Oakland: Police Fire Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, Bean Bags at Protesters

by | Oct 26, 2011 | Headline News | 289 comments

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    Thing are heating up on the streets of America, as #Occupy protests continue to rage in multiple U.S. cities.

    Yesterday, the city of Oakland attempted to disperse crowds. Protesters, exercising their Constitutional protections of free expression, assembly and redress of grievances, refused to move.

    Occupy Oakland demonstrators clashed all over downtown Oakland on Tuesday night with police who lobbed tear gas at least three times in futile attempts to fully disperse the more than 1,000 people who took to the streets after the early-morning raid of the movement’s encampment.

    The rolling protest came about 12 hours after hundreds of police from across the Bay Area rousted about 300 people from the two-week old camp at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Tensions escalated after protesters vowed to return to the plaza, which was left with tents overturned and food, carpet, personal belongings and mounds of trash strewn on the lawn.

    We had to deploy gas to stop people from throwing rocks and bottles at police,” said Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan, adding that he was unsure about what other crowd control methods were used by outside police agencies. There were unconfirmed reports that flash-bang grenades and wood dowels were launched at protesters.

    Source: Mercury News

    This is just phase one and for the time being the protests are muted compared to what we expect to see over coming months and years.

    The police did use flash bang grenades. Confirmation provided by Market Ticker:

    Veterans for Peace member Scott Olsen was wounded by a less-lethal round fired by either San Francisco Sheriffs deputies or Palo Alto Police on October 25, 2011 at 14th Street and Broadway in Downtown Oakland:

    After warnings to disperse, Oakland PD fires tear gas and bean bags into the protesting crowd:

    Karl Denninger on protests, the rule of law, and government sponsored criminality:

    I don’t care if you hail from the left or right, or what your particular view of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement is.  The fact of the matter is that we no longer have the foundational principle of this nation underlying our nation: The Rule of Law.

    That’s the difference between a Constitutional Republic and tyranny.

    In a Constitutional Republic you do not have the rule of 100 jackbooted thugs wearing badges, discharging firearms (albeit – thus far – with rubber bullets) at people, tossing bombs into their midst and gassing them.  You also don’t have jackbooted thugs in blue shooting unarmed people in the back.  Any rogue individual who attempts such a stunt goes straight to prison to rot along with the common mugger or murderer, because he or she is one and should an entireagency show up to commit these acts the immediate response is that the National Guard rises and arrests the entire agency, tossing all of them into the clink where they belong.

    Today, however, this sort of abusive crap is exactly what we have in this nation and The Guard, who has sworn an oath to protect this land against all enemies, foreign and domestic, is nowhere to be found.

    Those in California (along with those in both New York and Chicago) are discovering the hazards of their failure to demand that entire Constitution be strictly enforced in favor of the rights of the people.

    The people have been abused on all fronts. They’ve been robbed of their pensions, savings and purchasing power by corporatists and politicians who live by a different set of laws than do the people on Main Street. Now, as they seek redress, they are arrested, beaten, gassed and shot by less-lethal ammunition (less lethal for the time being).

    And if you think this bad, just wait until the motivation for protests turns from animosity about student loans and income inequality to despair and anger about putting food on the table. Complexity theorists have warned that a global food crisis fueled by price inflation is imminent and a tipping point will be reached between July 2012 and April 2013. The consequences will not be pretty.

    In 2009 trend forecaster Gerald Celente predicted tax protests, student revolts, general strikes, and tent cities. All have come to pass. In addition to what we’re seeing happen right now, he predicted even more, coming soon to a major metropolitan near you: food riots, squatter dig-ins, homeless uprisings, farmer rebellions, boss nappings, kidnappings, mob rule and terror.

    Before this is all said and done, there will be bloodshed. Lots of it.

    Once we cross the rubicon, and the people rise up en masse and en force, you can fully expect martial law to be declared to ‘normalize’ the situation (some cities have already called for it – before the protests ever started – as a measure to reduce crime!).

    This is where we’re headed.


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      1. reminds me of the protesting riots of the 60’s. I believe back then most was confined to cities. Same will happen with this one too. best place to be is the country.

        • Nah; the sixties was about social harmony… today, this is about individual gain.

          • Kent State was the result of placing the national guard in an impossible situation with only their rifles to protect themselves when the students that outnumbered them kept backing them into a corner. Someone, not the guards, fired the first shot while a thousand students were pushing the guards into a corner and the result was the guards opened fire.

            What should have happened was 1)The students should have resisted being infiltrated by radical leftist who pushed them into violence. 2)The governor should have called up the state and local police to end the violence long before it got out of hand.

            • Although the OWS protests and the Kent State protests differed, it shows how out of hand things can get real quick. And with ACORN as the “radical leftists” behind the OWS protests and our government’s secret support of the movement to incite class warfare, let’s see how long it goes before the police are backed into a corner and start using real bullets instead of bean bags.

        • Last night on TV Obama said the reson we had to kill Ghaddafi and invade Libya was because he was attacking his own people and preventing freedom.

          Obama said something like
          “We gave him every opportuniy to allow his people freedom, and he refused and then he was attacked his own people, so we took him out”

          so…. uuhhhhmmmmm…

          • He said the graphic pictures sent a message to other dictators and then flipped 180 degrees and said this…
            “Still, Obama noted that the Pentagon never released photographs of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden after he was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs.

            “That’s not something that I think we should relish,” the president said. “You know, I think that there’s a certain decorum with which you treat the dead even if it’s somebody who has done terrible things.”

            Soooooo, which is it? Splash the warning pictures of treat the dead properly. Apparently it changes from dictator to dictator. He is like the one guy in the room that doesn’t get the joke. Probably because the joke is him.

          • no the truth is Gadafi was not going to accept US dollars for that countries oil..he wanted gold as the exchange of payment, there for, and like others for the same reasons is why he was assasinated.

            the attacks on his people go back 30 years and we did nothing about it..until he decided he wanted to get paid with something that had value ..not this funny money fiat currency debacle we have that isnt worth the paper its printed on.

            Gadafi crazy Mo fo!..you bet..Stupid?..I dont think so
            or at least maybe crazy like a fox
            what he was doing to his own country and people was wrong no doubt about it..

            but he knew what has value and what doesnt

            • and our government is doing it to us , acting just like gadafi..
              and our “leaders” are calling him out? They are pulling the same shit

              Hypocrates..that will eat their words someday..I hope

            • FROM THAT ARTICLE…
              “”Whose father Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has ruled over oil-rich Equatorial Guinea for 32 years — and has been accused by authorities around the world of illicitly siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars for himself and his family.””


              ANOTHER QUESTION-
              Did you ever wonder where exactly these fines and seized funds go when they are taken? What EXACT account do they go into? Are they signed right over to a corrupt Amercian leader’s bank accounts, or do they wash it for awhile before they sign it over?

          • Obama is a Fucking liar. He’s a very sick man. He needs to be ousted soon, otherwise we meet his fate, accumulatively speaking.

            Gaddafi sealed his fate when he brought the average Libyan’s standard of living higher than the average Americans. You don’t hear about that, but it’s a fact. The PTB are making examples of any country, whether dicatorship, communist, democracy, doesn’t matter, if the country doesn’t kiss the ass hole of the ass hole leading America, they take them out or will take them out. The Queen Bitch Hillary’s “laughing”, mocking episode regarding killing Gaddafi, the other day on TV, was a “Hey boys and girls, our way or the low way. When we say Frog, you jump. We’re taking over the world.”

            Libyans are tribal, they function with dictators, it’s inherent in their culture. Americans with their holier than thou attitude, we know what’s best for you savages, you need democracy. Yeah, right. Look where our democracy has got us. Actually, we are not a democracy anymore, We are a dictatorship.
            ZATO methodically destroyed Libya’s sustainable infrastructure and set them back to the stone age. Anyone with a smidgen of smarts can easily research the topic of Libya’s status prior to America’s invasion of their sovereign nation and see how good they had it. Gaddafi was too radical for the new world order. He just didn’t fit into their long term goals.

            OBAMA, GO TO HELL!

          • obama is a DAMN LIER…. quit watching fux news it’ll rot your brain!

          • “A King, does not Kill another King!”

            ~kingdom of heaven

            cia agent illegal fruity president soetoro / Obama and Killery death dealing Clinton killed a king, king quaddafy duck… who was actually , a pretty good man over all… Does this now mean “We” can do too Obama and Clinton as they have done to other world leaders? just so america and the u.s. military can “Rob” them??? This is no different than anyone of us going to bank of america and shoving a gun in some lil’ girl tellers face and sayin’ “This is a Stick Up!” “Give me all your money or the ole’ lady gets it!”

            Fair IS Fair Right? We can fairly now as american citizens remove obama from office as we please right??? Just like he did Quadday Duck Right???

            Your time is coming Obama… you too killery.

            don’t tread on me
            arm up stock up prepare
            preditor or prey the choice is your

        • Fire back

        • My advice is to stay far away from these protests. (google Rubin Salazar) You are not going to change anything and it is not worth getting hurt. Yeah, I know it is your right but when one clown throws a bottle from a position near you, you will be the one going to the hospital. If you feel that you really must do something, write a stern letter to the editor to make yourself feel better.

          Bad times are coming. Take care of your family first and don’t put youself in a position to be one of the first casualities and not be able to take care of your family.

      2. The big concern is all of this gets out of hand and a big screw up occurs like Kent State that becomes a Boston Massacre rallying point. That can snowball and take on a life of it’s own with who knows leading the masses.

        • God forbid. That happens and the Police Dept. across the country will come down.

        • i’m a little surprised that something like that hasn’t already hapened…it wouldn’t take much to set it off…all it takes is one idiot (no shortage of those) to bring a weapon to the protest and start shooting cops..that will set off a government gun-grab the likes of which we’ve never seen, and that in turn will trigger a much more violent uprising…
          all hands, stand by for shit to get stupid….

          • the bankers and hilary clinton are working on that as we speak… the money being used to support the ows is banker supplied… the rabbit hole goes deeper… some anti fed sites claim killery clinton is gonna use al-cia-duh out of the new libyan embassy in dc to do the next false flag on american soil and shooting new york cops on wallstreet is one of the false flags… other sites claim the us air force is now fighting the cia nwo banker illuminati as we speak… an that two nukes were set off in under ground u s bases in august 2011 to stop them being used in false flags… 4 under ground bases have been destroyed so far by the air force it is claimed. american service men and women are dying right now fighting the cia and the nwo banker illuminati. right here on american soil some are claiming…

      3. The shot will come from the sixth story window of the book depository.

        • And from the fence behind the grassy knoll, and from the underpass, and from the……. another lie from the Federal Government!

          • Actually, and I know this from an old friend, an engineer with Bolt, Beranek and Newman, there WAS a shot from the grassy knoll. BB&N was contracted years later to analyze the acoustic record that was created by a stuck microphone on an escort vehicle. The only conclusion that fit the acoustic signature was that there had to be another shooter, on the grassy knoll. This was many, many years ago now. My friend was scared at the time, since his team was ordered unequivocally to shut up and rewrite their report. So much for Government transparency.

            • And no, this does NOT mean that I am also a “truther”. Nor have I ever owned a tinfoil hat. Any attempt to embrace me as such will meet with derision.

            • All that is needed, Old Coach, is to see the video of the Secret Service guy holding up his hands (in confusion) jumping off and on the running board…he didn’t get the ‘memo’.

            • Re JJ’s comment below – we saw that video of the confused Secret Service fellow on 11/22/63 in Dallas stepping back from the Presidential limo right before the motorcade starts off. He has obviously been ordered to “stand down” by someone in the car behind him, and he throws out his hands as if to say, “What gives?” As he gestures, the viewer can see the limo carrying President & Mrs. Kennedy and the Connellys begin to accelerate away from the camera and toward the plaza. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Hubby watched it several times – couldn’t believe what he saw. Truly chilling.

            • I’ll take that hat if you don’t want it. I think there’s something stirring in my basement.

            • I have one for every day of the month.

      4. As a society, we seem to be on a downhill slide. As the various police agencies continue to utilize increasing levels of violence against the protesters ….. the protesters will use increasing levels of violence against the police.

        I overheard an interesting conversation at a BBQ this past weekend. A city PD LEO, deputy county sheriff and a firefighter were, after a few beers, talking about what the ‘trigger’ would be that would cause them to stay home and look after their families rather than reporting in to work. These weren’t your typical jack-booted, mirrored sunglasses, black balaclava wearing goons and thugs either. These were dedicated professionals. You wouldn’t have heard a conversation such as this 10 years ago in any setting after any number of beers.

        One day in the very near future, the protestors won’t be taking their empty plastic buckets and sticks to a demonstration ….. they will be bringing their guns with them; rubber and bean-bag bullets will be left at home.

        Keep prepping, keep a low profile, gather your loved ones around you and remain very watchful of the situation around you. God Bless and good luck to all.

        • you can leave out the most interesting detail to the story….C’MON so what was their idea of a trigger??

          • watchin’ moochelle suckin’ on another BBQ rib bone.

          • The ‘trigger’ that they decided upon was the day that they no longer felt comfortable with leaving their families behind while they went off to work. If they felt that their families would be in ANY danger, from any source whatsoever, then they wouldn’t be reporting in to work.

            Look at New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. True, some cops were engaging in criminal activity in the chaos of the aftermath of the storm. Most who failed to show up for duty reported that they were “taking care of their families”. I would be taking care of my “home folks” first also.

            Whatever the timeline, no matter what the ‘trigger’ is …… the next couple of years in our lifetimes promise to be interesting as all get out. God Bless and good luck to all.

            • great post… something to watch for.

      5. Learn how to defend your sovereign rights in a court of record in your state:


        For serious students only. However, once you have mastered this material, you will be able to take on any government official–be they local, state, national or whatever–to court and not only prevail against them but be able to make it stick with economic sanction.

        This revolution can be fought and won in it’s entirety without a single shot being fired from our side. The pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword, but you need to know what words to write with it to have full effect.

        • If ever faced with going to court, claim Sovereign Immunity under Title 28. Whether or not you have SI is a political decision and the courts cannot address those questions.

          Move to dismiss, then tell them to have a nice day on your way out.

          • I assume you have successfully used this procedure. Can you give case #?

      6. I have mixed emotions about this. I want change, but I don’t believe I want the change that these protesters are asking for.

        I also believe that protests should be peaceful. I don’t recall any articles about the police dispensing tear gas & rubber bullets at the Tea Party crowd.

        If you want to know the truth about these then watch this video. In their own words, they tell you their intent and their plan. It is evil. It is destructive. It is not good for America. Prepare yourself for what is coming Augusta. A dark cloud has descended upon the USA.

        You will need to add the www in order to get this link to open.


        • I heard on Georgia News Network that the protesters in Atlanta were told to leave or be arrested. The report says they left with only a few being arrested and no violence. Was this a plan to attempt end all the protests on the same day?

        • Peaceful change is merely yawning entertainment for the maggot elite.

        • Yes Mr B. I agree.. this crowd is quick ( very quick ) to point out any and all Police activity.. but they do not seem to notice that they ARE actually breaking the Law and behaving lawlessly.

          You can’t have it both ways.. a Constitutional Republic is ruled by laws.. those laws apply equally to the authorities as well as to the populace.

          In the case of the unwashed OWS crowd; they only seem to belive that the laws should apply to the authorities and that they are “exempted” from being lawfull because of the claimed “abuses” that they have suffered.

          Seems to me that they are dealing out and heaping more abuse than these priviledged, sheltered kids of yuppies have ever been the recipients of..

          • Exactly correct.

            When lucid, sentient, sober Americans learned what was happening with TARP and the specious stimulus bills they got angry. They met in coffee shops and private homes across the country and planned to start protesting. I remember we had a spirited discussion trying to decide whether to protest on the 15th of April (2009) or on Saturday. Many wanted to do it on the weekend to avoid conflicting with their work schedules. We finally decided on the 15th as did most others across the country. This was the genesis of the TEA Party.

            When the TEA Party folks woke up there was a big surge in book sales as folks were becoming self taught about our founding, the constitution and our system of government. Today Freedomworks and AFP have tried to co-opt the movement however their success is nowhere near the level that many postulate.

            As we witness the increasing divisions within our country millions of folks that have never participated in our process of self government are still reading, learning, commenting on and attending 912 or TEA Party gatherings. When juxtaposed with the OWS crowd they are pretty tame, boring plain old folks. They will vote smarter in the future and even write to their representatives. Unlike the much smaller and incoherent crowd at OWS we are aware that America could begin the process of repair and regain our greatness and optimism without violence. OWS and their masters must have violence to begin their process of the change that they desire.

            The simple truth is that structurally America is still a representative republic. We could return to sound money, dismantle TSA, abrogate the food safety and security law of 09 (10 ?) and in general legalize job creation and the constitution. It would require the election of 218 honest, stalwart defenders of liberty and the election of 51 similar senators with fealty to our constitution and founding principles.

            This is not going to happen. Far too many have been inculcated with a sense of insecurity during their confinement at America’s government indoctrination centers. They believe they must have permission from the corp ( to quote one of our friends 😉 ) to do anything. I posit that the harm perpetrated by such ridiculous, oppressive, acts as the seat belt laws is far greater than any good such laws might accomplish.

            Now almosr all believe that violence is the only thing left. The sad truth is that not only is violence going to increase the pain, anguish and discomfort by orders of magnitude the chance of violence returning America to a land of opportunity and optimism is nil.

            I will paraphrase Che (I believe):

            “You do not have a revolution to get democracy. You have democracy to get a revolution.”

            The purpose of a revolution is to antagonize the government so that it keeps oppressing the citizens until finally they join in and end the government. Whoever is there with the most power and preparation then takes over and becomes the new dictator.

            Be cautious what you ask for.

            • And the peaceful Tea Party was EXTREMELY effective too. Look at the 2010 election results for the proof.

        • Well said

          • The us govt christian brotherhood are going to bomb libya again, cheer for the blood republicans

            • MORON

        • glenn beck is a nwo schill people…

          • No, he is a Mormon that believes he’ll get his own planet someday. That being said, most of the Mormons I’ve met have been pretty darn nice folks and very professional, at least here before they get their own planet, LOL.

            • There are good mormons and there are bad mormons… saying all mormons are like glenn back is a insult!

              Bad Mormon Girls are keepers… ‘0P

              Mitt Romney is a mormon and he is the father of obama care… soon you will all be alot poorer… and will die alot sooner thanks to mormon mitt romney and barack obama new health care bill starting in 2012.

              the mormons are just as corrupt as everyone else… they just dress nicer! ;0P pppssszzzzt

              Utah per capita is one of the largest purchasurs of online PORN! that says it all… not to mention they are building a HUGE NSA base there to SPY on Americans! `truth… look it up. silly rabbit.

            • Most Mormans do not smoke, drink, or use drugs. All that excess sin must be released somehow.

              Just saying.

      7. This will trun violent, and sooner rather than later. People are angry, especially young people, and this isn’t Europe. People have access to weapons here, and they will use them, eventually. I doubt the police will be able to intimidate an increasingly enraged population for much longer.

        Once that line is crossed, expect troops in the streets. My money is on foreign troops, and then “it’s on.”

        • They won’t need foreign troops as posse comitadus is a myth.

          The Posse Comitatus Act has traditionally been viewed as Through a gradual erosion of the act’s prohibitions over the past 20 years, posse comitatus today is more of a procedural formality than an actual impediment to the use of U.S. military forces in homeland defense.

          My bet is we hit a tipping point. Soon. THEN. IT. IS. ON. — Mass chaos, martial law will try to be imposed — which will only escalate matters. (I know I ain’t having it) And that’s when society as we know it devolves into a teaming squirming mass of people against the government.

          The people will win.. Eventually. But it won’t be pretty.

        • fear turns to anger, anger turns to action… give it time to perculate… it will come.

          V for Vendetta

      8. Its your choice, personally i would not be near any of these protests. A flash bang,, can and will kill you, less lethal munitions can also, i know i have trained with them. These protests (some) are for the wrong reasons! I prefer to be one of those who will help pick up the pieces after the fact, you cant do yourself or family members any good, sitting in jail, or in the morgue, i will pick my own battles, unless it comes to me first! Think before you act!

        • Those flash bangs are damn loud inside a building. Will shake the wax loose in your ears.

        • I watched a bean bag round drift high and go into the throat of a guy. He choked to death because no one could dislodge it. Less lethal ammo isn’t always less lethal, folks. Be careful at those events.

          I like most everyone in here, mostly…. 🙂

          Stay Safe,

          • Yeah, there was a girl killed by an LTL projectile that hit her in the eye, in Boston. And that crowd was just celebrating a sports event.

          • The way we were trained was to use the bean bag for center mass/belly shots. Raise the barrell a foot and it is now “deadly force”. It has been very effective. The one time I have used I fired twice from 15′ as well as another officer. The third officer was covering the knife wielding suspect with his sidearm.
            The suspect was hit four times breaking his radius and ulna in his forearm. But, he dropped the knife and wasn’t able to kill himself.

      9. It is my observation that the people in the protests are not regular people. We have legitimate beefs with the Goldman Sachs of the world. But the groups protesting in the streets are the usual suspects, commies, anarchists, Acorn, SEIU, etc. These people don’t represent me, they are my enemies.

        • Amen to that!

        • I couldn’t agree more Fuzzy. I am tired of the stealing by banks, the Fed Reserve giving money to their pals in other banks, and the bigger banks dumping their toxic dirivatives onto the backs of the american tax payers, BUT these fools wearing the Che t-shirts and screaming socialist and communist BS are not the solution.

          I think it is going to get much worse, but I disagree with Scott. If foreign troops hit US soil under the disguise of the UN, then I think the full fledge battles will begin.

          Sigh, I hope we are all wrong……


          • JJsan,
            If you aren’t wrong, about UN troops, it will be a battle of survival. If the foreign troops are called in, it’ll be a call from DC.
            Pray for peace but prepare for collapse and even for self/family/friends defense.

        • Agree 1000% w/ Old Fuzzy. Two thumbs up!

          Very sad that too many average people (even on Mac’s site) don’t see the truth. They are being manipulated into loosing our Republic and everything they hold dear! The OWS crowd are the pawns for a bigger evil. Wake up PLEASE!

        • ever hear the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

          How is your beef with Goldman Sachs and other similar corporations any MORE legitimate than those who are attending the occupy wall street protests? Because you don’t belong to a union? We’re all Americans. They’re exercising their right to protest, and they are opposed to the same corporate oppressors that you are. They’re not all commies, pinkos, or SEIU criminals – they’re Americans. Treat them that way. Sure, disagree with their tactics, their endgoals all you want, but to claim that they don’t have a right to complain in a way that is protected by our constitution is ridiculous.

          • You miss the point–they are manipulated not for our good..but in the long run for more of the instigator’s(TPTB) freedom grabs.
            If this was about freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to petition, I’m backing; but they are being used to strip ‘us’ of more freedoms when this goes bad.

        • But they still have the right to protest. that was granted to them by the founding fathers. They are my enemies also, but i’ll give em that.

          • They DO have the right to protest,
            but NOT to break the law or incite violence.

        • they are fighting for your freedoms, you stupid idiot

          • Based upon most of your posts I believe I will offer some advice.

            Don’t call other folks stupid or idiots.

            And no, they are not “fighting” for my rights. First of all they cannot even articulate what they are protesting except “greed.” Given that greed is a sin just the same as promiscuity maybe they should be protesting against sex outside of marriage instead or fornicating in public.

            These are the useful idiots that Lenin described. If you want to see their fate if they succeed just look at Trotsky or even Ernst Roehm.

      10. Let’s condense the message down to something universal and simple : “Banks hate gold …. support bullion …..purge debt with it”

      11. These protesters are communists plain and simple. I don’t like cops but I would pay cash money to be a cop busting a few of these commie punk heads with a pr24.

      12. Yeah, what’s the problem with these protesters? Why can’t they just keep it peaceful? Since when did a real, beneficial revolution have to be violent? (Oh, yeah except for the American Revolution, and those others). And they’re all just a bunch of commies and anarchists anyway: that overwhelming percentage of regular people I saw when I went down to Occupy Oakland personally were just hiding who they really were. They’re secretly bringing their evil, destructive agenda to America (unlike those Banks, Corporations and our Benevolent Government). And why can’t they all just mind their own business, like us, collecting their preps and just thinking about themselves—courageously settling their plump fannies into easy chairs and solving all these problems on these here Internet forums, like we do?

        • You’re #2!

        • The American revolution is the only one that ended well. All others in history ended with mass death. Check your facts.

        • Who does Number 2, work for ?!

        • I hear you man.

          We are so very getting Republican in 2012. Not an Independent. I can tell just from the comments on this website.

          When you’re all sick of getting bent over a table by the two which are one parties then maybe we’ll see. Right now all I see this doing, if it’s some kind of “psy op” as so many are claiming, is ensuring yet another Repulican victory.

          Shelter the wealthy.

          Because you know they really give a sh*t about you.

          • Quit worrying about the wealthy. Worry about the government that sells regulations to banks and FHEs that cost the taxpayers a fortune.

            It isn’t Democrat vs Republican. It is the ruling elite vs the rest of America.


            The OWS protests are simply the lower jaw of the pinscher strategy.

            • pincer, my bad.

      13. It will turn violent because the organizers NEED it to turn violent.


          • And who do you think is the organizers?

          • Would you stop with the name calling? I feel like Im in 1st grade again, you doody head!

        • Sadly true GWTW. You see the big picture!

      14. Support Oathkeepers!

      15. They are not your enemy, they are just poor deluded sheep that are controlled by your enemy.

        • Yup. They are co-opted by the Left-Wing Dems.

          Just like the Tea Party that got co-opted by the NeoCons.

          Same crud. What we really need is for OWS and the Tea Party to join forces and go after Wall St. and the Fed Reserve together.

          But TPTB won’t let it happen.

      16. Why didn’t they just play a Slayer CD to disperse them? I hear hippies hate death metal.

        • Rage Against the Machine might be a bit more appropriate….

      17. Being prepared for a tornado or hurricane is one thing. Surviving a government that is out of control through reckless spending is another. Preppers should also seek “other options”.

        When there is no more money left to fund this huge bureaucracy, where do you think they will look to secure their debts?

        • House to house.

      18. The price of jelly isn’t rising as fast as peanut butter. Does that mean that Americans have lost the taste for PBJ’s.
        What an I D 10 T !

      19. Am surprised things haven’t gone violent by now. Our banks are tied to the E.U. because of foreign bond holdings. Will be interesting to see what happens when people withdraw their account from these toxic (derivities) banks, first week of Nov. Will the banks close their doors or maybe trigger bank runs? The U.S. is not in recession; it’s in systematic structural failure (Int. Forcaster)See Zero Hedge, etc.

      20. Gerald Celente also predicted a collapse in the 4th quarter of 2010, WRONG. He predicted the SHTF scenarion during this month. It better hurry up and get her or he’ll be wrong again. His flamboyant style gives a false sens of cedability to what he predicts. His predictions are general enough that he comes across as right. He’s a blowhard.

        • Please let me know some other people who are so much better than Gerald Celente.

          • MAC!

            • 🙂 thanks SKS!

            • Mac, what are your views on the OWS protests?

              • Well, long story short… I think it started out with a great idea… The fact that tens of thousands of Americans across the country are willing to stand up for days and weeks on end is a good sign… I think somewhere along the way, like the original Tea Party movement in 2009, the message got hijacked, as did the organization. I am not saying that the entire OWS movement – that everyone out there – has been hijacked, but it seems to me that elements of the Democrat Party, like the Republican Party did with the Tea Party, have now taken over organization and talking points… Now, instead of Americans working together to rid Wall Street and Washington of the lawlessness that has gotten us to this state of affairs, it seems to be that the message is ‘we need to do more of the same’, meaning even more government interference — which, if i recall correctly, is the exact opposite of the intended purpose of the OWS movement at its onset…

                I don’t know if OWS as a ‘movement’ will die out any time soon or not, but I feel strongly that this is just the first in a coming long succession of protests and riots that will spread throughout the country and become progressively more charged and violent as the economic crisis deepens.

      21. Question: with violence going on at some OWS protests around the country—- if things were to get much more violent— enough for Obama to call for Martial Law — could he (legally) use Martial Law as a means to postpone the 2012 election (in the name of, “we much insure security and safety to all Americans”-type sales-pitch)? I don’t want to be stuck with Obama NOW— much less after the 2012 election….

        • I’m confused –how does a few thousand disruptive protesters constitute Martial Law?? That’s like .0001% or less of the population.

          • Actually there were very few that revolted against the Czar in 1917 Russia. They won because they were ruthless. The Kenyan is hoping for a replay.

        • You’re thingking of George W Bush. It’s not 2004 anymore.

          Well, OK realistically you’re thinking of all of them, but frankly Obama lacks a nut sack so I wouldn’t worry.

          • desperate men do desperate things… be wary of what obama might do to stay in office… narcisistic people are sociopaths – just better looking! ;0P

      22. You know, I just thought of something.

        Maybe I’m oversimplifying, but didn’t Weimar Germany descend into social and political chaos as their currency collapsed and the Great Depression ramped up? IIRC the government ceased to have legitimacy and the communists and National Socialists had it out in the streets, with the Nazis eventually prevailing (post-Reichstag fire).

        Could it be we’re seeing a similar situation unfold here, now?

        OWS being the radical Left on the street with the radical Right’s Ken dolls (Perry/Romney) waiting in the wings to apply brute force to “this domestic terrorist threat” once elected [sic]..? I expect the RepubliCONS to get control of both chambers of Congress next year, plus the WH. The left may be stamped out forever after that, just like in 1930’s Germany. WWIII to follow.

        Am I way off-base with this?

        • There are some parallels but it really does not matter what party controls. The left will not be “stamped out”. The power elite need the masses to occupy their time chasing the right verses left argument. Both parties feed from the same bowl so regardless who wins the establishment wins.

          The right verses left debate is like a dog chasing it’s tail. You occupy a lot of time, expend a lot of energy and make a lot of movement while going nowhere.

          • Kevin: that’s why me and others I know quit voting permanently in any election (local incl.) decades ago. As you said, both parties are arms of the elite body, dining at the same table, etc. with same agenda of world control via fascism. Politicians are merely puppets and controlled by these banker/corp. puppeteers. Any patriot running for prez will be brushed off by the media in spite of his ratings. America is down the abyss, into the trash heap of history.

            • Bad move. Get involved in local politics. You’d be amazed how easy it is. School boards, zoning boards, local and county commissions, etc. are what they are because people who have an interest in steering funds to their friends get themselves entrenched. You can stop that. From there you go start influencing candidate selection committees. If you just stand around and b.itch about the candidates you get to choose from, blame only yourself. THIS is what the Tea Partiers are doing, and it will make a difference. Taking control of local and state politics knocks the props out from under the national bigwigs like those supporting Romney.

            • Well, that and compromised electric voting machines.

            • Out of necessity I vote pro Second Amendment. Historically I have been faced with one of two choices. Choice A ships US industry to the 3rd world and does everything to disarm the public. Choice B just ships US industry to the 3rd world. I do vote in primaries for choice C but too few do so it’s not on the ballot.

        • Scott,
          I have very little in common with the OWC.
          We both have a disgust for the Banksters and a rigged system.
          When I look st these socialist commie pigfuckers, I see French Revolution.
          Fascist and socialist are same. I don’t see any one in the Rep. Party that would
          Do anything more than pull us closer to center( but I think we are beyond being
          Able to save).
          One has only to look at history to see what happens when the commies(left)
          Get control, and it’s almost always at the barrel of a gun (think USSR, China, Cuba, Germany,
          They will take from you everything and leave you nothing.
          And no, the Left will not be stomped out as the something for nothing croud will always
          Be around( every stink’n commie, always thinks it was just never done right, but they
          Somehow know how to make it work this time around).
          My god Scott, look at the differences in the Tea Party, rallies and the OWC.
          No one was ever raped, stolen from, called racist names, caught selling drugs, or just plain trashing the protest area, or shouting down people that wanted to address them.
          Slick steps back,
          Sorry for the rant.
          Happy preppn

        • Both the Republican and Democratic parties are leftist. Two heads of the same beast.

          • To a point you are correct. The leadership is indistinguishable but the party base is very different.


            This is a very well researched article and it help you to understand why so many are susceptible to the designs of the CFR / globalists. It takes a bit to read it but very much worth the time.

        • Interestingly enough both the Communist and Nazis hated the Republic and worked together upon occasion. Of course once the Nazis gained power it was all over for the Communist, one of the few orgaized groups that represented a threat to the new order. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rise_and_Fall_of_the_Third_Reich
          Now Hitler’s party in order to bring down the Papen Goverment would have to vote with the Communist on a Communist motion. He ordered his deputies to vote for the Communist amendment and overthrow Papen before the Chacellor could disolve the Reichstag.
          A new election was called for, A few days before the election the Nazis had joined the Communist in staging a strike of the transport workers in Berlin,a strike disavowed by the trade Unions and the Socialist.
          There are a few other examples but i digress, after The Nazis took over power they began to supress political parties that threatened the new order.

          • the nazi’s were backed by the bank of england , the english monarchy and even time magazine and hollywood backed hitler , whats even crazier is hollywood was actually jew owned controlled back then! fact and truth… the rabbit hole goes deeper.

            • the family rothschilds who actually own england and bank of england are german folks and they too supported hitler… rothschilds in german means red shield! the rothschilds are once german warlords… they have generations of experience , knowledge , history controlling influencing dictating what we are and where we will be going too as human beings… they are our DEBT SLAVE MASTERS And they Own the CIA and Soetoro/ Obama! Basically they own YOU!

        • Actually the right never held political power in Germany. In the period between world wars the communist were fighting the fascist. The NAZI party was similar to the fascism of Italy except the scope was national as opposed to international.

          The far right of the political spectrum is an absence of government aka anarchy.

      23. These protests are not a grassroots movement. They are filled with evil intent & organizers.

        “The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under the banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities, sources tell FoxNews”

        Supported by communist party USA, Soros, obama, most of the main socialist democrats, the Nazi party USA, violence everywhere, Jew bashing everywhere…..

        This movement is not good. It is the catalyst that will start our collapse. It is being orchestrated intentionally to make it happen.

        Hold on to your britches, we are in for a wild ride.

        • Wild and bumpy.

        • Exactly. The ruling elite which controls the leadership of the Republican Party and all of the Democrat Party is using the useful idiots to foment violence.

          The problem as I see it is that most Americans would rather be told what to think by talking heads and Hollywood pagans. The thought of actually doing some research, reading books and forming their own, educated opinions is anathema to them.

          What is Paris Hilton doing today?

        • You forgot one other nefarious outfit supporting OWS: the HAMAS front group, Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations).

      24. “sources tell FoxNews”,,,gee whiz, must be reliable,,heh,heh,ah haaahaaahaaa!!!! Read my lips,WMD in iraq,freedo for the afganies,communist,hippee protesters,,,,source US gov’t.

        • Source of the info: Priceless! Everything else, use the main media. Har!

      25. I really dont know where I stand on the OWS issue..
        But voices of some need to be heard, and as long as its without violence from the Occupiers ..than why is the force from the LEO’s coming to play? Is it because the police want to force the violence to come? because as i see it, they are the only violent ones in these protests.
        so in the thinking of our PTB, of the corp. the cops are the terrorists

        If im peacefully speaking my opinion , and a blue suited jackass throws a tear gas can at me, you can bet im going to kick it right back to him..and not on the ground, its going up to his face while its smoking..he was the one who incited the violence, not I. I just didnt play along and back away..I took his threat back to his playing field, so how is it that i would be the one who incited the violence when all I was doing was expressing my 1st amendment rights? and wasnt going to be intimidated by some one who doesnt recognise I have just as much right to be there as he does, and I have just as much right to have my voice heard as any other man woman or child of this country.

        Not every man or woman in this protest is wrong for feeling the way they do, this government is fucking us all on multiple levels, therefore you have different opinions of whats wrong with this country and we all deserve to be heard without fearing that the establishment is going to lob a bomb at you for doing so

        This violence from the LAW Corp. suits is going to be the catalist for the erruption of anger and violence that will eventually come from the masses, than they will convienetly forget they were the ones who started the fire to begin with..thats when the M.Law card will get played
        right on schedule as if they planned it that way, because ..thats the dam plan all along

        • hey Mr. thumbs down,I did say i wasnt sure where I stood on the OWS thing.. care to answer my questions? or is it just easy for you to stand behind a cowardly thumbs down?
          with out really understanding what I said.
          so whats your opinion? I for one would like to hear what im not seeing. or your resons for why im wrong. Im here to learn

          • @VRF You know i wonder sometimes about the thumbs down thing myself, maybe its my comments of training in the past with non- or seemingly less lethal munitions. Well i am no longer in Law Enforcement, and probably wont be ever again, that doesnt take away from the good that i preformed on a daily basis, but then some people have their minds made up about cops, that is ok i know who i am and where i stand, whos side i am on. Alot of cops arent gonna take very much more of the N.W.O. crap, very much longer, that i can guarantee. So for those pointing fingers, remember the four pointing back at you, are yours. I stand for the Constitution, bill of rights, and the LAWS OF GOD! VRF please understand this is in no way directed at you Sir, just wanted to get this off my chest, that bra was killing me!

            • completely undersatnd Copout.
              and i feel for where your coming from.

              I guess my point in the previous response to this thread is this…All of us Americans have the right to free speach, even if I or you, or Mr thumbs down doesnt agree with it..but no where in the first amendment does it give the oppressors of my 1st to take it to the violence level, no matter if they agree with the opinions of those at this demonstartion

              no where did i voice my opposition or support, i was merly asking wheres the beef?

            • I think they should take that thumbs down icon, reverse it, sit on it and spin like the button on the outhouse door.

        • The protester paid internet trolls are out. They are all over our local (conservative) newspaper.

          They come in groups of 2 & 3 and attack conservative and pro-freedom viewpoints. You can see it happening – they swoop in, create new accounts (you can tell by date of their first post), attack local posters and then eventually leave.

          Paid liberal postings. It is rampant right.

          • My point has been made. LOL!

            • I “thumbs upped” you just to even things out, Mr B!

          • Yep, thats probably it

            • @VRF Allow me to share a short story with you. I was on my motorcycle, wife on the back, i started to pull out of a gas station, a State Trooper went by going the other way. I pulled out watching him go down the street and turn around. He then put his overhead lights on. He signaled for me to pull over onto the shoulder, as he stopped the van in front of me. I dismounted my bike as he walked towards me. He stated that i pulled out in front of him, as he was going after a speeder, the van. I told him no sir, i did not, that he had not activated his overhead lights until he had turned around, and that i had pulled out way before he turned around. He didnt like my answer very well, that is when i pulled up my shirt and he saw my .45 and badge attached to my belt. I said i have pulled a few speeders over myself. He laughed, shook my hand and that was that, to this day i still laugh about that, because he knew he was wrong and it was handled quickly! So i guess the moral of the story is this, when he got a good look of my 4ft5 inch cuban wife, he decided he had better get, while the getting was good! True story, ok now,somebody give me a thumbs down and i will unleash the CUBAN!

            • C.O…and if you werent a cop..you’da been gettin a ticket on his word against yours, I know this to be true.

      26. With respect to American citizens’s “Constitutional protections of free expression, assembly and redress of grievances, refused to move”, what are the technical rules assigned to the permits required to assemble in the Occupy Oakland area? The right to assemble and/or protest does not include the right to take up temporary residence on private or public property unless explicitly permitted.

        • If it was public property, then the constitutional right exists, period. This is the right to assemble and speak, not the right to break other laws. Back when we Americans had a shining light on a hill rather than yet another socialist cesspool, we tried to point out to the world that these are unalienable rights (cannot be alienated / separated from the individual) that apply to everyone, not just those with particular constitutional provisions.

          In this case, it is a little more complicated in that the property is private, but was obtained and maintained through government involvement.

      27. Now you know why most states and cities are against OPEN CARRY…..only the gestapo get to open carry…there is a method to their madness ..

      28. The police and the rest of the community are one and the same. They are working a blue collar job like the rest of us and they are being raped like the rest of us.
        They, the elitists or whatever you want to call them, have the people right where they want them. Us versus Us, and not Us versus them (them being the Fed Reserve and other banks, politicians, lobbyists, DC as a whole).
        Can anyone think of a way to end this manipulation? A way to exploit it? Nothing has come to mind yet and I don’t expect it to because I am pretty stupid.

        • Yes, burn DC to the ground, use the compost for one big community garden where Rome’s(DC) builings use to stand.

      29. This protest is going to get real interesting. Many compare it to the 1960s anti war and civil rights movements. Many things are quite different. At that time the government could marginalize the protestors because of demographics. Twelve percent of the population was black and the core war protests were youth of draft age. Middle America could not completely identify with either group. Now the problems cut across all social classes, races and ages. Virtually everyone has lost significantly in the last few years. It’s going to be interesting to see the government and MSM spin this with an us verses them when we look at the protestors on TV and essentially see ourselves.

      30. The police department should know that this is exactly the wrong way to handle this situation. They attacked American citizens who were practicing their constitutional rights. The police have essentially painted a come and get us sign on themselves. And of course, that’s likely the point – to incite a riot so that they can have an excuse to exert more force. In the end it will be a mistake. It will only bring more people out, make them more determined, more cohesive, and there arent’ enough uniforms in the country to control anything that big once it takes off.

        • exactly my view too..
          see i responded to the person rather than hide behind a chicken shit thumbs down, or up in this case

        • That’s what the radical Left is hoping for – a slow escalation that they cam blame on law enforcement. I wonder at it. The aftermath of 1968 was a landslide election for forces of law and order, as I recall. (And I was there.) Of course, the “L.and.O” candidate was Nixon, who was still something of a socialist himself, more’s the pity. No better at preserving human liberty and free market economics than were the Bushes.

        • Charlie,

          I beg to differ. I believe the police depts have shown amazing restraint with the OWS people. In most places their permits to demonstrate have expired and yet they are left alone. (Under PTB’s orders?) I don’t have a problem with their right to assemble.

          Have any of you walked through any of the parks these people have taken up residence in. I have. It’s a mess. People are tired of them. Local businesses don’t want them there.

          I’m hip to their message, but I suspect ulterior motives.

          I’m all for adhering to the constitution as long as their behavior doesn’t start to infringe on my rights (or other people rights).

          I read Oakland PD reacted that way because of a report of an AK among the OWS crowd (probably BS) and maybe an excuse to do something with them.

        • the riots cost police forces and cities who are already operating in the red or bankrupted lotsa over time $$$ some of those cops are making $$$160,000. a year … the sooner they stop the riots the sooner they can save some monies for other things… it always about the money $$$.

      31. I, [state your name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter.
        So help me God.

        An officer of the United States military, upon accepting a commission to serve his
        country, recites the above oath and obligates himself to—-
        support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

        Interestingly, the oath of office does not directly bind the officer to defense of the US government,—- nor to protection of those in power,—- or to defense of US property or territory. Rather, it requires devotion to ideals and ideas of freedom, it expects loyalty and assumes freely given allegiance, and it demands sincere effort. In each of these respects all of them general in nature the claim made on the officer is both noble and reasonable.

        Careful examination of the oath‘s wording, however, suggest that there is one aspect of the oath that should give all officers pause. Specifically, the words that identify two types of enemies that might pose a threat to the Constitution–enemies, foreign and domestic“— raise the issue of what constitutes a domestic threat to the Constitution.

        • a threat to the constitution , to me ..would be any person or organization that ignores your constitutional rights, or barrs you from expressing them, or suppresses them..or takes them away from you or abuses those rights

          One thing to remember though is this..

          No Government gave us these rights..we told them what our rights are. Bill of rights,

          also ..Human rights were given to us by God.(or creator for some).and these human rights are being violated on a daily basis by our government..

          so if you think that they will recognise our constitutional rights when they are not even paying attention to the human rights violations of this Corp Government, its a pretty fat chance unless We The People, force them to

          • All rights are from God. The Constitutions are the Law written by those with God given rights in effort to establish a government to protect them.

            Unfortunately, the gov corp no longer follows the Peoples Law.

        • So, what are you saying Bud? Not understanding where’s the beef.

      32. Folks this is no grassroots uprising, this is organized by Progressive, Liberal, Hate America Crowd. The protest in NYC are backed by the NYCC, in NY that’s the new name for ACORN.

        Its the same people working out of the same office in Brooklyn as ACORN. In NYC they are paying organizers about 100 of them $100/ day. They are paying homeless people $10/ hour.

        Given the fact that there are only about 400 total protesters in the park and 100 of them are ACORN organizers. Just how grassroots can this be?

        The whole OWS is a fake and as usual its starting to cost the tax payers big money.

        • Beck, right?

          • Beck’s bringing up the rear. Lots of news reports on the OWS scandal, even from lefty sources like WaPo. Beck’s been good at analyzing history, but his current events reporting is and always has been a day behind Drudge, Breitbart, and the Examiners.

          • No actually Foxnews.com I was surprised Fox really hasn’t been breaking real news since Oct. 2009 when they were gagged.

            I did just get a tid bit from a friend who is going to run for congress. The CBC and DOJ are going to try to require DOJ to pre clear any changes to state redistricting plans and voter id laws. I know it has nothing to do with this but I thought it was big news.

          • So what if Beck reported it? Isn’t it the message(in the progressives own recorded words)that’s important…. not the messenger?

        • I guess Wall St. is the “Love America Crowd”?

          The OWS group isn’t perfect. But neither is the Tea Party. Many of which that were in love with GW Bush for 8 years.

          I guess I shouldn’t be pissed that the Banksters got roughly 24 trillion from banker bailouts that were supported by Nazis McCain and Bush and Socialists Obama and Pelosi?

          • Just shut up with your “Nazi” slur. Especially since the OWS (bowel) movement is supported explicitly by the American Nazi Party (among other insidious America-hating outfits – such as HAMAS front group/Muslim Brotherhood affiliate CAIR, Communist Party USA, Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Islamofascist Iran, Red China, Muslim Public Affairs Council, HAMAS itself, Code Pinko, International ANSWER, et al. – NONE of which have anything whatsoever to do with upholding individual liberty). Furthermore, OWS DOES have direct ties to the Obama/Soros machine, via the likes of Stephen Lerner, Van Jones, David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Frances Fox Piven, Richard Trumka, Bill Ayers, and other interests seeking to drag us down the exact same road as taken by the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Che, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Chavez et al. – a road which led, in the last century, to mass misery and squalor, confiscations of private property and the murders of landowners, increases in poverty and a complete decimation of the middle class, and the deaths of up to 200 million people.

            And OWS has also helped bring about an increase in violent crime in New York City, due to already strained police resources being redirected to the lower Manhattan area, leaving the rest of the city unprotected.

        • All of the Huffpo “superusers” seem to be on the side of the police. Saying things like, “guess he shoulda stayed home, huh?” “Got what was coming to him.” “I hope violence does escalate, I’ll be on the side of the cops.”

          I thought Huffpo was a bastion of leftism? Oh, they’re just another branch of the MSM and full of establishment whores that will fight to the very end to protect the system.

      33. JUST WAIT fo when the MORON COPS find out their PENSIONS are WorthLESS thanks to the BANKERS and WALLSTREET and the VERY PRIVATE federal reserve… ;0P snicker snicker

        morons are helping to destroy their own financial security by working for the bankers – bunch of stupid cop phucks!

        here piggy piggy… ;0P BLAM BLAM BLAM!

        • Many union pensions are already severly under funded..and yes to you bule shirt dudes..that means yours either is already, or soon will be..or they are straight face lieing to you.

          Im not against cops, at all.. Good cops still exist and those are the ones we need to get awake to what is coming their way.

          Now on the crooked cops and lieing cops and gamer cops..good luck when TSHTF..hell your own bro’s might even turn you out, knowing your a liabilty to them

          Its coming

      34. Of all these topics, not one have I read that discusses state militias, or the right of every person to form one, or the MANDATE of every person to form one as is in the Constitution–to defend against foreign AND domestic aggression and/or violence.(did you catch that??? against domestic aggression)
        Dr. Edwin Vieira is an expert on this topic…time to bring it up??
        Dr. Vieira has a project to reconstitute the state militias under the control of the state as MANDATED by the Second Amendment.
        Militia: The body of citizens in a state, enrolled for discipline as a military force, but not engaged in actual service except in emergencies, as distinguished from regular troops or a standing army. In order to conform to this definition, and to remain able to oppose a rebellious and disobedient government, the citizen militia must not be connected in any way with that government lest the body politic lose its fearful countenance as the only sure threat to a government bent on converting free people into slaves.

        But, then we’d have to get those zombies away from dancing with the stars, reality shows, american idol, and all that great entertainment on tv???

      35. This is Iran-Contra all over again!

        “If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.” — George Bush, cited in the June, 1992 Sarah McClendon Newsletter

      36. Camping overnight is not allowed. What part of that do the protesters not understand? I support their right to peacefully protest. Throwing paint, bottles and other debris at the police when they are told to leave after the park is closed isn’t a peaceful protest.

        Calling for the beheading of bankers isn’t peaceful.
        Calling for the eradication of Jews isn’t peaceful.
        Throwing stuff at police isn’t peaceful.

        God bless the police.

        • Your worship of authority will not protect you from the American police state. You can lick their hand as much as you will, but you will never be anything more than a dog in their eyes.

          Battle lines are being drawn right now. I hope you choose wisely. I doubt you have the “level of protection” that your masters have. You are a soft target…

          • So if we don’t choose to be on your side of the fight you chose and picked, we’re your meat, right? Guess again.

          • Yet you yourself obviously HATE authority. Many of the anti-cop groups are openly pro-criminal, pro-drug gang, pro-gangbanger and pro-anarchy. Groups like outright Communist Van Jones’ Cop Watch have been running interference for the criminal elements of society – the drug dealers, the rapists, the gangbangers, illegal alien criminals, and so on.

        • the jews of the warsaw ghetto thought and said the same things!

          the jews of auschwitz crematorium camp thought and said the same things!

          shall i go on….. learn from history… or be ignorant an repeat it.

          silly rabbits

      37. Thanks VFR and EA for exposing the truth about the murder of Ghadaffi and the ‘REST OF THE STORY’.

        • No problem JJ
          I mentioned it in a previous thread on here..but lately this site is moving fast with many new developments , that I think most have moved beyond that..but its important to know the real reasons.

          its going on all over, they are in a massive money and resources grab right now.Read any story where a country or dictatorship has Oil..and not playing by US corp government rules, they will get snuffed or smoked out .they are even after a weathy son of a dignatary of africa,, probably because he doesnt want to play ball with them..so they are just going to either jail him on bogus BS and take his shit..or if he holes up..they will kill him and take his shit and fabicate a story that most sheeple will buy

          • Oil or gold..and alot of it.. you will be criminalized..or dead

            or if you dont want to do buisness transactions in US Fiat Money..poof..drone shot to the head

            • @VRF Hey wanted to respond about the cop thing and ticket. Probably right about the ticket, maybe not, but now they won’t know that I know how it works, its gonna be very interesting to say the least, if you get my drift. And your spot with the murder in Libya, I totally agree.

          • VRF

            The people the US is going after for not playing ball all have an Achiles heel. Pretty much they are all despots and for that reason their people should have removed them from power. They keep control with force. The US backs the opposition and we’re the “good guy”. As long as the SOB played ball we could care less what they did, hell they could literally eat their citizens and not a word is said. Once they say, “We don’t want dollars in payment” or “We want to manage our own banks” a ton of bricks hits them. The US public is fed a MSM diet of freedom and terrorism and goes out to play 18 holes or is too busy looking for a job to really care.

      38. The more people realize how bad they have been screwed all these years, the more you will see these kind of protests in the streets!

        • Anita: It will take time but I expect the movement to grow massively next summer.

          Sure there are probably some anarchists, communists, socialists, and marxists in the crowd; not to mention (gasp) union members, and many people may be there for the wrong reasons, but Americans SHOULD be in the street showing their displeasure at O’bummer and the GB’s.

          Nothing like blood on the street to rock the world of the establishment. The status quo is unacceptable.

          The status quo is destroying America.

          • Wrong. It is these Obama-backed, Soros-funded rent-a-mobs that are seeking to destroy America and her freedoms, and replace it with a Communist terror state that sticks its nose in every aspect of people’s lives. Those useful idiots are Obama supporters in every which way. Anybody who advocates violence like you do (as your “Nothing like blood on the street to rock the world of the establishment” comment attests) is as guilty as those fleabags who commit same.

      39. That wasn’t tear gas used – it was just FUMIGANT to de-louse the Flea Baggers.

        I do NOT agree with the violent break up of the protests. On the other hand, I’ll bet a good percentage of these folks are in the hip pocket of various leftists at BowelMoveOn.org. I might believe in them a little more once they protest in front of carbon billionaire Al Gore’s mansion, zillionaire John Kerry’s megayacht, camp out in any one of a million Hollywierd Learjet leftists mansions, show up at Mikey Moore’s NYC penthouse, or mansion at Torch Lake, MI. etc.


      40. Sloppy, filthy damn hippies! They do not even know they are being used by the Marxists!

        • hey baby killer nam marine… what are you??? huh?

          atleast they are there letting the whole world see and ask why and what… while you do what???

          sit at home in a darkened house gettin’ drunk wishing prez johnson gave you all nam marine vets one more year to kill innocent unarmed vietnamese women and children… huh?

          siemper this ;0P psssszzzzzt

          • Hey scooter, better check that expiration date on those med you’re taking cause they ain’t workin’.

            • med’s? heck I thought they were m&m’s and gave to my kids… no wonder they wont wake up… ;0P pssssszzzt

          • Aaaah! Stupid argument met with stupid counter-argument. Very sneaky! ….or just all around stupid.

          • And the “too much caffeine in your coffee” award goes to…

            (drum roll)


        • hey jsus fcker and baby killer, easy on the hippies, they got the nam war stopped, and that saved lives

          • you went down the rabbit hole didn’t you.

          • Stopped the war and SAved lives? Right until north Vietnam rolled in and killed everyone who stood in their way, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and then cambodian killing fields next door. Wake up moron! These ows idiots want the same thing socialism and communism only end up in death. Read history and not from liberal blog sites!
            Only 1 revolution in history didn’t end in a bloodbath until the progressives took over. I frickin hate progressive liberal trolls who think that they know better how to run my life!!!
            Wake up you are being used!!!
            Members of my church escaped from Vietnam in 1974 after watching half their family executed for existing, learn what really happens in a revolution that is based in communism. Not your move.over.orgasm and huff and puff post crap real history, find others that have lived it. Rant off

            • do your homework… the french started the damn war with french colonialism , and the plantation enslavement of the vietnamese people… every where communism has arisen there was colonialism , dictatorship, or fuedal monarchy type government prior… where people were being enslaved and abused… america always comes in at the halfway point , to take advantage of other peoples misery and natural resources… see the truth open your eye’s… we AMERICANS KILLED more vietnamese and poisoned more vietnamese than the north vietnamese ever would have… check your facts jack! americans are nothing more than baby killers and resource robbers of other countries shit… plain and simple! painting things red white and blue and waving a flag will never cover up the cold hard numbers and facts of the truth.

            • To the troll who responded to your (MM2nuke’s spot-on) post with the usual America-hating platitudes and support for the Communist butchers who overran South Vietnam: Your enemy propaganda led directly to the murder of our boys (in the tens of thousands), and the permanent crippling of thousands more, who fought a system that murdered up to 200 million people worldwide – including 1 million (at least) after your friends in the Communist North overran the South. Get out of this country and move to North Korea or Cuba or any other “socialist paradise” since you obviously HATE America and her freedoms – and HATE our troops.

        • looks like nam idiot got too much agent orange on him, his loving govt did test on these guys, Im glad you still love your country that is literally killing you, from bad food, water and air, to poisoned vaccines and you sheep eat it up, you cant even see how evil your own govt it, remember protect your country from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC

          • Aeop, go fuck yourself and when you get that done, go back for second’s because you enjoyed it.

            • awesome ;0) simply awesome lmao …

        • AMEN, Brother!

          “Semper Fi, do or die.
          Hold ’em high at Eighth & I”

      41. Some of you guys are truly, and I mean truly, some of the dumbest fuckers that I”ve ever had the displeasure of listening to.

        Communists? Marxist? Hippies?

        What decade are you living in?

        The guy a the protest that got hit in the head with a projectile was a veteran who served two tours in Iraq and now he’s in critical condition. He wasn’t doing anything illegal. He wasn’t a criminal. His political views may or may not coincide with yours but so fucking what? You don’t get to dictate how others think. You don’t get to make everyone think just like you. Our Constitution guarantees that others get a fair say regardless of whether you agree with them or not. It protects us all from the “tyranny of the the majority.” Have some respect for your fellow citizens and for the flag and the sacrifice and honor that it represents.

        Do yourself a favor and stope listening to those ass clowns on tv that are brainwashing you and getting rich in the process.

        Grow up, grow a pair, and stop hiding behind of stack of canned food and MREs.

        • Does your mommy know you are playing on the computer?

        • Charlie – I couldn’t agree with you more.

          I watched the video in slow motion regarding the marine who was hit by the projectile. He was harming no one. He was simply standing there. Those thug cops (if he dies) murdered him, just like the thug cops beat the hell out of Kelly Thomas in Orange County.

          Most of these cops are sociopaths and sick bastards. They honestly believe all of us are useless eaters. These men (I call them men loosely) are protecting their corporate masters. Most of the government elite wouldn’t piss on us if we were on fire. Why are we protecting and making excuses for these people?

          These same cop lovers would be singing a FAR different tune if that happened to their kid. They can sit safely with their preps and make their armchair analysis. It’s really quite sickening.

          These people do not see what I see on a nightly basis, Americans who are defeated, demoralized and depressed. These are GOOD people, not commies, anarchists or socialists. Good people, people like your Mom and Dad, your sister or brother or your child. Middle aged women and men like me who lost their jobs and can’t find another one OR they’re working fast food or retail.

          How would any of YOU feel if you were forced to work for less than half your wages?

          These kids are pissed and rightly so. They have every reason to be mad.

          What has voting got us? Uh Jack Shit.

          What has calling or writing or congressman got us? Uh Jack Shit again.

          We have shipped all of our jobs overseas and imported hordes of illegal aliens to glut the labor pool with cheap surplus labor.

          We are being taxed up the ass to pay for ridiculous programs that benefit very few people.

          The wallstreet game is rigged. My hubby has lost another 10% in his 401K this quarter. We’re both pretty angry about that.

          I pray to god that Mr. Olsen lives. If he dies, things will get very ugly, very soon. Our fellow Marines are not going to sit idly by and not avenge the senseless needless death of one of their own.

          Poor Mr. Olsen, protecting the bankers opium plants overseas and getting shot when he gets back to the US.

          What a disgrace!

          • I’m with you Annie.

          • You America-hating ingrate. These so-called “harmless protesters” are radical Marxist useful idiots just waiting for the orders to run wild in the streets and commit violence from the likes of ’60’s radicals and SDS retreads such as Wade Rathke and Frances Fox Piven. You are obviously on the same side as: the American Nazi Party, the Communist Party USA, CAIR, HAMAS, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Code Pinko, ANSWER, Democratic Socialists of America, Islamofascist Iran, Red China, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, union thugs (SEIU, AFL-CIO et al.), the various offshoots of ACORN, Bill Ayers, etc. – none of which or whom have anything to do with individual liberty and in fact have done more than anyone to SMOTHER it and descend their respective societies into darkness, despair and squalor.

            Stop getting your “news” from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and other such outlets that are in the tank for these Commies, anarchists, hippies, Jew-haters, slackers, losers, freeloaders, looters, moochers, rabble-rousers and other riffraff.

            And your hatred of the police is despicable and deplorable. By your demonizing the “thin blue line,” you are therefore providing cover for violent criminal predators, drug gangs, illegal alien gangbangers, rapists, mass murderers and other scum that endanger public safety. If you were brutally raped or otherwise viciously attacked by one of these criminal scum, who would you call – 911 or ACLU? Since you hate the police so much, I wouldn’t blame them if they ignored your cries for help if any violent criminal gangbangers attacked you.

            And since you hate America so much, get out of this country and go move to North Korea or Cuba since you obviously are in thrall to those pushing for more centralized government and statist tyranny and totalitarianism, and see nothing wrong with an out-of-control dictator wannabe named Obama who is abusing power left, right, center, sideways and diagonal, crapping on the Constitution the way one of the OWS louts relieved himself on a cop car in lower Manhattan earlier this month, completely disregarding the checks and balances of our Constitution, and his installing so-called “czars” that were never confirmed or vetted by Congress.

            • Concerned American – why are you so hateful? Seriously? Attacking me and calling me Anti-American? I love this country, but loving my country does not mean I owe blind allegiance to sociopaths in power. And yes that means cops.

              You sit there and defend these pigs who point blank murdered Kelly Thomas in California and may have possibly killed this kid in Oakland.

              These same cops would have NO problem bashing your head into the wall. I’m constantly amazed at the right who will defend to the death their abusers. It’s like these women who defend their husbands who beat the hell out of them.

              To call me anti-American and lump me in with the George Soros gang is simply irresponsible on my part. Instead of engaging in civil debate, you resort to name calling which is what left do (which you claim to despise) but funny you’re using their same tactics.

              This is why I rarely post on boards anymore. People like you lack the intelligence to have a REAL debate so you attack the poster.

              Real mature.

              If I’m in trouble would I call 911? Hell no. Nine times out of ten I’d be arrested for defending my property or my livelihood. Look at what happened to the Pharmacist in Oklahoma. He defended his store and he’s now in jail.

              Where are the good cops defending this man? I see, they’re not there!

              Continue and sit there and defend these monsters. I’m not going to defend my position with you, period.

              I’m with the OWS and will not change my mind or apologize.

              At least they’re doing something, while most of America sits on their ass as keyboard commandos.

            • You are with the Communists, Nazis, Islamofascists and other enemies of individual liberty. By associating and agreeing with these anarchists and slackers and rabble-rousers, you are in effect AGREEING with the anti-Americanism that is at the root of these rent-a-mob rallies – not to mention aligning with a radical fringe that as such constitutes only 6% of the population (as well as the 47% who are what are generously being called “takers,” who live off of the Big Government teat and pay no taxes). And you DESERVE to be attacked – because you are an ignoramus and a useful idiot for the likes of Soros and ACORN and the union thugs and other nefarious interests that are AGAINST prosperity and success and want to turn this country into a central-planning nightmare. You are providing cover for those plotting outright Marxist revolution.

              You obviously haven’t heard of REAL Americans – not these mentally ill, deranged, feral, smelly losers, freeloaders and moochers you identify with – who have participated in Tea Parties to call for a STOP to runaway government spending and the massive abuses of power that Obama and the Democrats have been committing, as well as fighting for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and individual freedom. By contrast, these OWS fleabags are fighting for Big Government statism, mob rule, and Obama’s re-election. I stand with the Tea Partyers – NOT with these Commie/anarchist mobs that are part of these staged, government-directed demonstrations in lower Manhattan.

              And you would rather that violent criminals be free to roam wild in the streets without any fear of getting caught? Because that is exactly the end result of your incessant cop-bashing.

      42. The OWS protesters are like limousine Liberals; they decry the very system that makes their pathetic lives possible.That being said, I support their right to free speech(although I doubt they would support mine), to assemble peacefully to demand a redress of their grievances,and to have a different opinion than mine.Their rights end,however,when they infringe on the rights of others.If the local PD enforces the local laws to protect the quality of life of the residents of their jurisdictions,I have no problem with that.
        The complaints of the “occupants” and the Tea Party are not congruent. Although both groups oppose some of the same erroneous and detrimental policies, the solutions they seek are polar opposites. The goals of one are not the same as the other,hence they cannot become aligned.

        • They both have the same rights. Both groups are Americans protected by the Constitution. That’s it. End of story. A lot of people have died protecting that simple principle.

        • Total

          Thanks for that link. Every once in a while they slip up and spill the beans.

          As I previously stated next years news was made at a meeting last year.

          The people that think this stuff is about terrorism believe the US Dollar is backed by “something” and that the Federal Reserve is Federal and has a Reserve.

          “The Truth? You can’t handle the truth”.

          Co Nathan Jessup in “A Few Good Men”.

        • its like the guy said

          “We have a good military and we can take down governments.

          and guess what government has also been on the list?
          our Republic!

          “If the only tool you have to deal with problems is a hammer..than all problems than look like a nail”
          this is why WE are also treated like shit from our own government..we are the nails in their own back yard and they want to knock us all in the heads down to our shoulders in shit.

          and a “Plan” to “Take out” & countries..

          are we really paying attention to what OUR own government is doing? not only to US but to every one else they want to control?

          And just like I’ve been saying way before I ever saw this video..its all about a resource grab..Oil..if a country doesnt have it, but has problems, our government dont give 2 shits about the crimes there
          but if they have a natural resource to squander, than they care enough to unseat that counties government at what ever cost or force is necessary

          again the real reason Gadafi was Assasinated..Gold payment for that countries Oil..not playing ball with the fiat dollar of the US government

          What this man said is already coming true..obviously he isnt or wasnt blowing any smoke in this interview..

          So look the fuck out people..we are going to get hammered not only by our own government, but these countries are going to be justified in hating anything to do with this country..not because of you or I..but because of who we have allowed in our government to run rough shot over any country or government they dont like or that wont play ball..this action of our government will be paid out in the american PEOPLE paying for the anger , the hate, the terrorism..etc.. that this government is signing us up for..

          These people need to be brought up on charges..fast and furiously

      43. @ Copout, it is nice to here more LEO’s on the blog.

        The “Occupy” movement is dangerous, this article of course paints the police as the bad guys. I don’t know how many times I have to say it on this blog but we are not all bad guy, gestapo, aviator glasses wearing psychos. I always get the anti-cop/negative law enforcement vibe on this blog string and it is unfortunate. I am a prepper just like all of you, I could be your neighbor your friend or someone you see at the gym occasionally. I do not trust the government, I do not count on social security, I do not think I will get a retirement. I can tell you a lot of my co-workers feel the same as I do, some do not and some are so wrapped up being an “authority” figure to care. I leave work at work and I know some can not and let me be honest some can not handle the responsibility and that is where you start having problems with the public. Just keep that in mind the next time you have to deal with Law Enforcement.

        • You actually suck, maybe not you personally, but you know of rogue cops that steal, kill and kick ass, but you do nothing, you let them get away with it that makes you as bad as them. I did not have my Registration one time and they kept me for an hour and were so ridiculous, you guys are on a power trip, you are a big problem, no doubt you have a tough job, but you take it out on the wrong people all the time.

          • @aeop: I used to laugh when somebody thay was being taken to jail for beating the crap out of his wife or children, or busting a beer bottle across his girlfriends face. The girlfriend would say i dont want to prosecute him, i would say of sign this non-pros form. Quess what i took him to jail based on my observation, i pressed the charges. your not going to do this to another person, and if i leave and she ends up dead, i am responsible for failing too act. Well officer you dont know what it is like to be sitting back here with handcuffs on, my response, dude i have been sitting right where you are because at one time in my life, i did the dope, i did the things that were heading me into the life and attitude that ends you up in a place you dont want too be. I changed my life with Gods help, I saw things that most people would never see and or experience. I woke up brother to whats going on in this world. Allow those life experinces to make you a better person, or not, i would not support a career criminal, unless there has been a change in their heart.I personally am a firm believer in do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When this is realized in a persons life, then they will find, when i became a man i put away childish things. It doesnt take a man to beat somebody down, that is being a savage, but is somebody is going to harm me, then its on. We all make mistakes, admitting them is the first step. Those officers may have treated you poorly, i wasnt there, but that doesnt mean you have to respond to others you dont know in like manner. We are loosing our humanity, if there is too be a change then it begins with self! PEACE

          • Go back to hanging out under your bridge you troll. I realize that probably you have little concept of what that means due to i.e., your lack of education and self esteem, maturity, and upbringing. Your the kind of person I would take real pleasure in popping his head off his neck like a zit.

        • Thank you and stay safe.

        • You count on a 6 figure pension after 20 years on the job.

          You count on the ability to carry out unrestrained brutality against the American people.

          You count on your “boys” down at the precinct not to bust you for your steroid use (after all, you gotta be stronger than your prey, the American citizenry).

          Here’s another thing you can count on………..you can count on retaliation for your crimes against the people, whether you take your badge off and try to hide when the shit hits the fan or not. Most people can smell a pig a mile away.

          • nice… DCAM is a african american cop up in alaska … cheers DCAM I appreciate your vids and video blogs… but DCAM is also not the norm… treat all cops fairly upon meeting them folks… give em a chance to set the tone… a smile goes a long way… but also realize a 12 year police veteran test on a psych profile exam the same scores as a psycho-path does… society and the job actually chnges a cops brain activity and mental thought patterns. ` truth !;0) beware leo’s in the times ahead… they are being trained to target militia’s , constitutionalists, christians , blacks , bikers , etc etc it’s all in the DOJ MIAC REPORTS. So cops right now are all very scared concerned etc etc not sure what their role is any more! AND most of em’ just tell themselves at the beginning of their shifts this “No matter what happens during my shift… at the end of it I will be going home alive!”

            I personally don’t like em”… an look forward to the day martial law is called… but they are a necessary evil to hold back the crime wave threatening to sweep across amerika as times get tougher!

            • You must have a least 12 years in then and related to Gacey.

        • It only takes a few to give ’em all a bad name, in my experience, there are more bad than good

        • @DCAM: Hi, sorry for not responding sooner, some do understand, some dont. Keep the faith, do whats right, and be fair. If i learned one thing its this, its always somebodys elses fault. It began in the garden of eden when Adam said, IT was that woman you gave me, she did give it to me and i ate, BLAME GAME to this date, be safe!

      44. We as a World Wide Generation of Peoples NEED to Fight the NWO Bilderboybugger Banker Illuminati NOW…

        So our children may be Statesmen

        And their Children may be Artist!

      45. I can’t believe its not readily transparent to those of you on here who are against the police. This is being orchestrated…without a doubt. A spark will occur, of that I have no doubt. That spark will lead to a violent exchange between the protesters and police. Police and protesters will be killed and injured. It will set off a chain reaction at other OWS protests with a similar fate. As a “calming measure” the federal government will step in and usurp the states authority and declare martial law and activate national guardsmen to replace the police. The police who are sworn to uphold and protect the constitution and no allegiance to the federal government, only to the state. The guardsmen are also supposed to serve the state, but under martial law will be under the authority of the president, not the governor.
        Once the police are replaced all civil rule will be gone. This is why the PTB are using OWS and the news media to paint the police in a poor light. If only those poor OWS bastards new they were creating a bigger problem then the one they already have.
        These people have been deficating on police cars, throwing used condoms at the police and disobeying the established laws of civility. Then when they get arrested and pepper sprayed, they claim “tyranny”. I’m sick and tired of people talking about our country as a democracy…we are a republic, ruled by laws not mob rule. These people at OWS want mob rule.

      46. My neighbor Bubba has an ancient cordless phone and when he’s using it in his front yard the signal bleeds over on my television. Last night he was out in his driveway, under the hood of his wifes mini van and apparently called the auto parts store just as I sat down to watch an old classic movie. Don’t remember the name of the movie, but Cary Grant played a musician in a 1940s era swing band. His character was on the phone to his fiance, explaining why he’d be a few days late getting home. Just about then, Bubba called the parts store. I’ll let you figure out who said what. I sort of lost track myself…

        Cary Grant: No, darling. I won’t be home by Friday. We’ve booked another show at-

        Bosco’s Auto Parts and Small Engine Repair! Home of the best price and the best service in town. How can I help you?

        I got this 86 Dodge Caravan and I need a fuel pump.

        Well, we’ve all got problems dear. The band’s got real problems too. The trombone player broke his-

        Left lug nut. Then it started making a wierd noise. Kind like-

        Summertime In Paris, or any of the great old love songs. But the problem is the trombone player AND the drummer are both passed out drunk. They must have drank a-

        Gallon of antifreeze. That’ll do it every time. But did you try flushing the radiator with-

        A full bottle of raspberry wine. And no telling what else. They’re both lying behind the stage just-

        Spinning around like the bearings are stripped out. Maybe I could just get a tube of JB Weld and try sticking it back against the-

        Trombone! For crying out loud! Was there no way he could avoid stepping on the-

        Torque converter and the flywheel. But then if you’ll smear lots of grease on the inside of the-

        Saxaphone. Or maybe it was a trumpet. Who knows with these fellas. They’re always clowning around with one another. Just yesterday the piano player put a live snake in the drummers-

        Fuel monitoring sensor. I didn’t even know they still made those. Can you order one for a-

        Love starved guy like me? Just wait ’til I get home! We’ll go dancing at the clubs and have a wonderful dinner at-

        The salvage yard over in Tulsa. Don’t know what they’d charge you for it though. Are you sure you got the sensor plugged in correctly?

        Oh absolutely! And then, darling, when I take you home I’ll walk you to your door and say good night by-

        Hooking the jumper cables up on the wrong battery posts. If you do that, the sparks will really fly!

        At that point the wife turned off the television. I was laughung so hard I couldn’t breathe!
        Bubba’s a little odd sometimes, but he’s a good neighbor. I sure hope he never gets a new phone!

        • SO,I can see its never a dull moment around you. Thanks for the laughs when they are few and far between.

          • Thank you PO’dpatriot. In all honesty, I do learn a lot from the articles and the responses here. Some are just too serious for me to say anything in the comments section. Whenever I can though, I like to laugh. Especially at myself. Some of this stuff is really serious, and I do pray for the vet who was hurt in Oakland. And I hope this nation can be saved. I guess humor is my coping mechanism. If we weren’t laughing, we’d be crying or cussing. And I already do plenty of that! Life is too short to be sane all the time.

            • So true, one minute I’m swearing, the next minute I’m laughing my butt off. SO, I don’t know whats happening here at this website with all the vermin that’s rushin’ in, but I’m about to cut this one loose. I always liked the title SHTFplan, sounded straight up. But lately all the critters from the gutters and asylums have descended here. I have a very short fuse. I’ve always enjoyed knuckle and skull, batter-em down, and if you stay down you get stomped kinda rough and tumble,(My hands have been broken enough). I’d rather have serious conversations of what is transpiring, possible resolution, and different opinion without the sniping and back biting. My family has been here since the late 1700’s, settled in Craig county in the OLD DOMINION. On my cell phone background is a picture of my great-grandfather in his Confederate uniform. I have his baby clothes trunk in my office, his reunion picture taken in 1902 with the remenants of his company on my wall. I don’t take his service or any other service of our military lightly, nor will I tolerate the disparaging of those who have. Thanks for listening.

            • Great-great Grandfather. I ain’t that old, dammit.

      47. Mac

        Either all this will not end well or..
        it will all go away come winter..

        Protests are further dividing the populace into camps either for/against/or otherwise..and the msm is denigrating the entire ows as a bunch of filthy hippies defecating over public property..

        You and I both know well that the powers that be are already “boots on the ground” throughout the entire ows groups//they will assimilate within the crowds and exploit a flashpoint situation to further discredit the protests.

        • What “MSM” are you referring to – on Mars? The “MSM” in this country (and on this planet) are doing everything in their power to whitewash, sugar-coat and cover up the unsavory connections this OWS (bowel) movement has, plus the destructions of public and private property they’ve committed. The whole OWS (bowel) movement has been organized and directed by the Obama administration itself via such associates as Van Jones and Stephen Lerner, was/is funded by far-left radical billionaire George Soros, and is supported by a host of groups that are ENEMIES of individual liberty, and a few of them in fact guilty of massive repressions against their people (i.e. Islamofascist Iran, Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela) – not to mention the union thugs and groups spun off from ACORN. OWS supports socialism/communism – period, end of story.

      48. The media and the establishment have done a brilliant job of pitting the right against the left. The Left calls the Tea Party “Nazi racists” while the right called the OWS movement “smelly hippie commies.”

        Brilliant, truly brilliant. This ensure that there is no threat to their multi-generational ownership of America. Worst case scenario is simply a civil war, pitting peasant against peasant, with the elite guaranteed to come through unscathed.

        I’ve heard the radio CONservative hosts. I’ve read the blog posts. I’ve seen the comments. The right wing of America is ghashing at the teeth to shed the blood of their fellow Americans at the behest of their Wall Street masters.

        There is truly no hope for America.

        • Oh, so you’re on the corner of the communists and anarchists who have been plotting Marxist revolution? And speaking of Nazis, your OWS (bowel) movement is backed by the American Nazi Party, how about them there apples? You are a Communist, period, end of story. You clearly support a system that led directly to the deaths of up to 200 million over the last century. You HATE this country, you HATE prosperity and you HATE success. OWS has their masters too – the chief one is Barack Hussein Obama himself.

      49. Scott Olsen will be the first fatality of this…event, whatever it ends up being.

        But he won’t be the last.

        The pigs obviously fired a lethal projectile directly into his skull. Watch the video and see them follow up with a nice flashbang lobbed directly at his unconscious body when a group of Americans came to his aid.

        There is guaranteed to be retaliation against the police state for this. Ten thousand Tim McVeighs just got a life long grudge against the American police state. Ten thousand of Scott Olsen’s former brother’s in arms.

        • AdBusters IS anti-Semitic, and George Soros IS funding these rallies. Wikipedia is a far-left site whose bias against individual liberty and for forced collectivism is well-known. In fact, the OWS (bowel) movement) has the support of the following, for which one should be afraid – be VERY afraid:
          Communist Party
          American Nazi Party
          Code Pink
          International ANSWER Coalition
          Islamic Republic of Iran
          Peoples Republic of China
          Hugo Chavez
          Fidel Castro
          Bill Ayers
          Barack Obama
          Barney Frank
          Al Sharpton
          Muslim Public Affairs Council
          Democratic Socialists of America
          Democratic Party

      50. As to the guard responding, I am currently in the National Guard, deployed to Iraq/Kuwait area. Don’t count on help from the Government in any form. Although I fully support the constitution and wish to have this kind of crap (ZOG Governemnt) overthrown, the Guard as well as the rest of the armed military is completely controlled by America’s masters. In the end, a lot of people are going to have to die to bring about freedom, service men and women included……if they don’t wake up. Just hope enough of us snap out of it in time and help bring about a change to a free Government, but it is not looking good.

      51. on Drudge Report this morning…

        HEAR YOU, WATCH YOU: New Street Lights To Have ‘Homeland Security’ Applications…

        • I believe these systems are already in place in some areas
          I recognised a few they showed in their video, they are in my state, and Ive been there, and recognise what the lights look like now

          there is also a street mall or open mall in an ajacent state to me where my wife likes to go, I definetly see the same design there.

        • Ten thousand Tim McVeighs were awakened this week by the brutality of the American police state.

          There is no question of retaliation if this young man dies.

          There is no question that the bloods will run red with blood before long.

          This depression isn’t ending any time soon, and the militarized American police state is praying for war against the American citizenry. The steroid addled police hunger for the blood of their countrymen, their prey.

          There is no end in sight to the descent into full blown police state devoid of liberty for the common man.

      52. O/T..I know but

        Joe Walsh says Holder its time for you to go


        use http// to read it

        • Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.)

          Not Joe Walsh of the Eagles, Guitar and song writer 🙂

      53. Here is the real kicker..he called him out

        read this

        Your Department has made an enormous error in judgment. It instructed federally-licensed firearms dealers to illegally sell at least 2,000 guns that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) intended to be trafficked to drug cartels in Mexico. The results of this error in judgment have implicated the United States in well over one hundred deadly crimes and the deaths of two federal agents.

        This not only raises serious questions about your ability to serve as the head of the Justice Department, but also begs the question of why an anti-gun Administration would knowingly force licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to violent criminals. I raise this because Operation Fast and Furious — if the facts of this case had not come to light — would have been used by this Administration as another false argument to attack law-abiding American gun owners.

        The American people deserve to know if your Department had any intent to link the legal purchase of firearms here in the U.S. to crimes committed near our southern border. Operation Fast and Furious funneled firearms legally purchased at gun shops in the U.S. to known criminal syndicates to prove these syndicates have access to legal purchased weapons. This is a deliberate attempt to vilify and attack the millions of gun owners in America who value our Second Amendment and have never broken the law.

        • Correct. This was a false flag attack on the 2nd amendment.

          1. ship guns to Mexico
          2. Mexican criminals use them
          3. Decry the violence and call for stricter gun controls in America to prevent so many guns from getting into Mexico

          That was obviously the only possible logical course of action for this plan.

          Nobody in the main stream media will call it what it is – a false flag attack on the 2nd amendment by the Obama administration and Department of Justice.

          Why won’t they call a spade a spade? Because that would mean admitting that we are living in a completely corrupt police state that has thrown the Bill of Rights in the incinerator.

      54. You know what? I could care less if the OWS people are there protesting because they want more sugar in their sugar-puffs. We are all americans and have a right to gather and protest (speak our minds)anything we damn well please.

        I am not for the protesters treating LEOs like shit, taunting them or any of that other crap (I am friends with some LEOs) I am not for the protesters breaking laws.

        However, I am also not for LEOs (or their political master instructing them) becoming frustrated and using riot tactics on american citizens. The protesters need to leave parks when they close, thus following the law and avoiding most of these monkey-shines to start with. It would also be nice if these protesters would clean up after themselves, I would have a bit more respect. Trashing the public domain is not one of their “rights”.

        On a side note, I have one the “news” channels on right now and they are reporting that the mayors of the OWS cities are, “…becoming frustrated in their efforts to disperse the crowds without infringing on their first amendment rights”. Do you suppose the PTB are encouraging the LEOs and others who are there to “keep the order” to engage in more gestapo-like behaviors out of their own frustration? I do since this is what those in power do when they can’t figure out another way.

        • They do NOT have a right to destroy public and private property, stink up public parks (creating a serious health hazard in the process) and turn the whole area into one big garbage dump, and call for the overthrow of our government (however corrupted it has become, especially under the radical Left Democrat Party) and replacing it with a system that has far more in common with socialism/Communism. The entire OWS (bowel) movement is on the side of anarchy, chaos and Marxist revolution. What they want is EXACTLY as what transpired in Russia after 1917; in China after 1949; in Cuba after 1959; in Zimbabwe after 1980; in Venezuela after Hugo Chavez took over that country; and so on. It has been directed from the get-go by the Obama/Soros machine and key operatives such as Stephen Lerner, Van Jones, David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, Valerie Jarrett, and down the list. All to: 1) grease the skids for his re-election, 2) divert attention from his long list of policy failures (his numerous crony-based “stimulus” programs chief among them) and scandals (Operation Fast & Furious, Solyndra, LightSquared, etc.), and 3) create a pretext for the imposition of martial law so he could set himself up as dictator for life. He came to power on this whole “class warfare” bullcrap he has ginned up.

          • Guess what? More police brutality and police state tactics is just going to turn more Americans against the establishment, thereby guaranteeing a violent civil war.

            Violence begets violence. The next time a cop gets shot in the face everyone will just point to Oakland and say, “it’s just revenge.”

            And so it escalates out of control from there. It’s not a communist revolution, either, stop listening to the main stream media and radio conservatives. This is about the 99% that have been fucked by the 1%.

            • Take your justifications for criminal behavior and shove them. Those rabble polluting the streets with their mob rule and their Marxism are creating a health hazard and public safety issues with their unwelcome presence, not to mention turning the area into one big garbage dump. You are anti-police and pro-criminal, period. You just want rapists and drug dealers and murderers and gangbangers and other violent criminals to run wild in the streets and do as they please without fear of getting caught. You want a complete ELIMINATION of the one thing standing between a civilized society and total anarchy. OWS IS a Communist plot – not to mention being chock full o’ Jew-hatred (the “1%” malarkey is code for Jew) and outright racism (99% of the demonstrators are lily-white; whatever minorities show up were paid by groups like ACORN and SEIU to be there, and if they’re Hispanic, then add the brown-supremacist groups La Raza and MECHA to the mix).

              And don’t you DARE dictate to me what I should or should not listen to, punk. This is America – NOT Venezuela or Zimbabwe or North Korea where they have a government-controlled media with state propaganda non-stop 24/7/365. OWS is OWNED by the Democrat Party in general, and Obama in particular. It is his incessant class hatred that has served as a trigger for these slacker losers and potheads and other miscreants. You think the 99% support a mass murderer like Mao Tse-tung who was responsible for the deaths of 70 million in China over his 27-year reign of terror (1949-76)? Or Che Guevara who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds to thousands of Cubans in the death camps he presided over? Those are among the many Communist scum whose pictures are emblazoned over many of the demonstrators’ T-shirts, signs and even speeches supporting their vile systems of government.

      55. Oakland is the anti-American, pro-communist HQ of the USA. Everyone walking down the street there should be bean bagged in the head. Then kicked in the nuts. Maybe I had too much caffeine this AM.

        • In spite of your caffeine intake, you are incorrect sir. The most anti-American, pro-communist city in the United States is about ten nautical miles west of Oakland. Some folks know it by its other name – San Francisco. It is home to the former Speaker of the House/current Wicked Witch of the West…nancy pelosi.

          • Actually, Oakland and San Francisco are BOTH anti-American and pro-Communist – as is Berkeley which, because of their political (very) bent, has been justly nicknamed “Beserkeley.”

      56. Hey, Bless the cops for being so patient with these mobs of filthy socialist scum. They are at risk and really are showing restraint in dealing with these fools. These occupiers are inciting violence and need to be dispersed.

        • You are a shill, definately paid to do this, its obvious you loser

          • And its obvious you are an illiterate tick-turd.

      57. I’ll bet Okie has a bean bag chair in the back of his cab with a lava lamp.

        • Right next to the incense burner. Which works good for warming my coffe, too!

          • I bet you cook good rabbit too pilgrim.

      58. I agree with the occupy groups that different rules apply to the american elite crowd.

        This includes friend’s of Obama and the elitist Left and Friend’s of Bush and the elitest Right.

        It hasn’t mattered which side of the isle you personally sit on, we are all being taken for a ride that I believe will end just like Mac Slavo says with Blood in the streets.

        I do not agree with the super majority of the Occupy San Diego Group that more Taxes, more handouts and more Socialism is the answer.

        I expect that my East County Redneck Neighbors are more in my Camp in believing that the ballot box is the correct forum to advocate change.

        I am hoping for a regime change and a new direction of giving people a handup instead of a handout.

        In the mean time I will continue to advocate against socialism and keep my powder dry.

        peace out

        • /////
          You are a Moron, it is the banks who have done this, through fractional reserve banking, giving loans to people they knew could not afford them, so they could get the properties back easily. You are blinded by religion and ignorance and faux news, you are too stupid to be believed.

          • Ihop, your pancakes grow cold.

      59. I have little (read “no”) sympathy for these people. They are crying like a bunch of babies supported and encouraged by the liberal left. Pointing fingers at the banks, capitalism and anyone with more money than them. They should be in front of their colleges (who are responsible for the cost of indoctrination, I mean education) and 1600 PA Ave. They are organized by socialists and marxists. Be careful where you stand guys. These people are not the same as the tea party. If they claim to be then they are confused uneducated and misled. Don’t let them mislead you too. Hey mac, you need to enlighten this community on the EBS “test” planned for Nov 9. More like a demonstration of how tptb can black out comm. Stay vigilant guys.

        • your name should be resuwreched, you are a no one is supporting this movement left or right you are listening to your fascist leaders at faux news, you are the indoctrinated, brainwashed jsus fckr too stupid to believe

          • And yet you listen to the secular atheist moonbats who control the rest of the news media (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo, Daily Kos, etc. – the REAL “faux news”) who are putting their noses up the putrid, dirty, filthy, smelly, diseased tuchises of these America-hating vermin who are acting on orders from Marxist radicals; and who to a person support a system that brought about mass suffering, poverty and death. Not to mention holding up signs with pictures of such mass murderers throughout history as Che Guevara and Mao Tse-tung. These things the rest of the media WILL NOT TOUCH, in fact actively seek to sweep such unsavory details under the rug in order to try to manipulate public support for Marxist revolution.

          • And your name should be “shit4brains”

        • Hey aeop, not a fan of fox news. They are just as owned as the rest of the networks. Standing for or against fox is like standing for or against repubs or dems. Different wing of the same bird. They have a little good programming but mostly there for those not truly awake yet. O’reily and Hannity should move on like Beck has. Your jsus fckr comment pretty much shows what a moron you are.

          • Actually, in recent years many conservatives have turned on Fox News, especially since over the last 6 years an increasing share of parent News Corp. has been owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who, among other things, has been one of the financiers of the Ground Zero mosque as well as financing many of the madrassas and mosques around the world where countless Islamo-terrorists who have murdered people all over the world over the last three decades, were radicalized. The only thing going for Fox is that they are not total Obama whores unquestioningly toeing the White House propaganda party line like the rest of the MSM.

      60. Since its arrival at Empire status, this country has become a bully, both to foreign countries and its own citizens. The bottom line is that “If we don’t like what you stand for, we will invade you!!!” As one whose retirement was nearly destroyed by Wall Street banksters, I fully agree with the protesters. The bottom line is that if you make enough contributions to the right political campaigns, you are above the law. Angelo Mozilo, the former chief honcho at Countrywide should be on trial for insider trading and fraud. When he saw his company was going down about a year before it did, he sold out all of his stock for $490 million, and then when BOA took over his company for pennies on the dollar, he received a $155 million bonus for destroying the company.
        Beside this guy, Bernie Madoff is small potatoes, which is why he is behind bars, and the big guys are still out walking around.
        The bottom line is when you get into Wall Street, you check your morals, ethics, and plain-dealing at the door, or perhaps flush them down the toilet.
        And the politicians of both parties are equally guilty. They are parties to the confiscation of middle class assets and destruction of middle class values.
        When you destroy the middle class, you destroy the entire civilization, because they are the productive members of any society. No society can exist without a middle class.
        The police are now the end of the long arm of the fascist state, and they do whatever they are told to do. That’s why they get paid thee big bucks.

        • Anon

          Agree. Equal protection under the law is laughable. Everything is for sale in the US including Justice.

          Teddy Roosevelt said, “An uneducated man robs a train, an educated man steals the railroad”.

      61. Mac — please fact check the source on the alleged confirmation. Denninger posted that picture as proof of a flash bang grenade used evidently because it is shaped liked a grenade. It appears to have CS written right on it, as in tear gas. It appears to be a tear gas canister and Denninger appears to have pulled the picture without admitting his mistake.

      62. Obama has put the cool back into assassinations. The ones we all know about:
        Osama Bin Ladin
        Al Alawiri

        …Still counting. Anyone else come to mind?


        • An “Appologist” (might be a new word for the new world order)or John Daniel and me could have made it up. How many times did that worthless half breed apologize for the invasion and incursions of countries that the US have commited through the years. We could go on unto the wee hours of the morning on each and everyone, Republican or Democrat, hell does it really matter anymore, (not to me) anywho, this mixed mutt whelp from a she-curr runs around the globe after becoming potus and starts saying sorry, sorry, sorry for past transgressions, kissing muslim and european ass and then turns around and pounds the shit out of Lybia, sends advisers to Somalia last week, decides its time to leave Iraq after getting “das boot” and sends more money to the IMF(IgnorantM…F…) for the bailout. Hell who the f@#ck need Joe Biden? This dumb bastard is a friggen one man band. BTW, Barry tells Hillary (another “Jane and ignorant slut”) to warn Syria that we”ll be in their front yard soon. “Ssst, say fellow, can you spare a guy a couple of spare rounds”.

      63. Go back and look at aeop’s postings for a great example of exactly what I posted about the LEO/Military hating mentality on this blog site.


          • awesome… simply awesome… hey AEOP chill dude, DCAM is one of the Good Ones out there… take it easy on him.

            LMAO ;oP psssszt

          • aeop – dude ;0) chill on DCAM man he’s a decent dude… don’t target him just cause he’s posting here. If I needed to call the cops… DCAM is the cop I’d want to respond… check out his vids on utube!

            Peace DCAM , know this in a SHTF Scenario I’d give you a pass on my turf dude any day! -respect

        • First off, don’t lump pigs in with the military. They ain’t the same group, even though some of the military guys cross over into a life of a pig, terrorizing the American people.

          Second of all, you need to realize that most Americans hate the police. The vast majority of Americans hate you.

          It’s not a “LEO hating mentality” on THIS site. It’s a reaction to the brutal police state that has been built in America that is causing an LEO hating mentality in this COUNTRY.

      64. I beg of ye to listen to this story and interview with NYPD officer Adrian Schoolcraft who secretly recorded his superiors telling officers to arrest people for now reason and to lie about crime statistics. The thing is, there has to be someone giving orders to his superiors, and their superiors, to do such things. It all filters down from a few people, and we suffer for it.


      65. Oh boo hoo! The Flea Baggers won’t disperse so they gas them a little. It is a debate on the rule of law. These anarchists are illegally camping out in the local parks, etc. “Whats the harm in that?” Lets see, other than trashing the places and depositing human excrement everywhere, nothing I guess.

        Does anyone remember that little thing called the Tea Party thats been catching fire for the past couple of years? Localities across the country made them pay…YES PAY with capitalist pig dollars for permits to hold their rallies. Ring a bell? Thats the law, when you produce a crowd you have to do that kind of thing. Its always been that way, except when your socialist crowds are the pet of big government.

        I also recall several videos of cities dispatching riot police and swat teams to the Tea Party rallies, just in case of course, it usually looked like the police were spoiling for the fight. (My favorite video was the line of riot police standing at parade rest and the little old sweet lady coming up and offering them cool aid because it was so hot….she was such a threat)


        • two points aeop… ‘0P

        • @aeiou: Shut up, you America-hating, Jew-hating, freedom-hating, Sharia-loving piece of crap. Jihad is with the OWS (bowel) movement – literally – CAIR, HAMAS and the Muslim Public Affairs Council are all in bed with OWS, which is crawling with rabid Jew-haters. Not to mention the American Nazi Party supporting OWS. Your hatred of middle America and your “redneck” slurs shows how much of a snot-nosed effete elitist punk you really are. Furthermore, OWS is an outright Communist movement funded by George Soros and directed, in this country, by the Obama regime itself, with key Obama associates and minions (Van Jones, Stephen Lerner, Valerie Jarrett etc.). Without exception, that whole movement has been stirred up by Communist operatives behind the scenes, with the demonstrators all being useful-idiot props. By attacking the Tea Party, YOU ARE ATTACKING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Get out of this country and go move to North Korea or Cuba or Zimbabwe or Venezuela or Burma or Bolivia or Iran since you obviously prefer their systems to ours.

          • Ok Brainwashed American, here we go, I am a jew so you are wrong on first account. I dont hate america, I hate what Lobbiests, congress, right wing loons, left wing loons have done to this once great country. THis has all been planned by TPTB, and nothing is getting in their way, until this occupy movement that is growing. You are brainwashed by faux to believe it is a Soros movement, well nothing could be further from the truth, Prove it, you cant because its not true. It is you that is attacking the AMerican People, Occupy is more American than any TEAJadist party of toothless white racists.
            Faux news job in this is to make Occupy a left movement to demonize it,to make you mad at it so it keeps us all fighting, while they steal away our country our jobs and our freedom, but you are too stupid to see how the fake propaganda media like fox do this. If you could you would have your women wear burkas and have them barefoot and pregnant at home, you are the islamist lover you idiot.

            • Ok Aeop, that said, will you stand by the rest of freedom loving americans at the moment of truth, ready to lay it all down to give the younger ones a chance at a republic?

            • You are dead wrong, punk. What OWS stands for is PRECISELY what Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin et al., all stood for in the past. I don’t “believe” OWS is a Soros movement – I KNOW IT IS. By standing with these America-haters, YOU YOURSELF ARE AN AMERICA-HATER. OWS was indeed planned by TPTB, months in advance – TPTB in this case being the Canadian Jew-hating outfit AdBusters, SEIU advisor and longtime radical “community organizer” Stephen Lerner, avowed Communist (and onetime Obama “green jobs czar”) Van Jones, union thugs such as AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka and Teamsters’ Jimmy Hoffa, and other assorted Marxist radicals agitating for Marxist revolution, with Frances Fox Piven (of “Cloward/Piven Strategy” infamy) schooling these troublemakers to commit violence when called upon at what they deem “the right moment.” For the purpose of providing a pretext to impose martial law so Obama could set himself up as dictator for life. I.O.W., Occupy IS a TOTALLY left-wing movement.

              You qualify as a self-hating Judenrat of the type who would have gladly ratted on your fellow Jews to the Gestapo in Nazi-occupied Europe in WWII as Soros had.

              And “growing” is the wrong word to use for these America-hating, freedom-hating, statist-loving welfare rabble. FESTERING is the proper word. Like a malignant cancerous tumor or a poisonous weed. All these Marxist radicals are directing everything, behind-the-scenes.

              Fox is the ONLY news organization to even attempt to shine a light on these two-legged cockroaches. The rest of the MSM (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, AP, Reuters, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times et al.) all have their noses up those mobs’ putrid, dirty, filthy, smelly, diseased, feces-ridden tuchises, carrying their water.

            • I smell Troll poop.. be careful not to step in it.

        • Loser? Dam aeop, you don’t even know me yet!!!

          BTW, the Tea Party turned control of the House of Representatives (that is a body elected by the people)not a small feat. And what was the message of the Tea Party? Less government and more responsibility to the individual, pretty much the antithesis of the Flea bag movement.

          As far as the Flea Bags in hundreds of counties, how many? Three, four, five hundred countries? How many countries do you think there are exactly? And if the country is already socialist does a Flea Party demonstration begging for more control and more government even count?

          Even with all of her problems The United States is the greatest hope of any country on the planet.

          P.S. There are 195 recognized countries on Earth and please unlock those capital letters, it makes you look crazy.

      67. I remember some of the Tea Bagger faggots signs said Govt take your hands off my medicare, that shows just how stupid most tea baggers are. And your leader was a Braindead Loser Palin, that says it all, LOL

        • Americant aaaeee? Not sure if that could be a breath mint, a canted Ameri, or a hemmoroidal cream. I’m not a fan of Palin. I think she just ain’t got it and that being governor was at the top of her game. But, she got the ball rolling, live, die, sink or swim, she started it all and it is a movement to be reckoned with. Most folks in it are good average americans. There are those that will try to corrupt it. Most out of jealousy, or just plain meanness. Whether it runs out of gas will have to be seen. Alot of americans just don’t have the wearwithall, meaning unless they see immediate change to their liking they “pull stakes” and motor on home. When the shtf, all the shirkers and ne’re-do-wells will be long gone. Where you gonna be Americant? “You can’t serve two masters, for ye shall love one and hate the other”.

          • Well PO, THe occupy movement right now, is so much more pertinant then the tea party ever was. So many more involved in it than tp, so you should join occupy as it has much more gravitas than tp ever did. The only way to get this country back is to join together in We the People and forget about sided and parties, the Govt is good at divide and conquer, so is religion, so forget all that you know, and join the People, that is the only way to get this country back. United we Stand, Divided we fall.

            • Wrong, pinko. The Commie OWS (bowel) movement is ONLY relevant to the mainstream media because its political bent is far-left, just as the MSM, whereas the Tea Party is (gasp) conservative. Or, as one blogger put it: “Occupy seeks to destroy, Tea seeks to rebuild. Occupy mooches and loots, Tea produces. Occupy hates, Tea loves. Occupy wants to destroy capitalism and instead have us live as slaves under socialism. Tea seeks to restore capitalism, individual rights and personal responsibility.” So in effect you think everyone should be a slave to socialism, then. Because that is EXACTLY what OWS is all about. It is a GOVERNMENT-DIRECTED “movement” designed to keep Obama in power.

              And another thing. Occupy is, depending on one’s point of view, the 6% of the populace that is hardcore fringe radical left, or the 47% that live completely off the government teat, would have otherwise sat on their a**** all day in their parents’ basement, and pay no taxes; Tea is the 77% of the populace that identify as center/right, and/or the 53% who are productive citizens – shopkeepers and small business owners, whose taxes in recent years have gone more and more towards subsidizing the lazy, indolent leeches that are Obama’s foot soldiers in OWS.

        • Facts and logic. Two things unfortunately missing from the Left.


        • Shut up, you pinko rat. You in fact demand everyone swallow without question the BIASED LIES and PROPAGANDA from the RADICAL LEFT that is bootlicking and carrying the water for these OWS zombies who are Obama shock troops. I’ve seen signs from these rent-a-mobs with pictures of mass murderer Che Guevara or Red Chinese dictator Mao Tse-tung or Black Muslim cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal emblazoned over them. No, what YOU want is the very same garbage that used to be found on a daily basis in the old Soviet rag Pravda.


      70. I think you will see more – a lot more bad coming. Obama can’t get re-elected without a major black flag op like 9/11. Look for this to happen soon. It will happen in a major city like Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami. There could also be the release of a terrible disease they have been “researching” recently on Plum Island – a virus that mimics rabies and Marburg (turning people into literally crazed, infected zombies – hence the CDC release warning – it wasn’t initially a joke). They have been talking about the need for a major population decrease at the Bilderburg meetings. I believe the planned release date is in early 2012. Be careful my friends…

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