Not Prepared: 17 Signs That Most Americans Will Be Wiped Out By The Coming Economic Collapse

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 333 comments

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    This article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future.

    Tornado-Damage-Photo-by-JOE-M500-300x300The vast majority of Americans are going to be absolutely blindsided by what is coming.  They don’t understand how our financial system works, they don’t understand how vulnerable it is, and most of them blindly trust that our leaders know exactly what they are doing and that they will be able to fix our problems.  As a result, most Americans are simply not prepared for the massive storm that is heading our way.  Most American families are living paycheck to paycheck, most of them are not storing up emergency food and supplies, and only a very small percentage of them are buying gold and silver for investment purposes.   They seem to have forgotten what happened back in 2008.  When the financial markets crashed, millions of Americans lost their jobs.  Because most of them were living on the financial edge, millions of them also lost their homes.  Unfortunately, most Americans seem convinced that it will not happen again.  Right now we seem to be living in a “hope bubble” and people have become very complacent.  For a while there, being a “prepper” was very trendy, but now concern about a coming economic crisis seems to have subsided.  What a tragic mistake.  As I pointed out yesterday, our entire financial system is a giant Ponzi scheme, and there are already signs that our financial markets are about to implode once again.  Those that have not made any preparations for what is coming are going to regret it bitterly.  The following are 17 signs that most Americans will be wiped out by the coming economic collapse…

    #1 According to a survey that was just released, 76 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  But most Americans are acting as if their jobs will always be there.  But the truth is that mass layoffs can occur at any time.  In fact, it just happened at one of the largest law firms in New York City.

    #2 27 percent of all Americans do not have even a single pennysaved up.

    #3 46 percent of all Americans have $800 or less saved up.

    #4 Less than one out of every four Americans has enough money stored away to cover six months of expenses.

    #5 Wages continue to fall even as the cost of living continues to go up.  Today, the average income for the bottom 90 percent of all income earners in America is just $31,244.  An increasing percentage of American families are just trying to find a way to survive from month to month.

    #6 62 percent of all middle class Americans say that they have had to reduce household spending over the past year.

    #7 Small business is becoming an endangered species in America.  In fact, only about 7 percent of all non-farm workers in the United States are self-employed at this point.  That means that the vast majority of Americans are depending on someone else to provide them with an income.  But what is going to happen as those jobs disappear?

    #8 In 1989, the debt to income ratio of the average American family was about 58 percent.  Today it is up to  154 percent.

    #9 Today, a higher percentage of Americans are dependent on the government than ever before.  In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau 49 percent of all Americans live in a home that gets direct monetary benefits from the federal government.  So what is going to happen when the government handout gravy train comes to an end?

    #10 Back in the 1970s, about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps.  Today, about one out of every 6.5 Americans is on food stamps.

    #11 It is estimated that less than 10 percent of the U.S. population owns any gold or silver for investment purposes.

    #12 It has been estimated that there are approximately 3 million“preppers” in the United States.  But that means that almost everyone else is not prepping.

    #13 44 percent of all Americans do not have first-aid kits in their homes.

    #14 48 percent of all Americans do not have any emergency supplies stored up.

    #15 53 percent of all Americans do not have a 3 day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes.

    #16 One survey asked Americans how long they thought they would survive if the electrical grid went down for an extended period of time.  Incredibly, 21 percent said that they would survive for less than a week, an additional 28 percent said that they would survive for less than two weeks, and nearly 75 percent said that they would be dead before the two month mark.

    #17 According to a survey conducted by the Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation, 55 percent of Americans believe that the government will come to their rescue when disaster strikes.

    Just because you are living a comfortable middle class lifestyle today does not mean that it will always be that way.

    If you doubt this, take a look at what is going on in Greece.  Many formerly middle class parents in Greece have become so impoverished that they are actually dumping their children at orphanages so that they won’t starve…

    Scores of children have been put in orphanages and care homes for economic reasons; one charity said 80 of the 100 children in its residential centres were there because their families can no longer provide for them.

    Ten percent of Greek children are said to be at risk of hunger. Teachers talk of cancelling PE lessons because children are underfed and of seeing pupils pick through bins for food.

    If the U.S. economy crashes and you lose your job, how will you and your family survive?

    Will you and your family end up homeless and totally dependent on the government for your survival?

    Get prepared while there is still time.  If you do not know how to get prepared, my article entitled “25 Things That You Should Do To Get Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse” has some basic tips, and there are dozens of excellent websites out there that teach people advanced prepping techniques for free.

    So there is no excuse.  You can trust that Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama have everything under control, but as for me and my family we are going to prepare for the giant economic storm that is coming.

    I hope that you will be getting prepared too.


    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Wow! After reading that list, maybe I’m not so bad after all. Most folks I know are just clueless. I’ve tried to help remove their blinders but have given up.

        • Frightening statistics!

          76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck now.

          As costs of food, housing, taxes, health insurance, etc. rise, there will be a very unhappy (and the majority unprepared) population.

          The increases in health insurance alone will be a major setback for many households.

          Remember this?

          March 15, 2009 – Obama speech in Strongsville, Ohio.

          OBAMA: How many people are getting’ insurance through their jobs right now? Raise your hands? A’right. Well, a lot of those folks, your employer, it’s estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000%, which means they could give you a RAISE!

          But, the truth is…

          ObamaCare: Individual plans to cost 80% more starting 2014

          • RUSH LIMPBALLS IS A F– IDIOT!!! Instead of investigating truth for themselves, mindless people listen to rush limpballs!

            • The LGBT and global warming folks don’t particularly like him.

              • It’s over. There is no going back. We waited too long to act. There may be at some point in the future be a new America born, but it will be different, geographically , politically and morally, and it will, like the first time be born of blood, sweat, tears and human life. I would love to be here to see it, but I doubt that I will be around.(I’m 61) Prepare yourself and family, both physically and mentally for what is a certainty. Only the time and date are unknown. I am prepared, so at this point I have made the decision to ‘go Jarrett’ and make them pay,at every opportunity for destroying America. It’s all that I, or any of us can do now. Revenge.

            • @grasshopper, calling names means that YOU are the loser.

              Attack the message, not the messenger

              • Colorado knightowl says:

                “@grasshopper, calling names means that YOU are the loser.

                Attack the message, not the messenger”

                Is that why the Durango Kidd calls fellow posters on this site “asswipe” and “asshole”… because he’s a loser?

                Because he can’t attack the message, so he attacks the messenger?

                Sounds right to me.

                • Specifics, please. I’ve never read any such in DK’s posts.

            • So you can’t argue with the actual words of Obama, just the radio show that happened to bring it to our attention. It doesn’t matter what show the clip aired on, Obama still lied big time, as usual.

              Oh, and I suppose you are the world’s leading expert on Rush’s private parts.

              • I wasn’t aware Rush swung that way. 🙂

                • Rush Limpbaugh is a sad case, unfortunately. I used to listen to him during the Clinton years – and I remember how he would rant and rave about these greasy, stinking ‘country club Republicrats’, who later on became the treasonous RINOS and neo-cons who have destroyed the GOP and just about purged it of any sign of traditional conservatism. Rush even welcomed those evil Democrats who were suddenly ‘switching parties’ after the 1994 GOP big victories – being either too freaking stupid or too stoned out of his mind on oxycotin to realize that these Democrats were nothing more than Trojan Horse moles who were sent to infiltrate and become obstacles to the advancement of any true conservative principles or agenda.

                  Well, thanks to the stupidity of Rush Limpbaugh – who was a cheerleader for all of the evil, all of the lying about WMDs and all the war mongering, and shredding of our Constitution during the 8 years of hell that Bush foisted upon our nation – now, the GOP RINOs and neocons are about ready to pass amnesty and kill the GOP permanently.

                  Hey, Rushbo. Had you stuck by your alleged ‘conservative’ principles and attacked the Bush crime syndicate when they deserved to be attacked – instead of kissing their asses, maybe these RINOs and neocon cockroaches wouldn’t have succeeded in destroying the GOP?

                  • @Tucker,

                    Everythng you said about Rush is true to a certain extent.

                    I have listened to him off and on since the third day he started on KFBK in Sacramento many years ago. Through the years I have seen him drift away from the realities of the average American. In fact the larger his paycheck has gotten the more out of tune with the conservative movement he has become.

                    His attitude towards the TEA Party prior to the 2012 Presidential election is what, in my opinion, cost Rommney the election. Rommney also refused to aknowledge the TEA Party and it cost him the election because the TEA Party did not show up in force. I and other TEA Party members I know voted Libertarian to make a statement. The Libertarian Party had one of if not the biggest turn outs in it’s history.

                    Again, just my opinion, Rush has lost contact with the American peoples values, morals, and financial situation.


                  • @Tucker & Grasshopper

                    Look at all those “thumbs down” attached to Grasshoppers post about Limbaugh.

                    That’s all you need to know about the vast majority of characters trolling this site.

                    Fake Constitutionalists, and Fake Patriots.

                    Rush Limbaugh is only a constitutional patriot when Democrats are in control of the State.

                    When his ilk are in control, they convienently forget about the Constitution. e.g. the George W Bush regime.

                    Didn’t you get the memo? You’re just a “low information” Poster.

                  • Once the 30 million Illegals are granted auto citizenship and converted immediately into DEM voters you can kiss America GoodBye!

                    Can’t beat em, join them. Start up your government n!pple sucking skills as it looks like your going to need them.

            • Grasshopper, how do YOU know his balls are limp?

              • It’s probably a safe bet given the all the doctor shopping for prescription downers.

            • Obviously Grasshoppers been run over by too many lawnmowers. And judging by his/hers comments, i’m thinking it’s a college educated lib who always votes for the “D” and STILL lives in mommy and daddy’s basement, LOL.

            • Ahh thats refrereshing, for a second there I thought you were going to say Bush. Get some new material grasshopper the Rush thing doesn’t work either.

            • Ah Grasshopper,
              Now we know all about you we need to know.
              I’m not going to say it… I won’t…. I won’t….
              the hell I won’t….

              P**** envy.

              You’re now supposed to curl up and have smoke there Grasshopper.

            • My balls are limp too, but my pecker is good enough for your old lady.

            • Ah but Grasshopper your master says your a FOOL..Now get your mommy to make you some more Kool-Aid..

            • This is a perfect example of MORON.Take heed to the one of those who will be digging in garbage cans to survive. Probably doing it now.

            • So, Obama did not make that speech in Ohio, is that what you were trying to say?

              Or were you instead trying to introduce another discussion topic to keep you from having to confront the truth about the man you apparently voted for?


              • Wow watching that reminds me of what a piece of crap Obummer is.My brother inlaw who has a PHD and does cancer research said the problems Obummer care will cause is insurmountable.Get ready for nationalized health care except for the politicians and the end of the country as we know it.

          • Not a problem, How can you financially ruin a person who has nothing?

          • It’ll be a race between what will put you in the poor house first. The electric bill (due to promised coal plant regs) or your Commander-n-thief’s mandatory healthcare. Lock and load people, by the minute this situation grows as ugly as the first lady.

            • Are you talking about the Heffer Queen? Coming on to the time to lock and load and rock and roll. Be safe

          • ky mom you do know individual plans are not what employers get for their employees, yes?

        • I have met with 2 seperate pockets of resistance (people resisting to believe what is happening) over the past week. Invited by others to basically share my insight. I normally ask a few questions (similar to the above article) to see what they know and their opinions of what they know. Wow! One older man actually said ” I’d have to see some hard evidence to convince me of a collapse.”
          Basically, most are in denial, no matter the evidence.
          Another asked me if I was a conspiracy-right wing believer? I only replied ” can you prove otherwise?”. No reply.
          Others believe they’ll be able to get help (not from the gov’t) from preppers they know. So the bottom line is; most have already had a conversation with someone trying to warn them.
          The Titanic has hit an iceberg, will it sink?
          2% (preppers) say Yes.
          98% (pockets of resistance) say No.

          • “I’d have to see some hard evidence to convince me of a collapse”…

            Wow… really????


            Ah well I find similar responses from the generation that (bizarrely enough) lived through the Great Depression. Either they figure they’re not gonna be here for it, or the original event traumatized them so much that they’re just plugging their ears and going LA LA LA LA instead of facing it.

            Most obvious example: gas prices. I mean… you’d have to be kind of blind to miss that one.

            Food prices honestly haven’t hit me yet but then I eat like a cross between a bum and a squirrel. Bumsquirrel!

            Although, for FAST food which I indulged in recently after something like an 8 year hiatus… oh…. yeah that’s… kind of gone up just a wee tad smidge LOT.

            • Do what you can to avoid the toxic fast food.


        • Whatever happened to the gay marriage debate?

          We have more important things to deal with!

          • Global warming will kill us all first anyway.

            • How about gay global marriage?

              • That’s Hot!

                • Show me your gay globes…

                  I’ll show you mine.

        • As have I… partly due to OPSEC and partly due to not “giving pearls to swine”.

        • wrong: I gave up on mankind- stuck in stupid twenty some years ago; most patriots I know (older retirees) have stopped informing others too, we also threw out books, binders, dvd’s and other patriot material after butt head got re elected in Jan. we focus on preps only. Focus on your immediate family and forget the dumb butt masses.

          • Laura M: Very wise of you, time for talking to others is way past. OPSEC, as Man on the … says, is paramount. Any further warnings are pearl before swine and dangerous. Should martial law be declared, or even just severe shortages of one kind or another, those folks who didn’t prepare may remember your ‘prepping talks’ and tell others. We have about 3 M folks who are prepared, you minus those that are children, or incapable of taking care of themselves, and you still have a ratio of about 1 prepper in able 85 adults (1:85). Those are terrible odds. That’s why it’s important to stay below the ‘radar’ of everyone and pretend that everything is just fine. We have to appear to be just like everyone else: clueless, or risk being found out. No Gadsden flags, no bumper stickers, no heated political/financial conversations–nothing that would give us away. Hiding in plain sight is the only way to remain relatively safe.

          • Now THAT is a good idea!

        • Yes, if they haven’t realized it by now, then they are just going to be a statistic.

          Today, they spread the happy talk that all of Americans see green shoots sprouting up all around.

          F*cking idiots if you think all is grander and golden!

          Keep a heads up running right up to Independence Day!!!!!

          I feel a Lehman event or worst is in the making with all the talk of DHS activation of wanting 90% strength by next week.

          We all know that it’s a matter of time before they go for broke. They need the big one, that will bring down the iron curtain. Will they quit pussy footing around or keep playing it out like a bad drama queen?

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
          Stand proud, stand tall, and stand together

        • I was at a graduation party on Sunday. Hippies and professors. They can solve all the injustice in the world but they have no idea how a lawnmower or a paint brush works. Filthy pigs

          • Why did you go to the party?

          • Hey! Don’t paint all hippys with the same paint brush. I’m one, but also alot more and there are others like me. Hide in plain site. No one otherwise will even guess. Be safe

        • Yes they are! And not only are they clueless, but try to tell them what’s going to happen over the short-term, I double-dare you! They will do one of a few things, smile and walk away, make factless counter arguments, or call you names. Then, afterwards they will make up a story in their minds that you are just being paranoid and will proceed to call you names behind your back, if they can’t manage to forget you.

          Its a no-win situation trying to help people see what we face. I suspect that deep down, subconsciously they sense it but are fighting to keep it suppressed. And trying to tell them “sends them over the edge” psychologically.

          The key problem is that they are brainwashed, literally. If they aren’t addicted to legal drug, i.e. painkillers or some type of mood altering drugs, they probably are addicted to alcohol, and certainly they are addicted to HFCS. And half of the population is addicted to credit cards and shiny baubles. These all weaken the mind along with other ancillary neurotoxins or ones with which we are intentionally poisoned.

          This all makes the extremely powerful propaganda machine even more powerful. By this I mean all media from music to facebook to movies to cartoons to sitcoms to news to broadcast sports to google. Basically ALL of this electronic media is controlled by the KABAL that is usually referred to here as TPTB. I would guess less than 7% of the population is AWAKE.

          I’m still amazed that the movie, “The Matrix”, was released from within the KABAL’s ACTUAL and highly succesful attempt to build exactly such an illusion for people to live within, using as mentioned above drugs, debt, shiny baubles, poisons, propaganda, nearly 100% control over information to the masses, etc. I guess it might have had something to do with the name of their “ultimate safe place”. Just because this KABAL is from a LOOOONNNNNGGGG line of sociopaths from Central Europe and just because they are sneaky and subversively clever, just ask the Romanovs (oh that’s right you can’t, ruthless bit of genocide that!) it doesn’t mean that they are intelligent. In fact they’re so foolish that they think LU<1F3R is helping them, maybe its their ancient |< |-| /-\ 7_ /-\ |3 religion showing through.

        • Dr Ray Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.
          Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.
          Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
          Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
          Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!
          Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

        • In an economic collapse wouldn’t money lose it’s value? Why would it matter if Americans tend to save or not. Gold and Silver is a commodity just like cofee beans or tea,so it will be TRADED as a commodity, surprisingly many things will probably be bartered for a much higher value than gold or silver could ever bring,just look at the history of every collapsed civilization since before Christ.

      2. Either you see it or you don’t. Either you see the erosion of the Constitution and B.O.R or you don’t.

        You either do nothing or you act, it’s that simple.


        • Only 3 million preppers!!
          That’s close to the dinosaur extinction.

          • i’m a prepper-saurus…. a family focused creature that just wants to be left alone to do its own thing, but will bite you in the ass if provoked…the prepper-saurus’ mortal enemy is the “uncle sam-rex” (a large, stupid, lazy, nosey, son of a bitch)

          • …maybe its a nessesary die off…you just cant fix stupid and it shouldn’t be allowed to breed and infect the future…Darwinism has a place and people can decide to avoid it…or not!

            • Stupidity is the one sin that is always punished and never forgiven! Perhaps these self culling people should
              receive their due punishment. America has been cursed with millions who think that someone owes them a lving because they are here. Thinning the herd might be a good thing for the intelligent people in America.

          • we ( The Prepared ) are going to OWN them!You hungry? Sure I’ll feed you…but what can you do for me????
            MEET the NEW BOSS! LOL

        • Luther you’ve got that right. Do nothing or act! We have one of the most important holiday’s in America coming up and an opportunity to make a show of our Indpendence and a strong show of our support for the 2nd. Amendment. Buy this I mean, Open Carry, so if you live in a State and/or City or Town where Open Carry is legal, please do it. As I’ve commented before I always open carry, and by doing this, I’ve had on more than one occasion the chance to discuss with people the 2nd Amend. and also the opportunity to meet like minded Patriots that live in my small town, that I didn’t know before. So once more, do nothing or ACT! See you at the parade, and I’ll be carrying. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

          • Make sure you let your senators know how you feel about the upcoming Amnesty vote, if that passes, you can say goodbye to your country and your rights.

            • Do you think that any congressman or senator isint being controlled via taped revelations about their personal lives? The people in the Federal Government will vote as their told to, or their carees will be ruined by revealing their picadellos. This issue is already decided. Would any congressman or senator go against the program and risk their assets and generous retirement benefits from the goverment?

            • I sent them e-mails today. Unfortunately one of them made a pro-amnesty speach earlier this week so I doubt that my words will have an impact.

              • Now that the unlimited surveillance of the American people is known,I have just one question. How many laws have been passed that are detrimental to America and the American people, because some congressman, senator or president was being blackmailed with personal information prism gathered?

            • Okay…. both of my degenators are part of the “Gang of Ocho”. Idiots!!!!!

        • Luther, I agree however other than bringing awareness to my small circle of influence, what should I be doing?

        • Luther,

          What’s Bill O’reilly got to do with erosion. Did his balls rot off?

          • It’s bill of rights gayboy. What’s your major malfunction, can’t get a job with your African American homosexual studies degree?

      3. Wake up your neighbor….clue him in. After the fact he will be shopping at your house

        • he better hope he can run over 3,240 fps, or dodge it!

          • Rule .308 works both ways people, lest we forget that. Things go very differently when your taking return fire. Don’t kid youselves, there’s a lot of wolves wearing sheep coveralls….

            • for the .308 that would only be 2,820fps..he’d still have to be dam fast

              who’s kidding?

        • Talk to the neighbors. Let them know if they don’t change their ways, they won’t be all prepped up like you are. Explain food storage and #10 cans. Remind them things like chocolate bars are great to have in an emergency. Be sure to stress they are not nuts because you have done it.

          • …used to agree with that but not its just a deathwish…the fewer know what you got the longer you/yours may live…sad but that’s where I see it.

            • Well Reb, it’s better to be sad and alive than noble and ripped to shreds by what used to be a nice neighbor.

          • Go shave your butt with a straight razor and use turpentine for aftershave, you putz…

            • I think it might be a better use for said razor to remove your scrotum. No, On second thought,a rusty butter knife WOULD be a better option. Wait a minute, what the hell am I thinking? YOU don’t have a scrotum,do you miss?

        • The one neighbor is on board and knows whats up. The other neighbor can visit once, but if he comes back again, its S.S.S.

      4. Coming soon to the streets of America: “My Big Fat Greek Default.” Seriously, people, look at what’s going on in Europe. Then, take a look at how people survive in places like Africa or Nepal. Once the SHTF, we’re going to be living a fourth-world existence. Learn how to live like that now, with sanitation, safety, and defense in mind.

      5. Prepare in secret, and keep your powder dry.

        Trouble will seek YOU out in time, so be ready physically and mentally.

        The people who panic are the ones that will die first.


      6. So according to these numbers, I’m part of the 1% now!! WHOO-HOO!!
        But does this mean I need to worry about protesters camping out in my yard in an Occupy My Street protest?

      7. Approx. 3 million Preppers in the USA. That is scary.

        • Yes, they’ll make good slaves for the RICH 1% after all the other idiots starve.

          • Thier are probably close to 6 million of us and when everyone elde starves we will be the “rich”. Rich people with paid armies never last. Preped People defending thier homes always last.

            • I really hope you’re right on that one. Seriously I do.

              It’s just this pesky little “history of the Dark Ages” convinces me otherwise…

              • “Must be a King”

                – “Why?”

                “Hasn’t got shit all over ‘im…”

                • Monty python

                  • Was it an African sparrow??? ;p

            • Seven Samurai ” the peasents always win” )

              • Because they had a paid army of seven samurai…

      8. My favorite food storage foods in #10 cans.

        Powdered cheese
        Powdered tomato
        Dried celery
        Dried onion
        Dried carrots
        Dried mushrooms
        Powdered milk
        Brown gravy mix
        Dried spinach flakes

        I wasn’t too excited to get these and start using them
        2 years ago, but I’m glad I did. The flavors are all wonderful
        and now I’m much more used to dry products.
        Eat what you store!!

        Keep preppin’

        • Cooking Mom,

          Can you tell me who sells what you listed? Do they have a good long shelf life too?

        • Cooking Mom:

          Where do you buy/order your foods?

          • I purchased most foods from beprepared. Com
            The shelf life for most of the foods I listed above AFTER
            Opening is over 2 years. And I live in humid east Texas.
            The only thing I will change is after opening powdered tomato
            I will immediately jar it up in half gallon cannin’ jars. (I like to
            Use them as canisters) The humidity caused the tomato powdered
            To harden up in chunks, still usable but took more time to hydrate it.
            Hope this helps!

            • Some of the ingredients you listed above just might make a real good spaghetti sauce. Thanks for the info.

              • Yes it will scout! That’s the whole idea!! The powdered tomato is
                Pretty amazing. I’ve made tomato juice, V8 juice, spaghetti sauce,
                Pizza sauce, tomato paste, tomato sauce, ketchup, bar-b-que sauce
                With it. Add it to soups or simple make tomato bisque.
                (Sorry about typos, android phone….)

                Keep preppin’

                • the cooking mom…are you by any chance that cool lady on the prepper show who said that you will be the only one left to loose some weight? I just loved that particular show.

                  • LSB, not me! I love to cook but I’m a size M.

                    Keep preppin’

                  • She is on and is a brilliant lady. I have learned everything about food storage and her principals of preparedness have given me such peace about self sufficiency. Check her out. Kellene bishop is her name.

                  • She is on and is a brilliant lady. I have learned everything about food storage and her principals of preparedness have given me such peace about self sufficiency. Check her out. Kellene bishop is her name.

                  • No that is Kellene Bishop, she is the prepardness pro, check out her page, you will learn so much from her she is on facebook and has her own site with so much knowledge….

            • @The Cooking Mom, I’m right there with ya. I’ve also added the powdered eggs and butter to my stores, and dehydrated italian meatballs in #10 cans. I have LOTS of beans and rice and am trying to “accessorize” for the long term.

     has been a very good source for me and I use them frequently.

        • See? Inqiring minds are interested. 🙂

          • scout…..unopened, the foods should last at least 10 years.
            Store properly, no metal on concrete floors, even temperature.
            Just get some of these foods purchased from where ever you
            Choose and start learning how to utilize them on a daily basis.
            You won’t be sorry!!

            • @ The Cooking Mom, you mention “stored properly” & I notice that the main thing to ruin stored food is temperature. I live around the Austin area (not too terribly close) & if we loose the grid, do you have any ideas on keeping items at a safe temp with no A/C? Our house has good air flow with all the windows, but with the Texas heat (3 digits already here), with no A/C, even the best package freeze dried, canned, safely packaged wouldn’t survive very long. Also, the heat is killing my garden. Squash & zucchini are looking pretty bad. Any ideas…. from anyone on storage and saving garden from high temps?

              • Mom, it’s hot up here too! (Near Tyler)
                Even steady temperature will work for a while after
                We go dark. I plan to keep everything in darkened rooms.

                • I live in the Denver area where basements are a popular part of a house. All of my freeze-dried foods are kept there year-round, and it does not get above 72-73 degrees, even in the summer. I have a brother in Arlington, no basement. He has to weigh his food options with a bit more care.

                  Thanks for the info, Cooking Mom.

                  • ScoutMotto-

                    You are correct about the basements here (oops did I just type that?) Oh well. Make sure you store your provisions up off the floor on sturdy shelving if possible and not directly on concrete. Flour, Rice, salt ALL will absorb moisture from the temp difference between the colder concrete and surrounding air.

                    Also make sure if you have a basement to get an expansion plug for your floor drains- when the SHTF and it will, it will also back up your floor and sewer drains…and again- you do NOT want your preps near the floor! Nasty! If you haven’t got solar backup power and a good sump pump, things are gonna get messy.

                    Some say a major galF eslaF is ‘right around the corner’ Yes, Virginia- I spelled that backwards for reason.
                    Look for possible ramp up or event between tomorrow and July 4th timeframe. A lot of movement and even in the woods here I have seen them training…not good!

                    Keep your powder dry and hidden…you know the rest.

                • Are you by chance a neighbor/aquaintence of George and Elaine Ure of

              • Root cellar or basement. Deep in the ground is a constant cooler temperature. If you have to dig one, call it a tornado storm shelter.

              • agent
                that is so wrong do the work first then I MAY FEED YOU


              • central tx
                do you have a crawl space under your home on a hot day check out the temp under your home


                • @ snake eater, no crawl space, slab. Also have a HOA & city codes to deal with on digging root cellar. “Tornado Shelter” may take care of city codes but we don’t have the $$ right now. Only about 20,000 people in this city so still an atmosphere of “small town life”.

              • If you lose the grid, that’s the big start. Don’t worry how long the stuff last at that point. It’s way long enough. Gov estimates 90% die off in a year. It will last far longer than that, If you are worried at that point dig a cellar.

        • But isn’t that expensive? (dried food)? I thought of buying some but at the stores its really expensive!!

          • Check out spice barn, beprepared, ready store, thrive
            Auguson farms…buying in bulk is so much better.
            It saves you money to buy the #10 cans.

            Keep preppin’

            • Don’t forget The Ready Store. Their #10 cans of Saratoga Farms hold more servings and calories than Mountain House or Augason Farms and generally less expensive. Also, they have started carrying Pantry Cans that hold 1/3 as much as the #10s. Great for small families and for testing to see if you like the product. They have daily sales and a rewards program that can lower your cost if you buy from them regularly. They have the most prompt service of any company I have tried. I love the vanilla powder in coffee and baked goods. It comes in a pantry can and lasts for months in my fridge. The tomato powder does get lumpy in time, but still tastes good — great in baked beans or barbeque.

            • I’ve tried some Thrive, and it’s good stuff. Also tried Mountain House, which I recommend to anyone.

              • All Thrive and Motherearthproducts are NON-GMO!!
                Well worth the money for healthy foods!

                Keep preppin’

                • Some of Thrive is. GMO I mean. TVP products are.

              • I also use Thrive products and have been very pleased with them. I’ve bagged up many ‘meals-in-a-jar’ type things and vacuum sealed them. Long term storage for most things is well over 15 years.

            • I usually do a lot of research before buying so far I’ve found Emergency Essentials usually has better prices with low shipping cost. They also have the smaller MyChoise cans if you just want to try something before buying the #10 cans. Costco sometimes has good deals with free shipping and the best price for Ova Easy powdered whole eggs in #10 cans is Amazon. The Winco I shop at has Morning Moo in #10 cans for $10.95 it’s usually around $30.00 on line.

              We have very little humidity but I still vacuum seal tomato powder in jars after it opened to keep it from clumping up. It is amazing stuff especially when you consider that tomato anything, paste, sauces; in cans don’t last as long as most canned goods due to the acids in tomatoes.

              • I once made some quiche (sp?) with powdered eggs. It was real good, also add cheese and broccoli or spinach.

              • I had to throw out around two dozen Emergency Essentials products packed in 2005 and 2007 because the #10 cans began bulging. All were bread or other mixes that had yeast in them. EE does not provide any estimates for the shelf life of their foods.

                • Prepared Pastor,

                  I’ve never seen any canned bread nix that had the yeast already in them. The labels I’ve read all say add water and yeast.

                  As far as I know the only thing sold with an Emergency Essentials label on it is there super pails. I’ve only bought the whole wheat for grinding. The freeze dried or dehydrated #10 cans they sell are Mountain House, Provident Pantry .As far as MyChoice I really don’t know who cans it but I haven’t had any issues with them.

            • Scratch Auguson Farms… I was told they are under investigation for dishonesty in labeling, etc. (So you’re paying for what you are NOT getting…) Walton
              Feed is good and there should be a plethora of storage places in Utah… another one I’ve used is in Idaho Falls, Idaho… “the Preparedness Store” … know the owner, Randy, and he’ll do what he can for you…

          • You can start with regular canned food while you shop for best prices. Don’t dither and have nothing when you need it.

            • Agreed! Normal grocery canned food has a good shelf life, long enough to get you through the first two winters (your first SAFE harvest).

              Not everyone has the budget, money or space they’d like to prep with, so here’s a few tips for the paupers amongst us:-

              Home dehydration is so cheap, and easy to do. Either use the bottom shelf of your oven or purchase a dehydrator (hint I got mine at a flea market for £5!). We are coming up to the season where there should be some excess from your garden/local store or market produce sales etc.

              I have to do a lot of home dehydration as canning supplies are less easily available at an acceptable price in the UK than the US & our homes are TINY. Dehydrating works for us as I can store a LOT of produce in a small space & frankly if you aren’t doing some sort of gardening at this stage in the game then YOU are a member of the Zombie Hoard. (I think Hollywood’s fashion for zombies is a warning for those with eyes to see!)

              We tend to prioritise berries and other high-cost, high nutrients. Dried homegrown strawberries on my porridge brighten many a winter morning, and will continue to do so after SHTF.

              Looking at the article the figure that concerned me most was 7% self-employed. That means 93% of the population is directly dependent on the banksters/corporate teats or indirectly from the taxes they pay. If the banksters pull the plug 93% of the population have NO income. 93% of the population are already OWNED.

              In all previous recessions the engines of recovery and growth have always come from the Small business sector. Mom and Pop shops aren’t glam or showy but they are the cornerstone of the ideal of a self-reliant meritocracy and an honest economy. 7% means the American dream is already dead in the water.

          • E.E. Foods are priced shipping paid in most catalogs. If you get to Utah it’s cheaper in the store. They don’t pack food, they sell it. Lots of it is 25 year plus storable. If you are just starting, get a seal a meal (watch the thrift stores I have bought 3 there) and the Vacuum pump jar lid attachments. you can suck the air out of canning jars. With that and a few O2 absorbers you can manage to make your own storage. Look around there are lists of stuff that keeps forever if kept dry. Sugar, salt, honey, Properly dried jerkey in a vacuumed can with O2 absorber seems to last forever. White rice does also. Just keep looking.

        • The Cooking Mom,

          I agree these are all very useful food storage items.

          Many foods can be dehydrated at home also, such as tomatoes, celery, spinach, carrots, broccoli, squash, green peppers, etc. (Note: if you dehydrate onions, use an extension cable and do them outside on a porch.)

          It is easy to dehydrate food. But, it has a more limited shelf life of a couple years or so. I have a basic model dehydrator that I got at an outlet store.

          Take care!
          KY Mom

        • For gravy, I use powdered milk, the beef or chicken bouillon, and flour.
          Tastes just like fried chicken grease gravy, or beef juice gravy.

          • J. I don’t use it to make gravy, I can make that from
            Scratch blindfolded. I put it several other recipes.
            Meatloaf, soups, sour cream vegie dip….it ‘s pretty

          • “Kick ass” suggestion. Finally, an easy to make from “dried prep” storage gravy to enhance the taste of less desirable “critters”, opossum and raccoon. (Still looking for a decent skunk gravy, but not looking that hard)

            To be honest, I have some decent recipes passed down from my maternal great grandmother with respect to the aforementioned critters…excluding skunk. Even she never tried that one.

            But the right gravy can certainly make the difference between “edible” and “downright tasty”. GOOD TIP JayJay.

        • No wheatberries? 🙂

          • No silly!! Wheat berries go in 5 gallon buckets!!

            Keep preppin’

      9. Question: What is the most important survival tool to you?
        Knowledge (100%)
        Blade 0 (0%)
        Fire starter 0 (0%)
        Water 0 (0%)
        Shelter 0 (0%)

        Keep the FAITH

        • GE minigun…

      10. Any idea how many McDonald’s gift certificates you could fit in one #10 can?

        • probably a lot more than you’ll ever live long enough to use…

      11. Murphy’s Laws Of TEOTWAWKI

        1. Food, you still don’t have enough

        2. People without back up shelters might be without shelter

        3. People with guns and no food are finding out that people with food have guns to

        4. Look hungry, they might leave you alone.

        5. Seed bank, the new source of wealth

        6. Insects, It’s what’s for dinner

        7. Gun shots, they attract unwanted attention

        8. Ask everyone if they have food or water, Jedi mind tricks might work on desperate people

        9. Wood burning stoves, they are like pots of gold

        10. The less people you know, the better off you are

        11. Mormons, suddenly they have a lot of new friends
        TEOTWAWKI Survival

        12. Friendly hungry people…..aren’t

        13. People who thought they could make it with just a survival knife are finding out they can’t

        14. Satellite Dishes, they make great family dinner tables

        15. If invited to a dinner party and you can’t figure out what’s on the menu, it’s you

        16. Houses full of food attract the unwanted envy of hungry people

        17. Friends who show up without food are not good friends

        18. Electricity, the good old daysTEOTWAWKI

        19. Dog Food, who knew

        20. Cash, it’s a great way to start a fire

        21. Alternative energy, you’re kicking yourself now for not investing in it

        22. Watching your garden grow, the new Sunday afternoon sport

        23. The Government, it will feed itself first

        24. Large groups of people with guns make the rules

        25. Bad water & Montezuma’s Revenge, they have come to America

        26. People, who thought the Government would save them, found out that it didn’t

        27. Hospitals, no longer a place of healing

        28. EMP, now everyone knows what it means

        29. Sandy dry soil, suddenly not such a cool place to live anymore

        30. If food is the new currency then fresh water is a hot commodity

        31. Gold coins, they don’t taste very good

        32. Toilet paper, should have bought more of that stuff

        33. Ham radio operators, who are the nerds now?

        34. Burning Green Wood = Smoke / Smoke = Attention / Attention = Bad

        35. Trying to start a fire with two sticks? Should have stocked up on more matches.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman
          Two or three days after breakdown or a quickly as the situation warrants, I will put a crude hand made sign at the end of the driveway begging for anyone to please bring us food and water. This will indicate that we don’t have any for ourselves. I can make the house accessable to foot traffic only about 200 yards out. I would hope to be able to determine someones motive for coming to the house while they were covering the 200 yards.

          When the situation deteriorates more, I will take a red hazmat plastic bag and place it in the middle of the driveway where you turn off the county road with a warning to not enter because of contagious disease. A day or two after the hazmat bag goes up I will find something dead and rotting that I can hide not far from the sign so the smell will enforce the warning of death. Closer to the house I will post a sign that indicates that a hazmat suit is required to proceed further because of the deadly disease present. I have several deadly diseases waiting for those who can’t read. I figure that by this time no one except rogues are going to come to my house.

          • I’m gonna remember that one. Thanks.

        • buckets make great portable toilets

          • Buy one of those cheap plastic patio chairs and cut a large hole in the seat. Set it over a hole in the ground and you have a cheap outhouse. You can even make a wire TP holder to hand on the side of it.

            • After my grandma died I took her convalescent toilet to the woods and put it over a hole in the ground. I call it my outhole. Every time I use it Ii think of her and it flushes itself every time it rains. I’m glad I don’t live at the bottom of the mountain.

              • Let’s hope you don’t start a cholera outbreak.

                • If lye can be made from soaking white ashes in water, can latrines be made less of a sanitary hazard by dumping ashes in them? This is a serious question and I never thought of it before this discussion. Thanks.

                  • Yes, but far easier and better is a bucket of pool Chlorine tablets. Use your lye to make soap. But in truth, a properly dig latrine, is not a problem if you cover it up with dirt, move it regularly, keeping it away from your water supply. You need to look into sanitation procedures, it’s not hard, but there are lots of things to look at. You are not going to get a bug you don’t have from your waste. it’s the other guys waste that’s most of the problem. Soap, antiseptics, and clean water are the key.

                  • Sigi, if you build an actual latrine you can burn the waste in the metal waste pan.( home made alcohol works well to aid in this task ) NASTY job. Also another great thing to look into for short term or even long term are camping waste containers for RV’s that are on wheels ( used with a home made toilet that is raised ) then you wheel and dump. Also yes lye works well here too but as said before iw ould save it for Soap making unless you are near a place that has soap root plants.( friend made one that was 4 feet off ground and had a small rain water tower on top that was piped direct into the tank with a faucet so he could flush got to love them Michigan hunters 🙂

                    also a quick answer to #13 on watchmans list of things.( even tho I do agree with him if you do not know wtf your doing DO NOT DO IT! in this respect anyhow) Some of us can, and have done it before. It is the tool you start with, but if you have knowledge in primitive tool making, hunting, gathering, tracking, trapping, and wild edibles you will be fine. ( then again there are exceptions to everything )Here at home I have Been teaching small groups ( normally only 2 or 4 ppl at a time, ah imagine a quick 4 day weekend trapped in the woods with my ass.) some basics on surviving in the woods starting with nothing. I will say it is not for everyone, not even most people, but it can and has been done. Also his #6 is spot on. Insects.. Its what is for dinner. 🙂 ( ants, grubs, worms. )

                    I would look into
                    If you need the survival skill they will teach it to you. ( minus any militaristic training )

        • watchman

          #25 new weight loss program


          • I was thinking #6. Insects, It’s what’s for dinner

            was my new weight loss program…

            • Paratusfamilia blog has a recipe for witchity grubs if you are interested. Me, I’ll keep them as bait for fishing.

        • “14. Satellite Dishes, they make great family dinner tables”

          or a family-sized wok…

          • ALSO, a satellite dish makes a GREAT solar stove for heating and boiling…. just cover the dish with reflective chromed tape found at a hardware store. Or mylar… smooth out wrinkles, attach a steel ring or heavy expanded steel to the focal point of the mast, strong enough to hold a sauce pan w/ water or food, and you have a perfect solar heating device. Don’t forget to aim it at the sun! This will boil water VERY fast! Around 2 minutes will heat your spaghetti-o’s. enjoy.

      12. This is why we go through these times of great persecution. 11cor 1:8 We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters,[a] about the troubles we experienced in the province of Asia. We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself. 9 Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead. 10 He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us again. On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, We are not to become self reliant but God relian

        • “But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.”

          Instead, I believe God has hope that we will endure in Him until the end and receive our final reward. I do not expect God to “fix it” or deliver me from the perilous times to come.

          It is my belief that God gave us hard choices to make during our lives here, that in those choices, we may find a way to make ourselves worthy of being raised from the dead and salvation, to be found worthy of being saved in our final judgement. I believe Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is my guiding hand in making those choices, but that the mistakes are mine to make.

          …but that’s just me.

      13. Are you really prepping to take care of your children and family? 11cor 1:8” We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about the troubles we experienced in the province of Asia. We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself. 9 Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead. 10 He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us again. On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us”. We are not to become self reliant but God reliant. We need to trust him not just believe he exists, even Satan believes he exists (trust means we obey Him no matter what it looks like may happen). But I’m doing it for my children and my family. Matt 10:37-30” He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me”. (We put his work ahead of the family. This doesn’t mean we don’t take care of our family but He comes first. Mark 8:35 “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it”. Hmm lose my life for the gospel? Revelation 14:13 “Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on”.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.” Are these deeds and labors He’s talking about their survival skills? Believe it or not, Peter says we are to earnestly desire the end of the present world. You may say, “That sounds morbid!” Yet the apostle writes that we are to anticipate the dissolving of this evil age: “Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat” (2 Peter 3:12) “But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway”. We need to trust and obey and become fellow laborers for the fields are ready for harvest. Jesus has already done the prepping for supplies He is now prepping our hearts.

        • Mordecai…I have never replied to one of these posts but reading your disgusting set of patchwork bible verses to arrive at a warped theology that denies the entire slant of the new testament just makes my blood boil!! This googoo type of “god will provide” spirituality is exactly what led to 6 million jews being exterminated during ww2. Does god provide, sure, but he works thru you and I. Over 50 times in the NT we are enjoined to take care of one another’s issues. this is real and tangible. It is not the “be warmed and filled” hypocracy of the religious of the day. Even Jesus said that when you see the abomination coming to get the hell outta dodge. He didn,t say stand there and be ground into the dirt! he didn’t say sit down and see the deliverance that god will provide. He said act…and act in a tangible manner. All this stuff is not end of the world, it has nothing to do with end times prophecy (complete gobbledegook). this is just the end result of what happens when governments intervene in peoples affairs. they warp the balance and cause distortions…it happened in the time of Christ and has happened hundreds of times since, and will likely happen hundreds more in this worlds history. our job is to be aware of whats going on so we can help god,s people not lead them astray to become cannon fodder in the hopes of some devine miraculous intervention. Gods people die today and suffer from the exact same statistical death rates as the unbelieving world. take a hundred Christians from any flavor of your choosing and follow them…55 will die from cardiovascular issues, 33 will die from cancer the rest will go from complications of diabetes, etc. where’s god and prayer in all that. I truthfully dunno, but we as believers come back from the hospital in the same statistical body bags as the atheist do. we pray but we do not change, we hope but we do not do anything, and so we go the way of the world. am I against prayer? not in a million years but it is not nor has ever been a substitute for reality.

          • I’m sorry that was your experience. I was healed at leat twice from fatal sicknesses. Healing is a different subject but this may help. 1 cor. 11:27 So then, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. 28 Everyone ought to examine themselves before they eat of the bread and drink from the cup. 29 For those who eat and drink without discerning the body of Christ eat and drink judgment on themselves. 30 That is why many among you are weak and sick, and a number of you have fallen asleep. 31 But if we were more discerning with regard to ourselves, we would not come under such judgment. 32 Nevertheless, when we are judged in this way by the Lord, we are being disciplined so that we will not be finally condemned with the world.
            Many times people offer up fox hole prayers and God mercifully heals them. This shows God wants us to examine ourselves so He does’t have to bring down harsher correction on us. A lot of us ignore the simple nudges and then the correction is increased. However healing is promised to those that are obeying God up until the point that they are ready. I understand your frusteration. The biggest thing being attacked today is our faith. Most of our time is spent with worldly entertainment and most don’t even acknowledge God on a daily basis. Then they are angry at Him because He allows them to suffer for their actions. However from my experience He usually at least softens the correction when we go to Him with our whole heart. Also when He tells them to “Get the hell out of dodge” He is speaking to people in Jerusalem when they see the armies surrounding them. He tells them to not go back for anything, even for their bug out bags. In the old testament he also told Lots wife not to look back.. She paid the price for disobedince. God either is or He’s isns’t. If He does exist He has all power and cares for you greatly and has the power over all these events. If not we are better off relying on our own skills and not wasting time seeking Him. I always like to remember though Ahab(husband of Jezabel) was said to have been more evil than all the kings before him. (and they had some evil kings if you read about them) Yet when Elijah pronounced God’s judgement on him..27When Ahab heard these words, he tore his clothes, put on sackcloth and fasted. He lay in sackcloth and went around meekly.

            28Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah the Tishbite: 29“Have you noticed how Ahab has humbled himself before me? Because he has humbled himself, I will not bring this disaster in his day, but I will bring it on his house in the days of his son.” that’s in 1King 17. God wants to give us the kingdom. He is in total control of these events. What He’s most concerned about is your character and your faith.

        • Putting God first and following his commandments to store up for the future and provide for our families are not mutually exclusive.

          • I thought Mordecai was advocating a balance between the two. I believe in “pray toward heaven and row toward shore.”

      14. 10 Things That The Egypt Riots Can Teach Us About What Happens When Society Breaks Down

        Unfortunately many Americans will never start to prepare until it is far too late.
        But for the rest of us that are willing to learn, there are some things that have happened during these Egypt riots that are important lessons for all of us….

        #1 When society breaks down, people look for whatever weapons they can find. Over this past week, abandoned police stations throughout Egypt have been stripped of their arsenals by looters.

        #2 When society breaks down, nobody is safe. Average Egyptians “armed with sticks and razors” have formed vigilante groups to protect their homes from the crazed looters that have emerged during the rioting.

        #3 When society breaks down, you better protect your women and children. At least 60 rapes have been officially reported since the rioting began. The unofficial number is surely far higher than that.

        #4 When society breaks down, criminals do not fear the law. There are reports that at least 4 prisons have been attacked and that thousands of convicts have escaped into the streets.

        #5 When society breaks down, authoritarian governments begin hoarding food. The Telegraph is reporting that governments throughout the Middle East and North Africa have started stockpiling huge amounts of food in response to all the rioting that has been going on.

        #6 When society breaks down, food shortages can happen shockingly fast. As commerce has been brought to a standstill in Egypt, serious shortages of some of the most important basic food staples are starting to be reported. Many families in Egypt only have enough food to be able to survive for a couple more days.

        #7 When society breaks down, respect for personal property goes out the window. All over Egypt shops and businesses are being broken into and totally looted.

        #8 When society breaks down, mobs will start doing some of the most stupid things imaginable. According to Egypt’s top archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, looters broke into the Egyptian Museum during the rioting “and destroyed two pharaonic mummies”.

        #9 When society breaks down, it always creates a “power void”. The Obama administration is calling for an “orderly transition of power” in Egypt, but there is absolutely no guarantee that is going to happen – especially in a nation that has no history of legitimate democracy.

        #10 When society breaks down, often outside influences are involved. The individual being touted as the new “leader” of the protest movement in Egypt is Mohamed ElBaradei.

        Keep the FAITH

        • BRING IT ON!!!

        • Is not El Baradei now deceased?

        • Is not El Baradei now deceased?

      15. No one owns their home! No one has any savings No one has a years worth of food and supplies No one has any guns and ammo No one has a place to hide No one knows how to survive.


        • Well… TECHNICALLY… you never ACTUALLY “OWN” your home so much…

          On the other hand it will last longer than the ones still making payments…

        • One place I lived, I cleaned the Judges house. I was paid in preps that they were trying to rotate. I kept track of my hrs=$ to report on taxes. When it comes to prepping, anything goes.

        • GEO-LITHIC

          I`m not a Prepper or a survivalist I`m just an old grunt that has been very hungry in the past I swore in 69 upon returning from Nam I would never be hungry again grew up in Florida in a very poor family have spread peanut butter and jelly in the palm of my hand and licked it off because we didn’t have any bread never again…….


          • My oldest brother was there that year. Helicopter pilot, marines.

      16. Forty five minutes till a major city falls into chaos according to a LA resident.
        Three days till all the stores are out of food.
        Two weeks till looters show up, according to reports of tornado victims. Sooner with a EMP or power grid shutdown.
        Ninety days max on prescription drugs.
        Seventy two hours or less on a bank failure.
        One day as your neighbor freaks out.
        How long before the police declare Martial Law. Then leave.
        After that the National Guard shows up.
        Finally Major Military intervention.
        Going to have our hands full.

        • I’m in the sticks so maybe I’ll get another couple hours 🙂 Maybe. It’s going to Change things, that’s for dang sure! Prep and prey..

          Good list Mom. What times dinner?

          • ‘Bout 5:30!! Chicken in the oven now….

            Keep preppin’

          • Prey or Pray? Are you going to become a predator?

        • there is an old rumour that never seems to go away. When Mandela dies it will trigger mass civil unrest & riots in South Africa, well if South Africa does have a wet fart it will be yet another country to observe as law & order unwinds itself add that to Syria, Turkey, Libya, Greece, Egypt, Brasil and a few others that have been in the shitter some time passing like Somalia, Us/Mexico border, Iraq, Congo & Zimbabwe

          • Bush and Obama are both going to be in Africa and Nelson Mandela is at death’s door. Things that make ya go hmmmm.

            • they are going to be telling african leaders to comply with latest NWO/G8/Bilderberg protocols going forward or they will turn those countries into Libya/Syrias & msm will dish the dirt out on those leaders who do not comply making them look like the absolute scum of the earth Henry Kissinger has taught his boys & girls well oh yes & George Soros the financial wrecking ball will be sent in to speculate that non complient country currency into the ground therefore sparking off more food/fuel riots & internal political mud slinging. Didnt dubya warn the countries that time ago when he made his daddy proud “you are either with us our you are against us”

        • In Los Angeles, the next stage is going to be the part where even the military throws their hands up in exasperation, says “I quit”… and just builds a huge seige line around the entire city until it burns itself to the ground…

      17. I would think that anyone reading this would know that someone is lying , Is the un-employment rate 7.1% and that many on food stamps? Next scandal should be why is the labor dept. lying and who directed them to lie.

        • cptden
          the H.N.I.C did


      18. The Ready Store is by far the BEST! There is a sponser link to the left of this page. Saratoga Farms 10″ cans. Everything they sell is damn tasty!

        Wise foods portions suck.

        • Hey I’m not making a pitch for any sponsor, but I would also like to mention that one of my Son’s gave me a LifeStraw for Father’s day and I took it right to the creek and tried it out, and I had no bad effects. Also I see some following comments about radiation, remember after Japans nuclear melt down and talk of radiation hitting the West coast, Potassium Iodate tablets became almost as scarce as ammo is now. Anywho, LifeStraw and Potassium Iodate tablets would be a good addition to your supplies and it sure won’t hurt to help out a sponser that helps bring us this site. Trekker Out.

          • Mountain Trekker.

            Again we are into the Potassium Iodine tablets.

            Some people are allergic to Iodine. Sulfur drugs and food allergies. Keep that in mind.

            • Slingshot, only mentioned Potassium Iodine tablets because I saw several comments on Nukes. Buy a bottle, stick them in your medicine cabinet and forget it. You may or may not need them. Who knows you could be down wind from one of our Nuclear power plants that has a melt down. They sure would come in handy. Trekker Out.

              • Mountain Trekker.

                I am allergic to iodine and sulfur drugs.
                I will say that the first part with iodine is that you become extremely warm and sweat. Tunnel vision and then shortness of breath. I found out undergoing medical tests. With sulfur it happened when I was a small child and don’t remember the reaction but was listed in my medical file. I’m kind of screwed.
                I guess I need a lead suit. ;0)

                • Slingshot, I know this may sound like a stupid question, but just wondering, if your allergic to Iodine, and I know there is a difference between ingesting iodine and merely using it on a cut or something of that nature, but would you get some kind of reaction from placing it on a wound. Most people probably don’t know if they’re allergic to iodine. Trekker Out.

      19. off topic…educate me, someone. would a small-medium nuke from russia flash boil my swimming pool from 20-25 miles away? just wondering since, if i see that bright flash, i might jump in and dive to the bottom to avoid the wind-blast.

          • I love that thing!

            That’s so much fun to… ah see I’ll get on yet another list if I describe how I entertain myself with that…

        • If your that close, just enjoy the light/cloud show. It will blow you away, awsome 😀

          I live 40 mi from the nearest nuke silo. Thats our plan. not even preppin for nuke ground strike.

          EMP yes.


        • If your in the 25mile radius of a nuke blast you better be in your truck heading in the opposite direction at warp speed Mr Scott. Besides how long can you hold your breath?

        • Probably, but the radiation when you get out is going to be bad.

        • NO, it won’t even heat up, unless you are in the fire storm and you cannot hold your breath that long..But it won’t help you on blast at all, As a matter of fact, it’s worse. Look at: “Effects of Nuclear Weapons” it’s an old gov publication, it’s around. When you are in water even small explosians kill you. Navy found that out during WW II. a depth charge on a submarine killed everyone in the water for a long way. Water transmits a long way. Want to test it. Get two rocks, fist size, get in a lake have a friend; hit them together in the air a few yards away, then do it with both of you under water. You wil hear the sound wave much better.

      20. I was part of many small elite groups during my time in the Military, it’s nice to know I’m still in such good company.

      21. I find myself on the positive side of many of the statistics listed in this article, and I often thank God for that. Glad to be one of the three million preppers.

      22. If anyone wants to treat my home like a grocery store, they’ll be confronted by some .40, .30 Carbine, and even .22LR. If things go right for me in the next 2 weeks, I’ll be adding a 20-GA. to the mix. I think August is when TSHTF. When congress goes into recess, that’s when monkeyboy will sign the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty. Also, I would refer everyone to an article written by BI back on 5-12-12 titled, “How Horrific Would It Be For The Nonprepper?” That article really says it all. I’m not giving up anything to anyone, period! If those people won’t listen to a prepper, if they refuse to take responsibility for themselves and their families, if they won’t do anything for themselves, then screw them. I’ve talked to nonpreppers until I’m blue in the face. i’m finished making all that effort to try to save some lives and nobody will listen. All I can do is leave them in God’s hands and let Him do as He wills. braveheart

        • some people would like to prep and can see whats coming, but cannot make ends meet on thier income now. They don’t have fancy cars or cable etc. These people are the ones I will try to share with.

        • Agreed…if Im gonna die itll be standing defending not capitulating…Im taking care of mine and my like friends…done talking to the scoffers…or worrying about fools!

        • Hi Braveheart, hope you are doing good there. With the exception of very few such as yourself, I don’t believe any intelligent life is left in that place. I agree, no point in wasting your breath on people who willingly wear blinders. BTW, Hubby sent me an article that your (& my former) city is ranked the 5th worst for crime, 3rd for people feeling unsafe to walk at night. Stay safe & keep preppin’.,

      23. Scout you can cann tomatoes , beef , green beans , potatoes, sausages really easy it isnt very hard plus the shelf life is about 5 yrs. the cost is very minimal to get started. I just finished up canning 150 lbs of beef, it took me all of 2 days to trim fat , cut in 1 in chunks then pack jars add the 1 tbsp of canning salt then boil for 60 mins , let cool overnite and here we are ready for the next project! the best thing about doing it yourself is you can pick the serving size pints or quarts, plus the tomato sauces are very easy to make ( no im not a chef just a former truck driver turned rancher) but my parents fed 8 of us on this stuff and i asked questions about how to do it and here i am doing the things my grandparents did to survive the depression. If you dont know history you are destined to repeat it!!!!

        • @wildman, I Agree #1pep should be canning Supply’s, an non GMO seed. most people in my Area grandparents canned, so jars are easy to come by, that could be an Expense. maybe a person could run a ad and find used jars. The old timers would can with out a Pressure canner, it can be done, I know people that still do it that way, but to be safe buy a good Pressure canner. canned food can ate right out of the jar, and Deer,Beef right out of the jar is the best!! GOOD LUCK…

      24. How things may change.
        What you are going to eat. If the fridge goes down how much of the food supply will spoil. If the trucks stop bringing in the food and the shelves are empty. No more fresh fruit and vegetables. Moving on to can goods where a major cross section of the populace abhor. “Whole Food Markets” will always be there you know. Who is going to look at the sodium content anymore. Yes sir, eat a can of cold Chef Boyardee. Sardines and Vienna Sausage. Corn beef hash and Spam. Finally the good old standby. Meals Ready to Eat. I’m laughing now as many have asked how can I eat that shit.
        This is not BURGER KING.

        • @ Slingshot, with ya on the Vienna sausage, but gotta pass on the spam (lol). We always keep Vienna in the house and pick up a case whenever we go to the store. Got a garden growing (somewhat – heat is a killer) for the veggies & a fig tree planted for fruit. Hubby wants to fill the freezer, I’m fillin’ the pantry. He asks “Why do we need so many can goods & bottled water?”. I tell him “you really want to depend on the fridge & freezer not going bad and the drought here? What about water restrictions that could hit any time? Cold stuff spoils fast, canned will last a while.” He’s in apathy mode. He sees what’s happening but thinks it “really won’t affect us….or what can we do about it?” He thinks I’m making a mountain out of a molehill.

          • Central TX MOM.

            I have been on this prepping trail for a long time. My wife used to get on me for buying all sorts of camping and survival gear and listen to my politics of the day. Until we were out of power for five days in the summer.
            Instead of a disaster I turned it into a five day at home camping trip. Had a radio, fan and a battery operated T.V. I did most of the cooking and with switching between Fridge and freezer on the generator, keep all the food safe. I did pack them both with Blue Ice and fill the open spaces with newspaper. Cooked eggs and bacon on the camp stove and used the grill for cooking dinner. Had a side arm and shotgun at the ready.
            Now my wife does not even say anything and even lets me know when the bottle water is low.
            All it takes is one time and he will be a believer.

            • @ slingshot, Maybe I should flip the circuit breaker or would that just be too mean? Nah, he’d check that out first thing, lol.

            • slingshot

              what do you do with the empty bottles????I use all food grade bottles to store rice beans use bay leaves to kill bugs in bottles. clean bottles dry reuse even for water


              • Recycle the plastic.

          • We have a thing here in the islands called spam musubi,
            You fry up the spam with a little teri sauce or sugar and then put it on a rice ball and wrap nori around it, is actually pretty good, can make variations of it using all sorts of stuff,
            Fry spam up with onions and some bean sprouts with some soy sauce and sugar and dump it on a couple scoops of steaming hot rice, or dump a couple eggs on it and make a grinds egg scrambler, good stuff, not as healthy as a fresh salad and veggies but if your hungry it will hit the spot, being an omnivore is the ticket and not having a real picky palate helps!

          • I was raised on Spam sandwiches….kids can eat anything.

            Fill freezer and the shelves. When the power goes out, it’ll keep for a couple of days, while you stuff yourselves and the neighbors before it goes bad.

            • Smokey:
              You can “can” the stuff in your freezer… no need to gorge in the moment… canners and pressure cookers will prove to be life savers… KG

        • Why would anyone buy MRE(meals rejected by Ethiopians) when there’s spam, canned chicken, canned tuna, canned turkey, canned ham, chicken dumplings, beef stew, salmon, beanie weenies, viennas…What?? I don’t get it!! 🙁

          • jay-jay
            silly that’s what you feed the hungry neighbors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


          • Jay Jay ,
            I will take spam anytime over MRE’s , they are not for long term consumption , MRE’s are also know as meals refusing to exit! Canned stuff is the way to go for home storage, Dehydrated , freeze dried or foil packed for bug out bag. Low weight, good for on the move when time permits preparation, ie add water, heat with esbit stove. The problem in my area NJ is a lot of the canned goods on the shelf only have a 6 month date of expiration , has anyone else encountered this? Good thing I been into prepping awhile. Good dated canned goods with a solid two year expiration date is about as rare as .22 LR ammo. remember store what you eat and eat what you store , Spam cut up into squares with rice and beans with some hot sauce mixed in is really good!
            Keep prepping,
            Semper Fi 8541

            • Night Breaker.

              The oldest MRE I ate was about 10 years old and it was a ham slice. Peaches fermented and was a pleasant surprise. Peanut butter and crackers fine but the hot sauce went bad.
              Agree MRE’s can make you feel like you are passing a Giant Rivet Head.

            • Try to remember who puts the expiration dates on your cans—the same people who depend on you buying their products as often as they can get you to buy.

          • More like Meals Refusing to Exit!

      25. This article really burned me up! I agree with the premise of it, but don’t talk down to people living paycheck to paycheck! Does the author think we want to live like that? I’ve cut household expenses a whole lot and still can’t seem to save. The cost of fuel and food is absolutely killing Americans financially. I do still buy extra rice and beans when I go to the store. Anyway money will soon not be worth the paper its printed on.

        • I work for a bankruptcy attorney. My heart breaks for many of the clients who come into the office. A couple living a nice, but frugal life… doing fine, diagnosis of cancer, must work fewer hours, lose benefits and job…

          Then in the next instant, a guy who has $125,000.00 of credit card debt, several quad-runners, jet ski’s, snow mobiles, etc.

          They are both clients, and I will treat them both with respect, because that’s how I’m wired, but two very different scenarios.

          I didn’t take it that the author was intending to be rude, but we all know of people like the second client who have all the toys and can’t, I mean “Won’t” have a couple extra cans/bags of food in the house.

          The gas and food prices in my area have caused me more anxiety than it should, since my trip to the store the week before.

          Stick with it, Huntsman!

        • I seconded that!

        • Hey bud, i am living pay to pay too, for me it isnt so bad though, been doing it for so long it doesnt even phase me any more, but the cars are paid for, theres guns and ammo in the safe and magazine locker and theres preps in the cellar, luckily i grow food for a living so even when things are bad i have a useful commodity. My theory when i need to buy preps or make bigger buys is, “the bills will still be there next week, but the preps may not!”
          I kinda laugh when people scoff at folks who live check to check, we can make do with less or nothing, wonder how those who havent had to make do will fare when their bank accounts and credit cards are frozen????

        • If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, that means you’re working, and not one of the lazy chiselers out there living off the teat. They’re welcome to join the community when the time comes.

        • In the same boat with ya, possibly worse (one of us is currently out of work). I didn’t think the author was talking down those in dire straits, but saying the number of people in that situation is not a good indicator for mass survival.

      26. Amish: point and laugh at us…

      27. We could all just immigrate to Mexico.

        • whose to say that’s not their plan( deport us and take our stuff)

      28. My wife has, since we married, grown to live with my insisting on keeping all cabinets, freezers, and refrigerators full of food. My large family struggled to have enough to eat when I was growing up. I learned the value of any type of food early. Hence I have never been a picky eater. I know what wild animals taste like and can identify a lot of wild greens, etc. Call it the school of hard knocks, I guess, but I am glad to have the experience now. Most people don’t know what real hunger is. It takes all your attention and that’s all you can think of. It will make a lot of the welfare crowd out there crazy and mindless with no thought at all of right or wrong. I am unable to imagine society in this condition. Revelations pretty much sums it up. We are in for a rough period ahead with no guide signs.

        • We have signs …..Genesis 1:14

      29. Soap Recipe makes 10 lbs.
        14 oz. Almond oil
        6 oz. Castor oil
        34 oz. Coconut oil
        36 oz. Olive oil the cheaper the better, look for Pomace
        20 oz. Palm Kernal oil
        10 oz. Shea Butter
        40 oz soy shortening
        22.4 oz lye into 34 oz ice water
        Always add lye to water! NOT water to lye. I use a plastic bucket with a pour spout from the dollar store and sit it in the kitchen sink. Only use plastic to stir. (Lye will eat metal) In a large pan melt solid oils, turn off heat and add liquid oils. when the temp of the oils and the lye are both under 120 degrees pour the oils into the lye bucket mixture. Stir and stir (I cheat and use a stick blender) until the mixture starts to thicken (like runny pudding). If you want to add fragrance, do it now. Pour into plastic lined mold or box to set. I throw a towel over mine to insulate it or stick it in the oven on the lowest setting for a few hours to let it finish the chemical reaction. Cut the next day and allow to cure 4-6 weeks.
        If you use cans of Red Devil lye dont believe the weight on the can. Weigh everything! Don’t sub out any of the oils or the recipe wont work! This recipe is a nice balance of hard and liquid oils and oils that condition and make for a nice lather. If you want to make up your own recipe go to and click on lye calculator. I use the 6% amount for lye and the lower amount for water.
        Happy Soapmaking!

        • I love to make homemade soap, however I’ve always read to pour the
          Lye water into the oils, not the other way……..

          • I’ve seen people do it both ways. Works best for me just to add the oils to the bucket in the sink.
            I had a home business for about 5 yrs. When it got to the point I either had to hire help or back off I decided I was tired of hauling 100’s of lbs. of soap to shows. So now I am more involved in the farm operation. As per my handle I am THE Head Gopher.
            I Go fer whatever I’m told!

            • I hear you. I had a candle business too. Just made a little soap on
              The side. I’ll keep doin’ my way because I know what works for me
              And glad to hear it works OK your way.

              Keep preppin’

              • When I was growing up my mother washed dishes with a bar of Ivory soap and got suds in the water I just tried it here and although it got the dishes clean I didn’t have any suds, my question, is my water to hard?, and if that’s the problem could I add something to the water to get it to suds up? Another question does anyone have a dish soap “recipe” using bar soap that I could make by the bucket as I do my laundry soap. I have been making my own laundry “brew” for years and just love the way it gets clothes clean my goal is to go the same route with the dish soap. Any suggestions will be great.

      30. @Central TX Mom ..See if you have a good spot for a root cellar, or better yet a sizeable basement that could double as a tornado shelter. You must be able to control airflow and humidity. Won’t be inexpensive..but could serve multiple purposes, and achieve your #1 objective. Lots of info online concerning root cellars..a less expensive starter.

      31. Never on the list, 2 words
        Razor wire

        • Dr. colt

          I`ve found elephant traps work better


          • Snake, do you use the same method we use here in Wyoming to trap Elephants? Out here we take a chainsaw and cut a hole in the Ice and take a can of Peas and put Peas all around the hole, and when an elephant comes up to take a pea we kick him in the Icehole. Trekker Out. Oh Well!

            • Actually I just run out and grab them with the big bun, they get stuck in the Ketsup

              • Paranoid, hope you get a good Sheriff. Trekker Out.

      32. I can identify with you. I have 9 siblings. We never dared to complain about the meal. We knew that we would be sent to bed with nothing if we did. I now have my work cut out for me dealing with my own kids and grandkids. One daughter and grandkids recently came for a few days to visit. One morning I made scrambled eggs. I waited until they were almost finished eating then I told them the eggs were duck eggs. I heard funny noises coming from the little ones and my daughter had just put a bite in her mouth. I looked at her just as it was rolling back out and plopped back into her dish. It will be quite interesting to see changes that everyone is going to have to make. I have decided if people show up and make comments about the good looking food in the garden, I will take them over to the compost piles and start explaining about humanure and the terrible waste of all that good stuff going into a septic tank. I guess we can all use our imaginations about ways to gross people out so that they will run to someone else’s house.

        • I love duck eggs! They are so rich and so much more nutritionally dense than chicken eggs. You should have waited until they had finished eating the duck eggs to tell your family, then no waste. They make wonderful snickerdoodles.

      33. 25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[e]?” Seems like we believe it can.

        • Mordacai, those are wonderful verses of the Bible, but worrying is the brain telling the body what it needs to do or suffer consequences. Somehow, I don’t think the Lord wants us to sit and wait for manna to fall from heaven. At least, it hasn’t for me yet. I believe if I ever stop worrying about where my next meal is coming from, I am liable to starve to death and I would feel sorta silly on my death bed. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

        • Worrying is not thinking ahead, but being anxious. I trust that God will meet my needs, but I don’t think He wants me to neglect my responsibilities. I don’t think Mordecai is advocating that either.

        • Mordecai…had you been standing in a gate in Jerusalem during the summer of 69 AD when Vespasian’s armies led by Titus started showing up on the outskirts of town. And had you been quoting these “don.t worry be happy” verses that you so glibly toss about. You would have been trampled over by a crowd of God’s people. In that crowd likely was John (the one closest to Jesus), who bugged out to Ephesus, Peter (the rock)who bugged out to Rome and James (Jesus” brother)who bugged out ironically to Antioch. And other believers who understood there is a time and a place for everything. I have no qualms with what you say…just your timing. If by your misplaced words you cause someone to sit back, relax, and just “let go and let God”. their blood will be on your hands.

        • Big difference betwixt “worrying” and being prepared….Im not knocking the scriptures but taken out of context even the best advice can kill you…theres an awful lot of instruction in the Bible(and in a good army field manual…both have their place)…faith involves believing God,faith is also tied to action(faith with no action is dead/useless)…common sense and good instruction dictate action…God picks up the slack…not the slackard…too often good Christian folks say theyre believing/trusting/waiting on God when all theyre really doing is being lazy and foolish,Im not tryin to beat up on you personally but I see this type of thinking being used as an excuse to not do anything and to blame it all on some great mystical mystery(God works in mysterious ways)meanwhile America burns whilst those who could save her wait for God to do something…hes waiting on you and I….best to trust God and prep…that way you wont have to worry and you may be able to eat and be of some value to someone else.

      34. Is it really coming ???? I think not

        • Its here now you Dork, Poor little 99 you have Poor judgement and thought

          • Really…..its at your house? Oh shit I was looking in all the wrong places I guess because its not at my house and I didn’t get wiped out nor did my neighbors .
            Why didn’t you make an article stating that the collapse was at your house ??? I didn’t know

          • Silly little doomer !!! Some MEN like real porn but you like DOOM porn ….such a sad thing !

        • Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name> Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever.! Amen!

          May God bestow his divine wisdom upon you for you surely need it!

          • That’s weird…that looks like my post because it says “your post is awaiting moderation” and it has the name mikey, but I did not type that lord’s prayer post…

      35. Many helicopters over the mountains here in NW GA .
        06/25/2013 5:29EST .
        One flew overhead with a dangling role with black
        metal clusters of gallon sized objects .
        Noises of many rotors in distance .
        estimating 10-15 miles away .
        Never saw anything like it .
        Standing by here .

        no local news .

        • 10 minutes ago, 4 flew extremely low over us.
          We are on the Ft. Campbell flight path.
          First time I’ve ever seen 4 together…been here over 5 years.

      36. What people, and even the media, are not grasping is that NSA and therefore the government in general has complete access to our personal computers, EVERYONE’s COMPUTER. That means they have access to all our financial account numbers, access control login ID’s and Passwords — EVERYTHING. The U. S. government can (and probably will at some point) clean our everyone’s investment and savings accounts, probably during a crisis period after the President hits the internet “KILL SWITCH” which Congress so benevolently granted to him, probably via the IRS. Once your funds are clandestinely sacked there will be no way of getting them back, nor even any way to track who or how it was done. The NSA is that good. That’s one of the points Snowden has been trying to make and no one is getting it. If they are they are not talking about it. Read and listen for God’s sake. He’s telling us and it is scary the hell out of the powers that be. If people start draining their accounts in anticipation of covert government confiscation, it complicates the DHS’s Thunderdome Op Plan.

        • Yea, then every last one of them gets eradicated.

        • Why do you think our government continues to pass laws and grant amnesty to millions of third world illegals that Americans do not want? The individual congress people and senators are way afraid of their private lives being exposed to the masses. We probably havent had a law passed by the will of our elected officals since this PRISIM system was implemented ten years ago.

        • Oh Ohhhhh.

          In that video, “I’m a short Jewish girl from New York”

          I suspect you’ll never read/post her again.

          • i like her boobies voice and brain , so she gets a ‘Goyim Pass’ ;0p

            • Yea, try reading her blog.

              I for one do not understand how a person can clearly recognize despotism’s tendencies and yet she whines FROM the left and often praises progressivism.

              On top of that she is a weirdo hard-core feminist.

              Boobies maybe, but I think her mind is addled. There are clearly gaps in her understanding and thinking.

      37. Howdy, Central TX Mom, and you and Slingshot are both correct about the Vienna sausages. I grew up on those; they go good with crackers. You’re right about the canned goods. Hell, I’ve been stockpiling canned goods all my life. They kept me alive through many hurricanes and power outages in FL I n my younger days. I still stockpile them to this day. I also agree about the Spam; even the cheapest brand of viennas is better than Spam any day. The heat and drought are the only 2 things that keep me away from TX, otherwise TX is a great state with great people in it. braveheart

        • Braveheart

          Get the Vienna sausages while you can. We’ll soon be
          limited to Obama sausage only, you know— like we
          have been fed for the last four years.
          Now the Chiseler In Chiefdom is putting the boot heel
          to our necks on climb-it control, and, oh yes, I would
          be remiss if I didn’t mention the Pentagon has now
          taken over the onerous duty of bashing the American
          head during civil “disturbances.”
          What is the word for when the bullet hits the bone?


      38. What is really means.

        Canned food = Money in YOUR bank.

        Other dehydrated food and freeze dried food = Money you have no matter what happens, personal or worldwide SHTF.

        Stored up hard currency or cash money = being able to purchase what you need while you still can or having a stupid look on your face when the credit card is rejected.

        Water stored = your lifeline.

        Purification devices and chemicals = having safe water and other items or getting very sick.

        Regular everyday necessities = the difference between misery and much less stress.

        Protection, the more the better = a hell of a lot better chance of keeping what you have.

        Sanitation supplies = being cleaner or being sick or dead.

        Communication protected in EMP proof faraday cage = knowing what is happening or being in silence.

        Candles and other light sources = Having some sort of “normalcy” and bumping around and hurting yourself at night.

        Weather proofing = staying warm or cool enough OR really suffering and freezing to death or having heat exhausion.

        First aid supplies = Being able to treat minor and more severe problems or having something minor become major.

        Back up power = difference between living in the 20th or 21st century and living in the 19th century.

        Pest and vermin repellent and being able to make it yourself = difference between being able to concentrate on other problems and solutions OR being bit like a pin cushion or catching a wide variety of diseases.

        Being able to adapt, scavenge, forage, and invent = surviving or withering away.

        Sacrificing wants now, for needs for tomorrow = WISEDOM.

        Learning pioneer type skills now = having worth to yourself and others after the collapse.

        Staying alert and ahead of deteriorating nation or world events = NOT being caught off guard.

        Back up plan = Being able to better find safety or being stuck like in quicksand.

        Shopping for deals on survival needs = Having a lot more of what you need WHEN you need it.

        Camouflage and being able to stay hidden = staying alive or being a hunted prey.

        Mental toughness = prepper or being a non prepper.

        Survival knowledge = Being intelligence or being an ostrich.

        Survival books = Excellent reference WHEN you forget something.

        Being prepared = difference between being alive and being a corpse.

        • Be informed— Written in stone

          I nominate it for the official Preppers Credo.

      39. Think Bosnia …………….you will need lots of food and ammo .

      40. I often sit in a public place and wonder things about people passing buy…
        How many have a pantry. How many have tools. How many are skilled, how many are awake. How many are idiots who have not noticed the sky is no longer TRUE BLUE from all the nano aluminum they have sprayed to simulate ozone.

        Aw…fuck it. I’m off to the harley dealer.
        I have 25 years left…so I’ll have a grand old time rolling to the ice cream store.

      41. Survive Anything. The Coming Food Crisis

        Food production is one of the most essential concerns of any society. Without direct availability and ease of consumption, without the consistent flow of agricultural goods, every nation existing today (except the most primitive) would immediately find its infrastructure crumbling and its people in a furious panic. It’s strange to me, then, that long term independent food planning is the one concern that many Americans seem to take most for granted. Firearms and ammo, camping gear and bug-out-bags, MRE’s, beans, and rice; these are the easiest part of your survival foundation. The hard part is not storage of goods, but devising a solid and practical plan for sustainability in the long term. This starts with the capacity to support your own agriculture regardless of how long the grid is down, even if it is down indefinitely.

        Understandably, there will be some people who do not have enough land to implement many of these strategies. They should still know the fundamentals and be ready to apply them at a retreat location or within a community should the (need or) opportunity arise.

        ANYTHING is survivable with the right knowledge and preparation. Those who promote a ‘doomed’ view of economic collapse or global war are on average people who have simply given up before the struggle has even started. Therefore, their opinions on survival are empty, and barely worth the effort to ignore. Life goes on after collapse, as it always has since the beginning of organized civilization. It is YOU who decides whether or not you will be a part of that life. It is you who decides your chances of success.

        if you are not standing on solid ground in terms of not just food storage, but a plan for sustainability, then you and your family are in serious danger. This is not a game, and it is not to be taken lightly. It is not something to be shrugged off and postponed for some undefined “later date”. If you have not already started the process of prepping for economic downturn or collapse, then you need to start today.

        Buying food with a long term storage capacity is half the battle, and I recommend purchasing at minimum a year’s supply of these goods totaling at least 2000-2500 calories a day per person. Do not forget to include salts, sugars, and ample fats, without which, your body cannot function.

        Square foot Gardening: One of the most productive styles of gardening. The process involves building easy to make above ground 4 foot by 4 foot soil boxes and then dividing those boxes into grids. These grids retain water and nutrients to a much greater capacity than traditional yard gardens, resulting in up to 80% less space required 90% less water use, and 95% less seed to grow the same amount of vegetables. Fertilizer is not necessary and existing soil can be easily used. I would not set up a survival garden any other way.

        Non-Hybrid Seeds: Non-hybrid heirloom seeds are basically the seeds nature intended to be planted. These are the only seeds you should ever consider using for your survival garden for numerous reasons. Genetically modified seeds are unreliable, give you a low production count of vegetables, and very few quality seeds can be taken from the plants for the next season.

        Natural Pest Control: Some proven tactics of organic pest control include…

        Lady Bugs (ladybugs eat pest insects and are incredibly beneficial to any garden)

        Organic Pesticide (often contains garlic, chili pepper or powder, vegetable oil, and water)

        Repellent Plants (some plants naturally repel pests, like garlic, tobacco, or rhubarb. Some hot peppers are so acidic that they act as an anti-bug defense. Any peppers that contain large amounts of Capsaicin should be included in your garden plan)

        Vinegar (can be used as an effective weed killer)

        Cornmeal (can be applied to garden soil or turned into a juice and sprayed on crops. Cornmeal attracts fungi from the Trichoderma family, a good fungus which kills pest funguses)

        Plant Daisies around Fruit Trees (daisies attract a certain kind of wasp which is the natural predator of the bagworm, a worm that is notorious for killing crop trees. This wasp also kills locusts, an added bonus)

        Herbs (strong smelling herbs repel many animals, including deer, that would attempt to feed on your veggies. Of course, you might like the idea of attracting deer to your property too…)

        Grow for Your Region: The region in which you live will greatly affect the types of crops that grow well. Listed below are the various regions of the U.S. along with the vegetables that thrive best in them…

        Northeast – Tomatoes, sweet peppers, snap beans, garlic, potato, bulb onion, cabbage, broccoli, mustard, spinach, eggplant, sweet corn, cucumber, radish, snow pea, asparagus

        Southeast – Sweet pepper, garlic, hot pepper, broccoli, summer squash, collards, watermelon, cantaloupe, okra, scallion, lima bean, pole bean, sweet potato, potato, radish

        Midwest – Corn, onion, lettuce, tomato, garlic, squash, pumpkin, turnips, beets, broccoli, cucumber, hot pepper, carrot

        Central Rockies – Carrot, spinach, tomato, bush snap peas, potato, radish, fava beans, beets, shallots, leek, scallion

        Northwest – Snow pea, pole bean, potato, garlic, pumpkin, squash, hot pepper, scallion, lettuce, onion, carrot

        Southwest – Tomato, carrot, summer squash, bulb onion, snow pea, sweet pepper, eggplant, hot pepper, beet radish, sweet potato, southern pea, scallion

        Keep in mind that these are not the only crops you can grow in your region, just some of the top producers. Many vegetables will grow almost anywhere in the U.S.

        Sprouting: One easy way to get nutritious greens any time of year without special growing lights or fancy equipment is to sprout beans. All you need is a wide container with small holes in the bottom, and any number of sprouting beans or seeds. These include; lentils, garbanzo, mung, adzuki, pea, peanut, alfalfa, barley, pinto, and others.

        The beans are spread in a thin layer across the bottom of the container and sprayed lightly with water daily. Some indirect sunlight is recommended. After around 3 to 5 days, they will begin to sprout, producing healthy greens even in the dead of winter.

        The Omnivore’s Advantage

        Vegetarianism seems like a Spartan way of dieting, but really, vegetarians have a difficult if not impossible time when it comes to survival environments. Vegetarianism is a luxury, one that you cannot afford if you hope to get through a grid down event. The key to survival is flexibility and adaptability. Forgoing a meal of meat is not an option if you wish to avoid starving.

        Raising Chickens: Chickens are some of the easiest livestock to raise. They require little space. If allowed to roam the yard they practically feed themselves, they lay eggs which are a fantastic source of protein, and, when they stop lying, they can be eaten.

        Raising Rabbits: Rabbits are another very easy to raise meat source, though they cannot be allowed to roam like chickens and dry warm cages are necessary. Rabbits also need clean water regularly, because they dehydrate easily.

        Bring The Game To You:
        Bringing the game to you is not so difficult as long as you know what they like. Leaving salt licks and corn on the perimeter of your land will bring deer, and in some places wild pig. Wild flower and clover patches attract rabbits which can then be snared. Wild turkeys like crabapples, beechnuts, and acorns during winter and clover during spring.

        Don’t Be A Liability

        Preparation is not just about you, it is about all the people you save by not becoming part of the problem. The strength of one can have reverberations in the lives of thousands. Preparation makes us strong. Adaptability and knowledge makes us unafraid. Training and experience makes us successful. These are the principles upon which America was founded, and these are the principles which will allow America to live on.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Thanks for this post.. great info..

        • This was a GREAT post, thanks Watchman!

        • Good advice there Watchman!

      42. None of these things are going to matter if you live in a city. Get out now!! Move anywhere to the country, screw your job your family and liberty are far more important Do what you must to buy /own your land minimum of an hour away from any major city Then dig in! Way to many people are talking the prep while in an apartment, it won’t work all bad things will happen in the city! Go Now while you can!! EVERYONE KNOWS THE CLOCK IS TICKING!

      43. None of these things are going to matter if you live in a city. Get out now!! Move anywhere to the country, screw your job your family and liberty are far more important Do what you must to buy /own your land minimum of an hour away from any major city Then dig in! Way to many people are talking the prep while in an apartment, it won’t work all bad things will happen in the city! Go Now while you can!! EVERYONE KNOWS THE CLOCK IS TICKING!

      44. HILARY LUCIFER CLINTON 2016 ;0p

        the drug smuggling child murdering cop killing bitch hilary clinton ‘2016: HILLARY PAC’ begins merchandising for her presidential run 2016

        hilary ‘LUCIFER’ clinton is a gawddamn murderer : she and well known druggy pedophile sex addict murderer cop killer drug trafficker ex-prez druggy bill clinton killed VINCE FOSTER and a very long list of many others including police officers , it is the clintons who orderd THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING MURDER ZOG FEDGOV FALSE-FAG KILLING 30 CHILDREN IN A FED DAY CARE CENTER .

        spread the word : ‘HILARY CLINTON WILL BE THE DEATH OF once free AMERICA 2016!’ she is a LIAR , a thief , a mass murderer of children , a sellout traitor , a nwo u.n. israeli globalist zio-whore and COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS (who really controls run america from the shadows government) CFR-schill .

        FUCK HILARY CLINTON 2016 – she will be the death of once free America .

        N.O. ;0p

      45. Howdy, BI, and AMEN to your comments. braveheart

      46. You don’t need 17 signs why Americans will be wiped-out in the next economic collapse. You need only one sign or reason.

        1. They didn’t prepare.

        However, because of that, responsible USA citizens that paid their bills, paid their taxes, worked, and put some of those monies into food preparation will also be penalized by the 99% unprepared.

        The fact is is that it will be ugly for everyone. For those that survive, congrats.

      47. For those of you with little or no extra money and you want to do some prepping…most people can find used sweaters in thrift stores or yard sales. Some may be stained or have a hole in them. These can be unraveled, yarn rolled into balls and saved for future stocking hats, mittens or socks. If you don’t know how to knit or crochet perhaps in the future you can barter to have something made. Even babysit for someone while they are canning or offer to pick their vegetables for them. My grandmother, during the last depression, would take apart clothing that was given them and remake it into clothes for my mother and aunt. Always keep your eyes open for possible usable items for the future. One old lady that I met learned that she could cut a strip from a piece of plastic carton, margarine etc., and then cut a slit in the middle of one end, making it into a large darning needle. The only difference was it was flexible. Think she was needing it for sewing together a knitted or crocheted item. I had never thought of that before. Pick the minds of the old folks.

      48. Possibly many preppers will find is that Matial law will be passed. Troops will come and search everything. Any preps will be confinscated and redistributed. Most preppers would be Ok if they are left alone. The chances of being left alone are very slim. you might want to consider thinking outside he box. Things that are food that most dont hav the know how to use. things like kudzu insects ect.

        • Skeptical….

          This is why I believe preppers need to learn their perennials. Sure, if NWO confiscates peoples storages, just knowing the perennials could be survival or not.

          By perennials I mean stuff like ‘weeds’, Jerusalem Artichokes, Potatoes (not perennial, but uneaten tubers will grow next year), asparagus, gleaning from un-farmed wheat fields where volunteer wheat grows, etc.

          My opinion is that people should have as plants:

          2/3 of as perennials
          1/3 of as annuals

          Good luck to all.

          • Yes there are a lot of edible plants that most thik are weeds. also you can eat acorns and wild nuts like walnuts & hickory nuts. every part of a thistle is edible. prickly pear can be food. I like the tender tops of saw briars. snakes & lizards rats small birds ect wll look good if your hungry.almost anything ith a pluse could be potential food. A blow gun can be made from a small diameter PCV pipe use a large thorn and foam rubber for a dart. silent and deadly to small birds. tip the dart with a snakes poison and it will be deadly to lots more stuff. There are millions of grackles. snares & traps work 24X7. Ive ate lots of groundhog & raccoon.I think the mental challenge will be a large obsticale for everyone.Most folks are too attached to their stuff.Being in love with material goods could be your dowfall. If I have to bug out ill burn & destroy what I leave behind. That way I wont be temped to return. If you return after you think the coast is clear. you will get comfortable and complacient. then the bad guys will eventually locate you. for bugging out A pack animal like a burro is cheap. around here they commonly sell for $25. I paid $30 for my jenny and she was bred. I gave the jack colt she foaled away. A donkey can carry 200 pounds and go places where no motorized vehicles can. then they also could potentally be food.

            • I have thought about doing that with my goats…wonder if I will have time to get them trained for packing. They love the desert vegetation, just need to find suitable water supply somewhere.

              • I have goats & sheep also a guard lama. they use the lamas for pack animals. I dont think a goat would be abe to carry much weight. Sheep goats lamas can survive in the dry regions without water. they can get enough water from the green vegitation.

        • When I have been at my ugliest in thinking, I have pondered deliberately canning food at improper temperatures or length of time. Putting the jars in the front of my supplies so that thiefs, including the gov thiefs would get sick. Isn’t that terrible?

        • …that’s why your preps must be in multiples and scattered around…never keep all you goodies in one place or what you say may well happen!

      49. How’s that gun ban working NJ?

        brazen..I dont think he would have tried this had he felt his life could have been in the hands of a gun owner
        but alas he had a dam good chance that wouldnt be the case..

        and not to point out what most of us know, these are the type to be a problem real soon

        as far as NJ is concerned, fuck your laws, We have a RIGHT to mow fuckers like this down in our homes if they come looking for it..thank god those kids werent hurt

        • VRF

          WoW! Needed to drop the hammer on that dude.
          Yes, it is going to get worse. This vid should be played on all the survival sites to show the ruthlessness that awaits us. Lucky the woman and children are alive. We would have never seen this atrocity if one was murdered. Take note. It’s a coming.

      50. How many have learned & refined their “primitive” skills?

        Food runs out. Ammo runs out. Clothing wears out.

        Can you make and use your own out of what you can obtain in nature?

        • I tanned quite a few caribou hides in Alaska, always using professional tanning solutions. Once I tried cleaning the brains out of the animal and could not figure how to get enough of it scraped out. That’s hard!

      51. The hardest part to prep has been my physical conditioning. the older I get, the heavier my pack gets although it still ways the same on the scale. Bug out is a back up as I live in a remote and fairly safe area.

        • wheel-dolly best investment ever , saves your back and easily pulled behind you with strap system or by bike .

          N.O. ;0p

      52. My dad, who was born right after the Depression, always told us to have at least a month’s supply of food, and he was always trying to keep his debt low or nil. And now he completely ignores me. Of course, that could be the beta-blockers the ass-docs have him on and which keep him from having the “wanna” he used to.

      53. Any lack of preparedness on THEIR part doesn’t constitute and emergency on MY part.

        I just hope my family and I have vacated the ‘burbs for the non-incorporated outskirts of civilization well before the Sheeple John’s, Todd’s, and Joe’s of the suburban cul-de-sac fantasy land I currently live at start running out of food and places to bury their poop when the toilets back up.

        These mid to upper level corporate-culture stiffs would seriously impress me if I even saw them with weekend camping gear let-alone any proficiency with firearms of emergency food storage.

      54. Max Keiser: It’s game over! financial fallout between China and the US?

        MK: Well China has got a fantastic card to play, one trillion US dollars that they can dump on the market anytime and jack interest rates up five or six points, which would throw the real estate market back into collapse. China is pulling the strings here and China has all the cards to play. America is the biggest debtor nation in the world. Look at the bond market today, it’s selling off spectacularly all over the world because confidence in the American hologram of finance is collapsing. They flipped the switch. They see that the emperor has no clothes. They see that there’s no underlying economic activity to support the military and financial occupations emanating from the US. It’s game over!

        • Until america shuts off food exports and energy exports to china . Then what ? Are they going to put some shrink your dick sauce in the wok . Make some stir fry bond certificates with wish noodles ?

        • Until america shuts off food exports and energy exports to china . Then what ? Are they going to put some shrink your dick sauce in the wok . Make some stir fry bond certificates with wish noodles ?

      55. Almondaise

        (a substitute for mayonnaise and much, much more)

        Basic recipe:

        1/2 cup almonds 1/2 tsp. sea salt (optional)
        1/2 cup purified water 1 small sliver garlic (1/8 tsp)
        2-3 Tbs. fresh lemon juice 1/2 to 1 cup cold pressed safflower or other
        Fresh ground pepper to taste light oil.
        Dash of cayenne

        Place everything except the oil in a blender and blend for a minute or so
        until the mixture appears creamy with no lumps. If mixture is so thick that
        there is not a funnel in the center swirling around, add more water until
        mixture it liquid enough to swirl and blend. Drizzle oil until the oil just
        sits on top. Stop with this amount of oil even if you have only used 1/2 cup
        of oil. Should you use up 1 cup of oil and oil is still not sitting on top,
        put in about 10 more soaked almonds and see if that is enough to thicken, then
        if not 10 more until mixture is thick. Store in the refrigerator. Keeps 3-5
        days so make as much as you will use in a short period of time.

        Delicious on sandwiches, pita bread, as a dip and believe it of not over hot
        noodles or rice. Vegans (vegetarians who do not eat meat, fish, poultry or
        any dairy products): The consistency of this almondaise on pasta makes you
        think you are eating parmesan cheese.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Nice…….going in my binder now!

          Keep preppin’

      56. BARRY SOETORO aka ZOG CIA AGENT PUPPET PREZ british/ kenyan national BARACK H. OBAMA says ‘The Earth is Flat’ and ‘GLOBAL WARMING ‘booga booga’ is REAL’ ‘booga booga’ .

        ( BARRY WAS MADE A ‘booga booga GLOBAL WARMING WITCH DOCTOR’ BY THE AFRICANS during his zog amerikan tax payer FUNDED paid $$$ 100 million dollar ZOG Puppet Prez VACATION to his BRITISH BIRTH HOMELAND of KENYA AFRICA .)

        (which is all Scientifically proven to be Bullsheeit as the earth is ACTUALLY COOLING and Carbon Dioxide Co2 is GOOD for the Earth Plants Fauna it encourages growth of plants as its utilized by plants to create Photosynthesize its own FOOD SOURCE and EXPELS OXYGEN DURING THE PROCESS , LIFE SUSTAINING OXYGEN O2 THAT YOU ALL BREATHE DAILY)


        he musta learned that at Harvard School of U.S. FEDERAL Constitutional Law 1776 between sucking on marijuana bongs and fairies .




        N.O. ;0p

        Medical Definition of PHOTOSYNTHESIS
        : synthesis of chemical compounds with the aid of light sometimes including the near infrared or near ultraviolet; especially : the formation of carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and a source of hydrogen (as water) in chlorophyll-containing cells (as of green plants) exposed to light involving a photochemical release of oxygen through the decomposition of water followed by various enzymatic synthetic reactions that usually do not require the presence of light

        Why CO2 Is Good
        Benefits to Plants
        Literally thousands of laboratory and field experiments have conclusively demonstrated that enriching the air with carbon dioxide stimulates the growth and development of nearly all plants. They have also revealed that higher-than-normal CO2 concentrations dramatically enhance the efficiency with which plants utilize water, sometimes as much as doubling it in response to a doubling of the air’s CO2 content. These CO2-induced improvements typically lead to the development of more extensive and active root systems, enabling plants to more thoroughly explore larger volumes of soil in search of the things they need. Consequently, even in soils lacking sufficient water and nutrients for good growth at today’s CO2 concentrations, plants exposed to the elevated atmospheric CO2 levels expected in the future generally show remarkable increases in vegetative productivity, which should enable them to successfully colonize low-rainfall areas that are presently too dry to support more than isolated patches of desert vegetation.

        • Arrogant Obama Insults Skeptics: “We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society” in regards to nwo globalist zog fedgov global warming carbon credit tax robbery of the poor masses around the world bullsheeit ~N.O. ;0p

          You’re in estimable and well-educated company if you don’t believe in the myth of global warming. However, according to Obama, those who doubt the climate change propaganda are members of the “Flat Earth Society” – basically, superstitious fools.

          Ironically, Obama is the one using junk science and emotion in order to further an agenda, because man-made climate change is a myth that has been disproved.

          ~Mike Rivero

      57. CO2 is Green… and Green is Good!

        More CO2 in the air means more plant growth.
        Earth’s current atmospheric CO2 concentration is almost 390 parts per million (ppm). Adding another 300 ppm of CO2 to the air has been shown by literally thousands of experiments to greatly increase the growth or biomass production of nearly all plants. This growth stimulation occurs because CO2 is one of the two raw materials (the other being water) that are required for photosynthesis. Hence, CO2 is actually the “food” that sustains essentially all plants on the face of the earth, as well as those in the sea. And the more CO2 they “eat” (absorb from the air or water), the bigger and better they grow (see table below).

      58. I am just curious as to why we should “save” as much money as possible for when the economy collapse. When that happens, and it will.. I am more than sure this “Federal Reserve note” we call money will then be useless, other than using it to start a fire. So my question is… Why save something that will become useless/worthless when SHTF? Should we be using this money to buy survival gear while this fiat money still has some value?

        • got PHYZZ ???


      59. BARRY SOETORO aka Barack Obama : Dishonored , Disrespected , Fears the U.S. MARINES are going to —- Him … Obama Disarmed US Marines at his Inaugural Parade

        1st time ever in the history of the USMC = HOW DISRESPECTFUL …

        I guess this must be a new Barack Obama administration policy? According to the Examiner, Barack Obama disarmed the US Marines at the Inaugural parade this year. Isn’t that special?

        US Marines marched in the parade with rifles that had the bolts taken out of.

        In other words, they might as well have had been marching with 2×4′s or brooms. Who knew with DC’s strict gun laws that even Marines could not carry weapons?

        It is hard to imagine that dishonoring the Marine Corps. is a parade policy. As stated by Bob Owens, is it possible that Obama doesn’t trust the very men who put their lives on the line to serve their country.

        With all the EVIL this president has done, murdering defenseless Americans in Cold Blood DURING MULTIPLE ZOG FEDGOV FALSE-FAGS KILLING EVERYONE IN RANGE OF THE CIA FBI MOSSAD PATSY FAKE lonewolf DOMESTIC TERRORISTS .





        REPEAT AFTER ME once free AMERICA … FUCK barry soetoro and his alter ego barack hussein obama .


        NinaO ;0p

        • Wait a minute. I thought you said the Marines are the willing tools of the Obamas. Were you lying then or lying now?

          • dear whopper junior jughead ,

            u.s. marines usmc are NOTHING BUT DOD mk-ultra artificially chemically conditioned mentally dumbed down retarded ebonic speaking stupid murderin thugs , viscious dogs and thieving bullies for the ILLUMINATI . NWO , FREEMASONS , JESUITS , ZOG , COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS CFR who really own the banks , america and the world .

            And that is why ‘barry the fairy’ doesn’t trust them with his life , takes away their gun bolts when he’s in range of them .


            u.s. marines usmc are nothing but DOD mk-ultra trained condition mindless killer thugs for the ILLUMINATI NWO ZOG GLOBALISTS .

            ‘DEAL WITH IT!’

            NinaO ;0p

      60. BARRY SOETORO aka Barack Obama : Dishonored , Disrespected , Fears the U.S. MARINES are going to —- Him … Obama Disarmed US Marines at his Inaugural Parade

        1st time ever in the history of the USMC = HOW DISRESPECTFUL …

        I guess this must be a new Barack Obama administration policy? According to the Examiner, Barack Obama disarmed the US Marines at the Inaugural parade this year. Isn’t that special?

        US Marines marched in the parade with rifles that had the bolts taken out of.

        In other words, they might as well have had been marching with 2×4′s or brooms. Who knew with DC’s strict gun laws that even Marines could not carry weapons?

        It is hard to imagine that dishonoring the Marine Corps. is a parade policy. As stated by Bob Owens, is it possible that Obama doesn’t trust the very men who put their lives on the line to serve their country.





        REPEAT AFTER ME once free AMERICA … FUCK barry soetoro and his alter ego barack hussein obama .


        NinaO ;0p

        • Nina…I was thinking last night in bed after my prayers..
          What kind of country would select a leader(joking!!) named Hussein??? 🙁

          • @JayJay … Respect .

            ;0) did Baby Jesus ‘Mother Mary’ enlighten you to the answer in your dreams ?

            * I believe most folks were hoping the zog cia false puppet prez barry soetoro would be more like MLK Martin L King .

            Instead they Got a SSRI doped up Psycho Kenyan Rainbow-Brite Crack Head for a ZOG CIA False Puppet Prez a TRUE SOCIOPATH NARCISSIST hell bent on DESTROYING THE SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF once free AMERICA .

            * also my apologies @ms.jayjay for my crude language , i feel kinda guilty knowing you read my posts , i’m simply trying to be as ‘ugly’ in my choice of words as possible to bring across the ugly evil crimes being done upon so many all the 1000’s of innocents , the environment and world wildlife in the name of international banker technocrat illuminati global government tyranny . please accept my apologies @ms.jayjay , there is a method for my madness of wording .

            NinaO ;0p

          • Hussein means Beautiful Boy, You are ignorant jj

      61. to add insult to injury..

        The gdp dropped from 2.4 to 1.8..growth..

        yup the green shoots are pooping up everywhere

        we’re on the road to recovery!


      62. Here’s my hominy recipe. It takes a couple days to make this but it really tastes awesome!!
        Hardwood ashes. Step 1. Sift out about 1 ½ gallons of clean hardwood ashes into a 6 gallon bucket. Pour 3 gallons of boiling water over the ashes and stir vigorously with a long handled wooden spoon for about 15 minutes. Pour another 2 gallons of boiling water into this mix and continue stirring for another 15 minutes. Place a lid on the bucket and set it in a the shade to cool down and settle for about 12 hours. After 12 hours carefully scoop out the clear liquid until you have a couple gallons (or as much as you can get) you might have to do this several times because the closer you get to the ash the more it stirs up when you skim off the liquid. Skim off clear liquid, not ash. Let this liquid stand for several hours to settle and again scoop off as much as you can while leaving behind the remaining sediment.
        Step 2. Pour 1 ½ quarts of yellow dent field corn into a clean stainless steel pot and pour the 2+ gallons of clear liquid you got from the ashes, over the corn and stir vigorously for a minute or so. Let this sit overnight, covered.
        Step 3. In the morning, place the pot of corn with liquid on the stove and bring it to a boil, turn the heat down and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes.
        Step 4. Take the pot of corn outside and, carefully pour the liquid out through a colander and then pour several gallons of fresh water into the pot of corn and stir with a wooden spoon. Using a water hose with a fine spray rinse with one hand and gently massage the corn with the other hand until the hulls come off (don’t smash the kernels, this will take a little time… be patient). Continue rinsing with one hand while scooping off the hulls with a sieve. Massage, scoop, rinse… do this 5 or 6 times until the corn is clean. Drain off all the remaining water through a colander and put the corn into a clean stainless steel cooking pot with about four quarts of water and place the pot on the stove and bring to a simmer.
        Step 5. While the corn is coming to a simmer prepare the following ingredients:
        – One pound of chopped pork or beef.
        – 1 / 2 cup of roasted jalapeno or hot green chili peppers. (use less if you don’t want it spicy)
        – 1 teaspoon of ground Cumin.
        – 3 tablespoons of sea salt.
        – 4 cloves of garlic.
        Chop the garlic and cut the meat into small ½ inch pieces and brown together in a skillet with a little olive oil. After the meat is browned place it and all the other ingredients into the pot of hominy and stir. Stir occasionally and after an hour, you can taste test and add additional salt or Cumin as desired. Simmer hominy for about another hour or until you are satisfied with the consistency. I made this awhile back… think I might make some next week after tomato canning is over.

      63. Had a “little” earthquake on the Reykjanes Ridge of 4.6. Seem like nothing? It isn’t. The exact spot within 10 miles of this morning’s quake has in the past lead to some very large earthquakes and swarms of major ones. This aims directly at South and Central America, 52 out of 57 times since April this has happened, and still no great to mega quake. This is very alarming as it continues to build in one of the most active regions that there is.

        Back on 1985 this lead to a 8.0 in Chile.
        In 1996 this lead to 6 different quakes from June 8-23. Two 7.9’s, one south of New Zealand, and one in the Banda Sea area.
        In 2002 there was a 7.6 in Papua New Guinea and a 6.9 in Peru. Many other times there were swarms of high 6 pointers.

        Today is June 26, so for the next 15 days, until July 11 the following areas will remain for a good potential for very large quake activity. 3 quakes before 7.9 to 8.0 shows a lot of possibilities for very high level energy release from this precursor earthquake.

        Chile to Mexico, the areas mentioned that have been narrowed down are most likely.
        Vancouver Island to Oregon
        Northern Indonesia
        All of New Guinea to Santa Cruz Islands
        Samoa and Tonga
        New Zealand and south of the Island
        Greece to Iran
        Turkey to Pakistan, and maybe as far east as India

      64. Just as an FYI to everyone out there, MERS is definitely growing some feet and not in a good way. You can read the article but the first sentence sums is up best: “Saudi Arabia reported nine new MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) cases in the past 3 days, including six cases that were asymptomatic.”

        People walking around asymptomatic are a very scary thing…because this could lead to the very probability that they are simply carriers spreading this bad boy around without even knowing it: typhoid Mary.,d.cGE

        *Admin Note — This is a working link per recent Google Search results but the destination page has been removed*

      65. What the hell is going on with gold and silver?!?!

        • VRF…You and I have that right….these govt employees (so called) have no such rights available to them to use to avoid answering to us the American people!…they freakin work for US…the fifth is to protect US from THEM not give THEM a way to avoid answering to US!…geeze things are so freaking backwards…time to prosecute and fire them all!…rant over for now…grrrr!

      66. This is a great post! i agree on your point about gold and silver (everything else too), this will be our currency when the shtf! thanks again for bringing these scary statistics to hopefully new now open eyes!

      67. I agree that some of these things are showing that we as a country are struggling but many of the things that you point out are the individuals fault for not delaying gratification for not knowing how to live below their means.

        • I agree: the majority of this noise since 2007 has been losers who got into debt and lived beyond their means and then got burned. They then turned to the Internet to cry and spread fear rather than look in the mirror and admit they were dumb putzhs.

          Just run your life like your grandfather and run your house like your grandmother and you will be fine. My grandmother never had debt and lived a modest but good life. She grew her own veggies and fruit and walked everywhere. Would your grandfather spend the day playing video games and smoking a bong pipe? I don’t think so.

      68. This is alarmist at best. Think about the logical framework behind this conspiracy it-will-all-collapse meme. The big bad corporations who are spying and monitoring the population up the whazoo, those very same bad ass corporations will then collapse the economy by design so they can’t sell their products to anyone? That just does not make sense.

        I think the more realistic scenario is greater control, greater snooping and manipulation: the creation of a hologram, digital economy and society run out of control screens at the NSA, Google etc. That seems more logical to me.

        Sure, you can sit in your log cabin and wait for the collapse, but they will just have a drone buzz over your cabin and map your sad ass in there with the piles of cans and bullets. And laugh at you.

      69. Many say it is too late to fix the government and have given up all hope. I still have hope that common sense will be revived at some point, even if forced upon us. The 12 elements of Technidigm form the minimum solution that all of us should be learning about and using, even more so for government officials and the media. —

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