Nothing Pays In Venezuela Anymore, Including Crime: There’s Nothing Left To Steal

by | May 29, 2019 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    Socialism in Venezuela has destroyed so much of the country’s economic wellbeing that even criminals are having a hard time making ends meet.  Bullets and weapons have become too expensive for even the most violent out there, plus, there’s just nothing left to steal.

    Bullets are expensive at $1 each for the distressed Venezuelan criminal. And with less cash circulating on the street, gang members say robberies just don’t pay like they used to. Imagine that.

    According to the Associated Press, criminals are even having a hard time in the nation ripped apart by socialism.  Not even breaking the law is helping anymore because most people have nothing left to steal. “If you empty your clip, you’re shooting off $15,” said El Negrito a “feared street gangster” who spoke to The Associated Press on the condition that he is identified only by his street name and photographed wearing a hoodie and face mask to avoid attracting unwelcome attention. “You lose your pistol or the police take it and you’re throwing away $800.”

    After the initial exponential rise in violent crime in the immediate aftermath of socialism’s failure, the crime rate is falling rapidly. Nothing pays anymore in Venezuela, including crime. “These days, nobody is doing well — not honest citizens who produce wealth or the criminals who prey on them,” said El Negrito.

    Officials of President Nicolás Maduro’s socialist administration have drawn criticism for not releasing robust crime statistics, but the government on Tuesday gave the AP figures showing a 39 percent drop in homicides over the same three-year period, with 10,598 killings in 2018. The Associated Press

    20 years of the socialist revolution launched by the late President Hugo Chávez, who expropriated once-thriving businesses that today produce a fraction of their potential under government management, have caused massive erosion in the way of life in Venezuela.

    While assaults are down, other crimes have risen. Reports of theft and pilfering of everything from copper telephone wires to livestock are surging as people seek a way to provide food for themselves. Meanwhile, drug trafficking and illegal gold mining have become default activities for organized crime, or others just looking to survive. Even with the drop in assaults and murder, Venezuela remains a very violent country.

    “Venezuela remains one of the most violent countries in the world,” said Dorothy Kronick, who teaches political science at the University of Pennsylvania and has carried out extensive research in Caracas’ slums. “It has wartime levels of violence — but no war.”

    When someone looks out at the world and sees all manner of suffering and injustice, stretching back for thousands of years and continuing today, he invariably blames such problems on someone else’s hatred, greed, or stupidity. Rarely will someone consider the possibility that his own belief system is the cause of the pain and suffering he sees around him. But in most cases, it is. The root cause of most of society’s ills–the main source of man’s inhumanity to man–is neither malice nor negligence, but a mere superstition–an unquestioned assumption which has been accepted on faith by nearly everyone, of all ages, races, religions, education and income levels.The Most Dangerous Superstition, book description



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      1. In other words they are reduced to being hunter- gatherers once again.
        I can only conclude that all the smart people have left Venezuela and abandoned the Socialists idiots to their fate. The people Democratically voted for what they have. The world does not miss Democrats.
        Thankfully for the time being America is a Republic.
        Were America a Democracy, we would be eating dirt and selling our kids for food.

        • During the communist revolution in China, neighbors would trade children, so they didn’t have to eat their own.

          • Thats what happens when your population is out of control…

            • at least maduro reduced canibalism to a misdemeanor…..that should help…..

          • I’ve read those accounts, they are not unique to the Chinese.

            • Stalin’s Russia? Jevvolshivic revolution?

              • All of the industrial sectors, under the 10 planks, would have been nationalized, state monopolies, no matter whether the state was run by Rasputin or wandering people with Egyptian symbols and Hellenist gangsigns.

                To complain that some nominally-Christian king was deposed is to assume that his leadership was charitable and lovey as a Disney cartoon. Was all of that dungeon stuff Christian, then?

        • I spoke with a woman living here in the us since 2007, she is from Venezuela and her family is stilll there. She stated it is horrible there and her sister has two children in Caracas;
          i asked if people there grew gardens or raised animals, her reply was that is not the culture there as no one knows how to so that they just go to the grocery store.
          The biggest take away i got from her was that they are still not blaming socialism because “maduro became a dictatorship” ….. i could tell trying to make her undestand that what Chavez began led to this was not worth the effort and i wished her family luck and hope they made it through this time.

          • In the cleaner and, I am sure, idealized images of Cuba, Venezuela, and other Latin American s-holes, the shoppers in the store look just like southern Californians.

      2. The USA! Making the world safe for democracy by destroying 1 country at a time! (maybe 2 or 3 at a time ooops). The global master would like to thank you for your service!

        • At least somebody gets what’s going on.

      3. People would rather steal shit to sell to get $ to eat. That thinking is flawed. Instead they should be planting anything that is edible and raising livestock for meat. Chickens will eat bugs and goats will eat grass. $ doesn’t solve all problems. Gov don’t own you you owe you. Every government is a parasite on the people.

      4. El nigro.

      5. Can’t blame this one on American Democrats, Venezuelans freely elected their government. Not our job to fix their fuck up.
        It is our job to keep tabs on who fills the power vacuum.

        • Really? How about all the sanctions we put on them? I suppose that has no effect? Being that we are the globalist masters buttpuppets I’m sure there is a plan for us to steal the oil for our daddy…

          • Gen,
            IIRC Venezuela was, via CITGO subsidizing heating oil to poor Americans to influence our elections. Pay back is a bitch.
            I don’t endorse Imperialism, but I think we need to obliterate any
            threat to the US even it saves only a single American Democrat.
            I’d obliterate a billion Moslems to save Maxine Waters.
            You know I despise Democrats.

            • rellik

              Who defines what a “threat to the USA” is? Interestingly little piss ass countries, devoid of even marginally effective offensive capability but with incredibly large oil resources happen to fall under this inclusion. Coincidental? No, implausibly laughable.

              We’re being played.

          • Try #2 as I went into moderation.
            IIRC Venezuela was, via CITGO subsidizing heating oil to poor Americans to influence our elections. Pay back is a bit ch.
            I don’t endorse Imperialism, but I think we need to obliterate any
            threat to the US even it saves only a single American Democrat.
            I’d obliterate a billion Moslems to save Maxine Waters.
            You know I despise Democrats.
            The filter may not like the word for a female dog!

            • rellik

              I’m still more than skeptical about all of it due to WTC #7 and who funded and armed ISIS. Believe that we’re being played for suckers.

              • K2,
                I agree, we are definitely being played.
                I’m a Chess sort of guy. Most people are
                Poker, or Monopoly.
                I don’t like random odds.

              • ISIS hates all our freedoms and what not and WTC#7 had rickets.

          • Anytime I read a story about Venezuelan socialism ruining the country, I automatically power-up hyper critical thinking. I do that because the poster or writer obviously does not have a single clue as to reality of U.S. sanctions or the ongoing international crime spree by fedgov (and their coalition of the bought-n-paid-for).

            Rather than keep downing Venezuela, we should learn from them and nationalize all domestic oil ….. then we should nationalize the Federal Reserve and abolish the IRS. Regardless of what path we follow, the pentagon and the MIC has to be stopped.

            I have a difficult time believing that countries are content to allow the US to destroy one country after another …. and nobody seems to realize that they will be under the US hammer at some point in the future. Talk about boiling frogs slowly!

          • The idiot speaks

      6. The moral is “If you have nothing to steal, no one will rob you.” You’ll still be taxed.

      7. What a DumbShit website. Infested with conspiracy theorists and nazis.

        • KMA,
          I’ll bite, but this site doesn’t have any Democrats!

      8. That will be millions more headed north towards our border…..

      9. I am sure El Presidente and his supporting henchmen Army still have all they need and more.

      10. The US gangsters just won’t let small nations in our “backyard” conduct their own affairs without the big boss greedy murdering blowhard puppeteers calling the shots.

      11. The economic desperation of a society can be measured by the cost of sex from a desirable prostitute.

      12. Guys, come and visit us sometime ! We have the basics if you can pay, and thank Trump for strangling all imports, Libya style, thinking that way he will screw this government. That just makes them stronger ! WE, the street guys, are being f**ked over, but that is typical US policy, strangle us till we kill each other, then come and clean up and grab our Petro and goodies. Seriously, come out and we can have a nice peaceful Polar Beer most anywhere. But, please, You pay ? Otherwise, at least in Caracas, life goes on…

      13. Fūcking būllshīt

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