Obama Admin Fines, “Forces Sheriff’s Dept. To Hire” Illegal Immigrants

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 112 comments

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    The lawlessness of the Obama Administration knows no bounds.

    Not only has President Obama made every move he can through executive order to create and foster amnesty for illegal immigrants, but his Justice Department is now attempting to force people to hire undocumented workers.

    Ironically, the agency on the other end of intimidation is the Denver County Sheriff’s Office.

    Incredibly backwards…

    via the Daily Caller:

    Denver County’s sheriff office has been slapped with a fine by the Department of Justice (DOJ) because it refused to hire non-citizens as deputies.

    From the beginning of 2015 through last March, the Denver Sheriff Department went on a major hiring binge, adding more than 200 new deputies. But those jobs ended up only going to citizens, because the department made citizenship a stated requirement on the job application. The department admitted as much in a new settlement with the U.S. government, which requires it to pay a $10,000 fine.

    The department will also have to comb through all of its job applications from the past two years, identifying immigrants who were excluded from the hiring process and giving them due consideration.

    How can someone be hired to enforce the law, if they are living in violation and ignorance of it?

    How can counties, state agencies, small businesses or individuals be forced to hire in violation of the law, in order to comply with non-discrimination?

    Obviously the system has a logical loop failure, either that, or someone wants this country to eat itself.

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    Urged by Obama, Illegal Immigrants Line Up to Vote Against Trump: “Donald Trump Never!”


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      1. Scum illegal fucks with me Im going to blow his fucking head clean off.

        • Menzo, same here. If I was Denver, I would tell them to get f#$%ed and stuff their damn fine.

          • I’m locked and loaded. fucking deputy can’t speak clean english, he better pound sand fast.

            • Vocalpatriot, I don’t let any cop pull that ‘civil asset forfeiture’ crap on me even IF he speaks English.

            • Keep your guns loaded.
              Keep your finger on or near the safety – you may need to use it shortly.

            • They should tell the DOJ to shove it!!! This is inexcusable meddling Bullshit! Hiring Fking illegals already who have broken the GD law!! Their are plenty of unemployed Tru AMERICANS!! FK THE ILLEGALS!!
              OBAMA & LYNCH ARE CROOKS!!

              • This, if anything at all, is just another short-term way to cause as much division as he can manage. (Remember, he needs to invoke Martial Law and that’ll take a damn good reason).

            • Badges ARE Redcoats.

              Work under British Maritime Law, Police Depts are FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS.

              in 1776, sure sometimes a redcoat would arrest a thief, murderer, or etc..

              Did our founders say cowardly defeated apathetic things like ” well, they are just following orders/law”, “they are just trying to feed their family”, “its really King George, he is the problem. my neighbor Redcoat is a really nice guy. he goes to our church, coaches sports, etc.”

              The infringements upon our UN-A-LIEN-ABLE rights has been vast and ever growing. CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE alone is enough that all would HAVE HUNG FROM TREES in 1776.

              You dont even have to be a US Citizen to be a cop.

              USMC and USCG here,my former CWO taught us 2 things “cops prey on their own people” and “cops pin on their courage and strap on their balls” OOH RAH Gunner B…..!

          • This the type of logic you get from Liberals. – – – – – – BassAckwards thinking. This comes from thinking with their Anus instead of the Brain God Gave you.
            This is WELL beyond backwards thinking. It is de-evolutionary suicide. Liberals want us back in the jungle screeching and swinging from the trees.

            • Commie Liberals wants us all to be equal, so everybody gets a trophy, and nobody’s feelings get hurt.

              You don’t even have to show up anymore to participate, and the Liberals will send you in the mail, your trophy along with your EBT Card, Welfare Check and a Thank-you Note for Voting for Hillary.

        • I have told this story before. No one even comments. You likely just don’t care.

          Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility, in Newton Kansas.
          Located 60 miles north of Wichita Kansas, USA.

          The Jailer-Judges-Police are TORTURING-MURDERING American citizens for profit and financial gain.
          You receive: No phone call-No Bail-No Attorney, once arrested. You are just disappeared.

          They use veterinarian animal tranqualizers in the food and drink.

          What Jailers-Judges do:
          You are disappeared. Food drink drugged with veterinarian tranqualizers. You are then Murdered. Your assets are confiscated.
          Vehicles. Bank accounts. Your Government and retirement checks are sent there.
          Then after they kill you. Your vital organs are harvested for the black market.
          Your remains are disposed of in the animal control crematorium nearby.

          That is happening at Harvey County Regional Correctional facility Newton Kansas.

          The guards I heard spoke in an eastern European language.

          I barely escaped with my life. The others were NOT so lucky.
          Note: Jailers are also raping the young women after they put them to sleep with the tranqualizers in coffee-tea-food. Then they brag about it amongst themselves.

          This is HAPPENING in America. No one cares.

          Just like Hitler with murdering jews. Are Americans being murdered in other locations just like this “Regional Correctional Facility”?

          Foreigners more likely to abuse and kill you than the guy you went to school with. That is why Obama wanted illegals as Police. Obama HATES Americans.

          Will this post be shown? Most often the gate keepers want the truth suppressed.

          • Since you have so much inside information, why are you not doing something about it? What the hell do you expect US to do ya idiot?

          • i live in hutchinson, what road is this place on in newton

        • I have told this story before. No one even comments. You likely just don’t care.

          Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility, in Newton Kansas.
          Located 60 miles north of Wichita Kansas, USA.

          The Jailer-Judges-Police are TORTURING-MURDERING American citizens for profit and financial gain.
          You receive: No phone call-No Bail-No Attorney, once arrested. You are just disappeared.

          They use veterinarian animal tranqualizers in the food and drink.

          What Jailers-Judges do:
          You are disappeared. Food drink drugged with veterinarian tranqualizers. You are then Murdered. Your assets are confiscated.
          Vehicles. Bank accounts. Your Government and retirement checks are sent there.
          Then after they kill you. Your vital organs are harvested for the black market.
          Your remains are disposed of in the animal control crematorium nearby.

          That is happening at Harvey County Regional Correctional facility Newton Kansas.

          The guards I heard spoke in an eastern European language.

          I barely escaped with my life. The others were NOT so lucky.
          Note: Jailers are also raping the young women after they put them to sleep with the tranqualizers in coffee-tea-food. Then they brag about it amongst themselves.

          This is HAPPENING in America. No one cares.

          Just like Hitler with murdering jews. Are Americans being murdered in other locations just like this “Regional Correctional Facility”?

          Foreigners more likely to abuse and kill you than the guy you went to school with. That is why Obama wanted illegals as Police. Obama HATES Americans.

          Will this post be shown? Most often the gate keepers want the truth suppressed.
          Everything here is true. It happened. Likely still happening. Americans being killed by authorities in Jails. Do you care enough to raise a stink? I doubt it.

          • Please tell us more. How did you find yourself in this situation? Do you live in that area ? Where do the vehicles go? How many people are KILLed each year and from where,and whom are they,goat herders, apostates,HOMELESS,airplane builders? What happens when they find out that you know and are warning others. Are THEY WATCHING YOU right now? Maybe this is too DANGEROUS for us to know about.Should we know about this,you must tell us. We do not want this to happen to anyone. Please you must tell us everything in great detail,it is the only way to SLAY 4THE BEAST !!!

          • Yes I care. However just because you post something like this that don’t mean its factual. Where is your proof? This is still the USA and those you are accusing are still innocent until proven guilty. What are we supposed to do? go attack the Harvy county prison on your say so? I think not! Your the one who was wronged and has the info you are the one responsible not the readers & posters here. You trying to lay some guilt trip on others is pathetic. You yourself apparenty do not care enough to raise a stink.

            • You are correct, “Where is the proof” if it is happening I’ll be at the front of the line to shut down!

              But PROOF is needed!!

        • This is because Obama Hates America and everything we stand for. He want to apologize for our successes, and wants to give our wealth and trade secrets away to his Muslim brotherhood. The New DNC Head is this Muslim that also hates America, and our laws and our culture, he is a shill. Like this is the New Face of the DNC, a Muslim. Pathetic.

        • Make friends with people with backhoes.

          • Or start a pig farm. Pigs eat everything. ..even bones. 🙂

          • Why on the walking dead do they always dig graves by hand? they got fuel because they drive cars? easy enough to find a backhoe. Better yet get a hydro axe and mow down the hordes of walkers. Ive got a old backhoe. I could put chrusher screen on the cab and destroy thousands of walkers. Impossiblee to get my rig stuck. I can use the rear bucket and traverse swamp,s

            • Cause Rick and his minions suck at fixing stuff.

        • They are NOT “illegal” they have legal work visas. READ, people! Fact check everyone!!

      2. Obama was and is a communist organizer. When he leaves office, he will continue the communist nonsense. Sort of a Trotsky continuous revolution.

        • Progressive, means stealth-communist (they do not admit their real political leanings). These idiots take our hard-earned tax dollars and provide important law enforcement jobs to illegal aliens. How about hiring American citizens?

          • Ever walk into a DMV to get a renewed drivers license. The Place is run by Hispanics that barely spear clear English, and it seems 85% of the people in there waiting in line are Hispanics. Like WTF, where did America disappear to?

          • You are correct. But your average American can’t connect the dots.
            They think that the “progressives/socialist” are just another political viewpoint.
            This is Not correct.

            Obama-Hillary are NWO UN Banker controlled Communist.
            These people are Radical Communist out to destroy your country.
            They will take your guns, take your money, round you up as criminals, then kill you in FEMA camps. That is what communist do. Read their pathetic History.
            Genocide is ALWAYS part of communism. Especially this current NWO UN Communism.

            The Soros funded “protesters ar paid agitators. That is what Soros did in Ukraine. Soros is an ENEMY of world peace and America democracy. Arrest Sorros.

      3. Obama and his administration need to be put on trial for treason NOW! And then when found guilty–hanged by the neck until dead!
        This man and his buddies are systematically ruining our nation!
        “Change” indeed!
        Here we have a police department trying to do the right thing and they’re being vilified and illegally fined for doing the hiring job correctly! This stinks!

      4. Will they read us our rights in English?

        • if not, kapow!

        • When the Cops read you your rights, just say “No Comprende'” and the Cops will just let you go.

      5. Seems easy to me the Police department just has to ignore the fine and not comply. I agree to pay, but I’ll not tell you when.

      6. I thought County Sheriff’s were the end-all-be-all of law enforcement? Hopefully this sheriff has a spine…

        • The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the entire county where he was elected, IF he will follow the Constitution.

          Congress under this regime has so blatantly and willfully ignored our Constitution, allowing the Kenyan to flush the rule of law down the crapper of the Oval Office.

          That’s why elections at the local level are so important. A Constitutional Sheriff is paramount to state and national sovereignty and security.

          • Denver County and the City of Denver are essentially the same thing. The Denver PD handles law enforcement and the Denver County Sheriff’s Office handles the jail system and serving court process. As such, the Denver Sheriff is essentially a figurehead administrator; he has no real law enforcement authority as such. Anyway, the title of this article is very misleading. The Feds said that the Denver SO couldn’t exclude non-citizens from its hiring process. It did NOT say that Denver SO had to hire illegals. BIG difference. Someone’s undocumented status disqualifies them from employment by a government entity. A legal alien (that is, documented) is a different story.

      7. I helped a friend complete the forms to apply for a police officer job once.
        It was about twenty five pages of the most personal and invasive questioning that would all be verified and background checked.

        How do you background check someone who just arrived from a third world country?

        We are all aware of the near license to kill that police are granted. People are rioting in our cities over the power police are granted. Even with extensive background checks and psyc evaluations we still end up with bad cops.

        This demand by the the Obama admin is just another “destroy America” move to crush confidence in law enforcement. They haven’t even done it, and just talking about it is already working. The most divisive idiot president in history strikes again.

      8. Hold out till January 21st.

        • yep, Trump will void out all of these Obama EO’s, and Anti-American Phony rules and policies.

          Only thing I can think of, is that Obama is being paid a lot of bribe money to destroy America and there is some Bank Account in the Caymans or Sudan or Kenya with the name Barry on it for Obama’s post Presidential escape. So when Obama leaves office, follow him and you will find the Barry Hate America slush fund.

      9. A “greencard holder” is not a citizen but also not an illegal immigrant…

        From the very limited infomation provided it appears that fine is legitimate for discriminating against “greencard holders”, who would have passed a background check and are in the process of waiting their 5 years to become naturalized citizens.

        Oops… Did some rabid right-wingers get all frothy-mouthed because they only read a headline???

        • That is my take also, unless I missed something. You can be a legal resident, yet not be a citizen. Many people fit that bill-I even knew a major airline pilot that fit that description.

        • They are still scum and so are you.

        • Will add one more thing-amazing some of the responses. People seem easy to be mislead! Not only here, but in other places, the responders simply follow the lead of the writer.

          Mac, maybe you can make a comment.

          BTW, I was once a “green card holder”, a legal immigrant. Many of our service members also fit that description.

          • Of course a Commie Foreign invader (CRAT) telling us Americans how to run our country. Get in the back of the line or Go home.

          • The SERVICE MEMBERS! you are talking about are SERVING OUR COUNTRY to get citizenship!! Unlike the other who just want it handed to them! Not putting their asses on the line!!

        • Lurker, do you not understand the difference between a “green-card-holder” and a U.S. Citizen? Law enforcement within the United States should be performed by American citizens. Faulty thinking, like not knowing the seriousness of Hillary’s private email server while being the Sect. Of State, has seriously damaged our country. Do you think any other country would be so stupid as to hire non-citizens on their police forces?

          • Maybe some of the other idiot socialist countries

          • There are non-citizen police all over this county. There are non-citizens in the armed forces. Green-card holder = permanent resident status. Educate yourself!

          • The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbade military troops from acting as permanent police. So military personnel with a greencard (as a path to citizenship) are not in the same situation as local law enforcement. The reason U.S. Citizenship is so important is that a distinction with privileges is made. Only U.S. citizens should be law enforcement officers. Learn some history.

        • The law also states that if an American citizen equally qualified is available for the job, the job goes to the citizen. Greencard holders are not to compete for jobs, they are only to take jobs Americans are not available for. Not likely in today’s job market!

          • Totally wrong statement. You are confused with visa holders such as H1-b visa program. But a green card holder is a permanent resident. They may or may not want to someday become a naturalized citizen. But they have as much right to any job as any citizen. No more no less

          • Kick them all out 100%, All Green Card Holders and all of their bastard offspring and foreign illegals and HB1 visa, and Dual Citizens. GET OUT NOW!!!! Lets clean out the shit hole they created first, then they can all re-apply and do it legally under the new standards. Like speaking ENGLISH Fluently, Pay 10 years of income taxes in advance and a $100K upfront Application Fee to re-enter.

            Watch America’s unemployment rate drop to zero and crime drop by 50%. Its Game Over for all of you Foreigners.

        • That’s what I was thinking, After I got out of the Marines in 89, Palm Beach County Sheriff wouldn’t even talk to me about joining because I wasn’t a citizen. I didn’t sue just moved on

          • So these illegals join the US Military to kill, commit genocide, war crimes and illegal wars. Its 2 wrongs that don’t make it right. Giving Citizenship to someone to go fight some illegal war, just reflects those that are attracted to this program are POS as well as those running it. Paid Mercenaries to kill for Citizenship. What a country.

        • Don’t care. Reapply after you have been a citiz3en for 10 years. No non-citizens should be allowed in the military, where the really destructive weapons are.

      10. This is the last straw! Our so called “President” is trying to force people to hire illegal aliens who are breaking the law;and to be hired to a job that’s suppose to enforce the laws of the land is the most ridiculous nonsense I’ve ever heard. If this is not obvious to Americans that Obama is trying to sell our country down the river, then I don’t know what it takes to get them to open their eyes. I think Putin at least is not trying to destroy his own country. What does this say about the idiot Obama? I know what it says to me, he’s not my President! The sooner he leaves office the better in my book, and yes, he probably was born in Kenya.

      11. @ Lurker, I read the article several times but must have missed something. Can you please
        point out in the article where “green card holders” were discussed? Thank you in advance.

        • If you click the link for the article, Daily Caller, it gives a little more information. The original article was not about illegals. The article also gives more info about why the Feds penalized Colorado but not other states that require citizenship. SHTF headline is misleading.

          • It’s my understanding the requirement for citizenship was not required by law, the PD just put that in without authorization.

            Departments that require citizenship as a matter of law are not being fined, they’re doing nothing wrong.

      12. Bad show Denver SD. Pay your fine and fix your hiring practices. No big deal.

        • Na, they should hire only White Former military period

      13. Deceptive headline btw.

      14. Ignore the fine, sue in Fed/Court, and ask for costs and damages…………………most places, County Sheriffs are the highest ranking LE, and are bound by State/Common Law, not fed-law, AND they are ‘prolly’ applying what they do in the military IF, you have a green card, which is a pathway to CITIZENSHIP.

        But alas, it is CO!

      15. There is difference between illegal immigrants and non citizens.
        My cousin was hired as landed immigrant before he got his citizenship.

        I thought only main steam mediate twisted words.

        People should think before uttering words.


      16. This is why no state, county or local government agency should be allowed to take federal funding in any way…they use it to bribe and otherwise coerce..federal governance should NEVER hold sway in local affairs…EVER.

      17. This article proves that when it comes to news and information, what you don’t say or what you deliberately leave out of the conversation is as important as what you include.

        The main stream media is owned by J*ws.

        J*ws were victims to an extent during WW2 under Hitler’s Germany when Hitler vowed to end and to destroy both Free Masonry and Communism, arguably both J*w ish in origin.

        Yagoda killed more than three times as many Christian Caucasians. Yagoda and his underlings were J*ws, Communists, murderers. But because J*ws control the narrative, practically no one knows anything about Yagoda.

        Read “The Secret Behind Communism”. By Dr. David Duke. Or, go to YouTube and watch the video by the same name.


        • B from CA, I’ve seen the video by that name. I recommend it to everyone. VERY interesting and enlightening.

      18. Some people act like it’s no big deal if immigrants have entered the USA illegally. These illegal immigrants are coming from third world countries and need to be screened in more ways than one. They could be criminals, and may be infected with diseases. In my state we are seeing TB cases as of late. You do know there are some strains that are resistant to antibiotics; and your children will be going to school with illegal immigrant children that may be infected. That’s why immigrants were screened and held at Ellis Island for a certain amount of time. The US government needs to get illegal immigration under control for the safety of it’s citizens and no one should be forced to hire them. Obama must think he’s a sovereign power. He thinks because he speaks it, it’s so. Hope you people who put him in power are happy with what you got. I hope Trump at least keeps his word on deporting the illegals.

      19. Shit!!!!!! Its been hard enough trying to deprogram the Rookies, and now Illegals WTF!!!!! How can they become cops they are not citizens. This is B.S. Plain B.S.

        I fear for the future. I know that and hope that some of the Rookies I have deprogramed will carry on and deprogram the rookies they have to work with. All I can say is we old cops are fading way. For me I only have 2 more years to work with the Rookies.

      20. Do a Google News search: you will find lots of stories of countries closing their migrant camps and sending them to the US. Australia just did so last week.

        It is illegalmigrantaggeden as Obama tries to cram in as many as possible before January. What Trump should do is sign a contract with Russia and Ukraine (home of the biggest heavy lifter aircraft in the world) and get ready to start flying migrants back out again come February. Run it 24/7 until they are gone and make their home countries pay for the Jet A fuel.

        • Fly em out and make em jump,,,

          • Use old shipping containers: bolt in some seats and load them on the aircraft. The containers keep the passengers divided. Fly far off to the Indian Ocean and then open up the back of the aircraft, dump the load, and rinse, repeat. Use the same excuse the Obama government did with the missing passenger aircraft and play dumb.

            • Give them a 10 day notice to pack their shit and head back to the border where they came from. If they refuse then:

              I’d just chain them all together with one big chain, open the rear door to the plane, push the first one off the plane and the rest follow off like a loop of spaghetti all on one chain. If they survive then they are not witches. Yep rinse and repeat for the next load.

            • Such a waste of perfectly good shipping containers,,, must be a cheaper way,,,,
              Herd em sll to the rim o the grand canyon and make em jump,,, tell em they will get amnesty if they can fly

              • Agree: it needs to be revenue positive. Make the Gulf States pay for it and do two things: the women stay in the US; the men get chipped and badged and sent to a work camp somewhere in the Saudi desert. They can then be supervised by the Chinese who could run a free-trade zone for low-skill manufacturing. That would be a win-win for all concerned. The women can be liberated from Islam and encouraged to hitch up with non-Muslim men.

      21. If I was that sheriff I’d tell that “mixed mongrel whelp out of a she biatch cur”, to go shit and fall back in it.

      22. So very complicated.
        Similar to pancreas surgery,
        hard to do.
        Wow, the idiot continues.

      23. I detect a bit of poetic license in the headline as Immigrant and Non Citizen do not translate to “Illegal Immigrant”. An illegal immigrant is barred from possessing a firearm.

      24. Really? Where did the good preparedness articles go? Now this is just needless fear mongering.
        The department was fined for not considering immigrants who are here legally (i.e. HAVE a visa). Nothing was said about illegal immigrants.

      25. No other country operates this way why should we? Or, Why should we start?

      26. Well,Happy Bird Day all whatever your plans.I have no plans except to meet a friend at his mother in laws to clean the gutters as his knee not so good and doesn’t do ladders well,hopefully steal a turkey meal in the deal,if not,a couple of burgers and good to go.

        Whatever your plans have fun with family and friends and DO NOT be a black friday shopper(unless good deals online!).

      27. It will be nice when this socialist administration is gone

        • No kidding! It doesn’t surprise me that the spoiled brats that elected Obama are having such a tantrum. Their socialist experiment failed. Now they have to return to reality to some extent.

      28. Hello Mac;
        Came back tonight and laboriously typed in my name and fake e-mail address to be able to post. No problem. I can do it. You are losing a lot of people who have been here for a while. A lot of chest beating going on here. I just saw a zero hedge article about the situation in North Dakota. I realized that the American Indians have a real talent for naming their problems. Standing Rock– Wounded Knee. Impressive stuff. Non Indian Americans might have a riot at Yellville Arkansas to oppose the Clintons. Just doesn’t have the Pzzaas. It seems to me that I enjoyed your site much more when you had one article a day with a lot of hits than 5 or 6 with 40 comments. Have you had an article dealing with the N. Dakota problem? I might have just missed it. Thank You.

        • Skeptic, I was thinking the same thing, However some think the more crap you sling at the wall, the more of it they hope will stick. Half the articles here are BS with no real reporting, just heresay from one fear porn author lending credibility to another and trying to convince the readers it is real to get you to click adds. And if you disagree in your comments, you are placed on probation moderation and maybe your post will register after 24 hours.

      29. Obama is out of his Jurisdiction. DC does not run the State of Colorado and cannot impose a fine or order the Sheriffs to do squat. In fact the feds cannot come into the State if the sheriffs tell them to get out!!!!!!! I would simple say bye and ignore what the feds are doing s state law is paramount over any other outside laws. That Sheriff department will still not cooperate you watch. Unless they have some contract with outside jurisdiction that is illegal in itself! The whole thing is illegal. All the Sheriffs need to do is go by the state law period and that is it. That fine would never stand up I na state court. Hhahahahahaa

        • Most sheriffs are now whores for federal “funding”. All about the money. Get over your romantic fascination with county sheriffs.

        • The 14th Amendment ties the Bill of Right to the States. I assume that its far reaches happy in the above case.

          • apply not happy

      30. Wake up people. Non-citizen doesn’t mean illegal immigrant. What an ignorant article!

        • Non-citizen doesn’t mean illegal immigrant.

          HUH? If they are not here on vacation spending money, Then get the F- Out. As a Tax Payer I’m broke paying for all this BS over decades, for illegals and those who over stay their Visas. Lock them up in FEMA camps set for deportation Day 1. Or just start shooting them for sport. The rest will get the message. Look for the ones that can’t speak English first.

        • Fact is a non citizen has no authority over a US citizen. Wake the fuck up!

          • This boinker is some libtard troll,,, they are all over the place now, best not feed the trolls, just sayin

            • No doubt but I’m bored. I’ve often wondered what these jackasses look like.

          • “Fact is a non citizen has no authority over a US citizen. Wake the fuck up!”

            If one is a legal resident they have every right except voting. I friend is a US legal resident (not the 6 month visitor), he has legally bought a firearm and has a carry permit. A USSC decision in the very early 1800’s established that the US Constitution / Bill of Rights apply to everyone in the US. Of course the Second Amendment has been the bastard child exception so a visitor cannot possess a firearm in the US. I’m sure there is some grey area for hunting trips and the like.

            While it may be distasteful for some, the US Constitution must apply to everyone or it eventually apples to no one.

            • People have authority over you only if you give it to them Kevin. That’s God given.

      31. According to the shit I’ve read over the last eight years (much of it here and on Zero Hedge) a County Sheriff can tell the federal government to go fuck themselves if he had any sort of backbone.

        A County Sheriff is NOT under the jurisdiction of the Despots of Just Us. Nor do they answer to them.


      32. The Federal employee responsible for this knows that he has exceeded his authority. Get him before a Federal court and he will back down, especially since Trump was elected. Here is part of the swamp that Trump spoke about.

      33. Actually they said nothing about illegal aliens. They are talking about green card holders, permanent residents. They are legal but not citizens. These news people should get their stories right. No wonder no body believes what they say. Idiots. It is part of the immigration law and stands unless there is a state or local law against hiring non citizens. If you don’t like the law, call your congress critters and raise some hell about it.

      34. It’s Official!

        Happy Thanksgiving.

        • Lots to be thankful for definitely,,,,

        • The Zionist Bankers won’t crash the economy until all Americans spend all their “Available Cash and Credit” for the Pagan Fake Xmas holiday in December.. They want you to first spend all your money first in the Zionist Owned shopping centers filled with Zionist store outlets. They will advertise Zionist Psyopps on the gullible to Guilt them into spending all their doe on needless junk, nobody even wants.

          I can see them after Xmas or the New Year to crash the economy and to cancel all your ability to return this needless junk back to the stores, nobody even wanted or needed in the first place. It is an holiday exercise of stupidity to spend all your savings and max out your credit for a Fake Pagan Santa Clause. Its all Fraud.

          Santa Clause is a con psyopps to dupe children, Like the Joe Camel Cartoon is, to getting kids to smoke Camel Cigarettes. Another generation of Idiots has been hatched.

      35. The county commissioners or whomever the governing body is failed to specify only USCs could be hired as deputies. So, green card holders were not excluded. Thus, they became illegally turned down for the job.

        The last time I checked, all federal law enforcement jobs specified US citizenship as an entry requirement.

        Oh’bummer has handed out green cards like candy bars. So, that Somali war-lord who barely speaks English and who stops you for a traffic violation, or who “works” a crime scene, has no understanding of the US constitutions or individual rights. He doesn’t care or doesn’t have to care.

        The same goes for the carteleros now working as deputies. Ha Ha the jokes on you stupid white man. Let’s see, who did you vote for in 2008 and 2012? Oh that’s it, a black ray-cyst muz-slime, homosexual from Kenya. You white “men” who voted thusly by god deserve to be stopped by wetback cop or a budding Somali war-lord. You deserve to have section ape move in beside you, you stupid fucks.

      36. It makes a difference when green cards are being handed out like candy, by an administration hell-bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic. The United States has been infiltrated by the Muslim brotherhood. It has aligned itself with the BLM movement and other radical leftist groups in order to subvert our nation and institutions. We can all help a new, Trump Administration, by staying informed and voicing your opinions at local school boards, county commission meetings, and with state legislators. Now is not a time to relax, but rather a time to ramp up, make your voices heard.

      37. Happy Thanksgiving!

        …and try my new site: h t t p :// http://www.netranger.org

        Some exciting things going on if you have the imagination!

      38. But wait, just think, now instead of getting hauled off to jail for a DUI or what ever, you now can just pay the deputy a few bucks and be done with it. Before you would get dragged through our corrupt justice system and be unjustly convicted and sentenced to fines and imprisonment. But now for a fistful of dollars you go on your merry way. Viva La Corrupt Mexico.

      39. Can I post now?????

      40. This is what you get with non-constitutional oath-breaking Sheriffs. We need ‘Richard Mack’s’!

      41. Durn you just made lemonade out of lemons Heinrich! If bribing them won’t work they have no body armor on their faces.

      42. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act employers are required to give equal treatment to non-citizens who have work permits unless it’s a job specifically open to only US citizens. More than 40 states currently have laws that in some capacity restrict non-citizens from being police officers, but Colorado is not one of them. I suggest Colorado immediately make a law to remedy this. I also say American citizens deserve priority over non-citizens for jobs. This Immigration and Nationality Act mentions a diverse immigrant population that could contribute to the helpfulness of speaking a foreign language. Do they think Americans do not possess this attribute? I speak French, my sons speak Spanish, and Russian; and I’m sure there are plenty of other American citizens who speak a foreign language. This is our country and we do deserve something for our contributions to it. We should be given priority, but it appears to be working the other way around.

      43. The Sheriff should issue an arrest warrant for Obama!

      44. There are people here who are neither citizens or illegal aliens, Some are married to citizens and have a legal right to work here, others attained green cards though the normal immigration path and are in the process of becoming naturalised citizens. So the requirement of citizenship can discriminate against people who are legally allowed to work in the United States. Now I could make and argument that enforcing our laws is a unique job that should only go to citizens, but that argument, even if ethically right, is not necessarily legal.

      45. Check the original article.
        Denver had to consider “work-authorized immigrant” .
        Not illegal immigrants.
        Trust no one, except nothing.

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