North Korea On Standby To Launch At Mainland US

by | Aug 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 170 comments

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    According to state run propaganda media, North Korea is on standby to launch a missile at the mainland United States.  Responding to President Donald Trump’s recent warnings to the rogue regime in this manner has just flung tensions to heights never seen – not even during the Cold War.

    North Korea took its turn Saturday to raise tensions in the back-and-forth escalation toward war with President Trump and the United States.  The state-run newspaper said that North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un’s revolutionary army is “capable of fighting any war the U.S. wants.”  The same newspaper also noted that the Paektusan army is now “on the standby to launch fire into its mainland, waiting for an order of final attack.” Unfortunately, it is possible that we will witness World War 3 and these heightened tensions between the U.S. and North Korea could be the catalyst.

    The editorial also stated that the United States “finds itself in an ever worsening dilemma, being thrown into the grip of extreme security unrest by the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). This is tragi-comedy of its own making. … If the Trump administration does not want the American empire to meet its tragic doom in its tenure, they had better talk and act properly.”  Pretty big talk for a small country run by a chubby dictator. And unfortunately, it won’t help stop the progression toward war; it was simply yet another provocation.

    The editorial appears to be in response to a series of comments made by President Trump in recent days, most recently Friday that the United States is “locked and loaded.”  The president’s comments are in response to Kim threatening a missile attack on U.S. territory of Guam.  So far, the back and forth tensions have been heightened by continued military drills between the U.S. and South Korea, and North Korea’s insistence on obtaining a nuclear weapon that can strike the mainland United States.  These wars of words will do nothing to calm the nerves of innocents caught in the crossfire of nuclear war.

    Trump continues to pursue a diplomatic solution to North Korea’s purported development of a nuclear warhead that could reach the United States and other countries on an intercontinental ballistic missile. The White House says Trump had a phone conversation Friday with Chinese President Xi Jinping in which the leaders reiterated their commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The president also saluted Xi for China’s recent United Nations vote to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea, in response the country’s escalating pursuit of nuclear weapons, according to the White House.

    “At present, the relevant parties must maintain restraint and avoid words and deeds that would exacerbate the tension on the Korean Peninsula,” Xi was quoted as saying during the phone call with President Trump.  World War III could be right around the corner.


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      1. And the noise awakens Godzilla’s slumber,idiots!

        • Ultra man will save the Japs but what about us honkys?

          • I think the real question is: who “isn’t” on standby to launch against amerika?

        • Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Preparing Submarine Ballistic Missile Launch

          “Referring to photographs taken on August 7, Joseph Bermudez, a North Korea specialist, claimed that they could indicate preparations for a new test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM).

          “Recent commercial satellite imagery reveals several developments suggesting that North Korea may be accelerating the development of the sea-based leg of its nuclear forces,” he said.

          “Of particular interest in the imagery is that netting or tarps have been suspended above both the fore and aft decks of the SINPO-class submarine obscuring any activity taking place beneath them.

          This was last done prior to the July 9, 2016 test of the Pukguksong-1, suggesting that the North may be preparing for a new series of “at sea” test launches, has undertaken modifications or upgrades to the submarine’s launch systems, or is developing a more advanced version of the Pukguksong-1. Recent ejection tests of an SLBM also support the assessment that an at-sea SLBM test may be forthcoming.”

          “As noted in our July report, sometime during the last week in May, the SINPO-class submarine was repositioned forward along its dock and the submersible test stand barge was moved to a position aft of the submarine (both had previously been in their former positions since December 9, 2016).

          Since the July report, netting or tarps have been suspended above both the fore and aft decks of the submarine obscuring any activity taking place beneath them. The only other time this was seen was during May-July 2016 and prior to the failed July 9, 2016 Pukguksong-1 test. It is unclear if this activity is signaling a forthcoming at sea SLBM test, although the recent ejection tests would support such an assessment.”

          ht tp://

          • TOTAL BS, they have neither the expertise or the hardware re a Boomer… Total Crap..

            • Next article up: “Kim has his finger on the button! According to an ex-green Beret…”

              • I read an article from someone within his inner circle (KIM Jungs) that Kims farts are so toxic his commanders have discussed with their scientists the possibility of harnessing those emissions and launch that on a missle.

            • I agree with you ED, this is nothing more than government issued propaganda for the masses. NK alone does not have the resources or the technological know-how to build a ballistic sub, they are very complex machines. Though China gives NK a lot of dangerous toys but they are not about to give NK an operational ballistic sub knowing that Fatboy Kim is a nutcase; China understands this would be tantamount to declaring war on the US. All major powers who possess nuclear weapons absolutely do not want a nuke war. There may be some really bad conventional fighting, but there will be no nuclear exchange. Even China understands NK is a shithole not worth the death of billions of people including their own destruction. Remember readers, the TPTB and gov’t is counting on your ignorance and gullibility.

          • TOTAL BS, they have neither the expertise or the hardware re a Boomer… Total Crap.. Images were published already of a rustbucket they call a sub….

          • KY Mom,

            thanks for your work

          • Congressional Expert: North Korea Satellites Orbiting U.S. Could Be Used for ‘Surprise’ EMP Attack

            h ttp://

            • According to state run propaganda media,

              Which one??? N Korea or the USA’s Media chumps. The Alt prepper Media also likes to scare people too into buying their BS Products. Come here to this site and the world is ending tomorrow, buy this prepper stuff.

              In Real life, seemed like a perfect day today in my neck of the woods. 18 Mi Bike ride this AM before 930AM, great lunch, worked in the yard, had a few beers and. Watched the sunset. Saw the spotted fawn again and a bunny rabbit. Life’s good, Going kayaking next week down one of Florida’s pristine rivers. Priceless.

              • Livin the dream, man.

              • One of the fuckin’ rat pack asshole’s is at it again! Called the cops up to the mountain because some guy had trash on his fence (the owner put it there himself for some bullshit with his neighbor). He thought it was another guy fookin with him. GOD DAMMIT! Why do assholes call the cops for the stupidest shit??? This moronic knuckledragging retard smokes dope and makes shine and even grows dope where is place is! The normal people in the area all know and discussed what to do about him. The thing is people are afraid if they tell him to fuck off he will call the cops on them for stupid shit. His wife is good friends with my wife too. Any ideas how to deal with this asswipe short of taking him out???

                • The cops have to make a 140 mile round trip for this shit too, I’m sure they are getting tired of this fuckhead.

                  • Genius, get Maxine Waters after him, LOL!

                  • Have an idea,you bet!Give him a gallon or so of your shine,he will be in the hospital for at least a week(month?)!

              • ????????

          • i’m fairly certain that north korea has a death star.
            golly, i’ve never been so terrified in my life.

          • Kim Jung should use the Internet to get suggestions as to what cities to attack first.

        • my long dead father who was in WWII always stated China was a sleeping giant.

          • My Dad fought in WWII, he didn’t like Japs

          • China is a sneaky, no good bunch of vile sub-human savages and the Gooks are right there along with them…Asians in general – no good bunch of dog an cat eating apes.

            • Some of the women are hot though?

          • Well they are the greatest thieves of 20th Century technology. Wasn’t long ago the Japs kicked their ass but they’ve been hell bent on stealing what they aren’t smart enough to invent.
            Thank God the US of A got rid of the faggot kenyan.
            Now real men will be required to restore her.

      2. This game of playing nuclear ‘chicken’ MUST STOP! Not only would thousands of our USA lives become extinguished, but we are talking about nuking N.Korea which shares a border with Russia and China!
        Neither country would want radioactive fallout being spewed into their countries by a reckless warmonger and his psycho administration! There would likely be interference from China and Russia therefore.

        The risks just aren’t worth it! Thus far N. Korea hasn’t done anything but talk like a childish asshole–much like Trump.
        Annihilation because of playground bully antics is truly imbecilic and just fucking crazy!

        • Yea, better to have had hillery running things, that way we could hear this every year and they could appease him like they do with every other whiny left regime

          • Nailbanger, Trump is sounding like Hillary now. I hate to say it but it’s true. Anyway I’m back at the BOL for the next 2 weeks. Or longer if that drill on the 23rd goes ‘live’. At least I’m already out of harm’s way IF the balloon goes up.

            • Honestly, it doesnt matter who the hell they install in the head clown position.
              For myself, i have less than 0 confidence in any of them or their establishment. Just as soon see it all come crashing down.

              • Nailbanger, eventually it will come all crashing down and there’s no stopping it. I’m back at the BOL for the next 2 weeks. If it happens while I’m here then at least I’m in the right place.

                • North Korea is China’s rabid attack dog. Later or more likely sooner, an EMP nuke will take us out and then China will be top dog. They won’t need Russia anymore. Much to Russia’s regret. They won’t care about the lost trade.

                  • Sierra Dave

                    I don’t know how to reply but to say that the scenario you played out is ridiculous.

                    IF and thats a big word an EMP weapon was employed against the US and IF (once gain a big word) this took out the US just one Ohio Class submarine can destroy 196 Chinese targets each with a 115 kt warhead. That in and of itself is so catastrophic that it would erase every economic gain they have ever made. Instant rickshaw, forget electricity. Thats just one boomer.

                    • Just the submarine component of the strategic triad

                      14 Ohio-class SSBNs 24 missiles
                      4 Ohio-class SSGNs with nuclear cruise missile
                      9 Virginia-class SSNs with nuclear cruise missiles
                      3 Seawolf SSNs with nuclear cruise missiles
                      42 Los Angeles-class SSNs. with nuclear cruise missiles

                  • Yes North Korea is to china as Vietnam was to Russia. But why does America always get picked to lose?

                    • I would have to say that the USSR lost.

            • Brave is so cute you think bug out land will save you!Any one caps a nuke and awakens the large one his reptilian giant foot will fall on all!

              • Warchild, you mean Godzila? LOL. I wouldn’t mind having Godzilla to use on the snowflakes and neocons. Even Wall St. That would solve a lot of problems.

          • @Nailbanger; where did I say that I want Hitlery in there??
            She’s much worse, as she’s a career criminal and a pig.

            With Trump it’s pretty much apparent where he’s coming from, and it’s not an exactly eclectic perspective.

            • They are all crooks bud,,, unfortunately it really doesnt matter what normal folks think or do

          • Nail,

            Did you see my post from earlier on you question about popping sweet corn?

            • Yes, yes i did, thank you

        • RickE., agreed about the rhetoric needs to stop. I’m getting worried about Trump. I hate to say it but he’s sounding like Hillary. Just because Porky knows how to talk trash doesn’t mean that Trump has to lower himself to that level. The ‘pissing contest’ needs to stop.

          • Nothing we say or write here is going to have any other effect other than to erode our individual personal resolves. The powers that be have made their decisions one way or the other. Best to just be ready to live (or die) with whatever is to come. I suggest starting with getting right with your Creator. Can’t hurt even if it turns out to be nothing. Remember, ain’t no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole.

          • TDB, thanks for the shout out! I agree, I wouldn’t lower myself to respond to fat boy Kim unless it was absolutely necessary.
            Trump is being controlled by the deep state, and is now doing what he has been told to do. He’s no longer his own man I fear. I hope I’m wrong.
            But his stance on Iran is beyond incoherent, it’s Zionist BS.

          • Well, the Clinton’s and Trumps were good friends for years, decades actually. In fact, in the late 90’s Bill Clinton appointed Trumps’ sister, Maryann Trump-Barry to the high level judge/court of appeals position she held until her recent retirement.

            They also attended each others’ daughters’, Chelsea and Ivanka’s weddings and other events. They only live 30 minutes apart and Trumps second residence is only 5 minutes from the Clinton’s primary residence and right down the street from Soros’ mansion.

            Face it shtf’ers We were duped.

            Trump never had any intentions of locking her up. He just kept repeating that to appease us while he enjoyed the roar of the crowds. He doesn’t think badly of the Clinton’s even though they are criminals. He thinks they’re okay people.

            Heck, aside from his secret friendship with the criminal Clinton’s, Trumps’ best friend is criminal Jeff Epstein, a Tier 3 Registered Sex Offender, who has served prison time for raping children and pre-teen children and underage 16 yr old girls as well. Epstein is a known pedophile who has had dozens of victims. But Trump thinks Epstein is a great guy and has publicly stated that more than once. Google it.

            Trump is a ch* ew lover, all eight of his grandkids are ch * ws because he wanted all three of his oldest kids to marry ch * ws. And they did.

            Now this recent taunting a known Psychopath, the NK leader, is the last straw. That’s like jabbing a stick at a snake and not expecting it to attack back. I am not only very disappointed I am angry that I voted for him. Gotta get back to kicking myself in the ass.

        • On a positive note, maybe killing off half of the US Population just may save Social Security. I say target the Welfare Liberal socialist Commie Cities first and California, Oregon,..

        • The only person talking about nuking someone is lilKim. Get your head on straight.

      3. Let the crazy North Koreans knock out our west coast. Good riddance! Cal-Exit the easy way! Please take Portland and Seattle out too!

        • So we lose a large portion of our military? Good riddance The military produces nothing its a money wasting parasite. The pentagon cant or wont account for the money it squanders. Lose a large portion and we just might stop trying to police and bully other nations. We need to shut down overseas bases and quit wasting money. In case you haven’t heard the USA is broke. In decline and Obama spent ten trillion . That’s as much money a all the other presidents combined spent. How much of that ten trillion was wasted by the military and spent on foreign aid? Eventually and probably sooner than later the petro dollar will collapse and the US military industural complex will be history. What Then? Better to start scaling back immediately and put a America first. Our military presence over seas doesn’t protect Americas freedoms. Our military is a tool to further the UN NWO and addenda 21 plan. Our troops die as cannon fodder for the UN & NWO. Our strong arm presence make the USA hated by other nations.

          • Old Guy, good points. All that is coming no matter what. The petrodollar is on life support. I wouldn’t be surprised if war and economic collapse both happen at the same time.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              “The petrodollar is on life support.”

              Even without the various revolts (Iraq & Libya) to the petrodollar the technological advances in E&P (Exploration & Production) have made energy independence or at a minimum significant decreases in energy imports to developed nations a reality. There is no doubt that Poland for instance has abundant natural gas as they were a former great coal producer and generally where you find one you can frack the other. If nations don’t need oil / gas from other nations they don’t need to use the USD to buy it. There is an axiom in the energy business:

              “No cheap energy goes unused”.

              Yes the rising is on the wall and thats why were seeing so much conflict.

              • writing not rising

          • Would you say the same thing if you were serving this country? How about if one of your children were serving?

            • “Serving this country?” Like chicken wings? Life is a cheap commodity to nations.

          • If we don’t incinerate most of Earth first, USA will end up having a military fire sale just like USSR did.

        • Shut up idiot.

          • Good point

        • No kidding. Try a 5 MT groundburst in Nukemap, and turn on fallout effects.

          If they take out Los Angeles International Airport in this manner, you can actually kiss most of Nevada goodbye. Edwards near Palmdale and it’s curtains for Idaho.

        • You forget about the best bases on the east coast. Just in eastern NC we have Fort Bragg, Seymour-Johnson, Camp LeJeune, and the largest Marine airbase in the world, Cherry Point.

          • You’re already dead.

        • Hillary would be able to make millions off this situation if she was incharge

      4. The fat ass with bottle rockets is not going to do anything, he just wants food. Send him all our poisonous toxic GMO filled horror and he will shut up and our people will be safe from the GMO toxic hell.

      5. Nukes pointed everywhere. What else is new.

      6. God forbid any of this happens. We have had missiles aimed at us for over 50 years from Russia and we are still here. If our anti missile systems are reliable, let them shoot first. That way, at least China says they will stay out of it. The only question is that will little chubby have the sense to not launch. Orientals have this saving face mentality so that even if it means total destruction of his country, he may launch anyway. God Bless everyone and let us pray. James

        • I agree 100%, James. “Face” is an ancient Asian concept lost on most Westerners, and I don’t think ‘Chubs’ will be able to back off while maintaining his status in front of his countrymen.
          Wow, I am literally 3 days away from closing on a house out in the country, the closest secondary target being over 20 miles away.

          • His people only know what he tells them. He has saber rattled before, received covert promises of food/oil/”loans” from the IMF and backed off. He’ll tell his people, “Trump apologized to the great glorious people of North Korea” and thats that.

        • Let’s all get a Kim Jung UN-stable hair cut and pleasure brigades.

          • Fat Boy should HANG whoever does that to his head, my God, WTF, WTF …..

        • @James, I agree with everything you said…Our only option might be waiting to see if he launches first and hopefully we are able to stop it and that way China sits it out. His behavior is becoming more erratic and that says a lot considering the last decade of his games. When Bill Clinton was president he bragged that they averted world war III by paying him billions of dollars in aid to quit building his nuclear power arsenal. well, he didn’t and under Bush and Obama he continued his testing. I’m tired of our leaders kicking the can down the road so they don’t have to be the bad guy because we end up with the scenario we currently have. I am already hearing amongst the Dem’s that this is all of Trump’s fault and he has brought this on us, which is completely false and just once again shows the short term memory people have when it comes to party politics. I pray for cooler heads to prevail, but god forbid, if they launch a missile we need to take care of business.

          • I do not think we should take China’s word on anything.

            • I second that.

              When you’re showing them how to make something useful that they can steal they’re very accommodating. When you’re not they do what they wawnt, Cartman style. Oh they’re very polite about it and all but in the end…

            • You absolutely cannot trust those filthy yellow dink-chinks for shit!!

            • Menzo, agreed about MAINLAND Chinese. They’re one of the most treacherous groups of people on the face of this earth. The only GOOD Chinese I ever met were from Taiwan and Hong Kong. The people of Tibet still suffer from Chinese state terrorism and oppression to this day.

      7. The NORKS don’t have the balls, China is their lone allie, China doesn’t want to go up against the U.S. Let them have their school yard “pissing contest”, it will soon get old and people will stop paying attention.

        • North Korea is likely an intentional pawn in Chinas upcoming trade negotiations with the US.

          Its always about money or something that is money (oil).

      8. America bows to Netflix and professional sports and giant screen TV’s and SUV’s instead of the Lord. If there is fiery retribution, let the Lord sort it out.

        • While the other half think that they need the books of man, and to help pay the rent of others, in order to speak with the creator and find happiness.

          Attachment is the root of suffering. -Buddha

          • That Buddha shit.

            Then why are you here? Eat drink shit die?


            Guy would love being in a permanent coma. It must be so peaceful.

            • HA HA 😀

              you forgot shower shave and shag 😀

              there is nothing else everything else is shit

            • I don’t worship Buddha or anyone. I speak to the creator directly. You should try it. But Buddhas teachings and others are undeniable, timeless and proves that we never learn.

              People have a love affair with way too many material possessions, idol worship, etc. (Attachments). It creates an environment of too much to loose, too much to deal with and leads to frustration as they invent too many reasons for suffering.

              Suffering is the loss of something. Do the math.

        • Hey Stormy, you just gave me an idea how to stop this foolishness, talking about Netflix,I wonder if NOKO gets it over there.If so, I bet Fat boy likes “The Trailer Park Boys”,If so,lets send them over there and have them sit down with him,smoke some of their dope,and let Ricky BS him to giving up this crap.It would be ok for them to go over there because they are Canadians. Just joking!

      9. Kim can’t hit us.

        If he can let’s see him prove it.

        Just nuke something.

        Double dog dare him, even if it’s just Hawaii or something.

        But he won’t because he can’t.

        • He might tip Guam over.

          • LMAO

        • Sush!
          Don’t say Hawaii, say Honolulu.

          • Fuck it, let er rip

      10. If war breaks out against North Korea the US is responsible. They need to stay out of other countries’ business but now they’re a lawless gangster nation they do as they please. It isn’t Korea doing mass murder in the Middle East and now poking Venezuela.

        They may have the western media on-side blaming Kim but if they’d left him alone there’d be not a word out of him. America will start the war that ends civilization and puts the survivors back 5,000 years, all because others want defenses against them.

        I don’t worry too much about dying now, the US will not be warned, so as long as it’s the end of America get on with it.

        • Mikey nuts. Yep as far as I know north Korea isn’t invading other places. Heck they aint even bothering South Korea. We where given all sorts of patriotic reasons why we should be in Viet Nam. and it was all for naught. Loss of lives money wasted. For absoultly nothing. This isn’t any different. All We need to do is leave. Pull up stakes and tell China, Russia, And South Korea We are done. We aint got any problem. If North Korea need,s spanking you do it. Simple as that. We left Nam and it worked out. Lets do something that worked before instead of doing the same failed things.

          • You apparently know little, and the US is certainly not invading or otherwise moving against NK on its own territory and waters.

            We have even given them a good deal of money since the Clinton administration, not that they seem to appreciate it much.

        • who the hell is the U.S. mass murdering in the middle east? Last I knew they were training troops to defend their own country and they are the ones getting slaughtered. And we would be perfectly fine leaving Kimmie alone if he wouldn’t have lied about continuing his nuke plans (which we all know will end up in Iran, then it IS game over!)So now the delemma.If you hate America so much, why don’t you leave? Or get a rope and find a tree perhaps? I would much rather see the end of a hater than the end of the country I love.

          • Now there’s an intelligent post minimus!

      11. “. . . according to state run propaganda . . . .”

        Okay. I’ll bite.

        Which state?

        Whose propaganda?

      12. I will believe Mr.PUTIN before the any US-BS!
        NK has NO ATOMIC BOMBS!

        • No body we where lied to about Saddams WMDS. Why believe todays lies.

      13. honest comments should NOT hurt your little FEELINGS just post the things! unless you are hacked.
        LIKE: Mr.PUTIN is more BELIEVABLE than the US,BS!
        NK has NO ATOMIC BOMBS!

      14. Bla bla bla fat kimmy could hit the mainland what a f$$king joke!
        Guidance systems folks! Fat kimmy is blowing smoke up your a&&

      15. all that will happen is evil shit kim jong un will fire in the general direction of USA territory & USA will shoot down the missiles.
        Then USA should send cruise missiles to blow up where the missiles were launched from with each missile yield getting larger & if kim jong fires more then USA should NUKE kim jong un!

      16. one missile that could just as well hit Easter Island as the US/ Meanwhile the Norks end up a sheet of glass. Simpler to take out the fat guy with exotic nerve agent.

      17. It is past time the UN Family be put down. Then we should arrest Daddy “CIA” Bush, Slimey Clinton, W-rong Bush, and Obanana, for having provided Kim with the nuclear materials. Those COWARDS kicked the can down the road for decades.. The economy, the infrastructure, everything. They just spent all our savings and left the mess for NOW.

      18. Even if North Korea only has primitive, low-yield nuclear weapons, and if other states or terrorists acquire one or a few such weapons as well as the capability to detonate them at an altitude of 30 kilometers or higher over the United States. … the EMP Commission warned over a decade ago in its 2004 Report, “the damage level could be sufficient to be catastrophic to the Nation, and our current vulnerability invites attack.”

      19. Acts 16:31
        So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      20. When it comes to Bullies, you have to face them down, NK has seen what happens to countries that do not . Hussein, Gaddafi, Noriega and 30 others tried to be nice and talk to the US about the US problems.
        All the idiots saying that NK ICBMs don’t have range, are not accurate etc.Etc. NK has 40+ submarines that can surface in the the SF Bay or anywhere within 50kms of the coast. Doesn’t need ‘long range’ missiles. It has special forces that can land from the Subs and carry a nuke to a target. Land anywhere along the Canadian coast, take a hired truck and deliver it to NY.
        NK, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran are all ‘Evil Dictatorships’ because they refuse to hand over their ‘lunch money’ and won’t kneel down and suck the American whatever.
        Afghanistan is 100 years behind Nk and still you cannot beat them after 16 years, and they don’t even have Russia and China as friends.
        The whole world will contribute to build US a border wall, not to keep the Mexicans (and Canadians) out, but to keep the Yankees in.

        • PJ London, those subs NK has are old Soviet-made diesel boats from the 50s and 60s. They couldn’t make it all the way across the Pacific without having to refuel somewhere. Even with enough fuel, they’d probably break down anyway.

      21. I simply don’t believe North Korea has the capability to actually nuke the US mainland. However This thing is a pandoras box. It could result in lots or other folks deciding to get even with the USA. Ya know how lots of us don’t like the left and right coast. There are lots of places who don’t like the entire USA. Our Military and Police actions make more enemies than friends. So while we are busy with North Korea. Some one turns Isreal into glass then Everyone who has a bomb lets theirs fly. That’s the danger. Everyone has a short fuse or hair trigger. And Trump is waving around a Greener ten guage greener with both hammers cocked and the triggers tied back in one hand and a hand grenade in the other and had the grenade pin pinched in his teeth. And then Fat Kim lets off a fart that’s sounds like a blunderbuss. That’s all folks. I wish I was a artist I would make a cartoon. And it aint funny.

        • Probably would look like something from the Katzenjammer kids.

      22. The Military Complex has been given our money to spend more than top 20 nations COMBINED for the last 60+ years.
        Not once did they care to build protection for our aging infrastructure. Not ONCE! No protection from EMP or protection for the people of America to last through a nuclear war. Nothing for us except fear, threats, DHLS and TSA to X-ray us and feed us all shitty processed poisonous food that pigs won’t even heat.
        And we worry about North Korea, a country we bombed – killed 1/3 it’s population in the 50s and war was never declared.
        Rothschild wants the world for NWO and have NK, Venezuela, Iran, Russia to complete it’s 200+ year old quest.
        The USA is a company that’s incorporated and not a country.
        Prepare for the afterlife and get forgiveness for all my wrong-doings is what I need to focus in on. Pay my respects to people that have gone before me, visit their graves and maintain them. Hold hands with the people I love, old and young.
        Everyone came into this world alone. We all will leave in a singular way. PEACE TO ALL and PRAY 2 THE 1 ABOVE 🙂

      23. This all has to do with one unspoken thing…depopulation. The system is broken and unsustainable. What better way to go tabula rasa? They need a reason. This is it.

      24. Yeah,whatever.

      25. Off topic….All the “white Nationalists”, as if that is a bad thing, need to put up a statue of Robert E Lee on their front lawns. And triple dog dare anyone (including ‘authorities’) to try and take them down. We must not let these Communist fascist Bastards tear down our borders, language, and culture. If they are not stopped now, the end result will be re-education camps & executions. It is always how it ends. Those that do not know their history are condemned to repeat it.!!!

        • These mutts want to ruin anything to do with white history and white tradition, white anything and everything actually – they hate it all for God sakes. Stand strong my fellow White Patriots.

      26. It is not going to happen.

        If it does I’ll buy you a Milk Shake!(LOL)


        • make mine chocolate, plz. 🙂

      27. When everything’s rationed, Getting to and fro with your ration of gas .Might leave you short? Walking , bicycling to save your gas? Armed ? On your day of the week? Carrying a weeks worth of food ? Get a hand truck: dolly. And I bet they won’t let you in the distribution area armed . Stash ? Cable lock around tree? A bulletproof vest for the walk home? Dogs if you can feed them. The long walk home with the loot.

        • I think things are going to get bad, most people have NO Earthly idea what might be in store. . . And all of the fools out there that are so anti-gun, etc, etc. Good luck when they try calling 911 and its a steady beeping sound!


        Interestingly I see crap like what he told me all over Utube and the websites, but you all need to understand that I do no rely on that info, but that info is matching up what I was told.

        That’s why I no longer post on this site. I met with the scientist recently for 3 hrs. Its not looking good. We are already dead. I am sure that the smart intelligent preppers who monitor my post know that everything that mentioned is a fact. I don’t have anymore details. What I can tell you all is that starting from October 2017. The country will never be the same again. What did he tell me and my friends. I will tell you what I know.

        From the moment the war starts the food supply gets cut 75% in the US, and all the major countries, food cuts off, people starve and die off in mass.

        October 2017-2025. 7,000,000,000 will be 500,000,000 in less than 10 years. FACT.

        1)The wars will start, civil and revolutionary.
        2)The environment will shift and cause oxygen deprivation. Solar system catrastrophy, involving planet X, triggering climate change. The thing that people claim don’t exist, I got new for you, climate change is a fact of life in this solar system.

        3)People in America die in mass numbers 35,000,000 in the next 3 years.
        4) a mass awakening of the liberal, communist commense when they suddenly realize that we were right the entire time, and they suddenly wake up and go ape shit. They start to this their pants and taught they were exempt from that cabalist plan, and find out real fast that getting rid of them was a part of the plan, and they have not prepped and go ape shit. The students at the universities, the young people, ages 19-24 suddenly wake up and are trying to figure out as fast as possible what going in the country and start to mass protest only to get their asses shot by the national guard and our own military. Then they wake up and go ape shit all over the entire country, triggering a mass student and youger people massive uprising. I fell bad for them my scientist friend told me, they don’t understand whats happening and now something is wrong and not the info that we have about who is who gets cut off trigger anxiety, mass panic attacks when the students suddenly realize that they have no future, not career, and all they see is war, litearally up in their faces all around them, civil war, revolutionary war, faction of patriots fighting leftist civilians, cops, military, UN, chi-coms, soldier entering the neighbourhoods shooting at them, killing the men and them raping them,, wiping them out capturing them, etc. The young people experience utter devastation. The women and children suffer the worst in war he told us. WW1&2 will be a joke in comparison to what the ruling elite and invading soldiers plan.

        5) Invasion from Mexico, chi-coms, jihadist, etc
        6) a Nuclear exchange in Europe because of Syria and NK.
        7) Russia pre-empts on all the major cities of the US. This goes down between October 2017-2019.

        8)Oxygen levels on the planet collapse to un-breathable levels all over the globe, causing mass die off at the coatal areas from Techtonic shifting, via Nukes causing fault lines to break and separate at sea.

        WOMENS EXTINCTION LEVEL. 2017-2025 commences.

        9)women and girls dying off in mass numbers from civilian men, US soldiers and foreign soldiers and men from the population attacking them constantly, triggering a shortage of women since 35,000,000 women and girls die off from the first Nuke attack. From Russia. The soldiers finish off the rest of them during invasion along with the attacks from the men from the local population.

        10) 2019-2025, woman are now extinct, and over 250,000,000 people over the entire continental US is dead, the surviving men attack prepper sites and other cites hunting for the new commodity women.

        11)2025-only 5,000 healthy women from 5-50 remain on the surface. They are hunted day and night by preppers and survival prepper gangs of minorities, black, Hispanics and other nationals. Soldiers, chi-coms, Russians and other nationals are trapped here, killing and hunting women and children. All cell phones, grids, and all communication gets cut off completely by 2018 of October during the real engineered war.

        rest of the 1,000,000 of them captured and taken to the DUMBS for the military and elite to have access to them.
        By the time 2025 roles around, only 500,000,000 plus people remain globally after the engineered war, and that Russian, china, the US, and all the major countries are on the same side, and that the war, ww3 is a planned event to make us think that countries are fighting each other, when in fact the war in against all people, the populous. Russia, china, the US, the UK, France, etc and all the other countries are all allies, literally on the same side to take the war to the people, to literally kill off all of us.

        With only 1,000,0000 women and girls is the total estimated population left. This population will be at areas away from the city and most of them will be outside of the US. Estimated women survivors survived being protected by men who were the best survivors who were able to get to the safer areas. AI, and the satellites kept hunting the population by heat signatures, sends in the military to kill the prepper survivalist men and take the women and girls. This a major shortage was the end result. This is what his scientist insider told him that currently works for that group of scientist and black ops factions. I have more info but I wont be getting into that. I have been advised to not pay any attention to what the president says, that its just the same bullshit delay tactic by the cabal, that they are laughing at us. They know that the people are going to wake up suddenly, and then they will lay down the hammer. I am not telling you all anything you don’t know, and my scientist friend told me, this site is a waste of time and besides what I am telling you is all over utube and is already
        public knowledge. Guys, I don’t think that I am going to survive this. Like that marine that talked to David Hodges a few years ago told him that what’s coming, not even he will survive it. Good luck everyone. I hope most of you all get to survive. As for the trolls, the people who attack me constantly, good luck to you. What guarantee that the agencies that you work for to attack us online will come to your rescue once shtf commences. You trolls are really stupid people.

        Calling me and referring to me,-that nutjob HCKS, and the other negative comments thrown at me, keep it up. You all saw what just happened didn’t you all. people fighting in the streets, car running over 20 people. Look at what is happening and ask you self, what will the real thing look like? That will never happen, that HCKS is a nutjob from the nuthouse. I am not going to even respond to the comments because I know that I will be attacked once this gets posted. Chances are I wont be posing ever again. This may very well be my final update. My advice to women who are single is to stop being rude and disrespectfull to men, date them, pair up, and get protection. You are better off not living single. Single women who divorced the men and took the kids. You are very stupid women. You just set your self up and will pay a heavy price. You and your children have no way of protecting youself. Lots of you argue about owning a gun, women with guns cannot fight invading armies, only men like us, who prep can. So don’t bullshit us men. Its and insult to our intelligence. Not on fucking country in the history of this planet has ever sent and army of all women to attack a country of men, its does not work. Nature does not allow that, it will not work, does not work now and will never work. THIS IS A FACT OF LIFE LADIES.

        You need to change your attitude, because your survival will depend on men protecting you.


        Laugh all you want trolls and other critics. He who laughs,. laughs best.

        • Love ya man…

        • HCKS,
          I wish I could read all your prior posts. This one will do as I am up to speed on Georgia guide-stones and secret society planning.
          The best show I’ve seen over the years is – ‘NWO Communism by the back door’ on you-tube. 5 hours long, in 15 minute X 23 videos.
          Thanks for sharing what you’ve heard and learned. Good luck to one and all. I prepped but only have about 1.5 years supplies. Hunting and gathering sounds like what will be needed IF AVAILABLE… Peace to all.

        • HCKS good to hear from you. I arrived back at my BOL yesterday for 2 weeks. I hope you’ve got your BOL finished and moving into it. It’s not looking good at all. The trolls and other critics won’t survive what’s coming. Best wishes to you.

      29. Those Chinks and Gooks are a filthy, slimy bunch of no good dog eating fucks!

      30. I’ve often wondered about how to do one totally unselfish act before I die.To help another of your own species could have payback? Totally Unselfish? A birdhouse? Feeder.? Sparrow soup? Totally Unselfish? At this level of life in the universe, We don’t have the tech? Graduate to the next ? But there, is a test.

      31. AHhhhh….ain’t the beer cold! The world is getting ready for another Kodak moment. Standby for the flash but don’t forget to say CHEEEEEEEESE!

      32. MIT Professor Ted Postol and two German missile experts are calling the whole “NK missiles can hit the US” story a “hoax.”

        Newsweek Exclusive: North Korean Missile Claims Are ‘a Hoax’

        Postol frequently debunks US government claims related to missile attacks, such as the alleged “chemical attacks” in Syria – and he’s usually right. Plus both South Korea and Russia agree with that assessment.

        North Korea can NOT hit the continental US from their shores.

        As to the possibility of a submarine launch, I’d say that is even less likely. A more likely scenario would be a submarine dumping a nuke off the coast and triggering it – the effectiveness of that is up for grabs and thus is highly unlikely.

        The smart move for North Korea is to use their existing nukes – and that’s maybe 10-20, NOT 60 – as tactical nukes to impede the US/SK advancing forces. If the US uses tactical nukes, NK can certainly use them.

        But it probably won’t even get that far. If the US sends three aircraft carrier groups to SK and starts importing 150,000 US troops into SK, Kim will launch a preemptive attack rather than sit around like Saddam waiting for the US to invade.

        China has indicated it will remain neutral if NK attacks first, but will enter the war if the US attacks first. In any event, if NK looks like it is losing, China will enter the war.

        Also, if NK loses the conventional war, it is likely to start an insurgency with its 100,000+ Special Forces.

        It is reported that another THREE MILLION NK citizens want to join the NK military. Imagine that insurgency if the US attacks.

        If the US attacks NK, I predict the US will LOSE – big time. It might take years, but eventually the North Koreans – and/or China – will drive out the US just like Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Either that or we’ll have WWIII with China.

        There IS NO military solution to North Korea. Anyone who thinks there is has zero comprehension of modern military conflict.

        • Well, something has to be done…The completely incompetent prior clown pussies did nothing with any real “bite” to it and now 20+ years later we have this monster of a cluster to deal with. We cannot just sit back and do nothing. . . . .

      33. Isn’t there a way of shooting down these satellites?

        • IF we built the Star Wars defense system, NO ONE would even be talking about NK. BUT, we didn’t. Ironic, now that the libtard west coast has to worry about being nuked, LOL.

          • Piss on the West Coast. They more than deserve whatever they end up getting. CA, OR and WA – see ya later you clown ass ultra liberal shitheads!

      34. Kim’s radiation ,not TEPCOs, Sue him.

      35. Have cocaine ,opium ,canibus. Been put here to test us? Or let us have a little fun? Including alcohol and bleach miracle drugs? DDT to kill lice? Pain killers, Paracite killers? A toothache,a tapeworm? Free wills benefits and curse? At this worlds level, can’t wait to see the next?

      36. I read all these comments and I’m left here scratching my head. Nobody posting here has the hard information to know whether or not North Korea has the ability to nuke a specific city in the Main Land USA. With that said, does anyone here have the ability to change the course of action by any of the nations involved? The answer is no. The question you should be asking yourselves is what are you going to do about it if a Nuke lands in Chicago or detonates above the continental USA? Please stop arguing and rather share tips of survival for an EMP or radiation. – Hale

      37. Seattle, San Fran, San Diego, and Hawaii should be worried. Me, I say how’s that Progressive agenda Obama pushed for 8 long years working out for ya, LOL…..

        • I agree, and i live in Hi

      38. Just STFU and wait. If Guam gets a missile, Burn N.Korea down. If China or Russia launch, We launch all. Or, we could just let them take us out as some would have us do. This is why you were supposed to be prepping. Suck it up buttercup.

      39. QUESTION ?????????

        Does kim have suitcase nukes ?????????????????????????????

      40. Over on Drudge, at the top is one of the finest photo’s of any Generals who ever fought in the civil war. Fondly known as “Marse Robert”. I have that same photo on my office wall as well as both Great-Great Grandfathers who fought for “Old Dominion”. Its coming back around and I for one will be ready when the call goes out.

        • Robert Edward Lee was an American general known for commanding the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865.

          “Marse” is Southern vernacular for “master.” Slaves often called their masters “Marsh XXXX” if not “massa.” As for the boys, it was a term of endearment for their general.

      41. The Trumpet of God? At this point we’ll take any Trumpet you got? Play on.

      42. Every five years N. Korea totally misbehaves. The US gives them a couple Billon dollars. They go away.

        What happens if we give them nothing?

        I predict nothing.

        I’m in the piss on Kin group!

        • Trump screwed up when he even bothered to publicly respond. Should have just made sure USA had it’s shit wired tight, and ignored lil kim. Let un blabber about how he told Trump to piss off. It’s not as though anybody is listening.

          USA should have quietly left SK decades ago. Let SK make the extortion payments, if that’s how they want to handle it.

          What the hell, USA just might end up back in the consumer goods manufacturing business.

        • North Korea is smart in that sense – they know they can act out like the 5 year old brat child with no proper upbringing and Mommy & Daddy (The U.S.) will give them a nice, fat payday…Put a severe bombing on their ass and be done with them forever and stop all of this shit. Enough is enough.

          • The best way to handle a brat child throwing a tantrum, is to ignore them.

      43. Do you really believe the that the US doesn’t have plans for and the ability to to deliver an EMP attack on North Korea, Russia, China, Iran collectively or individually or anybody else who launches an EMP attack on the US? Get real.

        • I sure as hell hope “we” have ALL kinds of plans. The world is a scary and rather out of control place for a multitude of reasons. Having a sissy, no good Muslim in the white house for 8 years definitely did NOT help any.

      44. I Went over and lurked at the Daily Stormer website. They are all giddy about the challenger driving into the liberal crowd. The woman killed was a White land Wale Wigger & BLM supporter. They think its funny she was too fat to dodge The Dodge. And The Roadkill TV had a Challanger special on that day. lots of jokes that are in very bad taste. However its simply proof of just how divided we are.

        • What do you want to bet the Dodge driver was a BLM crakaa?

        • Well, that is what you get my being a wigger and a mudhshark – she got what she deserved. play with fire you eventually get kilt’

      45. I think the US and North Korea are together staging this farsical storyline. None of it makes any sense while the real matters are hidden and ignored, namely the continued expansion of police state America preparing the US people for complete domination. You have the right to remain silent. Try going out in public holding a sign telling any truth outside the box of approval. You may lose your life, or be beaten and dragged off to jail. Freedom of speech does not exist unless it is government driven division. You cannot criticize a business at all, stay out of sight or else. American’s have become passive in support of free speech publicly, fear instilled from authority above, close to no turning back this direction.

        • aljamo

          Trump is negotiating trade with China ending or at least limiting “Free Trade” threatening a trade war. That to China is equivalent to the US dollar maintaining World Reserve Currency status for the US. Its so important that its worthwhile for them to inject such a huge bargaining chip, North Korea nuclear weapons, that risks WWIII.

          Every time I have looked at confrontations or threats of confrontations they all inevitably are connected to money.

        • “Free” Speech is severely under attack, there is no doubt about that for 1 split second folks. The police state is growing as the days go bye. 911 was just what the gov’t was looking for, if they didn’t out right engineer the entire damn thing. civil liberties are burning. . .


        I warned you all about China didn’t I. China getting ready to attack South Korea with North korea, to attack India, and then possibly Taiwon.

        My source.

        So patriots needs to expect that the chi-coms and iranians will come into Texas from Mexico. So patriots needs to get ready for and invasion from the border and from Northern Colorado. WE WILL BE INVADED. I have another post with some additional info from my scientist friend, a re-cap from things that you already know. WE ARE GOING TO BE IN A BLOODY WAR, on the continental US, civil war, revolutionary war, coupled with invasion and nuclear attacks. WE ARE REALLY IN DEEP SHIT.


        • LOGISTICS

      47. It’s getting pretty obvious our own women are our own worst enemy. Refugees welcome to serve our sexual desires? Paybacks a bitch. And it’s comin?

      48. Aren’t brown people wonderful? Let’s let them turn the whole world brown . Won’t it be so wonderful.? The third world everywhere. Won’t that be so great? Whites are 8% world population. Wake up and die? Brown people rule? Unless?

      49. Dear Kim Jong Un:

        Once again you demonstrate why first world technologies
        must be withheld from genetically inferior, subhuman, third world hands.
        Please quit threating us,get off of your fat ass and push the button. As with many fatso’s you are just hot air, because you know if you tried anything your fat ass would get kicked until you nose bleeds. (If I had a fat ass as large as yours I’d be silent hopping no one would notice my ass was the size of a full sized pickup truck).

        So anytime you feel froggy, FATSO please go for it!
        I love the smell of fat assed communists like you, being roasted into ashes via nuclear missiles! Should you attack the USA,I’m hoping to start my collection of North Korean Communist skulls.

        Love Zap USA

      50. First off there are a lot of folks here that don’t understand how nukes work, Lil Kims nuke are proposed to be no larger than 15kt so if one was to hit lets say Austin TX the blast and thermal wave would only be about 6mi diameter the fallout maybe 10 12 miles on a good windy day, if you in the path of the fallout you only need to shelter in place for about 3 or 4 days when the half life of radioactive isotopes will have dramatically been reduce to non life threatening levels. So unless Russia drops the tsar Bomba I wouldn’t worry too much just yet. Just prepare for worst and quit acting like every little thing is gonna wipe us all out. Yall are more likely to die in the upcoming civil war.

      51. North Korea will be used to grind the US down. Proxy wars are done for a reason: they keep the fighting out of the main country (China) and push it onto a smaller country (Vietnam now North Korea). North Koreans have a million reasons to hate the US (their country was flattened brutally in the Korean War) and they have been preparing for the final showdown ever since. Koreans also tend toward cultish, social group behaviour so they will fight to the last man and rally around the leader. They do not pray five times a day, stick their penises up each other’s butts and follow a medieval death cult faith: this means they are a more formidable enemy than Islam.

        Just as the US has been chasing ghosts in Afghanistan since 2001, the US will be stuck fighting in North Korea for another decade or more. It will be vicious mountain fighting with US FOBs (forward operating bases) coming under constant attack. Trump will have to draft to keep the troop numbers up and blacks and hispanics will get the short straw and be deployed to the FOBs. Preppy white boys from West Point will run the show and give the orders. China will provide the weapons and many Chinese industries will get rich on the war.

        Meanwhile, China will start its war with India, move on Taiwan and expand its power across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

        US cities will be mired in civil unrest and basically become no-go areas as various factions battle it out along with drug gangs.

        The US will still function but in a continuity of government posture: US forces will stay within their bases and hop around the world from base to base. They will steer clear of the main cities and make their money through oil and gas sales and theft of bank funds. Two societies will become very clear to all: the government/military society and the degraded third world slave society. Private companies will press gang the slave workers into various sweat shop industries and these will be run by G4S, Academi etc. The Saudis and other Middle East countries will be the key investors in these ventures and will have no ethical problems with making most blacks and hispanic and poor whites do this slave wage labour.

        • Frank Thoughts

          The US has no reason to invade North Korea. The issue is missiles and nuclear weapons along with their facilities. These are ripe targets from the air even with conventional munitions. GPS guided bunker busters can keep putting such weapons on target with impunity. Its drilling with explosives.

          South Korea will have to take the area north of their capital that is within artillery range.

      52. Houston..the eagle has landed. The moon is a spaceship and Earthly humans were warned away or man has never been to the moon and if he has why did he not go back? The face on Mars is real, actually more faces there, pyramids and such. Why has the Hubble telescope not photographed Mars? But Google has? The reptilians are controlling Earth and other assorted alien beings exist here, some living inside Earth with entrances at the poles. Who knows what to believe anymore? That’s easy, war is unhealthy to all living things, be it nuclear, biological or conventional, or some new hidden vaporization gizmo.

      53. Good post Frank. These brain dead idiots have no earthly idea what is about to take place. China I am told is desperately needing the US to attack Nk, because this is the prefect excuse for them to attack Taiwon. The supprise that awaits them is the F35. Everyone things that the F35 is a joke, this is dis information from what I was told. That jet is a game changer for how fighter jet fights wars. Good luck china trying to invade Tiawon, the F35 will sink all your ships before they get here and the raptors will down the rest of your jets, no wonder your president is busy buying up the SU34 & 35’s, you will be needing lots of them. Then the US will nuke your main land, and expect nukes raining down on you asses from India. I warned you all about china didn’t I.


        • “That’s why I no longer post on this site” your exact quote made by you in a post posted by you half a dozen posts ago! “Why I no longer post” means just that!

          All of your stuff is madness culled from weird you tube conspiracy vids, the deranged rantings of a pre-pubescent boy.

          Study logistics (without understanding this, a nation cannot wage war). Study politics. Study diplomacy. Then come back and post. So please Katy, until you’ve mastered the basics of these subjects, STFU!!

      54. OH, STOP ALREADY WITH THE STUPID GAME OF PUBLIC THREATS.. Freaking hit the launch button and get it over with you Elite fuC–Kers…you scumbags want death, then finally give us all PEACE, even if it be the peace of a grave.

      55. This is horse shit!

      56. Jack him up! Jack him up!

      57. Of course it’s horse Mr Chu. I have never seen you name on this site, not a single post, and you come on here this morning. How’s your coffee this morning. You are a fucking chi-com and when your kind gets here, we will remove them off the map. I Haven’t posted a quite some time, since I took a break, and as soon as I post, almost immediately a chi-com troll is attacking my post. I get attacked by a troll. Fuck you chi-com. You dumb fucks don’t understand that preppers take my post more seriously every time you do this. Horse shit? I think not. You all so a so poorly trained.



        • HICKS I thought you where leaving? I knew we hadn’t heard the last of your incoherent rambling.

      58. I read that the NYT reported that Ukraine sold rocket engines to North Korea. Fancy that. Obama and company, the gift that keeps on giving death benefits.

      59. Iran has EMP missles in Venezuela, lots of surface to air batteries, and that’s why Trump wants to invade them. Old Guy, I know you think that I am a rambling fool, but you don’t talk to the people that I talk to. What happening in Venezuela was engineered to cause that effect to give the US the reason to invade and remove Iran from that country. Now the Russians just signed a deal with its leader, with crap about solving the food crisis and bailing them out. Russia is trying to get to them before the US can get to them. I have more intelligence and knowledge than anyone posting on this site and this is FACT OF LIFE HERE BUDDY.

        You don’t have a fucking inkling or clue or what’s going on in this country much less out side the country. Our president Trump is the right man for the job, and a lot of people on this site do not understand what’s really going on. NK is not what we need to worry about its china attacking India, and Iran and china attacking the US through Texas, once they take down our grid. Trump needs to attack the regime in Venezuela and take out Meduro, and place that country within its control. The behavior of mexico, massing chi-coms in that country is why Trump pulled the plug on its president. That Mexican president is a cartel drug dealing criminal. 150,000 chi-com soldiers are in Mexico with water, food, and heavy weapons on standy awaiting orders from the Chinese government and I have confirmed this with current cops, some retired who are talking to uppers in our local governments that told me literally in person, that china is sending soldiers in from Panama, all the way up into mexico,50,000 plus soldiers in panama, and 20-30,000 at a time and it been going on for years, then Transferring into mexico, and now that number is over 1,2000,000. So I don’t know what your motivation is about, but you seem hell bent on silencing me. You old guy are a troll in disguise, and after that post, I know the facts now. Your good, you did a good job on here fooling most, for a very long time, but your not fooling me guy.


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