Not Giving Up: CDC Says COVID Spreads More Than 6 Feet

by | May 8, 2021 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is stopping at nothing to make sure people stay isolated from each other. Now, apparently, the smartest virus in history can infect people 6 feet apart, so we have to stay even farther away from others.

    When will the public tire of these lies and bold agenda pushing? Probably never based on everything else they’ve been willing to subject themselves to.

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    The ruling class’s agency has allegedly “repeatedly documented” instances of coronavirus spreading through the air to people more than 6 feet away under certain conditions. “Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from inhalation of virus in the air farther than six feet from an infectious source can occur,” the new document says in large letters while noting it is “less likely than at closer distances.”

    The risk of this kind of spread is highest indoors in places with “inadequate ventilation,” when people are shouting or singing, or when people are exposed for long periods of time, the CDC said.

    Experts have also long said that being outdoors is far safer than being indoors. Yet last March, the rulers demanded we lock ourselves indoors in our homes for six weeks and allow our businesses to fail in epic numbers while still sat in lush mansions collecting paychecks off the backs of the slaves.

    The CDC acknowledged in October that the virus can spread through airborne transmission, but there has since been a growing emphasis on that method of transmission. They can’t have us getting together and figuring things out, so the push to shove us further apart has begun.

    The attempt to continually panic the public is obvious. The more they can get us to live in fear of each other, the more gene therapy shots they can get into arms. The good news is that they are running out of gullible sheep willing to take this thing.

    After Running Out Of People Willing To Take The COVID Shot, Baltimore Resorts To Shaming


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      1. The lies by the CDC also spread much further than
        6 feet.?

        • All of Covid is a total F@ckin Scam. The PCR tests are 90% false positives, Masks to NOT work, and the Jab is polluted with nano particles to spread variants to healthy people. Covid is really influenza and caused by the lack of Vitamin D deficiency. Take Vitamin, C, D, and Zinc. That’s it. Stay away from those who took the Jab they are definitely infected now by the Jab. On the positive side the Dumb idiots who took the Jab will die first within 6 to 9 months with blood clots, so there is Hope the world will be 50% left with smart people. Now that a reason to raise a beer and cheer!!!

          • @TharSheBlows, you said after the Jab takes out those idiots who took the nano particles within 6 to 9 nine months that we will be left with 50% smart people and when you think about how many morons went and took the jab – having 50% smart people will definitely be an improvement!!?Cheers!!?

      2. I want to put as much distance as humanly possible between myself
        and the CDC ???

      3. Conniving

      4. The intelligence of covid.
        I heard covid can also slide under locked doors and get you on the other side.?

      5. Well,of course it’s now more than six feet. As you so often mention the elite can’t have the slaves getting together and figuring out what a giant load of manure this entire covid hoax truly is!

      6. Is there anyone around who still believes anything the filthy group known as the CDC has to say – anyone?

      7. I live in Italy. The Italian version of the CDC has been telling elderly Italians that EVEN THOUGH they’ve already caught and survived the virus, they STILL need to be vaxxed–because “immunity only lasts 8 months.”

        No joke, they’re actually saying that. And uneducated Italians obediently roll up their sleeves.

        At this point they’re just making up any sh!t they can think of. I want to laugh except that they’re killing people in the process

      8. CDC says covid isolated in a vacuum, locked in a safe, encased in cement, buried deep in the Earth spreads more than 6 feet!

        • @James, I believe it too.
          As you know, even though it can take down Superman
          not even kryptonite can take on covid.????

      9. Solar storm?,-29.66,571

        Probability of visible aurora, along the equator and covering a patch of southern Africa.

        • ‘There are confirmed proofs that the Northern Lights may not always be so northern after all. Reports say the most southern Northern Lights have been witnessed during the massive solar storm of 1859 known as the Carrington Event. During that time the colors typical of Aurora Borealis were seen in Honolulu, just 21° north of the equator. These Lights are the most southern Northern Lights reported in the recorded history.

          It seems that the Southern Lights, the Aurora Australis have been seen even closer to the Equator. Historians have uncovered evidence suggesting that the Lights being seen from Samoa in 1921, at a latitude of 13° south, and a other report from Singapore at just 8° south during the storm of 25 September in 1909. It is very likely that the Aurora Australis were visible even from the Equator at the time, but there are no verified reports to be found. ‘

      10. For once CDC are right but in being right they show they hve either been lying to us or are clueless idiots. Powered by a good cough or sneeze, aerosols containing viruses can travel around 30 feet, much futher with a breeze to help them long.
        Also aerosols are so tinythat on a warm day they can by carried upwards by heat reflecting off surfaces and drift for miles.
        In either case how long the virus survives is anybody’s guess

      11. HEY Andrea how about giving us all a break from you!!!! You do not even live in the U.S. and you are polluting this site with the same long email. Are you a complete nut seems like it or a high paid troll ….

      12. Copied-and-pasted, as-is, without any embellishment. Yes, seriously.

        Dr Tagg wrote: “Well, SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in faeces and has been detected in an asymptomatic individual up to 17 days post-exposure.” The doctor added that previous tests have shown farts have the power to spray talcum powder long distances.

        “We propose anal swabs as the potentially optimal specimen for SARS-CoV-2 detection…”

      13. Gee, I trust the CDC completely. They wouldn’t lie to us – would they? Why just the other day, someone sneezed halfway around the world and I caught phony 19
        over here. I guess it does travel more than six feet – way more.?????

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