Now Collapsing Flint Suspends Trash Pick-up: “Stench of Rotting Garbage Permeating Streets”

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    Image: Wikimedia Commons, Konstancin-Jeziorna.

    This article was written by Jonathan Benson and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: As if Flint needed another reason to become the symbol of America’s decline, they now have a trash scandal to compliment their tainted water scandal. Note: After several days of trash piling up on curbs across the city, CNN is now reporting that garbage pick-up will be temporarily resumed, though the long term contract negotiations are not yet settled.

    The stench of rotting garbage that has permeated the streets of Flint, Michigan, will soon waft away — at least temporarily.

    Is there need for any further proof that this city government, and the authorities of the country in general, don’t care at all about the people who have to live in filth, with unclean and unsanitary conditions and with little prospect for a decent living in the future? Sadly, Flint like other surrounding locales in the Rust Belt, was once thriving and prosperous, but has been on a steady decline right into the gutter for decades.

    “First the water, now the trash. What’s next?” Residents, rightly feeling abandoned by their city, and questioned whether they were being intentionally run out of the city and commented that it was as if they didn’t care about their citizens.

    THIRD WORLD: Flint mayor suspends garbage pick-ups, tells residents to keep trash inside pending further notice

    by Jonathan Benson

    A dispute over who should be paid to pick up the trash has left residents of Flint, Michigan, which made national headlines this last spring over its ongoing water crisis, with nowhere to put their garbage but piled up inside their homes.

    The office of the city’s mayor, Karen Weaver, issued a notice on July 30, one day after Flint’s previous contract with Republic Waste Services expired, notifying residents that they should avoid putting out their trash on August 1, and instead keep it inside.

    “Due to the circumstances, there will be no trash pick-up in the city starting this Monday, Aug. 1, 2016,” the notice read. “Until a new agreement is officially in place, we ask the residents not set their trash out at the curb to prevent animals from disturbing it and make [sic] the situation worse.”

    The circumstances center around an ongoing battle between Mayor Weaver and the Flint City Council over which company should be contracted to pick up the city’s trash. Mayor Weaver wants it to be Rizzo Environmental Services, and the City Council wants it to be Republic Waste Services.

    The benefit of using Rizzo is that the company bid $2 million per year less than Republic, which would save residents money. But the opposition insists that Rizzo has connections with former Flint Mayor Woodrow Stanley, not to mention some unsavory ties with Michigan’s northern neighbor, Canada.

    According to M Live, the council voted 8–1 on July 18 against hiring Rizzo. Mayor Weaver later vetoed this decision, only to have the council come back and override that veto. The situation is now at a standstill, as the opposing sides war over what to do.

    Republic’s apparent offer to continue providing trash services after the July 29 expiration of its contract, hinged upon a court hearing in which the council pushed for Mayor Weaver to reinstate trash pick-up. Mayor Weaver is also being charged with not adhering to the council’s vote and essentially ignoring it.

    At this point, neither side admits to violating the city’s charter concerning the trash contract, but clearly one of them has, and Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farah is set to hear the case and make a decision.

    “We hope to have a new agreement in place that will allow crews to resume trash collection by the middle of the week,” Mayor Weaver told the press. “We realize this is an inconvenience and we’re working to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.”

    Why is there so much corruption in Flint?

    Such political theater may have gotten Flint its 15 minutes of fame with the lead in the water scandal, but this time around there are serious ramifications for public health that are entirely avoidable. Letting garbage just pile up in people’s homes because you can’t come to an agreement over who should take it to the dump is completely unacceptable, threatening public health in a whole new way.

    The whole purpose of having a city council is to make decisions like those regarding trash pick-up, and it appears as though Mayor Weaver is acting out of harmony with the law in demanding that it be her way or the highway. This is the argument of the lawsuit that’s been filed against her.

    The fact that Flint’s water crisis isn’t even over, with new criminal charges still being brought forward in that case, suggests that Flint’s government is deeply embedded with corruption that needs to be rooted out in order for it to move forward as a first world city. If this corruption isn’t dealt with, it will continue down the path to third world ruin.

    Sources for this article include:

    This article was written by Jonathan Benson and originally published at


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      1. I guarantee if everyone loaded up their trash and dumped it on the mayor’s front lawn trash pickup services would resume quickly.

        • Republic Services is THE Mob .
          So for what its worth , 2 million is a savings
          The mayor is acting responsibly here .

          ” some unsavory ties with Michigan’s northern neighbor, Canada.”
          All waste serves do here , duh ,we import trash from Canada and bury it in Michigan near the largest freshwater lakes in the country .

        • LOL, that’s great!

      2. It is like they are trying to make this into another Detroit . people will be losing their homes because they will not want to stay where everything is full of bad germs and poison .
        Like sale cheap and move out, what choice have they got. Their leaders in government knew about this.
        The next thing will be their sewage problem, wait and see..

        • well look at who the mayor is and she is a democrapper, ENOUGH said!! Democrappers are another part of this countries problems!!they are semi-intelligent idiots!! they just are confused at HOW to use the BRAIN, OOOOPPPPSSSS maybe they don’t really have one,

          • Damn it. I was planning on going to Flint for vacation next month. Bwawahahaha.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

          • In all seriousness though, I would be in my back yard burning whatever I could. Despite what that mayor says, and I’m sure she isn’t having this problem, babies, little kids and adults will get sick if they keep their trash inside till this is resolved.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

        • About 85% of my trash is recycled which I just dropped off at a free local dumpster, the other 15% is burned. I dont require trash pickup. Nor pay for any trash pickup. Living Off the Grid is a lifestyle learned.
          The only BS I get, is from certain posters here spewing their daily worthless cyber squatting garbage. I just hit the delete/ ignoramous button.


      3. What is the common denominator for all these cities?

        • Democrat rule.

          • Minorities and women rule.

          • The D party has been taken over by communists for a long time now.

            They are not democrats or liberals. They’re communists.

        • Dat be DinDuNuffin Cities for $400, Jose??

      4. At the dim convention they blamed the water thing on the republican state government. I’m sure they’ll spin this the same way.

        • George Bush’s fault?

      5. sounds like it is time oust the bum.

      6. So where is Michael Moore to save the city again with his socialism and money?

        • He’s probably Dumpster Diving – eating all he can, before all that remains spoils.

        • That’s what I’d like to know.

          • Virtually everyone could donate a grand to Flint so as to warrant all pipes would be replaced or otherwise ensured safe, repave every last bit of it, repaint every last building and make it into a brand new gleaming city, then return it to those who live there. I say it would be all but destroyed in a few months, end to end. Because it seems that is what blacks do to the areas they “nomadically” go to, tear it down and move to the closest ‘tolerable’ area only to destroy it, NEVER improve upon it. (Even China maintains that ‘the blacks’ have never brought anything of value “to the table.” And the majority also want an EBT card on their 18th birthday with no limit. (Yet I just read that “food stamps” are going to cease to be handed out unless you are also working. No work? No Food Stamps. THAT should encourage a few folks to get off their couches eh? (But are there any jobs out there, especially in these “near 3rd World” suburbs they’ve made for themselves (and then scream they want reparation monies too (for the fifth time in three generations if it is passed again)? Why? Not a damn one of them were ever used as slaves in any way, and neither were there parents. The grandparents parents received reparation (that was the last time I remember, I think that it happened, and it was expensive and a noteworthy amount). Enough to have satisfied an future ‘calls’ for additional ‘reparational assets’ that have already been paid out one time, and once was quite enough. Twice was overkill.

            Anyway…back to what happens to the neighborhood even if fixed up?

            Within less than three months it would be over-run with junk-cars, mountains of garbage, graffiti on every paintable surface, most of the windows will be broken, and, if like Detroit, even the power lines will have been ripped down (stolen for black-market copper or just selling it ‘hot’ because you can get away with it and you know it (as that is what TPTB WANT you to be doing to the entire city. Make it 100% useless, and force yourself and the rest of a city to move to another location (not much different than Venezuelans “crashing the parties” in neighboring countries (or the gates of the zoo falling as people go in and “make kills” to have food for their starving families).

            Some say we are scantly five months behind them. I pray they are wrong as could be, and yet Hillary is already “laying down” what she’s going to be (Obama’s Third-Term) will a “wild hair up her ass to disarm all of America by successfully getting SCOTUS to reinterpret what has already been challenged with gain two times). I believe they’ll just drag their feet and never get around to taking it into discussion about “revamping” considering the chaos it would bring …and if the Justices are unaware of the FUCK YOU REVOLUTION that would result, then we most certainly DO have a great many chairs to first empty, then perhaps NEVER refill. (In reality, and originally, the federal government had few to ‘zero’ powers. Today they have ‘waltzed themselves’ into positions of power, as public servants(?) that exceed us IN EVERY WAY AND DETAIL (such as your word against a judge …who’s most likely to win no matter the circumstances)? Your word against an LEO …you just lost in the majority of cases. In those kind of situations, I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by six though, so I’d pray I had a jury present NO MATTER the charge.

            • The White areas are just as bad.

              Anyhow this is just the endgame of socialism.
              I have a house in Detroit that the property taxes are almost as much as I can sell the house for.
              The city borrowed money for almost everything and like the typical stupid american consumer only was worried that they could make the payments. Not at all interested in just how much they owed and the prospect of paying off their loans was not even a glimmer in their peanut brains. So when tax revenue declined because no one wanted to stay there and pay for all the incompetent people and the projects that went to the friends and family of the government stooges, They had to raise taxes until no one could even afford to pay them.
              Then everyone else who generated money left. Only the consumers of taxes stayed.

            • Equorial, one of your best posts ever. I have similar conditions in Memphis where I live so I know perfectly well where you’re coming from. As for the system, it’s beyond reform or redemption. We need to start over from scratch. On emptying chairs, yes we do need to empty them and I don’t believe we could ever find the right kind of people to refill them. Probably just have to eliminate the chairs altogether. We need to go back to our roots on government, EXTREMELY LIMITED GOVERNMENT. No LEOs, lawyers, judges, etc. Take care of everything ourselves.

      7. What are they doing with all their taxes they collect?




        THEN BURN IT

      9. Flint goes the same way a Detroit. This is what you get from the left wing. They can be Rep. or Dem. You can’t make the workers give to the non-workers. That doesn’t work, and it is as clear as the nose on your face, but some sheeple are blind and stupid!

        This only works if the working class has some to give, and the Guberment stays out of their lives, by making them give.

        The collapse is coming, and all we can do is prepare!!!!


        • The collapse has started years ago, in slow motion but is gaining momentum. When (not if) Hitlery gets installed as POTUS, the collapse will be accelerated with her drastic tax hikes on the middle class.

          The storm is on the horizon and I can hear the rumbling.

          • too late! that irishman o’bey-me already done destroyed the economy with his massive tax hike(with killary’y HELP, and blessing) with his piece of shit legislation called the “affordable care act”…it took HUNDREDS of dollars from every family that had a decent paying JOB, and gave it to the healthcare companies….and the people who WON’T work. any other place in TIME, it would be illegal for drug companies, CONgress, and the president, to collude with eachother to drive UP the cost of medical care, instead of letting the free markets drive prices DOWN…..let that sink IN….re-read it as many times as you need to….we got a BOUGHT CONgress….and until you pick up your pitchforks and torches and start MARCHIN’, you’re gonna get an ASS-REAMIN’ of EPIC contortions!…BTW, my friend manages a landfill near me, and he’s running exactly HALF of the normal volume through there…..does THAT tell you anything?

            • Could we interest your friend in a owning a mountain of carbons?

        • Thank NAFTA which lead to job losses, which lead to tax base depreciation, which lead to budget shortfalls, which lead to garbage pileups. Rome fell once too. People still go to visit to romance the past. Maybe Flint could set up tour busses and charge admission.


          • WhoWTFKnows

            “Thank NAFTA…”

            That being an euphemism for all of the Free Trade Agreements with the developing world I agree 100%.

            Compete in a level playing field with the third world and you become the third world. Only nine trillion and growing additional debt, with fiat money created out of thin air, keeps the US in the first world. Only the most naive ostrich, can believe that this is sustainable.

            • Thank the Evil Bastard William Jefferson Clint who proudly made it the Law. Why is he still breathing air and vertical?

        • Sarge, AMEN! That mayor needs to either shit or get off the pot. That’s insanity to tell people keep their trash piling up INSIDE their homes for an indefinite period. Their city council shouldn’t have to go to court to get the issue resolved. I would disregard the mayor’s ‘order’ altogether. Plus, someone should go dump some trash on the mayor’s lawn and see how she likes those apples.

        • Sgt. Dale

          “Flint goes the same way a Detroit. This is what you get from the left wing.”

          Actually Flint like Detroit, Redding, Allentown and a great number of other once manufacturing cities the decay was caused by free trade globalism. At its spearpoint are largely Republicans with key (Bill Clinton & company) Democrat support. One could accurately say it was a team effort with the Republicans being coach and Bill Clinton the quarterback.

          Both party’s are owned by TPTB who desire the Democrat v Republican illusion of self government. Its keeps the dog busy chasing its tail rather than nipping at their ass.

          • “Both party’s are owned by TPTB…”
            “TPTB” are OWNED by the Saudis. The Saudi lobby is the most significant financial influence in DC. So far they’ve given 33 million to the Clinton’s “foundation”, one and a half billion to the Bushes, and who knows what to all the rest of the “insiders”. mslms don’t give away anything without expecting something in return.

            • The Saudi’s are a player and a relatively small one at that. The likes of the Rothschild’s and their various partners created them. They are mere employees of TPTB. TPTB control the supply of money and directly and indirectly the price of commodities including oil. Their power within the western world, including the use of the military forces of the US, is virtually omnipotent.

      10. Burn your trash or better yet take it to city hall.

        • When I left for The Navy at 17 the steelyards were still cranking out the finest steel in the world (and steel ‘shot’ to clean it with (steel is covered with fine oils to prevent rust, and before you can paint for, say, a sea going vessel, after it is welded in it must be “shot” (pummeled with steel-bb’s until it is void of oil then cover it fast with a yellow base paint and don’t stop there)! It’s a big job especially if you try it without using air compressors, just paint rollers.

          I realize we don’t make cars like we used to, but I’ve never figured out why every place that makes ‘cold-rolled’ just doesn’t exist any more. Jap steel has no carbon and sucks. Bridge-builders/welders throw away more than is kept trying to making an expansion truly safe, as the steel is often so “rotten” it will crack (micro-fracture) during construction. THAT’s TOUGH STEEL!!!

          Fire up them furnaces and let’s make us some good shit? Could make steel bullets like Russia. Use cheap shit on our treasonous domestic traitors in every crevice of governments. They should be quaking in their shoes, as we’ll descend into a state where taking out the government will quickly become the #1 thing to do, out of self-preservation for everyone non-establishment.

          Of course, there are those higher and wiser and smarter than us who have also already realized where they are leading us all and they too are going to be well-prepared to “retort” in such a way as to be heard very clearly via a great many ‘of TPTB’ going down countrywide at the same time. That would be a nice grand opening if it could be arranged (and changed in case it rains). War is one thing. Getting all wet and cold and sick is just stooopid.

          That is most likely why so many are expecting us to lose the grid, in part or totally, before year’s end. We’ll be able to flip right over to wood for heat and hot water (outdoor wood-fire boiler, home-made but gets the job done nicely). Only got it going and done a short time ago. Base is earthquake-proof with rebar and chicken-wire-mesh and flat stone into a chimney of the same for an indoor heater (separate from the outdoor boiler). With the boiler I could heat the house with the baseboards, which is the part that was finished up as of late. Using all ‘hard’ copper makes it very tedious (I used an air ‘fitting’ to pump in 80lbs then wait for a leakdown …sure ’nuff, it went to zero). After doing it five more times, all the “missed” places were found, burped the system, and she works)! It is best to test with air pressure rather than fill all the pipes only to discover most of them need to be cut or drained at the lowest corner (and most dudes never bother doing it since they aren’t going to live there, and what they save they pocket when building for you (so you really need honesty – – where ya going to find THAT these days? Honesty has “taken a hike”…

      11. Stop being spineless victims of incompetence and take the trash to the garbage in city hall. Then see how fast the problems resolved when they wallow in it. The American people have lost all control of those that serve them.

      12. What the hell is wrong with SHTF comments taking for ever to post if they ever do?
        Everyones a little control freak!

      13. As far as governments are concerned it’s everyone for themselves. Besides they need that money to pad their nest egg. Federal crooks need every penny to wage war around the world and to protect themselves from lowly peonic citizens who somehow think that they matter. The rule of law, hell that’s a thing of the past. Let the peons drink lead, let them wallow in their waste. We’re somebody, you’re nobody. Please pass the caviar.

      14. The citizens of Detroit should get together and take all their trash and put it on the mayors curb. You can be sure that her trash is being picked up.

      15. I meant Flint. Sorry for the wrong post

      16. Flint residents should take a message from Equorial’s message from that small town in NC that destroyed city hall twice over the years.
        Tear it down to show what the people think. Maybe they’d get the damn message.
        Maybe Flint is just a pre-national test??
        One way to reduce the population is have people drown in disease from garbage.

        • Found the name of that town. Called Murphy ….NC. Twice burnt, 3rd build of stone top to bottom. heheh…..

      17. It sucks to pay for a service that you do not receive. However, until the service begins again the residents could easily take the trash to the transfer station themselves. Get together with some of your neighbors and take turns, or higher someone directly to do it for you. We do not need the government to control every part of our lives. Wake up.

        • Before anyone complains about my spelling/grammar, I meant hire, not higher.

          • Wasn’t going to complain (and I have a minor in English grammar) because you made a really good point. The only problem I see is that left-wing entities don’t LIKE for you to take care of yourself, and if the residents try to clean up their area, the transfer station will be locked down and trying to deliver the trash will become a crime. You have a good solution which would have worked beautifully fifty or sixty years ago. Today, not so much.

            • Flints Mayor women probably lives in a tax paid Mansion same as Detroits mayor always lived in eh? If so and even if not and she lives in her Own personal home?

              Why not transfer all that Garbage and Trash TO Her house front lawn? I bet then she’d Fast get a garbage pick up contract signed and sealed asap quick no?

              My Mom whom lived in Outer parts of Detriot where all the city workers lived as they were required to remain inside detroit so home taxes go to city they worked in etc…Her Husband was a retired detroit city workerman.

              She got angery and one day had me over for coffee and homecooked left overs!!…I asked why was she so pissed off etc?

              She told me it was due to she was sick and tried of seeing a stolen car that had been totally stripped and trashed and Left right in front of her very swell maintained home and property and stolen car sat direct across street from her house.

              I asked how long there? did she yet call cops or whatever agency deals with that problem?

              Mom said Oh yes I phoned many times and called every detroit city agency number in local phone book numbers!

              How long has this car been there Mom?…Over TWO Months now Them Guys!..WHAT!!!!!????!!!

              I now got very pissed off and phoned her local cop precinct cop station and asked to speak to Top Cop head honcho there….I finally git his ass on phone and after acting Very nice and normal like…I finally got pissed off and told that cop shop honcho Lt. or Capt? cop guy.

              That if he dont send a Tow truck NOW beofre 5 pm Today to fully remove that stolen car and have entire area cleaned of all car parts and glass etc…Then I and a few of My Hard core Biker pals, that by the way Four or Five of them bikers has a tow truck as they do Repos for credit union bad car loans etc…Will hook up that trashed car, tow it to That cop shop or to in front of detroit Mayors mansion crib and dump it off There so They can view a eye sore and deal with late night hoodlum savage colored hanging around it and looking for what Else can they still stip/steal fom that car.

              he at first told me to shut up and stop makeing threats…I said NO threat sir Just Fact!

              my tow truck owner biker pals had it almost done being hooked to truck when citys offical truck arrived at about 4:30 PM That same day! and we remained there to make sure he also swept clean glass etc so Mom can again sleep Happy! and Safer without roaming savage trouble maker coloreds hanging around her crib.

              Them Detroit cops KNOWS not to do shit nor create any troubles with any of the too many to count detroit biker clubs….About the only good thing of life in detroit areas back then was we coud Ride with straight pipe exhausts with a pack of harelys and pass cop cars as fast or loud as we wished to do and Never get a ticket! Nor get stopped or ticketed for anything since cops Knew we whitey bikers was about the ONLY folks left to assist defending cops if apes gave cops a bad day or whatever.

              All such political and cop type workers work For Us the peoples and once get reminded of this Fact, Can be made to actually do stuff for us and leave us be otherwise as we peoples are Their main Boss. Sometimes people just has to exersize this option of remind them of it.

              • Great Story Them Guys! I like your expressive style– very salty and definitely in the wind!

                • Borodino: Well Thank you and I am glad you liked it. It was all real and factual also. After 43 yrs life in Detroit and Dearborn Mich, before I finally made the big move in 1995 to aprox 200 miles North of that savage ghetto hell hole city…All I can say now is I have more true stories which I could post up here, than Mac has forum space to print it all!

                  Thats no lie either how whitey bikers basically Do whatever They decide to do and no sane cop ever bothers them…A couple bike clubs I hung around with now or then even had Fed agents of FBI and ATF plus a few retired detroit cops in them clubs as real colors wearing members.

                  We used to be able to get inside cop infos and various vehicle accidnt info etc usually faster than the cop who wrote a report could retrieve it!

                  Not all cops and feds are bad you know…Many Are on Our side all the way where it really counts. And every white cop or fed also is well aware of what being Nigger-wized-Up means!

                  I do admit I at times miss the more stuff to do issues in Detroit Vs here in very Rural upstate mich areas.

                  But after 21 yrs now being here and this is the longest ever I lived in One location in all my lifetime. Its far better Here. Roads are far better maintained also and its great when I take my Z-06 vette for a country fast ride.

                  Two lane well maintained blacktop roads perfect with tons of good curves and shicane type twists and turns that a corvette was made for driveing on! Good for Harleys too!

                  I at times wish I could still do a Pig Roast type weekender party like I used to do often in Detroit, and invite a couple Hundred folks from SHTF website forums to attend and meet each other etc…That would be a blast eh.

                  I now do have room for at least 50 campers without cutting down any trees on rest of my 10 acres here!

                  I better not Tempt myself too much for such a party or I may get the itch to do so again!

                  So far I have cooked/roasted pig and other foods for my own personal party of just over 300 people and have assisted one other biker pal to cook same type party for 500+ people…Thats alot of work and you Must have a dozen or more good helpers that are willing to Do whatever You Tell them or ask of them without question as its too much work for one or two guys to do. But when it all comes together proper its the best party you ever will go to guarenteed.

                  • Them Guys:

                    How far from an airport with taxi.

                    Aren’t you worried to let so many strangers into your home. I don’t let anyone come to my place. The Internet is not safe. Especially with your outspoken criticism of minorities and others.
                    I’m Not even up front about myself, in person I could be a tall hot blond, a short cold brunette, or a fat bald old geezer. I could even be a serial killer; so, could you! What’s worse, you could be a black J*w albhebet agency honeypot just luring unsuspecting and anonymous white people out into the open. I doubt any of that. But it never completely is out of my thoughts. I have trust issues. Especially when every comment is numbered and dated. Thanks for almost inviting us all to your house. I would like to meet you but how would you recognize me and I you? I always meet people in a public place. Maybe you should practice Opsec. Be careful friend.



                    • I have walls and doors and do not come in if you are not invited.. If you can afford a place here in USA then stay the hell out. Free loaders are not welcome as far as l am concern. I would never be able to trust any one and why would they even trust me if they did not know me. ? Can never see why any one want to help people that might be the ones who would kill you. It is Nest to stay with people you truly know. Never be alone because you are a target to the criminals.

        • Thank you. That’s what I was thinking! Why can’t they take it away by themselves? Have a local burn barrel in an open spot for the paper products, have chickens for the food waste, and haul off the rest, taking turns. Someone needs to get off their rear and do it themselves.

          • Glad it wasn’t just me thinking along those lines! Mine is not a “posh” area, modest homes, a lot of low-income folk live round here. Some of my neighbours are pretty old and frail but they make up for their lack of physical muscle strength by passing on their know how to the young uns. In our neck of the woods we’d simply organise to keep the area sanitary ourselves. Safe burning of paper products, most of us already compost most food waste. It only takes one guy with a truck and everyone else on a block to be willing to chip in their fair share of the petrol money to take the rest to the dump. For a dollar or two each folks can live in decent conditions until this is resolved.

            If they don’t the next thing will be an explosion in the vermin population, increasing the threats to human health. Mice, rats, roaches and all manner of other nasties will take up residence in their homes rent free – yeuk!

        • I was thinking the same thing, what is so strange here is that no one knows where the city dump is? wtf is wrong with people, a bunch of old children.

        • Sucks to pay for a service you don’t receive. So where is the money? Somewhere collecting dust or did it pay somebody’s salary? Always a crowd lining up for other people’s money.

      18. Another Democrat socialist Utopia! Hooray for Flint! And the citizens are so stupid they keep re-electing the Democrats and their union thugs into office. Maybe if you banned the union mafia, all that money that is flushed down the toilet to fund the ripoff pension system could be used for basic services.

      19. Maybe just maybe we will see a city that has had enough, comes together as one, and hangs every crooked assed politician, business owner, crooked law enforcement, and others who have helped or lead to the destruction of their city!!! Hang them all from a tall tree using strong hemp rope!!

      20. Are these so-called “officials” keeping their mounds of trash inside or is that”rule” just for others to obey? Someone needs to find out if they are practicing what they preach. I do not like trash in my house and I guarantee NOBODY would get me to the point that trash bags are piling up in my house. I’m not a mindless consumer and I compost so I wouldn’t have a big problem anyway.

      21. Detroit: Circa, 1963 when the Big Bruhaha began in/at Ground Zero for LBJ’s New agenda to lift savages up by their bootstraps.

        I was age 10yrs old then and born/lived in Detroit all my short life.

        Very first ramifications that had every Adult I was surrounded with Buzzing and angry and very confused was when we all first heard: “Allz we beez AX’in Fo Iz Da chanze ta proobs it! Ta prooves it dat we colored folks kinz runz Deeeeetriot as guudt an eben betta den dem white folk haz beenz doinz till now, Dats it folks itz all weez beez a ax’ins fo is dat Chanze ta prooves it iz all weez beez Ax’in fo an we kaint dooz dat wit out whiteys support”

        So thats when i first heard what became very famous phrases..Specifically Two such phrases…#1 “oh Oh There goes the neighborhood folks!” and #2..”White Flight!”

        I had zero idreas what that all meant at age Ten yrs old.

        by age 10+1/2 several months later I discovered what “oh oh there goes the neighborhood” meant, when the very First home was sold to a family, a Large family, of savage coloreds….by that Fall when I again walked to school each way each day, that house they bought Rapidly decayed terribly. By next springtime, most every house had a “For SALE” sign on front lawns,

        Ok got that figured out…So now what the hell is “White Flight”? We all going for a plane ride or what?

        No that too soon made the conections in my youthfull mind on how whitey flight tied in with every fuckin house, which I never prior even saw a single for sale house sign untill them colored moved in, for sale meant!

        White folk got so fed up with constant colored demands and blame whitey games and the first stages of PC and calling whites a rayssis everytime Facts got in way of low IQ colored, that like all dems cannot handle Facts or Truth which dispels dem lib and savages many Myths and scam demands etc.

        They got so fed up most whites simply said “ok if them colored really believe They can actually Run a city like Detroit, 5th Largest city back then folks, #1 Manufatureing Auto factory KING detroit, as good or even better than white has for at least 300 yrs so far?

        Ok then go for it fools as we whites is selling out and Moving, even if we must first Build Brand New cities where now it is only Farm lands or forested areas used to hunt in etc!

        And whites did build new suburbs and cities and did a great job at keeping savage colored OUT period.

        Thats when dem libs and radical violent savage colored began programs of “Forced School Bussings and forced Integrations!” designed to bring Back white students to ghetto detroit schools, and Buss Out detroit colored city wreckers and savages Into New built Suburb schools so savages can also wreck them schools too!”

        Thats when you older boomer folk here first heard about Govner George Wallace and his famous speech on “The ONLY solution to their forced Integrations is to Keep Us and Them SEPERATE! Us and Them seperate today and tomorrow and Forvever folks! Us and Them seperate for if we fail to do this America and whites in next 50 yrs are Doomed!”

        Was Gov wallace correct? Well Dems and colored Must have thought so since wallace soon ran for usa prez and promptly got belly shot/attempted kill shot assaination.

        And was forever wheelchair bound and prez run ended for good.

        Fast fwd to Today…Flint Mich IS being done like this as a set up city for BLM Kommie savage colored and Idiot dem lib whitey-Guilted fools to have their Next playground city protests and looter riots etc so to again Demand slavery reparations cashola and free cribs free cars free everything and the abject right to always Blame whiteys for all coloreds are a total Failure at being or doing period. Which them what lived amoung savages for 43 yrs in Detroit as I have done Knows that such coloreds Failures basically covers EVERY fuckin thing colored do or be.

        If any BLM radical violent Marxist Kommies and their too many jewish Cash-Cows like soros and hillary et al would ever act Honest and admit to Real factual truths?

        This is what they’d say on every TV news show when interviewed etc:..”facts prove and Truth tell’s us that in all honesty We Colored Never Had it so damn fuckin swell and good as we have had in White built and Run America! Because bad isues on slavery era aside, every single colored folk or close to all of em here now all 50+ Million in usa, Would have likley been birthed by the Litters like puppies and Rabbits inside of Afreeeka!

        And instead of now holding AFL/CIO made and soros paid for protest signs we coloreds can’t even Read! and Turning EVERY such protest since our main hero MLK aka Martin Looter King Jr. the 3rd or 4th or whatever? started us on this protest path, into violent loot N’Riots with burnned down cities everywheres we pass thru or live in.

        We colored would be spending time divided between scavenging pond scum water to drink in afreeka lands, and trying to Outrun neighboring savage colored tribes chaseing Us down so they can EAT US!

        And Thats the unbiased facts and truth folks…WE colored NEVER had it so damn swell and good as we have had it within white Majority USA life. And us colored can also say that goes DOUBLE so for Our primary leaders and funder folks the jewish usa folks as they too never had it so swell in ANY of past 109 “Host Nations” they been in prior to being Hosted by usa and its white folk.

        Yet just take a Gander at How both groups Thanks Us, thats white folks eh?!!!

        they wreck and ruin every city and everything they come into contact with, while their jewdeo leaders and funders bankrupt and ruin our entire Nation! Most all of the 50+ million have become no more than, savage monkey Pet’s of their jewdeo handler’s.

        If this is those Much Touted by evangelicals, godly blessings we gonna get for so blessing israel and jews and allowing colored all they demand?

        Perhaps they need RE read their bibles as written and Not change convienient to change words like israel Into word jew so to make such false claims eh?

        Because if they think todays usa is beong god blessed? with 50+ million savages rapeing and killing whiteys all over the place, getting away with it all thanks to dem party libs and neocon repubs both which parties are infested with the absolute worst of both colored and jews that aim to destroy whites…Then give me Back any former curses we had prior to those blessings we gonna get, as it was Far better than…Especially pror to the 1948 Big Cash DRAIN and Endless wars both for that Israel state they so worship. It just cannot go on and on this way so you foolish decieved duped souls better awaken and Fast because You hase been Royally swindled and duped with all that crap and we who are awake has about HAD IT!

        Biblically them “Luke Warmers” that are today called fence sitters rfusing to choose a side, are in same catagory of not just those that do the evils and wrongs, but also in Same camp with all those who Defend and Suport those that do said wrongs and evils!

        And you also can Count on it as Fact that when the day arrives and it will arrive! The true americans, patriots and most whiteys are all going to judge you fools in the exact same manner as Christ does/will as is written of them luke warm fools…He will PUKE them Out! where do they have left to go to?…to HELL along With them evil doers they so defended or supported and it wont matter a whit if its due to they was so royally Duped by apostate pastros etc!…Thats going to be the same method fed up Human americans are going to use as their main standard of whom is good vs whom aint! and there is zero other choices left…NO thats ZERO “Middle Ground” period.

        You that are too stuborn to re think it all? Will be amassed in the Center ground of the big Battles, with Both sides takeing Aim at You! And whitey aint going to help you then pal. You Had yer chances! So keep defending them nation wrecker tribe and colord folk kommies see where it gets you.

        • You seem like a really angry white guy. That was a very long post. No, I did not read it all. But the parts I did read were equally filled with hate and BS. But it’s a free country so continue to voice your opinion.

          • Nightly Jazz: Perhaps you need switch to good Rock N’ Roll to see the light eh.

            It has ZERO to do with “hate” and 100% to do with Known, seen with own eyes facts and Truths period.

            When those facts or truths Hurt? Then You have something to hide. Facts or truth always Only hurt or harm them with stuff to hide.

            use of a word like hate or rayssist etc and antisemite are ALl words invented BY real actual Red Kommies like Trotsky aka real name Bronstien in order to Stiffle speech and facts.

            But That method Only works untill White folk, made by kommie marxist curtural kommie agendas and PC, to be filled full of whitey Guilt that they never should have fell for in first place, as they never been guilty of various “Blame whitey” crap so many coloreds repeat endlessly of….only works untill said whiteys awaken to the many Hoaxes and scams and PC agenda crap used against whites.

            I assume You are a negroe eh? Or a very mixed up white person!…well ok thats good for you I suppose. But do not ever think ANY PC or calls of rayssis etc or hater words will get over on Me. Remember I was born in and lived in Ground Zero aka detroit City and saw and lived all the swindle scams and phony raysist crap and PC crap ever invented. Long before most of todays whinney crying marxist BLM idiot savages and coloreds learned of these scam methods they employ against whites.

            I rekon most are too damn stupid to know if not for whites and white paid taxes they be begging for a free boat back to africa.

            Lemme ax Yo a quetson pal…Hows it going for You enjoying what amounts to aprox 98% of Everything good ever invented and built done By whites in usa?

            Nice haveing so many Good things to enjoy and make Your life so easy eh? so be certain to get back to me with a long list of black inventions and Nations built and ran by blacks ok…lets start with afrika for past 10,000 yrs where a billion coloreds now reside, yet Not a one ever yet figured it out that all them shinny Sharp stones their bare feet trounce on daily are very valued Diamonds!

            Or none ever even dreamed or thought to make a Boat with a SAIL and to take said sail boat for a ride far out into ocean to See what lies beyond their miserable existence eh?

            if zero whites ever went to live in south africa and that only other white based area of africa was it called Rhoads or???? Whatever called don’t matter as if not for them two white bases in africa NOTHING other than the same Mud mixed with human and animal shit paste made Huts as a home would exist there…Like it always was for past 10,000 yrs.

            So if we sum up here we have, 98+% all good stuff invented and built and Paid for by Whiteys, Vs. Africans two main achievements which are…Make far too many babbies they Know they can never ever Feed proper, and too many to count Mud+shit mixed Huts with elephant grass roofs…And they are kept very busy rebuilding said hut villages constantly due to them Huts MELT when it Rains!!

            Thats No hatred just Facts. I hate nobody and no post I ever posted here did I ever state of any such hatred.

            like I said prior such words are always used to silence white guys just like me whom refuse to ever shut up and speak mountains of factual truths, most of which for some ironic reason blacks + jewry so hates!

        • Off Topic: “Them Guys” had a sentence about The Good Book and changing of things. Here’s one few folks ever learn in life.

          Back before King James hired (read: threatened) a bunch of translators to “revamp” The Canons (scrolls) to his majesty’s satisfaction. In order to do that, they were instructed to leave EVERY verse (notation) of ‘it’ out when translating to the new, what we now call KJV (all 88 Versions of them).

          The Translators were using both The Bishops Bible and “just unknown scrolls that are 100% “canonical” to this day.

          The shocker is that in the earlier Bishops Bible there were hundreds of references to reincarnation, yet all of them were “struck from the record” and ceased to exist by order of The King, (for some reason doing so helped to ensure he would remain in control …I flunked history okay)? lol…

          I’m sure there are many who can ‘relate’ to that one…. (it’s so commonplace)!

          • Equorial: if you want about The Best ever infos on what you stated on bibles been changed etc?

            Check out a website owned by a SHTF Reply Poster guy with screen name of “JQP” John Q Public.

            His new, great website has Tons of such true facts infos on that topic of bible changes etc as well as every possible issue on WWI and WWII and nazis vs jewry and a host of infos from A to Z.

            Tons of actual statements from and by various famous rabbis and jewish scholors etc in Their Own words which proves what several of Us here say about these issues as fact.

            Website is judaism dot is

            Check upper header click buttons or subject buttons at right side of Main page once there and be prepared to awaken like never before!

          • Equorial:

            That’s the first I heard reincarnation was stricken from the Bible. I have read that Jesus was not in Isreal from the age of thirteen until the age of thirty. Jesus had an uncle who was a wealthy trader import/export. It is said that Jesus was in India and also North America. That is where he learned compassion and a philosophy that sharply contrasted with that of the Pharasies and scribes in Jerusalem, which eventually led to his execution. It is said that “The Temptation of Christ” by “the devil” was in fact the top honcho of the J*ws making Jesus “an offer he could not refuse”. When Jesus declined, it signed his death warrant.


            • You can kill THE MESSENGER but that only elevates and strengthens The Message; as Jesus so bravely demonstrated.

      22. Hahahahaha!

        Looking at the picture of trash is the same way it looks in my neighborhood On Trash Day. Garbage all over the place after the animals the night before tear up the bags. Very few people properly contain their trash.

        Yep just throw it out and let others clean up YOUR mess.

        • But They PAY Huge city TAXES to have grabage picked up.

          so They Deserve to get whats paid for no?

          And in Large cities like flint or detroit it aint the same as back during great deprssion era where many homes can have chickens etc.

          So many homes with backyard chicken farms would really create problems for folks general health.

          Also folks that do have to work for living aint got time to play farmer or rancher all week long for a lifetime.

          And do NOT say “Then they all need move rural areas so can do so” because if even a third of them in cities do go all out rural life?

          You and me will NOT stil have any rural lifestyle left!

          Our rural areas will become giant packed full cities too if they moved rural. Or is this too dificult to consider?

          Where do such ideas come from that all every of 300+ Million american citizens needs do is become a small self farm or rancher and grow gardens and just drop out of avg lifestyles and all willbe so swell?

          Whos going to do various Other jobs or work needed done?

          What will folks do for enough money to exist if we have 300 Million farmer gardeners?…you going to pay property taxes with cucumbers or carrots now?

          you Wont get cash for selling garden foods growed when all americans has own gardens you know.

          Gardens or farms aint for everyone. Just like not everybodys cut out to be a smart “Thinker” type.

          • Them Guys:

            You sure have been pouring your heart out. You are ruff and unrefined but honest to a fault. I would rather deal with someone like you than a back stabber.

            True enough, cities and urban life is here. And it ain’t going nowhere, nor should it. The thing is, those Preppers who have farms or ranches are the exception. Most Americans live in urban or suburban housing. If there is economic crisis because of hyperinflation or a power failure, these city dwellers need to be prepared just as much, if not more, than someone homesteading.

            Learning how to cook from scratch is a skill that takes no space. It is good for all. Go eat out four or five times a week, but reserve a day or two to eat a home cooked meal. Some of the wealthiest urban dwellers are capable of catering a meal for hundreds even though they hire personal chefs and rarely cook, they can and do if and when they need to or simply because they want to. Smart people learn quickly and are able to retrieve knowledge years after they learn. But for most, it takes longer to learn and they soon forget unless they continue to use their skills.

            If one learns to can food and obtains the proper equipment, he or she can make delicious healthy meals at a fraction of the cost of store bought and be guaranteed the food does not contain hidden chemicals. Some people will want to can once or twice a year, others more often.

            Putting shelves in an apartment is a good way to get the most out of a small space. Shelves from ceiling to floor that are attached to the beams in the wall are safest and most efficient.

            Beekeeping can be done on an outdoor balcony. It is legal even in some urban areas. Make sure no one in the area uses an insecticide that kills bees. (Why these insecticides are legal, I don’t know.) If you purchase honey from a bee keeper in a five gallon bucket. Which is the most economically wise thing to do. Immediately ladle or pour the honey into one gallon jars or smaller. Otherwise when it hardens from chrystalization, it will be difficult to deal with. Honey never goes bad. It is ideal as insurance against hunger in hard times. The same is true of sugar and salt. So, all apartment urban and suburban and poor people everywhere, you won’t waste money on something that’s going to go bad. Buy in bulk at stores like Costco. Sugar and salt can be stored in food grade buckets. Or any way that protects your investment from moisture, dust, rodents and bugs; that will get into it and destroy.

            If you like pets and can care for it get a rabbit. Learning how to care for a rabbit may be a life saver if there is a food shortage as there is in Venezualea. One caged rabbit is all you need. Keep the cage clean buy having a tray to catch the droppings which can be used as fertilizer. If you like, after you succeed with one rabbit you might want to go full out and raise rabbits for meat. This is probably not practical for an urban situation. But in a suburban home with a backyard, it can be done. Remember start slowly. Don’t go overboard right away. Get one in a store bought cage that you can set up in your yard. Go to the Internet for how to care for rabbits, and buy a manual or book. I have only had one rabbit which I kept in a raised cage in my backyard. When my daughter was five years old, she stuck her finger in the cage. Not a good idea. The rabbit bit her finger prompting a visit to the doctor. So keep in mind if you have children.

            Ok, Them Guys, I agree not everybody can or should have a cow in the living room. (Unless you’re into that sort of thing). ?

            • B from CA: Yes great advice you gave there…Yes also to you said I am Ruff and unrefined but honest to a fault.

              I guess my wonderbread years growing up and the enviroment I was in had alot to do with how I am today.

              When young I hated life in the govnt public projects housing, and the always haveing to move every few yrs due to my mom never remarried till I was aprox 20 yrs old or older I forget now but close to that age.

              However as I got older I realized that that early on lifestyle had taught me an overwhelming deal of and about life in general, and How to survive most anything that happens, which can not be had anywheres else.

              so regardless what the future holds I will be able to deal with it properly due to what I prior learnd in my youth.

              Anyone that grew up very poor with very little cash etc and survived it swell has that same type knowledge to overcome issues…Today I see my past poor lifestyle as a blessing of sorts and count on it to assist me and others too if the need arises.

              One learns early on about various govnt scams with that type lifestyle also…Because you are always immersed in govnt policy and agendas and have No say in the matters due to being too young to do anything else.

              I also am able to understand even the worst deepest african ebonics language so them darkies aint ever going to get over on me!…if I weren’t so nice of a guy it be me that could get over on most colored folks from all I prior learned while liveing with so many of them in close proximity like the projects afford.

              That life also taught me to, since age 15 yrs old, to Always Pak a firearm ccw style no matter what laws say etc! And at least Twice it saved my life probably.

              Up north Mich is way far different and very laid back lifestyle…Too quiet and laid back at times. Oh well can’t have eveyrthing eh? Well You take Care B/CA and keep on that wized up path you been on as it never shall let you down. Knowledge With Wisdom is Priceless!

      23. Coming soon enough to your town.

        When local taxes start declining because over 50% now are making less than 30k, regular trash pickup is going to be one of the things to go.

        they wont kill it but may slow it down and give you some bs that they are reorganinzing trash pickup or picking up less to save pollution from the trucks.

        • lena- the city changed some of rules recently… the one I found most obnoxious was that we had to tie our sticks up with twine in 4 foot long bundles which essentially means I have to go out and use a hand saw on these small twiggy branches that come down around here after every storm, then sweep up all the twigs and debris that falls off during the process and put themvin an approved container. It’s much more efficient to stack a longer, intact couple of branches- which fit easily in the truck- than it is to chop them down into thirds with a bucket of junk that came off them. That’s 3 human lifts versus 1.
          I know why they instituted the change though. Because of the idiots who expected the city to carry off their whole logs and dislodged stumps. But the net result is, people leave their yards messier because they don’t want to go out every week and saw up their treefall, which is substantial because we live in the boundaries of a national forest.

      24. To all those good men who pick up the trash. The yard waste and the recycle. I do appreciate what you do and perform a important job of keeping the city clean.

        In my area there are home owners who do not follow the rules as to the weight, size and amount of thrash etc. for pickup. Some of them are so damn dumb they can’t figure which day to put what out for pickup. Then they just throw shit on the ground and expect you to clean it up. Many do not know that they have to call the city for special pickup for tires and appliances so the shit stays on the curb for weeks. They pass the shit each day at the end of the driveway going to work.

        Says a lot about people today.

      25. I have accepted the reality that the end is here, and that I will not make it. I calculated my survival matrix, and I am still at 60%. I need to be at 85%. Things are not looking good.

        The smell will be horrific.

        I am no too concern about garbage. Its the rotting decaying stinking horrific smell of the human bodies all over the subdivisions, blocks, in homes and all over my city, that will make the air un breathable. Everyone keeps prepping, to hunker down, and few prep for this type of stuff. Venezuela will be experiencing the first of that in the next 2 months from now. Luckily they have a few zoo animals to forage on for the time being. Garbage pick up, I just yawn when I see that. Its obvious that who ever did that Garbage pick up ending thing, they did that on purpose. I Challenge anyone trying to tell me that this election will take place and Trump will get it. I will literally have to see this to believe it. I AM NOT CONVINCED ONE RATS ASS THAT THIS IS POSSIBLE.. The real estate market will bust, by October, and for the rest of the year and I don’t see it recovering with the current conditions with this government in place. Now I am barely scraping by month to month and things are getting worse. My Fiancee, wife or what ever I will call her from this time onward believes me now. The economy in Houston is hurting and people are loosing business, sales are down, retail is down. Put I can still pay my way because I have stability for now. Its a fact of life now, with all the videos of UN combat equipment rolling in on the highways and I have seen all the videos. Anyone thing that they are coming into our cities for show needs a mental evaluation. Even the phucking trolls are running out of crap to throw at me. Every time they strike, Mac just adds another article proving the inevitable. Just yesterday I was in public listening and over heard a conservation of a Mexican woman talking to another one. oh, I am so exited and cant wait to have my first baby, my sister just had her baby, I am so exited. This thing is the very stupidity that I am talking about, as people having more kids, increasing production while food supply diminish and the environment changes that will kill off the crops and wipe out the food supplies..

        Venezuela has plenty of food. They will be eating each other soon, plenty of meet is available. It takes 3 1/2 to 4 months for cannibalism to set in. When the news cuts off from that country and it will happen, that’s when you know what happened.. We are next. Those who have a BOL, leave and go there now, the air quality is much better, and wont have to worry about disease.

        Just 25 miles from my area of residence. A Mass grave. You watch this video.



        • Just place all dead things sorta East of your hangout and the smell should waft away after a bit…

      26. Funny thing is… these dems are fighting over this sorry pos excuse for a city trying to squeeze out every last nickel and dime of graft. Rizzo waste? Sounds like a Godfather mafia cliche.

        One of my undergrad majors was sociology. Ask any true believer of urban sociological theory, and they will tell you that being packed together in walkable communities is the ideal human condition. And you know, in a Utopian sense, it is. IF -and here is the big if- you can manage to elect a decent governing body, keep crime low, keep services and infras tructure functioning, and provide an attractive climate for business establishment and growth. The only problem with Utopia is that it doesn’t exist, because like fleas on a dog, those who want to suck something decent dry will all pile on and ruin it if they are allowed to do so.

      27. We simply don’t have any trash. We compost or feed organic material. A burn barrel burns the plastic and cans. The burnt cans then go into the compost and rust away to nothing. The glass is given to a recycling place that supplys glass blowers and other industrys.

        • Old Guy:

          I remember my father burning trash. That was before recycling bins. We had a little waste but not much. In the good ol days people figured out how to solve problems. Now a days, too many are so used to the conveniences, they have lost the ability to function.


          • Same here. I burn every scrap of paper and cardboard waste, if I didn’t have my lawn clippings hauled away I could get by with trash pickup once a month, not weekly.

            In the spring I run the mower as a mulcher for the first couple of mowings, feeds the lawn and keeps it looking better as the summer heats up. Beats paying for a bag of fertilizer, saves me about $40 a year, just by taking the mower bag off for a couple of weeks in spring.

            • I pay just $50 per year for use of local township owned dump. That has regular Truck pick ups of the two huge trash compactors that look like them ship carried steel containers only lower in height. Toss garbage and trash In, paid attendant works controls to compact it all, and truck comes to remove and leave empty container on site when filled.

              Several Other large containers are used for various trash not allowed in with normal house garbage/food waste etc.

              Works swell, takes just a fast ride of 10 miles rnd trip and being alone here i get away with one trip per Month usually…I can put tied trash bags in garage untill enough exist to make trip. All for $50 Per year and we in township Owns the place and equipment.

      28. Cure
        Pack up your trash and set it on the front steps of the City Hall building

        Everyone in that town should become United and shove this crap right back up where it came from

        Watch how quick the problem gets solved

        Won’t do that?
        Than suck it up princess
        Don’t want to hear anymore about it

      29. They are “sheltering” their trash in place until the “crisis” passes. Per officials of course.

      30. The stench is not coming from the garbage.
        The stench is coming from a generation of voting nothing but Democrats into office.

      31. The UAW could not be reached for comment.

      32. I have a great idea, dump it in from of Flint City Hall.

      33. The good people of Flint like most east coast cities chose lying demonrats to lead the city. That said then perhaps they need to put a torch to this trash and have thousands of fires to burn it before the rats get really started. Or like others have said load it up and dump it on the councils and mayors yards and in front of the city offices. As long as a demonrat is in charge the people will suffer no matter where it is, hell look at Kali and the scum running that state and big cities. There they have human rats spreading garbage. Folks this is what you will get if you vote for the skank whore hitlery on a national scale.

      34. LMFAO! Ain’t city livin’ great or what? Just wait till winter and they don’t have the money to clear the snow. The only movement in Flint will be bowel movement! AAAAhhhhahaha!

      35. If you rinse everything off before you throw it out, your garbage won’t stink and you won’t have to dump it as often. Glass jars are reusable. Wash them well. When they are dry and sanitized, they can be used to store all sorts of things. If TSHTF you can put your bulk items into jars for trade. Boxes, even small ones, take up a lot of room. If you tear them open they take up less space in your garbage. If you use certain waste baskets for paper and plastic only, you don’t have to empty those every week if you don’t use them a lot. Teach your children how to manage their waste by, for example, taking that apple core into the kitchen to dump.


      36. No, the apple core goes into the compost heap to rot, straight-away.

      37. This really is a great subject.

        In a total SHTF situation, sanitary long term garbage disposal is an important prepper issue.

        Plan on immediately setting up two composting streams, one toxic to humans and one not. Animal waste, animal butchering waste is toxic, but can be made safe by extended composting. Think several years!

        Separate all metals out, segregate and store, until you have quantities that can be traded or used.

        Paper products, avoid any that may have toxic metals used in printing. If needed, store toxic stuff separately until services return.

        Safe paper products can be shredded and used for heating or cooking fuel. I would not waste them. You can moisten and form them into paper based logs.

        Everything else organic needs to be composted into the garden. Excess clean paper can be shredded and added to compost. (Look for vegetable dyes used in printing.)

        Be aware of how neighbors yards look, don’t look too good, or you might make yourself a target. Guiding neighbors to compost and handing them a pack of seed won’t nessecarily make you a target and is better than giving away food that will make you a target.

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