New Violent Movie Ads Pulled: Blue State Elitists Hunt Red State “Deplorables” For Sport

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    Violent ads for a movie about blue state elitists hunting red state Trump supporters for sport have been pulled in the aftermath of the mass shootings.  Studio executives say that they fear the tragedies will eclipse the ultra-dark and violent satire.

    TV station ESPN has yanked the trailer without waiting for Universal to make up its mind, opting not to air the clip at all in the next few weeks, according to a source at the station, reported RT. While one Universal insider claimed the studio was standing by producer Jason Blum, who has reliably turned out successful films including the “Purge” series and “Get Out,” they characterized the situation as “fluid” and warned things could change “if people think we’re being exploitative rather than opinionated.”

    While many worry about the ads for this movie causing more mass shootings, perhaps we should all be worried about those who created this movie and the thin and violent line we are walking on as a society. “We pay for everything, so this country belongs to us,” one of the hunters says in a trailer which is still available on YouTube. The hunters reportedly pick their “prey” based on social-justice sins like using racist language on social media.

    **The following video is a violent movie advertisement.  It may not be suitable for all viewers. There are depictions of blood, gore, and death.

    Like Blum’s other hits, the film (originally called “Red State vs. Blue State”) features dark satirical undertones beneath all the violence, depicting a handful of “deplorables” who gradually realize they’ve been kidnapped and deposited into a high-end private hunting experience” for wealthy liberals.

    While one filmmaker questioned whether “The Hunt” was not “the most craven, irresponsible, dangerous exploitation” in the wake of the recent tragedies, a Universal executive doubled down on the film’s value as biting social commentary, explaining it is “meant to show what a stupid, crazy world we live in.” –RT

    The Hunt is scheduled for release on September 27.


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      1. Ha ! Let the hames begin. The rule of 3.08 will solve this idea real fast. Got ammo ?
        If not better get crackin as the time is near.
        Standing by in Montgomery Texas ?

        • Technologies true purpose is to watch, track, snoop, snitch, data collect, surveillance. YOU are the target. AI-Robots-5g, is next.

          After data collected. You are targeted by police by license plate recognition tech in cruisers. You will be collected on a made up warrant by Police.

          No one will hear from you or ever see you again.

          The NWO one world communist want your guns/ammo. Red Flag laws are FOR those who are Patriots and non conformist. No due process.
          Guns confiscated Then they will have their genocide. That is how communism has ALWAYS worked. Look at history.

          Look at what China is doing now with social credit and tech. That is your very near future. Google developed much of the tech for China.

        • I got yer back over here in New Waverly!

        • Wanna know how to defend your home from the lefties? You defend it miles down the road defending your entire neighborhood. They should never be able to enter your boundary areas without a fight. Set up armed check points in and out of your neighborhood. Any of these rules also apply: 12g, 9mm, 45 CAP, 30-30 and 3.06 as well as the rule .308 all apply.

      2. This made it to Rush radio.
        I will not watch or buy the movie.
        It has several problems.
        I don’t think liberals can shoot
        worth a shit eg the Bernie supporter
        guy with a rifle within 100 yards,
        could not kill Congress men
        or cops, you or I could drop like flies.
        But hey, it is Hollywood.

        • I guess it depends on the ending. If the deplorables come back & decimate the Lefties then I will go see it. If the Lefties win then it will be a flop …

          • RT 1957, good to hear from you. If the libturds try it for real then they will be decimated by someone. I just recently relocated permanently to my BOL. I feel like a whole new man.

            • Good Job Dep Ren, You been talking about that for years. Get your BOL locked down with plenty of No Trespassing signs, a few motion detectors at choke points and keep your dogs on alert. Life is desperate for many lefties out there, and the looting begins at anytime. OPSEC and Situational Awareness. Get your night “ALL Alert Drills” in order and train.

              Its 1 AM do you know where your AR15 is at?

        • Rellik, I could picture libturds shooting their own feet, LOL. They don’t stand a chance against people like us.

          • DR Relic. RT57
            Well my friends I would love to stand with you against something like this. Just remember it is Hellywood and make believe or are they telling us this is coming, and we had better be ready for this.

      3. Red State vs. Blue State is a foolish title. It was never about states, it’s about urban areas vs. rural areas.

      4. Sick-sick-sick and sad. The Nazis made cartoons depicting J*ws as rodents. Depersonalization of a group allows unbalanced people to murder. Antifa is building up, John Brown gun clubs for Lefties are forming and here in the Deep South Folks are forming Militias. Violent acts will get us nothing but a move towards Civil War.
        May God Bless us with peace and help us defend ourselves if we must.

        • DR, the original definition of “decimate” means to delete every 10th man. I think you can do better than that.

      5. I don’t think this would ever happen – Liberals are too metrosexual.

        Deplorables would not do this ie, go out of their way to kill snowflakes. They will however, kill snowflakes that are causing them problems.
        The Democrats, Hollywood and the MSM are just looking for trouble. We need to be patient – The SHTF is getting closer by the day – You can feel it in the air.

        • New conservative edict; We don’t talk about sex, because it’s disgusting. For years I took this argument; I’m self proclaimed gay, therefore I’m free to speak out against all of this gender identity politics, and say don’t ask don’t tell was good, and what we have now is a total shame and we object! However, nobody got on board, I suppose they just were uncomfortable and afraid to stand up or something. There is no proof point so anyone can become a member of this protected class, even on a temporary basis, as it suits their needs. Pondering a normal less complex opinion of the masses I have a better approach. “Don’t talk about your sex life or sexual choices, it’s disgusting and we don’t want to hear about it.” This is a winning play, just get triggered and say you don’t want to hear anything sex for any reason from anyone anywhere anytime. Shut it all down, and you bypass the hate speech nonsense, while simultaneously returning to a time of better sensibility, when people did not talk sex in public. “Every time someone mentions identity politics, a million sex starved people rush to twitter to project their needs and make statements.” A complete waste of time and energy. Nobody wants to hear it so simply stop talking about it.

      6. Bus benches, theaters, public restrooms, buffets, drinking fountains — you can tell where a liberal interest has passed through, at least since the day of the card carrying Communist agent provocateur, MLK. That’s their elitism, hunting you.

        I feel like I want to be real pretty, and there should be ugly laws, again.

      7. B rate horror movies were played out 30 years ago. We have no interest in violence and gore movies anyways, always a bust. Where is the sci fi at lately, China ruined hollywood. The new IP man 5, Z man, that was pretty good. The movie of the summer was Alita battle angle, that one is a winner. Looking forward to another aliens, predators, terminator, avatar, etc. GOW5 ultimate pre order has a T2 character for regular playability. Awesome! I’m serious though, the quality of hollywood movies has faded almost completely, but a few good ones come out now and then. I read extensively on this, and what’s going on is that American audiences now account for a mere fifth or less of total revenues, and as foreign companies run hollywood, they really don’t even target American audiences anymore. China is a frightening place, I don’t want to buy anything china anymore, it’s hard to source alternatives though. Bought some made in USA bison belts the other day, those last forever, great choices. And just picked up a made in USA true leather tri fold wallet for about 40 bucks. Anyways, I’m off topic. There are better things to do with your time and money than focus on violence.

        • Mr.Y;

          Seems as if Hollywood is content with producing “CGI” superhero movies and “remakes” of classics.

          Just my opinion, but I personally think the best movies were made between 1975-1995, with the overwhelming majority being made in the 80’s.

      8. “TV station ESPN…”

        aka the gangland fashion channel.

        I would like to think that you can wear sports clothes in a Leave It to Beaver kind of way.

        Usually, it shows turf or that you’re an oddly… chickenhawkish… coach, in my blue state.

        How do sober racists watch boring uniforms on a green playing field with all the Kaepernicks but without the gladiator animals? You must be gambling.

        • I think of your venue’s seriousness and overall dignity in a Don Sterling kind of way. I want to own a team, because I’m not supposed to say “own” a team. Can they do that mandatory, community service thing?

        • Three Year Letterman is my new hero.

          I am fully supportive of not financing waterbeds, and share similar confusion about why anyone thinks Canada is relevant.

          I can’t watch sports anymore, simply too many advertisements. I don’t understand how people even go for it.

          • By golly, I’ve been hoping that somebody would finally have the gumption to address the sinister link between waterbeds and deficit spending

          • That’s stimulating for them. I heard a liberal demographic talking about tacky, cheesy, plastic garbage, and used the word ‘heritage’ brand. They think their eyesores and rotgut are something dignified and traditional.

            I was not raised with much, if I’m coming across as high and mighty.

            But, you’re going to have second world living standards, if you integrate a second world mentality.

      9. “Dark, satirical undertones beneath all the…” [bleached hair]. Their jobs numbers have never been better.

      10. The goal of this “movie” is to incite violent threat and action both of which, regardless of “side” will be used as a predicate against the 2nd Amendment.

        • I’m amazed that this movie shows the deplorables as the victims and the Leftists as the violent totalitarians they have always been. I expected Hollywood to frame it just the opposite like the total crap movie “Red State” a number of years ago. This might turn out to be a very good movie for several reasons.

          • Excellent point. This same producer made the “Purge” movies. Those hideous movies made white people into genocidal maniacs, targetting minorities. This generated massive hate from Blacks towards whites when it came out. That was translated politcally, and everything’s political.

            Three days after Trump got elected I was accosted by a disgruntled black man with a gun. I ran away from him, but the point, from personal experience, is that the left is the violent ones. We are already ‘hunted’. Many conservatives are violated by leftists, without it being so elaborate as this movie.

            The one thing the mass shooters had in common is they’re ant-christian. Two were into Satanism, at least two were antifa fans and at least one was socialist. Doesn’t seem like trump voters to me.

      11. This sounds like a rehashed version of ICE-T’s old movie, Surviving the Game, with some Libturd’s thrown in the mix.

      12. Never, ever underestimate your enemy. The other shoe has not dropped yet. That leftist shooter in Dayton dropped his share of innocents before the police lit him up. Think about training, staying vigilant, going/staying gray, staying away from crowds, and keeping your opinions to yourself. These Red Flag Laws coming down the pike are 1984 deja’ vu. ANYONE can target you.
        And, in other news, the father of the El Paso shooter has ties to some very creepy folks who were involved with the CIA.MK ULTRA. I just read the story on the Steve Quayle website. Download it before the internet police scrub it.

        • Also, consume less news if you’re stressed. It can be psychologically toxic. I read news for fun, but far too many people take it very very personally. You are watching political theater, you are not watching ‘news’ per se.

        • Not just red flag laws coming, but word is Trump will sign Kevlar banning bill as well. If he does I’m done with him, I will write in Rand Paul. I was never a never trumper, and voted for him, but if he signs a gun bill, he does away with the only reason I voted for his rolling circus.

      13. Butter makes you happy. Happy people are calm.

        One of, if not the leading cause, (of unwarranted violence) is a poor diet characterized by insufficient saturated fats; not enough grassfed beef fat (tallow), lard (pork fat from pastured pigs), raw milk and butter from pastured grass fed cows and goats; and plenty of eggs and bacon.

        No joke.

        According to countless scientific papers, since criminal records began recording on criminal activity, scientists have known that criminals are generally weak physical specimens, lacking good facial construction and possessing small upper jaws with crowded teeth and with poor dental health, cavities, and with lower than average intelligence due to the poor diets of their parents and their own poor diets, especially during infancy and childhood.

        To stop violence, first improve nutrition.

        More butter, less beans, bullets, and bandages. ????


        • To cure depression eat a whole stick of butter. Check.

          What were we talking about again?

        • HP,
          Butter is good!
          People that have enough to eat
          is even better.
          One of my Papaya trees came apart today.
          I normally feed my mule and donkey
          Papaya, but they are spoiled and won’t
          eat green ones, so the rats and chickens
          get the fruit.
          My point is you guys should be doing real
          I’m worried about what to do with a broken
          What is in your wallet?

        • “Butter makes you happy. Happy people are calm.”

          LOL! Honeypot, that’s the greatest quote I’ve heard in a long time. Thanks, I intend to steal it (with your permission of course).
          Besides, you can’t say that about that cottonseed oil margarine crap.

        • Honeypot

          The largest criminals, commanding the greatest forces of violence, are very well fed and educated. One thing is common from the lowest to highest echelons of criminals is a lack of empathy and an abundance of greed. The higher up on the criminal ladder the more of each and with it the more evil and dangerous they are.

        • Lay free commodities at their feet, for free, with no questions about where it comes from, and see whether they know what to do, like pearls before swine that turn and rend.

        • I’m all in on the butter and eggs. Violence on the flip (good side) can be a cleansing thing.

      14. does this give anyone ideas ?

      15. Good Evening Boys and Girls!

        Gracious sakes alive…the pure comedy associated with this entire genre – seemingly invented by this single producer – is too rich to believe; Liberals everywhere are herein clearly seen (flagrante delicto) to have been reduced to juvenille maturbatory fantasies such as this as thier sole recourse in the sphere of personal entertainment (or is it gratification?…).

        I most SINCERELY hope that some moron does attempt a ‘Purge’ such as Mr Blum is so fond of depicting, however I sincerely believe that the functional outcome will be something rather radically different in the final analysis that what he has portrayed. The ‘Liberal’ camp is so starkly lacking in the most basic skill sets required to prosecute any such action as to make the very notion laughable, truly. On the other hand, much like sudden crystallization in a saturated solution once a seed crystal is introduced, the greater American public is – IMHO – quite nearly at the point of REACTING once a sufficiently heinous action – or several – occurs and the details become publically disseminated…obviously NOT via the MSM presstitutes. Once ‘survival’ comes to dominate the forebrain in a sufficient number of individuals then the appleskin thin veneer of civilization peels away and the ‘Purge’ begins in earnest. Tis naught but Human nature…which the opposing camp being too busy rolling in it’s retributive fantasies has yet to grasp.

        Certainly a Purge is coming…and needful as well since – here quoting Lincoln – “A House divided against itself cannot stand.” So be it.


      16. Why would Americans be offended by a fictitious movie depicting hunting humans?

        They were not offended by Julian Assange’s Collateral Murder video. This was the REAL cold-blooded hunting, murder and maiming of at least 17 people (including obviously innocent people) including two children. All the while the murderers were whooping, cursing and exchanging verbal high-fives.

        This is the mentality and culture of Americans today. The U.S. military is their golden calf. This is truly testimony to a fallen people.

        • Given sufficient demonization over time complements of an obedient unquestioning media and the above would occur right here within the US with all of the, “whooping, cursing and exchanging verbal high-fives”.

          The guide to citizen control was apparently taken from the clowns below with the overall templet from George Orwell.

          “Naturally, the common people don’t want war … but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.”
          Hermann Goring

          “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”
          Joseph Goebbels

          • The truth embodied in those quotes is what truly scares me my friend. It will happen. It is coming and I fear it will be called “The Tribulation”.

        • “Why would Americans be offended by a fictitious movie depicting hunting humans?”

          The timing. That’s all.

      17. I want to see this. I want to set bsck in the movie house and make comment on how that gun won’t do that or that type of a shot isn’t possible. or they shot a 6 gun 7 or 8 time with out reloading. Shit like that.

        I can tell you that if something like this happened it wouldn’t last long. the Libbitches won’t last very long. LONG LIVE THE 308, and 45.

      18. Please publish the main players and actors + their addresses.

      19. Hollywood admits to being owned and operated by a certain group of liberals, from producers and directors to the owners of studios. Just look at the credits, but I don’t have a problem with that. However, Hollywood has also shown they are hardcore anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-Amer., anti-straight, and anti-middle class. The industry is more interested in cranking out movies with political messages or infused with their ideology, instead of real entertainment. In the case with their latest movie “The Hunt” it shows they simply cannot any longer hide their real selves from the public.
        They will marshal all their resources and propaganda machine to denounce perceived “hateful” speech from the right, yet make movies that that show incredible violence to those they don’t like, and justify by movie characters using lines like “this country is ours”, and constantly inferring that all these people as sub-human and fit only to be murdered for sport.
        Could a movie be made to where it was acceptable for only blacks, or Joos, or another religious group besides Christians to be exterminated for fun. The answer is NO, only Hollywood “elite” find this okay to produce. By the way, this same group of people are also huge porn producers.
        The only thing we can really take away from this is they want our money, they totally and viscerally despise us, seek to undermine us, and would love to see half of the population destroyed.

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