New York’s Rulers Go Back To Offering Rewards To Get The Experimental Gene Therapy Shot

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    New York City mayor Communist Bill de Blasio has returned to offering rewards to people who get the experimental gene therapy shot they continue to falsely call a “vaccine.”  New York City is returning to the “carrot” approach and offering people a $100 prepaid debit card to take the “free” “vaccine.”

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Instead of immediately resorting to punishments for refusal, de Blasio is going to try once more to get people to voluntarily inject themselves with an experimental drug that no one knows the long term consequence of, in order to not keep them from getting a common cold, which is what we now know the CDC has admitted COVID-19 has always been. 

    New York is actively targeting anyone who has not yet willingly taken this shot. Force and coercion are right around the corner. “Allowing” the slaves the “freedom of voluntary” “choice” didn’t work, because not enough made the choice the rulers wanted.

    New York Will Target The Un”vaccinated” In One-On-One Conversations: “Get That Shot In Their Arm!”

    Local and federal governments across the globe have begun to resort to open coercion to increase vaccination rates among their populations. The free gifts, such as beer and scholarships, have done little to coerce the public. The forceful health policies have often been justified by pointing to the threat posed by the Delta variant. However, there is no conclusive evidence that this strain of Covid-19 is unusually lethal. There is actually very little evidence (other than the words of the mainstream media and politicians) that COVID-19 is actually anything other than the common cold or the flu rebranded to panic people into getting this shot. –SHTFPlan

    According to the ruler’s data, some 54.4% of New Yorkers had been fully vaccinated as of Wednesday, with the number jumping to 65.5% for fully vaccinated adults. But these incentives feel off and sinister. Here’s a good point:

    However, most of the slaves can be coerced for $100, even though that won’t even cover their electric bill for the month. Nonetheless, the rulers are making it very clear: this shot is a part of the agenda, and the slaves’ refusal to take it will not be tolerated.

    De Blasio made the announcement just days after warning city employees that they must vaccinate by September or be tested weekly, implying that they could face the loss of their job otherwise – and many were no doubt still emotionally reeling at having such a diktat dropped in their lap. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a similar announcement that day, reminding state workers that they had until Labor Day to get vaccinated, and that any unionized workers who experienced negative side effects from the vaccine would be permitted to take as many paid days off as they needed to recover. –RT

    The time has come, as we knew it would, to begin punishments.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    If enough people continue to refuse this shot, no mandate will work and these sociopaths know it. There’s power in numbers and power in dissent. This, once again, reeks of desperation. Too many people are refusing to comply and they can feel their power slipping. This is an attempt to regrip and hook some claws in at the same time.  Hopefully, it’ll fail.




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      1. New Yorkers should
        hold out for more – $100
        debit card won’t cover your funeral/burial after taking
        the kill shot. ?????

      2. $100 to be injected with something that could kill you
        or leave you damaged…
        …sounds reasonable ?

      3. I think everyone knows that there is absolutely nothing suspicious about offering someone $100 to take a “vaccine” for a mild flu –
        not suspicious in the least.

      4. 100 more reasons NOT
        to take that shit!!

      5. Wonder what’s the expiration
        date on those debit cards?
        Anyone stupid enough to do this better spend it fast.
        After getting the jab, the clock starts ticking.?

      6. Now, where are these idiots
        who accept this “offer” going to find a $100 funeral?

      7. A hundred bucks doesn’t seem like much.

        How much does a gun cost on the street in NYC?

      8. Well the junkie population might all of sudden take a nose dive in NYC!

      9. Just another example of communist takeover and just another example of a good reason stay away from communist New York ( the same goes for Commifonia )

      10. To the powers that be,your life is only worth a filthy $100 Federal Reserve Note. To God your life was worth Him sending His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die on the cross,taking your sins and coming under God’s wrath to glorify God concerning His righteousness. So you can now become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus if you repent from your sins and believe on the name of the Son of God. God loves mankind and wishes that no one perish. Start a real relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father. It has nothing to do with the corrupt system of Christendom. It has all to do with the Living God.

      11. UBI is a reiteration of “food as a weapon”.

        I am no formal expert; I have hacked my way through many references. So, prove me wrong —

        Biblical Greek has sufficient complexity, to name your right:

        As it is written —
        right side

        “…And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right [hand], or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark…”
        — found in Rev 13 KJV, my annotation


        • Rev. 13:16 kai poiei pantas tous mikrous kai tous megalous kai tous plousious kai tous ptochous kai tous eleutherous kai tous doulous ina dosin autois charagma epi tes cheiros auton tes dexias e epi to metopon auton. Transliteration of greek text. You can google it and get English translation.

      12. The State knows many will not get the “vaccine” for a 100 dollar handout, but they know many will. It is merely a means to reduce the number of unvaccinated as cheaply as possible, with minimal public exposure and resistance. The State knows that more drastic, that is, more forceful and more expensive ways will eventually be required, and hence with more public exposure. It all adds up to the State trying to get the population jabbed with as little cost and trouble as possible.
        Presently, the MSM (which in reality is a propaganda organ of the State) criticizes anti-vaxxers, and says it doesn’t know why there are so many, and blames us for every political and social failure. I remember stories on the MSM just before mass jabbing started saying according to polls more than 90% of the population will cheerfully receive the jab, this was all fabricated of course. Now the talk on MSM is to punish anti-vaxxers. These MSM personalities have actually proposed a variety of measures to punish us; denial of our rights, removing children from families, revoking driver’s licenses, dismissals from jobs, and denial of medical services. Some of the hard-core MSM marxists personalities want to deny us the internet and have even said they want our internment in some type of use camps.
        Could anyone previously think we would see politicians, or prominent or well-know individuals saying things like this. The fact they are all acting in concert shows they are getting their orders from the same entities (that ultimately comprise the State). These Stalinist entities want total, complete, absolute compliance, but truthfully they also want your extermination. They may win in the short-term, but the good news is they will lose in the long-term.

      13. “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep telling it, and people will believe it.”

      14. They sure are eager to get the masses on board to vax up for a bug that has a 1/4 percent fatality rate with people that are in bad shape already!
        When your paying people to get the shots with incentives and lotteries the common sense Bullshit meter should be going off. We just have to get through this to the climax, when pholks start dropping like flies in masse I am convinced it will stop and then it’s revenge time on these globalist genocidal maniacs!

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