No 4th of July Terror? FBI Now Claims It Stopped “Several Plots to Kill People in U.S.”

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 76 comments

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    Undoubtedly you heard the loud warnings from government about ISIS terror threats over this past Fourth of July… kinda spooky, right?

    But when nothing happened you went on with your fireworks and BBQ grill, perhaps dubious of fear mongerers in Washington (always at it) but ultimately content that no serious mischief took place.

    But think again… if the FBI can be believed, it was no false threat. It was terrorism stopped in its tracks, by our loving watchers.

    And they didn’t just foil one plot… director James Comey insists it was multiple DEADLY attempts to kill that were thwarted. Independence Day was saved.

    According to the Daily Mail:

    FBI Director James Comey said that law enforcement officials stopped an undisclosed number of plots to ‘kill people in the United States’ over the Fourth of July holiday.

    The plots were linked to the Islamic State terror group who wanted to carry out attacks which would have caused mayhem across the country.


    Comey said: ‘We face people who are highly unpredictable. We cannot count on the fact that they’ll be looking to do something on July fourth, so July third, we really got to lock these guys up.’

    Of course, Comey doesn’t claim his G-men stopped all these fantastic plots just ahead of the Fourth.

    Rather, he takes credit for rounding up the usual ISIS suspects over the last four months… that’s what saved America’s most beloved patriotic holiday.

    In the past four months, at least 10 people who were considered to be ‘sympathizers’ of the terrorist group were taken into custody in New Jersey, Ohio and North Carolina.

    And this, Comey said, had helped to prevent ISIS from carrying through their plans.

    However, the FBI director refused to elaborate on what those plans were or who exactly was being targeted.

    He did, however, cite a “terror suspect” shot by police a month ago after lunging at them with a knife… as well as man accused of plotting to join ISIS:

    He cited as an example the case of a 26-year-old terror suspect who was fatally shot by police in Boston last month after authorities said he lunged at them with a military-style knife.


    In another case, Samuel Rahamin Topaz, 21, of Fort Lee, was charged with conspiring to travel overseas to join ISIS.

    Pardon the sarcasm, but the FBI is hardly a credible alarm bell for potential terror threats, as they have repeatedly been implicated in “organizing nearly every terror plot in the U.S.” since 9/11.

    Numerous cases that initially made sensational and terrifying headlines where later revealed to involve FBI patsies, often set-up with inoperative weapons, and government cash and provoked into making irresponsible and outlandish claims about intended plots.

    Somewhere in the bottom of the story, the media manages to mention that the public was never in danger, and the FBI was looking to pat themselves on the back and pad their scorecards.

    This time Comey decided to write himself down for a grand slam defeat of ISIS that is as delusional as Don Quixote’s fight against terrorist windmills.


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      1. Obama says ‘we are training ISIL’. Pick ONE.

        • It is obvious that they caught no one doing anything. But you know what really scares me? That they did not catch anyone.


          • I had a brother in law that always had these great plans on how to get rich. Of course it was always with our money. He couldn’t work and he eventually conned someone and got caught and was sentenced to psychiatric detention for a few years then became an alcoholic and died. Anyways. He always made excuses about how his ideas that failed really didn’t fail. Even thou he lost everything and never had a pot to piss in he thought in his mind that he was this great successful businessman. This sort of mindset is exactly what I see these days in both our government and police. They can do no wrong and when they do and get caught they deny everything.

            • Joe, we must be related! I have a brother just like that. He is the joke of the family. Mr. Big business man without a pot to piss in! And an asshole to boot!

          • I think that was a glitch.

            The glitch excuse is a good one. I lost my guns because of a glitch. I cant find any of my PMs because there was a glitch.
            If being questioned just tell them you forgot because of a glitch. Or say something that aint true and then say you dis-remembered the same way Hillary does.

            • When I deleted my Hard Drive all my guns disappeared

              • Here is your glitch for you. For those in power? No glitch. No rich glitch. NYSE warned brokers before opening bell of ‘trouble stox’. CNN vid later removed.

          • BigB, what scares me more than them not catching anyone, is that they can still convince the sheeple that they DID?

            • Oh, they catch someone alright. Anyone who claims they’ll “not take my guns” are who they catch, or just outright kill. Government will mis-accuse and persecute anyone they want and claim that those they accuse are plotting with “ISIS”–government’s all-purpose terrorist agency, equipped by the U.S. Government, staffed by their allies and funded by Americans’ purchases of oil to fuel personal driving and aviation that Big Oil and Big Oil’s government have brainwashed (lazy, expedient and reckless) Americans to think are the only ways to travel.

          • Emmanuel Goldstein is everywhere!

            The Ministry of Truth… er…
            The Federal Bureau of Instigation says so.

            Double Plus Good.


          • @ BigB

            Concur. Doing the math, “at least ten people” divided into 320 million Amerikans means millions of us were in no danger even if those “dangerous plots” had happened.

            Our lives and liberty are in more danger from the Federal Government than they are from people overseas doing whatever on their own real estate.

          • Were these “thwarted plots” FBI’s own plots to kill Americans? Great job FBI! Thwarted your own plots, my guess is because your employed “terrorists” were too hungover from nights at hooker parties at taxpayer expense.

          • BIG B,sure they did,they KILLED randy weavers wife,and 12year old son,killed them both,they got the branch dividians,and all the children at the murry building in OK city,and look at the twin towers in new york,they got 3,000,terrorists,and only GOD knows how many they have killed,I just wish they’d go after TRATIORS……….

        • What a Joke The US Cesspool has become?????
          An illegal, drug addict, incessant LIAR, Queer from africa with NO US Documents running the US Cesspool that he and 535 members of government created while they stole $ Trillions of Taxpayer Dollars?????

        • “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

        • anything for funding

      2. If I was that full of shit I’d start a manure business.

      3. FBI are a legend in their own mind…

        • Good one Eppe!

        • This is another distraction of fear propaganda, to cover up all the other crime going on. Here is an article which explains what I’ve been saying for months now about the Manipulation in the Silver Markets. The daily trading makes no sense. Like during a trading day, all the sudden a .50 drop. Like to move the Silver market .50 cents must take Billions on paper short trading. And when these manipulators short Silver it makes the market think there is more Silver on the market which drives prices down. So when KY Mom reflects a shortage in physical Silver coins, it contradicts the normal supply and demand price reflection. Yep the Banks and hedge funds are manipulating this to keep the US Dollar Propped up. So more Fascism hand in hand, conspiracy through manipulation. How WIN Big at this Silver game is to buy physical silver on the dips.
          Here is the article:
          Are Big Banks Using Derivatives To Suppress Bullion Prices? — Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler

        • the FBI are like our pres OBUMMER, if the lips are moving it is a LIE!!!

        • FBI = Famous But Incompetent

          • Fucking Baffled Idiots

      4. More like the FBI got a few kids with mental learning problems and showed them how to make a petrol bomb.

        All these so called terrorist plots in the USA are as a result of entrapment and they will keep doing it to take away more of our rights.

        Spain is trying to pass laws to stop anyone filming the police without permission and what we have here today in Europe is far worse than anything Hilter offered the world

        Well past time the people in the USA dealt with who pulled off 9/11 because a fool on a hill can see now that it’s was not AL-CIAda

        • How about the 2 CIA Agents that were recently arrested at the Mexican Border smuggling 1300 Lbs of Cocaine into the US. The Minute Men Militia caught them and arrested them. Funny how the FBI has not a care about the Rogue Government SHILLS on the take while collection Tax payer funded salaries. One dirty hand washes the other.

      5. When ISIS comes to your town, remember to:
        Dip all your bullets in pigs blood, that way they will be defiled and will not go to Heaven.
        NO 72 Virgins for you ISIS POS.

        • No dingbat. The ISIS proxies are on NATO and ISRAELI payroll. Maybe you should dip your hexagram flag into horse manure and burn it to a crisp.

        • Or better yet arm the women.
          they are afraid of women because if one is killed by a women they go to hell.

          Make sure the women are on there monthly moon time…….

      6. Like I posted back 7/3-7/4, anyone with a brain could guess this one. These lying asshole never change. Where is the parade of the one’s caught, did anyone see any so for. The question now will they????


      7. Mr smith it don’t surprise me that authority’s would try to ban anyone from filming the police. The FBI stopped plots to kill ok sure. This is another lie to make the public feel they need gov oversight and protection. Once again I don’t need gov to protect me they just need to keep the border secure and deport the crazys .

        • I don’t need the govt to protect me, they just need to stop trying to keep me from being able to protect myself.

          • Ditto Six, and waste Trillions of our Money in Fed Contracts for needless hardware and theft of our freedoms. Its all a big sham. Its a fleecing wealth redistribution Pig Trough for the MICM. Military Industrial Complex Mafia.

      8. “F*CK THE ZOG FBI!”

        They knowingly pay and frame very ignorant puppet patsies citizens in ZOG FBI created financed supplied Zog False-Flags; to justify their billion dollar budget in-order to manipulate and control the once free now enslaved tax debt slaves of Zog Amerika via MK-Ultra, Fake Terror False-flag Attacks and other Zog driven Propaganda Programs!


        • The official story, not surprisingly, does not mention this bombing was part of an ongoing two year joint FBI ATF NYPD JTTF operation with Egyptian spy’s imported by the State Department and paid to act as provocateur informants to set up unsuspecting patsies.

          The Sheik Rahman FOIA meetings showing he had many contacts with the State Dept in the 1980’s, working for Saudi Intelligence and the Egyptian Interior Ministry provoking riots to jail 1500 fellow Muslims, he gets off like tephlon in a month of jail. No trial. All his counterparts were hanged or shot.

          Rahman then got a free ticket to New York, under the watchful eye of the FBI NYPD JTTF joint ongoing operation. Importing Egyptian spys, like Emad Salem to run domestic terror operations years before the bombing happened, to set up bomb plots was the plan. That’s verifiable fact.

          There is a lot more to the Kahane assassination, Nosair was found not guilty, then the official says he killed the radical Rabbi. Raabi Kahane was a highly controversial figure, caught in internal JDL power struggle, both enemy of and violent hero to Israel and the New York Jewish community. Many had good motive to kill him. He caused turmoil and looked bad for the Jewish people. Not guilty Nosair means guilty to the WTC BOMBING tale. WTF? So the FBI NYPD rent terrorist safehouses, run multiple paid informants, supplys the cars and vans, pay for everything, then has the agent ‘informant’ provocateurs introduce guns and bombs with crazy dumb plots.

          Paid foreigner agents coaxing the reluctant or unsuspecting low IQ patsies, many not even muslim, such as Alvarez and Hampton, but given a muslim alias by the FBI informants, to build the crazy muslim conspiracy, hatched by the FBI NYPD JTTF and then paid to be the star witness.

          Obviously there is conflict of interest and financial motive at trial. The claim Bin Laden or Yousef did this, would mean they were part of a fully controlled FBI masterminded and financed operation, an inconsistency the official story never mentions.

          There is lots of FOIA and good independent investigation material if you are interested. I recommend beginning with the Rabbi Kahane and Sheik Rahman histories in the 80s, then researching the FBI NYPD JTTF ‘sting’ operation to understand the bombing in full context. This bombing coincides with a new president, beginning of new terror agendas, and a pattern of major building bombings with the FBI there before it blows up.

          Four in the 90s … WTC, Oklahoma, Khobar, and the Afrian embassies. All trucks, all solved in lucky part serial number finds. Bill gives the same formulaic speech, as the similar pattern bombings, totally different suspects, coincidentally following already established Justice and Defense Department agendas. Examples, Bush agenda was middle east muslim plots.

          Obama agenda is ‘Lone Wolf’ ‘Active Shooters”. Terror patterns follow agenda, not precede. Your being directed and herded with fear into supporting policy, you not previously agree with. Three days after this FBI bomb operation, the FBI laid siege to Waco, which coincidentally and conveniently took media and public attention off the ‘investigation’.

        • First of all ISIS is really IS-US. Yep our Government Invented ISIS to overthrow Syria.. Again more miscalculations as ISIS Stole all the Military Hardware left in Iraq. Obama and his Rogue Military Crew are accomplices to Treason at the highest levels. Supporting and Trading with the Enemy. Obama will give ISIS Weapons, but wants to ban your Guns and ammo here at home for your protection. Id say TREASON!!

          • AMEN.

          • DOUBLE AMEN!!

      9. Did you guys hear about the Arab family in Iowa …. used $100,000+ smuggled to them to stockpile weapons & ammo bought all over the state ….

        The Feds swooped in after the stockpile was ready for Middle East shipping mixed in with a heavy machinery load …

        Supposedly part of ISIS ….

        Just a little blurb one day on the back pages …. if true – Why not publicize this event?

        • We knew them, they grew up in Cedar Rapids iowa and had a pizza place. Not sure exactly what they were trying to do but these guys were not terrorists. They were just like me and you. Not defending them one bit but they were not violent and nice to all. they were brothers. They were harmless to the community. The police are a far great threat then they were. Believe me they were not anti-people. They were anti government with intrusion.

        • after reading clints post….maybe they are sending weapons to family and friends so they can defend themselves from ISIS. What lengths would you go to in order to be able to defend your family if obummer gets his way?

      10. “Undisclosed Number” = ZERO

      11. Islamic terrorists don’t have a history of attacking us on our major holidays.

        The FBI and Homeland Security do have a history of stirring up public fear on them though.

      12. 2009: “jobs created or saved”
        2015: “terror acts stopped or dissuaded”

      13. IMF Banker Executive Bathroom Joke

        Q: What are the first three letters of the Greek alphabet ?

        A: I.O.U. !

        • Here’s one for you guys:

          The Pope and Hillary Clinton are on the same stage in Yankee Stadium in front of a huge crowd.

          The Pope leans towards Hillary and said, “Do you know, that with one little wave of my hand I can make every person in the crowd go wild with joy? The joy will not be a momentary display, but will go deep into their hearts and they’ll forever speak of this day and rejoice.”

          Hillary replied, “I seriously doubt that with one little wave of your hand that is possible; show me.”

          His Holiness then backhanded Hillary and knocked her off the stage! The crowd roared and cheered wildly and there was happiness throughout the land.

          ….doesn’t that bring a tear to your eye?

          • Yes.

          • six

            now that was funny :0 :0

            • Oh, to be able to actually witness that moment when hand met…face? Can we even call that a face?

      14. No 4th of July Terror? FBI Now Claims It Stopped “Several Plots to Kill People in U.S.”

        Thanks for the Title of this article, it’s Friday and I needed a good hysterical laugh!
        F.B.I [fucking bastard idiots]

      15. THE ONLY THING THE FBI STOPPED WAS SETUPS THEY CREATED! They lure a person who is anti-American online and get them to talk about bad things they want to do and try to supply them with fake materials and then lure them to a hotel that is being recorded and build a case on them and then arrest them. Wow good job.

        • That’s mostly what they do. For the most part, I don’t think they could hit water if they fell out of a boat. Just more BS for the public to absorb into their already reality show soaked brains.

      16. ht tp://

        too busy stopping people plying the national anthem to do real police work

      17. The FBI coward pussy Zombies can “claim” anything the fascist boot licking filth want, but we know what cowardly Corporatist Fascist boot licking lying scumbag trash all these filth in the Federal Government of criminal shit stains truly are. If you are in a compartmentalized alphabet agency in the fascist collapsing shithole of the world, the best thing you can do to avoid arrest after the collapse of this fascist Orwellian Police State nightmare is to retire now and join us FREEDOM and LIBERTY lovers, or begin arresting the psychopathic criminal genocidal Corporatist Fascist filth controlling your fascist boot licking agencies of brain dead dumbed down coward pussy Zombies scared shitless of the TRUTH in this collapsing fascist shithole of the world.

        • Beautifully said, Ron.

        • Very well said Ron, the fecal eating globalist scum are winning on all fronts because the lazy, worthless, moral less American zombies are too busy masturbating to Kim Kardashian’s buffalo ass. These sackless wonders have given the power over to the beast and it is ready to devour us.

      18. It might be believable if they actually capture someone (anyone?), hold a real trial, and put them in jail. Shooting and killing a young black man with an Islamic name who is holding a knife is not FBI work. Arresting young men who want to travel to the Middle East – where they have family and friends – is fine – but what is their crime and where is the trial and where is the conviction? And now that the FBI can arrest “sympathizers” who have committed no other crime – how much longer until they come after sympathizers who support traditional marriage, are against illegal immigrants, oppose bans on assault weapons, etc

      19. Of course there was no attacks they scared them away. Just ask them!

        Wouldn’t be nice if ISIS did do something on the 4Th. because they where afraid of the Common Good Old Boy here in the USA, and not the FBI. I think this is more to the truth.

      20. Literally, thousands of Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens. Mostly drunk driving, hit and run drivers, with no insurance. It’s like having a 9/11 every year. Now let’s see the government stop that form of terrorism. Priorities. Priorities.

        • Deport all 30,000,000 illegal invaders, mostly mexicans. Build the fence and shoot any that try to return.

      21. A reasonable compromise in South Carolina would have been to replace the Battle Flag with the First National Flag of the Confederacy. The true “Stars and Bars”. It probably would have made people look up the history of the Civil War and learn the heritage. Less than 15% of white people living in the South today had ancestors living in the South during the Civil War. Most people wouldn’t even know what the First National Flag of the Confederacy looks like. Google it. Long live the Southern culture.

      22. Finding nothing real, the Fish Bait Instigators declare victory having caught their own tails.

        I had a cat which did that, and groomed it’s self incessantly, just like them.

      23. BOVINE FECES. Period.

      24. You would have thought they could have come up with one lousy false flag event???

        • Oh hell no, those federal employees are NOT working a PAID HOLIDAY, no way.

      25. The FBI is great, they once again saved the day!
        The terrorists are lame…Oh wait, I forgot to start out with “Once upon a time”…

        Do these people know how much mayhem can be created by a couple of rag heads…A pickup truck…and a couple of crowbars???

        But hey, think of the children, they nead a good Boggyman story once in a while!

      26. The govt. is filled with nothing but liars and domestic terrorists anyway. You can’t believe a single thing “they” say.

      27. They have to justify there paychecks dont they?

      28. You stopped exactly two things, Jack and Sh!t….and Jack left town.

        • Now, if they would just consume the remainder ! Daggum fear-porn,instigating Traitors !

      29. Of course there was no attacks the 4th of July weekend. Do you really think federal employees would work a paid holiday???

      30. Does anyone really give a stuff any-more in terms of what the idiot agencies say…they are struggling to justify their existence. Americans have a greater chance of being killed by a US cop than by a terrorist.

      31. Uniformed thugs aka the police….600 US victims

      32. LOL!! Have you ever read ‘A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court’ by Mark Twain? There is a passage where a rival magician is telling people that he knows what the King of England is doing at any given time. “Right now he is scratching his behind with his left hand whilst picking his nose with his right.” All the people were enthralled with this, never questioning HOW he knew this. So ‘The Boss’ asks his rival, “How many fingers am I holding up behind my back?” Of course the rival can’t answer the question so he says instead, “A man of my great talents can’t be expected to waste them on the likes of you!” And that answer satisfies the crowd because nobody even thought to question it. Any of this sound familiar?

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