NYT Jokes About Trump Assassination: “Good News I’ve Figured Out How Trump Campaign Ends”

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 143 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

    Editor’s Comment: Whether it is just rhetoric or not, Donald Trump is vowing to undo numerous grotesque and unconstitutional executive orders if he reaches the presidency. His combative and unapologetic stances on immigration, rebuilding American jobs and otherwise flowing blood back into the country have made him a clear target of the establishment.

    But how far will they really go? And will the American people be reminded of what happened when a candidate even pretends to represent America first – ahead of globalism and transnational interests? This latest veiled threat – not so much from one reporter, but from the establishment that opposes him – is only the most recent of what is certainly many, many threats. Going against the system is not a joke, even if people think Trump is.

    NY Times Columnist Jokes About Assassination Attempt Ending Trump’s Campaign

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    UPDATE: Douthat has apologized and deleted the original tweet. A screenshot of the tweet appears below.

    New York Times columnist Ross Douthat caused outrage after he joked about how an assassination attempt could end Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

    “Good news guys I’ve figured out how the Trump campaign ends,” Douthat tweeted last night.


    The tweet links to a video clip from the 1983 movie The Dead Zone, which features a character played by Christopher Walken attempting to gun down a political figure played by Martin Sheen.

    In the plot, Walken’s character tries to kill the US Senatorial candidate (played by Sheen) because he has visions of him becoming president in the future and starting a nuclear war. Sheen’s character holds up a baby as a human shield during the assassination attempt, destroying his credibility.

    While joking about an assassination attempt on any public figure is crass, it’s particularly relevant with Trump because he faces a very real threat of being targeted.

    As we previously highlighted, according to his former advisor Roger Stone, Trump now wears a bullet proof vest at all public appearance due to the sheer volume of death threats he receives on a regular basis.

    Trump first began wearing the vest in October last year after after reports that the world’s most wanted drug lord El Chapo had put a $100 million bounty on his head. He also received Secret Service protection at around this time.

    Following his controversial comments on Muslim immigration back in December, Twitter exploded with death threats aimed at Trump.

    Reaction to Douthat’s Twitter quip from Trump supporters was forceful.

    Douthat bills himself as a conservative, but in his latest column for the New York Times he concludes that “President Hillary” would be a better choice for America than “our own nuclear-armed Berlusconi”.

    Attacks on Trump from conservatives and members of the Republican establishment have picked up in recent days, with Mitt Romney remarking yesterday that the billionaire’s tax documents could be hiding a “bombshell” revelation.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. Twitter: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71


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      1. There is no doubt that we need a Civil War. We are at that point of polarization that there is no compromise.

        Fuck’em. Bring it.

        • A civil war would be the least of our problems. When the SHTF for real we could be looking at WW3 and who knows if it’ll go nuclear.

          • It’s a miracle it hasn’t already gone nuclear

            Here comes March

            • Donald Trump = Modern-day version of Benito Mussolini
              Donald Trump = Israel first, not America (Zionist shill)

              “People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over.”
              Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan administration.

              • You are an idiot.

              • The problem with PCR, is that according to him the West = Bad and the East = good. He fails to admit or realize that the East is just as crooked and corrupt as the West. China is a perfect example of corruption and they have lied and cheated even more than the West.

              • Weston

                Your recommendation for President is?


            • interesting which countries have nukes:

              USA – democracy
              England – democracy
              France – socialist
              Russia – communist
              China – communist
              India – Who the hell knows?
              Pakistan – run by Muslims
              North Korea – communist
              Israel – Oy Vey!
              Iran – Thanks Obama

              It is truly a miracle that nukes haven’t been used yet.

              • JS: I agree about nukes not having been used, yet.

                You forgot one more country: Saudi Arabia

              • John, USA is a republic

                • I can’t get over how many people that can’t get what our government was supposed to be

                  Here it is
                  And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands , one nation , under God , indivisible with liberty and justice for all

                  • Actually the signed and agreed to “Mission Statement” of the United States Of America is the Preamble. US Constitution is the rule book.

                    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

                • In name only, sadly…we are rapidly degenerating into an Islamic Fascist mutant…

                  • Old hart
                    We are an oligarchy. Done and dirty. Islam is a diversion.

              • USA=corporate oligarchy

                • uSA = Constitutional Republic. Once the gov’t incorporated the “u” was capitalized to signify the corporation. Thus USA is not the same as uSA and whenever you see USA (or “US”) that is a “term of art” and the sneaky way TPTB let you know who/what they are referring to and also pulls the wool over the eyes of the “uninformed” (read that”ignorant”).

              • oops!, you left out japan….already USED their nuke!…which brings U.S. that much closer to using them all over the WORLD…aint no harm dun YET,….right????

                • stay tuned for the shootout at the OY VEY corral….

                • Japan deserved to get nuked. Ever hear of 731 squad and Shiro Ichi?

                  • when pointing a finger at ONE country that DOES deserve to get nuked….just remember, there will be three fingers pointed back at U.S….pray tell, which one DOESN’T deserve to get nuked.

                    • BCOD
                      I will pass on flinging nukes around, what say we quit talking about who deserves it before we convince someone to nuke us.

              • Russia is not communist. Its economic system, which defines communism v capitalism, is an oligarchy fighting with government for complete control unlike the US where the oligarchy has already won.

                • Kevin2
                  That’s a good description! You always come up with something and make me laugh too. I learn a lot from you.

                  • Rebecca

                    I learn a lot from this board and others. Thanks for the kind words.

              • USA is a REPUBLIC!!!! India is a democracy.

              • You been freeze-dried or doing hard time for the last 25 years or so? Russia is not communist.

                The Russian Federation has a CONSTITUTION, fashioned after OURS – the only difference is they ABIDE by their version. Only China and NK are not our vassals…and none of them are going out of their way to antagonize us, unless WE antagonize then first.

                You can put away your flag now.

          • Rodster

            I agree. Everyone is looking here while Syria looks like Poland in 1939.

            • You’d be surprised how many believe the refugee crisis was caused by global warming.

              • I actually witnessed a NJ State Senator say in public, “Don’t confuse me with facts” when confronted on their anti gun position. That is a leap of logic devoid of logic. Crazy people hear that and say, “Thats crazy”.

        • Nahh I don’t want to fight my brothers
          I want my government to feel the pain
          I opt for a revolution , not a civil war

          • EOTS
            The owners and corporate-owned government is the problem.
            I defend my brothers (even the foolish one)

          • EOTS

            Revolution does not solve the problem of socialism. I would rather fight my brother and rid the country of those who constantly are a thorn in my side or die.

            Don’t you want to hit that person that plans to take MORE of what you earn away from you.

            You have to beat the Freedom Back into this country.

            • First the revolution
              Than the cleansing or civil war you speak of

              If it’s done the other way around , it will never be complete and we will slide right back into what we have right now

        • Sling. With you bro. bring ti on.

      2. Assassination is no Joke. Trump is not my first choice but what a stupid statement. Every see a Coup bring forth a good Government? Trekker Out.

        • Can we make jokes about wacking the wise Latrina now? Can we make jokes about how a magic bullet could hit Biden in the penis and Obama in the skull?

          • Anubis
            I’ve been seeing jokes like that for 7 years, wake up buddy.

        • Trump is a fucking dickless asshole. This election is a worthless waste of time.

          • Happy to hear you are not planning to vote.

            Perhaps you are under the age of 18?

            • No one should be voting

          • Law abiding citizens in new jersey, can’t wait for TRUMP to win, so we can carry a firearm

      3. I have still to decide on Trump but looking at the other candidates currently campaigning, if he is not on the ballot in November then the only remaining option is a write-in of NONE-OF-THE-ABOVE. This voting for the least-worst candidate just does not cut it anymore.

        • Lurker.


          I am voting for Hillary to bring about change. Maybe the type of change some people do not want. As she has stated that she would continue down the same path as Obama has created. I hope for more trade agreements that gut the rest of the manufacturing and commercial industries. May she infringe upon more of your Constitutional Rights. Then then tax you more that you yourself become destitute as will your future generations. I have been told that my vote don’t count. Then voting for Trump doesn’t matter. Guess we will find out later if voting for Hillary did..
          If our country has enjoy eight years of degradation and still wants more of the same, then I help will give it to them. Because they fully deserve it.

        • It doesn’t matter if I decide to vote for Trump or not, because he will be the only one on the ballot in NC by the time I get to vote next month.

          • Sad, Duopolies give us some many choices. When he builds the wall which way will the wire face.

        • Mark Twain said,125 years ago,

          “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it”

          • The MAN doesn’t care who wins the election as long as they get to do the nominating.

      4. If anything happens to TRUMP, this guy should be the FIRST person to feel the wrath of 100 million American gun owners.

        The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards !!! Death to the New World Order !!! Its totally Constitutional !!! 🙂

        • DK

          Its been over 50 years since JFK. Frank Church spoke showed Congress the heart attack gun back in the 1970s almost 15 years later. I shutter at the possibilities that the agents of TPTB have at their disposal today. I think the line from Vito Corleone about his son Michael when he stated, “I’m a suspicious man, if a lightening bolt……..”.

        • Can’t wait for TRUMP to win, gun owners in new Jersey will be able to carry

          • copper recovery

            I spent three decades of my life in NJ. There was a time that I thought the place was normal. The best thing someone can do regarding carry in NJ is to carry yourself out of that state. Its law / regulation / taxation insurance land. Pennsylvania has a sign when you enter; America Starts Here.

            I feel for you. Save your money, retire and get out of there.

      5. If Trump is the real deal, there’s no way the Powers That Be will allow him to become President. I suspect a lone nut assassin of Moslem origin will be used since Trump has offended the Moslem community on numerous occasions.
        (Or for fans of the board game “CLUE”, I’m guessing Hillary with a piano wire in the drawing room.)

        • Talk is cheap. That is why Trump is still around. He will not follow through on any promises.

          • john stiner

            At a minimum he is using the bully pulpit and educating people. A pile of people that would not otherwise Google “Audit The Federal Reserve” will do so.

            I feel however that his insulting persona will be his undoing.

        • When I first heard Scalia was found dead I bet on “in a small plane with 50 women assaulted by Bill C” the found with pillow over his head by a man Obama gave a medal to in 2014 seemed too unlikely.

      6. Trump is known to wear a bullet proof vest !
        I can’t wait for Super Tuesday results !!!

        Cruz in his home state of Texas is only 1 point above Trump
        the Donald may very well take him out

        and it seems Rubio is now “the establishment candidate”

        if anybody does take out Trump
        it will probably be the Republican National Committee !

        • Cruz is a come from behind person.

          In the Texas Senate race he was 24% to Dewhurst 49%. They went to a run of and Cruz got 53% to Dewhurst 47%.

          Once Rubio drops out, the 65% not voting trump will vote for Cruz.

        • Not only that but I think the reason he gives kids rides in his helicopter is to prevent cucks from trying to sabotage it. If they killed the wrong person there would be hell to pay.

        • The Republican establishment supports Trump, even today Christie announced his support for the Big D. Only republicans against Trump are the thinking conservatives.

      7. the European Union about to go code red

        “We Are Heading Into Anarchy”: Official Says EU Will “Completely Break Down In 10 Days”

        h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-02-25/we-are-heading-anarchy-official-says-eu-will-completely-break-down-10-days

        like anybody with a lick of sense didnt see this coming

        • …And in 10 days nothing but the sun coming up and going down, will happen.

        • Try reading Anders Breivik’s Manifesto “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”

          Breivik is the mass murdered that shot and killed 67 people at the summer camp in Norway in 2008.

          His entire manifesto is about the muslim invasion.

          h ttps://info.publicintelligence.net/AndersBehringBreivikManifesto.pdf

          • 100 years from now there will either be statues to Breivik in every European town or there will be no running water.

            • Are you serious? Sometimes I doubt the logic and sanity of the American people!

              Breivik is clinically insane and anyone who supports his twisted view of the world is as bad as this man! Why don’t you Americans mind your own business and continue slaughtering your own people. You’ve got enough guns in private hands to have a daily blood bath!

              I don’t normally comment on American politics but out of 300 million people the best you can offer is Trump and Clinton?

              I don’t fear ISIS, Syria, Russia etc., but I am terrified by America!

          • Alot of pages in this one, will take me awhile to get through it, but…just a read of the table of contents is interesting.

            very ??timely??

      8. Ain’t life a hoot???

        You want to know what it feels like???

        In the movie the abyss, the submarine XO looks at the CO and says we’re losing her!!!

        The CO said launch the buoy!!!

      9. Trump is just another Jesse Ventura. A guy with “big talk” who lies a lot. Jesse was a disaster as Governor while Trump is destroying what is left of the GOPe, not that I care what happens to the GOPe.

        It doesn’t surprise me that there are fools on this site who are Trump Chumps, after all many of you believe the crap on Info Wars and Zero Hedge too, or Ron Paul is a Patriot for going to work for RT. (Paul is a KGB implant)

        Rant on 3L’s (Leftist Libertarian Loons)

        • The Establishment has done us all so well. Manufacturing eviscerated, Wall Street / Financial Sector self regulated (see The Big Short) and their criminals like Corzine walking free. Lets not forget the destruction of Iraq that has the end result of making it a terrorist sanctuary.

          Did you know that positions at Zero Hedge predicted the crash of 2008 a year before with the reasons behind it while the Federal Reserve said, “The mortgage securities are solid”.

          GOP? Who cares about “The Party”. We care about US jobs and security and removing Assad from power for a Saudi Gas Pipeline and confronting Russia over it does nothing for our safety. Actually the mechanics behind it, creating, funding and arming ISIS is frightening.

          Ron Paul, known as Dr No for his strict adherence to the letter of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is what the GOP should be but unfortunately isn’t.

          • well said kevin!

        • Build the Wall tall, Trump. Deport all commies, muzzies and mexican invaders. Don’t allow any to return.

          To paraphrase Hoover, A sniper rifle over every door.

          f ’em

          • It would be a hell of a lot cheaper to deport all the white people.

            We are a lot fewer.

            • The country is 2/3rds white. Check your facts.

            • All white nations are getting flooded with the 3d world and being forced to pay for it. (((Juice))) are profiting from it.

            • it won’t cost ANYTHING to deport them….make it illegal to hire them, and take away the freebies, and they find their OWN way home…you WILL, america, you will…funny thing about americans…they’ll ALWAYS do the right thing….but only after exhausting all other possibilities.

        • Unfortunatly those in the GOP like Warmongering NEOcons and morons like religious freaks have destroyed, raped and fleeced America. Those commies on the left also destroyed America. And finally when a sucessful sensible guy like Trump comes along and calls out these Destroyers from evil, you get death threats. That moron punk should be publicly hanged. Death to the NWO Shills in our Government and MSM hellbent on destroying the American dream, because of greed and psychopathic power grab. I want the names and addresses of these establishment evildoers. (Anonamous can you help us here on getting that list?) Thats who gun owners should be going after daily to rid these tyrants from the planet. Its all spelled out in the Constitution and a right of the people to eliminate, to preserve our country liberty and freedoms. The Antigunners should face jail or be the faces in our rifle scopes for elimination. Bring it. I’d rather Die as a patriot hero on my feet, than a beaten down slave on my knees, for the pleasure of psychopaths. Are you all with me, say aye? Btw/ Rubio and Cruz are Cubans unfit for public office and keep is in perpetual war. Hitlery and Sanders are NWO COMMIE SOCIALISTS. TRUMP is the ONLY CHOICE. WAKE THE F@(k up America.


          • Wwti, love the moniker.
            No one knows where all this will go?
            I, myself, like Trump, he may be the one to turn this country around.
            But I do not put much trust in anything anymore.
            This world is turning into a pile of poop…

      10. Fuck off!

        • Way, you mad bro?

          • Becuz he is a GOPe troll. Is that you Levin?

      11. No true American wants any of the candidates to be harmed. The slick New York AD campaign that represents Trump’s pursuit of the presidency is not in the best interest of the country. Please watch tonight’s debate before you choose to vote for someone.

      12. Hillary’s campaign ends with a young girl dumping a bucket of water on her.

        • Did the witch melt?

          • Well, hasn’t happened yet, but presumably she will melt.

          • hate to be a spelling nazi on here, but you mis-spelled bitch, patriot.

            • Dammit!

        • she LOOKS like she’s a couple quarts OVERfull already…to ME she looks like meryl streep after soaking in water for a couple days.

      13. I read a transcript of a speech that Hellary made to a Goldman Sachs audience on 6/4/2013 on DissidentVoice.com, if this is legit, which I believe it is, this bitch is beyond evil and lays out her true feelings about anyone outside the .1 percent in the financial sector. This speech needs to be revealed to all the brainwashed masses who intend to vote for her. It is vile. It is also well known that Hellary has been a conservative her entire life. I also read an article stating that Obummer is actually a conservative and is waiting to heavily cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. This has been his goal all along, doing it without raising taxes on the wealthy.

        • It wont matter, as you say, brainwashed masses, people are so oblivious its incredible..

        • What Kool-aid have you been drinking?

          Obama a conservative?
          Hillary a conservative?

          I think you mistake conservative for communist.

          • They are both Neo-Conservatives as their foreign policy is identical to Bush. Bill Clinton gave Wall Street NAFTA, China Free Trade and Financial Sector De-Regulation by abolishing Glass-Steagall.

            Think Goldman Sax is going Hillary millions for nothing in return?

            Don’t judge their position on Gays, Guns and Abortion but rather on the use of the US Military, Globalist Trade and the Finance Sector. In this regard you can’t tell the difference between them and Rubio or Cruz.

            Both horses are bought in the two horse race.

            • giving not going…….damn auto spell.

            • Kevin2
              Exactly, both sides are owned by big money. Even Sanders brand of democratic socialism is a bandaid on the power structure to keep it in place. Theoretically Libertarians would bring it all down.

              • The supporters of both Trump and Sanders are the preverbal “canary in the coal mine”. They’re sounding the alarm of growing discontent. It would be wise for those in power to listen. Unfortunately they’re power drunk. I formulate this conclusion because only those utterly blinded by power can intentionally fail to see the dangers in virtually everything they’re doing. WWIII over Syria, squeezing the lower rung of the economy with a “Let Them Eat Cake” attitude, the rule of law repeatedly violated with, “Too big to fail, too big to jail”.

                They’re doubling down on systemic failure.

        • “(Waves check again, dances, cackles).”

          That really sounds like an accurate transcript.

          As evil as she is, I don’t believe she could put all of that crap into one speech.

          BTW, the site is a .org site, not a .com.

          ht tp://dissidentvoice.org/2016/02/hillary-clintons-speech-to-goldman-sachs-june-4-2013/

          Also, there’s no way she’s a conservative. She violates all three legs of Reagan’s three-legged stool of conservatism. She is not fiscally conservative. She is not morally conservative. And she doesn’t believe in a strong defense of our country.

      14. I would guess that if something happens to Trump his supporters will retaliate very strongly. You don’t want that.

      15. Would not surprise me none if he got Bobby Kennedy’d.

        • If Trump was Bobby’ed, the killer would be named Sirhan-Hillary

      16. From the article.

        “He also received Secret Service protection at around this time.”

        After JFK that wouldn’t really comfort me if I was Trump. They can protect you from for lack of a better word “normal” threats from crazies but the Establishment / TPTB are an entirely different animal. I would have my private security closest to me with them on the outer permitter. “Sorry guys, nothing personal but I seen the Oliver Stone movie”.

        I can’t believe that Trump is naive not understanding the virtual omnipotent power that he is messing with.

        • K2: Trump is a born and bred New Yorker. Not only that but he has been dealing with bureacrats and unions and various mobs his entire life. I think Trumps success speaks volumes. I would love to see him crush the public employee unions. The public schools and the VA hospitals are infested with union thugs that, supposedly, can’t be fired. Sure they can.

          Reagan handled the FAA strike. Trump can deal with a VA strike and teacher’s strikes. It is horrific as to how this country treats veterans and young people are no longer educated, they are indoctrinated.

          • Public Employee Unions are the least of my concerns. Pushing the US towards a US / Russia confrontation and the loss of manufacturing are the main issues for me.

            My opinion of organized labor is that they’re too strong in the public sector and too weak in the private. I’ve seen it. Workers damn near bathed benzine and asbestos was everywhere in 100% violation of the law in a union environment as the hush word in the plant was, “Open up that can of worms and they’ll shut the place down”. This is the reality of America. This mindset is directly related to globalization. Compete with the third world and you start to emulate the third world. Its all a race to the bottom and we’re arguing about the rate of decline. If we abolish the minimum wage more people will work becomes the logic not what the hell put us here.

            In normal times neither Trump nor Sanders would get more than a glance then a snicker from the body politic. Several decades of the policies of the Establishment / TPTB Globalist rule with the damage its done has changed the public. The “Lipstick on a pig” has worn off.

          • It is astonishing and ugly the salaries being taken by these Veterans Administration thieves while actual veterans are denied benefits for years. The VA and the government won’t admit that the toxic burn pits used in Afghanistan and Iraq have poisoned many vets.

      17. Trump had better have is on security team. I believe he does. If they take out Trump it is time for some type of Civil disobedience, because you know that the election is rigger.
        If He s taken out we know that Obullshit’s election was the last election.
        I never believed that any Prez would suspend the election but this POS just might.
        Times are getting more and more enteresting.


        • Sgt, what if Trump gets elected, shot in the head, dies but comes back???

          Be well all…

          • Trump looked like he kicked ass tonight…

            Makes one wonder where our country is headed.

            Where is that crystal ball???

            • Its headed down the shitter,
              Everything is going down the hole

              • Would that be anticlockwise as in the northern hemisphere, or clockwise in the southern???
                Anyone think on that question???

                Deep, I know….

                Yall misbehave…

            • Where’s that crystal ball? Sleepin’ with da fishes.

          • But, but we’ve been taught he doesn’t exist right…….?

        • More and more people I talk to are saying they don’t think we’ll have an election in November.

          • There will be an election, bet them money or lunch on it, you’ll eat free for a week or two, provided they pay up.

            We’ve been through wars, civil war, epidemics, cold wars, hot wars, public unrest, all kinds of stuff, and have always had an election.

      18. Kennedy was shot because he was going to dissolve the Federal Reserve and force the Congress to take up its Constitutional mandated issuance and control of the national currency on a Gold standard.

        From the beginning of the horse race, when I listen(ed) to JB, or Crudz or Rubio I’d hear the “same ole story, same ole song and dance my friend” (Aerosmith)…got to quit the cocaine to found with my gun, smooth’n face’n lawyer to get me undone..Ooops sorry…

        The official rag of record reporter should be brought up on charges for “uttering” just like Joe the Plumber saying “bomb” on a plane, or in an airport. Freedom of speech yes, BUT with a price tag. His tweet was uncalled for and in very bad taste. Now if that tweet would have been about Barry O then the Secret Service would have him handcuffed to a table in a scene right out of the Matrix. A 40 imnute water boarding session would teach him not to make idiot innuendo again.

        Trump is conducting a NO BULLSHIT campaign without apology. People are eating it up too. I fantasize vicariously in visualizing him chew the shit out of the career white shoe boys in the oval office during a state of the Union address. Can you see him now asking the American public to call, write, e-mail their elected officials forcing their support of a new Ammendment to the Constitution for a two term, term limit for ALL House and Senate members? I think Strom Thurman is probably bronzed in Hans Solo carbonite fashion, and still adorning the Senate halls…LOL

        As President Trump would be a force to be reckoned with however the Congress would shut him out and he’d be using the EO privilege. He knows he needs an “insider” to get the legislation passed that’s been laying around.

        • “Kennedy was shot because”

          There were numerous reasons from firing the head of the CIA, planned reversal on Vietnam post summer Diem coup and progressing with steps on ending the Cold War. All three went at the heart of The Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about just before leaving office. Vietnam / Cold war expenditures necessitated inflating the currency which made the Bretton Woods agreed to USD / Gold Peg impossible to maintain.

          Interestingly the US public less than two years after the US coup proudly handed their sons over in 1965 in what was most likely the most unjustified war in US history.

      19. I don’t believe Obama will suspend the election. It isn’t his call to make. Baas Hawg will tell the President when the time has come. Why would Baas do that? TPP puts power above the President of the United States. No need to freak the people, just let em snooze. I hear from Europeans that they don’t like the EU a whole lot either. May be why they are overrun by Syrians. Keep em busy.

      20. Trump is a joke all he says is were gonna make America great again. Mitt Romney said trump should disclose his tax info. I agree I think we would see the real Donald. he tells people what they want to hear. Well free shit trumps empty promises.

      21. the poll on Drudge right now,although it is certainly not a scientific poll is putting “the Donald” the big winner
        by a SUBSTANTIAL margin

        and I don’t know that people think Trump is the best man for the job
        I think people are so absolutely disgusted with politicians
        that they are willing to throw the dice at this point

        Cruz are Rubio are very much showing their desperation
        they threw everything but the kitchen sink at Trump in the hopes something would stick

        that strategy didn’t seem to work
        but we’ll know for sure Super Tuesday

        • We’ve had military men, lawyers, idiots, an actor, and a sex-fiend as President. Why not try a businessman?

          “When caught between two evils I generally pick the one I’ve never tried before.” – Mae West

          • Arch – You left out ‘a crime family’….(Bush 1 & 11)

            • Just like Grandpa Prescott.

        • You left out High IQ. Trumps IQ is 156

      22. Ah yes… leftist violence is funny… while if you sneeze on campus you will be arrested for a “microaggression.”

        After the left MURDERED 100 million people last century (cf. The Black Book of Communism, Courtois, et al, Oxford Univ. Press) this isn’t funny.

        But there IS a silver lining: I used to lean left when I was young. My best friend was far left. We are both now aggressively conservative with a libertarian twist. And how did this come about? The absurd, ignorant, vile, sophomoric, ridiculous HYPOCRISY of the left, such as the above (cf. the global warming scam).

        So… keep it up, you fascist leftists. You are creating yet more new conservatives with each ignorant word you write.

        • TEST

          “global warming scam”

          I think that initiated with the globalists which by their nature are fascist. Their goal is to increase the cost of energy in the developed world (where the restrictions apply) and therefore add another benefit to manufacture in the developing world. Overall carbon and total pollution emissions increase.

          The left is being funded by the fascists. Think Soros is a communist? They are being used to put political pressure where the globalists want it.

          • The Keystone Pipe Line is an example. Having virtually no logical excuse to stop it they called out the environmentalists. One may ask why? Simply because if that oil doesn’t go to the US it goes to China. Why is that desirable? Because the US and of course by extension the fascist globalists now have control of a Chinese energy source. The environmentalists, blinded by ideology, can’t add. Instead of that oil being combusted here in the US under stringent environmental laws its going to be used in an at best 1950s environment device of regulation. In the end its actually more pollution.

            Many don’t see the dominos. They see point A striking point B with someone on a bull horn saying this is bad. The effect of Y hitting Z escapes them.

            • Kevin2
              US control of Japan’s energy and cutting it off brought us Pearl Harbor, WWII, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. By extension, it also brought us German chemists that brought us chemical weapons designed to kill humans but “theoretically” being used as pesticides and endocrine disrupters for insectsin sects. Don’t forget how many industrialists supported Hitler even after the US declared war against axis powers. Not to forget WWII brought us nuclear scientists that brought Nagasaki and Hiroshima to Japan as well as nuclear power that freed it from Western oil dependence and Fukushima. Never mind Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and a bunch of nuclear plants past their sell by date in the US. Is it necessarily a good thing for the US to control China’s energy? I am not sure we are going to survive the former US control of Japan’s energy.

              • Rebecca

                Want to read a terrific book? Read, “Trading With The Enemy”. Its documented, footnoted and shockingly even Hitler has some problems with it.

                I was thinking after I read that book, “If thats the power the industrialists and bankers had in WWII in a real war with a real enemy what the hell are they up to now”. I shutter at that thought.

                “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Maybe the very word “Power” should be sinomious with “Corruption”.

                • Kevin2
                  Thanks, I just added Trading With The Enemy by Higham to my book order for next week. There were a lot of books with that name! What does that tell you about nationalism and corruption? It is the supporters of psychopaths that cause these things to get out of hand. They are totally a minority. Totally? Oops, that’s the DIL influence. Just read A God in Ruins by Leon Uris. The spot where the guy realizes he supported a psychopath his whole life was interesting.

      23. Ah yes, the NY Slimes. Newspaper of Walter “I don’t see no stinkin’ starving Kulaks in Stalins Ukraine” Duranty, fiction writer extraordinaire Jayson Blair, and big fan out outed fake (yes… bigger fake than Al Gore) Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu.

        I don’t waste my time with that piece of “papier hygenique” – if I need lies, I can get them with less effort.

        “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
        – Richard Salant (1914-1993) former President of CBS News

      24. Pat Paulsen!

        • Damn, you and I are old to remember that.

        • I have a good friend who drove taxis in Vancouver (Ph.D who couldn’t get a job no less) and actually picked him on for one of his rides.

          We’re gettin’ old, Jake!

        • 🙂

        • I went to see Pat Paulsen in Chapel Hill when he was running for president in 1972. He was charging $1 for machine-written autographs.


        Weston,..your ass in now banned from this site. You don’t know crap about Donald Trump. PHUCK YOU AGENCY ASS CLOWN TROLL, YOUR BANNED, HOW DARE YOU TALK CRAP ABOUT TRUMP..go and blow your gay lover cock.

        The white hats in the military has requested that Trunp runs for president, because they, the muslim from the United nations have had other generals, captains, murdered.. hundreds of captains, soldiers have been fired from the military including one army captain that I met in person that told me what is really going on..


        How white men that are from Texas, what he calls country boys, are purposely being targeted and fired without reason without cause.. they are purging the military and are bringing in Muslims to literally take out the people, then in the military under this administration to run it, not just soldiers,get this, police officers, so now you will have police officers, suni.,,muslims that can legally arrest you at you house.. this is being put into place in Texas all over Texas … and I have been told this by the cops themselves that are pissed off about it.. like one retiree told me, its all real he said.. that Chinese soldiers are in Mexico, p
        Panama, and the rest of central America, being planted there with cooperation by the Chinese government to invade the United states to use them to attack whites, patriots, and any group to basically use those foreign. soldiers to so the killing, since the American white soldiers wont sign off on killing g Americans of asked to do so. This cops told me that the people need to be armed up.

        In fact China is very worried about Trump getting elected became it means that they the chi-coms will be getting the phuck bombed our of them when they make the move on Tiawon…

        Trump is a billionaire which means that banks can’t just clean out his accounts, call his loans and strip him of his assets, because he is extended to far, too strong and has the backing of the white hats, generals who are for the American people who believe in preserving the culture of the United States.

        America by all means and will NOT EVER ALLOW THIS COUNTRY TO BECOME A MUSLIM STATE.. no damn sharia law, nor will they allow China, Cuba, Mexico l, central America to launch attacks against the people in our country. Over currently over 30 military bases armed with foreign soldiers with over 1,000,000 soldiers including Chinese and Russians latvians, Nato and other dangerous nations and threats.. are now literally here to kill us and this is a FACT OF LIFE..TRUMP IS THE WALL THAT ENDS THIS PHUCKING BULLSH….T AND THIS IS WHAT HE IS about, period ..If Trump gets in, a mass arrest will follow of the people in the current administration, we heard about it in 2013, when Drake Bailey came forward to warned the public about the coming mass arrest and was laughed at when in fact he is telling the truth..if hillary gets in, things are going to escalate to revolutionary war, and this is a no brainner.. people are looking jobs, their cars, homes and it happening.

        BLACK Americans are getting pissed off.

        To black people and black are awake.. They will not vote for white women, like hillary, and they will be voting for Trump because a lot of blacks I know, as in real African Americans, not dred lock, I am taking about the career working class, are voting Trump they don’t even trust Ben Carson and believe that he is just another disguise to trick us, which I believe is the case. Let me tell you guys on this and something that you already know.

        Americans cannot take another 4 years of her current conditions because the people are going to be on the streets business owners like myself. This is being done by design to crash the economy to start the flash point on civil war to then deploy the soldiers and declare martial law. After seen them murder Finicum and jailed the Bundy’s, it’s now obvious that America has been taken over by Muslims from the united nations. This is just a fact..when soldiers are telling me in person and telling what’s going on, I realized quickly that this is not Bs, these things are facts… they are literally purging all whites from the military to take over the country..total Bs or real, you be the judge..China is building that island to use to stage attacks on the destroyer Carrier groups to prevent the white hats Navy from defending Tiawon… because if Trump gets in, China will be nuked if they attack Tiawon, this is the best thing that could ever happened in the modern world then nuked the middle east next, then the world will become a good place to live and our children that are white will have good future. The United nations are literally trying to genocide the white race over the next 10 yrs. See deagel.com, I am sure the trolls will come in here now to inform the readers not or listen to me because I am retard. is that right trolls.. you ain’t wining this one



        Trump is the sh….t, period.

        • OK, whoever has the straight jacket please return it. Obviously we need it back again.

        • Toss the troll into the shredder hicks he’s not even worthy of sitting on the flower bed let alone wondering out onto the lawn and he just needs to keep trump out of his mouth

        • Okay……whose turn is it with the Thorazine dart gun?

      26. It’s been said that Trump wears a ballistic vest
        Well I’m sure a lot of those types do , or should
        Hell you and I should be wearing them

        But here’s the deal , if JFK was wearing a vest , would it have changed anything ?

      27. Off Topic.
        Has anyone heard from Sixpack?

        • A little bird said she was seen lurking the halls of the Kremlin, hoping to bump into Pukin.

          • PWTW
            I pray she is ok! I miss her insight!

      28. 2 Big ‘Ifs’: IF Trump wins, and IF he shakes things up (such as stopping illegals crossing our borders) like he says, he will NOT be allowed to serve. I felt the same way if Ron Paul had been elected. The PTB will not allow a powerful outsider to govern.

      29. We do have a responsibility only to take care of EU within EU and our religious whites!!! people of our race!!! within our lands!!! that is ours!!! and not muslims or blacks.

        Mein land! Stop selling our lands! I want it all to be preserved! I want new rules for our white of our race, religious people of Vatican that are tough and rough to make us great, legendary. I want us to be the greatest, strongest once again. I am prepared going to Deutschland with this message in mind. I might even start the new SS.

      30. Archivist… that website goes to the correct one with .com also, and that’s only one key push.

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