No Housing Bubble? Man Rents out Tent for $1000 a Month in CA

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at The Daily Sheeple.


    Ever since the housing market crashed in 2007/2008, and proceeded to recover in the years since, California has been the poster child of the latest housing bubble. This bubble appears to be partly fueled by the Bay Area’s tech bubble, as thousands flock to Silicon Valley to create startups and intern for large companies like Google. In short, real estate and rent has gone absolutely bonkers because of this, and for proof, you need not look any further than this story from Mountain View, CA.

    A man living in his parents house (because of course he can’t afford his own place) joked that rents had become so high that people would probably be willing to rent out a tent. So he decided to try it, and posted an ad for a Coleman tent on Airbnb. His ad stated that the renter would be paying for a 9′ by 7′ tent, which was very close to Caltrans and Google X. His initial offer of $20 per night (which included letting the renters use his shower and eat indoors) quickly ballooned to $46 per night, or almost $1000 a month.

    What’s more shocking is that this isn’t an isolated case. Airbnb has an entire page dedicated to tent rentals in California. I suppose it won’t be long before America starts spawning the most expensive shanty towns in the world.

    Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger.

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      1. Wow, I’m in the wrong business! Wonder what the renters do for a living?

        • Surprised nothing on the Greece situation on this site so far today. Went to my bank today and got out some cash. Bank employee commented that there were a lot of people making cash withdrawals today but seemed clueless as to why.

          Folks, stack and stock accordingly..

          • I can hook up anyone to a three room cave, fresh water spring, fresh air with the scent of pine, all the firewood you can chop, and all the wildlife you can eat for $1,000 a month. No wifi. No lease.

            4×4 required. 🙂

            • BYOB. 🙂

              • The new defininition of BYOB as defined by the supreme court would be “bring your own butt buddie”.
                Too many b,s i guess , but just hadta say it.
                You wanna rent even a cave anymore?
                Damn , my spare chicken coop is even off limits.

                • Hammerhead:

                  Your BYOB explanation sure gave me a good laugh. Thanks!

              • ill take that, if i can pay you with labor!

            • Do ya take section 8? 🙂

          • Silver Lodge, be sure to see the report from Manos following the article “Central Bank of Central Banks Says.”

            • The whole world has gone off a goddamn cliff.
              And here I thought I had it bad getting 10-12 hours
              a week and living with my parents.

              Theres no money to be made, theres no meaningful long term opportunity. Everythings gone to shit.

              I can’t imagine a future anymore. it’s just more bad news each day.
              This is fucking insane.

        • Here, half the town lives out doors. They no longer call it being homeless– its called living outdoors. Old men, young women, old women, and families… live out in the forests. I talk to them all the time. Most are really good, decent people. A few are not. Rooms are now $600/month–for a f– room! So yeah, people are fighting back, saying, “go screw yourself– I am not going to spend every penny of my income for a place to live!!” People don’t have to charge that much for a room! they do it out of greed! I have talked to them– I know! ITs all about greed! I lived in my SUV for two years because I refused to pay most of my social security check for a crappy room! (Then my SUV got towed!!):( Now, I rent a room.. but don’t know how long can go this route– things are becoming more dire by the day.

          • How about you get a job you dirty bumb

            • reminds me of a great Glen Campbell song:

              “I dip my cup of soup back from a gurglin’ cracklin’ cauldron
              In some train yard
              My beard a rustlin’ coal pile
              And a dirty hat pulled low across my face
              Through cupped hands ’round a tin can
              I pretend to hold you to my breast and find
              That you’re waitin’ from the back roads
              By the rivers of my memory
              Ever smilin’, ever gentle on my mind”

              Although its not so funny when you really take a look at the availiable jobs out there…….

        • Wonder how much revenue could be generated from a junk yard of abandoned cars? Move over Trump.

      2. I looked at AirBnB because I did not know what it was. It basically is a classified section for personal houses that people rent out rooms like a hotel.

        Seems like a neat idea, but there is no way I would welcome a stranger to spend the night in my house.

        • John , airbnb has a downside :
          ht tp://

          There are alot of these stories online , scary .

      3. I have a large closet for rent with bathroom and microwave benefits.

      4. I might look into this. A thousand dollars a month per tent, and I have room for six tents in my backyard. I would even get nicer tents than those cheap ones so I couldn’t get accused of being a slum lord. The only problem is my house is not in California to charge that much. I wonder how much vacant lots go for in California……

        • In all seriousness, this is just sad. Look at how far we have fallen.

          • True Kfilly!

      5. the party is OVER

        Kunstler: Systemic Turmoil, Structural Reform

        h ttp://

        “All this trouble with money comes from one meta problem: aggregate industrial growth has ended. It has stopped more in some parts of the world than others, while in the USA it has actually been contracting. The cause is simple: the end of cheap energy, oil in particular. At over $70-a-barrel the price kills economies; under $70-a-barrel the price kills oil production. The bottom line is that, in the broadest sense, the world can no longer count on getting more stuff, except waste, garbage, political unrest, and the other various effects of entropy. From now on, there is only less of everything for a global population that has not stopped growing. The folks on-board are still having sex, of course, which has a certain byproduct.

        This dynamic was plain to see a decade ago, but the people who run finance and governments thought it would be a good idea to maintain the appearance of growth via the usufruct mechanisms of central banking: ZIRP, QE, market intervention, and universal accounting fraud. It’s not working so well. Debt was generated in place of the missing growth, and now there is too much of it that can’t be repaid on a coherent schedule. Many nations, parties, and entities are in trouble with debt and the prospective defaults are starting to pile up like SUVs on a fog-bound highway. Greece is just the first one fishtailing into a guard-rail.”

        collapse is a process
        it is on-going
        we ain’t seen nothing yet

        • Satori:
          You hit it out of the park, the collapse is in progress.
          So hold on it is going to get very rough, very soon I’m afraid!;-{
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      6. Well I don’t know about you guys but I do believe that after the events of the past week and the stock market has dropped 2% today I think we are finally seeing what we have been preparing for I pray that you all are safe and I hope to hear you guys again when we get thru this troubled times

        • Maybe so RMg, I wouldn’t bet a penny on it though.

      7. The Greeks are limited to $67.00 a day from their ATM’s They are about to file bankruptcy.
        Can’t find work here and our markets have like four different bubbles ready to burst we are renting out tents in the USA to people that can’t afford a house.
        Just read article that China is about to collapse just like Russia did.
        So is the end for the stock markets at hand and the big crash near? I would say yes.
        Time for the crash about 3 months, I pray that I’m wrong.
        Good luck my friends keep prepping, praying, stock up on a way to stay warm, it just might get real cold this coming winter and your powder dry.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      8. Everyone, you know we’re in trouble when someone literally has a TENT TO RENT OUT. I pray that doesn’t become a trend, but I’m not holding my breath. NO WAY I’ll rent out any space in my home to some stranger. If I ended up having anything missing from there, I’d have to ‘ventilate’ someone. Just keep stacking.

        • Braveheart
          This is a little off topic:
          My friends are not going to sleep in no stinking tent!!!
          I bought some property next to me the house was a mess I had to tear down, but the garage was savable. I have fixed one half of it up just for people to stay in if needed. I could use both halves if it gets real bad.
          It has a wood burning stove for heat a small propane stove and oven from a small camper and a place to shower and a toilet that will feed directly in to a mine shaft that is 80 feet below ground level and I think it runs 3/8 to 1/2 mile north and south, an old coal mine shaft.
          That will beat any tent any day. So I will not worry about anything missing unless they think they can get something for a bunch of kids toys, canning jars, yard ornaments and tree stands.
          I have the same set up with the little propane stove is in my other garage, with my coalman camp stoves. That garage could be converted into a place to live also, it has a wood burner in it, but no rest/bath room.
          My boys their wives and my grandkids will be in the house, fire place, wood stove, bath rooms.
          That should work when TSHTF.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • NR, the BOL I’m going to is no tent, far from it. A cabin with fireplace and insert, full solar setup when the grid goes, well with hand pump for backup, sits on 30 acres. One part of the property borders on a year-round creek with good fishing and some of the best tasting water once it’s been filtered. Rainwater collection system with barrels and filters on the cabin. Plenty of game and a lifetime supply of firewood. Once I bugout to there, that’s where I’ll be for life. I’ll make it thru post-SHTF.

            • Braveheart;
              Sound great,I might have to look you up after TSHTF!;-}

      9. Just finished sighting in my AR 15. My new occupation will be “tent sniper” just got to get a camo tent.

      10. This U.S. economy needs a housing price collapse to line up with the actual income all present workers are receiving. Failing that, much cheaper shelter options need to be accepted nationwide to reflect reality. Makeshift dwellings besides woods living is in dire need right now. Ignore those who fear dwindling property values and those who are not in my back yard blowhards. Humanity begs for a solution to the lack of affordable housing. Their is no dirtier word than landlord in today’s America.

        • “There is no dirtier word than landlord in today’s America.”

          …except politician, president and hillary clinton.

      11. Hawaii county for years has charged $21 per non-resident adult per night. $6 per adult per night for residents(need HI license), in county parks. This article is a little on the slow side. Big island Hawaii Democrats have figured out how to rape the Homeless years ago. Good thing about your $180 a month rent is all the electricity you want, showers, trash pick-up, and fairly clean and cared for facilities.

        • Sooo , for 180 amonth , i could live in hawaii at a county park in a tent ?
          With electric, showers and trash service?
          No grass to mow?
          I am livin the wrong way .

      12. It should have been there is no dirtier word above. On another note, there is a fine article today about what is really going on between Russia and the U.S. at titled Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam…Again.

        • I thoroughly enjoyed that article, thanks for the link.


        i foresee obamaville slumlord tent and cabin utopia communities hatching all across zog amerika for the next 20 years or so.

        much like japan’s motel cubicle and internet cafe room rentals.

        next year will be the year to start looking for good deals on land to develop into affordable rental property.

      14. Greece anyone?

      15. You have me laughing Mt ass off. Hopefully that does not become a trend..believe. Braveheart,i have spent some good quality time outside day and night. I used to be and elite executive hobo in my city, try owning a business and being homeless at the same time. Now that I have granite counter tops, bathroom, kitchen etc..i can tell you this much that guy was better of than me. When the cabalist engineers crashed the economy and I got the first kick to mg balls, I could not even punch back at the time..the crash bitch slapped my azz, and out me in the streets..

        I went through 100 cans of off repelant. It’d a mere miracle I don’t have malaria. And when my car broke down I had to spend my money on the repairs over $900.00, even slept under a bridge with hobo’s. I never ever talk sh…t about th homeless..luckily Houston’s economy is still strong for now, if your work smart, and your cut throat and brutal and fight the economic war. you will pull back out of it, I did, but then when the EMP hits or Nibiru come around and all hell breaks loose, we will be needing a titanium fortress post shtf. Brave you int kidding, that is literally the trend of the near future or even worse the camps. I have told my friends what I was told he the scientist that outdoor living is the future..

        i know what world war three will be fought with, and world war four will be fought with sticks and stones, quoted Einstein. Get ready for hell folks as we serf the SHTF EVENT HORIZON. Sgt Dale said it best, “the end is near”.

      16. I’ve spent entire summers in tents, nothing to it, but fall and winter can be tough.

        Buddy of mine is looking for an RV site, just to park and hookup, trash haul and dump, pretty basic, he’s looking at $400 a month just for that.

      17. Um… $46/night x 30 days in a month = “almost” $1000?
        Is he using “new math”??

        • Guess he’s including cable, HBO, and utilities, right?

      18. $1,000 a month for a tent?

        I suspect that not too soon after the SHTF and enforcement of laws and norms cease to exist, this renter will be found hanging from a tent for free.

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