No Hesitation: Watch Security Guard Quick-Draw and Take Down Three Armed Assailants

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 111 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Thousands of rounds fired downrange during target practice.

    Hours spent war-gaming possible worst-case scenarios.

    Time and energy dedicated to preparing the mind and body for confrontation.

    For one security guard his obvious dedication paid off, and more than likely saved his life.

    When three armed assailants stormed the facility he was tasked with protecting he didn’t hesitate, he didn’t flinch, he didn’t panic.

    He drew his weapon almost instantly and met violence head-on with a hail of bullets, leaving one suspect near death and two others scrambling for their lives.

    A Melbourne police spokesman sums it up:

    I was quite impressed with his reaction. Again, it was early in the morning. It’s maybe a job where you sit for hours and something like this may never happen in your career. But for it to happen and to react that quickly says something about his mindset.

    The report suggests that it’s “not likely” the security guard ever expected something like this to happen.

    We beg to differ.

    This individual drew his weapon immediately upon identifying a threat.

    He fired without hesitating.

    He was calm, collected and held his ground with a near perfect shooting stance.

    He very quickly changed his angle of attack to ensure he didn’t get flanked.

    And he kept firing until the threat was neutralized.

    This was not some haphazard self defense response. This individual was trained and determined.

    He planned for the worst – and won.

    Flashback: Man Opens Fire At Armed Robbers in Florida Internet Cafe

    Video via The Daily Sheeple


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      1. Link to the news story??

        • This post shows a security video and CNN report. A text link story doesn’t do it justice and one was not available at the time of publishing. Here’s a CNN direct link if you had trouble viewing above.

          • Is it just me or is the comment section on this site getting immediately jacked by one or two people (spooks?) who use it to argue about something irrelevent to the article for two or three pages.
            Failing that we get barrages of links to tenously relevant (and sometimes downright kooky) videos and articles.
            I seem to recall these things being the hallmark of .gov goons in discrediting fomerly respectable web sites.

            Or am I imagining it?

            p.s. My apologies for this post being irrelevant to the article…

            • I will ‘fess up to occasionally posting off-topic links, usually to news and events that I think Mac should take up and post in separate articles.

              (BTW, Mac – hows come you don’t gots no ‘tips’ link or the like? Or am I just not seeing it?)

              Otherwise, I think it’s just the occasional odd troll or nutcase popping in and spouting off the tinfoil-du-jour.

            • Ausprepper..that’s why they made a ‘scroll’ button..after the first or second sentence, we oldies here know when!!

        • And those anti-self defense advocates would have all everyone disarmed, even security officers. Just proves AGAIN, that someone that knows how to use firearms properly SAVED lives because of that right to carry firearms. The 2nd. amemdment AGAIN is showed that it MUST be preserved and NEVER watered down. So many lives have been saved because of those that had firearms to take down the maniacs.

          Just think if the anti-gun and anti-self defense empower the criminal had their way. The secuirty officer would have no way of stopping the criminals that will definitely get firearms anyway, and many lives could have been lost. Those for the 2nd amendment support live, personal security, freedom, and protection for victims. Those against the 2nd amendment support and empower crime, suffering of the innocent, fear, and total control of the state against the people.

          • Sad thing is some where, right now, some damn attorney is trying to figure out how to file a law suit against the guard for using deadly force against his poor disenfranchised victim, and even worse some politician is wondering why that gun isn’t banned from him.

            • @ Jim. What you say is so true it makes me feel sick to my stomach. This is why, not for one second can any of us ever let our guard down one millimeter about our right to self defense and our rights to ALWAYS bear arms. Some a$$hole is always looking for some way of depleting the 2nd amendment and finding some legal loopholes to punch holes in that right.

            • Jim: But not here in Florida where both of these shootings took place. We have the “Stand Your Ground” law that precludes lawsuits in the event that the police deem the shootings were in self defense. The F***ing trial lawyers can all go piss up a rope. Since most of these ambulance chasers are liberals, they hate this law because it eliminates some otherwise easy pickings. Chalk another one up for the good guys. These vultures will have to stick to slip-and-falls and car accidents to live on. Sorry for the insult to vultures to all you bird lovers out there.

            • Jim

              Delaware is similar to Florida regarding using a weapon. If your not convicted criminally they can’t sue you civilly. If your not the aggressor you can use lethal force to keep control of that weapon. Below is an example.

              About a decade ago a 17 year old was breaking into a condo with the family home (woman and kids). They fled upstairs and yelled out the window for help. A neighbor came over with a shotgun and caught the 17 year old leaving the home. He pointed his weapon at him and told him to stop. The 17 year old advanced just shy of reaching for the gun. The man fired and killed an unarmed 17 year old. No criminal charges because the family implied that they gave permission for help and under the circumstances might result in violence. The shooting was justified because he came under the “loose control of the weapon”. If the 17 year old fled and was shot the outcome would have been different.

              The reality is you must be judged guilty by a jury of your peers. That is a hard sell outside of the “cities of insanity” in the US.

          • Be Informed: YES! I agree on all you wrote. And will add IMHO, Every damn antigun fool and especially lib polititions who are Rabidly antigun has same Blood of every innocent who is murdered if it is due to Their antigun laws/policys.

            We may not be able to hold them types liable. But I 100% believe God will. Them rabid antigun polititions cant fake ignorance after 45 yrs of various people and orgs like nra et al who repeatedly inform them of Their evil policys etc. They Will Answer for it!

            I Despise em all even liberal voters who also aint ignorant of Facts but are just plain stubborn from a lifelong Mental deragement we know of as Liberalizim and Kommi-izim.

            • All your blathering aside, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for a neocon. Let the libs come try to take my guns. I’ll risk it. Neocons jacking up the middle class even more? Nope, can deal with that.

        • An armed guard at an “Internet Cafe”? WTF? Damn! has anyone told Starbucks?

          • The internet cafe guy was just a customer.

          • durango kidd

            My thoughts too. I can see the slot machine gambling hall to be a somewhat lucrative target but an Internet Cafe?

            What goes through the criminal mind?

            What is going on in the owners mind to have an armed guard in such a place? It paid off but it just seems like a very low priority for criminals.

            If one of these type robberies goes wrong it’s a prime hostage situation.

      2. good for him!

      3. Nice job!

      4. Man! I hope I get that comfortable with my gun! I’ll keep on practicing! 🙂

      5. maybe New York City could get this guy to train there police force one against three no bystanders down

        • He might also get them to file the sear on their pistols. Maybe that would REDUCE THEIR 14 POUND TRIGGER PULL to something more manageable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t the the NYPD is worth a crap, however, it appears that however crappy they are, the policy is to have massive trigger pull for “safety”.

          This guy knew what he was doing. Looks like he’s almost as well trains as me.

          • I REALLY need to shut of the word replacement on this ipad. Lets try that again:

            He might also get them to file the sear on their pistols. Maybe that would REDUCE THEIR 14 POUND TRIGGER PULL to something more manageable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t THINK the NYPD is worth a crap, however, it appears that however crappy they are, the policy is to have massive trigger pull for “safety” and sacrifice accuracy.

            This guy knew what he was doing. Looks like he’s almost as well trainED as me.

            JEEZ! …oh, for an edit function I dream.

            • No worries, I understood it completely.

              The very first thing I do when I get a new gun is to shave off the frickin’ poundage required to pull the trigger. Nothing sucks balls worse than having a massive 18(!?) lb pull on a rifle that you just got lined up on a nice elk (my guns average around 3-4 lb of pull when I’m done; well, except my .45, which sits around 2 because of the narrow-assed 1911 frame).

        • new2it: Good one! Did you catch the news stories immediately after the shootings outside the Empire State Building? Mayor Butthole came out, assuming that the suspect did all the damage, and parroted his mantra of “see, there are too many guns out there”. When it turned out that it was his vaunted NYPD that shot all of the innocdent civilians ( 9 in all ) he had nothing more to say. I wrote to his office the same day and told him I agreed with him that there were too many guns on the streets of NYC and unfortunately they were in the hands of the NYPD. All I got was a robo-answer from his office thanking me for my letter. On average, civilians are better shots than cops because they practice more.

          • the real funny part is…it is OK for a security guard to defend a capitalist venture,,,but homeowners can just kiss off….OOOHHHH. WAIT we are just voters, we dont matter.

      6. Impressive. Now if we could just get our regular LEOs to be able to identify threats, isolate targets (while being responsible for who and what is beyond the targets) and execute their job with this much competence and precision, maybe incidences like what occurred at the Empire State bldg could be avoided (with a minimum amount of collateral damage)

      7. Another Internet Cafe in Florida.The other one where the old man with .380 shoots 2 robbers was a internet cafe or something of the like.Any how,well done.

        • I thought the incident with the older guy with the .380 was a slot machine gambling hall.

          • K2: No I don’t think so, I watched the video twice just to be sure.

            • durango kidd

              What the hell is the drawl of an Internet Cafe for a gang of criminals?

      8. Bang… Halt or I’ll shoot.

      9. Inspector 71.

      10. Good for him! This is why responsible citizens need to be armed and trained to use guns.

      11. Nice!!!

        Exactly how my entire family is trained. Aim small…. Shoot small. or in the words of Eastwood in the movie Unforgiven….. The gunfighter who wins is the one who remains clam and aims and shoots….

        • Yeah, I remain “clam” in a lot of situations, especially wet ones! LOL 😉

      12. Old man deserves a box or two of ammo, everyone in that internet cafe should chip in. That was pretty badass, sure sent them scrambling.

        Security guard deserves a pay rise or at least a bonus.

        Its good to see armed citizens use firearms as they were intended.

      13. the perfect example of a well trained, alert, citizen… no time for leo’s to be called and arrive, no victims in the cafe’, only one ambulance needed and that for the brainless perp who thinks he can take by force and fear what doesn’t belong to him… if he dies, his “bro’s” in crime will be charged with murder – another great aspect of this valiant effort… i’m not exactly saying he should die but i’d be pleased to see the ante upped on the other 2 cowards as a result… this tape should be required viewing by every leo dept in America…

        • I’ll say it. He should die. Those who strike with surprise against what they believe to be the weak deserve whatever violence befalls them.

        • This tape should be sent to the IDIOT governor of Illinois who is anti-gun. Shitcago is a war zone and the morons sit on their thumbs and don’t know what to do, mean while instead of it being mostly black on black crime, it is spilling over to people of all races and rapidly victimizing everyone and we are not “allowed” to protect ourselves.

          • The FBI tabulates yearly the Entire violent crimes nationwide in all 50 states. You can go read it all free at fed fbi site on web.

            There are aprox 12 catagories of violent crimes listed. And info comes from EVERY jurisdiction across all 50 states. From mayberry rfd to LA and NY.

            It is such a hage dump of info fbi is always behind by aprox 18 months, so current report is probobly for year 2010 or maybe 2011.

            You will see fbi lists are broken down by Race-Gender-Age-Citizen-Non citizen-Area-etc.And, what type weapon or bare hands etc. Everything you can imagian is listed.

            You can also read as far back as very first year fbi began it, which is aprox 40+ yrs ago!

            What you will find in every year and every catagory of violent crimes is that aprox avg per year of WHO commits the crimes is, avg of 89% is done by Black Males ages 15yrs to 26 yrs if my memory is correct.

            Thats not some years…It is Consistantly blacks.

            Therefore every time any libs or antigun type folks I speak with who claim we need more antigun laws or total bans etc…..I flat out tell them all if they want crime reduced?…Ban Blacks…Not guns and especially not Mine!

            Thats not rayssis neither as it is based soley on true factual documented results nationwide and for at least the last 40 Plus years ongoing.

            If them types werent here in america we’d have the safest least crime nation in world. At least 89% Safer!

            Liberals want Us disarmed…While they continue to Flood america with Non whites daily. I 100% believe their true agenda is Death of all white folks. I for one plan to upset their utopian dreams or agendas.

            I also believe liberals main reason to hate whites so, is due to they cannot kontrol us as they do other races. Liberals hates what they cant rule or control or brainwash.

            DISCLAIMER: Yes there are exceptions to everything. Some whites are evil also…Not as many…But some yes.

            PS: for some real fun info fbi also lists Spousel Abuse crimes etc….Listed by Males against women-Women against men-Married or dateing etc. FBI stas Proves beyond any doubt, there is More arrests AND More Convictions of WOMEN guilty of spouse abuse compared to men!

            Why donr MSM Femanazis libs speak of THAT?

      14. Kinda reminds me of the story, “Don’t mess with old people”. It circled the emails for a long time and goes something like this:

        9:05 pm 82 year old man makes call to 911. says; “three men are breaking into my building behind my house and my disabled wife and I are scared for our lives”.
        911 dispatcher: Sir, all units are tied up on other calls and somone will be out shortly.

        9:25 pm 82 yr old man makes second call to 911. “the three men are carrying off my tools and equipment from my shop and no cops have shown up yet”
        911 dispatcher: Sir, all our units are still busy and just stay calm and remain in doors until help arrives shortly.

        9:35 pm 82 yr old man makes third call to 911. ” never mind sending any cops, just an ambulance, because I shot an wounded one of the men stealing my stuff. The other two I got good shots on and I believe they are already dead. Click.”

        9:42 pm With sirens blaring and lights flashing, four city cop cars,two highway patrol cars,four First Responder vehicles,two fire trucks and an ambulance pull up in front of 82 yr old man’s house.
        All three robbers were apprehended one block away while packing stolen items into a truck.

        • Many will laugh at this scenario, but, the cops have no responsibility to protect you or do anything for you. This has been determined by several court cases. It is hazardous to show up during a crime in progress.

          • Ranger, that is true.

            Leaves me with the question of why do they think I have a responsibility to listen to or do anything for them when they show up to make their report after the fact.

            It’s dangerous to speak to a corp officer if there are still empty blanks on the form they are filling out.

            • See what kind of look and hassle you get when you ask for a copy of the report with his name on it at scene.

            • All experts, even lawyers, say don’t talk to a cop.
              Even after the fact.

            • Report GC. Ummmm, it was all a blur.

      15. I was gonna say Quick Draw Magraw, but Bobba-Louie wasn’t with him. Folks, the draw wasn’t quick but it was methodical. That means he wasn’t flustered, nor bothered in the least of the three bursting through the door. His mind-set was right. Whatever training this chap has received, it took because it surely kicked in and took over. One thing to his advantage is he had the desk in front of him. His other advantages were a hi-capacity mag and the fact that the three bolted for a narrow doorway where all the guard had to do was concentrate his fire there. Still his deliberate manner in which he stood up and his hand went automatically to his gun grip, there was a little snag or problem clearing the holter but he never looked down at it, kept his eyes on the threat and opened up. One cool cat and he won!

      16. Nice shoot and scoot there buddy.

        looks to me that his training paid off, least I could say for the NYC police that wounded 9 innocent tax payers, due to complacency in their responsibilities.

        once you get comfortable shooting at stationary paper targets, and get a very intimate feeling of what your guns sight picture looks like on a good hit, you should change up your routine..set out targets that move when you shoot at them, and at different distances, and move around quickly while shooting at them from many different possitions and shooting stances.
        threats dont normally stand still and wait for you to fire upon them.

        • VRF, I keep telling my buddy the same thing about punching paper. We went to the range last week and my friend just wants to sit and brace his pistol and shoot for accuracy. I was standing and shooting freehand and he was pointing out to me how much more accurate he was than me. I have been to several advanced weapons courses and I tried to explain to him that in a combat situation, he is going to get smoked unless he can convince his attacker to hold still while he aims at him. I showed him that my double taps were all in the kill zone and why I would prevail in a combat situation. Thats most peoples problem is they don’t train like they are going to use their weapon. I have seen so many examples of pathetic pistol-craft at the range and I wonder why these people don’t take handguns seriously. The guy in this video, IMO, did absolutley everything right, right down to how he kept moving from side to side as he was ventilating those low-lifes.

      17. Once again, this proves that S does hit the fan, even on a personal basis. There are bad guys, you owe it to yourself and your family to become a responsible, sound minded, armed citizen, capable of defense when you need it the most. YouTube thetacdaddy for Shows on this very topic!

      18. The guard was no spring chicken. Goes to show that guts, fire control and situational awareness can come from any quarter of the population. You have your standard, now go practice.

      19. How did he know they were robbers and not the FBI serving a “no-knock” warrant?

        • And there lies another good dam reason No Knock Warrents should be against the law..oh yeah thats right they are against the law, you are supposed to be served..not busted in on and than served..
          so if thats the game they want to play, than they take their chances.

          I dont feel that anything I do is illegal, so If my door flies open with no notice of who the F*&K it is.I will not be responsible for them not following my Rights.

          The no knock warrent needs to be re-thought, and the police that are told “Ordered” to do them should site the department for putting thier lives in futher unnecessary danger. Any cop stupid enough to break and enter with out prior warning deserves to be shot at, we are to be safe in our homes and privacy..the Castle Doctrine should extend that, but im sure our bill of rights covers it just fine enough for me.

          • There you go thinkin’ again, V. Big Brother is not happy with you.

            • awww.. did there wittle fewings get hurt?

              hey I look at it this way , It dont matter whos breakin the law, if they cant pay the price then dont do the for everyone..I have ROL at my house..break it and see how it goes down
              I may end up not standing in the end, but at least I protected what was mine by my Bill of Rights.. you know the Rules to hold them accountable for Given to them by We the People?

              I understand their reasoning for this type of no knock action, but Its still against the matter their mis-concieved notions or reasons behind thier stupid actions.

              half the time thay cant even get the address right, break into and terrorize and shoot up innocent people.

              that right there shoud be enough of a reason for this type of tom foolery to stop

              besides by the definition of Terrorizing..that action seems to fit the discription

          • I agree, but anyone can say police and kick in your door so when the door comes in, the lead goes out no matter what they say. Reinforce your door so that it will take more than kick or what ever to take it down. If you can pack 24/7.

            • Don’t lose your marbles….

              Make sure if you can’t spread em on the floor yourself they will do so automatically when the door gets opened (kicked in). A simple string tied to the box on one end and the doorknob on the other should work fine so long as the box is on a table or otherwise off the floor.

              Don’t protect yourself from Mayhem, protect yourself with it.

            • big 10-4!

      20. Mac

        Just goes to show..


        Perfect mindset
        Perfect stance
        Perfect shooting



        • This video should serve as a training tool for every private weapons training academy out there. This guy couldn’t have done it better.

      21. I luv the second video. Commit armed robbery and get released on bail. This is why everyone should be packing!

        • Yes. The fact that they are releasing these predators back out on to the streets with us law abiding should speak volumns to how you should view your safety..everywhere not just out in the world , but at your own door step

          I think its time to hold the judges and prosecutors and lawyers accountable..
          Or better yet.. you release this thug.. ok fine, he gets to come live with you and your family for 5 years before being released into the general public!

          • And throwing marijuana smokers inside.
            But, if the judge throws all crimials in jail, won’t that cut their funding??
            Just saying..job security and all.

        • Why bother telling the authorities? Just use a shovel.

          • yeah Its not like the thiefs family (if they have one) knows where they are and what they are up to

            its not like they tell their wives..”Hey if I dont come home tonight from my evening of rape and the police to come find me”

            yup..not going to happen..drop their ass out on the freeway

            clean up yourself

            warning..I got chalk too, and I know how to use it!

            • Go to cheep motel and take a quick Vinigar shower. That removes all traces of gun powder residue so incase you did get picked up as a suspect and cops do a parafin test you come up clean. Also burn all clothing worn.

              No dead body-no powder evidence of gun fired recently-zero evidence=You walk away clean.

              Disclaimer: Not certain this works as stated? But sounded like good advise from an old detroit biker bro I used to have a long time ago. He did some secretive type work on ocassion and seemed to know alot on how hitmen do things.

        • Most all of europe and canada also is hopeless. At least 56 countries of europe and canada and I think a couple other areas has Mandatory Hard Prison or Huge Fines$$ or Both for all violations of laws that make it Illeagle to question the holohox.

          Try asking anyone in public in them nations a question such as this…”How do they know its really 6 million?” or ask “Did anyone actually count em all so its for certain 6 million?

          Any such questions is deemed antisemitic or rayssis Felonys!…In germany alone I think it was at least 3000 persons has gone to Prison for 3yrs to as many as 15 yrs.

          Simply for questioning ANYTHING stated by jews or govnts regarding the holyhoax etc.

          Lately due to massive crys from other races or colors even ask questions or make statements that “Offend” anyone Other then whitefolks and thats treated same as holohoax crimes.

          The ADL claims proudly to get full credit for doing this and plans on useing same type “Hate Speech” laws in usa.

          Obammy has already signed it into fed law last summer. Wait till an American citizen goes to Prison for such crap laws eh. Like it or not Free speech is 1st amendt right. Offended or not too bad.

          Blacks or jews or others murder and get off lightly. Them what questions any lies we were told to believe about a few agendas?…3 to 15 years prison!…..Lead will fly if they try that here I rekon.

        • wait until some royalty gets killed by some theif, than you will see how far the Nanny state goes, but until then, they will want to help wipe everyones ass.. just to be sure its not getting chapped

        • Satori: Absolutely correct; GB is a country of frightend sheep. The problem with these farm folk was that they were too honest. You kill the bastards and bury them way out back somewhere where no one will dig for years. Around 65%+/- of homicides are solved in this country and I’m sure it similar in GB. The reason is that 90+% of murder victims are aquainted in some way with their killer. Since these good tenents had no connection to these clowns, the police wouldn’t know to speak to them even if the did suspect foul play. As far as anyone was concerned these dopes just disappeared one night and since their bodies aren’t likely to be found anytime soon, there’s really no case to even look into. If ever you are questioned by the police, remember: Deny Everything, Demand Proof, and Make Counter Accusations, but always in the company of your attorney. Otherwise, keep your big mouth shut. And as fi-fi said, “just use a shovel”.

      22. When seconds matter, the Cops are only 5 minutes away.

        The Cops main job regarding self defense is doing the paperwork.

      23. Thanks for this one, Mac! Bravo to that tough old warrior! A cool head and a crack shot…. what could be better? I hope that we all will react as well if confronted like this. Obviously, this has us all thinking that we could use a little more time at the range.

      24. The second video said the robbers were released on bail. Yeah, there are no problems in our legal system. If these guys were shop-lifting to feed their families. Their butts would still be in jail. Peace

        • The old man needs to watch his six now then. These 2 thugs may be the vindictive type, and since it seems his name is out there, even more reason for concern.

          Maybe he needs an upgrade to a .45 ACP, just sayin’

      25. WTF !!! OOOH HELL NO …

        Former Asian First Minister: Global UN Police Force To Enforce World Government Dictates

        Former Malaysian First Minister Harris Saleh: “The Security Council will pave the way to setting up of a World Parliament and a World Cabinet making the UN the most powerful and having full authority on earth.”

        *** Personally I’m honestly past the point of giving a sheeit any more who what CIA AmeriKan political whore traitor prostitute sits in the whitewhorehouse in wash dc or WHAT FASCIST FREEMASON UN NWO ZOG POLITICAL JOOO WHORE PROSTITUTE TRAITOR IS THE GOVERNOR OF MY STATE … it’s more than obvious the entire federal government AND MOST STAGE GOVERNMENTS of the zionist fascist commie USSA AmeriKa is just one big fascist FREEMASON zionist AIPAC ADL SPLC JOOO commie CATHOLIC JESUIT BLACK POPE cluster-phuck of white collar banker corporate POLITICAL criminal corruption bribery and greed !

        *** But the Day some Malaysian CROOKED CORRUPT Mafia UN GOON Politician shoves his UN Global MAFIA GESTAPO Police Badge in my face on Once Free American Soil is the Day I turn PUBLIC ENEMY #1 and start collecting UN GLOBAL LAW ENFORCEMENT / DHS BADGES from VERY dead UN GLOBAL DHS POLICE BODIES !!!

        ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!






        PREPARE … IT IS COMING !!!


        • Chris Hedges: Revolt Is Our Only Option Chris Hedges worries that outright revolt may soon be the only option available to those fighting against the despotism of the Establishment.

          This sentiment seems consistent with the following statement of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence:

          But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

          Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, knows something of the abuses and usurpations by those in power.

        • They’re coming after the vets. New Executive order signed 21 AUG 2012 forcing the VA do add more union mental health screeners and peer counsellors. Lables like PTSD, TBi and CTE will likely get you flagged and admitted like Raub. “The US government’s goal is to identify these veterans and label them with a preogressive, unstable and degenerative disease so that they can refer them to mental hospitals for further evaluation and/or admittance.” source – daily sheeple. link to follow. also, link to the E.O. to follow.

        • Hey Cocopuff:…This seems to verify your postings huh.

          1. Jews think all non-Jews are cattle that can be exploited, robbed or killed as a general principle. This is a serious part of their religion. Only Jews are human beings and to quote Menachem Begin:

          “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset.

          (Jewdeo christian zios should Re-Read above statement by Mr. Begin…Does pastor haggee mean bless jews like him?!)

          They consider White people to be special enemies above all other races.

          3. They consider Jesus Christ and Christians to be serious religious criminals worthy of persecution and execution.

          Christian Zionist must be cuckoo to suck up to their avowed arch-enemy. Talking about putting one’s head in to the guillotine and pulling the rope. Isn’t suicide considered a sin?

          4. Jews that repent and become christians are not too popular with the rabbis either.

          5. When Jews are weak and poor they sometimes make an outward show of behaving themselves. When they have a country, an army and nukes and plenty of slave states like America they are like a wolf in a sheep pen and think they can do anything and no one can stop or punish them.

          It is a Jeckyl and Hyde syndrome and right now they are on a roll.

          Since 1900 the percentage of the population of the world that is White has gone from 35% to 8%. It isn’t so much that non Whites are more fertile than Whites, as it is that the so called White nations are not allowed to have their own countries for their own White people.

          Through freemasonry and political activism the jews have taken economic and political control and have been flooding Europe and North America with non-White immigrants, corrupting public morals, jacking up the price of real estate, suppressing wages, liberating the women from being women and committing other legal reforms to get rid of white people under the guise of fighting racism and promoting multi culturalism.

          Anti-White genocide indeed! I dare say that if the UN commanded Israel to accept millions of immigrants, from India for example, every year and treat them like first class citizens, adopt their customs, intermarry with them and worship Hindu gods, the Jews would get the funny idea that a second holocaust by other means is under way.

          Thats from a poster reply at Bro Kapners site. The article is from sept.1st and is about USA Chairman US Chief of staf Gen. Dempsey has bibi netanyhaoo in fits for saying isreal should not expect the usa nato to assist in war on iran.

      26. Has anybody seen Rich? I need to borrow some money from him.

      27. GREAT VIDEO … HE DID EVERYTHING RIGHT … the Armed Public Security Officer was definitely well trained probly Retired Pro ex-LawDawg … as the World Globally Collapses … Crime will escalate explode every where … even in the gated communities where the wealth is … robbers will do as robbers have done for thousands of years in the past when starving and cold … DESPERATE PEOPLE DO DESPERATE THINGS … AMERIKA WILL BECOME ONE BIG GANGSTER NATION . WHERE CORRUPTION AND CRIME will permeate EXIST AT ALL LEVELS OF SOCIETY … AMERIKA WILL CANNIBALIZE ITSELF … IT IS THE NEW SOCIAL NORM IN ZIONIST FASCIST COMMIE UN NWO ZOG corrupt criminal fraudulent AMERIKA !!!

        *** Suggestion … buy that Semi-Auto now and Ammo while you still can in Commie GESTAPO AmeriKa – Especially if your a Veteran !!!


      28. Panicking Spaniards Pull Out Cash, Leave Country…

        Depression, Suicides Rise as Euro Debt Crisis Intensifies…

        MOODY’S Changes Rating Outlook (for Euro Zone) to ‘Negative’…

        and here in the U.S., the ‘recovery’ continues…
        Food Stamp Use Climbs to Record 46.7 Million

        Posted on Drudge Report

      29. This is too good not to read:

        John is very insightful about the economy and many of his predictions came true in 2008. This artilces talks about the moon and darkness of the sky for an attack possibly next week. There are other good points to consider also. The window for an Israeli attack on Iran opens up next week, Sept.10-20. Most people would know of such an attack in the afternoon in the U.S. while most stores are still open to finish off any additional preparations before all hell breaks loose, especially with the government putting a hold on fuel and likely ammunition.

      30. Drudge Report has a link to a story of a 92 yr old WW2 vet who shot and killed an intruder in his home. Go check it out. The qoutes from the old guy will warm your heart!

      31. President Obama Issues Major ‘Green Energy’ Executive Order – 8/30/12

        “The order dictates that the Departments of Energy, Commerce, and Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency coordinate their actions to provide “policy and technical assistance” to states in order to ensure energy efficiency targets are being met.”

        “The order slashes carbon emissions by 150 million tons per year.”


        Executive Order — Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency – 8/30/12

        • A Question on Tons of Carbon etc…?

          How can it be posible for an average car or pickup truck to hold just 15 to 25 gal of gasoline…Yet once the gas is burned by vehicles engine, so called MSM experts claim that same car/truck burning a tank of gas which only weighs aprox 150 to 200 lbs.

          Can morpf into “Carbon” emmissions which Now weigh Two Tons which= 4000 lbs?!!!!!

          And I aint an expert but dont at least some of the energy used get used up in process of moving vehicle fwd etc?

          As in you cannot burn or use any form of energy or fuels to creat an alternative energy and end up with More than you started with. EXAMPLE= You burn 2 gal gas or alcahol to make electricity and always use More fuel to create the new stuf than you get back right?

          Either way I cant see how in world 200 pounds gas creates 4000 pounds carbon gaseous emissions!

          I think the new cashless society will be planned on every person in a country gets same exact ammount of carbon credits per month.

          Everytime you buy ANYTHING with carbon or uses carbon such as trucks use it to deliver goods to You etc. They will add it up each day or each purchace and Deduct from Your monthly allotment…Kinda like food stamps is now.

          If your carbon tax credits used up Before end of month?…You either leave vehicle there on empty! Or stop eating etc! Untill newmonth credits(like food stamp cards is) OR you can PAY MORE Carbon tax to buy more gas or food etc. And Pay ALOT higher rate carbon tax since you went over limit.

          Carbon tax such as this combined with totally New Cashless computer digit money to replace current us dollars. Done in entire world and based on each nations “polution” of air standards(usa will be hit hardest/worst) Per person to determine months credits available for each person of that nation.

          And all nations thats still “developing” status nation gets a free pass to use all the carbon they care too untill they “Catch-Up” with the usa etc.

          Stuf I’ve read on this say africa-mexico-china and all but aprox 35 countries(35 white countries) gets a free pass for between 50 to 75 yrs till catch up!

          But all 7 billion persons in world will still need use such a cashless system. IF its done this way? How long will it take for someone to recomend we all recieve a “Chip-Implant) (Mark=666=Beast govnt.)

          Will Isrealies get a free pass once Mr Begins dream occures and ziojews like him rule world?

          It will probobly begin with a credit card type card to replace all individual ID-Medical records-Criminal history-Driver Lic-Car registrations-etc etc. All contained on a “Chip” like todays visa credit cards are.

          THEN, once all persons worldwide are tagged and entered in system(cashless society) soon after many crys of stolen cards!..NO Problem folks!! Just line up at local Chip-Implant agencys or clinics or schools and get a new improved version we can Implant Into Your Hand or Foreheads!

          MSM will Rave! “Gee so swell folks! No more carry wallets-purses-many credit cards and driver id lic etc!…We can now finally End all ileagle drugs sales! End Gun sales! end ammo sales!….”

          95 to 99% of folks in usa and abroad will line up like Cattle and be sooooo Happy to comply with govs new “Plans”!

          Them what refuses? Cant buy nor sell ANYTHING!…Cant wait to see what atheists say then eh. Just a “coincidence” of whats written 2000 yrs ago right?!!

      32. Yes, the security guy did everything right EXCEPT he didn’t carry a man-stopper. Don’t bother with anything less than 45 cal. Stop them, knock them down, make sure they got plenty of holes to let the red stuff out.

      33. Yea and you do that here and you will be met by jail time and a lawsuit which the criminal will most likely win !!!!

        • so quit wineing about it and do something to change that

          defeatest attitude will… get you defeated

          and where is “here”…as far as where “here” is for me this is covered under Castle Doctrine, and the right to self defense

          and a dead criminal aint winning shit!

          • Rich99: whats Your plan? Is it kinda like Invite perp in to share some sweet tea and crumpets, while you exchange worldviews?….Or perhaps You try convince perp instaed of raping and thieving he can rely on you and your liberal pals to help find perp a job at say…McDonalds as a hamburger technishon guy?

            Or is Your plan just remain quite and still as a mouser whilst perp whacks your brains with His weapon?

        • Hey RICH.

          I see you are back. Weren’t you the one who said he was “done with the Doom Club?”

          • @ScoutMotto. RICH99 comes back because deep down he knows. Every person that prepares knows and feels the danger and the true unmitigated misery and despair that is coming. A lot of RICH is the frustration of nothing yet happening to end civilization as we know it. RICH is tired of waiting and storing up supplies that might not be used, and wants the catastrophes to begin. RICH still prepares because he knows, just as all preppers know, we all feel it coming like a big dark cloud with lightning coming out at all angles. Anyone that prepares KNOWS it is approaching, and it is UGLY and HUGE.

            • Certianly, BI. Sometimes I too wonder if I’m spinning my wheels, but I keep on prepping, since each piece og bad news I see online gets us closer and closer. I told a friend when I went on vacation that the collapse could not happen til I’m back from my trip. Tongue in cheek, of course.

        • Seen it. Two or three shots went to the head @1000 yds. I wouldn’t stand down range in front of him!

      34. Hey, we’ve been warning society for a long time about us old men. We will SHOOT you! We will not waver. We will not hesitate. We will not fail. You come lookin’ for trouble with us, you got it!

        We BAD! Uh huh, we BAD!


        *One International Identity. THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

        *Centralized Control of the People. WORLD FEDERAL POLICE FORCE.

        *A Zero Growth Society. A COMMAND ECONOMY.


        *Centralized Control of All Education.

        *Centralized Control of All Foreign and Domestic Policies.

        *Empowerment of the United Nations.


        *Expansion of Nato.

        *One Legal System.


        None of the things we see happening in the world are accidental. They have had a major plan for a very, very, long time. These plans are so far along, will we ever be able to stop this?!?

        Their plan for education is in full swing. I would not be surprised if only the Elite can afford to go to college before long. Loans will probably be cut out altogether with the austerity plan comming.

      36. I am going to use that video for the students in this weeks CPL class. That is a perfect example of what we teach. Be prepared, and don’t hesitate.

      37. If a story about a gun carrying citizen stopping a thug robbery was posted every day for a year, crime would noticeably decline.

        It’s only when thug idiots believe they can get away with it that their crimes occur…..

      38. BI, Jim, and G8, I have to agree with all 3 of you 100%. Everyone else: I’ve been in the private security industry since 1982.Although I’m in senior management now, I’ve worked in places similar to where this man was working. Judging from the video, he must have received some specialized training somewhere; standard training for armed security officers is not that good. His response was awesome and amazing. I’m not sure any of the people in my company would have reacted like this guy did. Obviously, he’s going to get targeted by the family of the thug he wounded God knows who else. he did exactly right in my book. All of those trial lawyers, civil rights activists, etc. can go make love to themselves as far I’m concerned. i sleep with a Springfield XD40 at me bedside every night locked-and-loaded and ready-to-go. Anyone who forces their way into my home, I’ll give you ONLY ONE CHANCE to turn around and get out alive; you make one wrong move on me, you die. Take care and keep prepping.

        • Braveheart, what if you give one chance to get out alive, and that perp Then commits more and maybe Many more similar B&E breakins?…Wont you kinds feel as if You had chance to stop perp forever and now due to let me go he rapes or kills other innocents etc?

          Just curious is all as This is what I think if I am faced with same situation. I wont let them go. Maybe if he surenders and cops can arrest and charge perp is ok.

          But I wont allow perp to simply run away back into society to attack another citizen.

      39. Outstanding reaction. Great Job to the security guard! Thanks Mac.

      40. It’s good to see people standing up and taking action against the criminals.

      41. Sound the warning
        Are well armed
        Well trained
        And ready…

        Bring it on

        And be sorry

        Remember Yamamoto…

        The Watcher

      42. Did you guys watch/listen to the second video?

        The two robbers were shot, taken to the hospital…

        …then released on bail???!?!?!?

        What the hell????

      43. Mac, I am having some real computer problems and I fear I am going to information I have. So I am going to send this earthquake proof that I have to an older article that very few people read so there is a record of this proving that polar earthquakes indicate big earthquakes to come. I left out the mail signature so the computer verification system won’t recognize me so if you don’t want this on because it is too long you can stop it. I just want people to be able to see this proof and not lose the records.

        1973-2012 indications of polar earthquakes, 58.5-90 degrees south, and 68.5-90 degrees north of 5.0+ earthquakes that show within 15 days of earthquakes of 6.5+. Latitude and longitude included with the day and magnitude of earthquakes:

        So far 2012: 13 out of 18 earthquake hits

        • BI, this one ran really long, but i have the data stored… when the forum comes up we can put that post up in full for posterity’s sake.



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