Newark Cop: “I Can Do Whatever the Hell I Want”

by | Jul 19, 2011 | Headline News | 98 comments

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    While the consequences of his actions were not as horrific as those of the San Francisco police department over the weekend, this Newark, New Jersey police officer provides us a glimpse into the culture that seems to be pervading police departments across the United States. While there are no doubt great officers out there – those who understand what the Constitution stands for and the importance of ensuring that the Rule of Law is protected – it is the bad apples, who act not as servants of the people, but rather, agents of tyranny, that have lead the majority of Americans to distrust law enforcement in general.

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      1. this ass clown should be fired!

        • This is where the unions have it messed up. Defending a creaden like this who makes all officers look bad. There are great officers out there, I worked with some, and to label even the majority like this fool is wrong. I’m really saddened to know the union will actually defend this idiot.

          • Good ole boys in blue out to protect and SERVE, has become a thing of the past. I am afraid the idea of “it’s just a few bad apples” no longer applies. It’s more like there are only a few good apples.

          • It’s cretin.

          • Why can’t they post the police officer’s name so that the public knows who he is.

        • fined and imprisoned as well………there needs to be some examples made LOUD AND CLEAR

          • Let’s not make it a race thing. Cops and the establishment are thinking that they are untouchable. When civil unrest is evident, I just hope they are as brave as they were when beating law abiding citizens.

      2. “to serve and protect”

        • Changed to “law enforcement”. Since about anything can be made against the law these days….protect went out decades ago, serve, probably even further in the past. These ass clowns protect themselves, only care to enforce laws that generate income or infringe liberty

      3. should make him go back to picking cotton again…

        • Now that’s plain ignorant

          • It looks like a sock puppet post. He’ll come back later and post using his primary commenting identity… so he can cite this as an example and wag his finger at how racist we all are.

        • yea and the dirty white cops should return to the caves of europe

        • and send the dirty chicken smelling white/pink cops back to the caves

        • Could?

      4. And this occurred in the present “good times”; I wonder how the gang(s) in blue will act when things go bad. As a bad-ass friend of mine said, they are the biggest gang around.

      5. Bully with a badge. Guys like him give the rest of you guys (cops) a bad name. So why don’t you do a better job of policing these idiots out of the force?

        • Somebody had to train this guy, and he also had to pass a psychological to get hired. How could no one have noticed the likelihood of this sort of behavior? It hurts the entire force, but the force is obviously paving the way for it. It’s really sad – not a company I would want to work for. It used to be an honorable job.

      6. Hell most of these police officers, educated and uneducated, couldn’t even spell ‘constitution’, let alone know what’s in it. We planted these seeds back in the 70’s known as “Affirmative Action”. Qualifications were watered down and have remained that way. We now see the fruits of this and it includes cops of all colors. I do have a great distrust for most police officers, even the ones I grew up with. Police officers, be forewarned, treat those with respect that respect you. There are alot of us law-abiding citizens, who mistreated and pushed, will shove back…HARD.

        • Affirmative action is, of itself, racist. It assumes that the target population (black, female, sodomite or space alien) is inherently incapable of performing at the level of the general population.

      7. She’ll “””ask for an investigation”””

        what’s to investigate, it’s all there on video and audio, the cop thinks he’s Himmler and needs to be fired emmediately and brought up on assualt charges.

        • immediately

          • If not sooner!

      8. There are a lot of us law-abiding citizens, who mistreated and pushed, will shove back… HARD!!!!!!

        American Gestapo = TSA (and their vipr patrols)
        it is coming.. it is here…. e.g.

        I cant help but think this is all part of a plan, like they hate America… I dont know why..

        America seemed like to be a great idea… a lot of fun.. work hard play hard… love life… but they are fking it up, on purpose. Never was there a more American loving person than I, but in the last 5 years, it has gotten to where I mute the TV when the national anthem come on…. I dont lie.. and it feels like/sounds like a lie…. is that what they want… was that the plan?

        • I hear that in Europe many say TSA means Tourists Stay Away.

      9. Chief Wiggum: Where on my badge does it say anything about protecting people?
        Lou: Uh, second word, chief.

      10. some police officers are pretty stupid and heavy handed….thank God there are far fewer bad apples like this scumbag in the video than upstanding heroes patrolling our streets in most of the country, or it would already be mayhem.

        • I am afraid you have it backwards

      11. A good cop, who tolerates a bad cop, is a bad cop!

        • I can tell a lot about a person by looking at their friends.

          • shoes!

      12. The beatings will continue until morale is up.

        • …or until the shooting starts.

          When are people going gun down assailants like that guy? Criminals are criminals. He attacked that man with the camera, hurt him physically and unlawfully imprisoned him. Why? Because he wanted to. There should be two law suits: One against the Newark Police Clowns and one against the man, personally, for violating another man’s rights. There was a victim and that victim was the cameraman.

          There will come a day, soon I hope, when lawful justice will come to bear and I will cheer it on. It will be a day when fat assed, self-important, beasts like this will be hunted and jailed or rightfully shot in self defense. When that starts happening this type of unlawful behavior will stop.

          …under the color of law. Its an insult to the law. That color is very often blue.

          What you see is here is the reason for the second amendment. Unfortunately it appears that is just about time to start using it for its intended purpose.

          • Right on!

            one thing you said , and I have said also the point that these people need to start being held personally liable for thier actions..their union will back them up and keep them employeed..their own type, will lie for them..
            If they are never held personally responsible for thier actions , not a dam thing will change until this explodes into total chaos..than from there it will become a free for all.

          • You are absolutely right, and when the s–t finally hits the fan, there are going to be a lot of dead overzealous cops out there. Cops will be running for cover instead of playing prick. They will undoubtedly be the first targets during a crackdown of any real severity.

      13. Dr. Pepper don’t be so sure. I have a friend who was a Newark cop for 20+ years. He says at least 75% of them are dirty.

      14. That’s what happens when your government owns you. The police, police themselves, just like many ohter important institutions in this country. Very Dumb.

        When are we going to wake up.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        We don’t have to live like this anymore, unless you prefer it. “Spread the News”

      15. Cops with attitude and a big ego. This is exactly why it’s turning into an “us against them” game.
        Maybe it’s what the government wants so when the time comes they WILL fire upon the peaceful protesters.
        Protect and Serve Whom? is my question.

        • I think your on to something there, and I have always believed that they would fire on us….now I am understanding a little more and seeing the pieces of the puzzle come together

        • There will come a time when citizens will start taking revenge on the families of these ass-clowns because the ass clowns will be too difficult or dangerous to target. And I believe that there will probably not be a distinction made between good and bad cops. All cops are enforcers of our oppression while the elites who actually devise the laws by which we are enslaved have been careful to make themselves completely inaccessible to revenge. If you are a cop you should probably be considering a career change before it becomes too late.

        • The State is the answer to that one. They protect and serve their masters and themselves.

      16. Where is the outcry for racism for this incident? A black officer puts a choke hold on a white cameraman? If a white cop did this to a black cameraman there would be riots in the streets.

        Im sick to death of the double standard in this country.

      17. “Let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large. You know, the public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a Treasury auction goes. They shouldn’t. They’re worrying about their family, they’re worrying about their jobs. They’re worrying about their neighborhood. They have got a lot of other things on their plate. We’re paid to worry about it.

        This is small peas here. When’s the next ice cream summit…

      18. Chris Christi saves money on one end and this ass-hat blows it on a law suit on the other.

      19. All I gotta say is, they better cull their own hurd..or , the pissed off ,and had enough people will..and when that hammer falls all cops good or bad will have targets on their backs..
        If they are too stupid to see this or know this..than Nothing we say will help them..

        you guys better start policing your own ..and I mean right the fuck now!

        You Cops will be bringing this on your own..We the people cant help have created all this for yourselfs..

        I think the fuse is already lit..maybe this is by design , waiting for it to explode..than TPAB can enforce some more laws rules and legislation..either way in the end none of that will save your ass.

        One of these incidents will be met with a sniper up on a roof taking out these opressors and abusers one at a time with head shots..
        If you beat and shot my wife or kid for an assumption..I’d hunt you down like the animal you are..what would I have to lose?..Not a dam thing
        better think this thru

        • I think that is the goal of the elites behind our oppression; just keep pushing until they manage to provoke a violent response in order to impose martial law and suspend habeas corpus. These guys know exactly what they are doing and they cannot target our guns or those of us who dissent on forums like this until they get some justification that the sheeple will meekly swallow. Our families are already used as hostages to ensure our compliance; these thugs keep it up and they are going to find out what that feels like too.

          • The vest only protects the bodys vitals…

            with proper breathing techniques, and a skilled hand..Head shots are a breeze

            • I am not sure a vest would hold up against a 50 caliber or the right bullet from a .338

        • I am sad to say that I believe that you’re right. Let’s be honest: there are some really nasty, psychotic bad criminals out there and we need law enforcement capable of dealing with them. The problem is that violent criminals and cops share similar personalities. One just chooses to act within the law, generally speaking.

          When these guys don their little Ninja outfits, pull on their black ski masks and terrorize Amish dairy farmers or murder a former marine in his own home they KNOW that they are breaking the law and they DON’T care. Well fellas, what goes around comes around. We know that anyone that uses a firearm for defense in a TEOTWAWKI situation is going to be considered a “bad guy” by law enforcement. When they start shooting armed civilians it will exacerbate the already intense level of distrust between the public and law enforcement.

          I fear that the coming chaos is going to be much worse than anyone can imagine.

          Got Kevlar?

      20. All those cops need to piss in a cup…right going going anywhere..piss boys.
        your all probably dirty with steroids or some drug..I’ll almost bet my paycheck on it

      21. This is a fair portrayal of what is policing inner city streets

      22. Tyranny and darkness does NOT like the spotlight…it is coming to light now that the Constitution is dead in many ways…speak out people do not allow this to go unseen…passing on

        • Cops react to cameras like cockroaches react to light.

      23. Hope this PO has a good pension….cuz his job is GONE!!! Really…how dumb can you be?? This is a television reporter….did the PO really think that the news station would not report on this? LOL!! Goes to show ya what affirmative action will get ya!

        • POTUS.

      24. This is outrageous! A criminal in uniform is still a criminal. Doesn’t matter if it’s a blue costume or if he’s dressed like Bozo the clown, he’s still commiting an assault.
        Remember the movie Billy Jack? Granted, it’s a tie-dyed, hippie freak, dope-smoking, we-are-the-world, bunch of 70s liberal multicultural nonsense for a plot, but there’s still a few good lines in it. Like when BJ tells the deputy: “When policemen break the law then there IS no law. Only a fight for survival.” The cop in the video above needs his ass kicked.
        And let’s not overlook the greater source of this problem. Somebody is paying the cops to act this way. Somebody has set the standard of behavior, and somebody has told the cops to enforce the unjust laws and step on people who dissent, regardless of whether those laws or policies are constitutional or right. They are the greater enemy of freedom. Still, that doesn’t excuse the cops in any way- they too are part of the problem.
        Like when the prison warden forces two guys to fight for his own entertainment. If you’re in that fight, you know the warden is the enemy, but so is the opponent who’s trying to kill you! Take him out first, then deal with the other.
        *disclaimer: I’m not a real ex-con, but I play one on the internet.

        • And what are the candy ass officials going to do about it? Illegal behavior.

          It’s going to come down to someone with balls will produce a weapon to an officer/perps head upon being attacked for holding a camera, and that former officer will be ordered to stand down, or face the consequences. You’ll have to order him to drop to his knees, hands on head or be shot. Same with his partner (who has a gun). Etc, etc. Obviously a very volatile situation, and best to disappear.

          But law of the jungle is what’s coming, Wild West, where respect is earned BY FORCE. When the people stop acting like drones, slaves dropping trou for every unlawful command, start acting like free men/women producing lethal force if unlawfully provoked, respect by power/control authority nuts will stop. People have just taken freedoms for granted and police have taken authority for granted. Just needs to be tweaked again for proper balance.

        • Billy jack, an excellent movie!

      25. Caine: I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions.

        I was thinking Kung Fu, but Bill is dead.

      26. ‘True, grasshopper. To know the answer, one must know the question. And to know the question, one must first climb to the mountain top and encounter the wise one who sits in long robes, eating popcorn before the dvd of life…’
        And the questions are these: stovetop or microwave? Orville Redenbacher or jiffypop? Plain? Salted Butter?… the decisions in life are many, but only one is organic, all natural and free of the msg of uncertaintity

        • Glad to hear from you as always.

        • Don’t ever change, LOL

        • how do you come up with this stuff…..LMBO
          you kind of remind me of the witty Hawkeye in Mash

      27. some public servant. more gestapo than servant. Cop deserves to lose his job and have criminal charges filed against him.

        The police are turning into the pigs, once again.

      28. I have a cop for 10 years. Been unemployed since 2008 due to the dept. being disbanded. An officer I worked with used to say I am the police and can do what I want. He found himself being shot at on a traffic stop taser in hand as the driver exited his vehicle firing a glock 9, lucky for him he was hit, and the driver was shot and killed by a trainee who was in field training. The jersey cop should be fired immediately. The people in administration sit on their ass and play on the computer. I have seen first hand and doubt I will be going back. Now its been prepping and getting ready for the crash, people not all cops are bad, please remember this!

        • Just to say straight out I respect a cop that respects me.

          Glad to have your prosepective here

          would you say there is much interdepartmental enforcement to be a public servant, or is it more a revenue generator for the local interests?

          does it come down to getting a pat on the back from the ones in “charge” for pushing a local politicians view on things or that individual cop then comes out to play SS for the night?

          sometimes i think power makes one forget that if they didnt have all that “back up” they would never step to a man the way they have been lately. Can you tell us what has changed ,that brought us to where the ones you were sworn to protect has become the ones you target?
          (not you specifically i hope you understand)
          but the general feeling out here is you “guys” are armed and dangerous.

          • VFR, the two departments i have worked for in my career, sheriffs office as a deputy, and as a police officer for a small town. The small town I worked midnight till 8 am, alone there was no backup. I have had many arrest where the person thanked me for being professional. It’s is a dangerous job to say the least, and if you weren’t scared at time you ain’t right. I don’t think anyone here likes a thief, molester, or rapist or any other criminal activity. Yes I have had complaints against me that were false. The dept.s I worked for did not back or support their officers they were concerned about politics. Here lies the problem. Now anything is excused, no balance, administrations continue to

            • Sorry typing on a phone, anyway I for one do not want to shoot anybody ever, but if its me or the other guy trying to kill me you bet your butt I am going home and I don’t mean Heaven not yet anyway. Be polite when you have contact with law enforcement, not a wimp just polite, if he is an ass then its on him. One last note cops are people too, and the stress can be overwhelming at times but many do care and want to help. I always remember the academy teacher I had he said Remember We Work for God, maybe this made the difference for me because what goes around come around, or you reap what you sow!

            • @ Copout

              It would be quite informative and helpful for us all if you wrote a short article for Mac’s site. Maybe as a guest and continued the article every few weeks. Mac could comment within your article. I wouldn’t have wanted to have been in your shoes. Stress is a contagious dis-ease. Too challenging for me.

            • do you realise you didnt really answer any of my points?
              or questions.

      29. Wow, I’m surprised the cop didn’t also force him to delete/destroy the video right then and there. A photographer friend of mine told me that was pretty much standard procedure for the New Orleans police department during Marti Gras, as he went there several times; take a picture of a cop roughing up some drunken s.o.b., and the thing you know you’re pinned to the ground and your camera is seized or smashed. This was back in the 90s, before the day of the pervasive camera phone. I wonder if things are still the same in this regard?

      30. The officer may be a bully and a thug that is not too bright but he is honest. He said, ” I can do whatever the hell I want”. If he beat that reporter senseless and the reporter raised his hand to defend himself he would have been charged with a felony. If no camera was present the order of events would be altered and the reporter would have struck the officer first prompting the response.

        Imagine what this officer does when no cameras are present.

      31. Unlike the thug getting blasted in SanFrancisco, I dont agree with this cops method, attitude or procedure. This arrogant,ugly piece should be fired, booked and hauled into prison.

      32. If in the state of Alabama you can’t carry a gun anywhere in your car with out a permit, how are you supposed to be able to transport it so you can open carry outside your property….it is an open carry state

        • velcro it to your forhead

      33. Hide it in banjo?

      34. Makes me sick, What was this reporters crime?

        People on here talk about responding with violence and i agree but which one of us would actually do it?

        Heres what would probally happen, everyone standing by would prob rat you out.

      35. (Obese) Cops on Steriods, Psychotropics, Junk Food, policing a public abusing similar mind/body altering substances. It’s an epidemic on both sides.

        “Just as every Cop is a Criminal and all the Sinners Saints!”

      36. Just FYI, this was in 2008 and the photographer filed a lawsuit. The case was settled and it is rumored the payoof was around $300k.

        • yeah..300 K of your money and whats the incentive for the cops to stop this behavior? nothing because it doesnt impact them personally.
          the union stands behind them, the courts side with them..and the pay out doesnt come from thier bank account.

          noting will change until us tax payers get pissed enough to say enough is enough.

          • and I’ll bet the lawyers got the lyon share of that suit

      37. VFR, i am sorry you feel i did not answer any of your questions, interdepartmental enforcement to become a public servant? Really dont understand the question but here is my answer. i went through the academy without being hired and had no sponsorship, I wanted to try and make a difference, you see when i was a young man i was in trouble alot, is that ok. Revenue if you were not holding active certification in say traffic radar you just couldnt say hey i pulled you over for doing 100 miles an hour by guessing. Speeding, improper turns, suchs as these traffic infractions are civil and not criminal offenses, Sorry dont make the laws, but it is my descretion to write a ticket or not. Anyway i hope some of your questions were answered. Please remember not all agencies are the same, some dont have big city politics. Peace

        ; Second question: pat on the back,I, nor did anyone else in the squads had any interaction with the politicians nor did i care too, the people at the top might have but thats has none of my concern

      38. VRF: In response to your questions, not all agencies are the same, interdepartmental enforcement, whatever that means, has nothing to do with Law enforcement, not all agaencies are the same. Most Police agencies get their funding through federal grant monies, so again the people at the top set the s.o.p.It is the Administration that allows an officer to behave unprofessional, such as the jersey officer. How this officer behaved is wrong and its shows a lack of interpersonal skills on his part. I hope this helps and am trying to keep my comments brief, in respect to other posters.

        • thanks man
          what i ment by interdeparmental is your peers (other officers) have a play in how you behave? is there any peer pressure to be “good” or “bad”, and does the top cop really care about the people..or is he only centered on what the cops have to deal with?

          when you say federal where they get there money..than what happens to the money made off traffic stops? and seizures of peoples money and property and the proceeds from selling off those items?
          I know there is no “taxes” paid on the gain..and no real constraints as to where all that money goes, we know that there are some big $ numbers in these “raids”
          yet my taxes dont go down when this influx of cash is obtained.

          and Quotas are real, they just dont call them that anymore..its more of a “performance” thing ( i got friends on the force so you can be truthful)

          Please understand , Im not calling you out, Im just trying to have an open and honest exchange of information for those out there that are not awake to the reality of what really goes on in some of these departments.

          I have seen in my little town the “fuck up move up” way the enforcement crowd does buisness..

          our own Cheif of police (years back) was in big trouble for discharging his weapon and almost killing his comander in the police station playing a game of quick guessed it this hot head dimshit ended up our cheif of police..

          And the fact that so many cops after they stomp all over our rights. end up on “administrative leave” until the smoke and tensions clear, than he’s back out to be a threat to the next guy.

          Dont even get me started on the Steroid rage cops, the alcohol drowning cops, and the dopers..that keep staying on the payroll..all because they have a Union rep..and all the lawyers the citizens money can buy to keep them in the blue suit.

          when does it come back to serving the comunity? instead of themselfs?
          if there is no incentive for these officers to uphold the constitution that they were sworn to do so..and a Union to sweep the shit under the rug, us average guys are fucked, when we come in contact with these unfiltered public servants.

          this will create a ripple effect that will no doubt bring a day of reconing like no one has ever thought could there really any policing being done effectively to the police to stay on track and really be those on the front lines of the citizens rights?

          I know its a thankless job, but no one forced anyone to do it, it was a choice made by that individual.

          you say that you agree that this cop acted improperly..where is the outrage within the entire police force , where is the peer pressure to make the others understand that this will not be tollerated by your own group? its not happining..because it continues

          the only way to change this type of behavior is to denounce it hard swift and with punishment that meets the act. Not a paid vacation (admin leave) or desk “duty”

          I know your not an administrator, you were an officer, so some of this might be beyond your knowledge of the “system”..but didnt you ever question the ethics of any of this?
          Is being affiliated with this “group” a good thing?

          Again please, this is not an attack on you..Im coming to you for further knowledge, and to compare your words with those on the force that I know..dont worry about being wordy..Mac has the bandwidth to support this discussion for all of us to absorb

          this goes for any of you lurkers who are practicing law enforcement..Im effectively giving you a vehicle to come out with it
          because pushing this conversation down, and not approaching it and opening your eyes to what is transpireing in our exchange between the people of this nation and the enforcers of the corp. is only going to end badly for all involved.

          Or have they got you guys too scared to come forward with the real truth?

          please , dont waste my time coming on here to address this and being vague..or making excuses..none of us have the time for that, or to be insulted that way


          • VRF: I went into law enforcement because my 4 brothers one a retired Det. 2 firefighters. My brother who retired has told me stories of dipshit officers always being promoted before him, in fact he can’t stand cops now and wouldn’t go back. I have seen the same thing, my Lt. Needed 2 grand for a legal problem, I trusted him and haven’t seen him to get my money. As far as quotas this might be true in some dept. But never in mine, only a small portion of a ticket goes to the agency the majority goes to the county. And let me say this a lot of guys didn’t like because I was truthful and they knew I would beat the Hell out them, not a tough guy but serious enough to settle issues the old fashioned way!

            • I remember you mentioning getting screwed by one of your own..that sucks man.

              Well it sounds like they let a good cop go., who knows if thats by design, they dont like truth.

              The officer I know that we talked about the “quota” thing was in a very small upscale twp. It was no secret that they targeted the “outsiders”
              And if he didnt perform the recomended traffic stops per a given time frame that he would or could be reprimanded for it, or passed up for a step up the ladder.

     yourself brought that to the table with you..and they have shut you out for 3 years. And a Lt. has stiffed you.
              Real great Team to play for, sorry , but glad to know your awake to whats going on

      39. This “officer of the law” and his superiors need to be sued civily under Title 42 USC, Sec 1983. This officer and his superiors need to lose their pensions to the cameraman as a result of violations of rights under the aforementioned law.

      40. NO BLOOD FOR ANY GOV’t JERKS>>>>> Stop donating blood folks, they pass laws to protect themselfs but they can’t pass a law that demands you donate blood, That saving of life thing is Bull, it only goes to save the folks who put you in slavery, NO BLOOD DONATIONS ANY MORE, they don’t listen when you talk, maybe when some of there losing liberal slackers start to die from lack of blood will you get there attention, say it with me, NO BLOOD FOR YOU ANYMORE< !!!!!!!!

        • Im missing something here, Ive seen you post this a number of times..Im not getting it.

          are you saying that only the blood we donate goes to saving “Gov’t jerks”?

          Donated blood could save an average persons life, I know it saved my wifes life 5 years ago..
          thank god some people donate..because mine wasnt a match for her.

          What is it you think you are saying here?

      41. what kind of a person is this he put him in a chock hole for no reson he was shooting the fillm on publike property i think he shold rot in hell

      42. It’s a sign of things to come. “To Threaten and Attack the Public” is their new credo. EVERYONE is Guilty Until Proven Innocent. Totalitarian Law.

      43. I have grown to hate all pigs. There is not one LEO out there that is a good guy 100% of the time. Not local, state or fed. They are the enemy as far as I am concerned. It’s well documented that two personality types become LEO’s. Bullies and those with inferiority complexes. Now we can add those on steroids where “roid rage” is prevalent. LEO’s kill innocents with impunity, they are militarized, they use SWAT over 40,000 times yearly to serve warrants. They lie in court, fudge reports, use and pay lying snitches, takes bribes, payoffs and kickbacks. What a bunch of swell guys! When SHTF, they’ll be the first pussies to get out of town and rob WalMart on the way out!

      44. aim for the head.

      45. There are no good cops.

        Let me educate you.

        The so called “good cops” know who the bad cops are AND they willingly sign off on police reports that are written by those bad cops, knowing that those repoerts are just a bunch of lies.

      46. How the FUCK did this guy get arrested for disorderly conduct when the cop attacked him first????

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