NJ State Police to Launch Nazi-Style Door-To-Door Gun Magazine Confiscation Campaign…at Gunpoint, of Course…NJ Declares War on Its Own Residents

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Headline News | 202 comments

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    This report was originally published by Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com

    A New Jersey law that makes it a felony to possess a gun magazine capable of holding over 10 rounds of ammunition is now active. This wildly unconstitutional law instantly criminalizes hundreds of thousands of New Jersey citizens who legally acquired normal capacity firearms magazines — which include 17-round pistol magazines and 30-round rifle magazines — as tools of self-defense against the very same violent criminals that are protected by the Democrats who passed the gun magazine ban.

    Now, the New Jersey State Police have told Breitbart News they won’t rule out “house-to-house enforcement” of the new magazine ban, meaning they plan to conduct house-to-house arrests and gun magazine confiscations. These Nazi-style anti-gun operations will, of course, be carried out at gunpoint, further underscoring the entire purpose of the Second Amendment and the need for citizens to arm themselves with 30-round magazines to defend against government tyranny.

    “Breitbart News contacted New Jersey State Police on Monday to ask how they planned to enforce the newly enacted ban,” reports Breitbart.com. “The NJ State Police refused to rule out house-to-house checks. Rather, they responded: ‘We do not discuss enforcement strategies.’”

    The very reason citizens need 30-round magazines is because the government wants to use coercion and the threat of violence to take away their legally-acquired firearms and magazines. If citizens surrender 30-round magazines, the next step will be New Jersey banning all magazines, followed by the banning of all semi-automatic firearms. Almost overnight, citizens of New Jersey will find themselves living under an authoritarian regime of pure tyranny and lawlessness… with no means to defend themselves against the state, which will then have a monopoly on effective firearms.

    This is a repeat of Nazi Germany, which disarmed the Jews before mass murdering six million of them. It’s so much easier to murder people, after all, when the government disarms them first. And anyone going along with the disarmament is signing their own death warrant.

    The purpose of the magazine ban is to make sure citizens can’t shoot back when the authoritarian government comes to take ALL their guns

    The entire purpose of the gun magazine ban, of course, is to make sure that innocent citizens are unable to shoot back when the government sends gun confiscation teams on door-to-door raids, gunning down citizens and taking their firearms by force. Anyone who knows history will immediately realize that New Jersey is walking down the path of Stalinist Russia or Hitler’s Germany, weaponizing the power of corrupt government to disarm the very people that government will later target for mass arrests and mass murder.

    Have no illusions: The aim of all Leftists in government is the establish an authoritarian government regime that holds a monopoly over all firepower, ruling over disarmed citizens who are taxed to death, silenced by the tech giants and criminalized for seeking to defend their own nation against tyranny. This will be combined with open borders policies that flood the nation with violent criminal illegal aliens who will all be granted absolute legal immunity from their crimes, even while American citizens are arrested and imprisoned for merely exercising their Second Amendment rights.

    As the Founding Fathers repeatedly noted, all citizens of America have a constitutional duty to resist unconstitutional, illegal “laws” that deprive them of their constitutional rights. Just because New Jersey passes a magazine ban doesn’t mean the New Jersey government has the rightful authority to assert such a restriction. The right to keep and bear arms implies the right to keep and bear the ammunition and magazines required for those arms to function. In passing the gun magazine ban, New Jersey lawmakers prove that they are lawless tyrants who have zero regard for the Bill of Rights, the right of self-defense or the safety of citizens in their own homes. It also underscores why such tyrants must be removed from power by the voters and prevented from destroying the civil rights of the people.

    How much blood are New Jersey State Police willing to shed to establish their dictatorial regime of absolute power?

    All this raises an important question: How much blood are New Jersey State Police officers willing to shed in order to establish absolute power over the (disarmed) citizens? And who, exactly, is suicidal enough to run these door-to-door confiscation raids, demanding citizens turn over the very hardware they need to defend themselves against New Jersey government tyrants?

    It now appears that New Jersey State Police are gearing up to wage mass shootings of gun owners who resist the magazine ban. This will all be carried out, of course, in the name of “public safety.” Thus, the government will engage in mass shootings while claiming to be stopping mass shootings. Such is the new tyranny of the deranged, lawless Left which believes no citizen should have the right to defend themselves against the wave of violent illegal alien criminals those very same Leftists want to see flood across the open border and invade U.S. cities.

    This is the new reality is living under the tyrannical rule of Democrats who despise America and are doing everything in their power to destroy the nation and criminalize its patriots. If you dare attempt to defend yourself with a 30-round magazine against a group of illegal alien human traffickers who all have their own 30-round magazines, suddenly you are the criminal while the illegal aliens receive “sanctuary” status. Yes, it’s beyond insane, but this is precisely what left-wing lunacy has delivered in America. Now in New Jersey, no citizen is allowed to defend herself against violence, even as the state becomes a tool of violence against the citizens. Don’t forget, either, that under Barack Obama, the entire deep state apparatus, including the FBI and DOJ, was weaponized to spy on the Trump campaign, frame campaign officials for “crimes” and violate the civil rights of Trump associates via FISA warrants which were achieved using astonishing levels of deception and abuse of government power.

    The government is a weapon against the people of America, and right now it’s only President Trump holding back the full force of tyranny that seeks to eviscerate any last shred of both the First and Second Amendments.

    We must all now realize that the New Jersey government is waging war against its own citizens while protecting illegal aliens from prosecution. Thus, the government of New Jersey has, without question, become the enemy of the People. It won’t be long, I’d imagine, before we see New Jersey resistance groups designating New Jersey lawmakers as “enemy combatants” who have declared war on the people of New Jersey.

    No good can come of this

    A state government that believes it can assert the power to criminally arrest its own citizens for possessing legally-acquired “normal capacity” magazines must also believe it has the power to confiscate all guns, too. Thus, it’s only a matter of time before New Jersey lawmakers decide that no citizen should be allowed to own any gun at all. When that day comes — and it isn’t far off — will the law-abiding citizens of New Jersey do what they’re told and turn in all their guns, too?

    Every government will take more and more power until it is forced to stop. There is no such thing as a government that has “enough” power. Its bureaucrats are forever hungry for more power, and they will continue to strip power from the citizens for as long as they can get away with it. The rise of tyranny is an inescapable human vector — a concentration of power that only snowballs into increasingly dangerous levels of tyranny and authoritarianism. Only when citizens stand up and say “Enough!” will bureaucrats ever back down and be humbled.

    New Jersey is marching down the path of Stalinist authoritarianism. Have no illusions that New Jersey State Police will carry 30-round magazines, not 10-round magazines. The entire point of this magazine confiscation program is to incrementally disarm the citizenry and make sure that when the NJ government launches its all-out war on pro-2A citizens, those citizens are at a severe disadvantage in terms of magazine capacity. It’s so much easier to win a war, after all, if you force your enemy to carry 10-round magazines. And from the point of view of New Jersey lawmakers, the people are their enemy. YOU are already an “enemy combatant” in the eyes of NJ Democrats.

    Giving up your 30-round magazines, in other words, is tantamount to surrendering to tyranny. No lawful government would ever attempt to take away your rifle mags. The very fact that New Jersey is going down this path proves that NJ bureaucrats plan to do much more in the near future. Ultimately, they don’t want the citizens to have any means to defend themselves whatsoever.

    First they came for the magazines, and we turned those in to comply with the law.

    Then they came for the guns, and we turned those in, too, to comply with the law.

    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me (and no means to defend myself against lawless tyranny).

    Stay informed. Read SecondAmendment.news or Guns.news.

    About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at the links below.

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      1. It’s all about control nothing more nothing less…..

        • control now, murder comes later.

          • People of New Jersey: when they come for your magazines: Give them your bullets first in the fastest manner available at 3,000FPS

            • ht tps://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2018/12/05/boulder-residents-given-just-days-certify-rifles-face-consequences/?fbclid=IwAR2qEONLBXrufMWUH5JUhdAhVAes0FM9o1qBwT1sacN8rNNmGUNAxKZFfh8

        • I just shake my head because nothing is more revolting than the true believers who say the USA is free….That willful blindness and tolerance for it is worse than the cheesy ranks of traitors and tyrants that are behind the truth. I have no stomach for those who support the fake narrative that we are free and seek to do nothing to attain TRUE Freedom but are content with the lying platitudes about how “free” we are in the USA. The hope, the truth of our freedom is this. It is gone, we live in a huge lie where for RIGHT NOW private gun ownership is tolerated by TPTB because it suits them, but when they make their final move to take over, there will be a concerted deliberate war to remove them from our hands. New Jersey is the FIRST TRIAL BALLOON to do it and measure the compliance of the people. it is a test. If it goes too easy for them, they will spread this action to all the rest of the states not already with draconian guns laws and backdoor attacks.

          • Before you give them your mags: give them the bullets first at 3,000fps!

          • Connecticut was another test balloon, with the magazine and gun registration, post Sandy hoax, and the steeple stood in line to register their “black evil guns” and any magazines that ho!d over 10 rounds.

            Sadly, I can see this tyranny, infecting the surrounding states , CT, NY, RI,MA, etc

          • So true.

          • Very true.

      2. It’s all about control nothing more nothing less……

      3. Chicago has the same jackass problem.
        If your magazine holds more than 10 rounds, they call it an illegal assault weapon.
        There are parts of America under UN control. Sad, but true.

        • I guess Texas is bizzaro world.

          I just bought a 60 round mag for my AR-15. It was $25.

        • There was no outcry to speak of when they banned bump-stocks in Florida. There’ll be little of same in New Jersey anymore than there was in California or Chicago…. everyone forgets the old saying, “give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile”.

        • Blinky, UN doesn’t have any real authority over any Americans, period. UN can go take a flying leap.

      4. I for one hope they do go house to house.
        It will be quite instructive for the rest of us.

        • If they come for the mags shoot the police who are acting as criminals against the constitution they swore to uphold AND the criminal politicians that passed this bill first!
          Let the first batch know the war has begun and their families are now on the wrong side of the issue too!

          • The time to prepare your property is now. Plan the ambush/trap and practice it’s execution. Force multipliers will do wonders and this should not be designed to allow your attackers to survive. I can’t conceive of living in the city or suburbs so good luck. They will come for us all eventually unless we kill enough early on and cause mass fear in them.

            • Menzo, it looks to me like they’re doing this one state at a time right on the state level. the gun grabbers know they can’t get any new bills passed as long as the repubs control the Senate and Trump is still POTUS. Like you just said, we’ll have to kill a shitload of them when they first try it and cause mass fear in them. Neither you nor I nor anyone else here wants this shit to happen. It’s the other side planning this BS so they’ll pay the ultimate price for it. It is what it is. I dread it but I will do what’s necessary to protect me and mine.

            • agreed

          • joe schmoe, are you willing to stand in the doorway with a NJ citizen and shoot the police?

            • I wonder if the new jersey mob will obey?

            • Roger D, why would you stand in a doorway? If people WERE to assemble and stand against this, it should be done to their advantage, not disadvantage.

            • Only a fool stands in the doorway. You lay-wait them and catch them unaware.

          • Folks, the time is finally upon us that we have all been talking about for years but as usual, no one on the Right is doing anything but talking and banging on their keyboards like fat, school girls…very sad and disappointing I have to say.

          • joe schmoe…actually police DO NOT take an Oath to the Constitution. Only Sheriffs and some within the Sheriffs Department will take an Oath (such as Deputies).

            Metro Police officers not only DON’T Take an oath, No one in the Metro Police departments are elected , Including the Police Chief or Commissioner, who is generally appointed by a city mayor And many times the Mayor is a partisan hack. See Michael Bloomberg, or Bill DiBlasi for prime examples

        • Wait! I know what to do! We can “VOTE” our way out of this! The marxists have only had a free reign in the U.S. for a century…

          You do realize, do you not, that the marxists (that is exactly what they are), who call themselves “democrats”, view the U.S. Constitution as a dead letter?

          Most people will comply. Some will fight to the death, while their neighbors watch. There will be moans and groans from the “2A” community. And, it will continue somewhere else, etc, etc…

          • No you can MOVE. Leave these f’d up states…NY, NJ, CA, IL, CT now. Move south.

            • Run away run away and surrender…..Isn’t that what we criticize the illegal alien invaders for ..running away instead OF TAKING A STAND AND FIGHT THEM BACK AND REMOVE THEM ALL PERMANENTLY…FIX OUR OWN SHT?

              THE USA IS a nation of convenient cowards playing up their fake and unearned “Exceptionalism” on the globe is still waiting for a magical cavalry to come riding to the rescue to keep the “rights” for them….They don’t deserve them if they WONT COMMIT THEMSELVES TO THE RESPONSIBILITY AND DANGER AND RISK TO KEEP FREEDOM…Oh no….the new age surrender monkeys of capitulation and appeasement and SURRENDER to the Marxists actions.

              Sickening cowardice.

              • It’s hard to fight back when most of the fucked up people in NJ want this ban. Your best bet is to move to a state where they allow them. I left NJ in 1970 and never went back.

                • I don’t live there, never have, can’t imagine it. However, the same Marxists are trying to convert the rest of the states to this kind of tyrannical BS, and there is still no united permanent lasting decisive effort to rid ourselves of them. Tolerating the perversion of the liberals to start with was the first mistake, ignoring their creeping hatred of the US and the Constitution NEVER should have gotten this far, but people assumed relative calm meant everything was fine…Its how ALL cancers KILL the host. The liberal Marxist cancer is no different. Speed silence and ice picks are long overdue and could have been handled by our Intelligence agencies IF THEY HAD BEEN DOING THEIR GODDMAN JOB HUNTING TRAITORS, but they joined their ranks instead. No surprise there either.

            • right, keep fleeing until you live in one of a handfull of states with rights, then act shocked when the federal government keeps moving left and votes for national gun bans etc.


          • JustMe, a small percentage might comply but I doubt that MOST will. I, along with my family, will stand up and fight, period.

            • Who decided that a 10 round mag was the magical number?

              Why not a 9 round mag or an 11 round mag?

              What does a 10 round mag have to do with anything?

              • They’re working their way down to six for political expediency before going to zero. Six was the traditional number for a revolver. The public is sold with, “for years BEFORE ASSAULT WEAPONS, a six gun was all you need against criminals”. Of course we know, but few have the courage to state, that the Second Amendment, as written, has zip to do with defense from criminal attack. Someone could recite the words from our Founding Fathers in the Federalist Papers and it would be considered treasonous to even suggest what the true intent of the Second Amendment was. One day you may be jailed for repeating Madison, Jeffersons, or Monroe’s words.

                • Hmmm a six shooter takes us back to late 1800’s technology. Meanwhile the US military is researching a new rifle that will use barrel pressures as high as tank cannons. This will three times as high as the barrel pressure in a typical AR style 556 weapon.

                  • Ahhh, no

                  • “They’re working their way down to six for political expediency before going to zero”

                    Six just has a historical ring to it that the ignorant public can bite into and repeat in Goebbels fashion. The goal is zero, the method, “boiling a frog”.

          • Do you mean at the voting booth? Like during the midterms? Each of our votes were null and void, cancelled by last minute “found” ballots.

            If you mean we still get to vote, I will vote with .308

            • Bone, I’ll be voting with every caliber I have and then some.

            • Votes count; if they didn’t we would be in the position the UK is in.

          • All the Right wing talkers will open the door, give them some cake or pie and probably turn in all of their shit….makes me sick to my stomach. All the pussy fags doing nothing but talking shit as usual. Where “all the big money men”. Bunch of school girls talking and NO action….

      5. Hopefully the first man they visit will kill the lot of them right then and there. Traitors deserve death.

        • That is what they are hoping for. That will give them the excuse the need to do more aggressive confiscation.

          It would be better if the New Jersey cops killed a bunch of 2 year olds.

          • Shot shell traps placed low and angling up. Let them all go off at once.

          • Shit, John, they do not hope we fight back at all.

      6. I civilly don’t believe in fake, conservative, politicians, who allow the searches. You are just keeping the seat warm, for a worse pinko than you.

        • The lawmakers and governor who signed the bill into law live somewhere. Something needs to happen to make them live in fear. Karma will get them eventually.

          • Just saying it civilly. Just discussing a verbal battle of definition. The enablers have zero credibility and should be lumped together, ideologically. Work around them, not through them. Calmly refuse to call them, what they want to be called.

          • Like gas, matches, burn to ground

      7. I am a dues paying member of the Fraternal Order of Police. If any NJ trooper or any LEO is shot confiscating someone’s legally owned weapon,don’t look for a black band covering my badge. You will not see it

        • Southside, did you know your FOP supports gun control? You might want to reconsider membership in a group that supports gun-grabbing. You also know your ‘fellow officers’ have been totally brainwashed with that stupid US VS. THEM anti-public mentality.

          • How come we don’t hear anything from Sarge Dale anymore.Trekker Out

          • Of the numerous policemen I know, the older generation are respectful of gun rights, but the new recruits just blindly obey with no respect for gun rights.

            • The younger generation of police officers have no respect for “ANY” rights of the people. I and My son almost went to jail this past week for standing up for our rights in a totally different scenario other than gun rights. These people, police, will stand to your face and tell you in so many words that they are in control and will tell you what rights they will allow you to have. Which is slowly but surely becoming NO RIGHTS at all. Face it, it’s here already.

          • When gun bills are going through committee hearings in our state there is always this pretty boy commie fag representing the FOP (carrying of course) every single time without fail he testifies in favor of all gun control bills and testifies against all pro gun bills.The douchbag is there every single time.

            • LSJ00, like I said, FOP is just as bogus as law enforcement and the antigun lobby. What is typically called ‘police work’ no longer has any legitimate basis to it. LE has basically undermined themselves and lost whatever legitimacy they had.

      8. I wonder if these cops have wives, kids, and family they care about?
        Probably not.
        This would CERTAINLY not work in my
        neighborhood. We know where everybody lives.
        After all Cops and politicians are so important!

        • ???
          Its a small world after all….

        • In America, killing the police is very taboo. But in Mexico, killing the police is very common and accepted as most are very corrupt.

          That is one problem with illegal immigration, they bring their belief system with them so the taboo on killing police will not be taboo much longer.

      9. When I was an adolescent and running errands downtown, I visited the Sheriff’s Department to ask them what rules I needed to follow to purchase a firearm. They were all very kind but teased me to never ask permission regarding firearms as it was a natural right men had died for.

        That’s the difference between Kentucky and New Jersey! This article is shocking to me. I’m incredulous anyone would live there on purpose. It is as if New Jersey is no longer America.

      10. The victims have become the victimizers.


        • The bullied have become the bullies.


      11. I worry that Trump will Bend to the Democrats on gun bans and mag bans in exchange for border wall.

        • John Stiner

          I would think not but Trump is not philosophically grounded, he is an authoritarian and a pragmatist. So far he is “kinda” on “our side” (excluding little things like the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments).

          I have to say you make a valid point.

          As I said I’m a Rand Paul guy.

          • Kevin2, Rand Paul is the only 1 of 535 that is worth saving. I’d love to see him in my tribe.

            • Rand Paul is a decent moral Christian man which is why he will never directly become the president of the United States of America. He will never have the support of the urbanites as he is nothing like them. His best shot is to get picked up as the vice president. Then he would have a chance to dovetail that to the presidency.

              It’s not right versus left, or even patriots versus globalists, it’s rural versus urbanites, and good versus evil, and moral versus immoral.

          • DITTO!

        • JS, if Trump does that he’ll be at least partially responsible for starting Civil War 2.

        • No he wouldn’t that would be beyond stupid .. but if he does then he will die with the traitors

        • he will, I now believe is a a fake president doing the will of the illuminati. Everything else is a smokescreen blown up your ass to blindly follow. WE’ll see for sure!

      12. I think NJ will have a run on PVC pipe with end caps

        • I needed my garden tilled this last spring but was too lazy to do it myself. I called the FBI and said I had guns buried in the garden, they tilled it for free.

      13. I fought the political battle against Jim Florio and then fled NJ and his S-166 “Insult Gun” ban in 1991 and never looked back. How anyone (especially who own firearms) who can leave NJ stays in NJ is beyond me. There is a sign in PA that says, “America Starts Here”, damn if that ain’t true. The place was bad and has subsequently got worse.

        • Unfortunately that sign got taken down. I loved seeing it though. You’d see it after crossing the bridge into Easton. I heard sheeple from NJ were insulted so it ended up coming down. It was there for years though. We moved from NJ to PA back in 95. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of libs from NY & NJ are moving out here and are NOT assimilating to our freedom loving ways. They are all escaping from the high taxes and bullshit laws that the politicians whom they’ve voted for have enacted.

          • Of course the sign got taken down. Just like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the 2ND Amendment.

            Even when I was living across a river in Philadelphia, New Jersey scared the crap out of me. And this was all the way back in the 1960s. Nothing has changed. It’s just gotten worse.

            • “Even when I was living across a river in Philadelphia, New Jersey scared the crap out of me. ”

              That speaks volumes because Philly is Philly. No bed of roses there however I like South Philly, 9th & Christian, Termini’s Bakery, drag racing on Front Street.

          • AAnon

            The liberals infiltrated Delaware too with the banking jobs. What saves them is that any bill with criminal penalties requires 2/3 of the Legislature not 50% + 1. Next to NJ it was the definition of freedom however.

        • If you leave the state you are running away. They will follow you. If you are not will to stand and fight you are a coward. Eventually, you run out of places to run away to.

          • the blame-e

            I gave up every day off for a year for the cause. We worked every public gathering registering people to vote. We overturned both Senate and Assembly from Democrat control. I was a board member with the Coalition of NJ Sportsmen. I took up the banner with the then asleep Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association once I moved getting on their board and repeating the process. NJ is hopeless.

            Anyone stays there they tap dance with felony charges as everything is illegal with guns. Go hunting, have gun in trunk, cased, unloaded, no ammo, stop for lunch, FELONY. You must go directly home. Hay, brave guy, you live there.


            • Kevin2 and everyone else, one thing being overlooked here. Unless someone uses a credit or debit card to make the purchase, how the hell are they going to know who has high-capacity mags, what caliber, how many, etc.? I always use cash when I buy any extra mags, ammo, gun cleaning gear, other accessories. I even bought some high-capacity mags for my M1 Carbine in another state 5 years ago. Kevin2, I would say leaving NJ was the best thing you ever did for yourself.

              • Just because you bought something doesn’t mean you still have it. Guns mags, bicycles… its all the same.

                • . . . houses, homes, property, an education, a meaningful job, the American Middle Class, American jobs, American manufacturing plants, an American way of life (for better or worse), American women — it’s all been taken away.

                  • You are a racist, misogynist, xenophobe for realizing that.

              • This fellow makes an excellent point – which is why these same evil elites are constantly pushing to impose a cashless society upon White nations.

                However, the point that he is overlooking – is the record on file that documented the legal purchase of an AR-15 or AK-47 or any of their variants. This will be the catalyst that the left will use as a starting point.

                If someone owns an AR-15 and that is on file – then, the assumption can be made that they are most likely to possess 30 round magazines for that weapon.

                They might not, but owning that rifle is going to get them a visit by the jackbooted thugs.

                Same principle applies to any make of handgun that has a standard magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds.

                • About cashless society….

                  Last year I needed two trees cut down. I decided to offer barter rather than cash to test the SHTF waters.

                  I offered 4 rounds of silver for one tree and a mosin-nagant for the second tree.

                  I had ZERO problem getting them cut down. A state prison guard took the mosin-nagant and some meth addicts took the silver.

                  Anyway, the moral of this story is that when there is a cashless society, other methods of payment will find their way into the system, especially barter.

                  • 4 rounds of silver IS cash. . .

                • If you are a registered democrat, then you are on the good list and they leave you alone.

                  • JS, WRONG! Tyrants always eat their enablers.

                • Tucker, good points. My old Taurus PT 111 uses 12-round mags. I’m going to a gun show this weekend and looking for another handgun with HIGHER magazine capacity, heehee.

              • And now everybody, and I mean everybody, knows. Idiot.

              • I can see were any recorded previous ownership of a gun that was sold with a high capacity magazine would be sufficient grounds for a search warrant if no high capacity magazines are on record being surrendered. A stretch? If one looks at the other trampling of the Bill Of Rights is being done I think this is a slam dunk.

                “We got to get out of this place”…….that song describes NJ

            • Tell it to all the George Soros sponsored boat-people and caravans. Tell it to all the illegals, because those who run away are no different than those who run away from their home states. They will not be considered migrants but illegals by their adopted states.

              What illegal immigration flavor of the week (weak) do you want to be? A migrant? An undocumented alien? Like boats? Like caravans? Want to be a refugee? How about an asylum seeker? This somebody is going to be waiting for you to hand out free everything?

              GTFOOH youeself. Talking sh*t to another person just shows how depraved your argument is of reason. Show some respect, if for nobody or for no other reason than for yourself.

          • Blame-e, I know you mean well and I usually enjoy your posts. You make a valid point but you have to make an exception in Kevin2’s case. We’re talking about NEW JERSEY. Communist, corrupt New Jersey. Kevin2 did the best thing he could have for himself by leaving that ‘failed state’ and moving to a PRO-GUN state. If anything like this gets enacted at the federal level, then we all have that big decision to make. I made my decision way back when I saw the Weaver family suffering injustice at the hands of the feds at Ruby Ridge. When I saw Mt. Carmel being burned down by the FBI at Waco that incident reinforced my decision. My family and I have discussed all of this more than enough in years gone by to realize we’ll have no other choice but to fight. We’ll do what’s necessary when the time comes. I trust that others here will do the same.

            • Hey Cuz we uns are smarter than the average prepper, we never use credit cards or debit cards when we buy hi-cap mags, ain’t no way they’ll ever know we went out of state 5 years ago and bought those Hi-Cap M1 Carbean Mags. We’ll just keep that secret between me and you and our buddies on SHTF. No credit cards for us.

              • NGIC, go back to sleep.

            • I grew-up in Philly, just across the river from the worst (if you leave out California, New York State, Massachusetts, and Illinois), sh*t hole in the country — New Jersey. Like I said earlier, even with a river between us, New Jersey scared the crap out of me.

          • Tell us blame-e, exactly what action did you take when the Republicans’ NDAA gutted your Bill of Rights? That was 7-1/2 years ago.

            • The same place you were?

          • Just ask a illegal alien, they also know all about running away like a cowardly daily whipped dog…Its why Pitbulls often kill their owners for all their abuse they take, they at least get even or try to in the end…humans…MEh, not at all.

            If I ever whipped one of my dogs I WOULD HOPE it would turn and give up its life to rip my throat out with vengeance… F*ing humans…pathetic cowards, no soul and no spine.

          • Do you live in NJ, CA, HI, CT, NY, MD, MA or IL? Why don’t you go there and stand with gun owners and prove your bravery?! If you leave the state you are protecting yourself and your family. Choose your battles–something that is unknown to the keyboard commandos..

            • Vince you missed Colorado. I’m afraid the list is growing faster than we can keep up. Trekker Out

          • Only a fool would go to-to-toe with the state police. Never allow your opponent to set the rules or time of engagement.

      14. Not a problem.
        Move. Leave. Sell out ASAP.
        Sell everything. Sell your property. Leave. Go.
        * * * * * * * Vote with your Ass.
        Flee Tyrants. There are other states. There are other countries. There are remote places on this planet without a human being for hundreds of miles. No Tyrant to tax, steal, rob, put you in prison.

        If petty local or state Tyrants seek to impose TYRANNY upon you.
        Leave that location. Go. Immediatly. Do NOT wait.
        * * * Remove the one thing that ALL TYRANTS Love and care about. – – – Your Money/Taxes.
        Remove your money. Your Labor. Your TAX base. Leave the local banks empty. Take your money elsewhere.

        Leave the politicians with empty house. Empty blocks of houses. Empty buildings. Empty business’s.
        – – Make it look like Detroit.

        “You may all go to hell. I will go to Texas.”

        Never become violent. Be men of peace. But also men of action and thought. Don’t even get angry. Just leave.
        Vote with your ass. Just leave. Be peaceful.

        • The tyrants are still there, basking in the glow of the newly confiscated beachfront property that you sold at a deep discount, just so you could run away. (Boohoo). The tyrants are still there, breeding new little tyrants that will want to takeover another state just so their daddies will be proud.

          • Mr. Blame E and others who seek long life, wealth, wisdom: Words of Wisdom to Profit YOU $ $ $
            – – NEVER play slot machines, one arm bandits.
            – – NEVER play Roulette.
            – – NEVER play craps or dice games.
            – – NEVER play multi card blackjack.
            Actually Avoid casino’s like the Black Death or Ebola. Stay out of the crooked rigged casino and stock market.
            – – NEVER play the state Lotto, Lottery, or Powerball.
            – – NEVER have confrontation with idiot bullying thug Police officers. (I keep my damn mouth shut. Hands in the open. No sudden moves. And I call someone immediatly on cell phone if pulled over, so cops don’t dissappear me, so they can NOT steal my money and confiscate my property, murder me on some made up false story. Many Police are CRIMINALS. * * * PS-I also have lawyer and bail bond on speed dial. So should you. Preplan for these corrupt thug Police. Get cameras for your car to film them.)
            – – NEVER fight city hall. Never fight government.
            – – NEVER screw around scamming taxes. (I just pay up. Pay in full. Cross all T’s dot all i’s, Then Have professionals look it over before sent in. Because these government criminal crooks are out to get you and steal from you.)
            I NEVER use any government benefit, unemployment, medical, rebates, etc. Because government want in your life so they can steal or put you in prison for some made up idiocy.

            You should Avoid ALL of the above.
            Why? Because they are all CRIMINAL run, crooked, rigged, unfair to your advantage. You will ALWAYS loose in the long term.
            ALL of the above will steal, rob, ruin your life, steal your hard earned money. AVOID THEM ALL.

            I also don’t play with strippers.
            Avoid dive bars with permiscuous troubled women, cheating married women trying to get laid by someone else.
            I don’t pay for a woman’s company. At least knowingly?
            Never do drugs. Not from Doctor, Not from street thug.
            Why? Because ALL of them will destroy, take, maybe even kill you or have you killed. Hospitals MURDER people for profit. They are not there to heal but to steal.

            If you follow these words of warning. You might avoid death. Might avoid stds. Might avoid prison. Might be able to keep at least some of your earned money in your pocket.

            The old man of 98, passed most of these words to me. Now I to you. “Listen or don’t. It is your gain or loss. You harm or help only yourself and your family.” he said to me.

            So yes. Sell that beach house at a loss. Let the tyrants have their kingdoms. Just avoid them. Take a loss. That is so you can keep your freedom, keep your life, rebuild your situation someplace that values your money, taxes, labor, contributions.

            Get the point? Avoid problem areas. Do not go there. Do not fund them. Do not live there. Take a loss if you must, but move on. Flee to freedom.

            Just Leave people. Good men should band together in areas where people are of same mind and values.

            Places that were once good. Are no longer good. States and Countries turn bad. When they do. LEAVE.

            Buy gold. Buy silver. Buy ammo for barter. Buy food. Store water.
            Have a good pair of walking shoes and a coat. Always always be ready to flee danger or tyrants. Be ready to walk away if necessary with nothing other than what you can carry. Be light and move fast.

            My family ancestors survived the Holocaust, Death camps. Neighbors and friends of family did NOT. Why? They stayed under a tyrant. This is coming to America soon. Are you ready to walk away?

            Gold coins bought them passage. Gold coins got them started. A coat, blanket, a few photos, bible, and gold coins are all they had for a new life.

            • Great Post! Words of wisdom.

        • It’s simple, we finally man the fuck up or we bitch out like the right has done so, so well so far…..

      15. WE THE PEOPLE ?

        Is it now starting ??????????? JESUS HELP US !!!!

        But I will say this you bet that some / many people have things buried somewhere else.

        Just like France they are confiscating firearms but the guys that are former military you think they have a stach somewhere ?

        • When the Obama administration was banging the gun control drum people were flocking to the gun shows.

          It was proof that people have ZERO intention of giving up their guns and will hid them from the government when the gun bans come.

          • JS, Obama turned out to be one of the best salesmen the gun industry ever had next to Bill Clinton. I suspect the new libturd majority in the House will become good gun salesmen in their own right.

            • Yes they will, but I advize every Patriot to buy now before the prices grow, especially on high cap mags.

      16. The LEOs should read the Constitution before they head out. After a few get shot they will quit showing up for that duty. Many of them own guns too.

        • Jim, I hope for the sakes of those cops they’ll refuse to take part in gun confiscation. Something has to happen to make them realize that it’s NOT in their best interest. The first time they try it a lot of cops will NOT be finishing their shifts alive. Bank on it.

          • You’ve probably never seen an east coast Tac-assault then. Armored vehicle, 20 guys, fully auto M-4’s. More if needed. Those guys are brutes and live to annihilate fellow humans, like beserkers. All for one dude sitting on his couch.

            Rural properties slow their game down a lot, they’re geared up for urban pacification, which is easier. Which is why Patriots who love freedom should move out of the big cities.

        • In New York State, the tyrant, Governor Andrew Cuomo, passed the most draconian gun laws (outside of California), in the middle of the night, called the NY Safe Act.

          Still not happy, Cuomo shows-up at these gun confiscation “die-in” with his armed detail. Bet their fire power exceeds every statute of the NY Safe Act. This from a governor that want no guns for the citizens and all the guns for himself.

          If this country is so wonderful, then why does the President and all these Senators, need protection?

      17. I always ride dirty while driving through NJ.

        • I always throw my trash out the window when I drive through new jersey.

      18. 4gwf
        The brass and legislators live somewhere,,,
        Read Brackens Set, these people who enacted and who are willing to enforce are domestic enemies and traitors, period

        • Nailbanger, good point. “Accidents” do still happen on occasion…..

          • ..but never often enough…

            • They happen all the time to the Clinton associates. Apparently working for the Clintons is so stressful that the suicide rate is about ten times that of normal society.

              • Yeah funny that..
                The Clinton cartel are pretty successful with coincidental accidents resulting in plugged leaks and silenced witnesses…100% effective and unprosecuted. Funny that too the Intelligence services are so UNSUCCESSFUL at doing their damn jobs, but for spy services that stock in trade covert assassinations to US security threats, NEVER seem to get rid of them…

        • Loudmouthed braggarts put everyone around them at risk.

      19. You will never be cooperative enough for these goons. You will never be compliant enough until you are killed and murdered by your own government.

        • Read this liberal new article that “proves” that the NAZI gun laws had nothing to do with J3ws being murdered.>/b>

          ht tps://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/oct/26/ben-carson/fact-checking-ben-carson-nazi-guns/

          Then read this historically accurate news article about disarming the J3ws.

          ht tps://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/gun-control-kristallnacht-nazis/

      20. if the owner of the magazine is at home alone he will be executed no matter what, a lot of kills at the outset will terrify the target population into compliance. The police can say the person resisted and who is going to contradict them ?

      21. “Elections have consequences.” — Nancy Pelosi (D).

      22. omnes neci

      23. Then there’s the “red flag” snitch law in Maryland. They came for the guns and took out the gun owner instead.

        • Bet they still stole his guns after he died.

      24. Talkers are not doers
        Doers are not talkers

        • Shoot, shovel, and shut up.

        • That is a very good point. Some people just cannot find the “brakes” for their mouth. In a shtf anyone that knows even the basics will avoid the “big talkers” like the plague. “Big talk” causes harm to people around them. They just can’t resist the opportunity to brag and show everyone what they “know”. hahahaha Actually quite comical to watch.

      25. Them police cant not take my guns

        • You realize with your lousy English that you just said that the police can take your guns, right?

          “Can’t not” = Cannot not = can. A double negative is a positive.

          • The Russian troll is still working on his English skill, be kind.

      26. Stop to repeat “muh six gorillion joos” the holocaust is a lie, a fucking lie!

          • How ironic. Over the period of six years and 168 episodes, not one episode of Hogans Heroes even alluded to the “Holocaust”. Not one. Today, every episode would be devoted to the post war KGB propaganda, now completely discredited by the Polish government’s recent forensic study of the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz.
            The reason Hogans Heroes never mentioned anything to do with the Holocaust was because it was not until the administration of Jimmy Carter that the US Government officially endorsed the fake history and began teaching it in public schools. It had already been investigated by the US occupying forces in Germany after the Nuremberg Trials and found to be complete fiction.
            This goes to show how quickly and easily a nation of fluoride-lobotomized vegetables can be convinced of anything, no matter how absurd.
            Almost everyone in America — THAT MEANS YOU — are completely brainwashed into believing utter nonsense. Even those who we perceive as being intelligent and learned discredit anything worthy they say by displaying ignorance regarding a completely fictitious event morons call “Nazis”.
            In real life — NOT YOURS — there has never been a political party in the history of the world called Nazis. The party Hitler became the leader of was called the National Socialist German Worker’s Union (NSDAP), not Nazi.
            The author of the above article, who I respect as a scientist and patriot, knows absolutely nothing at all about German gun laws and German history. He refers to Nazi (German) gun confiscation, which only occurred when Jews were disarmed before being transported to labor camps, as Japanese were disarmed before being sent to detainment camps for their own protection in the US during WW2.
            I am a former member of the Documentary Institute at the University of Florida, where as a graduate student I researched for production of a documentary entitled, “Nazi Gun Control” I accessed original German gun laws from 1928 to 1945 in original German with English translations from credible independent sources. I learned that the only ones to completely disarm Germans were the Soviets in the East and Allies in the West. Allies, under US command, required Germans even turn in their fencing swords.
            Hitler never disarmed Germans (Jews were no longer German citizens when they were disarmed following Kristallnacht in 1938).
            The restrictive gun laws Hitler is erroneously accused of ordering were imposed on the German people by Hitler’s political opponents of the Wiemar Republic 5-YEARS BEFORE HITLER EVEN BECAME CHANCELLOR. Those gun laws of 1928 limited gun ownership to Germans, 20+, to one gun and a maximum of 50 rounds of ammo for that gun. The gun and ammo had to be registered.
            Hitler replaced the Gun Laws of 1928 with his Gun Laws of 1938. Hitler’s gun laws allowed Germans,18+, to own as many guns and ammunition as they wished — just like in the US. Registration requirements for long guns and ammo were dropped, only retaining the requirement to register concealable firearms. That’s because Jews were murdering National Socialist sympathizers and German government workers all over the world by pulling out a pistol and sucker-shooting them without warning. Victims included Louisiana Governor Huey Long. The only significant difference in Hitler’s gun laws and America’s was the requirement to register hand guns. Today I must register most of my long guns with the ATF because they include “military style” characteristics, showing that Hitler’s gun laws were less restrictive than those in the US today.
            I refer the Health Ranger and all others who have been befuddled by Zionist propaganda to a study by Dr. William Pierce, PhD and college professor, entitled “Gun Control in Germany 1928-1945” It includes original German gun laws in German with English translations. It also includes a photo of German civilians lined up with arms full of rifles and some with fencing swords, turning them in to US occupying troops after WW2, which proves Hitler did not disarm Germans:
            One thing actor Robert Clay said that is true: He is talented. And consequently, he probably convinced almost all fluoride-lobotomized, American vegetables into believing his fictitious narrative.
            I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge in this comments section. Observe that comments are prohibited on Robert Clays’ YouTube production above.

            • you tedx are an idiot
              my family survived and escaped hitler
              my nieghbor liberated nazi death camps in ww2
              they also killed every nazi guard and officer found.
              he told me that his men told their own officers to go into town. that they would not be stopped from dealing with the camp gaurds. none of them made it to any trial. he said the american soldiers killed everyone of the guards and officers.
              This man is much more credible than a douche bag spouting off nonsense on internet.

              I have never known him to lie fabricate or make up anything. I trust his words to be true.

              So that means that you tedx are a liar. And a moron.

        • You’re correct, it was likely more. My Uncle liberated a camp, my friends father liberated one and another friends father was a Polish Catholic boy of 14 that survived by putting bodies in the ovens.

          FUCK YOU

      27. Make me a criminal on a whim of unconstitutional tyranical behavior, and I will act like one when you come for me.

      28. The NJ LEOs have a gun they can carry 24/7. You residents of NJ don’t. If the LEOS of NJ had a idea of what the Constitution said… They would not be a NJ LEO arresting people over guns. SO, YES they will roll over anyone who is pointed out to them as a having a High Cap mag. Who in NJ is going to stand up and fight? You already live in a world of major gun laws in your state. You have not fired one round over those laws, so what is the difference of one more law? Are you going to give up your 401k, House, Job and risk jail and your family out in the cold over a gun law? The politicians know this. NJ will not do anything….

        • Never met a NJ LEO that paid for breakfast. Never met a Delaware LEO that did not. If a Delaware Police Officer is offered a free meal he is not allowed back into that restaurant (except on business of course). Delaware has a very low tolerance for corruption, NJ relishes in it.

        • Most LEO are useful idiots for the state. Some are communists themselves.

      29. More horseshit slung upon the wall. The LEOS don’t want no part of this. I wouldn’t get my knickers all up in a twist over this BS.

        • It starts off small, them escalates over the years.

          It is just like boiling a frog alive.

          Put a frog in a pot with room temperature water and start the boil it will not jump out, it will die. Put a frog in already boiling water it will immediately jump out.

          Right now, we are sitting gin the room temperature water.

          • The frog story has nothing to do with boiling water.

            The first frog is placed in tepid water [room temp]. The temp is raised very slowly so the frog does not sense that anything is wrong- this is equivalent to a culture going to hell in slow motion. Finally the frog expires as the water is too hot for survival [very warm, but not boiling].

            The second frog is placed in very warm water- he senses the danger and leaps to safety.

            If someone from say 1950 were placed into today’s “culture” they would be outraged, and try to escape- like the second frog.

            Videos showing life from the fifties have interesting comments- “let me out of here! I want to go back to better times!”
            Like the second frog, they can see the contrast, and want out.

      30. In other news Goodyear has shut down its Venezuela tire plant for good, laid everyone off but are giving them 10 tires and a chunk of meat off the last remaining zoo elephant as part of their Adios package.

      31. Hard to believe. I live 2 miles from the border, and I am waiting for my dozen AR mags from Cheaper Than Dirt to arrive. What a great state. “Riding Dirty in NJ”

        • And now everybody knows about your mags. They won’t be yours for long.

          • Yes they do, and its a warning. Don’t F#Ck with me!

      32. Off topic butt:
        Anyone thats ever thought abandoned mines might be an optional
        fallout shelter …think again. They are watery gassy graves. Copper mines might be better than coal but neither are a good option.

        Not to mention stealing copper is illegal

        .ht taps://abc13.com/3-trapped-in-west-virginia-coal-mine-for-5-days-found-alive/4890132/

        • ht tps://abc13.com/3-trapped-in-west-virginia-coal-mine-for-5-days-found-alive/4890132/

      33. We will respond just like we did when the Republicans’ NDAA gutted our Bill of Rights. Not one shot was fired. That was 7-1/2 years ago. Talk is cheap.

        • Roger D

          You are an agent provocateur. You’re doing your best to get people into a dialog of violence.

          • NO it’s true, at the end of the day, a bunch of fucking pussies that will NOT do a god damned thing so suck it billy.

      34. Six million lies….

      35. I wonder how high the fascist, communistic, enforcer’s body count will be? How about their kids at school getting their asses beat by pissed off kids that had their dad or mom killed because they were just following orders. What about the girlfriend’s or wives being assaulted or worse because they killed someone’s spouse? Their houses suddenly burning. And then those so called parasites known as politicians. They have no idea what they will unleash. Mark my words, there will be in some shape or form retribution coming to those crooked assed politicians and cops…

        • CB, that’s right. They don’t have the first clue what awaits them.

      36. The jack-booted thugs w/ badges WILL carry out their orders, even though they may not agree with them. Why? The economy has been decimated by off-shoring of our manufacturing base. Good jobs are scarce. These guys know that if they lose their law-enforcement job (and their generous govt pension), then its MacDonalds or Walmart for minimum wage. And there is the addiction to power and control. Many of these cops are lower IQ individuals, and border-line psychopaths. They absolutely get off on power. We are entering a dangerous phase of our Republic.!!!!!

        • The Republic is dead.

          • JM: Been dead as fuck for as long as my ass can remember. I say fuck it, go out with a BANG!!

      37. If you choose to engage Leo’s or military when they come to your door, you’ve already lost the battle. Basic military tactics teach engagement away from base. Engage at your door and you will be overwhelmed by superior firepower, training and logistics, and you will get yourself and your family killed! Learn tactics and choose battles that have better odds of success, and only when absolutely necessary to preserve your lives.

      38. Anonymous has it right. You will NOT win by violence when they come to your door!Just don’t give them a door to knock on!Leave. Sound financially implausible? Depends how important your personal liberty and that of your children and grandchildren is. Possible temporary decrease in standard of living vs GUARANTEED loss of liberty? You choose, but I’d choose sooner rather than later by the sound of it!



      41. Gun magazines are easy to hide any where. Hide them simple solution. The Sioux buried their war paint years ago. If they cant find the magazines in your home are they going to dig up your lawn. magazines what magazines I dont have no stinking magazines

        • People seem to think hiding things is the solution. It will not work. They don’t just want your stuff. They want you, out of the way…

      42. The Second Coming
        Turning and turning in the widening gyre
        The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
        Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
        Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
        The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
        The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
        The best lack all conviction, while the worst
        Are full of passionate intensity.
        Surely some revelation is at hand;
        Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
        The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
        When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
        Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
        A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
        A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
        Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
        Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
        The darkness drops again; but now I know
        That twenty centuries of stony sleep
        Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
        And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
        Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

      43. New Jersey, New York, Illinois, California and too many other states are full of authoritarian communist s-bags.

        Communists should be rounded up and put in FEMA camps and mental institutions while waiting for their trials by military tribunal.

        Civil rights violations are a federal offense. The FBI can simply arrest any state law enforcement officers who violate the constitutional rights of American citizens.

        The county sheriffs can intervene if state or local law enforcement infringe on the 2nd amendment.

        How the people of NJ allowed this to happen in the first place is the most disturbing thing.

        • “The county sheriffs can intervene if state or local law enforcement infringe on the 2nd amendment.”

          Sheriffs in NJ are not traditional law enforcement. They are jail keepers and issue summons for court and divorce papers. The Attorney General is appointed by the Governor. It’s said with justification that the NJ Governor is the most powerful in the nation.

          It’s hard to believe but many NJ residents love the place. They think it’s normal to pay $12,000 or more in property taxes on a $265,000 home. They think corrupt politicians are normal and vie for their blessing to get a State Job through them. Speaking of those, the people closest to those in high power have essentially “no show” State jobs. Lower on the tier are show up but do little to none with no repercussions (your connected). The lowest of the low actually work because they slipped through the unofficial nepotism hiring system. It’s not an accident that NJ is portrayed as a haven for Organized Crime. NJ is boxed in by Philly and NYC. That culture has imparted itself in The Garden State.

          • Been to Jersey a few times. Last time took the ferry over and spent a few days in an old Victorian bed and breakfast house. Got to relax, walk the beach, sip some JD on the front porch swing and read a book. Went around the little town and did some yard sale shopping. Went upstairs in that old house one time and the missus took a picture of me standing on a stairs landing. Got the pictures developed and on that pic was a large bright orb above my head. I’ll never go back there.

            • The bright orbs are demonic octopus mind benders. The home probably had a leader in some cult or godless or masonic or occultic movement living there. It needed to be excorcized.

        • Calm down Ed, this shit is EVERYWHERE Sport!! What will you do you Keyboard Warrior you fag shit talking homo?

      44. They tried this in Connecticut a few years ago. No one complied. Never heard anything else about it there. I think ‘they’ realized what a stupid and risky proposition it was to try and enforce it. Same here.

      45. A bit off subject but here is my New Jersey story. For many years I drove up to Atlantic city 1 or 2 times a year for a long weekend. And AC was always in the news even then about their economic troubles and casino closings, meaning they need all the revenue they can get. About a 9 hour drive from NC through VA, MD, and Delaware.. I am CC and always have a pistol in the car. When I became aware of the trouble I could get into from having a gun in my car I stopped going to AC. Of course my little bit of money for 3 nights in hotel, food, gas, and possible gambling revenue is tiny in the big picture, it still is a lost customer when they need it most and there must be others like me who go no more because of their laws. Could that be a factor why casinos are closing there while flourishing in other places, along with AC being so dirty and having the HOOD just a block across the street from the casinos, of which I do not want to drive thru without a way to protect myself… KF

      46. NJ State police don’t have the resources to carry out a door to door search. NJ was already limited to 15 round magazines so if you possess a 30 round mag you’re already a felon. Leads me to question articles on this site since they didn’t do their research on the existing NJ gun laws. NJ is a lost state full of brain dead leftist idiots. Only small pockets of conservatives exist in NJ. Multiple NJ cities are some of the worst in the country; Trenton, Newark, Camden, Atlantic City, and Bridgeton. The state is one of the worst in the entire nation when it comes to political corruption.

        • “The state is one of the worst in the entire nation when it comes to political corruption.”

          NJ resides next to Louisiana for corruption and I think they’re both jockeying for top billing. They’re not going door to door but the chances of getting caught increase every day that you don’t get caught. So you have some high cap magazines, you can only save them for dooms day.

        • Under Florio after his AWB in 93′, he wanted the NJSP to go door to door to collect the then banned AW’s. The NJSP told Florio flatly NO! They refused to do it. Those guys aren’t stupid….
          All they have to do is raid one house then they will have a target on their backs forever…. There are a lot of gun owners and gun owners who are veterans in NJ…. If the state does start with confiscation no politicians will be safe to walk the streets. They don’t have enough NJSP to protect them all. Keep in mind NJ is about bankrupt… So there is no money for OT to paid the local cops either…

        • That is the Goal Mr. NJ2A.
          *** *** *** States want to make EVERYONE a felon.
          Years ago a felony was a serious crime. TODAY Everything is made a felony.
          * * * The State wants you to be a felon so you can NOT legally buy firearms.
          The State wants you to be a felon so they can make money by putting you in prison. ALL the politicians are connected to corporations that run the Prisons. Prisons are big money makers for politicians in Amerrika.
          The State makes everything a felony so you can be put on probation. There again the State makes money and extracts fees from you. You are diarmed. Plus they have you on a leash and control your life. They then will threaten you constantly with prison term over your head. Then then can come into your home and snoop around because you are on probation. Then they make up more “offenses” to extract yet more money out of you.

          Are you awake Gents and Ladies? That is why the State makes EVERY “offense” a felony.
          To make money by putting you in Prison.
          To make money by fees, once released on probation.
          To control your life and enter your home. Track you.
          To take away your God given right to be armed.

          Tyrants want to steal from you. Control you. Have a threat over you, to keep you in line. Disarm you.

          This is the reality of Amerikka. Wake up.

          If your wife is on her monthly period. She gets cranky and screams or throws something at you. If neighbors call the cops. I garuntee YOU will be arrested. You will be made a felon. And ALL the above are gifts from the all mighty TYRANT State. You will never be able to legally own a firearm.

          I have seen the above happen to a dozen people over the years. Yes the State wants you to be a felon. My brother Marine who was a Sheriff had to quit because his insane half drunk wife made accusations when he filed for divorce. The local city cops have a grudge against Sheriff dept. He was carried away in cuffs. Charged. Plee bargained. But now a felon. He can not have gun for his job.

          All because he wanted a divorce from a female that spent all his money, ran up bills, was a drunk, cheated on him several times. She left their children alone while he was at work, so she could go to the bar. Now HE is the Felon. And she has their home, cars, boat, etc. And he must pay alimony. And she got children, who she will leave alone.

          The State destroys good men. The State steals and destroys lives. It is what they do.

          The State also wants you to be stupid and drive drunk. Even if not drunk. The limits are so low now that one drink is over limit. In my state they FORCEABLY draw your blood. Then they can STEAL tens of thousands of dollars from you.

          It is ALL a scam. Government is BEYOND corrupt. They are CRIMINALS. Many Police are CRIMINALS. That is the reason they went into “Law Enforcement” so they could be bullies and commit crimes. This is a FACT.

          These individual want to play special ops with tactical toys and black uniforms. Yet their risk is relatively low compared to actual combat. Usually they gang up 15 to one, on some poor heart broken bastard with lady troubles, finance troubles, and is half drunk. The cops get the call out. Put on their black party dresses. break out their tactical toys. And pretend to be something they will NEVER be. And they shoot people if given opportunity.

          If they were real men they would be Marines instead of city cops. Or be firefighters to help people. Instead of being murdering cops, killing unarmed half drunk dudes with lady problems.

          Most cops are cowards. That is why they shoot unarmed people.

          Those of us who can handle ourselves shoot as a LAST resort. Not as our first and only option. Cops murder out of malice, fear, ineptness, poor training, lack of hand to hand skills, a fear of hand to hand action.
          And they murder because many of them are sadistic psychopaths. These murderers know that their are seldom consequences for their criminal acts and murdering actions. After all they are, the Police.

          Most dangerous thing you will likely deal with is traffic on a free way, and Police. They will murder you and your family. In many states the Police have taken to killing childrens family dogs. Just because they bark.

          Police want you unarmed.
          Politicians want you unarmed.
          Then they can do even more horrible things to you, your family, and they can shoot your dog. Genocide in the plan?

          This is reality. Tough to acknowledge. I understand. But you really do need to be big boys and girls and see what these Politicians and their henchman the Police are doing today.

          Just imagine what crimes they will commit if you allow them to disarm you? Round ups, reeducation camps, and Genocide.

          Keep your guns. Buy ammo. Become marksman. Get into good physical condition.

          PS- Lets see if this post allowed? Truth is now being stamped out and banned. Free speech and knowledge are more dangerous than any gun. They want to shut you up. Then take away your means of self defense.

          • Truth is treason in the empire of lies… Fight on comrade.

          • Another great post! words of wisdom. thanks.

      47. What do you mean by “Nazi-style”? Is the world still ignorant of the fact that the National Socialists actually relaxed gun rules?

      48. Best gun control, don’t sell guns to democrats and the shootings will stop.

      49. This is even worse than what CT did after Sandy Hoax.

        Remember, the city of police are to enforce laws, thus the term “law enforcement”

        They will simp!y just “follow orders” similar to what Nazis did, however, this is slightly different for any traitor with a bAdge that is willing to “enforce” draconian, oppressive un-Constitutional laws against its own citizens:

        1) Some people who are fed up may actually refuse and shoot back, when approached, causing some cops to have a date with a casket ….something to consider police!

        2) if police start shooting at citizens over a freaking magazine….then this could very well be a March 5, 1770 Boston Massacre like event for our day, causing a fire to spread that no one reAlly wants to see.

        I am STILL waiting for the day when a p o!ice office refuses to “enforce” an Un-Constitutional order or law, and gets fired for it.??

        Hint: if there were such a person existing in this nation, you can bet your bottom dollar, that freedom loving patriots would start a go fund account for this particular officer(s)


        • I truly hope every single pig who chooses (YES it is a CHOICE) to enforce this corrupt and unconstitutional law gets their wig split. That is the EXACT purpose of the 2A.

      50. I predict in 2019 there will be Federal Gun control laws passed by the new Democrat House and the “moderate” GOP Senate and signed by Trump. After the next fake School shooting.

      51. A government that fears the people is a government that has lost it’s legitimacy. Democratic Party policy appears to be to utilize the Cloward-Pivens Strategy to gain control of the population, strip them of their free will, and cement their policies into America’s position in the world forever.

        • Yep. They don’t fear the people as they do whatever they want.

        • You mean a government that does not fear the people- I presume’

      52. Folks, I will ask my usual question yet again- when is enough, Enough for all of you people so lazy or timid lil girls to do anything? Are you going to wait until they bang and kick in your door and murder you in your own home? Clearly the 2nd Amendment means nothing to these tyrannical no good cunts! Any piglet that takes place in this, well, I hope his life insurance is fully funded and up to date! Since it is a typical demonRAT cesspool, I am sure it is funded what 20% if that…Folks, when is enough, enough with all of this disgusting, UnConstitutional garbage?? I am not giving up a god damn thing period, so fuck off you NJ syndicate pukes.

      53. Citizens of New Jersey….You really need to FIGHT BACK in a MAJOR WAY. This is absolute despotism

      54. This article derailed itself when it went off on a tangent about immigration. Once again spewing the cringe worthy trump rhetoric and playing party politics while still not understanding what seeking asylum means… When will you idiots realize that Republican/Democrat = Heads/Tails? Two faces, same fuckin coin. The problem here is government. Government has been responsible for more death and destruction than any other entity in history. Government = organized crime. War = Murder. Taxation = Theft. PERIOD

      55. US Army Field Manual TM 31-210 is rather helpful.

      56. GET A ROPE
        | ________________ |
        | |/ | \| |
        | | ? | |
        | | ,/♆\, | |
        | | ||| | |
        | |___((( _/ \_ )))__ | |
        | | | / | |

      57. My posts are being blocked.

        • No,they aren’t.

      58. People you better wake up they are already confiscating peoples firearms they are just targeting people one at a time. I have already had my guns stolen by corrupt killer cops who go around killing people and stealing thier guns with impunity. Another friend of mine was shot by these mafia hitmen killer cops and then they went and robbed all his guns while he was in the hospital. They later came back and killed him to fix their botched attempt the first time they tried to kill him. They said he killed himself by blowing his brains out with a shotgun. But if that was true there would have been a mess of brain splatter everywhere. He was found in the tub with his throut slit. How many people commit suicide like that? These mafia Hitman cops move from police Dept to police dept taking care of the hitlist and then when there is too much heat they move on to the next Dept. The way it works is they are allowed to keep the guns they steal as payment for the hit.

      59. People you better wake up they are already confiscating peoples firearms they are just targeting people one at a time. I have already had my guns stolen by corrupt killer cops who go around killing people and stealing thier guns with impunity. Another friend of mine was shot by these mafia hitmen killer cops and then they went and robbed all his guns while he was in the hospital. They later came back and killed him to fix their botched attempt the first time they tried to kill him. They said he killed himself by blowing his brains out with a shotgun. But if that was true there would have been a mess of brain splatter everywhere. He was found in the tub with his throut slit. How many people commit suicide like that? These mafia Hitman cops move from police Dept to police dept taking care of the hitlist and then when there is too much heat they move on to the next Dept. The way it works is they are allowed to keep the guns they steal as payment for the hit. They call this a taskforce I call it mafia assassin’s.

      60. My post will not get through…

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