Newsweek Writer Wishes Sickness and Death on Family Members of Republicans Who Voted For “Trumpcare”

by | May 9, 2017 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    Conservatives and libertarians often fear that socialized healthcare will take medical care out of the hands of ordinary people, and hand it over to death panels. They fear that socialized medicine will cause inefficiencies, which will lead to long wait times and the rationing of medical care. They fear that these problems will kill lots of people with illnesses that are easy to treat with timely care. They also worry that socialized health care will kill innovation in the medical field, which of course would hold back brilliant new treatments that could save countless lives.

    However, whenever a conservative or libertarian expresses their beliefs on this subject, people on the Left often automatically assume that they have nothing but ill intent. They call us selfish for not wanting to pay more to support people who can’t afford their own healthcare. They scream and cry that conservatives are racists who want to kill the poor.

    They don’t want to admit that conservatives simply have a different opinion on what kind of system will benefit the most people. We may believe that free market principles will lift everyone up, rich and poor, but to folks on the far-left we are greedy monsters who don’t care if the impoverished masses die horribly from a lack of care.

    Perhaps that attitude can explain the vitriolic antics of Kurt Eichenwald, a senior writer for Newsweek. After Republicans in Congress voted to approve the American Health Care Act, Eichenwald took to Twitter to wish death and misery, not on the Republicans who voted for the bill, but on their families. Eichenwald, who is an epileptic, wrote:


    When Twitter users challenged him on this comment, he added:



    Eichenwald has since deleted many, but not all of the tweets. This gem is still up, despite the fact that it references an event that never really happened.


    Like I said, people on the Left equate a dislike for Obamacare with wishing death on certain people. Meanwhile, people like Kurt are actually wishing death on the family members of politicians. Until Leftists like Kurt Eichenwald stop viewing people who oppose socialized medicine as a bunch of selfish, murderous, poverty culling maniacs, it’ll be impossible to have an honest and open debate with them on healthcare, much less any other subject.


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      1. It isnt going to stop until patriots make it stop.

        Will you let our way of life be destroyed?

        Our peace and prosperity?

        Our laws?

        Have the last 400 years of Nordic strivings in this country gone to naught?

      2. NEWSFLASH FOR LIBTURD SCUM KURT EICHENWALD: If I ever catch you trying to hurt any good people, you will pay dearly.

        • people who oppose socialized medicine as a bunch of selfish, murderous, poverty culling maniacs….

          this threatening post, which passed moderation, seems to come from a murderous intent.

          Maybe waiting “until” someone else does something, in this case, they change, if you wish actual dialogue, you could change.

          For example, moderate and not post murderous threats??

          Just an idea.

          Btw: posts that include the expression “liberal retard” probably aren’t that insightful.

        • I will join Braveheart1776 with an ass kickin’ for the mighty scumsucker Kurt!!! What a piece of shit he truly is!!

          • Hanko American, welcome and I’ll be glad to have you along. I HATE libturds.

        • Brave : Karma is a bitch to those that wish us harm

      3. Healthcare is not an inalienable right!

        Louisiana Eagle ?

        • Paying too much for healthcare when you need it is as crooked as being charged too much for a glass of water when you need it. We need to tear down the insurance companies and banker corruption now.

        • I am all ears: In what possible sense of the word is healthcare “not” an inalienable right.

          Let me take the positive for you: Man is endowed by his creator with certain inalienable rights (healthcare being one)

          Amoung these (inalienable rights) are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

          The first one? “life”?

          Some people say going to the hospitable for health care saved their “life”.

          Your turn! Take me to class. Unless liberal retard or other insults are required? Please just tell me how I am mistaken!

          thanks! tim

          • “In what possible sense of the word is healthcare “not” an inalienable right.”

            Health care is a *service*, which is provided by the labor of other people. Assholes who feel entitled to the services of other people without having to pay for them are called slave owners.

            Go ahead and try your mental gymnastics to excuse that, you slave owner wannabe…

      4. Healthcare is not an inalienable right! Duh!

        Louisiana Eagle ?

        • It’s time to live up to my moniker. laeagel, you’re absolutely right. Healthcare, insurance (which how the hell O-Care is insurance, I’ll never know; considering any restrictions on actuarial factors being used to determine cost automatically negate the concept of risk/insurance) is NOT a right. And as far as I am concerned it is long past time we flat out cut-off any and all handouts for anything. We being the government. Any person or group – say a church-based organization or other charity – wishes to aid poor people…… my hat’s off to them. Good Christian work. But there should be no, absolutely nothing, freebies. A friggin’ bandaid must be purchased by someone. As do the wages of the medical personnel need to be paid, the utilities of the medical facilities need to be paid, the buildings need maintenance and so on. Nothing is free people (talking to the ‘entitled’ crowd there). Nothing. Someone, somebody, somewhere……. must pay the piper. And if you cannot – then you just might die. And folks, that’s life.

          • Healthcare is a right. The banks are charging the slaves too much. Why should doctors live like Kings? Why should an aspirin cost $20 in the hospital. Why should only the rich have good care just because workers are underpaid and they own banks that their daddy gave them. Don’t be an idiot.

            • Too bad people aren’t using health sharing plans. I use Liberty Health Share, and I get IDENTICAL coverage for 1/3 of what I would have paid otherwise. No smoking, no drugs, minimal alcohol, most require church attendance. But if you fit the bill, I get IDENTICAL coverage for my wife and me for $300 rather than $1000/mo. I slept thru jr. high math, but even ****I**** can do that kind of math!

          • Amen! It’s the way it was back before FDR and all his “freebies” except they weren’t then and never will be free. We need to take personal responsibility for our own health care. Other people need to take the same for theirs. There is no free lunch. If someone wants to be charitable and help, then ok. But no more gimmedats. This country cannot afford it.

            • tim, whatever business you’re in, IT work, production, or manual labor, would you donate your time and money to give your service or product away for free? Or 1/10th it’s cost?
              Someone else pays for it and you’re ok with that?
              HMO CEO’s have been reported to make 30 Million $ a year.
              You ok with that?

              where I live many doctors are now refusing certain insurance co. health plans.
              Because they’re not getting PAID by them anymore.

        • I am surprised no one is talking about the bombshell breaking news of the firing of the FBI Director Comey. A lot of unanswered questions but personally I feel it was long overdue. He was arrogant and seemingly incompetent. He certainly did not inspire confidence. How do the mighty fall! Will more heads roll or is he the sacrificial lamb? Was he one of the ‘swamp monsters’? Perhaps the first of the major ‘swamp monsters’!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

          • You can bet the leftists are going to go insane over this.

            Expect all kinds of interference from court actions to calls for impeachment coming form their side.

            They have so much to lose if Trump gets someone not compromised by the establishment in as head of the FBI, and they’re going to act like mob bosses trying to get rid of witnesses and prosecutors to their crimes to avoid it.


          • Hahahaha comey heard on TV and thought it was fake news that he is fired. Trump is a genious to fire him while he was away so he did not have time to destroy more evidence like hitlery did.

      5. Everyone who is a Liberal has a pre-existing condition.

        That condition is called a “mental disorder”.

        • right back at ’em, i say…..from another muthuh from anothuh bruthuh californian…

        • Everyone who is a Liberal has a pre-existing condition.

          That condition is called a “mental disorder”.


          Christ, aka Jesus of Nazerth, is a founder of Marxist thought and has no place in a rational society.

          Christ, a liberal on so many economic and social aspects of life, is the original “liberal retard”.

          Thank you for your insight post!!

          • Your juvenile and untruthful post is evidence of your own disorder.

            Christ was a religious rabbi and not at all the ‘founder of Marxist thought’ you claim.

            His philosophy was individual, not your pathetic excuse for a governmental system.

          • Tim, what are you smoking? I’d like to try some, LOL!

      6. Just because big pharma makes a expensive drug that can help a condition doesn’t mean your entitled to it at the expense of others $ being stolen by the gov to to fund it. The useless eaters want everything while contributing nothing but complaints and demands. Fuck them all they need to be culled. Don’t know about y’all I’m sick of parasites feeding off me and calling me a racist. We need to march their sorry asses to to the crematory. Or use chemical weapons in the projects to liquidate them. I’m not gonna be a door mat for the useless bums. I speak up everytime but nobody stands up and supports cus everyone is afraid to be called racist. Not me I’m against anyone getting a free ride at the expense of working folks. If their was a movement for this I’d join in a heartbeat. Killing the useless is the only way to silence their voice.

      7. Under obullshit care my insurance went up for $85.00 a month to $285.00 a month that ain’t bad, but the deductible went from $500.00 to $3,000.00. So if you don’t go to the doctor like me you can’t ever use up or use enough Doctor appointments or Hospital visits to ever get over the $3,000.00. It would be better for me just to put some money aside every month, and not have obullshit care.

        Now for the A-Hole that wants the Rep’s that voted for the health care to get sick. Like I have found when you wish something bad on some one it usually comes back to bite you in the “A”.


        • Sgt,
          My family of 6 no longer have insurance. Prior to 2010 (when the insurance companies started raising up the premiums getting ready for Ocare) we paid $635/month $2000 ded, now they wanted $1700/month with $6000 ded. Yea, we bank the money for that rainy day when when we have to go to the doctor. Stay the fuck out of the emergency room, around here it is an automatic $1000 per visit minimum. The costs of healthcare at the provider level (hosp and doctors/tests) is where the real bullshit takes place. Sometimes I wish I was broke and mexican.

          • Time to just live a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, exercise and drink a lot of water, vitamins, etc. Bought a bag of apples today, and I eat salad every day at home and drink OJ and eat a lot of fish and chicken.

            My back had an ache for a month, and then I had a numbness down my right arm. Obviously a pinched nerve. I went to a local Chiropractor, CASH ONLY $55 first visit, $40 there after. I also went and got 3 X-rays of my neck and upper back $40 CASH. So after 2 Visits and X-rays, Total = Only $135 Cash, everything has been fixed and I am back to normal. No drugs needed. You got back aches or head aches??, its probably just your neck and spine are out of alignment just like the front end of a car. Get that straitened out and you are back on the road. Everybody should go to a chiropractor, so much plays off the alignment of your spine and neck. I swear by Chiropractors. Worked many times to fix simple things.

            Screw Doctors as all they are, are drug pushers that don’t fix anything. Unless it is some surgery, stay away of the Doctor drug pushers that just masks the pain for their profit. 85% of Doctors out there get kick backs from Pharm Co’s. FACT!! Get back to natural remedies.

            • And apricot seeds cure cancer. And colloidal silver kills all bacteria, virus and pathogens.

        • Don’t worry Sgt, those aholes would find some other reason to hate anyhow. They are h8ters

          • E V E R Y T H I N G they do is looked at through a racist lens….that’s their FIRST thought….”how is this person racist”?

        • Sgt,

          I’m a self payer. 4 words (5 without the contraction) that will save you 1000s!

          Wife is on “Christian Healthcare Ministries”, not insurance. We make “self payer” arrangements to pay medical bills then CHM covers us all but $1000 for each incident.

          But, I’ve got to tell you, Wife is 55 and doc recommended a bone density and mommy-gram. Total bill: $1800. Total paid after getting the price “self payered”: $185, no papers file. Yeah: Self Payer: its that good. Most of the time we don’t even turn stuff in since there’s no yearly deductible. There was one time that she took an ambulance ride and got checked for some things, total bill was $3600. CHM covered $1800 of it. We lamented about that but then realized that before we got CHM, wife was paying $600 a month. She’d been on it a year at $85 a month saving $500 a month. Uh, yeah: $6000 a year savings and we had to pay $1800? Still a net of over $4000.

          In most cases our “self payered” price is lower than the 20% you have to pay under normal insurance. She’s been on it for about 4 years and just about every time something happens one of us says, “Why was it again that we had insurance?”. Frankly, its cheaper than insurance even if your insurance is FREE! Self Payer – Even if you’re insured, you can do it. There are times you’re better off saying those 4 or 5 words even if you’re insured. (…but, every time, they’ll tell you there is not difference in price.)

          Is everything in this life a con? I think it is. Self Payer is how you un-con the medical business. Insurance is the sickness. Self Payer is the cure.

          • Oh, another thing: if you owe the hospital, say, $4000 dollars, send them what you can every month. They used to call me, threaten to turn me over to a collection agency. I just tell them: I don’t care. My credit score means nothing to me. They won’t as long as you’re paying at least 1% of the total. I’ve had bills as high as $7000 and would send them anywhere from $50 to $250 per month. I’d just laugh when they called me. As long as you’re paying it, they CANNOT turn you over to a collection agency. …pray that they do. Once they do, you did not contract with that collection agency. Promptly tell them your contract was with the hospital or medical business and that you did not authorize them to renegotiate the bill. Refuse to pay. Turning you over to a collection agency is kind of like them ramming their own bills right up their own butt! They’ll call for a while. I enjoyed torturing them over the phone. If you really feel you must, offer them 10% of the bill. They’ll often take it. If you offer them 25%, they’ll take it every time so don’t start there.

            The whole system is designed to screw you, but! They have to have your permission to do it. Don’t give it!

            • Ranger, search the dangers of mammograms; it’s worth your time. Important.

              • Thermograms, ketchup!

          • Yes, NR, self pay is also a good option. We use Liberty Healthshare, and are VERY pleased. I have no idea why more people aren’t using health share plans

          • Net – “Mommy-gram”??

            No, Thermography is safe, not safer, just safe. And accurate.

            It is non-invasive as the Thermographer never touches the patient (heat-sensitive infra-red camera). Mammograms are not safe. The Thermography must be evaluated and read by a qualified doctor, not some fly by night outfit.

            Most insurance plans do not cover Thermography, they only cover mammograms, but the $300-400 out of pocket they cost every other year is well worth it.

        • Sarge, PLEASE google “health sharing plans.” I use Liberty Health Share, but there are others (Medishare, Samaritans, etc.)

          Instead of $1,000/mon, we pay $300 month for IDENTICAL coverage. Liberty covers all the usual tests, annual physical, deductible $1k. We absolutely LOVE it. Plus, when you call, you get a real, live person on about the third ring. I am both staggered and saddened more people don’t know about this. Most require no smoking, no drugs, minimal alcohol use (we have a glass of wine 1x month, e.g., which is fine) and a goodly portion of these require church attendance as they are faith based.

          Saving $700/month is at least worth checking out, no?

      8. On contemplating the crown of life? I read a post here from a woman who was contemplating her death at the onset and the time wasted prepping. And if she did die . But later a family of ten ready to die of starvation found her preps . And survived. Would she not win the crown of life. We all are the smart virgins . We all have already obeyed and filled our lamps. Our door is open? Or is God a no bullshit kind of guy. And no matter what that family of ten finds. Their lamps weren’t full . The door is shut . And he will not know them.

      9. Remember: Safe spaces are important, and H8TE is bad… unless you are a leftist hypocrite, then you assault professors at Middlebury College, violently riot at Berkeley, and are the biggest H8TERS on the planet against people you disagree with, because, of course, it’s “justified.” Or something.

        All these leftists signs popping up on lawns about loving illegal immigrants, love everyone – no exceptions… except when it comes to hating Trump, conservatives, etc.

        Leftists are not only the biggest H8TERS on the planet, they are also the biggest hypocrites. But you knew that already

        • Brilliant test!

      10. Off subject – but related to SHTF prep.
        I received my mule today, kinda puny 3 year old
        barely 50 inches. Saddle broke but probably too
        young to ride hard.
        He acts like someone whacked him in the head,
        he is hand shy, but loves carrots.
        I want to inspect his hoofs, but he stomps.
        (which means he is un-happy).
        when we try,
        Any thoughts out there?

        This is one of my preps for when we have no fuel.
        Where I live a Mule is much more sensible
        for travel than a horse, due to terrain.
        We don’t have a lot of mules here locally
        on this island and this was a real find.

        • You are better off getting a couple of donkeys, and use them as pack mules and lead them by rope in tandem.

          Seriously, you just need to assure your mule he is in a safe spot and built trust with him by creating regular daily routines. Feeding, training, talking kindly, leading him around so he will know its all OK. Some animals who are abused are frightened to new digs, and building trust goes a long way.. It may take a few weeks or month to get it going. After he trusts you, you got a loyal animal who is dependable. Good Luck and have fun with it.

          • We know the drill about trust
            with these animals. My wife
            was raised with them,
            but that was a long time ago
            in a very different world.
            He is more of a pet than
            a thing to work to death.
            I’m just trying to figure
            out why I can look at one hoof,
            and he absolutely won’t let me look
            at the other three.
            Animal is very healthy.

            Thanks for your advice!

            • Maybe his 3 hooves that he guards has a problem. Sounds weird that he guards them. Maybe he has a nail in them or something sharp and it hurts and is afraid of anybody touching it. Maybe there is a local vet that can advise you. There is Hoof Goop that helps build healthy hooves yoyu can pain on them like horses. IDK, Just a guess, Good luck. Let us know if you discover anything.

              • Of course maybe he is used to shaking hooves with others with the one hoof, like if someone grabbed your leg and tried to shake it, you would pull back too and yell get away from me weirdo. lol

            • After you have earned his trust thru your kindness( but don’t spoil him), then teach him to lift up his feet for you. I like the video series by Missy Wryn and David Allen Archer, and that’s what I use to train my two horses. It works.

            • Rellic, I have worked spoiled mules for years cause I am to cheap to pay for a good one. Clint Anderson videos on horse training works even better on mules, also Max Harsha from New Mexico has a small but extremely effective old school book on mules. A mule must trust but respect you and that takes getting use to each other. The feet and ear problem is the most common problem on a 2nd hand mule I get, and sometimes the easiest to solve. Usually from someone treating them like a horse, their smarter. Good luck and go slow with the mule.

        • Rellic:

          That is a smart idea. I have considered under the right circumstances, which would be best, horses, mule/donkey, or alpaca. People around here have horses. But if you live in rocky mountainous area, a mule might come in handy. As for being afraid of your hand movements; some animals are just more easily frightened. So, I wouldn’t assume abuse. What I was thinking if he won’t stop stomping, just cut off his feet. That should cure him. Btw, did I ever tell you about the drunken parties we had when I attended medical school?


        • Try suger cubes.They are like us . Feed them special. They like suger.

      11. Let the politicians live with the plan the same as the rest of us….it would never have passed in the beginning.

        • THIS!!!

      12. Another libtard

      13. Rellik after seeing a guy use a mule to drag what looked like a 2500lb log out to a clearing through the trees where a machine couldn’t go I wanted one. The cavalry used pack animals to haul cannons into positions unaccessable any other way. A mule is an excellent choice imo.

      14. Eichenwald is an idiot, epilepsy can be controlled and or cured by diet and Mary Jane. But it would never occur to this moron to stop listening to the docs trained up by Rockefeller Schools where quacks are made; or maybe Eichenwald is really an insurance representative who will lose money. Insurance is nothing but one big scam. If I had the power, I would end the whole insurance industry. People who want treatment should be able to pay for medical services from a natural care physician, homeopathic, allopathic, acupuncture, or witch doctor without the government sticking their noses in a personal choice.

        The only thing doctors are needed for are traumatic injuries, broken bones, cuts and bruises. Occasionally they are needed for things like epidemics, poisonings, snake bites; but, most people go to doctors every time they feel bad. That is a big, big mistake.

        Torture. Anyone who considers torture is sadistic. Perhaps Eichenwald is both sadistic and masochistic. He wants insurance so he can be a victim of cut-burn-drug treatment. I hope he gets what he wants. It serves him right.


        • B from CA,

          Just out of curiosity, what is your specialty?

          Louisiana Eagle

      15. Screw the dems. they created a mess but don’t want anyone given a chance to fix it. To do nothing is worse. The dems want a single payer system like Britain and Canada. Eighteen months for surgery or many die waiting for that? Obamacare forced people to buy a product(insurance) that has collapsed in many states and that they didn’t want. A lot of others automaticly put on medicaid which is another program going broke. Lets see what the Senate adds to the Healthcare Bill before its final passage should it happen.

      16. I understand this new healthcare will be only slightly better than Obama’s. And it hasn’t gone past the Senate who will probably mess it up altogether. Government should not be in the insurance game.


        • Bfrom CA; that would be ideal

      17. Just another entitlement program, enslaving people to the government like drug dealers hooking people on their drugs.
        Entitlements are collapsing Western civilization Europe, US, Canada, Australia etc all bankrupt because goverments paying out more than they are taking in

      18. kurk eichenwald is whining about preexisting conditions because he has ayyyds. He is a peter puffer and angry about his poor choices in life.

      19. While the Oblundering idiot was president, and Democrats had a much tighter control in both houses than they do now, their leadership never allowed ObamaCare to be fixed or amended.

        It was designed for failure, but that failure was intended to happen while Hillary was president and democrats could capitalize on the failure to garner more power.

        Obamacare was plain and simple a device for Democrats to assume more power. The people a defective healthcare system would kill, be damned.

        Here we are, but OMG Hillary is unemployed……

        • Plan twice, Hillary may be unemployed but she’s also 70 yo, wealthy, and has worked for over 4 decades now, since graduating law school.

          • Worked? 4 decades of honorable, dedicated, selfless public service.
            Good sarcasm, Anonymous!

            check out a video linked here last year on youtube called ‘thought you should know’ about Hillary’s compassionate work as a young attorney.

            • Ketchup – “worked” I meant employed as opposed to unemployed. In other words, she already had her 40 yr “career.” I am well aware of the horrors Hillary has caused and also perpetuated.

              She also lives in the NY County, just north of NYC, where over 2,000 children went missing within a 10 yr period (1994-2004) and were never found. Of course her and Bill never acknowledged or addressed it, as if it were nothing.

              Her and Bill are part of the Soros, Trump, Epstein Pedo ring, where children of all ages, especially preteens, are kidnapped, drugged and forced aboard their private jet and whisked off to a secluded island off the coast of Florida. Someone else here also recently posted something about that.

              BTW, Back in the late 90’s I was the one who started the email about her that was forwarded to thousands who had .com email, ‘The Shortest Book In The World.’


              By Hillary Clinton

      20. Pre existing conditions? Does that mean AIDS? Every scientist knows that treating an irreversible condition with drugs will mean that the disease will adapt and will get resistant . It will get stronger until it’s unstoppable. They all know this. That’s why God took such extreme measures at soddom and Gomorrah? O that’s rediculous. Super bugs? Soon these deseases will become resistant to all penicillins. Then we will learn why God did soddom and Gomorrah.

      21. Kudos to Trump for firing Comey. One down a gazillion more to go. When I turned 65 I turned down medicare part B. Part A is (free?) I wasn’t allowed to turn it down. So I received a letter informing me that I was no longer a criminal that part A was a qualified insurance and I no longer would be fined for refusing to engage in commerce. Ive never bought a penny of health insurance. Those who wish harm to others who haven’t done them out of the way. They are simply cooking themselves a huge kettle of Just Desserts.

      22. What is it that they say? What goes around comes around…

        But, the part about preexisting conditions is a lie. They’re not dropping it. Basically, aside from a bunch of funding nightmares and the individual mandates, not much will change. Well, except you won’t forced to be covered for certain things.

        Do you know the story of King Midas? …how everthing he touched with his right index finger turned to gold? Yeah, well the government is like King Midas. I’ve been saying this for fifteen years: Government is the anti-Midas. From gold to stinky poop in a single touch. fortunately government moves slow and even though Obamacaid (or the UACA – UnAffordable Care Act) was passed in 09, they still haven’t had enough time to screw us over too much. Actually, in my case, a rich white land owner (50K a year, single income, own 30 acres, house is paid for), its been better. The deductibles seem high but out of pocket its way less *and* my employer kicks in $1700 a year to my HSA. Since I don’t hang around at the doctors office and just work hard and stay healthy, that $1700 pays for almost EVERYTHING. My actual out of pocked is almost ZERO. But, I think of others that are not in my position. The UACA has created more free healthcare for the generational welfare class. It had good and bad aspects, however, even though I have and would have health insurance, the personal mandate PISSED ME OFF! The government CANNOT DEMAND THAT I BUY INSURANCE!!! That is a total affront to The Constitution and everything it stands for.

        I don’t like Trump’s war stance, however, domestically he seems to be doing everything right. I’m still aboard the Trump train. I’m hanging on tight. Its pretty bumpy as we hit large pools of liberal tears that are over the tracks. Whooosh! Whoosh! I’m loving it!

        Suck it anti-American Assholes! The Trump train isn’t even warmed up yet! You want free stuff? Go to Europe.

      23. Apr 10, 2017 Single-Payer Health Care: America Already Has It

        Could a single-payer, government-run health care system work in the United States? We already know the answer, because America already has single-payer, government-run health care. Author and commentator Pete Hegseth explains.

      24. Pieces of shit like Kurt Eichenwald are incapable of changing their opinions. They never seem to see the hypocrisy of their words and actions. With libtards, everything is governed by their emotions and there is little critical analysis of the pros and cons of the various arguments. Eichenwald and people like him are the skid mark in America’s shorts.

      25. Everyone here takes such a ‘high road’.
        If it was your child suffering and dying due to lack of access to care, you’d be shouting with this man.
        Think…before taking that ‘high road’.

      26. By far, far, FAR, the biggest H8TERS on the planet is the left.

        And as I always mention here, per the Black Book of Communism, Stephane Courtois, et al, Oxford University Press, the left MURDERED 100 freaking MILLION people last century.

        Truth is, human life has NO value, ultimately, to the left. Fact is, there is no BASIS for valuing human life. It is, as one of their own Sartre wrote, an finite point without an infinite reference point has no meaning. Thus, today we have partial birth abortion, crypto-commie banksters like Soros, Obama buddy Jon “Sorry, I lost your $1.6 billion” Corzine, and coming soon, Solyent Green.

        Truth is, the H8TE you see in Berkeley beating people, breaking windows and more, the assault and subsequent hospitalization of that female professor at Middlebury College in VT by the left, and a thousand other examples I could provide are ***symptomatic of the amoral worldview of the left.*** Notice I didn’t say immoral – they often are, but more insidious to a nation, and to human life itself, is a world in which there is zero ultimate basis for ethics.

        Now… back to the “baby parts for bucks” scam that James O’Keefe (a modern day hero) just did another vid on at

      27. How bout you pay for your own healthcare, as generations until now have done, and quit expecting me or any other hard working citizen to take care of it for you. Do I care if you all die of some horrible disease? Only if it is contagious. You do not have the right to steal my hard work to pay for anything for you!

      28. The overall cost of healthcare depends on how Americans live, eat, and exercise. We could reduce the overall cost of national healthcare to a much more manageable. We can’t eat and live in an unhealthy manner and expect physicians to save us from ourselves. Physicians treat the symptoms with surgery and medication and either don’t know the cause or don’t treat the causes. How many people are on blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, etc? The physicians will keep you on that medication or put you on more medications. Their cures involve operations. Nutrition and lifestyle help to avoid the problems. I love bacon cheese burgers but my body doesn’t. The more Government gets into funding healthcare, the more they will interfere with how Americans live.

      29. I personally wish government and insurance companies would get out from between doctors and patients. I also wish Trump would insure existing law. MEdical prices would be 1/5 to 1/6 what they are currently.

        As for Kurt Eichenwald? He can EABODADIAF. Fuck him. More of the tolerant left for you…

      30. Another one of the chosen parasites eating away at the foundation of our nation.

      31. Since this dude is epileptic & when he starts his seizures, make sure some disco music is playing while he break dances on da flo!!!!! Those moves should correspond to the rythym….The Bee Gee’s….ah ah ah ah….STAYIMG ALIVE!!!!!!

      32. Started as Romney-care. Same infrastructure as BO-care. This is a false dilemma.

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