New York Will Require Full Vaccination To Access Restaurants, Gyms And Entertainment; 5-Year-Olds Need At Least One Shot

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Hardly coming as a surprise in a world where the unvaccinated are now treated as subhuman scum, moments ago New York City announced it will require residents to be fully vaccinated to access indoor dining, entertainment, and fitness – a stricter rule than the current requirement for people to have received at least one dose. And yes, the new rule also means that kids aged 5-11 will also be required to have at least one shot to enter restaurants, de Blasio said.

    Source: The City

    The new rule goes into effect on Dec. 27.

    “Vaccine mandates are the one thing that really breaks through,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in an interview on MSNBC Monday. “Let’s lean into it even more.”

    The mayor also called the mandates a “preemptive strike”, once again urging all New Yorkers to get the jab, which is particularly unpopular among minority populations like black New Yorkers.

    “We in New York City have decided to use a preemptive strike, to really do something bold to stop the further growth of COVID and the dangers it’s causing to all of us,” de Blasio said. “So as of today, we’re going to announce a first-in-the-nation measure. Our health commissioner will announce a vaccine mandate for private sector employers across the board.”

    But before making these declarations, de Blasio should probably check out Belgium, which is over a month into its new mask mandate, and with 87.4% of adults fully vaccinated, its cases just hit an all-time high.

    Naturally, New York has seen a post-Thanksgiving rise in Covid-19 infections in addition to its first few cases of the omicron variant. The cases so far appear to be unrelated, according to governor Kathy Hochul, but officials have warned people to assume there is already community spread.

    “We have to assume community spread at this point,” de Blasio said. “Omicron is here.”

    Although if this were true, the city would probably have confirmed more than a small handful of omicron cases.

    The city last week strengthened its recommendation for residents to wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status and announced additional vaccine mandates on childcare workers and private school employees.

    Meanwhile, over the weekend, the NYT sounded the alarm that hospitals in upstate New York are getting “crushed” thanks to a recent surge in COVID cases. However, hospitals in other parts of the northeast have seen a much more modest uptick in patients. But upstate, hospital capacity has decreased by 10%. It’s one reason Gov. Kathy Hochul has temporarily suspended “elective” surgeries.


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      1. Could the hellhole known
        as NYC get even worse?
        The answer from the outgoing evil tyrant appears
        to be an emphatic YES!!!!!!

      2. New Yorkers love this sort of thing.

        That’s why they elect the people they do to run their city for them.

      3. Borrowed from a post on another site.

        Covid check list:
        vaxxed unvaxxed
        Can catch——————- yes yes
        Can transmit————— yes yes
        Can be hospitalized———yes yes
        Can die————————-yes yes
        Still have to wear mask—–yes yes
        Can die from the vax——–yes no

      4. Bring out your dead

      5. I wonder why the residents of NYC, or the dimwit mayor think there are going to continue to be planes, trains, boats and trucks delivering shit to them like – food?

        • A huge (final) wake-up call is about to blast tens of millions of citizens into a panic and chaos unfathomable. Many many millions will bite the dust in the first 5 days for lack of water. Then many millions more the next 14 days from water borne disease as people desperate to slake the horrible thirst begin slurping up mud puddles and the local shit ditch water – yummy. Get ready fucktards, times short.

        • Oath breakers and replacement demographics have been budgeted to pick up the slack.

          • To pick up the slack, they’d have to first be skilled workers and second, willing to work for a living as taxpayer-citizens.

            Migrants and illegals generally aren’t bonded truck driver material.

            They also know, they are what happened to the previous taxpayer-citizens and that wasn’t a very good deal.

            • You mean, as unionists.

      6. Masking mandates are one final desperate attempt to preserve Delta and deny Omicron.

        A wave of mild COVID then herd immunity ends the party. Or at least makes it very difficult to justify more COVID-1984.

        Those kids are going to be very ticked at their parents over vax injury when they grow up, assuming enough of either survive that long.

      7. All non essential businesses. Who cares.

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