NY Governor May Use The National Guard To Cover For Un”vaccinated” and Fired Health Care Workers

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    New York state is in a predicament of their own making, and many other states look poised to follow suit.  After making the COVID-19 “vaccine” mandatory for healthcare workers, hospitals began firing workers on Monday.  Now the governor is trying to decide if replacing those workers with the national guard is a good idea.

    Anyone in the national guard (and any military branch for that matter) is going to have to make a moral (not legal) judgment call really soon.  Just how far is the military willing to go to serve the psychopaths desperate to keep their power? We are likely, sadly, going to find out.

    NY Hospital to Pause Delivering Babies After Maternity Workers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate

    On Monday, New York hospitals began firing or suspending staff who have defied the order to get vaccinated. Tens of thousands of healthcare workers in the state may have refused to take the shot, according to The Washington Post.  To address potential staff shortages, the governor has allowed doctors, nurses, and social care workers from other states and countries to practice in New York, and cut some red tape in terms of registration of healthcare professionals, among other measures.

    “The only way we can move past this pandemic is to ensure that everyone eligible is vaccinated, and that includes those who are taking care of our vulnerable family members and loved ones,” Hochul said after declaring a statewide disaster emergency.

    The governor will also monitor “whether the deployment of medically-trained National Guard members may be necessary to execute at any point,” according to her office. State officials said the percentage of fully vaccinated hospital staff has grown from 77% to 84% since early August. They added that preliminary self-reported data shows 92% of hospital workers have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to a report from RT. 

    “This Is Completely Avoidable” – New York Hospitals Prepare For Staffing Crisis As Vaccination Mandate Forces Mass Firings

    The only good news about any of this is that the rulers are pushing so hard, they’ve destroyed the illusion of freedom. We were never free. We have always been slaves and people are finally realizing it.

    We are living under a dystopian tyranny. If anyone can remove your source of income for any reason (taxation, refusal to be injected, etc.) you are a slave. We knew this was coming. We have been preparing for it.  Sadly, we need more people to open their eyes and see it.  Get your last-minute preps now. Try to eliminate stress, worry, and doubt by having plans. Most importantly, stay strong, and remain unfearful.  These sociopaths feed off of fear.


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      1. What will the overall cost of this be and who will be paying it (i.e. the hospitals they are assigned to or the State government that calls them up using general funds)?

      2. “Just how far is the military willing to go to serve the psychopaths desperate to keep their power?”

        Easy to answer to this: As far as they are told to go.

        Taking and obeying orders is what the military is about.

        • More people need to realize that. Expecting bunches of troops to break ranks to join the rest of us is delusional, and the substance of silly TV shows.

      3. This LBERAL governor as well as many other liberal governor’s ALL need to be removed from office and held in prison awaiting TRIAL for crimes against humanity. Then when found guilty, EXECUTED! That is the ONLY way to stop their insanity.

        • So, uh, who’s going to do that?

      4. The Military Industrial Complex is alive and well…

        Buckle up boys and girls…the ride to hell is well underway…

        yet I will say the things of this world is temporal and the things unseen are eternal…

        Are you seeing with your physical eyes or with the eyes of your heart…the spiritual eyes…

        look to the Cross of Christ and bow the humble knee and cry out to the Lord for forgiveness of sin and be saved..

        Otherwise continue to stiffen the neck and die in sin and suffer a eternal torment in the lake of fire.

        may the Lord draw you to Christ…for He is the mighty King and Warrior and will slay the wicked by the breath of His mouth upon His return…what side will you be on…the sheep on the right to enter in to the kingdom prepared for the children of God…or the goat on the left to enter the kingdom of Satan, a kingdom prepared for his children…

        I would rather serve Christ in heaven then to reign in hell with the devil…for I fear no man, yet I fear God.

      5. Hah! What a joke. 1/2 of them are unconvicted felons. They will be stealing narcotics, robbing patients and raping them also. Don’t tell me otherwise. I did my 12 years in the 42infd. out of the 5 boroughs. I knew the garbage that was in our unit. Wait a minute! Maybe this is what they want to happen after all!! Shortly, these paid out commie politicians will be running to hide after they are charged with crimes against humanity. There will be no rocks for them to hide. Many will be “looking for them” for payback. They must think they are untouchable and unreachable. Even the guys that protect them will look the other way when shit starts to happen.

      6. The idea that the State is looking out for our safety and best interests is laughably absurd. Now, health care workers are being fired in the name of public health and safety. This is an abject joke considering the State is allowing and facilitating millions of illegal immigrants to flood into the US with a host of communicable diseases.
        We also see crime out of control in several cities and urban areas across the US, yet little to nothing is done to improve public safety. And of course we saw that the State was more concerned about extracting locals from Afghanistan than ensuring the safety of Americans left behind. The State allows unhealthy GMO food with zero nutrients to be manufactured and sold, it allows toxic herbicides and pesticides to be sprayed on food crops, and it chem-trails the atmosphere with poisonous chemicals and heavy metals from horizon to horizon, where’s the health and safety concerns there.
        These. and many other examples are not necessarily only the products of calculated effort, or misguided policy, nor of the omnipresence of official corruption (though all of these do play a prominent part), the over riding motive in all these is that the State truly and viscerally despises you. It so detests the American people that no egregious or vile act against them is dismissed. The State sees its role not as a facilitator of progress and improvement. Rather, it sees it purpose as a force to deny these things however it can. It is the State that is the great intentional causer of problems.

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