NSA Director Says US Involved in Offensive Cyberwar Ops Against Russia

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    This article was originally published by JD Heyes at Natural News. 

    The U.S. Army general in charge of the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command said late last week that his agencies are involved in offensive cyberwar operations against Russia in support of Ukraine, which no doubt will create some form of pushback and equal response from Moscow, drawing America deeper into an eventual war with a well-armed nuclear power.

    Gen. Paul Nakasone told the UK’s Sky News: “We’ve conducted a series of operations across the full spectrum: offensive, defensive, [and] information operations.” That includes “offensive hacking operations,” he said.

    His comments mark the first-ever public acknowledgment of U.S. cyber warfare operations and suggest, as many have suspected for quite some time, that the Pentagon has much deeper involvement in Ukraine, as does the U.S. intelligence community, against Russia than previously known.

    “My job is to provide a series of options to the secretary of Defense and the president, and so that’s what I do,” Nakasone continued, without providing any specifics.

    What is also noteworthy is that Nakasone gave his interview from the allied Baltic nation of Estonia, where other Ukraine support operations including transfers of weapons, have taken place.

    He also talked about major efforts by Russia to launch their own cyber attacks aimed at wreaking as much internal havoc on Ukraine as possible: “And we’ve seen this with regards to the attack on their satellite systems, wider attacks that have been ongoing, disruptive attacks against their government processes.”

    “This is kind of the piece that I think sometimes is missed by the public. It isn’t like they haven’t been very busy, they have been incredibly busy. And I think, you know, their resilience is perhaps the story that is most intriguing to all of us,” he said, in describing Ukraine’s response thus far.

    As for support the Biden regime has provided Ukraine in the lead-up to the Russian invasion, the NSA director referenced the following:

    Nakasone previously said his agency deployed a “hunt forward” team in December to help Ukraine shore up its cyber defenses and networks against active threats. But his latest remarks appear to be the first time that a U.S. official said publicly that the U.S. has been involved in offensive cyber operations in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

    And, as is the case with any powerful deep state insider within the U.S. intelligence community, Nakasone made a reference to alleged attempts by the Kremlin to influence American elections.

    “We had an opportunity to start talking about what particularly the Russians were trying to do in our midterm elections. We saw it again in 2020, as we talked about what the Russians and Iranians were going to do, but this was on a smaller scale,” he said.

    “The ability for us to share that information, being able to ensure it’s accurate and it’s timely and it’s actionable on a broader scale has been very, very powerful in this crisis,” he added.

    In spite of the fact that the entire Russian military and intelligence apparatuses are currently entrenched in a grueling conflict in Ukraine after three months of the war, Americans are nevertheless being told — again — that Russia seeks to ‘interfere’ in the upcoming midterm elections (which means the deep state left knows Democrats are going to get their butts kicked so they are readying the excuse: But…but…but…Russia!)

    According to deep state propagandist outlet The Hill: “Experts have warned that Russia will likely deploy its cyber operations in the 2022 midterm elections, which may take different forms, including disinformation campaigns and election hacking. The experts also said that Russia’s playbook is to divide the U.S. along party lines and suppress voter turnout.”

    That said, it is laughable to think that somehow it takes a foreign actor to “divide” the U.S. “along party lines” — like this is something new.

    The deep state is involving itself in Russia’s war with Ukraine as a means of establishing the narrative that Russian hacking led to massive GOP victories in the fall.

    Then comes more violence.


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