North Korea: Starved To Death Prisoners’ Bodies Fed To Dogs In Brutal Regime

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 46 comments

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    As North Korea continues to violate human rights on almost every level, news is now surfacing that the tyrannical regime doesn’t just starve their political prisoners.  Kim Jong-Un’s brutal dictatorship also feeds the corpses of those starved to death to the dogs.

    In difficult to hear testimony in front of United Nations, North Korean defector Ji Hyeon-A explained how government officials in the hermit kingdom beat her and fed her only rotten food. Ji has escaped the regime three times now, and all three times, she said she was sent back to face horrific punishments in the impoverished nation. Ji was repatriated three times to North Korea after she was caught in China, before eventually escaping the brutal regime for good when she made it to South Korea in 2007.

    According to the Express, Ji is now reunited with her mother and brother, as well as her younger sister – who was trafficked and sold into slavery after a failed escape attempt. But the family has still heard nothing about their father.

    Ji described the conditions at one detention center as overly gruesome.  She said that the inmates were regularly starved to death while Kim Jong-Un gorges on expensive imported Swiss cheese and French red wine with no regard for his citizens. It’s obvious Kim hasn’t missed any meals.   She also explained that when the prisoners are fed, they are given raw locusts and skinned frogs and rats as food.

    But the most horrific thing the woman witnessed while imprisoned in harsh conditions, was the feeding of corpses to dogs. After prisoners were starved to death, government officials would feed the dead bodies to dogs where other prisoners could see the disturbing display. Ji-Hyeon-A described North Korea as “a terrifying prison and the Kim’s are carrying out a vast massacre and it takes a miracle to survive there.”

    Ji also described how North Korean women who got pregnant in China were forced to have abortions. “Pregnant women were forced into harsh labor all day,” she said. “At night, we heard pregnant mothers screaming and babies died without ever being able to see their mothers.”

    The third time Ji Hyeon-A got caught and sent back to North Korea she was three months pregnant. She tearfully described how she was forced to have an abortion without medication at a local police station because North Korea has banned mixed-race babies.  “My first child passed away without ever seeing the world,” she said with tears in her eyes, “without any time for me to apologize.”

    Ji-Hyeon-A urged the U.N. and leaders worldwide to fight for North Korean defectors, especially those who are repatriated.  She asked China to stop sending North Koreans back to their native country because now they know what goes on once they return.

    Earlier in the day, China had attempted to stop the Security Council meeting convened by Japan on the human rights situation in North Korea. China only had the support of Russia and Bolivia and failed in its attempt to stop the meeting from moving forward.


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      1. Fucking savage apes over there…Firebomb the whole damn mess of a country.

        • Who here believes anything touted by (((mainstream media)))?

          Who here believes every nugget of horrifying “news” about North Korea?

          Why is “alternative” media carrying water for the (((banksters))) and their (((controlled media)))?

          The (((banksters))) always gin up wars when they are about to crash the economy.

          Enough hysteria.

      2. ” Cry Havoc ! , and let slip the dogs of war ” .

        • Scratch out the word “North Korea” and replace it with Trump and we have the next fake news headline.

        • looks like the NRA=“No Rice Association” disarmed kim’s regime

        • maybe that filth denise rodman will sell some of his nose rings and donate to the poor.


      3. I’ll throw the bs card. If they ‘starved to death’ there would be no meat left for the dogs…..war propaganda.

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        • #15 sounds cool

        • could i use #15 to set off an airbag under the perp and launch him into the air where i could shoot him with a shotgun like skeet?

        • OK, no more infoposts from me….

          • thanks

      5. And here we “only” do partial birth abortion.

        • Many people on this planet need a POST birth abortion!

      6. The day will come when Kim is fed to the dogs in his own country.

        • My prediction: Dead of winter.

          Trump will attack North Korea in the dead of winter. North Korea is a really really cold place. What better time to start an air campaign then winter because North Korea won’t be able to move logistics around the country because of the winter conditions.

          • John S.: I wonder if we will lose again if we go to war in N. Korea like in the early 50’s when Truman allowed the U.S. to lose that war when we almost had it won. I have zero respect for the military and top brass since we have lost all wars since ww2. Any one that goes in the military today is in a loser dysfunctional system (all branches).

            • no no no…. we won Grenada in 1983.

          • Jim Rickards say in March, after the Olympics there. I would think he is right, as that is after the Olympics end but before they are projected to have capability to strike the US fully.

        • Nicolai Ceausescu found out the same thing in Romania

        • feeding kim to the dogs would be one greasy meal??

          • Gandhi, that might actually poison the dogs.

        • in amerika we bury our dead, we feed our dead bodies to the worms. it is much more “civilized”

      7. Sounds an awful lot like the heart-wrenching UN presentation about Iraq throwing babies out of incubators to die on the hospital floor…which turned out to be total malarkey.

        Has this site suddenly become a shill for the US establishment in their quest to foment war with NK?

        • My first thought was of the incubator babies as well….the Allegory of the Cave stands the test of time.

        • An this site sexually harassed me too. Whaaa Whaaa

          • Your comment really adds to the conversation, thanks for sharing.

          • JS, you have to prove your allegation.

            • I have a year book photo where SHTFPLAN wrote he loved me……

              • JS, as long as you DON’T have Gloria Allred for your lawyer, MAYBE someone will believe it. Oh…..I forgot, Allred is a feminazi and hates men. She would never accept a man as a client. My bad, LOL!

      8. Steve is right. Propaganda. Everybody hates the MSM, yet they’re ready to swallow everything it says.

      9. One question comes to mind, why feed people you want to kill?
        Germans were pretty up front about it at Auschwitz. Drive the people in a train to the camp, sort them, strip them, gas them, and then cremate them. Why waste food?
        That is the same question I’ve always had about FEMA camps,
        why feed people you want to kill? Do like the Japanese did in
        Nanking, dig a big hole put everybody in it
        and then cover them up with several feet of dirt, shoot any that try to get out.
        They will die eventually.
        I must be missing something.

        • Hard labor camps. Give the prisoners just enough food to keep working under horrendous conditions. Russia and Germany each had those.

          • I wrote a paper once for a Sociology class. You have to take some liberals arts whether you like it or not if you want a STEM
            degree. Part of my research for that paper covered how US Steel wanted to maximize the output of their Colliers without killing them in the process. It included the size of the shovel, pay, safety, so they could maximize their output.
            I concluded for my paper, scared, hungry, under-paid people don’t produce squat.
            It costs more to feed them than you get in production from them.
            Most people would think this is quite obvious. The ones that haven’t figured it out are called Democrats, Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, et al.

      10. I’m sure the army is ready to fight???

      11. Damn it, who let Kim Jong-Un watch “Soylent Green”?

      12. On a human level, my heart goes out to the legacy of this sheople, who’ve allowed all this heinous maltreatment for decades. As the US did over 200 years ago, this people need to rise up collectively and throw this evil bum out or hang him.
        All of this is just more distraction and CIA psy-op to make the regular dozing US sheople feel sorry for for them, and then encourage the US Big-Brother military to go in and save the day….. an easily seen line of familiar USSA-BS
        We are not even securing our own borders, but letting in untold numbers of criminals and terrorists even now that the Trumpster is elected……. bah bah bah……

      13. Communism MURDERED over 100 million last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Harvard Univ. Press, Courtois, et al.

        EVERY single godless worldview always and everywhere leads to death. Yes, we all know the not-so-new atheist response about things like the Inquisition, which is a fair question. Mankind is sinful and evil enough that even bringing God into the equation, there is still a lot of misuse – think of what Jesus said to the Pharisees. But for those old atheists, who pose this question, I would respectfully submit to you that you have not done your due diligence if you have not read Dostoyevski’s response to this in the Brothers Karamozov. Not asking you to read it (which I have done twice!); however, at least read the chapter “The Grand Inquisitor” if you want to show full intellectual honesty relative to this question.

      14. Absolutely revolting. I am surprised so many here do not believe this is happening.

        I went to a local museum that had artwork from a NK in the mid 1990s. It was quite horrific and the idea of cannibalism due to starvation and sadism, was acknowledged 20 years ago!

        How sad that everyone in the US is now a cynic and so hard-hearted they would ignore such savagery to the point of mocking it. I admire this woman’s bravery and determination.

        This isn’t the first story to come out of NK about people being fed to dogs. There were stories, several years ago, about one of the family members being dispatched in this manner.

        The idea of using dogs to terrorize people was also a theme in Game of Thrones.

        • So what? The romans staked people to the ground and cut their guts open and had starving dogs eat them while they were still alive! Mans inhumanity to man,,,, been going on forever.

      15. “I went to a local museum that had artwork from a NK in the mid 1990s. It was quite horrific and the idea of cannibalism due to starvation and sadism, was acknowledged 20 years ago!”

        Go to the denver airport and look at THAT art!

        • denver is full of bronco worshipping scum. check out the demon horse at the airport. the artist died making that horse so coloradoans believe it has mystcal satan powers to worship.

        • Think that is bad? Just read an article about Satanic Ritual Abuse themed art at the Las Vegas courthouse, allegedly done by a high school student. You can find it at the Vigilant Citizen web site if you are interested.

      16. I could be mistaken, but things like this strike me as the epitome of fake news.

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