NY Tyrants Warn: Prepare For Full Lockdown

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    Tyrants in New York, Andrew Cuomo, and Bill de Blasio are warning those they rule over to prepare for another full lockdown.  Pretending that the coronavirus is still somehow relevant, the ruling class is going to make some dictates that are about to destroy the lives of many.

    New York City is being primed for a “full shutdown” as the tyrants make it clear that the city needs to “get ready” for such an event.

    “The governor said in a New York Times interview over the weekend that we should prepare for the possibility of a full shutdown,” de Blasio said. “I agree with that, we need to recognize that that may be coming and we’ve got to get ready for that now because we cannot let this virus keep growing especially at a moment we are finally getting the vaccine and can turn the corner.”

    They Moved The Goalposts…AGAIN!: “It’s Not Over When The Vaccine Arrives”

    De Blasio also spoke as a new shutdown of indoor dining in the city, announced by Cuomo last week and backed by the mayor, went into effect, according to a Fox News report. Restaurants had been permitted to resume indoor dining at 25% capacity on September 30 after months of being shut down, but that was ended on Monday with no indication they would reopen any time soon.

    Commie De Blasio’s Snitch Hotline FLOODED With Obscenities

    Commie De Blasio on Full Tyrannical Display

    These tyrants are also hoping they can get this vaccine in everyone. They are banking on it. Of the vaccine’s release for public injection, de Blasio said: “We are not done yet with the coronavirus. So let’s celebrate today. Let’s be hopeful. It is a shot of hope. Let’s be clear. It’s not just a shot in the medical sense. It’s a shot of hope,” he said. “But we have to keep fighting this virus in the meantime. So we remain vigilant. We’re going to have a tough December, a tough January.”

    These new lockdowns will finish off what’s left of small businesses leaving corporations to run the show. Fascism is already here, and it’s been amplified in recent months. In the coming year, there will be no illusion left. The fascist totalitarian takeover will be obvious to even those fast asleep right now.



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      1. Both these pricks need their brains blow out for the thousands of people they murdered in the hospitals and nursing homes. Covid my ass.

      2. I am so tired of hearing about the VACCINE!! It is all bullshit and smoke. What the hell is wrong with all you people?? You don’t need a vaccine and certainly don’t need a virus test swab up you nose. All that is show and fear mongering, wake the hell up and DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. Just green tea and zinc will protect you from the virus and even stop the virus if you have it. https://www.newstarget.com/2020-12-15-green-tea-compounds-block-enzyme-coronavirus-replication.html … My wife’s son and daughter-in-law caught the covid virus and immediately, I sent them Elderberry syrup and zinc supplements. After taking just those two things, they said on the second day, they started feeling much better and the symptoms were completely gone in a few days. That’s it, no test, no doctor and they are fine and healthy. YOUR DR. WILL NOT TELL YOU ABOUT THIS (why is that?) or about the other half dozen ways to kill the virus with non-toxic NATURAL cures and prevention. Stay natural and stay healthy, chemical drugs are toxic and harmful to your body. Stop acting like you are stupid and depending on Dr.s for every little thing. Get off your ass and start searching for information to take care of yourself. Believe me, NO ONE cares about YOUR health as much as YOU DO.

      3. “we cannot let this virus keep growing especially at a moment when we are finally getting the vaccine and can turn the corner” Gotta agree with them there. I mean,I live in NYC and this “killer virus” has grown. Why,the other day I was coming home and I actually saw the covid IT WAS HUGE!!! Thankfully, I was able to turn the corner and get inside. Fortunately,the covid was unable to utterly ravage me,at least this time…☺️?

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