activates all continuity of govnmt powers, viola, so called martial law and we asked for it.


        • “SS”
          That petty much said it all. You are right on TARGET!!!

        • Secret:
          You hit a home run with that one. You have put it in the right order. Good job I agree with you 100%.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • DING, DING, DING, DING! Hammer, meet head of the nail. Very good analysis, SS.

          • Thanks guys, its pretty easy to see though.. Ya know, i rarely post here because i usually miss the conversations but i have frequented this site daily for 6 maybe 7 years,( damnit seems like eons since we were obama free) and read every article and every comment, although the articles are fantastic and i continue to learn from them i get more from the conversations, unlike most other sites the trolls are intellectually stomped here and pretty much gave up and the group focuses on the subject at hand with a healthy dose of humor, sarcasm, and bravado, lol


            • Maybe its 5 years, helll cant remember, a long time, lol

      21. It ain’t about the mean ole po-po using all this hardware against the rioters. It’s about taking away the capacity for “show of force”. Putting the rioters and soon to be ISIS, on the same level. It’s about disarming our police.

        Really what the administration wants is for our police to be forced to go hand to hand with our rioters. If the personal cost to our policemen and policewomen becomes too high, at some point it will cost more than they will be willing to risk. Rule of law will no longer exist. This is the point.

      22. To all of the above from the Bottom of my Heart.

        Thanks for see the light and backing your Local Police.
        We all know that there are Turds out there, but for the most part they are just like you, Good People.


        • I beg to differ.

          They are not like us.
          As long as they refer to me as a “civilian”,
          they are not like me. I’m ex-military, proud
          of my many years of service, and my present
          civilian status.

      23. Don’t interfere with rioting!

      24. Police drones in an urban setting are one of the best tools for spotting snipers. That is one of the biggest threats to the thin blue wall.

        • Maybe rooftop snipers, which would be amateur snipers.

          Anyone with any degree of real training would avoid this position, leave it to the movie stars on TV and such, there are far better and more effective positions.

      25. I think the feds should sell the surplus to the citizens, after all we PAID for the stuff through our taxes.

        • I like your idea!
          I really dislike going to Venezuela
          to buy my RPG 7A’s.
          Importing them is a real problem.

        • Confederate:
          I too like your idea.
          I would like to get a few goodies that my tax dollars paid for.
          Dear UNLCE SAMTA. I would like something that go Bang!!!!! and some thing that go fast in the sand and something with tracks on them, and something that bullets can’t go through, and something that flies that don’t nee a landing strip with a lot of noise makers on it. Thank You Uncle Samta
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

      26. The government doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind.

        Sooooooooooooooooooo. Keep on prepping cause we are gonna have to fight somebody. Prep to survive. Prep for WAR.

      27. The feds always push as hard as they can to expand and consolidate their power as they erode and dilute the Constitution.

        The only reason they have not done all that they’d like already, in establishing complete totalitarian state, is that they fear the backlash of moving too quickly could awaken the patriots and maybe even then, the sheeple.

        For instance, many provisions of ObamaCare have been strategically postponed and delayed, when they realized that it’d be too much too soon and could then risk creating a more unified front against them, calling for the wholesale repeal of it.

        Not my favorite President, but Lincoln did say correctly; “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.” I wish that on day one all the provisions of ObamaCare had come into force as originally intended. The repudiation away from the fed and back towards limited govt could already be thriving, if they had.

        The one spark of hope I look for with each new fed draconian incursion against our liberties is that they’ll seriously overstep with it, triggering that long awaited revival rejecting fed encroachments and re-establishing states and personal rights under the Constitution.

        In a perverse way then, also be glad and look forward to every new proposed fed power grab, that it might finally be the one that crosses that line for enough people to rise up and reverse the feds decades of arrogant power lust.

        Hopefully, before the noose was too tight, where we’d lost too much of our freedoms, money and time then to effectively turn the tide back.

        – Shane

      28. Myself I don’t trust anyone wearing a badge. They simply are proven many are not trustworthy. You cant tell the good ones from the bad. Its a fraternal order that out paces many secret societies. If we citizens cant trust them. Why should Obama Trust them? They very easily could become loose cannons. Arming the police as well as the feds are armed is the same mentality a going to a insane asylumand giving the inmates weapons.

      29. There are three things that have to be looked at when Obama speaks:

        What he says.

        What he means.

        Why he is saying it.

        • Sharon:
          Please don’t make me look!!!
          What he says>>> sounds like a fart
          what he means >>> sticks
          Why he is saying it>>> because he is full of it!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • what he means stinks not sticks, well it might!;-}

      30. You can bet the communist backed DHS criminals will have access to all the equipment which is being banned to local law enforcement.

        I’m sure the DHS has an up to date list of local law enforcement agencies who will be subservient to the DHS and will be allowed some of the high grade weapons in “time” of need should they continue to be good obedient little boys and girls in blue.

        Unfortunately there are to many law enforcement agencies in the U.S. who will jump at the chance to lick DHS boots.

      31. Did anyone happen to notice the mention on silencers in the article. Silencers are a great accessory for an assassin. My question is “What the hell do police departments need silencers for, in the first place”?

        • You might also want to inquire about all those clandestine AK47 silencers the Navy was trying to acquire (and I would imagine they eventually did, just through a darker and more roundabout way).

        • Shoot out street lights for cover of darkness without making too much noise.

          That is what criminals do.

          • Interestingly, and not well known, G Gordon Liddy used a Walther CO2 pistol pellet gun to take out the outdoor lights at the Watergate break in.

      32. A PD in Southern NJ had a Model 1928 Thompson Submachine Gun that they probably had for 70 or so years and was never used outside of fun time for cops at their firing range. A Class 3 dealer wanted it and was willing to trade a pile of useful Police equipment like handguns, shotguns, body rumor, flashlights and the like. They wanted two H&K MP5s instead. Why? Because Bruce Willis used them in Die Hard. Don’t save the tax[ayer a dime, by all means buy some toys.

        True story.

      33. If there actually was a “paramilitary response” to the negro criminal riots, there would be a lot more body bags needed.

      34. I live in a small town the cops grew up here and are married into local families. They are not going to fire on their life long friends and kin. They will turn the weapons on outsiders first. That is what Obama just woke up to. He has been arming the opposition

      35. Remember to watch the other hand. They give with one hand and take with the other.

        NOTHING is done by this administration without a political purpose and merely looking good for the media is NOT that purpose. They know looking good doesn’t matter anymore because they will be protected by THEIR government owned media. They could shoot people down in the streets and no one would notice. Oh wait, they already do. Never mind.

        Anyways, it appears they are on the road to the nationalizing of the police force. It’s the usual pattern used by the federal government. Start with a carrot, get the local organization hooked, then stop giving it what ever reason they want to make up. Then the locals will BEG for the feds to give back what they were getting. The feds then say, well, we can’t do that unless you give us total control, you can’t be trusted with this much power, only we can.

        Look at the education system. That is exactly the tactic they used and continue to use there.

        Today nationalized education, next stop nationalized brown shirts totally under federal control.

        Anyone still want to believe they don’t intend to totally dominate and control us? This is EXACTLY what the nazi’s did in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The people then just stood and watched too. I think we all know how that ended.

        Do we learn from history this time or continue to let it repeat as we humans usually do.

        Go today and read the grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence. I bet you find that almost every one used then against the King of England also applies to us TODAY. That should tell you something about the state of our government today.

        Tyranny is tyranny, whether it’s the King of England in the 1700’s, the German government in the 1930’s, or the US government in the 2000’s.

        So why are we so quiet. Does freedom mean less to us today than it did our Founders?

        Evidently so.

      36. Two weeks ago this shit was all bad , now militarized police are a good thing, wtf is up with this crowd

        • It isn’t so much “militarized” police as who is behind them giving the orders that matters.


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