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New York’s “Mask Squad” Gestapo Used To ENFORCE Social Distancing

Mac Slavo
December 9th, 2020
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The Health Department of New York state has put out an urgent appeal for what the NY Post called “Mask squad” staffers to go to Rockland and Orange counties “to perform COVID-19 community outreach and enforce mask and social distancing safety protocols amid fears of a second wave of the virus.” The Gestapo is on American soil.

The Health Department of New York which is now losing thousands of people every day due to its high taxes, draconian rules, and coercive regulations has decided they need to use force and violence to implement their New World Order totalitarian regime.

“The DOH is responsible for community outreach and enforcement of Executive Orders and regulations related to the use of face-coverings/masks and social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” the department said in a Monday email to employees in its office of health insurance programs.

“Staff is needed for immediate URGENT deployment to Orange and Rockland counties to assist with this critical public health and community enforcement effort,” the recruitment pitch to staffers in the agency’s office of health insurance programs obtained by the Post said. New York Post

The request asked staffers to volunteer for shifts in Orange and Rockland that run from Saturday, December 5 through Friday, December 11, and consequent weeks through New Year’s Day. Workers who volunteer for the Orange-Rockland mask squad will be eligible for overtime pay and responsible for assisting with the enslavement of humanity.

This still looks like it is going to continue to uglier as the tyrannical policies are rolled out to combat this hoax.

Health Department spokesman Gary Holmes said DOH employees have also been redeployed to help staff drive-through testing sites and enforce COVID-19 safety protocols at the airports. Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus welcomed state health Gestapo.

“We’re on it. We got it. But you can never say it enough and the repercussions of these numbers continuing to climb warrant a strong message of awareness and enforcement,” Neuhaus told The Post.

Remember, this is all about control. This has never been about health.  This push to get the New World Order installed and enslave all of humanity is underway. The only solution is to wake up, realize we all have to stand together, and stop believing anyone has a higher claim over your life or property than you do. This is a spiritual war and a war for our minds.  They will not stop until we have had enough.


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: December 9th, 2020

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      German Claus Schwab is the Hitler of the second millennium! Fogeddabout Nationalism though! He wants the world and he wants it now! Trump, and Biden, and Harris, take turns being his cock suckers and bitchez! Claus Schwab thinks that Hitler’s mistake is that he didn’t go for the whole world all at once! Because, then there would be nobody to object to it! Nobody to fight back! He thinks that Hitler’s only mistake was nationalism! Typical German! Go for it all! Take everything in and out of sight! Learn from Hitler’s mistake! You stupid fucking retard would think that that was the problem! You will own nothing and you will be happy. Go ahead! Practice what you preach! Own nothing! Right down to your tooth brush! Loser!

      Andrea Iravani

    2. SlackMavo says:

      fear they want?

      you haven’t got a hair on your @$$ if you don’t go to your local walmart wearing a full hazmat suit , googles, and a double filter respirator. lol

    3. The black swan is almost here – i can hear its wings flapping.

      Because all you dopes who are refusing to take this concoction/Vaccine – The Government is going to be forced to enforce the vaccine on every single American citizen for the greater good.
      No they can not – we have a constitution!!
      Ahum – We also have a martial law clause that can be implemented in extreme situations
      If you do not think these socialist would pull the trigger – you are nuts. And while the police/military are at your dood with a nurse and the shot – They might as well take your guns while they are there
      Be aware be prepared !

    4. Hmm, just wondering, with this type behavior on the part of New York with their mask squad, how long will it be before someone goes off the deep end and injures or gets killed ( on either side ) and naturally it won’t be the Governor’s fault. It will be everybody else’s fault. Just my two cents

    5. George C says:

      The governor or mayor cannot just make new laws. If the is no law on the books that requires wearing a mask. what will you be charged with if you are “caught” not wearing a mask?

    6. James says:

      Gov. Cuomo has Brown Shirt snitches and Gestapo secret police, and he calls Trump Hitler. Go figure.

    7. James says:

      Yes, they can impose physical violence on you. You have to go to court, and hope the judge is not corrupt to get relief.

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