Not Even Police Were Told About This “Active Shooter” Drill…

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 58 comments

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    So secret that it’s for your safety…

    It isn’t the first time that military, SWAT teams, FBI, police and Homeland Security officials have conducted large scale emergency exercises inside cities and frightened the locals.

    Joint task force mock disasters, raids and response teams now routinely takeover local areas in order to prepare for martial law and a thorough police state, and people are often riled by the sounds of explosions, gunshots, helicopters and teams of men in black uniforms.

    But this time, even the local police weren’t told about the drill taking place – even though it was happening within their own department.

    As NBC reported:

    Bystanders didn’t take long to call police last month when they spotted a couple of suspicious men skulking around a New Jersey train station taking photos of security cameras. Port Authority cops turned on lights and sirens and rushed to the scene in hour traffic.

    But when they got there, the officers were shocked to find that the emergency they had rushed to was only a test. The suspicious men? Port Authority’s own security analysts.

    According to an incident report obtained by the I-Team, the two men said they were “testing the system.” But what made this test different than the regular drills practiced is that none of the officers in the police department — not even the supervisors — knew it was a test. According to president of the Port Authority police union, the consequences could have been deadly.


    The Port Authority spokesman … said it is customary not to tell officers about active shooter drills in the terminals.

    Port Authority police in New Jersey were startled to respond to calls that led to an active shooter training scenario that ultimately involved their own security team running a “test.”

    This video breaks down the possible implications of this unannounced test – which may seem paranoid to some, but it likely a routine part of managing crises in the public eye.

    Port Authority Accused By Law Enforcement For Intentionally Perpetrating A Hoax Terrorist Drill

    A “test” in order to keep the public “safe” from these and other threats.

    But is it “safe” or is it just police state?

    It seems even the police are questioning these eerie training scenarios which seem to foretell a future full of crisis events and greater government controls:

    “It’s dangerous,” said Paul Nunziato, president of the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association. “What would this interview be right now if my guys hit somebody? What if some woman or a little child got killed?”

    It’s not the only time Port Authority officials have conducted security drills that the police union says posed risks to their officers and the public. On the day of the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Port Authority conducted a nine-minute active shooter drill at JFK airport.

    [Nunziato asked] “Would you scare the crap out of every person in that terminal with cops running in, lights and sirens, with heavy weapons, thinking something was going on.”

    To make matters worse, history shows that many real life terror attacks took place during drills by government agencies, raising serious questions about the real motives and perpetrators behind some of the most well known events in recent history.

    If the drill is that secret, what are they really hiding? And where is it that someone is planning to hit next?

    Read more:

    Shock Report: Police Were Engaged In Active Shooter Drill JUST BEFORE San Bernardino Massacre

    Unannounced Shooter Drill Terrifies Students: “I Thought He Was Going to Shoot Me”

    Surviving a Terror Attack: Strategies To Save Lives If the Worst Happens: “Run, Hide, Fight”


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      1. BMLOF…

        Bad management, lack of focus…


          On April 18, the scotus will decide if 80 IQ illegal Mexicans can get Social Security, disability, Medicare, and work permits.

          While 25% of white people are unemployed.

          And spend more on fucking taxes than food, clothing, and housing combined.

          And the Syrians are still coming in. That hasn’t stopped just because you don’t hear shit about it.

          I have two fucking jobs. I work every single fucking day of the week and watch it slip through my fucking hands to the worthless, piece of shit government.

          I donate old clothes to poor people. And occasionally donate some food. I know other people want to work and wish they had a job. Guess the billions in bonuses given to CEOs for not producing shit is more important. I do feel sorry for other people sometimes.

          I only have one thought in my head now. I want to check out of society completely like Manfred Fritz Bajorat. I want to earn enough money to buy enough preps and PMs and shit and a 35 ft yacht and get a kindred spirited submissive Asian girlfriend and just fuck off forever.

          I’m too fucking smart and word too fucking hard to put up with this fucking bullshit “new Amerikkka now”.

          I used to love American history class.

          Now I fucking hate America.

        • “Many universities are redoubling their efforts to diversify their faculties in response to last fall’s wave of protests from student groups representing women and minorities. Yale, for example, has announced a $50 million, five-year initiative to enhance faculty diversity. Brown has committed $100 million to hire 60 additional faculty members from historically underrepresented groups over the next five to seven years.”



          “12% of university faculty identify as politically right of center, and these are mainly professors in schools of engineering and other professional schools. Only 5% of professors in the humanities and social-science departments so identify.”

          “96% of social psychologists identify as left of center, 3.7% as centrist/moderate and only 0.03% as right of center.”

        • I still would like to know why the Boston Marathon Bombing Security, was run by an Israeli Security Firm, a foreign agency? Who knew every angle and camera to set you their false flag. You know to set up a dry run for Martial law across a large city, abandon the constitution, and search door to door with out warrants. They created this boogie man called terrorism so these agencies like the ZOG Run Homeland Security can buy more weapons and pad their budgets and donate to their buddies by grants, which 95+% of the DHS Grants issued are going exclusivly to Jewish organizations. That’s a fact at US Tax Payer expense. You like that? Christian’s groups get nothing, but survielence. Nope just the Jews get the grants. I sure hope you SHTFPlanners are awake on this issue like white in rice. The Enemy is already here right now..on our soil. Has been for decades seizing power. Media 95% ZOG Owned, 33% of Supreme Court is Jewish, when the US population is only 2.1% Jewish. And why the Judges ruled political PACS can collect as much money from anonymous donors to make sure their puppet is elected. The Illuminati runs the banking system and we are on their treadmill every paycheck. Then we pay taxes to fund the Hijacked USForeign policy of murder and genocide. Oh it’s a big chess board getting looted by the Elite. Are you prepared for Martial law and the abandonment of the constitution when they come to your door for the big round up and pillage and ransack your house looking for your weapons or claim you are a terrorist? Will you OBEY or start shooting and ring the neighborhood alarm alert bell. How about issure every neighbor an airhorn to alert the neighbor’s that the despots are approaching and to lock n load and take position and create chokepoints.

          Its gonna be Game On comming to a neighborhood like yours. They will start out with their lists. Gun and Ammo purchases, large cash withdrawls, preppers, Christian’s, patriots,
          Constitutionalist, that’s pretty much everybody I know including me and probably you.

          Stay Alert!!


      2. They don’t give a damn about the public….its about protecting “the system” and the elites that run it. another reason to prep.

        • Jim in VA, that’s right. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled many times that police don’t serve the public, they serve government. Protecting citizens is not part of their job description. When we get into ‘situations’, we are truly on our own.

          • but they want to take your guns so you cant take care of yourself

      3. Protect the infrastructure at ALL costs.

        • My bet is they wont do so good when it gets real,,,

          • Kula, I think you’re spot on the money. I’d like to see a nationwide test performed that determines what the average IQ is for law enforcement. And people think truck drivers are dumb. Bwawahahahaha

          • They can run as many drills as they want. When have these black booted goons ever run into 150 armed neighbors on every street corner shooting back at them. They will be crying for their mommas. And quit the next day. These dopes live in neighborhoods right by us. Know who your neighbor works for. Are they dressed in a uniform? What kind? Who’s the snitch in your neighborhood? Pay attention, study their drills. Got your Sandbags and sand yet? for multiple defensive positions? Sand bags will stop up to a .50 Cal. Don’t worry, their biggest weapon is the element of surprise. Set up your motion detectors, 1/2 mile away signal alerts. Start gathering your force multipliers. Stay away from Large Cities, Crowds and Mass Transportation Systems like Airports, train and bus stations..


      4. Just look what happened at the bus station in Richmond, Va last week

        • Exactly 2Dogs……you get a bunch of keystone cops running around and the potential for a clusterfck is very real.

      5. That is how innocent People get KILLED

      6. dont be surprised! police and swat did a drill at a local school here in upstate ny, along with OUR children and teachers in full participation. in the name of terrorism, this is bullshit! the only threat in this country is our own government! wake up people, do you really think that our next president is going to make a difference? our next president will take his marching orders from the elite. follow the MONEY. to you stupid people and clapping seals, please leave this country and leave it to the people who are willing and prepared to save this country and to our government and the elite, we the people, will one day get our country back!

        • Well that all sounds good and noble, benchmark.
          However; the problem is that there are too few of “we” and not enough of “us” people, to take our country back, on our own.

          This is the Creator’s Country, not ours, and He laid it in our laps for safekeeping. What did “we” do? What did “we” allow?

          The younger “we” generation wants to blame “us” older generations (boomers), for the mess because we were asleep at the wheel back in the sixties and seventies, when we should have been marching and protesting to, the taking of the Creator out of Schools, as well as our allegiance and prayers to Him there.
          “We” layed down when the liberals and atheists wanted to make it legal to murder the unborn “persons”, from the womb.

          Now, the older generations want to blame the younger, liberalized and politically correct, immoral, younger generations, for the mess today. The restructuring of USA into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

          The truth is, we are all to blame in some way, and on some level. We have been warned for over 2000 years, and kept making the same mistakes.

          No, “we” ain’t taking anything back. Yahweh gave us plenty of chances to do that already, but we just turned our backs on Him and His Son. So, the few that still do try to follow His Word, will get their Kingdom, but it will not be America or USA.
          The USSAG is toast. It is stuck, like toast in a broken toaster, and getting darker and smoldering more by the day.
          “We” are reaping what we have sown, and the real ugly reapers are getting ready to do a lot of heavy reaping. The remains will be blackened ashes.

          When more than 50% of a voting population, has their minds so warped that they want a murdering,lying,flaming liberal to stand as leader, of the Superpower of the world that owes everything to a Holy Creator, or wants a flaming socialist, or doesn’t really give a shit either way as long as they have their little personal cushy comforts; then we as a society, a nation, are toast.

          There is no getting back anything on a national level…, only on a personal level does anyone improve their outcome.

          • well said passinwithewind, your absolutely right on all fronts . but in my heart, i knew this was wishful thinking on my part before i submitted my post and i do realize there is no We, but i never thought in my lifetime that i would have to draw the proverbial line in the sand to stand up to my beliefs at any cost before i kneel down to the ” real ugly reapers”. DO YOU HEAR ME NOW, reaper.

        • Two wks ago on my way home from church I came across our local county EMS and TEMA in a full out drill of some kind. All kinds of emergency equipment and participants in full gear. This taking place out in the middle of the TN country side.

          I rubber necked slowly by, then continued on and found an even more secluded group of geared participants, but this time only those dark black SUVs, no fire trucks, ambulance or police cars. These ones were back in the woods on a road that is a short cut to home. They wanted to be hidden.

          This all taking place out in the middle of no where middle TN.

      7. Hoax

      8. Let someone conduct one of those ‘drills’ at my home and my response will be REAL, AND NOT A DRILL.

      9. Who knows the government is so incapable no telling what their intent

      10. There have been drills that have been run by some of the teams out of Chicago(NSA, Homeland Sect. ECT,ECT). that where never told to our Chief. We got called out and the entry team started to arrive at the school and were told it was only a drill.

        All I can say was that there were several new curse words invented that day. I had actually set up in a sniper position with my scope aimed right at the head of someone I didn’t know was a LEO.

        The least they could have done was told the Chief, for Christ sake!!!! They were DAMN lucky no one got hurt. Play this game with a couple of CCW’s and now someone gets hurt.

        What a bunch of B.S. Homeland Sect., NSA., DEA., ECT, ECT. Believe that they are above everyone. Someday the will get knocked down a couple of notches. And it will be their fault. Blood will be on their hands.

        I never knew that they were that STUPID to do this again somewhere else. I guess they don’t talk to each other either.

        We train with the FBI a lot several years ago and we always had great communication with them.


        • Sniper position………LMAO……..It just gets better and better.

          More like the rubber gun squad.

          • “I had actually set up in a sniper position with my scope aimed right at the head of someone I didn’t know was a LEO.”

            You actually set up in a sniper position?

            That is hilarious.

            Actually? Like… really, really? Like… no kidding? Like… no shit, man? Like… I actually set up in a sniper position?

            Wow! Just wow!

            And heaven forbid if you would have had your… sniper… scope aimed at just some run of the mill civilian while set up in yer sniper position. And I am assuming that somewhere under yer scope, there was yer gun?

            Ah! Right! You gave us the dumbed down version so as not to confuse the unwashed with yer sniper vernacular!

            • Hey Stupid!
              YOUR not yer.
              Go away troll nobody wants you here.

            • FDummy

              It is YOUR not YER.
              Talk about stupid!!!!
              Sergeant Dale is better than you and has been attacked by crumb like before and he is still on the page were they have all left. He gives go ideas and information here to help folks to when TSHTF. What have you done?

          • hdud

            Your are troll and are not worth my time trying to be nice to you. This will be the last time I respond to you so say what you want. But when push comes to shove I will win out. There have be several before you, and there will be more after you and I’m still standing and still here.

            So here goes. Yes you dumb turd. I have any FBI certification. Along with Range Officer, Firearms Instructor, and Medic. I was trained by the FBI in 1990’s. What have you got to show for your self other that the clean basement club at your mom’s house!

            So like all trolls you will vanish, and nobody will give a damn. So why don’t you just go way to your mom’s basement where you live, and play your little game of dungeons and dragons.


            • Sarge, that was definitely a turd, I mean, troll…..OW, OUCH, BAD KEYBOARD! LOL!

              • Brave 1776
                I see you made an other friend. Sorry man. Turd can’t spell.

                • Sarge, LOL! Hbomb and Fbomb sound like the bopsy twins to me.

            • Yes…I forgot about how smart you THINK you are. ANY FBI ?
              What the hell is any ? And no I wont vanish. I’m sure I can outlive you. So no problem there.

              As far as give a damn, do you think anyone here really gives a damn about you. You should be glad I pick on you and your insane ramblings.

              As far as Braveheart,. Your just another blowhard also. You wanna say something mouth, direct it toward me, and not in the 3rd party. Faggot.

              • Hbomb, that will be my pleasure to tell you and your brother fbomb BOTH to go fuck off eat shit, and die {FOESAD}. If you’re looking for a faggot, go talk to acid. Useless trolls.

            • I have many FBI. Sorry dropped a letter. YOURS is not spelled YER. DUH.

              • sgt dale,

                You are the LAST one here who should EVER be giving spelling lessons. Your posts almost ALWAYS contain misspelled words or words used in the wrong context. For example, whenever you say ” what a waist of something” when the word is ” waste”. And don’t try to deny it, it’s in the archives along with all your other dyslexic spelling attempts. No wonder you were another government tax sucker.

                • anon.
                  You are correct. It do. Now here is one for you.
                  Bite Me. Troll!!!

                • Anon, go fuck off, eat shit, and die.[FOESAD]

                • We have the Jesus Country Christ anon. Now the spell check anon.

                  • And now we have 3 follow up comments by the three stooge idiots! Put all three of your infantile minds together and maybe you might have one functioning brain at the 8th grade level. But emotionally, let’s say all three of you roll on the floor and cry when your diapers get dirty and need changing. Can any of the three of you brain surgeons comprehend what I just told you? Can you notice how the three of you revert to your ” nigger” side of your brains? You have to attack in groups because you obviously don’t have the courage to fight your own battles individually. But it’s OK, I can handle three ranting children like yourselves because I’m an adult, which, no matter how old you all are is something you’ll never achieve because it’s a mental state of mind, physically you’re all old men but mentally you’re all children. I’ll say good night to you 3 little boys now because it’s probably close to your bedtimes. Maybe if you’re all good mommy will read you all a bedtime story.

            • Into the shredder with them its better than digging holes

              • Trolls dont deserve holes and the tree shredders will serve a purpose when shtf

                • Big talking chicken stuffers like yourself are the LAST ones who’ll ever do anything they like to talk so tough about. You’re probably a little candy ass house husband who stays home all day with the kids.

        • Sgt, I expect if TPTB want to make a move they will federalize police they have been training and EVALUATING for years and move them to other states and cities away from the distraction of family, to be used against people unknown to them. Feds likely have a list of police who would uphold the constitution and they might likely be sent off to do guard duty and other needed but controlled jobs.

          The pschpathic killer cops will be made leaders and examples for other police to follow.

          This is what the Nazi’s did in WW2, Germans conquered Austria, Austrians were drafted and used to conquer Poland, Poles were drafted and used to take France, On and on across Europe all the way to Africa. They couldn’t make conquered people kill their own neighbors and friends, but they could pit them against strangers. Thus the true purpose of Obama’s class, gender, race devisiveness.

      11. Sarg:
        I have a strong suspicion, they intend to leave you out altogether. You will go to work one day and be told to clean out your personal belongings and that your final check is in the mail. They aim to have the most sheep people who lack the desire to question the wisdom of orders. Agenda 21.

        • B From CA

          Good point. I believe you are on the right track. They don’t want the old guard Cop on the job any more. They want the meat heads they can control.

      12. originally found on Yahoo home page

        Newly discovered planet could destroy Earth any day now

        ht tp://

        been nice knowin’ youse guys!!!

        • Huh, well aint that sumthin,,,,,

        • Satori

          My concerned plate is full with everything else but thanks for the heads up anyway.

          Now a different subject. Assuming a false flag terrorist attack occurs the public will go out and buy guns in abundance. Should have held on to SWHC (Smith & Wesson) when it was $9.50 late summer of 2014 as it’s mid $20s now. I been “Gun Shy” with investments since 2007 jumping in and out with just a little $$$. In “normal” times this would be a no brainer. In these times its different.

      13. Sarge.I hate to think what would have happened if you DID drop the hammer on that LEO. Holy shit.

        • Southside.

          I didn’t have the Ok from the State Attorney.
          You see where I’m from, and in those days the S .A. has to give the OK/Green Light to shoot. Order not given. We also had no reports of shots fired. Thank God. I will tell you that even though I didn’t shoot I had a sick feeling in my guts before I found out it was a drill. When I look back at it. It was a good drill and I found out that I could drop the hammer if I had to, and yes had some humanity left by the gut feeling I had.

          I’m not the sniper any more I gave it over to the young bucks. My age and I know my limitations. I’m the last one in and the Medic. I thank God I never had to use my rifle on a person. But Deer and Elk at over 300 yards. Let just say MEAT in Freezer.

          Now with the new rules if we have an active shooter you go right in after them. That is with reports of shots fired. On duties officers don’t wait for the Tactical Team to arrive.


      14. Read about the Red Cell activities of Seal Team 6 and you might understand the purpose behind this.
        It’s easy to prepare and respond for an attack that you know is coming. The point is to test their system. To try to catch them off guard.
        How good is your security if it only works when I warn you I’m about to do something.
        Are you going to complain that a burglar didn’t give you enough notice before he robbed your house…

      15. The USA is being overthrown from within and the American people are too dumbed down to see it.

      16. The police used to protect the people from the govt now they protect the govt from the people.

      17. The “Test” if its the true purpose is accomplished by identifying the suspects. The Normandy Invasion dress rehearsal thereafter is unnecessary. Law enforcement can monitor the control room with the cameras covertly (they’re good at covert) and see if those watching the screen pick up the “unusual / suspicious” behavior that the test subjects exhibit. No fear, no racing to the scene, no army of cops scaring the crap out of everyone and needless to say, “A lot lest costly”.

      18. Curious if an Israeli company is still running Port Authority security?

      19. OR was there more to this story than anyone knows or is talking about..
        false flag psyop setting up, wonder who the patsies were going to be?? nothing like a little plausible deniability for the PERPETRATORS, oh it was a secret test.. we just wanted to see how/if anyone would react..

      20. I Miss America.

      21. As usual the incompetent cops. Weren’t they supposed to enter with their gunns blazing or pop a stun grenadde/magnessium flare as they usually do when they enter civilian homes? And then ask questions? How can they possibly take a chance with TWO (not just one) suspected terrorrists? The cops don’t even spare chained dogs who are NOT in a threatening position? Suppose these two were mere decoys?

      22. I’m an advanced instructor in law enforcement arrest and control and self defense. When you set up a training scenario, as the one described above, you must inform all agencies and the public of such. Safety,safety,safety. In a reality based training scenario you want the drill to be as real as possible, but not at the cost of foregoing safety. Here’s an example of what can go wrong: recently, several law enforcement agencies conducted a live drill. One of the participants was instructed to evade and elude all law enforcement. Well, what he didn’t count on was running into a couple of military police (mp), whom were not part of the drill. The drill participant thought the mp were part of the training and as the mp approached the trainee played the role as instructed by refusing to comply with mp’s commands. You guessed it! Mp’s eventually shoot and kill the drill participant. This drill smells more like condition response!

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