Nobody Knows What This Secret Spacecraft Is Doing: “A Source of Anxiety For Weaponization of Space”

by | May 23, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 83 comments

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    One fourth the size of the space shuttle, this secretive unmanned vehicle is capable of launching into space, and returning into orbit for a landing.

    Created by Boeing, it is one of the U.S. military’s most talked about secret vehicles and has been orbiting the planet for a full year now.

    But no one officially knows just what the X-37B is being used for… it’s mission is classified.

    As the Daily Mirror writes:

    Speculation about the true purpose of its mission has lit up the internet.

    Several articles have been published in the Russian press suggesting it is actually part of a space warfare mission designed to allow America to destroy satellites.

    Meanwhile, America has remained tight-lipped about what the space plane is doing.

    NASA claims that the spacecraft is carrying ‘100 types of materials’  to test their response to the ‘harsh conditions of space,’ but several scientists have questioned the legitimacy and necessity of using this classified vehicle for a relatively simple test.

    Instead, there is every appearance that this purpose is more like a cover story:

    “Describing some of the activities on this X-37B flight may be meant to lessen its mysterious nature,” said [Laura Grego, senior scientist at the Global Security Program at the the Union of Concerned Scientists]

    “So it still seems to be a source of anxiety for some of those concerned about the increasing weaponization of space.” (Daily Mirror).

    As PC Magazine notes, there is every sense that the X-37B represents a new level of weaponization of space:

    “The revelation that the Air Force has a space plane caused some concern among foreign governments, with some questioning whether the U.S. has deployed a space-trotting spy vehicle or weapons platform for taking down satellites.”

    Though the Air Force denies it, there is a great deal of speculation that the vehicle is capable of covert maneuvers and stealth tactics that conventional weaponry can’t do.

    It is truly a Brave New World.

    The weaponization of space may someday soon unveil a whole new era of global conflict.

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      1. Where would we be now if Reagan had ‘star wars’ had been implimented???

        • Avoiding cruise missiles.

          • Personally I hope it is carrying a mini nuke power source and a dozen laser cannons capable of shooting down ballistic missiles in a few seconds each. 🙂

            • Ditto DK
              If we have that capability i hope its being utilized .
              Not in the mood to have a missle drop in my backyard anytime soon.

            • And Sharks with Laser beams attached to its head Mooooahahaha

        • the shuttle flew lots of missions over many years that were classified. Who says star wars never happened? The military does stuff for decades before the people find out about it.

          • I figured we would be further along in the game.
            But then again, ’82 would be using DOS 3.0…

            Be well all…

            • Twas a joke…

            • Not a problem. I learned on Dos 3.1. Peace

              • Thought we would be like the Jetsons by now.

                I know, dreaming again…

                • Judy was hot!

                • You do know why the future is great as depicted on the Jetsons , right?

                  • Because government wasn’t in the way.

                    We might be there already, if not for government.

            • Probably IBM OS/2 Warp or a variation. It’s still used in many ATMs. It’s secure, robust, adaptable and doesn’t need security updates. IBM screwed up and made something they could only sell once.

              • “doesn’t need security updates.”

                No such a critter in networked software.

        • It already was implemented.

      2. It’s made to take out other governments satellites.

      3. Its circling around your anus collecting clingons

        • Holy Shit!!!!

          • ….say it ain’t so…..

            • “Roid Wars”

              A real PITA.

      4. The ultimate drone, they can set it into orbit and quickly and precisely alter its positioning, contains ultra high resolution cameras as well as atmospheric monitoring equipment

        • and they’re watching you Kula ’cause you flipped them off.

          Actually, although I didn’t watch the whole video, part of the reason for this craft is to counter what the Chinese have put into space, i.e., satellite killers and heaven knows what else.

          • I was thinking the same thing. There are many wars brewing in the world’s future and this is just one government’s attempt to get ready for a new theatre of operations: Space.

            • Space but think EMP deliverable to a precise location at any given time,
              Part o that predictive programming,

              • Kula, then that would be us? Maybe?. Taxpayer get to pay for all of the things that cut our asses off, so why not use tax dollars so that we pay for our own destruction? I would also tend to think it is a craft that is highly maneuverable and so “an impossible target” capable of full-scale attack in 3 minutes or less.
                I’ve no idea what size rocket and boosters got this thing up there, but I am willing to wager it COULD (might, maybe, possibly) have one MF of a nuke/emp in the super-kilo-tonne range… take out Canada, USA and Mexico in one pop. I don’t think Muslims mind if they have power or not …they are mostly used to ‘not’, (I assume). I am SURE they’d be willing to forego it if it meant stealing THIS country and her beauty over their sandy-assed hell-holes eh?

                • IMHO. It would be directed elsewhere, there are many who want to disarm us, but there are just as many who know that guys like me and the other tens of millions of gun owners are a force to be reckoned with,

                • Been thinking its a nuke myself for some time. Waiting for the right time and place….

                  It’ll take out their enemies alright. That can include us too

              • Personally I think they are testing a blue laser system to detect submarines. Subs are the only weapons systems that scare everyone. Once you can find them they become large slow targets. Personally I think the future is in mobile hypersonic steerable attack systems. Our laser technology may be able to counter that.
                Think out of the box.
                But keep your powder dry, and potatoes in the garden.

                • Really? I am beginning to believe that our future is going to be one of “just the right sized throwing rocks” and stone-sharpened spears”.

          • Honestly, if they are watching me these are some sorry assed bored mofos,
            Unless they get their jollies watching me do yardwork or picking kale or feeding chickens and collecting eggs or any of the rest o the list of mundane things i do on any given day,,,,

            • Kula,
              I always liked Popeye, Olive oil, and Bluto so I’ll be putting in Spinach.
              Kale doesn’t seem to have a market outside Hippie farms and yuppies that can’t eat regular bread. I’ve had spinach ever since I can remember, but only when eco-facists became part of the scene, did I ever hear about Kale. Spinach sells much better( I think it tastes better), your thoughts?

              • I like spinach better too, but that damn kale pays the bills

                • Drone loaded with MANY telecommunication satellites to be deployed directly into space after we lose existing ones from EMP/CME.
                  Don’t forget, there will be an end to calamities in early 2017.

                  • Ummm, I am not 100% sure but I would venture to say that an EMP would explode in a “full 360” …taking out every satellite within range above, all planes below and all land-lines and electronics below that.
                    I wonder what level of penetration an EMP may have? (into solid ground; as in dirt/rock/water/seawater. I am aware that cement greatly retards the ’emissions’ of an EMP (or so the scientists say).

                    Reminds of an old Emmy Lou song, and the words are:
                    “On The Thirty-First Floor, a Gold-Plated Door
                    “Won’t Keep Out, The Lord’s Burning Rain.”

                    another verse; A Friend, Came Around, Tried to Clean Up This Town
                    “His ideas, made some people, mad.
                    “But he trusted his crowd, and he spoke right out loud,
                    “And we lost, The Best Friend We Had”
                    This Ole Earthquakes, gonna leave me in the poor house
                    It seems like this WHOLE town’s insane.
                    On The Thirty-First Floor …. (to the end).

                    I believe that was written, by her, over 35yrs ago …and dead on the money today.

      5. looks like more propaganda to me

      6. Connecting the dots and creating a painting is often difficult as its map is often spartan in nature, while the brush size wide or narrow is up to the discretion of the artist. This being said the bold nature of US foreign policy in the last few years might bring speculation that Uncle Sam has something quite alarming up his sleeve.

      7. Hcks,
        You mentioned nothing about this devastating tech WTF dude?????? This is something bad. YOU should have had a solid handle on this one. Did no one tell you about this ? Are they keeping you out of the loop? Are they feeding you disinformation?
        Hcks your the one who has the sourses giving you info accurate enough to the point they send people to threaten you and yours. Are you intentionally keeping sensitive info from us? Please hcks get us this much needed info.

      8. X37B

        It sounds like an alien bra size.

        With all this technology, we still have people who can barely read, and others without food. Mankind is still primitive in his thinking or war and all its manifestations would have gone by the wayside. Space should be a great adventure, not an escalation of war or a means for a few to monitor the rest.

        • it is for 3 teated green aliens

        • If that is a bra size please let her land On Me. I’ve heard of Double D’s maybe even ees not sure may be confusing shoe sizes but a x37 would have to be the size of the Hindenburg.

      9. Whatever it is one thing is certain, that it is up to no good. Any upgrade of technology is only for protecting the evil bastards controlling mankind. Plenty of money available for weapons of mass destruction, just a rapidly dwindling pot if not empty for the masses. Get ready for the introduction of weaponized mosquitos to assist in the planned culling, just part of the coming all out assault.

        • Yet an “all out assault” would bring an instant ‘Day of Reckoning” whereas “a little bit at a time” would quite likely continue to be ignored and unchallenged …leaving us further down the hole than we presently are sitting …and so with less options “for all” at any ‘later date’.
          On the flipside of these things are the facts that we are inundated already “on the inside” with those who intend nothing less than Muslim-land and Sharia Law.
          Or, has that also devolved into something entirely different?

      10. Don’t be so dramatic all. This is just Trump’s new plane promised after he met with Kissinger being told he should defend the J00SA family.

      11. For what is worth. I think it is craft that can shoot down Satellites, and Missiles. Or retrieve our damaged Satellites.


        • See my earlier reply. I think they are hunting submarines, and other mobile systems.

      12. Based in the military’s current priorities, it is probably checking to see if space is gay enough for Obama.

        • The Obama administration has recently instructed the National Electrical Installation Standards offices to “cease and desist” refering to electrical connection plugs and receptacles as “male” and “female”. NEIS has been ordered to develop new gender-nuetral labeling for these terminals.


        • I believe it is common knowledge now that “we highly suspect” that everything China has placed up there was “parked” beside USA ‘slots’ intentionally. They are beside Communications Satellites and will ‘go boom’ at the appointed time. I have nothing to ‘solidify’ this with …just remember reading it in Navy Times or ???? (similar mag).

      13. With NASA outreach and the Whole downsizing. I’m now gainfully employed.

      14. Who cares. Just watch this pride American. There are millions like this pig and we wonder why everyone hates us?

      15. You will never actually know the truth. It is a known unknown for all the public. “National Security” doncha know?

        The District of Columbia and the MIC (Military Intelligence Corporation) have separated themselves from the American people. I heard tell they think everyone without a costume of some sort is a useless eater.

        We’re on the road to serfdom. Did anyone call ahead to tell them we’ve arrived?

      16. Oh shit …YOU “had me wired TOTALLY” by the 2nd sentence! ROFLMAO…..good one….!

        • That was meant for Jackson’s post, sorry

      17. If I was to design an intelligence trip to space, and had a big budget, it would be to locate, scan, tag, and infiltrate every significant operating foreign satellite orbiting the earth.

        From a ship like the X37-B. I’d launch stealthy drones that would literally attach to satellites and tap in on them. When done, back doors would be loaded into their operating systems, if it could be determined that the satellite being studied is a threat, the drone could attach a self destruct charge for future use.

        The drone returns to the X37-B, it gets refueled, refurbished, data downloaded, and transported to the next target.

        Of course this is all science fiction.

      18. I have a different thought on why this aircraft is in space for so long. NASA & the Government may be monitoring the incoming of Nibiru/ Planet 7x & it’s mini solar system. When the time is right, the order will be givin to put martial law into place, like in the next 2-3 Month’s. This will be the ONLY critical key element (martial law) to know that this Planet is at our door-step, & will be here around 4-6 Month’s later. Any other thought’s ?!, ( In many different places of the world today, it can be seen during the sunrise, & sunset time period ‘s) .

        • I forgot to mention that martial law must be in place to keep the people under & in CONTROL.. Think about it..

          • Robbie, where can Nibiru be seen and why hasn’t a single photo arrived on the net?
            Nibiru, according to HCKS, was supposed to have hit in the Caribbean area last month. Not “supposed” to, it was GOING to happen. Didn’t.

      19. It has huge doors on its back just like the shuttle. I believe it can move up to a foreign satellite, open its doors, and grab the satellite with its mechanical arm. Then it can pull it inside for remote examination. It might reprogram the satellite or just turn it loose unchanged.

        In other news, Wisconsin seems to have a snake on the loose.

        ht tp://

        It must be nice to live in a place that has only one snake.

        • I am GLAD we are ‘snake infested’ for one reason. Beans and rattlenake make for some darned good chili (never heard of it until I was rerouted on a MAC flight to Texas, and Lubbock was having their annual ‘bash’ ….part of it was a Rattlesnake Chili Cookoff. HOT HOT HOTTER THAN HELL CHILI. Easy enough to gather the meat though…

          Here, in these mountains, we have mountain rattlers ‘here and there’, but the ones to watch for are Copperheads and Cottonmouth. Some have already been processed, the rest are being left be to grow for ‘harder times’.

      20. Looks like a flying white turd….

      21. Its just a small payload box (7′ X 4′) with guidance navigation and enough to get home on. There is a huge effort to qualify materials for space applications; especially printed parts, etc., things that they have no EME or ionization data on. This thing may be just what they say it is; a material test bed. Or not.

        • Sorry, I couldn’t help but notice your username. I am curious: Do you actually work for JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)? Nothing against you if you do (I would love to work in such a place!), just curious.

          • It would be great, but no I do not work at JPL. JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) is in Pasadena, CA, area – I’m in Texas.

            Now, question for you: is this the Winston Smith from 1984?

      22. Why is this a big deal. If we went to the moon and that was like 50 years ago how is this any achievement. Why don’t they go to the moon again. They never went to the moon people its a lie they filmed all the footage in the desert at night.

      23. This doesn’t matter to average folks. Why would a person struggling to hold down work and keep their car on the road keep a roof over them care about this topic. Another distraction from what’s really going on. Focus people. I don’t know about you but I don’t care about anything that’s not improving my situation. That’s just me. They can build a superhighway to hell for all I care. Just care about what affect me and my family directly.

      24. Space was weaponized a long time ago.

        Just gotten more advanced weapons.

      25. Go watch the James Bond film Moonraker: it is all in there as to what this is about. It has been known for a long time that space is being weaponized. It has been hiding in plain sight and is fully disclosed if you choose to pay attention rather than spending your days sucking on a beer can and watching sports. Christ, I was hanging out with some guys from the Star Wars program in the 90s in an obscure place as they made many calculations and experiments.

      26. Mac. Some jade helm shit went down last night in beech grove indiana everyone check out

      27. Hopefully it’s up their disabling and disrupting the functions of other satellites like the 2 North Korea have passing over the US everyday. Wouldn’t bother me at all if that’s what it’s doing, more power to the flight crew!

      28. I’ve no concern, ANY, about OUR Armed Forces descending upon us. No no no…only a small percentage would even entertain such a thought, the rest would walk away (and many are, which I admit “caught my attention upon hearing about it”). People are leaving our military due to underfunding, rotten conditions turned into extraordinarily “ROTTEN” conditions by our POTUS (on purpose as he has done to everything else we cherish). I was Navy, however, typically, US ARMY housing is WELL below poverty levels. Section 8 housing look like penthouses as compared to many “off-base” APPROVED Military Housing for ARMY personnel (mostly because they are primarily black is the story I got ‘eons ago’. (And I’m speaking of what it looked like between 73 through 94 …I do not wish to see any of it now).

        2nd, THIS IS SUMMER and military exercises and summer have always gone “hand in hand” …it is just being “watched very closely” now due to paranoia “on all fronts.” Again, I really would not give our military a second thought as they are on OUR side. If not, we’ll find out soon enough and lay waste to them as well, or as many as can be done. (Can’t live forever right)? With all the different facets of a new warfare looming over and before us, OF COURSE we are going to coordinate “new and more effective” ways of mastering “urban warfare.”

        If this all leads to a REAL Agenda-21 “Mastering The Human Domain” nightmare ..sobeit.

        Y’all really NEED to ‘collude’ with some old/young veterans to “round out” what you already know so that there are no ‘gaps’ in your armor? I won’t beg for such, but I can plead… One day “in the bush” with a combat vet would be better than reading 10 Military Manuals that would take months.

        To close, what THE HELL IS IT that many are referencing they expect to happen within just a few more days (June 4 or so)? Anything, or did I get “half a report” forwarded to me? I can see “the front line forming” already for Aug-Sep-Oct (slow and gradual with kid-gloves on the fed-side of the fence). Our governments’ wheels-turn-slowly as always. Still takes us days to prepare for a war, when allegedly we are always “at the ready” …heheh…in truth, that only is true for a handful of specialized forces …one of them just stated packing Sigs (ending in B), (so I got one as well). Fine, fine weapon until that damned possum ran off with it…

        • Just called a few ole pals, one of whom is still enlisted, but stateside at the moment.

          He stated, from what little he knows that the mysterious spacecraft has a large LaWS (laser system) on board surrounded mucho battery sources and rechargers. He claims to have seen “a beam” (out to sea) slice through a barge “like butter” and hurrendous electrical discharges upon hitting.

          With certain pinpoint accuracy I’m not a fan of that ‘bird’ in the least.

      29. Was teh X-37 in orbit when China experienced those “accidental” explosions last year? Think Rod of God type weapon.

      30. YAL-1

        Boeing airborne laser aircraft. Been around since 2002.

        Kills ICBM’s in the boost faze of the launch.

      31. That’s always been the idea, and opposed to attempting to pick one out of the sky ‘mid-flight’. When certain sensors detect ‘bay doors’ opening (to include underwater), the ‘object’ is to blow the silo or gantry before liftoff. No nuke would go off, even if loaded with one, but it would create a mess (meaning: worldwide) …as it would be highly unlikely that any nation could handle everything being thrown at them from all directions simultaneously …us included. But, the lAW laser is our ‘ace-in-the-hole’. But, given that any tech can be outdone or ‘over-ridden’ …sooner than later the data will be breeched into the wrong hands and that will end our ‘one-up’ …if indeed it is really capable of doing everything they have conveyed as being truth. (I mean, capable of “pumping it out’ like a slow-machine gun. Lasers are a combo of light and electricity (in a real basic description). Electricity is only ‘slightly’ slower than light, from what I’ve read of late …and that is the secret to what makes this thing so devastating. Two booms nano-seconds apart of that nature would frig up anything… (including electrical grids). hint? ANYTHING is possible.

      32. It’s not a space craft. It’s a Pez dispenser.

        • Nope it actually was found in Moochelle’s top dresser drawer. Probably ‘D’ cell drive.

      33. I thought I did submit comment

      34. Folks, when I was in college, I was shown the drawings on CAD for a 6 missile rack designed to hold Poseidon Missiles like those on a submarine. The rack was designed to fit in the Space Shuttle. This was at Bell Aerosystems in the early ’80’s and was a part of the original intent of the “Starwars” program. Later, I saw a spinning mirror assembly that was designed to direct the beam from a space based laser platform. These were real designs, not pie in the sky.

        THAT is just a couple of reasons why we still have an unmanned shuttle that comes under the military. How much do you want to bet that this thing has full stealth capability and could capture satellites in orbit andg

      35. When I was in college I saw the actual designs for space based Poseidon Missile rack that was designed to fit in the existing space shuttle. I also saw a spinning mirror system designed to aim the output from a space based laser system and the design for the injection tubes for the Iodine gas to fill the laser. All real and already designed before the announced the “Starwars” program.

      36. FYI: We have satellites that can detect the slightest variations of the magnetic field that surrounds the planet. When a large metal object, like a submarine, moves thru the water it alters the earths magnetic field. I know for a fact that NORAD is monitoring every enemy vessel on the planet with these satellites. In other words, these subs are not stealth anymore. Used to be that SONAR was the only way to detect enemy subs. This capability has been with us for over a decade. Unfortunately, there is nothing to stop an enemy submarine from launching a nuclear strike. But the knowledge of knowing which country launched the attack, makes the strike itself unlikely….as there would be a retaliatory nuclear strike on the motherland of the aggressor. But what if the enemy was willing to sacrifice its homeland and population to hit the great satan. IRAN & N. Korea comes to mind.!!!!

      37. This is just a “leaked” distraction to throw you off of the full truth. We have much more advanced space craft that use gravimetric propulsion which are duplicates of recovered alien crashed crafts. ARVs…Alien reproduction vehicles. If you have not seen one yet, you will soon when TPTB do a full disclosure of the tech they have had for decades. Visit or search “Corey Goode” for more details.

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