No One Can Stop Her… And She Knows It: “This Election Won’t Be Fair”

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 128 comments

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    To the left, a shot from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator; to the right, Hillary’s acceptance speech was a carefully scripted triumph over the democratic process… as demonstrated by her playing with the balloons like the world is her toy.

    In a fair election, my best estimate is that Donald Trump would win in a landslide.

    But this election will not be fair. In fact, few of them are.

    For Trump’s part, there is no doubt that he has been this year’s sensation. A newcomer to politics, he has thrown out all the conventional rules, played by his own, and found a captivated country hanging onto his every word. Love him, hate him, or somewhere in between… no one can look away from the spectacle.

    After a war within the party and the convenient disposal of 16 conventional GOP contenders, Trump is now the official Republican candidate and he is in a strong position. Coming out of the relatively calm Republican National Convention and going into the tumultuous DNC, Trump has enjoyed soaring poll numbers while Hillary has been losing ground fast to the scandals and corruption revealed by Wikileaks and other related mouthpieces.

    But the fat lady has not sung.

    Hijacking the Party, Keeping Dissent Under Wraps

    Hillary’s coronation last night as she formally accepted her party’s nomination could hardly have been more forced. The entire Democratic convention has been staged managed to downplay the overwhelming noise from Bernie supporter who are outraged and feel betrayed by Hillary.

    The entire convention has had a certain air to it, a quality that reveals the desperation for power, and the crisp sense of danger that brings with it.

    To a casual observer, things might look typical enough, with a few sore losers and pipe dreamers wishing for an ideal country run by decent and fair people that either don’t exist or haven’t figured out how to win an election. But things are not typical – the paradigm is shifting. Politics realigns every 30 years or so, or at least that is the maxim that has held in political science. Only, the last shift has been 30 or 40 years overdue.

    There is a reason for that, and the establishment has been fighting to stop the change for the past generation. They have faked out the cycle and kept the population under their thumb (when was the last time you saw a “real” presidential election that wasn’t a means to keeping the status quo?)

    But delaying the inevitable won’t hold.

    Why Trump Should Win…

    As Michael Moore argued, Trump has been preaching the gospel of restoring America’s manufacturing, and is working to woo and turn to “red” the “blue” Rust Belt states where Americans once had strong middle class jobs, especially in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. According to Moore’s numbers (which are cited to motivate support for Hillary and opposition to Trump), if Trump captures those key states in addition to the red states that Mitt Romney, a weak candidate, won in 2012, then Trump should win the electoral college:

    I believe Trump is going to focus much of his attention on the four blue states in the rustbelt of the upper Great Lakes – Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Four traditionally Democratic states – but each of them have elected a Republican governor since 2010 (only Pennsylvania has now finally elected a Democrat). In the Michigan primary in March, more Michiganders came out to vote for the Republicans (1.32 million) that the Democrats (1.19 million). Trump is ahead of Hillary in the latest polls in Pennsylvania and tied with her in Ohio. Tied? How can the race be this close after everything Trump has said and done? Well maybe it’s because he’s said (correctly) that the Clintons’ support of NAFTA helped to destroy the industrial states of the Upper Midwest.

    In fact, Moore is right. Nobody wants any more Flint, Michigans (where the water is contaminated and poverty seems to be airborne and contagious), least of all Michael Moore.

    Trump’s appeal is much broader than just his sensational antics and controversial statements. He is resonating with America because he is speaking to the wounds of those struggling to cling to what’s left of the middle class American Dream.

    And the strength of Trump’s position there is buttressed by the cold fact that the Clinton’s strong support for NAFTA played a major role in the downward spiral of the Rust Belt, and many other parts of the United States.

    Trump’s appeal to bringing jobs back to America has to sound like not only a good campaign strategy, but an actual sound idea.

    Things have reached a point where nearly every American – regardless of how little they pay attention to news and world affairs – is feeling the damage that has been done. NAFTA, GATT, the WTO and an entire shift into pseudo-governing structures of globalism that have eaten away at the sovereignty of the United States and devoured the prosperity of its people have taken a serious toll on our way of life. And we have all been programmed to take it lying down.

    The steady flow of funny money, artificially pumped out by the Federal Reserve has kept many from noticing it, but the real world effects are still hitting people on the street. Not only does the dollar not go as far as it used to, but everything in life is increasing in cost, and getting watered down in value and substance. Society is acting out one big charade, and pretending not to notice the outrage, dissent and anger seeping through the cracks and edges.

    Inevitable and determined to win at all costs

    Rather than let that burst on her watch, and during the only opportunity she has left in this lifetime, Hillary Clinton and her minions have rearranged all the deck chairs in her favor to force a win. It certainly hasn’t come from the grassroots. Where necessary, the Democratic party has fudged primaries and stolen them outright. The mainstream media has been scripted around her as an anointed figure who is untouchable and beyond reproach. They have stifled exposure of Bernie and would have done so to any other rival… if only any others had dared to enter the race.

    Instead, the campaign to elect Hillary became an unrelenting junta to force her into office in spite of the will of the people, the rules of the game or the ever-expanding negative image of the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State whose corruption and ties to bad deeds are both legendary and sufficiently documented to warrant life without parole.

    There was a never a realistic chance that Hillary would be prosecuted or even reprimanded over her email scandals, because the fix was in a long time ago. Those who would theoretically hold her into account were appointed by her husband, or by President Obama, and their cooperation was assured in private.

    Though many have argued that you can’t put lipstick on a pig, that is exactly what has taken place. 2016 is more of a farce than ever… and there is still another round to go.

    Only One Persons Stands Between Her and the Presidency

    Can anyone else see that the most rigged and stolen election of all time is shaping up? If the Democratic party doesn’t want Hillary, what makes anyone think the entire country wants anything to do with her?

    Before you answer that openly, make a strong educated guess about who the next president is going to be… and how many bodies she will have to climb over to get there.

    What Wikileaks exposed with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC, and what the emails have revealed about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation are surely only the tip of the iceberg. The stories of the delegates who were silenced or kicked out of the convention, and many other deceitful acts to destroy dissent and keep up appearances suggest some of the rest of the story… and it is anything but democratic or “of the people” – though very likely the whole of it will never be known.

    There is something very, very wrong going on and it is time that everyone – regardless of ideology, party affiliation or politics – needs to face up to. Preliminary evidence indicates strongly that there has been a very carefully orchestrated coup taking place… and if successful, it will have only one logical conclusion:

    Total power, at any price, with a facade of support and momentum that just isn’t there from anyone other than a handful of elite billionaires, and a cadre of clients with addresses that are either foreign or based on Wall Street.

    If you missed the convention coverage, then you have got to see Hillary playing with the balloons after her speech.

    There really is no wondering who she is concerned about… herself, of course.

    As I mentioned above, it is reminiscent – even spot on – of Charlie Chaplin’s amazing parody in The Great Dictator, where his version of a Hitler-esque autocrat toys with the world as his plaything.

    We are in for a world of hurt if what I think is going to happen turns out. The entire democratic process is being pushed back under the water, and a crude, fake smile is broadcast for appearances, while holding it all down.

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      1. Looks like they borrowed some American Flags from the RNC, the DNC only has Mexican and Rainbow flags.

        • I DON’T TRUST EITHER ONE OF THEM– HITLARY OR TRUMP. Hitlary means war with Russia and the elites screwing us out of everything even more. And Trump scares me too– afraid he will be like a dictator– austerity, taking away social security, etc . I don’t know if I will even vote at all…

          • Taking away social security is a lie that Democrats always tell on Republicans.

            We need some austerity in the federal government. How would that be necessarily be connected to having a dictator rather than a fiscally conservative president?

          • “He scares me..”

            Grow a sack, you sound like a fussy old woman.

            • No kidding, since when are we scared of the government? Bunch of nancy boys afraid of the dark.

          • Those who know Trump personally (including Rush Limbaugh) think he’s a great guy and would make a good President. I don’t believe all this hype about Hitler, Mussolini, etc. On the other hand, the Government is looking more corrupt by the day.

          • Hillary has a clear record of lying and deception. She is a known quantity, and she is evil and a known criminal.

            To hear people say Trump can’t be trusted, even though they have nothing to support that, but a guess.

            Let me say several former business partners of Trump all say a handshake from Donald Trump is better than a contract! It doesn’t get any better than that in the business world.

            Please tell us clearly why we can’t trust Trump or just STFU!

            • Totally agree with think Twice!

            • My plan is to vote for Trump and then remember my Oath. If he is not who I think he is the its SHTF!

              • There won’t be an election. TPTB will cancel it when they finally realize that Trump will win by a mile. False flag, economic collapse, WWIII. Take your pick. Possibly an EMP. Baba Vanga (1911-1996) prophesied that America will elect a black president, and he will be the last president. She had an 85% success rate on her prophesies.

                • Election Day is 100 days away.

                • What if the “last president” prophesy falls into Vanga’s 15% failure rate?

                  • Then raindrops shall fall upon your head…

              • My plan too, Semper Fi. USMC 1968

              • I would rather vote for Trump than some wigged out, pill poppin, psycho bitch, with her finger on the button. Everyone has heard how she has treated people when Bill and her were in the White House. Thats how she is, its her nature, she has a problem. Mental and physical.

            • The things he says today- when has he believed them in the past? He was for Hillary and the likes of Nancy Pelosi before he was against them. Sure people can change, I just can’t find his pivot point. I hope he is genuine, but he could be a foil to ensure Hillary becomes the Wicked Witch of the West Wing.

              • Scott Todd, i look at this election from this view point, that whoever wins this election is going to be putting at least’s 3, maybe 5 judges on the supreme court. With Hillary we know for a fact that the judges she will put on the court will do away with our guns. Plus those liberal judges will be on that court for upwards of 30 years or more. So their liberal court rulings will not only have a profound effect on our lives, but on our kids lives, and on our grand kids lives. So are you willing to risk our nations fate that Hillary could win, I’m NOT!

            • plan twice,
              AMEN to what you said!! it is plain as daylight!! IF your head is screwed on correctly!!

            • AMEN BROTHER!

          • It’s two bag choice, each contains a snake. One bag, is a Black Mamba with no anti-serum and you are going to die painfully. The other, a snake, but could be venomous or your pet corn snake variety. I’m going for the possibility of a pet corn snake, since the Hillary choice is a painful death for the next Generation. You never Trump people need to set aside your principles long enough to realize, you will help Hillary by not swallowing your pride long enough to get us out of the Clinton-Obama-Bush era of corruption and destruction. Even if just for four years.

          • I am not naieve. The difference I’m making is that Hillary & Bill have had a plan set for individual power, $$$ and globalization, as exemplified by his NAFTA..and if you get one, you get 2 for the price of one! Really? He’s the first impeached POTUS and has been disbarred!!!

            Disaster is on the horizion for America, regardless as to who wins! Got that?

            Trump at least slows down the train, the first real businessman in modern times and says what most Americans are thinking!

            Have you noticed how MSM has turned on him with a vile vengeance? George S. should ask Hillary the same questions about “relationships” with Putin. Remember, she’s the one who did the pay for play and gave Russia/Putin 20% of our nuclear materials (don’t know name)! I’d be more interested.

            They are doing everything to distract from the content of the DNC emails!!! Good show! Time for another MAJOR dump!

            See what I mean? Thought so!

        • They didn’t have flags out that first night, because they were afraid the far left would “bern” them.

        • actually, your’e not far off. after three days with nary an American flag in sight, suddenly they appear along with chants of “USA” and talk designed to stir patriotism. They see it working for Trump and want a piece of the action

        • Anyone notice Hillary’s WHITE pants suit ??? How racist can you get ??? 🙂

          • The shitstains in the back make it not racist…

      2. A country’s government is a true reflection of its people.

        • So we’re all effin crazy? That explains a whole lot of things.

          • LOL! If we’re not crazy now, we sure will be by November!

      3. I tell you Hillary is “in like Flynn”. Just might as well wrap your noggin’ around the fact.

        • Yep yep and yep. Stay quiet Be smart

        • Yep, and all anyone is going to do about it is pound on the keyboard and bitch about it, then go to work, continue paying taxes and complying with BS laws, and more bitching, but not doing anything about it. Same shit different year…

          • Comment in moderation, WTF?

            • You realize it’s your foul language that gets you moderated. 1+1=2

              I’ve seen you here before, and you ain’t figured it out yet….. LMAO

        • Sorta makes ya want to just walk away dont it

          • yup.

          • to where, exactly? Globalism is a disease. You can leave the cancerous region only to find its metastasized to your location, and THEN its too late to stop. Youre terminal.

            Cut the tumor out NOW.

        • It will only take 35,000 fraudulent votes to steal the election. She only has to steal the election in Ohio. That is the only state that matters and it will put her over the top.

          She knows it, do you think she will be able to get $35,000 fraudulent votes?

          • that’s one hell of a Freudian slip with the accidental $ 😉

          • Numbers are important.
            If a disgruntled voter stays home the difference is only one vote for the person they leaned toward.

            If a Hillary voter switches to trump, the difference between then is two votes, Hillary loses one, trump gains one. Swing votes are huge since they are a “two for”.

            The Democrat machine has never had qualms about voter fraud. They have fought voter ID requirements tooth and nail to keep that edge.

            For Obama the votes cast in some minority precincts exceeded the eligable voting population significantly. Will Blacks go out on a limb and commit massive voter fraud crimes for Hillary like they did for Obama? It’s going to get crazy.

            • About 30 years ago I voted in a run-off election for a local constable’s race. The vote came out 172 to 173.

              So, yes, one vote counts.

        • Last night I got that feeling. And Trump keeps looking like a putz when he opens his mouth (“I want to “hit” some people”). When he rambles and schmoozes he reminds me of a Vitalis smelling car salesman.
          God help us all

        • Last night I got that feeling. And Trump keeps looking like a putz when he opens his mouth (“I want to “hit” some people”). When he rambles and schmoozes he reminds me of a Vitalis smelling car salesman.
          God help us all

        • Aye, and the only way to prevent massive election fraud is to adopt the Canadian system – paper ballots with scrutinized counting. Electronic voting WILL BE HACKED.

      4. The odds are stacked against the Donald. He has to win every battleground state whereas ‘the felon’ only has to win one of the states. I anticipate overwhelming popular vote for DJT. He may thump her 15-20 million votes, but lose the Electoral vote, the one that counts. What happens after that, remains to be seen. Heaven help us.

        • The defections within the Democrat camp to Trump will be huge due to the Free Trade issue. I say this from personal observation. I know a lot of blue collar Democrats in general and my wifes family are all retired or former UAW workers including Union Officials. All of them have never voted Republican in their life. Reagan was Hitler to them. My own father 94 years old voted for FDR in 1942 and has never voted for a Republican at the Federal Level, actually not beyond local. All are voting for Trump.

          Landslide too large to stop.

          • I have to agree. I don’t like Trump, But I don’t like Hillary worse. That seems to be the theme of everyone in my family (Hardcore Dems for the last 60 years, some of them) and everyone I talk to on a personal level. I don’t agree with the polling… EVERYONE is voting not for Trump… but against Hillary.

      5. I watched a bit of that phony extravaganza, nauseating comes first to mind to describe it. Shillary is a continuation of the coup, the video and the music accompaniment touting her extreme magnificence was just too much to stomach. Sane people with even a smidgen of awareness would reject this corrupt liar in a heartbeat. Sadly sanity has morphed into chanting dumbed down zombies. These sociopaths are so good at stealing elections and the hoodwinked masses are so damn stupid.

        • i couldn’t watch one second of it, pant suits creep me out severely

      6. Watching those videos was tough and sickening for me. It feels like 1992 all over again. If the hildebeast is ‘selected’, it’s all over for the US. Keep stacking and praying.

        • Brave,

          Augusto Pinochet had a similar speech in Chile and less than 24 hours after his security forces killed 12000 Chilean opposition in their soccer stadium.

          The zombies who were crying as this bitch was talking truly don’t know what is awaiting for them. They are uneducated and simply don’t understand that this bitch is handpicked by the Soros and the Rothchilhd’s many years ago.

          Now the dilemma for the patriots is to stay and get killed or to leave the J…SA but where to go.

          • Stolz, there’s no dilemma for me. I’m staying and fighting. No running away for me. There’s really no other choice for patriots. Americans are not really welcome anywhere else in the world. take your pick. enemies everywhere.

            • Indeed Brave. Indeed. Same here as far as staying and the fight ahead.

            • seconded. I’m here till the end.

          • Dare to Dream that the Republican Party could muster enough patriots to “eliminate” 12,000 SJW’s and Semitic progressive enemies of America. I’d volunteer for the T.R.U.M.P. brigade! (Transnational Reunification Multi-National Progrom).

          • Now the dilemma for the patriots is to stay and get killed or to leave the J…SA but where to go.

            I have the invitation to leave any time I want.

            I’m not going ANYWHERE. This is MY home, and I’ll fight for it, I don’t care how many collectivists/SJW’s/democrats I have to kill.

            I know what the leftists stand for. A hundred, a thousand, a million, it doesn’t matter… I look at my kids, and compare their lives to all those leftists…? And I’ll happily kill every God-damned leftist/collectivist/democrat/SJW I can get my hands on… I’ll kill ALL of them, if that’s what it takes for my kids to grow up safe.

            F%%k Hillary. If she wins, we end up in CW2 tout de suite. If Trump wins, we *might* turn it around… but if not, than we go CW2. No loss.

        • play a porno sound track in the background and it all syncs in rather well.

        • Given that our Founding Fathers were willing to (and some did) give their lives to create a dream called America, it makes me want to vomit to hear that if Hillary is nominated, which is “a given” since The Clintons are involved.

          I get doubly sickened when I read or hear from folks that she will mark the absolute end of America. The end of freedom and the end of about everything else except what Hillary wants. (And Muslims and all others who have nothing at all to do with The USA but feel they have the right to determine what we will and won’t be)? Fuck’em. The U.N. (fuck’em) The NWO (fuck’em) The US Government (Fuck’em). All the ABC Agencies and THEIR agendas? (Fuck’em All, each and every one, and do away with them all as not a one of them are worthy of remaining in service …especially as treasonous, lying, thieving and murders sobs that they are and will always be if allowed to remain).

          Since when does the whole damned world revolve around Hillary Clinton and what the old hag wants? We want a REAL president and we are “sick and fucking tired” of our present POTUS and what he’s created out of the federal government.

          We the people need only to DENY HER THAT OVAL OFFICE (in whatever “ways or means” become necessary), simultaneously ousting the remainder of “public servants” (they are NOT “better than you” nor do any of them remotely have the right to say “KILL THEM” …meaning US!).

          As elected, public servants, as The Constitution points out explicitly, are severely bound in what they can and cannot do. So how is it they have more power than ourselves? They shouldn’t …yet it appears that they do, or have ‘duped’ the people into believing that the government is ‘stronger’ than We The People.

          I think it is long past time to put these fucking people back in the chairs they were originally hired to fill, and eliminate the waste, fraud and all other bullshit THEY have brought into “politics”. America does NOT NEED POLITICS NOR POLITICIANS. It needs “direction and motivation.” Neither is going to come from The US Government as they are hell-bent on making us a 3rd World Nation (or worse if they can manage a way to do it).

          Police are not even mentioned in The Constitution. We The People at one time WERE OUR OWN POLICE, and when there was trouble in our neighborhood, those same people of the neighborhood took care of the problem (no need for police, lots less prisons and people in them ‘doing time’ over insane infractions that are more misdemeanor than criminal …but those two words are the products and inventions of Uncle Sam, they didn’t exist when America was “launched” (not to my knowledge), so, it is just another complexity tossed in by “public servants” who devised a slow but sure way to dominate the very ones who elected them as public servants. Now MOST America believe the government is actually stronger than they are, and have “the power”. WTF? That’s not the way it is at all, yet “all” seem to be playing along with it and act scared as hell to venture FROM “it” (for fear of what)?

          Now-a-days, those same elected servants have given themselves the “right and power” to not only imprison you, even in error, but now they can also shoot your ass extremely dead and completely get away with it. That’s right! Public Servants have elected to give THEMSELVES the power to do anything they want to you, and invented judges and all manner of bullshit to convince you that you haven’t a chance in hell when it comes to The Government and laws. Judges aren’t mentioned in The Constitution are they?

          Aren’t we supposed to be 100% “in our property”? In our cars? Why don’t people in CA have the right to shoot an intruder who fully intends to kill them? (And the people are not remotely “fighting for what The Constitution clearly states can’t even be argued about”)?

          What is most disgusting is to read over and over to “keep prepping and stacking” ….as if nobody is going to do a thing to ensure that NONE OF THIS BULLSHIT comes to fruition? (Except shoot at people who are looking for food)?

          Seems to me that our biggest “fire fights” are going to be against government goons sent out on “one last try” to dominate or wipe us out before they give it up and get out of Dodge. Our Police are NOT going door-to-door in an effort to disarm us.

          Something extremely ‘bad’ would have to be unloosed upon America to “force” Americans who cannot “feign for themselves” to give in totally to The Establishment …with several millions of us completely able to feign for ourselves and maintain a very good lifestyle without ANY outside “suppliers or raw materials” …as it well may get THAT bad, and it could “in a hurry” given the right “disaster” right? Feel free to choose your own disaster. I don’t think they’ve figured one out yet or they’d be lots more talk on anti-gun issues and Bills waiting to be passed illegally.

          For the moment, at least they are smart enough to keep themselves pretty hushed about guns, knowing we’d use them ‘in a heartbeat’ (I hope). If I’m wrong, then America truly IS all but gone, and freedom and all else that was America. That’s a hard pill to swallow …so I’m in a state of denial and intend to die fighting even if we’ve already lost. 🙂 Fuck’em.

          I’m done ‘stacking/prepping’. Now is the time for some extremely serious practice and ‘re-reads’ that I thought would never be needed again …when I retired nearly 25 years ago (wow). That’s the part that really sucks, but at least I had a chance to retire and wasn’t screwed out of one like so many others.

          Y’all stay frosty::::::/\/\/\/\

      7. Good expose however this does not go far enough.

        The American people know something is very wrong but as usual they can’t tear themselves away from trivial and meaningless pursuits (Facebook, Smartphone, Twitter, Instagram , online pornography etc.) long enough to discover the truth.

        The American people will NEVER identify the TRUE ENEMY (Criminal Private Central Banking by the Rothschilds Family, Kuhn, Loeb et al) in time.

        War and False Flags will be used to make sure that the American People never identify the true enemy of all:

        The criminally insane Private Owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE and Bank of International Settlements.

        How many Americans can identify the true enemy ?
        Almost none.

        • I’d write something thoughtful in response, but I’m having a quick one off the wrist to a video on right now.

      8. Gee, ain’t this just the greatest news ever. Hillarys gonna win for sure, yeeeeeah.
        Get with the winning team people.
        Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO.
        No more greedy nasty people and no more big bad guns and everything will be swell. Y’all be thanking her eventually!


      9. this is exactly what long range rifles are all about!

        • NFX

          Naw. Vote Hillary, should remember at all costs, to not become a P.O.W.

        • 1000 yds minimum!

        • NFX
          This is what a federal prison term for you is about. You haven’t even lost the vote yet… and you want to get disqualified before you vote for Puff the Magic Dragon?

      10. With Obama releasing that guy that shot Reagan , l worry that Democrats will use him to shoot Trump . They say this is still crazy over Jody Foster

        • Jody Foster was good looking until she turned out to be a lesbo.

          • Just tell the John Hinckley that Hillaroid “turned” Jodi Foster,and is now dating her.

        • Dusty Fae
          he served his sentence
          wassa matta you?

        • seriously, a deranged 62 year old ex-con who’s already on everybody’s radar is not going to be used to kill the republican candidate.

      11. A stolen election is legitimate grounds for a revolution.

        • Is that why there’s so much fighting in downtown Chicago?! 🙂

          • No, a trainload of watermelons jumped the tracks and there are millions of them everywhere!

      12. hellery is sick and dying. She will likely die within 6 months. When you start getting fluid on you lungs your a gonner. she has heart disease, blood clots and MS. Trump appears to be the lesser evil? Its not gonna get fixed no matter who is elected. I think near this years end the electric power will on purpose be turned off. The bunkers like Mt weather will be occupied. And we will get the civil war-Race war-ethnic cleansing and 90% die off.

        • Agree: I work in healthcare and she does not look well. Just compare how she looked a few years ago. Bill’s not looking too hot either (AIDS?).

          The elite must know these facts and so the question is: who will step in when she dies of ill health? Obama coming back for another ‘Victory lap’ or will it be another elite candidate switched in? I can see Obama biding his time and coming back. He knows, he knows: just look at his body mannerisms: he knows these two old, crusty white folks are not long for the political game and he is still relatively young. Time is on his side.

          • That there’s the stuff nightmares are made of…

          • You’re total sick!

        • Hopefully you are 100% right.

      13. The article cites that moron of morons, Michael Moore, which should be the last resource to reference. The author does have one thing correct however, when stated that only “one person stands between her and the presidency,” and this can only mean Trump. If Trump is assassinated as were so many others who opposed her, who would take his place, Pence???

        No no, WAR is coming, mark my words. An election will NOT take place, get your preps ready to ride, you don’t have much time left.

        • same thing I’ve heard for the last 4 presidential elections.
          No, its not.

          • Agreed. I’ve heard the same crap since Reagan. When can we just stop blabbing about “ZOMG we’re going to suspend the elections”… a suspension of the elections will end up ending the electorate. They don’t want that, so it’ll never happen

        • Well hopefully not too much of this spills over the Canadian border. I am prepped and ready myself, but I fear for my countrymen in the big cities along the US border. The good news is that we may have to curtail Syrian refugees to make room for American refugees.

        • Bonefortoona, damn right about Moore. He’s Michael MORON in my book.

          • BH? You mean that fat worthless slob that cries for the poor yet lives in a mansion? That Michael Moore?

      14. I doubt she will expire before her first term is over if elected, er scratch that, first term is over after being planted into herr hag position. It will be so fixed as to appear a landslide.

        • It may well be done in that manner (they make it appear to be a landslide, which is impossible), just to hopefully piss us off enough to commence with some political housecleaning, and THEN it may be that she’s elected BUT because that the “housecleaning” provoked Obama into calling in Martial Law she’ll not be given office, and may well pass-away leaving Obama right where’d he’d love to stay until America is 3rd World ‘bottom of the heap’.

          Then again, calling in Martial Law would be to call in a Revolution as well, or at least that’s what I’d be looking for to happen and looking for to participate in. No damn way am I leaving this planet until we’ve fixed this nation so that our children do NOT fall into the hands of these insaniac politicians with far too much stolen money and stolen power to EVEN be in the positions they have created for themselves.

          You won’t find ANY of their ‘seats’ in The Constitution ….thousands upon thousands of them ‘they’ have created for the betterment of ‘them’ (never us, ALWAYS them), and I repeat to now look at what we have! We have “public servants” who have placed themselves into position of greater powers than We The People who elected them to office (except that the greater majority weren’t elected into where they are. They magically appeared there due to a myriad of reasons to continually increase the size, scope and breadth of The Machine, which has now outgrown itself and needs a great deal of housecleaning and rescaling …back down to what it was at the beginning, when THE STATES told the federal government what to do and then they did it, and they had very little “pull” as the federal government. Today, it is attempting to conquer the world …pathetically, but attempting none-the-less.

          That’s another reason they must be put out and off the farm. Can’t be trusted so they’ll HAVE to be slain “by their own actions” against the United States of America when they Oathed NOT to ever do such heinous crime(s). *Now the vogue thing to do is commit treason against The United States …because there is no punishment or even a light reprimand for doing so. You can also commit perjury, lie to Congress as much as you like, and lie to the entire world, to “ensure” that her lying, cheating ass gets to be President. Unless she too is about to be screwed by “The Establishment” – which would be a beautiful ending (bad for us either way, but it would be a riot to see her fucked right out of The Oval Office due to Obama calling Martial Law at the last second, let’s say due to an attack on America and 100% Loss Of Power on the grid “coast to coast.”

          That’s very plausible isn’t it?

          She’s SAYS she will do away with ALL guns “in short order.” There have been MANY presidents say the very same, and all have failed to include Obama. He’s sold more guns than all other presidents combined, or it would seem that he has. heheh…

          Hitlery is ill and failing? That’s wonderful news to my ears and imho she can’t go down the damn tubes fast enough. (When she hits hell the sun will probably throw the largest solar flare in history and burn Bill’s crank off or weld it shut. lol…

      15. we are done for. look at trump. if only he would keep his mouth shut. egomaniac, I got that. But when he goes out during impromptu interviews with media and says he wanted to “punch some of the DNC delegates I feel despair and a great sense off loss for my family. We will have to fight whats coming or die trying.

        I refuse to allow my family to be rounded up and sent to FEMA camps for disposal without fighting back. So sad we allowed this by being too busy keeping up with the jones and thinking our leaders would be there for us.

        • CJ
          Never seen anyone work as hard as Trumpster to lose a presidential election and he likely will. I would have liked a great candidate out of the Reds… didn’t happen.

      16. For all that tout the whore is going to get this election just remember that her election will result in a devastating civil war. How are you going to explain to your grandchildren why this whore was elected. Perhaps a real jihad against those of the electorial college, those who maintain the voting machines and all demonrats no matter if they are family members who vote for this bitch. Oh an for those who think that all some of us do is type and complain, yesterday went to the range and tweeked the scopes on various rifles which are ready to go at a moments notice. Some of us still remember what it was like to be free. Couldn’t care less when they float Nazi type ideas that someone in authority gets one right between the eyes from about 100 plus yards. Once it starts that whore and her cohorts will flee this country so fast. I am sick of hearing how the results are already a given without waiting, perhaps when they have a debate, Trump will make her have a stroke right on stage and die like the filthy murderous whore that she really is. Heading into town to get some more ammo for if that whore does steal the election then its all over but burying or burning the bodies. Note this demonrats, you will be my target for the destruction of our once great republic by your acceptance of this filthy cunt licking whore and her band of evil democrat bastards.

        • Nam

          Hillary would rather die than give up. Trump has to push it. What a sight to see her head spin like that last video, on a National Presidential Debate.

          It would be “Miller Time”.

      17. Do a WEB search for these comments:
        47 deaths of Clinton friends …or barbells crushing throat of former U.N. Diplomat John Ashe (day before he was to testify about bribery 6/23/16) …or Operation Zero Footprint …or MH17 evidence shows two Ukrainian fighters … or Biden’s Son Ukraine Oil Deal (May 2014) …or Clinton, Bush, Romney, Mena Airport Drug Drops …or Cash flows to Clinton Foundation from Russian Uranium Deal…or Clinton friend Fethullah Gulen, Pocono Mountain, PA …or Hillary Middle East contacts (funding Clinton funds) starting ISIS and coup in Turkey …or Hillary’s huge scandal list 25 and the then “The Clinton-Cash-movie” on Utube as ‘ /watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM ’ which details
        You can easily add a dozen more. Her real body count could easily exceed 100 and you wonder why Bernie Drops out. I just found Democrats answer to their great economy. “57-Nation Coalition” to sink our dollar

      18. When is someone gonna get smart and start voting grom the rooftops?

      19. I have a feeling Putin will stop her. She will get hit by a nano-drone, come down with symptoms associated with a heart attack. The Russians would rather take the chance now then put up with her maniacal bullshit in the future.

      20. well the political game is as fake as the as the financial game.

      21. And in 8 years when Chelsea becomes president , you clowns will still be acting like the shots gonna hit the fan at any moment !!!
        Understand this ……what you see now is what you will see in another 8 years when Chelsea is president !! Most of you fools will die clinging to your doom

        • Not MY shots. I drink them too fast…

      22. Comparing Hillary to a J*wish communist pedophile.

      23. Just like Mr. Trump said “The whole thing is rigged” !

        • Funny thing is, the Democrats think Putin might try to hack the voting systems that are not closed systems in favor of Trump. At least that is what they are saying. Maybe they are trying to find their own way in, under the guise of checking it out?

      24. Hmm. Could that “GMO experiment” be somehow related to the rise of Zika in Florida?

        Millions of GMO insects could be released in Florida Keys – January 2015

        “Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases.”

        “Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S. neighborhood.”

        The experiment…
        “…using a mosquito as a drug to cure disease,”

        ht tp://

        • From what Hillary has already indicated, Russia would not have much of a choice other than to make a very well placed set of first strikes, and annihilate the entire country where it counts the most. Political targets and the power grid (at least).

          What would follow that would about like it is in The Middle East right now, nobody knows their left from their right nor what’s happening next. Looks like our government is “working a lot of people globally aren’t they”? I really wonder what in the hell ‘gives’ with all this seemingly insane shit that would have happened for all the tea in China 20 years ago.

          I can certainly say that life has never held a dull moment thus far, and I’m 59 and, I think, still chugging at it strong.

      25. If that witch wins you know the whole thing is crooked !
        Wouldn’t surprise me one bit !

        • Marine, we ate some of the same dirt. Yeah, it’s crooked as a mountain road, otherwise, how in hell would they have let an obvious criminal “on all counts” “walk away” from any justice at all, and then take office as president.

          It all makes Hogan’s Goat look like a precision movement.

          • Hogan s goat

            Legend has it that Hoek Hogan, a European farmer, was responsible for an incomprehensibly hideous creation. The year was 1855. Apparently, farmer Hogan had bred a goat so smelly and ugly that people remember it today, honoring the poor creature with the phrase Hogan s goat, which they use to refer to something that has been screwed up beyond all recognition. Don t touch my car s engine! You don t know what you re doing, and you will screw it up like Hogan s goat.

      26. What’s more scary? Cankles or the people that will actually vote for her? The thought of a population either as corrupts as she is or just plain to dumbed down to notice is frightening.

      27. So sad to see Hillary these days. She was hot once. Great body and lovely face and smile. She seems unwell and desperate to prove something. When she wins, she will be plagued with health problems and overwhelmed by the job.

        The conflicts she will unleash will even overwhelm her. On the plus side, all those Pokemon obsessed kids will be drafted to fight those wars and will have to serve alongside the millions and millions of crazy Muslims that will pack out Western armies. Grim times ahead under Hill.

        • And all the Hispanics that are supporting her and the Party of “Love” will get stuck paying off the high debt the politicians have run up, even while globalization takes all but the service jobs out of the country.

      28. Grandpa was a lifelong republican, but ever since he died he’s been voting straight Democrat, in four counties!

      29. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Hilary was already selected to be the next president of the United States when the little secret meeting between her, Obuttma and the Bilderberg group took place YEARS earlier.

      30. That is BS. The Democratic party just got split in half if not more and not in her favor. We as citizens would need to demand a recount and using voter ID. The polls are fixed as an illusion. The Democrats paid welfare people $50 to fill the seats after the 3,000 delegates walked out!!! Lol Any state or city issuing ID’s fraudulently need to have charges brought apoun them for fraud & aiding and a bedding known criminals. Obama is also guilty of this!!! Think about it!

      31. On the subject of Hillary again. If she does win, it will be extremely close in my opinion. If not, there will be a marked victory for Trump. And that’s because of folks like us who refuse to answer polls anymore. I’ll vote, yes. But I also will continue to prep. Let’s face it… life on earth has never been all that good. We are all headed to the worms, rich and poor alike.
        But Hillary looks to be ahead in that line. And watching Bill last night?! Oh, my. There was one shot were he was sitting with his mouth open in a trance like stare. All that was missing was the drool. And yes, he does look like he has a wasting illness at this point. There is a difference between being trim and slim and wasted.
        But you all know the Clintons have access to the finest medical care availabe, and you know that she was pumped up with some chemical confidence last night for her big party. She had a seizure on camera a few days ago… so the veil slipped for a moment. And here is the biggest thing… you know that in addition to having a personal hairdresser, makeup artist, and valet- she is well able to afford a personal chef. A good chef can make delicious low carb meals… Hillary could have been svelte by now (eliminating a lot of her pantsuit critiques) if she had the self control to follow a healthy regimin. She has all the money and tools at her disposal but she and Bill look like Jack Spratt and his wife. This suggests to me they are eating at different tables or that Bill has a tapeworm or AIDS. Obama was a smoker, but he was a lot younger than Hillary. Trump could stand to lose some weight too, but I haven’t seen him seize or have coughing fits during the campaign. Again, all the cards could fall if she had an episode of illness prior to November. And I don’t expect the pressure to let up on her. Last night may have been a shining moment for Ms. Arkansas who likes to pretend she’s a Cosmopolitan lass, but there’s a long way to go before she puts her hand on THAT Bible.

        • I have had several high-level, high-power jobs over the years. The pace was relentless and I had to workout pretty well every night to maintain the physical stamina to do my job. People who didn’t do that, and just ate and drank to cope with the stress, got fatter and fatter until they had to quit over health problems.

          I agree: by this point in the campaign Hillary, with all the resources available to her, should be in amazing shape, not hiding her obese body with elasticated pant suits. She had the potential to be looking in better shape (as she did in the past) but she is not doing it now. And, yes, clearly she is not eating the same food as Bill. Nor is Chelsea, who is horsey in appearance but has a great body and keeps fit.

          Hillary could have access to the best in medical and nutritional advice for older folks and should look ripped and glow with health.

          Bill doesn’t look thin/healthy but thin/weak and wan. Like there is a wasting disease going to work on him.

          Obama IS a smoker/toker/coke tooter but he works out and keeps himself in good shape. His wife, I do not know: if she is working out, then she needs a different routine because that butt is out of control.

          Trump was a sleek and handsome dude back in the late 90s. He could do with a better workout and nutrition regime but he looks robust and fighting fit.

          I can’t see Hillary handling the pace if she becomes President. She was barely able to keep it together when she was Secretary of State, stumbling up the steps to the plane.

      32. Karma will get her!

      33. I believe the country is too far gone to be healed.
        These next few months will expand the divide to a chasm that can not be bridged, whomever wins the election.
        Let’s not fool ourselves.
        Between the internal and external influences there is not much hope.

        Prep for War.

        • I do believe that you are right.

      34. The only hope for America and true Americans is the restoration of the republic and the complete and total end of the District of Columbia corporation aka United States. The charade of the elections is all for the corporation. The current president is a corporate president only and all have been since the DC corporation was created back in 1871. The last election that followed the constitution for the united states of America was in 1860.


        Clinton Cash

        is a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book that the New York Times hailed as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle.”

        Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.

        *Link to buy the book that inspired the movie*:

      36. “No One Can Stop Her”.

        Because the TRUTH has ALREADY stopped her.

        (Even though many are inclined to Mistakenly believe it would take a ‘person’!)

        The Truth is stronger than any of us.

        The more who live in the Truth constitute a SEA of people.

        Live in the Truth.

        Bask in the Truth.

        Make your life completely Truth-ful.

        To paraphrase Gandhi, be the Truth you want to see in the world (instead of repeating the lies of non-Truthers).

        “The truth shall set you free.” – Christ

        – the Lone Ranger

      37. I am going to vote republican, even though I think this whole Dem/Rep scam is two heads on the same snake.

      38. Obama said it… Trump will not be president. I hate to say it also but he is right. Watch what happens now and at the count. Trump does NOT make it. It’s all a game and faked. She is the next one. Sad country will play u till the very end.

        • “The gay (homosexual) black hustler is a fixture of modern America. First observed in the early 20th century as rural blacks moved to urban areas and acquired the fast money of the ‘Roaring 1920s’, the gay black hustler would often be notable for his outlandish suits and flamboyant footwear. Wide brimmed hats were the norm, while suits would vary from hot pink ‘Zoot’ suits to pinstripe affairs with lavish suspenders and bright white spats worn over perma-polished black shoes. The clothing seemed to be mocking white business attire, as well as the precisely tailored clothing worn by America’s New England elites. These shakedown artists would work the saloon bars and gambling joints in their gaudy garb, using their wit, charm and good looks and gay sex appeal to swindle both black and white men and women of their cash.

          Today, we see many examples of this iconic American archetype throughout our society and culture. The 1993 film Six Degrees of Separation, where a gay black Will Smith dupes a pretentious older white couple in Manhattan, has many parallels to some of today’s high-level relationships. With a little imagination, one can see something of this hustler relationship occurring in the toxic battles for the US Presidency…”

          From ‘Discourses in American Archetypes’, Random House, 2016

          by Nathanial William Jefferson Washington the Third
          Camille Paglia Professor of Contemporary American Culture
          Harvard University

      39. The BREXIT vote result was fixed down to 52% because it’s easy to fix numbers but we won by such a wide margin that they dare not quite go as far as to swing the majority as losing the vote and will just play along for time.

        Sorry but “Team Trump” will be expected to say we played, we lost and will behave like good sports when the game was fixed and won even before the football was kicked.

        Bill and Hillary are Mafia bosses working for the bankers who also control Congress so nothing will stop them and it just takes us closer to the day where a full on revolution will see them all tried for treason in courts that the public own and not like the ones we have today that let Tony Blair and his war lies go unpunished along with US police that murder US citizens are let of scot free.

        Viva le reber-loution

      40. The election is Trumps to lose. He possibly only ran to disrupt the republican party. Now he possibly will pull a PEROT and sabotage his own campaighn.

      41. All of those illegals the communist in the Oval Office is brining into the country are being registered to vote and will get absentee ballots. You will not even know they voted. I predict a civil war in the US by the end of 2017 because of the Democrats destroying the freedoms and liberties enumerated in the Bill Of Rights.

        • Civil war or race war the way things are going, that is unless hitlary nukes everything first or has everyone rounded up already.

      42. If you hate Islam and all it stands for then I suggest you vote Trump.
        Don’t be deceived… Islam wants your head!

      43. Books we would like to see after the election:

        As Gay As the Day is Long: My Eight Happy Years in the Obama White House: San Francisco bon vivant Bruce Chardonney takes readers on a flamboyant sachet through the Obama Administration’s sparkled eight years of LGBT empowerment.
        Polka Dot Press

        Bend for a Friend: Strengthening Ties with America’s Strongest Ally, Saudi Arabia: By Dr. Henry Kissinger, this deeply thought work of geopolitics challenges notions Saudi Arabia is run by a bunch of desert dwelling dirt bags and asserts, in fact, Saudis are America’s greatest friends (after Israel).
        Atlantic Council Press

        Raping and Feasting: A Homeboys Recollections of Air Drops to Radical Islamists: A Loadmaster with the US Airforce for 20 years and native of Detroit, Malcolm Muhammed Wilson brings a joyous levity to his account of tearful and heartwarming fighting days with the brave men known as ISIS.
        Harper Collins

        I Got’s Me an Obamy-Phone!!: Lucendra Wilson was much mocked when she first excitedly presented her free cell phone back in 2010. But, just six years later, she now runs a 20 billion dollar app maker with branch offices around the world. Living on welfare, Lucinda became empowered by her first free cell phone and it spurred her to burn her EBT card and go to Silicon Valley with her last 100 dollars and drum up $2 million from a group of socially concerned venture capitalists and friends of Peter Thiel. This book is one part classic American boot-strap tale, and other part guide for anyone looking to make it in the digital 21st century.
        Chicken Soup for the Soul Press

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