North And South Korea Declare End To War, Proclaim “New Era Of Peace”

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Headline News | 106 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed Friday to finally end a seven-decade war this year, and signed a declaration to pursue the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula, although they did not announce any concrete steps to dismantle the North’s nuclear programs.

    The two leaders embraced after signing the deal during a historic meeting on their shared border, the first time a North Korean leader has set foot on the southern side. They announced plans to formally declare a resolution to the war and replace 1953 armistice that ended open hostilities into a peace treaty by year’s end.

    “We solemnly declare to our 80m Koreans and the world that there will no more war on the Korean peninsula and a new era of peace has begun,” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean president Moon Jae-in said in a joint statement. “It is our urgent historic assignment to put an end to this current abnormal state of ceasefire and establish a peace regime.”

    “We have agreed to share a firm determination to open a new era in which all Korean people enjoy prosperity and happiness on a peaceful land without wars,” Kim said, in his first remarks in front of the global press since taking power in 2011.

    The two sides “confirmed the common goal of realizing, through complete denuclearization, a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.”

    The two agreed to work towards advancing the reunification of the divided nations and further improving inter-Korean relations. In order to reduce tension, the two sides agreed to hold military talks in May and set up a joint liaison office in Kaesong, the border town in the North.

    “South and North Korea agreed to actively seek the support and cooperation of the international community for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” according to the statement. It didn’t elaborate on what that would entail.

    “The commitment to ‘complete denuclearization’ is ambiguous, and subject to different interpretations,” said Youngshik Bong, a researcher at Yonsei University’s Institute for North Korean Studies in Seoul. “It can be interpreted as North Korea getting rid of all warheads, or North Korean demands on the U.S. military in South Korea.”

    They have also agreed to end any hostile activities that can lead to military clashes, including cross-border propaganda broadcasts and leaflet distribution. They will also enable Red Cross talks to discuss reunions of families separated by the Korean war.

    Kim on Friday walked across the military demarcation line dividing the two nations with an aim to end decades of conflict on the peninsula, becoming the first North Korean leader to set foot on South Korean soil.

    As Bloomberg notes, the agreement follows a rapid thaw of tensions on the peninsula after a flurry of North Korean missile tests and a hydrogen bomb detonation last year. Kim plans to meet U.S. President Donald Trump soon, which would be the first summit between a North Korean leader and a sitting American president.

    The question now is whether the commitment will lead to lasting change. Previous agreements have collapsed over inspections, weapons tests and disputes over economic aid.

    Much of the agreement mirrors previous deals between North Korea and Moon’s liberal predecessors. It appeared aimed at restoring cooperation that had deteriorated over the past decade.

    Kim’s official Korean Central News Agency issued a tersely worded commentary after the announcement urging the U.S. to respond “with sincerity.” “What is needed for the U.S. is to learn how to observe good manners and how to respect the party concerned, not resorting to high-handed practices and arrogance,” the piece said.

    Reaction in markets was limited given the South Korean stock market had closed for the week when the deal was announcement landed.

    The meeting paves the way for Mr Kim to meet US President Donald Trump later this year.

    “I felt a flood of emotion as I walked the 200 meters here,” Kim told Moon as talks began.

    “I came here with a mindset that we will fire a flare at the starting point of a new history for peace and prosperity. Let’s get everything off our minds out here and get good results.”

    This is what Kim Jong-un told Moon Jae-in, as relayed by South Korea’s presidential spokesman Yoon Young-chan.

    “Kim Jong-un said that he came here to put an end to the history of conflict, discuss and remove obstacles between us with the South Korean president. He said let’s meet more often and we should be determined not to go back to square one. Kim also said let’s live up to all the expectations and create a better world.”

    “The two leaders had a sincere and frank dialogue over the denuclearisation and the establishment of permanent peace of the Korean peninsula and development of inter-Korea ties.”

    After they planted the tree, Mr Kim told Mr Moon:

    “Just like a pine tree, I hope that we can always be green, even in winter time.”

    “Yes, it will be like that,” Mr Moon replied.

    “Eyes and ears from all over the world are focused on Panmunjom,” Moon said. “I feel the weight on our shoulders is heavy.”

    As The BBC notes, the inter-Korean summit has basically taken everyone by surprise and proven many an expert prediction very wrong (and gravely disappointed many anti-Trump-ites).

    From this…

    To this…

    In 3 months.

    Here’s one of the pundits contemplating the “known and unknown unknowns” this is teaching us…

    Previous attempts to negotiate aid-for-disarmament deals have failed.

    But in January, the North embarked on direct talks with Seoul, attended the Winter Olympics in South Korea and in April the two leaders met for a historic inter-Korean summit.

    Pyongyang also offered direct talks with the US – an offer Mr Trump accepted – and ordered a halt to nuclear and missile tests.

    Talks between the two would be unprecedented, but the details, agenda and timing of the summit are yet to be confirmed.

    Of course, as Bloomberg reports, any progress on dismantling the Kim’s weapons program would likely be slow and fraught, and involve visits by international inspectors. Prior efforts involving Kim’s late father when he was leader collapsed in acrimony, with North Korea blaming the U.S. for failure to adhere to the agreements.

    “It’s off to a good start, but there must be a concrete commitment by Kim on denuclearization,” said Youngshik Bong, a researcher at Yonsei University’s Institute for North Korean Studies in Seoul. “Otherwise it will end up as a fancy show.”


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      1. I’ll believe it when I see it!

        • Brian, it’s the real deal. Lil Kim knows if he keeps up what his predecessors started, he’s gonna get what they should’ve. There’s a lot to this decision but Lil Kim isn’t gonna be the tantrum tossing extortion minded fraud that he started out as.

          • And the Neocons just Hate it, when Peace breaks out. It really cuts into their war profits.

            Can anybody add up the total cost of the US keeping our 30,000 troops in S Korea for the last 75 years? What a waste of resources. Probably over several Trillion dollars wasted all for nothing. Peace between N and S Korea will save the US a fortune.

        • Obama should give his unearned Nobel peace prize to Trump now. Trump deserves it much more than Obama ever did.

          • Not only did Obammy destroy America, but he also destroyed the validity of the Nobel Foundation with his fake Nobel prize for doing absolutely nothing.

            • John: That No good Barry Hussein O’Banana the vile Muslim so deserves to HANG!! The entire thing was a plot, a well devised plan to bring that baboon in, to literally run the country into the ground and turn about 1/2 the population into no good, worthless trash. The nation is toast people…..

        • It’s more scary than you think. While the serfs believe in “Globalist Warming” the real Science is indicating the World is cooling….a mini-Ice-Age……

          The North Koreans and Chinese know this is coming and in a few years the growing areas of these 2 nations will be in the frost zone…… food. They are scared to death.

          Therefore, they are sucking up to the US since we will have the best wheat/soybean/corn growing areas of the world. They need us BADLY and will do what TRUMP says.

        • More On Propaganda
          and Collective Insanity

          Jerry Kroth


          This is a YouTube video by a psychologist about how
          stories are either covered or ignored. He believes it is
          a monetary decision, that people only want to hear when
          “we” are right and good; and that we don’t want to hear
          when we are wrong and evil.

          He dismisses conspiracy theories.

          I think he shows some interesting material that is “food for thought”.

          He has a book at “Barnes and Noble” bookstore called “Duped”.


          • So the psychologist dismisses conspiracy theories, eh? Well I dismiss psychology so that makes us even.

            • DBH, the only reason anyone becomes a psychiatrist is because they want to figure out what’s wrong with themselves.

          • Psychiatry and Psychology are there to protect society from the individual; instead of protecting the individual from a very, very, very sick society.

            As far as I’m concerned Psychiatry and Psychology are the 18TH and 19TH additions to the current seventeen government security agencies — MSM, the NSA, the FBI, Apple, Facebook, Google, the IRS, the CIA, the FED, etc.

            • Blame-e, that’s all the more reason to dismiss psychiatry and psychology. They’re both just as bogus as the day is long.

            • Add Microsoft to the top of that list. If it weren’t for Bill Gates’ IE and Windows more full of holes than swiss cheese, we might still have some semblance of cyber privacy and security. Why do you think Microsoft releases updates so frequently? Is it to patch those holes or to create new ones?

      2. Whew!! No more worries about that loose cannon…

        or the dreadly EMP.

        (Sarc y’all)

        prep on and be sure to…

        prep your souls

        • Anybody that hold hands and skips along the DMZ like a 3rd grader must be telling a yuuuge lie or seriously knows something we don’t.

          • We should continue to prep on…

            The End Of Our Empire Approaches
            “History is clear on where we’re headed.”

            “We now live in a world of, by and for bankers, and other financial elites. Where once it was your royal lineage, or direct connection to the sun god Ra that assured your place at the top, today it’s your proximity to the temples of money.

            But what happens when the economic pie is no longer expanding, yet the keepers of the system seem unable to turn off their own desires to grab more, more and yet more from that same pie?
            That is where we find ourselves today. The economic oxygen is being sucked from the middle and lower classes and the social and political pressures are building.

            Meanwhile more and more claims (currency and debts) are being piled on top of this stagnant economic pie thereby increasing the pressure on a creaking system. Someday that all gives way rather spectacularly and ends very badly. History says it ends with a lot of social anarchy and quite possibly another world war.”

            “As we progress from here, the disparity between the haves and have-nots is only going to intensify, with debt (and our debt-based money system) being used as the primary weapon for controlling an increasingly dispossessed public.

            Are you prepared?”

            ht tps://

          • I hear Kim Jung-Un is a big “Battlestar Galactica” fan. Can’t get enough of the hot Cylon babes. Guess which side he identifies with the most.

            I can see it now. Peace will come with just a couple of perfectly innocent conditions.

            First, South Korea has to take down their border defenses. All of them.

            Second, South Korea has to kick the Americans out.

            Then the Cylons attack.

        • Gran: I would trust those cat eating chink gooks for about 1 second literally. The FAT, GAY one in the North will flip out, just give him maybe a few weeks at best and it will be right back where it has been for as long as I can remember.

      3. Deception. The Country to gain will be China.
        Have to ponder the sudden change of heart by The South Korean President and The North Korean Thug. May be collusion here.
        The war will come after US troops are asked to leave, I believe.
        The U.S. deployed The thaad anti-missile defense system and that Radar can pick up Chinese missile tests.

        Country will come under one rule as Vietnam did when we left.

        Then Japan, look out. China and Korea has not forgotten the war crimes committed in the 1930’s

        Also, Taiwan lookout. Taiwan has been practicing in repelling a sea and air invasion from China.

        Also, North Korea may perfected their EMP missile delivery system

        It is like you win a million dollars and suddenly the people who hate you the most or ignore you suddenly want to be your best friends.

        It would be great for for peace.

        Question, if they have ended The Korean War, Are The North Koreans redeploying the bulk of their forces from behind The DMZ?

        Google or Yahoo search map of korea and surrounding countries — surprise

        • IMHO
          The olympics etc were a turning point,
          How much of his crazy and bluster was just leftover from a lifetime of indoctrination by his father?
          He most likely had an epiphany during the olympics and after discussions with his sister and said screw it, we need to unwind this, i want a new Benz

          • i’m left wondering if the collapse of the mountain where he did his nuke tests has anything to do with it. things are probably much worse than we imagine in NOKO. must be some ulterior motivation there….

            • BCOD, good to see you back. I believe there’s an ulterior motive. Not that long ago everyone appeared to be on the verge of war. All of a sudden the NKs took part in the Winter Olympics in SK and Porky offers to meet with both Trump and Moon? Go figure. Something smells about this whole affair.

          • Don’t mistake indoctrination with despotism.

          • Nail: I hope you don’t really believe that $5.00 show do you?? My God man…….sucker around every corner in this fucking country.

        • I have to agree with watching and waiting. This is just one of the biggest con acts the world has ever seen. Let’s not forget that Kim Jong-Un is still a communist. Neither he nor any of his inner circle are about to stop being communist. Tigers never change their stripes and leopards never change their spots. He’s following the same strategy his father did and look how that turned out. It’s going to be back to what it was before you know it.

          • I don’t trust Kim Jong-In any further than I could throw him. NEVER EVER TRUST A COMMUNIST! I don’t even trust Russians to this day.

            • No need to jump to conclusions (which by the way you do often.) Give it time to play out, instead of being negative.

            • Communists only want what is best.

              Your best.

              • JS, I’ll send ONLY the best ‘hot lead’ I have flying in their direction.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Trust? The US has repeatedly lied like a rug to everyone well including its own citizens. Every nation is looking out for itself but the US certainly is looking out for the multinational globalist corporations and financial interests first. The US lied to the Indo-Chinese Vietnamese obtaining their help to fight Japan and then reneging on the promise of France reoccupying their country. Gulf Of Tonkin, JFK, 911, WMD in Iraq, helping AQ take Libya, arming ISIS…..hell at this point I’ll listen to what Russia has to say because I can reasonably assume that Uncle Sam is lying.

      4. I surely hope all sides go into this with nothing but the best intentions. I’m skeptical to a point but previous agreements have not involved a leader like president Trump! I can see the libtards tiny heads exploding as I write these words

        • Trump is running his presidency as if he knows there will be no second term. He is not afraid to stir the shit or call names or pick fights.

          Presidents that want a second term try to placate everybody in hopes of getting a second term.

      5. My take, Kim Jong knows the sun is going to sleep, his crops are going to fail and without help from South Korea and anyone else, his country is finished.

        • He doesn’t care. They have never cared.

          Their soldiers only eat corn grain. They are already starving.

          Communism is about staying in control. Stay in power at all costs. It is better that the people starve because they can be better controlled that way and they won’t have the strength to resist.

        • If South Korea starts carrying North Korea it will be a massive economic drain upon them. In the meantime China economically expands. China might end up with a somewhat hostile neighbor on its border two plus decades from now but in the meantime it will have established economic roots and military bases throughout Africa. North Korea is an annoyance to China a carry over from days gone by. China is seeking to expand well out of Asia.

      6. We can all hope this is a real deal for the worlds sake.
        It would be an incredible achievment for Trump.
        The world needs more Trump’s as leaders not socialist Globalist politicians.
        Trust but verify


        • It is nothing to do with Trump. All he could do is call Kim names such as “rocket man” and threaten. That has not caused this change of direction. It isn’t all about America you know.

        • It is a historical achevement, but history and the world won’t notice because all they care about is Stormy Daniels (ugly washed up porn star) and Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia….Russia.

          • JS, they sound like broken CDs with all of their crap about Russia and Stormy Daniels.

          • You know that your government is totally insane when public policy is dictated by hookers, whores, prostitutes, strippers, Playboy Playmates of the Month; and run by some Feminista #MeToo movement and the LGBTers.

            The irony of Stormy Daniels being interviewed by Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes” was almost too painful to watch. This is our future?

            • The worst part about Stormy Daniels is she looks like a wet blanket. A horse that was rode hard and put up wet.

              She is WAY past her prime. UGLY!!!!!

        • You probably said the same thing about Obozo when he stole the Nobel Peace Prize.

          Actually, I believe nobody was more surprised than Obozo at winning the prize. He was probably thinking: “Man, these white f*cks are stupid.”

          • Yeah giving Obola a Nobel Peace prize completely obliterated any remaining value and validity of what was left of it after Arafat got his. I think if they give one to Trump, he should send it back tied to a Tomahawk.

      7. Now Monsanto can spread their murderous genocidal destruction to North Korea as they have the dumbed down, disease ridden, obese, addicted to everything, dying American toxic dumps and the doomed children they should of NEVER had, and this is why murderous Mike “MONSANTO” Pompeo went to North Korea.

        • Monsanto should feed the Koreans “Round-Up.” Maybe it will kill all the tape worms in their system.

          • JS, now there’s an idea and we can save a lot of ammunition at the same time.

          • JS: Hahaha or maybe a warm bowl of napalm?

          • Did you see the gut on Kim Jung-Un? That is one big tapeworm.

      8. Our government probably won’t stand for peace in the Korean peninsula, not without intervention of some kind from Washington.
        To our convoluted rulers, war is peace!

        • Who is your government?

        • “Not My Government.”

      9. This is a step in the right direction,
        Much rather peace than constant threats,,,
        Lifes too short to keep stirring up shit

          • JS, LMAO! Funny video. Thanks.

      10. Moon has a treaty with a man who had his half-brother assasinated, his uncle executed, has broken numerous agreements, has purged numerous people, etc. Moon Jae-in makes Neville Chamberlain look good. Damned if I’d shake hands with him!!!

        • Brian, my points exactly. Moon’s going to get blindsided by that commie scum.

      11. The last article here on SHTFPlan on Korea informed us about a mountain collapse above North Korea’s nuclear test sight rendering North Korea unable to perform further nuclear tests. It seems faith does move mountains.

        I question whether this came about as a result of nuclear tests as reported, or if it is actually Kim’s part of proving he wishes only peace.

        In any case this is a striking turn around and a monumental success for Trump the Real Deal Maker in the White House, for I seriously doubt that this turn of events came about spontaneously on its own. Trump is a great President and not a war monger. He is making deals behind the scene. That’s my impression.


        • “Trump is a great President and not a war monger.”

          You feeling alright today?
          Somebody hijack you moniker?

          No need to give Trump credit for something he didn’t do – if anything, he complicated things with his dangerous childish rhetoric towards the Norks.

          • Yes, all the presidents for the last 30 years of doing nothing made such great progress. Finally Kim Jung Un just gave up because he got “doing nothing” to death.

      12. Why is it that I don’t believe one bit of this ‘peace’? Yeah, I’m skeptical. Big-time. Explain one thing to me. Just how the hell is ‘Un’ going to explain it to his people? They’ll figure out just how long they’ve been played and carve him up like a Christmas ham. Without the ‘eternal war’ and a world that is bent on their destruction, they have nothing but shame. Seems to me the Asian mindset is and always has been about ‘face’/shame/their concept of honor. To suddenly find themselves as a nation lacking not only the necessities of life; but more, even the self-convincing that their lives had some meaning, some worth, some validity to be stripped away…… leaving what? That they are nothings. NO, this is a scam. I hope I’m dead-nuts wrong; but, I just can’t fathom this selling well.

        • Heartless, you’re not wrong. It IS a scam. Never ever trust a commie for anything! Read watching and waiting’s post. He really nailed it.

        • Heartless and Brave:

          Could this peace have been precipitated by an act of war such as bombing the nuclear test site rendering it useless? That would bring North Korea to negotians with the South who then agree to allow the North to save face claiming the mountain collapse at the nuclear site accidently came down.


          • BfCa…. I’d not thought of that at all. I kind of doubt it though. More than likely, NK just kept whackin’ the innards of that mountain over and over til it suddenly caved in/dropped down into the glass flask it had become inside. I’d guess China told the ‘Un’-man to cut the crap. That same mountain lies on a fault line, relatively near an active volcanic zone. Too, reports are that it is emitting radiation fairly heavily. But again – you and I both independently have considered ‘face’ and the role it plays in Asian society. I wonder what the Korean word is for a ‘kabuki’ play? In other news, North Korean Godzilla has emerged and is marching towards the NK/Russian border. Video at 11.

      13. TRUMP- MTWGA!!!! Making The World Great Again!

        Still not tired of WINNING!

      14. Washington wants war, not peace. They will never allow peace. It’s called evil.

      15. North And South Korea Declare End To War, Proclaim “New Era Of Peace”

        This is extremely good news – hopefully the US Foreign Policy aspects does not interfere with this goal in mind – which they most likely will, because “peace” is not good business for AmeriKa.

      16. The US will never let it happen they will stick their oar in somehow.

      17. The mess created by a mountain collapsing on itself because of testing has given China second thoughts. they may be recipients of radiation coming out of that mountain and want Rocket boy to quit before it gets worse for China and North Korea. This peace move might be his way of getting out of the situation and maybe lift sanctions so his people can eat.

      18. Jim in VA, that sounds plausible except it will be his MILITARY who will receive any food aid. In North Korea the military’s needs come first because that’s his power base. You NEVER alienate your army if you want to stay in power. The NK people will still be starving regardless.

      19. MY two cents worth…..Fatboy acts like he wants peace. He will pretend to get rid of his nuclear weapons, which we all know he won`t. He will have some hidden away some where. When the U.S. withdraw from S. Korea, that is when we will see what he is up too. I think that is his plan: pretend to want peace so the U.S. will leave S. Korea. The only reason we are there is because of the dispute between the north and south. SO if that dispute goes away then why would Moon allow us to remain. I believe it will not be long and S. Korea will begin to ask the U.S. troops to start leaving. That is when Fatboy will strike. Just my opinion.

      20. Arrrrgh! For the sake of the Korean people and world peace, I want to believe it but not a chance! Deplorable Braveheart – you’re right! We just can’t trust Kim Jung Un and South Korea shouldn’t either! Probably South Korea will ask that we and the United Nations withdraw. Korean War II coming up? I hope that I am wrong!

      21. It may or may be not peace in our time but what I can say is this: one piece (peace) of ass I would like to get is Kim’s sister Yo-Un. She just smoulders and has sass and great fashion sense. She would make a great leader for a unified Korea!

        • Kim Jung Un doesn’t pee or poop. He has no buthole. His sister has no vajaja. The most you can get from her is an old fashion.

      22. Of course this is all BS, but I think that what really happened was, several months ago this twit actually did fire missles toward both Japan and Hawaii, both were shot down, and Trump then quietly told the Chinese that they either reign in this guy or he would immediately be nuked. Shortly after the missles were observed exploding midair at both places, twit took his special train to China for a visit (the first time he had been there), and then began this current policy.

      23. Why is this happening?

        Coming Starvation.

        North Korea is still freezing. They have had 6 months of Global Cooling and know next year (the next 50 years) will be hell.

        There is only ONE country that can produce enough food. There is only ONE country that has a growing region that can move south (Into Texas, North Alabama, Louisiana, South Oklahoma, etc) that can grow the corn/wheat/pig/soy beans that China and North Korea will need to prevent MASSIVE starvation of 1 Billion people.


      24. FT, while she may be physically attractive, I doubt if she’s any less of a hardcore commie than her brother and no less dangerous. So you want her? Yeah, right! Lotsa luck with that plan.

      25. Awesome!

      26. It would be great for President Trump, Kim, and Moon to get together and have TRUMP repeat the Reagan Quote

        ‘TEAR DOWN THIS WALL’ and remove their wall and unify Korea.

      27. The Deep State elements (rogue agency clowns, cronies) were “removed” from NK.
        See what happens when you get rid of the REAL warmongers? Peace.
        There is no “trick” happening here. Time will tell.
        I will go out on a limb here and predict that the DMZ will be much less militarized, soon.
        The Belt and Road Initiative is the REAL FACTOR here. North and South are on board.
        Money to be made. Economics. North and South both want a piece of it.
        When economies grow and quality of life shoots up, people think less of war.
        Deng Xioping said,” It is glorious to be rich.”
        Capitalism lifts more people out of poverty than Communism ever would.
        Everyone in China knows this.
        No offense, but some of you guys better wake up. There are huge changes taking place.
        Wherever tensions and threats of war have played out in the past, agency clowns inspired.
        The central banks and the puppets that serve them are the reason for these troubles.
        Belt and Road. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Wealth moving from West to East.
        China and Russia hoarding tons of gold. Why? Canada and US have no gold. Why?
        Inflation coming to the United States like a fucking tsunami. Why? Already seeing it.
        Pompeo went to North Korea and not a soul in the mainstream media knew.
        How’s that for OpSec? No leaks. There is much, much more happening now than we know.
        Divide and conquer is the Deep State SOP for time immemorial.
        They don’t want our troops to leave the Korean peninsula. They want to sow discord.
        They want enemies. They want wars. No reason at all for any of our troops in Germany.
        They will tell you it’s because of Putin. It’s to prevent any possible Russian aggression.
        World War 2 is over. The Korean War is over. Deep State wants to cling to past vestiges.
        We can’t move forward until we get rid of those vestiges.
        So China is building islands in the South China Sea.
        Why do you think they call it the South China Sea?
        If the US wanted to build islands between California and Hawaii, is that a problem?
        Do you think China would send warships to antagonize?
        The United States is not going to be the center of the fucking universe in a few years.
        The opportunities are OVER THERE. We do not have the economic leverage that we had
        even one decade ago. Look at the military budget of Russia compared to the US.
        They can checkmate everything we do. The welfare and war economy is going to change.
        It’s going to be painful and it’s going to make the US more humble and less arrogant.
        The quality of life will be more in line with other countries.
        The superiority complex will subside.

        • 2018 is NOW, Just nailed it. Maybe you need to run for congress.

      28. Why a Bar Can Boot Trump Supporters, But a Bakery Cannot Deny Gay Customers
        “You don’t have to go to a bar, and a bar doesn’t have to serve you.

        But this does seem like quite the contradiction compared to courts forcing bakers to bake cakes for gay couples.

        The distinction, in this case, is that the bar did not deny someone based on religious beliefs.

        Political discrimination is allowed. So you cannot deny a customer based on your own religious beliefs, but you can deny a customer based on their–and your–political beliefs. Unless of course, that customer holds a protected political belief, in which case you still cannot deny them.”

        “Forced unity does not create peace, it creates conflict.”

        ht tps://

      29. Kim Jung-un: “We attack at dawn.”

        • Anyone that seriously believes that fat gay chink gook bastard is more mentally damaged than the fat gay one, my God, how fucking stupid and naive are some of you sad, pathetic ass people.

      30. Trump and the patriot alliance opposed to the deep state helped to make this a reality.

      31. No doubt the possiblility of peace breaking out on the Korean Peninsula is infuriating the M-I-C and the neocons. If it turns out in the coming meeting between Pres. DT and the NK dictator that no deal could be worked out, we’ll know the US probably had a list of demands that would not have been acceptable to NK. Hopefully, the Pres. will be there for real peace, not there to benefit those entities who profit financially and politically in the present paradigm. How about this, let’s pull our military out and let the 2 Korea’s solve their own problems. SK has more than twice the population and nearly 40 times the size of economy of NK. SK does possess the means but not likely the sufficient will to properly defend itself. Therefore, why should Americans be ready to sacrifice blood. South Vietnam got what it deserved, only a small number were willing to put up a good fight, but they were more than happy to let the Americans spill their blood. General Smedley Butler confirmed in congressional testimony that in reality corporate and State “elites” don’t give a sh*t about American lives or cost, only more power and wealth for themselves.

      32. I never realized the hatred between orientals from different nations until an incident occurred at the oil refinery dock. I did not witness it but I heard it first hand by many as it was “the buzz” across the plant. Two different oil crude tankers were in the dock simultaneously. Both were to be pumped off. One was staffed with Orientals I believe from China and the other with Orientals from some other country. One stopped their pumping off because they refused to work while the other ship was in port. This caused a major problem because for some reason one had to be unloaded first (I imagine due to the type of crude). Two of these guys, one from each ship got into a fist fight of sorts. A close friend of mine who was VERY outspoken and disliked all orientals (Vietnam Vet) who witness it and said according to everyone there, “I don’t understand it, they’re all gooks”. This was maybe 1982 or so. In later years that would get you time off or maybe fired (depending what group you slurred).

        Somehow the above was resolved.

        • Live in Asia for awhile and you will learn the differences between Asians in physical appearance, behavior and cultures. The whole “they all look the same” disappears and you learn to spot the differences very quickly.

          The Chinese hate the Koreans, the Chinese and the Koreans hate the Japanese, the Japanese think all other Asians are lesser, the Chinese also hold these views and believe the Han are better than everyone else.

          The one thing that is consistent across Asia is the beauty of the women. Apart from Europe, you will find the most beautiful women on the planet in Asia. Enjoy!

          • Asian women everywhere give great blowjobs. LBFMs.

            • No they don’t, their mouths are too small. lol

      33. Mystery Group Of “Wealthy Donors” And Soros Spends $50 Million For “Private Trump-Russia Investigation”

        “[Redacted] told FBI that PQG was being funded by 7 to 10 wealthy donors located primarily in New York and California, who provided approximately $50 million.”

        “Of note, during Congressional testimony last year when Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) asked Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS, if he was still being paid for work related to the dossier, Simpson refused to answer.

        And while the dossier came under fire for “salacious and unverified” claims, a January 8 New York Times profile of Glenn Simpson confirmed that dossier-related work continues.”

        ht tps://

      34. I wonder what Pompeo told Kim during their meeting?


        Chi-com soldiers Deploy in Huntsville Alabama, prepping to attack the citizens. Coming in from the North of the state.

        You guys up there better get ready. You guy better gear up to protect you women and from these pieces of shit. According to Hodges, Alex Jones, His source Zach, something BIG is about to go down involving China, that we have no way out of this one, the war is about to start, with and EMP, to take down the grid, and then deploy the chi-com and Russian, and Mongolian Burkas, including turks.

        I have been warning about this for several years now on this site. It makes sense for them to deploy into states with less hostilities, for example Texas, the one state that no matter how many soldiers they deploy, Texas wins in the war game, so it does not surprise me why they choose Colorado, Alabama, and California. Zach talked to Alex Jones about this situation last week, said that Trump was been taken over, that the White was raided and he has been ordered to cooperate, if not it will lead to other situations, that Trump is no longer in control.

        This is what George Washington saw in this vision, the in person visitation by the Nordic Plejarens, when he was visited by these Extra Terrestrial Plejarens, Not angels per the source, warning him of and upcoming war with chi-com soldiers invading America, shooting and killing people in all the states, how experienced massive deafeat. I was not to mention this what I just wrote, but I have to start letting you all know what I was told.



        So how many billions $$$
        in annual US taxpayer aid
        will go to this latest ‘blackmale’

        I say no promises, no aid. If he wants to end his nuke program, well that’s fine and dandy, but NK would get nothing if I were president. I would continue bans and sanctions.

        I’ve got a plan to reduce government spending by 90%, end taxation/fees of all legal citizens, and end the enlargement of the national debt by deflationary measures… which would make worker-EARNERS and SAVERS richer.

      37. Watching the North Korean tyrant and South Korean leader walking around looks like just two (2) faggots out taking a girly walk.

        Nothing good can come of this.

        • Haha yeah, think they’re going to have a threesome with Dennis Rodman?

        • You said nothing good can come from this. What about peace?
          What was negotiated? You don’t even know. Paradigm shift. The world is changing fast.
          Millions of people can live in peace if this works out. We can see both sides want peace.
          The old rhetoric is gone. The details have not been released yet and opinions abound.
          There have been secret meetings and negotiations for months.
          Even while the Deep State media was stirring the pot for war.
          Absolutely nothing would have been gained by war.
          Trillions of dollars wasted. Millions of civilians killed. Thousands of US military casualties.
          I promise you this. Books will be written about it. Movies and documentaries made on this.
          The vestiges of the past are breaking down. 2018 is the year of profound change. Watch.

          • “Trillions of dollars wasted.”

            Do you really believe that wasting money stopped the U.S. from attacking Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria?

            And what of all the trillions of dollars spent toppling governments in the Ukraine, South America, Egypt, Libya, and Iran.

            And what of all the trillions spent on these 1,100 military bases abroad at a time when our borders here at “home” are under constant treat. Illegal immigration is an invasion. It is real. And it is happening right now. Why aren’t some of those trillions of dollars being used to secure our borders?

            • You are talking about what previous administrations did. I’m talking about right now.
              There are elements in the Republican party that do not want a wall. Deep State RINO’s.
              In other words, non-patriots. They hate Trump just as much as the Democrats.
              Illegal immigration is only HALF of the reason for the wall.
              The other reason is to cut off the funding for the Deep State/ CIA drug/human trafficking.
              That is where the scumbags in the shadow government get the bread and butter from.
              You cut off the funding, you cut off the head of the snake.
              The real war is inside our own institutions. Cut off the head of the snake, no more wars.
              The troops will be leaving Syria. Leaving Iraq. Leaving Afganistan. For good.
              We are only in those countries BECAUSE OF the Deep State. This will change. SOON.
              Why do you think there has been so many attempts on the life of POTUS?
              He is working on getting us out of those places. He wants us out of wars. See Korea?
              The elements that got us INTO Iran, Afghanistan and Syria want war.
              Those are the elements you are talking about. That is the past. I’m talking right now.
              Are you really keeping up with what is happening right now? It’s not in the mainstream.
              They are the mouthpiece for the Deep State. They will not bite the hand that feeds them.
              The information they put out is what they are told to put out.
              Guess what? The truth will be coming out very soon on all of their heroes.
              That is when they will have to report on the truth.
              Of course, they will try to put the Deep State spin on everything. It won’t work.
              The biggest war in the world is happening right now inside our government.
              The good guys are actually winning. Huge news soon. April showers, May flowers. Watch.

            • According to Keynesianism money wasting is not possible.

              It actually keeps the economy from collapsing into depression.

              The more spending, the more the merrier. The richer we become.

              Gross Domestic Product = Total Spending. More spending means higher GDP = higher standard of living.

              Without the fake money our standard of living would be like the dark ages.

              Is it a coincidence that Lord Keynes was a fudge packer? [Homosexual]. . .How much was he paid to produce these so-called ideas? Was He blackmailed? Of course. . .I presume. . .

      38. “The respect you have for one another stems from loving trust. The meeting between the U.S. and North Korea will not reflect trust or respect. North Korea is a nation that will agree to anything and then do whatever it wants. That is why any agreement must be backed up with strict enforcement of that which was agreed upon.”

        “Loving trust is not the same as blind trust. Blind trust believes without proof.”

        “This is not respect but naivety. This attitude has gotten many nations into deep trouble. The opposite of blind trust is wisdom. Pray for wisdom.”

        – 4/29/18, God the Father to the Holy Love visionary,

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