No Reprieve For Consumers: Inflation Expected To Continue To Soar!

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Headline News | 22 comments

There will be no reprieve for those already cash-strapped. Food and fuel prices will continue to soar, with no sign of relief in sight.

The Labor Department’s consumer price index jumped 7.5% in January from a year before, hitting a level not seen in four decades. Even though this trend began long before Russia “invaded” Ukraine, the rulers of this world want everyone to know that it wasn’t their insistence on creating fiat currency out of thin air that caused inflation.  The blame is being placed on Russia.

Experts were predicting that February’s numbers, due out Thursday, would show higher inflation and overall prices on goods, services, and fuel.  Economists polled by Reuters forecast that February’s CPI would hit 7.9% year-over-year, amid strong consumer demand and lingering pandemic-related supply chain woes. That survey was conducted before Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his war, putting further pressure on the global economy and sending gas prices to record highs.

“There had been expectations that February would be the high point for year-over-year headline inflation, but the Ukraine shock is already sending gas prices higher in March,” SGH Macro Advisors economist Tim Duy told Reuters, according to a report by Fox News Business. 

Joe Biden’s ban on the import of Russian oil will have a big effect on these prices too.

Countries Begin Rationing Wheat and Other Food Commodities

“We expect to see a high headline … headline inflation in tomorrow’s February inflation data,” Psaki told FOX Business in a news briefing, pointing to elevated energy prices as a “key reason” and saying that “gas prices have jumped 75 cents since the beginning of the year as Putin built up his military near Ukraine.”

Food shortages and increases in those prices are already hitting Americans’ wallets hard. It isn’t over yet either.  Prepare to budget and brace yourself for what’s coming. It doesn’t look good. When people cannot afford to eat because they cannot afford to drive to work, real societal unrest and upheaval become a real possibility.

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    1. Anonymous

      Maybe it’s time to impeach Biden and remove him from office before his economic incompetence destroys the country.

      Unless, of course, the destruction of the country is what you want, in which case you should fight to keep him in.

      • vincente pox

        As horrible as he is, can the US withstand the Cackler and the Botoxian broad (aka Pelosi)?

        I have a sneaking suspicion that Zhao Bidong is not in charge. But he is good at reading a teleprompter…

    2. Brockland A.T.

      Wonder how big the cheat will have to be to help the Democrats even survive Midterms.

      Consumer inflation is due to supply chain disruptions, not money printing. Its completely contrived for the WEF Reset.

      The Eurasian/Asian century can reset the Reset in ways the Western elitist supremacists will not like and can do nothing about.

      Biden’s anti-economy, EU Elites First, America Last policies will score Russia a win in the economic war win no matter the sanctions against Russia and how well the Ukraine war goes.

      Its only a question now, of how big the Russian will win this round.

      • Nobody

        I think they have numerous ways of maintaining power

        • vincente pox

          Ballot Harvesting…it kept Gavin Newsome in office.

        • Brockland A.T.

          No kidding. The ingenuity of fools to monger every crisis unbelievable.

    3. TharSheBlows

      Welcome to the results of the Biden Wrecking Ball. Remember the Prepper plan is to out-survive the other 90% of unprepared stoopid dopes and useless eaters. And the Key to this, is be the gray man = OPSEC. Get off their grid and starve the beast.

    4. TharSheBlows

      Biden wants to send the Appointed NATO Nazi Government in Ukraine $13 Billion in US Tax Payer Dollars. And I am sure 10% will be kicked back to the Big Guy.

      Hey man!!! Whisky Tango Foxtrot!!

    5. Spider25

      I got news for Uncle Sam, if gasolina hits $ 5.00 bucks a gallon as a national average it will absolutely crash the economy like a house of cards.

    6. Bill

      If the BLS calculated inflation by the same protocols as in 1982 inflation would presently show as 15%, not the 7.9. I simply don’t believe anything officialdom says. Gov’t lies, politicians lie, bureaucrats lie, neo-cons lie, the State lies, the MSM lies, big business lies, big-tech lies, big pharma lies, law enforcement lies, journalists lie, fact checkers lie, special interests groups lie, financial institutions lie, the courts lie. The proof to expose all this lying is available everywhere on-line and easy to find. We know they all lie, they know we know they lie, but the game goes on. Even at the press conferences the journalists know she is lying, but they continue to just play along. To watch a press conference truly insults one’s intelligent. It is only fitting for one to hope for some kind of Divine judgement to damn TPTB into permanent ignominy and the oblivion of hell. The whole g*dd*m edifice is utterly rotten to its innermost parts.

    7. Anonymous

      Solvent green takes place in 2022

    8. Yabba Dabba

      Soyent Green takes place in 2022

    9. Genius

      Starving people can work for me for a bowl of gruel. If they work real hard 2 bowls of gruel.

      • Frank Thoughts

        Most Americans could do with eating less and living more like Europeans (eat home cooked meals, walk and ride bikes).

        The whole life style of parking your fat butt into a gas guzzler is coming to an end.

        But the inflation is there to mask bigger things: the death ? of the dollar ?, the supplanting of the US with China ??, and a pathetic attempt to burn off the debt with rapid inflation.

    10. JRS

      Here’s how to cook up some gruel:

      Victorian Gruel (made especially for orphans)

      3 tablespoons oats
      1 pint water
      salt to taste

      Mix oats with a little water until thick
      Boil rest of water
      Add oat slurry
      Salt to taste

      If it looks like wallpaper paste add more water. It should look like dirty wash water. Add salt to taste. Feed to orphan or other waif-type poorhouse worker.

      • Anonymous

        Country or quick 3 minute oats?

      • Genius

        Can I borrow your cookbook? 😀

    11. Anonymous

      A shame no one knows what causes inflation so appropriate measures could be taken to prevent it.

    12. clear haze

      Things have become so
      much better since Joe
      got in there.

    13. notu

      this is supposed to happen prophecy being fulfilled

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