No Blood, No Bodies in Orlando: “103 People Can’t Be Shot Without Real Evidence”

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 258 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Craig Roberts and originally published at his website.

    Editor’s Comment: While the truth about this event is difficult to know, there is ample strangeness in this case that raises similar questions to those that have lingered since 9/11, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing, to name but a few incidents.

    Paul Craig Roberts, who was high up in the system as a Wall Street Journal editor and a Reagan Administration economist and cabinet member, has pointed out the complete lack of evidence and sincerity in this case, which makes no sense and is inconsistent with other cases from real life which are not coordinated in the media.

    Orlando Shooting: Still No Evidence

    Paul Craig Roberts

    In response to my challenge ( ) readers report that they have found no evidence of bodies or blood. One person reports that a TV station posted names of some victims, which is the way the absence of Sandy Hook bodies was handled.

    One person who said he is a veteran said the AR-15 can have a 30-round clip. That would mean four reloadings in order to shoot 103 people. The veteran said that the rifle can be reloaded in 5 seconds: one clip is dropped out, another put in, and the bolt released. But 5 seconds is not fast enough to prevent being rushed. Remember, sprinters can cover 100 yards—300 feet—in less than 10 seconds. Ordinary people who are not couch potatoes can cover 300 feet in 20 seconds. That means they can cover 150 feet in 10 seconds or 75 feet in 5 seconds or 15 feet in 1 second.. In the crowded club, people were likely no more than 10 feet from the shooter, 20 feet at the most. Moreover, if there is only one shooter, he can be rushed in an arc that he cannot possibly cover. It is difficult to imagine that there were no veterans in the club, no people aware that guns run out of bullets and have to be reloaded and that so many people would miss four opportunities to disarm the shooter. It is hard to imagine that none of the hundreds of people present were capable of presence of mind. Bottles could be thrown at him, glasses, chairs. And no one did anything?

    Mainly what readers have reported is evidence that the Orlando shooting is a hoax. One reader sent me a video in which a skeptic uses a RT video to show that the same three allegedly injured people, who so far are the only victims we have been shown, are being carried toward the night club, not away from it.

    Another person sent a video that shows the man with the red shoes who is being carried is put down after the camera walk-by.

    Here are readers reporting their inability to find any real evidence. Somehow 103 people were shot and there is no visible evidence.

    Dear Mr. Roberts, in response to your request for evidence regarding the Orlando shooting, I held my nose and forced myself to watch about an hour and a half of fox and cnn. No blood whatsoever. Nothing real about any of the videos or stupid interviews with alleged victims. I knew we were being lied to the first night when Fox News trotted out Bernard Kerik. We know that traitor lied to us about 911. Why would we believe anything that evil bastard said about this event. Thanks for such a great article. You really nailed it. Dutch

    I was watching one of the networks at a local eatery. My working assumption on these mass shootings is that they are fake, either entirely so, as you mildly suggest in your latest article, or perpetrated by government informants. The cameo profiles of victims began appearing on TV last night, as my wife and I sat at a bar-restaurant eating chicken wings. Who believes this stuff? Pepe Escobar and others are also articulating skepticism on their Facebook pages. Is this a distraction from some important stuff going down at Bilderberg?

    Thank you for your great work. I agree with your take on Orlando,San Bernardino,etc. Do you think there is a legal way to expose the people that perform these fictitious acts (I.e perhaps class action lawsuits against the crisis actors, etc).? Thanks again for all your efforts. Husni

    A fat, crying woman under shock yells out a detailed story to the cameras, without stopping. It seems she practiced the script for a week or so. Such poor acting just causes pity. Someone should have said : \” Madame, please slow down. Fetch your script and come back for a second take, OK ?\”

    It took 3 hours for the police to proceed with an assault. 53 wounded
    people lay officially inside the establishment, crying for help. Are there recordings of these desperate yells ? Fifty three folks !

    I searched Orlando on You Tube (easy, fast, no sound, and no blood). Thank God, actually.

    Was wondering what your take is on this. Veterans Today has it as most likely another false flag. Like you pointed out, many groups to benefit from this. The DEMS are pushing hard for gun control, Israel is ecstatic of more hatred towards Muslims, the DOD loves more war money, and the beat goes on. I was looking for ambulances and paramedics, but saw none. Then the BOZO, known as the President here, gets on TV asap and pushes gun control, never mentions anything else. He was cold and remorseless, and walked away fast. Meanwhile, the Congress and President and Homeland Insecurity are bringing in crateloads of questionable immigrants, some handled by religious groups no less (raking in the dough).

    I have not seen any evidence, but I am a bit \’over-the-hill\'(62 yrs old) when it comes to comprehensive internet searches. However, I asked my computer savvy 24 yr-old son, and he has not found any videos of the carnage inside nor out. He did suggest to me that if anyone did capture anything on their cell phone, etc., that the police/authorities would immediately confiscate it. I don\’t know though… Please let us peons know if you find anything remotely credible. thank you PCR

    I appreciate readers bringing to my attention more evidence that suggests we are witnessing another drill, like the announced drill at the Boston Marathon, turned into a fake terrorist attack. That indeed might be what the Orlando shooting was. However, remember, our purpose is not to disprove the official story, but to find evidence in its behalf.

    So far all we have are official statements and testimony by what seem to be crisis actors. 103 people cannot be shot without there being real evidence.

    It has to be somewhere.

    My cautionary statement was that we should not believe massive terrorist attacks without evidence, especially when we know for an absolute fact that the government lied to us about Saddam Hussein, Assad, and Libya. These lies have kept us at work destroying Muslim countries for 15 years, with a consequence that Europe is being overrun with refugees from our wars based on nothing but the government’s lies.

    It is not an unreasonable conclusion that a government that will lie to us about Iraq, Libya, Syria, the economic condition of the country and that will lie to the 9/11 Commission might also lie to us about Boston, Sandy Hook, San Bernandino, and Orlando.

    My point is simply that we are given stories based not on visible evidence but on claims. These kind of events have to leave massive evidence, but somehow it is not visible.

    To recap, we are trying to see if we can find real evidence that supports the official story. We are not trying to disprove the official story but to prove it.

    If we cannot prove the story, we are entitled to disbelieve it.

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.


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      1. As Durangokid would say “it’s in the archives”
        To those here who have supported this position.,you are what brings sight to the kingdom of the blind.

        • Mac,

          The governments fingerprints are all over this one.

          The facts of the case are bizarre and implausible.



          ITS A DUCK



          • Didn’t one of the alphabet agencies get a law passed just a few years back saying it was legal to use propaganda and fake news against the american public?

          • Right; the government, or whomever, got well over 1,000 actors as citizens, police, firefighters, doctors, and other medical personnel, plus all those props like police cars, ambulances, and hospitals to fake what exactly? Paranoids have been hovering around this and other sites since at least Y2K predicting some nefarious government plot to enslave all of us. Nothing has happened but these loons keep thinking that THIS Is the One! Get a friggin life already!!

            • we were hired by an unidentified source and paid very well for a couple hours work. since you’re familiar with this gig, did you work there too?

              • Jericho is a liar

            • Greg 8,
              It’s not that I don’t believe a significant event happened in Orlando, but the government, the left, and the press is so comfortable lying to the public, that we can no longer trust them.

              Thus we have staged video of supposed wounded being carried away. Closer examination using Google street view to identify the exact location and direction of movement, actually reveals footage was contrived. It reminded me of Mr Helmet in Lebanon carrying a way a wounded guy, who turns up in another video carrying someone else away the very next day.

              Obama’s AG is announcing the release of Orlando 911 audio tapes that they already admit have been edited to Remove Islamic references. The government does not need to release these tapes, but chose to, and when the chose to they can’t edit them to create a false narrative for the public that supports Obama’s political agenda. Obama took an oath of office which he is still under, and chooses to a use that oath and purposely lie to Americans.

              Point is we can trust nothing this lying administration or the press feed us.

            • There were craigslist ads a few days before for a large number of security/doormen for an event in Orlando. You have people that have already been outed as actors. The hospital that all the victims were sent to (which is rare, no hospital is equipped to handle that many people and it is pretty standard to send to multiple hospitals.) has been plagued with lawsuits and layoffs. There were no ambulances shown at all, after 3 hours and people were being put in the back of trucks? Does that make sense? Out of 100 something victims and a few people have actually been on T.V.? The only person I ever hear about is Christine Leinonen and she was supposedly a decade veteran Michigan State Police and a lawyer and yet she can’t find out anything when the event happened? People familiar with the law are able to find out who they need to talk to.

              • Would the current administration deliberately choose a gay background setting of such a false flag event to be assured of over reaction to guns ? Did they deliberately commit Fast and Furious where many thousands of victims died according to the Mexican governments own public statements and did they try to cover up the under belly of Benghazi?

                The answer on all counts is yes they did ! So why trust them or give any benefit of doubt when we conclusively know they are liars of the highest order and major manipulators !





          • You’re one ignorant mother fucker. Your entire family is more than likely inbred. Good lord the stupidity flowing from you is beyond fathomable. Enjoy your day slingblade I’m sure you’ll be busy playing your banjo trying to lure civilized men in where you and your buddies can bend ’em over and screw ’em hillbilly style to make ’em squeal like pigs. ???








          • I believe that Orlando is a real shooting, unlike Sandy Hook which is a proven fraud. But I do believe that it is a False Flag attack given the information that is coming out subsequently.

            One of those shot said that there were FOUR shooters. She should know. Other contractors, no doubt, who let him take the fall.

            Can you say, Lee Harvey Oswald ??? 🙁

            • Go to and they do a great job of explaining why false flags have so many contradictions.

            • I find it very strange that the death toll did not change from early reports.

              Fifty some odd people were reportedly wounded, many critically, but no more died in the days since?

              Hospitals should have been overflowing, ambulances running for hours, but no story here?

          • Acid, once again some damn good points. Keep them coming.

            • BH,
              So now who’s willing to take up the Crusaders moniker?
              A White Crusade, the only way to oppose the Cult of Death and ‘multiculturalism’ that includes all the actors.
              If they ‘denominate’ Mr. Trump, God help us all.

          • TO:Acid Etch; What a well chosen handle. I would suggest you get off that acid and stop etching. Then maybe you wouldn’t utter such uninformed garbage.
            I’m a single mom (widow) who raise two children – one is a top surgeon and the other owns her own business. I never took a penny from anyone and paid taxes.
            Women don’t vote for more communism, like men they vote against one person for the other as they perceive the other less thrust-worthy.
            You have no idea how the results of the date you spew were gathered. Most surveys are skewed. Ignorant psycho babble!!!

        • This article starts out wrong. If something this basic from someone who says they are a veteran is wrong and don’t put a lot of credibility to what Roberts has written.

          “One person who said he is a veteran said the AR-15 can have a 30-round clip.”

          IT IS NOT A CLIP, it is a magazine. There is a difference. Know what you are talking about.

          • I caught that too, Wilson. However, I wasn’t sure whether the vet was being quoted or whether he was being paraphrased by the author (who is more likely not to know how cringeworthy it is to call a magazine a “clip”.

            • Agreed about it being a magazine, but the point the idiot is trying to make is that the AR 15 should be banned because it’s “all black and shooty looking”.

              The left is gonna be our downfall as a country.

          • Wilson, that’s almost as bad as the story i read in USA Today. The writer of that story said that he had been a US Army officer for four decades and last served in the sand box. Now get this, in his story he called the M16/AR15 mag a “large-volume ammunition magazine”. Now per the US army operator’s manual, TM 9-1005-319-10 for the Rifle, 5.56 MM, the correct military name for a mag is, magazine, cartridge, 30 round. Anybody who had been in the military would know the correct name for a mag. So I call bull shit on that guy’s story in the USA Today of ever being in the US military, he’s just another POS lib.

            • Anything over FIVE rounds is considered a large capacity magazine. 🙂

              • by WHO?

            • As a gay former army medic I will tell you that a lot of people in the military are not very good with guns & diversity tends to not be combat arms.

              The story says “difficult to imagine that there were no veterans in the club, no people aware that guns run out of bullets” . If I was disarmed by law in the bar, I would not rush the guy but rush the exit and set up 2 terrain features away per my military training. Most of the guys in the bar would have said I was ignorant about how moslems treat gays up until he yelled out “aloha snackbar”.

          • Thank you sir! I have found that most people that don’t know one from the other also don’t know wtf muzzle downrange means either! Education is good!

            • Nor do they have a clue about trigger pull, barrel rising, and focusing on the front sight. But they will swear you can fire 100 rounds a min and hit every moving target. Like this dweeb muzzie was super marksman. Nothing bugs me more when someone calls a mag a clip. Or when someone who has never fired a weapon is an expert on them.

          • Condo or townhouse ??? People use these terms interchangeably even when they have distinct meanings. The difference between ammo “clip” and “magazine” is similar. Let’s not split hairs.

            LMFAO !!! Some idiots here have called bullshit on me because I describe myself as “ex-Marine” rather than “former Marine”.

            Flat or apartment; “castle” or “crib”??? 🙂

            • Sorry bud, if your going to make a statement regarding weaponry like you’re some expert then calling a mag a clip shows your not. I don’t call storage space(hard drives) memory, but many people confuse the 2. It’s a matter of nomenclature.

              • Yes it IS a matter of nomenclature. While I am not judging the author one way or the other, my point is that people use terminology differently, and INTERCHANGEABLY, unknowingly perverting its true meaning.

                Over time some words or phrases have radically changed their meaning, as society has mangled their true meaning and intent.

                In this case, splitting hairs is the folly of pointed headed asshats as this same argument has been “debated” numerous times in this space.

                Different strokes for different folks is the bottom line. 🙂

              • Yes, and if you’re getting pedantic, you don’t use “your” when “you’re” or “you are” would be the proper word choice. People make mistakes and even professionals use improper verbiage at times. It doesn’t mean they are wrong in what they are attempting to convey and it doesn’t necessarily point to some grand conspiracy.

              • Dr Pepper, Durango is weak. Ask a developer the difference between condo and townhouse. Hell, ask a two bit realtor. Same thing with the article. The marine example is a great way to expose Durango. Ex and former are not mistakes a real marine would EVER make. NEVER!!!!

            • John Browning, the guy that created the 1911, is a rookie, not a real gun guy I guess, he called the device that holds cartridges in his designs “clips”, if heavy shit is on the way, we better quite splitting hairs with like minded people. We need to be making connections with each other on a local leval, get out of the mall, and find some folks to cover your six, you might need it, soon!

              • THAT is good shit right there what you just spoke. Our very existence is being threatened, the lives of our children and our children’s children…and their children is threatened. There is some BIG SHIT coming down and we’re here dividing our ranks over semantics?
                You are right…time to unite,in real time,in real space, with boots on the ground.

              • Tunkcuf, what you said is so right. We need to put our differences aside. If/when it hits the fan we need to unify

                • Agree, see my comment and link at the bottom of this page. It explains many matters in detail. And yes we should be uniting and getting ready for what is coming ! Most are not ready at all but they think they are !

          • There are also larger magazines than 30 round. There are 40 straight, 60 and 100 fat mags, and snail drums in 100. While I do believe the narrative is being used here to skew the perception, I do not think this was a staged event. if it were, the perpetrator would have been a Christian NRA member with a Republican voter registration in his wallet and his car radio tuned to talk radio station. His face book page would have lots of Rush quotes.

      2. Why do they eve print this stupid crap?? Instead of giving sight to the blind they add smoke and mirrors. amazing

      3. now I’m all open to thinking outside the box, but these people that continually come up with ‘it didn’t happen’ bullshit, its got to stop. For the sake of the credibility of SHTFPlan…

        Lets just say, for S&Gs, that it was faked. What does that gain people? Have you seen the gun sales? guns are NOT going away. Gays are the biggest buyers of guns in the last few days (Thanks Milo!). faking something like this gains ‘them’ NOTHING and keeps you all in a tizzy.

        Not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy theory. Shit happens. people die. Life has a 100% FAILURE RATE. get over it.

        • Someone Posted this the other day from SurvivalBlog but their facts claiming 150 were killed was incorrect. Here is the Real Historical FACTS to the Biggest Mass Shooting in American History.

          THE LARGEST MASS SHOOTING IN US HISTORY HAPPENED December 29,1890. When 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota were murdered by federal agents & members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection”. The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. The Calvary began shooting, and managed to wipe out the entire camp. 200 of the 297 victims were women and children.

          Wounded Knee was among the first federally backed gun confiscation attempts in United States history. It ended in the senseless murder of 297 people.

          The Second Amendment, the right of the people to take up arms in defense of themselves, their families, and property in the face of invading armies or an oppressive government. The Second Amendment was written by people who fled oppressive and tyrannical regimes in Europe, and it refers to the right of American citizens to be armed for defensive purposes, should such tyranny arise in the United States.

          Wounded Knee is the prime example of why the Second Amendment exists, and why we should vehemently resist any attempts to infringe on our Rights to Bear Arms. Without the Second Amendment we will be totally stripped of any ability to defend ourselves and our families.

          Yeah it was real Heroic Slaughtering 200 Native women and children and another 97 unarmed Braves.



          • Wounded Knee. Good point. What would the libtards say ??? 🙂

        • Who gains from such a hoax?
          George Soros gains by being one of the largest share holders in gun manufacturers.
          Bath house Barry gains by creating a false narrative to confiscate guns.
          The globalist gain by pitting us against each other.
          The ragheads gain using fear to create submission.

          Who loses from such a hoax?
          The Truth loses.
          Freedom and Liberty loses.
          The legal rightful citizens of this country loses.

          Live Free or Die…or we lose

          • I have a bad feeling that we already lost but just dont know it yet

            • “From my cold dead hands”… Live or die…it is a cause greater than all of us yet involves all of us.

              • talon1776 says:
                “From my cold dead hands”…

                … remember seeing that bumper sticker in the movie “Red Dawn” (1984), and the dead hand next to it (when a Russian pulled a handgun from it) …

                Excellent movie…

                But this is what it may come to …

              • Amen,,,
                Im in

            • The 2nd, the spirit and reason of and for the 2nd has already been made null and void. It happened when the balance between civilian and govt/military/leo became way way lopsided and tilted. And that started back in the 1930’s. They have all the goodies, all the toys, all the technology, to doubt or argue this is a serious case of denial.

              • bj…I disagree…we thought that we had all the toys we needed in nam…the fact that they had to pull arrows out of the skins of hueys should have been a clue what we were up against…people who will die for what they believe in are not easily overcome…come to think of it, me thinks that we might be missing that clue again.

            • I think your right…

            • Kula, we haven’t lost anything YET. As long as we’re still breathing and have the means of resistance, we still have a chance.

          • tallon1776

            If all this is done to drive the sales of guns and ammo to make profit, knowing full well it will be used against them if they come for our guns.

            Then they must have an ace in the hole or they are plain damn stupid.. I get the feeling they don’t care how much ammo or guns we purchase.

            • Yes anon…it is about profits…but frankly…I think these bitches just want to burn Rome and play a fiddle…thinking they will emerge to a world all to themselves. Sadly…no one will be around to rebuild and AI is starting to become autonomous.

              Live Free or Die…knee deep in brass

              • I agree that TPTB believe their own bullshit so strongly that they think they will be on top and willing to go there ?That makes sense to me in a perverted way . But these control freaks are definitely perverted and twisted nothing new at all. These links explain it all as well. Since they are all either sociopaths or psychopaths it all makes sense to them because they are are control freaks !

                We are all being setup by our own government for chaos.
                Realize this is the kind of stuff your tax dollars are being used for ? These maniacs use your tax dollars against you in a myriad of ways 24/7/365 ! So yes you are paying to get effed daily in a myriad of ways !

                We have all been setup by our own government for some sort of attack/event to be used as an excuse to either install martial law or take away more of your liberties. This event in Orlando has one thing in common with Boston, 9/11, Riverside, and Ft Hood. All of the perps were known ahead of time very clearly by our own government . Some were even interviewed and released by FBi and other spook agencies, before they went about committing their acts of violence. If our supposed spy agencies and hyper technology are so incredibly effective then how is this even possible ? It is NOT possible and the simple truth is that all of these events were allowed to happen by your own government. They are testing for outcomes and reactions from many sources and will immediately use the Orlando gay thing as a tool for anti gun rhetoric. Some greater event is planned to happen closer to the election. If Hillary is indicted you will see martial law installed because of an attack or attacks inside CONTUS that was allowed to happen or created by our own government. It is all about power and control of YOU !

            • “I get the feeling they don’t care how much ammo or guns we purchase.”

              Major factions behind door #3 are advocating for such…
              When the balloon goes up… they will have time to go where they will… I just hope it IS underground…. he he he…

            • Anon…I have a comment that is being mysteriously held in moderation…maybe it’s too close to the truth…what say you MAC?

              • talon1776

                I have one in the last thread too.

                The server does it sometimes. All the attacks it must get and then there is plenty of spam.

                • Drudge

                  Obama imports over a Million Muslims during his presidency. Hillary will keep the numbers going higher.

                  Then 51% of American Muslims want Sharia Law.

                  We are worried about what the financials are doing. We know that pig can’t fly.

                  When it terrorist start again I do not want to hear all the bitching. So just go out and put all those flowers, candles and teddy bears as memorials. Also buy a lot of those items. Hell the whole country is beginning to look like a graveyard on the roadways.

                  Best job in town will be a Grief Counselor.

                  When the Gays make the Gadsden Flag, Rainbow Color you know the country is in trouble.

                  Yepper, It’s not the Gay Parade anymore it’s the Gay Patrol.
                  “Just because I’m dressed in drag, doesn’t mean I can’t kill terrorists”.



            • Arrogance

            • NEW INFO: Headline:
              FBI Told Omar Mateen’s Wife Not to Tell The Media He Was Gay

              by Danny F. Quest | Jun 17, 2016

              In an interview with Brazilian TV, the ex-wife of Omar Mateen claimed the U.S. agency told her to keep quiet about his homosexuality.

              The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation told the former wife of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, Sitora Yusufiy, not to speak of his homosexuality or the fact that she, his family and others believed he was gay, Yusufiy’s current fiance, Marco Dias, told a Brazilian TV channel in an interview.

              Dias told the Brazilian television station SBT Brazil Tuesday that Yusufiy believed Mateen was gay and that his father called him gay several times in front of her. However, “the FBI asked her not to tell this to the American media.”

              Since the attack, Mateen has been dubbed an “Islamic terrorist” by politicians, senior officials and commentators in the U.S. following reports he had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

              However, the idea that he could have been a closet-homosexual indicates that the Orlando shooting might have been a deeply felt and personal act of hate.

              The FBI and law enforcement in the United States have so far been pursuing the “Islamist terrorism” angle and their alleged demand from Mateen’s ex-wife to keep mum about his homosexuality suggests they want to downplay the personal and self-hating nature of the attack in favor of the Islamic terrorism-related one.

              Since his attack on the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, the developing narrative surrounding Mateen’s life is that of a troubled human being who had a history of domestic violence, a struggle with his sexual orientation, as well as an inclination toward a radical version of Islam.

              However, in addition to recently pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group, Mateen had previously shown support for both al-Qaida and Hezbollah, who have radically different interpretations of Islam and are in fact bitter enemies.

              This suggests Mateen had an extremely shallow and confused understanding of Islam as he failed to comprehend the social and political differences between the diferent groups. Hezbollah are currently fighting against the Islamic State and other radical Sunni groups in Syria.

              4 Reasons It’s No Coincidence Orlando Shooter Worked for G4S

              Furthermore, Yusufiy has told the media that her ex-husband started to emotionally and physically abuse her just months into their marriage. She said he exploded in anger and often beat her while also keeping her hostage, which led her family to “literally rescue” her from the abusive relationship and Mateen’s mental instability.

              To add to this a former male classmate of Mateen said he had been asked out romantically by the mass shooter, who was reported to be a regular at the Pulse nightclub, having visited it more than a dozen times over the years.

              Reports also suggest the attacker used several gay dating apps and communicated with several users. Kevin West, a regular at Pulse, told the Los Angeles Times he had exchanged messages with Mateen on an app.

              And now, it seems the overwhelming reports and testimonies pointing to Mateen’s personal motives are forcing the FBI to pursue a different angle.

              The rest of the story:

              ~WWTI… The Facts just keep pouring out. And why would the FBI like to keep this as an “Islamic Terror Attack?” Why, because they get more funding to squander on their posh black suit lifestyles. I’ve been in an FBI Field Office as an invited guest. It is very Posh with marble floors and tall doors, it would make Saddam Hussein blush at the lavishness and extravagance of top dollar. Right after 9-11 the FBI received $30 Billion Dollars. They blew that on Lavish Offices, and field offices and more black suits, and equipment. And have yet to stop a single legitimate terror attack. So this turning into a Gay issue as a motive, blows the FBI’s twisted motives of fabricated terror out of the water. This is a clear case of “Obstruction of Justice” by the FBI in a Mass shooting investigation, suppressing facts as they point to the real motive, and FBI heads, should be rolling into a shit pile. TRUST NO-ONE!!

              Trump has a lot of work to clean up America’s corrupt Pig Pen of Law enforcers.

            • More ammo to kill each other,they get depopulation without lifting a finger.

          • For the first time in a long time, the US opinion is in favor of limiting so-called assault weapons. That is what they gained.

          • Dateline: Spokane

            Truth is the victim! TPTB have declared war on the American people! They will do anything to advance their agenda and control the narative. Look at what they are doing with the Brexit campaign. Talon makes some excellent points.

            A full moon and a summer solstice are occurring on Monday. I look forward to experiencing that natural phenomena out here in some of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring places that I have ever seen. The natural beauty of Oregon and Washington is quite something. I hope to be safely away from all the crowds of ‘lunatics’ that will be out and about around that time. But, in my experience, even wild animals behave differently when the moon is full. Situational awareness will be the key to survival.

            Louisiana Eagle

          • good post, talon….thanks for beating me to it.

          • You forgot two—the gays and transvestites gain a LOT. They are now increasingly normalized. They have been undauntingly militant but now are “victims” again. They are viewed with sympathy and even empathy as now they have a solidified bond with all of the others who are victims of or in fear of the terrorist boogeymen.

            Also, the Neocon war machine and justification for their efforts at western hegemony benefit greatly. We will hear how we need to amp up the fight in the middle east and increase support with arms and technology for those whom we want to overthrow.

            • Javelin….hattip…they’re many factions who are sinister that will gain from a false perception. LGBT certainly stands to gain…a literal “brown stain army”

              Live Free or Die…(lisp)

          • The gay lobby wins too, because the media has turned this into a “we stand together as one nation, gay and straight” moment.

          • I don’t know if the Orlando terrorist attack was real or not, but I do know that after any of these shootings, the oligarchs and their useful idiots, renew their efforts to enact stricter gun control.
            Whether the shootings are real or staged, government wastes no opportunity to try and disarm the public.

            “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
            David Rockefeller

            “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
            Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State, Time Magazine, July 20th, l992.

            “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil.”
            Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

        • If this is True- The Police Failed to enter the building, thus waiting another 3 hours to make sure and the victims were dead and the Body count mounted. Also How many people were killed by police bullets?

          If this was Fake – I also heard an initial Interview was another crisis actor, who is listed as a Actor, gave some statement with no enthusiasm or panic to the media. Like he read his lines from the script. It could have been a staged mass shooting drill and they were all players in all levels. I would want to see the dead bodies piled up at the Hospital to show proof or death.

          ~All the World is a Stage. – Wm. Shakespear


        • “What does that gain people?”

          Gun Laws, registration, possible ban of high capacity semi auto rifles, later confiscation. It worked to this effect in the UK and Australia. Americans are a tad more tenacious.

          The question is was the incident staged?



        • “What does that gain people?”

          Gun Laws, registration, possible ban of high capacity semi auto rifles, later confiscation. It worked to this effect in the UK and Australia. Americans are a tad more tenacious.

          The question is was the incident staged?

          • Control ………it is all about control

            TPTB have something bad in mind for the American public that they need to get the guns away from us …..what ever the cost so they will have unstoppable control over us .

            Our guns allow us freedom from tyranny

            remember God made man

            but Samuel Colt made him free

            • “guns allow us freedom from tyranny”

              I hope so, but unfortunately, I fear that many people, even those that talk tough, will either cave in and comply, or will be caught off-guard, when the .gov thugs come knocking down doors.

              • In the current environment, being well armed might give you the choice about how and when you will die.

                They got better stuff then we could ever come up with and when the ol’ push comes to shoot – they will likely win in a walk (if they retain the loyalty of their ‘troops’ or import blue helmets)

                Doesn’t matter. Just do the Right Thing…<bb

        • You’re taking the lazy way out and not taking a hard look at this PSYOP.. do the research and shine the light on the LIE. This “event” is treasonous and subversive.. it’s too important not to do the research. Google Orlando Shooting psyop, hoax, staged event, crisis actors, etc and you will find ample material outside of the MSM proving that this is a PSYOP.

        • i live in orlando not far from the shootings and if you think this his didnt happen your a moron, do you really think they are going to put pictures of the bodies on tv beacause if you do then i would say that nobody has ever been killed in a car wreck because i didnt see those pics on the news. as far as a list of the dead , all the names have been on the news all week and they are interviewing family members and doctors and showing funerals. come to orlando and check it out for your self.

          • Transport of the casualty will often be the most problematic aspect of providing care in a mass shooting. Severely injured patients are routinely given IV fluids by paramedics before transport to the nearest trauma center. In the shootings in California and Florida I have yet to see a photo of a blood stained person with an IV in them being transported.

            This Orlando club had security cameras at many points. But we have yet to see tapes of the gun man in the club. I don’t mean shooting at people. But prior to shooting they could have shown us a clip of the shooter.

            Then where are the interviews with the wounded? We have 50 wounded yet not a single interview with any of them displaying injuries?

            In both of these cases they are quietest funerals in U.S. History. I remember vividly the press coverage of the Kent State massacre that showed the wounded and grieving for weeks and weeks afterwards. Yet I cannot find photos of these wounds and funerals?

            • More definitive insight….excellent post rabbitone!

            • go to local websites like click orlando, they have been interviewing people all week, showing the funerals already. if you dont look you wont find it because your sure not going to see it on shtf. most of the wounded that got out were carried or driven in trucks to ormc because it was only a couple of blocks away and the paramedics wouldnt go in because it was a active shooter situation. the reason alot of specifics are being held back is because at his time they are not sure how many people were killed by freindly fire. when swat used the ram to break through the wall people came streaming out and thats when the 1st member of the swat team took a round in the helmet and went down, at that time swat opened fire. i think alot more people were killed by ff than they want to admit.that being said there definately was a shooting and alot of people were killed

              • I agree. This event definitely did happen. Just because crime scene footage from inside the club has not been released yet, during an ongoing investigation, does not mean it may not be at some point. Also, authorities may not be releasing it out of respect for the families of the victims. it serves no good purpose to put it out there while their wounds are still fresh and they have not completed the grieving process. There are lost of things that are indeed conspiracies and coverups, but I do not think this is one of them.

                It is a tragedy that shows what happens when you allow in people who have significant cultural differences and refuse to assimilate into their new country’s culture. This is why immigration needs to be tightly regulated and why people from certain countries should never be allowed to emigrate here. Islam has NEVER had a time when it could live in peace with other cultures. It has always been fraught with violence and a desire to enforce it’s will by force, where necessary (by sword or by flame). People need to realize this and stop trying to equate it with other major faiths that do know how to play nice despite their differences.

            • Also, I saw on the blueprint of the Pulse, there were 8 exits. 8….???? Also, was going to ask about the tapes from CCTV. I have read that at least one of the “witnesses” was actually a proven crisis actor, Luis Burbario. Also, reports that Twitter accounts began receiving this info 2 hours before it all alledgedly began.
              And, it’shard tobelieve with the length of time this all transpired in, there are no pictures, no videos from a gazillion smart phones? And, lastly–how did he get into the club with the gun and SO much ammunition? I amnot totally sure what tobelieve, but, I have learned not to believe blindly, but investigate for myself.

          • Amen Robert!!! These people are frickin morons!! I live there to off Millenia Blvd not to far from that club and I work at Orlando Regional. I know for a fact it was real! I saw the blood and carnage and wished I never had!! Sick Bastards thinking they need proof.

        • so by pcr’s logic the little kid didnt get ate by a alligator at disney because we never saw his chewed up corpse on tv? parents are crisis actors and obama is going to declare martial law and cancel the electrions because were under attack by alligators inspired by donald trump .
          pcr is a senile bitter old man who is bat shit crazy

          • Go watch the FOIA hearings on Sandy Hook.From the police chiefs mouth, the original 911 call was unwanted person and 22 units responded,that’s half the dept.No shots fired yet and they couldn’t get their in time to stop Lanza ?

        • I lived in Sandy Hook. Kids died. I don’t know if all of those kids died, but I do know that it happened and kids died.

          • Yeah just for fun go watch sandy hook kids at the super bowl.They used pictures of kids who were actually older at the time,the resemblances are too big to ignore.

          • You mean you lived in Newtown ? Obviously you’re not telling the truth.I live in Newtown and no kids died,see how that works.

            • Lmao

          • Wow why we’re you living at the school. Fn liar. Hate liars.

        • Several people have said in the past that if one tells a lie often enough and loud enough it will be believed. So if Sandy Hook was a fake and if the Boston bombing was a fake and if the Pulse nightclub shooting was a fake then somebody is engineering this whole shindig.
          I have – and I assume others have also seen photo comparisons of identical grieving witnesses or parents at Boston and Newtown. Already we see apparent actors reciting gory details they’ve seen but which we can’t see. I remember photos of the Paris attack in which the dead laid in the same positions for hours – as dead people should. There were pools of blood between them and bloody footprints all around – as there would be if first responders had checked the bodies to ascertain their death.
          So far, there are no such photos of carnage at either Sandy Hook or Orlando. In fact, the entire school building in Newtown, Connecticut has been razed. One has to wonder how long it will be before the “Pulse” is torn down to make room for something else (a mosque perhaps?)
          After watching the administration scratching and covering after the ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle I have to question anything coming from Mordor on the Potomac.
          Except one thing: He has “fundamentally changed” this country!

          • Good comment oldfart

        • Sketch, there’s a lot to be gained and maybe someday you’ll have it explained to you.
          MEANWHILE, why does hovering over your screen name produce
          “” ?
          Are you secretly Mickey, or something else? Just curious.

        • I agree sketch. Here’s why, I support this group SHTF and I believe it has lots of great insight. However calling the tragic event in Orlando and Boston fake is BS. I live in Orlando about 2.5 miles away from pulse and work at Orlando Regional Hospital. I ASSURE you it was real. You don’t have to see blood and guts on the tv to make it believable! In fact it’s kind of disturbing you have to see it. I saw a lot of it firsthand and will have to see it in my mind for the rest of my life!! It’s actually not your business too see it! It’s called trying to give people dignity which everyone deserves. For instance how would you feel if someone came to your home and obliterated your family and asshats like some of you insisted on seeing the blood and carnage of your dead wife kids etc. to prove it wasn’t fake? You’d be pissed!!!

          Now to Acid Etch: are you using acid!?!?!? Kinda sounds like it.
          1. There are 3rd world countries who have better traditional marriages and family values then we do. To the rest of your points ummm the way you use language and degrade women sounds to me like you wouldn’t know what “family values” were if they jumped up and bit you in your ass?
          2. I’m not sure I even have words to explain the stupidity and ignorance of your words!! Your 3rd point is beyond dumb. a) My mother was a virgin when she got married and it didn’t predict shit for the marriage. b) my mother became a single mom because a man …probably like you couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and stay committed to my mother. It wasn’t a negative outcome for me or my 2 brothers. All 3 of us are very educated and doing quite well thank you! c) My mother REFUSED to obtain any kind of government or financial aid. She worked her ass off and my father did nothing to help her. d) Neither my mother nor I vote or support any type of communist regime/government. e) we don’t give a shit about sustaining civilization? What the F?!?!? What civilization have you built you ignorant hillbilly?? Apparently you haven’t.
          3. All 7 of your points are asinine and the very root of the problem is because of men like you. Respect your mothers, wives, daughters etc. and value them and treat them how they’re are supposed to be treated. I guess you gotta bash women and single moms to make your little penis seem sooooo much bigger to you. You and your beliefs are what’s wrong with society.

          • Wher are all the cell phone videos from inside pulse.? ASSURE me that you are not a crisis actor? 300 people with cell phones . And one video ? Explain how the police blocked all the videos out of respect for the families. We have videos of every street fight . And only one from inside pulse? People would be posting like crazy for money? Wake the f up. Or take your crisis actor pay and live with the consequences . You will be found out . And you will pay.

        • They are talking about banning anyone on the no fly list from possessing a gun. That’s what it gains . How many people are on the no fly list We have no idea Does that keep you in a tizzy . Are you thinking outside the box now? Get over it .

        • A more realistic perspective is that our own government is allowing such events to happen or is helping them to occur.
          Should be obvious by now to anybody actually paying attention.

      4. The questions to be answered are how do you fake it without it leaking? The physicians, nurses would have to know that something is amiss. Are they personally individually threatened? Question two is why fake it? Since when have the lives of “useless eaters” been of value?

        JFK almost all involved were already insiders or OC connected with a free strays later “cleaned up” here and there.

        Sandy Hook, no witnesses on paper.

        The effort that would be required is staggering. Over 50 at least that were supposedly wounded. Hospitals do a Sgt Shultz, “I see nothing, I know nothing”? This is a Men In Black operation on a huge scale considering the numbers of “outsiders” that would have to be involved.

        • Not sure about the Sandy Hook situation, but with the Boston Marathon false flag event – do we all remember how the government brought in ISRAELI doctors and put the younger kid (after he was captured) into a jewish hospital?

          We’re supposed to believe that there were no American doctors available to deal with the younger brother’s injuries?

          Clearly, a black operation with Israeli fingerprints all over it.

          Prime Objective: Disarming law abiding White Americans.

          • The backpack blows Boston out of the water,the FBI showed a black backpack but the bothers backpacks were grey.

        • “The questions to be answered are how do you fake it without it leaking?”

          I really don’t see how it’s possible. All the first responders and families and clean-up crew, etc….

          Too many people to not have someone come out and say this is “Effin’ B.S.”

          • FreeSlave

            I agree. Is it possible that it really happened (but a false flag) and a few crisis actors were thrown in creating situations that intentionally don’t add up? If any of it is ever questioned the natural inclination will look at what doesn’t add up and claim that none of it adds up. The reality is while the well intentioned say, “This false flag never even happened” they are completely discredited when they are only half wrong. It really was a false flag.

            In essence you dilute the truth with lies.

            I see this with the dead end leads with the JFK assassination that claim it was a conspiracy but, “The MAFIA” did it, Castro did it”.

          • Money and discalimers,you talk you die.

            • nightshiftsucks

              Someone gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, no family, not reliable enough. More people greater risk.

              They use maximum confusion to their advantage. Create nowhere leads intentionally. How can one explain it being so sloppy unless it was on purpose. No blood on those that should have blood. Moving the victim in the wrong direction. Its an intentional creation of chaos, to deceive, to direct one down a path that can be discredited.

              They been at this since the 1950s and honed it to a fine art in Europe and Asia leaving Africa to the British and to a lesser degree the French. Regardless by the time they employed it here its reached its zenith. They learn also. They are very good at being very bad.

              • I’m going to post a link after this comment,if it doesn’t show up right away come back it really made sense to me.It’s on

                • The article is War of the Titans dated 6/13

      5. Throw in JFK’s murder, the official story released before any investigation. Same here in Orlando, same in 9-11, the OKC bombing, the Boston marathon fiasco, Sandy Hook, RFK, JFK jr and MLK murders and on and on, the fixed story before any investigation. The American people can’t be this aloof to reality and this lame to reaction. WTF! The photo op of Oliar and Biden carrying flowers to the site is barfable.

        • aljamo

          This has a far greater number people involved. The Boston Bombing occurred. The “Books Were Cooked” regarding involvement. Sandy Hook, no witnesses. This is bigger regarding the numbers involved.

          • The next one will have larger numbers (and there will be a next one)…

            • Its not a question if its a false flag but rather is the incident a theatrical show or is it real? The complexity increases when its all falsified. If they got caught either way the power structure loses its necessary political support as the veil is cast aside and the people realize what has been going on. It really wouldn’t be any worse for them if they actually had the acts committed or faked it. One thing is different is that the chances of getting caught are greater if its faked. Co-Opting one person and making them the nut who happens to die after said act is completed is a lot easier than staging all of it. They’ve shown indifference to suffering, an utter lack of national loyalty so who would they bother to stage a politically manipulating event?

              • oops

                “so who would they bother”

                so WHY would they bother

              • the REAL question is why hasn’t anyone gone on national news channels and said we need MORE guns(to protect U.S.), instead of LESS? it’s time to stand up for the second amendment! just remember, when SECONDS count, a cop is only HOURS away. enough with the gun free zones, already.

                • Going on national news requires getting on national news. Their editors decide what will and will not be shown. Pro Second Amendment opinion is both intentionally ignored or in too many cases edited in such a manner to discredit the message. The good news is TPTB no longer have a monopoly on the soap box. The bad news is that by every deceitful means they are ostensibly attacking the new found internet venue of free speech to return the dissemination of information back into their controlling hands.

                  The political battle between the powerful and powerless has been occurring since government was a mere tribe in the wilderness. Technological advances at times in history leveled the playing field only to be removed from mass control, ostensibly for their own safety, or rendered moot by new technology held exclusively under elite control. The Knights Armor penetrated by the firearm, the castle wall by cannon. The wired phone no longer tapped with wired alligator clips as wireless affords unlimited spying capability. The battleground shifts but the political war continues. Carl Von Clausewitz said, “War is politics by other means”. I think the reverse is also true, “Politics is war by other means”.

                  No one escapes when freedom fails. The best men rot in filthy jails. Those who cry, “appease, appease”, are hanged by those they tried to please.

              • What happens if they do a false flag and an armed 3rd party is in the area ? That would really blow everything wide open.

            • In Most events, like OK Buildg and McViegh, WACO, 9/11, Especially OK buildg and double especially 9/11 Three Massive huge buildg’s…One main consistant issue had happened at each and it is a huge Clue of False Flag Via corrupted fed govnt.

              That being…in ALl similar actual “Private” events that are a Crime or suspected of being a crime such as Arson of an occupied home etc to collect insurance policy.

              The Local and fed FBI cops teams NEVER ever allow for anyone to simply Bulldoze down the building and related “Evidence” and then Haul it away to some location for disposal of it.

              9/11 Twin Towers had debrie being removed via semi trucks to tune of an Convoy of trucks back and forth weeks ongoing to remove all debries and put it On huge ocean going Barges to take to CHINA! as scrap metel!

              ALL within what was it? TWO weeks since collapse!

              Oklahoma Fed buildg same crap two weeks or so and Klinton came on live TV to tell usa folks how sad it was and in order to help the Grieving survivors and families the entire debrie field was being torn down fully and hauled away asap fast as possible…it began haul away next day.

              It was NOT remotely possible for fbi to conduct thourough investigations in Two weeks eh!

              I have Several Burned down private homes near my house. And so far each one the cops believe “May be” arson to collect insurance has a Police sign states “Police believe arson was at play here and offering reward for any Info leads to capture or proof of arsonists”

              With also now loose worn out barley still there Yellow Tape Police Line do NOT Cross tape around entire dwelling etc…Thats Been there for as long as 5+ yrs now!

              I figue cops are going to wait as long as statue of limitations to prosecute for arson before they allow it be torn down and scrap hauled away.

              WE Never before waco have ever seen such fast two week removals from crime scene evidences period…Now its Biz as per usual if fed govnts involved eh.

              I consider this tactic of fast removal of debries to be a HUGE Clue of Nefarious FF deeds BY or thru or with fed govnt assistances period. Get RID of potential and actual evidense as fast as can so Nobody else can EVER prove squat.

              • You are so full of shit!! You can’t spell either. They didn’t tear the Murrah building down for a couple of months you dumb fuck. Where do you idiots come up with this shit??? Get an education then get a fuckin life and job, quit playing with your little pee pees and DO SOMETHING THAT MATTERS!!!!!

                • IrishMc76… Your post is BS, the material was removed quickly from WTC and OKC to hide evidence of inside jobs and nukes being used in both instances. Truth is not your specialty. Them Guys is a truth teller, his posts are accurate. I suspect other reasons for your opinion, that reply was an ugly one.

          • Just like my doctor with my ldl…

            the higher the number the more she freaks out…

            but at least my brain is staying the same size. lol!

            • IrishMc76 . Your reply insults the Irish . If you are Irish . The real Irish will take care of you and yours. And I can’t wait to see the look on your face.

      6. It is only real when it comes to your front door. Hard to believe anything. It all gets twisted.

      7. Prince William of England is showing his support for the homosexuals and sex changers by appearing on the cover of a gay magazine. How quickly he made arrangements to support young people who met with him to discuss incidents which involved bullying. I second that. Nobody should be bullied. What bothers me is, among other things, why has he not done anything to stop the insane Muslim invasion into England. Where is his support for the rape victims of the Muslims. Rape is a form of bullying. What about the policemen who were killed and who now are afraid to go inside the city of London. His own police are bullied. What has he done? This mass shooting took place in another Country, if in fact, it took place at all. William will be King. Does he intend to be King of the Muslim Semites? I know his family is part German. Doesn’t he feel any sympathy for the little white kids who are being mercilessly bullied by the “refugees”. What about the little girls who these Muslims are passing around and pimping. He has children. He is capable of speaking out and he has real power. What’s wrong with him. I have Royal blood flowing in my veins, too. And my blood boils when I learn of these horrors that have been happening to his white English people.

        Well, on the up side, he looks very handsome.

        • He’s not in charge yet. He has to wait his turn, after the Queen and his father kick the bucket. William might not be King until 2026 or even later.( assuming Charles lives into his 90’s as well.)

          • William will never be King, he’ll be a slave to a Muslim master at the rate England is going.

          • Off tHE SUBJECT, BUT VERY IMPORTANT ESSAY (at Chris Hedges” website)


            The promises made by the corporate state and its political leaders—we will restore your jobs, we will protect your privacy and civil liberties, we will rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, we will save the environment, we will prevent you from being exploited by banks and predatory corporations, we will make you safe, we will provide a future for your children—are the opposite of reality.

            The loss of privacy, the constant monitoring of the citizenry, the use of militarized police to carry out indiscriminate acts of lethal violence—a daily reality in marginal communities—and the relentless drive to plunge as much as two-thirds of the country into poverty to enrich a tiny corporate elite, along with the psychosis of permanent war, presage a dystopia that will be as severe as the totalitarian systems that sent tens of millions to their deaths during the reigns of fascism and communism.

            There is no more will to reform, or to accommodate the needs and rights of the citizens by the corporate state, than there was to accommodate the needs and rights of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland. But until the last moment, this reality will be hidden behind the empty rhetoric of democracy and reform. Repressive regimes gradually institute harsher and harsher forms of control while denying their intentions. By the time a captive population grasps what is happening, it is too late.

            The elaborate ruses set up by the Nazis that kept Jews and others slated for extermination passive until they reached the doors of the gas chambers, usually decorated with a large Star of David, were legend. Those taken to death camps were told they were going to work. Unloading ramps at Treblinka were made to look like a train station, with fabricated train schedules posted on the walls and a fake train clock and ticket window. Camp musicians played. The elderly and infirm were escorted from the cattle cars to a building called the infirmary, with the Red Cross symbol on it, before being shot in the back of the head. Men, women and children, who would die in the gas chambers within an hour, were given tickets for their clothes and valuables.

            “The Germans were quite courteous when they led people to be slaughtered,” Lubetkin noted acidly.


              They know coastal cities will be covered by rising sea levels, crop yields will plummet, soaring temperatures will make whole parts of the globe uninhabitable, the oceans will become dead zones, hundreds of millions of refugees will flee in desperation, and complex structures of governance and organization will break down.

              They know that the legitimacy of corporate power and neoliberalism—as potent and utopian an ideology as fascism or communism—will crumble. The goal is to keep us fooled and demobilized as long as possible.

              The corporate state, operating a system Sheldon Wolin referred to as “inverted totalitarianism,” invests tremendous sums—$5 billion in this presidential election alone—to ensure that we do not see its intentions or our ultimate predicament.

              These systems of propaganda play on our emotions and desires. They make us confuse how we are made to feel with knowledge. They get us to identify with the manufactured personality of a political candidate. Millions wept at the death of Josef Stalin, including many who had been imprisoned in his gulags. There is a powerful yearning to believe in the paternal nature of despotic power.

            • Anon:
              I completely agree with your post up until you get into Treblinka and gas chambers. Although there were shootings of Jews in Poland and other acts against them I do not believe Treblinka was anything but a transportation center. Jews when questioned by in large admit that they witnessed groups leave and never return. They honestly believed that the other people went to their deaths in gas chambers because the rumor of gas chamber deaths had been established in their minds. The Germans kept meticulous records. Near every person processed through Treblinka emerged alive somewhere where their skills were needed.

              This gas chamber nonsense has been proven to be false. The vast sums of money that go to Isreal, and the feelings of guilt that this story of gasings invokes allows Israel and the Jews to get away with crimes against the Palestinian people, wars for power and profit in the Middle East, and plundering of the treasury in Germany and plundering of the middle class American via taxes which are then sent to Isreal helping to make them richer than they already are. In short, we Americans and the German people have been scammed. We have been suckers. The Jews are crying all the way to the bank.

        • B. Bc being pc is the “cool” thing to be. Yes I agree w u. Hell of a lot more important shit to worry about. Don’t wanna b bullied? Stay in the fing closet. Orlando shooting hoax? I don’t think it is. Too many mouths to keep quiet. But I wouldn’t put anything past govt. you tube has an audio of flight 77 woman calling husband. Sounded totally scripted and at the end you can hear another woman say “you did great!” Liars liars deception everywhere. Dc needs nuked or burned to the ground. Pure poison

          • Ill take nuked for 1000 Alex

            • The answer is: false narratives that create control.

          • Ted:

            There is a government program whereby ordinary citizens are sworn in as FBI “agents”.

      8. The Orlando police chief’s timeline of events is very weak and is the achilles heel of the offical story.

        Watch the videos of the Orlando police chief’s timeline and then ask yourself at what point did the supposed shooter shoot 103 people.

        If 103 people were shot, then I suspect most of those shot were shot in the beginning when about 4 Orlando police officers were in a firefight with the shooter in the club before he supposedly barricaded himself in the bathroom. I also suspect a lot of the people shot were shot also by Orlando police in the beginning firefight.

        There’s a coverup in progress. Hopefully it won’t succeed.

      9. The gay community is pretty tight knit.. I personally have one friend that was very close to one of the victims. Not that it matters in the world of the internet, but there’s no doubt in my mind this was very real.

        • Or maybe your paid to write things like that.I know someone who said it’s a lie,they’re you go we’re even.

        • My girlfriends son went with a friend to a memorial in Orlando. One of their friends is dead and one was shot. Was it a false flag? Yes did people die? Yes

      10. So explain to all of us just how a government that is capable of perpetrating a massive hoax like the one claimed here isn’t capable of trucking in unclaimed bodies from several states and dealing with them on camera. They don’t even have to be dead, just so-called crisis actors. Or even better, just get the Muslim to walk in the place and actually shoot everyone in there, surely they can arrange something as simple as finding a Muslim with murder in his heart.

        I’m calling total birdseed on this story. Tweety Bird could come up with something better than this.

        • Seen any bodies smokey?

          • Do you want a list of the people who were killed? You can find it online.

          • Exactly…. In order to galvanize the perception there has to be more than words.

          • You’re just repeating the story. Only a complete and utter moron would believe this event did not happen.

            • Smokey….
              I have been asking this question long before PCR even wrote his article and published…see my comments on the infowars Joe Biggs video.
              I wonder if you believed Sandy Hook happened too.

              Live Free or Die…I always feel like, some bodies watching me

            • We are all here for the same reasons and have that common bond. a disagreement doesn’t need to result in name calling. all that does is break up the community.

              honestly though we are being lied too about this story. I for one think people actually died but I also believe that it’s like reality TV. some people are in on the show some people are not.

        • Why are the people being carried BACK towards the club?

          the club is down where all the police cars are not to the left…….

      11. The author should go dig up the bodies or STFU.

        • Want to buy a bridge barn cat ? How can you dig up bodies that aren’t there ?

        • All you need to know is that the rich people own the govt and they own the MSM.If I control the news then I can make you believe anything.

      12. Every one there probably had a cell phone camera and no videos? No security camera shots .? There should be a hundred videos from inside the bar.

      13. I live in Orlando.
        This article would be laughable at f it weren’t so pethetic.
        It’s just another “expert” trying to get more of his 15 mins of fame.
        Shtfplan should be more careful. This does nothing but undermine
        the credibility of this site.

      14. Its a mystery wrapped up in an enigma……

      15. My son in law was at the Boston marathon as a contractor to the city of Boston ems.

        I saw his pics, from his phone as he was in the med tent and at all the pre marathon meetings and I can assure that that incident was real and no false flag event.

        If the gov’t is creating false flag events, it would be so they would be seen as highly credible and thus gain support.

        Everyone I’ve talked to isn’t outraged over isis nonsense, they are outraged over the US gov’ts failure, specifically the fbi to properly track someone who was brought to their attention numerous times.

        Get a grip.

        • Pictures or you’re lying.Go watch Boston Bombing Bamboozle on youtube,it’s fake.The guy who supposedly got his legs blown off is waving a flag at the hockey game 2 weeks later ? Sorry but with injuries like that he would still be in the hospital. Go do a search for amputee crisis actors.

          • Feed the hogs . I have two son in laws who say it is bull . So I beat you by one son in law.

      16. Some people should not reproduce: Paul Craig Roberts is one of them. In fact, it would be very nice if his parents had not reproduced!

        • Same could be said about you.

          • I did not expect that from you taxdn2 . I suspect a false imposter. We must be aware of that . Anyone can use our names and make a post. How do we fight that?

      17. FYI, I still have two “Ninety Rounder” ammo mags for my AR-15. Firing semi-auto, it takes a loooong time to shoot up 90 rounds of ammo before needing to reload. Also have several 30 round mags as well as a bunch of the common 20 round mags. Looks like there a bunch of “EXPERTS” who don’t know what they are talking about. If just one of the faries had been packing a concelaed pistol, that story would have been over and done with just one head shot to that Mooslim shitbird. I suggest going to a bookstore and purchase a copy of the KORAN to use for toilet paper. Just my 2 cents worth.

      18. I think what we are witnessing is a massive social experiment on a grande scale. The mass shootings that are highly publicized and come complete with “grieving relatives” and “heroes” are likely a hoax that is part of a CIA “war of the worlds” type of broadcast that is purposely done sloppy so we will find the oddities. Then they monitor the reactions on the internet and use it as a baseboard to distract us further and keep us from looking at real events that is happening. The more we concentrate on these fake events, the more we argue over if it even happened and the less we pay attention to real issues. Think of it a real life TV show but what you don’t understand is they can monitor our reactions by our comments on the web. They can use these reactions and discussions for their predictive modeling of how people will react in certain situations. All this information is being used for AI battlefield and cyber warfare program developments and we are the guinea pigs in the experiment. To not be affected by all this you have to disconnect yourself from the web and TV and you will see your life hasn’t changed any but when we come online and or watch TV we have physical affects on our bodies including higher BP, anxiety, stress. This is what they want. Us to to come online and interact to these events to monitor our reaction for data collection and cyber warfare refinement.

      19. I have a couple issues with this article.
        1. clip is a 5 round device for old rifles
        2. AR-15 “MAGAZINES” come in 10, 20 and a 50 round drum.
        This article mentions “Veteran”, “AR-15” and “Clip” in the same sentence and that is NOT true. ONE of those words don’t belong.
        Please get plausible facts before claiming facts.
        3. 103 casualties is new to me, but I haven’t followed the situation closely. I’ve seen 49, 53 and 73 (I think) but not 103.
        No matter what, 5 seconds is slow for a reload. Either way, 20 round mag, he would need to be carrying 6 to accomplish 103.
        Just my 2 cents, from a real Veteran.

      20. When I first heard there was a 3 hr stand down.. made me think they needed to make sure they got the right people. Or to make sure their exit was secure after locking down the area.

        If it did happen as they say, it is considerably worse(well except for the control over every faucet of our info/lives if another FF).
        1 no evidence indicates hiding of facts
        2 possible actors the day of or prior knowledge and use of prior clips from previous drill there
        3 immediate orgy of info and disinformation about perp like 9/11, SH, iraq, etc that always leads to an outcome based on lies and deceit amounting to anything but justice.
        4 typical hate/fear mongering based around key issues that are immediately hastened after event
        5 where are these people¿? Almost a week and just known actors as survivors and family.

        Im all for the victims of this tragedy and would hope they are getting great care… there’s 100 families and their reach, but we can only support this cause by crowd funding going to likely nobody involved as usual.

        On a bright note: 80% of the money you earn and spend just goes to paying multitudes of taxes on and passed down from producers to consumers. So let’s keep plugging in our 9.6 worthless months of this year so we can enjoy the last 2.4 months just in time for the election.

      21. I believe people were shot and some killed, but I do not necessarily believe the shooter was killed….

        • FOB…
          Many YouTube videos show so called injured being carried towards the Pulse and not away from it…oddly, many have no wounds and certainly no blood is present..would you not think that any shooting victims would be attended too by EMT’s and not being handled by hmmmmm,”friends”?…other than the most alarming fact…is that there are no ambulances present among other obvious missing items that are always present in a real shooting.

          Live Free or Die….MAKE UP!

          • Guy in red shoes was all over tv news…none of the people act as if some mass murder just happened and no way you’d head back to the place of mass murder….

            we were told the civil war was over slaves and that was horse shit….

      22. “CLIP”??

        OMG. Magazine. MAGAZINE.

      23. If this is correct this makes one think!!!

        What I saw in the first video was the woman on the left side of the victim being carried had a bullet proof vest on. Look very close you will see it.

        • Sgt I apologize for giving you a hard time before.I have a question for you,are you familiar with the Incident Command System and if you are shouldn’t they have set up a medical area to do triage on the victims ?

      24. Heck I don’t think they landed on the moon in 1969. Those astronauts would have been microwaved going through the van allen radiation belts in that tin foil capsule. And it all went to perfect. Just too damm good to be true.

        • That’s an easy myth to dispel, buy a very good telescope. The landing craft, flag, car, ect. will still be sitting there and visible.

          • There’s a video of a Nasa engineer talking about going to mars but they have to figure out how to get through the radiation belts.

          • They brought all that stuff with them in 69? I didn’t state they never ever went to the moon. I stated they likely didn’t go in 69. The space program was in trouble. they where about to lose funding. they where under pressure because of the JFK statement about going to the moon before the decade was past. The wanted to beat the Russians. The technology wasn’t good. In fact the technology was primitive compared to the cell phones we have today. They weren’t even aware of the Van Allen Radiation Belts in 69. Plenty of room for doubt.

            • Old Guy: I saw part of a long TV documentary a few yrs ago. That was about how the fed govnt and cia Hired Stanly Kubric a hollyood director guy famous for his movies of 2001 a Space oddity, and A Clockwork Orange and several more blockbuster movies.

              He said and Showed the actual stage set used to make a faked Moon landing movie…I never watched the entire show so do not know if his staged set moon landing effort actually was used for real or not?

              But just the Fact he got hired to do such a fake landing movie for govnt propaganda?…REEKS of Typical usa fed govnt actions as per the usual eh?

              And Yes that faked landing stage set looked as real as all we got shown on tv news of the real astronauts and space ships and landing we were told was for real 100%.

              So real lookging one cannot tell the difference execpt that Kubriks documentary had camaras zoom Back away from stage far enough to See it was fake set on a stage in hollywood…but every close up shot looked as real as the orig msm landings did…So did they land on moon really back then?…Who can say other than the real nasa astronauts, and fed govnt is full of workers willing to scam or lie or withold truth for sake of paychecks right?

              kinda like all them WWII dead bodies we was told were all 100% jewish…Untill I researched carpet Bombs over Dresden Germany and berlins non stop bombing etc!

              Then it beggs the question of “What did the usa govnt and its many allies Do with Many Millions dead german bodies so close to end of war?…Maybe many we got shown as jewish dead were actually german Goyim bodies as a Prop eh?….Bingo!

        • Old guy I agree. There’s a video on Netflix about ” moon landing”. If u can watch it. Pretty damning of our govt. wanted to beat the soviets. All mental strategy

      25. B from CA: I saw an two part series on TV awhile back that showed Old sheep skin Maps and parchment paper docs with claims by the Queen of England herself that stated that She and her entire royal line have Direct decendant ties aka Blood lines to the orig biblical OT King David of Judah tribe.

        And it consists of BOTH of the two davidic lines too.

        Only the One blood line is which Christ is from and is The “right” line of davids decendants with kingly line rights etc.

        So No wonder eh as to why this current prince married Kate whom is also a tribe member herself.

        it ties in with that reply I posted a few days ago on Armstrongers worldwide church of god cult beliefs etc.

        And that British museum throne chair with supposedly “jacobs Pillow Stone” aka also called the stone of destiny!

        And obviously theres zero doubts that the Queen of england and royals of hers definatly desire to rule entire worlds goyims in some type NWO correct.

        Them brits came very close to a nwo rulership untill Our Founder fathers fucked up their desires back in 1776 and Again when brits attacked americans in 1812!

        Today they act out swindle scams via different methods based on huge deceptions, and endless mid east wars to create greater Yisrael lands, and most every other method of deviousness and nefariousness they can conjur up.

        • Them Guys:

          Yes, the Windsors, name changed from Hapsbourg which is German, to make them seem English. The history of the German people and their guests, the so-called-chosen, is the age old tale. They infiltrate in order to depose the King and put in their own. Read “Esther” and weep. I do. I weep for my ancestors and for my people.

          • TG:

            Those tears are figurative. As a bleeding heart is not a literal description, neither are the tears I shed.

            However, if I am not careful, you might find me crying real tears. It is such a bloody tragedy. Then I get mad as hell. After which, I synthesize emotion with logic and I emerge serene and determined. Transcending the fear of death, which is at the core of fear itself, I am envincible.

            • B from CA: I know how you meant it…And I guarentee you that even the strongest of Men would be Unable to hold back Real actual tears of a mixture of sadness and abject Hatered if they read a book by Juri Linda called “Under the Sign of Scorpian”.

              It is a free online book that details every aspect start to end of 1917 jewdeo soviet takeover of Russia in the revolution era…You when reading of the totally unspeakable tortures the soviets used will be horrified.

              Horrified that ANY human mind could ever think up such horrific ordeals and tortures to do to another human being.

              But once one comprehends that even though the jewdeo soviet bolsheviks called selves athiests, they were Still raised from birth with talmudic ideals etc as well as typical jewry beliefs.

              And since their Main belief all else revolves around is that They and they alone represent a “Master Race” Vs all others represent the Goyim gentiles aka sub human animal race…it then is easy to see how such devious evils can happen eh.

              It is one thing to Kill humans in self defense or war etc.

              A Whole other thing to invent worse and worse and Longer methods of keeping a person barely alive so to do More horrific tortures on that person before you “allow” them to just die finally eh.

              READ that book and several more like it and see just whom are really the worlds most likly to do such evils.

              It is reason Why we for a lifetime been propagandized with so many stories of exact opposite…Ie: stories how that group is always totally innocent Victims and The Only victims we should be concerned of…Nobody can deny thats what we all was taught to believe in. Even now today, not a week passes by without either a brand new holohoax movie or a re run of some Hitler crap documentary on tv’s Hitler aka History channel shows.

              Always Must reinforce that Meme so folks will Never ever discover what soviet kommie jewry did nor how they killed off more true innocents in 20th century than all of killed by islam or worlds wars combined!

              I too get very angry….But More so at the many still duped americans that by Now shoud Know better and know what deviousness and nefariousness lays in wait for america as long as it remains a zio-oops-govnt run affair.

      26. Just one more thing…why was a RT television crew there at the scene as quickly as it happened?

      27. That event was a false flag attack and was not a hoax..i know a straight dude in person who has a gay friend who was shot in the leg and he even showed me the photo from the hospital and backed it up with Photo of him and the friend with his fag buddies and him in the picture..i also has several other sources including scientist friend that this one happened.. not sure what that site and what that video is showing but I am sorry guys but it is one was a real one.. but the sandy hook was a total complete fake and flash flag. Sandy hook did not happen and we a total fake..

        Lots of people were in that area, Joe Biggs from info wars was in the area. I saw the photo of one dude I know that told me in person and back ed it up with photos of his shot up gay friend hospitalized with a hole in his leg patched up at a hospital..when I taught he was bullshitting, he called the friend and I heared him talk on speaker to the friend about it..this guy I met is friend with one of my friends, this one is real, that s why the gays are arming up.. oh buy the way I told you all last year that Academy was bought out by Russians, well Hawk just commented on this show that Academy is uploading your name to a DHS data base of some type for purchasing rifle ammunition and has recommend that people need to go elsewhere.. I told you all about these damn Russians in my city, did I not.


        • HCKS…I have much respect for your view points, knowledge and information. The question no one seems to have answer to is.,where are the bodies? Can your scientist friend explain the anomalies of no ambulances, EMT’s, fire fighters, even the MSM was absent except for RT who just happen to be there? Have you seen any obits in the Orlando Sentinel? Not doubting your sources…but Hollywood can make any leg look like it’s been shot. I look forward to your reply.

          Live Free or Die…the truth is out there…..somewhere

        • Just because people were shot and killed does not make it real… our government could care less if 50 or 50,000 Americans were killed as long as they control the narrative and further their agenda. It’s common socialism at work.

      28. Talon, I see your point, I need to so more research.. I can’t explain why that dude would lie to me my friend because it’s his friend..then again his friend might be a part of that actor repsonse team false flag, .and my friends friends may be a part of this fake crap event. it’s looking very compelling that it might be another Sandy Hook fake false flag all over again..if they expect to take guns by pulling that stunt. I think they are very stood people because gays are on a gun buying spree..and the straights are re stocking ammo just our of nowhere, Academy is documenting Rifle sales…listen to Friday Hawk in survive to thrive on


        • Would someone put a D–k in this guys mouth to shut him up
          also a dick in his ass too, because he is a asshole.

          barf barf barf

          He also looks like he is from WAYNES WORLD

          • Is this the worse actor in the world?

        • “We need to ‘indoctrinate’ with the idea that all rednecks…”

      29. Its fake,its is real gun sales up liberty down lists are made and checked twice. OK got the hype out of my system people or family,friends,and countrymen lend me your ears,and common sense. We are being run like cattle agine WE ARE BEING RUN LIKE CATTLE it is time for each of us in our own way to work towards the edge and as the rest stampede on we and those we care for just slip on out to a safe place to gather and then move on out.

      30. I stopped reading after “One person who said he is a veteran said the AR-15 can have a 30-round clip.” Gotta be a POG.
        And WOW how this site is starting to get loonier then Alex Jones.
        In Ross Perots voice: “They’re coming to take me away!”

        • And if I was behind this nonsense I would send trolls out to say things like your commnet Pip

      31. I think the shooting really happened. I do not trust the media reporting or the spin that is put on the events.

      32. RT (Seriously) Lost me at: “One person who said he is a veteran said the AR-15 can have a 30-round clip.” Gotta be a POG.
        This site is getting about as Killary.
        Now everyone lets sing “They’re coming to take me away! in the key of Ross Perot.

        • Really Pip,so you have never misspoke ? Are you a perfect human being ?

          • Splitting Hairs on words of “Clip” Vs. “Magazine” is just More solid Proof this forum site is full of “AntiSemantics”!! oy Vey!

      33. Alright, I’m out. I keep waiting for articles about PLANNING for SHTF, but they are few and far between. I don’t come here for politics, ridiculous conspiracy theories, racist comments, or Zionist fear mongers. None of those thing are preparing me for SHTF. Good luck in the coming collapse, folks.

        • That’s a good point Renee. This site is devolving into nonsense. Next comes a story about Elvis seen singing to the first responders donning fake uniforms provided by the Russians delivered by black helicopters painted with rainbows spewing contrails of chemicals.

          • Are you a paid govt troll jim ?

        • Redoubt Don’t leave we need ya! I just think everyone is really stirred up. Things are a mess. Worst I’ve seen. Got friends lot older than me said same thing to. U just gotta look for the posts for good prep items or advice. I found powdered peanut butter at SAMs u mix with water. Not bad but u can survive Get some chickens if u can. Great investment and cheap to buy chicks. Need to stain an outbuilding? Get used motor oil from any car repair place. They will give it to u. Mix 25 percent gasoline to motor oil and run thru a garden sprayer. Keeps wood good and termites out. U can use diesel fuel too. Want a color? Mix watever oil based paint w it and it looks great! Cheaper too. Also u can build a homemade oil burner to do u in a pinch for heat. Most places love to give away used oil. Need to burn up that stubborn brush pile that won’t burn? Toss a used tire in it to get it going good. Once again free. But burn at night. Resale shops are excellent to stock up on some clothes. And I go dumpster diving too. You’d b surprised what people throw away. I get bread from subway restaurant they throw away every day. They won’t give it to u but tell manager leave by dumpster. Still good to eat or I feed chickens with it. Hope little of this helped ya. You have a good weekend

      34. Off topic… Venezuela has not been offered food by russia, China, nor the UN.. how come the other countries have not come to the rescue?.. because this is being done on purpose by tips counties that are a part of the Un, russia, China are with the UN, and this is what’s going on. they needed a large city as a testing ground for collapse..if that what’s coming here, then we need to prep more and stock up in more food and water if we can afford it..I am really concerned about this country being next since Alan greenspan made his comments, crap about, we are next…even Trump made a comment about the next 79 days that the banks will collapse, this take us to October, November time frame…as realistic as I am it’s as if we are living in another dimension.. my girlfriend believes me now, and is hearing the same crap discussed at work with co workers and believes me now.. what are we going to do when the shit hits the fan, told her to go home right away and she might be on foot. I don’t have plenty of money to go by land and escape to a BOL.. so I am just as phucked like most in this site.. my survival is un determined, and I may not be in the remainding 3%, I don’t even want to think about what would happen to my woman if I get shtf..


        • HCKS
          You need to find a group to join. This just might save your life.

          Scope them out. Go talk to them, start with the leaders and then the rest of the group. All groups are looking for people with at least one skill, but the more the merrier. GOOD LUCK!

          Too bad you don’t live around me. I would take you in.


      35. Bad joke for today.

        A muslim walks into a gay bar and announces
        “Free shots for all”…

        • RIMSHOT!

          • I told the lgbt packing heat joke to 8 people, everyone thought it was funny…

            Makes one wonder…

            • Hours away from brit floyd at the Fox in Atl.
              Hope the crazies are at bay…

              Be well all…

      36. How many are aware that right now, in Scotland, their government has given the people roughly six-months to REGISTER THEIR AIR-SOFT RIFLES (pistols), or face a 2-year prison term?

        OUR government is helpless when it comes to taking away our weapons. Anyone can make any number of laws they wish stating anything they’d like but the fact remains that we have a WRITTEN CONSTITUTION and Amendments, and that The 2nd A. clearly prevents anyone from taking away that right no matter how many lawless laws are written to the contrary. (The only way they can get our weapons is to find a “work-a-round” to FORCE us into giving up our ‘arms’ (starvation, trickery, ‘instilling fear where there is nothing to fear’, etc. …no differently than we have witnessed in The UK (look at them now), especially after the past two days.

        As for the latest ‘attack to come’ …”as*s-au-lt – we-ap–on-s include ANYTHING s-em’i – a-u–to. NO exceptions.

        To the poster who “called my statement about Putin addressing/speaking on Sunday “BULLSHIT”, and to “put up or shut up” – I have “put up” so YOU may now “STFU” and reinsert your head up yur ass. Thank you. You know exactly who you are.

        Putin WILL speak on CNN @ 10:00 (AM OR PM OR FM OR AM) I assume it must be PM) tomorrow.

        Best of luck and may God Bless You and Yours

        *We are going offline and removing all incoming commo on civilian frequencies as of this last post. (Came faster than I expected, and yet I didn’t expect to learn what we did over the past two/three days—which IS a ‘game-changer’). Take heed as I cannot say more. That’s a waste of breath as you’ve pissed away about everything that I HAVE presented as a ‘no-never-mind’ or “you are not concerned”, etc….(which will come back to haunt you eventually).

        Bird of Prey … @ my wings today (early annual). Tree took out the landlines ‘otherwise’ ntway

        • I’ll try to watch the Putin speech.
          But I just deplore it when people say “I cannot say more”. WTF?
          Do you believe the fbi cracked tor, is that it?
          Does it matter? Let’s hear it.

      37. Question: are there 50 bodies at the Orlando City Morgue and surrounding city morgues and has there been an on slaught of services for mortuaries/funeral homes?

        Thenm if not, why?

      38. The tree of LIBERTY is about to be WATERED!!!!!

      39. Another shooting and once again some folks believe there were no bodies and question whether the shooting even occurred.

        Wait a minute. Funerals were held for Sandy Hook victims, Columbine etc. Funerals are taking place in Florida right now. If there were no bodies don’t you think the funeral homes would notice empty coffins? Wouldn’t families notice their loved ones are not in the caskets? Some funerals in Florida are open casket. You mean no one noticed that the body was not that of their loved ones? And if the victims are not in the caskets, where are they?

        And what about the medical staffs at the local hospitals? Surely they would have noticed that none of the victims were brought to them for emergency care. And the local morgue guys never seeing a body?

        Folks, I am not naïve. I don’t believe one word of the Federal government. But there is no way they could have ‘gotten to’ all the families of these ‘victims’, the medical staffs, the EMTs, the morgues, the funeral homes and kept them forever silent and complicit.

        • So why did the Conn govt make it illegal to see the autopsies of minors,where’s the death certificates ?

      40. Omar Mateen. Was in the movie . The big fix. He played a security guard. The doctors at the hospital have no staff pictures and no videos or reviews. World class doctors always have something. I don’t think they will get away with this one?

      41. Sad to see this website slowly spiraling downwards in terms of credibility. Not EVERYTHING is a hoax.

        • State some facts or go away. Who’s spiraling down in credibility . Sad to see you bunker bull. No facts . You are the domestic enemy. Good luck.

      42. Ok let say that this happened?

        The guy in the video make a good point why are they carrying someone over 100 yards back to the scene?

        Another this I saw in one of the video clips was a woman on the left side of the guy that was being carried by 5 people had a bullet proof vest on. What is up wit that?

        I don’t know if this really happened. If this is fake or if this real someone is trying to hide something or make it bigger than it really is.

        The thing, with the SWAT team taking 3 hours to get there????? The only answer I can come up with is they were getting protective clothing so that they would not get blood on them. All EMS group, and LEO groups have this equipment so that they don’t get HIV AIDS or and bloodborn pathogens in them. I just don’t understand the time frame.


      43. Check out. Man demos how o.m. Got guns in pulse. Anthony Brian Logan.

      44. Try . How Omar Mateen got guns in the club…Anthony Brian Logan .. Sorry.

      45. They must not want us to see this. Try just. How Omar Mateen got guns in the club

      46. I found it. Anthony Brian Logan videos. He conceals a ar15 and 265 rounds a pistol and two mags. Under jeans and a tee shirt.

        • Lone Wolverine

          I stated the other day that 255 rounds. 210 of .223 and 45 of 9mm in magazines is manageable to conceal.

          • Anon you were right. Hard to believe.

      47. When Sandy Hook occurred as an investigator of homicides at the time there were so many holes that one could drive a semi through with the narrative given. Now we have another situation that has the same number of holes. Seen the miracle hand of one person stop a shotgun round and his hand is still attached. Wait for it where was there a mention of a shotgun being used at the bar. Then we have the ambulances that just drove around looking for a parking spot. Cut me some slack, at any crime scene where victims are involved an ambulance will park wherever to pick up victims, there is no need to drive around. Oh where are all the pictures of the victims in the hospital, news slime will park at the entrances to emergency rooms and take pictures as victims arrive, none seen in this situation. You now have the guy in Kalifornification stating through several officers that he was a member of two teams in Kali and Florida and that he realized that he was being set up. So the feds come in take over the investigation and everything was immediately sanitized. This government stinks and the pile of shit where it originates is that Islamic piece of shit in the hovel house along with all of his handlers.
        Bottom line for me personally is that they will do and say anything to achieve their agenda and that anyone who believes anything coming from these traitors will enjoy the roller coaster ride at the Soylent Green park and ride.

      48. I like this site. I really do. I have problems with people that simply cannot comprehend that sometimes bad things happen with no conspiracy. Talking about Soro’s, Obama and others, plus specter like forces at work, turn people off. You’re not helping inform people, you’re helping make such a mess that truth cannot ever be found if their is a plan behind the evil.

        As much as I dislike the Democratic leadership taking advantage of shootings to push their anti-gun agenda, I also have issues with the Republican leadership, and the right in general, using this as a way to push for less gun control ‘because someone could have stopped him earlier’. The talking heads and leadership of both sides, for the most part, are dancing a jig in the blood of these victims for their own gain.

        As a gun-nut loving liberal, I find myself disgusted with both parties on the shootings and the abuse of this horror. You don’t need a conspiracy to have people use this for their own gain.

        • Or you could be a troll trying to cover the truth.

      49. The movie … The big fix. Starring Peter Fonda . Was about the gulf oil spill An actor named Omar Manteen. Played the part of a security guard that spilled the beans . He looks exactly like our Omar . The doctors interviewed are in no staff pictures and if you look them up have no reviews. Unless they changed that really fast.

      50. I don’t know what happened in Orlando but the more I learn the less the Official story makes sense.

        Why are crisis actors on the scene and what’s with the phony victims being carried around; then when they think their out of camera range the victims are let down and walk away.

        Plus the shooter didn’t use an AR15 even though the media keeps claiming its an AR15.

        Plus The shooters Dad is most likely a CIA asset.

      51. We are due a revolution on tuesday. There is nomore time to wait

        all of the assets are in place and all of the people are in their positions.

        All it will take is the perfectly timed well placed shot and it all kicks off.

        Im doubling my water storage this weekend. Rifles are cleaned and mags are full.

        Seriously , can you believe weve lasted this long already?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

        • PUTIN SPEECH CORRECTION (took forever to find it as the medias have it buried very well).

          ht tp://

          At 10:00AM SUNDAY EST & an Encore @ 1:00PM EST USA

          Turns out this was recorded on the 17th (stateside), and they were not going to air the damn thing at first …gee, I wonder why or what twisted their arm for a reroute through CNN to ‘slip’ adverts? Putin? (Revered-Feared-Putin).

          Good luck and (maybe) Gear Up!

          MOLON LABE!

        • Excellent video from Patriot Nurse!

      52. It’s a cluster phuck..

        Sarge. Thanks for thinking of me.. i have a group and the thing is this, with all we have planned we don’t know how we will be able to coordinate things in the real theater…we are heading to the scientist BOL, one area, if he gets into trouble, then it’s another area, and area on outskirts of town..assumingly we make it there and he, the scientist is only 50 miles from the city.. even some of my retiree cop friends are telling me, this they are spread thin, that they don’t even know wtf they are going to do, since they are hearing through the woodwork that something is coming, that we are going to be invaded by foreign soldiers… when cops are telling me this, it’s worry some..They say that they’ve planned go take it head on and hunker down. My head is spinning in circles just trying to figure out wtf to do.. and none of us really knows what we are going to do, how to handle it in a real crisis, and we can head out and people might be at our BOL waiting to run us out, or worse, kill us. It’s all kinds of variables that’s causing my migraine head ache…and of course the scientist is telling us that the environment is getting ready to act up, now we are hearing crap about fema activation on kalifornication, some crap about the fault line is getting ready to blow the phuck apart..and the good old muslim UN is ready to help us with the aftermath..


        ??????.. even I am trying to figure this one out..

        • good luck to you HCKS, keep the gas tank on your car full at all times and tell the others to as well..
          It seems with all the crap going on invading foreign soldiers are the least plausible…stranger things have happened as we know, but they would need our troops to either help, or be out of the overseas??

      53. I have seen interviews with wounded victims. Fox had the visit of a cop with the wounded guy he pulled out. I have to say this… claim this shooting is a hoax is beyond moronic. Out of all the so-called hoaxes there is never anybody that comes out and says I participated in a hoax…never…this is the same crap that came out when they said 911 was a hoax. John Wayne said it well…life is tough, it’s even tougher if you are stupid. To believe or even postulate the Orlando shooting is some government plot is just plain stupid. It was a damnable muslim that did it, period.

        • I agree. If this were a hoax there would have to be massive collusion between multiple government agencies.

          The coroner’s office would have to issue 50 fake certificates of death and on and on – massive falsification of reports and documents. That’s serious jail time and career suicide. Someone would come forward and say something. It’s human nature to spill the beans.

          The shooting there happened as reported. This guy walked in and killed weaklings who refused to fight for their lives. Go down fighting for crying out loud.

          • USS Liberty Navy ship attacked by Israel jets and PT boats trying to Sink it with all 300 personal aboard was REAL!…Yet That was totally kept covered up from 1967 six day war when it happened, due to Israel figured they can sink that ship, kill all on it and blame Egypt Via their zio jewish MSM in usa and europe total controls..

            To get americans fired up enough to demand we start WWIII against Egypt!

            yet israel killed just aprox 35 men and wounded another aprox 100 men on the ship..Also Failed to sink it even after relentless jet re-fuels and more attacks for something like 18 total hrs attacked it.

            Yet even with so Many survivors from that ship, somehow the usa fed govnt was able to convince them all with threats of death and harm to them and even their Families etc so they all remaind “Mum” aka kept it secret all those decades.

            UNTILL! a couple of the uss liberty survivor men got sick and tird of the massive ongoing lies and more wrong headed Wars to benifit israel and make ooodddles of $$$ for NY-telaiviv-london jewish banksters etc and et al.

            So those couple survivors said hell with order of abject silence and wrote a Book complete with Many actual photos of the ship with too Many .50 Cal BMG and 20-MM jet cannon rnds Holes in it to count! including several photos of a massive side hull hole larger than a full size greyhound buss!…aprox 19 ft Tall X over 40 feet wide hole from a few torpedos fired at it vis Israeli PT boats or whatever type boats its now called.

            BUT it was a Real yet False Flag attempt by the usual mid east “Pals and allies Israel” to get usa to clamor for war against egypt which had zero to do with it at all!

            AND WAS kept totally Secret from 1967 untill about 2005 or so when that book came out.

            Since that book, about a year or so ago now, several TV stations carried an Live personal interview with several still alive survivor men, and several family members of deceased killed by jew israel pilots, usa naval officers and lower class personel…

            So do Not think for one second the massive Threat to life ability by our very Own usa fed govnt is unable to coerce anybody from not going along with a Hoax event no matter how big nor matters what the actual incident is period.

            Perhaps you foolish enough to still trust and believe the Official fed govnt and MSM TV news medias “Versions” on 9/11 world trade collapse etc is accurate to a T?

            Can and SHOULD! Research “U.S.S Liberty Naval Ship” events and BOOK!

            Perhaps once done you may be inclined to RE-think how trusting or believable Our illustrious great honest fed govnt and zio jewish owned and run msm tv news really are eh?

            That 1967 USS Liberty issue smacks of israels state moto of “by Deception You Shall Cause WARS!” eh..

            Or totally ignore such hard core evidence as uss liberty is, and remain all cozy wrapped up in denials of reality whenever it suits you to do so…

            Yes for some folk truth as that is very difficult after a lifetime of beliefe of usa fed govnt = worlds greatest #1 honesty etc…even Worse yet for folks taught from Birth that Israel state and international jewry as a whole can never ever do wrong and even when it does?…So what eh! for along with That line of apostate teachings goes the meme that, its always Bad whenever any Goyims does Bad…it is Only always A-OK if bad done by afore named perps….because bible sez god sez so! which no it does Not say that but just Try telling deluded folk or fanatical bible pro jewry thumpers such info.

          • Ok . Where are the inside 3 hour videos ? No one could get their cell phone cameras to work ? For three hours? No one could snap a ten second shot for three hours? How stupid are you? Or your a after the fact damage control crisis actor?

      54. Someone commented earlier of the possibility that tptb are not concerned with the weapons and ammo held by citizens. It certainly seems that way. There must be secret advanced technology in the plans to exceed the peoples own perceived defense. Maybe see somthing say something braindead snitches.

      55. Remember people due strange things under duress and going back towards the club was in the direction of the police and ambulances. Also blood darkens and gels over time and color may be affected by the material colors it bleeds through.

        Between the news being edited and 5th grade reporting
        you could never overcome the propaganda war against us.
        Add to it, a dumbed down nation and what do you expect. Shall I add that the populace is without a doubt, POLARIZED in their opinions. Doesn’t matter what the subject is and with a little doubt you will find dissension in the ranks.

        One thing for sure, something wicked comes this way.

        Prep For War.

      56. I’m sorry, these hoax theories are retarded. Just another reason for preppers to be dismissed and laughed at.

        • Where are all the phone videos from inside the bar? 300 people one video that shows nothing . I’m sorry but who is retarded ?

          • Have you seen the videos? They exist

      57. Mac.

        Your new articles are in the loop. Man they are on you like a chicken on a June Bug, Hehehe.

      58. Many have been proven crisis actors

      59. This was a mass casualty event,they would have used the Incident Command System.They would have called in help from all surrounding areas.They would have set up a triage area and there would have been trauma docs and nurses.There would have been ambulances as far as your eyes could see.There would have been news reporters talking to the head medical person to get at least one comment.It’s fake.

      60. Just watch,the news will die down on this because they don’t want people talking about it.

      61. It was a sig sauer not a AR-15 that was used in Florida

      62. Those religious nutcases from Westborough baptist church showed up with signs saying God sent the shooter. I have to wonder if a Muslim terrorist should attack them in their church, would any survivors also fly signs saying God sent the shooter?
        There were funerals as these religious nutcases dont show up to protest unless their is a funeral.

      63. We seem to have forgot about the second “Terrorist” that was on his way to take out the gays in his small van but got arrested in the process about 6 hours after the first attack.

        Word has it that he was on his way to do the deed but then picked up on the radio about the first attack and worked out that he had been set up as a pastsie by the CIA and called the police to come and arrest him and asked for protection from the CIA.

        You can see why our puppet press keep forgeting to mention this other case if what I am hearing is true.

        Crime in the USA all seems to involve sting operations and false flags and the farther of the other killer had pictures of himself at the state department and yet the state department says it has no records of any meetings as if we beleive a word they are saying.

        The CIA was full of Nazi’s after WWII picked up using operation “Paper Clip” and one of them put the americans on the moon before Russia if that too was not made in Hollywood like many are saying.

        Our US government is at war with it’s own people that is being feed miss-information by the bucket load and they are only now just starting to work it out.

      64. The old saying is don’t believe anything you hear or read and only believe half of what you actually see. DTA don’t trust anyone.

      65. Why do some nimrods find it so hard to believe that an Islamist went into a bar and shot it up? I guess they’re the same ones who say we never went to the moon and that JFK lived on an island years after he was killed.

        • We all see these new names that have never been on this sight before. Who are they ? Isn’t it obvious?

      66. Seeing as my wife had a friend who was shot there I can tell you that people were shot and killed. It seems like some people cannot except the fact that there are bad people in the world who do bad things.

        The funny part is that the same people who think that these kinds of things are the same ones who say how stupid and inept everyone in the government is. Yet they think that the same government could pull off stuff that require hundreds of people and not one of them would talk or that they wouldn’t mess it up.

      67. Hawk 5 I’ve never seen you here before where did you come from? Is this your new assignment. 15 dollars an hour to spread disinformation . Sounds like easy money. Congratulations on the new career .we readily accept the fact that their are bad people in this world that will do bad things . Especially for 15 bucks an hour. And room and board? George Soros must be your savior? Who else is giving you a job? My wife and friend says it’s bull . So we are even.pull out an ex boyfriend so you can beat me. Or another friend it dosent matter. Show me a video from the 300 cell phones inside pulse please. Or just pick up your pay and wait for the next gig. We know you need the cash. We are all just trying to survive.

      68. Why would the government stage mass shootings? To take away gun rights. Why not wait until scotus is 6-3 or even 7-2 with the libs in control. They could just vote and would need little or no need to make up shootings. The idiots in the first video were not involved in the incident. The red shoe guy and his friends are total assholes who wanted attention.

      69. I enjoy watching a lot of the british dectective shows on Net Flix. things like George Gently ect. and the dectives don’t believe in coundences or don’t like loose ends ect. All the evidence and facts have to fit. Many times (almost always) we only get part of the story. Also what we get is the authors bias slant or spin . So Im still advocating don’t believe anything you hear or read( even if its on SHTF where you read it!). Unless you where present and a first hand eye witness its all just rumor and conjecture. Smoke and mirrors – Dog and Pony Show?

      70. With this many people injured or killed, there would be no real way to effectively cover it up. The wounded would have filled hospitals and not just one. Area hospital would have been overwhelmed. Nursing staff, paramedics, doctors, exray, Lab, on and on. Someone would have seen the carnage first hand. Then there is the dead. Coroner would be overwhelmed. Many many vehicles to cart away the dead and account for them. Families would be loud and very public in their grief. Where is it? It has to be there…

      71. It’s all for their ‘ban guns, outlaw firearms, stricter gun laws’ agendas. TPTB tyrants want us disarmed and will do anything, including staging heinous crimes, in order to reinforce their stance and push their agenda.

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