NWO: Globalists Want To ANNIHILATE 90% Of The Human Race

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 61 comments

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    New World Order globalists are seeking to eliminate 90% of the human race, in a bid to protect the environment. Those for mass death have convinced themselves that the only way to save the planet is to eliminate “useless eaters.”

    The NWO and globalization has been happening for some time now, but there always appears to be a moment when the agenda’s rhetoric is ramped up to disturbing levels, complete with apocalyptic death.  Even leftist totalitarian comedians like Bill Maher have joined in the horrific agenda pushing by saying he just wants people to, “Not have kids, DIE, and stay dead.” Maher said humans hurt the environment, so the solution is for them to die. (Did Maher forget he’s a human?) “As he argued that humans hurt the environment, he concluded that it would be better for Earth for more people to ‘not have kids, die and stay dead,’” reports NewsBusters.org.

    Leftists truly believe the planet will be destroyed if humans are allowed to survive much longer. Left-wing nut case Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warns that planet Earth only has 12 more years before it will be destroyed by “climate change” — a completely fabricated junk science narrative invented by power-hungry Leftists who are almost universally illiterate in the realm of real science, reported Natural News.

    There are far too many humans who believe that the slaughtering and killing off of billions of other humans is the answer to “climate change.” Because globalists truly believe humans are a threat to the planet, they have no qualms whatsoever about calling for the mass genocide of human beings around the world. After all, they are trying to “save the planet,” they tell themselves, which translates in their twisted and sociopathic minds, that the ends justify the means. (Did anyone just picture Adolf Hitler?)

    Natural News further wrote that the global annihilation agenda is ramping up, and with it comes increased rhetoric. In fact, laws are now being pushed that will allow governments to efficiently dispose of billions of bodies by “recycling” them back into the food supply. (Soylent Green, anyone?)

    In the state of Washington, for example, a new “human composting” bill has been passed by the state House and Senate. Once signed into law, it would allow human corpses to be liquefied and flushed into the sewer system. From there, “biosludge” is collected by every city in America — including Seattle — where it is dehydrated and trucked out to the rural farms in surrounding areas. There, it’s dumped on farm fields after being dishonestly labeled “free fertilizer” for farmers.

    This is all explained in my jaw-dropping film “Biosludged,” available for free at Biosludged.com. (You can watch the film, or even download the raw video files and share the files on torrents if you wish.)

    Effectively, what this means is that human corpses are going to be “recycled” back into the food supply in Washington. Soon, this will be authorized across America. It’s one of the necessary steps before the globalists unleash their “kill switch” biological weapon that’s designed to kill off at least 90% of the global population. Once that is accomplished, human labor will be replaced by automated robots, while armed Google “suicide drones” seek out and exterminate the human survivors living in the rubble of cities like Seattle.-Natural News

    All governments of the world are on an unsustainable path, and rather than admit failure and give up their power and money they’ve stolen from the masses, genocide becomes their answer. After all, those who are not living don’t need the government handouts.  How else does anyone possible think universal basic income could ever work?

    No one knows when the time will come that governments will decide to finally commit mass murder on a scale never before experienced, but there is evidence and even talk from globalists that it’s the only solution and at some point, could occur.


    H/T [Natural News]


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      1. Thanks for that pleasant Sunday morning read, Mac.
        I should send this link to some family members in WA.
        Of the 2 couples, one is liberal, the other conservatives.
        Who to send it to? 🙂

        • It would be preferable to eliminate 100% of the scum elite to protect ourselves from their delusional insanity.

          • Menzo, that’s right. The globalists are the ones who need to go, not us. I’m back at the BOL for a whole month. If the balloon goes up during May at least I’m already where I need to be.

            • The plan is to kill off the riffraff too. The global elite worship Lucifer who hates all of humanity since we are created in God’s image, including those who worship him. The third world folk are only the pawns to take down western society and then get rid of them too.

          • Amen bro, Let them all lead the way! They need to demonstrate how eliminating a few million useless eaters will benefit the world, by volunteering to be the first ones to go. What a beautiful idea, and what a beautiful world it would be without their kind continually lousing it up

      2. I think, their power comes from pitting useless eaters against eachother. Yes, most people are useless eaters.

      3. Bill Maher, in the ‘winsome’ words of Caitlin Johnstone, has “the world’s most punchable face.”

        Maher is a very small man, both literally and figuratively.

        What I find so interesting in his comments is the fact that those of Maher’s ilk are working feverishly to develop ways to prolong the lifespan for the world’s elites. Hypocrisy at its finest.

        Funny about that prolonging life idea; read Revelation 9:6.

      4. See, people can’t handle life with what they have..
        Greedy people, what was wrong with “Red” and “Yellow” ?

      5. I don’t believe in exterminating people—forced sterilization is more humane.

      6. 1. Opioids

        2. Plastics that turn males into queers

        3. Hormone “therapy” for children that makes them permanently sterile

        4. Wars that benefit a small foreign Country in the Middle East and kill a million of our people

        5. War, world war, other wars

        6. Poverty and created famine

        7. Processed food that’s sometimes worse than no food at all

        8. Medical procedures that kill

        9. Nurses that kill

        10. Forced migration, that is, forced onto indigenous people in Europe

        10. Diversity leading to war

        11. Brainwashing causing women out of their traditional role as mother and helpmate

        12. Stress intentionally caused

        13. Men losing confidence in themselves as men


        • You missed, gun and mental health laws/ regulations / policies that let insane people buy guns, while ever passing more laws to disarm law abiding sane citizens.

      7. Once they get the guns it will be easier to carry out the genocide. You know the there will be ethnic cleansing. It will be a religious holocaust. ive never seen a religion that doesn’t believe others is wrong.

        • They won’t get the guns in the USA, so they will have to go with plan B, whatever that is.

          • Menzo, they can never get enough scumbags to carry out gun confiscation and don’t even have enough bodybags for the ones that will get wasted.

          • That would be Eric Swallowswell and his itchy nuclear trigger-finger.

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              By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – – Monday, November 19, 2018


              Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell has threatened gun-owning American citizens with nuclear strikes if we refuse to surrender our firearms (“Democratic Rep. Swalwell warns gun owners that ‘government has nukes,’” Web, Nov. 16). Just who in the military do you think will use a nuke on a U.S. citizen or group of citizens for exercising their constitutional rights, Mr. Swalwell?

              Perhaps now we understand why the gun-grabbing Democrats are so willing to bring soulless, America-hating Muslims into the country. They would join the U.S. military and jump at the chance to nuke American citizens. You need to be recalled and spend several decades in prison, sir.

      8. Globalists, NWO, TPTB or whatever name for them is fashionable are in essence “The Borg” of Star Trek fame. They reach through academia, law, politics, business and media from their home port in finance. They literally create the viewed reported news and simultaneously hide the real version. Governments are largely in their employ via control of their bureaucracies thus making a mockery of republics and democracies. Once hiding in the shadows their power, almost omnipotent, has reached a point where one must intentionally ignore their existence. It’s so obvious that even the media, which is owned by them, had to start using the term, “Deep State”.

        • The Borg is a good analogy. The Borg tell everyone they meet that they will be assimilated, resistance is futile. That’s exactly what the liberal/progressive/deep state establishment is doing. By assimilating academia, the media, and finance they can have their way. What’s scary is that they are relentless. They keep doing what they are doing no matter what, just like the Borg.

          • We need then only to put them to sleep.

      9. Are you people just now finding out about the Georgia Guidestones and what they mean? Google is your friend.

      10. This has been pretty public info for a long time.

        Just a half hour so from me in Elbert County are the Georgia Guidestones built in 1980.

        Look it up and read the details – they likely don’t include you in the maximum 500 million world population recommendation…:-(


      11. I’m getting ready to spray some fence and foundation lines with Roundup. My preference would be to use Diesel so I never have to spray those ares again, but it smells bad.
        Back to the posted article. If you kill off 90% of your enablers, what do you have left? A bunch of dead smelly things.
        An Earthly paradise? Possibly.
        My Idea of an Earthly paradise would be to spend the rest of my life free from Democrats and people that believe as they do.
        If the NWO can do that I’ll be be happy.

        • rellik

          Newsflash, the agenda of the democrats is the agenda of NWO. No borders, one world government with a homogenized gene pool, collectivization of people and resources at the expense of the individual, civilian disarmament.

        • Instead of Roundup, which poisons your soil for a long time, and runs off with water runoff, why not use white vinegar? Cheaper, still kills weeds, and does NOT poison you, soil, kids, livestock, water, pets, etc.

          Just an idea.

          • Liquid pool chlorine.

            • I seen professional cleaners dilute it 50/50 with water to remove mold from fences and pavement around pools.

            • Chlorine is natural, yes it was a chemical weapon in WW1.

              If you go to the ocean, wood sided houses within a few miles of the ocean, will be bleached nearly white. The sea salt, including dissociated sodium Chloride becomes air born. The Chlorine bleaches everything.

              Interesting that the EPA banned Freon 12, years ago claiming it was destroying the ozone layer by releasing Chlorine. All the while sea surf along tens of thousands of miles of coast line world wide released hundreds of thousands of times the Chlorine Freon 12 ever released.

              I got the real story from an EPA big wig. Aerosol freon 12 causing climate change/Ozone depletion was a hoax. Turns out Freon 12 was a big EPA issue because manufacturing it produced large amounts of unacceptable waste/pollutants the environment couldn’t digest.

              Thus rather than tell the truth, the EPA came up with an elaborate lie to effect a change they didn’t think US citizens could grasp. In the years since safe alternatives to Freon 12 were developed. WTF? This elaborate lie has since been woven into the entire global warming lie. They never stop. They found elaborate lies work, the PTSB continue o feed them to us.

      12. Agenda 21, written years before 9/11 is real. The sickos that be missed their 2015 target and now moved it to 2030. IMO they are moving on multiple fronts, foremost unseen killers such as microwaves, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc. but also vaccines. I know there are others but this is enough to know we are in their crosshairs

        • They didn’t anticipate Trump, he was a political outlier.

          There are strong rumors Trump was installed by Millitary intelligence. Hillary’s people thought they had electronic ballots boxes stuffed. Military intelligence neutralized DNC voter fraud. Thus the left was blindsided. The media was in on it, but from the wrong side, they also didn’t see it coming and will pay.

          We are in amazing times, what happens in 2020 saves or destroys our future.

      13. The best solution is a controlled highly air born contagious bacterium pandemic – Its cheap – highly effective (some people by the luck of Nature will be immune (5-10%) and leaves the infrastructure and land/water unscathed.
        Of course the elite NWO folks will have a vaccine
        The trick will be to ensure the bug does not mutate or effect animals

        • jakartaman

          “Of course the elite NWO folks will have a vaccine” (and those they deem useful alive)

          Yep, my thoughts exactly. It also comes with plausible deniability as it hides behind ostensible intent.

        • The current measles epidemic looks like a psyop.

          Genetic tracing on measles outbreaks traces most cases back to the lab grown, human created measles that was created for the MMR vaccine.

          Med professionals refer to these specific cases as a vaccine side effect, sorry if your child died.

          The other 40% of measles cases seem to be coming with illegal immigrants, ooppsy.

      14. It’s okay because “government is a necessary evil”.

      15. Maybe they can just get “Thanos” to snap his fingers and make 90% of us disappear!

      16. It is always easier to kill millions of people when you are part of a government than it is to kill a single person when you have to do the act of killing yourself. A million people is a number;a lone person is a human being like yourself.

        • “When one person dies, it is a tragedy; when a million people die, it is a statistic.”

          The above quote is from
          Communist genocidal murderer, Joseph Stalin, commenting on the mass famine he intentionally created.

          Churchill said Stalin admitted that his genocide in Ukraine killed ten million people.


      17. Who takes care of the gobalists? Who produces food,other products? Who transports anything? doctors,truck drivers.construction people immune? Some of these globalists will end up hanging from a tree. People will fight this……

        • Jim in Va

          ” doctors,truck drivers.construction people immune?”

          This could only occur if a vaccine pre or antibiotic post was available. Those who they desire to be immune / cured are and those who are undesirable are not; it is diabolical and efficient. Regardless the drain of feeding the unproductive or the chaos rebellion resulting from their starvation is far more threatening to the globalists. I have zero “faith” that the orchestrators will ever be held to account. Who are they? Where do they live? They own governments and therefore their armies.

        • Once AI and robotics have merged, robots will take care of TPTB. The elite will not need useless eaters to care for them, robots will perform all labor. WE are not needed and will be killed off. Look up “Slaughterbots”…

        • Ok people will fight this? If the electric grid goes down . That will achieve the 90% die off. just who you gonna fight if the grid is shut off?

      18. BULLSHIT

        NWO: Globalists Want 90% Of The Human Race to Immigrate To The West

        IT’S ALL MONEY!! Hey Mac, don’t you understand that each immigrant to the 1st world = over $1 million [in entitlements and the equvilents from the taxpayers pockets — all newly created debt money] over the lifetime of each immigrant shithead.

        Christ Mac, I’m beginning to doubt your intelligence by printing some of your shit here.

        WTF is wrong with you? Do you really think that the ones that control all the money and lands are going to crash the system and eliminate their human cattle that make them richer?

        Geeze Mac Really

      19. Get your MMR its an epidmeic

      20. Well,
        Thats a start!

      21. Patriots await the call.

        • Joey Nice, ‘the call’ from whom?

        • This theory supposes that the absolute chaos that killing off 90% of the population would cause could be controlled. I promise you if you kill 9 out of every 10 people on earth, you will not be able to control a damn thing, Don,t care how much money or power you have. The idea that the favored one percent can sit it out in some bunker and pop up after the smoke clears and run things is ludicrous. All the power links, the money, the control of resources that gave them power in the first place would be gone. If they ever do flip some lever somewhere that takes us to Mad Max world they will be FUBAR, chaos will rule, the 9% remaining will be controlled be people who don’t give a rats rectum about the NWO, or the wishes of those who came before. Hell people the 1% know this, why do you think they haven’t already pulled the plug, what they are doing now is working. Why kill everyone when you can enslave them instead

      22. In their twisted minds they think they need to get rid of over 90% of the human life to save the planet but it is them that are the biggest polluters with their big business churning tons and tons of pollution. They have the power to bring sustainability to the world’s population but they are too greedy to spend any resources to achieve this aim and rather just wipe humanity out and keep their wealth to themselves.

      23. Look, if the choice came down to eliminating people or living without steak, Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, Prime Rib, a good beef roast, and hamburgers, what would you do?

      24. The obvious response to the suggestion that people should die is:
        “You first.”

      25. Mother Nature knows how to take care of the Earth, when she decides there are to many humans, she will thin the heard, and remember Mother Nature is a cruel bitch, she won’t need anyone’s help.

      26. Seems to me from my life experience that no matter how outlandish the tale, there’s always a truth buried in it somewhere. We’re inundated with one ‘end of the world/humanity’ story after another. Something’s afoot is all I know. What it is? Heck, I don’t know. Like ordering @ a Chinese take-out…’pick one from column ‘A’, one from column ‘B’ and all orders get eggrolls’.

      27. Liberty and self-reliance are the globalists’ greatest fear. Yet we cling to Republicans, hell-bent to also control us. The Left is the enemy we know. Republicans are the enemy we sleep with. Which is more dangerous?

        We talk about liberty but we chain ourselves with a 2-choice mentality.

        • Montana Guy, look again. The Demonrats gave us a clear felon (Hitlery) to run in the last Presidential election. Hitlery stole the Demonrat nomination from an admitted communist (Bernie). The Demonrats disregarded the Constitution when the Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh looked like a close vote. Hell, I could go on for 100 pages. OK, the We-flubbed-agains leave something to be desired but they clearly (usually) present a better choice than the Demonrats.

        • We talk about liberty but we chain ourselves with a 2-choice mentality. You are badly mistaken if you think that there is a viable political or ballot box solution. Elections voting & politics are just a dog & pony show.

      28. Im in favor of a great culling. As long as I get to decide on the chosen culls.

      29. They wanna reduce the population by 13/14th’s, 500 million according to the georgia guidestones.

      30. So it’s good to be old so you don’t have to face what is coming unless the destruction is ramped up sooner.

      31. Come and get some dick head !

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