Numerologist Warns Planet Nibiru Is About To Smash Into Earth

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 104 comments

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    Apocalyptic space scene with two colliding planets.

    Numerologist David Meade, the author of the conspiracy book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival says that planet Nibiru is going to smash into Earth in a matter of weeks. According to Meade’s theory, the apocalypse will take place between September 20-23, and the clues are written on the pyramids and in the Bible.

    Nibiru, sometimes referred to as Planet X, is a hypothesized planet on the edge of our solar system. Nibiru has been predicted to end the world several times since 2003.  Scientists have refused to acknowledge the existence of Nibiru, and NASA has repeatedly assured the public that nothing they know of will be smashing into the Earth anytime soon.  “Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax,” NASA says.

    But Christian numerologist David Meade says otherwise. He claims that a star is driving Planet X, also known as Nibiru, towards our own planet. Meade says he uses passages from the Bible to back his claims about the wayward planet and it’s supposed collision with Earth.

    Meade said, “It is very strange indeed that both the Great Sign of Revelation 12 and the Great Pyramid of Giza both point us to one precise moment in time – September 20 to 23, 2017. Is this the end of the Church Age and the transition to the Day of the Lord? There couldn’t be two greater witnesses.” Meade also believes that Nibiru will become visible in the sky before it hits Earth destroying everything, humanity included.

    Meade says that it will look like there are two suns in the sky.

    Although many believe the images in the video to be reflections off the dome of the Earth’s atmosphere, others are convinced that it’s Nibiru approaching our planet.

    Earlier this year, Meade made the September prediction using verses from the Bible, but he now claims this date is backed up by markings on the pyramids in Egypt. Of the great pyramid, he said, “It faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error and is located at the center of the land mass of the Earth. The east/west parallel that crosses the most land and the north/south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the Earth – one in the ocean and the other at the Great Pyramid.” Two tunnels set in the Great Pyramid will point to significant celestial objects after September 20, Meade claims. He said the Descending Passage will point to the star Regulus, also known as the “King” in the constellation Leo.  The Ascending Passage will point to Jupiter, known to the Jews as the “Planet of the Messiah.”

    David’s prediction is mostly based on the Bible passage Isaiah, Chapter 13 9-10, which says, “See, the Day of the Lord is coming – a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger – to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it. The Stars of Heaven and their constellations will not show their light. The rising sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give its light.”


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      1. Come on already. And when everyone wakes up on the 24th, theyll know theyve been had.

        You can fool some people sometimes, but you cant feel all the people all the time.

        • Oh gee, Nibiru back yet again. I actually found Niburu hiding under my bed last time; this time I’m pretty sure it is hiding in my closet behind my bellbottom pants and platform shoes I haven’t worn since I was groovin’ to Barry Manilow…

          • Any “planet” smashing into the Earth greater than 10km diameter and everybody is dead barring a few ulltra rich pathologicals in deep bunkers on the other side of the planet (if still in existence).

            Interesting. Seems that we got it all wrong and the Great Universal Oneness favours the psychopaths(evil ones)over the true believers who will be removed in his wrath from a desolated and devastated planet Earth.

            It seems the Lord truly moves in mysterious way. Unatural selection of the unfaithful over the faithful. No body saw this coming….. apart from a few psychos.

          • If you ever grooved to Barry Manilow, even just once, you deserve to be smashed by a wayward planet.

        • if we were playing poker then I’ll see your Nibitru and raise you two hurricsnes and a korean war.

          • Damn, that’s funny dude-

        • A Side Note: On September 24th germany is electing a new parliament.It has the potential to destabilize europe. Especially than all these little problems, that Merkel & Co were hiding to win the vote, come light.
          Maybe Nibiru is not real, but an allegory…

        • Nibiru may well exist…

          However, on Sept. 24th, Mr. Meade with come forth and eat his crow, right…?

          Probably not, more likely something like he meant next year…

        • But just to be on the safe side, I think that we should contact All-Go-No-Quit Harry Stamper…!

        • Some people will do anything for money. So sad.

      2. This is not news. Try again.

      3. Oh,screw that noise!This will have to wait till after Oct. 27,am going to see ZZ top in the Orpheum Theater,sits about 3000,old place with gold gilt ceilings/just beautiful old school architecture ect.,sorry niburu,gonna have to wait a bit!

        • No worries Warchild –

          ZZ Top will be playing, and you will be there to witness a hellava good show. ツ

        • Dress sharp!

        • Well I’ll be in my Y2k bunker reading my Mayan Calander books and cross checking my blood moon graphs waiting for impact.

        • Fear porn. If Nibiru was going to smash into the earth in 30 days we would see it looming very large in the sky already.

          At 200,000 mph x 24 hrs x 30 days it would only be 144,000,000 miles away from earth; or about 1.5 times the distance of the earth to the sun.

          While I buy the Nibiru theory (it explains many earth mysteries) I am not buying its proximity at 1.5 times the distance of the earth to the sun.

          NEXT !!! 🙂

          • Just when everyone agrees that nothing will happen on Sept. 23rd, including me, that’s exactly the moment of 100% complacency.
            To me, this sounds like a countdown timer activation date!
            However, no Nibiru is close enough to worry about.
            We have plenty of other potential threats to worry about.

          • What do think was the real cause of that solar eclipse?

          • Durango,
            Wish I could give up points.

            Scripture says the end of the world by fire won’t happen until Christ has ruled for a thousand years. We ain’t seen that yet.

            Since we have only seen evil rule for centuries, and no sign of Jesus. We know the time is not ready, just keep trimming those wicks virgins!

        • Saw the ZZ Top Eliminator tour, back in the day…

          • Last time I saw ZZ was right before the mtv/Eliminator and such tours,was 1981 at Cape Cod Coliseum,a great place that tis now a Christmas Tree Shop(those bastards!).

        • On May 4th 1980, at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ, I got to see Live, that Lil’ Ol’ Band from Texas, ZZ Top – just back from hiatus, donning new long Beards, and promoting their new Album, Degüello. What an awesome show that was! And just before they went for that popish, shit sound they ended up producing over next ten years!

          • Holy Shit Steve! I worked for Al Haywood and Johnny Scherer the 2 concert producers for the Capital theater back in the late 60’s and early seventies and saw the greatest musical acts of an entire generation. Boy how things have changed!

      4. OMG, I watched a bunch of those Niburu videos in the recent past. All the videos showed strange things in the sky. I look and see nothing up there, then I read this will happen in the year 2900 or thereabout. If it is incoming those scurrying into deep underground bunkers need to be french fried too. Wipe the slate clean. When will the official warning happen?

      5. Mmmmmmmm………nope,not happening!

      6. This is full of shit! They have been predicting this planet x for some time now.

        Planets do NOT collide against each other. It’s elementary physics 101.

      7. Baloney.

        Next time a Christian End Times prophecy comes true will be the first time.

        Where would you hide a planet in our near solar system and we couldn’t see it? We can see planets in other solar systems, so I find it hard to believe a real planet is hiding somewhere near enough to hit us.

        • You must learn to code talk….
          Niburu is hiding in Billy Gibbons beard.

      8. Mr Meade should also remind everyone the part about false prophets claiming to know the date of when the “Lord” returns….and to not believe them.

        Nibiru is real, folks. You don’t need to worry though. You have three choices: ( I love choices) Decide if you want to try to live in the aftertime…and prepare for that. Carry on with the destructive mouse-on-the-wheel life that They have created for us, and if you survive the pole shift ( or even make it to see that) go happily into the slave/concentration camps the government/elite will create for you. Or, fate into the wind, live your life the best you can, sensitive to your fellow man, gentle on the earth, and full and joyful heart. If you survive, you are meant to do more…if not, on to the next life.

        Good luck to all.

        PS After the sun rises in the West you have approx 3 1/2 weeks to Pole Shift. It will be a total sh*tshow by then. Check out Zetatalk for more

        • Yep! the Zeta Talk Lady who communicates with Aliens via a device they implanted in her noggin? She claimed Obummer was a good guy & was Lincoln Reincarnated. Like Al Gore she doesn’t allow debate. Picks and chooses which questions are replyed to. She believes that the USA landed on the moon. I tend to think we didn’t ever put a man on the moon. And certainly didn’t do it with 1969 technology and have a perfect result. NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer. Nasa claims Fat Al Gores man caused and Man mitigated glowgull warming is a fact. NASA claims Nibiru doesn’t exist. That’s the only thing that makes me think Planet X might be real is that NASA says other wise. Now if NIBIRU does happen the after time would be a stone age existence. I already have a cave and a baseball bat so I would be setting pretty.

          • I though NASA meant “Need Another Seven Astronauts.”

        • Susieton Awesome comment dude

      9. Agreed.

        Just some optical anomalies and people go crazy.

        Something the mass of a planet would affect the orbits of other planets slightly. And it would be visible in most cases too.

        There are too many ways to detect a planet coming into our system.

      10. Numerologist Warns Planet Nibiru Is About To Smash Into Earth


        “Nibiru, sometimes referred to as Planet X, is a hypothesized planet on the edge of our solar system.”

        KEYWORD: “Hypothesized” … = … To Assume, as in … No Evidence!

        Herein lies the problem:

        A Christian numerologist … aka … A Charlatan.

        The World is loaded with these kinds of charlatan’s.
        Spreading misinformation, based on a fictional story, to make collections on behalf of his/her own plate.

        • If it’s on the edge of our solar system. It will take years or decades to get to the inner solar system. And then the odds of it actually intersecting earth orbit are microscopic.

      11. So whats everybody doing for Thanksgiving this year?
        Frying or baking whats your favorite?

        • I’ll be working on how to use the buckets of wheat I have stored by baking bread. I just saw this:

          Sourdough Bread – Part 1: The Starter

          • Hey THAT looks good! Thanks for the vid!

          • Cool beans!
            Ive tried the sour dough starter a few times, mostly because from a prepping standpoint it will be a good substitute for commercial yeast, one of those simple items that may not be available after a SHTF event,,,
            This changes around a lot depending on the flour you use, have tried it with whole wheat flour and home ground flour, i definitely suggest trying the different ingredients, huge difference in outcomes, sometimes yer going to just have flat bread!

            • Nailbanger, Yes, this stuff is more science than art!

      12. He’s the author of a conspiracy book. Thats all I needed to hear.

      13. Aw I thought that the celestial body coming in was my ex wife gaining more weight! And now it’s the end of the world?
        Ah ha! Putin did it! It’s Russia hacking the universe!

        • Its dem white supremistists

        • NAW….. Its George Bush and NASA redirecting the planet the same way they redirected hurricane Katrina .

      14. It’s great that such predictions are being made. When they don’t come true, it will prove once again that numerology is a false science.

      15. Oh well, I guess there’s no point in cutting the grass.

      16. Forget Nibiru, Nimrod or Numnutz. Hurricane Irma is a Cat.2 already. Heading towards the Caribbean. After that, maybe the Gulf, or not. Too early to tell.

        • Seems like the cone is indicating it’ll go right up the Florida peninsula, at least this morning that’s the path.

        • It’s now Category 3 and expected to be up to 140 MPH in 5 days.

      17. Planet Niburu is the hemorrhoid of conspiracy theories. Itchy, and does not go away unless you use Preparation Skeptic.

        There are more important things to worry about than fairy tales about flat earth, crazy planets, etc.

      18. I’ll be drunk in Vegas waiting for the crash!

      19. What a silly video!

      20. Oh boy, not again. I just got through a lot of rice from 2012 and such… My answer to the non stop doom and gloom theories out there is to simply go to costco again. If these events do occur, I only pray it lands directly on top of us so we don’t have to endure the ensuing misery. Youtube vids are fun but they’re purely cut and chopped, mimicking others quite often. Now and then you’ll run across the source and then understand how the rest of the clip vids came forth. Down the rabbit hole and you’ll learn how this planet is moving so fast at varied angles, something about we can’t see it until it’s here but some light comes in ahead of time. Also speculated is that it won’t hit, but merely pass and the comet trail will cause effect as we pass through it via rotation. But how do the giant nerphillium survive on a planet without a sun? Toss out flat earth theory? Got stumped? The beauty of numerology is the same approach that nasa uses, your regular joe can not proof the theorem. Presto! It is what we say it is. Besides, we’re all sims in a simulation and cern took over years ago. Got Mandela effect? I do. A planet destroying event seems preferable to a future of total genetic and chemical contamination courtesy of mnstno/bayr, big ag & big pharma. I’d rather get hit by a planet than take a toxic flue shot. To each his own.

        • hey I’ve got good news!!! ….nevermind this is not the place to post good news?

      21. This waw a pretty dumb article.

      22. There is a planetarium built into the dome at the Vatican in Vatican City inside Italy, home of the Pope and center of The Church.

        If there was a planet coming toward earth, the Church would put out some type of public statement.

        I can just try to guess what it might be.

        “Hell NO, we won’t GO.”


      23. Sure it will hit earth, and Clinton will go to jail!!!!

      24. I am not going to even discuss this topic. I have told everyone on this site what I know about it, and wont go there again. Martial law has been declared in my city. Marines and Battleships are in the gulf, and really hope that this for the clean up because they need help, and I am seeing that another hurricane is heading to our gulf, and they are going to do this HARRP thing again our state.


        • Just a curfew so far. Martial law is when they ask you to give up your pistolas.

      25. Oh goody! Another bedtime story. Somebody please check under my bed to see if Hillary is hiding there.

      26. Why is this garbage on here?

      27. I certainly hope the NIBIRU is real. Kowever Im very skeptical. And It wouldn’t hit or smash into the earth. If it gets close its magnetic force would likely push or pull against the earths magnetic force. some debris from its iron oxide tail might bombard the planet. But ive not seen any real tangible proof. Its only plausible in that we simply don’t know what we don’t know. I can tell by his posting’s that HICK’s reads and believes what the crazy lady on the Zeta Talk website advocates. I read the weekly newsletter but im not convinced. Its like the Moon landings I simply haven’t seen any real proof.

      28. Wait a minute! He didn’t say where I was supposed to send my life savings to! But then the earth is flat. Nasa will turn the earth sideways and planet X will slip by!

      29. This story is lies and bullshit in the fact that none of this is truly what he has to say on the subject!

      30. so how the hell did the ancient egyptians, who built the pyramids in the first place, know to predict that particular future date!!!?….probably the same way that george orwell knew to entitle his satire: “1984”…purely convenient conjecture…just as we’ve always been around to laugh-off placard carrying weirdo’s predicting that: “the world will end on 20th sept. 2017” we will sure as hell be round in october…unless of course that chubby little hamburger muncher triggers his own ‘nibiru’ with a nuclear missile directed at guam on sept. 20th!!…

      31. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it, so why worry. It is what it is. Next issue.

      32. This prediction is all fine and dandy but it also shows the authors lack of Biblical prophecy. There will be a War in Israel before the end times. This will be brought on by a peace accord that will no sooner be signed and sealed than it will be broken. Also Damascus has to wiped off the face of the earth. These two have not happened and I don’t believe there will be time for them to happen before Sept. 20 something.

      33. Nibriu has Not Hit Earth in 4 billion Years What Are the Odds of it Hitting earth Again

      34. Seriously, dude?

        Is it a slow news day?

        Really, you need to stop with the clickbait hysterical headlines. I mean, there needs to be SOME attempt at credibility or the only people reading this site will be OTHER lunatics.

      35. ? Barry steps up to the microphone and calls for a nibiru tax. Stating we need money to rebuild. The funds will help get it done. 🙂

      36. I thought numerology was forbidden by G-D . Is it not mentioned in the Bible as an abomination, along with witchcraft, etc.?

      37. Stone the false prophet if this fails to come to pass.

      38. I don’t tend to usually point to a known day, but all things do point to this time period. I’ve been a student of eschatology and archeoastronony for some time now and it’s far more than this. There is also a period of 30 days following the eclipse that lines up to the evening of Rash Hashanah. Daniels 1260-1290 days anyone? The waters were held back also, but now released if you’re looking at hurricane Harvey as sign of coming judgement. The blood moons, the coming alignments, these things just simply won’t happen again. As we travel through space our solar system will continue to fall away from alignments such as these.

        Point blank, I’m unapologetic about my faith. I’m a sinner, imperfect, and no different than anyone else, but if there were a time to get right with the Lord I wouldn’t wait much longer. It may not be a mystery planet or nuclear war, but your day cometh. God Bless you all. I’ve enjoyed this site for years, but the days are coming soon. Stay frosty.

        P.S. I don’t believe in Nibiru. Just everything else I’m seeing.

        • I agree Whitewolf. I just saw it on the news ticker days ago. It indeed does exist.

      39. Into The Mystic, Van Morrison

      40. My first thought when I read the term Nibiru the headline was Scientologists. But was thinking of Xenu.

        But don’t sell predictions like this short. It William Miller calculated the date of Christ’s return (a TRUE – in Prepper terms “End of the World as We Know It” event) as October 22, 1844.

        While some claim he was wrong about that, there are at two large religions that still follow his teachings, the Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      41. Kind of hope it will be a near miss, so I can hop onto the other planet and leave the crazies on this planet behind.

      42. does this mean Ann Margaret’s not coming sir?

      43. Ive said it many times before; start looking -10° the solar system eqautorial plane. You will find it. East-West poles.
        Look on iSWA, it shows up everywhere- slightly behind us, and below us.
        Look for the opposing solar wind- why the fuck do you think Sol’s wind gets slowed down so much (from 700+ down to 300km/s)?
        Because of the brown dwarf near us. There is nothing, i repeat nothing, beside Sol.
        Watch for major EQ’s at both our poles, with 4 & 5’s around the equator. That will be my proof of the “flyby”- when its horizontal poles grab onto our vertical poles, and starts the pulling. Post “flyby”, you will see many vertical fault EQ’s worldwide.

        • Bravo!

      44. David Meade unfortunately mixes fiction with a light sprinkling of truth.
        Planet x is nothing new, it will ‘Not’ crash into the earth as he claims.
        It will pass between the earth and sun like it always has, though it will drag into our path asteroids that can create problems to say the least.
        When the sky’s are clear my colleague films it every night for over a month now in southern Alberta, Canada.
        Its very visible to the naked eye and here 5 or more of its bodies can be seen between 3:45 and 5:45 am.
        It is moving very rapidly and is unlike anything in the night sky.

        It is very unfortunate there is so many people who are not giving accurate info on this, and the trolls are doing a good job of discrediting the few good sources.

        I have no channels, books or any other means to profit from this.
        It is in our solar system, it is here, px1.9 is raising hell with the earths rotation, the tides are shifting, volcanoes will ramp up, storms are going to also get more severe.

        Everything else is a distraction, its here and it won’t be long before we all see it.

      45. Damn. That’s like the tenth time in a decade. Those Niburu planets must be the size of a snowflake.

      46. Well, the American Indians also predict “two suns” in the sky just before Apocalypse and its supposed to happen very soon, according to their prophecy. A beautiful video about this (music is fascinating!)…

        I will see if I can find the video and post it… (absolutely beautiful music and tells the prophecies of the Indians about 2 suns).

      47. the video I was talking about (above) is: “The Hopi Prophecy of the Coming 5th Age and Blue and Red Star Katchina”. 🙂

      48. Thunders, Red and Blue Kachina, and the Yamassee, Washitaw, Shoshoni Star Nation.

        THE HOPI PROPHECY OF THE COMING 5th age & Blue & Red Star …

        THE HOPI PROPHECY OF THE COMING 5th age & Blue & Red Star … Hopi Prophecy The end of all Hopi ceremonialism will come when

      49. Web Results

        THE HOPI PROPHECY OF THE COMING 5th age & Blue & Red Star …

        THE HOPI PROPHECY OF THE COMING 5th age & Blue & Red Star … Hopi Prophecy, … Hopi Prophecy …

        Hopi Prophecy: The Blue

      50. “The appearance of the twins (tow suns) begins a period of 7 years, will be final opportunity to change our ways…”

      51. Oops! I meant to write two suns!!

      52. Just what does this “Christian” numerologist base his salvation on? At best, he lacks Biblical discernment. He’s just another, in a growing list of “Harold Campings”.

      53. Bible also says no one will know the exact time, not even the angels of heaven, and to watch out for false prophets. Very clear false prophet is a numerologist claiming to be a Christian having the answers.

      54. Nibiru is Spanish for debt ceiling

      55. “Christian Numerologist”? Isn’t that kind of like a “Jewish Bacon double cheeseburger”? I mean, numerology seems to be one of those things that you can manipulate to get everything, anything you want it to mean.

      56. Posts like this are proof that PT Barnum was correct…..a sucker is born EVERY MINUTE. The belief
        in Niburu/Planet X is defacto proof of lunacy and
        should be all the evidence required to lock someone away
        for being a danger to themselves and others.

      57. Didn’t realize there were so many fools on this site. Yes wormwood is real. Just hide in the woods and watch lol

      58. These revelations by Meade have been verified by the Supreme Leader of the Sasquatch of North America. All planetary force-field resistance has been removed from the Earth by intergalactic treachery between Donald Trump and the Archon leader, Vladimir Putin. World leaders (all reptilian shape-shifters) have been supplied the time and occurrence in order to board the Starship hidden in Al Gore’s basement and escape.
        Is this article an advertisement for telescopes? I seem to recall the Meade name.

      59. Hey I actually read something on the news ticker about a planet passing by earth just a couple of days ago. The native Americans warned of this and I am not counting it out. Nothing we can do about it anyhow. Just make sure you repent for your sins just in case. Never igore what the bible tells you.

      60. So much hate in people’s hearts. That will anger the Lord and cause ebd tbee. We have not lived according his word.

      61. It is ok we are all still dead but don’t know it yet, takes a bit of time to sink in.
        Wait a minute I can’t see myself in the mirror! (Bet you looked as well)

      62. It is ok we are all still dead but don’t know it yet, takes a bit of time to sink in.
        Wait a minute I can’t see myself in the mirror! (Bet you looked as well)

      63. It is ok we are all still dead but don’t know it yet, takes a bit of time to sink in.
        Wait a minute I can’t see myself in the mirror! (Bet you looked as well)

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