North Korea Is No Laughing Matter: “Chances Are Highly Probable That A War Is About To Begin”

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    As of this writing, a final carrier group is heading toward North Korea and the immediate vicinity. When you have three carrier groups sitting off the shores of a nation decidedly hostile to your nation? The chances are highly probable that a war is about to begin. The U.S. has tried everything from sanctions to shows of force. The latter may have been, up until this point, smaller in scale; however, they were serious nonetheless. Flyovers of B-1 bombers close to the North Korean border, the deployment of Aegis and THAAD missile systems, and the influx of nuclear-capable cruise missiles via submarine are some examples.

    Take the time to refer to an excellent article by Stefan Stanford of All News Pipeline that features a video with Dr. Peter V. Pry, the U.S.’s foremost expert on EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack against America. As outlined in previous articles, Dr. Pry is convinced that North Korea has already succeeded in miniaturizing a warhead capable of a large-scale delivery of an EMP weapon sans a high megaton nuclear explosion. Dr. Pry has explained over the course of more than a decade how the miniaturization is not difficult, and an EMP can be delivered upon a weapon in the low-kilotons range of delivery.

    The article, titled This ‘Mad Max’ Scenario Could Lead To Planes Falling Out Of The Skies, includes an interview with current Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis stating plainly that North Korea is a threat to the United States right now. With the carriers USS Nimitz, the USS Carl Vinson, and the USS Ronald Reagan and their groups in the area, this is plainly a serious matter. It cannot be discounted or relegated to the “fear porn” category that naysayers are constantly expressing on this venue.

    North Korea just completed another series of tests with another missile firing on Sunday, 5-28-17. One of the things that most people are not taking into consideration is that a small nation that is neither financially or militarily as powerful as the United States will utilize other strategies that are cost-effective and work. The EMP fits the bill for this requirement. That EMP strike is not only possible: it is probable, and it is the most likely course of action for North Korea to take.
    For many years, (now retired) Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, (R), MD, helped chair the Congressional Committee to address the EMP threats against the U.S. His greatest contribution was to show how in a simple and affordable manner the U.S. government could upgrade shielding and protection to safeguard military resources and critical infrastructure, such as the power grid.

    Over the eight years of Obama’s reign, he doggedly and determinedly gutted and hollowed the defenses…removing TARS (Tethered Aerostat Radar System) from the southern border and the Gulf of Mexico, effectively taking away an additional 10 minutes of early warning to augment NORAD. He reduced our capabilities exponentially, and as a result, we have Russian bombers flying Cold War routes off the coast of Alaska. We have Russian bombers that have flown along the northern airspace of the U.K. and all the way across the ocean and around the Mid-Atlantic region outside of U.S. airspace. It is also much more than reducing our capabilities.

    We are being conditioned with repeated events in North Korea to foment skepticism and to discount the threat…the very real threat…that North Korea poses.

    Each day that passes enables the North Koreans to make further progress, and now we’ve almost reached the tipping point where some kind of action leading to an all-out war is not simply “possible” but more likely inevitable. Where are the North Korean subs? Have they purchased any of the refitted Kilo-class subs now equipped with stealth technology from Russia? If so, was their last “excursion” the one where they disappeared recently from the Navy’s sonar screens off the coast of California this spring? The EMP threat is real, and if things continue the way they have, the arrogant dismissal of such a concept will be replaced with a real-life “One Second After” scenario that will not be able to be denied. Let’s hope it doesn’t reach that point.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. No reason for three carrier strike groups unless Trump is preparing to use them.

        • The same thing went on in the Mediterranean over Syria and guess what happened ……NADA !!!

          • Fried kimchi anyone?

            • Fuck those nasty subhuman gooks.

          • There ain’t gonna be a “war” Gerri. You’re nothing but a fear porn salesman and a fraud. If anything, there may be a conflict but not much of that either. I think that it’s quite possible even somewhat probable that The Koreas unite. Far fetched? Ever hear of East and West Germany?
            The citizens of North Korea are in deathly fear of their gubmint, don’t be surprised to see that snake get its head cut off.

          • THAAD missile systems deployment was on hold because of a required “environmental impact study and permitting”

            Reminds me of when the Army wanted to install RADAR in the mountains of Hawaii but were rebuffed because of require permission from the department of the interior to put it on Federal Park land.

            It will be funny when there environment is nuked.

            • That was Pearl Harbor in WWII.

            • New South Korean president, same stupid shit. He does not want to protect his own people
              from flying projectiles. When Seoul is reduced to dust, thats on him. Can’t fix stupid.

        • Let’s hope, nothing become out of control, for the shipmate’s who are in bulleye water’s. If you know not what the I mean you have to of service on a ship at sea

      2. “Highly Probably”? Is English a second language to this headline’s composer?

        • Fixed ! Sometimes I miss things…



          • Breaking News:
            Breaking: A Hillary Conviction Is Being Offered up in Deal Between Deep State and Trump

            Tuesday, June 6, 2017 6:45 A Dave Hodges Report

            Hillary did not become President. However, she is going to jail for her actions in pursuit of the office.

            Hillary Clinton Is Being Offered Up As a Sacrifice by the Deep State

            I was told by very reliable inside sources that Jeff Sessions was closing in on the alleged pedophilia allegations against John Podesta and Hillary Clinton and this was going to prove doable because Anthony Weiner and possibly Huma Abedin were going to turn State’s evidence. Weiner is taking his chances in jail (27 months). However, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is closing in, with the foreign support of President Duterte and Vladimir Putin on child-sex-trafficking emanating out of the United States’ elite Deep State.

            Yesterday, even Putin said the Deep State assassinated John Kennedy. And with each passing day, and with each child-sex-trafficking arrest, the Deep State risks more exposure to both their existence as a shadow government and their true nature. The light of day is something that Deep State will not permit, so a deal is being made which will be revealed in the final paragraphs of this article.

            The Sources

            Since the election of Donald Trump, I have been receiving information from an FBI employee (nonspecific) and two State Department employees. One of the State Department employees and the FBI employee must remain anonymous. One State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski and she can provide confirmation to the some of the ancillary revelations in this article.

            Clinton Will Be Offered Up On a Platter

            Yesterday, I read no less than six articles in which DNC officials want Hillary to just go away. The fact that these stories were released on the same day is not a coincidence. This is part of the deal that has been made between Donald Trump and members of the Deep State. This is the primary reason why former FBI director, James Comey, was fired when he was. His loyalty to Clinton was a threat to this arrangement. Here are the links to a few of these stories emanating from the DNC and the media who are distancing themselves from Hillary.

            ht tp://

            ht tp://

            Remember? Hillary was not supposed to be ill. Where did this come from?

            Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton, and James Comey’s brother (runs finances for the Clinton Foundation) are under FBI investigation as I write these words. The tips to Jeff Sessions were provided by sources close to Clinton, presumably, Deep State operatives. Hillary will very likely go to jail, or at minimum receive a suspended sentence and pay a big fine. I have been told that the Clinton Foundation will cease to exist in its present form. Some may remember that I broke the story, from my same sources, that Podesta had been caught converting Clinton Foundation assets to gold, art, etc., and then hiding these assets. I stated at the time, that Hillary knows that RICO will soon come knocking and that total asset forfeiture will occur. Podesta is trying to stay one step ahead.

            Clinton Will Not Go Down for Child Trafficking, Drug Dealing, Money Laundering or Gun Running

            The Deep State is feeling the heat because the most prominent members of the Independent Media have been relentless in their pursuit of these activities, especially child-sex-trafficking. I was told by my sources that the Deep State, even with the support of the media, cannot contain these revelations. They do not want a sleeping public to be aroused by a story that would dwarf Watergate.

            To the best of my knowledge, this has not hit the mainstream media, yet, but it will very soon. Hillary is being investigated by the FBI for “pay for play” and misusing her authority as the Secretary of State to get Lois Lerner, IRS director at the time, to prosecute an African national government official who is living inside the United States if this African official does not help stop the investigation into a government official from Bangladesh who participated in pay for play with regard to the Clinton Foundation. There is a second African nation that is subject to this investigation, as well, for the same reasons. I have agreed to not release the identity of the second nation because it is too close to one of my sources.

            Please note that Hillary will be going down for “pay for play” and not drug dealing, gun running nor child-sex-trafficking. She will also be charged with malfeasance of office with regard to the IRS issue. In exchange, Trump gets to purge much of the Deep State that is embedded in the FBI and the State Department.

            All three sources, including Weslowski have told me that their supervisors have cleaned out their desks. Many are taking retirement. In Monika Wesolowski’s case, her supervisor and her supervisors two levels up are all leaving. Monika said that her office is almost empty. The purge is already beginning.

            Go Here to read the whole story: ht tp://

            • I want HRC and Podesta to both go down for child sex trafficking, and treason. They both need to be in prison for a long time. And Bill Clinton needs to be along for the ride too.

              • Laws are for the peasants.

            • I’ll believe it when it happens.

              • I just want to see hillary and obama tied to a tomahawk and fired into the ocean.

              • PO’d, same here. Too cynical to believe it will.

              • I dont believe anything, even when it happens

            • This would be so sweet. I hope Hillary lives long enough to see her daughter in a federal prison.

              The MSM would absolutely freak. Every university in America would send our children into the streets to fight for the progressive cause. The left would wake up to find the size of the lie they’d been fed is on a planetary scale, who among them would believe it?

              I wouldn’t put it past the deep state to bring all the defendants together in one spot and create a false flag that results in them all becoming martyrs and blames the right for the incident.

              I did love that JFK remark by Putin.

            • Killery knows where the bodies are buried.
              As far as her going to jail, I’ll believe it when I see it.

            • Dave Hodges… there’s a reliable source. Bwahahahaha

        • Nice to see that there are indeed some dicks still out there.

        • Relax Mr Spell checker.

      3. 3 Carrier Groups! We are building up forces…this means we will finish the war. Don’t see Crazy NK surrendering. So, batten down the hatches!

        • Photo Op……

          1 CSG will will stay in 7th fleet

          1 CSG will proceed to 5th fleet for a routine deployment

          1 CSG will head home to Coronado after their routine deployment.

          BUT…….while they can, get some awesome photo ops, and a good show of force.

          Mark it, save this post, it’ll be proven true in about 2-3 weeks.

      4. Time to send Dennis Rodman as a PERMANENT ambassador to NK

      5. very good article please keep us informed, nobody is talking about it around here. Thank you for your service and for the information

        • Just had a family member come back from Wy and they said it wasnt in any of the news up there,,, sorta odd

          • we are only getting bits and pieces of info here, so any theory on the world events is greatly appreciated. we all have our opinions and a lot of this is news to me. I am trying to stay with the latest info I can. Thanks again.

      6. Define “war”.

        • It is is

      7. When you see the Navy position Amphibious Assault Ships with the carrier groups with a war load out, then you will know that the time is imminent.

        • No one in their right mind would invade North Korea; that’s fighting their war. Short of pilot rescue or commando type raid this is an air campaign to defang NK.

          On another note the 29th, 4th, 1st, 82nd and 101st divisions with elements of the 90th division invaded “Fortress Europe” 73 years ago today.

      8. No laughing matter is correct. We have not had many decisive victories in the last decade or so. Those countries did not have satellites orbiting over our country. Suppose we will
        have to raise the debt limit to fund yet another war on a credit card. All of our military folks
        getting ready to ETS better understand how the backdoor draft works. You enlisted for 8
        years. That means you can be extended well beyond your ETS date. Pray for peace. Pray for some miracle of an internal regime change. When the last option becomes the only one,
        everyone loses. The war bubble could be the biggest bubble that takes down everything.

      9. We could not win a war with Korea in the fifties….what makes anybody think we can win a war now. The carrier groups are there for one reason: to persuade China that we mean business, so “they” will keep mad-dog on a short leash. But they can’t. KJU is empowered with atomic weapons, feels threatened, and is capable of delivering horror to SK, Japan, and yes…the USA.!!!

      10. Nothing is going to happen!!!

        • I think so are wrong on that one Private Turd-balls.

      11. We must also watch the other hand, there is much subterfuge in play.

        While N Korea is in the news, Qatar is being prepped to be a starting point for a greater regional war in the area around Saudi Arabia. The Sunni / Shia battle for control of the new caliphate is in full swing.

        The two sides will be led by Saudi Arabia and Iran. The US as it stands is clearly on the Saudi side, thus Trump was treated like a king by the Saudi’s during his visit.

        North Korea is aligned with Iran, but that alignment may also imply Iran has nuclear weapons co-developed with N. Korea.

        • By the way the new US / Russia Cold War seems to be an effort by the deep state to prevent Pres Trump from negotiating with Putin before a world war in the Middle East breaks out.

          If you think the EU and US are taking in a lot of Muslims now, just wait until this bad boy breaks out. This war will involve a third of mankind as in 2 billion Muslim people plus anyone that gets to close, in the way, or actively supports one side or the other i.e. the rest of mankind.

      12. Fat Boy likes the attention.
        He is a born killer with a strategic nuclear capability.

      13. Almost sounds like the movie “Red Dawn” (2012) (the remake).
        It is a possibility.

        • No, it isn’t. North Korea has zero force projection capability outside the Korean Peninsula. They can threaten the ROK, China, and to a much lessor extent, Japan, but that’s it.

          The Red Dawn remake was a joke.

          • Says you. What if China helps them out? Would it be possible then? Would China even help them? Who knows, but it is possible.

            Failure to look beyond your own stubborn mind is your own problem. Please don’t project it on others.

          • The red dawn remake was originally the chinese invading but the chinese made such a stink about it the producers changed things up a bit.

          • Agreed. Red Dawn 2 was nowhere as good as the original.

      14. I have been following Dr. Pry via various interviews for several months. He has been sounding the alarm for years. The US in vulnerable. An EMP attack on two cities, NYC and DC, would cripple the US. If more cities were affected: LA, Seattle, Houston the effect would be even worse.

        Imagine no finanical transactions, no media, no functioning federal government, no functioning media. Not good. The US has a very fragile infrastructure and it would only take 2 to 5 devices to cripple the most technologically dependent country in the world.

        • Yup, IMHO it wouldnt even take a large area of the country being affected, and i think that fat bastard knows it, all it would take is one nuke to hit sacramento or the central valley where all the farms are and it could be just as bad as if the whole place went dark, contaminate the food supply or an area responsible for a large portion of it and its a game changer, could go from affluent to effluent in a flash, literally

      15. I think Trump and the generals are just waiting for the right provocation before blowing North Korea to smithereens. The US needs the rest of the world on its side if there is a conflict and it would help immensely if North Korea did something stupid, (like fire a missile over Japan), before taking any military action.

      16. What does this “former Green Beret” know? Squat. A former grunt doing strategic analysis? Let him stick to what he knows: weapons and tactics, and leave the rest to the people who actually know what they’re talking about.

      17. How many things were ounce believed impossible?

      18. Acts 16:31

        Believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for you

        • Amen!

      19. Y O says, you’re a cruel analyst…

      20. Beam down free internet and drop a few 100k cheap tablets from Wal-mart.

        Game over.

      21. So an EMP strike against the US followed by a second launch-How would we be able to intercept?

      22. Pull our troops out of SK, vaporize the f–ing peninsula and get it over with. I’m sick and tired of hearing about the fat little fuk.

      23. If someone threatens your wife and kids do you wait for it to happen or do you deal with it in an overwhelming immediate way??

        Maybe this Country should be EMP’d preemptively and end the advancement of its out of control leader and his nuke weapons. If nuking him will cause too much collateral damage in the region.

        If his advancement is due to the help of Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia they are all guilty of being an accomplice in anything N. Korea does and if missiles fly should all be in the cross hairs….you give a weapon to a nut case and expect not to answer for it???

        Yes it would be the end for all but what choice would there be?? Maybe in a million years when life comes back to this planet it will be blessed to be Human free….sorry but true.

      24. Most of what shows up on here is totally fear porn. But North Korea is no joke. The maniac running the show over there is very dangerous.

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