NORTHCOM Commander: ‘The U.S. Homeland Is No Longer A Sanctuary’

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    Air Force General Terrence O’Shaughnessy ended a speech at the 140th National Guard Association conference in New Orleans this weekend with an ominous warning that the era of great power competition doesn’t leave the United States mainland uncontested. The U.S. “homeland is no longer a sanctuary,” according to the four-star general.

    According to The Military Times, O’Shaughnessy says that peer-level adversaries are probing U.S. defenses in multiple domains and that the continental United States is well within their sights. “We’re in a changing security environment,” O’Shaughnessy said. “We used to think about the sanctuary we had with oceans and friendly countries to our north and south, but that’s changing with adversaries that are actually able to reach out and touch us now.”

    O’Shaughnessy’s concerns fall right in line with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ new National Defense Strategy.  This strategy just so happens to prioritizes peer-level adversaries as greater threats than lower-end insurgent forces like those seen in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade.  According to O’Shaughnessy and Mattis, those peer-level foes are Russia and China. That breaks down simply: The U.S. is no longer immune to attacks from Russia or China.

    According to The Daily Wire, O’Shaughnessy asserted, “We’re in a changing security environment. We used to think about the sanctuary we had with oceans and friendly countries to our north and south, but that’s changing with adversaries that are actually able to reach out and touch us now.”

    “We have to think about our defense in different ways than we have in the past. That means we need to fundamentally re-think when we say homeland defense how we’re going to do that against a peer competitor … A good example is the new AESA radars we’re trying to put in the F-16s, and we’re making progress.” That was a reference to Northrop Grumman’s APG-83 Scalable Agile Beam Radar when the Air Force chose to upgrade 72 Air National Guard F-16 Falcons in 2017. The APG-83 helps the F-16 to detect, track, and identify more targets faster and at longer ranges. Northrop Grumman also stated the radar is capable of operating in hostile electronic environments.

    Air Force Chief of Staff General Dave Goldfein told The Military Times, “It’s probably dangerous for us to think we can physically be a sanctuary when we’re in competition below a level of armed conflict, and we have a couple of new domains that our adversaries are operating in: cyber and space. … Our competitors have studied the way we fight and the way we operate and are investing in and training in ways to take those advantages away from us.”



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      1. USA mainland hasn’t been safe for decades due to nuclear ICBMs aimed right at us. Tell us something we don’t friggin know.

        • That and
          central banks, commie/marxist/socialist professors/teachers, project mockingbird media, 22 known jihadist camps on our soil, skull and bones and other secret societies and brotherhoods, unsecured servers, just to name a few. A very few.

          • No doubt

          • Dont foget the 6 sided hebrew jihadist pillaging out military secrets and technology off to foreign governments at a record pace. Did you know that 7% of US congress Representatives have Dual Citizenship?? Factoid. Duh, its by design to destroy America from within. Chop it up into pieces and sell it off to create the biggest welfare nation. And do this because they hate us. Sure give em another $38 Billion to destroy us from within. Brilliant!!!

        • We’re already being invaded by foreigners General. The question is, what are you doing about it?

        • I think he was referring to non-nuclear attacks.

      2. I’m calling in artillery on my own position. I’m overrun with wogs. No napalm, please.

        • “Here is the instrument of cleansing, my brethren. And nothing quite cleanses like fire.”

          Matthias – The Omega Man

      3. Our largest threat is that we are no longer a united country with common morality, political standards, language, and ideals and there are large segments of it that side with our enemies that want to see us destroyed as a united nation.

        They will aid in any foreign attack on our nation if they are unable to destroy it by themselves without requiring foreign help to do it.

      4. General, you are being busted in rank…all the way down to Captain…

        Captain Obvious.


      5. We have to think about our defense in different ways than we have in the past.”

        That is the problem Terrence. The military does not think about defense, it only thinks about offense. If you truly felt we need to work on defense, than revert to the past and bring the troops home.

        Stop meddling in other sovereign countries that only benefit America’s and Israel’s interest. Stop playing this game called “The War On Terror”, which the U.S. and it’s collaborators have fabricated.

        Stop pretending that you are defeating your fictional, U.S. tax payer created ISIS/Al-Qaeda proxy armies. Unfortunately, the damage has been done. This war on terror has created a huge fiasco of enemies toward the West.

        Overall – what this douche is actually applying here is.

        “We need more monies thrown at the Military Industrial Complex, so we can protect our nation.”

        • defense is simply losing slowly.

          Offense wins conflicts.

        • When your retinas burst into flame from the blinding flash of the explosion above your head, you can contemplate your statement. For about 3 seconds.

          “Dang! Those Club K Car containers were a real thi……..”

          And don’t forget to leave your windows and doors unlocked tonight.

        • MKDJ, truer words were never spoken.

          • ^^^^^^^

            I second that. Fake news, fake wars, fake enemies.

      6. At some point the world will come to realize that earth and space belong to the USA. The oceans will be renamed American Ocean 1,2,3, etc. The largest body of water will be called The Sea of Trump. Russia will be renamed The Republic of Melania. The Van Allen Belts will be called the Kushner Belts.

        There will be a border wall all around the earth to keep out illegal space aliens and wheat will be grown at the North Pole in the shape of Donald’s hair.

        USA USA USA! God bless America…

        • LOL

      7. Russia is not Communist. Communism was a 3ew overthrowing the power of the Russian indigenous white Christian people. Mordicai Levi whose pen name was Karl Marx, was a 3ew.

        Jacob Schiff, a Wall Street 3ew (for 3ew Rothschild) of New York funded the Communist 3ew Revolution commonly known as the Russian Revolution. Russia is now, although robbed blind by 3ews during their Communist takeover; Russia is now a Capitalist Country.

        Putin has built more than one thousand Christian Churches. He put many 3ews behind bars. Only those willing to give him half the money they stole from the real Russians were not sent to prison. Putin is worth a fortune.

        We have little to fear from Russia. The Cold War was propaganda. The United States propped up the Communist 3ew State financially until it could no longer afford to foot the bill. That’s why Communism/Marxism failed in Russia. When 3ew communism ended and capitalism began, the 3ew Mafia known as the Russian Mafia became very powerful. When a 3ew lives in a Country, he refers to himself as one with the people. Thus the 3ew though above the Russian as far as the 3ew considers himself, he can claim “I am a Russian” or “I am an Italian” when he, a 3ew, is part of something untoward like a Mafia, Organized Crime.


        • If you are a jue, nothing else matters. No matter what nationality you are, if you are a jue Israel comes first.

          • Don’t be simplstice. Most “Jews” you are referring to are the so-called “ethnic” Jews, which comprise a small part of the world’s population. Most of them do not follow Torah. A Jew follows Torah. That is the definition. Most citizens in Israel are not practicing Jews, as in the US. Zionism is the threat, not Judaism. Orthodox rabbis in Israel protest AGAINST zionism.

      8. “We used to think about the sanctuary we had with oceans and friendly countries to our north and south, but that’s changing with adversaries that are actually able to reach out and touch us now.

        Yea, that luxury passed away about 100 years years ago.

        When German U-Boats started to sink Merchant ships off our coast in WWI and made it an art in WWII.

        July 1918 witnessed the Attack on Orleans when a U-boat sunk four barges and a tugboat off the coast of Cape Cod Massachusetts by the town of Orleans. The U-boat fired on the town ineffectually for about an hour before it was fought off by two Navy planes. It was the first attack involving a foreign power’s artillery against US soil since the Mexican–American War. –Wikipedia

      9. Well it appears that it is maybe so….however I believe strikes against us here will come from “in-house” means. Seems to me this O’shaunessy is saying. “Look over here” “or no over there! Best to keep your nose to the ground and your eyes on the skyline cause a lot of what they say is bullshit.

      10. It is just amazing that US Military dunderheads haven’t clocked that the adversaries that they have actually been reaching out and touching pretty vigorously for the past half century are tired of their warmongering and want to play a different game.  

        No one wants to go to war with America, they just want to go about their business without threats and interference from Washington.

        Of course Washington and the Pentagon will do anything to remain the biggest bully in the playground, but all the other kids are moving to different school.

        This is the end of US hegemony – do the world a favour, be a better neighbour and stop trying to start a world war no one wants except the Pentagon

        • Joshua Falken

          I have become convinced that the reason for the existence of the US, which has long ago abandoned, “We The People”, has morphed into being the enforcer for Multi National Globalist Corporations and their Financiers. Therefore never ending military use to protect and expand the aforementioned is inevitable. One benefit however is that sufficient political stability must be maintained in the US so as to not jeopardize the use of the US military in these globalist / corporatist endeavors.

      11. Just found out:

        Nutty yahoo, president of Israel threatened Iran with nuclear war right from Desdemona, Israel’s nuclear site.

        Hold on to your underwear. Things are heating up.


      12. Right…one problem just buried.
        I’ve had to bite my lip about McCain being a hero.
        Oh please…. They sent a helicopter to rescue him from the
        USS Forrestal after he pulled a stupid stunt before
        taking off of that carrier. Darn near sunk that ship
        killed 134, injured 161. Someone was afraid the crew would
        beat him up. The helicopter only took one man….McCain.

        A friend of mine spent months in a hospital when he was blown
        off the ship.
        Was it reported in the news….no! He was the class idiot/show off.
        But his father and grand father were Admirals. So they covered
        for him.
        Who do you believe? The witnesses or the govmnt? Like
        the Las Vegas shooting never happened… the story ((((they))))
        made up?
        I don’t know anymore who to trust. Just because the person
        next to me is in this country….does not make him a good and
        faithful patriot.

      13. “homeland is no longer a sanctuary…”
        What utter rubbish the media expect us to swallow!

        We are supposed to immediately forget that the US mainland has been under implicit threat of nuclear attack for decades?
        It looks like they’ll make any moron a general these days.

      14. Always wondered if Florida was the most defendable part of USA? Ring it with Subs and aircraft carriers ,it’s the second largest producer of cattle ,second to Texas. Tons of fresh water, grow almost anything, and can be cut off from rest of country with few road blocks? Refuge of last resort?

      15. We have militias.

        Why do we need military? This guy says his military cannot protect anybody, so why do we have military?

        Americans own several hundred million firearms.
        Americans own billions of cartridges for our firearms.
        Americans hunt.

        Why military?

      16. “The U.S. is no longer immune to attacks from Russia or China.”

        The statement of the General can’t be dignified with a response except maybe, GTFOOH.

      17. Americans are forgive me for saying this…are fat.
        Our adversaries are not overweight. When land invasions happen, no matter how many guns you have your survival will depend on your ability to survive in the wild and deal with the elements. It worries me that so many of our reserves are out of shape.

      18. Obviously most of our generals have never applied the “Art of War”.
        We fight long protracted wars and have lost many. As you say it’s all about keeping the budgets and the black budgets and increasing them every year. We are a bankrupt nation printing a fiat scam currency. No gold in Fort Knox either. The game is up and the party is over.

      19. Why should the Russians and Chinese be any different from the criminal element that is already out to get us? America is so full of crazies that are out to get us already;the Chinese and Russians will hardly be noticed.

      20. What changed?

        When you effectively ruin Americans livelhood with visa seekers taking jobs and have no actual refugee program nor immigration standards, then their is no actual security.

        Ask any leftist the following questions.

        Don’t think we need a Wall? Do you lock your doors?

        If anyone can enter, how will we pay for it? What jobs will be there?

        If English language and culture do not exist, then how are we a country?

        If terrorism is indeed a daily concern, shouldn’t these be addressed? If the border is porous, how can you ever be secure?

        Law enforcement investigates AFTER a crime has been committed. Shouldn’t everyone be armed? Why would gun control EVER be acceptable in the American republic?

        Is America a democracy? If not, then why are you trying to make it a socialist democracy?

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