New zealand’s Larest CIty, Auckland, On Lockdown AGAIN! For THIS???

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

The New Zealand government, the ruling class masters who think they own everyone within their illegitimate territorial lines have locked down the nation’s largest city once again. The reason: one new case of COVID-19 was discovered.

All lives will now be ruined because one new case of the disease that hasn’t been isolated yet and for which the tests cannot even confirm, has been found in the city. “We are in the unfortunate but necessary position to protect Aucklanders again,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said according to propaganda outlet, NBC News.   If people don’t wake up soon, we are all going to face a dire future of slavery that we won’t be able to escape from.

 Auckland, went into a seven-day lockdown from early morning on Sunday, after a new local case of the coronavirus of unknown origin emerged.

This lockdown comes two weeks after Auckland’s nearly 2 million residents were plunged into a snap three-day lockdown by the ruling class when a family was diagnosed with the more transmissible U.K. variant of the coronavirus.

The sad fact that people are still acting like slaves and obeying without thinking is astonishing.

Americans Plan On Being Slaves Long After COVID Is “No Longer A Threat”

This blind obedience to the state is nothing more than slavery and it is far past time to evolve beyond needing a master over your life. Wake up. Government is slavery and if that hasn’t been shown to you before, this should do it.

The lockdown, with Level 3 restrictions, will allow people to leave home only for essential shopping and essential work, Ardern said.

Public venues will remain closed. Restrictions in the rest of the country will be tightened to Level 2 restrictions, including limits on public gatherings. –NBC News

David Icke To LEOs & Military: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny

No one is coming to save us.  We have to wake up and see this slave state for what it really is if we ever expect to leave anything other than slavery for our children. These chains are all imaginary. No one has the right to own us and we have no obligation to submit to any master. The first step is making this realization.

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    1. lovely bones

      Just more fear mongering to keep the slaves chained up.
      If this was reported on NBC
      “News” – then of course it must be true? We all know
      they would never lie to us?

    2. Endless

      That prime minister is completely insane.Locking things up because of one case of the phantom menace? These people are never going to let covid go.
      They are going to stretch this nonsense out indefinitely. As Rod Serling himself might have said(if he were alive)early last year when this all began –
      “You’ve just crossed over into
      The Twilight Zone” After a year of all this,it is hard to
      believe we’re still there.

    3. Bill

      Saw this posted on another site, ” I found a document that says there are no more lockdowns, there is no more tyranny and we are all free, and we have immutable inalterable individual liberties, only the document looked pretty old, it’s dated 1776.”

    4. Liveandletlive

      I live in Auckland and refuse to let this covid bullshit change my life. I don’t wear masks, scan queer codes and try to avoid filling in visitor books. I keep my business running as best as possible and am encouraged to see this time round many more are doing the same. However there are so many dimwits that believe everything their adored commie master jacinne adern tells them following the bullshit are going to drag us all down to the pits of hell. God help and spare us from what is coming…

      The only way I can see to have a small chance to avoid being swept up by the coming chaos, apart from getting close to God, is to prepare a way of life for your family outside the system, far outside the cities, as self sufficient as possible, and pray.

    5. Frank Thoughts

      Keep in mind EVERY ONE of the countries subject to these harsh lockdowns have had MASSIVE Muslim migration over the past 15 years, and this is the highest risk group for both spreading and becoming seriously ill from Covid. And the over-reaction is about protecting their lives, not yours.

      “‘NINETY PER CENT of Germany’s severe Covid-19 patients have migrant background and more than half are Muslim’ despite making up 4.8% of the population – with politicians ‘afraid to tackle the problem in case they look racist’
      Top German lung doctor said many sick patients had ‘communications barriers’
      He said he had raised the issue with Angela Merkel’s health minister Jens Spahn
      The head of Germany’s RKI diseases institute described the issue as a ‘taboo'”

    6. Liveandletlive

      Why my comments don’t show?

      • just saying

        @Liveandletlive,on this website they do put up everyone’s comments.It just takes a little while sometimes. Be patient.

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