North Korea Mocks The US: ‘Americans Are Trembling With Fear’

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    North Korea has pushed tensions to a new high in their recent mocking of the United States over the false missile alert accidentally issued by Hawaii. The tyrannical regime claims that Americans are “trembling with fear” in the wake of Hawaii’s mistake.

    In case you haven’t heard by now, the state of Hawaii accidentally sent out an emergency alert which stated there was an incoming missile. Hawaiians were seen shoving their children in storm drains and in a state of panic until they were assured that the warning was a mistake. And now, North Korea is mocking the state of fear experienced by those living in the island state.

    According to Fox News, in one of its typically bombastic statements, the state-run Korean Central News Agency scoffed at the U.S. for the January 13 alert Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency accidentally sent out to residents stating a ballistic missile was heading to the island.

    The U.S.…is now on jitters, being seized by ‘fear of the north’s missiles.’ A ballistic missile threat warning was released throughout Hawaii, U.S. by a mistake recently,” Tuesday’s statement said. “It is none other than the U.S. which is trembling with fear, stricken by extreme horror and pressure even by a single message and by a flash in the sky.” 

    The mindset of the panic-stricken Americans is that the higher the level of confrontation with the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea], the world-level nuclear power and a rocket power, the higher the level of disaster to be inflicted upon them,” the statement said.

    The statement from North Korea also warned about a “higher level of disaster” that would be inflicted on Americans if officials within the United States engaged in any further confrontation with Kim Jong Un’s dictatorial regime.

    North Korea is known for their outlandish statements.  They have once said that Donald Trump is sentenced to death for hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK. 



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      1. Me put foot into Porky’s lard ass. Me thinks Porky full of doo-doo.

        • Good one TDBh! I tell ya, lil Un starts tremblin’, we’ll be thinking it’s another nuke test right in Pyongyang. I say we formally name either a Jello mold after him or come Christmas the next Chia pet. Hate to break it to him; but, if he pushes too hard, mocks too much… he’ll fry like hog fat on a campfire.

        • Comically fascinating he is. What is it like to be the only fat man, a dictator no less, of a starving nation? This oddly bizarre comedy is only playing out because someone, somewhere needs extreme action to take place… What a world.


            Congratulations to North Korea for their nuclear achievements.

            • Dafuq is wrong with you?

              • Nothing. It’s a troll.

            • i think you are right. He saw what happened to Iraq and Libya who did NOT have Nukes.

      2. Excellent job, thanks Hawaii for playing your filthy little games.

        You 100% backed up the NK thought process regarding how a NK nuclear arsenal will be viewed by the US and other countries. They are totally emboldened now to continue development unabated.

        And this talk about a limited strike against NK is a huge mistake.

        If we attack, it better be full force, and I just don’t see us having anywhere near the conventional forces ready to conduct such an attack. 6 aircraft carriers are required along with 150k ground troops along with no less than 75 heavy bombers.

        I’m guessing that a limited strike against his nuclear facilities would be a disaster.

        My guess is that NK would open up on SK with everything they have, because I think they would believe they have no choice. They would be expecting a ground invasion by SK and US forces.

        I’m also guessing the SK army although far more advanced than NK would buckle and give ground very quickly. They were weaklings during 50-53 and I just don’t see them as being very tough. 25k US forces are not enough along the DMZ if hostilities begin.

        If the US miscalculates with NK, you can bet we’ll be more hated than Fatboy by a factor of 1000.

        Not to mention, this very well be the beginning of the end of the US in the Asian theatre if this goes south.

      3. Supreme leader Whon Phat Phuk needs one of his missles shoveled up his ass and detonated.

          • You got all the good ones!

            • Ya kinda funny how most people were listening to the bee gee’s or manilow while we were rockin’ the house down lol 😛

              • I must be a bad girl then. Never cared for Manilow and all that. What a snoozer.

              • I used to keep 8 tracks of them too, the chicks dug it, especially if i managed to get em into the back of my blazer!

                • “In the shuffling madness”…..JT!

      4. He is likely correct. Sane people fear nuclear war. While its considered weakness by Kim Jong Un its net effect can be a catalyst for the US decapitating both their military offensive capability and political leadership. I do believe if the order is given to overtly attack NK it will not be limited. Doing things small is not Trumps style.

        • Many might indeed be scared!
          But we can ALL still come and go as we please, eat sushi every night of the week, and watch NASCAR on the DVR till 2am and reality TV till we puke, what exactly can porky et al do hmmm??
          Oh thats right, most of his people are living in fear of him and starving

          • Yup, I think they will make bacon out of that porker lol.

            • Olympics,,,,
              I will be surprised if any of the “athletes” go back across the border

              • They all have families who will suffer greatly if they don’t return.

      5. Wild card in all of this is China. NK is China’s junkyard dog. Memories are short…….China poured 1 million troops over NK’s border in the early 50s. The result is the DMZ. So all the posturing and tough talk is just that and nothing more.

      6. He’s right, except that it’s not HIS government I fear.

      7. Meanwhile, in the USA

        “Congress Quietly Pushing Bill to Require National Biometric ID for ‘ALL Americans’”

        ht tp://

        • That is darn creepy. All that for American citizens and border runners go free. The article stated it would include “dreamers” or other non-citizens who work within the US as well as citizens. And, worse, the idea is gaining support withing Congress!

          Appreciate the heads up.

      8. I don’t fear a nuke hitting in the area for myself. I fear for the children.

        When it is my time it is my time. I refuse to live my life in fear. What I’m going to do is live my life like it is the last day of my life.


        • You got that right Sarge, when your number is up its up

      9. THIS is amazing!!!!! North Korpia citizens STAY in a constant state of UNfear and UNdegradation.

      10. Hahahaha!!! Me so scared…LOL

      11. I’ve been reading on both Dave Hodges’ site and Steve Quayle’s site that a Missile WAS in fact fired at Hawaii, and one fired at Japan, but that EACH was INTERCEPTED or brought down.

        Each was apparently NOT fired by North Korea.

        Conclusion: GLOBALISTS are trying to DRAW Trump into WWIII.

        That’s downright evil.

        That’s just one of many reasons why the evil guy (satan) hates each and every human so much. Don’t get sucked in when he flames your ego, tries to draw you into lies and tries to get you to KILL another of God’s children.

        As for the POWER of prayer, consider this: after a nuclear bomb dropped in WWII, priests who had been praying at the time in their rectory at the time the bomb dropped emerged from their untouched residence unscathed, and helped the wounded all around them. They were not hurt/injured/damaged/radiated.

        As a New Testament scholar shared, “faith” is actually a mistranslation of the original word that meant “trust”. Trust both includes and goes beyond belief. With trust (genuine faith) in the Almighty, God’s unlimited power can thwart any evil.

        As St. Augustine said, act as if everything depends on you but pray as if everything depends on God.


        Notice that George Lucas did his homework: Luke wasn’t told to have “faith” that he could destroy the Death Star, he was asked to TRUST in the “Force”.

        It has been said that one Hail Mary can stop a war.

        It already has.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil is that which destroys.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D., in his second book, “People of the Lie”

        “I am the Way, the Truth, the Light.” – Christ

        • I have also read some alt sites and found the same thing: there were real missiles but destroyed before reaching their target.

          Enjoyed reading your comments about faith. With that in mind, I went to to look up the exhaustive meanings of the word and the word origins. While the exhaustive meanings do include trust, it was not the primary meaning. However, the word origins. It is the following:

          mid-13c., “duty of fulfilling one’s trust,” from Old French feid, foi “faith, belief, trust, confidence, pledge,” from Latin fides “trust, faith, confidence, reliance, credence, belief,” from root of fidere “to trust.”

          So I disagree with the scholar. Words change meanings slightly over time–more so in modern times. Back in King James time, it likely was not a mistranslation because in the King James’ era (very early 1600s), duty was taken quite seriously as it had been through much of history. I would say that it’s only been in the last 50-70 years where people take duty and faith/trust rather lightly. Not everyone, of course; there are those of us who do not take it as a trifling matter.

          Thanks again for a great post. Got my gray matter stirred up. 🙂

          • Hey Yahooie,

            I’m glad to have stirred up your gray matter! haha And you’re welcome.

            I disagree with your conclusion, but I’ll pal around with you any day.

            Keep searching. I know I am. 🙂

            – the Lone Ranger

            • Lone Ranger, could you please cite the scholar that found the mistranslation? I’d like to read the research and reasoning for the claim.

              I’ve gone further into online research (can’t get to my Strong’s concordance for help at the moment or a few other study helps) and read the Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament on Bible Gateway. I selected Romans as a starting point only because it’s a longer book. Through much of the New Testament the word translated to faith is the Greek “pistos”. I haven’t yet discovered if it is the only word translated as “faith” but that’s where my study is so far. I will keep digging.

      12. The “all clear” was delayed by over a half hour because Hawaii Governor David Ige forgot his Twitter password. Gripped by fear and panic I think.

        And something like half of all Hawaiians, their last act on Earth was to go to their favorite porn site — for one, last time.

        And of course there was the compulsory “Run and Hide! Run and Hide!”

        • Its pretty funny actually, pathetic, but still funny. The worst part is that the majority of island residents, DONT USE TWITTER!
          Pretty freakin useless government baboons

          • Ya know what else is pretty pathetic? 90% of the people in the area up where our cabin is are brainwashed right wing radio type idiots. They think politicians are the top of the food chain. They all have guns but can’t shoot worth a fook! Maybe 10% have any significant preps. They are the type that think they will live off the land there if shtf (impossible mostly). Most of them are bossed around by their wives too. It looks like I’m an army of 2 (me and my wife). Maybe the 10% will be on top? I don’t look forward to it but I know if they fook with me they WILL die if they don’t get me first. The 10% needs to form a secret coalition….

            • Good reason to look like your hungry and barely making it, and stay outa sight as much as possible

              • Cry poor mouth and feint ignorance. Its the political / social mechanism of a chameleon hiding in plain sight.

        • I found the rush to pornhub to be rather quite disgusting, a true symptom of mental, never mind moral, decay.

      13. I’d love to nuke a gook.

      14. We’re doooooooomed

      15. Why is the fat guy always smiling? Probably smoking an American cigarette brand.

      16. Watch for he false flag! With all that is going on in Washington you can expect the biggest false flag in history. Soon!

        • Dave

          Regrettably, unfortunately and yet positively, your correct. The only debate is where and specifically what.

          I have noticed that regardless of the incident a little bit of truth escapes initially such as eyewitness accounts that very swiftly get buried as the pre planned story is disseminated.

      17. I would think that receiving a notice of impending death is pretty high on the brown pants factor. Anyone not needing a change of drawers after being notified of a missile heading directly to their vicinity isn’t too connected to reality. Phat Boy can laugh all he wants but he’d better have some spare drawers at the ready.

        Might be time to laugh and point fingers every time one of his can’t even get off the launching pad. The aim of his missiles is not too good either. If he aims for DC, he’s more likely to hit Toronto or the Atlantic Ocean.

      18. Much of the third world is hideously over populated (for decades European and American military leaders who know better have been saying never get in a ground war with Asian powers – just too many). They have ruined their ecologies and ability to develop in a modern way but just keep populating. Then when their own countries can longer sustain them they immigrate to other parts of the world and keep doing what they always do until that place becomes a toilet.
        Another reason (sorry ladies) is the feminization of Western society, for example look at Europe becoming flooded with Muslim immigrants, men in Europe won’t even act on their on behalf, and you can watch videos of groups of Euro. men just standing and watching passively as women are getting beat up and raped, but then the women in those same societies are calling for more mass immigration. In Sweden rape was all but unheard of 30 years ago, now it is epidemic there. What is the feminists solution there? Bring in more Muslims and tell the Swedish men they are racists. You can see videos of a female German politician calling for unlimited mass immigration and she states her desire to see Germany become Arab and Muslim, she and her cohorts wants to see the end of the German gene pool. You can even see videos of German and other European feminists actually supporting Sharia law. Utterly confused! What do they think what will happen when Muslims take over. There will be zero tolerance for feminists and gays. Get your burkas ready.
        Watch all the antifa,feminists, SJW’s in colleges, and a variety of other special interests groups protesting in the US. Even though they are different groups they all mainly say the same things; throw open the borders and allow unlimited immigration, white straight Christian men should cease to exist, and justice can only be found in a socialist world. How utterly deluded, they have been successfully propagandized.
        I say let them have what they desire. Don’t marry, don’t have children, just drop out and do your own thing, don’t contribute to society, stop supporting the country. Then when the country has turned to crap they’ll blame us then for giving them what they wanted.
        Did anyone else see where wacko Americans are saying that the N. Korean dictator is a good guy and he’s better than Trump, and his countrymen is more just.

      19. Lived in Hawaii for 6 months. It’s what happens when you let an Asian majority rule?

      20. Yes ,we are trembling with fear? The fear of running out of ammo?

      21. Still remember the look on the white Europeans face what he told me you can only take your weapon from your house to the shooting range. Because we are ruled by Asians.phillipinos and other police state gooks.

      22. He just don’t understand…He’s about to get a big ol nut busted in his fat ass!

      23. It takes a lot of energy to tremble. In extreme cold, we get goosebumps which is a way of warming the body up. North Koreans (except Porky) can’t tremble;they’re starving and don’t have the energy!

      24. The bitter truth is many Americans ARE trembling with fear, the leftist would bend over and take it straight up their backsides rather than risk war. Our country is weak and our enemies know it. It s pointless to have a huge military and lack the stones to use it. I know we know how to fight weak countries with minimal defenses, I,m talking about fighting a real war against an an implacable enemy. Make no mistake North Korean will fight, ask any Korean War vet about them. I really doubt we have the National will to face such an enemy and they know it.

      25. Dear Kim, AKA Porky, AKA Fatso, I am not trembling with fear, I am laughing at your fat a$$! If someone told you to haul a$$, you’d have to make two trips!

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